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Havan/ Homam Procedure Homam/ Havan Procedure As per my thinking we all are the children of Mother Earth and we perform our life according to HER wish . So below I am giving the simple procedure to do Homam which can be done daily weekly or as per one's wish. Before sitting for havan place the Havan kund on the East so that while you sit you can face towards the east. On the northeast side of the havan kund place a tumbler and spoon full of water with little akshat and flower in it. Permission ---- As a child take permission from his/her elders before doing any work, permission permissi on are to be taken before doing any kind of havan. This is a procedure is to be don in your mind. Think of Mother Earth who is the bearer of us, think of Ganesh Maharaj who is the suprem power and removes all kind of obstacles in our life, your favourite deity, your biological parents(as we are all children of the SUPREME Power), the saint of your gotra, your guru and all the Gods and take there permission and request them mentally to stay with you and cooperate with you throughout the homam. 

Achmanium ------ Take little water from the tumbler with a spoon and drink saying Om Kesavaya Swaha againg Swaha  againg take water and say Om Narayanay Swaha,againg Swaha ,againg take water and say Om Madhavaya Swaha. 

Ganesh Puja ----- Which ever puja havan it may be but to start any puja one should first pray to Lard Ganapathi in order to get his blessing so that the puja completes without any difficulty. 

Pranayam ----- Place the littile finger and the ring finger on the left nostril and thumb on the right nostril. First close the left nostril and take breth from the right nostril reciting the Gayatri mantra. Close the right nostril again recite the Gayatri mantra. Now open the left nostril release the breath reciting the Gayatri mantra again. Then keep the right nostril closed take breath from the left nostril reciting the Gayatri mantra, close the left nostril again recite the Gayatri mantra open the right nostril release the breath reciting the Gayatri mantra again. This is one set. One can repeate it as many times as he/she wants. Pranayam purifief ones mind, though and as well the body. 

Sankalpa ------ At this part one have to declare the intention of doing the havan to the God of whom the havan is going to take place. Take little akshat mentally think of the GOD clear your intention that you are doing this homam to please HIM/Her and you are going to perform the havan at the best of your ability. Leave the akshat in front of the havan kumd and to the feet of the idol. Now lit the lamp(pradeep/Diya) with ghee of oil. 

Kalash Sudhi ------ Purify Purif y the water water in the tumbler which was placed in the northeast of the havan kund and say VAM VAM for  for 11 times. Then recite the following verse. "Gange ca Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswati Narmade Sindhu Kaveri jalesmin sannidim kuru. amartam 

bhavatu." Then take a little water from the tumbler and sprinkle it on yourself idol havan kund and to all the items which is to be used for the havan. Starting the Fire ----- Put woods inside the kund then place a camphor/ karpoor inside it. lit the camphor reciting "Om bhurbhuvassuvarom". Pray to agni deveta( fire God) to carry the offering you are going to make through the auspicious form of him to the deity you are performing the havan. Put little ghee dropt to the burning woods so that it catches fire well. 

MahaGanapathi Havan ---- A quick ganapathi havan has to be performed.Offer *Sandle wood past to the agnai, then offer *flower to the again then show *dhoopam to the agni, *dipam to the agni, then offer* naivedyam , this all items are to be offered to mahaganapathi and as fire is the medium all should be poured in the havan kund. Drop little ghee every time reciting the following mantra " Om Gam Ganapataya Namaha Swaha" this mantra can be repeated 4,8,12 times. 

The above procedure is sufficient if doing the havan on daily basis.The main intutin behind havan is to clear one's inner self so the some simple the procedure is the more easy to follow and thus can be repeated many time. Once one is okie with the procedure then can follow the lenthy described havan procedure. 

Main Part -------- After the above one can start the havan of the deity which he/she has decided to do. Offer *Sandle wood past to the agnai, then offer *flower to the again then show *dhoopam to the agni, *dipam to the agni, then offer* naivedyam , this all items are to be offered to deity of whom the havan is going on and as fire is the medium all should be poured in the havan kund. After the above offerings are done, take a mantra of the deity and start chanting, while drop little ghee every time reciting the mantra for 108 time. Offer naivedyam to the god in the havan kund and then harati/ arati to the deity in the havan kund with camphore/ karpoor. 

Purnahuti ------ Purnahuti is a word clubbed with two different words i.e. purna + ahuti= purnahuti. Purna means total or complete Ahuti offering. Total offering or complete offering. Take a red cloth inside it place a half dry coconut inside the coconut put little of all the items used in the havan a one re coin and then tie the cloth. Put the cloth in the ghee container so that it can soake the ghee which will help the ahuti to burn properly. Put the purnahuti on the wooden ladle ( through which ghee is dropped in the havan kund) Say the following matra. "Om purnahutimuttamam juhoti sarvam vai purnahutih, sarvamevapnoti, atho iyam vai purnahutih asyameva pratitishati. Om purnamadah purnamidam purnatpurnamudacyate, purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavasisyate" While dropping the purhahuti one must be carefull that is does not disturbe the fire and slowly land the purnahuti set in the kund with hand. 

End Part --- While the purnahuti is burning sit straight and pray to your favourite god while eyes closed and the body is still. After the meditation is offer show your heart and request mahaganapati who is no the fire to come and sit in his own position ( your heart). The again show your heart to the main deity whos havan has been performed to come and sit in HIS/Her place ( your heart.). 

Kshama/ Forgivness ---- Pray to GOD for all your mistakes happned in the process of doing the havan knowingly or unknowingly, and ask for his forgiveness. Pray that all your efforts to do the havan has pleased the deity and thus HE/SHe is satisfied with your efforts. 

 After the havan is over take a bit of ash from the kund and mis it with ghee and apply it to the idol and then to your forehead. This works as a raksha( Pretection) the as can be preserved and can be used later. The above is a little effort from my side to help the beginners to do havan. Any mistake in between are totally my own faults and tus I request for forgiveness from my GOD,Guru,my Parents.

*************************Om Shanti Shanti shanti*********************************

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