Human Resources Director in Wilmington NC Resume Patrick Medeiros

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Patrick Medeiros is a highly motivated and experienced Human Resources Professional....


PATRICK A. MEDEIROS Wilmington, N.C. 28409 (910) 470-4491 [email protected]

Professional Summary Highly motivated and experienced Human Resources Professional. Possesses exceptional interpersonal relations skills. Accomplished in a leadership role as a strategic business partner helping to execute significant organizational transformation. Aligned and developed the value of human capital in achieving the organization’s mission and vision related to: Performance Management Regulatory Compliance Talent Acquisition

Employee Relations On boarding Compensation

Career Development Engagement Project Coordination Staffing Benefit Administration Training

Professional Experience Wilmington Health Wilmington, NC

Human Resources Director 1991 – 2014

Management Coaching Supported 30 clinical and non-clinical Directors and Department Managers by counseling sound Human Resources principles on a day to day basis. Provided for lecture styled monthly All Managers Meetings on topics related to employee engagement, inclusion, performance reviews, team building, time management, stress management, conflict resolution, progressive discipline etc. Demonstrated credibility by utilizing a logical objective approach in resolving potentially high risk situations.

Employee and Physician Benefits Offers a unique perspective from both an employer and health care provider practice regarding the opportunities associated with the transformation of the healthcare delivery system from Fee for Service to Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) and Shared Savings Programs. Structured and enhanced the employee and physician benefit packages to reflect being an Employer of Choice. Developed and coordinated Requests For Proposals in order to continuously search for better health, dental, worker comp, LTD etc benefit value. Recently led the Retirement Committee through an RFP review and selection process for Plan Investment Advisors. The Selection of a new advisor created $40k in annual savings, improved the organization’s fiduciary role in educating staff more frequently about saving and investing for their financial security, produced a revised Investment Policy, and provides for more comprehensive quarterly analytical reporting to the committee of the plan’s investment funds performance. Implemented a self-funded Health Insurance plan with 3 tiers that offer financial incentives for employees to use Wilmington Health providers. Additionally the plan focuses on biometric outcomes and is designed to help control projected cost increases by encouraging employees, through significant premium discounts, to make healthy life style choices including being or attempting to be tobacco free as well as maintaining a BMI
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