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How to apply and begin as a licensed massage therapist in the Philippines, start a career as an LMT...


How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines HTU


By Eunice [email protected] So what is the technical difference between someone who just practices massage and someone who is Licensed? bakit mo pa kailangang magka-license? meron ba nun? pati ba naman massage may lisensiya? These are just some of the questions that might be bugging you right now. I can only answer the basics- and yes, my professional advice is, if you really want to advance your career and be able to earn more, you need to have a license. But having a license is just the beginning. Nearly a decade ago, I was at our oath taking held at the Department of Health in Sta. Cruz, Manila, at the time of this writing, the newly inducted 2011 LMT oath takers have been held at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel- a great leap in boosting the morale of new massage therapists. Thanks to people who paved the way for this to happen and that includes the Committee of Examiners for Massage Therapy headed by the Chairperson, Dr. Kenneth Ronquillo (yes I can still remember Dr. Kenneth from way during our oath taking, he is a great pillar in the massage industry) with the collaboration of the Philippine Association of Licensed Massage Therapists headed by its President, Mr. Jevren Sibug and Vice-President Mr. Pedro Vasquez II (or Sir Pete as we fondly call him) both of whom are inspiring people in the field of massage therapy in the Philippines and the Continuing Massage Therapy Education Council (CMTEC), Massage Therapy Assessors, together with all the Training instructors nationwide, whom I dearly admire- indeed the massage profession has gone a long way. Last June 17, 2011, during their oath taking and induction, as a guest speaker, I cannot help but reminisce about the past and how the profession has evolved and helped me find my rainbow in the industry. Indeed massage therapy is a viable career as the year’s current theme states. Kudos to all of you who makes a difference in the world of massage therapy, hats off to all of you and God bless you in your endeavor to be an instrument in the progress of massage therapy profession in the Philippines.

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How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines Technically speaking, according to Section 9.1.1 of PD 856 (Chapter XIII) of the Republic of the Philippines, no person is authorized to practice massage therapy in the Philippines without a valid certificate of registration issued by the Committee of Examiners for Masseurs. Yun ay kung gusto mong maging practitioner (or magpratice ng massage as a profession sa Philippines) which means this is just the first step. Hindi dito nagtatapos. Kasi siyempre pag gusto mong maging spa therapist- iba rin yun and with different requirements and regulations. Massage therapy lang ang paguusapan muna natin dito. And before I proceed, when we say LMT or Licensed Massage Therapist we generally mean you are Licensed to perform Swedish Massage- dahil different massage types or modalities will have different regulations and criteria too. In the recently concluded examination of June 2011, out of the 225 massage therapy examinees, only 100 people passed- a meager 44% of the batch. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist means you are legally acknowledged by law to practice massage therapy as a profession. Not without, of course, some liability on your part. First, you have to consider if you are eligible to apply for Licensure in the Philippines. As of the time of this writing (July 2011), the application requirements for licensure in massage therapy (based on Administrative Order 2010-0034) and IRR PD 856 are the following: 1.

You have to be a Filipino citizen (irregardless of gender and marital status. Still, no

foreign national is allowed to take or apply for the Licensure examination) 2.

No less than 21 years old and no more than 60 years old. In the recent years (since

2010), the Committee of Examiners for Massage Therapist allowed those who are below the age bracket (18-20 years old) and above the bracket (61 and above) as long as they have been professionally trained. Those who have passed the licensure but are still under-age (1820 years old) can claim their license on their 21st birthday. Those who are 60 years old and are already in their senior years- can still apply as long as they are still able to practice and perform professional massage therapy. This is a great change from the restrictions in age before. 7/12/2011 Updated Last


How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines 3.

Certificate of good moral character issued by your Barangay.


With a medical certificate issued by a government physician (government physician ha? hindi family physician or private practitioner). In Metro Manila, you can get this either at the Philippine General Hospital, your city health doctor or East Avenue Medical Hospital in Quezon City or the nearest government health clinic at your locality. This is different from a health certificate. You need a medical certificate NOT a health certificate.


With an NBI clearance or police clearance (sa city hall ito nakukuha or sa NBI central

office in Taft Avenue, Manila or NBI kiosks in certain locality or NBI sub-office at Megamall if you will be renewing na lang) 6.

With a certificate of training from any Department of Health accredited training institution

certifying that you have received basic instructions in the following subjects/course: Anatomy and Physiology

General Anatomy and Physiology


General and Organ System Physiology


General Pathology and Microbiology

Massage Therapy I

Introduction to Massage Therapy/ Fundamental Concepts

Massage Therapy II

Massage Therapy Application

Massage Therapy III

Practice of Massage Therapy

During our time, it was Anatomy and Physiology; Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology and Bacteriology; Ethics and Jurisprudence; Hygiene and Sanitation. If you want to know more, The Spa, Massage Therapy and Wellness Resource Book and Career Guide by yours truly, Eunice Estipona is available at all National Bookstores, Powerbooks and Fullybooked 7/12/2011 Updated Last


How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines nationwide. It covers the most comprehensive list of training centers both here in the Philippines and abroad. 7.

With a certificate that he/she has taken practical massage from any Department of

Health Accredited Training provider for at least 60 hours (I think some training institutions starting way back in 2009, the 135 or 500 hours has been their benchmark na). A lot of people are asking me how much is the tuition fees for these review and training institutions- prepare no less than 10,000 to 15,000 pesos for your review. Of course, you have to budget your food and transportation allowance- which is not included in this figure. 8.

At least a high school graduate. Only true and authenticated copy of your diploma from

high school or Transcript of Records from college or university you graduated from will be accepted. 9.

ID Pictures (3 pieces of passport size photos taken within the last six months)


Minimal payment (no more than 500 pesos)

Pag nakumpleto mo na yung mga requirements mo: you have to submit and apply through your training institution not unlike before that we have to go directly to the Department of Health Office, Quiricada st. beside Jose Reyes hospital Santa Cruz, Manila and they will help you submit your complete requirements at least two weeks before the date of the examination. If you are located in the province you have to go to your nearest regional DOH office and inquire from there. Upon completion of requirements and payment of fee/s, they will give you an examination pass with your seat number. The Scope of the Massage Therapy Licensure Examination: There will be a theoretical (written examination of 200 items) and those who passed with an average rating of 75% in all subjects and afterwards if you passed, you will be asked to take a practical exam to demonstrate the skills learned. Malalaman mo na pasado ka kasi i-po-post 7/12/2011 Updated Last 4

How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines nila yung list of examinees na pumasa after a few days together with the schedule ng oral/practical exam. The theoretical examination is computer checked so it’s wise to have several sharpened pencils at hand so you do not have to sharpen your pencils and thus shorten the time you answer the exam. Do not crumple or dirty the paper. After passing the theoretical examination, you need to take your oral/practical examination within one month after official advice, otherwise your theoretical examination will be considered cancelled. You need to pass both oral and practical examination with a general weighted average of 75% on each of these exams. Also, you have to pay the practical examination fee of Php 500.00 which will cover all the materials needed during the examination including the services of the individual posing as examination subjects/clients/dummies. Bring your own towels or pillows/bolster. Since the December 2008 batch, the DOH already provided materials and the model so mas maganda dahil you do not have to bring tons of materials, eh dati yung iba may dala pang CD, cassette, banig, candles, atbp. Tips during the oral or practical examination: 1.

Do not be nervous and relax (alam ko nakaka tense ihi nga ako ng ihi eh before I had my turn sa sobrang nerbiyos- but you will do just fine. Remember, ang brain cells natin mas less ang oxygen pag takot at stressed so inhale deeply at wag nerbiyosin para makasagot ng maigi)


Answer politely but straight to the point as much as possible


Know the subsequent steps (yung pagkaka sunod sunod na steps dapat you know it by heart)


Be able to explain while you are working with your client (multi-tasking baga...)


Be able to know yung purpose ng techniques na ginagawa mo example, ano ba ang purpose ng tapping?


Huwag kang mag massage lang ng mag-massage, be able to articulate or explain what you are doing parang kunyari nag de-demo ka (this is a good exercise regarding your oral abilities kasi sa mga job interviews ganyan din ang gagawin mo mag-de-demo ka especially if you are going abroad or applying for other certifications)

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How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines 7.

Be prepared for side questions (like, under the law, how many people can an LMT supervise?)


Dapat marunong kang mag take ng client history like asking about their blood pressure (at marunong ka dapat kumuha ng blood pressure and vital signs), ask also if they have allergies at may dala ka ring client intake form. Do not forget to fill-up the client intake form and ask questions relevant to your case.


Introduce yourself first before you start your massage. Example, “Good morning sir/ma’am, I am ______ and I will be your massage therapist for this morning/afternoon. You will have a session of Swedish massage and we will start with you lying on your belly/stomach.”


Know how to handle cases for clients such as those with scoliosis, pediatric, geriatric or pregnant clients- the accredited training institution will provide you with the necessary information and knowledge on this aspect.


After your time is up, generally in 30 minutes, assist your client in his/her position in sitting up, draping, after-care or after-massage questions and concerns of your client. Those who passed these two exams will be taking an oath (at a scheduled date) and will be designated with an L.M.T. (Licensed Massage Therapist) after their name. Every year (normally) June and December are the months that these exams are taking place. For more information and other concerns: call me at +639184745685 or email me at [email protected] HTU


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How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines

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How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines

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How to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Philippines

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