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Atty. Glenda Litong INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW & INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW Session 1: I. What is international human rights law? 1.1 What are its history and philosophy  Hurst, Hannum, S. James Anaya & Dinah L. Shelton, International Human Rights: Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice (5th ed. 2011) Accessed at article=1238&context=faculty_publications  Kenneth Cmiel, The Recent History of Human Rights, The American Historical Review, Vo. 109, No. 1(Feb. 2004), pp.117-135. Accessed at'Recent%20History%20of%20Human %20Rights'%20AHR%20Feb04.pdf  Jerome J. Shestack, The Philosophic Foundations of Human Rights, Human Rights Quarterly 20.2 (1998) 201-231. Accessed at –  age&q&f=false  auth=0&type=summary&url=/journals/human_rights_quarterly/v020/ 20.2shestack.html  %20Rights/articles/Shestack,%20Philosophical%20Foundation%20of %20Human%20Rights.htm (link not working, can’t find another source)  Amartya Sen, Elements of a Theory of Human Rights, Philosophy & Public Affairs 32, no. 4 (Blackwell Publising, Inc., 2004). Accessed at  

Sammy Adelman, Culture, Universality and Human Rights in the twenty-first century, PLJ, Volume 70, No. 2 December 1995. FILARTIGA v. PENA-IRALA CASE 630 f.2D 876 (2D Cir. 1980)

Assignment: Using the above as references, prepare a paper of not less than 2,000 words reflecting on the following article, to be submitted in the next session: Eric Posner, The Case Against Human Rights, The Guardian (4 December 2014). Accessed at 1.2 Whare its institutions and structures?: The process of internationalization. 1.2.1 The United Nations and its Human Rights Treaty Bodies

Study these sites:

What are the protection mechanisms addressing alleged human rights violation in the UN System?  Charter-based: Human Rights Council (Read: il.aspx  Universal Periodic Review (UPR) (Read: Report of the Working Group on the Philippines 2nd UPR, ?OpenElement) 

Special Procedures (Read: px

Complaint Procedure (Read: re/Pages/HRCComplaintProcedureIndex.aspx)

Treaty Monitoring bodies spx x

Mechanisms specific to marginalized groups

1.2.2 Regional Protection Mechanisms Inter American HR System European HR System African HR System: Session 2: 1.3 What are the normative instruments?  Amitai Etzioni, The Normativity of Human Rights is Self-evident, Human Rights Quarterly 32 (The John Hopkins University Press, 2010). Accessed at %20Human%20Rights.pdf


Koh, Harold Hongju (1999) “How Is International Human Rights Law Enforced?,” Indiana Law Journal: Vol 74: Iss. 4, Article 9. Accessed at The UDHR, International Bill of Rights and the 8 Conventions Read the texts of the instruments, including Optional Protocols:

1.3.2 Interpretations of Treaty-Monitoring Bodies  Dinah Shelton, The Legal Status of Normative Pronouncements of Human Rights Treaty Bodies, in 1 COEXISTENCE, COOPERATION AND SOLIDARITY 553-75 (Holger P. Hestermeyer et. al. Eds., 2011). Accessed at article=1387&context=faculty_publications Read the following General Comments:       

HRC GENERAL COMMENT 6 (1982) The right to life (article 6) HRC Draft General Comment No. 35 (2013) Liberty and security of person (Article 9) CESCR General Comment No. 4 (1991) the right to adequate housing CESCR General Comment No. 7 (1997) the right to adequate housing forced evictions (art.11.1) CESCR General Comment No. 12 (1999) the right to adequate food CEDAW General recommendations No. 12 (1989) & 19 (1992) on violence against women CRC General Comment No. 13 (2013) on Freedom froom all forms of violence

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