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December 11, 2017 | Author: ocnogueira | Category: Filtration
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Wärtsilä 4-stroke Technical Services

Issue 1, 13 April 2015

Alternative dry filter cassettes for combined air intake filter systems Information to Operators and Owners of concerned installations

For your information Concerned engines / components Power Plants installed after 2005 equipped with a combined charge air filter (oil bath + dry filter). Introduction An alternative air intake dry filter with tighter filter media and larger filtering area is available. Validity Until further notice.

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Introduction As a part of the continuous improvement concept, Wärtsilä can offer an F7 dry filter with better filtration properties and a larger filter area. The F7 filter has a higher particle removal capacity than the standard F5 filter. The F7 filter can be used as an alternative when optimizing air intake filtering plant wise. The F7 filter is of standard size (595 x 595 x 150) and is interchangeable with the F5 filter.

F5 filter Figure 1, Filter cassettes

F7 filter

Instructions NOTE: Always stop the engine before performing filter maintenance to ensure no foreign particles or dirt gets sucked into the engine. · Filters needs to be replaced at latest when the ΔP exceeds the alarm limit. · Replace the gaskets when replacing the filters to ensure that there are no air leakages. · The filter housing needs to be thoroughly cleaned and left in good condition to ensure that no foreign particles (sand, rust or similar) enter the turbocharger. · When replacing filters, thoroughly inspect the inside of the ducts and remove any loose parts or corrosion that might enter the turbocharger if left uncorrected. NOTE: Washing the filter bags is not recommended. Cleaning and re-using of filters deforms the structure of the fragile filter material, reducing the filtration rates.

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Ordering Contact your closest Wärtsilä Services Network for ordering. When ordering, please specify the engine serial number and number according to table below. Table 1, Ordering information Number AAF8039900246 PAAF162993 PAAE099085 PAAG135107

Description F5 dry filter F7 dry filter Adhesive gasket 20 x 5 (10 meters) Adhesive gasket 20 x 10 (3 meters)

Contacts For questions about the content of this bulletin, or if you need Wärtsilä assistance, services, spare parts and/or tools, please contact your nearest Wärtsilä representative. If you don’t have the contact details at hand, please follow the link “Contact us” – “24h Services” on the Wärtsilä webpage:

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