Hamlet Soliloquy Chart

July 17, 2019 | Author: Dilip Rathinakumar | Category: Hamlet, Plays Based On European Myths And Legends, Religion And Belief
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Notes on Soliloquies....


Hamlet’s Issues Rage/Grief upon revelation of his father’s murder by Claudius. → Shos the inconsistency beteen outard appearance and inard desires/natures desires/natures of characters. !emory

Religious "ncertainty # Hamlet does not $no hether to loo$ to heaven or hell to understand the revelation of the ghost.

Gertrude’s disloyalty # Hamlet still orries about this despite the ghost telling him to leave her alone. → !isogynistic natures throughout the play ith -phelia and Gertrude 0cademically driven1 not a arrior

2istraction from his father’s revenge

Recurrent Images “O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain! […] At least I am sure it may be so in Denmark”  “That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain”  “reords”  “All sa"s o# books, all #orms, all  $ressures $ast,” $ast,” “book and volume o# my brain”  “%emember thee!”  “"hile memory holds a seat”  “O all you host o# heaven!” “And shall I ou$le hell&” 

O most $erniious "oman!

“book” ( he ill rite everything in his noteboo$ hich is referring to his mind %mental notes* “distrated globe” %34* “trivial #ond reords”  %33*  %33*

References to Issues/Images

 “'e though a s$irit o# health or goblin damned('ring "ith thee airs #rom heaven or blasts #rom hell” %&.'(')* “The s$irit I have seen()ay be the devil” %+.+(,&)* “*railty thy name is "oman”  %&  %&st Solilouy* “+et thee to a nunnery”  %.&(&+&*  %.&(&+&* # !isogyny toards -phelia

2istractions 5olonius’ death Incestuous marriage Rosencrant6 and Guildenstern -phelia “'y indiretions -nd diretions out”  %+.&(,,* • • • •

7ac$ of Strength/5oer/8ill Strength/5oer/8ill to carry out the ghost’s command

“'ut bear me stiy u$”  %39*  %39*

Second Soliloquy “O all you host of heaven!” :efore Solilouy; •

• •

 dread o# something a#ter death %D,*? “Or to take arms against a sea o# troubles” %93* “.ith this regard their urrents turn a"ry,(And lose the name o# ation”  %D4* ”To grunt and s"eat under a "eary li#e” %44* “bear those ills” %D&*

References to Issues/Images Hamlet curses god for ma$ing suicide immoral. # “/is annon 8gainst sel#6slaughter! O +od! +od!”  %&.+(&+3*

“distrated globe” %&.9(34*

“The time is out o# 5 oint! O ursed s$ite! That ever I "as born to set it right” %&.9(&DD*

:efore Solilouy; •

Claudius and Gertrude are as$ing Rosencrant6 and Guildenstern about Hamlet’s behaviour.

 distracted? hich connects to the >distracted globe? from the second solilouy. Hamlet >ith much forcing of his disposition? or ith eort received the to f riends but he as uninclined to tal$. Claudius and 5olonius decide to hide to spy on Hamlet. Get thee to the nunnery? scene. Hamlet acts polite until she tries to return a gift he had given her. He denies that every giving it. She says gifts are meaningless hen >givers prove un$ind?. •

Hamlet harasses -phelia as$ing if she is honest and fair. -phelia is no convinced that Hamlet is insane1 and attempts to call on the heavens to help him. B “.hen he is drunk aslee$, or in his rage,(Or in th2 inestuous $leasure” %D3*

References to Issues/Images Claudius is not sincere in prayer # >)y "ords Cy u$, my thoughts remain belo"7 .ords "ithout thoughts never to heaven go1” %.(34* “O all you host o# heaven!” “And shall I ou$le hell&” %+nd Solilouy* %Religious "ncertainty*

:efore Solilouy; Claudius spea$s ith Rosencrant6 and Guildenstern and decides to send Hamlet to Bngland. 5olonius enters and says that he ill spy on Hamlet and Gertrude later on. 5olonius leaves and Claudius enters into prayer to as$ for forgiveness. 0fter Solilouy Hamlet tal$s to Gertrude to force her confession. He notices someone spying on them and ith no hesitation stabs him %5olonius*.
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