June 6, 2018 | Author: Pepo Chonazo | Category: Sexual Intercourse, Orgasm, Ejaculation, Foreplay, Sexology
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SECRETS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY The Oriental Bedroom Art Art of EJACULATION CONTROL THE KEY TO FEALE OR!AS By DAVID AND LINDA HOWE (Copyright) This Manual is ddi!atd to "thos #ho ha$ lo$d and lost" %O&EWO&D ' INT&ODCTION  THE *OLITIC+ O% +E,AL +%%E&IN &o. Was Not Built In A Day /  N# Ag Wit!h Do!tors 0 "I Ha$n1t -ot That *ro2l. 34 Whr Ignoran! Is Mutual5 Con6idn! Is 7ing 33 What Is *r.atur E8a!ulation 9 33 E8a!ulation Control Vrsus %orplay 3' ndrstanding I.potn! 3 What Is I.potn! 9 3/ "I.potn! 9 I Ha$n1t -ot That *ro2l." 3: I.potn! And Th +!nario 3; + '4 Th Cost O6 +< Thrapy '' -on To Th Dogs ' *nis Di.nsion '/ 17no# Thysl61 '; NDE&+TANDIN- O O& HI HI-HE& +E +E,AL NAT&E '0 In A Nutshll '0 E8a!ulation Is Not Orgas. ?4 %alling In And Out O6 Lo$ ?? Honour Thy Mothr And %athr ? +
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