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Healing Unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings. (Malachi 4:2) Nobody was ever helped by ignoring their problem. Nobody was ever healed from cancer by saying, “It’s not so bad... It’s gonna go away...” You can pray for it, yes, but sometimes, concrete action has to be taken and an operation needs to take place to cut out the festering growth... Trust Me, the great Head Doctor, that My diagnose is correct and My prescription to attack the problem is the right one. Things might get worse temporarily, but trust Me; that’s the only way they’re ever going to get better. (I:273) It's part of your healing ministry, to heal with My Words of life, to heal bodies, souls and spirits. I have come to bring salvation to the entire man... the physical and the spiritual. I have come to satisfy all your needs, to heal all your ails: mental, physical, spiritual, everything. Just as I was given the authority by My Father to forgive sins, so I was given the power to heal not only their spirits, but also their bodies, as a physical illustration of the spiritual healing power of My salvation. I want to save you wholly and entire, I want to cleanse and heal all of you, your mind, your body, your heart, your spirit... your soul. In this upside-down and backward world run and ruled and ruined by the usurper, a lot is wrong, and there's a lot of healing to be done. (II:76) Pity the weak and heal the sick! Assume the role of the healer and benefactor! (II:171) When I was around, I healed the physically sick, the lame, the deaf and the blind. But you can heal the spiritually lame, crippled, deaf, dumb and blind of today. (II:258) Your body needs some "maintenance" and repairs done to it. Some enemies are inevitable and of a natural kind, as part of the result of the curse, such as pain, sickness or death. Although I have overcome them for you, you still have to deal with them to some extent. The victory is by faith. (II:289) Denying spiritual sickness is just as silly as denying physical ails and refusing help and medication. I didn't just die for the healing of your bodies, but also for the healing of your spirits, and, as you ought to have found out by now, while Salvation is a one-time thing, its manifestations - such as healing, both, physical and spiritual, have to be applied repeatedly and regularly, even if for no other purpose than to simply keep you humble. Just because you're saved doesn't mean you never get sick again, right? You have eternal life, but you're not immediately a sinless saint. You have to lead folks to find the courage to come before Me as they are and let Me show them what's wrong with them and heal them. As long as they think that nothing's wrong with them, how can they be healed? Believe in the miracle that some will be healed and delivered from their addiction to the lie. The Roman soldier who had a terminal disease, and knew he had nothing to lose, was one of the most relentless fighters for the empire. In recognition of his valiant services, he was granted medical treatment to be cured from his disease, and afterwards he wasn't the same relentless fighter anymore, but sought to protect himself. I am the Healer Who cures you from your spiritual diseases, and in order to do that, it is sometimes necessary to talk about them – the symptoms, the causes, the severity of your case, and what you can do in order to prevent a relapse, etc., a proper spiritual diet, the right medication, and so on. I am the Lord that healeth thee. Find ways to bring the truth home to people, even if that’s the one thing they reject. It’s like working on a cure for cancer. And whether you or they believe it or not, we’re looking for something more important here than a cure for cancer, and you have only just begun to recognize the problem. The problem is certain people’s unwillingness and refusal to recognize any problem at all about themselves. Wading through their territory has not left you unaffected, and you need to recuperate, rest and be cleansed from all that filth. Some of the stuff Satan is pulling in this world inevitably leads you to the need for a solution, an antidote, and the conclusion that help and intervention is needed. You don’t know that you need deliverance until you realize you’re a captive. The sickness may be grave and the epidemic far-spread, but I am still the Doctor, I am still the Lord that healeth thee.

I like to pour My healing balm of heavenly and true love upon broken and wounded hearts who really appreciate it. I’ve never been one Who tried to cure those who didn’t even know they were sick, only those who were aware that they were suffering, knew that something was wrong and were obviously in need of My help. If I’ve raised the dead, I can certainly heal the sick and help someone to get a neglected body back in shape. the Enemy will try to slow down and hinder the recovery and healing, just as with an actual, physical wound: infections can come up, and the patient becomes feverish, etc. That’s why you’ve got to make extra sure that you submit yourself to My care and inspection and undergo the treatment that I prescribe. When you have a physical ailment you look for natural remedies that might help you; in case you have a spiritual or emotional ailment, it seems to be harder to find a remedy for that… As much as you crave human company, it is always bound to bring just as much pain as it promises relief from it, and the only true and lasting cure, remedy and healing, is what I have to offer. Only the Spirit has the pure medicine and ointment and balm that can heal wounded spirits and hearts; it’s the only ingredient that truly brings life. Avail yourself of My healing and strengthening powers! (2011:52) Hope in Me, the Sun of Righteousness, with healing in My wings! (2011:87) I can keep you through the unhealthy factors caused by your environment. (2012:12) I approve of a healthy balance between both, your doing what you can, doing all the possible planning, but then trusting Me for the part beyond your control, and that part is just about always included in this kind of business, where you have to be ready to reckon with heinous attacks from the Enemy’s forces lingering in the dark. (2012:114) A spiritual outlet for what you have to give in the spirit is by no means less important to your general well-being, health, and whole life. (2012:174) Do I approve of unhealthy habits? No. (2013:1) It’s simply healthier to have a more positive attitude toward others, since dislike will only breed mutual feelings, and that won’t get you anywhere. (2013:91) Part of My deal with you is that I won’t let you get away endlessly with wrong behavior or violating the rules, even health rules, but must allow you to reap the consequences of your own actions. (2013:100) Who healed blind people and folks with other sicknesses 2000 years ago? Healing was a miracle from the Spirit World that converted many to the faith they needed… Why not strengthen some of your faith in Me in that way and sense, that I and the Father can still easily heal people’s diseases and sicknesses and physical flaws, if they ask us and have the faith for it? Which relationship do you think is the most important for you? - And what faith? The one in Me, or in doctors? Do you think I and the Father can still do it? Sometimes you need a bit of patience for healing! Sometimes you need to take some time to let your faith in Me grow again! (2014:51) If you consider that I used to be the best and greatest Healer for thousands of years, and consider that I could still heal you in a better, faster and more correct way than System doctors do… maybe it wouldn’t all be so bad for you. Maybe you wouldn’t have to be so bothered and dismayed by the way the System has been and is treating you… You should remember that worshiping Me and caring about Me through your life as important should definitely also include My powers as a Master Healer, better and more worthy of your time, respect and attention than many of today’s System doctors and hospital treatments. Maybe what happened to you so far was mainly to teach you that the System’s ways of curing aren’t necessarily as wondrous and glorious as some would expect. So, if it seems like the System isn’t really performing that much effective help or healing that you need, maybe you can turn back to Me for a little more hope and expectation… Some of the healing miracles I did in the Bible during My earthly lifetime happened after some time the disease had been suffered… How special it is when someone doesn’t charge a lot of money, or any, for the healing accomplished… (2014:59) Job, either. He had to go through some of his lessons first and then he was ready to receive the healing and miracle. Sometimes it takes an effort to get close to Me again first. Can you come close to Me again? Even if some things happened to you you’re not so fond of? (2014:72) Quite a few people had to get through their lives with some hindrance that they had to deal with and overcome as much as they could.

I helped some of them, and if you have the faith, I could help and heal you, too… I don’t want to withhold from you the wonders I could do. (2014:92) Believe and have faith in Us and Our Power to help, support, heal and hold you upright! (2014:155) If the Father is your Creator, you’d better trust Him for His ability to fix you as well when you need it! Turn to Him or Us to give you that extra strength and healing you need! (2015:55)

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