How to Grow Taller, Higher Recommended Method You Most People Do Not Know

January 26, 2018 | Author: solids_control | Category: Puberty, Growth Hormone, Physical Exercise, Bone, Nutrition
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It is well known to a person not tall has a very big impact, but the impact is negative. Whether male or female , whether student or work , regardless of age, size , not tall questions will always affect him ( her ) . We should have this feeling in childhood , taller classmates others are afraid of him , and he is very confident, which always affect his confidence . And it was not tall ? Many prone to mental inferiority , leading to academic performance is not good. So how to grow taller only become a topic of social issues are also a lot of families are very concerned about. Well, there are factors that affect the child's height , what does ? Specifically, the following five factors: 1 , genetic factors: family members are not high, resulting in lack of genetic repair and improvement, so that the next generation is generally short. 2, the physical nature of delayed puberty : normal birth weight , but the growth is slow, delayed puberty backwards between 2-4 years , even after the age of 18 began to develop , resulting in bone growth hormone cells produce large amounts of raw bone cells can not forming dwarf . 3 , secondary to systemic diseases : such as malnutrition , severe anemia, calcium deficiency , hypothyroidism ( cretinism ) , chronic adrenal cortex hormone withdrawal psychosis , resulting in bone growth and healthy environment unreasonable to accelerate epiphyseal closure period, resulting in short stature . 4 , pituitary short stature : due to hypothalamic pituitary dysfunction , resulting in the secretion of pituitary growth factor reduced, making the slow growth rate , resulting in short stature . 5 , Others: digestion and absorption of nutrients , the use of barriers , inadequate nutrition and calorie intake , will accelerate the delay of epiphyseal closure , causing short stature . Nowadays, many parents worry about their children's friends are tall , but could not find a good way . Some anxious parents and friends will buy some of the products increased to a child with . Some products now on the market increased simply ineffective , and another part of the product has increased hormone intake is increased to achieve , although there is some effect, but it will cause any harm . So in the end how to grow taller ? Which products should be increased ? Studies have shown that short stature who are mostly latent kinetic energy of the body to develop a low crowd , the kinetic energy of this ligament between the bones with a direct impact on key human acquired long high , so now there are many foreign institutions began to attach great importance to this area Research . It is learned that at present the most effective and safe in Japan in recent years, the latest research is successful " latent kinetic energy surge " therapy . It won many international awards, is ingested through the procedural way to activate the hidden latent energy body , in order to achieve higher results. This increased activation of the human body is absolutely no harm. It is said that many Japanese have done this increased Actress course of the past two years have begun to slowly pop up in China . There is also a broken bone surgery also has some effect, but the risk is too great, a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing recently have made an example of the failure of broken bone surgery, leading to the tragedy of patients need to sit in a wheelchair for life , it is generally not recommended this method. In addition to the increased use of professional products , parents should also pay attention to the following 6:00 IMPORTANT:

1 , better nutrition, can not let the baby fussy eaters , so nutritionally balanced. 2 , check the trace elements: calcium and zinc to see if the body will stop the growth of bone calcium , but also have rickets ; zinc deficiency in children , not only loss of appetite, but not age, and height and weight of children, to replenish . 3 , Physical exercise : Physical activity will help speed up blood circulation, promote bone growth. As noted statistics: same age , same sex children, regular exercise pen does not exercise to 4-10 cm higher . 4 , sunlight : Moderate sun exposure will increase the synthesis of vitamin D , which the gastrointestinal absorption of calcium , phosphorus, and ensure the normal growth of bones is extremely important. 5 , to ensure adequate sleep : GH secretion peak is when the child sleep - after ten in the evening , and longer duration. I hope the child is tall, be sure to go to bed before ten o'clock in the evening . Adequate sleep is an important way to promote children grow taller . 6 , maintain a happy mood : Impact important child growth hormone , secreted higher when sleep and exercise in depression secrete less time . If your child is often criticized blame parents quarrel environment, the mood will be depressed, depression, would seriously affect the child long one. Some of these methods increased and suggestions are put forward by some professionals , the effect should be very good. How long can rely on these good way to another job , and all parents want their children to grow if a friend , it would have to take refuel ! 固控设备 固控系统 : OGEM Solids Control solids control equipment:

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