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The Relationship with the Self Self I-Dentity through

Ho`oponopono® MsKr SITH® Conversations, Book 1 Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, LMT, R, MBA Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D., Editor

BLUE ICE: The Relationship with the Self, Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono®, MsKr SITH® Conversations, Book 1. Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, LMT, R MBA. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D., Editor Book Layout and Design: Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. Photography Credits: Karin Ahsing, Chapters 1, 2 Chiho Oshio, cover Ananya Rafalovich, Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, Chapter 3 All rights reserved. Copyright © 2014 by Bingboard Consulting LLC No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Disclaimer: No guarantee whatsoever is made to anyone by The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos, its founder, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, IZI LLC, IHHL LLC, Ho’akamai LLC, Bingboard Consulting LLC, Paddy ‘0, LLC, Wave Media LLC, Perfectly Made, Inc., Top Hat Conversations LLC and their founders, employees, volunteers, sponsors, coordinators and instructors, or by the Divinity, the “I”, that the system of stress release and self-identity known as Ho`oponopono including, but not limited to, all meditations, visualizations, decrees, cleansings, spiritual healings and protections embodied in this book will yield specific results or desired outcomes at anytime. The functioning of the Ho`oponopono process in conjunction with universal and cosmic laws is a direct experience between each individual, his or her own tri-une self and the Divinity, the “I”. Karma and Divine Providence must be the final arbiter of each one’s application of the Ho`oponopono process. Each individual can only be a witness to his or her own personal healing, cleansing and protections of body, mind and spirit through the use of disciplines and processes herewith. The practice of proof of the Ho`oponopono process rests with the individual as each may prove or disprove the power of Ho`oponopono for himself or herself.

Epigraph “What is Ho`oponopono? It is a process to right an error; to create balance…an approach for any interested person to make right any stressful relationship or situation in his or her life and to discover his I-Dentity through cleansing, releasing, transmuting and understanding the relationship with him/herself and every molecule and atom of creation, animate and inanimate. All are set free.” Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona Creator of Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono®, Kahuna Lapa’au (healer), recognized by the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai’I and the Hawai’i State Legislature as a ‘Living Treasure of Hawai’i.’

Dedication and Acknowledgment To Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona and

Ka’I Thank you

Contents Contents BLUE ICE Disclaimer: Epigraph Dedication and Acknowledgment Contents Editor’s Preface Author Introductions Chapter 1 Knowing the Unihipili Chapter 2 Working with the Unihipili Chapter 3 Caring for the Unihipili Chapter 4 Being Yourself Through Cleaning Chapter 5 Keeping the Unihipili with You Chapter 6 Connecting with the Unihipili Chapter 7 Self and Divinity as One Appendix Who’s in charge? Biographies Contributor Notes Online Resources Bibliography Index of Cleaning Tools

A Moment at Zero

Editor’s Preface This book is the product of decades of work. It began with Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, the creator of Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® (SITH®). Morrnah Simeona was a Kahuna Lapa’au (healer) and was recognized by the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai’I and the Hawai’i State Legislature as a ‘Living Treasure of Hawai’i’ in 1983. Through her meditations Morrnah updated the traditional Hawaiian Ho`oponopono for modern use. In the traditional Ho`oponopono process, problem solving is done as a group, is mediated by a senior member and can be confrontational and stressful. In the updated Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® process, problem solving is done between the individual and the Divine Creator, the process is stress-less, and each person is 100% responsible for Self. Morrnah said that if you knew your Self I-Dentity, everyone could be their own guru. Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich (KR) met Morrnah in 1969, Ihaleakala Hew Len (Ihhl) met her in 1982, and I met her in 1983. For the three of us, the connection gave us direction and focus for the rest of our lives. Morrnah told me that she, KR, and I went way back through time and space. Within a month of meeting Morrnah, I was teaching SITH® classes with her. Morrnah transitioned in 1992, but her legacy continues with classes taught worldwide. In 2007 KR and Ihhl began an ongoing radio program called MsKr SITH® Conversations (Ms for Morrnah Simeona, and Kr for Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich). The topic is SITH® and how to apply the SITH® process. The programs are produced by Loke Freedman and hosted by KR’s daughter Keala Rafalovich. Keala moderates the discussions and brings up questions sent in by listeners. While the programs are primarily a discussion between KR and Ihhl, many guests, who are also practitioners of SITH®, are invited to participate. The resultant radio shows give a clear picture of what SITH® is and how to apply the SITH® process. In the radio programs KR gives insights based on her 43 years of experience with SITH®, including 25 years of working closely with Morrnah Simeona. She approaches each question as if plucking a freshly bloomed flower. The answers are stimulating, detailed, inspired and deeply fragrant. Sometimes pungent. Ihhl toured and taught with Morrnah Simeona for 10 years and continues to teach classes around the world from Dubai to Australia. Ihhl’s responses are timeless – cutting to the heart of the SITH® process, straight like an arrow on target. As editor I began by reading the 500 pages of transcripts from the first 39 MsKr radio programs to make selections for the books. I have been fortunate as my task was to read these materials over and over. The materials serve as a continued reminder of my purpose – to clean and let go, for my own soul’s evolution. I once asked Morrnah, “how can we use more of our brains’ capabilities?” She looked at me closely and then said, “clean and meditate.” In the responses of both KR and Ihhl are layers of spiritual depth that we can begin to better understand as we clean, meditate and evolve.

This book was written for a broad audience. It has general information to introduce newcomers to the basic SITH® concepts. The book also contains insights that will deepen the understanding of even veteran SITH® users.

This text is written to answer three types of questions: 1. When and how do I clean using the SITH® process? 2. How do I apply the SITH® process to specific areas of concern? 3. As a way of life for these SITH® master practitioners, how has moment-by-moment cleaning transformed their lives and what do they do when problems arise?

In the book cleaning tools are given. It is not necessary to intellectually grasp how these tools work, but more importantly, to choose to use them. We don’t have to understand how a car works to get into the driver’s seat and turn the key. In the Appendix is an index of cleaning tools that are discussed in the book.

Why do I continue to do the cleaning using the Ho`oponopono process? It is all in the results. Every aspect of my life has been changed by my daily use of SITH®. Over the past 29 years, my health, happiness, fitness, relationships, family, finances, and career have all been dramatically improved so as to support my spiritual growth and peace of mind. When an issue arises and there is no way out, I clean. Sometimes I am surprised and delighted by the results. At other times problems melt away and I no longer notice them. It is only later that I realize that my neck pain is gone or the person that I was upset about is no longer a problem. Most often, I never know the problems I missed.

Each chapter has a focus on a particular topic and is the composite of excerpts from several MsKr SITH® conversations. These conversations are referenced in the Appendix by number and topic. Complete audio recordings of all the MsKr SITH® Conversations are available for purchase and download from http://www.zerolag.biz. Cleaning products mentioned in the MsKr SITH® Conversations are available for purchase online from KR Foods that BreatheTM at http://www.krfoodsthatbreathe.com. For 15 years I have used all the KR Foods that BreatheTM products as a way to continue non-stop cleaning. I highly recommend them.

IZI LLC sponsors SITH® classes are held year round and worldwide. I have taken or taught over 500 SITH® classes. Each time I get new insights and a deeper understanding of who I am and what it means to be 100% responsible. For more information on content, schedules, instructors and locations see the IZI LLC website at http://www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com/.

What is SITH®? It is a process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation. By connecting with our Inner Child, we can petition Divinity to transmute painful memories to zero. At that moment we can be free and inspired to move through our day and life with purpose and clarity. Using SITH® is a choice to let go of intellectualizing, criticizing, blaming, coping, managing, and stress. In its place is this simple, though sometimes tedious, but profoundly liberating, process. The SITH® process frees us from painful memories that replay in our lives as problems or concerns. If we are willing to be 100% responsible in our lives, we can make amends and set ourselves free. The SITH® process can be used with any situation or problem and produces only positive results. It is a petition to the Divinity, so it can not be manipulated. What a gift! I am infinitely grateful to Morrnah Simeona for bringing forth SITH® for modern use, and to KR and Ihhl for carrying the torch forward. The positive impact on me, my family, relatives and ancestors is immeasurable. We are set free! And it is done! Momilani Ramstrum San Diego 2012

Author Introductions Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich Thank you so very much for having this book. Both Ihaleakala and I have applied the Self-I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® process throughout our lives. We have been inspired to share some of our stories with you. It is always about the cleaning. The book itself is a Cleaning Tool. That means the book knows how to CLEAN – it has an I-Dentity. It will CLEAN as it is inspired. As we know, when we clean, the memories that get released from our Subconscious mind, get set free from everyone and everything. We “Cause to make Right” every time we initiate the Ho`oponopono process. I am ever grateful to be part of the cleaning and story telling. For me, I get to clean, I get to be set free. I get to make amends. PEACE to you and your family, relatives, and ancestors always. Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich

Ihaleakala Hew Len Our Subconscious is loaded with contention – judgment, blame, guilt, resentment and so on. Shakespeare noted in Sonnet 146: “Poor soul, the center of my sinful earth, ...these rebel powers that thee array.” When we get to the cleaning, the Divine Creator releases the toxic memories replaying, taking the Soul back to its pure state from which perfect relationships, perfect ideas, and perfect sources of wealth flow. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Chapter 1 Knowing the Unihipili Ihaleakala: We have to realize that whatever we experience begins with whatever is going on in us. So any relationship begins with the relationship with ourselves. When we are at peace with ourselves, then we’ll be fine, and whoever we’ll be hanging around with will be fine whether it’ll be papaya tree or a person. Ho`oponopono is about being at peace with oneself. As long as you’re at peace with yourself, within the Self, the place where the Unihipili (the Subconscious) exists, and in which existence resides, then you’ll be fine with everything around you.

Ihaleakala: Doing the Ho`oponopono process means taking a hundred percent responsibility for whatever is going in us that we experience something as a problem. The problem is only a memory replaying. When a memory plays anger, it is a replay of anger. But the problem is not the other person, and not even yourself. The problem is the memory replaying which shapes everything.

Ihaleakala: So in the end, your relationship with others is this relationship with yourself. If you’re at peace with yourself, you’ll be at peace with the coconut trees, oceans, and people. The most

important thing is to be at peace with yourself.

Kamaile: If we could have ongoing care of the Subconscious, gentle care, gently listening to the Subconscious and not overdoing it, then we would have a better relationship. And we set the stage for moment-to-moment cleaning. But we constantly squelch and berate and are growling at everything. It doesn’t help the relationship and then it becomes more and more difficult to initiate the moment-to-moment cleaning. The Unihipili is the Subconscious. It’s the Subconscious Child part of ourselves. And together with the Conscious Mind it becomes the Soul.

Kamaile: The Unihipili holds the memory bank of all experiences and emotions throughout all time and space. And it’s also the part of ourselves that sends the Ho`oponopono petition up to the Superconscious and eventually to the Divine Mind. So it’s a very important part. If we try to bypass the emotional part, our Unihipili, we don’t go anywhere. It is our emotional memory bank from the beginning of time. One of the big things with Ho`oponopono is developing and constantly maintaining the relationship between the Conscious and the Subconscious, or the Unihipili.

Keala: What does the word Unihipili mean? Ihaleakala: The word Unihipili has three parts to it. The first part, the ‘u’ in Unihipili is a grunting sound. This grunting sound is the Child’s language. So the ‘u’ represents an intuition. It is saying something to you. If you don’t listen, you’ll miss something important for you. But if you can hear it, you will have guidance. The second part of the word Unihipili is ‘nihi,’ which means to creep along. And the third part is ‘pili,’ which means to stick. So Unihipili is our Subconscious. It acts like a grasshopper who jumps around and then stops. It touches on something, stops for a moment, and then jumps to something else. The Unihipili is a computer bank; it holds all of the memories of one’s being from lifetime to lifetime. It’s a repository of the past. Any time you have a problem, the problem is always a replay or a history of the past replaying again.

Chapter 2 Working with the Unihipili Ihaleakala: Tell us the importance of working with the Inner Child. Kamaile: When we say Inner Child what we’re referring to is the Subconscious mind. We have the Conscious mind (the intellect), and the Subconscious, which holds our experiences, emotions and is our memory bank. So the relationship between the Conscious mind, (intellectual), and the Subconscious mind (emotional) is very important because together they work on the Ho`oponopono petition.

Kamaile: Typically the Conscious mind has dominated the Subconscious mind, and the Subconscious mind often will not even talk to the Conscious mind. So, if we’re willing to work with that relationship, to very gently, very patiently work with the Subconscious mind, then we can gather up the information needed to include in our Ho`oponopono process.

Kamaile: We can make friends with this Inner Child, the Child of ourselves, who has the key to gathering all the information needed for the petition. The Child might say, ‘Wow, let’s put this person

in. Let’s put that person in. There was a time way back in Egypt, when we were killed. We’re going to put that person in and that situation in. Wow. There’s a lot of anger. You don’t know it but your family had hatred then.’

Kamaile: All those memories that are stored in the Subconscious mind will be brought into the cleaning. And then the Subconscious sends it to the Superconscious mind for further refinement. Then the Superconscious mind sends it off as one petition that then goes through whatever spiritual part it goes through to move towards transmutation and ultimate forgiveness. So, without the Subconscious working with the Conscious mind these petitions won’t go anywhere. That’s why you want to always be good to yourself. We beat ourselves up all the time or we’re negligent. That relationship between the Conscious and Subconscious is where it all comes together.

Ihaleakala: Yes. So it would work whether you have a family or not, or whether you’re in a business or any other activity. What you need to do is clean. No matter what it is. That’s the bottom line. Is that so? Kamaile: Yes, and you’re here to work on the experiences within yourself. It’s only about your experiences in yourself and that is where the relationship between the Conscious and the Subconscious mind is ultimately the key.

How does Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® work?

Diagram 1. Self I-Dentity: State of Void. State of Void: In the State of Void, the three selves are in balance, and are one with Divine Intelligence, Infinite. Inspiration flows. When we apply the SITH® process, we return to the State of Void. We are timeless and free.

Diagram 2. Self I-Dentity: Inspiration and Memories Replaying. State of Inspiration: The Void is filled by Divine Inspiration. We are in balance and moved by Inspiration. State of Memory Replaying: When a problem arises, a memory replays in the Subconscious Mind. We experience separation and stress.

Diagram 3. Self I-Dentity: Problem Solving.

Problem Solving: The Conscious mind initiates the cleaning by connecting with the Subconscious mind. Then the Subconscious mind connects with the Superconscious mind who is always connected to Divinity. The Superconscious mind refines the petition for cleaning and sends it to Divinity. The Ho`oponopono process is initiated by the Conscious mind and goes through the Subconscious mind, up to the Superconscious mind and then to the Infinite. The Subconscious mind must participate for the petition to move forward.

Diagram 4. Self I-Dentity: Transmutation by Divine Intelligence. Transmutation: Divinity responds to the petition and transmutation occurs. The memory is released and the individual returns to the State of Void (see Diagram 1).

Chapter 3 Caring for the Unihipili Keala: How do you know when you’re doing too much? How do you know if you are burdening your Unihipili, or Child? Kamaile: I feel that’s an ongoing experience. It’s an ongoing part of the Care of the Self to be asking that question. What is correct to do? When is it time to work? When is it time to play? When do we need to rest? So it’s an ongoing concern. Really the only way we can work with it is by developing a relationship with our Subconscious, our Unihipili. Then we begin to really know ourselves. We begin to sense our Subconscious need for rest and relaxation. Ihaleakala, do you want to add to that?

Ihaleakala: I think the important thing is to care for the Unihipili, to love it, and to free it of history, which are the memories that replay. The only way you can really get to know the Child is to spend time with it. And it’s a long-term relationship. It isn’t something that one picks up overnight. It’s something that you have to do, have to work on every day. A burden is always something replaying. It’s hurtful. That is why it’s important to do the cleaning.

We have a process in the Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® class where you are caring for the Child inside. The idea is to really get acquainted with it so that you can talk to it, you can hang around with it, and it can tell you whatever it is that it needs, such as protections. It’s a dialogue.

It’s a long-term relationship. So I think the burden comes from NOT knowing the Unihipili. That’s the bigger burden. Most of us exist and have no idea that we have a Child inside. So when we get

burdened or fatigued, it’s the Child that is getting fatigued with old memories replaying.

Ihaleakala: I’ve been working with my Unihipili for years and years and even now I sometimes neglect it. So it’s always an ongoing thing. Love and care for the Unihipili, re-educating it, and talking to it about how to let go. That’s all part of the whole process of being in a relationship.

Keala: Thank you. It seems like there are times that if you don’t force what you are trying to do, you might not do anything at one extreme. And at another extreme, once you get started you can work to the point of exhaustion. Is that really working with the Child? Kamaile: Well, on a superficial level I would say no, it’s not working with the Child. This relationship with our Self is just like being in a relationship with a spouse. Everybody has moods, likes and dislikes.

If I feel I have to push something, what I want to do instead, is to first step back and remember to include in the cleaning my experience of feeling I want to push. Then I’m going to work with it. I’m going to say, ‘Okay, what is this?’ ‘What am I doing?’ ‘What is going on?’ Maybe once I clean and step back I’ll hear of something I should do first. Or maybe there’s an alternative way to do it. Maybe it’s not to be done today, but another day. And it’s hard to get this. It really is. I mean how do you have a good time with anybody? Part of what the cleaning does, is understanding Self I-Dentity, which brings about a better relationship with the Subconscious. And this better relationship itself begins to solve the problem.

We can just say, ‘I feel like I’m pushing it. Hmm, I’m going to clean first. I’m going to apply the Ho`oponopono process to my urge to push it.’ And then you can see how everyone is going to be different. It’s going to work out. For myself, when I don’t apply the tools and I don’t step back and clean, then I basically step in it. It’s much harder to clean once you’ve caused trouble than it is to clean before you’ve caused trouble for yourself.

Keala: Ihaleakala, is there anything else you want to add? Ihaleakala: I think it’s the same old story. It’s really, really about the Child. Is the Child really willing to work with you? You really have to be caring, which requires cleaning. You have to be caring, which requires talking to the Child. It’s not all that easy to do it, at least not for me. That’s because we’ve been working so long from only one aspect of our mind. That’s the mental part of it. So the mental part of our mind, the Conscious mind, has to realize that there are other parts of his IDentity that he has got to be willing to work with.

So if you feel like you’re pushing something it means there’s a resistance. You have to be willing to step back, because ultimately the problem solver is the Divine Mind, or the Infinite Mind. The Divine Mind, along with the spiritual aspect (the Father aspect), the mental aspect (the Mother aspect), and

the physical aspect (the Child aspect), they all have their functions, and you have to get to know each part of your being. The way to do it, of course, is to do the cleaning. Because that’s the only way the answers are going to come. Ihaleakala: Pushing is kind of like going against the grain. And the memory of going against the grain is really pushing against the Self and Divinity. Both Divinity and you don’t want you to be in a place where you’re going against the flow. You want everything to just flow, and the flow requires infinite non-stop cleaning.

So the burden always is not cleaning. And it really makes it hard on the Child. The Child suffers. On page 103 of our Basic I manual is the most important line. That line goes “Clean, erase, erase, and find your own Shangri-La. Where? Within yourself.” So cleaning is essential. To not clean is where the burden is. The cleaning releases the burden so that you don’t have to work at it. Then you allow Divinity to come through and do it with you.

Chapter 4 Being Yourself Through Cleaning Keala: Sometimes in order to complete your work it takes every waking hour. How can you find out if the Inner Child is on board or not? Kamaile: Well, I feel it’s the same thing we’ve been saying. It’s about that relationship with our Self and getting that rapport going. I mean, when does work become nonproductive? I’m just talking in regular business terms. You hear the phrase to ‘work smarter not harder.’ What they’re really saying is ideally do your cleaning so you can do what’s necessary to get the work done. I always get back to the cleaning because we’re the ones defining what the work really is.

Kamaile: Maybe we don’t have to do all the work that we think we have to do. Who is really deciding what a full day of work should be?

Do you ever get sick and all of a sudden your priorities change drastically because you’re sick? You can’t get out of bed. So guess what? You don’t do this, you don’t do that. You don’t do a whole bunch of stuff. Somehow you manage to eat, you manage to care for yourself a little bit, and you manage to rest. To me, when I get sick, that’s a great example to watch what priorities disappear. It’s amazing.

So when I’m back at my desk at my office I want to treat my day the same way. What’s my priority? First I do the cleaning. Then the priority comes not from what I thought it to be, but rather from the cleaning. And like Ihaleakala said, the burden is when we don’t clean, we don’t step back, we don’t ask for direction for what we should be doing.

Ihaleakala: A burden is defined as a memory replaying. When we clean we are asking Divinity to remove this burden, this memory. The mind really operates on 11 bits of information. Ihaleakala: But the information that comes directly from Divinity as inspiration allows you to flow and be free. You’re not doing anything other than just being in the moment. No burden. No memories replaying. You’re free. And Divine expression is moving you along until another memory comes up. And that memory is another burden. It’s a block. It’s what we would call suffering – what Shakespeare calls tragedy. So simply, the problem is a memory. We want to be constantly cleaning so we can have

Divinity transmute the memories to nothing. Then we are back to freedom; to purity of heart, a blank mind, and we allow the law of the Divine to come through to do the deciding. So you have a choice. You can decide by burden and suffering, or you can have the Divine decide by flow and inspiration. Then everything just simply moves without effort. So burden is really effort, and effort means something is up that needs to be cleaned. It happens continually. I like the title of our class that we teach; Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono®. It means being Yourself through cleaning. And being Yourself means being free, in a Divine state of mind. So it always comes back to the cleaning.

Chapter 5 Keeping the Unihipili with You Keala: How do you know if the Inner Child is saying, ‘Okay, you go to work and I’ll stay home, and I hope that will work out for you.’ Kamaile: I wouldn’t want to go to work if my Subconscious says, ‘I’m staying home.’ No, thank you. Ihaleakala: But why is that so, KR?

Kamaile: Well, if I understand the question, you’re really saying that the Subconscious tends to leave, or the Soul leaves. Is that what you’re saying? Ihaleakala: Yes. And then the question is, what causes the Soul to leave? What causes the Soul not to go with you? Kamaile: Any burden. It could be excessive medical drugs or recreational drugs. It could be stress. A shock. Maybe something happens like a car accident and you don’t get hurt physically but you just feel spaced out. You feel weird. You just don’t feel very well. Probably at that point the Soul, which is the Conscious and Subconscious mind, has left the body. It jumped out.

Ihaleakala: And the Subconscious, KR, can the Subconscious leave alone? Or do the Subconscious part and the Conscious leave together? Kamaile: Yes, if the Soul leaves it would be the Conscious mind along with the Subconscious. Ihaleakala: Yes.

Kamaile: Both leave. That’s the idea of being in shock. The extreme case is your physical body goes into a withdrawal. Like when you’re taking a test and all of a sudden you feel you’re gone. You are gone. The Soul actually leaves. Kamaile: I was taking a test years ago and I guess I was kind of meditating. I could hear this, ‘pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.’ And I looked around the room and I was stunned. Everybody’s Souls were just popping out. It happens. The Conscious and Subconscious mind leave together.

Ihaleakala: What would the expressions be, the physical expressions of the Soul gone? What would one experience if the Soul is gone? Kamaile: You would experience a kind of a vacant feeling. Ihaleakala: Would depression be one of them? Kamaile: Yes. Depression, anxiety, sleepiness, even hyperactivity. You are not yourself. You’re just not yourself when the Soul, the Conscious mind and the Subconscious, leave.

Ihaleakala: How do you bring the Soul back?

Kamaile: By doing the Basic I Ho`oponopono process, Care of the Self. And there is also a process in Basic II, the Soul Restoration, in which you petition that the Soul comes back. Keala: Where does the Soul go? Kamaile: It can just go out. It can be close. It can be far away. Can you add anything, Ihaleakala?

Ihaleakala: I think in emergency wards, when somebody is in shock, the Soul could have been left back at the place where an accident took place. Or it could be in the emergency room. It could be up on the ceiling. It can be anywhere. More importantly is not where it is, it’s the fact that it’s not with you. And so when you do the cleaning, you’re looking for the memories that caused the Soul to leave. Let’s get back to the original question about when you leave the house and your Soul stays home. So the idea is, again, before you go anywhere you’ve got to do the cleaning. Before you go off to work you’ve got to sit down and say to the Child, ‘okay, I want to make sure you’re going to come with me now.’

Chapter 6 Connecting with the Unihipili Kamaile: Again, most important is that we begin to work with the Subconscious and that there’s a willingness to do the process. We’re not going to do this with a dominating force. It is the interaction of the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind that is the most important part. The Subconscious holds the memory bank of all the past experiences and connects us to the whole Cosmos.

Kamaile: Part of the Ho`oponopono process is that the Conscious mind directs the process and connects with the Subconscious mind. Then the Subconscious mind gathers up information that it feels is correct to include in the cleaning. Together, the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind, within the Subconscious mind, deliver this prayer petition up to the Superconscious. The relationship between the Conscious and the Subconscious mind is critical. I find that if I can get to these tools, the more I feel the relationship with the Subconscious is gentle and working and is not like a Child that is too afraid to talk to you or won’t participate in this cleaning. The mind is more settled and can say, ‘Oh let’s put that in the cleaning.’ It gets back on a more even keel.

Ihaleakala: The Subconscious has to have somebody to follow and if the Conscious Mind is loving and caring and willing to do the cleaning, the Subconscious will say, ‘Oh, okay that’s the way out.’ And so the Conscious Mind sets the pattern. Can you comment on that Christine?

Leimakamae (Christine): I like to actually keep a schedule with my Unihipili. Every morning I brush my teeth, talk to my Inner Child, care for the Child, pack her bag with fruits and goodies and whatever comes up so that throughout the day, if I do forget, and when I do forget, at least we prepared ahead of time. In case I forget, at least there’s something to fall back on. And so I make sure I start the morning doing that because I figure there’s going to be some bumps in the road that day. So, I can at least start

it out right and care for my Inner Child and tell my Inner Child that I want to take her along with me, because I know that I need her every step of the way.

Kamaile: Yes. Again, for me it’s working on a regular basis with myself, as Christine said, to connect and care for my Subconscious at the beginning of the day, saying ‘come on and stay with me.’ I like to watch my emotions and see what comes up. I like to feel that I can get into the fun of it and say, ‘Oh, look at that, we’re so mad at that.’ ‘Oh wow, that’s good, thank you.’ That’s something that’s fun for me. I have a good time with that.

Kamaile: In my experience of working with the Child, the communication is very subtle. I do the whole SITH® process, then follow the steps that Christine mentioned: preparing the Bag, gently talking to the Subconscious, and really acknowledging the emotions that come up. It can be at a subtle

level. It can be very subtle what you see or hear, if you’re really hearing the Subconscious. But in any event, without focusing consciously on ‘Oh, I have to hear, I have to see, I have to experience.’ If we just systematically do it and work it, as we can, the Subconscious knows. It’s just like a child really. You take a little three-year-old, who doesn’t talk very much. You take them along through the day. You brush their teeth. You get their hair done. You put them in their car seat. You say, ‘You want this food?’ ‘You’re hungry?’ Yes, no. They don’t respond much to us but through expressions and what they do, we can tell how they feel. So that’s my experience with my Subconscious. It can be very subtle like that. If you have a three-year-old in a car, you’ll know if they’re upset or not. You’ll know what’s going on.

Chapter 7 Self and Divinity as One Keala: Why do you want to have a dialogue with the Unihipili? Kamaile: Why do we want to talk with the Subconscious? Well, it is part of the care of the Subconscious. It is part of showing reverence for Self; it is part of getting the relationship working. If we don’t, we cannot get that connection with the Subconscious, and the Ho`oponopono process doesn’t go anywhere. It just doesn’t go. The dialogue is integral to the Ho`oponopono process itself.

Kamaile: I think it’s very important for us to begin to acknowledge the Subconscious no matter what comes up. We can say, ‘Wow! This is wonderful. Thank you for talking to me.’ You know how many times you won’t even get a discussion going, and then what? Then we don’t have a chance. But when we can hear from our Subconscious, ‘I feel jealousy, I feel resentment, I’m angry, I’m happy’. Even, ‘I like something.’ Or, ‘Oh I like pizza.’ Well does that mean I go get pizza? I don’t know. We want to be willing to say, ‘Okay, I like pizza,’ okay, AND, ‘What’s correct to have for dinner?’

I want to run. I love to run. But, what’s correct to do today? If I run today, maybe I’ll get a heart attack. If I run tomorrow, great, it’s good exercise. So again, that’s why the relationship with the Subconscious is so important and that we have an ongoing communication. And again like with a child, we are showing love. We don’t want to get angry at anything. It’s like a little kid will say, ‘Oooh, I don’t like something.’ Well, that’s okay. Let’s see how we work with it.

Ihaleakala: I think that the most important fact to me is that, only the Divinity can erase or transmute those memories. If you’re trying to solve a problem without the Divinity, basically, you do not have a chance, it can’t be done. You know, you can have all the degrees in the world and you still have all of the problems that we have now.

The cleaning allows the past to be erased, so that we’re not harnessed to the past. As we do our cleaning, the Divinity will allow the cutting to take place, the transmutation of the history that we carry in our Souls.

So as the history gets changed, then everything gets changed. Not just for us, but for everybody. Everybody can move ahead. So the important thing about the Ho`oponopono process, is that if you change, everybody else changes. To me, that is the key, so we don’t have to work on anybody. We don’t have to say anything to anybody. The key is to clean up our history, the past that keeps us stuck along with everybody else. By doing this cleaning, we allow the Divinity to edit whatever is going on in us, cancel, make adjustments, and that we can move forward with everybody else.

Ihaleakala: I think one has to realize the reason you would look only at the Self, and the Self being capitalized, is because you as the Self are an exact likeness of the Divine. As a direct likeness, you’re perfect in every way. If you’re perfect, the question then is what is imperfect in you? And it’s simply what Morrnah talked about, you have memories that come up which replay problems and you’re stuck with them; As Shakespeare said a, ‘fore-bemoaned moan.’ The Ice Blue and Blue Solar Water are ways of petitioning the Divinity to erase the memories in the Self. Once the Self becomes perfect then you and Divinity merge as one being. So the Self is probably the most important gift of the Divinity.


Who’s in charge? (Abridged version)

Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. Problems can be solved without knowing what the heck is going on! Realizing and appreciating this is sheer relief and joy for me. Problem solving, part of the purpose for existence, is what Self IDentity through Ho`oponopono® is about. To solve problems, two questions must be addressed: Who am I? Who’s in charge? To apprehend the nature of the Cosmos begins with the insight of Socrates: “Know thyself.” Who’s in charge? Most people, including those in the science community, deal with the world as being a physical entity. Current research in DNA to identify causes and remedies for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is a prime example of this. The Law of Cause and Effect: Physical Model Cause


Faulty DNA Heart, Disease, Cancer, Diabetes Physical

Physical and Environmental Problems

The Intellect, the Conscious Mind, believes it is the problem solver and that it controls what happens and what is experienced. In his book User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down To Size, science journalist Tor Norretranders paints a different picture of Consciousness. He cites research that shows that decisions are made before Consciousness is aware of them. And that the Intellect believes that it decides. Norretranders also cites research that show that the Intellect is only conscious of between fifteen to twenty bits of information per second out of millions taking place below its awareness! If not the Intellect, Consciousness, then who’s in charge? Memories replaying dictate what the Subconscious Mind experiences. The Subconscious Mind experiences vicariously, mimicking, echoing memories replaying. It behaves, sees, feels, and decides exactly as memories dictate. The Conscious Mind too operates, without its awareness, by memories replaying. Memories dictate what it experiences. The Law of Cause and Effect: Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® Cause


Memories Replaying Heart, Disease, Cancer, Diabetes

Memories Replaying Physical Problems – The Body Memories Replaying Physical Problems -- The World

The body and the world reside in the Subconscious Mind as creations of memories replaying, and rarely as Inspirations. The Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind, comprising the Soul, do not generate their own ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions. As noted before, they experience vicariously, through memories replaying and Inspirations. It is essential to realize that the Soul does not generate experiences of its own. That it sees as memories see; feels as memories feel; behaves as memories behave, and decides as memories decide. Or, rarely, it sees, feels, behaves and decides as Inspiration sees, feels, behaves and decides! It is crucial in problem solving to realize that the body and the world are not the problems in and of themselves but the effects, the consequences, of memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind! Who’s in charge? The Void is the foundation of Self I-Dentity, of Mind, of the Cosmos. It is the precursor state to the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious Mind.

Diagram 1. Self I-Dentity: State of Void

Memories replaying displace the Void of Self I-Dentity, precluding the manifestation of Inspirations. To remedy this displacement, to reestablish Self I-Dentity, memories need to be transformed to void through transmutation by Divine Intelligence.

Diagram 2. Self I-Dentity Inspiration and Memories Replaying

Existence is a gift from Divine Intelligence. And the gift is given for the sole purpose of reestablishing Self I-Dentity through problem solving. Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® is an updated version of an ancient Hawaiian problem solving process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. Ho`oponopono involves the full participation of each of the four members of Self IDentity: Divine Intelligence, Superconscious Mind, Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind – working together as a unit of one. Each member has its unique part and function in problem solving memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. The Superconscious Mind is memory free, unaffected by memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. It is always one with Divine Intelligence. However Divine Intelligence moves, so moves the Superconscious Mind. Self I-Dentity operates by Inspiration and memory. Only one of them, either memory or Inspiration, can be in command of the Subconscious Mind at any given moment. The Soul of Self I-Dentity serves only one master at a time, usually memory, the thorn, instead of Inspiration, the rose. Void is the common ground, the equalizer, of all Self I-Dentities, both animate and inanimate. It is the indestructible and timeless foundation of the entire Cosmos, seen and unseen. Memories replaying displace the common ground of Self I-Dentity, taking the Soul of Mind away from its natural position of Void and Infinite. Although memories displace the Void, they cannot destroy it. How can nothing be destroyed? The Conscious Mind can initiate the Ho`oponopono process to release memories or it can engage them with blame and thinking.

Diagram 3. Self I-Dentity: Repentance and Forgiveness.

Conscious Mind initiates the Ho`oponopono problem solving process, a petition to Divine Intelligence to transmute memories to Void. It acknowledges that the problem is memories replaying in its Subconscious Mind. And that it is 100% responsible for them. The petition moves down from the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind. The down flow of the petition into the Subconscious

Mind gently stirs memories for transmutation. The petition then moves up to the Superconscious Mind from the Subconscious Mind. The Superconscious Mind reviews the petition, making changes as appropriate. Because it is always in tune with Divine Intelligence, it has the capacity to review and make changes. The petition is then sent up to Divine Intelligence for final review and consideration.

Diagram 4. Self I-Dentity Ho`oponopono® (Problem Solving) Transmutation by Divine Intelligence

After reviewing the petition sent up by the Superconscious Mind, Divine Intelligence sends transmuting energy down into the Superconscious Mind. Transmuting energy then flows from the Superconscious Mind down into the Conscious Mind. And transmuting energy then flows down from the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind. The transmuting energy first neutralizes designated memories. The neutralized energies are then released into storage, leaving a void. Thinking and blame are memories replaying. The Soul can be inspired by Divine Intelligence without knowing what the heck is going on. The only requirement for Inspiration, Divine creativity, is for Self I-Dentity to be Self I-Dentity. To be Self I-Dentity requires incessant cleansing of memories. Memories are constant companions of the Subconscious Mind. They never leave the Subconscious Mind to go on vacation. They never leave the Subconscious Mind to go into retirement. Memories never stop their incessant replaying! To be done with memories once and for all, they must be cleansed to nothing once and for all. The purpose of life is to be Self I-Dentity as Divinity created Self I-Dentity in its exact likeness, Void and Infinite. All life experiences are expressions of memories replaying and Inspirations. Depression, thinking, blame, poverty, hate, resentment and grief are “…fore bemoaned moans,” as Shakespeare noted in one of his Sonnets. The Conscious Mind has choice: it can initiate incessant cleansing or it can allow memories to replay problems incessantly. Consciousness working alone is ignorant of Divine Intelligence’s most precious gift: Self I-Dentity. As such, it is ignorant of what a problem is. This ignorance results in ineffectual problem solving. Poor soul is left to incessant, needless grief for its entire existence. How sad. The Conscious Mind needs to be awakened to the gift of Self I-Dentity . Self I-Dentity is indestructible and eternal as is its Creator, Divine Intelligence. The consequence of ignorance is the false reality of senseless and relentless poverty, disease, war and death, generation after generation. The physical is the expression of memories and Inspirations taking place in the Soul of Self I-Dentity. Change the state of Self I-Dentity and the state of the physical world changes. Who’s in charge…Inspiration or memories replaying? The choice is in the hands of the Conscious Mind. Here are four Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® problem solving processes that can be applied to reestablish Self I-Dentity through voiding memories replaying problems in the Subconscious Mind: 1. “I Love You.” When the Soul experiences memories replaying as problems, say to them mentally or silently: “I love you dear memories. I am grateful for the opportunity to free all of you and me.” “I Love You” can be repeated quietly again and again. Memories never go on vacation or retire unless you retire them. “I Love You” can be used even if you are not conscious of problems. For example, it can be applied before engaging in any activity such as making or answering a telephone call or before getting into your car.

2.”Thank You.” This process can be used with or in place of “I Love You.” As with “I Love You,” it can be repeated mentally again and again. 3. Blue Solar Water: Drinking lots of water is a wonderful problem-solving practice, particularly if it is Blue Solar Water. Get a blue glass container with a non-metallic cover. Pour tap water into the container. Place the blue glass container either in the Sun or under a lamp for at least an hour. After the water is solarized, it can be used in several ways. Drink it. Cook with it. As a rinse after a bath or shower. Fruits and vegetables love being washed in Blue Solar Water! As with “I Love You” and “Thank You” processes, Blue Solar Water voids memories replaying problems in the Subconscious Mind. So, drink away! 4. Strawberries and Blueberries: These fruits void memories. They can be eaten fresh or dried. They can be consumed as jams, jellies and even syrup on ice cream! I wish you Peace beyond all understanding. Ka Maluhia no me oe. Peace be with you, Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. Chairman Emeritus The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

Biographies Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona Creator of Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® (SITH®)(1913-1992) Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a native Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au, is the creator of Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® (SITH®). As the Master Teacher, she lectured and conducted SITH® classes around the world, including at medical facilities, colleges and universities. Morrnah gave SITH® classes at the United Nations three times. The Hongwanji Mission of Honolulu and the Hawaii State Legislature honored Morrnah for her work and expertise in the Hawaiian language and culture by naming her a “Living Treasure of Hawai’i” in 1983.

Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. Master Teacher, practicing SITH® from 1982 to Present. Dr. Hew Len has extensive experiences working with the developmentally disabled and the criminally mentally ill and their families. Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® (SITH®) is central to his work as an educator. He has been conducting SITH® classes around the world for over thirty years.

Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, LMT, R MBA Practicing SITH® from1969 to Present. Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich met Morrnah in 1969. She learned the ancient art of lomilomi, Hawaiian massage, from her. Kamailelauli’I was present during the years that Morrnah received inspirations from Divinity in meditation on SITH®. Currently, she is principal broker for her real estate company and is involved in sales and property management.

Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. Practicing SITH® from 1983 to Present. Momilani Ramstrum learned Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® (SITH®) in 1983 in Hawaii. She became a staff member and taught and worked directly with SITH® Creator Morrnah Simeona. She was SITH® Director of Teaching from 1985-6 and the SITH® California Coordinator from 1997-2000. As a musician and educator Dr. Ramstrum uses SITH® in every aspect of her composing, writing, performing and teaching to achieve balance, freedom, and peace. She received her Ph.D. from University of California at San Diego in musicology and her Master of Arts from San Diego State University in composition. Dr. Ramstrum is also a business woman and published author. Dr. Ramstrum is a Professor of Music and chair of the Music Department at San Diego Mesa College where she directs the music theory program.

Contributor Notes Keala Rafalovich Aloha. I am so happy to have MsKr events so I can always remember that no matter what, I need to just look at myself, use the Ho`oponopono process and do my part in the cleaning. It’s really funny how when you just ‘let go’ of things, situations – problems, wants, anything – have a way of working themselves out, in their own way. I learn this over and over all the time. Especially when I get upset and allow myself to get caught up without just cleaning. That is constant with me... haha! Thank you. I love you. Keala Rafalovich

Loke Freedman I LOVE the MsKr SITH® Conversations. I learn so much from them and I feel as if I am getting a private Consultation from Ihaleakala Hew Len Ph.D. and Kamaile Rafaelovich. I am grateful that it opened for Momilani to write this book from the Conversations. I love this book. Momilani is truly an inspired writer and musician. I found that the Rhythm she brought to this book to be so beautiful, similar to my experience of Momilani playing her classical guitar. I enjoyed the Divinity of it. Thank you. I feel lifted and LOVE when I read this. Thank you and Aloha. I love you. POI, Loke Freedman Perfectly Made, Inc.

Online Resources MsKr SITH® conversations Each book is the composite of excerpts from several MsKr SITH® conversations. This book contains materials from MsKr Conversations 1 (Introduction to SITH®), 3 (SITH®), 7 (What is a Problem?), 10 (Change), 15 (Care of Self), 20 (Entertaining and Eating out at a Restaurant). Complete audio recordings of all the MsKr SITH® Conversations are available for purchase and download from http://www.zerolag.biz. KR Foods that Breathe TM Cleaning products mentioned in the MsKr SITH® Conversations are available for purchase online from KR Foods that BreatheTM at http://www.krfoodsthatbreathe.com. The KR Foods that BreatheTM products are a way to continue non-stop cleaning. IZI LLC sponsors SITH® classes IZI LLC sponsors SITH® classes are held year round and worldwide. For more information on content, schedules, instructors and locations see their website at http://www.self-i-dentity-throughhooponopono.com/. The full version of “Who’s In Charge?” by Ihaleakala Hew Len can be found at IZI LLC website and is used with permission. The Foundation of I, Freedom of the Cosmos The Foundation of I, Freedom of the Cosmos is a non-profit 501-C3 founded by SITH® creator Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. The official website of The Foundation of I, Freedom of the Cosmos can be found at http://www.hooponopono.org.

Bibliography Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono®, Basic I Manual, The Foundation of I, Freedom of the Cosmos, Honolulu, HI, 1982 – 2012. Self I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono® Tools Menu, Bingboard Consulting LLC, 2006 – 2012.

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