Hunyuan 12 Step Qigong Intructions Basic

October 13, 2017 | Author: Dominic Cleary | Category: Qigong, Qi, Thorax, Meridian (Chinese Medicine), Nature
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Eyes follow hands. Use mind intent to move qi. Don’t concentrate on breath. Breathe naturally. Eventually the breath and movements will coordinate and become one. Repeat every move at least three times. Aim for nine repetitions. However the aim is to make each of the steps last about the same time, so in some cases repeat more times, in multiples of 9 up to a maximum of 36. This system was developed in the 1980s by Feng Zhiqiang. There are three dantians in the 12 step. The upper dantian (centred at the 3 rd eye), the middle dantian (centred at the belly), and the lower dantian (centred at the pelvis). When ‘dantian’ by itself is used, it refers to the middle dantian. Between each exercise, lower the qi to the middle dantian 3 times, then stand for up to 3 minutes with the hands crossed over the belly, left hand on top of right. Relax the body and do not use force. Do not raise the shoulders. In general, when performing the exercises the hands come close to the body but do not touch. Feet are generally more than shoulder width apart. Be persistent and consistent in practice. Be regular and patient in practice. Do not hurry it, nurture the qi. This is a long process. Proceed from easy to difficult. Mind intent must match the physical. To begin with just simply follow. Next step is to pay attention to the detail.

1.LOWER THE QI AND CLEANSE INTERNALLY Make 3 large positive circles and then make 3 large negative circles. Bring hands up above head, then direct the palms into the top of the head and bring the hands down the front. Lower hands to side and sink down. Repeat 9x. With this movement you use the mind intent to bring fresh qi into the body through the baihui. If there is disease, use mind intent to lead it out through the legs and toes. Page 1 of 6

2. GATHER THE QI TO THE THREE DANTIAN i) Upper Dantian: When gathering the qi, the eyes and mind unite with the hands into one movement. The mind carries the qi of heaven and earth into the body through the upper dantian. The qi combines with pre-heaven qi and becomes one. Gaze at the qi and listen to it. Repeat 9x. ii) Middle Dantian: Think of the dantian as a reservoir that does not leak, so ‘charging the dantian’. Repeat 9x. This exercise is often done alone, apart from the rest of the 12 steps, in which case repeat it 100x. iii) Lower Dantian: Lower the body, gather qi from the earth, pull both hands up to the dantian, let hands travel to the lower back, put qi into the mingmen, come back to dantian and let the qi gather there. Raise hands and repeat 9x.

3. TWO HANDS RUB THE BALL The qi is gathered to balance the yin and move the qi to the fingertips. A connection is made between the two laogong points. Imagine there is a big ball in front of the dantian, the hands roll it forwards, then backwards. Also feel the ball in the belly turning. Focus is on a spot in the centre of the imagined ball. Repeat 9x in each direction.

4. THE THREE DANTIANS OPEN AND CLOSE i) Upper dantian. Hands at level of upper dantian. Repeat 9x. ii) Middle dantian. Hands at level of middle dantian. Repeat 9x. iii) Lower dantian. The body sinks down. Hands at level of lower dantian. Do not keep the eyes in a fixed spot but alternately look from hand to hand. Repeat 9x The laogongs have the feeling of being connected by a string. You stretch the string as the arms go apart, when closing together feel as if you’re squeezing a balloon. When opening, start from the dantian and go outwards. When closing, go from the outside to the inside.

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5. THE SUN AND THE MOON TURNING Rub the hands together until they are hot and have created a static field. Place the laogong points over the nipples. Balance the heat inside the chest with the heat from the hands. The middle fingers brush down the Ren channel from chest to dantian. Then perform 9 clockwise circles, followed by 9 anticlockwise. Then split the hands and do 9x in one direction, followed by 9x in the other. This exercise opens the chest and stomach and massages the heart and lungs. When the heart and lungs are balanced, extreme harmony qi will rise. Envision qi moving around the body, massaging the heart and lungs.

6. CIRCULAR EXTENSION AND CONTRACTION Feet are in a horse stance. When circling the hands forward, there is a feeling of pushing. The back heel can come off the ground. When circling the hands back there is a feeling of backing up a mountain. The front toe can come off the ground.. Keep the hands/forearms in a round shape. 9x forwards and 9x backwards, then repeat on the other side. Take care to use the waist.

7. SINGLE LEG ASCENDING AND DESCENDING Referred to as yin and yang upside down. Move the hands/qi from the middle dantian down the outside of the right leg to yongquan (k1), then back up the inside all the time using mind intent and not force to move the qi. Then cross over to other side. Repeat 9x. Pay attention to the movement of the waist and sinking down. When the hands reach down, the body and waist reach down also. Strengthens the stomach, kidney, gall bladder and liver.

8. DOUBLE LEG ASCENDING AND DESCENDING Wider stance than 7. Repeat 18x.

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9. BELT MERIDIAN GRINDING Used to move qi through the belt meridian. Movements should be fluid and circular. Focus on the dantian and keep the central axis in the same place. Use the waist. The arms and fingers reach. i)Small belt meridian grinding. Turn 180 degrees. ii) Large belt meridian grinding. Turn 360 degrees. Mark a spot behind you. Envision the qi circle starting in the waist, the inner circle, gradually enlarging it to the legs, chest and back, eventually surrounding the body with qi circles.

10. HEAVEN AND EARTH OPEN AND CLOSE When opening heaven, left arm crosses over right when rising up, then stretch, reaching with fingers. Do this slightly asymmetrically. Let the middle dantian reservoir be the centre of focus, the mind focus directs the arms to spread out from the dantian when opening. When closing, imagine you’re closing in the whole earth, sinking down, putting qi in the dantian. When reversing the direction, the arms do not cross. Repeat 9x in each direction. The action of opening and closing will eventually increase qi flow in the entire body.

11.COLLECTING THE QI TO THE DANTIAN Scoop qi in a circular way with the right arm/hand bringing it into the dantian, at the same time the left arm/hand moves out to do the same on the other side. Engage the waist. The waist and arms perform figure eights. Repeat 9x on each side. The motion of the two hands feels like swimming in water or air.

12. HEALTH MASSAGE TECHNIQUES Generally, do exercises 9x each. However don’t get hung up on counting and in practice just do as many times as feels right. Page 4 of 6

i) Wash head and face ii) Brush out along eyebrows iii) Use knuckles of thumbs to brush down the sides of nose iv) Cover the ears with palms, without undue pressure push and release as one v) Chatter the teeth 36x, then swallow the saliva in three equal portions vi)Knock hegus together. Then massage the armpits, knock the Neiguan and Shousanli points. vii) Alterately knock the jianjing points on the shoulder vii) Rub the kidneys viii) Knock the huantiao points vix) Knock the fengshi points vx) Knock the Zusanli points vxi) Slap the back of the knees vxii) Shake the back, Golden Rooster Shakes Its Wings vxiii) Shake the knees, rapidly shake the whole body vxiv) Come on tips of toes and then fall down onto heels vxv) Gently knock dantian

GRAND CLOSING Left hand on top and start in a clockwise direction for men. The opposite for women. 36 circles going from small to large going out, then from large to small 24x coming back to dantian. This moves qi in the body, preventing what you have stored from going stagnant. Centre both spirit and mind at the dantian, the hands crossed. Listen, look and feel the dantian. Move into a state of nothingness called hunyuan. Try to do this for 15 minutes or more.

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