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February 13, 2018 | Author: Manish Abraham | Category: Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Chemical Engineering, Materials
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Optimal integration of Topsoe’s technologies at Shchekinoazot, Russia

ANATOLIY K. SURBA JSC Shchekinoazot, the Russian Federation MARIA I. YANOVSKAYA ZAO Haldor Topsoe Moscow, the Russian Federation SVEND ERIK NIELSEN Haldor Topsoe A/S. Lyngby, Denmark Nitrogen + Syngas 2015 International Conference & 1 Exhibition (Istanbul 23-26 February 2015)

Presentation outline. Topsoe Process Plants at Shchekinoazot

450,000 MTPY METHANOL PLANT (M-450) 26,000 Nm3/h HYDROGEN PLANT (B-26)


Methanol Plant M-450. Simplified process flow diagram: two-step reforming layout

Methanol plant project implementation schedule Event Contract for license and basic engineering signed and effective

Date May 31, 2007

Supply contracts for long lead equipment signed

December, 2007 – February, 2008

Delivery of main equipment to site

Autumn, 2009

Mechanical completion

August, 2011

Pre-commissioning and commissioning

October, 2011

Transportation of Topsoe methanol reactor to Site

Construction and assembly works at site. Installation of the methanol reactor on the foundation

Construction and assembly works at site. Installation of the secondary reformer

Construction and assembly works at site. Installation of Primary Reformer.

June, 2010

Methanol plant commissioned in SA in October, 2011

Year 2012 2013 2014

Overall yearly methanol production MT of MeOH production Percentage of design 445,804 99 426,833 95 475,000 106

Hydrogen Plant B-26. Choice of the Layout. Integration of Process Units

15,000 Nm3/h from NG reforming 11,000 Nm3/h from MeOH purge gas

HTCR reformer layout. Principle of HTCR reformer tube

Typical layout of the HTCR process

26,000 Nm3/h Hydrogen plant project implementation schedule Event


Contract signed and effective

June 30, 2010

Basic engineering design package delivered

October 15, 2010

Stage “Project” finalized by JSC NIIK

February 15, 2011

Site preparation

July 15–November 1, 2011

Delivery of equipment to site

December 15, 2011

Commencement of construction and assembly at job

June 3, 2012

Mechanical completion

November 16, 2012

Pre-commissioning and commissioning

November 16–December 12, 2012

HTCR plant with CO2 removal section commissioned in December 2012


H2 Quality, H2, mol% CO2, Nm3/h CH4 + purge (70% H2) per 1000 Nm3

Operation experience Guaranteed 26,000 > 99.0 4264 250 Nm3 + 790 Nm3

Actual 26,233 99.63 4379

225 Nm3 + 770 Nm3

Ammonia and methanol production

Ammonia plant IMAP co-production plant Natural Natural gas gas

Distillation Primary Primary reforming reforming

Secondary Secondary reforming reforming

Methanol CO Shift synthesis


CO2 removal



Ammonia synthesis

Methanol • Commonplant reforming section

• Low unit cost compared to stand-alone Oxygen Air • Well-proven technology separation • Topsoe supplies full range of technology and catalysts

Natural gas

Primary reforming

Autothermal reforming

Methanol synthesis



Ammonia synthesis Ammonia


Topsoe Integrated Methanol and Ammonia Production Process (IMAP)/ M-450/A-135

IMAP high pressure once-through methanol synthesis and methanation

Topsoe ammonia synthesis loop for IMAP Purge gas Topsoe S-300 Ammonia Converter

Ammonia Recirculator MUG from MeOH production

Technical highlights and Advantages Feature

Economical benefit

Product split is given by feedstock composition High pressure once-through MeOH synthesis

Low pressure NH3 synthesis with high inert level No steam export Low CO2 emission


No CO shift section

Savings in CAPEX/OPEX

No CO2 removal section

Savings in CAPEX/OPEX


Savings in CAPEX/OPEX

Simplified co-production layout

Low investment cost

Shchekinoazot. Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Methanol-Ammonia Plant

Shchekinoazot site prepared for new construction

Summary • A methanol plant with a capacity of 1,350 MTPD and a hydrogen plant with a capacity of 26,000 Nm3/h have been constructed for Shchekinoazot, using Topsoe modern technologies • A new integrated methanol-ammonia plant with a capacity 1,350 MTPD of methanol and 415 MTPD of ammonia is currently under implementation at Shchekinoazot

• Due to the long-term partnership and excellent and open collaboration between the two companies, Shchekinoazot and Topsoe have jointly solved all problems which appeared in the first period of operation. The cooperation has resulted in construction and operation of the modern and highly efficient plants • Topsoe’s deep involvement in the Shchekinoazot site, together with a high extent of flexibility of Topsoe process solutions, allowed Topsoe to help Shchekinoazot achieve optimal performance by offering efficient integration between the processes units constructed in Shchekinoazot

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