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PART 1 ver 1.04 SUMMARY OF THE THINGS YOU NEED SCHOOL: High School Diploma (No CAV needed) College Diploma (CAV) College Transcript of Records (CAV) RLE (CAV) PRC: Board Certificate Certificate of good standing (only 3 months validity) Board Rating PRC ID EMPLOYMENT: Certificate of Employment DATAFLOW (can be downloaded on their website) Facility Declaration form Letter of authorization CID/Security Form OTHERS: Passport Passport size photos with white background Basic Life Support Certificate (regardless of the agency, must not be expired) ACLS (optional)

First thing first and probably one of the most important, use INTERNET EXPLORER version 7, 8, or 9, if you use different browser such as chrome, firefox or IE version 10, you will not be able to proceed,

dataflow website was probably made by a dumb Arab that’s why everything is so fucked up (the grammar, spelling and everything), thus, very difficult to comprehend. It is also important to read all manuals, frequently asked questions and different instructions online or the one attached to this email to understand more about HAAD DISCLAIMER: Everything written here is based on research and testimonies from different forums, this is not an official “dataflow manual”. As such, there is no guarantee that if you follow everything written here, everything will be ok. If you have any questions or clarification, email HAAD or Dataflow, their email and contact numbers can be found on their website and good luck if they will reply to you or give you a clear answer. Previously, anyone can take HAAD-RN exam without doing anything, you can schedule right away for your exam, however, they implement a new system (October 2013) that one must accomplished their dataflow first before you can sit for an exam. Thus, everything seems to be complicated because this is something new and information regarding this is scarce. In contrast, if you have a local agency or sponsorship by an employer, I believe they will be the one to process your dataflow, I am not sure about this, ask your agency regarding this. NOTE: In uploading document/s, JPEG format is allowed for single page document but you MUST convert your files to PDF format to make it a single doc for files that has more than 1 page such as TOR and RLE. In addition, huge files cannot be uploaded so you need to resize it. Furthermore, all documents must be written in English. Finally, all documents must not be expired (PRC ID, BLS, passport, etc) Another thing, questions or blanks without asterisk (*) are optional to answer Some great website with info and discussions about HAAD: http://allnurses.com/ http://www.ofwguideforum.com Do a search on their website using this keyword “HAAD”, “dataflow” “abu dhabi” or just be creative, you know what to do For other research, best to use GOOGLE

Okay enough of the BS, let’s continue with the dataflow First step is to visit this link: https://www.dataflowgroup.com/haad/login.aspx Follow step 1, 2 and 3 to register and continue. Password MUST have a special character such as *, #, etc to be able to register.

You will now be able to LOG IN once you have created your username and password SECTION 2 INTRODUCTION, BACKGROUND, INSTRUCTIONS Read everything for instructions, click next after


FOR 3.1 Select none if you don’t have any employer/sponsor, do the same in 3.1.0 3.2 download and re upload the document or upload a blank pdf since you don’t have any sponsor 3.3 select Nursing and Midwifery from the drop down button 3.4 click REGISTERED NURSE, do the same in 3.4 regardless of your specialty because they will be asking for more supporting documents/education/certificate/examinations if you chose a specialty, Don’t worry this will not affect your future employment status 3.6 If you don’t have one, proceed to the next section

SECTION 4 PERSONAL DETAILS Pretty self explanatory, just leave blank the one that does not apply to you such as Arabic name, not unless you have one

4.7 select the month, year and date (in order) to be able to input the correct birth of date (if you are having any problem with this, perhaps you are using different browser, I told you before to use IE version 7,8,9 ONLY)

4.18 If you have a relative in UAE input their number so they can get sms update regarding your dataflow, alternatively, you can put 00000 in the text box 4.22 scan and upload your passport, the one with picture and your data 4.23 upload passport size photograph


5.1 Upload your high school diploma (No CAV needed) 5.2 – 5.3 leave blank

5.4 Fill out the form; follow the correct format, no abbreviation

5.4.13 for second courser include the date of your first course up to the end of your nursing, all dates can be seen in your diploma/TOR, do not input date/data that cannot be seen in your TOR/diploma 5.4.14 graduation date, mostly seen in your TOR 5.4.16 upload your diploma/rle/tor in pdf format (just the regular scan of these documents, the one with CAV will be uploaded on section 10) 5.5 leave blank 5.6 leave blank unless you have a master’s degree in nursing 5.7 upload your BLS or/and ACLS (optional)

SECTION 6 LICENSE INFORMATION Fill out the necessary information

6.1.12 upload PRC ID (front and back) together with your certificate of good standing (you can get this from PRC), PRC board certificate and board rating, make sure documents are not expired (others upload PRC ID and good standing only and went ok as well)


Must be working for 2 years and above to qualify as stated in HAAD PQR,combined working experience from different hospitals are accepted 7.1 Start from the most recent employment 7.1.12 Upload your certificate of employment (COE) It is important that in your COE it is indicated: 1. The position held and areas of practice, Hospital bed capacity 2. The date of your tenure (date from (dd/mm/yyyy ) to (dd/mm/yyyy) 3. Must be signed by the Human Resource Department (some says that the signature by chief nurse is enough but as a former HR personnel, chief nurse,doctors or any administrative staff has nothing to do

with the employment of an individual but still depends on your company, some small hospital do not have HR department. Hence, what is important is that someone will receive the call and verify the status of your employment once dataflow call or confirm the authenticity of your employment) NOTE: volunteer/training experience are not accepted 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 continue if you have other nursing employment, separate COE are needed. SECTION 8 LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION

Fill out the form, print it, and sign beside your name, scan and upload


Download and re upload the document or upload a blank pdf since you don’t have any sponsor


Check the one encircled above and upload again your college credentials (diploma/tor/rle)(must have CAV by ched)

SECTION 11 REVIEW OF APPLICATION Check everything you have written, remember one mistake may be fatal to your application, it may cause delay and anxiety on your part, make sure everything is true and correct, dataflow will verify all the information you provided so fake documents must be carefully planned if you think of doing so. (I suggest you don’t do it but yeah were Filipinos we love recto documents)


As written, you will not be able to amend any information or documents you uploaded once you proceed, choose the credit card button and get ready with your 600AED (P7000 as of this writing) Now the waiting game begins, good luck with your application, you put quite forth your greatest effort, not to mention money and your precious time, to gather all the documents necessary here. So relax and continue with your everyday life. Review for your HAAD exam and make your parents and family proud. Now I can go back reviewing for my IELTS exam, hopefully we won’t see each other in UAE, hehe just kidding, God bless to our endeavor in life. Yours truly, Alfred311 P.S. Application process not yet over, PART 2 of this will be coming ASAP…

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