History of Western Music

November 2, 2018 | Author: Majjie Bernales Adriano | Category: Mass (Liturgy), Gregorian Chant, Christian Worship And Liturgy, Christian Behaviour And Experience, Worship
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Medieval music...


History of  Western Music

Music of ... Medieval Period  Renaissance Period  Baroque Period

Music of ... Medieval Period  Renaissance Period  Baroque Period

INTRODUCTION  Te !rst tree "eriods of Western Western Music History are classi!ed as Medieval# Renaissance# and Baroque. $ac "eriod as its distinctive caracteristics# cara cteristics# istorical and cultural %ac&'round. ( ty"e of )usic fro) te Medieval Era is *re'orian Cant# +ic +as )ainly used in te early Cristian curc.

Music durin' te Renaissance Period %eca)e an i)"ortant leisure activity. Me)%ers of te u""er class +ere e,"ected to ave received )usical trainin'. I)itative "oly"ony is te distinctive caracteristic of Renaissance )usic.  Te Baroque Period is caracteri-ed %y 'rand and ela%orate orna)entation of scul"tures# teaters# arts and )usic. Te )usic 'enres +ic ourised durin' te Baroque Period +ere te Concerto# te /u'ue# te Oratorio and te Corale. Music evolved alon'side +it )an0s constant quest for 'ro+t and develo")ent.

Music of the Medieval Period (700 – 1400 A.D  Te Medieval "eriod is also &no+n as te Middle ('es or Dar& ('es tat started +it te fall of te Ro)an $)"ire. Durin' tis ti)e# te Cristian Curc inuenced $uro"e0s culture and "olitical a1airs. Medieval )usic +as %ot sacred and secular.   !acred Music 3+as )usic tat +as used %y te Ro)an Catolic Curc !ecular Music 4+as )usic tat ad no relation to te Curc.

"re#orian $hant Was na)ed after Po"e *re'ory I# +o )ade tis te a""roved )usic of te Catolic Curc. Is te central tradition of Western %lainchant # a for) of &ono%honic# unacco)"anied sacred son' of te +estern Ro&an $atholic $hurch. It consisted of a sacred 5atin te,t sun' %y )on&s +itout instru)entation. Te cant is sun' in a )ono"onic te,ture# +ic )eans tere is only one line of )usic.

'he !ta#e of "re#orian $hant  Te *re'orian Cant +as %orn to %e inter"reted inside te 5itur'y of te Curc. Terefore te 5itur'y is te natural environ)ent for *re'orian cant. 1. 'he Mass6 In te cele%ration of te $ucarist t+o "rinci"al 'rou"s of "ieces e,ist6

a7 Te Ordinary6 It is co)"osed %y te,ts tat are re"eated in all te Masses. 8yrie $leison *loria in e,celsis Deo Creed 9anctus and Benedictus ('nus Dei

%7 Te Pro"riu)6 It is constituted %y "ieces tat are sun' accordin' to te litur'ical ti)e or accordin' to te feast tat is cele%rated. Introit6 cant of entrance to initiate te cele%ration *radual# Hallelu:a or Tract after te readin's O1ertory to acco)"any te "rocession of te 'ifts Co))union ;. 'he Divine )ce6 In te )onasteries# te )on&s did
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