He Came to Set the Captives Free

January 16, 2017 | Author: Tsakmalis Christos | Category: N/A
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Table of Contents

Title Page Also by Rebecca Brown. M.D.: Copyright Page WARNING! CHAPTER l - Enter Rebecca CHAPTER 2 Enter Elaine ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 3 - Entering The Brotherhood ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 4 - Rise To Power ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 5 - Life As A High Priestess ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 6 - The Wedding


CHAPTER 7 - Discipline Within The Brotherhood ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 8 - The Black Mass and Human Sacrifice ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER Q - Turning Points ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 10 - The Meeting ELAINE TALKS: REBECCA TALKS: ELAINE TALKS: REBECCA TALKS: ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 11 - Entering Spiritual Warfare REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER 12 - The Battle

REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER l? - Doorways REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER 14 - The Human Spirit. Standing In The Gap. And The Spirit World REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER ις - Whv Should We Fight? REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER 16 - How To Fight REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER 17 - Destruction Of Christian Churches ELAINE TALKS: CHAPTER 18 - Demonic Illnesses


CHAPTER IQ - Straight Talk To Those Who Want To Come Out Of The Occult REBECCA TALKS: CHAPTER 20 - Definitions REBECCA TALKS:

In Conclusion

He Came To Set The Captives Free

By Rebecca Brown, M.D.

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HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE Rebecca Brown, M.D. Wells of Joy Ministries P.O. Box 65 Clinton, AR 72031

ISBN: 0-88368-323-7 Printed in the United States of America Copyright the rwev»i doe* her ptii of the house | work! She's just mine cne'
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