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List of Gurps Book 4th Edition...


Core books These are the books necessary to play, with the core rules used in all settings (GURPS Basic Set: Characters and Campaigns), plus basic accessories. GURPS Basic Set: Characters[1] GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns[2] GURPS Basic Set Deluxe Edition[3] Limited, luxury edition ("bound in bonded leather with two-color foil stamping. They have buckram-textured endpapers and sewn head and foot bands") of the two volumes of the Basic Set. GURPS Lite[4] A 32-page introduction to the rules of GURPS based on the core rules in the GURPS 4e Basic Set (mainly Characters). It includes basic character creation with advantages, disadvantages, skills and equipment, as well as some rules for playing. It is freely available, as a PDF from the Steve Jackson Games website, and a supplement to some GURPS books. GURPS Ultra-Lite Core GURPS rules condensed to a single page. Freely available as a PDF from the Steve Jackson Games website. GURPS GM's Screen GURPS Update The official conversion guide from 3rd to 4th edition, released as a free PDF file and together with the GM's Screen

Rules supplements These books detail general rules not used in all possible campaign, such as rules for magic spells, for superpowers and for martial arts. GURPS Magic[5] Magic rules from the Basic set are expanded, detailing a large number of spells, and rules for alternative magic systems, magic item creation, alchemy etc.[6] GURPS Martial Arts[7] Includes new perks, skills, techniques, styles, weapons, and extended combat and injury rules, as well as history on the martial arts, pregenerated NPCs, and ideas for martial-arts campaigns. GURPS Mass Combat (PDF) gives rules for large-scale battles between military units, as well as allowing for the actions of player characters. GURPS Powers[8] Extends the basic character creation rules to better handle high powered characters, and allow highly detailed customization of powers in which each power consists of a range of abilities (ie, advantages) and a talent, with a "source" and a "focus", adding color and helping to tie together the abilities, and an additional "power modifier" that acts like an enhancement (rare) or limitation to the power as a whole.[9] GURPS Thaumatology[10] By Phil Masters. Extends further the rules about magic, adding ceremonial, spirit, runic, freeform, material (alchemy, herbalism), and real-world-inspired magic.

Genre toolkits

These books describe how to design and play campaigns in a particular genre, such as fantasy, science fiction or detective fiction. 

GURPS Fantasy (William H. Stoddard, 20063, ISBN 1-55634-519-4) - This toolkit covers creation of different types of fantasy settings include "High" and "Low", "Dark" and "Light", Swords and Sorcery, and Myth; it also covers typical fantasy races and nonstandard settings, such as "Roma Arcana", based on a fantastical Rome that never completely fell. It was a nominee at the 2005 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game.[11]

GURPS Horror (Kenneth Hite, 2011, ISBN 1-55634-803-7) Provides time-tested advice on running horror campaigns including current trends and tropes, showing how to run everything from old-fashioned Gothic and supernatural horror to the latest J-horror, survival horror, and torture horror.

GURPS Mysteries (Lisa Steele, 2006, ISBN 1-55634-761-8) - A PDF file and POD release about detective fiction based adventures and campaigns, crime scenes, and advanced rules for interrogating NPCs.[12]

GURPS Space (Jon F. Zeigler and James L. Cambias, 20064, ISBN 1-55634-245-4) - Covers the planning and running of science fiction campaigns with special emphasis on the creation of star systems, worlds and alien races.[13]

GURPS Supers (William H. Stoddard, , ISBN 978-1-55634-771-9) - Builds on GURPS Powers to describe powers, rules, and guidelines to run a superhero campaign.[13]

Fictional settings These supplements details how to design and play campaigns set in particular fictional settings, either specific to GURPS (such as "Banestorm", a fantasy setting, or "Infinite Worlds", about exploration of parallel universes) or independent of it (such as the Star Trek universe). 

GURPS Banestorm (Phil Masters and Jonathan Woodward, 2005, ISBN 1-55634-744-8), detailing a fantasy setting called Yrth in which standard fantasy tropes such as Wizards, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves are present, along with more unusual fantastic races like the Reptile Men. A basic premise of the setting is that magical banestorms pick up people, whole villages, etc. from other worlds (including Earth) and deposit them on Yrth.[14]

Changing Times (PDF) updates the rules of the Transhuman Space setting for compatibility with GURPS 4th edition.

GURPS Infinite Worlds (Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, and John M. Ford, 2005, ISBN 155634-734-0), winner of the 2005 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement.[15] Describes play in two settings, Infinite Worlds (cross-world travel, including other published GURPS settings) and Time Travel (within Earth's history).

GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars - Describing a period of the history of the science fiction Traveller setting, early in its history; includes rules for generating characters for the setting, starship design, interstellar trade, exploration, and ship-to-ship combat.

GURPS Casey and Andy (PDF) - A setting inspired by the Casey and Andy webcomic by Andy Weir

GURPS Lands Out of Time (PDF) - A setting that pits man against dinosaur.

GURPS Prime Directive - One of the incarnations of the Prime Directive role-playing game, set in the Star Trek-derived Star Fleet Universe, together with its sourcebooks: o GURPS Prime Directive: Klingons o GURPS Prime Directive: Romulans

GURPS Reborn Rebirth (『ガープス・リボーンリバース』?) (Shou Tomono (友野詳?), Tadaaki Kawahito (川人忠明?) and Group SNE, 2006, in Japanese, ISBN 4-903177-19-X) A few years ago world trees appeared all around the world, producing guardian spirits named Yuurei (lit. ghost) and interfering with real world events. Set in contemporary Japan. Published by Hobby Base (ホビーベース?).

GURPS Yuel (『ガープス・ユエル』?) in Japanese)

Girl Genius RPG (in production),[16] based on the Girl Genius webcomic by Studio Foglio

GURPS Thaumatology: Alchemical Baroque - An updated alchemy magic setting that originally appeared in GURPS All-Star Jam 2004.

GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators


GURPS Locations: Metro of Madness

GURPS Locations: St. George's Cathedral

GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence

Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game - the sourcebook of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga.

Technology and equipment These handbooks describe the data, in terms of GURPS, of specific objects, gadgets and vehicles, and how to construct new ones. 

GURPS Bio-Tech - describes medical techniques and enhancements, and modified life forms.

GURPS Low-Tech - describes technologies and inventions up through the Age of Sail.

GURPS High-Tech.[13] - describes technologies from the invention of gunpowder to the present day.

GURPS Ultra-Tech - describes technologies from the near future onwards.

GURPS Shell-Tech (PDF) - gives more cybershell designs for Transhuman Space.

GURPS Vehicle Design (forthcoming)

GURPS Armorer Handbook (concept considered for release)

Spaceships These handbooks give a streamlined method for spacecraft construction and combat. Volumes 1 through 8 written by David Pulver. 

GURPS Spaceships (PDF) - describes the basic design and combat system.

GURPS Spaceships 2: Traders, Liners, and Transports (PDF) - concentrates on the economics of merchant spacecraft.

GURPS Spaceships 3: Warships and Space Pirates (PDF)

GURPS Spaceships 4: Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha (PDF)

GURPS Spaceships 5: Exploration and Colony Spacecraft (PDF)

GURPS Spaceships 6: Mining and Industrial Spacecraft (PDF)

GURPS Spaceships 7: Strange and Alien Spacecraft (PDF)

GURPS Spaceships 8: Transhuman Spacecraft (PDF) - spacecraft taken from the Transhuman Space setting

Creatures These handbooks describe monsters and creatures. 

GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 1 (PDF)

GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 2 (PDF)

GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 3 (PDF)

GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 4 (PDF)

GURPS Creatures of the Night, Volume 5 (PDF)

GURPS Dragons (3rd Edition with 4th Edition appendix)

Dungeon Fantasy series These handbooks describe how to reduce GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to play in a typical Medieval Fantasy "Dungeon Crawl" type of game. 

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 5: Allies (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 6: 40 Artifacts (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 7: Clerics (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 10: Taverns (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 11: Power-Ups (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninjas (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 13: Loadouts (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1 (PDF)

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventures 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon (PDF)

Action series These supplements describe how to reduce GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to play in games inspired by action movies of the 1980s and beyond. 

GURPS Action 1: Heroes (PDF)

GURPS Action 2: Exploits (PDF)

GURPS Action 3: Furious Fists (PDF)

Power-Ups series These supplements add a small set of new abilities for characters. 

GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements (PDF)

GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks (PDF)

GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents (PDF)

GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements (PDF)

GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys (PDF)

Monster Hunters series These handbooks describe how to reduce GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to play in a typical modern "Monster Hunting" type of game. Example settings include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Charles Stross's The Laundry series. 

GURPS Monster Hunters 1: Champions (PDF)

GURPS Monster Hunters 2: The Mission (PDF)

GURPS Monster Hunters 3: The Enemy (PDF)

GURPS Monster Hunters 4: Sidekicks (PDF)

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