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What you are about to discover has been called...

The Ancient Healing Secret that can erase pain, disease, and sickness at amazing speeds. . . One American medical doctor calls it equal in importance to the discovery of antibiotics and immunizations. A renowned researcher discovered it enables the body to heal itself!

It takes just MINUTES to do, and you can try it yourself right now with the FREE SAMPLE enclosed in these pages. If you suffer from any pain, disease, fatigue, stress, or the effects of aging – turn the page and start reading! This just may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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Here is your RISK-FREE invitation to discover what I consider the easiest, most miraculous way to true health, healing, and happiness

If you suffer from… • Pain: neck, shoulder, knee, lower back, post-operative pains, arthritis, joint pain • Migraine headaches, sinus conditions • Spinal problems • Weight problems • Hearing or sight problems • Female or male organ problems, hormonal imbalances • Kidney or liver dysfunction • Glandular dysfunction, thyroid problems • Strokes • Anxiety or Depression • Diabetes • Gall or kidney stones • Heart disease: heart attacks, congestive heart failure • Circulation problems • Digestive ailments • Allergies • Cancer of all kinds • Lung problems • Autoimmune disorders including AIDs, Lupus, and others. • Bone marrow disease • Panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, A.D.D. • Fatigue, lack of energy, low sex drive

...then read the exciting details inside!

In 1997, I met Master Chunyi Lin, the man whose teachings would change my life forever. He is a cheerful,softspoken gentle man. Yet he possesses a powerful and That’s me, Pete Bissonette, amazing ability to help on the right with Master heal people from physical Chunyi Lin and emotional conditions using what seems to be nothing more than his own two hands. I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive stuff . . . After witnessing what some may call a “miracle” healing, I asked him, “Were you born with these powers?” He smiled at me, nodded, and said. “Yes.” Then he added, “And so were you.” At the time, his words seemed unbelievable. But today, I know he was right. You and I were both born with this same ability. In the following pages, you’ll meet people who discovered for themselves the truth in Master Lin’s words – and learned how to heal using their own natural energy. Just as I’ve learned to do. Just as you’re about to learn to do, too... Dear Friend, My name is Pete Bissonette. As a publisher of self-help courses, CDs, and books, I’ve sampled hundreds of alternative treatments,

meditation, movement, hypnosis, and selfawareness techniques. As a result, I’ve become a bit of a skeptic. It’s not that I don’t find value in many of the programs out there. It’s just that I’ve seen very few that actually make a lasting impact. You can be sure if my company offers a course or product, it’s had to pass the “Pete Test” of creating lasting results that can make a dramatic difference. In fact, the only person I know who is possibly more skeptical is my friend, award-winning reporter and anchorman, Gary Rebstock. (You may have seen him on Channel 9 news.) So when I heard he’d met “an amazing man” while working on a news report, I was intrigued.

His name is Master Chunyi Lin. And he can show you how to eliminate the cause of sickness from your body! While researching his story on Master Lin, Gary listened to one story after another about recoveries from cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, blood disorders, heart defects, migraines, allergies, weight problems, depression and practically anything else you can name – using a “mysterious” technique perfected by Master Lin. • Esther Trejo suffered from a rare lung disease. She was on oxygen 24-hours a day. Doctors said her only hope was a lung transplant. Using what she learned from Master Lin, she avoided surgery. 4

She’s been off of oxygen and free of medication for over 10 years. And she’s not just healthier, she’s happier too. “I am no longer a crabby S.O.B.!” she laughed. • Jim Nance had a painful knot in his back. After one session, it completely disappeared. • Sue Sivula had a bleed on her brain stem. She could turn her head, but her eyes wouldn’t move. Doctors wanted to operate. But she tried Master Lin’s method instead, and is now completely healed. • Char Foss is the Director of Nursing at Anoka-Ramsey College. She took a class from Master Lin for teaching purposes. In the process, her back pain was eliminated. • Gretchen Ventura suffered from migraine headaches. She had tried everything, but nothing helped. Then a friend told her about Master Lin’s technique. “It has virtually eliminated my headaches,” she said. “I am currently off all medications. I had been on daily medication for many, many years… I feel fantastic!”

Just regular folks – with mind-blowing results! Some of these people hadn’t even heard of alternative healing before. Many came reluctantly to see Master Lin, dragged by To order call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 Learning Strategies Corporation Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-800-2688


a caring friend or family member. Some had suffered for years with no relief. But they all came away with renewed health, hope, and happiness.

I call that a miracle. But my skeptical journalist friend called it a challenge! As far as Gary Rebstock was concerned,the claims sounded too good to be true. Being a reporter, he looked for both sides of the story. He persisted with his interviews. He met time after time with Master Lin. He pored through scientific research and met with medical doctors. And when all was said and done, his newscast was so glowingly positive, some people thought it was a commercial instead of a news story! But every word was true.

As I watched the report from Channel 9, I saw for myself how Master Lin works his “magic” It’s an ancient Chinese technique called Qigong (pronounced chee-gong). It works with your body’s energy, which is called “Qi” (pronounced “chee,” and sometimes spelled “chi”). Chinese medicine says: 1. When your “Qi” energy isn’t flowing freely, you can get sick, stressed, or emotionally out of kilter. Disease, pain, health problems, and negative emotional conditions are symptoms of blocked energy. That’s why Master Lin says, “Sickness is nothing to fear.” 2. Qigong is a way to gently and 6

thoroughly release nearly all energy blocks and eliminate most causes of illness and imbalances. It’s extremely powerful – yet the practice of Qigong is surprisingly simple and easy to do.

As medical doctor and author Richard Gerber puts it: “…by moving Qi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments.” And it’s been around for centuries. Qigong is actually the grandfather of Chinese medicine, including Tai-Chi, acupuncture, and Shiatsu. Some say it is the basis for Reiki and similar practices. But only in the past few decades has its medical nature become widespread in China and now known to the rest of the world. In a PBS documentary, Dr. Wang Chong Xing from the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension said that after 30 years of study, “We think Qigong can cure every kind of disease, some responding better than others.” And here’s the good news: Master Lin isn’t the only person who can do this.

Now you can learn how to do it, too Until recent years, you never would even have the chance to learn how to use it. You see, in the past, Qigong was taught in secret, or made extremely complicated. Qigong Masters would only dole out small teachings at a time and required years of study from their students. This is how Master Lin had to learn Qigong. Year after 7

year after year, under the guidance of some of China’s most revered masters, in the most remote regions of the country. Through his years of study and practice, Master Lin discovered a startling and profound truth: “The most powerful is also the simplest.” And he realized that the most powerful aspects of Qigong could be contained within a few precise movements and meditations. Inspired by his great love for mankind, Master Lin did what no Master at his level had ever done. He stripped away the mystique, confusion, and drama surrounding Qigong. And he distilled the practice down to a fast and easy-to-follow program called Spring Forest Qigong. • It’s so powerful, a little goes a long way. Yet so pleasurable, you won’t want to stop. • It’s so easy, you can do it whether you’re 5 or 105. (And if you start doing it now, you have a better chance of making it to the age of 105!) • It’s so effortless, you can do it while standing, sitting, or lying down. You can even do it while you sleep. (I’m not kidding!) • Most important, it doesn’t wear you out or make you sore like strenuous exercises. Spring Forest Qigong offers instant energy, immediate pain relief, and a sense of alert calmness. You feel good while you do it and great when you’re finished! 8

As best-selling author Deepak Chopra, M.D. says: “Like Yoga, Qigong teaches you to balance energy in your body. Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of Qigong into your daily life.” The morning I finally met Master Lin was the morning that changed my life. I attended a workshop led by Master Lin himself. He greeted us with a smile. When his eyes met mine, an actual physical sensation of calmness washed through me. I’d never felt anything like this before! Without wasting a minute of time, Master Lin began speaking, and right away told us some of the most important secrets about Qigong. Then he asked, “Would you like to try it?” I couldn’t believe we could get started so soon! Could something this powerful really be so simple? Master Lin was silent for a moment, then he said: “Before you begin, I will give you the password.” He told us always to say the password in our minds whenever we practiced Spring Forest Qigong. Then he closed his eyes and began: “I am in the universe The universe is in my body The universe and I combine together”

Master Lin opened his eyes, and explained 9

how to use this password to wake up your inner wisdom, and open to the power of the universe. “Once you open to the universe, the energy will be with you.” I felt like I was in “Star Wars.” Except this was for real! Master Lin showed us how to do something he called “Breathing of the Universe.” And I began to grasp just how powerful this could be . . . It was my first lesson in Spring Forest Qigong. In a minute, I’ll show you how to do it, too. It took no more than 6 minutes. It was relaxing, but left me feeling deliriously energetic. I couldn’t wait to do it again! And so I began my regular practice of Spring Forest Qigong, doing at home what I learned from Master Lin. It felt so good, it was practically addicting! Soon I was inviting co-workers to join me each day at the office. Before long, we were all looking forward to our 11:30 a.m. sessions. We still do it every single weekday here at Learning Strategies. In fact, if you’re ever in the area, you’re welcome to join us for a session! • Paul Scheele, our company co-founder, did Spring Forest Qigong and now his blood sugar and energy levels remain balanced throughout the day. • Bill Erickson felt his nagging backache vanish in TEN SECONDS. 10

• Lynn Daniels was amazed when her horrible headache, body aches, and stomach cramps disappeared within 5-10 minutes. • Dana Hanson’s knee pain was completely gone in SECONDS. • Kristi Wraspir’s digestive issues healed and she no longer experiences chronic anxiety – she feels more calm and balanced. • Lynette Ayres got rid of the painful arthritis in her feet. • Patrick O’Neil was surprised how quickly his own pounding headaches cleared. “Pete,” he told me, “The results are REAL! I actually felt the pain move out of my body!” • Connie Seale, our printer, had intense shoulder pain. About to stay home from work, she decided to try Spring Forest Qigong. The pain disappeared! Two days later she called to say the pain was still gone. “Please tell people about it,”she said. “You may even give out my phone number!” • I showed my skeptical sister, Jolette Gregorich, how to erase the tightness from her painful shoulder. Now she’s happy and free of pain and says. “Be sure to mention that THIS REALLY WORKS!” 11

• And I told my mom about it, too. She had lung disease and needed surgery. She began doing Spring Forest Qigong. When she had her operation, she was the ONLY patient out of SIXTY, sent home after just three days. The other patients all spent at least TEN nights in intensive care – IF they even survived. Mom’s doctor, Fernando Martinez, M.D., attributed mom’s rapid healing to her Qigong exercises.

Works faster than aspirin . . . One weekend, I spent a few hours twisted in awkward positions doing electrical work on my house. The next day, I woke up stiff and sore. But I used Spring Forest Qigong for just THREE MINUTES and the pain and stiffness disappeared entirely. The more I experienced and heard – the more I believed that the entire world needed to know about Spring Forest Qigong. When I told Paul Scheele, our co-founder, that I wanted to find a way to share this practice with everyone, he agreed wholeheartedly. So I went to Master Lin and asked if he’d work with us to create a program people could use at home. He was delighted. “I want ALL people to know they have the ability to prevent illness and heal themselves,” he said. His personal mission is “a healer in every family and a world without pain.” Today, we at Learning Strategies Corporation are proud to bring you the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course, by Master (Continued on page 24) To order call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 Learning Strategies Corporation Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-800-2688


Success Stories One medical doctor says Qigong is as important as antibiotics and immunizations. Read these true stories and decide for yourself! “Lump vanishes from my breast” by Stacy Langager

“I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease at the age of 22. Doctors told me there was no cure. I am a registered nurse and was not satisfied with what the medical profession had to offer. The only treatment was surgery, and I didn’t want to go through that again. I saw Master Chunyi Lin talking about Qigong on Channel Nine news. I decided to see if he could help me. After the first treatment, the lump was reduced by 95%–down to the size of a pea. After the second treatment, the lump was completely gone. It was a miracle! It has been 11 months and I have NOT had any reoccurrence. Dr. Pat Arnold said my breast was completely clear. 13

“I now practice Qigong every day. I am a more relaxed, patient, and calm person because of it. Also, I no longer suffer from migraine headaches or allergies. Qigong has changed my life forever! My husband has also taken Master Lin’s class. He had a shoulder injury and suffered back pain for six years. After the first class with Master Lin, his back pain was gone! It was amazing.” Heath and Stacy Langager 1010 Wesley Court, Rockford, Minnesota 55373

Bleed on brain stem healed Sue Sivula of Maple Grove, Minnesota, had a bleed on the brain stem and couldn’t turn her eyes when she moved her head. The neurosurgeons at the Methodist Hospital and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota wanted to operate. But Sue didn’t want surgery. After two visits with Master Lin, the problem was completely gone. The neurosurgeon compared the before and after MRIs and could only see a tiny residue. Sue practices Qigong twice a day for 30-minutes. “The ongoing benefits I receive far exceed any effort I must do in practicing Qigong,” she says.


Success Stories “I felt hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong” “I weighed up to 210 pounds at 5’7” in 1997. I began losing weight as a result of practicing Qigong. I now weigh 152 pounds, dropping from size 18/20 jeans down to size 12! I did not journal my food intake as instructed by Weight Watchers. Instead, I followed my hunger patterns and practiced Qigong. I felt physically hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong. It felt like a hole in my stomach that would never fill up. The energy now fills me up. I feel more balanced and healthy, and I see more clearly my responsibility for my own happiness.” Corinne Vahle Minneapolis, MN

To order call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 Learning Strategies Corporation Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-800-2688


Heart fibrillation stopped and blood pressure dropped Dick Conner repeatedly ended up in the emergency room because of atrial fibrillation. “I would feel dizzy and get a pain in my chest.” says Dick “I had a constant feeling of pressure in my chest,” he says. Then a friend recommended Master Lin. “I had one session with Master Lin in January 2000 and began practicing his Spring Forest Qigong exercises.” I have not had one episode since then!” Dick follows one of the audio sessions and practices Qigong every day with his wife. “We do at least ten minutes and try to do thirty minutes every day. I’ve noticed many other side benefits to Qigong. My blood pressure is down, I’m exercising much more, I’m no longer Type-A, and I feel fantastic.”

To order call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 For Questions call toll-free 1-888-800-2688


Success Stories Esther required oxygen 24 hours a day - until she practiced Qigong Esther Trejo of St. Paul suffered from a rare lung disease. She was on oxygen 24-hours a day. “It was so debilitating that I was gasping for breath during the few moments it took me to change oxygen tanks,” said Esther. “The doctors said my only choice was a lung transplant. I refused,” she said. Her son heard about Master Lin’s class that is the basis of the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. “I did not go willingly, believe me,”she recalls. “I took a class on Chinese breathing for eight weeks. When the class ended, I no longer needed all the oxygen and did not have to take any medicine. And, that was over five years ago,” said Esther. And, on top of it all, she received a bonus: “I am no longer a crabby S.O.B.!”

6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee 17

“You can’t know the fear unless you have cancer” Laura Buchl was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 31 and underwent chemotherapy. The cancer came back the next year, and she had more chemotherapy as well as a stem cell transplant. She was unable to digest food, had severe chest pain, and lived in deep fear. Then Laura began practicing Spring Forest Qigong. Her pain disappeared and she was able to eat again. A CT scan on July 22, 1999 showed that her thymus had returned to normal size and there were no other tumors. “Besides regaining my health, I stopped the fear with Spring Forest Qigong,” says Laura. She also changed her diet and received acupuncture treatments. “You can’t know the fear unless you have cancer. Qigong has completely changed my life, because I have control over my health. I am not fearful, and I do not feel helpless. Western medicine doesn’t like you to think that.”

To order call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 Learning Strategies Corporation Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-800-2688


Success Stories I recovered so quickly it still amazes me Cathy Beedle of Zimmerman, Minnesota was diagnosed with mononucleosis in 1979, which triggered years of headaches. In 1985 she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. In 1990 her autonomic nervous system started failing. Her weight dropped and she developed gall bladder problems with pancreatitis, chronic shingles, and arthritis in several joints. She purchased the course and began practicing Spring Forest Qigong. She found that doing the exercises, especially when she least felt like doing them, gave her immediate benefits. Soon she was walking three miles a day. By March of 2003 she was off all medications except for a significantly reduced dose of thyroid hormone.

7 years of arthritis pain ended when Doug started using his course “There was not a moment in the past 7 years that I was without pain,” says 52-year-old Doug Williams of England. “Nothing worked.” Then he received a mailing, just like this one. “I thought it was just another one of those products with wild claims that never work.” He decided to try it anyway, expecting to return it later. But when he listened to the “Sitting Meditation” and practiced the “Small 19

Universe” exercise, the pain left his body. “It defies logic. I am completely without pain! I want to meet Master Lin personally so I can give him a big hug.”

Qigong corrects heart defect — 12-year-old boy named MVP Eric McVeigh was diagnosed at birth with aortic stenosis, a narrowing of the aortic valve that causes contaminated blood to leak. He tired easily and couldn’t keep up with kids own age. His mother, Pat, took him to Minnesota for Qigong sessions with Master Lin. Eric’s stamina immediately increased. An ultrasound showed significant growth in the defective valve and showed significant thinning. The leakage of contaminated blood had almost stopped. In the fall of 1999, Eric made the championship soccer team of Calgary’s North Division and, he was named Most Valuable Player. Today, Eric has more energy all around, and is no longer tired at the end of the day – all thanks to his work with Spring Forest Qigong.


Success Stories “I feel so much better!” “I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer after being reasonably healthy all my life. Since then I lost my job, home, girlfriend, and car. “I am only 45, and they don’t suggest colon screening until 50. I worked as a registered nurse, saw the doctor regularly for checkups, and did everything to prevent what I am going through now. “The chemotherapy treatments caused neuropathy in my hands and feet, which I still experience, and the chemo did not get all of the cancer. My emotional state was so bad that I started having suicidal thoughts, so the doctor put me on drugs for depression and insomnia and additional drugs for anxiety, which made the symptoms worse! “I bought the Spring Forest Qigong course primarily to help my body heal from the cancer, and I have experienced a decrease in the neuropathy and symptoms generally. Within the first week I could feel a noticeable difference in my mood, and within three weeks I was off all of the anxiety drugs and anti-depressants. “I can honestly tell you that Spring Forest Qigong delivers what it promises.” Vincent Allen, Chattanooga, Tennessee To order call toll-free 1-866-292-1861 Learning Strategies Corporation Questions? Call toll-free 1-888-800-2688


“Qigong may have saved my life after a heart attack” Wayne Kassera, of Stillwater, Minnesota had a heart attack in 1998. Doctors at United Hospital in St. Paul found blockages in five vessels leading to the lungs from the back of the heart. Two vessels were cleared by angioplasty, one had a stent inserted, but the remaining two were too blocked to treat. Wayne heard about Master Lin and immediately enrolled in the class that is the basis for the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. He also met with Master Lin three times. “The two vessels are now 85% clear!” he says. “I practice Qigong every day. I’ve seen many, many changes in my life, the most noticeable being more energy and greater life comfort.” Wayne says he was a “meditator” before. “There is no comparison. I am more confident and feel more powerful as a result of his guidance.”

“I was able to sleep on my shoulder with absolutely no pain” “I’m extremely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and several lesser maladies. Damp, rainy weather brings extreme pain for me,” wrote Myra Ullerup of West Virginia. Excruciating shoulder pain kept her up 22

Success Stories most of the night. The day her Spring Forest Qigong course arrived in the mail, she’d been “fighting back tears due to intense pain.” Ten to fifteen minutes into the first viewing of the video – the pain left her body. “I must say I’m in complete awe of Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong.”

Finally free of pain! “I began the course at the end of August. Within one week I was walking without my chair or cart, and no pain. In two weeks my stomach disorders were much better. I was eating solid foods (rather than the blended diet I had been on), and the pain was negligible. I have been able to quit one of my blood pressure medications and my anti-depressant already. I have cut down on the morphine and plan to taper slowly off of it, because I feel I do not need it for pain control any more. In fact, I hope to be medicine free in a few months, and back to leading a happy life. “My mind is clear and peaceful for the first time in years, and I have energy. This is nothing short of a miracle.” Terry Maiers


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Chunyi Lin. And we’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to try it at home, risk-free, for up to six full months.

And guess what happened to my reporter friend, Gary Rebstock?! The news report on Master Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong changed Gary’s life-forever! Not just professionally, but personally as well. With 30 years in the TV news business as a reporter, anchor, and producer, he’d never done or seen a story that received such an overwhelming response, or made such a profound difference in people’s lives. A few years later, Gary gave up his TV news career and now works with Master Lin to share this amazing gift with the world. Your Spring Forest Qigong course will show you how you can help heal yourself and others from just about every type of physical and emotional ailment--using nothing more than your own natural energy. You’ll discover how to prevent blockages BEFORE they occur--and how to help clear toxic build-up every single day--so you can remain healthy and live a long and healthy life.

Through your practice of Spring Forest Qigong, you can discover: • A tiny shift in your posture that can literally melt the pounds away. (See the difference on your bathroom scale!) - Watch it demonstrated on the Spring Forest Qigong DVD • A fun little game that PROVES the power of 24

your “Qi” energy. Try this simple exercise to grow the length of your fingers--right before your very eyes! (Don’t worry, Master Lin shows you how to return them to their original size!) Listen to CD 1 • An easy movement that can clear a headache, cough, or stuffy nose in as little as five minutes. See Page 14 • A simple motion using your index and middle finger--that helps you ease pain in someone else’s body. It seems like magic, but it is not as you will see on the video. See DVD and Page 19 • How to “read” the energy of a potential partner or friend --just by watching the way they walk. Listen to CD 4 • A simple ear massage that can remove disease--causing blockages from your body. See Page 32 • A simple spinal movement that can bring happiness and prevents blockages in female organs. (Master Lin recommends this for all women over 35.) See Page 32 • How to ease insomnia by making a quick alteration in your room design. See Page 11 • How to alleviate hip, knee, and joint pain and relieve sciatica by simply tapping your hips. See Page 32 • An instant way to boost your passion and endurance. Forget Viagra! Master Lin says, “I regularly hear from couples who are enjoying a very active ‘second honeymoon’ – at ages of 60, 70, and beyond!” Listen to CD 3 25


I’m sure you have questions. Here are answers to the ones I hear most often...

Q. “How long will it take for me to learn Spring Forest Qigong?”

A. Literally NO TIME at all. Simply follow along with Master Lin in your Course materials and you’ll be doing it! There’s nothing complicated to memorize or figure out. In the past, Qigong took years of study and intensive practice. But Master Lin cut through the “drama” and complexity of Qigong. He distilled the practice down to its purest essence, consolidating the movements into eight easy yet powerful steps.

Q. “What about helping to heal others?” A. A long time ago Master Lin asked different Qigong Masters how long it would take to learn to help others heal themselves. Some said 10 years. Some said 15 years. Some even said 50! But Master Lin discovered it can take only TWO MINUTES! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in your Course manual and you’ll know how to begin.

Q. “Do I have to believe in this for it to work?” A. No. Just as you don’t have to “believe” in water for it to quench your thirst, you don’t have to “believe” in Qi energy for it 26

to be real. I had an injured shoulder one day, and asked a friend to do Spring Forest Qigong on me. She had no idea how and didn’t even believe it would work! But she followed my instructions, and in minutes, erased all pain from my shoulder! She couldn’t believe it! “Now do it to me!” she said. Minutes later, her back pain was gone, too.

Q. “Are the exercises in the Course the same as those taught by Master Lin in his personal workshops?” A. Yes, they are all the same. In fact, you’ll probably feel like Master Lin is right there with you! All information from his private sessions is included in the Course. Some of the people in this booklet saw Master Lin privately, but you can gain the same benefits through this home study course without ever seeing him personally.

Q. “Should I practice Spring Forest Qigong even if I’m healthy?” A. The best time to stop blockages is BEFORE they occur. Practicing Spring Forest Qigong keeps your energy flowing to prevent sickness in the future. It enables you to slow down the aging process, maintain a more youthful and energetic body and mind, and enjoy increased happiness and enjoyment of your life. That’s why I practice it as well as most of the people in our office.

Q. “Can I do this even if I have physical challenges?” A. Definitely. You can do Spring Forest Qigong standing, sitting, or lying down. And you don’t have to do all the exercises. You can get results even if you just do a 27

little, to the best of your ability. Spring Forest Qigong can improve your quality of life and reduce your pain, no matter what condition you are in. Of course, you should always consult with your physician or other licensed health care practitioner before changing or discontinuing any current treatment. Qigong should be used as a complementary practice for medical care—not as a replacement. And by the way, people who do Qigong while having chemotherapy report less nausea and faster regrowth of their hair. And people who undergo surgery have less pain and heal faster. Injuries, wounds, sprains, and fractures also heal faster.

Q. “How often should I practice Spring Forest Qigong?” A. Once a day for five minutes is good. Three times a week for thirty minutes is better. One to two hours a day for two to three months is best. If you don’t have this much time, do whatever you can do. You can even do it while waiting in traffic, taking a walk in the park, sitting at a concert, waiting at a bus stop, or even while sleeping!

Q. “How do you know it will work for me?” A. That’s a question only you can answer. That’s why we offer a 6-month trial period. I want you to prove to yourself that this course contains everything I say it does. Everyone’s experience with Spring Forest Qigong is different. You may or may not experience what others have. Master Lin says some people’s problems might be too severe, after all, we do not live forever. 28

See for yourself what you can do with your practice of Spring Forest Qigong, and write me with your own success story. I will personally give your letter to Master Lin to show him how his work is helping so many people. Because of his commitment to teaching, research, and healing, he might not have time to respond to your letter, but he will absolutely read it. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, please call! The toll-free number for questions is 1-888-800-2688. If you would like to enroll in the home study course, call toll-free 1-866-292-1861.

Take up to six full months to try it at home, and see for yourself. But the BEST way to learn more about Spring Forest Qigong is to do it! You’ve read what others have to say. You know how I feel about it. But you have to experience it to believe it. That’s why I invite you to try it yourself for up to SIX MONTHS before you make a decision. Simply enroll in the course, and put it to the test. Do a little each day, and see how you feel. If you’re not completely satisfied, you may return it anytime within the six-month period for a full refund of the program price. Use the enclosed enrollment form or call today to enroll, toll-free 1-866-292-1861.


You get a money back guarantee, and up to $40 in free gifts if you enroll within 10 days There are two ways to learn Qigong. You can get the Basic Course to use Qigong on yourself. Or, you can go further and get the Deluxe course to also use Qigong to heal other people. Here is what you get with the basic course: Manual by Master Chunyi Lin The exclusive 40-page manual is a joy to read and a pleasure to use. It leads you step-by-step through your daily practice of Spring Forest Qigong. Master Lin carefully describes every movement and meditation and includes all the tips, insights, and directions you need to achieve the powerful benefits of Qigong. It will be your constant learning companion and a cherished guide. Spring Forest Training - On DVD Follow along as Master Lin beautifully demonstrates each movement for you. Effortlessly and quickly, you’ll see how to use your energy to heal yourself. This mesmerizing video was filmed in the tranquil Noerenberg Gardens, an idyllic setting that makes this a pleasure to watch again and again. “Qigong-To-Go” on 4 CDs Listen to these illuminating sessions at home, in the car, even out on a walk. Master Lin reveals the “ancient secrets” to transform your life with Qi energy. Plus, you’ll hear fascinating behind-thescenes Qigong stories, and get to know Master Lin himself! 30

Two Audio CDs to practice by Watch the DVD a few times, then move on to these CDs when you’re ready to try it on your own. These recordings guide you through the active exercises and meditations. And make it easy to harness the power of Qi energy anywhere. Plus a free gift ($20 value!) when you enroll in the next 10 days... The “Inner Beauty – Meditation Music” CD was inspired by Master Lin during a morning meditation. He copied down the music and gave it to musicians to play using traditional Chinese instruments and modern synthesizers. This breath-taking music is ideal for Qigong, meditation, yoga, massage, or just relaxing at home. And it’s yours to keep at no cost – even if you decide not to continue with your Spring Forest Qigong practice. With the Deluxe course you get all of that plus four CDs, another DVD, another manual, and another free bonus gift worth $20 That’s right, with the Deluxe course you receive further and extensive training so that you can help your loved ones heal themselves. You’ll learn Master Lin’s personal strategies for finding and balancing energy problems. You’ll learn how he, himself, does Qigong healings whether for simple headaches or heart disease, breast lumps or more complex cancers, eye problems or diabetes, etc. He believes that you, too, can become a Qigong Healer.


All this, for one low cost. And it comes with a full money-back guarantee. Tens of thousands have paid over $200 each for the Basic course. Because of the high volume we can now offer it for only $99.95. You get everything you need to experience your own personal training with one of the world’s most accomplished and gifted Qigong Masters. Right there in your own home, available for you no matter what health or emotional challenges come your way over the years. Compare that to what you’d pay for courses or workshops. Compare that to all the gadgets and potions we all buy, trying to stay healthy or help an illness. With Spring Forest Qigong, there’s nothing else you need. No equipment or special clothes. Nowhere to drive to. It’s all yours, right there at home. You get everything you need to use forever – for just $99.95. The Deluxe course has sold for over $540, but you can order it for only $244.95. 10 CDs, two course manuals, three DVDs, and two free bonus gift CDs ($40 value). What a phenomenal deal! You’ve probably spent more than that on books and supplements that promised to make you feel better – but never really did. BUT THIS PRACTICE REALLY WORKS. And your satisfaction is guaranteed. So if you’re not satisfied, you won’t be stuck with another box gathering dust on your shelf. What’s more, practicing Spring Forest Qigong can SAVE YOU MONEY. It’s expensive to get sick, even when you have insurance. I know people with such bad migraines, they 32

could not go to work. Now their headaches are under control. The cost of missing work, prescription medications, hospital bills –it’s frightening. Naturally, you have to be smart about your health and well-being, and do what’s right for you. Only you can know if Spring Forest Qigong is the answer for you. That’s why we offer a 6-month no-risk trial. Try it and then decide for yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose. And a lifetime of health and happiness to gain!

Best wishes,

Pete Bissonette, Publisher

P.S.- The Deluxe course includes all you need to do and know to make a significant difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Order within 10 days to receive the two free bonus gift CDs ($40 value).

Now I want to introduce you to Master Chunyi Lin.

And give you a FREE SAMPLE of Spring Forest Qigong. Meet Master Chunyi Lin Chunyi Lin in Chinese translates to “The Peace and Beauty of the Spring Forest.”

Growing up in China, Master Lin suffered great physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. As a young adult in search of relief, he reluctantly attended a Qigong seminar. While he had 33

studied Qigong, he did not believe it could heal the body so quickly. But, by the time the seminar was over, his pain was gone. He went on to study with China’s most advanced Qigong Masters. And he uncovered secrets that eluded even the most esteemed practitioners. Master Lin’s discoveries led to the development of a new form of Qigong called Spring Forest Qigong. Master Lin has since taught this practice to over 10,000 students, and developed “The Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course” featured in this booklet. Almost 20,000 have his course, and more are trying it every day. Master Lin is involved in medical research documenting the efficacy of Qigong and has lectured at many hospitals, universities, and wellness centers. He lives with his family in the Twin Cities.

A personal letter from Master Chunyi Lin:

“If unshakable health and happiness seem out of reach, let my personal story bring you hope.” Hello my dear friend: Let me start this letter You see, I was not always individual I am today. In scared, sickly, and angry

with my story. the happy, healthy fact, I was once a young man.

I grew up in China during the nightmare of the Cultural Revolution. My loving parents were taken violently from our family, leaving my four young siblings and me to fend for ourselves on the streets. I was beaten, abused, and in constant anguish. The horrors I experienced and witnessed as a child led me to trust no one and to hate the world, long after the barbaric Revolution ended. From high school to college, and even after 34

becoming a teacher, I searched for an answer to the pain and darkness of my life. I studied Chinese philosophy, history, Western literature, even economics, and could not find what I was looking for. I finally found it, quite by accident. One day I attended a Qigong meeting in search of relief from my chronic knee pain. It was truly a miracle! When I left that day, I was free. My body no longer hurt. And, most important, my spirit felt free for the first time since I was a child. It was hard to believe that something could heal me so quickly and permanently. But it did. My newfound feelings of health, love, kindness, and forgiveness continued to grow. The emotional, physical, and spiritual pain never returned, and my focus on learning and teaching increased dramatically. Everything in life became a joy, even cleaning the house. I have since dedicated my life to studying and mastering Qigong. I dream of a healer in every family and a world without pain. If I was able to use Qigong to turn my own suffering into my greatest benefit – then so can you. I truly believe this practice can bring you much relief and success, no matter what obstacles or hardships you may face in your own life.

Chunyi Lin


Welcome to your first experience of Spring Forest Qigong Don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of this exercise! As Master Lin says, “The most powerful is also the simplest.” This exercise is subtle yet EXTREMELY powerful. It’s called:

“BREATHING OF THE UNIVERSE” This simple movement helps heal lungs and skin, while balancing energy outside and inside the body. Master Lin demonstrates it in detail in your Personal Learning Course, but we invite you to sample it now!

1. Relax into the proper position. Stand with your toes pointed forward, your knees slightly bent. Set your feet a little more than shoulder width apart for good balance. Look forward. Smile. Relax! Draw your chin back a little to straighten the spine. Open your


fingers. Drop your shoulders. Now shift your elbows outward a little.

2. Begin to breathe. Slowly take three deep, silent, and gentle breaths. Imagine using your whole body to breathe. Visualize the universal energy coming into every cell of your body. When you exhale, visualize any pain or sickness changing into smoke and shooting out from every cell to the end of the universe.

3. Say the password. Close your eyes and lips, and say the password, “I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. The universe and I combine together.” Take a moment to feel the emptiness, the quietness, the stillness of the universe.

4. Begin the exercise. As you inhale, move your hands open and to the sides. As you exhale, close your hands. (Use the pictures as a guide.) When you open your hands, feel the energy expanding in the space between your hands. When you bring your hands together, feel the energy compressing in the space between your hands. Your hands do not touch each other. Allow your hands and body to feel the energy while you use your elbows to guide the action. Do the exercises for six minutes. When finished, sit and relax for several minutes. Need help? Call us toll-free at 1-888-800-2688. We’ll be happy to answer any questions to help you with your practice of Spring Forest Qigong. To enroll in the course call toll-free 1-866-292-1861.


Here’s what doctors have to say about Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong! “I would place Qigong equal in importance to the incredible discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations.” Bill Manahan, M.D. Assistant Professor of Family Practice and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School

“Master Lin has an outstanding reputation as a practitioner and teacher of Spring Forest Qigong, a unique form of this tradition, which is especially accessible to the practitioner. People of all ages, from all walks of life, and every level of skill, have taken and benefited from his courses. I have taken two levels of his training. I know of several of my patients who have seen him for Qigong therapy with as good as results as I.” Henry C. Emmons, M.D. Psychiatrist in private practice, Northfield, Minnesota. Recipient of Bush Fellowship to study alternative and complementary care therapies.

“Mr. Lin’s practice of traditional Chinese medicine, known as Qigong, is exemplary. His respect and straight-forwardness with patients upholds the highest medical ethics. His outcomes treating respiratory disease and cancer I have observed to be quite remarkable. Mr. Lin is the most dedicated teacher I have seen in a long time. Mr. Lin communicates clearly and is rapidly developing students into teachers of Qigong.” Bart Main, M.D. Chief of Psychiatry, Human Services, Washington County, Minnesota


“As both the president of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and as a Qigong Master myself, I am well-versed in the area of Chinese Medicine, and more specifically, with the Qigong community. It is without reservation that I say Master Lin is at the top of his field among Qigong Masters in the U.S.” Michael Zeng, M.D. President of International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a Commissioner of the National Certification for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine

“I became acquainted with the work of Chunyi Lin and have experienced first-hand his remarkable healing abilities and work as a teacher of alternative healing methods. His work is extremely important to the health care community and American people…. I am recommending Chunyi Lin to my colleagues at Harvard University and John Bastyr University.” Marcia Zimmerman, C.N. CEO, The Zimmerman Group, Author published in professional journals including The Townsend Letter for Doctors and The American Journal of Natural Medicine. Author of The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution, published by Henry Holt and Company, New York.

“Master Lin has extensive experiences in the ancient meditative practices of China. He has presented complex techniques in simple, easy-to-understand terms that can help anyone better control pain and sickness. I strongly recommend Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong.” Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A., M.S.TH. China Scholar, Adjunct Professor at Union Institute Graduate School, Author of “The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing” (Random House) and more than 150 journal articles.


“The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself.” The following reflect the impressions and conclusions of Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D. in a scientific report, “Medical Applications of Qigong,” published by Alternative Therapies in January 1996. They are provided for your information and your study of the practice of Qigong. Dr. Sancier writes, ”Almost everyone can learn Qigong exercises for maintaining health and self-healing.”

Stroke and Mortality Rates Decrease In a study of hypertensive patients, the mortality rate in the Qigong group was nearly half of the group who did not practice Qigong. People who did not practice Qigong suffered a stroke or died from a stroke at a rate twice that of those who practiced Qigong.

Blood Pressure Stabilizes Over a 20-year period, blood pressure of the Qigong group stabilized, whereas that of the control group increased.

Sex Hormone Levels Improve Estrogen imbalances “can be reversed by Qigong exercise.” In an auxiliary study, “changes 40

SCIENTIFIC STUDIES were accompanied by improvements in symptoms such as soreness, dizziness, insomnia, hair loss, impotence, and incontinence associated with kidney deficiency hypertension.”

Bone Density Increases Bone density increased in men who practiced Qigong for one year. It is likely Qigong therapy would help restore bone density in women as well.

Cancer and Drug Treatment Improve Patients with “medically diagnosed malignant cancer” were divided into two groups. All received drugs, but one group also practiced Qigong. “Both groups improved, but the [Qigong] group showed improvement in strength, appetite, freedom from diarrhea, and weight gain four to nine times greater than the control group.” Additionally, a measure of the immune function improved for the Qigong group and decreased for the control group.

Senility Symptoms Improve After six months, eight of the 14 main clinical signs and symptoms in the Qigong group had improved more than 80%, whereas no symptoms in the control group had improved more than 45%. “Criteria for judging outcome were based on measuring clinical signs and symptoms including cerebral function, sexual function, serum lipid levels, and function of the endocrine glands.”


Bloodflow to Brain Increases. Memory Improves. Insomnia, Numbness, Vertigo Headaches, and Cholesterol Decrease Two studies show Qigong increases blood flow to the brain. For subjects “with cerebral arteriosclerosis who practice Qigong for one to six months, improvements were noted in symptoms such as memory, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, numbness of limbs, and vertigo headache. During these studies, a decrease in plasma cholesterol was also noted.”

Combination of Qigong and Drugs is Superior Drug Therapy Alone Research shows “Qigong is believed to relax the body, promote the flow or Qi (energy), blood, oxygen, and nutrients to all cells of the body, and promote the removal of waste products from cells. We may assume that Qigong also promotes drug uptake by tissue and cells.”

Mind-Body Regulation “A tenet of Qigong is that the mind leads the Qi, and the Qi leads the blood. This somewhat mysterious statement can be interpreted to mean that intention (the mind) can direct the Qi within the body.”



Alpha Brain Waves Increase Dr. Sancier referenced two studies that show alpha brain waves dominate beta waves and spread to the frontal areas of the brain during Qigong practice. One study found differences between the practices of Zen and Qigong. “These differences in brain function suggest that internal Qigong is a semiconscious process that involves some awareness and activity, whereas Zen meditation is a neutral process that releases the meditator from all concerns. Perhaps because of this difference, Qigong is considered a healing art, whereas Zen is generally not.” Following are excerpts from an article that appeared in the American Journal of Acupuncture, Vol. 19, No. 4, titled, “Medical Applications of Qigong and Emitted Qi on Humans, Animals, Cell Cultures, and Plants: Review of Selected Scientific Research,” written by Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D., and Bingkun Hu, Ph.D.

Improve Condition of Aged “The researchers concluded that Qigong exercise had stimulated the increased activity of the enzyme, SOD, which in turn resulted in better control of the aging process by decreasing the estrogen level for men and increasing it for women. ... We believe that these results suggest one mechanism by which Qigong exercise can promote health, improve the condition of the aged, and cure disease.” 43

Tumors Reduced or Eliminated “Researchers suggest that emitted Qi damages tumor cells, inhibits their growth, promotes the regenerative function of the lymph system, and increase anti-tumorigenic function in rats. ... Therefore, such studies provide support for the numerous claims that emitted Qi and personal Qigong exercise can cure or inhibit cancer growth in humans.”

Qigong Effects Cancer Cells “Researchers conclude that Qi-treated lung cancer cells tend to lose their neoplastic character, but they exhibited less of this tendency than liver cancer cells, which they also studied.”

Qigong helps cure disease and promotes health “We observe that the emitted Qi affected all the functions of cell-mediated immune systems that were measured, not just one part of the system. Thus, the study offers a mechanism by which Qigong helps cure disease and promote health in a holistic way.”

Helpful with HIV and AIDS Qigong was hypothesized as being helpful to HIV-infected individuals. Anxiety, depression and T-cell counts were measured. A statistically significant increase in T-cells and a statistically significant decrease in anxiety and depression were found.



Qigong as a Treatment of Substance Addiction “A recent study shows that the use of Qigong therapy can help in the detoxification of heroin addicts.”

Effective in Pain Reduction One group of patients was taught Qigong and one was taught an exercise that resembled Qigong.“91% of the Qigong patients reported a transient drop in pain compared to only 36% of the controls. A long-term reduction in anxiety in patients suffering from treatment-resistant CRPS-I was found.”

More information on these summaries and excerpts of scientific studies can be found on the internet at www.LearningStrategies.com/ForHealth.

Learning Strategies Corporation

Helping you enjoy perfect health and well-being—Since 1981


Learning Strategies Corporation

Read this after you’ve finished the little booklet. In the Basic Course you learn how to help heal yourself. In the Deluxe Course you also learn how to help heal your family and friends...and supercharge your own healing Helping Others to Heal

Dear Friend, The booklet describes how to use Spring Forest Qigong to help heal yourself. Now, let's explore the Deluxe Course to help heal other people.

In the Deluxe course you will learn special techniques that aid in helping your family and friends heal, including:

The miraculous results people have seen from their practice of Spring Forest Qigong have inspired me.

1) “Sword Fingers” helps you increase your ability to break up energy blockages in other people.

✔ One person told me in the past 12 years she had not slept for more than a couple of hours at a time because of intense, pervasive pain. After she followed the video one time, she slept through the entire night.

2) “Cloud Hands” helps you increase your ability to remove blockages in other people. 3) “Thunder Palms” helps you increase your ability to put abundant fresh energy in your friend's body.

✔ Another woman called with lymphoma. She

4) “10,000 Hands” helps you develop the purity and depth of your energy, which can significantly improve your ability to help your friends heal.

barely had the energy to order the course, and when she began practicing, she could only stand to move two or three minutes a day. Two months later she telephoned me—after 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Virtual Compass for faster results

✔ One woman called from the hospital after the

MRI showed her to be cancer-free. She had been practicing Qigong with a friend for two months.

Each time you practice Spring Forest Qigong, there is a direction to face in which you can receive more energy faster. This direction will vary from person to person and from time to time. Chunyi Lin will teach you how to align your body as a Virtual

✔ The father of a 30-something man who has

suffered from depression throughout his adult life told me of their successes. After a couple of weeks of practicing, his son felt stable for several days. 46

Energy Systems of the Body

Compass so that you always know the best direction to face while doing Qigong.

There are five main energy systems of the body for Qigong healing. They are called the Kidney System, Liver System, Lung System, Heart System, and Stomach System.

Sitting Postures Chunyi Lin, as well as all advanced Qigong meditators, sits in the Lotus Position during Sitting Meditations. While this is not necessary, it can greatly enhance your experience as you develop your energy. Master Lin teaches simple exercises so that you can be sitting in the lotus position within a couple of months.

Each system involves multiple organs. The Heart System, for example, includes the tongue and small intestines. Because of this, a problem in one organ indicates the possibility of a problem in another organ. If a person has problems in the small intestines, you are likely to find a blockage in the heart.

Chunyi says he prefers sitting in the lotus position even when watching television. His father, who is in his 70s, learned to sit in the lotus position recently. He says almost everyone can learn the lotus.

Each system is also associated with emotions. Grief, sadness, crying, and depression are associated with the Lung System. So, if a person suffers from depression, you are likely to find blockages in the various organs of the Lung System.

Hand Posture to close out “negative” energy

Each Energy System also responds to color. The Kidney System responds to dark blue. When healing the kidneys, imagine that the energy you put there is dark blue. Similarly, because the breasts are in the Kidney System, imagine giving dark blue energy to someone with breast lumps.

There is a special way to hold your hands to protect yourself from “negative” energy, other people’s energy, fear, and even cold. It not only keeps other energy out, but also keeps your energy from draining.

The Healing Process

This is all carefully described in the Deluxe Course, so you can easily follow along and reference Master Lin's guidance. It is exciting and fascinating.

There are 15 important steps that Chunyi Lin follows to help other people. I have used this healing process on a couple of dozen family members and friends to relieve their sore muscles, intense pain, cancer, sinus problems, headaches, cuts, cramps, arthritis, bone spurs, and diabetes. I am simply amazed at how well this process works. When a friend was over for dinner recently, I did a Qigong healing for him. He said he could feel the pain in his chest leave as I worked on him. The power of Qigong continues to astonish me.

How to help heal different problems in the body The course includes detailed information to help you do a better Qigong healing. These areas include:

* Head, including headaches, eye, ear, nose

problems, teeth problems and TMJ, and facial pain

* Shoulder and Neck * Lungs, including emphysema and asthma * Heart, including heart attack (Chunyi shows a

Discontinuing Medications Through Qigong healing the body may no longer need medicating with such things as insulin or allergy medication. Chunyi Lin will tell you what signs to look for. When you experience those signs, consult the prescribing doctor for a retest. It is important not to stop medication prematurely or without your doctor's knowledge. Some medications require a supervised weaning process. Discuss all medication concerns with your doctor.

special way of removing excess blocked energy from the heart.)

* Breasts * Digestive System, including nausea, diarrhea, and constipation

* Pancreas, including diabetes and high or low blood sugar


• Never tell people to change or discontinue current medical treatment. Encourage them to seek advice from their physician or licensed healthcare practitioner.

* Circulatory System, including high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol

* Immune System, including sinus problems, cold, flu, fever, arthritis, and gout

Qigong healing is a beautiful gift that you can give your family and friends for many years to come.

* Liver and Gall Bladder * Kidneys and Bladder * Reproductive organs, including low sexual energy,

Help yourself heal better

sterility, infertility, PMS, pregnancy problems

Everything you learn to help other people, you can also use to help yourself. This is in addition to all of the methods taught in the Basic Course.

* Skin, including warts, psoriasis, and acne Black Sesame Seeds

For example, you can use the specific Deluxe Course techniques to help sinus problems disappear quicker.

In the Basic Course Chunyi Lin tells you how to make Yin/Yang water to help balance your energy. He drinks it every morning. I drink it often.

Last winter I broke a tooth from a fall on ice. Tips in the course manual helped get me through the night until I could have a dentist fix the damage.

In the Deluxe Course he tells you how to make a Black Sesame Seed broth to help rebuild kidney energy, which aids in weight loss and improves the body’s overall beauty and hair condition. Drinking this broth can be helpful with healing cancer and kidney diseases.

Do you wear glasses? If so, you might use the techniques in the Deluxe Course to improve your vision. Chunyi Lin teaches a process to improve farsightedness with a variation for nearsightedness. If you have breast problems, you will definitely want to know about holding an invisible beachball, the “lung point,” and the breast massage.

Important Legal Warnings State and Federal laws are very strict. Practicing Qigong healing might be considered practicing medicine without a license. We strongly suggest adhering to these guidelines:

If you have high blood pressure, you will want to know a specific way to massage two of your fingers. Constipation problems? Be sure you are near the bathroom before you use the energy blockage removal process!

• Do not use the word “diagnose.” Only licensed medical professionals (physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc.) are legally entitled to diagnose illness. You “detect energy blockages.”

Even if you do not want to use these techniques to assist others, you will find beneficial information for keeping yourself balanced and enjoying a healthy life.

• Do not refer to diagnostic words, such as cancer, leukemia, fibromyalgia, etc. Qigong practitioners do not diagnose. Refer not to diseases but to “blockages.”

You do not need the Deluxe Course in order to benefit from Spring Forest Qigong, but the Deluxe Course can help you do a more thorough job. And, we are offering a substantial discount.

• Do not refer to “cures.” You cannot claim to cure anyone. You can only help people heal themselves.

You receive more energy when you do a healing

• Do not make “referrals” to medical practitioners. This implies that you have done a diagnosis. Instead suggest that the person may find another modality helpful.

I know of a well-known Qigong healer who can do a Qigong healing for five or six people a day. He cannot do more, because he gives a lot of his energy to people he works with. By the end of the day he needs to recharge.

• Never tell people that a Qigong healing or Qigong practice is a replacement for any medical treatment they may be receiving. Qigong can be used as a complementary practice for medical care—not as a replacement. 48

BONUS #2 – Small Universe

Chunyi Lin can do healing for dozens of people in a day. I have seen him go from person to person in an auditorium of 800 people. He never runs out of energy. As a matter of fact, doing a Spring Forest Qigong healing actually boosts his energy.

No matter how effective you get with using Qigong, Chunyi Lin says you will always benefit from the Small Universe Sitting Meditation. To this day Chunyi continues doing this meditation.

Chunyi Lin teaches you how to bring into yourself an abundant supply of energy when you do healing. Using his process, you cannot give more energy than you take in. As a result, both your friend and you finish the healing with more energy than when you started.

You receive the 30-minute meditation with the Basic Course. If you order the Deluxe Course you will also receive the upgraded and enhanced 60-minute version. $25 value.

I personally think that you...

Your 6-Month Guarantee

...will find immediate and long-lasting value in the Deluxe Course, which is why I offer this unbeatable special.

You will not need six months to know whether this course is of value to you—you will know right away. Qigong healing is that effective.

Almost 30,000 people purchased the Basic Course when it regularly sold for $245 and the Deluxe Course add-on for an additional $295. But today you can get it all for only $244.95. It is like getting the Deluxe Course add-on free!

You will still receive a 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee. Plus, if you need help, you can visit our online Discussion Forum for Spring Forest Qigong at www.LearningStrategies.com. You can also call our office for coaching. Please remember, however, our coaches are not medical doctors and cannot respond to medical questions.

This tremendous savings will last for only 10 days, so take advantage of it today.

You receive all of this: When you order the Deluxe Course, you receive everything described in the Basic Course plus:

• Three audio sessions that lead you through the healing process. • One audio session that guides you through the new Active Exercises.


• Video recordings that show how Chunyi Lin does a Qigong healing. He discusses all of the problem areas listed earlier and demonstrates how to address them.

For your personal best,

Pete Bissonette Publisher

You can save hundreds over what others have paid by buying the full Deluxe Course. It includes everything from the booklet and everything in this letter. It is a great buy, and you can return it all within 6 months if you are not completely satisfied.

• One course manual with dozens of pictures and considerable detail to help you do a Qigong healing. Learning Strategies Corporation

• One Healing Chart so that it is easy for you to remember the 15 steps of the healing process.

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BONUS #1 – Back into the Universe

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You’ll receive a CD of beautiful and inspiring Chinese music called Back into the Universe. $30 value.

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How to enroll today! Make sure to use your Customer Code E1010T-1 to get the discounted price!

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