How to Read Luoshu for in Prison – Out of in Prison in 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui

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How to Read Luoshu for in Prison – Out of in Prison in 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui...


How to read Luoshu for In Prison – Out of In Prison in 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui Exhilarating new 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax in your forecasting news events: In Prison-Out of In Prison Certainly if you were on to forecasting real events through 9 Stars and Luoshu divination as a teacher or professional consultant, you wouldn’t want to be doing without the utterly sensational aspect of In Prison – Out of In Prison. A bit simply stated perhaps, but for the occasion and so as to position the subject: If you lost your keys on – say – a 7 Metal day, chances are your keys will surface 9 days later when once more same Star arrives in the central Luoshu Palace. In my screening news events on 9 Ki relevance incessantly since 1988, I had time and again noted this astounding dynamic, each time with the central Luoshu Star. Thing is, if In Prison – Out of In Prison works with keys being lost, you may be amazed in seeing it work for missing persons cases, criminal cases, evidence related to a crime to suddenly surface with a certain Star to return at the central Luoshu Palace, the criminal being traced, the sudden revival of international disputes that we were only sure we had left behind us. If In Prison – Out of In Prison was still at this time not known in the field of 9 Stars prognostication for news events, it is undoubtedly because, granted, it would require anyone to stay with certain news long enough to be even seeing the dynamic taking news events to revival or closure, which may be easily 9, 18 or 27 years after the fact. Anyway, as everything comes in 9’s, everything ‘returns’ in 9’s. Therefore, by the time the chapter on the 9 Stars and Luoshu dynamic of In Prison – Out of In Prison had made it to my 9 Star Ki Divination class book in 2004, it was slightly mentioned there: “… Osama Bin Laden might just surface the next 7 Metal year of 2011”. That’s no feat, as he was a Star 7 and we may easily note how people may be typically captured and imprisoned – or even released from prison, or a predicament – when their 9 Ki birth Star appears in the central Luoshu Palace. It is no different for missing persons – or their perpetrators for that matter -, whom you might just witness to be surfacing at certain 9 Ki times. Want to learn 9 Stars and Luoshu as not you had seen before? 4-DAY MASTER CLASSES | DISTANCE LEARNING | HOME STUDY COURSE If 9 Stars are the players, Luoshu is the schedule That’s short for, you may yet importantly boost your score in forecasting personal life progression and news

events once you start screening 9 Stars and Luoshu along the In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic. We propose this label, to stress a notable function of the central Palace in the Magic Square. Furthermore, the name stays close to convention already in use for Flying Star Feng Shui that says that the Mountain Dragon or the Water Dragon of the current 20-year Feng Shui Period may be Locked In Heaven’s Heart for an Imprisoned chart. In mind the distribution along eight 45 degrees directions of magnetic energies over our planet, let’s involve some semantics. So as in order to further position the In Prison – Out of In Prison trend related to the central Palace, we may first review the Chinese character for prison or prisoner. In a way, the central Palace may be taken as a surrounding wall, or as something returning, revolving, it can be a compound. The Luoshu center may denote prison, probably because by extention the Chinese use the character 囗 [wéi] for ‘surround’, confinement or enclosure, then the character for a person 人 [rén], so that, once conjoined these give 囚 [qiú] for imprison, prisoner, convict. If your Star arrives the central Palace, this be like your Star – you, the rén 人 of it – going into or coming out of prison, so to speak. If your Star resides at the central Palace, it is like being set aside from the active directions. All attention may be upon you, as you become noticeable. The Chinese Compass Luopan accommodates 9 Stars along eight magnetic directions, so that, whereas we’d be reserving a space at the ‘center’ of the Magic Square to administer a Star, this is merely for purpose of being able to study and communicate cosmological principles. If we leave further deliberations for what they are, in a way we may say, there is actually no central Star. If you see a Star at the Luoshu center, it means, you could have just as well taken it as a note to your little finger. In fact, if we were to communicate that a certain Star was to be taken out from the magnetic directions for its diminished function, we would take it to what would then be just a proposed ‘center’. Except for the central Star, the other Stars in Luoshu will be assigned function into the respective magnetic directions. The central Star is still ‘there’ for us as a toy, but it will have its gravitation,

thereby its mandate, somehow hampered, so that it becomes more vulnerable to its surroundings, the other Stars. As it is, Luoshu suggests there may be an ascendant period (Phase A) and a downward period (Phase B) to everything, by which – if we then specify more clearly by involving the central Luoshu Palace – the space in Luoshu attributed to 5 Yellow may be like a water surface. Imagine to hold a ball under water for 9 days, 9 months or 9 years before you’d release the downward pressure. We’d have to wait the entire time in order to once more see the ball surface. We already know that, overlooking the whole of 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax – and in building our grammar for 9 Ki Divination -, the Star at the central Palace will be indicative for Luoshu Trend. Just as we’d set aside the Joker from a deck of playing cards, by Luoshu’s characteristic arrangement, the central Star would be pulled from the active magnetic directions, so that events tend to evolve around properties of this Star, as it becomes more susceptible. Besides being suggestive for Luoshu Trend, the central Luoshu Palace seems to thereby fulfill the task of submerging 9 Stars and Trigram attributes otherwise characteristic to the Star, just as it may have properties typical for the Star to come to the surface at certain set times. As a result, matters – e.g. events, even predominant aspects of the event, people, objects – concerning a certain Star at the central Palace may reach the news, hide from the news, to later re-appear in the news when once more the Star arrives the central Palace. As per definition of course, any event occurs with a Star currently at the central Palace, so that, if we lost our keys today, this would freeze a certain annual-, monthly- or even daily Luoshu, with a particular Star at the central Luoshu Palace. In a way, we may say ‘the keys have gone in descending Phase B’ and being held down under the water surface by some force, more precisely somehow under instigation of 5 Yellow at its ‘push’ mode. If then you weren’t able to locate your keys, it may just happen that your keys will re-appear 9 days later, with same Star having returned to the central Luoshu Palace, 5 Yellow seemingly meanwhile in its ‘pull’ mode, in other words, the keys come back under influence of the ascendant Phase A. There will be a recurrent pattern of 9 in Luoshu. A Star would return to the central Luoshu Palace each 9 days, 9 months and 9 years, whereas we’d be equally interested in working with 9 year time cycles, so that also every other 81 years a Star returns to the central Palace. Within this cycle of 9, we are currently in a descending 9 years cycle, which gives the period of 2009-2018 as 3 Wood, and we are currently in a descending 81 years cycle which gives the period of 1955-2036 as 9 Fire.

The 9 Ki concept of In Prison – Out of In Prison links to the central Luoshu Palace, so that it may affect a Star’s associations, both in a literal and in a figurative sense. While you would otherwise continue to apply all of your usual techniques to read Luoshu on real events, adding this concept to your toolbox will be of significant influence both for your before the fact and after the fact forecasting. This may have been one of those rather still unknown 9 Ki techniques that, in order to get a full grasp, you might have to wait 9 days, 9 months, 9 years or even 18 or 27 years, but, once noting the ‘surface’ and ‘submerge’ and the moreso if you had a chance to stay with particular events for over longer periods of time, you would be stunned to see the following manifest. 1. People may be typically captured, tried or imprisoned with their 9 Ki birth Star to arrive in the central Luoshu Palace for a year, month or day. 2. People may be typically released from captivity or escape from a (e.g. catch 22) situation with their Star at the central Palace. 3. Objects that had gone lost on e.g. a 6 Metal day, may be typically retrieved on a 6 Metal day. 4. Cold criminal cases may be typically re-opened or come to closure 9, 18, 27 et cetera years after the fact. 5. If an abductee can momentarily not be recovered, the missing person or even the perpetrator may surface with same Star at the central Palace as at the time of the event. In particular this point may be helpful in our inductive reasoning. 6. Interestingly, even if at the time of the event perpetrator’s own 9 Ki Star had not been in the central Palace, perpetrator may be yet captured either with his own Star to arriv in the central Luoshu Palace, or just the same Star as for the event to arrive there. 7. If with a certain Luoshu you’d see new publications or developments around a cartoon character, chances are, the cartoon was first introduced (which could have been decades back) along similar Luoshu, e.g. May 1939 had the birth of

Batman, Betty Boop August 1930, so you might find these to re-appear in 2011 or times of 7 Metal. 8. If a significant event had once occurred for a specific region or city, chances are that similar event may re-occur for same region or city 9, 18 or 27 years later. Such ‘similar’ events may involve re-occurrence of civil unrest, ethnic conflict, matters pertaining to sovereignty. 9. And so on. As we can’t but be repetitive on this point, you will have noted the abundant use of ‘typically’. The last thing we need in 9 Star Ki or Chinese Astrology is to be yet adding ‘more of the same’, i.e. seeing even more presumptions to come on top of some of the already standing suppositions. In fact, if you’d advance into 9 Stars and Luoshu, but along emblematic approach, this will lead into supposition, then active statement, then finally your reading to go into sure looping, in that order. We would not like to see even more of the emblematic reading that has been going on in Chinese Metaphysics, more active statements based in more suppositions, or even presuming that, if once we had agreed to glue one Luoshu observation to another, this would need give a certain specific outcome. Nothing will be farther from the truth. Whereas by itself all the above will be solid 9 Ki observation – as only you’ll be able to see this in the news all the time -, it is with this as it is with anything else: all that we had just mentioned above, may of course equally occur with the Stars any place else in Luoshu, as Luoshu is a continuum and besides squarely noting which Star arrives at what Luoshu Palace to justify which event, we need to incorporate domain, platform, context, probability and a string of other considerations before we can at all adhere behavior to any Star or Luoshu Palace. That said, yes, you will be stunned to see a missing persons case solved exactly 9, 18 or 27 days, months or years after the fact. While not you would touch 100 percent accuracy if you went looking for this in your media, you will soon arrive at what would be a pretty much acceptable level of statistical significance. Undoubtedly, you will be able to further expand on this, as you continue to scrutinize Luoshu on this aspect. It tells us that, certain impetus can be linked to the central Luoshu Palace, so that once a Star arrives the central Luoshu Palace, its Trigram associations may gain, regain or even lose momentum. Interestingly and regarding statistics, mostly we will have accustomed to base ten, in other words, we would calculate in magnitudes of 10, as in decades. We see this for anniversaries, just as we see this in science and politics. 9 Star Ki can be only understood if we work from ‘decades’ of 9, be they days, months or years. Meaning, if you are watching a news item on television with your neighbor and it is being announced how a person or country in the news would have been in the

news on account of the same subject also 9 years before, your neighbor would be so focused on 10 year era that the very significance would entirely escape him, while you’d immediately note the hand of 9 Ki. We wouldn’t mistake Luoshu Trend for In Prison – Out of In Prison In other words, any event may occur, then submerge, to then surface again 9, 18, 27, 36 years later. I am here not just pointing to what would be then obvious already for a certain annual Luoshu, e.g. the emergence of fires in a 9 Fire year, as that would come under Luoshu Trend. Yes, we would expect for the number of fires to actually exceed just the average during 9 Fire years just as we would expect the number of floods to exceed just the average during 1 Water years, but by itself 9 Fire years have of course no exclusive right to producing fires, just as 1 Water years cannot claim floods, as all happens any time at all. Luoshu somehow ‘schedules’ certain events and such by set patterns of 9. This ‘schedule’ involves events, objects, people, actually, anything to come under magnetism and gravitation, the time-action-space realm. We can take the expression ‘history repeats itself’ quite literally and it the more shows how the ancients were only correct to picture forward progressive movement along a logarithmic spiral. For example, Radovan Karadžić was born in 1945, a 1 Water year. He was then captured during the 1 Water year of 2008. Why? Well, for all of its own reasons, but doesn’t it strike as odd that he re-emerged in a 1 Water year after having vanished in 1990, a 1 Water year. This is just one example out of many you will be able to note in the news once you set yourself to it, while it clarifies how straightforward and simple it was for some of us in 9 Ki to tell class since 2004: “Osama Bin Laden might just surface in the 7 Metal year of 2011”. Actually, that’s no feat as in fact, knowing the In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic, just about anyone at all could have – and would have – said same. Will your ‘foreseeing’ such event be a prediction and come true? Not as a rule, but you’ll see the principle and, who knows it will happen like that. • If you want, you can locate the remark we made on Osama Bin Laden and further considerations on the In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic also in first part of a series originally done for Heluo’s Yahoo! Group NineStarKi. Membership is free and you may refer to the list archives, messages # 2022, 2024 and 2027 between 13-15 September 2008. We may see people being imprisoned – or being released (from prison, or from any ‘hard to break free from’ situation) for that matter – whenever their Star arrives the central Luoshu Palace. The central Luoshu Palace is not static, it is ever swirling. It can ‘implode’ and absorb, or ‘explode’ and spill out – if you will – and each time from spirallic motion. Even at this point in complete disregard of the Wuxing Five Elements cycles commonly in use – that would still have masses of people presume along ‘controlling cycle is unfavorable’ or ‘supporting cycle is beneficial’ -, all 9 Stars and Luoshu Palaces can and will produce either positive or negative news, the central Palace then more typically boding imprisonment, as also it may bode

being released from prison, as seems to have been the case with Nelson Mandela – a 1 Water native – and released in a 1 Water year. It would be too easy to say that he was imprisoned in a 1 Water year too, because the events of being captured, tried, then jailed may cover several years, but you can see ‘the Ki of it’ for yourself once you go into his biography. If we ‘bend’ the events to fit 9 Ki – something we’d be utterly careful not to do of course -, still Mandela was brought to stand trial in 1963, released in 1990, retired in 1999. You may look up some remarkable 9 Ki synchronicity in the life of Salman Rushdie (a Star 8 native), and see when he first looked at fatwā (1989), then when the fatwā (1998) was revoked, then re-instated, lastly when he was knighted (2007), as these are all 2 Soil years, so that also here is example of not so much native’s Star at the central Luoshu Palace, as somehow Star 2 pulling greater attention towards itself, in this case probably also under instigation of the Reversed Luoshu Axis dynamic discussed elsewhere this blog. Mr. Jaruzelski be brought to trial in the 1 Water year of 2008, while you may go on internet to link his name to the year 1981. Of course, all the above pertains to the 9 Ki birth Stars of a person, an object or event to arrive the central Luoshu Palace and we must once more stress that associated events could have equally occurred with the Star appearing anywhere else in Luoshu, perhaps due to other dynamics, but still. For example, another good 9 Ki moment for ‘being released’ seems to be ‘sitting’ at the Luoshu center, then your Star being catapulted into the 6 Metal Palace, or the appointed Star to ‘meet’ Star 9 Fire in any way, be that with the Star arriving the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, visiting or being visited by Star 9 Fire, or the Star appearing opposite the 9 Fire Palace or opposite Star 9 Fire, all this because 9 Fire may be instrumental in bringing things to exposure, including media attention and excavations. The In Prison – Out of In Prison concept links to the central Luoshu Palace, so that it may concern associations pertaining the annual-, monthly- or daily Star. Once you start screening news on account of this dynamic, you won’t see this occur each time, but you would be content to see how many instances this does occur. The 9 Ki In Prison aspect for missing persons or unsolved criminal cases There are a number of tactics you need keep in mind once you’d incorporate In Prison – Out of In Prison, especially if looking into missing persons cases or criminal cold cases. This is because you must be extremely cautious not to think that the person being captured perhaps 9 years after the fact, must then be the perpetrator only for reason that ‘his Star arrives at the central Palace’. It is all too possible that you would be mistaken the person’s Star for the Star of an object or even a circumstance related to the event. Or, person had been a suspect all along and he’s being captured along similar Luoshu as at the time of the event, so that, now you may think you ‘solved’ the case. Therefore, the In Prison – Out of In Prison approach should strictly come as an addition to – and be seen in light of – your usual advances into Luoshu.

Remember that, whatever single notion may seem to spring from your Luoshu, it will by itself be just an ingredient, as it should be otherwise scrutinized to meet Luoshu Trend, Reversed Luoshu Axis, whereabouts of 5 Yellow and other such magnitudes to conclude the novel. There’s little certainty to come from probability, and the last thing we want is to see perfectly innocent people being incriminated. Notwithstanding any ‘strong’ or within context ‘convincing’ 9 Stars and Luoshu observation, remember that, all this might be true, but we are still only into inductive reasoning and where you thought the central Luoshu Star was identical to the suspect’s 9 Ki Star, if this Luoshu Star and person’s Star are both x, you may be right, it may also be that just only an aspect of the event had surfaced. This is because by itself any Star may cover many attributes, including perpetrator’s Star, a physical object, or just an aspect linking to the event, then not perhaps the person per se. On the other hand, even if at the time of the event perpetrator’s 9 Ki Star was not at the central Palace, we have seen instances in the media where perpetrator would have been still captured either with his Star now actually arriving the central Palace, or just the same Star as for the event arrives there. The central Star can relate to a person having involved in the event, the event or even just only some aspect concerning the event itself. You may care to do research on some high profile missing persons cases and see the 9 Ki relevance. Once you feel settled there, how the more will you be able to read Luoshu on those much more simple dynamics, such as, when and from whom and about what subject you’re about to receive a letter, or when and for what reason you will be traveling away from your spouse to conduct a lecture. Star 7 Metal and Luoshu Palaces for 2011 As I am writing this before the fact, we have no way of telling, but with the In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic to the back of our mind, we might as well see major developments concerning the Koreas in the news, if only because the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea was established in 1975, a 7 Metal year. Quite interesting to respect of In Prison – Out of In Prison may be Guantanamo Bay, that was first leased to the United States of America by Cuba as a coaling (fueling) station in 1903, a 7 Metal year, then in use as Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp since 2002, another 7 Metal year. To that respect, you may keep an eye out on news concerning other high profile events, such as the Titanic which had sunk in 1912, a 7 Metal year. Understanding 9 Stars, wherever in Luoshu they sit There’s more to 9 Ki than to be reading a Star in the central Luoshu Palace. We’d like to gain a bit more than a working knowledge on associations pertaining single Stars and single Palaces, to see what events may come from this. Next, we like to be able to read into whatever Star combinations. While then staying with Star 7 Metal for the year 2011 and leaving the In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic for what it is, we may combine just only attributes for Star 7 and properties for the several Luoshu Palaces to lead us into a multitude of associations, both for personal life progression and news events. For example, if Star 7 Metal for knife or sharp cutting object arrives the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace for hospital, this may indicate surgery or an injection needle. Such

may be indicated already with Star 7 and Star 2 in opposite Luoshu position, or whenever Star 7 and Star 2 meet up in one single Luoshu Palace. If on the other hand, we’d take the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace for education, school or teacher, Star 7 may indicate a school stabbing. As the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace may relate to exposure, with Star 7 at the Li Fire Palace, we may see excavation of utensils, jaws, teeth, sailing vessels. All will be pending context, Star combinations formed, as Stars will behave accordingly. Of course, as you are mounting associations by referring Star 7 to the different Luoshu Palaces, you would be still taking into account all other 9 Ki syntax, such as you’d be incorporating opposite Stars and Palaces, Reversed Luoshu Axis, or if Star 5 involves. All that taken into account would eventually help unveil the Luoshu story. Here are just some examples with Star 7 visiting the belonging Luoshu Palaces.

Gradually, you would be working not only with single Stars and Palaces, but you’d be building even further on associations as they’d branch off from your combining 2, 3 or 4 Stars. For example, if Star 7 in the 4 Wood Palace could indicate a money (7) machine at a minor post office (4), when joined by Star 3, this may be an electronic (3) ignition, so you may see an explosion (6), especially then also with Star 6 Metal there. Learn to read Luoshu like a novel If you have been following the 9 Ki Divination series spread along Heluo’s blog, you will be convinced how 9 Star Ki has a bit more to offer than just reading Luoshu for ‘good relationships’ or directionology. The system may be heavily underestimated, especially within Flying Star Feng Shui circles and this may be largely due to most Feng Shui teachers and consultants to wrongly presume the art of 9 Ki would have been duly covered by already incorporating from 9 Ki derived annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu for purpose of house divination.

It is fair to say that you’d be selling yourself short as a Feng Shui practitioner trying to read behavior of 9 Stars into your floor plan, however otherwise treating from 9 Star Ki derived Luoshu the same way as would be prescribed for Feng Shui. Not even mentioning the numerous Star combinations, if you’d ask the on average 9 Ki Divination practitioner to give you sum up of attributes to any single Star, chances are you’d hear tens of associations, whereas we have seen the average Feng Shui study program to still equip students with only up to 4 or 6 properties each Star, which would seem a missed opportunity. The more in our working with health and fate of students and clients, it is imperative to be confidently working from no less than a full toolbox. That’s why as a school we go through great lengths showing you the crux of 9 Ki, not just during live class or through our one-on-one distance learning private teaching, but by publishing extensive articles on our website and blog, while we strongly believe that any teacher or consultant in metaphysics should yet take up formal training in 9 Ki, if not Nine Star Ki Astrology, then most certainly 9 Star Ki Divination. This is because 9 Ki has always functioned as a fully autonomous system, by itself unrelated to Feng Shui, that serious students and professionals cannot do without. Yet, you will only find rudimentary references in your average literature, so that – at least, as far as I can tell – we have been the only school to date, to cover 9 Stars and Luoshu Divination through formal training by its full range. It takes your actually sitting with Luoshu, screening Stars and Palaces enough times on a wide string of events, to soon help you let go of the notion as if Luoshu would be a two-dimensional surface containing just meaningless numbers. As you can imagine gazing down onto Luoshu from a bird’s eye view, it could appear as just a raft drifting on the ocean. On the contrary, as you’re reading one Star, soon your attention would be pulled to another Star, yet another Star, until by endless cross-referencing between Stars, you will be reading Luoshu layer by layer by layer, as a dynamically swirling entity, as your raft reaches deeper into the water with each take. Luoshu is a book that can close off on you like an Oyster, whereas, if you take two steps back to take in no position and no preference and instead let the Stars tell you their story, rather than imposing your brain sproutings upon Luoshu too eagerly, Luoshu will be opening up for you like a novel and give you its full story. As we’d undoubtedly be able to transmit the subject even more vividly during our 4-day master class “9 Star Ki Divination – personal and news events” than we may have been able to in just this blog post, I still hope that you will greatly benefit from reading 9 Stars and Luoshu along the principle of In Prison – Out of In Prison. I would be only eager to hear your own observations to this respect or to hear your questions.

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