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Words are seldom found insufficient to express one’s own heart sentiments. Yet,i take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude and profound regards to everybody who helped me throughout the project.It is my proud previlage to acknowledge with a sense of deep gratitude for the valuable guidense, able supervision, constructive criticism and inspiration rendered to me by most esteemed Mr. Satinder saini, who poured over every inch of the manuscript with painstacking attention to detail and made a semi –infinite number of helpful suggestion. I am grateful to all my teacher who teach me perfectly and gave the knowledge and rise in me all quality which were highly required during my training and in making project. I am highly proud to have so helpful, and kind parents who the full time and guidense to help me in my project. I also pay my thanks to all my friends who guided me in right way to complete my project and project report.

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A Computer Database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computersystem. The structure is achieved by organizing the data according to a database model . The model in most common use today is the relation model. Other models such as the hierarchalmodel and the network model use a more explicit representation of relationships .A computer database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. This software is known as a database management system (DBMS). Database management systems arecategorized according to the database that they support. The model tends to determine the query language that are available to access the database. A great deal of the internal engineering Of a DBMS, however, is independent of the data model, and is concerned with managing factors such as performance, concurrency, integrity, and recovery from hardware failures. In these areas there are large differences between products.

Hospital Hospital is a institution that provides a broad range of medical services to sick,injured, or pragnent patients. Hospitals employ medical,nursing,and support staff to provide impatient care to people who require close medical monitoring and outpatient care to people who need treatment but not constant medical provide diagnosis and medical treatment of physical and mental health problems,surgery.rehabilitation,health education programs,and nursing and physician training .many hospitals also serve as centers for innovative research and medical technology.

Hospital Management System Hospital Management System (HMS) is state-of-the-art software that offers comprehensive solutions to various segments of Healthcare Industry such as Super Specialty, Multi Specialty and General Hospitals of varied capacities, small Nursing Homes, HMOs, Polyclinics and General Practitioners. This HMS solution addresses the issues from multi-discipline angels namely Patients, Doctors, Pharmacy, Hospital Management and Services.


The Software provides both clinical as well as patient care aspects to hospital management. The software is divided into different modules, each addressing a specific activity of the hospital and there by facilitating better patient care. Each module can be used as a stand alone solution or can be integrated in a phased manner. Modules are designed so that they meet the present and future requirements of the hospital. HMS offers various sub-systems and a seamless integration. By being modular, each module can be used as a stand alone solution or can be integrated in a phased manner. Modules are also so designed to meet the present as well as future requirements of the organization and process a unique ability with the business growth. HMS consists of the Base modules, Add-on modules and Specialty modules. Additional modules both add-on and specialty modules can be seamlessly integrated to the HMS at any time. The Integration Manager takes care of all the data consistency issues.

Base Module: •



Consultation (OP)

Ward Management(IP)

Billing and Accounts

Packages and Health Plans

Corporate and Insurance

Electronic Medical Records

Services (Test/Results)

Specialty Modules: •





Obstetrics and Gynecology







Medical Imaging

Ayurvedic Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Herbal Treatment

Add-on Modules: •

Stores and Pharmacy


Blood Bank

Waste management

Complains/ House Keeping

Financial Accounting

Attendance and Payroll

Duty Roster System

OT Management


Emergency/ Casualty

Ambulatory Services

Medical Transcription

Linen and CSSD

Material Management

Asset Management

HMS consists of base modules. Additional modules can be seamlessly integrated to the HMS at any time. The integration manager takes care of all data consistency issues. HMS with required customization for SCCL consists


of six different modules - deliverable modules for SCCL can be listed as under. 1. Periodical Medical Examination 2. Identification of eligible employee and dependants 3. Office Automation 4. Corporate Pharmacy 5. Stores Management

BACKGROUND The client is a leading Mission Hospital providing advanced medical treatment for needy patients. The hospital offers state-of-the-art treatment for various diseases & is at the forefront of providing outpatient as well as surgical interventions. The hospital wished to have a web based HMS that was easy to navigate. Authorities knew how important their website was for distressed patients and hundreds of visitors who regularly sought the latest medical information.

CHALLENGE Mission Hospital wanted to manage scientific information as well as the treatment modalities offered by more than 10 departments. The need was to create an aesthetically pleasing yet practical system. In spite of the large volume of information, the structure and navigation needed to be simple and targeted to the audience perspective. With multiple departments and information running into hundreds of pages, the hospital felt it was critical for the information to be organized systematically in an uncomplicated way. The system needed to support audio as well as video files and integrate the Picture Archiving System seamlessly.

SOLUTION After completing the hospital background and needs assessment, our team of experts immediately begin crafting ideas for the HMS. Upon finalization of the clearly defined goals, strategies and design elements, our team of experts created a complete HMS. We also incorporated a physician database, which stores information about their doctors. Information about various departments, treatment options,


technologies & services offered by the hospital were also incorporated and neatly classified and organized. The key website attributes provided were as follows: • Professional, soothing and inviting design. • Updated Logo. • Organization of hundreds of pages of information for easy navigation. • An integrated site search feature to quickly locate information. • A content management system for managing website. • A Physician Database about their doctors. • Information about various departments, treatments & services offered. • Information about the latest medical technologies being used in the hospital.

TECHNOLOGIES PHP 5.0, My-SQL 5.0, Apache Server 2.0, Javascripts

RESULTS The Softweb Solution provides an inviting & reassuring experience that presents scientific information in a precise, uncomplicated manner. The treatment modalities & services provided are clearly explained providing relief to distressed patients, relatives and friends. Consultants can access patient reports, history & images across the hospital with great ease. The website encourages frequent interaction and repeat visits. Detailed information can be searched by specialty, name of doctors accepting new patients, or by the last name. Although information can be accessed in a variety of ways, each doctor's name needs to be entered into the database just once. By simply changing their address or phone number in the database record, it is possible for all results for that particular doctor to be automatically updated



Most of the tasks in hospitals having “HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”are performed with the help of computer,from entering and fetcing information at the reception to the payment of hospital bills.

Salient Factors Of Good Hospital Management System  One integrated View to Patients for Billing ,Collection ,Discharge Detail , patient  Medical History etc.  Package Supports Adaptability & Scalability of Software making it more robust.  General and Standardized Health Package for the OPD & IPD Patients. 

Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility.

 Easy Query Handling for instant decision of Bed Allocation for Patient and request for the bed transfers.  Effective Search Facility to Search any type of information related to patients History.  Graphical Presentation of the Data for top Management for Analysis.  Comprehensive performance reports.  Built in Work Flow Management for all Function areas.


 Multiple Store Accounting .  Interface facility with the smart card Technology.  Interface with the bar code.  Interface with various laboratory equipments for data capturing .  Integration of multiple units of hospital

FEATURES OF HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  Eases the usage and adaptations to working practices of busy departments.  Helps in faster clinical assessment and administrative handling of patients.  Generates timely & accurate patient information and helps in clinical audit.  Supports care at the point of delivery.  Generously uses templates to reduce usage of keyboard by busy professional.  Helps in informed clinical decision making based on up-to date patient information.  Have intuitive, easy to use screen designs for smooth navigation between modules.  Has single point data entry in all relevant modules and departments.  Supports dynamics data sharing throughout the institution.  Gives access to accurate information only after multi-level security validation most user- friendly software available.  Is flexible to meet the changing requirement and needs of users.  Comes with point of care knowledge bases.  Is built on latest recommendation of International Standards in healthcare.  Enter charges the usage and adaptations to working practices of busy departments.  Helps in faster clinical assessment and administrative handling of patients.  Generates timely & accurate patient information and helps in clinical audit.  Supports care at the point of delivery.  Generously uses templates to reduce usage of keyboard by busy professional.


 Helps in informed clinical decision making based on up-to date patient information.  Have intuitive, easy to use screen designs for smooth navigation between modules.  Has single point data entry in all relevant modules and departments.  Supports dynamics data sharing throughout the institution.  Gives access to accurate information only after multi-level security validation most user- friendly software available.  Is flexible to meet the changing requirement and needs of users.  Comes with point of care knowledge bases.  Is built on latest recommendation of International Standards in healthcare. In hospital management system, at a click of a button doctor can a) Eases Order any kind of investigation.

b) c) d) e) f)

Read the results of any kind of investigation. Read entire clinical history. Ask the opinion of another doctor on the case. Check availability of medicines. Prescribe medicines.


4. Data Flow Diagrams


DFD: Level 0









ERP Solutions for Hospital Management Administrator Plus (An Integrated Hospital Management Software) Administrator Plus an integrated new generation hospital management software which converges latest technology and your administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. This is designed for multi-speciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated client server application which uses microsoft technologies as Front End and Flexible back end (like Oracle, SQL,)




MODULES Services Management This module will take care of services provided by the hospital. Rate of services is charged by rules of hospital . It will consider panel , Night Charges , Emergency charges , Age of patient and other parameters while calculating


the rate of services for a particular patient.

Patient Management Every patient treated in hospital will be given unique Patient ID which is useful in tracking visits of patients. All patient's data is useful for MRD purposes.

OPD Management OPD Registration When a patient comes to the reception desk, A new registration number is automatically Allotted to him. His personal details like Name, Age, Sex, Address etc. and the services desired are feeded into the software. OPD Billing / Collection Billing of all OPD patients with complete details of Patient Information, Services provided like Consultation, Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures etc. along with Payment details.

IPD Management IPD registration When a patient comes to the reception desk for admission, A Separate new registration number is automatically allotted to him. His personal details along with the details of Admission, Room, Consultant, Surgeon, Diet, etc. and the Advance Payment made are fed into the software. The Software will record all this information and print the related documents. IPD Billing On-line billing of all IPD patients with details of Patient Information, Services provided on daily basis like Room rent, Operation, Delivery, Oxygen & Other Gases, Consultation, Nursing Charges, Laboratory tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures etc. IPD Collection Collection of part payment along / Full Payment details/ Refunds/Credit Notes. This information will provide the data for all MIS reports.

Discharge Summary After the discharge of patient discharge summary can be automatically generated with just few press of keys. Laboratory data can automatically be imported. Specialty wise standard format can be set.

Consultant Management Tracking of consultant share for OPD /Indoor procedures. Option for defining consultant shared based on procedures/department. Classifying visit of patient as new / old for that consultant

Store Management Maintain Purchase order with due dates of delivery


Maintain MRN and Issue slips Maintaining Stock , Reorder levels and show appropriate warning. Bills can be adjusted against the payments made at other department.

Laboratory Management As the test is booked at reception request is automatically send to laboratory. Lab can feed the result later and prints attractive reports.

Security Management Role base security will be provide to user. Client-server architecture will be followed.

Pharmacy Management Complete pharmacy shop can be managed through this module. Additionally it can be linked to main billing. As patient collects medicines from pharmacy shop their charges will automatically transfer to patient billing.

Radiology Management As the tests related to radiology is booked at reception request is automatically send to radiology department .

Medical Data This module will take care of all medical data of patient . Patient's intake , outtake , Medication , reading etc.

TPA (Penals) Pre-admission forms for different TPA can be set. After admission limit of Panel's approval will be taken care of.

Reception Management Status of any patient/doctor can be queried from this module e.g. timing of consultant, residential address/patient room search.

MRD Management Keeps history of all patient. Data analysis can be further done on any field Keeps truck of the ICD numbers/Bed days per consultant and other MRD Records.

MIS Reports It will provide vital and key reports to management. All the Further we are planning to incorporate graphical analysis of reports.

Payroll & HRD Management Complete salary can be computed through this module. This module can be attached through Time machines also. All necessary formats can be


generated through this module.

Accounts Management Financial accounts All purchase , expenses ,payments can be feeded in this module. Receipts can be directly imported from OPD and IPD department. Balance sheet As the tests related to radiology is booked at reception request is automatically send to radiology department .

Case Studies - Apollo Hospitals, Banglore Total Bed Strength:

450 Beds

Implementation Period


Specialties Super Specialty Hospital Cardiology and Cardiac surgery Diagnostic Services ENT Emergency & Trauma Internal Medicine Neurology and neurosurgery Orthopaedics Obstetrics & Gynaecology Paediatrics & Paediatrics surgery Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery Surgical & Medical Gastroenterology Urology & Nephrology Oncology



Persons Mr. Kamath (CEO), Dr. Umapathy (COO), Mr. Santosh Marathe (CFO)

OVERVIEW New Hospital with Paperless concept Computerization Apollo Hospitals Banglore is the latest of Apollo's offerings and is located at one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in India - Banglore. Apollo Hospitals Banglore is the newest addition to the ever-growing network of Apollo Hospitals all over the world. The hospital is equipped with some of the most advanced facilities in the world and some of the most eminent names in several medical specialties and superspecialities.

About HIS Implementation After seeing our successful implementation at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, Apollo Group assigned their own group hospitals projects of Chennai and Banglore. Being Apollo Banglore a new hospital again was a great challenge for using the computerized system from the day of the Akhil Systems Private Limited Page 10 starting the hospital. The complete application was customized as per the new system planned by Apollo and training was give to all Domain Users and more than 400 end Users.

Challenges faced during Implementation New Hospital with no existing manual system Designing the system to be followed in all the departments in computerized environment Designing the software for all the Specialty Doctors for e-prescriptions and e-medical records from the day one of the starting of the hospital Customization and Testing the Software to run live without extensive parallel-run Training to more than 500 users about the system followed in healthcare industry and then how to use the computerized system Making live from the day of starting the hospital Complete Electronic Patient Record Fully integrated front office and back office operations

Benefits Centralized Database


Reduced Patient Waiting Time for Appointment and Billing Reduced Patient Waiting time at Pharmacy for collection of medicines Reduced time for diagnostic Result preparation by directly capturing the data from machines Patient Records available in the hospital and can be referred by any consultant anytime from any location On-line Statistical Data is available to Middle and Top Management for Decision Making Financial Data available at any given point of time Human Resource data available on-line for taking any decision on Manpower available and manpower required On-line MIS available on Revenue, Patient Statistics, Doctors Performance, Department Performance, Financial Data on Budget Vs. Actual, etc for Management decision

Modules implemented Front Office Modules Enquiry Patient Registration Appointment Management OPD Billing & Collection Management In-Patients A/D/T Management Orders Entry Management In-Patients Billing & Cash Collection

Electronic Patient Medical Record OPD Clinical Management Master Health Checkup Management Accident & Emergency In-Patients Clinical Management Operation Theatre Management Medical Records, Medical Statistics & File Tracking Physiotherapy Management Dialysis Management

Diagnostic Modules 1

Laboratory Information System Radiology Information System Blood Bank Management

Inventory & Pharmacy Management Purchase Management Material & Department Inventory Management Drug Stores & Pharmacy Management

Finance & Budgeting Personnel & Payroll Management Doctors Accounting Management Budgeting and Costing Management Fixed Assets Management Finance & Accounts Management

Human Resource & Payroll Human Resource Duty Roster Management Training Management Payroll

Ancillary Modules Dietary (Food and Beverage) Management Equipment Maintenance Management C.S.S.D Linen & Laundry Module Infection Control Management Guest Relations Management Library Management Transport Management

Management Information System


Information Information Information Information Information Information

on on on on on on

Revenue Doctors Performance Departments Performance Hospital Performance Cost Vs. Budget Analysis Payables and Receivables

Software Security & Access Rights Management Interfaces Laboratory Equipments PACS Interface Bar Code Interface SMS Interface (planned) Time Machine Interface

AdInventory & Pharmacy Management Finance & Budgeting Human Resource & Payroll Ancillary Modules Management Information System Software Security & Access Rights Management Interfaces Modules min Modules Centralized Hospital Facilities Management Corporate and Insurance Companies Management Interfaces Laboratory Equipments Bar Code Interface


SMS Interface (planned) Time Machine Interface

Environment Main Server Internet Server Operating System Database Clients Architecture No. of Clients

HP Clustered Server Proxy server Windows 2003 SQL Server 2005 Windows XP Three Tier 200 Nos.

About Us The Institute is located within the premises of Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad in a 30-acre scenic environment with a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The Institute’s library is well equipped with a wide-range of books on Hospital Management. The library also subscribes to a number of journals on


healthcare management, marketing, economics, finance and general management. At present, there are about 2458 titles with 4214 volumes of textbooks. Reports of hospital visits, “Know Your Hospital” (KYH), presentations, hospital study tours and dissertations constitute a very important resource base of the Institute.

Computer Center The Institute’s Computer Center is equipped with state of the art systems. The entire center is connected through a LAN to facilitate sharing of resources. These facilities are offered with a view to provide hands-on training on relevant packages like, Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and applications in business and hospital management. Students have access to the Internet and are encouraged to use information available on the net for the purpose of academic assignments. The institute also has a spacious Seminar hall with a capacity to seat 70 people. Weekly seminars and presentations by guest faculty and students are held here. It is well equipped with various audio-visual aids including overhead projectors and an LCD projector.


library The institute’s Library is well equipped with a wide range of latest books on Business Administration, Hospital Management, and allied subjects. The library also subscribes to a number of foreign and Indian journals, specifically on healthcare marketing, hospital administration, and general management. At present, there are about 1,425 titles with 2,410 volumes of textbooks. Selected books are being added periodically to keep it up to date. Comfortable arrangements are provided to enable students to read and refer books, periodicals, journals, and economic dailies. In addition to the above, the library has become a treasure trove of dissertation work, hospital study tour reports, and KYH reports, which have been generated by the previous eight batches of MHM students. GOVERNING BODY President Dr. Prathap C Reddy Vice-President Shri. G Surender Reddy Secretary and Smt. Sangita Reddy Treasurer Member Shri. K Umapathy Member Shri. Chacko Shri. Vishweshwar R Member Konda University Nominee Dr. K.V.Achalapathi


Technical Education Nominee Faculty Nominee Principal - Convener

Shri. A V Srikanth Shri.B.V.V. Prasad Dr. D.Obul Reddy

Organisational Chart and Processes

Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/ improvements At regular fortnightly meetings of faculty all issues pertaining to syllabus, its coverage, academic programmes, student attendance, discipline, seminars etc.. will be discussed thoroughly. There is a total involvement of faculty in running the institute and maintenance of academic standards. In organization of various activities like seminars, foundation day celebrations students are deeply involved. They are involved right from conceptualization stage. Open House sessions provide regular opportunity to students for offering their suggestions for improvement.


View Sample Reports Modules Included With Apollo (Core Modules)           

Cardiac Studies Consultation Correspondence Demographics Follow Up History Hospital Admission Laboratory Tests Medications Mortality Physical Exam

Auto-Distribution Disseminate reports from Apollo immediately at the end of a procedure with Auto-Distribution. Premier Cardiology Database for Physician Reporting, Quality Care & Financial Management Forming the heart of our suite of CardioStar software solutions, Apollo Advance™ is the industry's leading cardiology database and vascular clinical data repository. Apollo's scalable platform integrates both data and images across service lines. The Apollo Advance cardiology database streamlines workflow while ensuring comprehensive access to diagnostic and therapeutic clinical data in more than 25 sub-specialty areas of cardiovascular medicine. It enables you to more readily collect, manage, and analyze large volumes of patient data, helping you document the present and better plan for the future.


As a vascular and cardiology integrated solution, Apollo Advance fulfills three primary goals: 1. Collect a complete patient medical record for cardiac and vascular services 2. Serve as a patient data management system that maintains a warehouse of aggregated information to support outcomes analysis 3. Support and automate procedural reporting. Apollo's granular point-ofcare data set serves as a foundation for our other powerful resource management tools and applications in the CardioStar suite. Because of its modular design, Apollo Advance enables your heart program to build for the future within today’s budget constraint. Start with a single clinical specialty module (such as the ACC-NCDR module) and later expand on this platform to create a fully integrated cardiovascular information system that automates workflow, enhances productivity, and supports outcomes management in all areas of cardiovascular medicine.


Automated data input (interfaces) from most major diagnostic devices and two-way exchange with hospital and clinical information systems eliminate manual data entry, minimize mistakes, and ensure data integrity Comprehensive, robust tools ensure accurate patient documentation; capture data and images necessary for quality care and reimbursement Reports and analytic tools enable medical centers to track patient outcomes, quality care indicators, and cost cutting efforts.


Free Information Kit Offer Apollo Advance Information Kit: Premier Cardiovascular Data Repository 

Apollo Advance Solution Brochure: Features, benefits, user workflow and select screen views Whitepaper Collection:  Gaining a Competitive Advantage through CVIS - An Executive Guide to the Top Strategic Uses of Cardiovascular Information Systems  The LUMEDX Cardiovascular Information Systems Solution: Improve the quality of patient care, productivity, and profitability within the cardiac service line through efficient imaging & information management  The Journey to Becoming a Cardiovascular Center of Excellence: How Saint Vincent Heart Center Became the No. 1 Cardiovascular Center in Pennsylvania Case Study /Snapshots of Excellence Portfolio: Leading heart centers meet and overcome today's financial, operational, and clinical challenges using knowledge-driven tools  Aurora Health Care  The Heart Institute of Spokane  Danada Wellness Center  Iowa Health - Des Moines  Mercy Hospital - Iowa City  Mid America Heart Institute at Saint Luke’s Hospital


Montefiore Medical Center  Evanston Northwestern Healthcare  University of Colorado Press Release : Top Heart Hospitals from Solucient, U.S. News & World Report & Most Wired Choose LUMEDX Registry List: ACC, STS, ICAVL & State Registry Solutions Data Sheet: Apollo 4.2 Toolkit for Do-it-Yourself Customization, Cardiac Transplant LUMEDX Complete Solutions Offering poster with modules, registries, interfaces available for implementation 

 

Select Sample Reports for Apollo Advance

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AGE 45 23 41 25





DOCTOR REG_NO RX1567 RX7584 RX4568 RX4521





DOCTOR REG_NO RX1567 RX7584 RX4568 RX4521




9784576998 9658214723 9865742315 9785648123


ROOM_NO 102 203 304 205

BED_NO 41 65 35 23


BED_NO 41 65



ROOM_NO 102 203



304 205

35 23


In the hospital management system tere are different tables for different purposes.The table which I have developed shows the patient service in the hospital.First of all the patient goes to the hospital with his attributes as name,desease,age etc.All these are included in the hospital management table by desease column which plays the role of primary key as well as foreign key to add the attributes of the patient. After that case is reffered to the related specialized doctor in doctor table.The doctor table is joined to hospital management table by doctor reg_no which is further joined with patient table. Now patient service and accountancy table is joined with patient table by name which is further joined with remaining table. Hence in these table doctor reg_no plays a role of foreign key while name and desease are playing the role of primary key sometimes.


CONCLUSION In the growing of world the human beings are feeling uncomfortable.They are trying to equalize themselves with the race of world.In this growing economical world every fields are globalised and hence they need a system which can work fast to equalize with the race. Now a days the hospitals are also globalised from the social purpose to economical purpose.The hospitals are to big that it can’t handaled manually in easy way.For this we are using computer systems to handle these.The computer need a software to work.The database management ystem provides different ways to solve these problems.Actually hospitals are run on the databae,so our service relations are good with the patients.


BIBLIOGRAPHY ( ( ( ( ( ( ( http://www.sqldatabase/ http://www.database/software/

BOOK Database system concept by (Abraham Silberschatz Hennary F.Korth S.Sudarsan)


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