How to Heal With a Pendulum_ Erich Hunter Ph.D.

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How To Heal With A Pendulum Erich Hunter Ph.D.


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This book is dedicated to the memory of Auroleus Phillipus Theostratus Bombastus von Hohenheim, and Franz Anton Mesmer. I also thank my wife Tarra for her love and unwavering support of my healing practice.


Table of Contents Introduction Pendulum Dowsing versus Healing Three Main Types of Healing Pendulums Basic Pendulum Healing How to Hold a Healing Pendulum Movement of the Pendulum Basic Self-Healing Using an Egyptian/Homeopathic Type Pendulum Basic Healing for Another Person Creation of a "Witness Card" for Distance Healing Healing Guidelines Additional Thoughts on Performing Healing The Magic and Alchemy of Pendulum Healing Advanced Pendulum Healing Preliminary Steps Vitality Level Radiesthetic Color The Advanced Healing The Universal Pendulum Case Studies About Erich Hunter Ph.D. Resources Contact The Author 5

Introduction The idea using the pendulum as a healing tool is relatively new in the history of alternative healing methods. Its origin appears to have been invented in France during the 20th Century, and later developed by Jozef Baj (1915-2006); who made numerous healing pendulum types and trained many students in this work. I learned about pendulum healing while listening to a seminar on obscure healing methods. I had previously heard of using a pendulum to dowse for cures, but I had never heard of it being an actual healing tool. Intrigued I ordered a few healing pendulums from the Internet and was pleasantly surprised at the amazing effects they had both on my own self-healing and the healing of others. As I explored this more and more, I discovered that the pendulum made a wonderful addition to my healing work. I now include them with "energy healing,” because they help to effect rapid and lasting healing and as a tool they simplify the healing process and make it more efficient. The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to both basic and advanced pendulum healing work and to help explain this work within the context of magic and alchemy.


Pendulum Dowsing versus Healing When you mention pendulums and healing people assume that you are going to use the pendulum to try to either diagnose the cause of the problem, or dowse for a cure using a dowsing chart. While this can be a part of pendulum healing work, it is not the whole story, because with certain pendulums you can actually use the pendulum as a healing tool to do the healing, not just provide diagnoses. In this pendulum healing is very similar to "energy healing" work where you send energy out of your hands to the person to be healed. Instead of the hands you use the pendulum, and with most pendulums the pendulum itself does the work of sending "The energy" to the person and all the healer needs to do is hold the pendulum and wait for it to stop spinning. The typical dowsing pendulum (used for getting yes/no answers etc.) is a crystal hanging from a chain or a string. While this type of pendulum works well for dowsing charts, it is not the best choice for a healing pendulum. One of the main problems is that crystals have a memory and unless the healer has a way to quickly "clear the crystals memory" the crystal can pick up and transmit potentially harmful frequencies and transfer them to people being healed. Another problem with using a crystal pendulum for healing is that any color the crystal has will be transmitted when the pendulum is used and this can cause the signal to be distorted, or even dangerous, depending on what effect the crystal has on the pendulums emission. True healing pendulums do not have either of these downfalls. They are mostly self-cleaning, so that they always transmit a pure signal, and if they are not self cleaning they are easily cleared by gently tapping them three times on a wooden surface. If you are going to get involved with pendulum healing work, you need to start by obtaining at least one well-made healing pendulum (see resources section in the back). To help you I will outline the three main types of healing pendulums and how to recognize them.


Three Main Types of Healing Pendulums Egyptian The so-called “Egyptian” pendulums are one of the main types of healing pendulums for sale today. They are distinctive because of their elongated "bullet-like shape", and because they are often adorned with "rings", or divisions on the main body of the pendulum. The Isis, and Karnak pendulums are two commonly seen representatives of this group. The Egyptian pendulums are easy to use, and are often responsive to mental commands, so they make excellent healing tools. Some like the Isis are also good for dowsing. On the internet you will see many new age websites claiming Egyptian healing pendulums go way back in time to ancient Egypt, but there is really no evidence of their use until the mid to late 1900's. A more accurate term for them would be Egyptian inspired. They do bear a resemblance to the Wadj amulets found in Egyptian tombs, but since the Wadj amulets were used to adorn the dead, it was doubtful they were used for healing.

Fig. 1 Egyptian Pendulums: Isis, and Karnak. These are the easiest healing pendulums to use for basic pendulum healing. The Karnak must be disassembled when stored since it emits powerful Green(-) frequency.

"Homeopathic" "Homeopathic" type pendulums are easy to recognize because 8

they are hollow and have a chamber for storing a remedy whose "essence" or "signature" can be transmitted from the pendulum to the person being healed. A common type is the Mermet pendulum. These pendulums must be cleared before use by tapping them three times on a wooden surface.

Fig. 2 A "Homeopathic" type pendulum that has a chamber for holding a remedy. You tap the pendulum 3x on wood, put in a remedy, then do the healing.

"Universal" The last type of healing pendulum we will cover here is the universal type pendulum. These pendulums are easy to recognize because they are ball-shaped, with markings on the surface, and the string is attached to a bow that mounts to the poles. Inside these pendulums are metal disks that increase their potency. These are the most advanced type of pendulum and require the healer to set the frequency needed before using the pendulum. There are many ways to do this, but I use a dowsing chart and determine what settings are required and this will be explained in the advanced healing section.


Fig. 3 Universal Pendulum. This is the most advanced type of pendulum and requires a dowsing chart to use it correctly. (Click to Go Back To Universal Pendulum Section)


Basic Pendulum Healing Basic pendulum healing using an Egyptian, or homeopathic type pendulum is very easy. You just hold the pendulum over a person, or witness card, give it a command and then wait for it to stop spinning. I will go into the details of how to do this in this chapter.


How to hold a Healing Pendulum You want to grasp the pendulums string with your thumb and forefinger and wrap any extra cord inside the palm of your hand. You want to make sure the pendulum can swing freely, but that you still have a firm grip on it.

Fig. 4 Proper way to hold the pendulum. When you are doing a healing you can put it over a person, or over an index card with person’s name on it, that I call a "witness card". If you are putting it over a person, you can hang the pendulum over the solar plexus area, or directly over the area you want to heal. If you are using a witness card, you will just hold it over the card.


Fig. 5 Holding the pendulum over a "Witness Card". The witness card has the name of the person who is receiving distance healing on it.


Movement of the Pendulum If done correctly the pendulum will start to move. If it doesn't move gently move it, but then let it go on its own. For basic pendulum work you never force the direction of movement and ideally the pendulum will just start moving by itself. Giving/Receiving/finished When the pendulum is "giving" it will turn clockwise (Imagine you are looking at a clock on the wall, clockwise is towards your right). If the pendulum is "removing" it will turn counterclockwise (to your left). Once the pendulum is finished it will be balanced and moves side to side.

Fig. 6 Basic pendulum movement. You don't need to keep track of adding in, or taking out, unless you want to. The main thing is to look for balance (side to side swinging) when you are finished. That is how you know that the treatment is done.


Basic Self -Healing Using an Egyptian/Homeopathic Type Pendulum Hold the pendulum and either put it over the part of your body that is having the problem, or over the palm of your hand. If you know a command for that particular pendulum use it. If not, mentally instruct the pendulum to do an action such as heal you, or remove the cause of the pain, or some other simple command relevant to the situation. You don't need to say it out loud, however, just think it clearly. Alternatively, you can also just go into a meditative state and let the pendulum turn on its own without a command. Once the pendulum comes to balance you are finished. For simple things, you will often feel the effect right away. For more serious/complicated issues it takes time. Often the effects of a pendulum healing will "settle in" and take hold over the course of a few hours, or even days, so always trust your healing effort and be open to receive healing.


Basic Healing for Another Person Hold the pendulum over the part of the person's body that needs healing, or hold it over their solar plexus (which is below the lower ribs, a bit below where they meet). The rest is the same as for basic self-healing.


Creation of a "Witness Card" for Distance Healing For various reasons you won't always be able to do a healing for someone who is present with you, or you may feel uncomfortable holding a pendulum over yourself. In cases such as these, you can create a "Witness Card" to help you do a distance healing. The simplest way to do this is to write a persons name on an index card, and then hold the card in your hand while saying the persons name 3x with focused intention. Once done, the card is now "linked" to that person and any healing efforts you make using the pendulum will transmit directly to the person who is being healed. There is no need to use a picture of a person, or a lock of hair. If you link the card to the person in the way described above, any healing actions you do over the card will go to that person. Try to get the name spelled correctly. The most important aspect though is your intention to link the card to the person. Do the healing the same way as you would for yourself, or another, just use the witness card as a substitute for a person. When you are finished with the healing "disconnect" the card from the person by saying 3x "Back to your body" and then blow 3x forcefully onto the card.


Healing Guidelines I recommend the following guidelines whenever you are doing a healing. 1) Person asks you for help. You can offer help, but never force it on anyone. 2) You ask questions, listen and empathize to understand what is going on so that the person feels heard, so that you can offer helpful suggestions, and so that you can get an intuitive understanding of what healing work needs to be done for them. 3) You explain what you are going to do & get permission from the person. 4) Pray for guidance/protection/ highest good of person. 5) Perform healing 6) Give the person a chance to ground and integrate the experience by talking about it if they want to. You might share your impressions if they are open to it.


Additional Thoughts On Performing Healing Don't force a healing on another person. While it is fine to ask people if they want a healing, don't make them. Some people need to go through an illness, or health problem to evolve. Others aren't open to it. If someone cannot speak for themselves (e.g. too ill, or a baby, a pet, etc.) and you feel that you are called to help, it may be okay to do so. Pray and ask for guidance and be sure to pray that your efforts be in the highest good off of the person being healed and all concerned. Pray/Invoke for protection from your helpers and allies. It is always best to start a healing with a prayer. Your healing work will be more powerful, if you step aside and let spirit guide and help you. It is best to always ask that whatever lessons need to be learned be learned, and that the healing will be in the highest good of the person and all concerned. Always assume your healing worked even if you don't see any immediate effects. We never know what role we are meant to play in a person's life while doing a healing. Healing can occur at many levels and sometimes it just takes a while for a healing to settle in. I can't tell you how many times I did a healing and didn't see dramatic results right away, but then in a few hours, days, or weeks, I learned that the person had a major healing, or a complete turn around. Trust the process and always assume that it worked. With that said if a person requests you do more work, sometimes it is needed so be open to feedback.


The Magic and Alchemy of Pendulum Healing When healing pendulums do their thing, the results can seem miraculous. How can a pendulum swinging over a person’s body, or over an index card affect their physical health and well-being? If you are sensitive to "energies" and put your hand under a healing pendulum, you feel it on your palm. This invisible transmission from the pendulum (combined with your consciousness) is what does the healing work. People knowledgeable about the occult/esoteric anatomy of man know that the body is part of field called an aura. The pendulum stimulates healing by affecting the aura, which causes the body/mind to restore itself and heal. This is where I think it is helpful to think of the contextual frameworks of Magic and Alchemy to provide an analogy by which to understand pendulum healing. Magic of Pendulum Healing Magic = the art of manipulating the unseen forces of nature. -M.P. Hall The effect of pendulum healing is magic. The healer is influencing unseen forces of nature, i.e. the aura of the person being healed, using the pendulum and the healers consciousness, to manipulate, i.e. skillfully help, the person to heal. Alchemy of Pendulum Healing The pendulum healing can also be constructively viewed in terms of Alchemy which simply put is a process of transformation. The lead turning to gold is comparable to the states before and after the healing. The healing can be of the body, mind, or spirit. In this process the person being healed is the salt (stable element), the healing effect from the healer/pendulum is the sulfur (fiery element), and the mercury is the healer (active element, mediator of energies). The image of the god Mercury is especially appropriate in this context since the Caduceus wand represents the kundalini energies of the subtle body, and the role of the healer is to mediate and restore harmony to these energies in the body of the person being healed.


Advanced Pendulum Healing You can do a lot with basic pendulum work, but at a certain point you will want to do advanced healing, especially when dealing with complicated health issues. Reader note that I am skipping a lot of steps outlined in basic healing (e.g. getting permission to heal someone, etc.) because I need to focus on details of the advanced work, but don't leave this out when doing an actual healing.


Preliminary Steps When starting an advanced treatment it is helpful to look at the vitality level and radiesthetic color of the person who is going to receive the healing. These are baseline readings so that you know where the person is starting off, but it is a good idea to not tell the person where they are at, and only use it as a personal reference so that you can compare it at the end of the healing to make sure you have completed the healing work.


Vitality level Use the dowsing chart that goes from zero to 100%. This will allow you to determine the vitality level of the person you are healing. If they have a low vitality level, it will read below 100% when dowsed with a pendulum. If they have high vitality, the pendulum will spin in circles around the chart. At the end of every healing you should check and make sure that the person who is being healed has high vitality.

Fig. 7 A vitality chart. Anything less than 100 is lowered vitality. After a pendulum healing, the pendulum should spin around the chart indicating a successful healing since vitality greater than 100%.


Radiesthetic Colors When doing advanced pendulum work it is important to make reference to a radiesthetic color chart. Radiesthetic colors are not colors in the true sense, but rather a mnemonic device to describe different pendulum “frequencies” used in healing work. Whenever you are doing an advanced healing it is important to check the radiesthetic colors of the person who is being healed to get an indication of their health status. Also, when you finish the treatment you want to check it is well to make sure that your healing was successful. To check a persons radiesthetic colors dowse a color chart, like the one provided in this book, and take a reading. Green (-) indicates a person is not well, or won’t be well soon. Black, infra-red, and red indicate illness White indicates healing Ultra-violet, Violet, Indigo, and Blue, indicate varying degrees of health. The other colors on the chart are used in healing, but will not normally show up when dowsing a person’s radiesthetic color. Note: another useful thing is to always check any new Egyptian pendulum with a color chart to make sure its “baseline” radiesthetic color is safe to use. If an Egyptian pendulum tests black, or infrared don’t use it for healing.

Fig. 8 A chart of Radiesthetic colors. Use this chart to determine 24

the health status of a person before and after a pendulum healing.


The Advanced Healing After this baseline measurements have been taken, you need to determine if a person would benefit from pendulum work, or if some other type of healing modality would be better suited to them. I use a dowsing chart to determine the best method for each case. A person may need Reiki, or crystal healing, or they may need to eat, or exercise, or have shamanic work done, etc. By dowsing the chart first, I can determine if pendulums are needed, and if so what kind of pendulum healing I will perform.

If pendulums are indicated, dowse which pendulum from your collection would work best. Note: that in order to do advanced work you need more than one kind of Egyptian, or homeopathic pendulum (or you need a universal pendulum). Then begin the treatment using the selected pendulum as described previously. Dowse regularly during the treatment to see if more pendulum work is needed, or if some other form of healing is required. Do this until finished and then take readings of the vitality level and radiesthetic color again. If the healing was done correctly, the vitality will be over 100% and the radiesthetic color will indicate White (W). 26

The Universal Pendulum Up to this point it was assumed you were using an Egyptian or homeopathic type pendulum. It is now time to learn how to use a Universal Pendulum for healing. I want to point out that this is the way I use the Universal Pendulum and other Pendulum healers do it differently. Having tried different methods, I personally feel this way is the simplest and most effective method. To use a Universal Pendulum you need to determine if you are going to hold it on the red, green, or blue mark on the pendulum string and then set it to the correct radiesthethic color on the pendulum itself. I use a dowsing chart to determine this. Lets say the dowsing chart indicates you should hold the green knot on the string and that you are to set the pendulum to white (W). You set the pendulum by turning the metal bow over the green longitudinal mark that is on the pendulums surface then sliding the string over the metal bow to the mark that says (W) (see Fig. 3). Then you hold the string in your hand so that your thumb and forefinger cover the green knot and then hold the pendulum over the person (or witness card) and wait until it stops rotating and balances out. Then you dowse the chart again and repeat until you are finished. You know that you are finished because when you go to dowse the chart, the pendulum will go in circles and not stop on any of the radiesthetic colors. At that point go back to your treatment chart and see if any other treatments are needed before checking the person's vitality and radiesthetic color to end the healing. Note: The Blue longitudinal axis of the Universal Pendulum has Greek lettering on it between Bc (black) and W (white). If you are dowsing and it indicates that you should use the red, or green longitudinal coordinates but you get a Greek letter, set the bow to the correct latitude (red or green) on the pendulum and then approximate that position with the string by using the relative position of the Greek letter on the blue longitude as a reference. When you finish using the Universal Pendulum always reset it to 27

G+ on the blue longitudinal axis. Otherwise you may transmit harmful signals while the pendulum is in storage.

A Universal pendulum dowsing chart. Blue (EM), Green (M), Red (E) refer to which knot you hold on the string and to which axis you set the metal bow. The letters on the chart refer to locations on the pendulum surface to which you set the pendulum.


Case Studies I am including a few examples of cases where I used a pendulum to help with healing. This is by no means an exhaustive illustration of the possible uses and I encourage you to try using healing pendulums on any issue where healing is needed. Case 1. My wife bumped their leg on a table and was in pain. I held an Egyptian pendulum (Isis) over their leg and waited for it to stop spinning and the pain went away. Case 2. I was doing a distance healing on a cancer patient who had a terminal diagnosis. The person was not eating and the doctors were concerned. I used several different types of healing pendulums for distance healing treatments. I also did some energy healing, and prayer work. I always take a reading of the person before starting a healing. After several sessions, I got a reading that no further healing was needed and the radiesthetic colors indicated a healing frequency. I was confused because the person’s family reported no change in the person health status. Then after a couple of weeks I learned that the person had shown a dramatic improvement, and while not fully recovered, had had a major healing breakthrough, was eating, started to get energy back, and was released from the hospital. Case 3. A middle age man who was very depressed came to one of my pendulum workshops. During the workshop the person got a chance to do pendulum “self-healing” with several of my healing pendulums. The person later reported to me that at the time he didn’t feel anything and thought it wasn’t working, but went through the motions anyway. When the workshop ended the person left, and almost immediately felt a tremendous relief and the depression was gone completely and has not returned. Case 4. A person who had a stroke was having difficulty with one of his eyes and he couldn’t read small print. I did pendulum work with several Egyptian pendulums and a Universal pendulum, along with some energy healing, and he said he could read small print again. Case 5. A person had insomnia and could not fall asleep. I used a homeopathic Ormus pendulum and several Egyptian pendulums and the person was able to sleep. 29

Case 6. A client suffered from severe sciatica and back pain. Despite taking many medications, he was in intense pain. After a single distance healing session using the pendulums the pain disappeared. The client was also very skeptical of the method, but was willing to try anything due to the pain. He was glad that he did. My website shows testimonials and more information about services (which are available virtually through phone/skype to clients around the globe). You can also receive free alchemical healing tips by visiting my youtube channel, Erich Hunter Ph.D


About Erich Hunter Ph.D. Dedicated to spiritual and esoteric healing modalities, Dr. Hunter has developed a unique healing synthesis that transforms body, mind, and spirit. After working for over a decade as a Ph.D researcher, and awardwinning educator in field of the Biological Sciences, he fully awakened to his spiritual path and made a major life transition to follow his calling as a healer. While on his honeymoon in Bali, he was initiated into the healing arts by a highly respected Balinese healer that recognized his healing gifts. Upon his return to California, his life became a quest for studying, practicing, and now teaching the most effective and unusual healing methods dating back to the 1400’s. Bringing the noble spirit of scientific inquiry to his intuitive wizardry, Dr. Hunter merges the best of both worlds with a grounded and compassionate approach. Originally from New York, he now resides with his wife in Ojai, California. He enjoys taking walks in nature, bicycle riding, studying alternative science, esoteric healing methods, and spiritual ceremony. His website shows testimonials and more information about his services (which are available virtually through phone/skype to clients around the globe). You can also receive free alchemical healing tips by visiting his youtube channel, Erich Hunter Ph.D.


Resources It is very important to have high quality pendulums for doing this kind of work. You can sometimes find a good healing pendulum for a low price on, but if possible, it is best to order from a known source and get a high quality one so that you can begin using it right away and not have to worry if it is going to work or not. I have had excellent experiences with pendulums ordered from the following places: If you obtain healing pendulums from sources other than those listed above, always be sure to check them against the radiesthetic color chart before using them to make sure they are safe.


Contact Me Please contact me if you have any suggestions for improving this ebook, or if you notice errors that need to be fixed. Also, if you would like copies of the charts I can email them to you. My contact email is: [email protected]


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