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Α α-, αν-: without abyss, alogical, anarchy ETC. αβαξ: reckoning board abacist, abacus αγαθος: good Agatha, agathism, kalokagathia αγαπαω: love; αγαπη: love (n) agape αγαρικον: fungus agaric, agaricaceous αγγειον: vessel angioblast, angioblastic, angiocarp, angiocarpous, angiogenesis, angiogram, angiography, angiology, angioma, angioneurosis, angioneurotic, angioplasty, angioscope, angioscopic, angiosperm, angiospore, angiosporous, angiostomous, angiotomy, cholangitis, gametangium, hydrangea, lymphangial, lymphangiography, lymphangitis, microangiopathy, microangioplasty, sporangiferous, sporangiolum, sporangiophore, sporangiospore, sporangium, synangium, telangiectasis αγγελος: messenger; αγγελλω: announce; αγγελια: message angel, Angela, angelic, Angelica, angelical, angelot, Angelus, angelolatry, angelology, angelophany, archangel, disangelical, evangel, evangelary, evangelic, evangelical, Evangeline, evangelism, evangelist, evangelization, evangelize, Los Angeles, Protevangelium, televangelist αγειρω: see αγορα αγιος: holy; αγιαζω: sanctify hagiarchy, hagiocracy, hagiographal, hagiographer, hagiographical, hagiographist, hagiography, hagiolater, hagiolatry, hagiolith, hagiology, hagioscope αγκυρα: anchor; αγκυλος: crooked anchor, anchorage, anchorless, Ancyra, Angora, Ankara, ankylosaur, disanchor, unanchored αγορα: meeting place; αγειρω: collect

agora, agoraphilia, agoraphobe, agoraphobia, agoraphobic, allegorical, allegorize, allegory, categorical, categorically, category, demegoric, panegyric, panegyrical, pangyrist, panagyrize, paregoric αγρα: hunting, seizure chiragra, podagra αγρος: field (N.B. related to L. ager) agriotype, agrobacterium, agrobiology, agrochemical, agrology, agronome, agronomics, agronomist, agronomy, agrotechnology, onager, onagraceous αγρωστις: grass agrostis, agrostography, agrostology αγχω: squeeze quinsy αγω: lead; αγωγος: leading, guide; αγων: contest; διαγω: delay agon, agonistic, agonize, agony, anagogic, andragogy, antagonism, antagonist, antagonistic, antagonize, copragogue, demagogic, demagogue, demagoguery, demagogy, deuteragonist, diagometer, emmenagogic, emmenagogology, emmenagogue, epact, epagogic, epagogue, galactogogue, geostrategical, geostrategy, glucagon, hemagogue, hydragogue, hypnagogic, isagogue, lymphagogue, mystagogue, mystagogy, osmagogue, pantagogue, paragoge, pedagogic, pedagogics, pedagogism, pedagogist, pedagogue, pedagogy, pedant, pedantic, pedantically, pedanticism, pedantize, pedantocracy, pedantry, plutogogue, plutogoguery, protagon, protagonist, psychagogic, psychagogue, psychagogy, secretagogue, sialagogue, strategem, strategetic, strategic, strategical, strategically, strategist, strategize, strategus, strategy, synagogue, synallagmatic, syncategorem, tritagonist, xenagogue αγων: contest: see αγω αδελφος: brother; αδελφη: sister adelphous, diadelphic, diadelphous, monadelphous, Philadelphia, Philly αδην: gland adenalgia, adenectomy, adenography, adenoid, adenoidal, adenoiditis, adenology, ademoma, adenopherous, adenophyllous, adenotomy, lymphadenitis, lymphadenoma, polyadenous αδω (αειδω): sing; ωδη: song; ωδειον: odeon comedian, comedic, comedienne, comedist, comedy, countermelody, disprosody, epode, heptode, hymnody, immelodious, mel, melodeon, melodial, medlodic, melodics, melodist, melodize, melodious, melodiously, melodiousness, melody, monodic, monodist, monody, nickelodeon, ode, odeon, odeum, odic, palinode, palinodic, parodic, parodist, parody, prosodeme, prosodic, prosody, psalmodist, psalmody, rhapsode,

rhapsodic, rhapsodical, rhapsodist, rhapsodize, rhapsody, theody, threnode, threnody, tragedian, tagedienne, tragedize, tragedy, tragi-comedy αει: forever; αιων: period of existence aeon, aeonian, eon, eternal, eternally, eternity αειρω: raise aorta, aortography, apheresis, apheretic, arsis, arterial, arteriole, artery, astrometeorology, biometeorology, hydrometeorlogist, mesarteritis, meteor, meteoric, meteorically, meteorite, meteoritics, meteorogram, meteorograph, meteorography, meteoroid, meteoroidal, meteorolite, meteorological, meteorologist, meteorology, metoeometer, metoromancy, meteoroscope, micrometeor, micrometeorite, micrometeorology, photometeor, syneresis αζω: dry up azalea αηρ: air; αημι: breathe (L. aer) aerenchyma, aero-, aeroballistics, aerobatics, aerobe, aerobic, aerodrome, aerodromics, aerodynamic, aerodynamics, aerodyne, aeroembolism, aerogram, aerograph, aerographic, aerography, aerolithology, aerology, aeromancy, aeromechanic(s), aerometer, aeronaut, aeronautics, aeroneurosis, aeronomy, aerophagia, aerophobe, aerophobia, aerophone, aerophore, aerophyte, aeroplane, aeroplankton, aeroscope, aerosol, aerospace, aerosphere, aerostat, aerostatics, aerotrain, aerotropic, aerotropism, air, airbag, airballon, airborne, airbrush, airbus, aircondition, aircraft, airfoil, airframe, air-guitar, air-hole, airily, airiness, airing, airless, airline, airmail, airplane, airport, airproof, airraid, airship, airsick, airsickness, airstream, airstrip, airtight, airway, airy, anaerobe, anaerobic, anerobe, anerobic, antiaircraft, aria, aura, AWACS, Buenos Aires, malaria, malarial, malariology, malariologist, malarious, midair, NASA, open-air, soar OED does place aerial etc. under aer and aero- etc. under αηρ. OED traces air back to αηρ, but also mentions aer. Αθηνη: Athena Athena, atheneum, Athenian, Athens, Panathenia, panathenaic αθλον: prize; αθλος: contest; αθλεω: contend athlete, athletic, athletically, athleticism, athletics, biathlon, decathlon, heptathlon, nonathlete, pentathlete, pentathlon, tetrathlon, triathlete, triathlon, unathletic, unathletically Αιγαιος: Aegeus Aegean, Aegeus Αιγυπτος: Egypt Copt, Coptic, Egypt, Egyptian, Egyptologist, Egyptology, gipsy, gyp, gypsy

Αιδης: unseen Hadean, Hades αιθηρ: heaven diethyl, ester, ethane, ethanol, ether, ethereal, ethereality, ethereally, etherification, etheriform, etherize, etheromania, ethyl, ethylene, monethyl, polyester, polyethylene, polythene, triethyl Αιθιοψ: Ethiopeian Ethiopeia, Ethiopeian αιλουρος: cat ailurophile, ailurophobe, ailurophobia, ailurophobic αιμα: blood anemia, anemic, collemia, copremia, dermohemia, disproteinemia, -emia, galactosemia, glucohemoglobin, glycohemia, hemachate, hemachrome, hemad, hemagglutinate, hemagogue, hemal, hematascope, hematherm, hematic, hematite, hematobic, hematoblast, hematocele, hematochrome, hematocrit, hematocyte, hematodynamics, hematogenesis, hematogenous, hematoid, hematology, hematoma, hematometer, hematopathology, hematophagous, hematophilia, hematophobia, hematophyte, hematopoiesis, hematoscope, hematose, hematosis, hematothermal, hematoxylin, hematozoan, hematuria, hemic, hemin, hemocele, hemocromagen, hemochromatosis, hemocrome, hemocromometer, hemocyanin, hemodialysis, hemodrometer, hemodynamics, hemogastric, hemogenesis, hemogenetic, hemoglobin, hemogram, hemoid, hemoleucocyte, hemolymph, hemolysis, hemometer, hemopathology, hemophilia, hemophiliac, hemophilic, hemaphobia, hemopoiesis, hemoptysis, hemorrhage, hemorrhagic, hemorrhoid, hemorrhoidal, hemoscope, hemospastic, hemostasis, hemostat, hemostatic, hemotoma, hemotrophy, hydrohemia, hyperemia, hyperglycemia, hyphemia, hypoglycemia, hypoxemia, ischemia, ketonemia, leukemia, leukemic, leukemogen, leukemogenic, lymphemia, melaena, melanemia, melanemic, myxedemia, oligemia, oligochromenia, oligocythemia, oxalemia, oxyhemaglobin, pachyemia, piarrhemia, pyemia, septemia, septicemia, spanemia, thalassanemia, toxemia, toxemic, tularemia, tyrosinemia, uremia, uremic, viremia αινιγμα: riddle enigma, enigmatic, enigmatical, enigamtically, enigmatize, enigmatographer, enigmatography, enigmatology αιξ: goat aegis αιολος: quick-moving Aeolian, aeolian harp, Aeolus, eolienne αιρεω: grasp

heresiarch, heresimach, heresiographer, heresiography, heresiology, hersey, heretic, heretical, heretically αισθανομαι: perceive; αισθησις: perception acroanesthesia, aesthete, aesthetic, aesthetical, aestheticism, aesthetics, anesthesia, anesthetic, chromesthesia, cryptesthia, dysesthesia, esthete, esthetic, esthetical, esthetically, esthetics, hyperesthesia, hypesthesia, kinesthesia, oxyesthesia, panesthesia, panesthetism, pseudesthesia, psychesthetic, psychroesthesia, radiesthesia, somesthetic, synesthesia, synesthetic, telesthesia, telesthetic, thermanesthesia, thermesthesia αιτια: accusation; αιτιος: responsible aetiological, aetiology, aetion, etiological, etiology αιων: see aei ακαδημια: Academy academe, academia, academic, academical, academically, academician, academy Ακαδια: Acadia Acadia, Acadian, Cajun ακη: spine, thorn; ακανθα: thorn acacia, acanthaceous, acanthine, acanthoid, acanthous, acanthus, acme, acmite, acne, coelacanth, diacanthous, myriacanthous, notacanthous, oligacanthous, polyacanthous ακεομαι: heal panacea ακμη: point, edge: see ακη ακολουθεω: see κελευθος ακονιτον: monkshood (a plant) aconite ακουω: hear; οπακουω: answer acoumeter, acoustic, acoustical, acoustician, acousticon, acoustics, diacoustics, diplacusis, electro-acoustics, hydroacoustics, hyperacusis, micracoustic, optoacoustics, otacoustic, polyacoustic, telacoustic ακρος: top point; ακρα: headland; ακροπολις: acropolis acroanesthesia, acroatic, acrobat, acrobatic, acrobatics, acrocentric, acrocephaly, acrocyanosis, acrograph, acrography, acrolect, acrolectal, acrolith, acrology, acromegalic, acromegaly, acrometer, acronym, acrophobe, acrophobia, acrophonic, acropolis, acrostic, acroterion, acroterium, acrotism, epacrid, epacris, megalacria, paracrostic probably related to ακη

ακτις: ray actinic, actinide, actinoid, actinomorphic, actinometer, actinotherapy, dynactinometer, octactinal, polyactinal, tesseract, tetract, triactinal αλαβαστρος: onyx, alabaster alabaster αλαος: blind nyctalope, nyctalopia, nyctalopic, nyctalopy αλεξω: ward off Alex, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexandrian, Alexandrine, Alexis αλγος: pain; αλγεω: suffer adenalgia, algesia, algolagnia, algophobia, algophobic, analgesic, antalgic, cardialgia, cardialgy, cephalalgia, cephalalgic, cephalalgy, cordialgic, cystalgia, dermalgia, dermatalgia, enteralgia, gastralgia, glossalgia, gonalgia, hemialgia, hepatalgia, hypalgesia, hyperalgia, hypoalgia, ischialgia, kinesalgia, melalgia, metralgia, myalgia, nephralgia, neuralgia, neuralgic, nostalgia, nostalgic, nostalgically, odontalgia, odontalgic, omalgia, orchialgia, osphyalgia, ostalgia, otalgia, ovarialgia, pedialgia, perialgia, phallalgia, pharyngalgia, phrenalgia, pleuralgia, pneumonalgia, podalgia, proctalgia, prosopalgia, prostatalgia, psychalgia, rachialgia, sternalgia, synalgia, tarsalgia αλκυων: kingfisher halcyon, halcyon days αλλος: other allegorical, allegorize, allegory, alleles, allelometric, allelometry, allelomorph, allergenic, allergic, allergy, allogamy, alloles, allometric, allometry, allomorph, allonym, allopathic, allopathy, allopatric, allophone, alloplastic, allotrope, allotrophic, allotropic, allotropy, diallage, hypoallogenic, isallobar, isallotherm, nonallergic, parallactic, parallax, parallel, parallelapiped, parallelism, parallelist, parallelize, parallelogram, parallelopiped, synallagmatic, trophallaxis, unparalleled αλοη: aloe aloe αλος: threshing floor halo, haloscope

(not in LS)

αλς: salt, the sea halide, halieutic,halimetry, haliogram, haliograph, halite, halobionic, halocarbon, halochromism, halogen, halography, haloid, halology, halomancy, halometer, halomorphic, halophile, halophilic, halophyte, halophylous, haloplankton, halosaurus, haloscope, haloxylin, oligohaline, thermohaline

αλυω: be unsteady hallucinant, hallucinate, hallucination, hallucinative, hallucinatory, hallucinogen, hallucinogenic, hallucinosis αλφα: alpha alpha, alphabet, alphabetical, alphabetically, alphabetize, alpha decay, alphagram, alphanumeric, alpha particle, amphetamine, realphabetize αλωπης: fox alopecia, alopecoid αμαρυλλις: amaryllis amaryllis αμβιξ: cup alembic αμβλυς: dull amblodont, amblygon, amblyopia αμειβω: enter, cross, change am(o)eba, amoebean, am(o)ebic, am(o)ebous, myxam(o)eba, protoam(o)eba αμην: truly Amen Αμμον: Ammon amine, Ammon, ammonia, ammoniac, cuprammonia, cuprammonium, protamine αμνος: lamb amnion, amniotic, oligohydramnios, polyhydramnios, protoamnion αμυγδαλη: almond almond, amygdalate, amygdalic, amygdaliferous, amygdalin, amygdaline, amygdaloid αμυλον: starch amyl, amylaceous, amyl acetate, amylase, amylic, amylogen, amylogenic, amyloid, amylolysis, amylopsin, amylose, amylum αμφι: about, near amphi-, amphibial, amphibian, amphibious, amphibology, amphibolous, amphichrome, amphictyonic, amphictyony, amphigony, amphipod, amphiprostyle, amphisbaena, amphitheater, amphoteric, omniphibious, pro-amphibia, triphibian, triphibious αμφορευς: pitcher

amphora, amphoric ανα-: up, back e.g., anabasis, anabolic, anachronism, anachronistic, analyze, analogy, anatomy, anapest, anaphora, anastrophe ανακωλος: see κελευθος αναλογισμος: calculation

(See λογος.)

αναστασια: see ιστημι ανατολη: east Anatolia ανεμος: wind anemogram, anemograph, anemographic, anemography, anemology, anemometer, anemometry, anemone, anemophilous, anemosis, anemotropism ανευρυνσις: dilatation: see ευρυς ανηρ, ανδρος: male; ανδρεια: manliness; ανδρειος: manly Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexandrian, Alexandrine, andragogy, Andrew, androcentric, androcentrism, androcentrist, androcentristic, androcephalous, androcracy,androgen, androgenic, androgenism, androgenous, androgyne, androgynous, androgyny, android, andrologist, andrology, andromorphic, Andy, decandrous, diandrous, ennandrous, gynandromorph, gynandrous, micrander, misandry, monandrous, monandry, oligandrous, pachysandra, philander, philanderer, polyandria, polyandrist, polyandrous, polyandry, proterandrous, protoandric, pseudandry, spanandry, theandric ανησον: anise anise, aniseed, anisette ανθος: flower anthemion, anther, anthesis, anthocarp, anthocarpous, anthocyanin, anthograph, anthography, antholite, anthologize, anthology, anthomania, anthomancy, anthophilous, anthophorous, chloranthous, chrysanthemum, epanthous, exanthematic, gymnathous, hebeanthous, mesembrianthemum, monanthous, oliganthous, perianth, polyanthus, synanthesis, synanthous, trianthous, zoantharian ανθραξ: charcoal anthracite, anthrax, lithanthrax, xylanthrax ανθρωπος: human; ανθρωπινος: human (adj.) anthropocentric, anthropogenic, anthropoid, anthropologist, anthropology, anthropometry, anthropomorph, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphism, anthropopathy,

anthropophagi, anthropophagous, anthropophagy, anthropoponymy, anthropopsychism, anthropotomy, de-anthropomorphize, eoanthropos, lycanthrope, lycanthropic, lycanthropous, lycanthropy, Meganthropus, misanthrope, misanthropic, misanthropy, monoanthropism, neanthropic, paleanthropic, paleoanthropology, paranthropus, philanthropic, philanthropism, philanthropist, philanthropy, pithecanthrope, pithecanthropos, protoanthropic, psilanthropic, psilanthropism, psilanthropy, sinanthropoid, sinanthropus, synanthropic, telanthropus, theanthropic, theanthropism, Theanthropos, theoanthropomorphic, theophilanthropy, therianthropic, therioanthropomorphic, zoanthropy Ανταιος: Antaeus antean, Antaeus αντι: instead of, against, opposed to e.g., antagonist, antagonize, antalgic, Antarctica, anti, antichrist, anticlimax, antidote, antigen, antihistamine, antifreeze, antilock, antipathy Cf. L ante: anterior, anticipate etc. αντρον: cave antral αξιος: worthy axiology, axiom, axiomatic, axiomatically αξων: axle axon, catscan, hypaxial, monaxial, monaxile, monaxon, monoaxal, orthaxial, paraxial, polyaxial, protoaxonial, triaxial απαξ: occurring once hapax legemon απλαστον: covered skin aplustre απλοος: single haplocardiac, haplodont, haplography, haplohedral, haploid, haplology, haplomorphic, haplont, haplotomy See -πλοος. απο: from e.g., apocalypse, apocalyptic, Apocrypha(l), apodosis, apodyterium, apogee, apolegetic, apologist, apologize, apology, apoplectic, apoplexy, aposiopesis, apostasy, apostle, apostrophe, apothecary, apothegm, apotheosis αποδυτεριον: stripping room: see -δυω

αποκαλυπτω: reveal: see καλυπεω: hide αποστολος: apostle; see στελλω: make ready, send απτω: fasten apoapsis, apse, apsidal, apsis, hapten, haptic, haptoglobin, haptophore, haptotropism, periapsis, synapse, synapsis, synaptic, synaptogenesis, synaptology, synaptonemal, synaptosome αραχνης: spider Arachne, arachnean, arachnid, arachin, arachnoid, arachnologist, arachnology, arachnophagous, arachnophobia Αργος: Argos Argonaut, Argos, Argus, Argus-eyed αργυρος: silver; αργυριον: cash Ag, argent, Argentina, argyrol, Hg, hydrargyrum, miargyrite αρετη: excellence arete, Aretha, aretalogy Αρης: Ares Antares, areology, areopagite, Areopagus, Ares αρθρον: joint arthritic, arthritis, arthro-, arthropod, arthropoda, arthroscopy, diarthroidal, diarthrosis, dysarthria, enarthrodial, enarthrosis, osteoarthritis, panarthritis, polyarthritis, synarthrosis αριθμος: number antilogarithm, arithmetic, arithmetic, arithmetic mean, arithmetic progression, arithmetical, arithmocracy, arith(mo)mancy, arithmomania, colog, cologarithm, isarithm, log (math), logarithm, logarithmic, logarithmical αριστος: best aristarchy, aristocracy, aristocrat, aristocratic, aristoi, aristotype Αρκαδια: Arcadia Arcadia, Arcadian αρκτος: bear antarctic, Antarctica, Arctic, Arcturus, palearctic αρμοζω: join

contraharmonical, disharmonic, disharmonious, disharmony, enharmonic, harmonic, harmonica, harmonical, harmonically, harmonics, harmonious, harmoniously, harmonist, harmonistic, harmonization, harmonogram, harmonograph, harmonmeter, harmonize, harmony, harmost, harmotone, inharmonic, inharmonious, inharmoniously, inharmony, orgone, orgonity, orgonomy, panharmonic, philharmonic, telharmonium αρπαζω: seize harpoon, Harpy αρσην: male arsenic, arsenide αρτος: bread artocarpad, artophagous αρχω: rule, begin, show the way; αρχη: beginning; αρχων: ruler; αρχαιος: ancient; υπαρχω: be available anarch, anarchism, anarchist, anarchy, arch-, -arch, archaic, archiacally, archacism, archangel, archbishop, archdeacon, archdiocese, archduke, archelogy, archeological, archeologist, archeology, archetypal, archetype, archi-, archidiaconal, archiepiscopal, archimage, archipelago, architect, architectonic, architectural, architecture, architrave, archival, archivalia, archive, archives, archivist, archivistic, archizoic, archon, archpriest, aristarchy, -archy, autarchy, autarky, chiliarch, chiliarchy, decadarch, decadarchy, decarch, decarchy, diabolarch, diabolarchy, diarch, diarchal, diarchic, diarchy, dodecarch, dodecarchy, duarchy, dyarchy, ecclesiarch, eclesiarchy, eparch, eparchial, eparchy, ethnarch, ethnarchy, exarch, exarchate, genearch, gynarchy, hagiarchy, hecatontarchy, heptarchy, heresiarch, hexarchy, hierarch, hierarchical, hiearchism, hierarchize, hierarchy, irenarch, mandriarch, matriarch, matriarchal, matriarchy, menarche, meridarch, mesarch, monarch, monarchal, monarchial, monarchical, monarchically, monarchism, monarchist, monarchistic, monarchize, monarchy, myriarch, nomarch, nomarchy, octarch, octarchy, oligarch, oligarchal, oligarchic, oligarchical, oligarchism, oligarchization, oligarchize, oligarchy, pantarchy, paparchical, patriarch, patriarchal, patriarchalism, patriarchalist, patriarchally, patriarchate, patriarchism, patriarchist, patriarchy, pentarch, pentarchy, Plutarch, Plutarchian, polyarchy, postmenarchal, premenarchal, pseudoarchaic, pubarche, squirearch, squirearchy, synarchy, tetrarch, tetrarchy, thearchy, toparchy, triarch, triarchy, trierarch, trierarchy, xerarch αρωμα: spice aroma, aromatic ασθμα: short breath; αζειν: to blow asthma, asthmatic Ασια: Asia Asia, Asia Minor, Asian, Asiatic, Eurasia, Eurasian

ασκεω: train ascetic, ascetical, asceticism ασκος: bag asco-, ascocarp, ascospore, ascus ασπαραγος: asparagus asparagus ασπις: shield, asp asp, aspidistra ασπρος: asper, white (late) asper (coin), diaper, diaper(e)d, diapery, diapering αστηρ: star aster, asterial, asterisk, asterism, asteroid, Astraea, astral, astrally, astro-, astrobiologist, astrobiology, astrobotany, astrocytoma, astrodome, astrodynamics, astrographic, astrography, astrolabe, astrolatry, astrologer, astrological, astrology, astrometeorology, astrometry, astronaut, astronautical, astronautics, astronavigation, astronavigator, astronomer, astronomical, astronomy, astrophile, astrophobia, astrophotography, astrophysical, astrophysicist, astrophysics, astroturf, catasterism, diaster, disaster, disastrous, disastrously, monaster, radioastronomy, synastry, triaster ασφαλτον: asphalt asphalt ασφωδελος: asphodel asphodel, daffodil αταξια: see ταττω Ατλας: Atlas atlantes, Atlantic, Atlantic City, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis, atlas, NATO, transatlantic ατμος: steam, vapor, air atmogenic, atmometer, atmosphere, atmospheric, atmospherical, sferics Αττικος: Athenian attic, Attic, Attica, Atticism, atticize, Atticus Αυγεας: Augeas Augean, Augean stable, Augeas αυλη: hall

aulic αυλος: pipe, tube hydraulic, hydraulics, sterhydraulics αυος: dry; αυστερος: dry, harsh austere, austerely, austerity αυτος: -self; αυτομολος: deserter; αυτοματος: self-acting anautogenous, autarchy, autarky, autecology, auteur, authentic, authentically, authenticate, authentication, authenticator, authenticity, autism, autistic, auto, Autobahn, autobiographical, autobiography, autoblock, autocepahous, autochthon, autochthonal, autochthonous, autochthony, autoclave, auto-correlated, autocorrelation, autocracy, autocrat, autocratic, autocratically, autodial, autodidact, autodidactic, autodynamic, autoembolism, autoerotic, autoeroticism, autogenesis, autogenetic, autogenetous, autogenous, autograph, autographic, autography, autogyro, autoimmune, autokinetic, autolatry, autologous, autolysis, automaker, automat, automate, automatic, automatically, autamaton, autometry, automobile, automobilism, automobilist, automobility, automorphic, automorphism, automotive, autonomic, autonomous, autonomously, autonomy, autopathic, autophagous, autophony, autopilot, autoplast, autoplastic, autoplasty, autopsy, autosomatic, autosome, autostrada, autotheism, autotheist, autotheistic, autotomic, autotomy, autotoxic, autotoxin, autotroph, autotrophic, autotropic, autotype, autotypic, autoxidize, auturgy, chemoautotroph, disauthenticate, inauthentic, nonautomatic, semiautomatic, tautobaryd, tautochrone, tautographical, tautohedral, tautological, tautologically, tautologist, tautologize, tautologous, tautology, tautomancy, tautomanism, tautomerism, tautometric, tautomorphous, tautonym, tautophony, tautopody, tautosyllabic, tautozonal, telautograph αφασια: see φημι αφρος: foam anaphrodisia, Aphrodite, aphrodisaic, hermaphrodism, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditic, hermaphroditism Αχαιος: Greek Achaean, Achaian αχατης: agate agate αψινθατον: draught of wormwood absinthe

Β βαθυς: deep; βαθος: depth bathetic, bathocolpian, batholith, bathometer, bathos, bathyal, bathybic, bathymeter, bathymetric, bathymetry, bathypelagic, bathyscaphe, bathyscope, bathyseism, bathysmal, bathysphere, eurybathic, isobathic, photobathic βαινω: walk, step; βατος: accessible; διαβαινω: stride; βασις: step; βαθρον: seat; αναβαινω: go up; αποβαινω: disembark; εκβαινω: go out; καταβαινω: go down; συμβαινω: happen acrobat, acrobatic, acrobatics, adiabatic, aerobatics, amphisbaena, anabasis, basal, base, baseboard, baseless, baseline, basement, basic, basically, basicity, basirostral, basis, catabatic, database, diabase, diabasis, diabetes, diabetic, diabetical, dibasic, dysbasia, ecbasis, ecbatic, embasing, epibasal, faith-based, gnathobase, hylobate, hyperbaton, isobase, isobasic, katabasis, katabatic, lunabase, metabasis, metabatic, monobasic, nonbasic, off-base, orthobasic, parabasal, pentabasic, platybasic, polybasic, power base, scenobatic, second base, stereobate, stylobate, tetrabasic, tholobate, time base, tribasic, ultrabasic, water base, wave base, wheel base, wordbase, zero-based βακτρον; staff, stick; βακτηριον: staff, cane agrobacterium, antibacterial, bacillae, bacillary, bacilliform, bacillosis, bacillus, bacteria, bacterial, bactericidal, bactericide, bacterin, bacteriological, bacteriologist, bacteriology, bacteriolysin, bacteriolysis, bacteriolytic, bacteriophage, bacteriophagic, bacterioscopy, bacteriosis, bacteriostasis, bacteriotherapeutic, bacteriotherapy, bacterium, baculiform, baculus, baguette, corynebacterium, debacle, eubacterium, lactobacillus, microbacillus, mycobacterium, myxobacterium, thiobacillus Βακχος: Bacchus Bacchanal, Bacchanalia, Bacchanalian, Bacchant, Bacchante, Bacchic, Bacchus βαλαυστιον: pomegranate flower baluster, balustrade, ban(n)ister βαλλω: throw; βολη: throw (n.); μεταβαλλω: change; συμβαλλω: come together; διαβολη: slander; μεταβολη: change; βελος: missile; αποβαλλω: throw away; διαβαλλω: discredit; εισβαλλω: invade; εκβαλλω: throw out; μεταβαλλω: change; προσβαλλω: mount an attack aeroballistics, aeroembolism, amphibolous, amphiboly, anabolic, autoembolism, ball (dance), ballabile, ballad, balladeer, balladist, balladmongering, ballet, balletic, ballista, ballistic, ballistician, ballistics, ballistophobia, ballroon, BASIC, bedevil, bedevilment, biolistics, bolide, catabolic, catabolism, catabolite, daredevil, daredevilry, devil, devildom, deviless, devilet, devilhood, devilish, devilishly, devilishness, devilism, devilize, devilkin, deviller, devilment, devilry, devilship, devil’s advocate, devily, diablerie, diablotin, diabolarch, diabolarchy, diabolepsy, diabolic, diabolical, diabolically, diabolicalness, diabolicity, diabolification, diabolifuge, diabolify, diabolism, diabolist, diabolize, diabolo, diabolology, diabolonian, discobole, discobolic, diskobolus, ecbole,

ecbolic, electroballistic, emblem, emblemata, emblematic, emblematical, emblematically, emblematist, emblematize, emblematology, emblemize, embole, embolectomy, embolic, embolism, embolismus, embolite, embolium, embolization, embolize, embolon, embolus, epiblema, epiboly, hemimatabolous, holometabolous, hyperbola, hyperbole, hyperbolic, hyperbolism, hyperbolize, hypobole, metabolic, metabolism, metabolite, metabolize, palaver, parable, parabola, parabole, parabolic, parabolical, parabolically, parabolist, parabolize, paraboloid, parembole, parlance, parle, parley, parliament, parliamentarian, parliamentary, parlor, parole, parolee, peribolus, phallic symbol, problem, problematic, problematical, problematically, problemist, problemless, problem solving, pseudoproblem, sea devil, sex symbol, sound-symbol, symbol, symbolatry, symbolic, symbolical, symbolically, symbolics, symbolism, symbolist, symbolization, symbolize, symbolography, symbology, symbololatry, taurobolium, tauroboly, water devil βαλσαμον: balsam tree balm, balmy, balsam, embalm, embalmer, embalmment βαπτω: dip; βαπτιζω: baptize Anabaptist, baptism, baptismal, baptist, baptistry, baptize, baptizer, parabaptism, pedobaptism, rebaptism, rebaptize, unbaptized, water baptism βαρβαρος: foreign Barbara, barbarian, barbaric, barbarism, barbarity, barbarous, barbarously, Barbary, debarbarization, debarbarize, rhubarb N.B. Barber is derived from Latin. βαρυς: heavy; βαρος: weight bar (wt), baritone, barium, barocyclometer, barognosis, barogram, barograph, barometer, barometric, barometry, baroscope, barostat, barothermograph, baryon, barytone, centrobaric, homobaric, hyperbaric, hypobaric, isallobar, isobar, isobaric, kilobar, meiobar, microbar, millibar, tautobaryd, water barometer, wheel barometer βασιλευς: king; βασιλεια: kingdom; βασιλικος: kingly Basil, basil, basailar, basikect, basilica, basilisk βαυνος: forge, furnace banausic βελος: arrow beloid, belomancy βενθος: depth of sea benthos, benthoscope βηρυλλος: green gem beryl, beryllium, berylloid, brilliance, brilliant, brilliantine, brilliantly, chrysoberyl

Βηρυτος: Beirut Beirut βητα: beta alphabet, alphabetical, alphabetically, alphabetize, beta, beta-blocker, betacism, beta decay, beta particle, beta ray, b-particle, Phi Beta Kappa, realphabetize βιβλος: book Bible, biblical, biblically, biblio-, biblioclasm, biblioclast, bibliognost, bibliographer, bibliographic, bibliographical, bibliography, biblioklept, bibliolatry, bibliologist, bibliology, bibliomancy, bibliomania, bibliomaniac, bibliopegy, bibliophage, bibliophagous, bibliophile, bibliophilic, bibliophilist, bibliophobe, bibliophobia, bibliopole, bibliopolist, bibliotaph, bibliotaphic, bibliotheca, bibliothecarial, bibliotherapy, Biblos, Byblos, philobiblic, philobiblist, solibiblical βιος: life; βιοω: live abiogenesis, abiogenetic, abiogenic, abiogenist, abiological, abiotic, abiosis, aerobe, aerobic, agrobiology, amphibial, amphibian, amphibious, anaerobe, anaerobic, anerobe, anerobic, antibiotic, astrobiologist, astrobiology, autobiographical, autobiography, bathybic, bioactive, bioaugmentation, bioblast, biocatalyst, biocentric, biochemical, biochemistry, biochromic, biocide, bioclimatic, bioclimatology, biocontrol, bio-corn, biodata, biodefense, biodegradable, biodiversity,biodynamics, bioecology, bioelectrical, bioelectricity, bioelectronics, bioengineer, bioengineering, bio-enhanced, bioenvironment, bioethical, bioethics, bioexclusivity, biofeedback, bioform, biogen, biogenesis, biogenetic, biogenetist, biogeochemical, biogeographer, biogeographical, biogeography, biograph, biographer, biographical, biography, biohazard, biohistorical, biohistory, bioinformatics, biokinetics, biolistics, biologic, biological, biologically, biologics, biologism, biologist, biology, bioluminescence, bioluminescent, biolysis, biolytic, biomagnetic, biomass, biome, biomechanics, biomedical, biomemory, biometeorology, biometer, biometric(s), biometrician, biometry, biomolecular, biomorph, bionic, biont, bio-organism, biopesticide, biophagous, biopharm, biophysical, biophysics, biopiracy, bioplasm, bioplastic, biopolymer, biopsy, bioptic, bioreactor, bioremediation, biorhythm, biosafe, biosafety, biosatellite, bioscavenge, bioscavenger, bioscience, bioscope, bioscopy, biosensor, biosolid, biospeleology, biosphere, biostatic, biostatistics, biosynthesis, biota, biotech, biotechnology, bioterror, bioterrorism, biotic, biotope, bioturbation, biotype, biowarfare, bioweapon, cenobite, cryobiological, cryobiologist, cryobiology, cryptobiosis, cryptobiotic, dendrobe, electrobiology, electrobioscopy, endobiotic, eobiont, epibiont, epibiotic, exobiology, gnotobiotic, halobionic, hematobic, hydrobiology, hydrobiosis, immunobiology, kleptobiosis, lithobiotic, macrobian, macrobiote, macrobiotics, melibiose, metabiology, metabiosis, microbial, microbe, microbicide, microbiologist, microbiology, microbism, mycobiont, necrobiosis, necrobiotic, neurobiology, omniphibious, ornithobiography, paleobiology, parabiont, parabiosis, parabiotic, parasymbiosis, pathobiology, photobiography, photobiology, photobiologic, phycobiont, phytobiology, pro-amphibia, protobiont, psychobiographer, psychobiography, psychobiology, rhizobic, sarobe, saprobial, saprobic, saprobiology, saprobiotic, saprobity, sociobiological, sociobiologist, sociobiology, symbiont, symbiose,

symbiosis, symbiotic, symbiotically, symbiotrophic, triphibian, triphibious, troglobiont, troglobite, trophobiont, trophobiosis, xenobiosis, xenobiotic βλαστος: shoot, sprout angioblast, angioblastic, bioblast, endoblast, blasto-, blastocarpous, blastocyst, blastocyte, blastoderm, blastogenesis, blastogenic, blastogeny, blastography, blastoid, blastomere, blastosphere, blastostroma, blastostyle, blastous, blastula, blastule, cnidoblast, coeloblast, coenoblast, cytoblast, diblastula, discoblastic, ecblastesis, ectoblast, enantioblastic, endoblast, entoblast, entosthoblast, epiblast, erythroblast, fibroblast, geoblast, gigantoblast, gonimoblast, gonoblast, gymnoblast, hematoblast, heteroblastic, holoblast, holoblastic, homeoblastic, homoblastic, hypoblast, idioblast, lymphoblast, medulloblastoma, megaloblast, melanoblast, meroblast, mesoblast, microblast, monoblast, myeloblast, myoblast, nematoblast, neoblast, nephroblast, neuroblast, normoblast, odontoblast, ooblast, osteoblast, parablast, periblast, planobalst, plasmoblast, polyblast, protoblast, sarcoblast, scleroblast, sideroblast, spongioblast, spongioblastoma, sporoblast, sympathoblast, teloblast, tetrablastic, thelyblastic, triblastic, trophoblast, xenoblast Βλασφημεω: see φημι βλεννος: slime oligoblennia βλεπω: see; βλεφαρις: eyelash blepharal, blepharism, blepharitis, blepharospasm, parablepsis, pseudoblepsia βολβος: onion bulb, bulbous, bulbously βολη: see Βαλλω βομβος: humming, hollow sound atom bomb, bomb, bombard, bombardment, bomber, bombshell, bound (leap), hydrogen bomb, patrol bomb, pipe bomb, rebound, stink bomb, water bomber βομβυξ: silkworm bombast, bombastic, bombycine βορεας: north aurora borealis, bora, boreal, borealization, borealize, Boreas, Corona Borealis, hyperborean, subboreal βοσκω: feed astrobotany, botanical, botanist, botanomancy, botany, Botox, ethnobotany, geobotany, hippoboscid, paleobotany, proboscidean, proboscidiferous, proboscidiform, proboscidigerous, proboscis

βουβων: groin bubo, bubonic βουλη: counsel; σψμβουλος: adviser; βουλομαι: be willing abulia, boule, hypoboulia, probouleutic βους: bull, cow Bootes, boustrophedon, bucolic, buff, buffalo, bulimia, bulimic, butane, butter, butterball, buttercup, butterfat, butterfingers, butterfly, buttermilk, butterscotch, buttery, butyl, butylene, butraceous, catalo, counterbuff, hecatomb, peanut butter, water buffalo βραγχια: fish gill abranchiate, branchiae, cryptobranch, cyclobranchiate, dermatobranchia, dermobranchiate, dibranch, dibranchiate, elasmobranch, hemibranch, homobranchiate, hydrobranch, hyperbranchial, hypobranchial, infrabranchial, intrabranchial, lophobranchiate, menobranch, metabranchial, monobranchiate, notobranchiate, nudibranch, nudibranchiate, opisthobranch, perennibranch, peribranchial, polybranch, tectibranch βραδυς: slow bradycardia, bradykinesia, bradykinesis, bradypepsia, bradypod, bradyseism βραχιων: arm bra, bracchium, brace, bracelet, bracemate, bracero, brachial, brachiate, brachiation, brachiator, brachiopod, brachiosaur, bracchium, bracing, brassiere, counterbrace, embrace, embraceable, embracement, embracer, embracery, embracingly, embracive, mainbrace, postbrachial, pretzel βραχυς: short brachycephalic, brachycrany, brachygraphy, brachylogy, brachyodont, brachypodous, brachypterous, brachysm, brachyurous βρογχος: windpipe bronchial, bronchitis, bronchocele, bronchiole, bronchoconstrictor, bronchophony, bronchopneumonia, bronchoscope, bronchospasm, endobronchial βροντη: thunder; ομβρος: shower of rain brontograph, brontology, brontometer, brontophobia, brontosaurus, ombrogenous, ombrograph, ombrology, ombrometer, ombrophil, ombrophilous, ombrophobe, ombrophobous βροτος: mortal Ambrose, ambrosia, ambrosial βρυω: swell

briony, bryology, bryony, bryophyte, bryozoa, embryectomy, embryo, embroctony, embryoferous, embryogenesis, embryogenetic, embryogenic, embryogeny, embryogony, embryography, embryoid, embryism, embryologic, embryological, embryologist, embryology, embryoma, embryon, embryonal, embryonary, embryonate, embryonic, embryonically, embryoniferous, embryoplastic, embryoscope, embryoptic, embryotomy, embryotoxin, neoembryo, neuroembryology, polembryonic, proembryo, prosembryum, protembryo, pseudembryo βρωμος: smell bromic, bromide, bromine, bromism, bromize, oxybromide Βυζαντιον: Byzantium Byzantine, Byzantium βυθος: the depth of the sea; βυσσος: flax, linen abysmal, abyssmally, abyss, abyssal, byssal, byssinosis, byssoid, byssus βυρσα: hide bursa, bursal, bursar, bursarial, bursary, burse, bursectomy, bursiculate, bursiform, bursitis, disbursable, disbursal, disburse, disbursement, disburser, purse, purseful, purseless, purser, purse-string, reimbursable, reimburse, reimbursement βωλος: lump, clump of earth bole, boletus, bolus

Γ Γαγαι: Gagas (town in Asia Minor) jet (black) γαγγλιον: a tumor gangliform, gangial, ganglion, ganglionary, ganglionic, ganglionitis, postganglionic γαγγραινα: gangrene; γρανειν: to gnaw, eat gangrene, gangrenous, osteogangrene γαλα: milk galactase, galactia, galactic, galactin, galactogoue, galactogenetic, galactometer, galactophagous, galactophorous, galactopoietic, galactorrhea, galactose, galactosemia, galacturonic, Galatea, galaxy, intergalactic, metagalaxy, oligogalactia, ornithogalum, polygala, protogalaxy, radio galaxy γαλη: weasel Galanthis, Phascogale γαμμα: gamma digamma, gamma, gammadion, gamma ray, gamut γαμος: wedding; γαμεω: marry agamic, agamogenetic, agamous, agamy, allogamy, antipolygamy, apogamous, apogamy, bigamist, bigamous, bigamy, chasmogamy, cleistogamic, cleistogamous, cleistogamy, coenogamy, cryptogamia, cytogamy, deuterogamist, deuterogamy, diamesogamous, dichogamous, dichogamy, digamist, digamous, digamy, endogamous, endogamy, epigamic, exogamous, exogamy, gametangium, gamete, gametic, gametocyte, gametogenesis, gametogenetic, gametophore, gametophyte, gamic, gamogastrous, gamogenesis, gamogenetic, gamomania, gamomorphism, gamopetalous, gamophyllous, gamophyte, heterogamete, heterogamous, hierogamy, hologamy, homogamous, homogamy, hypergamy, hypogamy, isogamete, isogamy, karyogamy, macrogamete, megagamete, microgamete, misogamist, misogamy, mixogamous, mixogamy, monogamic, monogamist, monogamous, monogamy, neogam, oogamous, orthogamy, pantagamy, paragamy, pentagamist, phanerogamous, pherogamous, phenogam, planogamete, plasmogamy, plastogamy, polygamist, polygamous, polygamy, porogamic, porogamous, porogamy, progamic, progamous, psudogamy, quadrigamist, quadrigamy, siphonogamic, somatogamy, syngameon, syngamete, syngamy, tetragamy, trigamist, trigamous, trigamy, xenogamy Γανυμηδης: Ganymede catamite, Ganymede γαστηρ: belly

dermogastric, digastric, discogastrula, endogastric, engastromythic, enterogastrone, entogastric, epigastric, gamogastrous, gastralgia, gastrectomy, gastric, gastriloquent, gastriloquist, gastritis, gastrocolic, gastrodisc, gastrodynia, gastroenteric, gastroenteritis, gastroenterologist, gastroenterology, gastrointestinal, gastroid, gastrolatry, gastrolith, gastrology, gastromancy, gastronome, gastronomic, gastronomical, gastronomy, gastropod, gastroscope, gastroscopic, gastroscopy, gastrosophy, gastrostomy, gastrotomy, gastrozoid, gastrula, hemogastric, hepatogastric, hydrogaster, hypogastric, intragastric, mesogastric, metagastric, monogastric, nasogastric, nephrogastric, opisthogastric, paragaster, peltogaster, perigastric, philogaster, platygastric, pneogastric, pneumogastric, polygastric, protogastric, trigastric, theologaster, urogaster, urogastrome γενος: race, kind; γιγνομαι: be born; γοναρ: womb; γονος: offspring; εκγονος: offspring; προγονος: ancestor; συγγενεια: kinship (see L. genus) abiogenesis, abiogenetic, abiogenic, abiogenist, agamogenetic, agenesis, allergenic, amylogen, amylogenic, amphigony, anagenesis, anautogenous, androgen, androgenic, androgenism, androgenous, angiogenesis, anthropogenic, antigen, antigenic, atmogenic, autogenesis, autogenetic, autogenetous, autogenous, biogen, biogenesis, biogenetic, biogenetist, blastogenesis, blastogenic, blastogeny, cacogenics, calcigenous, caprigenous, capsuligenous, carbonigenous, carcinogen, carcinogenesis, carcinogen(et)ic, catagenesis, chondrogenesis, chromatogen, chromatogenous, chromogenic, cladogenesis, cleistogenous, cnidogenous, coeligenous, collagen, collagenous, cormogen, cormogenous, cormogeny, cosmogenesis, cosmogenetic, cosmogenic, cosmogeny, cosmogonal, cosmogonic, cosmogonical, cosmogonist, cosmogony, cryogen, cryogenic, cryptogenetic, cryptogenic, crystallogenous, culmigenous, cyanogen, cyanogenic, cyclogenesis, cyclogeny, cystogenous, cytogenesis, cytogenetics, dehydrogenate, dehydrogenation, deoxygenate, deoxygenation, deoxygenize, dermatogen, deuterogenic, diagenesis, dictyogen, digenous, digenesis, digenetic, digenous, domigene, dissogony, dynamogen, dynamogeny, dysgenesis, dysgenic, dysgenics, ecgonine, ectogenesis, electrogenic, embryogenesis, embryogenetic, echograph, embryogenic, embryogeny, embryogony, encephaitogenic, endogen, endogenesis, endogenetic, endogenic, endogenous, endogeny, endorphin, entomogenous, epeirogenesis, epeirogeny, epigene, epigenesis, epigenetic, epigenist, epigon, epigonism, epileptogenic, erogenic, erogenous, erythrogen, estrogen(ic), ethnnogenesis, ethnogeny, Eugene, eugenesis, eugenetic, eugenic, eugenically, eugenicist, eugenics, eugeogenous, exogen, exogenesis, exogenetic, exogenous, extrageneous, fibrillogenic, fibrinogen, florigen, frontogenesis, galactogenic, gametogenesis, gametogenetic, gamogenesis, gamogenetic, gelatigenous, gene, Gene, geneagenesis, genealogical, genealogist, genealogize, genealogy, genearch, genecology, genesis, genethliacal, genethliacon, genetic, genetical, genetically, geneticist, genetics, genetrix, genic, genitourinary, genocidal, genocide, genome, genotype, geogen, geogenous, geogenic, geogeny, geogony, geomorphogeny, gestagen, glairigenous, glottogonic, gluconeogenesis, glycogen, glycogenic, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, goitrogenesis, gonad, gonadal, gonadectomy, gonadotrophic, gonadotropic, gonial, gonangium, gonimic, gonimoblast, gonitis, gonoblast, gonocalyx, gonocoele, gonococcus, gonocyte, gonoduct, gonomere, gonophore, gonoplasm, gonopore, gonorrhea, gonosome, gonosphere, gonothecal, gonotome, gonozooid, gymnogen, gynogenic, hallucinogen, hallucinogenic, halogen, hematogenesis, hematogenous,

hemogenesis, hemogenetic, hepatogenic, heterogeneity, heterogeneous, heterogenesis, heterogenital, heterogeny, histogen, histogenesis, histogenic, histogeny, hologen, hologenesis, homeogeneous, homeogenesis, homogen, homogeneity, homogeneous, homogeneously, homogenesis, homogenetic, homogenital, homogenize, homogeny, homogonic, homolgen, hydrogen, hydrogenate, hydrogenation, hydrogen bomb, hydrogenolysis, hydrogenous, hymenogeny, hypergenetic, hypnogeny, hypoallogenic, hypogene, hypogenenous, hysterogenic, iatrogenic, iatrogenically, immunogen, immunogenesis, immunogenetics, immunogenic, inhomogeneity, inhomogeneous, intragenic, ionogen, ionogenic, isogen, isogenous, kenogenesis, kentrogon, keratinogenesis, keratinogenous, kerogen, ketogenesis, kinetogenesis, lactigen, leukemogen, leukemogenic, lipogenous, lithogenesis, lithogenous, lucigen, lymphogenous, lysigenous, lysogen, lysogenesis, lysogenic, lysogenization, lysogenize, mammogenic, marigenous, melanogen, melanogenesis, membranogenic, meristogenetic, merogenetic, merogony, mesogenous, metagenesis, metagenetic, metagon, microgenic, mitogenetic, mitogenic, monogen, monogeneous, monogenesis, monogenetic, monogenic, monogenism, monogenist, monogenous, monogeny, monogoneutic, monogonic, monogony, morphogen, morphogenesis, morphogenic, morphogeny, mucigen, mucigenous, mucinogen, musicogenic, mutagen, mutagenesis, mutagenetic, mutagenic, mutagenicity, mycetogenetic, myelogenetic, myelogenic, myogen, mythogenesis, mythogenic, mythogony, necrogenic, necrogenous, nematogen, neogene, neogenesis, nephrogenic, neurogenesis, neurogenetic, neurogenic, nitrogen, nitrogenase, nitrogenate, nitrogenous, noegenesis, nomogeny, nongenetic, octogenary, octogenetic, odontogeny, ombrogenous, omnigenous, oncogene, oncogenesis, oncogenic, ontogenesis, ontogenetic, ontogenic, ontogenist, ontogeny, oogenesis, oogenetic, oogeny, oogonium, organogenesis, organogenic, organogenous, organogeny, orogen, orogenesis, orogenetic, orogenic, orogeny, orthogenesis, orthogenetic, orthohydrogen, osmogene, osteogen, osteogenesis, osteogenous, ovigenic, ovigenous, ovogenesis, oxygen, oxygenate, oxygenation, oxygenator, oxygenic, oxygenize, oxygenless, oxygenous, oxyhydrogen, paleogene, paleogenetic, palingenesis, palingenetic, pangenesis, pangenetic, pantogenous, paragenesis, paragenetic, parthenogenesis, parthenogenetic, partigeneric, pathogen, pathogenetic, pathogenesis, pathogenic, pathogeny, pedogenesis, pedogewnic, peptogen, perigone, petrogenesis, petrogeny, pharmacogenetics, phellogenetics, phenogenetics, phlogogenetic, phonogenic, photogen, photogenic, photomorphogenesis, phthisiogenesis, phyllogenetic, phylogenesis, phylogenetic, phylogenic, phylogeny, physiogeny, physiogony, phytogenetic, phytogenesis, phytogenetic, phytogenic, phytogeny, phytopathogen, phytopathogenic, plasmogen, plasmogeny, pnigogen, polygene, polygenesis, polygenetic, polygenism, polygenist, polygenous, polygeny, porphyrinogen, procarcinogen, progestogen, proterogenesis, protogenes, protogenetic, protogenic, prozymogen, psychogenesis, psychogenetic, psychogenic, psychotogenic, pyogenesis, pyogenic, pyretogenesis, pyretogenic, pyrogen, pyrogenetic, pyrogenic, pyrogenous, pythogenic, rachotgenic, radiogenetics, radiogenic, rhizogenic, rhombogen, rurigenous, saprogenic, saxigenous, schizmogenesis, schizogenesis, schizogony, scizophrenogenic, sclerogen, sclerogenetic, sclerogenous, scyphogeny, sociogenesis, sociogenic, soligenous, spasmogen, spasmogenic, spermatogenesis, spermiogenesis, spermogonium, spodogenic, sporogenesis, sporogenous, steatogene, steatogenous, steroidgenesis, stimulogenous, supergene, synaptogenesis, syngen, syngeneic, syngenesia, syngenesis, syngenetic,

tachygenesis, taphrogenesis, taxogen, tectogenesis, telegenesis, telegenic, telegony, telogen, teratogen, teratogenesis, teratogenic, teratogeny, terrigenous, thelygenous, theogonic, theogonist, theogony, tetanogenic, theriogenesis, thermogenesis, thiocyanogen, thiogenic, thyrogenic, tolerogen, topogenous, toxicogenic, transgenic, transgenosis, trichogenous, trigenic, trigoneutic, trihydrogen, trophogenic, tumorigenetic, tumorigenic, urogenous, venigenous, virogene, virogenesis, vitelligenous, vitellogenic, xanthogen, xenogenesis, zoogen, zoogenic, zygogenesis, zymogen, zymogenesis, zymogenic N.B. See note under genus. I’m not sure all the above belong here! γενυς: jaw genial (of jaw), genioglossal, geniohyoid, genioplasty γερανος: crane (bird) geranial, geranium γερων: old man; γηρας: old age geratology, geriatric, geriatrician, geriatrics, gerontic, gerontine, gerontocracy, gerontocratic, gerontogeous, gerontologist, gerontology, gerontomorphic, gerontomorphy, gerontophil, gerusia, progeria, psychogeriatrics γεφυρα: bridge gephyrean, gephrocercal, gephrophobia γη: earth; γεωργος: farmer; γεωργεω: work on land apogee, biogeochemical, biogeographer, biogeographical, biogeography, diageotropic, diageotropism, epigeal, epigee, eugeogenous, Gaea, Gaia, geo-, geoblast, geoboard, geobotany, geocentric, geocentrism, geochemistry, geochronic, geochronology, geochrony, geocoronal, geocratic, geocyclic, geode, geodesic, geodesy, geodetic, geodic, geodynamics, geoeconomics, geogen, geogenous, geogenic, geogeny, geoglyphic, geognost, geognostic, geognosy, geogony, geographer, geographic, geographical, geographically, geography, geoid, geoisotherm, geologic, geological, geologize, geologist, geologue, geology, geomagnetic, geomagnetism, geomalic, geomalism, geomancer, geomancy, geomantic, geometer, geometric, geometrical, geometrically, geometric mean, geometric progression, geometrician, geometrize, geometry, geomorphic, geomorphism, geomorphology, geomorphogeny, geomorphology, geomorphy, geonavigation, geonomy, geophagous, geophagy, geophilous, geophone, geophyllous, geophysical, geophysicist, geophysics, geophysiogomy, geophyte, geoplanarian, geopotential, geopolitical, geopolitics, geoponics, georama, George, Georgia, Georgian, georgic, Georgics, geoscopy, geoselenic, geosphere, geostatics, geostationary, geostrategical, geostrategy, geostrophic, geosynclinal, geosyncline, geosynchronous, geotactic, geotaxis, geotechnics, geotechnology, geotectonic, geothermal, geothermic, geothermometer, geotropic, geotropism, gerontogeous, hydrogeology, hypogean, isogeothermal, metageometry, microcosmogeology, microgeology, neogean, nosogeography, Notogaea, ornithogea, paleogean, paleogeography, paleogeology, paleogeomorphic, Pangaea, pangeometry, perigee,

photogeology, phytogeography, plane geometry, protogeometric, psychogeography, solid geometry, theogeological, thermogeography, word geography, zoogeography Γιγας: giant (W2 suggest a compound of γη and γενος; LS indicates Γιγας a separate root.) giant, giantesque, giantess, giantism, giantkiller, giantlike, giantship, giga-, gigabyte, giganertz, gigantean, gigantesque, gigantic, gigantically, giganticide, gigantify, gigantism, gigantize, gigantoblast, gigantolite, gigantology, gigantomancy, gigantopithecus, gigas, gillion, supergiant γιγγλυμος: hinge ginglyform, ginglymate, ginglymoid, ginglymus γιγνωσκω: recognize; γνωσις: knowledge; αγνοεω: not know; γνωμη: intellect; μεταγιγνοσκω: repent; συγγιγνωσω: forgive agnosia, agnosic, agnostic, agnostically, agnosticism, anagnorisis, barognosis, bibliognost, chirognomy, cordignostic, cosmognosis, craniognomic, craniognomy, craniognosy, cytodiagnosis, diagnosable, diagnose, diagnosis, diagnostic, diagnostically, diagnosticate, diagnostician, diagnostics, geognost, geognostic, geonosy, geophysiogomy, gnome, gnomic, gnomically, gnomish, gnomology, gnomon, gnomonic, gnomonically, gnomonology, gnomometry, gnosiological, gnosiology, gnosis, gnostic, gnostical, gnosticism, Gnosticize, gnotobiotic, hydrognosy, metagnomy, nephelognosy, paragnosis, pathognomy, pathognomonic, pharmacognosy, physiognomic, physiognomy, prognosis, prognostic, prognostical, prognosticate, prognostication, prognosticative, prognosticator, prognoscitory, prosopagnosia, psychognosis, pyrognostics, radiodiagnosis, stereognosis, stereognostic, syndiagnostic, telediagnosis, telegnostic, theognostic, undiagnosed, xenodiagnosis γλαυκος: grayish glaucescence, glaucescent, glaucoma, glaucophyllous, glaucosis, glaucous, uroglaucin γλουτος: rump gluteal, gluteus γλυκος: sweet dextroglucose, diglyceric, glucagon, glucase, glucic, glucolysis, gluconeogenesis, glucose, glucoside, glucosome, glyceride, glycerinate, glycerine, glycerol, glycine, glycerophosphate, glycoceraphyte, glycogen, glycogenic, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, glycohemia, glycol, glycolysis, glycolytic, glycophytic, glycose, glycosuria, glycotropic, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, levoglucose, licorice, nitroglucose, nitroglycerine, triglyceride γλυφω: carve anaglyph, dactylioglyph, dermatoglyph, dermatoglyphics, diglyph, ditriglyph, geoglyphic, glyph, glyphic, glyphograph, glyphography, glyptal, glyptic, glyptodon, glyptograph, glyptographic, glyptography, hemiglyph, hieroglyph, hieroglyphic,

hieroglyphist, ideoglyph, lithoglyph, opisthoglyph, paleoglyph, petroglyph, photoglyph, proteroglyph, solenoglyph, triglyph, tyroglyphoid, xyloglyphy γλωχις: arrow tip glochidate, glochidium γλωττα (γλωσσα): tongue cacoglossia, diglossia, diglot, discoglottid, docoglossate, duoglot, entoglossal, epiglottis, epiglottitis, genioglossal, gloss, glossal, glossalgia, glossarial, glossarist, glossary, glossator, glossectomy, glossematic, glosseme, glosser, glossic, glossist, glossitis, glossless, glossocele, glossograph, glossographer, glossography, glossolalia, glossological, glossologist, glossology, glossopathy, glossophagine, glossophorous, glossoplegia, glossoscopy, glossotheca, glossotomy, glossotype, glottal, glottalic, glottalize, glottal stop, glottic, glottid, glottis, glottiscope, glossitis, glottochronology, glottogonic, glottographer, glottology, gloze, heptaglot, homoglot, hyoglossal, hypoglossal, idioglossia, idioglottis, infraglottal, Interglossa, isogloss, melanoglossia, microglossia, microglossary, monoglot, myloglossus, oligoglottism, opisthoglossal, pachyglossal, palatoglossal, Pangloss, Panglossian, pantoglot, pentaglot, periglottal, periglottis, platyglossal, polyglot, proglottid, proglottis, styloglossal, tachyglossal, tessaraglot, tetraglot, thyroglossal, triglot, unglossed, xenoglossia, xenoglossy γναθος: jaw agnatha, agnathic, agnathous, desmognathous, endognathic, eurygnathous, gnathic, gnathobase, gnathocephalic, gnathonic, gnathophorous, gnathopod, gnathopodite, gnathosome, gnathostome, gnathotheca, holognathous, isognathous, macrognathic, megagnathous, merognathous, mesognathous, metagnathous, orthognathous, pachygnathous, plectognath, prognathic, prognathism, prognathous, prognathously, saurognathous, scizognathous, syngnathous γνωμων: judge, interpreter; see γιγνωσκω γογγρος: eel conger γομφιος: molar tooth gomphiasis, gomphodont, gompholite, gomphosis γονος: seed, child; see γενος γονυ: see γωνια γοργος: terrible gorgon, gorgonize γοριλλα: hairy person gorilla, gorillagram

γραφω: draw, write; γραμμα: letter; γραμματευς: scribe; γραφη: writing; συγγραφω: compose acrograph, acrography, adenography, aerogram, aerograph, aerographic, aerography, agraphic, agrostography, alphagram, altigraph, anagram, anagrammatic, anagrammatize, anemogram, anemograph, anemographic, anemography, angiogram, angiography, anthograph, anthography, aortography, apograph, astrographic, astrography, astrophotography, autobiographical, autobiography, autograph, autographic, autography, avogram, bargraph, barogram, barograph, barothermograph, bibliographer, bibliographic, bibliographical, bibliography, biogeographer, biogeographical, biogeography, biograph, biographer, biographical, biography, blastography, brachygraphy, brontograph, cablegram, cablegraph, cacography, calligraph, calligrapher, calligraphic, calligraphist, calligraphy, cardiogram, cardiograph, cardiographer, cardiographic, cardiography, cartographer, cartography, centigram, ceraunograph, cerography, chalcography, chemigraphy, chirograph, chirographer, chirographic, chirography, choreograph, choreographer, choreographic, choreography, chorograph, chorographer, chorographic, chorography, chromatograph, chromatography, chronogram, chronograph, chronographer, chronographic, chronography, chrysograph, chrysography, chthonography, cinematograph, cinematographer, cinematograph, cinematography, climatography, climograph, clinographic, collograph, cometographer, cometography, coronagraph, correlogram, cosmographer, cosmobraphic, cosmographical, cosmography, cramiograph, craniographer, craniography, crescograph, cryptogram, cryptograph, cryptographer, cryptographic, cryptographical, cryptography, crystallographer, crystallographic, crystallography, curvograph, cyclogram, cyclograph, cyclographer, cyclographic, cyclography, cymagraph, cyrtograph, dactyl(i)ography, dactylogram, decagram, decigram, decryptograph, demographer, demographic, demographics, demography, demonography, dendrogram, dendrograph, dendrography, deprogram, deprogramer, dermatographia, dermographia, desmography, deuterograph, diagram, diagrammatic, diagrammatically, diagrammatize, diagrammeter, diagraph, diagraphic, dialogram, dictogram, digram, digraph, digraphic, discographic, discography, dittogram, dittograph, dittography, doxographer, doxography, driography, dromograph, dynagraph, dynamograph, dysgrammatical, dysgraphia, ecclesiography, echocardiogram, echogram, ectypography, eidograph, EKG, electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph, electroencephalogram, electroencephalograph, electrogram, electrograph, electrography, electrographic, electromyogram, electromyograph, electronographic, electroretinograph, ellipsograph, embryography, encephalogram, encephlograph, engraft, engraftment, engram, engraph, enigmatographer, enigmatography, epidemiography, epigram, epigrammatic, epigrammatism, epigrammatist, epigrammatize, epigrammist, epigraph, epigrapher, epigraphic, epigraphical, epigraphy, epistolographic, epistolography, ergogam, ergograph, ethnograph, ethnographer, ethnography, ethogram, ethography, fathogram, filmography, fractography, galvanograph, geographer, geographic, geographical, geographically, geography, GIF, glamor, glamorize, glamorous, glossograph, glossographer, glosspgraphy, glottographer, glyphograph, glyphography, glyptograph, glyptographic, glyptography, gorillagram, graffito, graft, grafter, gram, grammalogue, grammar, grammarian, grammarless, grammatic, grammatical, grammaticality, grammaticalize, grammatically, grammaticize, grammatist, Grammy, grammatolatry, grammatophore, grammeter, grammopetalous, gramophile, gramophone,

gramophonic, gramophony, graph, graphematic, grapheme, graphemic, graphic, graphical, graphically, graphic arts, graphite, graphitic, graphologist, graphology, graphomania, graphometer, graphometry, graphomotor, graphophone, graphorrhea, graphoscope, graphospasm, graphotype, graphy, greffier, gyrograph, hagiographal, hagiographer, hagiographical,hagiographist, hagiography, haliogram, haliograph, halography, haplography, harmonogram, harmonograph, hectogram, hectograph, heliogram, heliograph, heliographer, heliopgraphic, heliography, hemogram, hepatography, heresiographer, heresiography, herpetography, heterograft, heterography, hexagram, hierogram, hierograph, histogram, historiographer, historiography, hodograph, hologram, holograph, holographic, holography, homalograhic, homograft, homograph, homographic, homography, hydrograph, hydrographer, hydrographic, hydrography, hyetograph, hygrograph, hymenography, hymnographer, hysography, hytherograph, ichnography, ichthyography, iconographer, iconographic, iconography, ideogram, ideograph, ideographic, ideography, idiogram, idiograph, idiographic, idolographical, ionogram, ionograph, ipsographic, isograft, isogram, isograph, JPEG, kaleidograph, kaliograph, kamagraph, kamagraphic, kapnography, karyogram, kilogram, kilogrammeter, kineograph, kinetogram, kinetograph, klydonograph, kymogram, kymograph, kymography, laminagraph, lexicograph, lexicographer, lexicography, lexigram, lexigraphy, lichenographist, lichenography, limnograph, linograph, lipogram, lipography, lithograph, lithographer, lithographic, lithography, logogram, logograph, logographer, logographic, logography, lymphangiography, lymphography, macrograph, macrophotography, magnetograph, mammogram, mammography, mareogram, marigraph, mechanograph, mecography, melograph, melographic, metagram, metagraphy, metallographer, metallographic, metallography, meterogram, meteorograph, meteorography, metrograph, mezzograph, microcosmography, microgram, micrograph, micrography, microphotograph, microphotography, microprogram, microradiography, microtopography, mogigraphic, milligram, mimeograph, monogram, monogrammatic, monograph, monographer, monographic, monographism, morphographer, morphography, motograph, multigraph, multiprogram, musicography, mutograph, myelogram, myelography, myogram, myograph, myriagram, mythographer, mythographic, mythography, nanogram, necrographer, neogrammarian, neograph, neographic, neography, nephogram, nephograph, nephrography, neurogram, neurography, nomogram, nomograph, nomographer, nomography, nongrammatical, nosogeography, nosography, nycotograph, oceanographer, oceanographic, oceanographical, oceanography, odograph, odontograph, odontography, oleograph, oleography, ombrograph, oncograph, ondogram, ondograph, ontography, oograph, ophiography, ophthalmography, opisthograph, optigraph, optogram, organigram, organograph, organography, ornithobiography, orographic, orographical, orography, orohydrography, orthographer, orthographic, orthography, orthohydrograph, oscillogram, oscillograph, oscillographic, oscillography, osteography, otographical, ozonograph, ozonographer, palatogram, palatography, paleogeography, paleography, paleohydrography, pancreatography, pangram, pangrammatic, paniconograph, panographic, pantograph, pantographer, pantographic, pantographical, pantomography, papyrograph, papyrography, paragrammatism, paragraph, paragraphia, paragraphic, paragraphist, parallelogram, pasigraphy, pathography, pedography, pelycography, pendulograph, pentagram, periodogram, periodograph, perspectograph, petrograph, petrographer, petrographic, petrographical,

petrography, pharmacography, pharyngography, phase diagram, philography, phlebogram, phlebography, phonocardiogram, phonocardiograph, phonocardiography, phonogram, phonograph, phonographic, phonography, photobiography, photochronograph, photogram, photogrammeter, photogrammetry, photograph, photographer, photographic, photography, photoheliograph, photolithograph, photolithographic, photolithography, photomacrography, photomicrograph, photomicrography, phototopography, phototypography, photozincography, phraseograph, phrenograph, phrenography, phycography, physiographic, physiography, phytogeography, phytograph, phytography, pictogram, pictograph, picturegraph, pistolgraph, placentography, plagiograph, planetography, planigraph, planographic, planography, plethysmograph, pluviograph, pneograph, pneumatogram, pneumatography, pneumogram, pneumograph, pneumography, pneumotachograph, polarograph, polygram, polygraph,polygrapher, polygraphic, polygraphy, pornogram, pornograph, pornographer, pornographic, pornography, potomagraphy, profilograph, program, programmability, programmable, programmatic, programmatically, programmer, programmatist, prosopography, pseudepigraphia, pseudepigraphy, pseudograph, pseudography, psychobiographer, psychobiography, psychogeography, psychogram, psychograph, psychography, punctograph, pupilography, pyelogram, pyretography, pyrography, radiogram, radiograph, radiographer, radiographic, radiography, radiophotography, radiotelegram, radiotelegraph, reprogram, reprographic, reprography, rheogram, saurography, scalogram, scenography, sciagraph, scintogram, scintillogram, seismograph, selenograph, selenographer, selenographic, selenography, sematography, serigraph, serigraphy, sgraffiato, sgraffito, shadowgraph, sialography, siderography, sigillographer, sigillography, sinogram, skiagram, skiagraph, skiagraphy, sociogram, sociography, sonogram, sonograph, source program, space program, spatiography, spectrogram, spectrograph, spectroheliogram, sphenogram, spherogram, spherograph, sphygmogram, sphygmograph, spirograph, splenography, steganography, stenograph, stenographer, stenographic, stenography, stereogram, stereograph, stereographic, stereography, stereophotograph, stethogram, stethograph, stratigrapher, stratigraphic, stratigraphical, stratigraphy, stress diagram, strippergram, subprogram, symbolography, synchronograph, syngraph, synorthographic, tachogram, tachograph, tachography, tachygraph, tachygrapher, tachygraphic, tachygraphy, tangram, tautographical, technograph, technographic, technography, telautograph, telecryptograph, telegram, telegrammic, telegraph, telegrapher, telegraphic, telegraphist, telegraphone, telegraphy, telephonograph, telephotogram, telephotograph, telethermogram, telethermograph, tephigram, tetragram, Tetragrammaton, thalassography, theriograph, thermogeography, thermogram, thermograph, thermographic, thermography, tomography, tonogram, tonograph, topograph, topographer, topographic, topographical, topographically, topographize, topography, torsiograph, trigram, trigraph, trigraphy, typhlograph, typo, typograph, typographer, typographic, typographica, typographical, typographically, typographist, typography, ultrasonography, ungrammatical, uranography, urography, utility program, Venn diagram, venography, ventriculography, vibrograph, videogram, videograph, videographer, videography, vortograph, word geography, xenograft, xerography, xeroradiography, xylograph, xylographer, xylography, zenographic, zenography, zerography, zeugmatography, zincography, zoogeography, zoographer, zoodraphic, zoography, zymogram

γριφος: fishing basket logogriph γρυψ: griffin; γρυπος: hooked, curved griffin, hippogriff, hippogriffin, hippogryph, onychogryphosis γυμνος: naked; γυμνασιον: gymnasium gym, gymnasial, gymnasiast, gymnasium, gymnast, gymnastic, gymnastics, gymnathous, gymnoblast, gymnocarpous, gymnocyte, gymnodont, gymnogen, gymnogenous, gymnogynous, gymnopterous, gymnosophist, gymnosperm, gymnospore, gymnostomous, gymnure γυνη: woman androgyne, androgynous, androgyny, decagynous, enneagynous, epigyne, epigynous, exogynous, gymnogynous, gynandromorph, gynandrous, gynarchy, gyne, gynecocentric, gynecocracy, gynecologic, gynecologist, gynecology, gynecocracy, gynecolatry, gynecomorphous, gyniatrics, gynephobia, gyniolatry, gynogenic, gynophile, gynophobe, gynophore, hebegynous, heterogynous, hypogynous, misogynist, misogynistic, misogyny, monogynous, monogyny, pentagynia, perigynous, philogynist, philogyny, polygynist, polygynous, polygyny, proterogynous, protogynous γυρος: ring autogyro, circumgyrate, circumgyration, cosmogyral, girandole, gyrate, gyration, gyrator, gyratory, gyre, gyring, gyro, gyrocompass, gyrodyne, gyrograph, gyroidal, gyromagnetic, gyromancy, gyroplane, gyroscope, gyroscopic, gyrose, gyrostat, gyrostatics, gyrovague, levogyrate, magnetogyric, oculogyric, polygyral, spirogyra γυψος: chalk gesso, gypseous, gypsiferous, gypsophilous, gypsum γωνια: corner; γονυ: knee agonic, amblygon, apogonid, co-orthogonal, decagon, decagonal, diagonal, diagonally, digonal, digonous, dihexagonal, ditetragonal, ditrigonal, dodecagon, duodecagon, enneagon, enneagonal, gonalgia, gonial, goniodont, goniometer, goniometry, gonion, gonioscope, goniostat, hendecagon, heptagon, heptagonal, hexagon, hexagonal, isogon, isogonal, isogonic, nonagon, octagon, octagonal, orthogonal, pandiagonal, pentagon, pentagonal, perigon, polygon, polygonal, polygonization, septagon, tetragon, tetragonal, trig, trigon, trigonal, trigonometric, trigonometrical, trigonometrically, trigonometry, trigonous, triorthogonal, undecagon

Δ δαιδαλος: cunning; δαιδαλλειν: to work artfully daedal, Daedaleon, Daedalian, Daedalus, Dedaleon, Dedalion, Dedalus, logodaedalus, logodaedaly δαιμων: demon, spirit, genius; ευδαιμονια: good fortune cacodemon, daimonic, demon, demoness, demoniac, demoniacal, demonic, demonically, demonism, demonist, demonization, demonize, demonography, demonolatry, demonology, demonomachy, demonomania, demonopathy, demonosophy, eudaemonia, eudaemoniac, eudaemonic, eudaemonics, eudaemonism, pandemonium, polydemonism δαιω: light up, burn geodesic, geodesy, geodetic, selenodesy δακρυ: tear, drop dacryd, dacryocystitis, dacryolith, dacrops δακτυλος: finger adactylous, dactyl, dactylic, dactylically, dactylioglyph, dactyliomancy, dactylion, dactylitis, dactylogram, dactylograph, dactylography, dactyloid, dactylology, dactylonomy, dactylopodite, dactylopterous, dactyloscopy, dactylozooid, date (fruit), date palm, decadactylous, discodactyl, ectrodactyly, fissidactyl, heterodactyl, holodactyl, hyperdactyly, isodactylous, leptodactylous, macrodactyl, microdactylous, monodactylous, octodactylous, oxydactyl, pachydactyl, paradactyl, pentadactyl, pentadactylous, perissodactyl, platydactyl, polydactyl, polydactyly, pterodactyl, spheriodactyl, syndactyl, tetradactyl, tridactyl, tridactylous, zygodactyl Δαμασκος: Damascus damascend, Damascene, Damascus, damask, damson δαμαω: tame adamant, adamantine, diamantiferous, diamantine, diamond, diamondback Δαναος: Danaus Danae, danaid, Danaus Δαρδανος: Dardanus Gardan, Dardanelles, Dardanus δασυς: hairy, dense, thick dasylirion, dasymeter, dasypeltis, dasyphyllous, dasypod, dasyure, dasypygal

δαφνη: laurel Daphne, Daphnean, Daphnia, Daphnis δει: it is necessary: see δεω δεικνυμαι: exhibit apodictic, deictic, deixis, endeictic, epideictic, hygrodeik, paradigm, paradigmatic, policy (contract), policy holder δεινος: terrible dinichthys, Dinoceras, dinoflagellate, Dinornis, dinornithia, dinosaur, dinosaurian, dinothere δειπνον: dinner deipnosophist δειρη: neck cryptodirous δεκα: ten dean, deanery, deaness, deanship, decacarbon, decacerous, decachord, decadactylous, decad, decadal, decangular, decadarch, decadarchy, decadation, decade, decadery, decadic, decadist, decadrachm, decafid, decagon, decagonal, decagram, decagynous, decahedron, decahedral, decahydrate, decal, decaliter, decalobate, decalogue, Decameron, decamerous, decameter, decan, decanal, decanate, decandrous, decane, decangular, decapartite, decaphyllous, decaploid, decapod, decarch, decarchy, decaspermal, decastyle, decasyllabic, decasyllable, decathlon, decigram, deciliter, decimeter, decyl, deka-, dekatron, dodecadrachm, dodecagon, dodecahedral, dodecahedron, dodecane, Dodecanese, dodecaphonic, dodecarch, dodecarchy, dodecastyle, dodekasyllable, dodecasyllabic, dodecuplet, dodecyl, duodecagon, hendecagon, hendecahedron, hendecasyllabic, triskaidekaphobia, undecagon δελτα: delta del, delta, deltafication, deltaic, deltation, deltiology, deltohedron, deltoid, deltoidal δελφις: dolphin dauphin, delphinestrian, delphinic, delphinine, delphinium, delphinoid, Delphinus, dolphin, dolphinarium, dolphinate δελφος: Delphi, womb Delphi, Delphian, Delphic, delphic, delphically, didelphian, monodelph, ornithodelphia δενδρον: tree dendranatomy, dendranthropology, dendriform, dendrite, dendritic, dendrobe, dendrochronology, dendroclastic, dendroclimatology, dendrocoele, dendrodic, dendrodont, dendrogram, dendrograph, dendrography, dendroid, dendrolatry, dendrolite,

dendrologist, dendrology, dendrometer, dendron, dendrophil, dendrophilous, dendrostyle, epidendral, oligodendrocyte, philodendrist, philodendron, rhododendron, telodendron, toxicodendron δεξιος: on the right side dexiocardia, dexiotrope, dexiotropic δερω: flay; δερμις: skin blastoderm, derma, dermabrasion, dermad, dermal, dermalgia, dermalysis, Dermaptera, dermatalgia, dermatic, dermatin, dermatitis, dermatobranchia, dermatogen, dermatoglyph, dermatoglyphics, dermatograph, dermatoid, dermatol, dermatologist, dermatology, dermatolysis, dermatomycosis, dermatomyostitis, dermatonosis, dermatopathology, dermatopathy, dermatophone, dermatophyte, dermatoplasty, dermatome, dermatopsy, dermatorrhea, dermatoscelerosis, dermatoskeleton, dermatome, dermatotome, dermatosis, dermatozoa, dermic, dermis, dermobranchiate, dermogastric, dermographia, dermohemia, dermoid, dermoidal, dermolysis, dermomuscular, dermonecrotic, dermoneural, dermo-osseus, dermopathy, dermophyte, dermopterous, diphtheria, diphtherial, ecderon, echinoderm, echinodernata, ectoderm, endermatic, endermic, endermical, endermically, enderon, endoderm, enepidermic, entoderm, epidermal, epidermis, epidermolysis, exodermis, heloderm, homodermic, hydroderma, hype (slang), hypodermic, intradermal, keratoderma, leucoderm, leucodermia, leukodermic, lophoderm, malacoderm, megaderm, melanoderm, mesoderm, monodermic, mycoderma, neurodermal, osteoderm, ostracoderm, pachyderm, pachydermatous, periderm, phelloderm, placoderm, pneumoderm, poikiloderma, psilodermatous, pyodermia, sarcoderm, scleroderm, schlerodermatous, scrofuloderma, spermioderm, stenoderm, subdermal, taxidermal, taxidermist, taxidermize, taxidermy, toxicoderma, toxidermic, trachidermic, xanthoderm, xenoderm, xeroderma δεσποτης: master despot, despotic, despotical, despotically, despotism, despotist, despotize, despotocracy δευτερος: second deutencephalon, deuteragonist, deuteranomalous, deuteranope, deuteranopia, deuterated, deuteric, deuterium, deuteroconid, deuterodrome, deuterogamist, deuterogamy, deuterogenic, deuterograph, deuteromesal, deuteron, Dueteronomic, Deuteronomist, Deuteronomy, deuteropathy, deuteroscopy, deuterostoma, deuterosystematic, deuterotheme, deuterotoky, deuterotoxin, deuterozooid, deutomalar, deutomerite, deutoplasm, deutosclerous, deutotergite, deutovum δεχομαι: take, receive synecdoche, syecdochical, synecdochism δεω: bind asyndeton, deontic, deontological, deontologist, deontology, desma, desmid, desmodont, desmognathous, desmography, desmoid, desmology, desmonosology, desmopathology,

desmopathy, desmopelmous, desmostichous, desmotomy, diadem, homodesmic, kinetodesma, plasmodesma, polysyndeton, syndesmosis, syndetic, syndeton δηλεομαι: destroy deleterious, deleteriously, deleteriousness Δηλος: Delos; δηλος: evident (perhaps same word); δηλοω: show; αδηλος: unclear Delian, Delos, psychedelic, urodele δημος: people; δημοκρατια: democracy; δημοσιος: public antidemocratic, demagogic, demagogue, demagoguery, demagogy, deme, demegoric, demiurge, demotic, democracy, democrat, democratic, democratically, democratism, democratize, demographer, demographic, demographics, demography, demoid, demophil, demotic, endemial, endemic, endemical, endemically, endemicity, endemism, epidemic, epidemical, epidemically, epidemiography, epidemiologist, epidemiology, homodemic, pandemic, pluto-democracy, social democracy, thgeodemocracy, topodeme, undemocratic, undemocratically δηαριον: denarius denarius δι-: twice diene, diploid etc. δια: through diagonal, diagram, dialysis, diameter, diaphanous ETC. διαβολος: see βαλλω διαιρεω: divide diaraesis διαιτα: way of living diet, dietal, dietary, dieter, dietetic, dietician, dietetic(s) διακονος: servant; διακονια: service archdeacon, archidiaconal, deacon, deaconhood, deaconness, deaconry, deaconship, diaconal, diaconate, doyen, doyenne, subdeacon διδασκω: teach; διδασκαλος: teacher autodidact, autodidactic, Didache, didactic, didactically, didactician, didacticism, didactive, didascalic, didascaly, theodidact διδυμος: twin didymate, didymis, didymite, epididymis

διδωμι: give; δωρον: gift; προδοτης: traitor; αποδιδωμι: give back anecdotal, anecdote, antidotal, antidote, apodosis, Doris, Dorothy, dosage, dose, dosimeter, dosimetry, dosiology, Eudora, Isidore, overdose, Pandora, Pandora’s box, paradosis, Theodore, Thermidor Doris derives from either διδωμι or Δωριος. διθυραμβος: dithyramb dithyramb, dithyrambic, dithyrambically, dithyrambist δικη: law; δικαζω: judge; δικαστης: juror; αδικια: wrongdoing; δικαιος: honest dicast, dicastery, sindaco (It), sindicato (Sp), syndic, syndicalism, syndicate, syndication, syndicator, theodicy δικτυον: net dictyogen, dictyospore, dictyostele, Dictys Διονυσος: Dionysus Denis, Denise, Dennis, Dionysiac, Dionysian, Dionysus Διοφαντος: Diaphantus Diophantine, Diophantus Διος: Zeus: see Ζευς διπλοος: See απλοος. δις: twice dilemma, dimity, dioxide, diphthong, diphtera, dipteral, dissyllable, distich δισκος: dish, quoit CD, CD-ROM, dais, desk, deskful, desktop, disc, disciferous, discifloral, disciform, discigerous, discless, discoblastic, discobole, discobolic, discobolus, discocarp, discocephalous, discodactyl, dicogastrula, discoglottid, discographic, discography, discoid, discoidal, discolith, discophile, discophorous, discoplacenta, discopodium, discopodous, discostoamtous, discus, dish, dishcloth, dishful, dishlet, dishtowel, dishy, disk, diskette, disk jockey, floppy disk, gastrodisc, newsdesk, sportsdesk, wave disk N.B. Disco (dance), discomania, and discomaniac are not derived from δισκος. διφθερα: see δερω διψα: thirst dipsas, dipsomania, dipsomaniac, dipsomaniacal, dipsopathy, polydipsia διχαζω: divide

(perhaps only διχα: into two)

dichastic, dichogamous, dichogamy, dichopterous, dichoptic, dichtomic, dichotomist, dichotomize, dichotomous, dichotomously, dichotomy δοκεω: think, suppose; δοξα: reputation cacdoxy, Docetae, docetic, Docetism, Docetist, dogma, dogmatic, dogmatical, dogmatically, dogmaticalness, dogmatician, dogmaticism, dogmatics, dogmatism, dogmatist, dogmatize, dogmatizer, dogmatology, dogmatopoeic, doxastic, doxographer, doxography, doxological, doxologize, doxology, doxy (opinion), heterodox, herterodoxy, neodoxy, orthodox, orthodoxism, orthodoxly, orthodoxy, paradox, paradoxer, paradoxical, paradoxically, parodoxism, paradoxist, paradoxology, pseudodox, pseudodoxy, unorthodox δοκιμος: acceptable; δεχομαι: accept, take, receive docimasy, docimology δοκος: beam diplodocus δολιχος: long dolichocephal, dolichocephalic, dolichocephalism, dolichocephaly, dolichoid, dolichomorphic, dolichopodous, dolichotis, dolichrous δολος: trick dole (arch.), dolerin, dolerite, dolerophanite. dolose, sedulity, sedulous. sedulously, sedulousness L. dolus is from δολος; OLD says sedulus is from dolus. δουλος: slave; δουλευω: serve; δουλεια: slavery dulia, d(o)ulocracy, dulosis, dulotic, hierodule, hyperdulia, iconoduly δοχη: receptacle sporodochium δρακων: dragon; δερκομαι: see, be alive, flash fire from eyes Draco, dracone, Draconian, Draconic, Draconically, draconiform, Draconism, dracontic, Dracula, dragon, dragonesque, dragoness, dragonet, dragonfly, dragonish, dragonism, dragonize, dragonnade, dragoon, pendragon, snapdragon δρασσομαι: grasp; δραχμη: drachma decadrachm, didrachm, dodekadrachm, drachm, drachma, dram δραχμη: see δρασσομαι δραω, δραμειν: do, act; δραμα: deed docudrama, drama, dramatic, dramaticism, dramatically, dramatism, dramatics, dramatis personae, dramatist, dramatization, dramatize, dramaturge, dramaturgic, dramaturgist,

dramaturgy, drastic, drastically, duodrama, melo, melodrama, melodramatic, melodramatically, melodramatics, meldramist, melodramatize, monodrama, overdramatic, photodrama, psychodrama, psychodramatic, sociodrama, teledrama, theodrama, undramatic δρεπανον: sickle drepanid, drepaniform δρομος: race aerodrome, aerodromics, AIDS, anadromous, catadromous, cosmodrome, deuterodrome, diadromous, drome, dromedary, dromic, dromioid, dromograph, dromomania, dromometer, dromond, Dromornis, dromos, dromoscope, dromotropic, dromotropism, enantiodromia, helidrome, hemodrometer, heterodromous, hippodrome, homodromous, lampadedromy, loxodrome, loxodromic, monodromic, motordrome, oceanodromous, ocydrome, orthodromic, palindrome, palindromic, paradromic, petrodrome, picturedrome, pleauredrome, prodroma, prodromal, prodromatic, prodrome, prodromus, seadrome, syndrome, tachydrome, velodrome δροσος: dew drosometer, drosophilia, drosophilist, drosophyllum δρυς: tree, oak druid, druidism, dryad, hamadryad See OED: druid. δυναμαι: be able; δυναμις: power; δυνατος: possible, able adynamic, aerodynamic, aerodynamics, astrodynamics, autodynamic, biodynamics, chryptodynamic, didynamous, didynamy, dynactinometer, dynagraph, dynam(e), dynameter, dynamic, dynamical, dynamically, dynamicism, dymamacist, dynamicity, dynamics, dynamism, dynamitard, dynamite, dynamiter, dynamitic, dynamitism, dynamitist, dynamize, dynamo, dynamo-electric, dynamogen, dynamogeny, dynamograph, dynamometamorphism, dynamometer, dynamometry, dynamopathy, dynamoscope, dynamotor, dynast, dynastic, dynastical, dynastically, dynasticism, dynasty, dynatron, dyne, dynein, dynode, electrodynamics, geodynamics, hematodynamics, hemodynamics, heterodynamic, hydrodynamic, hydrodynamics, isodynamic, monodynamic, monodynamism, myodynamics, neuradynamic, oligodynamic, pharmacodynamic, photodynamic, photodynamics, pneumodynamics, polydynamic, protodynastic, psychodynamic, psychodynamics, teledynamic, telodynamic, theriodynamics, thermodynamic, zoodynamic δυο: two; δωδεκα: twelve dodecadrachm, dodecagon, dodecahedral, dodecahedron, dodecane, Dodecanese, dodecaphonic, dodearch, dodecarchy, dodeastyle, dodecasyllable, dodecasyllabic, dodecuplet, dodecyl, duad, duarchy, dyad, dyadic, dyarchy, Dyuphysite, Dyothelite, dyphone, hendiadys

δυσ-: ill, bad dysentery, dyspepsia ETC. −δυω: put (L. induo) apodyterium, ecdysiast, ecdysis, ependyma, troglydyte, troglydytic This stem does not appear to be identical to the following word, but δυω: put is not listed in LS. Apparently, it compounds to form induo etc. Probably troglydyte is from -δυω. δυω: dive dytiscid, dytiscidiform Δωδωνη: Dodona Dodona, Dodonean Δωριος: Dorian Dorian, Doric, Dorism, Dorize For Doris see note under διδωμι. δωρον: see διδωμι

Ε ε: epsilon epsilon εβενος: ebony (ebur is related) eboneous, ebon, ebonist, ebonite, ebonize, ebony, eburnate, eburnation, eburnean, eburneous, ivorine, ivory, ivory-black, ivory-tower (ultimately from Egyptian) εγω: I (L. ego) AHD and OED derive all ego words from L ego and not from G εγω, even those with a Greek root such as egocentric. εδαφος: floor edaphic, edaphodont, edaphon εδρα: seat; εζομαι: sit akathisia, armchair, cathedral, chair, chairborne, chairman, chairmanship, chairperson, chairwoman, chaise, cathedral, decahedral, decahedron, deltohedron, dihedral, dihedron, dihexahedron, dodecahedral, dodecahedron, edriophthalmian, electric chair, enneahedral, ephedra, ephedrine, ex cathedra, haplohedral, -hedron, hemihedral, hemihedron, hendecahedron, heptahedron, hexahedron, hexoctahedron, holohedral, icosohedral, icosahedron, merohedral, musical chairs, octahedral, octahedrite, octohedron, pentahedral, pentahedron, plagihedral, polyhedral, polyhedron, procathedral, rhombohedron, scalenohedron, shay, synedrion, tautohedral, tetrahedral, tetrahedron, trapezohedron, trihedral, trihedron, trisoctahedron εθνος: people, nation ethnarch, ethnarchy, ethnic, ethnical, ethnically, ethnicity, ethnobotany, ethnocentric, ethnocentricity, ethnocentrism, ethnocide, ethnogenesis, ethnogeny, ethnograph, ethnographer, ethnography, ethnohistory, ethnolinguist, ethnological, ethnologist, ethnology, ethnomaniac, ethnomethodology, ethnomusicology, ethnonym, ethnophaulism, ethnopsychology, ethnoscience, ethnosemantics, ethnozoology, paleoethnology, polyethnic, pro-ethnic, synethnic εθος: custom bioethical, bioethics, de-ethicize, ethical, ethically, ethicism, ethicist, ethics, ethogram, ethography, ethological, ethologist, ethology, ethopeia, ethos, polyethism ειδος: shape; ειδωλον: idol See also ιδειν. collidine, dieidism, eidetic, eidograph, eidolon, geoid, idol, idolater, idolatrize, idolatrous, idolatrously, idolatry, idolify, idolism, idolist, idolization, idolize, idolizer, idoloclast,

idolographical, idolomania, idolomancy, idolothyte, idolum, idyl, idyllic, idyllically, polyeidism εικων: image aniconic, icon, iconic, iconicity, iconism, iconoclasm, iconoclast, iconoclastic, iconoduly, iconographer, iconographic, iconography, iconolater, iconolatry, iconology, iconomachy, iconomania, iconomatic, iconometer, iconometry, iconophile, iconophobe, iconoplast, iconoscope, iconostasis, iconotropy, paniconograph, vernicle, Veronica, vidicon εικοσι: twenty icosohedral, icosohedron Ειλως: Helos (town near Sparta); ελλως: helot helot, helotism, helotry ειμι: be; απειμι; be away; ενειμι: be in; ουσια: property biont, diplont, gerousia, haplont, heterousian, homoiousian, homoousian, morphon, neontology, ontal, ontic, ontogenesis, ontogenetic, ontogenic, ontogenist, ontogeny, ontography, ontological, ontologism, ontologist, ontologize, ontology, ontonomy, ontosophy, ontotheology, paleontologist, paleontology, parousia, planont, sporont ειμι, ιεναι: go; απειμι: go away; αφειμι: let go; εισειμι: enter anion, anionic, cation, cationic, counterion, dysprosium, hydriotic, ion, ionic, ionically, ionicity, ionization, ionize, ionogen, ionogenic, ionogram, ionography, ionophone, ionophore, ionosonde, ionosphere, ionospheric, ionospherist, ionotropy, isoionic, nonionic, oxyanion, photoionization, polyion, polyionic, solion, thermion, thermionic ειρηνη: peace irenarch, Irene, irenic, irenical, ireically, irenicism, irenics ειρων: dissembler; ειρω: speak ironic, ironical, ironically, ironist, irony εις (μια, εν): one enosis, hendecagon, hendecahedron, hendesyllabic, hendiays, henopoeia, henotheism, henotheist, henotheistic, hyphen, hyphenate, hyphenic, kathenotheism εκ− (εχ−): out of; εκτος: outside eccentric, eclectic, ectogenesis, ectomorph, exodus, exoteric, exotic, exoticism etc. εκατον: hundred hectare, hecatomb, Hecatoncheires, hecatontarchy, hecatophyllous, hecto-, hectocotyl, hectogram, hectograph, hectoliter, hectometer, hectostere εκκλησια: assembly, church: see καλεω

εκλεγομαι: choose; εκλεκτος: chosen: see λεγω εκτικος: see εξω Εκτωρ: Hector Hector, hector, outhector ελαια: olive tree; ελαιον: olive oil cryptolin, cryptolite, crystoleum, elaeo-, elaioplast, eleidin, elydoric, lanolin, linoleum, nucoline, oil, oilburner, oilcake, oilcloth, oildom, oiler, oil field, oiliness, oilless, oilman, oilmill, oilnut, oilometer, oilring, oilskin, oil spill, oilstone, oil well, oily, oleaginous, oleaster, oleate, oleic, oleiculture, oleiferous, olein, oleo, oleoduct, oleograph, oleography, oleojector, oleomargarine, oleometer, oleone, oleophilic, oleophobic, oleopneumatic, oleoptene, oleorefractometer, oleoresin, oleoresinous, oleosaccharum, oleothorax, oleum, oleyl, oliva, olivaceous, olivary, olive, olive branch, olive garden, olive oil, olivesheen, olive tree, oliviform, olivine, palm-oil, petroil, petrol, petrolatum, petrol bomb, petrolene, petroleum, petroleum jelly, petroleur, petrolic, petroliferous, petrolin, petrolization, petrolize, pyrrole, tetrazolium, vaseline, watch oil, whale oil N.B. OED does not trace olive to ελαια. ελασμος;: beaten metal elasmobranch, elasmosaurus, elasmose, elasmotherion ελαυνω: drive elastance, elastase, elastic, elastically, elastician, elasticin, elasticity, elastivity, elastique, elastomer, elastoplast, elater, elaterid, inelastic, photoelastic, thermoelastic, viscoelasticity ελαφος: stag elaphine, elaphure, tragelaph ελεγχω: cross-examine elenchus, elenctic ελεεω: show mercy; ελεος: mercy, pity almoner, alms, almshouse, Christe eleison, eleemosynary, kyrie eleison ελεγος: song elegiac, elegiacal, elegiambus, elegist, elegize, elegy Ελευσις: Eleusis Eleusinian, Eleusis ελευθερος: free eleutherism, eleeutheromania, eleutheromaniac, eleutheropetalous, eleutherophyllous

ελεφας: elephant chryselephantine, elephant, elephantiasis, elephantic, elephantine, elephantoid, elephantry, white elephant ελευτρον: sheath elytral, elytriform, elytrigerous, elyterin, eletrocele, elytroid, elytron, eletroplasty, elytrous, elytrum ελιξ: spiral helical, heliciform, helicitic, helicity, helicline, helicopter, helidrome, helipad, heliport, helispherical, helix, superhelical, superhelix ελκος: wound ulcer, ulcerate, ulceration, ulcerous Ελλας: Greece; Ελλην: Greek de-hellenize, Helladic, Hellas, Hellene, Hellenic, Hellenism, Hellenist, Hellenistic, Hellenization, Hellenize, Hellenophile, Hellespont, panhellenic, panhellenism, philhellene, philhellenic, philhellenism ελλεβορος: hellebore hellebore ελλως: helot: see Ειλως ελμινθος: worm helminth, helminthiasis, helminthic, helminthoid, helminthology, platyhelminth ελος: marsh helophyte εμεω: vomit antiemetic, copremesis, emesia, emesis, emetic, emetical, emetically, emetine, emetology εμφυσημα: swelling: see φυσαω εμυς: fresh-water tortoise emydian, emydin, emydosaurian, emys εν−, εμ−: in, on E.g., emphasis, energy, entrophy εναλιος: of the sea enaliosaur

εναντιος: opposite enantioblastic, enantiodroma, enantiomorph, enantiosis, enantiopathic, enantiopathy, enantiotropy ενδον: inward; εντερα: bowels (incomplete list) anenterous, coelenteron, dysenteric, dysenteriform, dysentery, endite, endo-, endoblast, endocardial, endocrine, endonormative, endosperm, enteralgia, enterectomy, enteric, enteritis, entero-, enterochlorophyll, enterogastrome, enteroid, enteron, enterokinase, enterovirus, ento-, entoblast, gastroenteric, gastroenteritis, gastroenterologist, gastroenterology, mesenteric, mesenteritis, mesentery, neurenteric, parenteral, perienteron εννεα: nine enneads, enneagon, enneagonal, enneagynous, enneahedral, enneandrous, enneapetalous, enneastyle, enneatic, enneatical εντερα: bowels: see ενδον εντο-: see ενδρον εντομο-: see τεμνω εξ: six carbohexene, cyclohexene, dexa-, dihexagonal, dihexahedron, hexachord, hexad, hexadecimal, hexagon, hexagonal, hexagram, hexahedron, hexameral, hexamerous, hexameter, hexane, hexangular, hexarchy, hexapod, hexasyllabic, hexastich, Hexateuch, hexatomic, hexatone, hexavalent, hexiradiate, hexite, hexoctahedron, hexode, hexokinase, hexose, hexuronic, hexyl εξις: habit: see εχω εξω: without ectoplasm, exoteric, exotic, exotically, exoticism ETC. επι−, επ: upon epidemic, epidermis, epigram, epoch ETC. Επικουρος: Epicurus epicure, epicurean, epicureanism, Epicurus, epicurian επισταμαι: know epistemic, epistemological, epistemology επιστολη: letter; see στελλω: make ready, send.

επος: word epeolatry, epeology, epic, epical, epically, epicist, epopee, epos, epyllion, monepic, orthoepist, orthoepy επτα: seven hebdomad, hebdomadal, heptacapsular, heptacarbon, heptachord, heptachronous, heptad, heptaglot, heptagon, heptagonal, heptahedron, heptahydrate, heptamerous, heptameter, heptane, heptangular, heptaphony, heptapodic, heptarchy, heptastyle, heptastich, heptasyllabic, Heptateuch, heptathlon, heptatomic, heptatonic, heptavalent, heptode, heptose εργον: work; ευεργετης: benefactor; ευεργεσια: good deed; αργος: not working adrenergic, argon, atomic energy, auturgy, chemurgy, crystallurgy, demiurge, disergia, dramaturge, dramaturgic, dramaturgist, dramaturgy, electrometalurgy, energetic, energetically, energic, energid, energism, energize, energizer, energumen, energy, erg, erastic, ergate, ergative, ergatocracy, ergodic, ergogram, ergograph, ergometer, ergonomic, ergonomical, ergonomically, ergonomics, ergonomist, ergophobe, ergophobia, exergue, George, Georgia, Georgian, georgic, Georgics, hierurgy, hydrometallurgy, leukergy, liturgic, liturgical, liturgics, liturgiologist, liturgism, liturgist, liturgy, lysergic, metallurgical, metallurgist, metallurgy, micergate, micrometallurgy, microsurgery, micrurgy, monenergetic, monergism, monergistic, neurergic, nuclear energy, organ, overenergetic, panurgic, parergal, parergon, polyergic, psychosurgery, psychurgy, pyrometallurgical, pyrometalurgy, radio surgery, re-energize, sidrurgy, stigmergy, surgeon, surgeoncy, surgeon fish, surgery, surgical, surgically, synergetic, synergic, synergism, synergist, synergistic, synergize, synergy, telergy, thaumaturge, thaumaturgic, thaumaturgics, thaumaturgist, thaumaturgy, theurgic, theurgical, theurgist, theurgy, tree surgeon, tree surgery, zymurgy N.B. All words filed under οργανον are probably related to εργον. ερημια: desert eremetical, eremic, eremite, eremology, hermit, hermitage, hermitical ερις: strife Eris, eristic ερμηνευς: interpreter; Ερμης: Hermes herm, hermaphrodism, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditic, hermaphroditism, hermeneutics, Hermes, hermetic, hermetical, hermetically, hermetics, hermetism, herrmetist ερπω: crawl herpes, herpetic, herpetiform, herpetism, herpetofauna, herpetography, herpetologist, herpetology, herpetotomy, herpicide ερυθρος: red

erysipelas, erythremia, erythric, erythrism, erythro-, erythroblast, erythrocyte, erythrogen, erythroid, erythromycin, erythrophobia, erythrophyll, erythroplastid, erythropoesis, erythroscope, erythrose, uroerythrin ερχομαι: come, go proselyte, proselytism, proselytize, proselytizer ερω: speak rhetor, rhetoric, rhetorical, rhetorically, rhetorician ερως: (physical) love; εραω: love; εραστης: lover autoerotic, autoeroticism, erogenic, erogenous, Eros, erotic, erotically, eroticism, erotism, erotomania, erotophilia, homoerotic, homoeroticism, pederast, pederasty εσθιω, εφαγον: see φαγειν Εσιοδος: Hesiod Hesiod, hesiodic εσπερα: evening Hesperia, hesperian, Hesperides, hesperidium, Hesperus εστια: hearth Hestia εσχαρα: hearth scar (on body) OED: scar may derive from εσχαρα. εσχατος: last eschatological, eschatology, pareschatology εσω: within (variation of εις: inside) esophagal, esophagus, esoteric, esoterical, esoterically, esotericism etc. εταιρος/−α: comrade hetaera, hetaira, hetairism ετερος: other hetero, heteroblastic, heterocercal, heterochromatic, heteroclite, heterocyclic, heterocyst, heterodactyl, heterodont, heterodox, heterodoxy, heterodromous, heterodynamic, heterodyne, heterogamete, heterogamous, heterogeneity, heterogeneous, heterogenesis, heterogenital, heterogeny, heterograft, heterography, heterogynous, heterokinesy, heterologous, heterology, heterolysis, heteromerous, heteromorphic, heteronomous, heteronomy, heteronuclear, heteronym, heteronymous, heterousian, heteropathic,

heterophemy, heterophile, heterophony, heterophoric, heterophyllous, heterophye, heteroplasty, heteropod, heteropolar, heteropraxis, heteropraxy, heteropterous, heterosexist, heterosexual, heterosexuality, heterosis, heterosporous, heterostatic, heterostrophic, heterostyle, heterotaxis, heterothallic, heterotomous, heterotopia, heterotransplant, heterotrichosis, heterotrope, heterotrophic, heterotypic, heterousian, heterozygote ετος: year etesian ετυμος: true etymological, etymologically, etymologicon, etymologist, etymologize, etymology, etymon, folk etymology ευ-: well E.g., eulogium, eulogy, euphony, euthanasia, evangelism, evangelist ευθηνος: thriving euthenics Ευκλειδης: Euclid (Perhaps related to κλεος.) Euclid, Euclidean, non-Euclidean Ευημερος: Euhemerus; see ημερα ευνη: bed dispareunia, eunuch ευρισκω, ευρηκα: find eureka, heuretic, heurism, heuristic ευρυς: broad aneurism, aneurysm, eurybathic, eurycephalic, eurycerous, euryene, eurygnathous, euryphagous, euryphagy, eurypterid, euryscope, eurystomatous, eurytherm, eurythermal Ευρωπη: Europe Eurasia, Eurasian, euro, eurodollar, Europe, European, Europeanism, Europeanize, europium, Indo-Euripean, non-European ευσεβεια: reverence: see σεβομαι Ευτερπη: Euterpe Euterpe, Euterpean Εφεσος: Ephesus

Ephesian, ephesite, Ephesus εχ-: from, out of

(See εκ-.)

εχινος:: hedgehog echinacea, echinal, echinate, echinid, echinocactus, echinochrome, echinococcus, echinod, echinoderm, echinodermata, echinoid, echinoidea, echinology, echinulate, echinuliform, echinus εχις: adder Echidna, echites, echium, echuroid εχω: have, hold; παρεχω: provide; προυχω: surpass cathexis, echard, entelechy, ephectic, epoch, epochal, eunuch, hectic, hectically, hexiology, ischemia, ischretic, ischuria, osthexy, schema, schematic, schematically, schematism, schematist, schematization, schematize, scheme, schemer, scheming, schemist, sketch, sketchbook, sketcher, sketchily, sketchiness, sketchy, synechia, synechism, synectic, synectics, synocha, synochal, synochus

Ζ ζαω: live; ζωη: life; ζωον: animal archizoic, azo-, azote, azotic, bryozoa, Cainozoic, Cenozoic, coprozoic, cosmozoic, cosmozoism, cryptozoa, crytozoic, cryptozoon, cyathozoid, cytozoa, dactylozooid, dermatozoa, deuterozooid, diazotype, diphyzooid, dizoic, enzootic, entozoon, Eozoic, eozoon, epizoic, epizoon, epizootic, ethnozoology, gastrozoid, gonozooid, heliozoan, hematozoan, holozoic, homeozoic, hydrozoan, hylozoic, hylozoism, hylozoist, hypozoa, isozoic, isozooid, kenozooid, malacozoic, megazoospore, merozoite, Mesazoa, Mesozoic, Metazoa, metazoan, microzoa, microzoan, microzooid, monasterial, monastery, monastic, monastically, monasticism, monasticize, monerozoa, monozoic, mycetozoa, nematozooid, Neozoic, oligozoospermia, oozoa, osteozoon, Paleozoic, paleozoology, pantozootia, pantozooism, panzootic, phanerozoic, philozoic, phytozoon, polyzoan, proterozoic, Protozoa, Protozoan, protozoic, protozoology, scyphozoan, spermatozoid, spermatozoon, sporozoan, sporozoite, teleozoon, theriozoic, trophozoite, trophozooid, zoantharian, zoanthropy, zoarium, zodiac, zodiacal, Zoe, zoetic, zoic, zoid, zoism, zoo, zoocentric, zoochemistry, zoodynamic, zooecium, zoogen, zoogenic, zoographer, zoographic, zoogeography, zoography, zooid, zoolatry, zoological, zoologist, zoology, zoomania, zoometry, zoomorph, zoomorphic, zoomorphism, zoomythic, zoon, zoonosis, zoopathology, zoophagous, zoophile, zoophilia, zoophilous, zoophobia, zoophobic, zoophysics, zoophyte, zooplankter, zooplankton, zooplasty, zoopsychology, zooscopic, zoosemiotics, zoosperm, zoospore, zootaxy, zootechny, zootheism, zootokon, zootomy, zootrope, zootype, zooxanthin, zoozygosphere Ζευς: Jupiter Dioscuri, eudiometer, Jupiter, zenocentric, zenographic, zenography, Zeus Ζεφυρος: west wind zephyr, zephyrean, zephyrous ζεω: boil eczema, eczematous, zeolite, zeolithic, zeolitize, zeoscope ζηλος: jealousy, zeal; ζηλοω: rival; ζηλοω: be jealous jealous, jealously, jealousy, overzealous, unzealous, zeal, zealless, zealot, zealotry, zealous, zealously, zealousness, zelotic, zelotism, zelotry ζητα: zeta cedilla, zeta, zetacism, zeta-function, zeta potential ζητω: to seek zetetic ζυγον: yoke; ζευγνυμι: yoke

azygous, bizygomatic, cryptozygous, diazeutic, dizygotic, epizeuxis, hemizygous, heterozygote, homozygote, hypozeugma, monozygotic, phenozygous, syzygant, syzygetic, syzygial, syzygium, syzygy, zeuglodon, zeugma, zeugmatic, zeugmatography, zeuxite, zoozygosphere, zygodactyl, zygodactylous, zygodont, zygogenesis, zygology, zygoma, zygomatic,zygome, zygomorphic, zygon, zygoneure, zygophore, zygophyte, zygosis, zygosity, zygosome, zygosperm, zygospore, zygote ζυμη: leaven abzyme, azym(e), azymous, dezymotize, enzymatic, enzyme, enzymology, histozyme, isoenzyme, isozyme, lysozyme, microzyme, pancreozymin, proenzyme, Prozymite, prozymogen, zyme, zymocyte, zymogen, zymogenesis, zymogenic, zymogram, zymoid, zymology, zymolysis, zymometer, zymophore, zymophyte, zymoplastic, zymosan, zymoscope, zymosis, zymotechny, zymotic, zymotoxic, zymurgy ζωνη: girdle; ζωννυμαι: gird faunizone, idiozome, intrazonal, meterzone, parazonium, rezone, subzonal, subzone, tautozonal, Temperate Zone, time zone, Torrid Zone, trizonal, war zone, zona, zonal, zonar, zonary, zonate, zonation, zone, zone center, zone defense, zoneless, zone level, zone refinery, zoning, zonular, zonule

Η ηβη: youth ephebe, ephebophilia, Hebe, hebeanthous, hebecarpous, hebecladous, hebegynous, hebepetalous, hebephrenia, hebephrenic, hebetic, hebetudinous ηγεμων: governor, guide; ηγεομαι: lead cynegetics, eisegesis, epexegesis, exegete, exegesis, exegetical, exegetics, hegemon, hegemonic, hegemonist, hegemony, hegumen, hegumene, hegumeny ηδυς: sweet, pleasant; ηδονη: pleasure aedes (mosquito), anhedonia, hedonic, hedonism, hedonist, hedonistic ηθμος: sieve ethmoid ηλεκτρον: amber, pale gold bioelectrical, bioelectricity, bioelectronics, de-electrify, dielectric, diselectrify, dynamoelectric, e-business, e-commerce, EKG, e-learning, electret, electric, electrical, electrically, electric chair, electric fence, electrician, electricity, electric shock, electrifiable, electrification, electrifier, electrify, electrization, electrize, electro, electroacoustics, electroanalysis, electroballisitic, electrobiology, electrobioscopy, electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph, electrochemical, electrochemistry, electrocute, electrocution, electrocycle, electrocyte, electrode, electrodeposit, electrodessication, electrodynamics, electroencephalogram, electroencephalograph, electrofocusing, electrogenic, electrogram, electrograph, electrography, electrojet, electrokinetics, electrolier, electrology, electroluminescence, electroluminescent, electrolysis, electrolyte, electrolytic, electrolyze, electromagnet, electromagnetic, electromagnetism, electromechanical, electromeric, electrometalurgy, electrometer, electromigration, electromotion, electromotive, electromotor, electromyogram, electromyograph, electron, electronarcosis, electronarcotic, electronegative, electroneutral, electronically, electronics, electron microscope, electronographic, electropathy, electrophilic, electrophone, electrophonic, electrophoresis, electrophorus, electroplant, electroplate, electroplegy, electropositive, electroproduction, electropuncture, electroretinograph, electrorate, electroscope, electrostatic, electrostatics, electrostimulation, electrostriction, electrosynthetic, electrotechnician, electrotherapeutics, electrotherapist, electrotherapy, electrotint, electrotonus, electrotropism, electrotype, electroweak, electrum, email, emessage, ferroelectric, hydroelectric, isoelectric, isoelectronic, kiloelectron, magnoelectric, microelectrode, microelectronics, myoelectric, neuroelectric, nonelectrocyte, nonelectrolyte, olfactronics, optoelectronics, photoelectric, photoelectron, piezoelectric, piezoelectricity, polyelectrolyte, polyelectronic, positron, pyro-electric, stereoelectronic, technetronic, telectric, therioelectric, therioelectricity, thermoelectric

ηλεος: dice (in OLD under alea, but not in LS) alea iacta est, aleatoric, aleatory ηλιος: sun aphelion, diakeliotropic, diaheliotropism, heliacal, heliacally, heliocentric, heliocentrism, heliochrome, heliogram, heliograph, heliographer, heliographic, heliography, heliolatry, heliolithic, heliology, heliometer, heliometric, heliopause, heliophile, heliophilous, heliophobe, heliophobia, heliophobous, heliopolar, Helios, helioscope, heliosis, heliostat, heliotactic, heliotaxis, heliotherapy, heliotrope, heliotropic, heliotropism, heliotype, heliozoan, helium, isohel, orthohelium, paraheliotropic, parheliacal, parhelion, perihelion, photoheliograph, pyrheliometer, pyroheliometer, spectroheliogram, spectrohelioscope ηλος: nail helocerous, heloderm, helodont Ηλυσιον: Elysium Elysee, Elysian, Elysium ημερα: day Decameron, ephemera, ephemeral, ephemerality, ephemeralization, ephemerally, ephemerid, ephemeris, ephemeromorph, ephemeron, ephermous, Euhemerism, Euhemerist, Euhemerize, Euhemerus, hemera, hemeral, hemeralpia, nycthemeral, nychthemeron, penthemimer, trihemeral ημι−: half e.g., hemi-, hemisphere ηπαρ: liver enterohepatitis, heparinize, hepatalgia, hepatectomy, hepatic, hepatitis, hepatize, hepatohepatobiliary, hepatocele, hepatocellular, hepatocystic, hepatogastric, hepatogenic, hepatography, hepatolith, hepatology, hepatomegaly, hepatopathy, hepatorenal, hepatorrhea, hepatoscopy, hepatotomy, hepatotoxin, intrahepatic ηπειρος: mainland epeirotic, epeirogenesis, epeirogeny Ηρα: Hera; Ηρακλης: Heracles Hera, Heracles, Heraclid, herculean, Hercules ηρως: hero antihero, hero, heroic, heroical, heroically, heroics, heroify, heroin, heroine, heroism, heroistic, heroize, hero myth, hero-worship, mock-heroic, mythoheroic, nonhero, war hero ησυχος: still

hesychast, hesychastic ηφορος: ephor ephor ηχω: sound, echo anechoic, catechesis, catechetic, catechetical, catechetically, catechism, catechismal, catechist, catechize, catechizer, catechumen, echo, echocardiogram, echogram, echograph, echoic, echoism, echolalia, echolation, echoless, echolocation, echometer, echopraxia, echo-sounding, re-echo ηως: dawn eoan, eoanthropos, eobiont, Eocene, eohippic, eohippus, eolite, eolith, eolithic, eophytic, Eos, eosaurus, eosin, eosinophil, Eozoic, eozoon

Θ θαλαμος: inner room epithalamium, hypothalamus, monothalmic, monothalmous, neothalamus, prothalamion, prothalamium, subthalamic, subthalamus, thalamencephalon, thalamus θαλασσα: sea Panthalassa, thalassanemia, thalassian, Thalassic, thalassocracy, thalassocrat, thalassocraty, thalassography, thalassophile, thalassophilia, thalassotherapy, thallattology θαλλω: sprout heterothallic, homothallic, thalerophagous, thallic, thalliferous, thallium, thalloid, thallophyte, thallus θανατος: death euthanasia, euthanize, tachythanatous, thanatism, thanatist, thanatoid, thanatologist, thanatology, thanatophilia, thanatophobia, thanatopsis, Thanatos θαπτω: bury; ταφος: tomb bibliotaph, bibliotaphic, cenotaph, epitaph, taphonomy θαυμαζω: wonder; θαυμαστος: marvellous thaumatology, thaumatrope, thaumaturge, thaumaturgic, thaumaturgics, thaumaturgist, thaumaturgy θεαομαι: behold; θεα: viewing; θεωρεω: look at; θεατης: spectator; θεατρον: theater amphitheater, countertheory, metatheater, metatheorem, metatheory, microtheory, nosotheory, quantum theory, theater, theater seat, theatric, theatrical, theatricalism, theatricality, theatrically, theatrics, theatrocracy, theatromania, theatrophil, theatrophobia, theorem, theoretic, theoretical, theoretically, theoretician, theoria, theorist, theorize, theory, wave theory θειον: sulfur dithionic, pentathionic, thiazide, thiobacillus, thiocarbonate, thiochrome, thiocrasy, thiocyanogen, thiogenic, thioindigo, thionic, trithionic θελω: will Dyothelite, monothelite, thelemic θεος: deity; θεα: goddess; θυσια: sacrifice; θυειν: sacrifice apotheosis, apotheosize, atheism, atheist, atheistic, atheistically, atheize, autotheism, autotheist, autotheistic, bitheism, cosmotheism, ditheism, ditheist, ditheistic, Dorothy, egotheism, enthuse, enthusiasm, enthusiast, enthusiastic, enthusiastical, enthusiastically, henotheism, henotheist, henotheistic, hylotheism, katheotheism, monotheism,

monotheist, monotheistic, nomotheism, ontotheology, overenthusiastic, overenthusiasm, pantheism, pantheist, pantheistic, pantheology, pantheon, pantheum, philotheist, physico-theology, physitheism, polytheism, polytheist, polytheistic, process theology, psychotheism, theandric, theanthropic, theanthropism, theoanthropomorphic, Theanthropos, thearchy, theism, theist, theistic, theocentric, theocentrism, theocracy, theocrat, theocratic, theochristic, theodemocracy, theodicy, theodidact, Theodore, theody, theodrama, theogeological, theognostic, theogonic, theogonist, theogony, theohuman, theoktonic, theoktony, theolatry, theolepsy, theologaster, theologate, theologian, theologic, theological, theologically, theologism, theologist, theologize, theologoumenon, theologue, theology, theomachy, theomancy, theomania, theomaniac, theometamorphism, theomicrist, theomonism, theomorphic, theomorphism, theomythology, theonomist, theonomy, theopathetic, theopathy, theophagous, theophany, theophilanthropy, theophile, theophilist, theophilosophy, theophobia, theophoric, theophorous, theopneust, theopsychism, theosoph, theosophical, theosophism, theosophist, theosophistic, theosophy, theotaurine, theotechny, theoteleological, theoteleology, theotokos, theurgic, theurgical, theurgist, theurgy, Timothy, tritheism, tritheist, zootheism θεραπων: attendant; θεραπευω: heal actinotherapy, bacteriotherapeutic, bacteriotherapy, balneotherapy, bibliotherapy, chemotherapy, chronotherapy, climatotherapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapeutics, electrotherapist, electrotherapy, heliotherapy, hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy, immunotherapy, kinesitherapy, logotherapy, massotherapy, mechanotherapy, metallotherapy, oenotherapy, opotherapy, organotherapy, pelotherapy, phototherapy, phthisiotherapy, physical therapy, physiotherapist, physiotherapy, pneumatotherapy, psychotherapeutic, psychotherapy, radiotherapeutic, radiotherapy, sex therapy, shock therapy, teletherapy, thalassotherapy, therapeutic, therapeutical, therapeutics, therapist, therapy, thermotherapy, xylotherapy θεριον: wild beast dinothere, elasmotherion, megathere, paleothere, panther, pantheress, pantherine, prototheria, therian, therianthropic, therioanthropomorphic, theriatrics, theriodont, theriodynamics, therielectric, therielectricity, theriogenesis, theriograph, therioid, theriolatry, theriolysis, theriomancy, theriomaniac, theriomorph, theriomorphic, theriomorphism, theriotomy, theriozoic, therodont, theroid, therolatry, therology, theromorous, theromorph, therophyte, theropodous, therosaur, titanothere, treacle θερομαι: become warm; θερμος: hot, warm; θαλπω: heat athermic, barothermograph, chronothermal, diathermal, diathermancy, diathermanous, diathermic, diathermy, diathermous, diathermometer, endotherm, endothermal, endothermally, endothermic, endothermy, enthalpy, eurytherm, eurythermal, exotherm, exothermal, exothermally, exothermic, geoisotherm, geothermal, geothermic, geothermometer, hematherm, hematothermal, homeothermic, homotherm, hydrothermal, hyperthermia, hypothermia, hytherograph, isallotherm, isogeothermal, isotheral, isothere, isotherm, isothermal, katathermometer, megatherm, megistotherm, meiotherm, mesotherm, microtherm, normothermal, normothermia, normothermic, pantothermal,

parathermic, photothermic, pliothermic, poikilothermic, radiothermy, stenothermal, synthermal, tectonothermal, telethermogram, telethermograph, telethermometer, therm, thermal, thermal analysis, thermal capacity, thermal cycle, thermal diffusion, thermal efficiency, thermal imaging, thermalize, thermal noise, thermal pollution, thermal storage, thermal unit, thermanesthetic, thermesthetic, thermic, Thermidor, thermion, thermionic, thermistor, thermite, thermoammeter, thermoaqueous, thermochaotic, thermochemical, thermochemistry, thermochromism, thermocline, thermocompression, thermocouple, thermocycler, thermode, thermodiffusion, thermoduric, thermodynamic, thermoelastic, thermoelectric, thermoform, thermogenesis, thermogeography, thermogram, thermograph, thermographic, thermography, thermogravimetry, thermohaline, thermoharden, thermohydrology, thermohydrometer, thermokinematics, thermolabile, thermology, thermoluminescence, thermoluminescent, thermolysis, thermomagnetic, thermomagnetism, thermomechanical, thermometamorphism, thermometer, thermometric, thermometrical, thermometry, thermomotor, thermomotive, thermoneutral, thermonuclear, thermophagy, thermophil, thermophilic, thermophilous, thermophone, thermophore, thermopile, thermoplastic, thermoplegia, thermopower, Thermopylae, thermoreceptor, thermoregulatory, thermos, thermoscope, thermoscopic, thermosensitive, thermoset, thermosphere, thermostable, thermostat, thermostatics, thermosynthesis, thermotactic, thermotaxis, thermotensile, thermotension, thermotherapy, thermotic, thermotoxin, thermotropic, thermotropism, thermotype, water thermometer, xenothermal Θερσιτνς: Thersites Thersites, Thersitical θεσμος: law thesmophoric Θεσπις: Thespis Thespian, Thespianism, Thespis Θεσσαλια: Thessaly Thessalian, Thessaloniki, Thessaly Θηβη: Thebes Thebaic, Thebaid, Theban, Thebes θηκαιος: burial coffin; θηκη: repository: see τιθημι θηλυς: female; θηλη: nipple endothelial, endothelium, epithelial, epithelium, mesothelial, mesothelium, polythelism, thelitis, thelyblast, thelygenous, thelykaryotic, thelytokous θησαυρος: treasure

entreasure, subtreasurer, subtreasury, thesaurosis, thesaurus, tresaurable, treasure, treasure chest, treasure hunt, treasurer, treasurership, treasure trove, treasury, Treasury Department, treasury note, untreasured θητα: theta theta, theta-function θιασος: Bacchic dance thiasos, thiasus θιγμα: touch thigmokinesis, thigmoreceptor, thigmotaxis, thigmotropism θις: beach thinocorine, thinolite θολος: building with conical roof, dome thole, tholobate, tholoid, tholos Θουκυδιδης: Thucydides Thucydidean, Thucydides Θρασων: Thraso (a boastful, comic character) Thrasonic, Thrasonical Θρακη: Thrace Samothrace, Thrace, Thracian θρεμμα: nursling thremmatology θρηνος: lament, dirge threnode, threnody θριξ: hair chromotricial, distrix, heterotrichosis, ophiothrix, oxytrichine, polytrichous, schizotrichia, sporotrichosis, streptothricosis, trichiasis, trichina, trichinize, trichinosis, trichinous, trichite, trichogenous, trichoid, trichologist, trichology, trichoma, trichophobia, trichophyte, trichosis, trichotillomania, ulotrichan, ulotrichous θρομβος: clot prothrombin, thrombectomy, thrombin, thrombocyte, thrombolite, thrombolytic, thrombophlebitis, thromboplastic, thrombose, thrombosis, thrombus θρονος: seat, throne

dethrone, dethronement, disenthrone, disthrone, enthrone, enthronement, synthronous, throne, throneless θριψ: woodworm thrips θρυπτω: see τρυπαω Θυεστες: Thyestes Thyestean, Thyestes θυλακος: pouch thylakoid Θυλη: Thule Thule, Thulean, thulium, Ultima Thule θυμον: thyme: see θυμος. (related to θυω) θυμος: spirit, mind; αθυμια: dejection; επιθυμια: desire; προθυμια: zeal; παθυμια: indifference cyclothymia, dysthymic, enthymatic, enthymene, epithymetic, parepithymia, schizothymia, thyme, thymectomy, thymic, thymocyte, thymol, thymoleptic, thymonucleic, thymosin, thymotic, thymus θυννος: tuna; θυνω: dart along tuna, tunny θυρα: door dithyrous, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, omothyroid, thyratron, thyristor, thyrocele, thyrogenic, thyroglobulin, thyroglossal, thyroid, thyroidectomy, thyroidic, thyroidism, thyroiditis, thyrolytic, thyrotoxic, thyrotoxin θυρσος: wreathed staff thyrsiferous, thyrsiflorous, thyrsiform, thyrsoid, thyrsus, torso θυσανος: fringe thysanopter, thysanuran θυτος: sacrifice: see θυω θυω: sacrifice idolothyte, thurible, thurifer, thurification, thurify θωος: jackal

thooid, thos, thous θωραξ: breast-plate endothorax, hydrothorax, mesothorax, metathorax, oleothorax, pneumothorax, prothoracic, prothorax, thoracic, thoraciform, thoracipod, thoracispinal, thoracodynia, thoracometer, thoracoplasty, thoracoscope, thoracostomy, thorax, transthoracic

Ι ιαμβος: iamb choliambic, choriamb, diiamb, elegiambus, galliambic, iamb, iambic, iambist ιαομαι: heal; ιατρος: doctor geriatric, geriatrician, geriatrics, gyniatrics, -iasis, iatric, iatrochemistry, iatrogenic, iatrogenically, iatromechanics, iatrophysics, kinesiatric, orthopsychiatry, otiatric, pediatric, pediatrician, pediatrics, podiatrist, podiatry, psychiatric, psychiatrist, psychiatry, psychogeriatrics ιασπις: jasper jasper, jasperoid Ιβηρια: Spain Celtiberian, Iberia, Iberian ιβις: bird ibis ιβισχος: mallow, marshmallow hibiscus ιδειν: see idea, ideal, idealess, idealism, idealist, idealistic, ideality, idealization, idealize, ideally, ideaphoria, ideate, ideation, idee fixe (Fr), ideoglyph, ideogram, ideograph, ideographic, ideography, ideokinetic, ideolatry, ideological, ideologically, ideologist, ideologue, ideology, ideo-motion, ideo-motor, ideophone, ideoplasm, ideoplastic, ideopraxis, ideosensational, idol, idolater, idolatrous, idolatrously, idolatry, idolize, idoloclast, idolographical, idolomancy, idiolomania, idolothyte, idolum, idyl, idyllic, kaleidograph, kaleidophone, kaleidoscope, kaleidoscopic, monoideism, one-idea See also ειδος. ιδιος: one’s own; ιδιωτης: individual idiasm, idioblast, idiochromosome, idiocrasy, idiocy, idioglossia, idioglottis, idiogram, idiograph, idiographic, idiographical, idiolalia, idiolect, idiom, idiomatic, idiomatically, idiometer, idiomorphic, idiomorphism, idiomuscular, idioneural, idiopathic, idiopathy, idiophanous, idiophone, idiophrenic, idioplasm, idiosome, idiostatic, idiosyncrasy, idiosyncratic, idiosyncratically, idiot, idiotic, idiotically, idiotism, idiotize, idiotropic, idiotype, idiozome, unidiomatic ιδροω: sweat; ιδος: sweat dysidrosis, hidrosis, parhydrosis

ιερος: holy; ιερευς: priest; ιερον: temple hierarch, hierarchical, hierarchism, hierarchize, hierarchy, hieratic, hierocracy, hierodule, hierogamy, hieroglyph, hieroglyphic, hieroglyphist, hierogram, hierograph, hierolatry, hierology, hieromancy, hierophant, hieroscopy, hierurgy, Jerome, Jerusalem ιζω: sit synizesis ιημι: stand, send aphesis, aphetic, catheter, catherize, diesis, enema, molybdoparesis, paresis, paretic, synesis ιθυς: straight ithyphallic, ithyphallus Ικαρος: Icarus Icarian, Icarus ιλαρος: cheerful exhilirate, exhiliration, exhilirative, hilarious, hilariously, hilarity, Hilary ιλη: troop homilete, homiletic, homiletical, homiletics, homilist, homilize, homily Ιλιον: Ilium Iliad, Iliadic, Ilium ινδικον: indigo India, Indian, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indian Ocean, Indic, Indies, indigo, indigoferous, indium, Indo-European, thioindigo Ιξιων: Ixion ixiolite, Ixion, Ixionian ιον: violet di-iode, ianthine, iode, iodic, iodide, iodiferous, iodimetery, iodinate, iodination, iodine, iodism, iodization, iodize, iodizer, iodoform, iodopsin, iodous, iopterous, photoiode ιππος: horse; ιππευς: horseman eohippic, eohippus, ephippium, Felipe, Filipino, hippic, hippoboscid, hippocampus, hippocaust, Hippocratic, Hippocrene, hippodrome, hippogriff, hippogriffin, hippogryph, hippoid, hippolith, hippology, hippomania, hippophagy, hippophile, hippophobia, hippopotamian, hippopotamus, hippotigrine, hippotomy, hippurite, mesohippus, miohippus, orohippus, Phil, Philip, Philippic, Philippine, protohippus, Xanthippe

ιρις: rainbow iridaceous, iridectomize, iridectomy, iridesce, iridescence, iridescent, iridescently, iridium, iridization, iridize, iridocyte, iridology, iridotomy, iris, iritic, iritis ισθμος: narrow passage, neck isthmiate, isthmic, isthmus, paristhmic, paristhmion, transisthmian ισος: equal anistropy, geoisotherm, isallobar, isallotherm, isapostolic, isarithm, isentropic, isobar, isobaric, isobase, isobasic, isobathic, isocarpous, isocenter, isocephaly, isochemical, isochromatic, isochronal, isochronous, isoclinal, isocline, isocracy, isodactylous, isodiametric, isodont, isodynamic, isoelectric, isoelectronic, isoenzyme, isogamete, isogamy, isogen, isogenous, isogeothermal, isogloss, isognathous, isogon, isogonal, isogonic, isograde, isograft, isogram, isograph, isohel, isohydric, isohyetal, isoionic, isokinetic, isologue, isolux, isomer, isomeric, isomerize, isomerous, isometric, isomagnetic, isometric, isometry, isomorph, isomorphic, isomorphism, isomorphous, isonomic, isonomy, isonuclear, isooctane, isopachyte, isoperimeter, isophane, isophone, isophorous, isophotal, isophote, isopleth, isopleural, isopleuron, isopod, isopolity, isopterous, isopycnal, isopycnic, isopycnosis, isopyre, isorhythm, isorhythmic, isosbestic, isosceles, isoseismal, isoseismic, isopspin, isostasy, isostatic, isotere, isoteric, isostich, isosyllabic, isotactic, isotheral, isothere, isotherm, isothermal, isotome, isotone, isotonic, isotope, isotopic, isotopically, isotopy, isotron, isotropic, isotropy, isotype, isotypic, isozoic, isozooid, isozyme, pantisocracy, pantisocrat, parison, radioisotope ιστημι: stand; σταδιον: stade aerostat, aerostatics, antistatic, apostasy, apostate, astatic, astatine, AWACS, bacteriostasis, barostat, biostatic, chemostat, coelostat, cryostat, cryptosystem, deuterosystematic, diastasis, diasystem, diasystematic, ecosystem, ectasiate, ectasy, ecstatic, ecstatical, ecstatically, ecstasis, ecstasize, electrostatic, electrostatics, enhypostasia, enhypostatize, epistatic, geostatics, goniostat, gyrostat, gyrostatics, heliostat, hemisystematic, hemostasis, hemostat, hemostatic, heterostatic, holosystematic, homeostasis, homeostat, homeostatic, homostatic, homosystematic, hydrostat, hydrostatics, hygrostat, hyperstatic, hypostasis, hypostatic, iconostasis, idiostatic, interstadial, isostasy, isostatic, katastate, klinostat, lexicostatistic, lithectasy, manostat, menostasis, merosystematic, mesostasis, metastatic, metastasis, metastasize, metasystem, microsystem, monostatic, monosystemic, ophthalmostat, orthostat, orthostatic, photostat, photosystem, polysystemic, potentiostate, prostatalgia, prostatectomy, prostatitis, prostalith, prostate, prostatic, prostatism, pyrostat, rheostat, rheostatic, siderostat, sociostatic, solar system, somatostatin, soundsystem, stade, stadial, stadiometer, stadium, stasimon, stasimorphy, stasiology, stasipatric, stasis, stathmokinesis, static, statical, statically, staticisor, static pressure, statics, stereostatic, stiction, storm system, systatic, system, system analysis, systematic, systematical, systematically, systematician, systematicity, systematist, systematize, system design, systemic, systemist, systemize, systemless, thermostat, thermostatics, unsystematic, venostasis, wave system, weapon system

ιστος: tissue antihistamine, antihistemic, histamine, histemic, histoclastic, histocyte, histogen, histogenesis, histogenic, histogeny, histogram, histological, histology, histolysis, histoplasmosis, histotomy, histozyme, neurohistology ιστωρ: learned; ιστορια: inquiry ahistorical, biohistorical, biohistory, ethnohistory, historian, historic, historical, historically, historicism, historicize, historiographer, historiography, historiology, historiometry, history, natural history, nonhistorical, prehistoric, prehistory, protohistoric, psychohistory, storied, story, storyless, storyline, storyteller, storytelling, transhistorical, world history ισχιον: hip-joint ischialgia, ischiocele, ischium, sciatic, sciatica ισχω: hold: see εχω Ιταλια: Italy Italian, Italianate, Italianize, italic, italicize, Italy ιυγξ: wryneck, charm jinx ιχθυς: fish dinichthys, ichthyic, ichthyism, ichthyoid, ichthyography, ichthyologist, ichthyolatry, ichthyology, ichthyomorphic, ichthyophagous, ichthyopsid, ichthyornis, ichthyosaur, ichthyosaurus, ichthyosis, ichthys ιχνος: track ichneumon, ichnite, ichnography, ichnolite, ichnology, ornithichnite ιχωρ: ichor ichor, ichorous, petrichor Ιωνικος: Ionic Ionian, Ionic ιωτα: iota iota, iotacism, jot, jotter

Κ Καδμος: Cadmus Cadmean, cadmium, Cadmus, calamine καθαροω (καθαιπω): clean; καθαρος: clean catharsis, cathartic, katharometer, katharophore καθεζομαι: sit down; καθεδρα: chair: see εδρα καθεξις: holding: see εχω καθιεναι: see ιεναι καινος: new Cainozoic, cenozoic, encenia, Eocene, holocene, kenogenesis, Miocene, Neocene, Oligocene, Paleocene, Pleistocene, Pliocene καιρος: proper time kairos καιω: burn; καμινος: chimney becalm, calm, calmer, calmly, calmness, caustic, caustically, causticity, cauterization, cauterize, cautery, chimney, chimney sweep, diacaustic, encaustic, encaustically, hippocaust, holocaust, hypocaust, hypocaustic, ink, inkblot, inkhorn, inkstand, inkwell, inky κακος: bad caco-, cacodemon, cacodoxy, cacogenics, cacoglossia, cacography, cacology, cacomorphia, caconym, cacophonous, cacoplastic, cacorhythmic, cacophony, kako-, kakistocracy, kakistocrat, kakotopia, traumatocace κακτος: cactus cactaceous, cactoid, cactus, echinocactus καλαμος: reed calamus καλεω: call; εγκαλεω: bring accusation;εκκλησια: assembly; παρακαλεω: summon ecclesia, ecclesial, ecclesiarch, ecclesiarchy, ecclesialogical, ecclesialogy, Ecclesiast, Ecclesiastes, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, ecclesiastically, ecclesiasticism, ecclesiocentric, eclesiography, ecclesiolatry, ecclesiologic, ecclesiological, ecclesiologically, ecclesiologist, ecclesiology, ecclesiology, paraclete

καλος: beautiful; καλλος: beauty calligraph, calligrapher, calligraphist, calligraphy, Calliope, Calliopean, callipygian, callipygous, callipygously, cal(l)isthenic(s), calomel, calotype, kaleidograph, kaleidophone, kaleidoscope, kaleidoscopic, kalokagathia, kalotrope καλυπτω: conceal apocalypse, apocalyptic, eucalyptus καλυξ: cup, covering caliciform, calicle, calix, calycle, calyculus, calyx, chalice, epicalyx, gonocalyx καμαρα: chamber antechamber, bedchamber, bicameral, camaraderie, camber, camcorder, camera, cameral, cameraman, camerlingo, chamber, chamberlain, chambermaid, chamber-pot, chum (see OED note; W3 yes), chumminess, chummy, comrade, comradeless, comradeliness, comradely, comradery, comradeship, concamerate, concameration, duocameral, in camera, Jaycee, microcamera, minicamera, on-camera, radiocamera, space chamber, star-chamber, telecamera, unicameral, videocam, videocamera, webcam καμηλος: camel camel, camelback, camelopard, Camelopardalus καμινος: oven: see καιω καμπη: bending backgammon, campodeiform, campylospermous, campylotropous, doorjamb, gambol, gammon, jamb καμπος: sea monster hippocampus κανθος: corner of eye cant (vb), decant, decantation, decanter, encanthis, epicanthus καννα: reed; κανων: ruler, stright rod canasta, canaster, cane, canister, cannon, cannonade, cannonally, cannonball, cannoneer, cannon fodder, canon, canoness, canonic, canonical, canonicity, canonist, canonization, canonize, canon law, canyon, decanonize, discanonize, extracanonical, nomocanon, uncanonical, water cannon See OED: canal, channel κανναβις: hemp cannabic, cannabis, canvas, canvasback, canvass, canvasser καπνος: smoke capnomancy, kapnography

καππα: kappa Phi Beta Kappa καραβος: beetle caravel, carvel καρδια: heart bradycardia, cardiac, cardialgia, cardialgy, cardiogram, cardiograph, cardiographic, cardiographics, cardiography, cardioid, cardioversion, cardiologist, cardiology, cardiolysis, cardiomegaly, cardiometer, cardiomotor, cardiopathy, cardiopulmonary, cardiovascular, carditis, cordialgic, cordignostic, coriology, dexicardia, echocardiogram, EKG, electrocardiogram, electrocardiograph, endocardial, endocarditis, endocardium, epicardium, exocardial, haplocardiac, hydrocardia, hypercardia, intracardiac, megalocardia, monocardia, myocardia, myocarditis, myocardium, pachycardian, pericardial, pericarditis, pericardium, phonocardiogram, phonocardiograph, phonocardiography, stenocardia, tachycardia καρκινος: crab (See also L. cancer,) carcinogen, carcinogenesis, carcinogenetic, carcinogenic, carcinoid, carcinology, carcinolytic, carcinoma, carcinosis, procarcinogen καρον: caraway caraway καρος: stupor carotid καρπος: fruit acarpous, angiocarp, angiocarpous, anthocarp, anthocarpous, artocarpad, ascocarp, blastocarpous, carpel, carpology, carpophagous, carpophore, caulocarpous, chrysocarpous, cleistocarp, cochliocarpous, conocarp, cremocarp, cryptocarp, cryptocarpous, cystocarp, dialycarpel, dialycarpous, dicarpelary, dipterocarp, discocarp, encarpous, endocarp, epicarp, exocarp, gymnocarpous, hebecarpous, hemicarp, homocarpous, isocarpous, lithocarp, macrocarpa, megalocarpous, mericarp, mesocarp, microcarpous, monocarp, oligocarpous, orthocarpous, oxycarpous, pachycarpous, parthenocarpy, pericarp, physocarpous, platycarpous, pleurocarpous, podocarp, polycarpous, procarp, pseudocarp, rhizocarpous, sarcocarp, schizocarp, sporocarp, streptocarpus, syncarp, syncarpous, trachycarpous, tricarpous, xanthocarpous καρπος: wrist (Not in LS.) carpal, carpus, metacarpal, metacarpus Καρυαι: Caryae caryatid

καρυον: nut akaryote, dikaryon, dilaryophase, eukaryote, homokaryotic, karyogamy, karyogram, karyokinesis, karyology, karyolymph, karyolysis, karyomere, karyomitosis, karyoplasm, karyosome, karyotheca, karyotin, karyotype, karyotypic, monokaryon, perikaryon, prokaryon, prokaryote, prokaryotic, thelykarotic καρωτον: carrot carrot Κασσανδρα: Cassandra Cassandra κασια: cassia cassia κασσιτερος: tin cassiterite καστανον: chestnut-tree castanet, chestnut

(In OED, not in LS.)

καστωρ: beaver castor, Castor, castoreum, castor oil κατα: down e.g., biocatalyst, catabolism, catalyst, catapult, catastrophe, category, katabasis etc. See OED: cataract Note both spellings in English: cata- and kata-. κατηγορια: assertion; see αγορα κατηχησις: oral instruction; see ηξω καυλος: caul caulocarpous, patchycaul κεδρος: cedar cedar κειμαι: lie asleep, lie dead; κωμα: deep sleep; κοιμαω: put to sleep cemetery, coma, comatose, narcoma, psychocoma κελευθος: path; ακολουθεω: follow acolyte, anacoluthlon

Κελτοι: the Celts Celt, Celtiberian, Celtic, Celtics κενος: empty cenotaph, keneme, kenosis, kenotic, kenotron, kenozooid Κενταυρος: Centaur (See κεντεω + ταυρος.) κεντεω: prick; κεστος: girdle acentric, acrocentric, Afrocentric, Afrocentrism, anthropocentric, androcentric, androcentrism, androcentrist, androcentristic, bicentral, biocentric, centaur, Centaurus, centaury, center, centerpiece, central, centralism, centralist, centrality, centralization, centralize, centralizer, centric, centrification, centrifugal, centrifuge, centrify, centripetal, centripetally, centrist, centrobaric, centromere, cestus, Christocentric, CIA, concentrate, concentrated, concentratedly, concentration, concentrative, concentrativeness, concentrator, concenter, concentric, concentrical, concentrically, concentricity, cosmocentric, cyclocentric, cytocentrifuge, decenter, decntralist, decentralization, decentralize, decentralizer, deconcentrate, deconcentration, dicentric, eccentric, eccentrical, eccentrically, eccentricity, eccelsiocentric, egocentric, egocentricity, endocentric, epicenter, epicentral, epicentric, ethnocentric, ethnocentricity, ethnocentrism, exocentric, geocentric, geocentrism, germcenter, gynecocentric, heliocentric, heliocentrism, homocentric, hypocenter, incenter, isocenter, kentrogon, kentrolite, logocentric, logocentrism, metacenter, metacentric, monocentric, multicentered, neurocentral, noncentral, off-center, orocentral, orthocenter, overcentralization, overcentralize, paracentesis, paracentral, paracentric, patricentric, phallocentric, phallocentrism, planetocentric, polycentric, polycentrism, postcentral, psychocentral, psychocentric, reading center, reconcentratation, reconcentrate, selenocentric, self-centered, sociocentric, stereocentric, telecentric, telocentric, theocentric, theocentrism, three-center, topocentric, tourist center, tricentral, ultracentrifuge, weather center, word center, writing center, xenocentric, youth center, zenocentric, zone center, zoocentric κεραμος: clay ceramic, ceramics κεραννυμι: mix; κρασις: mixing; κρατηρ: bowl crasis, crater, crateral, cratered, crateriform, dyscrasia, dyscrassic, dyscrasite, dyscrasy, eucrasia, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, idiosyncratic, idiosyncratically, metacrasis, theocrasy κερας: horn carat, ceratocele, ceratoid, ceratoplasty, ceratosaurus, ceratotome, cherry, cherry pick, cherry picker, coxocerite, criocerite, cryptocerite, cryptocerous, cyrtoceratid, decacerous, Dinoceras, eurycerous, glycoceraphyte, helocerous, keracele, keralite, keraphyllite, karaphyllous, karat, keratectomy, keratic, keratin, keratinocyte, keratinolysis, keratinophlic, keratitis, keratoconus, keratoderma, keratogenesis, keratogenous, keratoglobous, keratoid, keratolysis, keratolytic, keratoma, keratometer, keratomy,

keratopathy, keratophyre, keratoplasty, keratoscope, keratose, keratosis, keratome, keratomy, kerogen, megacerous, microceratous, monoceros, nemocerous, orthoceras, petalocerous, procerite, protocere, rhinoceros, tinoceratid, triceratops κερασος: cherry-tree cherry, cherry pick, cherry picker κεραυνος: thunderbolt ceraunograph, ceraunoscope κερκος: tail diphyceral, gephrocercal, heterocercal, homocercal, onchocercal, onchocerciasis, protocercal κεστος: girdle, stitched, embroidered: see κεντεω κεφαλη: head acephalic, acephalous, acrocephaly, androcephalous, anencephalous, anencephaly, autocephalous, bicephalous, brachycephalic, cephalalgia, cephalalgic, cephalalgy, cephalic, cephalochordata, cephalometry, cephalopod, cephelotomy, cephalous, chamaecephaly, criocephalous, cyclocephalous, cylindrocephalic, Cynocephalae, cynocephalic, cynocephalous, cryptocephalic, decephalize, deutencephalon, dicephalous, diencephalon, discocephalic, dolichocephal, dolichocephalic, dolichocephaly, electroencephalogram, electroencephalograph, encephalic, encephalitic, encephalitis, encephalitogenic, encephalization, encephlocele, encephalogram, encephlograph, encephaloid, encephalolith, encephalology, encephalomyelitis, encephalon, encephalopathy, encephalous, enkephalin, epencephalic, epencephalon, eurycephalic, gnathocephalic, holocephalic, homeocephalic, hydrocephalic, hydrocephalous, hydrocephaly, infracephalic, intracephalic, isocephaly, jugulocephalic, klinocephalous, leptocephalus, lissencephalous, macrocephalic, mecistocephalic, megacephalic, megalocephalic, mesaticephalic, mesencephalic, mesencephaon, mesocephalic, metencephalon, micrencephaly, microcephalic, microcephalism, microcephalous, microcephalus, microcephaly, monocephalous, monocephalus, myelencephalon, neencephalon, ophiocephaloid, ornithocephalous, orthocephalic, oxycephalic, pachycephalic, palencephalon, parencephalon, pericephalic, plagiocephalic, platycephalic, plerocephalic, polioencephalitis, postcephalic, procephalic, procephalon, prosencephalon, protencephalon, pyrgocephalic, rhinencephalon, rhizocephalous, scaphocephalus, sphenocephaly, stegocephalous, stenocephalic, tapinocephalic, telencephalon, teleocephal, thalamencephalon, tricephalic κηδος: care for (n), trouble acedia, epicede, epicedian, epicedium κηλη: tumor bronchocele, ceratocele, cystocele, elytrocele, encephalocele, enterohydrocele, glossocele, hematocele, hepatocele, hydrocele, hysterocele, ischiocele, kerocele,

meningocele, merocele, mucocele, myelocele, nephrocele, oariocele, omentocele, ophthalmocele, orchidocele, orchiocele, oscheocele, osphyocele, pharyngocele, pleurocele, pneumatocele, pneumocele, proctocele, sarcocele, thyrocele, tracheocele, varicocele κηρος: wax (See also cera.) cerography, ceroplasty, kerogen, kerosene, meliceris, ozocerite, sycoceric κηρυξ: herald caduceus κητος: whale cetacean, cetic, ceteosaur, cetology, Cetus, denticete, spermaceti Κηφευς: Cepheus Cepheid, Cepheus κιθαρα: lyre cithara, citharist, guitar, guitarist, zither κινεω: set in motion akinesia, akinetic, autokinetic, biokinetics, bradykinesia, bradykinesis, chemokinetic, cinema, cinemascope, cinematheque, cinematic, cinematically, cinematics, cinematize, cinematograph, cinematographer, cinetmatography, cinemobile, cinephile, cinerama, cytokinin, cytokinesis, cytokinetic, diakinesis, diskinesia, electrokinetics, enterokinase, heterokinesy, hexokinase, hydrokinetic, hyperkinesis, hyperkinetic, hypokinetic, ideokinetic, interkinesis, isokinetic, karyokinesis, kine, kinematics, kineme, kineograph, kinesalgia, kinesiatric, kinescope, kinesic, kinesics, kinesimeter, kinesiologist, kinesiology, kinesiometer, kinesipath, kinesis, kineticism, kinesiscope, kinesitherapy, kinesodic, kinesthesia, kinetic, kinetically, kineticism, kineticist, kinetics, kinetogenesis, kinetodesma, kinetogram, kinetograph, kinetonucleus, kinetophone, kinetoplast, kinetoscope, kinetosis, kinetosome, klinokinetic, metakinesis, optokinetic, orthokinesis, orthokinetic, parakinesis, pharmacokinetics, photokinesis, prokinesis, prokinetic, psychokinesia, psychokinesis, psychokinetic, stathmokinesis, streptokinase, synkinetic, telekin, telekinesis, telekinetic, thermokinematics, thigmokinesis, urokinase κιρρος: tawny cirrholite, cirrhosis, cirrhotic κισσος: ivy cissoid κιστη: basket chest, cist, cistern κιχορα: chicory

chicory κλαω: break; κλαδος: branch anaclastic, biblioclasm, biblioclast, cataclasm, cataclastic, clade, cladism, cladist, cladistic(s), cladogenesis, clastic, clematis, cranioclasm, cranioclast, cryptoclastic, dendroclastic, diaclastic, disdiaclast, dysclasite, epiclastic, hebecladous, histoclastic, iconoclasm, iconoclast, iconoclastic, idoloclast, lithoclast, microclastic, mythoclastic, oligoclase, orthoclase, osteoclasis, osteoclast, panclastic, panclastite, plagioclase, plagioclastic, polyclad, proteoclastic, pyroclastic, rhomboclase, synclastic, triclad, volcaniclastic κλειω: shut cleisto-, cleistocarp, cleistogamic, cleistogamous, cleistogsmy, cleistogenous, cleithral, clithral, clitoridectomy, clitoris, diclesium, ophicleide κλεπτω: steal; κλεπτης: thief; κλπη: theft biblioklept, clepsydra, cleptocracy, cynklept, klepht, kleptobiosis, kleptocracy, kleptolagnia, kleptomania, kleptomaniac κλεω: make famous; κλεος: famous Cleo, Cleopatra, Clio, Heracles, Heraclid, herculean, Hercules κληρος: lot anticlerical, clergy, clergyman, clergywoman, cleric, clerical, clericalism, clericalist, clerically, clerisy, clerk, clerkly, clerkship, cleromancy, cleronomy, nonclerical κλινω: bend; κλιμαξ: ladder; κλιμα: slope, zone; κλινη: bed (See L. clino.) acclimate, acclimatization, acclimatize, anaclitic, anticlimactic, anticlimax, anticline, bioclimatic, bioclimatology, climacteric, climactic, climactically, climate, climatic, climatography, climatological, climatologist, climatology, climatotherapy, climax, clime, climograph, cline, clinic, clinical, clinically, clinician, clinographic, clinoid, clinometer, clinometric, clitic, cryptoclite, cycloclinal, dendroclimatology, diaclinal, diclinic, diclinism, diclinous, disclimax, ecoclimate, enclisis, enclitic, endoclinal, epiclinal, exoclinal, geoclinal, geosynclinal, geosyncline, helicline, heteroclite, homoclime, homocline, isoclinal, isocline, klinocephalous, klinokinetic, klinostat, klinotaxis, matroclinal, matroclinous, microclimate, monoclinal, monocline, monoclinic, monoclinous, orocline, paleoclimatologist, paleoclimatology, paraclinical, patroclinous, phytoclimate, policlinic, polyclimax, polyclinic, postclitic, proclimax, procline, proclisis, proclitic, synclinal, syncline, synclitic, thermocline, topocline, triclinic For incline, decline etc. see L. clivis. κλυζω: wash away, dash over cataclysm, cataclysmal, cataclysmally, cataclysmic, clyster, klydonograph, klyster, klystron, venoclysis κλυω: twig

clonal, clone, monclonal, polyclonal κνεδη: nettle cnidarian, cnidoblast, cnidocyst, cnidocyte, cnidogenous κογχος: mussel cockle, cocoon, conch, concha, conche, concher, conchifer, conchifera, conchiferous, conchiform, conchifragous, conchite, conchitic, conchitis, conchoid, conchoidal, conchoidally, conchological, conchology, conchometer, conchoscope, conchospiral, conchotome, conchylaceous, conchylia, coquina, dissoconch, protoconch κοθορνος: high boot cothurn, cothurnal, cothurnate, cothurnus κοιλος: hollow coelacanth, coelenteron, coelia, coeliac, coeliotomy, coeloblast, coelodont, Coelomata, coelomate, coelome, coelon, coelosperm, coelospermous, dendrocoele, enterocoele, epicoelia, gonocoele, hemocoele, hydrocoele, mesocoele, metacoele, monocoelic, myelocoele, myocoele, neurocoele, omphalocoele, opisthocoelous, orthocoelic, pleurocoele, procoelous, pseudocoele, schizocoele I have retained the -oe- spelling to distinguish from derivatives of κηλη. κοιμαω: put to sleep: see κειμαι κοινος: common cenobite, coenoblast, coenocyte, coenogamy, coenopodous, coenospecies, coenure, coinonomic, epicene, koine, koinonia, phytocoenosis κοιξ: doum-palm cycad, cycadaceous, cycadeous, cycadiform, cycadite κοκκος: grain coccid, coccoid, coccolith, coccule, coccus, cochineal, cryptococosis, cytococcus, dicoccous, echinococcus, enterococcus, gonococcus, meningococcus, myxococcus, pneumococcus, polycoccous, protococcus, pyococcus, staphylococcus, streptococcus κοκκυξ: cuckoo coccygeal, coccyx, cuckold κολαφος: stroke; κολαπτω: peck at cope, coppice, copse, coup, coupe, coupon, decoupage, recoup κολεον: sheath coleopter, Coleoptera, coleopterous κολλα: glue

collage, collagen, collagenous, collemia, colleter, colleterial, colletic, collidine, colligative, collodion, collograph, colloid, colloidal, collophane, collophore, collotype, gradocol, HTTP, hydrocolloid, osteocolla, protocol, protocolaire, sarcocolla, VoIP κολον: intestine; κολος: shortened colectomy, coli, colic, colicky, coliform, colitis, colobium, cololite, colon, colonic, colonoscope, colonoscopy, colopexy, colorectal, colostomy, colotomy, enterocolitis, epicolic, gastrocolic, megacolon, mesocolon, pericolitis κολος: docked colure κολοσσος: large statue coliseum, colossal, colossally, colosseum, colossus, supercolossal κολοφων: summit colophon, colophony κολπος: bosom, womb bathocolpian, colpitis, colposcope, colpotomy, engulf, gulf, Gulf States, Gulf Stream, pericolpitis Κολχις: Colchis Colchian, Colchis, colchicum κομη: hair coma (of a comet), comal, comate, comet, cometary, cometic, cometographer, cometography, cometoid, cometology, comiferous, comoid, comose, comous, eucomis, melanocomous, philocomal κονις: dust konimeter, koniscope κοπρος: dung copragogue, copremia, copremesis, coprolalia, coprolite, coprolith, coprolitic, coprology, copromania, copromaniac, coprophagan, coprophagia, coprophagic, coprophagist, coprophagous, coprophagy, coprophile, coprophilia, coprophobia, coprosma, coprozoic, eccoprotic, ornithocoprolite κοπτω: strike off apocopate, apocapation, apocope, comma, commatism, osteocomma, osteocope, percope, syncopate, syncopation, syncopator, syncope κοραλλιον: coral coral, coralist, coralliferous, coralliform, corallin, coralline, corallite, corallitic, coralloid, coralloidal, corallum, corally, coral reef

κοραξ: raven coraciform, coracine, coracite, coracoid, coracoidal, coracomorphic, corcosteon Κορινθος: Corinth Corinth, Corinthian, Corinthianize, currant κορις: bug coreopsis κορμος: stem cormogen, cormogenous, cormogeny, cormology, cormophyly, cormophyte κορος: boy; κορη: girl corectome, corectomy, coroplast, coroplastic, coroplasty, corotomy, Dioscuri, kore, kouros κορυβας: Corybant Corybant, corybantic κορυνη: club corynebacterium, coryneform κορυς: lark thinocorine κορυς: helmet corymb, corymbiferous, corymbiform, corymbose, coryphaeus, coryphodon, coryphodont, corythosaurus κορφος: twig corphology κορωνη: crown; κορωνις: curved cornice, corniculate, corolla, corollaceous, corollar, corollarize, corollary, corolliferous, corollifloral, corolliform, corolline, corollist, corona, Corona Australis, Corona Borealis, coronagraph, coronal, coronally, coronary, coronate, coronation, coroner, coronership, coronet, coroniform, coronilla, coronitis, coronofacial, coronoid, coronule, crown, crown colony, crowner, crownless, crownlet, crown prince, discrown, encrown, geocoronal, Northern Crown, paracorolla, postcrown, recrown, Southern Crown, thorn crown, uncrowned κοσκινον: sieve coscinomancy κοσμος: order; κοσμιος: moderate

acosmic, cosmetic(s), cosmetical, cosmetically, cosmetician, cosmetize, cosmetologist, cosmetology, cosmic, cosmical, cosmicality, cosmically, cosmism, cosmist, cosmocentric, cosmochemistry, cosmocrat, cosmocritic, cosmodrome, cosmogenesis, cosmogenetic, cosmogenic, cosmogeny, cosmognosis, cosmogonal, cosmogonic, cosmogonical, cosmogonist, cosmogony, cosmographer, cosmographic, cosmographical, cosmography, cosmogyral, cosmolabe, cosmolatry, cosmoline, cosmological, cosmologically, cosmologist, cosmology, cosmonaut, cosmonautical, cosmophil, cosmophile, cosmoplastic, cosmopolis, cosmopolitan, cosmopolitanism, cosmopolitanize, cosmopolitanly, cosmopolite, cosmopolitical, cosmopolitism, cosmorama, cosmoramic, cosmos, cosmosophy, cosmosphere, cosmotheism, cosmothetic, cosmothetical, cosmotron, cosmozoic, cosmozoism, hypercosmic, loxocosm, macrocosm, microcosm, microcosmic, microcosmography, microcosmology, neocosmic, pancosmic, pancosmism κοτυλη: cup acotyledonous, cotula, cotyle, cotyledon, cotyledonary, cotyliform, cotyligerous, cotyloid, cotylophorous, dicot, dicotyledon, hectocotyl, hypocotyl, monocot, monocotyledon, polycotyledon κοχλος: snail cochlea, cochlear, cochleariform, cochleate, cochleiform, cochliocarpous, cochlite κοφινος: basket coffer, coffin, encoffin, encoffinment κραμβη: cabbage crambo κρανιον: skull brachycrany, cranial, cranially, craniate, craniectomy, cranioclasm, cranioclast, craniofacial, craniognomic, craniognomy, craniognosy, craniograph, craniographer, craniography, cranioid, craniological, craniologist, craniology, craniometer, craniometric, craniometrician, craniometry, craniopathy, craniophore, cranioplasty, craniopolis, cranioscope, cranioscopic, cranioscopist, cranioscopy, craniosophic, craniospinal, craniotome, craniotomy, cranium, ectocranial, endocranium, epicranium, hemicrania, hydrocranium, intercranial, mesocranial, migraine, olecranon, pericranium, platycrania, postcranial κρατεω: rule; κρατος: power androcracy, antidemocratic, aristocracy, aristocrat, aristocratic, arithmocracy, autocracy, autocrat, autocratic, autocratically, beerocracy, bureaucracy, bureaucrat, bureaucratic, Christocratic, cleptocracy, clubocracy, cosmocrat, cottonocracy, countocracy, -cracy, -crat, cratometer, democracy, democrat, democratic, democratically, democratism, democratize, despotocracy, dulocracy, educrat, ergatocracy, foolocracy, geocratic, gerontocracy, gerontocratic, gynecocracy, gyneocracy, hierocracy, Hippocratic, isocracy, kakistocracy, kakistocrat, kleptocracy, logocracy, meritocracy, meritocratic, mesocracy, mesocratic, mobocratic, mobocracy, monocracy, monocrat,

neocorate, nomocracy, ochlocracy, ochlocrat, ochlocratic, ochlocratical, orocratic, pancratiast, pancratic, pancration, pancratist, pancratium, pancratic, pantiscocracy, pantiscocrat, Pantocrator, pedantocracy, pediocratic, phallocracy, phallocrat, physiocracy, physiocrat, physiocratic, pigmentocracy, plantocracy, plutocracy, plutocrat, plutocratic, plutocratical, pluto-democracy, pornocracy, pundtitocracy, shopocracy, slavocracy, snobocracy, social democracy, sociocracy, sociocrat, stratocracy, syncracy, technocracy, technocrat, technocratic, teleocracy, thalassocracy, thalassocrat, thalassocraty, theatrocracy, theocracy, theocrat, theocratic, theodemocracy, thugocracy, timocracy, timocratic, typocrat, undemocratic, undemocratically, virtucrat κρατηρ: mixing bowl; see κεραννυμι κρεας: flesh creatic, creatine, creophagism, creophagist, creophagous, creophagy, creosol, creosote, pancreas, pancreatectomy, pancreatic, pancreatin, pancreatitis, pancreatize, pancreatography, pancreatoid, pancreozymin κρεμαω: hang cremaster, cremasteric, cremnophobia, cremocarp κρηνη: spring (of water) crenic, crenitic, Hippocrene κρητιζειν: combine, lie, play one against another syncretic, syncretically, syncretism, syncretist, syncretistic, syncretize κριθη: barley crithomancy κρικος: ring cricoid, cricoidean κρινον: lily crinoid, encrinal, encrinic, encrinite, encrinitic, encrinoid, Encrinus κρινω: decide, judge, pick, separate; κριτης: judge; κρισις: judgment cosmocritic, crisis, criterial, criteriological, criteriology, criterion, criterional, critic, critical, criticality, critically, criticalness, criticaster, criticism, criticist, criticize, criticizer, critique, diacritic, diacritical, diacritically, eccrinology, ectocrine, endocrine, endrocrinologist, endocrinology, endocrinopathy, enterocrinin, epicritic, exocrinal, exocrine, hematocrit, holocrine, hypercritical, hypocrisy, hypocrite, hypocritical, metacriticism, metacritical, new criticism, noncritical, oneirocritic, oneirocritical, oneirocriticism, paracrine, precritical, subcritical, syncrisis, ultracritical, uncritical, uncritically κριος: ram

criocephaous, criocerate, criophore, criophorous, criosphinx Κροισος: Croesus Croesus κροκοδειλος: lizard croc, crocodile, crocodile tears, crocodilian κροκος: saffron croceate, croconic, crocus κροτος: beat dicrotic, dicrotism, dicrotous κρυος: frost cryobiological, cryobiologist, cryobiology, cryogen, cryogenic, cryoglobulin, cryohydrate, cryohydric, cryolite, cryology, cryometer, cryonic, cryopedology, cryophilic, cryophillite, cryophorous, cryophorus, cryophyte, cryopreservation, cryopump, cryosar, cryoscopy, cryostat, cryosurgery, cryosurgical, cryotherapy, cryotron, cryoturbation, cryptocrystaline, cryptocrystalization, crystal, crystallic, crystalliferous, crystalliform, crystalligerous, crystalline, crystallinity, crystallite, crystallitic, crystallizable, crystallization, crystallize, crystallizer, crystallogenesis, crystallographer, crystallographic, crystallography, crystalloid, crystalloidal, crystallogy, crystallomancy, crystallometry, crystallurgy, crystally, crystalworts, crystoleum, decrystallization, intercrystaline, leucocrystal, metacryst, microcrystal, monocrystal, paleocrystic, paracrystal, polycrystal, uncrystallized κρουω: strike, test, (perhaps) stretch Procrustean, Procrustes κρυπτω: hide; κρυπτος: hidden apocryph, apocrypha, apochryphal, crypt, ryptal, cryptal, cryptesthesia, cryptic, cryptical, cryptically, crypt(o)analysis, cryptobiosis, cryptobiotic, cryptobranch, cryptobranchiate, cryptocarp, cryptocarpous, crytocephalous, cryptocerite, cryptocerous, cryptoclastic, cryptoclite, crytococosis, crypto-communist, cryptocrystaline, cryptocrystalization, crytodirous, cryptodont, cryptodynamic, cryptofascist, cryptogamia, cryptogenetic, cryptogenic, cryptogram, cryptograph, cryptographer, cryptographic, cryptographical, cryptography, cryptolin, cryptolite, cryptologist, cryptology, cryptomere, cryptomeria, cryptomonad, cryptoneurous, cryptonym, cryptomorphite, cryptonym, cryptonymous, cryptopentamerous, cryptophasia, cryptophyte, cryptoportico, cryptoquote, cryptorchid, cryptorchidism, cryptosporidium, cryptostoma, cryptosystem, cryptotelephony, cryptous, cryptovolcanic, cryptoxanthin, cryptozoa, cryptozoic, cryptozoon, cryptozygous, decrypt, decryption, decryptograph, encrypt, encryption, grot, grotesque, grotesquely, grotesqueness, grotto, holocryptic, Kr, krypton, kryptonite, procrypsis, procryptic, syncryptic, telecryptograph

κτεις: comb ctenocyst, ctenodont, ctenoid, Ctenophota, ctenosphere κτιζω: found, build amphictyonic, amphictyony κτονια: killing theoktonic, theoktony κυαθος: drinking cup cyathiform, cyathoid, cyatholith, cyathophylloid, cyathozoid κυανος: enamel, dark-blue substance acrocyanosis, anthocyanin, cyan, cyanamide, cyanate, cyanescent, cyanic, cyanicide, cyanidation, cyanide, cyanin, cyanite, cyanize, cyanogen, cyanogenic, cyanometer, cyanophilous, cyanose, cyanosis, cyanotic, cyanotype, dicyanide, hemocyanin, oxycyanide, plastocyanin, thiocyanogen, xanthocyanopsy κυβερναω: steer; κυβερνητης: pilot cybercamp, cybercrime, cybernation, cyberneticist, cybernetics, cyberporn, cyberpunk, cybersecurity, cybersex, cyberspace, cyberterrorism, cyberterrorist, cyborg, govern, governance, governess, government, governmental, governmentally, governor, governorate, governorship, gubernatorial, intergovernmental, misgovern, misgovernance, misgovernment, nongovernmental, overgovern, self-govern, self-government, ungovernable, ungoverned, ungovernmental, world government κυβος: cube; κυβη: head cubage, cubangle, cube, cubic, cubical, cubicubic, cubically, cubicite, cubiform, cubism, cuboid, cuboidal, cubomancy, cybotaxis, decubital, decubitus, flashcube, hypercube, psilocybin κυδος: glory kudize, kudos κυκλος: ring, circle acyclic, anticyclone, anticyclonic, barocyclometer, bicycle, bicyclist, bike, biker, concylic, countercycle, cyclad, Cyclades, Cycladic, cyclamate, cyclamin, cycle, cycler, cyclery, cyclette, cyclic, cyclical, cyclically, cyclicism, cyclide, cyclist, cyclitis, cyclize, cycloalkane, cyclobranchiate, cyclocentric, cyclocephalous, cycloclinal, cyclode, cyclodialysis, cyclogenesis, cyclogeny, cyclogram, cyclograph, cyclograher, cyclographic, cyclography, cyclohexene, cycloid, cycloidal, cyclomatic, cyclometer, cyclometry, cyclomorphosis, cyclonal, cyclone, cycloneurous, cyclonic, cyclopedia, cyclopedic, cyclopia, cyclopic, cycloplegia, cyclopoid, Cyclops, cyclopterous, cyclorama, cycloscope, cyclosis, cyclospermous, cyclospore, cyclostomatous, cyclostyle, cyclothymia, cyclotomy, cyclotron, dicycle, electrocycle, encyclic, encyclical,

encyclopedia, encyclopedian, encyclopedic, encyclopedism, encyclopedist, encylopedize, epicycle, epicyclic, eucyclic, exocyclic, geocyclic, hemicycle, heterocyclic, homocyclic, hydrocycle, hypercycle, hypercycloid, kilocycle, KKK, KuKluxKlan, life cycle, logocyclic, macrocyclic, megacycle, metacyclic, microcyclic, minibike, monocycle, motorbike, motorcycle, multicyclic, noncyclic, orthocycle, pentacyclic, pericycle, phylocycle, polycyclic, recyclable, recycle, recycler, synchrocyclotron, tetracyclic, tetracyline, thermal cycle, thermocycler, trade cycle, tricycle, tricyclic, trike, unicycle, unicyclist, weather cycle κυκνος: swan cygneous, cygnet, Cygnus κυλινδρω: roll calender, cylinder, cylindraceous, cylindric, cylindrical, cylindrocephalic, cylindroform, cylindrometric κυμα: wave Cumae, cyma, cymagraph, cymophane, kymogram, kymograph, kymography κυμβη: hollow vessel chime, cymbal, cymbalist κυπαρισσος: cypress cupresineous, cupressite, cypress κυπρινος: carp cyprin, cyprinid, cyprinodont, cyprinoid Κυπρος: Cyprus copper, coppered, copperhead, copperize, coppernose, coppersmith, coppery, Cu, cuprammonia, cuprammonium, cuprate, cupreous, cupric, cupriferous, cuprite, cuproid, cuprous, Cyprian, cypriferous, Cypriot(e), Cyprus κυρος: power; κυριος: valid church, church-goer, churchless, churchlike, churchman, churchwarden, churchyard, curiologic, kirk, Kyrie, Kyrie eleison, megachurch κυρτος: bulging cyrtoceratid, cyrtograph, cyrtolite, cyrtometer, kurtosis, leptokurtic, mesokurtic, platykurtic κυφελος: swift cypseline, cypselous κυφος: bent cyphonism, cyphosis, cyphotic, kyphosis

κυω: be pregnant; κυστις: bladder; κυτος: hollow astrocytoma, blastocyst, blastocyte, choanocyte, cholecyst, cholecystectomy, chondrocyte, chromatocyte, cnidocyst, cnidocyte, coenocyte, ctenocyst, cyesiology, cyst, cystalgia, cystectomy, cystic, cystical, cysticolous, cysticotomy, cystid, cystiferous, cystiform, cystigerous, cystitis, cystitome, cystocarp, cystocele, cystocyte, cystogenous, cystoid, cystolith, cystome, cystometer, cystoplast, cystorrhea, cystoma, cystoscope, cystospasm, cystotome, cystotomy, cytase, ctenocyst, cytoblast, cytocentrifuge, cytochemistry, cytochrome, cytocidal, cytocidally, cytococcus, cytodiagnosis, cytode, cytogamy, cytogenesis, cytogenetics, cytoid, cytokinesis, cytokinetic, cytokinin, cytologist, cytology, cytolysis, cytopathic, cytopathology, cytoplasm, cytostome, cytotaxic, cytotaxonomy, cytotropic, cytozoa, dacryocystitis, ectocyst, electrocyte, encyst, encystation, encystment, endocyst, entocyst, endocytosis, epicyte, erythrocyte, exocytosis, fibrocystic, gametocyte, gonocyte, gonocyte, granulocyte, gymnocyte, hematocyte, hemoleucocyte, hepatocystic, heterocyst, histocyte, hydrocyst, hypnocyst, hysterocyst, immunocyte, intracystic, iridocyte, keratinocyte, leucocyte, leucocytosis, lithocyst, lymphocyte, macrocyst, macrocyte, megalocyte, melanocyte, merocyte, mesocyst, microcyst, microcyte, monocyst, monocyte, mycetocyte, myelocyte, myocyte, nectocyst, nematocyst, nephrocyte, neurocyte, nonelectrocyte, normocyte, ocellicyst, oligocystic, oligocythemia, oligodendrocyte, oocyst, oocyte, osteocyte, otocyst, ovicyst, ovocyte, paracyst, phacocyst, phagocyte, phenocyst, pinocytosis, pituicyte, plasmacyte, plasmocyte, pleocytosis, pneumatocyst, poikilocyte, polycystic, precystic, pseudocyesis, pseudocyst, pyocyte, reticulocyte, sarcocyst, sarcocyte, sicklocyte, siderocyte, solenocyte, spermatocyte, splenocyte, sporocyst, streptocyte, syncytium, thrombocyte, thymocyte, trophocyte, tubulocyst, urocystitis, xenocyst, zymocyte κυων: dog cynegetics, cynic, cynical, cynically, cynicism, Cynocephalae, cynocephalic, cynocephalous, cynodont, cynodontism, cynoid, cynoklept, cynologist, cynology, cynomorphic, cynology, cynomorphic, cynophilia, cynophilist, cynophobia, cynopodous, cynosural, cynosure, cynurenic, dicynodont, philocynic, Procyon, procyonid, quinsy κωβιος: fish gobiform, goby, gudgeon κωδεια: head codeine κωλον: limb colon (:), colometric, colometry, dicolic, semicolon, tetracolon, tricolic κωμα: see κειμαι κωμη: village

neocomian κωμος: revelry comedial, comedian, comedic, comedienne, comedist, comedy, comic, comical, comicality, comically, comic strip, encomiast, encomiastic, encomiastically, encomium, seriocomic, sitcom, tragicomedy, tragicomic κωνειον: hemlock conine, conium κωνος: cone biconical, cone, conencyma, conic, conical, conically, conicoid, conics, conifer, coniferin, coniderization, coniferous, coniform, conocarp, conocuneus, conodont, conoid, conoidal, conure, conus, deuteroconid, keratoconus, metacone, nosecone, orthocone, paracone, paraconid, phragmocone, pinecone, polyconic, protocone, protoconid κωνωψ: gnat canape, canopy κωπη: handle copepod, copepodid κωφος; dull cophosis

Λ λαβαρον: labarum labarum Λαβυρινθος: maze; λαβρυς: two-headed axe labyrinth, labyrinthiform, labyrinthine, labyrinthitis, labyrinthodon λαγνεια: lust algolagnia, kleptolagnia, urolagnia λαγως: hare lagomorph, lagopode, lagopodous, lagopthalmus, lagopus λακκος: pond, cistern laccolite, laccolith, laccolithic Λακων: Spartan Laconian, laconic, laconically, laconicism, laconicum, laconism, Laconize λαλια: talk coprolalia, dyslalia, echolalia, glossolalia, idiolalia, mogilalism, palilalia, paralalia, xenolalia λαμβανω: seize analemma, astrolabe, catalepsy, cataleptic, cosmolabe, decasyllabic, decasyllable, diabolepsy, dilemma, dilemmatic, disyllabic, disyllabically, disyllabification, disyllabify, dissylabism, disyllabize, dissylable, dodecasyllabic, dodecasyllable, epanalepsis, epilepsy, epileptic, epileptiform, epileptigenic, hendecasyllabic, heptasyllabic, hexasyllabic, imparisyllabic, isosyllabic, lemma, lemmatization, lemmatize, litholabe, mesolabe, mesolabic, metalepsis, metaleptic, monosyllable, narcolepsy, narcoleptic, nonsyllabic, nympholepsy, nympholept, nympholeptic, octosyllabic, oligosyllabic, oolemma, organoleptic, parisyllabic, pentalemma, perisyllabic, perissosyllabic, plurisyllabic, polylemma, polysyllabic, polysyllable, procatalepsis, prolepsis, proleptic, prosopolespsy, pyknolepsy, syllabary, syllabation, syllabic, syllabically, syllabification, syllabify, syllabism, syllabize, syllable, syllabus, syllepsis, tautosyllabic, tetralemma, tetrasyllabic, tetrasyllable, theolepsy, thymoleptic, trilemma, trisyllabic, trisyllable ,λαμβδα: lambda dilambodent, lambda, lambdacism, lambdoidal λαμπω: shine; λαμπρος: bright

arc-lamp, lamp, lampadedromy, lampadephor, lampblack, lampistry, lamplight, lamplighter, lantern λαος: people laic, laical, laicism, laicization, laicize, laity, layman, laypeople, layperson, laywoman, liturgic, liturgical, liturgics, liturgiologist, liturgism, liturgist, liturgy, Nicholas λαπαρα: flank laparascope, laparascopy, laparotomy λαρυγξ: windpipe endolaryngeal, laryngeal, laryngealize, laryngectomy, laryngitic, laryngitis, laryngology, laryngophone, laryngoscope, laryngetomize, laryngotomy, larynx, otolaryngologist, otolaryngology, otorhinolaryngology, λαταξ: drop of wine latex, laticiferous λατρις: servant; λατρευω: serve angelolatry, astrolatry, autolatry, bardolatry, bibliolatry, cosmolatry, demonolatry, dendrolatry, ecclesialatry, epeolatry, epistolatry, gastrolatry, grammtolatry, gyneolatry, hagiolater, hagiolatry, heliolatry, hierolatry, ichthyolatry, iconolater, iconolatry, ideolatry, idolater, idolatrize, idolatrous, idolatrously, idolatry, latria, litholatry, logolatry, Mariolater, Mariolatry, martyrolatry, mobolatry, monolater, monolatry, necrolatry, negrolatry, onolatry, ophiolater, ophiolatry, paleolatry, papolatry, parthenolatry, physiolater, physiolatry, planetolatry, plutolatry, poetolatry, psycholatry, pyrolatry, staurolatry, symbolatry, symbololatry, theolatry, theriolatry, therolatry, uranolatry, zoolatry λεγω: pick, speak; συλλεγω: collect (See also λογος.) acrolect, acrolectal, analect, analects, bidialecticist, catalectic, dialect, dialectic, dialectical, dialectically, dialectician, dialecticism, dialectology, eccelctic, eclectical, eclectically, eclecticism, eclectcize, eclectism, ecclecticism, hapax legemon, lectotype, lexeme, lexemic, lexical, lexically, lexicograph, lexicographer, lexicography, lexicology, lexicon, lexiconize, lexicostatistic, lexigram, lexigraphy, lexis, mesolect, monodialectic, morpholexical, oligolectic, paralexia, paralexic, polylectal, prolegomenon, prolegomenous λειπω: leave ecclipsable, eclipse, eclipser, eclipsis, ecliptic, ecliptical, ecliptically, eclipticity, ellipse, ellipsis, ellipsograph, ellipsoid, ellipsoidal, elliptical, elliptically, ellipticity, lipogram, lipography, menolipsis, metalepsic, metalepsis, paralepsis, paralipsis λειριον: lily dasyliron, liliaceous, lily, lilyflower, lilylike, lily-livered, sea lily, water lily

λειχην: tree-moss lichen, lichenicolous, lichenification, licheniform, lichenivorous, lichenographist, lichenography, lichenoid, lichenology, lichenophagous λεπτος: fine, narrow leptocephalus, leptodactylous, leptokurtic, lepton, leptophyllous, leptorrhine, leptosomic, leptotene λεπω: peel; λεπρος: leper lepidate, lepidote, lepidopterist, lepidopterology, lepidopteron, lepidopterous, leper, leprophil, leprophobia, leprosarium, leprosy, leprous Λεσβος: Lesbos lesbian, lesbianism, lesbo, Lesbos, lizzie, lizzy λευκος: white hemoleucocyte, leucite, leucitite, leucocholy, leucocrystal, leucocyte, leucocytosis, leucoderm, leucodermia, leucodermic, leucoma, leucopathy, leucopenia, leucopenic, leucophane, leucoplast, leucopoiesis, leucorrhea, leucoscope, leucosis, leucotomy, leucovorin, leukemia, leukemic, leukemogen, leukemogenic, leukergy, leukodermia, leukorrhea, leukovirus, ornitholeucism, tyroleukin λεων: lion; λεαινα: lioness chameleon, chameleonesque, chameleonic, dandelion, Leo, Leonard, leoncito, Leonid, leonine, leopard, liger, lion, lioness, lion-hearted, lionize, mountain lion, sea lion, tigon OED suggests leo, not λεων, may be the primary influence on all English derivatives. ληδον: shrub (mastich) laudanum ληγω: stop catalectic, dicatalectic ληθη: forgetfulness; λανθανω: be unaware lethargic, lethargically, lethargy, Lethe, Lethean N.B. OED derives lethal from letum; OLD does not associate ληθη amd letum. ληνισλος: ribbon lemniscate, lemniscus λιθος: stone acrolith, aeneolithic, aerolithology, antholite, batholith, chalcolite, chalcolithic, cholelith, chololith, chromolith, chrysolite, cirrholite, coccolith, cololite, coprolite, coprolith, coprolitic, cyatholith, cyrolite, cyrtolite, cystolith, dacryolith, datolite, dendrolite, discolith, encephalolith, endolith, enterolite, enterolith, entomolite, eolite, eolith, eolithic, epilithic, gastrolith, gigantolite, gompholite, granolithic, hagiolith, heliolithic, hepatolith,

hippolith, hydrolith, hypolithic, ichnolite, inolith, ixiolite, kentrolite, keralite, laccolite, laccolith, laccolithic, lithanode, lithanthrax, lithectasy, lithiasis, lithic, lithifaction, lithification, lithify, lithiophorite, lithium, lithobiotic, lithocarp, lithochrome, lithochromy, lithoclast, lithocyst, lithodialysis, lithogenesis, lithogenous, lithoglyph, lithograph, lithographer, lithographic, lithography, lithoid, litholabe, litholatry, lithological, lithology, litholysis, litholytic, lithomancy, lithomerge, lithometer, lithophagous, lithophane, lithophany, lithophile, lithophilous, lithophone, lithophosphoric, lithophyte, lithoprint, lithoscope, lithosphere, lithosperm, lithospore, lithotome, lithotomist, lithotomy, lithotripsy, lithotriptor, lithotrite, lithotritor, lithotrity, lithotype, lithuria, lithurorrhea, lopolith, megalith, megalithic, melilite, mesolithic, meteorolite, microlith, microlithic, miolithic, monolith, monolithic, neolite, neolith, neolithic, nephrolith, nephrolithic, nephrolithotomy, meurolite, neurolithic, ochrolite, odontolith, olistolith, oncolite, oolite, oolith, oolitic, ophiolite, ophiolitic, ophthalmolith, orbitolite, ornithocoprolite, ornitholite, oscheolith, osteolite, osteolith, ololite, otolith, oxylith, paleolith, paleolithic, paleotalith, pelolithic, phacolite, phacolith, pharmacolite, phlebolith, phonolite, photolith, photolithograph, photolithographic, photolithography, phytolith, picrolite, pisolite, pisolith, pisolithic, pisolitic, polylithic, pneumolith, prostalith, protolith, protolithic, psammolithic, pyrolite, radiolite, raphilite, regolith, saprolite, sarcolite, sebolith, sialolith, siderolite, spherolite, spherolitic, spongolite, spongolith, staurolith, stercolith, stromatolite, stromatolith, stylolite, technolithic, teratolite, thinolite, thrombolite, tonsilolith, trilith, urolith, urostealith, xenolith, zeolite, zeolithic, zeolitize λιμνη: lake limnograph, limnology, limnometer, limnophilous, limnoplankton, limnoria λιμος: famine bulimia, bulimic λιπος: fat lipectomy, lipid, lipochrome, lipogenous, lipoid, lipolysic, lipolysis, lipolytic, lipoma, lipomatosis, lipomorph, lipoprotein, liposome, liposuction, liposuctionist, lipotomy, lipotropic, lipotype, lipoxenous λισσος: smooth lissencephalous λιτη: prayer; λισσομαι: beg litany λιτρα: coin centoliter, decaliter, deciliter, hectoliter, kiloliter, liter, microliter, milliliter, myrialiter, nanoliter λοβος: lobe, liver

decalobate, epilobe, lobar, lobate, lobation, lobe, lobectomy, lobotomy, lobular, lobule, monolobular, multilobular, trilobal, trilobate, trilobite λογος: word; λεξικον: pertaining to words; λογισμος: calculation; απολογια: speech in defense; ομολογια: agreement; ευλογος: fair (N.B. See also λεγω. LS says λογος us a verbal noun from λεγω.) abiological, acrology, addictionologist, adenology, aerolithology, aerology, aetiological, aetiology, agrobiology, agrology, agrostology, agrotechnology, alexia, alogia, alogical, alogism, amphibology, analogical, analogous, analogously, analogue, analogy, andrologist, andrology, anemology, angelolology, angiology, anthologize, anthology, anthropologist, anthropology, antilog, antilogarithm, antilogy, apologetic, apolegetical, apologetically, apologia, apologist, apologize, apologue, apology, arachnologist, arachnology, aranology, archelogy, archeological, archeologist, archeology, areology, aretalogy, Assyriology, astrobiologist, astrobiology, astrologer, astrological, astrology, astrometeorology, autecology, autologous, axiology, bacteriological, bacteriologist, bacteriology, balneological, balneologist, balneology, bibliologist, bibliology, bioclimatology, bioecology, biologic, biological, biologically, biologism, biologist, biologics, biology, biometerology, biospeleology, biotechnology, brachylogy, brontology, bryology, cacology, campanologist, campanology, caprology, carcinology, card catalog, cardiologist, cardiology, carpology, catalog, catalogic, cetology, characterology, chirologist, chirology, cholology, choreology, chorological, chorology, Christology, chromatology, chronologer, chronological, chronologically, chronologist, chronologize, chronology, climatological, climatologist, climatology, codicology, colog, cologarithm, colorology, cometology, conchological, conchology, coprology, cordiology, cormology, corphology, cosmetologist, cosmetology, cosmological, cosmologically, cosmologist, cosmology, craniological, craniologist, craniology, creekology, criminologist, criminology, criteriological, criteriology, crustaceology, cryobiological, cryobiologist, cryobiology, cryology, cryopedology, cryptologist, cryptology, crystalogy, culucidologist, curiologic, cyesiology, cynologist, cynology, cytologist, cytology, cytopathology, dactylology, decalogue, deltiology, demonology, demythologize, dendanthropology, dendrochronology, dendroclimatology, dendrologist, dendrology, dentology, deontological, deontologist, deontology, dermatologist, dermatology, dermatopathology, desmology, desmonosology, desmopathology, diabolology, dialectology, dialog(ue), dialogic, dialogical, dialogically, dialogism, dialogist, dialogistic, dialogistically, dialogize, dialogous, dialogue, dialoguist, dialoguize, dilogical, dilogy, dipterology, disanalogous, disanalogy, dislogistic, dittology, docimology, dogmatology, dosiology, doxological, doxologize, doxology, duologue, dyslexia, dyslexiac, dyslexic, dyslogia, dyslogistic, dyslogistically, dyslogy, dystelelogy, ecclesiologic, ecclesialogical, ecclesiologically, ecclesiologist, ecclesialogy, eccrinology, ecchinology, eclogite, eclogue, ecological, ecologically, ecologist, ecology, Egyptologist, Egyptology, electrobiology, electrology, eloge, elogium, emblematology, embryologic, embryological, embryologist, embryology, emetology, emmenagogology, emmenological, emmenology, encephalology, endocrinologist, endocrinology, enigmatology, enterology, entomological, entomologist, entomologize, entomology, enzymology, epeology, epidemiologist, epidemiology, epilogist, epilogize, epilogue, epistemological, epistemology, epistolographic, epistolography, eremology,

eschatological, eschatology, ethnological, ethnologist, ethnology, ethnomethodology, ethnomusicology, ethnopsychology, ethnozoology, ethological, ethologist, ethology, etiological, etiology, Etruscology, etymological, etymologically, etymologicon, etymologist, etymologize, etymology, eulogism, eulogist, eulogistic, eulogistically, eulogize, eulogium, eulogy, exobiology, festilogy, filicology, folk etymology, fungology, futurology, galvanology, garbologist, garbology, gastroenterologist, gastroenterology, gastrology, gemology, genealogical, genealogist, genealogize, genealogy, genecology, geochronology, geologic, geological, geologist, geologize, geologue, geology, geomorphology, geotechnology, geratology, gerontologist, gerontology, gigantology, glaciological, glaciologist, glaciology, glossological, glossologist, glossology, glottochronology, glottology, gnomology, gnomonology, gnosoplogical, gnosiological, gnosiology, graminology, grammalogue, graphologist, graphology, gynecologic, gynecologist, gynecology, hagiology, halology, haplology, heliology, helminthology, hematology, hematopathology, hemopathology, hepatology, heresiology, herpetologist, herpetology, heterologous, heterology, hexiology, hierology, hippology, histological, histology, historiology, Homerology, homologate, homologation, homologen, homological, homologize, homologous, homologue, homology, hormonology, horologe, horologer, horologic, horologist, horologium, horology, hydrobiology, hydrogeology, hydrologic, hydrological, hydrology, hydrometeorlogist, hyetology, hygrology, hylology, hymenology, hymnology, hypnology, hysterology, ichnology, ichthyologist, ichthyology, iconology, ideological, ideologically, ideologist, ideologue, ideology, idiolect, illogical, illogicality, illogically, illogicalness, immunobiology, immunological, immunologist, immunology, immunopathology, insectology, iridology, islandology, isologue, karyology, kinesiologist, kinesiology, laryngology, lepitopterology, lexicology, lichenology, limnology, lithological, lithology, liturgiologist, log (math), logarithm, logarithmic, logarithmical, logic, logical, logicality, logically, logician, logicism, logicist, logion, logistic, logistical, logistically, logistician, logistics, logo, logocentric, logocentrism, logocracy, logocyclic, logodaedalus, logodaedaly, logogram, logographer, logograph, logographer, logographic, logography, logogriph, logolatry, logology, logomachy, logomania, logomaniac, logometer, logometric, logoneurosis, logopathy, logopedics, logophobia, logorrhea, logorrheic, logos, logotherapy, logotype, -logy, luminologist, macrology, magnetology, malacology, malariologist, malariology, mammalogy, Mariological, Mariology, martyrological, martyrologist, martyrology, mechanology, meconology, melologue, menologist, menology, mereology, merology, mesology, metabiology, metalogical, metamorphology, metapsychology, meteorological, meteorologist, meteorology, methodological, methodology, metrology, miasmology, microbiologist, microbiology, microcosmogeology, microcosmology, microecology, microgeology, micrologic, micrology, micrometeorology, micropetrology, mineralogist, mineralogy, misology, mixology, monadological, monadology, monological, monologist, monologue, monology, monopolylogue, morphological, morphology, morphonology, musicological, musicologist, musicology, mycetology, mycology, myology, myrmecologist, myrmecology, mythological, mythologically, mythologist, mythologize, mythology, naological, naology, nasology, necrological, necrologist, necrologue, necrology, nematology, neologian, neological, neologism, neologist, neologize, neology, neonatologist, neonatology, neontology, neossology, nephology, nephrologist, nephrology, neurobiology, neuroembryology, neurohistology, neurological, neurologist,

neurology, neuropathology, neuropsychologist, neuropsychology, nidology, nomological, nomology, nonhomologous, nonlogical, noological, noology, nosology, nostology, numerological, numerologist, numerology, numismatologist, numismatology, oceanological, oceanologist, oceanology, odontology, oenology, ology, ombrology, omenology, oncological, oncologist, oncology, oneirology, onomasiology, onomatologist, onomatology, ontological, ontologism, ontologist, ontologize, ontology, ontotheology, oological, oologist, oologize, oology, ophiology, ophthalmological, ophthamologist, ophthalmology, opiology, orchidologist, orchidology, organology, ornithological, ornithologist, ornithology, orologist, orology, orthology, osmology, osteological, osteologist, osteology, ostracology, otolaryngologist, otolaryngology, otologist, otology, otomorphology, otorhinolaryngology, ovology, paleanthropology, paleobiology, paleoclimatologist, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, paleoethnology, paleogeology, paleologist, paleology, paleontologist, paleontology, paleopathology, paleornithology, paleozoology, palilogy, palynological, palynology, panlogism, pantheology, pantologic, pantology, papryrologist, papyrology, paradoxology, paralogia, paralogism, paralogistic, paralogize, parapsychology, parasitology, pareschatology, parhomologous, paromology, pathobiology, pathological, pathologically, pathologist, pathology, pathophysiology, patrology, pedology, Pekingology, penological, penologist, penology, pentalogue, pentalogy, periodology, periodontology, perissology, personologist, personology, pestology, petrological, petrologist, petrology, pharmacological, pharmacologist, pharmacology, pharology, pharyngeocology, phenological, phenology, phenomenological, phenomenologically, phenomenologist, phenomenology, philological, philologist, philology, phonologist, phonology, photobiology, photobiologic, photogeology, phraseological, phraseologist, phraseology, phrenological, phrenologist, phrenology, phthisiology, phycology, physiological, physiologically, physiologist, physiology, physiopathology, phytobiology, phytosociology, pistiology, placentology, planetology, planktology, planktonology, plasmology, plutology, pneumatology, podology, pogonology, poiology, polemology, polology, polylogue, pomological, pomology, ponerology, posological, posology, potomology, praxiology, primatologist, primatology, process theology, proctologist, proctology, prologue, promorphology, prosepilogism, prosyllogism, protistology, protologue, protology, protozoology, psephology, pseudology, pseudosyllogism, psychobiology, psychologic, psychological, psychologically, psychologism, psychologist, psychologistic, psychologize, psychology, psychopathologist, psychopathology, psychophysiology, psychotechnology, pteridology, pterodology, pulmonologist, pulmonology, pyramidology, pyritology, pyrology, quinologist, radio ecology, radioimmunology, radiologic, radiological, radiologist, radiology, rheology, rheumatologist, rheumaltology, rhigology, rhinologic, rhinologist, rhinology, rhodologist, saprobiology, sarcology, Satanology, scatological, scatology, scientology, sedimentology, seismological, seismologist, seismology, selenologist, selenology, semasiology, sematology, seminology, serological, serologist, serology, sexologist, sexology, Sinologist, Sinology, siphonapterology, sitology, sociobiological, sociobiologist, sociobiology, sociologese, sociologic, sociological, sociologism, sociologist, sociologistic, sociology, somatological, somatologist, somatology, sophiology, soteriological, soteriology, sovietologist, spectrological, spectrology, speleologist, speleology, sphygmology, spongologist, spongology, squalorologist, squalorology, star

catalog, stasiology, stemmatology, stereology, stoicheiology, stomatology, suicidology, supertechnological, syllogism, syllogist, syllogistic, syllogistically, syllogize, symbology, symptomatology, synaptology, synchronology, synecology, tartarology, tautological, tautologically, tautologist, tautologize, tautologous, tautology, technological, technicologically, technologist, technologize, technology, tectology, teleological, teleologist, teleology, telmatology, tephrochronology, teratological, teratologist, teratology, terminology, termitologist, terotechnology, tetralogy, thallottology, thanatologist, thanatology, thaumatology, theogeological, theologaster, theologate, theologian, theologic, theological, theologically, theologism, theologist, theologize, theologoumenenon, theologue, theology, theomythology, theoteleological, theotelology, thermohydrology, thermology, therology, thremmatology, Tibetology, tidology, timbrology, topological, topologize, topology, toxicologist, toxicology, traumatology, travelog(ue), trialogue, tribology, trichologist, trichology, trilogical, trilogy, trophology, tropology, typhology, typological, typologist, typologize, typology, ufology, unapologetic, unapologetically, uranology, urbanology, urinologist, urinology, urologist, urology, vexillology, victimology, vinylogous, vulcanology, xylology, zoological, zoologist, zoology, zoopathology, zoopsychology, zygology, zymology λοξος: oblique loxocosm, loxodon, loxodrome, loxodromic λοπας: basin lopolith Λουκας: Luke Lucas, Luke λουω: bathe psychrolute λοφος: crest lophiodon, lophiodont, lophobranchiate, lophoderm, lophopod, lophophore, trilophodont, trilophous λυγξ: lynx lyncean, lyncine, lynx, lynx-eyed Λυδια: Lydia Lydia, Lydian λυκος: wolf lycanthrope, lycanthropic, lycanthropous, lycanthropy, lycee, lyceum, lycodont, lycopod λυμφη: lymph: See νυμφη.

λυπη: pain lypemania λυρα: lyre Lyra, lyrate, lyre, lyrebird, lyric, lyrical, lyrically, lyricism, lyricist, lyriorm, lyrism, lyrist λυσσα: rage alyssum, lyssa, lyssophobia, lytta λυω: loose, dissolve; καταλυω: break up amylolysis, analysand, analysis, analyst, analytic, analytical, analytically, analyze, autolysis, bacteriolysin, bacteriolysis, bacteriolytic, biocatalyst, biolysis, biolytic, breathalyzer, carcinolytic, cardiolysis, catalysis, catalyst, catalytic, catalyze, chemolysis, chromatolysis, cryptanalysis, cryptoanalysis, cyclodialysis, cytolysis, dermalysis, dermatolysis, dialycarpel, dialycarpous, dialypetallous, dialyphyllous, dialystaminous, dialysis, dialytic, dialytically, dialyze, dializer, disluite, dislysin, dysluite, dyslysin, electroanalysis, electrolysis, electrolyte, electrolytic, electrolyze, epidermolysis, fibrinolysin, fructolisis, glucolysis, glycogenolysis, glycolysis, glycolytic, hemodialysis, hemolysis, heterolysis, histolysis, homolysis, hydrogenolysis, hydrolysis, hydrolytic, hypnolysis, karyolysis, keratinolysis, keratolysis, keratolytic, ketolysis, lipolysic, lipolysis, lipolytic, lithodialysis, litholysis, litholytic, lyochrome, lyomerous, lyophile, lyophilic, lyophilize, lyophobe, lyophobic, lyotrope, lyotropic, lyotropy, lyse, lysergic, lysigenous, lysimeter, lysin, lysine, lysis, lysogen, lysogenesis, lysogenic, lysogenization, lysogenize, lysol, lysosome, lysozyme, lytic, macroanalysis, metanalysis, microanalyser, microanalysis, mucolytic, nephanalysis, neuroanalysis, neurolysis, meuroparalysis, nonelectrolyte, oncolysis, osteolysis, osteolytic, ozonolysis, palsy, paralysis, paralytic, paralyze, peptolysis, phagolysis, phosphorolysis, photoctatalysis, photolysis, photolyze, phyloanalysis, plasmolysis, plasmolyte, pneumatolysis, pneumatolytic, pneumolysis, polyelectrolyte, proctoparalysis, proteolysis, proteolytic, protolytic, psychoanalysis, psychoanalyst, psychoanalytic, psychoanalyze, pyrolusite, pyrolysis, pyrolytic, pyrolyze, radiolysis, reanalysis, saccharolytic, sarcolysis, scialytic, solvolysis, solvolyze, spasmolysis, spasmolytic, spondylolysis, staphylolysin, steatolysis, stethoparalysis, stem analysis, string analysis, sympatholytic, system analysis, tacholyte, tachylyte, theriolysis, thermal analysis, thermolysis, thrombolytic, thyrolytic, tigrolysis, tropholytic, urinalysis, wave analysis, zymolysis λωτος: lotus lotophagi, lotus, lotus eater

Μ Μαγνητις: stone; Μαγνησσια: Magnesia biomagnetic, demagnetize, diamagnet, diamagnetic, diamagnetism, diamagnetize, diamagnetometer, electret, electromagnet, electromagnetic, electromagnetism, ferromagnetism, geomagnetic, geomadnetism, gyromagnetic, hydromagnetic, isomagnetic, magnesia, magnesium, magnet, magnetic, magnetically, magnetic field, magnetician, magnetism, magnetizable, magnetization, magnetize, magnetizer, magneto, magnetograph, magnetogyric, magnetology, magnetometer, magnetomotive, magnetomotor, magnetron, magnetopause, magnetophone, magnetoscope, magnetosphere, magnetostriction, magnetron, magnochemistry, magnoelectric, magnometer, manganese, manganic, manganiferous, manganite, manganous, MRI, nonmagnetic, paleomagnetism, paramagnetic, permanganate, piezomagnetism, pyromagnetic, speromagnetic, thermomagnetic, thermomagnetism μαγος: wizard mage, Magi, magic, magical, magically, magician, Magus, word-magic μαθειν: learn; μαθητης: disciple; : see μανθανω: learn Μαια: Maia, midwife, foster mother Maia, maieutic, May, May Day, Mayflower, maypole Μαιανδρος: a river in Asia Minor meander, meandrous μαινομαι: rage; μανια: madness; μαντεια: divination; μαντις: seer; μαντειον: oracle aeromancy, anthomania, arith(mo)mancy, arithmomania, Beattlemania, belomancy, bibliomania, bibliomaniac, bibliomancy, botanomancy, capnomancy, cartomancy, chiromancer, chiromancy, cleromancy, copromania, copromaniac, coscinomancy, crithomancy, crystallomancy, cubomancy, dactyliomancy, decalcomania, demonomania, dipsomania, dipsomaniac, dipsomaniacal, discomania, discomanial, discomaniac, discomaniacal, dromomania, ecumaniac, egomania, egomaniac, egomaniacal, eleutheromania, eleutheromaniac, empleomania, erotomania, etheromania, ethnomania, Francomania, gamomania, gastromancy, geomancer, geomancy, geomantic, Germanomania, Googlemania, grandomania, graphomania, Grecomania, gyromancy, halomancy, hieromancy, hippomania, hydromancy, hydromania, hypermania, hypomanic, iconomania, idolomancy, idolomania, kleptomania, kleptomaniac, labiomancy, lithomancy, logomania, logomaniac, lypemania, maenad, maenadic, mania, maniac, maniacal, maniacally, manic, manic-depressive, mantic, mantically, mantis, megalomania, megalomaniac, megalomaniacal, melomania, mesmeromania, meteormancy, methomania, metromania, micromania, monomania, monomaniac, monomaniacal, myomancy, mythomania, narcomania, necromancer, necromancy,

necromania, necromantic, negromania, nostomania, nymphomania, nymphomaniac, oenomania, oligomania, omphalomancy, oneiromancy, onomancy, onomatomania, onychomancy, opiomania, opiomaniac, orchidomania, ornithomancy, osteomancy, pathomania, pegomancy, pharmacomania, phyllomania, phyllomancy, phytomania, plutomania, polymania, pornomania, potomania, praying mantis, psephomancy, pseudomancy, psychomancy, pyromancy, pyromania, pyromaniac, rhabdomancer, rhabdomancy, satyromaniac, scapulimancy, sciomancy, scyphomancy, sitomania, spheromaniac, spodomancy, squandermania, tautomancy, tautomanism, technomania, technomaniac, tephromancy, Teutomania, theatromania, theomancy, theomania, theomaniac, theriomancy, theriomaniac, timbromania, toxicomania, trichotillomania, typomania, uranomania, verbomania, wrestlemania, xenomania, zoomania Μακαδον: Macedon Macedon, Macedonia, Macedonian μακρος: long macro, macroalgae, macroanalysis, macrobian, macrobiote, macrobiotics, macrobrewer, macrocarpa, macrocephalic, macrocosm, macrocyclic, macrocyst, macrocyte, macrodactyl, macrodont, macroeconomics, macroeconomy, macrogamete, macroglobulin, macrognathic, macrograph, macrology, macromere, macrometer, macromolecule, macromyelon, macron, macronutrient, macroparasite, macropedia, macrophage, macrophagous, macrophallic, macrophotography, macrophyllous, macrophysical, macrophysics, macropicide, macropicine, macropod, macropsia, macropterous, macroscale, macrosegment, macroseism, macrosia, macroscopic, macrospore, macrostructure, macrostylous, macrotia, macrotous, macruran, macrurous, photomacrography μαλακος: soft; μαλαγμα: emollient amalgam, amalgamate, amalgamation, malacoderm, malacology, malacostracon, malacozoic, malaxage, osteomalacia, tarsomalacia μαλλος tuft of wool mallophagous μανδρα: fold mandriarch μανδραγορας: mandrake mandragora, mandrake μανθανω: learn; μαθητης: disciple amathophobia, Epimetheus, galimatias, math, mathematical, mathematical, mathematically, mathematician, mathematicism, mathematicize, mathematics, mathematization, mathematize, mathesis, mathetic, metamathematics, misomath, nonmathematical, philo-math, physico-mathematical, polymath, Promethean, prometheum, Prometheus

μανος: loose, scanty manometer, manometric, manoscope, manostat, sphygmomanometer Μαραθων: Marathon marathon, Marathon, marathoner, Marathonian μαραινω: wither, quench, fade amaranth, amaranthine μαργαρον: pearl Margaret, margarine, margarita, margaritiferous, margaritaceous, marguerite, oleomargarine μαρμαρος: marble; μαρμαιρω: sparkle, flash emmarble, marble, marble cake, marbling, marbly, marmoraceous, marmorate, marmoration, marmoreal, marmorean μαρσιπος: pouch marsupial, marsupium μαρτυς: witness; μαρτυρεω: witness; μαρτυρια: testimony martyr, martyrdom, martyrion, martyrization, martyrize, martyrolatry, martyrological, martyrologist, martyrology, martyry, megalomartyr, montmartre, protomartyr, pseudomartyr μασσω: knead, handle; μαζα: barley cake amass, biomass, en masse, magma, magmatic, magmatism, magmatist, mass, massage, massager, massagist, massecuite, masseur, masseuse, massif, massiform, massify, massily, massiness, massive, massively, massiveness, massivity, massless, mass medium, massotherapy, mass production, massy, unmassed, water mass μαστιξ: scourge mastigophore, mastigophorous, mastigopod, mastigure, polymastigate μαστος: breast Amazon, amazonite, mastectomy, mastitis, mastodon(t), mastodynia, mastoid, mastoidectomy, mastoiditis, mastopathy, micromastia, neuromast μαυρος: black, dark; μαυροω: darken Moor, Moorish Μαυσωλος: Mausoleus (a king) mausoleum μαχη: fight; συμμαχος: ally; ναυμαχια: naval battle; μαχομαι: fight

demonomachy, duomachy, gigantomachy, heresimach, iconomachy, logomachy, machopolyp, monomachy, naumachia, poetomachia, psychomachia, sciamachy, symmachy, tauromachy, theomachy, titanomachy μεγας: great acromegalic, acromegaly, cardiomegaly, chiromegaly, hepatomegaly, mega-, megabucks, megabyte, megacephalic, megacerous, megachord, megachurch, megacolon, megacomputer, megacycle, megaderm, megadont, megafirm, megagamete, megagnathous, megahertz, megalacria, megalith, megalithic, megaloblast, megalocardia, megalocarpous, megalocephalic, megalocyte, megalomania, megalomaniac, megalomaniacal, megalomartyr, megalonyx, megalopa, megalophonic, megalopod, megalopolis, megalopolitan, megalosaur, megameter, Meganthropus, meganucleus, megaphone, megaphonist, megaphyllous, megaplane, megapod, megaron, megarrhine, megascope, megascopic, megaseism, megaseme, megaspore, megasthene, megastructure, megathere, megatherm, megaton, megatype, megavitamin, megazoospore, megistotherm, meizomseismal, meizoseismic, megohmeter, omega, omegatron, splenomegaly Μεδουσα: Medusa Medusa, medusal, medusan, medusiferous, medusiform, medusoid μεθη: wine amphetamine, amethyst, amphetamine, methalene, methane, methanize, methanol, methomania, methyl, methylate, methylene, polymethyl μειων: less (See μικρος.) meiobar, meiofauna, meiophylous, meiosis, meiotaxy, meiotherm, meiotic, miargyrite, Miocene, miohippus, miolithic μειζων: see μεγας μελας: black calomel, chloromelanite, melaenia, melancholia, melancholiac, melancholic, melancholy, melanemia, melanemic, Melanesia, Melanesian, Melanesoid, melanic, melanin, melanism, melanistic, melanite, melanization, melanize, melano, melanoblast, melanochroi, melanocomous, melanocyte, melanoderm, melanogen, melanogenesis, melanoglossia, melanoid, melanoma, melanopathy, melanophore, melanoscope, melanose, melanosis, melanosome, melanosperm, melanotektite, melanotic, melanotype, melanous, melanuria, melanuric, melaphyre, melasma, melastoma, ornithomelanism, uromelanin μελι: honey dulcimer, marmalade, melibiose, meliceris, Melissa, meliot, melilite, meliphagous, melituria, molasses, oenomel, oxymel, picromel, xanthomelanous μελος: limb, song

countermelody, dulcimer, ectromelia, immelodious, mel, melalgia, melic, melisma, melo, melodeon, melodial, melodic, melodics, melodist, melodize, melodious, melodiously, melodiousness, melodrama, melodramatic, melodramatically, melodramatics, melodramatist, melodramatize, melody, melograph, melographic, melologue, melomania, melopeia, melopeic, melophone, melophonic, melos, melotrope, micromelus, Philomela, symelia μενω: remain menobranch Μεντορ: Mentor mentor, mentorial μερος: part biopolymer, blastomere, centromere, concatamer, copolymer, cryptomere, cryptomeria, cryptopentamerous, decamerous, depolymerization, deutomerite, dimer, dimeric, dimerism, dimerize, dimerous, dysmerism, ectomere, elastomer, electromeric, entomere, gonomere, heptamerous, heteromerous, hexameral, homeomeral, homeomerous, homomeral, isomere, isomeric, isomerize, isomerous, karyomere, lyomerous, macromere, mer, mereology, mericarp, meridarch, merism, merismatic, merismoid, merispore, meristele, meristem, meristic, meristogenetic, meroblast, merocyte, merogenetic, merognathous, merogony, merohedral, merology, meromorph, meropia, merorganize, meroplankton, meropodite, merosome, merostome, merosymmetry, merosystematic, merotomize, merozoite, mesomere, mesomerism, mesomeromania, metamere, metameric, metamerism, micromere, monomer, monomerous, multimer, myomeric, neuromere, octamerous, octomeral, oligomer, oligomerization, oligomerous, osteomer, pentamer, pentamerous, penthemimer, photopolymer, phytomer, polymer, polymerization, polymerize, polymerose, protomerite, tautomerism, telomer, tetramerous, trimerous, unimer μεσος: middle deuteromesal, diamesogamous, dorsimeson, mesarch, mesarteritis, mesaticephalic, mesembrianthemum, mesencephalic, mesencephalon, mesenchyma, mesenteric, mesenteritis, mesentery, mesial, mesian, mesic, mesion, mesoamerica, mesoblast, mesocarp, mesocephalic, mesocoele, mesocolon, mesocracy, mesocranial, mesocratic, mesocyst, mesoderm, mesodont, mesodorsal, mesoform, mesogastric, mesogenous, mesognathous, mesohippus, mesokurtosis, mesolabe, mesolabic, mesolect, mesolithic, mesology, mesomere, mesomerism, mesomeromania, mesomorph, mesomorphic, mesomorphism, mesomorphous, meson, mesonasal, mesonephron, mesonic, mesonomic, mesopause, mesopelagic, mesophilic, mesophragm, mesophyll, mesophyte, mesoplast, mesopleural, mesopod, mesopodium, Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian, mesorchial, mesorectal, mesorrhine, mesoscale, mesoscopic, mesoseismal, mesoseme, mesosiderite, mesosome, mesosperm, mesosphere, mesospore, mesostasis, mesosternal, mesosternum, mesostome, mesothelial, mesothelium, mesotherm, mesothorax, mesothorium, mesotonic, mesothrocha, mesotron, mesoxyalic, Mesazoa, Mesozoic, protomesal

μετα: beyond, after, among dynamometamorphism, holometabolous, meta, metabasis, metabatic, metabiology, metabiosis, metabolic, metabolism, metabolite, metabolize, metabranchial, metacarpal, metacarpus, metacellulose, metacenter, metacentric, metachemic, metachemistry, metachromatic, metachromatism, metachrome, metachronism, metachronous, metachrosis, metacoele, metacommunication, metacone, metacontrast, metacrasis, metacriticism, metacritical, metacryst, metacyclic, metadyne, metaempirical, metaempiricism, metaempirics, metafacial, metagalaxy, metagastric, metagelatin, metagenesis, metagenetic, metageometry, metagnathous, metagnomy, metagon, metagram, metagranite, metagraphy, metakinesis, metalanguage, metalaw, metalegal, metalepsis, metaleptic, metalinguistic, metaliterary, metalogical, metamathematics, metamere, metameric, metamerism, metamorphic, metamorphism, metamorphology, metamorphose, metamorphosis, metamorphous, metanalysis, metanoia, metapeptic, metaphase, metaphone, metaphony, metaphor, metaphorical, metaphorically, metaphrase, metaphrast, metaphysic, metaphysical, metaphysically, metaphysician, metaphysics, metaphyte, metaplasm, metapneumonic, metapode, metapolitical, metapolitics, metapsychics, metapsychology, metarule, metascience, metasediment, metasomatism, metastatic, metastasis, metastasize, metastoma, metastrophe, metasystem, metatarsal, metatarsus, metataxis, metatheater, metatheorem, metatheory, metathesis, metathorax, metatony, metatrophic, metatropy, metatype, metavolcanic, metaxenia, metaxylem, Metazoa, metazoan, metempirical, metempiricism, metempirics, metempsychosis, metemptosis, metencephalon, metensomatosis, meteor, meteoric, meteorically, meteorite, meteoritics, meteorogram, meteorograph, meteorography, meteoroid, meteoroidal, meteorolite, meteorological, meteorologist, meteorology, meteoromancy, meteorometer, meteoroscope, method, methodical, methodically, methodist, methodization, methodize, methodological, methodology, methylosis, metic, metonym, metonymy, metope, metopic, metoposcopy, micrometeor, micrometeorite, theometamorphism, thermometamorphism, word method μεταλλον: mine, quarry bimetallic, bimetallism, bronze medal, dimetallic, electrometalurgy, gold medal, gunmetal, hydrometallurgy, medal, medalet, medalist, medallic, medallion, medallionist, metal, metalation, metalhead, metaline, metalist, metalize, metallic, metallically, metalliferous, metalliform, metallochrome, metallogenic, metallogical, metallographer, metallographic, metallography, metalloid, metallophone, metalloplastic, metalloscopic, metallotherapy, metallurgical, metallurgist, metallurgy, metally, metalware, metalwork, mettle, mettlesome, micrometallurgy, monometallism, nonmetal, nonmetallic, pig-metal, plate metal, plymetal, polymetallic, pot-metal, pyrometallurgical, pyrometalurgy, radiometal, silver medal, sterro-metal, symmetallism, yellow metal μετρον: measure; μετριος: moderate accelerometer, acoumeter, acrometer, actinometer, aerometer, albedometer, algometer, allelometric, allelometry, altimeter, altimetric, ammeter, anemometer, anemometry, anthropometry, astrometry, asymmetric, asymetrical, asymetrically, asymetry, atmometer, audiometer, autometry, barocyclometer, barometer, barometric, barometry, bathometer, bathymeter, bathymetric, bathymetry, biometer, biometrics, biometrician,

biometry, bisymmetrical, bisymmetry, brontometer, calorimeter, calorimetric, calorimetry, campimeter, cardiometer, ceilometer, centimeter, cephalometry, chlorometer, chlorometry, chromatometer, chromometer, chromometry, chronometer, chronometry, citrometer, clinometer, clinometric, coagulometer, colometric, colometry, colorimeter, Comptometer, conchometer, conductometer, conductometric, consistometer, coulometer, coulometric, coulometry, craniometer, craniometric, craniometrician, craniometry, cratometer, creamometer, cryometer, crystallometry, curvometer, cyanometer, cyclometer, cyclometry, cylindometric, cyrtometer, cystometer, dasymeter, decameter, decelerometer, decimeter, declinometer, decremeter, deflectometer, deformeter, dendrometer, densimeter, densitometer, densitometry, derivometer, diacalorimeter, diagometer, diagrammeter, diamagnetometer, diameter, diametral, diametrally, diametric, diametrical, diametrically, diaphanometer, diasperometer, diathermometer, diffractometer, diffractometry, diffusiometer, dilatometer, dimeter, dimetric, disymmetric, dissymetrical, dissymetrically, dissymetry, dolorimeter, dosimeter, dosimetry, dromometer, drosometer, dynactinometer, dynameter, dynamometer, dynamometry, dysmetria, echometer, econometric, econometrician, econometrics, electrometer, emanometer, emmetrope, emmetropia, emmetropic, emmetropy, endometrial, endometry, endosmoneter, entomometer, ergometer, eudiometer, evaporimeter, fathometer, fluorometer, focimeter, frigorimeter, galactometer, galvanometer, galvanometry, gasmeter, geometer, geometric, geometricism, geometric mean, geometric progression, geometrical, geometrically, geometrician, geometry, geothermometer, glaciometer, gnomometry, goniometer, goniometry, gradiometer, gradometer, grammeter, granulometric, graphometer, graphometry, gravimeter, gravimetric, gravimetry, halimetry, halometer, harmonometer, hectometer, heliometer, heliometric, hematometer, hemisymmetry, hemocromometer, hemodrometer, hemometer, heptameter, hexameter, historiometry, hodometrical, holometer, holosymmetry, homometrical, horometer, horometry, hydrometer, hydrometric, hydrometry, hyetometer, hygrometer, hygrometric, hygrometry, hypermeter, hypermetric, hypermetrope, hypsometer, hysterometer, iconometer, iconometry, idiometer, illuminometer, immetrical, inclinometer, inspirometer, intoximeter, isodiamteric, isometric, isometry, isoperimeter, jurimetrician, jurimetrics, katatharometer, keratometer, kilogrammeter, kilometer, kilometric, kinesimeter, konimeter, lactometer, limnometer, lithometer, logometer, logometric, lucimeter, luxmeter, lysimeter, macrometer, magnetometer, magnometer, manometer, manometric, meatometer, mecometer, megameter, megohmeter, mekometer, merosymmetry, metageometry, meteorometer, meter, meterage, meterless, metermaid, meterzone, metric, metrical, metrically, metricate, metrication, metrician, metricize, metrics, metrification, metrify, metrist, metrochrome, metrograph, metrology, metromania, metronome, metronomic, metroscope, -metry, microhmmeter, micrometer, micrometrical, micrometry, milliammeter, millimeter, millimetric, monometer, monosymmetrical, monosymmetry, morphometric, morphometry, motometer, myriameter, mythometer, nanometer, nephelometer, neurometer, nilometer, nitrometer, nonparametric, nosometer, octameter, odometer, odorimeter, odynometer, oedometer, oenometer, ohmmeter, oilometer, oleometer, oleorefractometer, olfactometer, olfactometry, oligochromometer, ombrometer, oncometer, oncosimeter, ondometer, oometer, oometric, oometry, opacimeter, operameter, ophthalometer, optometer, optometrist, optometry, orometer, orometric,

orometry, orthometric, orthometry, orthosymmetric, oscillometer, osmometer, osteometry, oximeter, oxymeter, ozonometer, ozonometric, pachymeter, pangeometry, pantometer, pantometry, parameter, parametric, parking meter, passimeter, pathometer, pathometric, pedometer, pelvimeter, penetrameter, penetrometer, pentameter, perimeter, perimetric, permameter, phacometer, pharmacometer, phasemeter, phaseometer, phonometer, phonometric, phonometry, photogrametry, photometer, photometric, photometry, phytometer, piezometer, plane geometry, planimeter, planimetric, planimetrically, planimetry, planometer, plastometer, platometer, pleximeter, pluviometer, pneometer, pneumometer, polarimeter, polarimetric, polymeter, polysymmetrical, porometric, porometer, potentiometer, potometer, profilometer, protogeometric, psophometer, psophometric, psychometer, psychometric, psychometry, psychrometer, pulsimeter, pupilometer, pyranometer, pyrheliometer, pyroheliometer, pyrometer, pyrophotometer, quantimeter, radiometer, radiometric, radiometry, ratiometer, refractometer, respirometer, rheometer, saccharimeter, scintillometer, sclerometer, scotometer, seismometer, seismometric, seismometry, sensitometer, sensitometric, skiametry, sociometric, sociometry, solarimeter, solid geometry, sonometer, spectrometer, spectrophotometer, speedometer, spherometer, sphygmomanometer, sphygmometer, spirometer, spirometric, stabilimeter, stadiometer, stalagmometer, stenometer, stethometer, stereometer, stereometric, stereometry, stichometrical, stichometry, stoicheiometry, strabismometer, stylometric, stylometry, symmetric, symmetrical, symmetrically, symmetrize, symmetrodont, symmetrophobia, symmetry, tacheometer, tachometer, tachymeter, tautometric, taximeter, telemeter, telenetry, telephotometer, telethermometer, telometer, tellurometer, tenderometer, tensimeter, tensiometer, tensometer, tetrameter, thermoammeter, thermohydrometer, thermometer, thermometric, thermometrical, thermometry, tetrasymmetry, thermogravimetry, thermometer, thermometric, thermometrical, thermometry, thoracometer, Tintometer, titrimetry, tonometer, torquemeter, torsiometer, transmissometer, transpirometer, tribometer, trig, trigonometric, trigonometrical, trigonometrically, trigonometry, trimeter, trimetric, trimetrical, tronometer, tropometer, typhlometer, udometer, unmetered, unsymmetrical, uranometry, urinometer, vacuometer, vaporimeter, variometer, velometer, vibrometer, vinometer, viscometer, voltameter, voltammetry, voltmeter, volumeter, volumetric, water barometer, water meter, water thermometer, wattmeter, wave meter, wheel barometer, xanthometer, yawmeter, zoometry, zymometer Μηδος: Mede Mede, Median, Medize μηκος: length mecistocephalic, mecodont, mecography, mecometer, mekometer, paramecium μηκων: poppy meconology, meconophagism μηλον: apple marmalade, melon, meloniform, melonist, meloplasty, watermelon

Μηλος: Melos Melean, Melian, Melos μην: month; μηνη: moon (mensis) amenorrhea, emmenagogic, emmenagogology, emenagogue, emmenological, emmenology, menarche, meniscoid, meniscus, menolipsis, menologist, menology, menopausal, menopause, menophania, menoplania, menorrhagia, menorrhea, menostasis, menura, neomenia, oligomenorrhea, perimenopause, polymenorrhea, postmenarchal, premenarchal μηνιγξ: membrane meningeal, meninges, meningioma, meningitis, meningocele, meningococcus, meningorrhagia, meninguria, perimeningitis μηρος: thigh merocele, merognathite, meropodite μηρυξ: fish merycism μητηρ: mother (See L. mater.); μητρα: womb metralgia, metritis, metro, metroland, metroliner, metronymic, metropole, metropolis, metropolitan, metropolitical, metrorrhagia, metroscope, metrosexual, metrotome μηχος: means, remedy; μηχανη: instrument aeromechanic(s), antimachine, biomechanics, electromechanical, hydromechanics, iatromechanics, machinability, machinable, machinate, machination, machinator, machine, machine gun, machine shop, machinery, machinist, machinize, machinofacture, mechanic, mechanical, mechanicalism, mechanicality, mechanicalization, mechanicalize, mechanically, mechanicalness, mechanician, mechanics, mechanism, mechanist, mechanistic, mechanistically, mechanize, mechanochemistry, mechanograph, mechanology, mechanomorphic, mechanotherapy, micromachine, micromechanics, photomechanical, physico-mechanical, quantum mechanics, sewing machine, submachine, switch mechanism, telemechanics, thermomechanical, time machine, Turing machine, unmechanical, war machine, wave machine, wave mechanics, wind machine μιαινω: stain; μιαρος: stained miasma, maismal, miasmatic, miasmic, miasmifuge, miasmology Μιδας: Midas Midas, Midas touch μιγμα: mixture endomixis, migma, migmatite, migmatization, mixogamous, mixogamy, mixology, mixoploid, mixoscope, mixotrophic, oligomictic, panmixia

Μιθριδατης: Mithridates mithridate, Mithridates, Mithridatic, mithridatism, mithridatize μικρος: small (See also μειων: less.) chlyomicron, electron microscope, micracoustic, micrander, micrencephaly, micergate, micrite, micro, microalgae, microanalyser, microanalysis, microanatomy, microangiopathy, microangioplasty, microarray, microbacillus, microbalance, microbar, microbe, microbeam, microbial, microbicide, microbiologist, microbiology, microbism, microblade, microblast, microbody, microbot, microbrew, microbrewer, microburner, microburst, microbus, microcalorie, microcamera, microcapsule, microcard, microcarpous, microcassette, microcellular, microcephalic, microcephalism, microcephalous, microcephalus, microcephaly, microceratous, microchemistry, microchip, microchromosome, microcircuit, microcircuitry, microclastic, microclimate, microcolony, microcomputer, microcontinent, microcopy, microcosm, microcosmic, microcosmogeology, microcosmography, microcosmology, microcrack, microcrystal, microcyclic, microcyst, microcyte, microdactylous, microdiffusion, microdissect, microdont, microdot, microecology, microeconomics, microeconomy, microelectrode, microelectronics, microelement, microenvironment, micro-evolution, microfauna, microfiber, microfiche, microfilm, microfilter, microflora, microfoliation, microform, microfossil, microgamete, microgenic, microgeology, microglossia, microglossary, microgram, microgranite, micrograph, micrography, microgroove, microhabitat, microohmmeter, microinch, microinstruction, microlight, microline, microlinguistics, microliter, microlith, microlithic, microloan, micrologic, micrology, micromachine, micromanage, micromanager, micromanagement, micromania, micromanipulator, micromastia, micromechanics, micromelus, micromere, micromesh, micrometallurgy, micrometeor, micrometeorite, micrometeorology, micrometer, micrometrical, micrometry, microminiature, micromodule, micromorph, micromotion, micromutation, micron, microneedle, Micronesia, Micronesian, micronize, micronucleus, micronutrient, microoperation, micro-order, microorganism, micro-oven, microparasite, microparticle, micropedia, micropetalous, micropetrology, microphage, microphagous, microphone, microphonic, microphotograph, microphotography, microphthalmic, microphyll, microphyllous, microphysics, microphyte, microplasticity, micropod, microprint, microprism, microprobe, microprocess, microprocessor, microprogram, microprojectile, micropsia, micropsy, micropterous, micropulsation, micropyle, microradiography, microray, micro reader, micro-robot, microscale, microscan, microscientist, microscope, microscopic, microsecond, microsegment, microseism, microseismic, microseme, microskirt, microsleep, microsmatic, microsocial, microsome, microspermous, microsphere, Microsoft, microspecies, microspore, microsthene, microstomatous, microstrip, microstructure, microstylar, microsurgery, microsystem, microtelephone, microtext, microtherm, microtheory, microtome, microtomy, microtone, microtopography, microtrauma, microtron, microunit, microvascular, microviewer, microwave, microweld, microzoa, microzoan, microzooid, microzyme, micrurgy, mike, millimicron, omicron, open mike, photomicrograph, photomicrography, photomicroscope, polymicrian, stereomicroscope, submicroscopic, theomicrist, ultramicroscope, ultramicrotome

μιμος: actor mime, mimeo, mimeograph, mimer, mimesis, mimetic, mimetically, mimic, mimical, mimicry, mimocked, mimosa, mimotype, panto, pantomime, pantomimic, pantomimist, penthemimer, phonomimic, psychotomimetic μινθα: mint plant menthol, mint, peppermint, spearmint Μινως: Minos Minoan, Minos, minotaur μιξις, μιξτος: see μιγμα μιον: less: see μειων μισος: hatred; μισεω: hate misandry, misanthrope, misanthropic, misanthropy, misogamist, misogamy, misogynist, misogynistic, misogyny, misology, misomath, misoneism, misopedist μιτος: thread dimity, karyomitosis, mitochondrial, mitochondrion, mitogenetic, mitogenic, mitome, mitomycin, mitosis, mitotic, polymitosis, stereomite μιτρα: headdress, belt miter, mitral, mitriform μνα: mina mina

(Ultimately Hebrew: weight, sum of money.)

μναομαι: remember; μνημη: remembrance amnesia, amnesty, anamnesis, ecmnesia, mneme, mnemeic, mnemon, mnemonic, mnemonical, mnemonically, mnemonics, Mnemosyne, mnestic μογος: toil mogigraphic, mogilalism, mogiphonia μολυβδος: lead molybdena, molybdenite, molybdenum, molybdoparesis μονος: alone carbon monoxide, cryptomonad, minster, monacal, monachism, monad, monadary, monadelphous, monadic, monadiform, monadigerous, monadism, monadist, monadological, monadology, monandrous, monandry, monanthous, monarch, monarchal, monarchial, monarchical, monarchically, monarchism, monarchist, monarchistic,

monarchize, monarchy, monarticular, monaster, monasterial, monastery, monastic, monastically, monasticism, monasticize, monatomic, monatomism, monaural, monaurally, monaxial, monaxile, monaxin, moneme, monenergetic, monepic, monepiscopal, monera, monergism, monergistic, monerozoa, monethyl, monic, moniker, monism, monist, monistic, monk, monkdom, monkhood, monkish, monkism, monkship, mono, monanthropism, monoatomic, monoaxal, monobasic, monoblast, monobloc, monobranchiate, monobromide, monocable, moncalcic, monocarbon, monocardia, monocarp, monocausal, monocellular, monocentric, moncephalous, monocephalus, monoceros, monochloride, monochord, monochromat, monochromatic, monochromatism, monochromator, monochrome, monochronic, monochronous, monocle, monoclinal, monocline, monoclinic, monoclinous, monoclonal, monocoelic, monocoque, monocot, monocotyledon, monocracy, monocrat, monocrystal, monocular, monoculous, monoculture, monocycle, monocyst, monocyte, monodactylous, monodelph, monodentate, monodermic, monodialectic, monodic, monodist, monodon, monodrama, monodromic, monody, monodynamic, monodynamism, monoecia, monoecious, monoenergetic, monofilament, monofunctional, monogamic, monogamist, monogamous, monogamy, monogastric, monogen, monogeneous, monogenesis, monogenetic, monogenic, monogenism, monogenist, monogenous, monogeny, monogoneutic, monoglacial, monoglot, monogonic, monogony, monogram, monogrammatic, monograph, monographer, monographic, monographism, monography, monogynous, monogyny, monohull, monohybrid, monohydric, monoid, monoideism, monokaryon, monokini, monolater, monolatry, monolayer, monoline, monolingual, monolith, monolithic, monolobular, monolocular, monological, monologist, monologue, monology, monomachy, monomania, monomaniac, monomaniacal, monomer, monomerous, monometallism, monometer, monomial, monomolecular, monomorphic, monomyth, mononuclear, mononucleosis, mononym, monopathic, monopathy, monoped, monopersonal, monophagous, monophagy, monophanous, monophase, monophobia, monophone, monophonemic, monophonic, monophony, monophthalmic, monophthong, monophyletic, monophyllous, monophylotic, monophysite, monopitch, monoplane, monoplast, monoplegia, monoplegic, monopod, monopolar, monopole, monopolism, monopolist, monopolistic, monopolization, monopolize, monopolizer, monopoly, monopolylogue, monoprint, monopropellant, monoptote, monopulse, monorail, monorchid, monopsonistic, monopsony, monorhine, monosemantic, monosexual, monosign, monosomatous, monosome, monospasm, monospermous, monospore, monostable, monostatic, monostele, monostich, monostomatous, monostrophic, monostylous, monosyllabic, monosyllable, monosymmetrical, monosymmetry, monosystemic, monotechnic, monothalmic, monthalmous, monotheism, monotheist, monotheistic, monothelite, monothematic, monotone, monotonic, monotonist, monotonous, monotonously, monotony, monotremata, monotremate, monotrochal, monotrophic, monotropic, monotropy, monotype, monotypic, monovalent, monovular, monoxenous, monoxide, monoxylon, monoxylous, monozoic, monzygotic, pseudomonad, theomonism μορον: black mulberry sycamore

μορφη: form; Μορφευς: Morpheus actinomorphic, allelomorph, allomorph, amorphic, amorphism, amorphous, anamorphic, anamorphism, anamorphosis, andromorphic, anthropomorph, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphism, automorphic, automorphism, biomorph, cacomorphia, cacomorphic, coracomorphic, cyclomorphosis, cynomorphic, cryptomorphite, de-anthropomorphize, diamorphosis, dimorph, dimorphemic, dimorphic, dimorphism, dimorphous, dolichomorphic, dynamometamorphism, dysporomorph, ectomorph, enantiomorph, endomorph, endomorphic, endomorphin, endomorphism, endorphin, ephemeromorph, exomorphic, gamomorphism, geomorphic, geomorphism, geomorphogeny, geomorphology, geomorphy, gerontomorphic, gerontomorphy, gynandromorph, gynecomorphous, halomorphic, haplomorphic, hemimorphic, heteromorphic, holomorphic, homeomorph, homeomorphic, homeomorphism, homeomorphous, homeomorphy, homomorph, homomorphic, homomorphism, hylomorphism, hypermorph, hypomorphic, hystricomorph, ichthyomorphic, idiomorphic, idiomorphism, isomorph, isomorphic, isomorphism, isomorphous, katamorphism, lagomorph, lipomorph, mechanomorphic, meromorph, mesomorph, mesomorphic, mesomorphism, mesomorphous, metamorphic, metamorphine, metamorphism, metamorphology, metamorphose, metamorphosis, metamorphous, micromorph, monomorphic, morph, morpheme, Morpheus, morphia, morphic, morphine, morphinism, morphogen, morphogenesis, morphogenic, morphogeny, morphographer, morphography, morpholexical, morphological, morphology, morphometric, morphometry, morphon, morphomene, morphonology, morphophyly, morphosis, morphosyntax, morphotactics, morphotechtonics, morphotic, morphotomy, morphotropism, morphotropy, myomorph, necromorphous, neomorph, neomorphism, neomorphosis, nothomorph, ophiomorphic, ophiomorphous, organomorphic, ornithomorphic, orthomorphic, otomorphology, paleomorphic, pantomorph, pantamorphic, paramorph, paramorphine, paramorphism, pedomorphic, pedomorphy, perimorph, pharmacomorphic, photomorphogenesis, phragmomorphous, phyllomorph, pleiomorphy, pleomorphic, pleromorph, plesiomorph, polymorph, polymorphic, polymorphism, polymorphous, promorph, promorphology, protomorph, protomorphic, pseudomorph, pycnomorphic, pyromorphite, pythonomorph, ratiomorphic, rheomorphism, rhizomorphous, sciuromorph, sporomorph, stasimorphy, stomatomorphous, symmorphic, symmorphism, tautomorphous, tetramorph, tetramorphic, theoanthropomorphic, theometamorphism, theomorphic, theomorphism, therianthropomorphic, theriomorph, theriomorphic, theriomorphism, thermometamorphism, theromorph, topomorph, transmorphism, trimorph, trimorphic, trimorphism, xenomorphic, xeromorph, zoomorph, zoomorphic, zoomorphism, zygomorphic μοσχος: musk musk, musk ox, muskrat Μουσα: Muse ethnomusicology, immusical, mosaic, mosaicism, mosaicist, muse, Muse, museless, museology, musette, museum, music, musical, musical chairs, musicale, musically, musician, musicogenic, musicography, musicological, musicologist, musicology, musicophile, musing, nonmusical, unmusical, war museum

μυ: mu mu, muon, muonium μυελος: marrow macromyelon, myelencephalon, myelin, myelitis, myeloblast, myelocele, myelocoele, myelocyte, myelogenetic, myelogenic, myelogram, myelography, myeloid, myeloma, myelon, myelopathy, myelosis, osphyomyelitis, osteomyelitis, poliomyelitis μυζω: suck myzostoma, ornithomyzous μυθος: speech creation myth, demyth, demythicize, demythify, demythologize, engastromythic, epimyth, hero myth, lunar myth, monomyth, myth, mythic, mythical, mythically, mythicism, mythicist, mythicize, mythless, mythoclastic, mythogenesis, mythogenic, mythogony, mythographer, mythographic, mythography, mythoheroic, mythological, mythologically, mythologist, mythologize, mythology, mythomania, mythometer, mythoplasm, mythopoeia, mythopoeic, mythopoem, mythos, polymythy, solar myth, stichomythia, stichomythic, theomythology, zoomythic μυια: fly myiasis, stegomyia Μυκηναι: Mycenae Mycenae, Mycenean μυκης: fungus dermatomycosis, erythromycin, mitomycin, mycelium, mycetismus, mycetocyte, mycetogenetic, mycetology, mycetoma, mycetophagous, mycetozoa, mycobacterium, mycobiont, mycoderma, mycology, mycomysticism, mycophagous, mycophagy, mycophile, mycophilic, mycophobia, mycoplasma, mycorrhiza, mycosis, mycotoxin, mycotrophy, neomycin, onychomycosis, oomycete, otomycosis, scleromyxedema, spectinomycin, streptomycete, streptomycin μυλος: mill mylodon, myloglossus μυξα: slime myxameba, myxedemia, myxo-, myxobacterium, myxococcus, myxoma, myxomatosis, myxopod, myxospore, myxostoma, myxovirus, polymixin, protomyxoid, scleromyxedema μυξα: lamp wick match, matchbook, matchlock

μυριος: countless myriacanthous, myriad, myriagram, myrialiter, myriameter, myriapod, myriarch μυρμεξ: ant myrmecologist, myrmecology, myrmecophagous, myrmecophile, myrmecophilous, myrmidon μυρτος: myrtle myrtle

(Ultimately Persian.)

μυς: muscle, mouse amyotonia, amyotrophic, dermatomyostitis, dimyary, electromyogram, electromyograph, encephalomyelitis, myalgia, myasthenia, myoatropy, myoblast, myocardiac, myocarditis, myocardium, myochemistry, myochrome, myocoele, myocyte, myodynamics, myoelectric, myogen, myoglobin, myogram, myograph, myoid, myology, myoma, myomancy, myomectomy, myomeric, myomorph, myoneural, myonymy, myopathy, myophone, myophore, myophysics, myoplasm, myoscope, myosin, myospasm, myotatic, myotomy, myotonia, myotonic, oxymoglobin, perimysium, phascolome, tropomyosin μυσος: unclean mysophobia μυσταξ: upper lip moustache, mustache, mustachio μυω: close; μυστηριον: mystery demystification, demystify, miosis, miotic, mycomysticism, myopia, myopic, myopically, myopism, mystagogue, mystagogy, mysterious, mysteriously, mysteriousness, mystery, mystic, mystical, mystically, mysticism, mysticity, mystification, mystifier, mystify, mystique μωλυ: moly moly μωμος: mockery Momus μωρος: dull; μωρια: folly moron, moronic, moronically, morosophist, oxymoron, oxymoronic, sophomore, sophomoric, sophomorical, theromorous

Ν ναιω: dwell; ναος: temple naological, naology, naos, neocorate, pronaos νανος: dwarf nanism, nannofossil, nannoplankton, nanoampere, nanobyte, nanocomponent, nanoequivalent, nanofarad, nanogram, nanohenry, nanoliter, nanometer, nanomole, nanoparticle, nanosecond, nanosensor, nanosub, nanotechnology, nanovolt, nanowatt ναρδος: spikenard nard, spikenard ναρθηξ: plant narthex ναρκη: numbness; ναρκισσος: narcissus electronarcosis, electronarcotic, narc, narcissism, narcissist, narcissistic, narcissistically, narcissus, narcolepsy, narcoleptic, narcoma, narcomania, narcosis, narcosynthesis, narcotic, narcotism, narcotize, nark ναστος: pressed together nastic, nyctinastic, nyctinasty ναυς: ship; ναυτης: sailor; ναυμαχια: naval battle; ναυτικον: naval battle aeronaut, aeronautics, Argonaut, astronaut, astronautical, astronautics, cosmonaut, cosmonautical, NASA, naumachia, naupathia, nausea, nauseate, nauseation, nauseous, nauteously, nautic, nautical, nautical mile, nautiliform, nautilus, oceanaut, responaut ναφθα: naphtha napalm, naphtha, naphthene, naphthol ναω: flow; Ναιας: Naiad naiad Νειλος: of the Nile Nile, Nilo-Hamite, Nilo-Hamitic, nilometer, Nilot, Nilotic νεκρος: corpse dermonecrotic, necrobiosis, necrobiotic, necrogenic, necrogenous, necrographer, necrolatry, necrological, necrologist, necrologue, necrology, necromancer, necromancy, necromania, necromantic, necromorphous, necrophagous, necrophilia, necrophiliac, necrophilic, necrophilism, necrophobia, necrophobic, necrophore, necropolis,

necropsy, necroscopic, necroscopy, necrose, necrosis, necrotic, necrotomy, necrotype, necrotypic νεκταρ: nectar nectar, nectarean, nectareous, nectariferous, nectarine, nectarivorous, nectary Νεμεα: Nemea: see νομος νεμω: assign: See νομος. νεος: new, young antineoplastic, gluconeogenesis, misoneism, Naples, neanic, neanthropic, Neapolitan, neoblast, neocapitalist, Neocene, neocerebellum, neoclassical, neoclassicist, neocolonial, neocolonialism, neocomian, neoconservative, neocortex, neocosmic, neodoxy, neoembryo, neoexpressionist, neofascist, neogam, neogean, neogene, neogenesis, neoglacial, neogrammarian, neograph, neographic, neography, neoimperialist, neoimpressionism, neoisolationist, neo-Latin, neoliberal, neolinguist, neolite, neolith, neolithic, neolocal, neologian, neological, neologism, neologist, neologize, neology, neomenia, neomorph, neomorphism, neomorphosis, neomycin, neon, neonatal, neonatologist, neonatology, neoned, neonomian, neontology, neopallium, neophilia, neophiliac, neophobia, neophobic, neophyte, neoplasm, neoplasty, neoplatonic, neoplatonism, neopragmatist, neoprene, neossine, neossology, neotechnic, neoteny, neoteric, neoterism, neothalamus, neotocite, neotraditionalist, neotropics, neotype, Neozoic Νεστωρ: Nestor Nestor, Nestorian νευρον: sinew aeroneurosis, angioneurosis, angioneurotic, cryptoneurous, cycloneurous, dermoneural, ectoneural, epineural, exoneural, fibroneuron, hyponeuria, idioneural, interneural, logoneurosis, myoneural, neuradynamic, neural, neuralgia, neuralgic, neurally, neurasthenia, neurasthenic, neuration, neurectomy, neurenteric, neurergic, neurility, neurine, neurinoma, neuritis, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neuroblast, neurocentral, neurochemical, neurochemistry, neurochitin, neurochord, neurocoele, neurocyte, neurodermal, neuroelectric, neuroembryology, neurogenesis, neurogenetic, neurogenic, neuroglandular, neurogram, neurography, neurohistology, neurohormone, neuroleptic, neurolinguist, neurolite, neurological, neurologist, neurology, neurolysis, neuroma, neuromast, neuromere, neurometer, neuromuscular, neuron, neuronal, neuronym, neuroparalysis, neuropath, neuropathic, neuropathology, neuropathy, neurophagia, neuroplasm, neuroplasticity, neuroplasty, neuropod, neuropsychic, neuropsychologist, neuropsychology, neuropterous, neuroreceptor, neurosal, neurosis, neuroscience, neuroscientist, neurosis, neuroskeleton, neurospore, neurosurgeon, neurosurgery, neurotic, neuroticism, neurotogenic, neurotomy, neurotonic, neurotoxin, neurotransmitter, neurotrophic, neurotropic, neurotropism, nerula, neurovascular, neurovirulence, orthoneural, perineural, perineuritis, perineurium, polyneuritis,

psychoneural, psychoneurosis, psychoneurotic, streptoneural, synneurosis, trophoneurotic, zygoneure νεφος: cloud; νεφελη: cloud nephanalysis, nephelognosy, nepheloid, nepehelometer, nephogram, nephograph, nephology, nephoscope νεφρος: kidney enteronephritic, epinephrine, hyrdonephros, mesonephron, nephralgia, nephrectomy, nephric, nephrism, nephrite, nephritic, nephritis, nephroblast, nephrocele, nephrocyte, nephrogastric, nephrogenic, nephrography, nephroid, nephrolith, nephrolithic, nephrolithotomy, nephrologist, nephrology, nephron, nephropathic, nephropathy, nephropexy, nephroplegy, nephroptosis, nephrorrhagia, nephrosis, nephrotic, nephrotomy, nephrotoxin, perinephrium, pronephron, pyonephrotic νεω: swim nectocyst, nekton νημα: thread nematic, nematoblast, nematocide, nematocyst, nematogen, nematoid, nematology, nematophore, nemetatozooid, nemocerous, protonema, spasmoneme, synaptonemal, tarsonemid, unineme Νηρευς: Nereus nereid, Nereus, neritic νηρος: liquid aneroid νησις: spinning traumatonesis νησος: island Dodecanese, Melanesia, Melanesian, Melanesoid, Micronesia, Micronesian, nesiote, Peloponese, Peloponnesian, Polynesia, Polynesian νικη: victory; νικαω: conquer Berenice, epinician, Eunice, Nicene, Nicholas, Nike, Thessalonica Νιοβη: Niobe Niobe, niobian, niobic, niobium νιτρον: sodium carbonate denitrate, denitrification, denitrify, denitrize, laetrile, N, natriuresis, natron, nital, niter, nitrate, nitration, nitric, nitridation, nitride, nitrifiable, nitrification, nitrifier, nitrify, nitrile, nitritoid, nitrite, nitro, nitrobenzene, nitroform, nitrogation, nitrogen, nitrogenase,

nitrogenate, nitrogenous, nitroglucose, nitroglycerin, nitrohydrochloric, nitrometer, nitron, nitronium, nitrophilous, nitrosate, nitrosulfuric, nitrosyl, nitrous, nitroxyl, oxynitrate νοθος: spurious nothomorph, nothosaur νομος: custom; νεμω: assign; νομοθετης: legislator; νομινος: legitimate; νομισμα: coin aeronomy, agronome, agronomics, agronomist, agronomy, anomie, anomy, antinomian, antinomianism, antinomy, astronomer, astronomical, astronomy, autonomic, autonomous, autonomously, autonomy, chironomy, chronomy, coinomic, cleronomy, dactylonomy, Deuteronomic, Deuteronomist, Deuteronomy, dinomic, diseconomy, dysnomy, econometric, econometrician, econometrics, economic, economical, economically, economics, economism, economist, economize, economizer, economy, ergonomic, ergonomical, ergonomically, ergonomics, ergonomist, eunomy, gastronome, gastronomic, gastronomical, gastronomy, geoeconomics, geonomy, heteronomous, heteronomy, homonomous, homonomy, hypernomian, isonomic, isonomy, macroeconomics, macroeconomy, mesonomic, metronome, metronomic, microeconomics, microeconomy, nemesis, nemisism, nemesistic, neonomian, nomad, nomadic, nomadically, nomadism, nomadization, nomadize, nomady, nomarch, nomarchy, nome, nomic, nomism, nomocanon, nomocracy, nomogeny, nomogram, nomograph, nomographer, nomography, nomological, nomology, nomotheism, nomothetic, -nomy, numismatic, numismatics, numismatologist, numismatology, ontonomy, orgonomy, phytonomy, plutonomy, psychonomy, radioastronomy, seminomadic, stephanome, synnomic, taphonomy, technonomy, teleonomy, theonomist, theonomy νοσος: disease; νοσω: be ill dermatonosis, desmonosology, nosogeography, nosography, nosology, nosometer, nosophile, nosophobia, nosophyte, nosopoetic, nosotaxy, nosotheory, nosotrophy, ochronosis, zoonosis νοστος: returning home; νεομαι: return nostalgia, nostalgic, nostalgically, nostoi, nostology, nostomania Νοτος: south wind Notogaea, Notus νους: mind; νοεω: perceive, think; μετανοεω: repent; επινοεω: intend; αγνοεω: not know; διανοια: plan; ευνοια: goodwill; ομνοια: concord; προνοια: foresight dianoetic, dianoia, digoneutic, metanoia, noegenesis, noem, noema, noematic, noemics, noesis, noetic, noological, noology, noosphere, noumenal, noumenalism, noumenalist, noumenally, noumenon, nous, paranoia, paranoiac, paranoid νυξ: night

nychthemeral, nycthemeron, nyct-, nyctalope, nyctalopia, nyctalopic, nyctalopy, nyctinastic, nyctinasty, nyctitropic, nyctitropism, nycotgraph, Nyctophilus, nyctophobia, nyctophonia νυμφη: maiden, bride endolymph, hemolymph, karyolymph, lymph, lymphadenitis, lymphadenoma, lymphagogue, lymphangial, lymphangitis, lymphatic, lymphemia, lymphangiography, lymphatic, lymph gland, lymphitis, lymphoblast, lymphocyte, lymphogenous, lymphogranuloma, lymphography, lymphoid, lymphoma, lymphomatosis, lymphongiography, lymphorragia, lymphous, lymphy, nymph, nymphaeum, nymphal, nymphean, nymphet, nymphiparous, nymphish, nympho, nympholepsy, nympholept, nympholeptic, nymphomania, nymphomaniac, nymphotomy, paranymph, perilymph, perilymphatic, pronymph, pronymphal, sea nymph, tree nymph, waternymph, wood nymph νυσταζω: nod off nystagmic, nystagmus νωτον: back notacanthous, notobranchiate, notochord, notochordal, notopodium, notornis, platynotal

Ξ ξανθος: yellow cryptoxanthin, pyroxanthin, uroxanic, uroxanthin, xanthic, xanthide, xanthin, xanthine, Xanthippe, xanthism, xanthocarpous, xanthochroi, xanthochromia, xanthocyanopsy, xanthoderm, xanthodont, xanthogen, xanthoma, xanthomelanous, xanthometer, xanthopathy, xanthophyll, xanthopsy, xanthorrhea, xanthosis, xanthospermous, xanthous, xanthoxylon, zooxanthin ξενος: stranger, guest friend, foreigner lipoxenous, metaxenia, monoxenous, philoxenist, polyxenic, pyroxene, trogloxene, Xe, xenagogue, xenia, xenial, xenobiosis, xenobiotic, xenoblast, xenocentric, xenocyst, xenoderm, xenodiagnosis, xenogamy, xenogenesis, xenoglossia, xenoglossy, xenograft, xenolalia, xenolith, xenomania, xenomorphic, xenon, xenoparasite, xenophile, xenophilia, xenophobe, xenophobia, xenophobic, xenophoran, xenopterygian, xenothermal, xenotransplant, xenotropic, xenurine, Zenia ξηρος: dry elixir, phylloxera, xerarch, xeric, xerocolous, xerocopy, xeroderma, xeroform, xerography, xeroma, xeromorph, xerophagy, xerophile, xerophilous, xerophthalmia, xerophyte, xeroplastic, xerophobous, xeroradiography, xerosis, xerostoma, Xerox ξιφος: sword xiphoid, xiphophyllous, xiphosauran, ziphioid ξυλον: wood haloxylin, hematoxylin, intraxylary, metaxylem, monoxylon, monoxylous, orthoxylene, xanthoxylon, xylanthrax, xylary, xylem, xylite, xylitol, xylochrome, xyloglyphy, xylograph, xylographer, xylography, xyloid, xylology, xylophage, xylophagous, xylophilous, xylophone, xylotherapy, xylotomous, xylotomy ξυω: scrape xyst, xyster, xystus

Ο ο: omicron omicron ο: the hoi polloi οασις: oasis (ultimately Egyptian) oasis οβελος: spit obeliscal, obelisk, obelize, obelus οβολος: obol diobely, diobol, obol, obole, obolus ογκος: barb onchocercal, onchocerciasis ογκος: mass oncofetal, oncogene, oncogenesis, oncogenic, oncograph, oncolite, oncological, oncologist, oncology, oncolysis, oncometer, oncosimeter, oncosine, oncosphere, oncotic, oncotomy οδος: road anodal, anode, anodic, anodize, cathode, diode, disodic, dynode, electrode, epanodos, episode, episodic, ergodic, esodic, ethnomethodology, exodic, exodus, geode, hexode, hodograph, hodometrical, hodoscope, homoperiodic, hydroperiod, kinesodic, lithanode, method, methodical, methodically, methodist, methodization, methodize, methodological, methodology, microelectrode, nonperiodic, odograph, odometer, paideutics, parode, pentode, period, periodate, periodeutic, periodic, periodical, periodically, periodicity, periodic table, periodization, periodize, periodogram, periodograph, periodology, periodoscope, phaeodarian, photocathode, photodiode, photoperiod, photoperiodic, photoperiodism, planodia, platinode, propaedeutic, stomodeum, synod, synodal, synodic, synodical, synodically, synodist, synodite, synodsman, synody, tetrode, thermode, triode, wave period, word method οδους: tooth amblodont, brachyodont, coelodont, conodont, coryphodon, coryphodont, cryptodont, ctenodont, cynodont, cynodontism, dendrodont, desmodont, dicynodont, dilambodent, diodont, diphyodont, diprododont, dysodont, echinod, edaphodont, endodontist, exodontia, exodontic, exodontist, glyptodon, gomphodont, goniodont, gymnodont, haplodont, helodont, heterodont, homodont, hyodont, hypsodont, iguanodon, isodont,

labyrinthodon, lophiodon, lophiodont, loxodon, lycodont, mastodon, mastodont, mecodont, megadont, mesodont, microdont, monodon, mylodon, odontalgia, odontalgic, odontist, odontoblast, odontogeny, odontograph, odontography, odontoid, odontolith, odontology, odontome, odontophoran, odontophore, odontophorous, odontotomy, oligodontous, opisthodont, oreodon, orthodontia, orthodontics, orthodontist, pachyodont, pedodontist, periodontal, periodontia, periodontics, periodontist, periodontology, periodontosis, petalodont, plagiodont, platyodont, pleodont, pleurodont, polyodont, priodont, prionodont, prosthodontics, prosthodontist, pycnodont, rhinodont, rhizodont, saurodont, secodont, selenodont, sigmoidodont, solenodont, squalodont, stegodont, symmetrodont, taurodont, taurodontism, taxodont, teleodont, tetrodont, thecodont, theriodont, therodont, tillodont, tormodont, toxodont, trilophodont, xanthodont, zeuglodon, zygodont οδυνη: pain aerodyne, anodyne, chlorodyne, gastrodynia, gyrodyne, heterodyne, homodyne, kilodyne, lipoma, mastodynia, metadyne, neutrodyne, odynometer, odynophagia, odynophobic, oneirodynia, ophthalmodynia, osteodynia, otodynia, pleurodynia, pneumonodynia, thoracodynia, velodyne Οδυσσευς: Odysseus Odyssean, Odysseus, Odyssey οζω: smell de-ozonize, oxyntic, ozocerite, ozonation, ozone, ozone layer, ozoneless, ozonesonde, ozonic, ozonide, ozoniferous, ozonify, ozonization, ozonize, ozonizer, ozonograph, ozonographer, ozonolysis, ozonometer, ozonometric, ozonoscope, ozonosphere, ozonous οθονη: linen pyrothonide οιδα: see ιδειν οιδεω: swell adenoma, angioma, astrocytoma, carcinoma, edema, embryoma, glaucoma, hematoma, keratoma, leucoma, lymphadenoma, lymphoma, meningioma, myeloma, myxedema, neurinoma, neuroma, oedema, Oedipal, Oedipean, oedipodic, Oedipus, Oedipus complex, oedometer, -oma, papilledema, sarcoma, scleromyxedema, scotoma, staphyloma, steatoma, tracheoma, trichoma, tyroma, xanthoma, xeroma Many other words ending in -ema, -oma. οικος: house; οικετης: house slave; οικια: household; οικιζω: found; οικεω: inhabit archdiocese, autecology, bioecology, coinonomic, deparochialize, diocesan, diocese, dioecious, diseconomy, ecad, ecesis, ecize, eco-activist, ecocatastrophe, ecocidal, ecocide, ecoclimate, ecofreak, eco-friendly, ecological, ecologically, ecologist, ecology, econometric, econometrician, econometrics, economic, economical, economically,

economics, economism, economist, economization, economize, economizer, economy, ecophene, ecosocialism, ecospecies, ecosphere, ecosystem, ecotene, ecoterror, ecoterrorism, ecoterrorist, ecotone, ecotype, ecumaniac, ecumene, ecumenic, ecumenical, ecumenicalism, ecumenicalist, ecumenically, ecumenicity, ecumenics, ecumenism, ecumenist, ecumenopolis, ekistics, genecology, geoeconomics, home economics, macroeconomics, macroeconomy, metic, microecology, microeconomics, microeconomy, monoecia, monoecious, noneconomic, paleoecology, parish, parish council, parishioner, parochial, parochialism, parochiality, parochialize, parochially, parecious, peace economy, planned economy, politico-economic, radio ecology, Reaganomics, synecology, synoeciosis, war economy, zooecium οιμος: road paroemia, paroemic, proem, proemial οινος: wine oenology, oenomania, oenomel, oenometer, oenophile, oenophilia, oenophilist, oenophobe, oenophobia, oenophobist, oenotherapy οιστρους: gadfly estrogen, estrogenic, estrous, estrus, oestrous, oestrus Οκεανος: ocean Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, interoceanic, mid-ocean, ocean, oceanarium, oceanaut, oceanfront, oceania, Oceanian, oceanic, oceanicity, oceanid, oceanity, oceanization, oceanodromous, oceanographer, oceanographic, oceanographical, oceanography, oceanological, oceanologist, oceanology, Pacific Ocean, suboceanic, transoceanic οκτω: eight (See L. octo.) hexoctahedron, isooctane, octachord, octactinal, octad, octagon, octagonal, octahedral, octahedrite, octahedron, octameral, octamerous, octameter, octane, octaphonic, octarch, octarchy, octastich, octastyle, octodactylous, octomeral, octoploid, octopod, octopodous, octopus, octospermous, octospore, octosyllabic, octyl, trisoctahedron ολιγος: few oligacanthous, oligandrous, oliganthous, oligarch, oligarchical, oligarchic, oligarchical, oligarchism, oliarchization, oligarchize, oligarchy, oligarticular, oligemia, oligist, oligoblennia, oligocarpous, Oligocene, oligochromenia, oligochromometer, oligoclase, oligocystic, oligocythemia, oligodendrocyte, oligodontous, oligodynamic, oligogalactia, oligoglottism, oligohaline, oligohydramnios, oligolectic, oligomania, oligomenorrhea, oligomer, oligomerization, oligomerous, oligomictic, oligoneucleotide, oligopeptide, oligopetalous, oligophagous, oligophagy, oligophrenia, oligophrenic, oligophyllous, oligopod, oligopolist, oligopolistic, oligopoly, oligoprobic, oligopsony, oligosiderite, oligospermia, oligospermic, oligosporous, oligosyllabic, oligotokous, oligotrophic, oligotrophy, oligotropic, oligozoospermia, oliguresia, oliguria, oliguric ολισθημα: slip

olistolith, olistrome ολος: whole catholic, catholicism, catholicity, catholocize, catholicly, decatholicize, holism, holistic, holistically, holoblast, holoblastic, holocaust, holocellulose, holocene, holocephalic, holochrone, holocrine, holocryptic, holodactyl, hologamy, hologen, hologenesis, holognathous, hologram, holograph, holographic, holography, holohedral, holometabolous, holometer, holomorphic, holoparasite, holophane, holophote, holophrasis, holophrastic, holophytic, holostomatous, holosymmetry, holosystematic, holotype, holozoic, noncatholic, Roman Catholic Ολυμπος: Olympus Olympia, Olympiad, Olympian, Olympic, Olympus Ομηρος: Homer Homer, Homeric, Homerid, Homerology ομβρος: see βροντη ομος: like; ομιλος: crowd; ομιλια: association; ομολογια: agreement; ομονοια: concord; ομαλος: level anomalism, anomalist, anomalous, anomaly, deuteranomalous, geomalic, geomalism, homalographic, homaloid,homeoblastic, homeocephalic, homeogeneous, homeogenesis, homeomeral, homeomerous, homeomorph, homeomorphic, homeomorphism, homeomorphous, homeomorphy, homeopath, homeopathic, homeopathy, homeophony, homeoplastic, homeopolar, homeostasis, homeostat, homeostatic, homeoteleutic, homeothermic, homeotopy, homeotype, homeozoic, homilete, homiletic, homiletical, homiletics, homilist, homilize, homily, homobaric, homoblastic, homobranchiate, homocarpous, homocentric, homocercal, homochromatic, homoclime, homocline, homocyclic, homodemic, homodermic, homodesmic, homodont, homodromous, homodyne, homoerotic, homoeroticism, homogamous, homogamy, homogen, homogeneity, homogeneous, homogeneously, homogenesis, homogenetic, homogenital, homogenize, homogeny, homoglot, homogonic, homograft, homograph, homograhic, homography, homoiousian, homokaryotic, homolateral, homologate, homologation, homologen, homological, homologize, homologous, homologue, homology, homolysis, homomalous, homomeral, homometrical, homomorph, homomorphic, homomorphism, homonomous, homonomy, homonuclear, homonym, homonymous, homoousian, homopathy, homoperiodic, homopetalous, homophene, homophile, homophobe, homophobic, homophone, homophonic, homophonous, homophony, homophyllous, homoplast, homoplastic, homoplasty, homopolar, homopterous, homorganic, homoseismic, homosexual, homosexualism, homosexuality, homosporous, homostatic, homostyled, homosystematic, homotaxial, homotaxis, homothallic, homtherm, homotony, homotopic, homotopy, homotransplant, homotropous, homotype, homotypic, homovital, homozygote, inhomogeneity, inhomogeneous, nonhomologous, parhomologous, paromology, parousia

ομφαλος: navel omphalectomy, omphalic, omphalitis, omphalocoele, omphalomancy, omphalopsychic, omphaloscopy, omphalotomy, omphalos ονειρος: dream oneiric, oneirocritic, oneirocritical, oneirocriticism, oneirodynia, oneirology, oneiromancy, oneiroscopy ονομα: name; ονομαζω: name (vb.) acronym, allonym, ananym, anon., anonymity, anonymous, anonymously, antonym, anthropoponymy, antonomasia, caconym, charactonym, chironomy, cryptonym, cryptonomous, cytotaxonomy, dionym, dionymal, eponym, eponymous, eponymy, ethnonym, euonym, heteronym, heteronymous, homonym, homoymous, hyponym, iconomatic, Jerome, matronymic, metonym, metonymy, metronymic, mononym, myonymy, neuronym, onomancy, onomasiology, onomastic, onomasticon, onomatologist, onomatology, onomatomania, onomatopeia, onomatopeic, onomatoplasm, onomatopoesis, onomatopoetic, onomatous, onym, onymatic, onymous, paranomasia, paronym, paronymize, paronymous, paronymy, patronymic, polyonymous, pseudonym, pseudonymity, pseudonymous, pseudonymously, retronym, synonym, synonymic, synonymical, synonymist, synonymity, synonymize, synonymous, synonymously, synonymy, tautonym, taxon, taxonomic, taxonomically, taxonomist, taxonomy, toponomastic, toponym, toponymic, toponymy, trionym, typonym ονος: ass onager, onagraceous, oniscoid, oniscus, onocentaur, onolatry οντο-: see ειμι (be) ονυξ: fingernail megalonyx, onychia, onychogryphosis, onychomancy, onychomycosis, onychophagous, onychophagia, onychophagy, onychophorous, onyx, paronychia, perionchyia οξυς: sharp anoxia, antioxidant, autoxidize, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, carboxyl, carboxylic, deoxidate, deoxidation, deoxidator, deoxidize, deoxygenate, deoxygenation, deoxygenize, deozonize, desoxalic, dioxide, dioxin, DNA, epoxide, epoxy, hydroxide, hydroxyl, hypoxemia, hypoxia, hypoxic, inoxidize, lox, mesoxyalic, monoxide, nitroxyl, O, oxalemia, oxalhydrate, oxalic, oxalosis, oxaluria, oxaluric, oxalyl, oxamic, oxamide, oxea, oxic, oxicity, oxidability, oxidable, oxidant, oxidase, oxidate, oxidation, oxidative, oxidator, oxide, oxidizable, oxidization, oxidize, oxidizer, oxidoreduction, oxime, oximeter, oxine, oxisol, oxonic, oxonium, oxosteroid, oxy, oxy-, oxyacetylene, oxyacid, oxyanion, oxyarc, oxybromide, oxycalcium, oxycarbonate, oxycarpous, oxycellulose, oxycephalic, oxycyanide, oxydactyl, oxydase, oxyesthesia, oxydactyl, oxygen, oxygenate, oxygenation, oxygenator, oxygenic, oxygenize, oxygenless, oxygenous, oxyhemoglobin, oxyhydrate, oxyhydrogen, oxylith, oxyluciferin, oxymel, oxymeter, oxymoron, oxymoronic, oxymyoglobin, oxynitrate, oxyntic, oxyopia, oxyphil, oxyphilic,

oxyphilous, oxyphony, oxyphyllous, oxyrrhinchous, oxyrrhine, oxysaccharum, oxysalt, oxystome, oxytocic, oxttocia, oxytocin, oxytone, oxytonic, oxytoxic, oxytrichine, oxytrope, oxyuris, paroxysm, paroxysmal, paroxysmalist, pentoxide, peroxidase, peroxidation, peroxide, peroxisome, photo-oxidation, protoxide, pyridoxic, pyridoxine, pyroxylic, pyroxylin, redox, thiazide, trioxide, zinc oxide οπαλλιος: opal opal, opalescence, opalescent, opaline, opalite, opaloid οπη: opening metope, metopic, metoposcopy οπισθεν: behind opisthobranch, opisthocoelous, opisthodont, opisthogastric, opisthoglossal, opisthoglyph, opisthograph, opisthotic, opistotonos, opisthure οπλον: tool; οπλιτης: infantry; οπλιζω: equip hoplite, panoply οπος: juice opiate, opiatic, opiism, opiology, opiomania, opiomaniac, opiophagy, opium, opium den, opium dream, opium habit, opium plant, opium poppy, opotherapy οραω: see; οραμα: sight cinerama, cosmorama, cosmoramic, cyclorama, diorama, dioramic, georama, panorama, panoramic, panoramist, typorama οργανον: tool bio-organism, CIO, cyborg, disorganic, disorganization, disorganize, disorganizer, enorganic, homorganic, inorganic, inorganically, inorganization, intraorganic, merorganize, microorganism, NATO, nonorganic, OAS, org, organ, organelle, organette, organetto, organic, organically, organicism, organicity, organific, organification, organify, organigram, organism, organismic, organist, organizable, organization, organizational, organize, organizer, organless, organogenesis, organogenic, organogenous, organogeny, organograph, organography, organoid, organoleptic, organology, organomorphic, organon, organophone, organophonic, organophosphate, organophyly, organoplasty, organoscopy, organosol, organotherapy, organ-pipe, organum, organza, orgone, orgonity, orgonomy, pseudorganic, reorganization, reorganize, SEATO, sex organ, superorganic, teleorganic, unorganized, water organ οργη: temper, swelling; οργαω: swell anorgasmic, orgasm, orgasmic, orgasmically, orgastic οργια: rites orgiast, orgiastic, orgiastically, orgy, sex orgy ορθος: straight

anorthic, anorthopia, co-orthogonal, co-orthotomic, diorthosis, diorthotic, Emmy, enorthotrope, epanorthosis, orthaxial, orthesis, orthian, orthic, orthicon, orthid, orthite, ortho, orthobasic, orthocarpous, orthocenter, orthocephalic, orthoceras, orthochromatic, orthoclase, orthocoelic, orthocone, orthocycle, orthodigital, orthodontia, orthodontics, orthodontist, orthodox, orthodoxism, orthodoxly, orthodoxy, orthodromic, orthoepist, orthoepy, orthoferrite, orthoform, orthogamy, orthogenesis, orthogenetic, orthognathous, orthogonal, orthograde, orthographer, orthographic, orthography, orthohelium, orthohydrogen, orthohydrograph, orthokinesis, orthokinetic, orthology, orthometric, orthometry, orthomolecular, orthomorphic, orthoneural, orthonormal, orthopathy, orthopedics, orthopedist, orthophonic, orthophony, orthophoria, orthophoto, orthopnea, orthopolitiphobia, orthopraxis, orthopraxy, orthoprism, orthopsychiatry, orthopter, orthopteron, orthopterous, orthoptic, orthopyramid, orthorhombic, orthoscope, orthoscopic, orthosis, orthospermous, orthostat, orthostatic, orthostereoscope, orthostichy, orthostyle, orthosymmetric, orthotectonic, orthotics, orthtomic, orthotone, orthotonic, orthotonus, orthotopic, orthotropic, orthotropism, orthotropous, orthotropy, orthovoltage, orthoxylene, posturepedic, synorthographic, triorthogonal, unorthodox οριζω: divide; ορος: boundary; οριον: boundary aorist, aoristic, aphorism, aphoristic, aphoritic, horizon, horizontal, horizontalize, horizontally ορκος: oath exorcism, exorcist, exorcize ορμη: onset horme, hormonal, hormone, hormonology, neurohormone, parahormone, pheromone, phytohormone, prohormone, sex hormone ορνις: bird Avernal, Avernus, Dinornis, dinornithia, Dromornis, ichthyornis, neossine, neossology, notornis, ornis, ornithic, ornithichnite, ornithivorous, ornithobiography, ornithocephalous, ornithocoprolite, ornithodelphia, ornithogalum, ornithogea, ornithoid, ornitholeucism, ornitholite, ornithological, ornithologist, ornithology, ornithomancy, ornithomelanism, ornithomorphic, ornithomyzous, ornithophile, ornithophilous, ornithophily, ornithopod, ornithopter, ornithopterous, ornithorhychus, ornthosaurian, ornithoscelidan, ornithoscopy, ornithosis, ornithotomy, ornithuric, ornithurous, paleornithology, philornithic, proto-ornithoid, panornithic, steatornis ορος: mountain oread, oreodon, orocentral, orocline, orocratic, orogen, orogenesis, orogenetic, orogenic, orogeny, orographic, orographical, orography, orohippus, orohydrography, orologist, orology, orometer, orometric, orometry ορος: serum orosomucoid, orotic

ορτυξ: quail Ortygian ορυγειν: reach after anorectic, anorexia, anorexic, parorexia ορυζα: rice oryzenin, oryzivorous, rice Ορφευς: Orpheus Orphean, Orphic, Orphic egg, Orphism, Orpheus ορφανος: orphan orphan, orphanage, orphan asylum, orphancy, orphanhood, orphanize ορχεομαι: dance orchestric, orchestra, orchestral, orchestralist, orchestrate, orchestration, orchestrator, orchestrelle, orchestrina ορχις: testicle cryptorchid, cryptorchidism, mesorchial, monorchid, orchialgia, orchid, orchidaceous, orchidectomy, orchidist, orchidocele, orchidologist, orchidology, orchidomania, orchidopexy, orchidophilist, orchidotomy, orchiocele, orchiopexy, orchis, orchitis, orchocele, orchotomy, synorchism −οσις: diseased condition trichinosis etc. (= Eng. -osis) οσμη: odor anosmic, anosmatic, coprosma, microsmatic, osmagogue, osmate, osmatic, osmeterium, osmic, osmicate, osmics, osmiophilic, osmious, osmite, osmium, osmoceptor, osmology, osmometer, osmophilic, osmophore, osmoscope, osmotic, parosmia, perosmate, telosmic οστεον: bone coracosteon, endosteal, exostosis, intraosteal, ossein, osseous, ostalgia, osteal, osteitis, ostenoid, osteoarthritis, osteoblast, ostecartilaginous, osteochondritis, osteoclasis, osteoclast, osteocolla, osteocomma, osteocope, osteocyte, osteoderm, osteodynia, osteodystrophy, osteofibrosis, osteogangrene, osteogen, osteogenesis, osteogenous, osteography, osteoid, osteolite, osteolith, osteological, osteologist, osteology, osteolysis, osteolytic, osteoma, osteomalacia, osteomancy, osteomere, osteometry, osteomyelitis, osteon, osteopath, osteopathic, osteopathy, osteopetrosis, osteophage, osteophagist, osteophagous, osteophlebitis, osteophone, osteophyte, osteoplasty, osteoporosis, osteosarcoma, osteosclerosis, osteostomous, osteotic, osteotome, osteotomy, osteozoon, osthexy, otosis, otosteal, pachyostosis, periosteal, periosteum, periostitis, synostosis, teleostean, tenosteosis

οστρακον: potsherd, shell; οστρεον: oyster entomostracan, malacostracon, ostraca, ostracean, ostraceous, ostracism, ostracitis, ostracize, ostracod, ostracodent, ostracoderm, ostracoid, ostracology, ostracophore, ostracopod, ostrakon, ostreiculture, ostreiform, ostreophage, ostreophagist, ostreophagous, oyster, oysterous, oyster-shell, pearl oyster, periostracum οσχεον: scrotum oscheal, oscheocele, oscheolith, oscheoplasty οσφυς: loin osphyalgia, osphyocele, osphyomyelitis ου: not utopia, utopian, utopianism, utopianist, utopianize, utopiate, utopism, utopist ουλος: crisp ulotrichan, ulotrichous ουρα: tail brachyurous, coenure, colure, cynosural, cynosure, dasyure, dolichurus, elaphure, gymnure, hippurite, hypural, macroscian, macruran, macrurous, menura, ophiuran, opisthure, ornithurous, oxyuris, panurine, platyurous, podura, squirrel, squirrely, thysanuran, uroboros, urochord, urochordata, urodele, uropod, xenurine ουρανος: heaven transuranic, Urania, uranian, uranic, uraniferous, uranite, uranitic, uranium, uranography, uranolatry, uranology, uranomania, uranometry, uranopathy, uranoplasty, uranoscopy, uranous, Uranus, uranyl ουρον: urine anuric, cynurenic, disuria, disuric, disury, diureide, diuresis, diuretic, dysuria, dysuric, dysury, enuresis, galacturonic, genitourinary, glycosuria, hematuria, hexuronic, hydruria, ischueretic, ischuria, ketonuria, lactosuria, lithuria, mastiguria, melanuria , melanuric, melituria, meninguria, natriuresis, nocturia, oliguresia, oliguria, oliguric, Orion, ornithuric, oxaluria, oxaluric, paruria, peptonuria, phosphaturia, photuria, planuria, polyuresis, polyuria, polyuric, porphyrinuria, proteinuria, purine, pyuria, urea, uremia, uremic, ureter, urethra, urethritis, urethescope, urethescopy, urobilin, urobilinuria, urochrome, urocystitis, uroerythrin, urogaster, urogastrome, urogenital, urogenous, uroglaucin, urography, urokinase, urolagnia, urolith, urologist, urology, uromelanin, uronic, urophanic, urophilia, uropoietic, uroporphyrin, uroscopy, urostealith, urostyle, urotoxic, urotoxy, uroxanthic, uroxanthin, urrhodin, vesicouretal ουρος: watcher pyloric, pylorectomy, pyloroplasty, pylorus ους: ear

diota, dolichotis, entotic, epiotoc, otacoustic, otalgia, otary, otiatric, otic, otitis, otocyst, otodynua, otographical, otolaryngologist, otolaryngology, otolite, otolith, otologist, otology, otomorphology, otomycosis, otopathy, otophone, otoplasty, otopyosis, otorhinolaryngology, otorrhea, otosalpinx, otosclerosis, otoscope, otoscopy, otosis, otosteal, ototomy, ototoxic, ototoxicity, pachyote, parotic, parotid, parotidectomy, parotis, parotitis, parotoid, periotic, plecotine, prootic ουσια: see ειμι οφις: snake; οφιδιον: snake ophicleide, ophidian, ophiocephaloid, ophiography, ophioid, ophiolater, ophiolatry, ophiolite, ophiolitic, ophiology, ophiomorphic, ophiomorphous, ophiophagous, ophiophilous, ophiosaur, ophiothrix, ophite, ophitic, Ophiuchus, ophiuran οχλος: crowd ochlesis, ocholocracy, ochlocrat, ochlocratic, ochlocratical, ochlophobia, ochlophobist, ochlotic οψ: voice Calliope, Calliopean οψις: sight; οφθαλμος: eye amblyopia, anorthopia, autopsy, biopsy, bioptic, catadioptric, catoptric, chromatopsy, coreopsis, cyclopean, cyclops, dacryops, dermatopsy, deuteranope, deuteranopia, dichoptic, diopter, dioptric, dioptrical, diplopia, dysopsia, edriophthalmian, emmetrope, emmetropia, emmetropic, emmetropy, entoptic, erythropsia, exophthalmic, hemeralopia, horopter, hypermetrope, hyperopia, ichthyopsid, iodopsin, lagopthalmus, macropsia, megalopa, meropia, microphthalmic, micropsia, micropsy, monophthalmic, myopia, myopic, myopically, myopism, necropsy, nyctalope, nyctalopia, nyctalopic, nyctalopy, ophthalmia, ophthalmic, ophthalmite, ophthalmitis, ophthalmocele, ophthalmodynia, ophthalmography, ophthalmolith, ophthalmological, ophthamalogist, ophthamology, ophthalometer, ophthalmophore, ophthalmophthisis, ophthalmoplasty, ophthalmoplegia, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscopy, ophthalmospore, ophthalmostat, ophthalmotomy, ophthalmotrope, optacon, optic, optical, optical illusion, optically, optician, opticity, opticochemical, opticochemistry, optics, optigraph, optoacoustics, optoelectronics, optogram, optokinetic, optometer, optometrist, optometry, optomotor, optophone, optotype, orthoptic, oxyopia, panoptic, panopticon, photophthalmai, photoptic, photopsia, pleoptics, podophthalmate, polyopia, presbyopia, protanopia, pseudoptics, psorophthalmia, psychoptic, pyrope, rhodopsin, sclerophthalmia, stereopsis, steropticon, synopsis, synoptic, synopticon, synoptist, synoptophore, teichopsia, teloptic, thanatopsis, tritanopia, xanthocyanopsy, xanthopsy, xerophthalmia οψωνω: buy provisions duopsony, monopsonistic, monopsony, oligopsony, opsonic, opsonin, opsony

Π παγος: hill areopagite, Areopagus παθος: feeling, disaster;πασχω: suffer; παθημα: suffering allopathic, allopathy, anthropopathy, antipathic, antipathy, apathetic, apathetically, apathy, autopathic, cardiopathy, compathy, craniopathy, cytopathic, cytopathology, demonopathy, dermatopathology, dermatopathy, dermopathy, desmopathology, desmopathy, deuteropathy, dipsopathy, dynamopathy, dyspathy, electropathy, empathetic, empathic, empathist, empathize, empathy, enaniopathic, enantiopathy, encephalopathy, endocrinopathy, enteropathy, eupathy, exopathic, glossopathy, hematopathology, hemopathology, hepatopathy, heteropathic, homeopath, homeopathic, homeopathy, homopathy, hydropathic, hydropathism, hydropathy, hylopathism, idiopathic, idiopathy, immunopathology, keratopathy, kinesipath, leucopathy, logopathy, mastopathy, melanopathy, microangiopathy, monopathic, monopathy, myelopathy, myopathy, naturopathy, naupathia, nephropathic, nephropathy, neuropath, neuropathic, neuropathology, neuropathy, oariopathy, orthopathy, osteopath, osteopathic, osteopathy, otopathy, paleopathology, parasympathetic, -path, path, pathetic, pathetical, pathetically, pathic, pathobiology, pathogen, pathogenesis, pathogenetic, pathogenic, pathogeny, pathogerm, pathognomonic, pathognomy, pathography, pathological, pathologically, pathologist, pathology, patholopolis, pathomania, pathometer, pathometric, pathopeia, pathophobia, pathophoric, pathophysiology, pathos, -pathy, photopathic, physiopathology, phytopathogen, phytopathogenic, protopathic, psycopath, psychopathic, psychopathologist, psycopathology, psycopathy, simpatico, sociopath, sociopathic, sociopathy, somnipathy, steatopathy, sympathectomy, sympathetic, sympathetical, sympathetically, sympathicotonia, sympathicotropic, sympathize, sympathizer, sympathoblast, sympatholytic, sympathy, telepath, telepathic, telepathically, telepathist, telepathy, theopathetic, theopathy, trophopathy, unsympathetic, unsympathetically, uranopathy, xanthopathy, zoopathology παις: child; παιδευω: teach; παιδεια: education; παιζω: jest cyclopedia, cyclopedic, cryopedology, encyclopedia, encyclopedian, encyclopedic, encyclopedism, encyclopedist, encyclopedize, hypnopedia, logopedics, macropedia, micropedia, misopedist, orthopedics, orthopedist, paideutics, paidia, pedagogic, pedagogics, pedagogism, pedagogist, pedagogue, pedagogy, pedant, pedantic, pedantically, pedanticize, pedantize, pedantocracy, pedantry, pederast, pederasty, pediatric, pediatrician, pediatrics, pedobaptism, pedodontist, pedology, pedomorphic, pedomorphism, pedophile, pedophilia, pedotrophic, pedotrophy, pharmacopedia, posturepedic, propaedeutic, psilopedic παιω: strike; Paian: healer

anapest, paean, peony παλαι: long ago; παλαιος: old paleanthropic, paleanthropology, palearctic, palencephalon, paleoanthropology, paleobiology, paleobotany, Paleocene, paleochemistry, paleoclimatologist, paleoclimatology, paleocrystic, paleocurrent, paleoecology, paleoethnology, paleogean, paleogene, paleogenetic, paleogeography, paleogeology, paleogeomorphic, paleoglyph, paleography, paleohydrography, paleolatry, paleolith, paleolithic, paleologist, paleology, paleomagnetism, paleontologist, paleontology, paleopathology, paleoplain, paleornithology, paleosol, paleospecies, paleotalith, paleothere, paleotropic, paleotype, Paleozoic, paleozoology παλαιω: wrestle: see παλλω παλιν: again palilalia, palilogy, palimpsest, palinal, palindrome, palindromic, palingenesis, palingenetic, palinode, palinodic, palinspastic Παλλας: Athena Palladian, palladic, palladiferous, palladious, palladium, Pallas παλλω: sway catapult, palestra Παλμυρα: Palmyra Palmyra, Palmyrene παλυνω: sprinkle palynological, palynology παν-: all: see πας Παν: Pan Pan, Pandean, panic, panically, panic button, panickiness, panicky, panic-stricken, panpipe, tragopan Πανδαρος: Pandarus Pandarus, pander, panderer, panderism πανδουρα: lute banjo πανεγυρικος: see πας + αγορα πανθηρ: panther: see θεριον

παππας: papa antipapist, antipope, Caesaro-papism, dispope, papa, papabile, papacy, papal, papalism, papalist, papalize, papally, paparchical, pape, papism, papist, papistic, papistical, papistry, papolatry, pappy, pope, popedom, popeless, popelike, popeling, Popemobile, popery, popish, popishly, poplin, protopope παππος: down pappescent, pappus παπυρος: papyrus carbon paper, flypaper, newspaper, notepaper, paper, paperback, paperboy, paperclip, papercup, papercutter, paperer, paper hanger, paperless, papermill, paper money, paper route, paper shredder, paper tiger, paperweight, paperwork, papery, papier mache (Fr), papyraceous, papyriferous, papyrin, papyrine, papyrograph, papyrography, papyrologist, papyrology, papyrotype, papyrus, sandpaper, tissue paper, toilet paper, wallpaper, white paper παρα: near, beside, against para, parallax, parallel, paramilitary, paraphrase ETC. παραβολη: see βαλλω παραδεισος: paradise (from Persian word) paradisaical, paradisal, paradise, paradisiacal, parvis παρδαλις: panther camelopard, Camelopardalus, leopard, pard παρθενος: maiden parthenic, parthenocarpy, parthenogenesis, parthenogenetic, pathenolatry, Parthenon, Parthenope Παρνασσος: Parnassus Parnassian, Parnassus πας: all diapason, panacea, Pan-American, Pan-Americanism, panarthritis, Panathenia, panathenaic, panchromatic, panchronic, panclastic, panclastite, pancosmic, pancosmism, pancratiast, pancratic, pancration, pancratist, pancratium, pancreas, pancreatectomy, pancreatic, pancreatin, pancreatitis, pancreatize, pancreatography, pancreatoid, pancreozymin, pandemic, pandemonium, pandiagonal, Pandora, Pandora’s box, panegyric, panegyrical, panegyrist, panegyrize, panesthesia, panesthetism, Pangaea, pangenesis, pangenetic, pangeometry, Pangloss, Panglossian, pangram, pangrammatic, panharmonic, panhellenic, panhellenism, paniconograph, panlogism, panmixia, panographic, panophobia, panoply, panoptic, panopticon, panorama, panoramic, panoramist, panornithic, panotype, panplain, panplanation, panpot, panpsychic,

panpsychism, Panroman, pansexual, pansophic, pansophism, pansophism, pansophy, panspermia, panspermic, pantagamy, pantagogue, pantamorphic, pantaphobia, pantarchy, pantatrophy, pantechnicon, Panthalassa, pantheism, pantheist, pantheistic, pantheology, pantheon, pantheum, pantisocracy, pantiscocrat, panto, Pantocrator, pantogenous, pantoglot, pantograph, pantographer, pantographic, pantographical, pantologic, pantology, pantometer, pantometry, pantomime, pantomimic. pantomimist, pantomography, pantomorph, pantomorphic, pantomorphic, pantonal, pantophagist, pantophagous, pantophobia, pantopod, pantopragmatic, pantoscope, pantoscopic, pantostomate, pantothenic, pantothermal, pantoyl, pantozooism, pantozootia, panurgic, panurine, panzootic, pasigraphy πασσω: sprinkle upon antipasto, impastation, impaste, impasto, pasta, paste, pasteboard, pastedown, paste-in, pastel, pastelist, paster, paste-up, pasticcio, pastiche, pasticheur, pastie, pastiglia, pastina, pastiness, pastry, pastrycook, pasty, pate (pie), patty, toothpaste πατηρ: father; πατρις: fatherland; πατρως: hereditary allopatric, Cleopatra, compatriot, compatriotic, compatriotism, eupatrid, expatriot, hyperpatriotic, Jupiter, patriarch, patriarchal, patriarchalism, patriarchalist, patriarchally, patriarchate, patriarchism, patriarchist, patriarchy, patriot, patriotic, patriotically, patriotism, patristic, patristics, patroclinous, patrology, patronymic, stasipatric, superpatriot, superpatriotic, sympatric, sympatry, unpatriotic πατος: way; πατεω: walk peripateia, peripatetic, peripatetically, perapeteticism, peripeteia, peripety παυω: give rest (See also L. pono.) N.B. Pono is not a Latin derivative of παυω, but OED says pose is derived from LL pausare: to rest, which I assume is from παυω. composable, composant, compose, composed, composedly, composer, composing, composure, contrapose, counterproposal, crosspurpose, decomposability, decomposable, decompose, decomposer, deposable, deposal, depose, deposer, diapause, discompose, discomposure, disposability, disposable, disposal, dispose, disposedness, disposer, disposingly, expose, exposedness, exposer, exposure, heliopause, impose, imposer, imposing, imposingly, indispose, indisposed, infrapose, interpose, magnetopause, menopausal, menopause, mesopause, multipurpose, omnipurpose, opposable, oppose, opposer, overexpose, overexposure, pausal, pause, perimenopause, pesade, photocomposing, posada (Sp), pose, poser, poseur (Fr), postpose, pousada (Pg), predispose, presuppose, proposal, propose, purpose, purposeful, purposefully, purposeless, purposely, purposive, puzzle, repose, self-imposed, superimposable, superimpose, superpose, supposable, suppose, supposed, supposedly, supposer, supposing, transposable, transpose, transposer, tropopause, turbopause, undisposed, unimposing, unopposed, workpause Words in pos- but not posit- are from παυω; those in posit- are from pono. But there must have been reciprocal influences. Παφος: Paphos

Paphian, Paphos παχυς: thick isopachyte, pachycardian, pachycarpous, pachycaul, pachycephalic, pachycholic, pachydactyl, pachyderm, pachydermatous, pachyemia, pachyglossal, pachygnathous, pachyhymenia, pachymeter, pachyodont, pachyostosis, pachyote, pachyphyllous, pachypod, pachypterous, pachysandra, pachysaurian, pachytene πεδον: ground; πεδιον: sole (of foot); see πους πεδος: see πηδον πειρα: attempt; πειραω: attempt biopiracy, empiric, empirical, empirically, empiricism, empiricist, empirism, empiristic, metempirical, metempiricism, metempirics, peirastic, piracy, pirate, piratic, piratical, piratically, video piracy, video pirate πελαγος: sea archipelago, bathypelagic, epipelagic, mesopelagic, pelagial, pelagian, pelagic, pelagically, pelagite, pelagosaur πελεκαν: pelican; πελεκης: hatchet pelecoid, pelecypod, pelican, Pelican State πελιος: livid peliosis πελμα: sole (of foot) desmopelmous πελτη: target, shield bipeltate, dasypeltis, pelta, peltast, peltate, peltogaster Πελοψ: Pelops Peloponnese, Peloponnesian, Pelops πελυξ: bowl pelycography, pelycosaur πελω: be in motion; πολος: pivot apolar, bipolar, bipolarity, circumpolar, counterpole, depolarization, depolarize, dipolar, dipolarize, dipole, extrapolate, extrapolation, heliopolar, heteropolar, homeopolar, homopolar, interpolate, interpolation, monopolar, monopole, multipolar, multipolarity, nonpolar, North Pole, polar, polar bear, polar cap, polar coordinates, polarimeter, polarimetric, polar orbit, Polaris, polariscope, polariscopic, polariton, polarity,

polarizable, polarization, polarize, polarizer, polarly, polarograph, Polaroid, polaron, polar wandering, pole (sky), polestar, poloid, poloidal, pulley, South Pole, transpolar N.B. Polar and pole (sky) are derived from πελω; pole (stake) is derived from pango. πεμπω: send apopemptic, hypnopompic, pomp, pompon, pomposity, pomposo (It), pompous, pompously, psychopomp, unpompous πεμφιξ: bubble pemphigous, pemphigus πενης: poor leucopenia, leucopenic πενθος: grief nepenthe, nepenthous πεντε: five cryptopentamerous, pentabasic, pentacarbon, pentachord, pentachromic, pentacle, pentacyclic, pentad, pentadactyl, pentadactylous, pentafid, pentgamist, pentaglot, pentagon, pentagonal, pentagram, pentagrid, pentagynia, pentahedral, pentahedron, pentahydrate, pentalemma, pentalogue, pentalogy, pentamer, pentamerous, pentameter, pentane, pentangle, pentangular, pentapeptide, pentaphonic, pentapody, penyapolis, pentaprism, pentarch, pentarchy, pentastich, pentastyle, pentesyllabic, Pentateuch, Pentateuchal, pentathionic, pentathlete, pentathlon, pentatomic, pentatonic, pentatremite, pentavalent, penteconter, Pentecost, Pentecostal, Pentecostalism, Pentecostalist, penthemimer, Pentium, pentode, pentomic, pentomino, penton, pentosan, pentose, pentoxide, pentryl, petaπεος: penis peotomy πεπερι: pepper (from Sanskrit) paprika, pep, peperino, peperite, pepper, peppercorn, pepperet, pepperish, peppermint, pepperplant, pepperoni, pepperpod, pepperpot, peppertree, pepperwood, pepperwort, peppery, pep-pill, peppy, pep talk, piperine πεπλος: shawl peplos, peplum πεπτω: digest; πεττω: soften bradypepsia, dyspepsia, dyspeptic, eupepsia, eupeptic, metapeptic, oligopeptide, pentapeptide, Pepsi, pepsin, peptic, peptide, peptize, peptogen, pepetolysis, peptone, peptonize, peptonuria, peptotoxin, pita, polypeptide, pumpkin, pumpkinhead, pumpkinpie, pumpkinseed, pumpkinstone

περαω: pass through; πορος: ford; εμπορος: merchant atriopore, emporetic, emporium, gonopore, nullipore, osteoporosis, phonopore, pore, poriferan, poriferous, poriform, porogamic, porogamous, porogamy, porometric, porometer, poroplastic, poroscopy, porosity, porotype, porous, porously, porousness, tubipore, tubulipore Περγαμος: Pergamum parchment, Pergamene, pergameneous, Pergamum περδιξ: partridge partridge, perdicine περι: around perimeter, peripheral, periphery ETC. περισσος: uneven (from περι) perissad, perissodactyl, perissology, perissosyllabic περκη: fish; περκνος: dark colored perch (fish), percine, percoid Περσις: see Persa Περσευς: Perseus Perseid, Perseus πεσσος: oval stone pessary πεταννυμι: spread out; πεταλον: leaf depetal, dialypetallous, dipetalous, eleutheropetalous, enneapetalous, gamopetalous, grammatopetalous, hebepetalous, homopetalous, micropetalous, oligopetalous, petal, petaliferous, petaliform, petaline, petalism, petalite, petalless, petalocerous, petalodic, petalodont, petalody, petaloid, petalon, petalous, petasus, platypetalous, polypetalous, rectipetality, tetrapetalous, tripetalous πετομαι: fly (See also πτερος.) diptera, dipterous πετρα: rock; πετρος: stone empetrous, micropetrology, osteopetrosis, parsley, pedregal, pedrero, perron, Peter, peterman, Peter Pan, Peter’s penny, Petertide, petrean, petrefact, petreity, petrel, petrichor, petricolous, petrifaction, petrifactive, petrifier, petrify, Petrine, Petrinism, Petrinist, petro-, petrochemical, petrochemistry, petro-currency, petrodollar, petrodrome, petrofabrics, petrogenesis, petrogeny, petroglyph, petrograph, petrographer, petrographic, petrographical, petrography, petroil, petrol, petrolatum, petrolene,

petroleous, petroleum, petroleum jelly, petroleur, petrolic, petroliferous, petrolin, petrolization, petrolize, petrological, petrologist, petrology, petrophilous, petrophysics, petro-politics, petro-power, petrosal, petrosilex, petrosiliceous, petrotectonics, petrous, saltpeter, storm petrel, stormy petrel See OED: petrel. πευκη: pine peucyl πηγη: spring Pegasus, pegomancy πηγνυμι: fasten; πηγμα: framework bibliopegy, colopexy, nephropexy, omentopexy, orchidopexy, ochiopexy, pectic, pectin, pectose, pectous, pegmatite, rheopexy, viropexis πηδον: oar; πεδος: oar autopilot, copilot, pilot πηλαω: leap pedesis πηλος: clay peloid, pelolithic, pelotherapy πηρα: purse perule πηριν: scrotum perineal, perineum πηρος: maimed peropod, perosis πι: pi pi, pion, pionization, p-meson πιαρ: fat piarrhemia πιεζω: crush piezo, piezoelectric, piezoelectricity, piezomagnetism, piezometer, piezoresistance πιθηκος: ape Australopithecus, gigantopithecus, pithecanthrope, pithecanthropos, pithecoid

πικρος: sharp, bitter; πευκη: pine picra, picral, picrate, picric, picrite, picrolite, picromel, picrotoxin πινω: drink; ποσις: beverage pinocytosis, potomania, potometer, symposiast, symposium πιπτω: fall; προσπιπτω: fall upon; πτωμα: a fall asymptomatic, asymptote, diptote, metemptosis, monoptote, nephroptosis, paremptosis, polyptote, proemptosis, proptosis, ptomaine, ptosis, symptom, symptomatic, symptomatically, symptomatize, symptomatology, symptomless, triptote πισος: pea pea, pea brain, peaflower, peanut, peanut butter, peapod, pease, pea shell, pea shooter, peasoup, peastone, peatree, peavine, pisiform, pisolite, pisolith, pisolithic, pisolitic, sweetpea πιστακη: pistachio tree pistachio πιστις: faith pistiology πιτυρον: bran pityriasis πλαγος: side plagal, plagihedral, plagiocephalic, plagioclase, plagioclastic, plagiodont, plagiograph, plagiosere, plagiostome, plagiotropic, plagiotropous πλανη: wandering aeroplankton, diplanetic, diplanetism, haloplankton, interplanetary, limnoplankton, menoplania, meroplankton, nannoplankton, phytoplankton, planet, planetarian, planetarily, planetarium, planetary, planet earth, planetesimal, planetfall, planetless, planetocentric, planetography, planetoid, planettokhod, planetolatry, planetology, planet-struck, pnatule, planet-wide, planktology, plankton, planktonic, planktonology, planktont, planktotrophic, planuria, potamoplankton, protoplanet, zooplankter, zooplankton πλαξ: board, flat area placoderm, placoid, plage, planch, plancher, planchet, planchette, plancier, plank, planker, plankless πλαττω: form; πλασμα: image achondroplasia, achondroplastic, alloplastic, angioplasty, antineoplastic, aplastic, autoplast, autoplastic, autoplasty, bioplasm, bioplastic, cacoplastic, cacoplasty, ceratoplasty, ceroplasty, chiloplasty, chiroplasty, chloroplast, chromatoplasm,

chromoplast, coroplast, coroplastic, coroplasty, cosmoplastic, cranioplasty, cytoplasm, cystoplast, dermatoplasty, deutoplasm, diaplasis, dysplasia, dysplastic, ectoplasm, elaioplast, elastoplast, elytroplasty, embryoplastic, endoplasm, enteroplasty, entoplastral, epiplasm, erythroplastid, esemplastic, euplasty, exoplasm, fibrinoplastic, fibroplastic, galvanoplastic, galvanoplasty, genioplasty, germplasm, gonoplasm, heteroplasty, histoplasmosis, homeoplastic, homoplast, homoplastic, homoplasty, hyperplastic, hypoplasty, iconoplast, ideoplasm, ideoplastic, idioplasm, karyoplasm, keratinoplasty, kinetoplast, leucoplast, maloplasty, meloplasty, mesoplast, metalloplasty, metaplasm, microangioplasty, microplasticity, monoplast, mycoplasma, myoplasm, mythoplasm, neoplasm, neoplasty, neuroplasm, neuroplasticity, neuroplasty, nucleoplasm, nucleoplast, onomatoplasm, ooplasm, ophthalmoplasty, organoplasty, oscheoplasty, osteoplasty, otoplasty, ovoplasm, palatoplasty, periplasm, periplast, phelloplastic, phragmoplast, phycoplast, piaster, piroplasm, pizza, pizzeria, plaister, plasm, plasma, plasma cell, plasmacyte, plasmagel, plasmagene, plasmal, plasmasphere, plasmatic, plasmid, plasmoblast, plasmocyte, plasmodesma, plasmodium, plasmogamy, plasmogen, plasmogeny, plasmoid, plasmology, plasmolysis, plasmolyte, plasmosome, plasmotomy, plaster, plastercast, plasterer, plastering, plasterless, plasterwork, plastery, plastic, plastically, plasticate, plasticator, plastician, plasticine, plasticity, plasticization, plasticize, plasticware, plastid, plastigel, plastisol, plastique, plastochron, platocyanin, plastogamy, plastome, plastometer, plastral, plastron, -plasty, polyplastic, poroplastic, protoplasm, protoplasmic, protoplast, protoplastic, pseudoplastic, psychoplasm, pyloroplasty, rhinoplasty, rhizoplast, rhodoplast, sarcoplasm, sarcoplasmic, spheroplast, spiroplasma, spongioplasm, sporoplasm, staphyloplasty, steroplasm, stomatoplasty, superplastic, symplasm, symplasma, symplast, tarsoplasty, teleplasm, thermoplastic, thoracoplasty, toxoplasm, toxoplasmosis, tracheloplasty, trophoplasm, trophoplast, tuboplasty, utriculoplasty, xeroplastic, zooplasty, zymoplastic πλατυς: wide birthplace, breastplate, commonplace, counterplace, dialplate, discoplacenta, displace, displaceable, displacement, displacer, displasis, electroplate, emplace, emplacement, fireplace, fishplate, ill-placed, implacental, irreplaceable, marketplace, misplace, nameplate, omoplate, photoplate, piazza, pizza, pizzeria, place, place holder, place kick, placeless, place mat, placement, place value, placenta, placental, placentary, placentate, placentation, placentiferous, placentiform, placentigerous, placentitis, placentography, placentology, placentophagy, placer, plate, plateau, plate glass, platelet, plate metal, plate number, plater, platform, platic, platina, plating, platiniferous, platinode, platinoid, platinotype, platinous, platinum, platitude, platitudinal, platitudinarian, platitudinary, platitudinize, platitudinous, platometer, platter, platybasic, platycarpous, platycephalic, platycrania, platydactyl, platygastric, platyglossal, platyhelminth, platykurtic, platynotal, platyodont, platypetalous, platyphyllous, platypod, platypodia, platypus, platypygous, platyrrhine, platyscopic, platysome, platystomous, platytera, platyurous, plaza, replace, replacement, wallplate, waterplate, working place Deriving pizza from πλατυς seems dubious. Πλατων: Plato

neoplatonic, neoplatonism, Plato, platonic, platonically, Platonism, Platonist, Platonistic, Platonize πλεθος: see πολυς. Πλειας: Pleiad Pleiad, Pleaides πλεκω: twine plecotine, plectognath, plectron, plectrum, ploce, symplectic, symploce πλευρον: rib, side dorsopleural, epipleural, intrapleural, isopleural, isopleuron, mesopleural, pleura, pleural, pleuralgia, pleurisy, pleuritis, pleurocarpous, pleurocele, pleurocoele, pleurodont, pleurodynia, pleuron, pleuropneomonia, pleurorrhea, pleurotomy, pleurum, somatopleure, tetrapleuron, transpleural πληρης: full plereme, plerocephalic, pleroma, plerome, pleromorph πλησιος: near plesiomorph, plesiosaur, plesiosaurus πλησσω: strike apoplectic, apoplexy, cataplexy, cycloplegia, diplegia, diplegic, electroplegy, glossoplegy, hemiplegia, hemiplegic, monoplegia, monoplegic, nephroplegy, ophthalmoplegia, paraplectic, paraplegia, paraplegic, pharynoplegy, plague, plaguey, plegia, plexiglass, pleximeter, plexus, quadriplegic, tetraplegia, thermoplegia, triplegia πλινθος: brick plinth −πλοος: fold anadiplosis, decaploid, diplocausis, diplodocus, diploid, diploma, diplomacy, diplomat, diplomatic, diplomatically, diplomatist, haplocardiac, haplodont, haplography, haplohedral, haploid, haplology, haplomorphic, haplotomy, mixoploid, octoploid, parasiplomatic, tetrapla, tetraploid See additional words in reverse index under diplo- etc. πλουτος: wealth Plutarch, Plutarchian, plutocracy, plutocrat, plutocratic, plutocratical, pluto-democracy, plutogogue, plutogoguery, plutolatry, plutology, plutomania, plutonomy Πλουτον: Pluto (may be a derivative of previous entry) Pluto, pluton, Plutonian, plutonic, plutonism, plutonist, plutonium, plutonyl

Πλωτινος: Plotinus Plotinian, Plotinus πνεω: breathe; πνευμα: breath apnea, bronchopneumonia, dipneumonous, dipnoous, dispnea, dyspnea, enteropneustral, eupnea, hydropneumatic, hyperpnea, metapneumonic, oleopneumatic, orthopnea, pleuropneumonia, pneogastric, pneograph, pneometer, pneoscope, pneudynia, pneuma, pneumatic, pneumatics, pneumatization, pneumatize, pneumatocele, pneumatocyst, pneumatogram, pneumatograph, pneumatography, pneumatology, pneumatolysis, pneumatolytic, pneum(at)ometer, pneumatophobia, pneumatherapy, pneumatophore, pneumatosis, pneumectomy, pneumocele, pneumococcus, pneumoderm, pneumodynamics, pneumogastric, pneumogram, pneumograph, pneumography, pneumolith, pneumolysis, pneumometer, pneumonectomy, pneumonalgia, pneumonia, pneumonic, pneumonitis, pneumonodynia, pneumotachograph, pneumotherapy, pneumothorax, pnigogen, polypnoea, tachypnea, theopneust, traumatopnea ποιεω: make, do; ποιημα: deed; ποιητης: maker depoeticize, depoetize, dogmatopeic, epopee, erythropoeisis, ethopoeia, galactopoietic, hematopoiesis, hemopoiesis, henopoeia, leucopoiesis, melopeia, melopeic, mythopoeia, mythopoeic, mythopoem, nosopoetic, onomatopeia, onomatopeic, onomatopoesis, onomatopoetic, pathopeia, phanopeia, pharmacopeia, poem, poesy, poet, poetaster, poetess, poetic, poetical, poetically, poeticize, poetic justice, poetic license, poetics, poetism, poetize, poet laureate, poetolatry, poetomachia, poetry, poiemics, poiesis, poietic, posy, prosopopoeia, stenopaeic, unpoetic, unpoetically, uropoietic ποικιλος: variegated poikilocyte, poikiloderma, poikilosmotic, poikilothermic ποινη: penalty (L. poena) counterpenalty, dispunishable, expunitive, extrapunitive, impenitence, impenitency, impenitent, impenitently, impunitive, impunitively, impunity, intropunitive, pain, pained, painedly, painful, painfully, painfulness, painkiller, painless, painlessly, painstaking, painstakingly, penal, penalization, penalize, penally, penalty, penalty box, penalty clause, penalty kick, penance, penitence, penitential, penitentially, penitentiary, penitently, penological, penologist, penology, pentimento (It), pine (vb), punish, punishability, punishable, punishingly, punishment, punisher, punitive, punitively, punitory, repent, repentance, repentant, repine, subpoena, unpenitent, unpunishable, unpunished, unrepentant, unrepented, unrepenting ποιος: of what type poiology πολεμος: war; πολεμιος: hostile philopolemic, polemic, polemical, polemically, polemicist, polemics, polemology, polemoscope

πολιος; gray polio, polioencephalitis, poliomyelitis, poliosis, poliovirus πολις: city; πολιτης: citizen; πολιτεια: citizenship; ακροπολις: acropolis; πολιτιχος: public acropolis, Adrianople, Annapolis, apolitical, Constantinople, cosmopolis, cosmopolitan, cosmopolitanism, cosmopolitanize, cosmopolitanly, cosmopolite, cosmopolitical, cosmopolitism, craniopolis, depoliticize, depoliticization, ecumenopolis, geopolitical, geopolitics, impolitic, impolitically, Indianapolis, Interpol, isopolity, megalopolis, megapolitician, metapolitical, metapolitics, metropole, metropolis, metropolitan, metropolitical, Minneapolis, Naples, Neapolitan, necropolis, nonpolitical, orthopolitiphobia, Ostpolitik, parasitolopolis, patholopolis, pentapolis, Persepolis, Petran politics, police, policeable, police board, police captain, police court, police dispatcher, police dog, police force, policeman, police office, police officer, police record, police station, policinic, policize, policy, policymaker, policymaking, polis, Politbureau, politic, political, political asylum, political football, politically, political refugee, political science, politician, politicization, politicize, politick, politico, politico-economic, politicoreligious, politics, politique (Fr), polity, propolis, realpolitik, thought police, topopolitan, Tripoli, tropicopolitan, weltpolitik πολος: pivot; see πελω Πολυδευκης: Pollux Pollux πολυς: much, many antipolygamy, biopolymer, copolymer, deplethoric, depolymerization, hoi polloi, isopleth, machopolyp, monopolylogue, photopolymer, pleiomorphic, pleiotropic, pleiotypic, Pleistocene, pleocytosis, pleodont, pleomorphic, pleonasm, pleonastic, pleophony, pleopod, pleoptics, plethora, plethoric, plethysmograph, Pliocene, pliosaurus, pliothermic, pliotron, polloi, poly-, polyacanthous, polyacoustic, polyactinal, polyad, polyadenous, polyadic, polyamor, polyamorous, polyandria, polyandrist, polyandrous, polyandry, polyanthus, polyarchy, polyarthritis, polyatomic, polyaxial, polybasic, polyblast, polybranch, polycarbonate, polycarpous, polycellular, polycentric, polycentrism, polychord, polychrome, polychromatic, polyclad, polyclimax, polyclinic, polyclonal, polycoccous, polyconic, polyctyledon, polycrystal, polyculture, polycyclic, polycystic, polydactyl, polydactylous, polydactyly, polydemonism, polydentate, polydigital, polydimensional, polydipsia, polydisperse, polydynamic, polyeidism, polyelectrolyte, polyelectronic, polyembryonic, polyergic, polyester, polyethism, polyethnic, polyethylene, polyfoil, polyfunctional, polygala, polyglacial, polygamist, polygamous, polygamy, polygastric, polygene, polygenesis, polygenetic, polygenic, polygenism, polygenist, polygenous, polygeny, polyglacial, polyglot, polygon, polygonal, polygonization, polygram, polygraph, polygrapher, polygraphic, polygraphy, polygynist, polygynous, polygyny, polygyral, polyhedral, polyhedron, polyhydramnios, poluhydric, polyion, polyionic, polylectal, polylemma, polylithic, polylogue, polymania, polymastigate, polymath, polymenorrhea, polymer, polymerization, polymerize, polymerose, polymetallic, polymethyl, polymeter,

polymicrian, polymitosis, polymodal, polymolecular, polymorph, polymorphic, polymorphism, polymorphous, polymythy, polymyxin, Polynesia, Polynesian, polynomial, polyneuritis, polynuclear, polyodont, polyonymous, polyopia, polyp, polyparous, polypectomy, polyped, polypeptide, polypetalous, polyphagia, polyphagism, polyphagous, polyphase, polyphasia, Polyphemus, polyphobia, polyphone, polyphonic, polyphonous, polyphony, polyphote, polyphyllous, polyplastic, polypnoea, polypod, polypody, polyprotein, polypsychical, poplyptote, polyptich, polypos, polyrhizal, polyrhythm, polysaccharide, polysemantic, polysemous, polysemy, polysomatic, polysomatous, polysome, polyspermy, polystelic, polystichous, polystome, polystylar, polysyllable, polysyllabic, polysymmetrical, polysyndeton, polysynthesis, polysynthetic, polystemic, polytechnic, polytheism, polytheist, polytheistic, polythelism, polythene, polytocous, polytomous, polytomy, polytonality, polytone, polytonic, polytrichous, polytrope, polytrophic, polytropic, polytype, polytypic, polytypism, polyuresis, polyuria, polyuric, polyvalent, polyvinyl, polyvoltine, polyxenic, polyzoan, scyphopolyp πονεω: work hard geoponics, hydroponics πονηρος: evil ponerology ποντος: sea Hellespont, pontic, Pontus, Propontus πορνη: whore; πορνεια: fornication cyberporn, porn, porno, pornocracy, pornogram, pornograph, pornographer, pornographic, pornography, pornomania, pornophile, pornophobia, pornotopia, videoporn πορος: ford; see περαω πορφυρα: purple empurpled, empurpling, granophyre, keratophyre, melaphyre, ooporphyrin, porphyria, porphyrinogen, porphyrinuria, porphyritic, porphyroid, porphyry, protophyrin, purple, purplish, purpura, purpurate, purpuric, porporiferous, purpurin, purpuriparous, purpurite, royal purple, uroporphyrin ποσος: how much pososlogical, posology ποταμος: river hippopotamian, hippopotamus, Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian, potamian, potamic, potomagraphy, potamology, potamoplankton ποτον: drink: see πινω

πους: foot amphipod, antipodal, antipodes, apodal, appoggiatura, arthropod, arthropoda, bipod, brachiopod, brachypodous, bradypod, cephalopod, chilopod, chiropodist, chiropody, coenopodous, copepod, copepodid, coxopodite, cynopodous, dactylopodite, dasypod, decapod, diaped, dipodic, dipody, discopodium, discopodous, dolichopodous, endopod, endopodite, epipodite, exopod, exopodite, gastropod, gnathopod, gnathopodite, hemipod, heptapodic, heteropod, hexapod, isopod, lagopode, lagopodous, lophopod, lycopod, machopolyp, macropicine, macropine, macropod, mastigopod, megalopod, megapod, meropodite, mesopod, mesopodite, metapode, micropod, monopod, myriapod, myxopod, neuropod, notopodium, octopod, octopodous, octopus, ocypode, Oedipal, Oedipean, oedipodic, Oedipus, Oedipus complex, oligopod, orthinopod, ostracopod, pachypod, pantopod, parallipiped, parallelopiped, parapodium, pelecypod, pentapody, ped, pedialgia, pediocratic, pedocal, pedogenesis, pedogenic, pedography, pedology, pedon, pedosphere, pentapody, peropod, pew, phalerope, phyllopod, physopod, pinnipod, platypod, platypodia, platypus, pleopod, podagra, podal, podalgia, podalic, podiatrist, podiatry, podite, podium, podocarp, podophthalmate, podology, podura, polyp, polypectomy, polypod, polypody, polypus, prosauropod, protopod, protopodium, psudopod, pseudopodium, pteropod, pygopod, rhizopod, sauropod, scaphopod, schizopod, sciapodous, scyphopolp, steganopod, stenopodium, stomapod, stomatopod, sympodia, sympodial, sympodium, tautopody, taxeopodous, tetrapod, tetrapodous, therapodous, thoracipod, trachelipod, trapeze, trapezial, trapezian, trapeziform, trapezist, trapezium, trapezius, trapezohedron, trapezoid, trapezoidal, tetrapod, tripod, tripodal, tripodic, tripody, unipod, uropod, ventropodal πραττω: accomplish; πραγμα: deed apraxia, apraxic, chiropractic, chiropractor, echopraxia, eupraxia, heteropraxis, heteropraxy, ideopraxis, impracticability, impracticable, impractical, impractically, impracticed, malpractice, malpraxis, neopragmatist, nonpracticing, orthopraxis, orthopraxy, pantopragmatic, parapraxia, parapraxis, practicability, practicable, practicableness, ptacticably, practical, practicality, practically, practicalness, practice, practiced, practicer, practician, practicum, practitioner, pragmatic, pragmatical, pragmatically, pragmaticalness, pragmatism, pragmatist, pragmatize, pragmatizer, praxiology, praxis, target practice, unpracticed πρεσβυς: old; πρεσβεις: embassy archpriest, co-presbyter, presbyopia, presbyter, Presbyterian, presbytery, priest, priestcraft, priestdom, priestess, priesthood, priestism, priestlike, priestliness, priestly Πριαπος: Priapus Priapean, Priapic, priapism, Priapus πριω: cut microprism, orthoprism, pentaprism, priodont, prion, prionodont, prism, prismal, prismatic, prismatically, prismatize, prismatoid, prismoid, prismoidal, propane

προ: before problem, prologue etc. προκρυνω: to stretch: see κρουω Procrustean, Procrustes Προμηθευς: see μανθανω προσωπον: face prosopagnosia, prosopalgia, prosopium, prosopography, prosopolespsy, prosopon Προταγορας: Protagoras Protagorean, Protagoras προυνον: plum; προυνη: plumtree plum, plum pudding, prune, prunella, prunello, prunus, sugarplum προφητεια: prophecy; see φημι. πρυτανις: ruler prytaneum, prytanis, prytany πρωκτος: anus entoproctous, periproct, proctalgia, proctitis, proctocele, proctologist, proctology, proctoparalysis, proctorrhagia, proctoscope, proctotomy πρωρα: prow prow πρωτος: first; προτερος: former (from προ) diprotodont, disproteinemia, HTTP, hysteron proteron, lipoprotein, nucleoprotein, paraprotein, photoprotein, photoproton, polyprotein, polyproton, protagon, protagonist, protamine, protanopia, protean, protease, proteid, proteiform, protein, proteinoid, proteinosis, proteinuria, protembryo, protencephalon, protenchyma, proteoclastic, proteolysis, proteolytic, proteose, proteroandrous, proterogenesis, proteroglyph, proterogynous, proterosaur, proterozoic, Proteus, protevangelium, prothonatory, protide, protista, protistology, protium, protoamnion, protoam(o)eba, protoandric, protoanthropic, protoaxonial, protobiont, protoblast, protocarbide, protocell, protocercal, protocere, protochloride, protochlorophyll, protococcus, protocol, protocolaire, protoconch, protocone, protoconic, protocontinent, protodynastic, protoform, protogalaxy, protogastric, protogenes, protogenetic, protogenic, protogeometric, protogynous, protohippus, protohistoric, protohuman, proto-language, protolife, protolinguistic, protoliterate, protolith, protolithic, protologue, protology, protolytic, protomartyr, protome, protomer, protomerite, protomesal, protomorph, protomorphic, protomyxoid, proton, protonate, protonation, protonema, protonic, protonmotive, protonosphere, proto-ornithoid, protopathic, protophilic, protophyll, protophyta,

protophyte, protoplanet, protoplasm, protoplasmic, protoplast, protoplastic, protopod, protopodium, protopope, protophyrin, proto-scientific, protospore, protostar, protostele, prototaxic, prototheria, protothetic, prototoxoid, prototroph, prototrophic, prototropy, prototype, prototypic, prototypical, prototypically, protoxide, Protozoa, Protozoan, protozoic, prozoology, protyl πτερις: fern pteridology, pteridophilist, pteridophyte πτερον: wing; πετομαι: fly apteral, apterous, apterygote, apteryx, brachypterous, chiropter, coleopter, Coleoptera, coleopterous, cyclopterous, dactylopterous, Dermaptera, dermopterous, dichopterous, diptera, dipteral, dipterocarp, diplterology, dipterous, endopterogote, entopterygoid, epipteroid, eurypterid, gymnopterous, helicopter, hemipterous, heteropterous, homopterous, hymenoptera, hymenopterous, hymenoptomy, iopterous, isopterous, lepidopterist, lepidopterology, lepidopteron, lepidopterous, macropterous, micropterous, neuropterous, oleoptene, orthinopter, ornithopterous, orthopter, orthopteron, orthopterous, pachypterous, peripteral, phaneropterid, phoenicopter, pteric, pterodactyl, pterodology, pteropod, pterosaur, pterygoid, siphonapterology, teleoptile, tetrapteron, tetrapterous, thysanopter, trachypteroid, tripterous, xenopterygian Πτολεμαι: Ptolemy Ptolemaic, Ptolemy πτοσις: see πιπτω πτυσσω: fold; πτυχη: fold anaptyxis, diptych, polyptch, ptygmatic, triptych πτυω: spit hemoptysis, ptyalin, ptyalism, pyoptosis πυγη: buttocks callipygian, callipygous, callipygously, dasypygal, platypygous, pygal, pygidium, pygopod, steatopygia πυελος: trough, pelvis pyelitis, pyelogram Πυθαγορας: Pythagoras Pythagorean, Pythagoras Πυθον: Python Pythic, Pythian, python, pythoness, pythonic, pythonist, pythonomorph πυθω: rot

pythogenic N.B. Many scholars believe Πυθον is derived from πυθω. πυκνος: dense isopycnal, isopycnic, isopycnosis, pnyx, pycidium, pycnodont, pycnomorphic, pycnostyle, pyknic, pyknolepsy, pyknosis, pyknotic πυλη: gate micropyle, propylaeum, propylite, prosopyle, Pylian, pylon, pylorectomy, pyloric, pyloroplasty, pylorus, Pylos, Thermopylae πυξ: with clenched fist pigmy, pygmoid, pygmy πυξος: box (shrub) box, boxcar, box office, boxwood, bushel, bushing, chatterbox, embox, icebox, Pandora’s box, penalty box, poorbox, pyx, pyxidate, pyxidium, pyxie, pyxis, snuffbox, soapbox, strongbox, tinderbox πυον: pus empyema, otopyosis, pyemia, pyococcus, pyocyte, pyodermia, pyogenesis, pyogenic, pyonephrotic, pyoid, pyoptosis, pyorrhea, pyosis, pyuria πυρ: fire antipyretic, apyretic, chalcopyrite, dipyre, dipyrenous, empyreal, empyrean, empyreuma, empyreumatic, hyperpyrexic, isopyre, ochropyre, pyralis, pyran, pyranometer, pyre, pyrethrum, pyretic, pyretogenesis, pyretogenic, pyretography, pyrex, pyrexia, pyrheliometer, pyridine, pyridoxic, pyridoxine, pyrite, pyrites, pyritic, pyritology, pyro, pyrocellulose, pyrochemical, pyrochemistry, pyrochlore, pyroclastic, pyro-electric, pyrogen, pyrogenetic, pyrogenic, pyrogenous, pyrognostics, pyrography, pyroheliometer, pyrolatry, pyroligneous, pyrolite, pyroligneous, pyrology, pyrolusite, pyrolysis, pyrolytic, pyrolyze, pyromagnetic, pyromancy, pyromania, pyromaniac, pyrometallurgical, pyrometallurgy, pyrometer, pyromorphite, pyrone, pyronin, pyrope, pyrophanous, pyrophile, pyrophyllite, pyrophobia, pyrophone, pyrophore, pyrophoric, pyrophorus, pyrophotometer, pyropuncture, pyrosclerite, pyroscope, pyrosis, pyrosome, pyrostat, pyrosynthesis, pyrotechnical, pyrotechnician, pyrotechnics, pyrotechny, pyrothonide, pyroxanthin, pyroxene, pyroxylic, pyroxylin, Pyrrhic, pyrrole, Pyrrhus, pyruvate, pyruvic, traumatopyra πυραμις: pyramid (probably Egyptian) health pyramid, orthopyramid, pyramid, pyramadal, pyramidally, pyramidical, pyramidically, pyramidion, pyramidoidal, pyramidology, pyramidon, tripyramidal, wealth pyramid πυργος: tower pyrgocephalic

πυρην: fruitstone pyrene, Pyrenean, Pyrenees, pyrenite, pyrenoid Πυρρων: Pyrrho Pyrrho, Pyrrhonian, Pyrrhonic, Pyrrhonism, Pyrrhonist πυτινη: flask bluebottle, bottle, bottleneck, butler, buttery (n) πωγων: beard pogoniasis, pogoniate, pogonic, pognonion, pogonology, pogonophore, pogonotomy, pogonotrophy πωλεω: sell; πωλης: seller bibliopole, bibliopolist, duopoly, monopolism, monopolist, monopolistic, monopolization, monopolize, monopolizer, monopoly, monopolylogue, oligopolist, oligopolistic, oligopoly

Ρ N.B. All Greek words starting with rho use the rough breathing. ραβδος: rod rhabdite, rhabditis, rhabdoid, rhabdomancer, rhabdomancy Ραδαμανθος: Rhadamanthus Rhadamanthine, Rhadamanthus ραπτω: sew together; ραπτος: patched; παφη: seam; παψωδος: rhapsode rhapsode, rhapsodic, rhapsodical, rhapsodist, rhapsodize, rhapsody ραφις: needle raphilite, raphis, staphylorrhaphy ραχις: spine rachialgia, rachis, rachitis, rachitogenic, rachitome ρεω: flow; ρυθμος: rhythm amenorrhea, arrhythmia, arrhythmic, biorhythm, cacorhythmic, catarrh, catarrhal, cystorrhea, dermatorrhea, diarrhea, diarrhetic, dysmenorrhea, dysrhythmia, endorrheism, eurhythmic, galactorrhea, gonorrhea, graphorrhea, hemorrhage, hemorrhagic, hemorrhoid, hemorrhoidal, hepatorrhea, hydrorrhea, isorhythm, isorhythmic, leucorrhea, leukorrhea, lithurorrhea, logorrhea, logorrheic, lymphorragia, megarrhine, menorrhagia, menorrhea, metrorrhagia, minogorrhagia, nephrorrhagia, oligomenorrhea, otorrhea, parrhesia, pleurorrhea, polymenorrhea, polyrhythm, proctorrhagia, psychorrhagy, pyorrhea, -rhea, rheid, rheme, rheogram, rheology, rheometer, rheomorphism, rheopexy, rheophile, rheophilic, rheophobic, rheoscope, rheostat, rheostatic, rheotaxis, rheotropism, rheum, rheumatic, rheumatic fever, rheumatism, rheumatoid, rhematologist, rheumatology, rheumy, rhinorrhagia, rhyme, rhymester, rhythm, rhythmic, rhythmical, rhythmically, rhythmics, rhythmization, rime, -rrhea, seborrhea, sialorrhea, spermatorrhea, steatorrhea, tacchyarrhythmnia, xanthorrhea ρηγος: blanket regolith ρηον: rhubarb rhubarb Ρησος: Rhesus rhesus, Rh factor, Rh negative, Rh positive

ρητωρ: see ερω ριγος: frost rhigosis, rhigolene, rhigology ριζα: root mycorrhiza, polyrhizal, rhizobia, rhizocarpous, rhizocephalous, rhizodont, rhizogenic, rhizoid, rhizoidal, rhizomatous, rhizome, rhizomorphous, rhizophagous, rhizoplast, rhizopod, rhizosphere, rhizotomy ρις: nose catarrhine, coryza, ectorhinal, leptorrhine, mesorrhine, monorhine, otorhinolaryngology, oxyrrhinchous, oxyrrhine, phyllorrhine, platyrrhine, postrhinal, rhinal, rhinarium, rhinencephalon, rhinitis, rhino, rhinoceros, rhinodont, rhinologic, rhinologist, rhinology, rhinophonia, rhinophyma, rhinoplasty, rhinorrhagia, rhinoscope, rhinoscopy, rhinotracheitis, rhinovirus, schizorhinal ροδον: rose oorhodeine, Rhoda, Rhode Island, Rhodes, Rhodesia, Rhodesian, Rhodian, rhodium, rhodochrosite, rhododendron, rhodologist, rhodonite, rhodophyte, rhodoplast, rhodopsin, urrhodin ρομβος: wheel, spinning top orthorhombic, rhombic, rhomboclase, rhombogen, rhombohedron, rhomboid, rhomboideus, rhombus ρυγχος: bill ornithorhynchus, stenorhynchous ρω: rho rho, rhotacism

Σ σαββατον: Sabbath (Hebrew) Sabbatarian, Sabbath, sabbatical σαγηνη: dragnet seine σακκος: sack (Hebrew/Phoenician) haversack, sac, saccule, sack, sackcloth, sackful, sacking, sackless, satchell, sporosac σακχαρον: sugar disaccharide, oleosaccharum, oxysaccharum, polysaccharide, saccharate, saccharated, saccharic, saccharide, saccariferous, saccharification, saccharify, saccharimeter, saccharin, saccharine, saccharinity, saccharoid, saccharolytic, saccharose σαλαμανδρα: salamander salamander, salamandrine, salamandroid σαλπιγξ: horn otosalpinx, salpingeal, salpingitis, salpinx σανδαλον: sandal, wooden sole sandal

(probably Persian)

σαπρος: rotten: see σηπω: rot, corrupt σαπφειρος: sapphire (probably Hebrew/Phoenician) sapphire, sapphiric, sapphirine Σαπφω: Sappho Sapphic, sapphism, Sappho σαρδηνη: sardine; σαιπω: cringe sardine, Sardinia, Sardinian, sardonic, sardonically σαρξ: flesh chitosarc, ectosarc, endosarc, osteosarcoma, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcastically, sarcoblast, sarcocarp, sarcocele, sarcocolla, sarcoma, sarcocyst, sarcocyte, sarcoderm, sarcoid, sarcolactic, sarcolite, sarcology, sarcolysis, sarcoma, sarcophagan, sarcophagus, sarcophilous, sarcoplasm, sarcoplasmic, sarcosome, sarcosporidian, sarcotome, sarcous, syssarcosis

σαρχοχελε, σατραπης: satrap satrap, satrapy


σαττω: fill up, load sumpter σατυρος: satyr satyr, satyriasis, satyric, satyrism, satyromaniac σαυρος: lizard ankylosaur, brachiosaur, brontosaurus, ceratosaurus, ceteosaur, corythosaurus, dinosaur, dinosaurian, elasmosaurus, emydosaurian, enaliosaur, eosaurus, halosaurus, hyleosaurus, ichthyosaur, ichthyosaurus, megalosaur, nothosaur, ophiosaur, ornithosaurian, pachysaurian, pelagosaur, pelycosaur, plesiosaur, plesiosaurus, pliosaurus, prosauropod, proterosaur, pterosaur, saurian, saurodont, saurognathous, saurography, sauroid, saurophagous, sauropod, scelidosaur, simosaur, simosaurus, stegosaur, stegosaurian, stegosaurus, teleosaur, therosaur, titanosaurus, torosaurus, tylosaurus, tyrannosaurus, ultrasaurus, xiphosauran σβεννυμι: quench asbestos, asbestus, isosbestic σεβομαι: feel religious awe Eusebius Σειρην: Siren siren, sirenian, sirenoid Σειριος: Sirius, scorcher siriasis, sirian, Sirius σειω: shake; σεισμος: shaken bathyseism, bradyseism, coseismal, coseismic, homoseismic, isoseismal, isoseismic, macroseism, megaseism, meizoseismal, meizoseismic, mesoseismal, microseism, microseismic, seism, seismic, seismicity, seismics, seismism, seismograph, seismological, seismologist, seismology, seismometer, seismometry, seismoscope, seismotectonic, sistrum, teleseism σελας: flame; Σεληνη: Selene geoselenic, Se, Selene, selenian, selenic, selenide, seleniferous, selenious, selenite, selenitic, selenium, selenocentric, selenodesy, selenodont, selenograph, selenographer, selenographic, selenography, selenologist, selenology, selenoscope, selenotropic σελινον: parsley celeriac, celery, parsley, petroseline

σηθω: strain seston Σημ: Shem (Hebrew) anti-semitic, anti-semitism, philo-Semite, Semite, Semitic, Semitism σημαινω: indicate; σημα/σημειο ν: sign disemic, episematic, ethnosemantics, intersemiotic, megaseme, mesoseme, microseme, monosemantic, polysemantic, polysemous, polysemy, semanteme, semantic, semanticist, semanticize, semantics, semaphore, semasiology, sematic, sematography, sematology, seme, sememe, semiology, semiosis, semiotic, semioctics, semiotician, synsemantic, zoosemiotics σηπω: to make rotten antisepsis, antiseptic, asepsis, aseptic, sapremia, sapric, saprobe, saprobial, saprobic, saprobiology, saprobiotic, saprobity, saprogenic, saprolite, saprophagous, saprophile, saprophylic, saprophytesaprophytic, sepsis, septemia, septic, septicemia, septicity, septic tank σηπια: cuttlefish sepia, sepiacean, sepiola, sepium σηρικος: silk serge, sericeous, sericitization, sericterium, sericulture, serigraph, serigraphy, silk, silkscreen, silkstocking, silkworm, silky σησαμη: sesame sesame σθενος: strength; ασθενια: weakness asthenia, asthenic, asthenosphere, calisthenics, disthene, magasthene, microsthene, myasthenia, neurasthenia, neurasthenic, phonasthenia, sthene, sthenia, sthenic σιαλον: saliva sialagogue, sialectasis, sialic, sialography, sialoid, sialolith, sialorrhea Σιβυλλα: Sibyl sibyl, sibylline, sibyllism, sibyllist Σιγμα: sigma sigma, sigmatism, sigmatropic, sigmodont, sigmoid, sigmoidal, sigmoidally, sigmoidoscope σιδηρος: iron mesosiderite, oligosiderite, siderite, sideroblast, siderocyte, siderography, siderolite, siderophil, sideroscope, siderosis, siderostat

σιμος: snub-nosed simosaur, simosaurus All words from simia may derive from σιμος. Σιναι: Chinese (not in LS) sinanthropoid, sinanthropus, Sinesian, Sinic, sinicize, sinify, Sino-, sinogram, Sinologist, Sinology σιναπις: mustard sinapic, sinapine, sinapism σιρος: pit ensilage, ensilage, ensile, silage, silo Σισυφειος: see σοφος σιτος: grain ectoparasite, endoparasite, entoparasite, hemiparasite, holoparasite, hyperparasite, macroparasite, microparasite, neuroparasite, parasite, parasitic, parasitical, parasiticide, parasitism, parasitization, parasitize, parasitoid, parasitology, parasitolpolis, sitology, sitomania, sitophobia, sitophobic, sitosteral, xenoparasite σιφων: tube siphon, siphonage, siphonal, siphonapterology, siphonate, siphoner, siphonic, siphoniferous, siphoniform, siphonogamic, siphonophore, siphuncle, siphunculus σιωπη: silence aposiopesis, prosiopesis σκαληνος: unequal scalene, scalenohedron, scalenotomy, scalenus σκανδαλον: trap scandal, scandalize, scandalmonger, scandalous, scandalously, slander, slanderer, slanderous, slanderously σκαραβος: scarab carabineri, carbine, scarab σκαφη: boat bathyscaphe, scaphoid, scaphocephalus, scaphoid, scaphopod σκαριφος: pencil scarify

σκελλω: dry up; σκληρος: hard; σκληρυνω: harden dermatoscelerosis, dermatoskeleon, deuterosclerous, endoskeleton, entoscelerite, episkeletal, exoskeleton, neuroskeleton, orthiscelidan, osteosclerosis, otosclerosis, pyrosclerite, scirrhus, sclera, scleral, sclere, scleriasis, scleritis, scleroblast, scleroderm, sclerodermatous, sclerogen, sclerogenic, sclerogenous, scleroid, sclerometer, scleromyxedema, sclerophthalmia, sclerophyll, schlerophyllous, sclerosant, scleroscope, sclerosed, sclerosis, scleroskeleton, sclerotic, sclerotome, sclerotomy, sclerous, skel, skeletal, skeleton, skeletonize, skeletonless σκελος: leg isosceles, scelidosaur, tetraskelion, triskele, triskelion σκηνη: tent proscenium, scena, scenario, scenarist, scene, scenery, scenic, scenical, scenic railway, scenography σκηπτρω: prop; σκηπτρον: staff disscepter, scepter, sceptered σκια: shadow; σκοτος: darkness; σκοτια: darkness sciagraph, scialytic, sciamachy, sciomancy, sciapodous, sciophilous, sciophyte, sciurine, sciuroid, sciuromorph, skiagram, skiagraph, skiagraphy, sciamachy, skiamancy, skiametry, skiascope, skiomancy, squirrel, squirrely See also σκοτος. σκιλλα: sea-onion squill, squilla σκολιος: bent scoliosis σκολοψ: spike scolopaceous, scolopale, scolopendra, scolopendrium, scolopidium, scolopophore, scolops, scolypoid, scolyptid σκοπεω: behold; σκοπος: watchman; επισκοπεω: inspect aeroscope, aeroscopy, angioscope, angioscopic, archbishop, archiepiscopal, arthroscopy, bacterioscopy, baroscope, bathyscope, benthoscope, bioscope, bioscopy, bishop, bishopric, bronchoscope, ceraunoscope, chromascope, chromatoscopy, chronoscope, cinemascope, colonoscope, colonoscopy, colposcope, conchoscope, cranioscope, cranioscopic, cranioscopist, cranioscopy, cryoscopy, cycloscope, cystoscope, dactyloscopy, deuteroscopy, diaphanoscope, diascope, disscioscope, dromoscope, dynamoscope, ebullioscope, ebullioscopy, electrobioscopy, electron microscope, electroscope, embryosocpe, endoscope, episcopacy, episcopal, episcopally, Episcopalian, episcopalism, episcopate, episcopize, episcopy, erythroscope, euryscope,

exoscopic, fiberscope, floriscope, fluoroscope, fluoroscopic, galvanoscope, gastroscope, gastroscopic, gastroscopy, geoscopy, glossoscopy, glottiscope, gonioscope, graphoscope, gyroscope, gyroscopic, hagioscope, haloscope, helioscope, hematoscope, hemoscope, hepatoscopy, hieroscopy, hodoscope, horoscope, horoscopic, horoscopy, hydroscope, hygroscope, hygroscopic, hypnoscope, hyposcope, iconoscope, introscope, kaleidoscope, kaleidoscopic, keratoscope, kinescope, kineisiscope, kinetoscope, koniscope, lactoscope, laparascope, laparascopy, laryngoscope, leucoscope, lithoscope, luminoscope, macroscopic, magnetoscope, manoscope, meatoscope, megascope, megascopic, melanoscope, mesoscopic, meteoroscope, metoposcopy, metroscope, microscope, microscopic, mixoscope, monepiscopal, mutoscope, myoscope, necroscopic, necroscopy, nephoscope, omphaloscopy, oneiroscopy, ooscopy, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscopy, organoscopy, ornithoscopy, orthoscope, orthoscopic, orthostereoscope, oscilloscope, osmoscope, otoscope, ozonoscope, palmoscopy, pantoscope, pantoscopic, pedoscope, pelviscope, periodoscope, periscope, periscopic, periscopism, phacoscope, pharyngoscope, phantascope, phonoscope, phosphoroscope, photomicroscope, photoscope, photoscopic, photospectroscope, phrenoscope, phytoscopic, platyscopic, pluvioscope, pneoscope, polariscope, polariscopic, polemoscope, poroscopy, proctoscope, pseudoscope, pyroscope, radarscope, radioscopy, radiotelescope, rheoscope, rhinoscope, rhinoscopy, sceptic, sceptical, scepticism, scintilloscope, scleroscope, scope, scopeless, scopophilia, scotoscope, seismoscope, selenoscope, sideroscope, sigmoidoscope, skeptic, skeptical, skepticism, skiascope, sniperscope, spectrohelioscope, spectroscope, spectroscopic, spectroscopy, sphygmoscope, stauroscope, stereomicroscope, stereoscope, stereoscopic, stethoscope, stethoscopic, stethoscopy, stomatoscope, stroboscope, stroboscopic, submicrosocpic, synchroscope, tachistoscope, tachyscope, teichoscopy, telespectroscope, telesteroscope, telescope, telescopic, telescopically, telescopiform, telescopist, telescopy, thermoscope, thermoscopic, thoracoscope, toposcope, toposcopy, tracheoscope, ultramicroscope, uranoscopy, urethescope, urethescopy, urinoscopist, urinoscopy, uroscopy, vaginoscope, vibroscope, vidicon, vitascope, vortoscope, water telescope, zeoscope, zooscopic, zymoscope σκορπιος: scorpion Scorpio, scorpioid, scorpion σκοτος: darkness scotoma, scotometer, scotomization, scotophyll, scotophobia, scotophobin, scotoscope, scotopia, scotopic Σκυθικος: Scythian Scythia, Scythian, Scythism Σκυλλα: Scylla Scylla σκυφος: cup

scyphiferous, scyphiform, scyphiphorous, scyphogeny, scyphomancy, scyphophore, scyphopolyp, scyphostoma, scyphozoan, scyphulus, scyphus OED insists on distinguishing scyphi- (L) and scypho- (G). I think the Latin word scyphus is derived from σκυφος. The purist may separate the scyphi- and scyphowords, if desired. σκωληξ: worm scolecid, scoleciform, scolecite, scholecophagous, scolex σκωρ: dung scat (dung), scatological, scatology σμαραγδος: emerald emerald, emeraldine, smaragdine σμυρις: emery-powder emery Σμυρνα: Smyrna Smyrna, Smyrnean, Smyrniote σολοικος: speaking incorrectly solecism, solecist, solecistic σουχος: crocdile pseudosuchian Σοφοκλης:Sophocles Sophocean, Sophocles σοφος: clever, wise; σοφια: wisdom; σοφιστης: sophist; φιλοσοφος: philosopher chirosophist, chirosophy, cosmosophy, craniosophist, deipnosophist, demonosophy, ensophic, gastrosophy, gymnosophist, hypnosophy, morosophist, ontosophy, pansophic, pansophism, pansophy, philosopher, philosophic, philosophical, philosophically, philosophism, philosophize, philosophy, physiophilosophy, pseudosoph, Sisyphean, Sisyphus, Sophia, sophic, sophiology, sophism, sophist, sophistic, sophistocal, sophistocally, sophistocate, sophistocated, sophistocatedly, sophistocation, sophistry, sophomore, sophomoric, sophomorical, sophrosyne, theophilosophy, theosoph, theosophical, theosophism, theosophist, theosophistic, theosophy, unphilosophical, unsophistocated σπαδιξ: palm branch spadiceous, spadix σπαθη: broad blade

epaulet, epee, espathate, spatha, spathe, spathic, spathiform, spathose, spathulate, spatula, spatular, spatulate, spatulation, spatule, spatulous, spay σπανος: scarce spanadry, spanemia σπαρασσω: tear sparagmite, sparagmos Σπαρτα: Sparta Sparta, Spartacist, Spartacus, Spartan, Spartanize σπαω: draw; σπασμος: convulsion blepharospasm, bronchospasm, cystospasm, enterospasm, graphospasm, hemispasm, hemospastic, monospasm, myospasm, palinspastic, pasmo (Sp), pharyngospasm, spasm, spasmatic, spasmodic, spasmodically, spasmogen, spasmogenic, spasmolysis, spasmolytic, spasmoneme, spasmoplhilia, spasmus, spastic, spastically, spasticity, venospasm σπειρα: coil conchospiral, planispiral, plurispiral, spiral, spiraliform, spiralism, spirality, spiralization, spiralize, spirally, spire (coil), spirogyra, spiroid, spirometer, spirometric, spiroplasma, spirulate σπειρω: sow; σπερμα: seed; σπορος; crop angiosperm, angiospore, angiosporous, ascospore, auxospore, campylospermous, coelosperm, coelospermous, cryptosporidium, cyclospermous, cyclospore, decaspermal, Diaspora, diaspore, diasporormeter, dictyospore, disspermatous, dispermous, dispermy, dysspermatism, dysporomorph, electrobioscopy, endosperm, endospore, episperm, epispore, exosperm, exospore, gymnosperm, gymnospore, heterosporous, homosporous, hyperspermatic, lithosperm, lithospore, macrospore, megaspore, megazoospore, melanosperm, merispore, mesosperm, mesospore, microspermous, microspore, monospermous, monospore, multispermous, myxospore, neurospore, octospermous, octospore, oligospermia, oligospermic, oligosporous, oligozoospermia, oosperm, oospore, ophthalmospore, orthospermous, panspermia, panspermic, perisperm, perispore, planospore, plurisporous, polyspermy, protospore, pseudospore, psorosperm, sarcoporidian, sperm, spermaceti, spermaduct, spermary, spermatheca, spermatic, spermaticide, spermatid, spermatiferous, spermatin, spermatist, spermatize, spermatocide, spermatocyte, spermatogenesis, spermatoid, spermatophore, spermatophyte, spermatorrhea, spermatospore, spermatozoid, spermatozoon, spermicide, spermiogenesis, spermoderm, spermogonium, spermophile, spermophore, spermous, sperm whale, speromagnetic, sporadic, sporadicity, sporadically, sporangiferous, sporangiolum, sporangiophore, sporangiospore, sporangium, spore, sporidium, sporiferous, sporoblast, sporocarp, sporocyst, sporodochium, sporogenesis, sporogenous, sporomorph, sporont, sporophore, sporophyll, sporophyte, sporoplasm, sporosac, sporotrichosis, sporozoan, sporozoite, sporular, sporulate, sporulation,

sporule, teleutospore, teliospore, tetraspore, trachyspermous, trispermous, trisporous, tropospore, xanthospermous, zoosperm, zoospore, zygosperm, zygospore σπενδω: pour a libation; σπονδη: libation dispondee, spondaic, spondean, spondee σπηλαιον: cave; σπεος: cave biospeleology, spelaean, speleologist, speleontology, spelothem, spelunker σπλην: milt hypersplenetic, spleen, splenectomy, splenetic, splenetically, splenic, spleniculus, splenitis, splenization, splenocyte, splenography, splenomegaly, splenosis, splenotomy, splenunculus σπλεηνιον: bandage splenial, splenium, splenius σπογγος: sponge sponge, spongecake, sponge-like, sponger, spongicolous, spongiform, spongin, sponginess, spongioblast, spongioblastoma, spongioid, spongiole, spongioplasm, spongiose, spongiosis, spongoid, spongolite, spongolith, spongologist, spongology, spongotype, spongy σποδος: ashes spodic, spodiosite, spodium, spodogenic, spodomancy, spodosol σπονδυλος: vertebrae spondylic, spondylitic, spondylitis, spondylolysis, spondylus Σταγειρα: Stagira Stagira, Stagirite σταδιον: see ιστημι σταλασσω: let drop, drip epistaxis, stalactite, stalactiform, stalactitic, stalagma, stalagmite, stalagmitic, stalagmometer στασις: see ιστημι στατικη: art of measuring; see ιστημι: stand. σταυρος: cross staurolatry, staurolith, stauroscope

σταφυλη: bunch of grapes staphylococcus, staphylolysin, staphyloma, staphyloplasty, staphylorrhaphy στεαρ: fat steapsin, stearic acid, stearin, steatite, steatogene, steatogenous, steatolysis, steatoma, steatopathy, steatopygia, steatornis, steatorrhea, steatosis, urostealith στεγω: cover omostegite, steganography, steganopod, stegocephalous, stegodont, stegomia, stegosaur, stegosaurian, stegosaurus στελλω: make ready, send; αποστελλω: send off; απστολος: apostle; επιστολη: letter apostle, apostolic, diastaltic, diastole, diastolic, dictyostele, epistle, epistoler, epistolary, epistolize, epistolographic, epistolography, isapostolic, paradiastole, peristalsis, peristaltic, perisystole, polystelic, systaltic, systole, systolic στενος: narrow stenocardia, stenocephalic, stenochromy, stenoderm, stenograph, stenographer, stenographic, stenography, stenohydric, stenometer, stenopaeic, stenophagous, stenophagous, stenophagy, stenophlepsia, stenophyllous, stenopodium, stenorhynchous, stenosis, stenostomatous, stenothermal, stenotopic, stenotic, stenotype, stenotypy Στεντωρ: Stentor Stentor, stentorian, stentorophonic στερεος: firm, stiff; στερρος: firm cholesterin, cholesterol, cholesterosis, hectostere, isostere, isosteric, orthostereoscope, oxosteroid, stere, stereo, stereobate, stereoblock, stereocentric, stereochemistry, stereochrome, steroelectronic, stereognosis, stereognostic, stereogram, stereograph, stereographic, stereography, stereology, stereome, stereometer, stereometric, stereometry, stereomicroscope, stereomite, stereophonic, stereophony, stereophotograph, stereoplasm, stereopsis, stereopticon, stereoregular, stereoscope, stereoscopic, stereoselective, stereostatic, stereotactic, stereotaxic, stereotaxis, stereotomist, stereotomy, stereotropism, stereotype, stereotypical, stereotypically, stereotypy, sterhydraulic, steric, steroid, steroidgenesis, sterol, sterro-metal, stilbesterol, tachysterol, telestereoscope στερνον: breast dorsosternon, endosternite, ensisternal, entosternal, entosternum, hyosternal, hyposternal, mesosternal, mesosternum, omosternum, pelvisternal, prosternum, sternal, sternalgia, sterniform, sternocostal, sternovertebral, sternum στεφω: put around; στεφος: crown; στεφανος: crown stemma, stemmatic, stemmatiform, stemmatology, Stephen, stephanic, stephanion, stephanome

στηθος: chest stethogram, stethograph, stethometer, stethoparalysis, stethophone, stethoscope, stethoscopic, stethoscopy στηλη: block of stone meristele, monostele, prostele, protostele, stele στιβι: antimony Sb, stibine, stibium, stibocaptate, stibophen στιζω: tatoo, puncture astigmatic, astigmatism, stigma, stigmaria, stigmata, stigmatic, stigmatiferous, stigmatiform, stigmatism, stigmatist, stigmatization, stigmatize, stigmatose, stigmatypy, stigmergy, unstigmatized στιλβω: glitter stilb, stilbene, stilbite, stilbesterol στιχος: line; στειζω: march, go in line acrostich, acrostichous, astichous, desmostichous, distich, distichal, distichiasis, distichic, distichous, hemistich, heptastich, hexastich, isostich, monostich, octastich, orthostichy, pentastich, polystichous, stich, stichic, stichochrome, stichometrical, stichometry, stichomythia, stichomythic, stichos, telestich, tetrastich, tristich, tristichous στοα: colonnade stoa, stoic, stoical, stoically, stoicism, stoicize στολη: dress stola, stole (n) στομα: mouth anastomosis, angiostomous, astomous, chilostome, codonostome, cryptostoma, cyclostomatous, cytostome, deuterostoma, discostomatous, Distoma, distomatosis, distomatous, ectostome, endostoma, enterostomy, eurystomatous, exostome, gastrostomy, gnathostome, gymnostomous, holostomatous, hypostome, melasma, melastoma, merostome, mesostome, metastoma, microstomatous, monostomatous, myzostoma, osteostomous, oxystome, pantostomate, peristome, phyllostome, plagiostome, platystomous, polystome, prostomium, pseudostoma, pseudostome, scyphostoma, stenostomatous, stoma, stomach, stomachache, stomachal, stomacher, stomachful, stomachless, stomach pump, stomachic, stomachical, stomachy, stomapod, stomatal, stomate, stomatic, stomatiferous, stomatitic, stomatitis, stomatology, stomatomorphous, stomatoplasty, stomatopod, stomatoscope, stomatous, stomion, stomium, stomodeum, teleostome, tracheostomy, xerostomia στορνυμι (στορεννυμι): spread; στρωμα: bed blastostroma, olistostrome, stroma, stromatolite, stromatolith

στοχος: aim, guess stochastic, stoicheiology, stoicheiometry στραβος: squinting strabismic, strabismometer, strabismus, strabotomy στραγξ: trickle, drop; στραγγος: twisted strangle, strangle hold, strangles, strangulate, strangulation, strangullion, strangury στρατος: army; στρατια: army; στρατιωτης: soldier; στρατηγος: general; στρατεια: expedition geostrategical, geostrategy, strategem, strategetic, strategic, strategical, strategically, strategist, strategize, strategus, strategy στρεφω: twist, turn around anastrophe, antistrophe, apostrophe, boustrophedon, catastrophe, catastrophic, catastrophism, catastrophist, diastrophe, diastrophism, ecocatastrophe, epanastrophe, epistrophe, exostrophy, geostrophic, heterostrophic, jockstrap, metastrophe, monostrophic, strap, straphanger, strapless, strapper, strapping, strappy, streptocarpus, streptococcus, streptocyte, streptokinase, streptomycete, streptomycin, streptoneural, streptostylic, streptothricosis, strobe, strobic, strobilia, strobilation, strobilus, stroboscope, stroboscopic, Strombolian, strombuliferous, strombuliform, Strombus, strophe, strophic, strophiole, systrophe στρογγυλος: round strongyle, strongyloidiasis, strongylosis στρουθος: sparrow ostrich, struthious στρυχνος: nightshade strychnine, strychninism, Strychnos στυγεω: hate; στυγος; hatred Stygian, Styx στυλος: pillar amphiprostyle, astylar, blastostyle, cyclostyle, decastyle, dendrostyle, diastyle, distyle, dodecastyle, endostyle, enneastyle, epistyle, eustyle, heptastyle, heterostye, homostyled, hyostylic, hypostyle, macrostylous, microstylar, monostylous, octastyle, orthostyle, pentastyle, peristylar, peristyle, phonostylistics, polystylar, prostyle, pycnostyle, streptostylic, stylar, Stylites, stylobate, styloglossal, stylolite, systyle, systylous, tetrastyle, tristylous, urostyle Στυμφαλος: Stymphalus

Stymphalian, Stymphalus στυππη: tow; στυππειον: hemp fiber stop (plug), stoppage, stopper, stuff, stuffily, stuffing, stuffy N.B. OED does not support deriving stuff from στυππη. στυραχ: styrax tree styrax, styrene, styrofoam στυφω: contract styptic, stypticity Συβαρις: Sybaris Sybaris, sybarite, sybaritic συκον: fig; συκη: fig tree; συκοφαντης: informer sycamore, sycoceric, sycophancy, sycophant, sycophantic, sycophantically, sycosis συλαω: strip off; ασυλος: inviolate asylum, orphan asylum, political asylum συμ-, συν-: together E.g., syllabus, symmetry, synopsis, system συμβολον: token; see βαλλω. συριγξ: shepherd’s pipe syringa, syringe, syringeal, syringeful, syringotome, syrinx Συρος: Syrian Assyria, Assyrian, Assyriology, Syria, Syriac, Syrian, Syroσυρω: sweep away Syrtis, Syrtis Major σφαιρα: ball, globe aerosphere, aspherical, asthenosphere, atmosphere, atmospheric, atmospherical, bathysphere, biosphere, blastosphere, chemosphere, chromatosphere, chromosphere, cosmosphere, ctenosphere, ecosphere, ensphere, exosphere, geosphere, gonosphere, helispherical, hemisphere, hemispherical, hydrosphere, ionosphere, ionospheric, ionospherist, lithosphere, magnetosphere, mesosphere, microsphere, noosphere, oncosphere, oosphere, ozonosphere, pedosphere, photosphere, phyllosphere, planisphere, plasmasphere, protonosphere, psycrosphere, rhizosphere, sferics, spheral, sphere, sphereless, spheric, spherical, sphericality, spherically, sphericity, spherics, spheriform, spheriodactyl, spheroidal, spherogram, spherograph, spheroid, spheroidize, spheromaniac, spherometer, spheroplasty, spherosome, spherule, spherulite, spherulitic,

stratosphere, stratospheric, technosphere, tectosphere, tetraspherical, thermosphere, trophosphere, troposphere, turbosphere, zoozygosphere σφην: wedge sphene, sphenic, sphenocephaly, sphenochasm, sphenogram, sphenoid, sphenoidal, sphenotic σφιγγειν: bind tight criosphinx, spincter, sphincterotomy, sphingine, Sphinx σφυζω: throb asphyxia, asphyxiant, asphyxiate, asphyxiation, sphygemic, sphygmogram, sphygmograph, sphygomology, sphygmometer, sphygmophone, sphygmoscope σχημα: form; see εχω σχιζω: split; σχιδη: strip of bark reschedule, schedule, schism, schisma, schismatic, schismatical, schismatically, schismatize, schismogenesis, schist, schistose, schistosity, schistosome, schizoaffective, schizocarp, schizocoele, schizogenesis, schizognathous, schizogony, schizoid, schizont, schizonticide, schizophrene, schizophrenia, schizophrenic, schizophreniform, schizophrenogenic, schizophyte, schizopod, schizorhinal, schizothymia, scizotrichia, unscheduled AHD: schedule from σχιζω. σχοινος: rope schenobatic σχολη: leisure boarding school, deschooling, ecole, escolar, grad school, grade school, high school, middle school, old school, preschool, preschooler, primary school, public school, scholar, scholarlike, scholarliness, scholarly, scholarship, scholastic, scholastically, scholasticism, scholiast, scholium, school, school board, school book, schoolboy, schoolboyish, schoolday, school doctor, schooldom, schooler, schoolfellow, schoolgirl, schoolhouse, schooling, schoolman, schoolmaster, schoolmate, schoolmistress, schoolroom, schoolteacher, school year, summer school, Sunday school, trade school, unscholarly, unschooled σωζω: save; σωτηρ: savior; σωτηπια: salvation creosote, soterial, soteriological, soteriology Σωκρατες: Socrates pre-Socratic, Socrates, Socratic, Socratically, Socratism, Socratize σωλην: pipe solenocyte, solenodont, solenoglyph, solenoid, solenoidal

σωμα: body autosomatic, autosome, chromosome, disomatous, disome, endosome, extrasomatic, genome, glucosome, gnathosome, gonosome, hydrosome, idiochromosome, idiosome, informosome, intrasomatic, karyosome, kinetosome, leptosomic, liposome, lysosome, macrosomatic, melanosome, merosome, mesosome, metasomatism, metensomatosis, microchromosome, microsome, monosomatous, monosome, nullisome, nullisomic, peroxisome, perisome, phagosome, phragmosome, phyllosome, plasmosome, platysome, polysomatic, polysomatous, polysome, prochromosome, prosoma, pseudosomatic, psychosomatic, pyrosome, quantasome, sarcosome, schistosome, soma (not drug), somal, somatic, somatically, somatism, somatist, somatization, somatogamy, somatological, somatologist, somatology, somatome, somatomedin, somatophore, somatophyte, somatopleure, somatostatin, somatotonia, somatotonic, somatotopic, somatotroph, somatotrophic, somatrotrophism, somatotype, somesthetic, somite, spherosome, synaptosome, telesomatic, tetrasome, tetrasomic, trisome, trisomic, trisomy, trophosome, virosome, x chromosome, y chromosome, zygosome σωρος: heap sorites, sorosilicate, sorosis, sorus

Τ ταινια: tapeworm: see τεινω ταλαντον: balance; see τλαω Τανταλος: see τλαω ταπης: carpet tapestry Ταρας: Tarentum tarantella, tarantism, tarantula, Tarentum ταπεινος: low tapinocephalic tαρσος;: flat of foot; τερσομαι: get dried up longitarsal, metatarsal, metatarsus, tarsal, tarsalgia, tarsectomy, tarsier, tarsioid, tarsiped, tarsitis, tarsomalacia, tarsonemid, tarsoplasty, tarsotomy, tarsus Ταρταρος: Tartarus Tatar, tartareous, Tartarology, Tartarus ταττω: array, assess, assign; ταξις: order; ταγμα: ordinance; τακτος: ordered; προσταττω: assign; ταγος: chief (see also tango, taxo) asyntactic, ataxia, ataxic, ataxy, chemotaxis, cybotaxis, cytotaxic, cytotaxonomy, epitaxy, eutaxy, galvanotaxis, geotactic, geotaxis, heliotactic, heliotaxis, heterotaxis, homotaxial, homotaxis, hydrotaxis, hypotactic, hypotaxis, isotactic, klinotaxis, meiotaxy, metataxis, morphosyntax, morphotactics, multitask, nosotaxy, paratactic, parataxis, phonotactics, phototactic, phototaxis, phyllotaxis, protactinium, prototaxic, rheotaxis, single tax, stereotactic, sterotaxic, stereotaxis, syndiotactic, syntactic, syntactical, syntactician, syntagma, syntagmatic, syntagmeme, syntax, syntaxic, syntaxis, syntaxy, tactic, tactical, tactician, tacticity, tactics, tagma, tagmosis, tagmeme, tagmemic, tagmemicist, tagmemics, tagmosis, task, taskmaster, taxeme, taxeopodous, taxi, taxicab, taxidermal, taxidermist, taxidermize, taxidermy, taxidriver, taximeter, taxiplane, taxis, taxi squad, taxiway, taxodont, taxogen, taxon, taxonomic, taxonomically, taxonomist, taxonomy, taxophily, -taxy, telotaxis, thermotactic, thermotaxis, thigmotaxis, tonotaxis, topotaxy, trophotaxis, tropotaxis, unsyntactical, watertaxi, zootaxy ταυ: tau tau, tau cross, tau crucifix

ταυρος: bull: see taurus centaur, Centaurus, centaury, minotaur, onocentaur, suovetaurilia, taurobolium, tauroboly, taurocholic, taurodont, taurodontism, tauromachy, taurylic, theotaurine Surely there was the Greek constellation Ταυρος preceding the Latin Taurus, yet OED says Taurus from L. taurus. The standard rule is that -i- connector is Latin and -o- connector is Greek, but surely all the words I have listed under L. taurus do trace back to ταυρος. ταχυς: quick; ταχος: speed pneumotachograph, tacheometer, tachistoscope, tachogram, tachograph, tachography, tacholyte, tachometer, tachyarrythmia, tachycardia, tachydrome, tachygenesis, tachyglossal, tachygraph, tachygrapher, tachygraphic, tachygraphy, tachylyte, tachymeter, tachymetry, tachyon, tachyphrasia, tachyphrenia, tachypnea, tachyscope, tachysterol, tachythanatous, tachytomy ταφος: see θαπτω ταφρος: pit taphrenchyma, taphrogenesis τεινω: stretch out; τετανος: tension, smooth; τονος: tune Achilles tendon, amyotonia, atonal, atonic, attune, baritone, barytone, bitonality, catatasis, catatonia, catatonic, detonator, detune, diatonic, diatonicism, diatonism, disattune, distonia, distune, ditone, doubletone, dulcitune, duotone, dystonic, ecotene, ecotone, ectene, electrotonus, embroctony, emprosthotonic, emprothotonos, entone, entonic, epitasis, heptatonic, hexatone, homotony, hormotone, hypertonic, hypotenuse, hypotonia, hypotonic, hysterotomy, intonate, intonation, intonator, intone, intoner, isotone, isotonic, leptotene, mesotonic, metatony, microtone, monotone, monotonic, monotonist, monotonous, monotonously, monotony, myotatic, myotonia, myotonic, neoteny, neurotonic, nontonal, opisthotonos, orthotone, orthotonic, orthotonus, overtone, oxytone, oxytonic, pachytene, pantonal, paritonal, paritone, paritonic, pentatonic, peritoneum, peritonitis, phototonic, phototonus, polytonality, polytone, polytonic, protasis, protatic, semitone, serotonin, somatotonia, somatotonic, string-tone, subtone, subtonic, supertonic, sympathicotonia, taenia, taeniate, taenicide, taeniform, taenifuge, taeniasis, tendon, tendonitis, teniasis, tenesmus, tenosteosis, tenotomy, tetanic, tetanogenic, tetanus, tinoceratid, tonal, tonality, tone, tone-deaf, toneless, toneme, toner, tonetics, tonic, tonically, tonicity, tonogram, tonograph, tonometer, tonotaxis, tonotropic, tonus, tony, touchtone, tritonality, tritone, tunable, tune, tuneful, tuneless, tuner, tunester, tune-up, undertone, untune, vagotonia, viscerotonic OED rejects any connection between tetchy and τεινω. Is tune simply a variant of tone and thus from τεινω? Check dictionaries. τειρω: see τορος τειχος: wall teichoic, teichopsia, teichoscopy

τεκτων: craftsman; τεχνη: art agrotechnology, architect, architectonic, architectural, architecture, biotech, biotechnology, coarchitect, electrotechnician, geotechnics, geotechnology, geotectonic, high-tech, low-tech, monotechnic, morphotectonics, nanotechnology, neotechnic, nontechnical, orthotectonic, pantechnicon, paratectonic, petrotectonics, philotechnic, polytechnic, psychotechnology, pyrotechnical, pyrotechnician, pyrotechnics, pyrotechny, seismotectonic, supertechnological, syntechnic, syntectonic, tech, technetium, technetronic, technic, technical, technicality, technically, technician, technicism, technicist, technicize, technicolor, technics, technification, technique, technocomplex, technocracy, technocrat, technocratic, technofreak, technograph, technographic, technography, technolithic, technologist, technological, technologically, technologize, technology, technomanager, technomania, technomaniac, technonomy, technophile, technophilia, technophobe, technophobia, technophobic, technosapiens, technosphere, technostress, technostructure, techy, tectogenesis, tectology, tectonic, tectonician, tectonics, tectonism, tectonist, tectonite, tectonization, technonophysical, tectology, tectonothermal, tectosphere, theotechny, terotechnology, zootechny, zymotechny Τελαμων: Telamon telamon τελμα: bog telmatology τελος: duty, toll; τελεω: finish disteleology, entelechy, homeoteleutic, philatelist, philately, syntelic, telangiectasis, telanthropus, teleocephal, teleocracy, teleodont, teleological, teleologist, teleology, teleonomy, teleophobia, teleophyte, teleoptile, teleorganic, teleosaur, teleostean, teleostome, teleozoon, telesia, telesis, telestich, teleutospore, telic, teliospore, telium, teloblast, telocentric, telodendron, telogen, telomer, telophase, telos, telotaxis, tellotroch, theoteleological, theoteleogy, toll, toll-booth, tollgate, tollkeeper τελσον: headland telson τεμνω: divide; τομη: cutting; ατομος: uncut adenectomy, adenotomy, anatomical, anatomically, anatomist, anatomize, anatomy, angiotomy, anthropotomy, appendectomy, atom, atom bomb, atomic, atomic energy, atomism, atomist, atomize, atomizer, atomy, autotomic, autotomy, bursectomy, capsulotomy, catscan, cephelotomy, ceratotome, cheirotomy, cholecystectomy, clitoridectomy, coelotomy, colectomy, colostomy, colotomy, colpotomy, conchotome, co-orthotomic, cordotomy, corectome, corectomy, corotomy, craniectomy, craniotome, craniotomy, cyclotomy, cystectomy, cysticotomy, cystitome, cystotome, cystotomy, dendranatomy, derma(to)tome, desmotomy, diatom, diatomaceous, diatomic, diatomiferous, diatomous, dichotomic, dichotomist, dochotomize, dichotomous,

dichotomously, dichotomy, duodenectomy, dystomic, dystomous, -ectomy, embolectomy, embryectomy, embryotomy, enterectomy, enterotome, enterotomy, entomic, entomo-, entomogenous, entomoid, entomolite, entomological, entomologist, entomologize, entomology, entomometer, entomophagous, entomophilous, entomotomist, entomotomy, epitome, epitomist, epitomize, gastectomy, gastrotomy, glossectomy, glossotomy, gonadectomy, gonotome, haplotomy, harmotone, hemotoma, hepatectomy, hepatotomy, heptatomic, herpetotomy, heterotomous, hexatomic, hippotomy, histotomy, hylotomous, hymenectomy, hymenoptomy, hymenotomy, hysterectomy, hysterotomy, hypertonic, ileostomy, iridectomize, iridectomy, iridotomy, isotome, keratectomy, keratome, keratomy, laminectomy, laparotomy, laryngetomize, laryngectomy, laryngotomy, leptotene, leucotomy, lipectomy, lipotomy, lithotome, lithotomist, lithotomy, lobectomy, lobotomy, lumpectomy, macrotomy, mastectomy, mastoidectomy, meatotome, merotomize, metrotome, microanatomy, microtone, monatomic, monatomism, monoatomic, morphotomy, myomectomy, myotomy, necrotomy, nephrectomy, nephrolithotomy, nephrotomy, neurectomy, neuroanatomy, neurotomy, nonatomic, nymphotomy, oariotomy, odontotomy, omphalectomy, omphalotomy, oncotomy, oophorectomy, ophthalmotomy, orchidectomy, orchidotomy, orchotomy, ornithotomy, orthotomic, ossiculectomy, osteotome, osteotomy, ostomy, ototomy, ovariectomy, ovariotomy, pancreatecotomy, pantomography, papillectomy, paratomy, parotidectomy, patellectomy, pentatomic, pentomic, peotomy, peritomous, peritomy, pharyngectomy, pharyngotome, pharyngotomy, phlebotomy, phrenicetomy, phrenicotomy, phytotomist, phytotomy, pinealectomy, plasmotomy, pleuroromy, pneumonectomy, pogonotomy, polyatomic, polypectomy, polytomous, polytomy, proctotomy, prostatectomy, pulpectomy, pulpotomy, pylorectomy, rachitome, ramisectomy, rhizotomy, sarcotome, scalenotomy, sclerotome, sclerotomy, somatome, sphincerotomy, splendectomy, splenotomy, stereotomist, stereotomy, strabotomy, subatomic, sympathectomy, syntone, syntonic, sytonize, syntonous, syntony, syringotome, tachytomy, tarsectomy, tarsotomy, tenotomy, tesseratomic, tetratomic, tetrachotomous, tetrachotomy, tetratomic, theriotomy, thoracostomy, thrombectomy, thymectomy, thyroidectomy, tmesis, tome, tomography, -tomy, tonsilotome, topectomy, tracheotomy, triatomic, triatomid, triatomy, trichotomize, trichotomous, trichotomy, tubectomy, ultramicrotome, uterotome, uvulatome, uvulatomy, uvulotome, uvulotomy, vagotomy, valvotomy, valvulotomy, varicocelectomy, vestibulotomy, viscerotome, vitrectomy, vulvectomy, xylotomous, xylotomy, zootomy τερας: sign tera-, terabit, terabyte, terahertz, terasecond, teratism, teratogen, teratogenesis, teratogenic, teratogeny, teratoid, teratolite, teratological, teratologist, teratology, teratoma, teravolt, terawatt τερεβινθος: terebinth tree terebene, terebenthene, terebic, terebinth, terebintinate, terebinthine, turpentine τερπω: enjoy Terpsichore, terpsichorean

τετταρες: four diatessaron, ditetragonal, Teflon, tessaraglot, tesselate, tesselation, tessera, tesseract, tesseral, tesseratomic, tetra, tetrabasic, tetrablastic, tetrachloride, tetrachord, tetrachoric, tetrachotomous, tetrachotomy, tetrachromic, tetracolon, tetract, tetracyclic, tetracyline, tetrad, tetradactyl, tetradic, tetragamy, tetraglot, tetragon, tetragonal, tetragram, Tetragrammaton, tetrahedral, tetrahedron, tetralemma, tetralogy, tetramerous, tetrameter, tetramorph, tetramorphic, tetanomial, tetraphonic, tetraphony, tetrapetalous, tetrapla, tetraplegia, tetrapleuron, tetraploid, tetrapod, tetrapodous, tetrapteron, tetrapterous, tetrarch, tetrarchy, tetraskelion, tetrasome, tetrasomic, tetraspherical, tetraspore, tetrastich, tetrastyle, tetrasyllabic, tetrasyllable, tetrasymmetry, tetrathlon, tetratomic, tetravalent, tetrazolium, tetrode, tetrodont, tetromino, tetryl, trapeze, trapezial, trapezian, trapeziform, trapezist, trapezium, trapezius, trapezohedron, trapezoid, trapezoidal τεττξ: cicada tettigoniid, tettix τευχω: build Heptateuch, Hexateuch, Pentateuch, Pentateuchal τεφρα: ashes tephra, tephrite, tephrochronology, tephromancy τεχνη: see τεκτων Τηθυς: Tethys Tethyan, Tethys τηκτος: molten (see τεκτων) eutectic, eutectiferous, melanotektite, peritectic, syntectic, syntexis, tektite, tektosphere τηλε: far away cryptotelephony, microtelephone, radiotelegram, radiotelegraph, radiotelephone, radio telescope, telacoustic, telautograph, telebanking, telecamera, telecast, telecentric, telechiric, telecom, telecommand, telecommunication, telecommute, telecomputer, telecon, teleconference, teleconnection, teleconverter, telecopier, telecourse, telectric, telecryptograph, telediagnosis, teledrama, teledynamic, telefacsimile, teleferic, telegenesis, telegenic, telegnostic, telegony, telegram, telegraph, telegrammic, telegrapher, telegraphic, telegraphist, telegraphone, telegraphy, teleguide, telekin, telekinesis, telekinetic, telectric, telemark, telemarketer, telemarketing, telematics, telemechanics, telemedicine, telemeter, telemetry, telemotor, telencephalon, telenegative, teleordering, telepath, telepathic, telepathically, telepathist, telepathy, telepheme, telephone, telephonic, telephonist, telephonograph, telephony, telephote, telephoto, telephotogram, telephotograph, telephotometer, teleplasm, teleportation, telepositive, teleprinter, teleprocessing, teleprompter, telepsychic, telerecording, telergy, telescope, telescopic, telescopically, telescopiform, telescopist, telescopy, teleseism, teleseme,

teleshopping, telesoftware, telesomatic, telespectroscope, telestereoscope, teletex, teletext, telesthesia, telesthetic, Telestrator, teletherapy, telethermogram, telethermograph, telethermometer, telethon, teletransport, teletype, teletypewriter, televangelist, televiewer, televise, television, televisionary, televisor, televisual, telex, telharmonium, telly, telodynamic, telometer, teloptic, telosmic, telotype, TV, water telescope τηρω: watch over synteresis, terotechnology τιαρα: headdress tiara, tiare, tiarella τιγρις: tiger hippotigrine, liger, paper tiger, tiger, tigercat, tigereye, tigerish, tigon, tigress, tigrine, Tigris, tigroid, tigrolysis τιθημι: put, place; θεσις: deposit; θεμις: law; νομοθετης: legislator; ανατιθημι: dedicate anathema, anathemetize, antithesis, antithetical, apothecary, athematic, bibliotheca, bibliothecarial, biosynthesis, bodega, boutique, chemosynthesis, cosmothetic, cosmothetical, deuterotheme, diathesis, diathetic, disyntheme, dithecal, dithecous, dithematic, electrosynthetic, enanthema, endotheca, enthetic, epenthesis, epithet, exotheca, glossotheca, gnathotheca, gonotheca, hypothecary, hypothectae, hypothesis, hypothesize, hypothetical, hypothetically, intrathecal, karyotheca, metathesis, monothematic, narcosynthesis, nomothetic, nonthematic, nucleosynthesis, ootheca, parenthesis, parenthesize, parenthetic, parenthetical, parenthetically, parasynthetic, parathesis, photosynthesis, photosynthesize, photosynthetic, polysynthesis, polysynthetic, prosothodontics, prosothodontist, prosthesis, prosthetic, prothesis, prothetic, protothetic, pyrosynthesis, speleothem, spermatheca, syngas, syntheme, synthesis, synthesist, synthesize, synthesizer, synthetic, synthetical, synthetically, synthetism, synthetist, synthetistic, synthetize, theca, thecodont, thema, thematic, thematization, thematize, theme, Themis, thermosynthesis, thesis, typothetae Τιθωνος: Tithonus Tithonian, Tithonus τιλλω: pluck tillodont τιμαω: honor; τιμη: honor; ατιμια: dishonor; τιμιος: honored timocracy, timocratic, Timothy Τιταν: Titan titan, titanesque, titaness, titanian, titanic, titaniferous, titanism, titanite, titanium, titanomachy, titanosaurus, titanothere, titanous

τλαω: suffer; ταλαντον: balance multitalented, talent, talented, tantalic, tantalization, tantalize, tantalizer, tantalum, Tantalus, untalented τοκος: bringing forth deuterotoky, ditokous, dystokia, epitokous, neotocite, oligotokous, ootocoid, ootocous, oxytocia, oxytocic, oxytocin, polytocous, thelytochous, theotokos, zootokon τονος: see τεινω τοξον: bow; τοξοτης: archer; τυγχανω: hit the mark antitoxic, antitoxin, atoxin, autotoxic, autotoxin, Botox, detox, detoxicate, detoxication, detoxify, deuterotoxin, digitoxin, disintoxicate, embryotoxin, endotoxin, enterotoxin, exotoxin, hepatotoxin, intoxicant, intoxicate, intoxicated, intoxication, intoximeter, mycotoxin, nephrotoxin, neurotoxin, nontoxic, ototoxic, ototoxicity, oxytoxic, peptotoxin, phallotoxin, phototoxic, phototoxicity, phytotoxic, phytotoxicant, phytotoxin, picrotoxin, prototoxoid, radiotoxic, radiotoxicity, syntoxoid, thermotoxin, thyrotoxic, thyrotoxin, toxemia, toxemic, toxic, toxicant, toxication, toxicity, toxicodendron, toxicoderma, toxicogenic, toxicologist, toxicology, toxicomania, toxicophagous, toxicophile, toxicophobia, toxicum, toxidermic, toxifer, toxiferous, toxicosis, toxin, toxiphagus, toxiphobia, toxodont, toxophilite, toxophily, toxiphorous, toxoplasm, toxoplasmosis, tyrotoxicon, urotoxic, urotoxy, vasculotoxic, vivotoxin, water intoxication, water toxic, zymotoxic τοπαζος: gem topaz τοπος: place; ατοπος: strange biotope, chronotopic, dystopia, dystopian, ectopia, ectopic, heterotopia, homeotopy, isotope, isotopic, isotopically, isotopy, kakotopia, microtopography, orthotopic, phototopography, pornotopia, queuetopia, radioisotope, somatotopic, stenotopic, subtopia, toparchy, topia, topiaria, topiarian, topiarist, topiarius, topiary, topectomy, topic, topical, topicality, topicalize, topically, topocentric, topochemical, topochemistry, topocline, topodeme, topogenous, topograph, topographer, topographic, topographical, topographically, topographize, topography, topoinhibition, topological, topologize, topology, topomorph, toponomastic, toponym, toponymic, toponymy, topophobia, topophone, topopolitan, topos, toposcope, toposcopy, topotaxy, topotype, utopia, utopian, utopianism, utopianist, utopianize, utopiate, utopism, utopist τορμος: socket tormodont τορνος: lathe; τειρω: rub hard, wear out; τραυμα: wound attorney, contour, detour, microtrauma, out-turn, overturn, post-traumatic, return, tornus, tour, tourelle, tourism, tourist, tourist center, tourist class, tourist trap, touristic, touristically, tournament, tournedos, tournette, tourney, tourniquet, tournure, trauma,

traumapnea, traumatic, traumaticism, traumatism, traumatize, traumatocace, traumatology, traumatonesis, traumatopyra, traumatotropic, turismo, turista, turn, turnaround, turnaway, turnback, turncoat, turncock, turndown, turner, turning point, turnkey, turnoff, turnon, turnout, turnout, turnover, turnpike, turnspit, turnstone, turntable, upturn, upturned τορος: piercing torosaurus τραγος: goat tragedian, tragedienne, tragedize, tragedy, tragelaph, tragic, tragical, tragically, tragicalness, tragicomedy, tragicomic, tragopan, tragule, tragus τραπεζα: table (See τετταρες + πους.) τραυλος: stammering traulism, traulismus τραυμα: wound: see τορνος τραχηλος: neck trachelate, trachelipod, tracheloplasty τραχυς: harsh endotracheal, rhinotracheitis, trachea, tracheal, trachean, tracheate, tracheid, tracheitis, tracheocele, tracheoma, tracheophone, tracheoscope, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, trachidermic, trachoma, trachycarpous, trachychromatic, trachypteroid, trachyspermous, trachyte, trachytic, transtracheal τρεις: three ditriglyph, ditrigonal, phototrichromatic, tractinal, triad, triadic, triadism, triadist, trialogue, trianthous, triarch, triarchy, trias, Triassic, triaster, triathlete, triathlon, triatomic, triatomid, triatomy, triaxial, tribasic, triblastic, tricarpous, tricentral, tricephalic, triceratops, trichord, trichotomize, thrichotomous, trichotomy, trichromat, trichromatic, trichromatism, trichromic, trichronous, triclad, triclinic, tricolic, tricycle, tricyclic, tridactyl, tridactylous, trierarch, trierarchy, triethyl, trig, trigamist, trigamous, trigamy, trigastric, trigenic, triglot, triglyceride, triglyph, trigon, trigonal, trigoneutic, trigonometric, trigonometrical, trigonometrically, trigonometry, trigonous, trigram, trigraph, trigraphy, trihedral, trihedron, trihemeral, trihydrate, trihydrogen, trike, trilemma, trilith, trilobal, trilobate, trilobite, trilogical, trilogy, trilophodont, trilophous, trimerous, trimeter, trimetric, trimetrical, trimorph, trimorphic, trimorphism, triode, trionym, triorthogonal, trioxide, tripetalous, triphasic, triphibian, triphibious, triphony, triphthong, triphyllous, triplegia, tripod, tripodal, tripodic, tripody, Tripoli, tripterous, triptote, triptych, tripyramidal, tris, triskaidekaphobia, triskele, triskelion, trisoctahedron, trisome, trisomic, trisomy, trispermous, trisporous, tristich, tristichous, tristylous,

trisyllabic, trisyllable, tritagonist, tritanopia, tritheism, tritheist, trithionic, tritium, tritonality, tritone, trizonal τρεπω: turn; τροπος; way; επιτρεπω: entrust aerotropic, aerotropism, allotrope, allotropic, allotropy, anemotropism, anistropy, apotropaic, autotropic, campylotropous, chemotropic, chemotropism, chromotrope, cytotropic, dexiotrope, dexiotropic, diageotropic, diageotropism, diaheliotropic, diaheliotropism, diaphototropic, diatropism, dromotropic, dromotropism, ectropion, electrotropism, enantiotropy, endotropic, enorthotrope, entropic, entropion, entropy, exotropia, galvanotropism, geotropic, geotropism, glycotropic, gonadotropic, haptotropism, heliotrope, heliotropic, heliotropism, hemitropic, heterotrope, homotropous, hydrotropic, hydrotropism, hydrotropia, hypertropic, hypertropy, hypotropy, iconotropy, idiotropic, intertropical, intratropical, ionotropy, isentropic, isotropic, isotropy, kalotrope, lipotropic, lyotrope, lyotropic, lyotropy, melotrope, metatropy, monotropic, monotropy, morphotropism, morphotropy, myoatropy, negentropy, neotropical, neurotropic, neurotropism, nyctitropic, nyctitropism, oligotropic, ophthalmotrope, orthotropic, orthotropism, orthotropous, orthotropy, oxytrope, paleotropical, paraheliotropic, phototropic, phototropism, plagiotropic, plagiotropous, pleiotropic, polytrope, polytropic, protreptic, prototrpy, psychotropic, rheotropism, selenotropic, semitropical, sigmatropic, stereotropism, subtropical, symapthicotropic, thaumatrope, thermotropic, thermotropism, thigmotropism, tonotropic, traumatropism, trope, trophotropic, trophotropism, trophy, tropic, tropical, tropicalian, tropicalize, tropically, tropicana, tropicopolitan, tropism, tropistic, tropological, tropology, tropometer, tropomyosin, tropopause, tropophilous, tropophyte, troposcatter, troposhere, tropospore, tropotaxis, troppo, troubadour, viscerotropic, xenotropic, zootrope τρεφω: feed, thicken, grow; τροφη: food allotrophic, amyotrophic, atrophy, autotroph, autotrophic, auxotroph, chemoaototroph, dystrophy, ectrophic, endotrophic, eutrophic, eutrophication, eutrophy, gonadotrophic, hemotrophy, heterotrophic, hypertrophic, hypertrophy, limitrophe, metatrophic, mixotrophic, monotrophic, mycotrophy, neurotrophic, nosotrophy, oligotrophic, oligotrophy, osteodystrophy, pantatrophy, paratrophic, pedotrophic, pedotrophy, peritrophic, phototroph, phototrophic, planktotrophic, pogonotrophy, polytrophy, prototroph, prototrophic, psychrotrophic, sebotrophic, somatotroph, somatotrophic, somatotrophism, symbiotrophic, syntrophic, syntrophism, threptic, trophallaxis, trophesy, trophi, trophic, trophobiont, trophobiosis, trophoblast, trophocyte, trophogenic, trophology, tropholytic, trophoneurotic, trophonucleus, trophopathy, trophophore, trophophorous, trophoplasm, trophoplast, trophosome, trophosphere, trophotaxis, trophotropic, trophotropism, trophozoite, trophozooid τρεχω: run; τροχος: wheel ditrochee, entrochal, entrochite, entrochus, mesotrocha, monotrochal, telotroch, trochaic, trochal, trochanter, trochee, trochiferous, trochiform, trochilus, trochoid, troichoidal, trochophore, trochotron, trochus, truck, truckle

τρημα: opening ditrematous, ditremid, monotremata, monotremate, pentatremite, peritreme, trematode τριβω: rub; διατριβω: spend; διατριβη: occupation diatribe, diatribist, lithotripsy, lithotriptor, lithotrite, lithotritor, lithotrity, teredo, tribade, tribadism, trebology, triboluminescence, tribometer, vasotribe τριγμος: grinding; τριζω: scream, gnash trismic, trismus Τριτων: Triton Triton τριχα: see τρεις τρονος: trembling tronometer τροπος: see τρεπω Τροφωνιος: Trophonius Trophonian, Trophonius τροχιλια: pulley sheaf trochlea, trochlear τροχος: see τρεχω τρυπαω: bore; τρυφη: softness; θρυπτω: crush trepan, trepanation τρωγλη: hole, τρωγω: gnaw troglobiont, troglobite, troglydyte, troglydytic, troglophile, trogloxene, trout τυλος: knob tylosaurus τυμβος: tomb disentomb, entomb, entombment, tomb, tombarolo (It), tombic, tombless, tombstone τυμπανον: see τυπος τυπος: blow, mark, type; τυπτω: beat agriotype, aluminotype, antitype, antitypical, archetypal, archetype, aristotype, atypical, autotype, autotypic, biotype, calotype, chemitype, chromotype, collotype,

colortype, cotype, countertype, cyanotype, daguerrotype, diazotype, duotype, ecotype, ectypal, ectype, ectypography, electrotype, entotympanic, epitympanic, ferrotype, fluorotype, genotype, glossotype, graphotype, heliotype, hemitype, heterotypic, holotype, homeotype, homotopic, homotopy, hypotypical, hypotyposis, idiotype, intertype, isotype, isotypic, karyotype, karyotypic, lectotype, linotype, linotypist, lipotype, lithotype, logotype, megatype, melanotype, metatype, mimotype, monotype, monotypic, necrotype, necrotypic, neotype, ootype, optotype, overtype, paleotype, panotype, papyrotype, paratype, personality type, phenotype, phonotype, phototype, phototypography, photozincotype, platinotype, pleiotypic, polytype, polytypic, polytypism, porotype, prototype, prototypic, prototypical, prototypically, serotype, somatotype, spectrotype, spongotype, stenotype, stenotypy, spectrotype, stereotype, stereotypical, stereotypically, stereotypy, stigmotypy, stratotype, subtype, teletype, teletypewriter, telotype, test-type, thermotype, timbre, timbrel, tintype, topotype, touch-typing, tympanic, tympaniform, tympanitic, tympanum, tympany, typal, type, typecast, typecopy, typeface, type fallacy, typeset, typewrite, typewriter, typewriting, typewritten, typic, typical, typically, typicalness, typify, typing, typist, typo, typocrat, typograph, typographer, typographic, typographica, typographical, typographically, typographist, typography, typological, typologist, typologize, typology, typomania, typonym, typophile, typophobia, typorama, typescript, typothetae, untypical, zootype τυραννος: absolute ruler; τψραννις: tyranny tyranness, tyrannic, tyrannical, tyrannically, tyrannicidal, tyrannicide, tyrannize, tyrannophobia, tyrannosaurus, tyrannous, tyrannously, tyranny, tyrant τυρος: cheese butane, butter, butterball, buttercup, butterfat, butterfingers, butterfly, buttermilk, butterscotch, buttery, butraceous, peanut butter, turophile, tyroglyphoid, tyroleucin, tyroma, tyrosinemia, tyrosine, tyrosis, tyrotoxicon Τυρρηνοι: Etruscans Tyrrhene, Tyrrhenian τυρρις: tower control tower, ivory-tower, tourelle, tower, towering, towerless, towerlight, towerman, towery, turret, turreted, turricular, turriculate, turriferous, walltower, wartower, watchtower Τυρταιος: Tyrtaeus Turtaean, Tyrtaeus τυφλος: blind, τυφλοω: blind typhlitis, typhlograph, typhlology, typhlometer, typhlosis τυφω: burn slowly, smoke; τυφος: vapor stifado, typhoid, typhous, typhus

AHD says stew may be derived from τυφος. Τυφων: Typhon (typhoon: also Chinese tai-fung: great wind) Typhon, typhon, typhonic, typhoon

Υ υ: upsilon hyo- may come from υο- from u. geniohyoid, hyodont, hyoglossal, hyoid, hyosternal, hyostylic, upsilon υακινθος: hyacinth hyacinth, hyacinthine, Hyacinthus υαλος: crystal, glass hyalescent, hyaline, hyalite, hyaloid υβρις: pride hubris, hubristic, hubristically, hybris, hybristically υγιης: healthy; υψιεια: health; υγιαινω: be healthy Hygeian, hygiene, hygienic, hydienically, hygienist υδωρ: water; υγρος: water anhydride, anhydrous, carbohydrate, clepsydra, cryohydrate, cryohydric, decahydrate, dehydrate, dehydrater, dehydration, dehydrator, dehydrogenate, dehydrogenation, dropsical, dropsy, dihydric, dihydrite, elydoric, enhydrite, enhydrous, enterohydrocele, formaldehyde, heptahydrate, Hg, hydra, hydragogue, hydrangea, hydrant, hydrargyrum, hydrate, hydrated, hydration, hydrazine, hydraulic, hydraulics, hydric, hydriform, hydriotic, hydroacoustic, hydrobiology, hydrobiosis, hydrobranch, hydrocarbon, hydrocardia, hydrocephalic, hydrocephalous, hydrocephaly, hydrocele, hydrodephalic, hydrocephalous, hydrocephaly, hydrochloric, hydrochloride, hydrocoele, hydrocolloid, hydrocortisone, hydrocrack, hydrocranium, hydrocycle, hydrocyst, hydroderma, hydrodynamic, hydrodynamics, hydroelectric, hydrofine, hydrofluoric, hydrofoil, hydroform, hydrofuge, hydrogaster, hydrogen, hydrogenate, hydrogenation, hydrogen bomb, hydrogenolysis, hydrogenous, hydrogeology, hydrognosy, hydrograph, hydrographer, hydrographic, hydrography, hydrohemia, hydrohystera, hydroid, hydrokinetic, hydrolab, hydrolith, hydrologic, hydrological, hydrology, hydrolysis, hydrolytic, hydromagnetic, hydromancy, hydromania, hydromechanics, hydrometallurgy, hydrometeorologist, hydrometer, hydrometric, hydrometry, hydronephros, hydropathic, hydropathism, hydropathy, hydroperiod, hydrophane, hydrophilic, hydrophilous, hydrophobe, hydrophobia, hydrophobic, hydrophone, hydrophore, hydrophyte, hydroplane, hydropneumatic, hydroponics, hydropower, hydropropulsion, hydropsy, hydrorenal, hydrorrhea, hydroscope, hydrosol, hydrosome, hydrosphere, hydrostat, hydrostatics, hydrotaxis, hydrotherapy, hydrothermal, hydrothorax, hydrotropic, hydrotropism, hydrotropy, hydrous, hydroxide, hydoxyl, hydrozoan, hydruria, hygrodeik, hygrograph, hygrology, hygrometer, hygrometric, hygrometry, hygrophilous, hygrophyte, hygroscope, hygroscopic, hygrostat, hytherograph, isohydric, monohydric, nitrohydrochloric, olation, oligohydramnios, orohydrography, orthohydrogen, orthohydrograph, overhydration, oxalhydrate, oxyhydrate, oxyhydrogen, paleohydrography, pentahydrate, pH, polyhydramnios, polyhydric, quinhydrone,

rehydrate, stenohydric, sterhydraulic, thermohydrology, thermohydrometer, trihydrate, trihydrogen υετος: rain hyetograph, hyetology, hyetometer, isohyetal υλη: material, wood acetylene, acrylic, amphetamine, butyl, butylene, decyl, diethyl, dodecyl, duodecyl, ethyl, ethylene, formyl, formylate, formylation, furyl, hexyl, hydroxyl, hyla, hyle, hylean, hyleosaurus, hylobate, hylogenesis, hylology, hylomorphism, hylopathism, hylophagous, hylophyte, hylotheism, hylotomous, hylophagous, hylozoic, hylozoism, hylozoist, lactyl, methalene, methyl, methylene, methylosis, monethyl, neoprene, nitrosate, nitrosyl, nitroxyl, nonyl, octyl, olation, oleyl, oxyacetylene, oxalyl, pantoyl, pentryl, peucyl, phenyl, plutonyl, polyethylene, polymethyl, polythene, polyvinyl, protyle, salicylic, saprohylic, taurylic, triethyl, uranyl, vinyl, vinylogous υμην: membrane hymen, hymeneal, hymenectomy, hymenogeny, hymenography, hymenology, hymenophore, hymenoptera, hymenopterous, hymenoptomy, hymenotomy, pachyhymenia υμνος: hymn; υμεναιος: wedding song hymn, hymnal, hymnary, hymnist, hymnless, hymnodist, hymnody, hymnographer, hymnology υπερ: above, overly HTML, HTTP, hype, hyper, hyperacidity, hyperactive, hypercharged, hyperconjugation, hypercorrect, hyperdeity, hyperdrive, hyperextend, hyperextension, hyperfine, hyperfocal, hyperform, hyperimmune, hyperinfection, hyperinflation, hypermobile, hypermodern, hypernatural, hyperpower, hypersensitive, hypersomnic, hypersonic, hyperspace, hyperspeed, hypertension, hyperurbanism, hypervelocity, hyperventilate Above contain non-Greek roots. See reverse index for other words beginning hyper-. υπνος: sleep hypnagogic, hypnoanalysis, hypnocyst, hypnogeny, hypnoidal, hypnology, hypnopedia, hypnophobia, hypnopompic, hypnoscope, hypnosis, hypnosophy, hypnotherapy, hypnotic, hypnotism, hypnotist, hypnotizable, hypnotize υπο: under hyphen, hyphenate, hyphenic, hypoacidity, hypotension, hypotensive, hypoventilation See reverse index for other words beginning hypo-. υποκριτης: see κρινω υς: pig

hyena υστερα: womb; υστερος: latter; υστερον: later hydrohystera, hysterectomy, hysteresis, hysteria, hysteric, hysterical, hysterically, hysterics, hysteriform, hysteritis, hysterocele, hysterocystic, hysterogenic, hysterology, hysterometer, hysteron proteron, hysterophore, hysterophyte, hysterotomy υστριξ: porcupine hystricid, hystricism, hystricomorph υσσωπος: hyssop hyssop

Χ Χ: chi chi, chiasma, chiasmus, chi-square χαινω: yawn chasm, chasmogamy, chasmophyte χαιρω: rejoice; χαρις: grace eucharist, eucharistic, eucharistically χαλαω: slacken chalone χαλκος: copper, bronze chalcedomy, Chalcidice, chalcography, chalcolite, chalcolithic, chalcopyrrhic χαμαι: see χθων χαος: empty space chaos, chaotic, chaotically, gas, gas engine, gaseous, gasification, gasifier, gasiform, gasify, gasless, gaslight, gas mask, gas meter, gasohol, gasoline, gassing, gassy, outgas, sphenochasm, syngas, tear gas, thermochaotic, war gas, water gas χαρασμω: engrave; χαπαττω: scratch character, characteristic, characteristically, characterization, characterize, characterless, characterology, charactonym, charactery, mischaracterize, shift character, stock character, uncharacteristically χαρισμα: gift charism, charisma, charismatic, charismatically χαρτης: roll of papyrus a la carte (Fr), card, cardboard, card catalog, cardtable, carte blanche (Fr), cartel, cartographer, cartography, cartomancy, carton, cartoon, cartoonist, cartophily, cartouche, cartridge, chart, chartaceous, charter, charterer, charterless, discard, discarder, microcard, postcard, prayer card, sound card, star chart, test card, uncharted, video card, work card, working card χειζω: defecate dyschezia χειλος: lip

Achillean, Achilles, Achilles heel, Achilles tendon, cheilitis, chiloplasty, chilopod, chilostome χειρ: hand achiral, chiragra, chiral, chirognomy, chirograph, chirographer, chirographic, chirography, chirologist, chirology, chiromancer, chiromancy, chiromegaly, chironomy, chiroplasty, chiropodist, chiropody, chiropractic, chiropractor, chirosophist, chirosophy, chiropter, chirotomy, cryosurgery, cryosurgical, enchiridion, Hecatoncheires, microsurgery, neurosurgeon, neurosurgery, psychosurgery, radio surgery, surgeon, surgeoncy, surgeon fish, surgery, surgical, surgically, telechiric, tree surgeon, tree surgery χελιδων: swallow celandine χεω: pour synchysis χηλη: claw chela, chelate, cheliferous, cheliform, cheliped χθων: earth autochthon, autochthonal, autochthonous, autochthony, chamaecephaly, chameleon, chameleonesque, chameleonic, chthonian, chthonic, chthonography, chthonophagia χιλιοι: thousand chiliad, chiliarch, chiliarchy, chiliasm, chiliast, chiliastic, chiliasty, K, kilo, kilobar, kilobit, kilobyte, kilocalorie, kilocurie, kilocycle, kilodyne, kiloelectron, kilogauss, kilogram, kilogrammeter, kilohertz, kilojoule, kiloliter, kilometer, kilometric, kiloparsec, kiloton, kilovolt, kiloware, kilowatt χιμαιρα: Chimaera chimera, chimerical, chimerism χιτων: tunic chitin, chitinous, chiton, chitosarc, neeurochitin, nonchitinous χλαμυς: cloak chlamydate, chlamydeous, chlamys χλοε: white Chloe χλωρος: green bichloride, chloral, chloranthous, chlorate, chlorella, chloric, chloride, chlorinate, chlorinator, chlorine, chloriniferous, chlorite, chlorodyne, chloroform, chloromata,

chloromelanite, chlorometer, chlorometry, chlorophane, chlorophyll, chlorophyllous, chloroplast, chlorosis, chlorous, chrysochlorous, dichloride, enterochlorophyll, hydrochloric, hydrochloride, hypochloric, hypochlorite, monochloride, nitrohydrochloric, perchloride, perchlorinate, protochloride, protochlorophyll, pyrochlore, tetrachloride χοανη: funnel choanocyte, choanoid χοιρος: pig phacochere χολη: gall; χολος: gall cholangitis, cholecyst, cholecystectomy, cholelith, choler, cholera, choleric, cholesterin, cholesterol, cholesterosis, cholic, cholochrome, chololith, cholology, discholic, leucocholy, melancholia, melancholiac, melancholic, melancholy, pachycholic, taurocholic χονδρος: cartilage achondrite, achondroplasia, achondroplastic, chondral, chondrin, chondrocyte, chondrogenesis, chondritis, chondrule, dichondra, ecchondroma, ecchondrosis, ectochondral, enchondroma, enchondromatous, enchondrosis, endochondral, entochondrin, hypochondria, hypochondriac, interchondral, mitochondrial, mitochondrion, osteochrondritis, synchondrosis χορδη: gut accordion, blue card, cephalochordata, chord, chorda, chordal, chordata, chordate, clavichord, cord, cordage, corder, cordillera, cording, cordite, cordless, cordon, cordotomy, cordwood, decachord, dichord, epichordal, harpsichord, hemichordata, heptachord, hexachord, megachord, monochord, neurochord, notochord, notochordal, novachord, octachord, parachord, pentachord, perichordal, polychord, red card, spinal cord, tetrachord, tricohord, umbilical cord, urochord, urochordata, yellow card χορος: dance choir, choirboy, choragic, choral, chorale, choreograph, choreographer, choreographic, choreography, choreological, choreology, choreometry, choreutic, choriamb, choric, chorine, chorist, chorister, chorograph, chorographer, chorographic, chorography, chorological, chorology, chorometry, chorus, chorus girl, Terpsichore, terpsichorean χρημα: money chremastics χριω: rub; χρισμα: anointing; χριστος; anointed antichrist, antichristian, chrism, chrismatory, Christ, Christe eleison, christen, Christendom, christening, Christian, Christianity, Christianize, Christless, Christlike, Christmas, Christmas tree, Christocentric, Christocratic, Christology, Christophany, Christopher, cream, cream cheese, creamer, creamery, creamily, creaminess,

creamometer, creamy, creme, cretin, cretinism, cretinize, cretinoid, cretinous, dechristianize, Kit, non-Christian, post-Christian, theochristic, unchristian χροα: skin xanthochroi χρονος: time anachronism, anachronistic, anachronous, asynchronism, asynchronous, asynchronously, asynchrony, chronic, chronically, chronicity, chronicle, chronicler, chronogram, chronograph, chronographer, chronographic, chronography, chronologer, chronological, chronologically, chronologist, chronologize, chronology, chronometer, chronometry, chrononomy, chronoscope, chronotherapy, chronothermal, chronotopic, chrony, crony, cronyism, dendrochronology, diachronic, diachronically, diachronism, diachronous, dichronous, geochronic, geochronology, geochrony, geosynchronous, glottochronology, hemocronage, heptachronous, holochrone, isochronal, isochronous, lip-sync, metachronism, metachronism, monochronic, monochronous, panchronic, parachronism, photochronograph, plastochron, postsynchronization, prochronic, prochronism, pseudochronism, synch, synchrocyclotron, synchroneity, synchronic, synchronicity, synchronism, synchronistic, aynchronization, synchronize, synchronizer, synchronograph, synchronology, synchronous, synchronously, synchroscope, synchrotron, tautochrone, tephrochronology, trichronous χρυσος: gold chrysalid, chrysalis, chrysanthemum, chryselephantine, chrysoberyl, chrysocarpous, chrysochlorous, chrysograph, chrysography, chrysolite, Cressida χρωμα: color achromat, achromatic, achromatism, amphichrome, apochromatic, bichromate, biochromic, cholochrome, chroma, chromascope, chromate, chromatic, chromatics, chromatin, chromatism, chromatocyte, chromatogen, chromatogenous, chromatogram, chromatograph, chromatography, chromatology, chromatolysis, chromatometer, chromatophore, chromatoplasm, chromatoscopy, chromatosis, chromatosphere, chromatopsy, chromatosis, chrome, chromesthesia, chromiferous, chromic, chrominance, chromism, chromite, chromium, chromogenic, chromolith, chromometer, chromometry, chromophil, chromophobe, chromophore, chromoplast, chromosome, chromosphere, chromotricial, chromotrope, chromotype, cytochrome, dichroic, dichromat, dichromatic, dichromatism, dichromic, dichromism, echinocrome, endochrome, euchromatic, ferrochromium, halochromism, heliochrome, hemachrome, hematochrome, hemochromatosis, hemochrome, hemochromometer, heterochromatic, homochromatic, hyperchromatism, hypochromatic, hypsochromic, idiochromosome, isochromatic, lactochrome, lipochrome, lithochrome, lithochromy, lyochrome, mercurochrome, metachromatic, metachromatism, metachrome, metrochrome, metachrosis, metallochrome, microchromosome, monochromat, monochromatic, monochromatism, monochrome, monochromator, myochrome, normochrome, oligochromenia, oligochromometer, orthochromatic, panchromatic, pentachromic, photochromatic, photochromic, photochromy, phototrichromatic, phycochrome, phytochrome,

polychromatic, polychrome, prochromosome, pseudochromia, rhodochrosite, stenochromy, stereochrome, stichochrome, synchromism, synchromist, symchromy, terachromic, thermochromism, thiochrome, trachychromatic, trichromat, trichromatic, trichromatism, trichromic, urochrome, xanthochromia, x chromosome, xylochrome, y chromosome, zinc chrome χυλος; juice (probably a variant of χυμος) chyle, chyliferous, chylific, chylification, chylocaulis, chylomicron, chylous χυμος: juice aerenchyma, agrochemical, alchemist, alchemy, biochemical, biochemistry, biogeochemical, chem, chematotroph, chemic, chemical, chemicalize, chemically, chemist, chemistry, chemigraphy, chemiluminescent, chemitype, chemo, chemoautotroph, chemokinetic, chemolysis, chemoreceptor, chemoreflex, chemosphere, chemostat, chemosynthesis, chemotaxis, chemotherapy, chemotropic, chemotropism, chemurgy, chyme, chymiferous, chymification, chymous, conenchyma, cosmochemistry, cytochemistry, dechemicalize, ecchymosis, electrochemical, electrochemistry, geochemistry, iatrochemistry, immunochemistry, isochemical, magnochemistry, mechanochemistry, mesenchyma, metachemic, metachemistry, microchemistry, myochemistry, neurochemical, neurochemistry, opticochemical, opticochemistry, paleochemistry, parenchyma, petrochemical, petrochemistry, photochemical, photochemistry, physico-chemical, phytochemical, phytochemistry, prosencyma, protencyma, psychochemical, psychochemistry, pyrochemical, pyrochemistry, radiochemical, radiochemistry, silvichemical, spectrochemical, spectrochemistry, stereochemistry, taphrenchyma, thermochemical, thermochemistry, topochemical, topochemistry, zoochemistry χωλος: lame choliambic χωρεω: give way anchorite χωρος: country, place chorograph, chorographer, chorographic, chorography, chorological, chorology, chorometry, enchorial, epichorial, tetrachoric

Ψ ψαλλω: pluck psalm, psalmbook, psalmist, psalmodist, psalmody, psalter, psalterer, psaltery ψαμμος: sand psammic, psammite, psammolithic, psammon, psammona, psammophilous, psammophyte ψαω: rub smooth palimpsest ψει: psi psi, psionic ψελλος: stammering psellism ψευδω: deceive; ψευδομαι: lie; ψευδος: false (more with hyphen) pseudandry, pseudembryo, pseudepigrapha, pseudepigraphy, pseudesthesia, pseudo, pseudoaquatic, pseudoarchaic, pseudoblepsia, pseudocarp, pseudochromia, pseudochronism, pseudocide, pseudocode, pseudocoele, pseudoconcept, pseudocyesis, pseudocyst, pseudodominance, pseudodominant, pseudodox, pseudodoxy, pseudoepigraphia, pseudoepigraphy, pseudogamy, pseudograph, pseudography, pseudology, pseudomancy, pseudomartyr, pseudomonad, pseudomorph, pseudonym, pseudonymity, pseudonomous, pseudonomously, pseudo-operation, pseudoptics, pseudo-order, pseudorganic, pseudopatient, pseudophone, pseudoplastic, pseudopod, pseudopodium, pseudopotential, pseudopregnancy, pseudoproblem, pseudoprophet, pseudoropostion, pseudorandom, pseudorational, pseudoscience, pseudoscope, pseudosex, pseudosexual, pseudosomatic, pseudosoph, pseudospore, pseudostoma, pseudostome, pseudostratifed, pseudosuchian, pseudosyllogism, pseudovalve, pseudovary, pseudovector, pseudovitamin, pseudovolcano ψηφος: pebble psephism, psephite, psephology, psephomancy ψιλος: slender (OED) epsilon, psilanthropic, psilanthropism, psilanthropy, psilocybin, psilodermatous, psilopedic, psilophyton, psilosis, upsilon ψιττακος: parrot (foreign word) psittaceous, psittacine, psittacism, psittacosis ψοφος: noise psophometer, psophometric

ψυλλα: flea psylla, psyllid, psyllium ψυχη: soul anthropopsychism, antipsychotic, endopsychic, ethnopsychology, metapsychics, metapsychology, metempsychosis, neuropsychic, neuropsychologist, neuropsychology, omphalopsychic, orthopsychiatry, panpsychic, panpsychism, parapsychic, parapsychology, polypsychical, psych, psychagogic, psychagogue, psychagogy, psychalgia, psyche, psychedelic, psychesthetic, psychiatric, psychiatrist, psychiatry, psychic, psychical, psychics, psychism, psycho, psychoactive, psychoanalysis, psychoanalyst, psychoanalytic, psychoanalyze, psychobabble, psychobiographer, psychobiography, psychobiology, psychocentral, psychocentric, psychochemical, psychochemistry, psychocoma, psychodrama, psychodramatic, psychodynamic, psychogalvanic, psychogenesis, psychogenetic, psychogenic, psychogeography, psychogeriatric, psychognosis, psychogram, psycograph, psychography, psychohistory, psychoid, psychokinesia, psychokinesis, psychokinetic, psycholatry, psycholinguistic, psychologic, psychological, psychologically, psychologism, psychologist, psychologistic, psychologize, psychology, psychomachia, psychomachy, psychomancy, psychometric, psychometer, psychometry, psychomotor, psychon, psychoneural, psychoneurosis, psychoneurotic, psychonomy, psychopath, psychopathic, psychopathologist, psychopathology, psychopathy, pstchophobia, psychophonetics, psychophony, psychophysical, psychophysics, psychophysiology, psychoplasm, psychopomp, psychoprophylaxis, psychoptic, psychorrhagy, psychosexual, psychosis, psychosocial, psychosocially, psychosomatic, psychostimulant, psycosurgery, psychotechnology, psychotheism, psychotherapeutic, psychotherapy, psychotic, psychotically, psychotogenic, psychotomimetic, psychotropic, psychurgy, psyop, psy-war, telepsychic, theopsychism, zoopsychology ψυχρος: cold psychroesthesia, psychrolute, psychrometer, psychrophilic, psychrophobia, psychrophore, psychrosphere, psychrotrophic ψωρα: itch psora, psoriasiform, psoriasis, psorophthalmia, psoroptic, psorosperm

Ω ω: omega omega, omegatron ωδειον: see αδω ωδη: see αδω ωθεω: thrust endosmometer, endosmose, endosmosis, endosmotic, exosmose, exosmosis, exosmatic, osmolal, osmolar, osmophilic, osmoregular, osmose, osmosis, osmotic, osmotically ωκυς: swift ocydrome, ocypode ωλενη: elbow olecranon ωμος: raw omophagia, omophagist, omophagous ωμος: shoulder omalgia, omophorion, omoplate, omostegite, omosternum, omothyroid ωον: egg oariocele, oariopathy, oariotomy, oaritis, ooblast, oocyst, oocyte, oogamous, oogenesis, oogenetic, oogeny, oogonium, oograph, ooid, ooidal, oolemma, oolite, oolith, oolitic, oological, oologist, oologize, oology, oometer, oometric, oometry, oomycete, oophagous, oophore, oophorectomy, oophoritis, oophyte, ooplasm, ooporphyrin, oorhodeine, ooscopy, oosperm, oosphere, oospore, ootheca, ootid, ootocoid, ootocous, ootype, oozoa (hora) ωρα: hour encore, half hour, happy hour, Horae, horal, horary, horologe, horologer, horologic, horologist, horologium, horology, horometer, horometry, horopter, horoscope, horoscopic, horoscopy, hour, hourage, hour circle, hour glass, hourless, hourly, hr., prayer hour, rush hour, tea hour, zero hour Ωριων: Orion Orion, Orionid Is this name related to ουρον because of the means of his conception?

ωσμος: push osmogene, osmometer, osmophile, osmoregulation, poikilosmotic ωχρος: yellow, sallow melanochroi, ocher, ocherous, ochreous, ochroid, ochrolite, ochronosis, ochropyre, ochry ωψ: face triceratops

A abacist abacus abase abiogenesis abiogenetic abiogenic abiogenist abiological abiosis abiotic abranchiate absinthe abulia abysmal abysmally abyss abyssal abzyme acacia academe academia academic academical academically academician academy Acadia Acadian acanthaceous acanthine acanthoid acanthous acanthus acarpous accelerometer acclimate acclimatization acclimatize accordion acedia acentric

αβαξ αβαξ βαινω βιος/γενος βιος/γενος βιος/γενος βιος/γενος βιος/λογος βιος βιος βραγχια αψινθατον βουλη βυθος βυθος βυθος βυθος ζυμη ακη ακαδημια ακαδημια ακαδημια ακαδημια ακαδημια ακαδημια ακαδημια Ακαδια Ακαδια ακη ακη ακη ακη ακη καρπος μετρον κλινω κλινω κλινω χορδν κηδος κεντεω

acephalic acephalous acetylene Achaean Achaian Achillean Achilles Achilles heel Achilles tendon achiral achondrite achondroplasia achondroplastic achromat achromatic achromatism acme acmite acne acolyte aconite acosmic acotyledonous acoumeter acoustic acoustical acoustician acousticon acoustics acroanesthesia acroatic acrobat acrobatic acrobatics acrocephaly acrocyanosis acrograph acrography acrolect acrolectal acrolith acrology acromegalic acromegaly

κεφαλη κεφαλη υλν Αχιαος Αχιαος χειλος χειλος χειλος χειλος/τεινω χειρ χονδρος χονδρος/πλαττω κονδρος/πλαττω χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα ακη ακη ακη κελευθος ακονιτον κοσμος κοτυλη ακουω/μετρον ακουω ακουω ακουω ακουω ακουω ακρος/αισθανομαι ακρος ακρος/βαινω ακρος/βαινω ακρος/βαινω ακρος/κεφαλος ακρος/κυανος ακρος/γραφω ακρος/γραφω ακρος/λεγω ακρος/λεγω ακρος/λιθος ακρος/λογος ακρος/μεγας ακρος/μεγας

acrometer acronym acrophobe acrophobia acrophonic acropolis acrostic acrostich acrostichous acroterion acroterium acrotism acrylic actinic actinide actinoid actinometer actinomorphic actinotherapy acyclic adactylous adamant adamantine addictionologist adelphous adenalgia adenectomy adenography adenoid(al) adenoiditis adenology adenoma adenopherous adenophyllous adenotomy adiabatic adiaphorism adrenergic Adrianople adynamic aedes (mosquito) Aegean Aegeus aegis

ακρος/μετρον ακρος/ονομα ακρος/φοβος ακρος/φοβος ακρος/φωνη ακρος/πολις ακρος ακρος/στιχος ακρος/στιχος ακρος ακρος ακρος υλη ακτις ακτις ακτις ακτις/μετρον ακτις/μορφη ακτις/θεραπων κυκλος δακτυλος δαμαω δαμαω λογος αδελφος αδην/αλγος αδην/τεμνω αδην/γραφω αδην αδην αδην/λογος αδην/οιδεω αδην/φερω αδην/φυλλον αδην/τεμνω βαινω φερω εργον πολις δυναμαι ηδυς Αιγαιος Αιγαιος αιξ

aeneolithic Aeolian aeolian harp Aeolus aeon aeonian aerenchyma aeroaeroballistics aerobatics aerobe aerobic aerodrome aerodromics aerodynamic aerodynamics aerodyne aeroembolism aerogram aerograph aerographic aerography aerolithology aerology aeromancy aeromechanic(s) aerometer aeronaut aeronautics aeroneurosis aeronomy aerophagia aerophobe aerophobia aerophone aerophore aerophyte aeroplane aeroplankton aeroscope aeroscopy aerosol aerospace aerosphere

λιθος αιολος αιολος αιολος αει αει αηρ/χυμος αηρ αηρ/βαλλω αηρ/βαινω αηρ/βιος αηρ/βιος αηρ/δρομος αηρ/δρομος αηρ/δυναμαι αηρ/δυναμαι αηρ/οδυνη αηρ/Βαλλω αηρ/γραφω αηρ/γραφω αηρ/γραφω αηρ/γραφω αηρ/λιθος/λογος αηρ/λογος αηρ/μαινομαι αηρ/μηχος αηρ/μετρον αηρ/ναυς αηρ/ναυς αηρ/νευρον αηρ/νομος αηρ/φαγειν αηρ/φοβος αηρ/φοβος αηρ/φονη αηρ/φερω αηρ/φυω αηρ αηρ/πλανη αηρ/σκοπεω αηρ/σκοπεω αηρ αηρ αηρ/σφαιρα

aerostatics aerotrain aerotropic aerotropism aesthete aesthetic aesthetical aestheticism aesthetics aetiological aetiology aetion Afrocentric Afrocentrism Ag agamic agamogenetic agamous agamy agape agaric agaricaceous agate Agatha agathism agenesis agnatha agnathic agnathous agnosia agnosic agnostic agnostically agnosticism agon agonic agonistic agonize agony agora agoraphilia agoraphobe agoraphobia agoraphobic

αηρ/ιστημι αηρ αηρ/τρεπω αηρ/τρεπω αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αιτια/λογος αιτια/λογος αιτια κεντεω κεντεω αργυρος γαμος γαμος/γενος γαμος γαμος αγαπαω αγαρικον αγαρικον αχατης αγαθος αγαθος γενος γναθος γναθος γναθος γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω ψιψνωσκω γιγνωσκω αγω γωνια αγω αγω αγω αγορα αγορα/φιλος αγορα/φοβος αγορα/φοβος αγορα/φοβος

agraphic agriotype agrobacterium agrobiology agrochemical agrology agronome agronomics agronomist agronomy agrostis agrostography agrostology agrotechnology ahistorical AIDS ailurophile ailurophobe ailurophobia ailurophobic air airbag airballon airborn airbrush airbus aircondition aircraft airfoil airframe air-guitar air-hole airily airiness airing airless airline airmail airplane airport airproof airraid airship airsick

γραφω αγρος/τυπος αγρος/βακτρον αγρος/βιος/λογος αγρος/χυμος αγρος/λογος αγρος/νομος αγρος/νομος αγρος/νομος αγρος/νομος αγρωστις αγρωστις/γραφω αγρωστις/λογος αγρος/τεκτων/λογος ιστωρ δρομος αιλουρος/φιλος αιλουπος/φοβος αιλουπος/φοβος αιλουπος/φοβος αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ

airsickness airstream airstrip airtight airway airy akaryote akathisia akinesia akinetic alabaster albedometer a la carte alchemist alchemy alea iacta est aleatoric aleatory alembic Alex Alexander Alexandr(i)a Alexandian Alexandrine alexia Alexis algesia algolagnia algometer algophobia algophobic allegorical allegorize allegory alleles allelometric allelometry allelomorph allergenic allergic allergy allogamy allometric allometry

αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ αηρ καρυον εδρα κινεω κινεω αλαβαστρος μετρον χαρτης χυμος χυμος ηλεος ηλεος ηλεος αμβιξ αλεξω αλεξω/ανηρ αλεξω/ανηρ αλεξω/ανηρ αλεξω/ανηρ λογος αλεξω αλγος αλγος/λαγνεια αλγος/μετρον αλγος/φοβος αλγος/φοβος αλλος/αγορα αλλος/αγορα αλλος/αγορα αλλος αλλος/μετρον αλλος/μετρον αλλος/μορφη αλλος/γενος αλλος αλλος αλλος/γαμος αλλος/μετρον αλλος/μετρον

allomorph alloles allonym allopathic allopathy allopatric allophone alloplastic allotrope allotrophic allotropic allotropy almond almoner alms almshouse aloe alogia alogical alogism alopecia alopecoid alpha alphabet alphabetical alphabetically alphabetize alpha decay alphagram alphanumeric alpha particle altigraph altimeter altimetry aluminotype alyssum amalgam amalgamate amalgamation amaranth amaranthine amaryllis amass amathophobia

αλλος/μορφη αλλος αλλος/ονομα αλλος/παθος αλλος/παθος αλλος/πατηρ αλλος/φωνη αλλος/πλαττω αλλος/τρεπω αλλος/τρεφω αλλος/τρεπω αλλος/τρεπω αμυγδαλη ελεεω ελεεω ελεεω αλοη λογος λογος λογος αλωπης αλωπης αλφα αλφα/βητα αλφα/βητα αλφα/βητα αλφα/βητα αλφα αλφα/γραφω αλφα αλφα γραφω μετρον μετρον τυπος λυσσα μαλακος μαλακος μαλακος μαραινω μαραινω αμαρυλλις μασσω μανθανω/φοβος

Amazon amazonite amblodont amblygon amblyopia Ambrose ambrosia ambrosial amebous Amen amenorrhea amethyst amine ammeter Ammon ammonia ammoniac amnesia amnesty amnion amniotic amoeba amoebean amoebic amorphic amorphism amorphous amphetamine amphiamphibial amphibian amphibious amphibolous amphibology amphichrome amphictyonic amphictyony amphigony amphipod amphiprostyle amphisbaena amphitheater amphora amphoric

μαστος μαστος αμβλυς/οδους αμβλυς/γωνια αμβλυς/οψις βροτος βροτος βροτος αμειβω αμην μην/ρεω μεθη Αμμον μετρον Αμμον Αμμον Αμμον μναομαι μναομαι αμνος αμνος αμειβω αμειβω αμειβω μορφη μορφη μορφη αλφα/μεθη/υλη/φαινω αμφι αμφι/βιος αμφι/βιος αμφι/βιος αμφι/βαλλω αμφι/βαλλω/λογος αμφι/χρωμα αμφι/κτιζω αμφι/κτιζω αμφι/γενος αμφι/πους αμφι/στυλος αμφι/βαινω αμφι/θεαομαι αμφωρευς αμφωρευς

amphoteric amuse amygdalate amygdalic amygdaliferous amygdalin(e) amygdaloid amyl amylaceous amyl acetate amylase amylic amylogen(ic) amyloid amylolysis amylopsin amylose amylum amyotonia amyotrophic Anabaptist anabasis anabolic anachronism anachronistic anaclastic anaclitic anacoluthon anachronous anadiplosis anadromous anaerobe anaerobic anagenesis anaglyph anagnorisis anagogic anagram anagrammatic anagrammatize analect analects analemma analgesic

αμφι Μουσα αμυγδαλη αμυγδαλη αμυγδαλη αμυγδαλη αμυγδαλη αμυλον αμυλον αμυλον αμυλον αμυλον αμυλον/γενος αμυλον αυμλον/λυω αμυλον αμυλον αμυλον μυς/τεινω μυς/τρεφω βαπτω Βαινω βαλλω χρονος χρονος κλαω κλινω κελευθος χρονος -πλοος δρομος αηρ/βιος αηρ/βιος γενος γλυφω γιγνωσκω αγω γραφω γραφω γραφω λεγω λεγω λαμβανω αλγος

analogical analogous analogously analogue analogy analysand analysis analyst analytic analytical analytically analyze anamnesis anamorphic anamorphism anamorphosis ananym anapest anaphora anaphoric anaphrodisia anaphylactic anaphylaxis anaptyxis anarch anarchism anarchist anarchy anastomosis anastrophe anathema anathematize Anatolia anatomical anatomically anatomist anatomize anatomy anautogenous anchor anchorage anchorite anchorless Ancyra

λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λυω λυω λυω λυω λυω λυω λυω μναομαι μορφη μορφη μορφη ονομα παιω φερω φερω αφρος φυλαττω φυλαττω πτυσσω αρχω αρχω αρχω απχω στομα στρεφω τιθημι τιθημι ανατπλη τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω αυτος/γενος αγκυρα αγκυρα χωρεω αγκυρα αγκυρα

andragogy Andrew androcephalous androcracy androcentric androcentrism androcentrist androcentristic androgen androgenic androgenism androgenous androgyne androgynous androgyny android andrologist andrology andromorphic Andy anecdotal anecdote anechoic anemia anemic anemogram anemograph anemographic anemography anemology anemometer anemometry anemone anemophilous anemotropism anemosis anencephalous anencephaly anenterous anerobe anerobic aneroid anesthesia anesthetic

ανηρ/αγω ανηρ ανηρ/κεφαλος ανηρ/κρατεω ανηρ/κεντεω ανηρ/κεντεω ανηρ/κεντεω ανηρ/κεντεω ανηρ/γενος ανηρ/γενος ανηρ/γενος ανηρ/γενος ανηρ/γυνη ανηρ/γυνη ανηρ/γυνη ανηρ ανηρ/λογος ανηρ/λογος ανηρ/μορφη ανηρ διδωμι διδωμι ηχω αιμα αιμα ανεμος/γραφω ανεμος/γραφω ανεμος/γραφω ανεμος/γραφω ανεμος/λογος ανεμος/μετρον ανεμος/μετρον ανεμος ανεμος/φιλος ανεμος/τρεπω ανεμος κεφαλη κεφαλη ενδον αηρ/βιος αηρ/βιος νηρος αισθανομαι αισθανομαι

aneurism aneurysm angel Angela angelic Angelica angelical angelolatry angelolology angelophany angelot Angelus angioblast angioblastic angiocarp angiocarpous angiogenesis angiogram angiography angiology angioma angioneurosis angioneurotic angioplasty angioscope angioscopic angiosperm angiospore angiosporous angiostomous angiotomy Anglophile Anglophilia Anglophobe Anglophobia Angora anhedonia anhydride anhydrous aniconic anion anionic anise aniseed

ευρυς ευπυς αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος/λατρις αγγελος/λογος αγγελος/φαινω αγγελος αγγελος αγγειον/βλαστος αγγειον/βλαστος αγγειον/καρπος αγγειον/καρπος αγγειον/γενος αγγειον/γραφω αγγειον/γραφω αγγιειον/λογος αγγειον/οιδεω αγγειον/νευρον αγγειον/νευρον αγγειον/πλαττω αγγειον/σκοπεω αγγειον/σκοπεω αγγειον/σπειρω αγγειον/σπειρω αγγειον/σπειρω αγγειον/στομα αγγειον/τεμνω φιλος φιλος φοβος φοβος αγκυρα ηδυς υδωρ υδωρ εικων ειμι ειμι ανησον ανησον

anisette anistropy Ankara ankylosaur Annapolis anodal anode anodic anodize anodyne anomalism anomalist anomalous anomaly anomie anomy anon anon. anonymity anonymous anonymously anorectic anorexia anorexic anorgasmic anorthic anorthopia anosmatic anosmic anoxia antagonism antagonist antagonistic antagonize antalgic antarctic Antarctica Antares antean Anteus antechamber anthem anthemion anther

ανησον ισοσ/τρεπω αγκυρα αγκυρα/σαυρος πολις οδος οδος οδος οδος οδυνη ομος ομος ομος ομος νομος νομος ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ορυγειν ορυγειν ορυγειν οργη ορθος ορθος/οψις οσμη οσμη οξυς αγω αγω αγω αγω αλγος αρκτος αρκτος Αρης Ανταιος Ανταιος καμαρα φωνη ανθος ανθος

anthesis anthocarp anthocarpous anthocyanin anthograph anthography antholite anthologize anthology anthomancy anthomania anthophilous anthophorous anthracite anthrax anthropocentric anthropogenic anthropoid anthropologist anthropology anthropometry anthropomorph anthropomorphic anthropomorphism anthropopathy anthropophagi anthropophagous anthropophagy anthropoponymy anthropopsychism anthropotomy antiantiaircraft antibacterial antibiotic antichrist antichristian anticlerical anticlimactic anticlimax anticline anticyclone anticyclonic antidemocratic

ανθος ανθος/καρπος ανθος/καρπος ανθος/κυανος ανθος/γραφω ανθος/γραφω ανθος/λιθος ανθος/λογος ανθος/λογος ανθος/μαινομαι ανθος/μαινομαι ανθος/φιλος ανθος/φερω ανθραξ ανθραξ ανθρωπος/κεντεω ανθρωπος/γενος ανθρωπος ανθρωπος/λογος ανθρωπος/λογος ανθρωπος/μετρον ανθρωπος/μορφη ανθρωπος/μορφη ανθρωπος/μορφη ανθρωπος/παθος ανθρωπος/φαγειν ανθρωπος/φαγειν ανθρωπος/φαγειν ανθρωπος/ονομα ανθρωπος/ψυχη ανθρωπος/τεμνω αντι αηρ βακτρον βιος χριω χριω κληρος κλινω κλινω κιλνω κυκλος κυκλος δημος/κρατεω

antidotal antidote antiemetic antifreeze antigen antigenic antigravity antihero antihistamine antihistemic antilock antilog antilogarithm antilogy antimachine antineoplastic antinomian antinomianism antinomy antioxidant antipapist antipasto antipathic antipathy antiphon antiphonal antiphonally antiphonetic antiphonic antiphony antipodal antipodes antipolygamy antipope antipsychotic antipyretic anti-semitic anti-semitism antisepsis antiseptic antistatic antistrophe antiterror antiterrorism

διδωμι διδωμι εμεω αντι γενος γενος αντι ηρως ιστος ιστος αντι λογος λογος/αριθμος λογος μηχος νεος/πλαττω νομος νομος νομος οξυς παππας πασσω παθος παθος φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη πους πους πολυς/γαμος παππας ψυκη πυρ Σημ Σημ σηπω σηπω ισημι στρεφω αντι αντι

antithesis antithetical antitoxic antitoxin antitype antitypical antonomasia antonym antral anuric aorist aorta aoristic aortography apathetic apathetically apathy aphagia aphasia aphelion aphemia apheresis apheretic aphesis aphetic aphonic aphorism aphoristic aphoritic aphotic Aphrodite aphrodisaic aphyllous aplastic aplustre apnea apoapsis apocalypse apocalyptic apochromatic apocopate apocopation apocope apocryph

τιθημι τιθημι τοξον τοξον τυπος τυπος ονομα ονομα αντρον ουρον οριζω αειρω οριζω αειρω/δραφω παθος παθος παθος φαγειν φημι ηλιος φωνη αειρω αειρω ιημι ιημι φωνη οριζω οριζω οριζω φως αφρος αφρος φυλλον πλαττω απλαστον πνεω απτω καλυπτω καλυπτω χρωμα κοπτω κοπτω κοπτω κρυπτω

apocrypha apocryphal apodal apodictic apodosis apodyterium apogamous apogamy apogee apogonid apograph apolar apolitical apologetic apologetical apologetically apologia apologist apologize apologue apology apopemptic apophysis apoplectic apoplexy aposiopesis apostasy apostate apostle apostolic apostrophe apothecary apothegm apotheosis apotheosize apotropaic appendectomy appoggiatura apraxia apraxic apse apsidal apsis apteral

κρυπτω κρυπτω πους δεικνυμαι διδωμι −δυω γαμος γαμος γη γωνια γραφω πελω πολις λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος πεμπω φυω πλησσω πλησσω σιωπη ιστημι ιστημι στελλω στελλω στρεφω τιθημι φλεγω θεος θεος τρεπω τεμνω πους πραττω πραττω απτω απτω απτω πτερον

apterous apterygote apteryx apyretic arachin Arachne arachnean arachnid arachnoid arachnologist arachnology arachnophagous arachnophobia Arcadia Arcadian archarchaic archaically archaism archangel archbishop archdeacon archdiocese archelogy archeological archeologist archeology archetypal archetype archiarchidiaconical archiepiscopal archimage archipelago architect architectonic architectural architecture architrave archival archivalia archive archives archivist

πτερον πτερον πτερον πυρ Αραχνη Αραχνη Αραχνη Αραχνη Αραχνη Αραχνη/λογος Αραχνη/λογος Αραχνη/φαγειν Αραχνη/φοβος Αρκαδια Αρκαδια αρχω αρχω αρχω αρχω αγγελος/αρχω αρχω/σκοπεω αρχω/διακονος αρχω/οικος αρχω/λογος αρχω/λογος αρχω/λογος αρχω/λογος αρχω/τυπος αρχω/τυπος αρχω αρχω/διακονος αρχω/σκοπεω αρχω αρχω/πελαγος αρχω/τεκτων αρχω/τεκτων αρχω/τεκτων αρχω/τεκτων αρχω αρχω αρχω αρχω αρχω αρχω

arcgivistic archizoic archon archpriest arc-lamp Arctic Arcturus -archy areology areopagite areopagus Ares arete Aretha aretalogy argent Argentina argon Argonaut Argos Argus Argus-eyed argyrol aria ariel aristarchy aristocracy aristocrat aristocratic aristoi aristotype arithmetic arithmetic mean arithmetic progession

arithmetical arithmocracy arithmomancy arithmomania armchair aroma aromatic arrhythmia arrhythmic arsenic

αρχω αρχω/ζαω αρχω αρχω/πρεσβυς λαμπω αρκτος αρκτος αρχω Αρης/λογος Αρης/παγος Αρης/παγος Αρης αρετη αρετη αρετη αργυρος αργυρος εργον Αργος/ναυς Αργος Αργος Αργος αργυριον αηρ αηρ αριστος/αρχω αριστος/κρατεω αριστος/κρατεω αριστος/κρατεω αριστος αριστος/τυπος αριθμος αριθμος αριθμος αριθμος αριθμος/κρατεω αριθμος/μαινομαι αριθμος/μαινομαι εδρα αρωμα αρωμα πεω ρεω αρσην

arsenicide arsis arterial arteriole artery arthritic arthritis arthroarthropod arthropoda arthroscopy artocarpad artophagous ar(r)ythmia asbestos asbestus ascetic ascetical asceticism ascoascocarp ascospore ascus asepsis aseptic aspherical Asia Asia Minor Asian Asiatic asp asparagus asper (coin) asphalt asphodel asphyxia asphyxiant asphyxiate asphyxiation aspidistra Assyria Assyrian Assyriology astatic

αρσην αειρω αειρω αειρω αειρω αρθρον αρθρον αρθρον αρθρον/πους αρθρον/πους αρθρον/σκοπεω αρτος/καρπος αρτος/φαγειν ρεω σβεννυμι σβεννυμι ασκεω ασκεω ασκεω ασκος ασκος/καρπος ασκος/σπειρω ασκος σηπω σηπω σφαιρα Ασια Ασια Ασια Ασια ασπις ασπαραγος ασπρος ασφαλτον ασφωδελος σφυζω σφυζω σφυζω σφυζω ασπις Συρος Συρος Συρος/λογος ιστημι

astatine aster asterial asterisk asterism asteroid asthma asthmatic asthenia asthenic asthenosphere astichous astigmatic astigmatism astomous Astraea astral astrally astroastrobiologist astrobiology astrobotany astrocytoma astrodome astrodynamics astrogater astrographic astrography astrolabe astrolatry astrologaster astrologer astrological astrology astrometeorology astrometry astronaut astronautical astronautics astronavigation astronavigator astronomer astronomical astronomy

ιστημι αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ ασθμα ασθμα σθενος σθενος σθενος/σφαιρα στιχος στιζω στιζω στομα αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ/βιος/λογος αστηρ/βιος/λογος αστηρ/βοσκω αστηρ/κυω/οιδεω αστηρ αστηρ/δυναμαι αστηρ αστηρ/γραφω αστηρ/γραφω αστηρ/λαμβανω αστηρ/λατρις αστηρ/γαστηρ αστηρ/λογος αστηρ/λογος αστηρ/λογος αστηρ/αειρω/λογος αστηρ/μετρον αστηρ/ναυς αστηρ/ναυς αστηρ/ναυς αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ/νομος αστηρ/νομος αστηρ/νομος

astrophile astrophobia astrophotography astrophysical astrophysicist astrophysics aetroturf astylar asylum asymetric asymetrical asymetrically asymetry asymptomatic asymptote asynchronism asynchronous asynchronously asynchrony asyndeton asyntactic ataxia ataxic ataxy atheism atheist atheistic atheistically atheize athematic Athena atheneum Athenian Athens athermic athlete athletic athletically athleticism athletics Atlantes Atlantic Atlantic City Atlantic Ocean

αστηρ/φιλος αστηρ/φοβος αστηρ/φως/γραφω αστηρ/φυω αστηρ/φυω αστη/φυω αστηρ στυλος συλαω μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον πιπτω πιπτω χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος δεω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω θεος θεος θεος θεος θεος τιθημι Αθηνη Αθηνη Αθηνη Αθηνη θερομαι αθλον αθλον αθλον αθλον αθλον Ατλας Ατλας Ατλας Ατλας/Οκεανος

Atlantis atlas atmogenic atmometer atmosphere atmospheric atmospherical atom atom bomb atomic atomic energy atomism atomist atomize atomizer atomy atonal atonic atoxin atriopore atrophy attic Attic Attica Atticism atticize Atticus attorney attune atypical audiometer audiophile Augean Augean stable Augeas aulic aura aurora borealis austere austerely austerity Australopithecus autarchy autarky

Ατλας Ατλας ατμος/γενος ατμος/μετρον ατμος/σφαιρα ατμος/σφαιρα ατμος/σφαιρα τεμνω τεμνω/βομβος τεμνω τεμνω/εργον τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεινω τεινω τοξον περαω τρεφω Αττικος Αττικος Αττικος Αττικος Αττικος Αττικος τορνος τεινω τυπος μετρον φιλος Αυγεας Αυγεας Αυγεας αυλη


βορεας αυος αυος αυος πιθηκος αυτος/αρχω αυτος/αρχω

autecology auteur authentic authentically authenticate authentication authenticator authenticity autism autistic auto Autobahn autobiographical autobiography autoblock autocephalous autochthon autochthonal autochthonous autochthony autoclave auto-correlated autocorrelation autocracy autocrat autocratic autocratically autodial autodidact autodidactic autodynamic autoembolism autoerotic autoeroticism autogenesis autogenetic autogenetous autogenous autograph autographic autography autogyro autoimmune autokinetic

αυτος/οικος/λογος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτοςβιος/γραφω αυτοςβιος/γραφω αυτος αυτος/κεφαλη αυτος/χθων αυτος/χθων αυτος/χθων αυτος/χθων αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος/κρατεω αυτος/κρατεω αυτος/κρατεω αυτος/κρατεω αυτος αυτος/διδασκω αυτος/διδασκω αυτος/δυναμαι αυτος/βαλλω αυτος/ερως αυτος/ερως αυτος/γενος αυτος/γενος αυτος/γενος αυτος/γενος αυτος/γραφω αυτος/γραφω αυτος/γραφω αυτος/γυρος αυτος αυτος/κινεω

autolatry autologous autolysis automaker automat automate automatic automatically automaton autometry automobile automobilism automobilist automobility automorphic automorphism automotive autonomic autonomous autonomously autonomy autopathic autophagous autophony autopilot autoplast autoplastic autoplasty autopsy autosomatic autosome autostrada autotheism autotheist autotheistic autotomic autotomy autotoxic autotoxin autotroph autotrophic autotropic autotype autotypic

αυτος/λατρις αυτος/λογος αυτος/λυω αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος/μετρον αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος αυτος/μορφη αυτος/μορφη αυτος αυτος/νομος αυτος/νομος αυτος/νομος αυτος/νομος αυτος/παθος αυτος/φαγειν αυτος.φωνη αυτος/πηδον αυτος/πλαττω αυτος/πλαττω αυτος/πλαττω αυτος/οψις αυτος/σωμα αυτος/σωμα αυτος αυτος/θεος αυτος/θεος αυτος/θεος αυτος/τεμνω αυτος/τεμνω αυτος/τοξον αυτος/τοξον αυτος/τρεφω αυτος/τρεφω αυτος/τρεπω αυτος/τυπος αυτος/τυπος

autoxidize auturgy auxospore auxotroph Avernal Avernus aviophobia avogram AWACS axiology axiom axiomatic axiomatically axon azalea azoazote azotic azygous azym(e) azymous

αυτος/οξυς αυτος/εργον σπειρω τρεφω ορνις ορνις φοβος γραφω αηρ/ισημι αξιος/λογος αξιος αξιος αξιος αξον αζω ζαω ζαω ζαω ζυγον ζυμη ζυμη

B Bacchanal Bacchanalia Bacchanalian Bacchant Bacchante Bacchic Bacchus bacillar bacillary bacilliform bacillosis bacillus backgammon bacteria bacterial bactericidal bactericide bacterin bacteriological bacteriologist bacteriology bacteriolysis bacteriolysin bacteriolytic bacteriophage bacteriophagic bacterioscopy bacteriosis bacteriostasis bacteriotherapeutic bacteriotherapy bacterium baculiform baculus baguette ball (dance) ballabile ballad balladeer balladist balladmongering

Βακχος Βακχος Βακχος Βακχος Βακχος Βακχος Βακχος βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον


βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον/λογος βακτρον/λογος βακτρον/λογος βακτρον/λυω βακτρον/λυω βακτρον/λυω βακτρον/φαγειν βακτρον/φαγειν βακτρον/σκοπεω βακτρον βακτρον/ιστημι βακτρον/θεραπων βακτρον/θεραπων βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βακτρον βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω

ballet balletic ballista ballistic ballistician ballistics ballistophobia ballroom balm balmy balneological balneologist balneology balneotherapy balsam baluster balustrade banausic ban(n)ister banjo baptism baptismal baptist baptistry baptize baptizer bar (weight) Barbara barbarian barbaric barbarism barbarity barbarous barbarously Barbary bardolatry bar graph baritone barium barocyclometer barognosis barogram barograph barometer

βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω/φοβος βαλλω βαλσαμον βαλσαμον λογος λογος λογος θεραπων βαλσαμον βαλαυστιον βαλαυστιον βαυνος βαλαυστιον πανδουρα βαπτω βαπτω βαπτω βαπτω βαπτω βαπτω βαρυς βαρβαρος βαρβαρος βαρβαρος βαρβαρος βαρβαρος βαρβαρος βαρβαρος βαρβαρος λατρις γραφω βαρυς/τεινω βαρυς βαρυς/κυκλος/μετρον βαρυς/γιγνωσκω βαρυς/γραφω βαρυς/γραφω βαρυς/μετρον

barometric barometry baroscope barostat barothermograph baryon barytone basal base baseboard baseless baseline basement BASIC basic basically basicity basil Basil basilar basilect basilica basilisk basirostral basis bathetic bathocolpian batholith bathometer bathos bathyal bathybic bathymeter bathymetric bathymetry bathypelagic bathyscaphe bathyscope bathyseism bathysmal bathysphere Beattlemania becalm bedchamber

βαρυς/μετρον βαρυς/μετρον βαρυς/σκοπεω βαρυς/ιστημι βαρυς/θερομαι/γραφω βαρυς βαρυς/τεινω βαινω βαινω βαινω βαινω βαινω βαινω βαλλω βαινω βαινω βαινω βασιλευς βασιλευς βασιλευς βασιλευς βασιλευς βασιλευς βαινω βαινω βαθυς βαθυς/κολπος βαθους/λιθος βαθυς/μετρον βαθυς βαθυς βαθυς/βιος βαθυς/μετρον βαθυς/μετρον βαθυς/μετρον βαθυς/πελαγος Βαθυς/σκαφη βαθυς/σκοπεω βαθυς/σειω βαθυς βαθυς/σφαιρα μαινομαι καιω καμαρα

bedevil bedevilment beerocracy Beirut beloid belomancy bemused benthos benthoscope Berenice beryl beryllium berylloid beta beta-blocker betacism beta decay b particle beta particle beta ray biathlon Bible biblical biblically bibliobiblioclasm biblioclast bibliognost bibliographer bibliographic bibliographical bibliography biblioklept bibliolatry bibliologist bibliology bibliomancy bibliomania bibliomaniac bibliopegy bibliophage bibliophagous bibliophile bibliophilic

βαλλω βαλλω κρατεω Βηρυτος βελος βελος/μαινομαι Μουσα βενθος βενθος/σκοπεω νικη βηρυλλος βηρυλλος βηρυλος βητα βητα βητα βητα βητα βητα βητα αθλον βιβλος βιβλος βιβλος βιβλος βιβλος/κλαω βοβλος/κλαω βιβλος/γιγνωσω βιβλος/γραφω βιβλος/γραφω βιβλος/γραφω βιβλος/γραφω βιβλος/κλεπτω βιβλος/λατρις βιβλος/λογος βιβλος/λογος βιβλος/μαινομαι βιβλος/μαινομαι βιβλος/μαινομαι βιβλος/πηγνυμι βιβλος/φαγειν βιβλος/φαγειν βιβλος/φιλος βιβλος/φιλος

bibliophilist bibliophobe bibliophobia bibliopole bibliopolist bibliotaph bibliotaphic bibliotheca bibliothecarial bibliotherapy Biblos bicameral bicentral bicephalous bichloride bichromate biconical bicycle bicyclist bidialecticist bigamist bigamous bigamy bike biker bimetallic bimetallism bioactive bioaugmentation bioblast biocatalyst biocentric biochemical biochemistry biochromic biocide bioclimatic bioclimatology biocontrol bio-corn biodata biodefense biodegradable biodiversity

βιβλος/φιλος βιβλος/φοβος βιβλος/φοβος βιβλος/πωλεω βιβλος/πωλεω βιβλος/θαπτω βιβλος/θαπτω βιβλος/τιθημι βιβλος/τιθημι βιβλος/θεραπων βιβλος καμαρα κεντεω κεφαλη χλωρος χρωμα κωνος κυκλος κυκλος λεγω γαμος γαμος γαμος κυκλος κυκλος μεταλλον μεταλλον βιος βιος βιος/βλαστος βιος/κατα/λυω βιος/κεντεω βιος/χυμος βιος/χυμος βιος/χρωμα βιος βιος/κλινω βιος/κλιμω/λογος βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος

biodynamics bioecology bioelectricity bioelectronics bioengineer bioengineering bio-enhanced bioenvironment bioethical bioethics bioexclusivity biofeedback bioform biogen biogenesis biogenetic biogenetist biogeochemical biogeographer biogeographical biogeography biograph biographer biographical biography biohazard biohistorical biohistory bioinformatics biokinetics biolistics biologic biological biologically biologism biologist biologics biology bioluminescence bioluminescent biolysis biolytic biomagnetic biomass

βιος/δυναμαι βιος/οικος/λογος βιος/ηλεκτρον βιος/ηλεκτρον βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος/εθος βιος/εθος βιος βιος βιος βιος/γενος βιος/γενος βιος/γενος βιος/γενος βιος/γη/χυμος βιος/γη/γραφω βιος/γη/γραφω βιος/γη/γραφω βιος/γραφω βιος/γραφω βιος/γραφω βιος/γραφω βιος βιος/ιστωρ βιος/ιστωρ βιος βιος/κινεω βιος/βαλλω βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος βιος βιος/λυω βιος/λυω βιος/Μαγνητις βιος/μασσω

biome biomechanics biomedical biomemory biometeorology biometer biometric(s) biometrician biometry biomolecular biomorph bionic biont bio-organism biopesticide biophagous biopharm biophysical biophysics biopiracy bioplasm bioplastic biopolymer biopsy bioptic bioreactor bioremediation biorhythm biosafe biosafety biosatellite bioscavenge bioscavenger bioscience bioscope bioscopy biosensor biosolid biospeleology biosphere biostatic biostatistics biosynthesis biota

βιος βιος/μηχος βιος βιος βιος/αειρω/λογος βιος/μετρον βιος/μετρον βιος/μετρον βιος/μετρον βιος βιος/μορφη βιος βιος/ειμι βιος/οργανον βιος βιος/φαγειν βιος/φαρμακον βιος/φυω βιος/φυω βιος/πειρα βιος/πλαττω βιος/πλαττω βιος/πολυς/μερος βιος/οψις βιος/οψις βιος βιος βιος/ρεω βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος/σκοπεω βιος/σκοπεω βιος βιος βιος/σπελαιον/λογος βιος/σφαιρα βιος/ισημι βιος βιος/τιθημι βιος

biotech biotechnology bioterror bioterrorism biotic biotope bioturbation biotype biowarfare bioweapon bipeltate biphyletic bipod bipolar bipolarity birthplace bishop bishopric bisymmetrical bisymmetry bitheism bitonality bizygomatic blame blameless blameworthy blaspheme blasphemous blasphemously blasphemy blast blastoblastocarpous blastocyst blastocyte blastoderm blastogenesis blastogenic blastogeny blastography blastoid blastomere blastosphere blastostroma

βιος/τεκτων βιος/τεκτων/λογος βιος βιος βιος βιος/τοπος βιος βιος/τυπος βιος βιος πελτη φυλον πους πελω πελω πλατυς σκοπεω σκοπεω μετρον μετρον θεος τεινω ζυγον φημι φημι φημι φημι φημι φημι φημι βλαστος βλαστος βλαστος/καρπος βλαστος/κυω βλαστος/κυω βλαστος/δερω βλαστος/γενος βλαστος/γενος βλαστος/γενος βλαστος/γραφω βλαστος βλαστος/μερος βλαστος/σφαιρα βλαστος/στορνυμι

blastostyle blastous blastula blastule blepharal blepharism blepharitis blepharospasm bluebottle blue card boarding school bodega bole boletus bolide bolus bomb bombard bombardment bombast bombastic bomber bombshell bombycine Bootes bora boreal borealization borealize Boreas botanical botanist botanomancy botany Botox bottle bottleneck boule bound (leap) boustrophedon boutique box boxcar box office

βλαστος/στυλος βλαστος βλαστος βλαστος βλεπω βλεπω βλεπω βλεπω/σπαω πυτινη χορδη σχολη τιθημι βωλος βωλος βαλλω βωλος βομβος βομβος βομβος βομβυξ βομβυξ βομβος βομβος βομβυξ βους βορεας βορεας βορεας βορεας βορεας βοσκω βοσκω βοσκω/μαινομαι βοσκω βοσκω/toxon πυτινη πυτινη βουλη βομβος βους/στρεφω τιθημι πυξος πυξος πυξος

boxwood b-particle bra bracchium brace bracelet bracemate bracero brachial brachiate brachiation brachiator brachiopod brachiosaur bracing brachycephalic brachycrany brachygraphy brachylogy brachypodous brachyodont brachypterous brachysm brachyurous bradycardia bradykinesia bradykinesis bradypepsia bradypod bradyseism branchia brassiere breastplate breathalyzer brilliance brilliant brilliantine brilliantly briony bromic bromide bromine bromism bromize

πυξος βητα βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων/πους βραχιων/σαυρος βραχιων βραχυς/κεφαλη βραχυς/κρανιον βραχυς/γραφω βραχυς/λογος βραχυς/πους βραχυς/οδους βραχυς/πτερον βραχυς βραχυς/ουρα βραδυς/καρδια βραδυς/κινεω βραδυς/κινεω βραδυς/πεπτω βραδυς/πους βραδυς/σειω βραγχια βραχιων πλατυς λυω βηρυλλος βηρυλλος βηρυλλος βηρυλλος βρυω βρωμος βρωμος βρωμος βρωμος βρωμος

bronchial bronchiole bronchitis bronchocele bronchoconstrictor bronchopneumonia bronchophony bronchoscope bronchospasm brontograph brontology brontometer brontophobia brontosaurus bronze medal bryology bryony bryophyte bryozoa bubo bubonic bucolic Buenos Aires buff buffalo bulb bulbous bulbously bulimia bulimic bureaucracy bureaucrat bureaucratic bursa bursal bursar bursarial bursary burse bursectomy bursiculate bursiform bursitis bushel

βρογχος βρογχος βρογχος βρογχος/κηλη βρογχος βρογχος/πνεω βρογχος/φωνη βρογχος/σκοπεω βρογχος/σπαω βροντη/γραφω βροντη/λογος βροντη/μετρον βροντη/φοβος βροντη/σαυρος μεταλλον βρυω/λογος βρυω βρυω/φυω βρυω/ζοον βουβων βουβων βους αηρ βους βους βολβος βολβος βολβος βους/λιμος βους/λιμος κρατεω κρατεω κρατεω βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα/τεμνω βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα πυξος

bushing butane butler butter butterball buttercup butterfat butterfingers butterfly buttermilk butterscotch buttery buttery (n) butyl butraceous butylene Byblos byssal byssinosis byssoid byssus Byzantine Byzantium

πυξος βους/τυρος πυτινη βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος βους/τυρος πυτινη βους/υλη βους/τυρος βους/υλη βιβλος βυθος βυθος βυθος βυθος Βυζαντιον Βυζαντιον

C cablegram cablegraph cacocacodemon cacodoxy cacogenics cacoglossia cacography cacology cacomorphia caconym cacophonous cacophony cacoplastic cacorhythmic cactaceous cactoid cactus Cadmean cadmium Cadmus caduceus Caesaro-papism Cainozoic Cajun calamine calamus calcigenous calciphilous calciphobous calender calicle caliciform calix calligraph calligrapher calligraphic calligraphist calligraphy Calliope Calliopean

γραφω γραφω κακος κακος/δαιμων κακος/δοκεω κακος/γενος κακος/γλωττα κακος/γραφω κακος/λογος κακος/μορφη κακος/ονομα κακος/φωνη κακος/φωνη κακος/πλαττω κακος/ρεω κακτος κακτος κακτος Καδμος Καδμος Καδμος κηρυξ παππας καινος/ζαω Ακαδια Καδμος καλαμος γενος φιλος φοβος κυλινδρω καλυξ καλυξ καλυξ καλος/γραφω καλος/γραφω καλος/γραφω καλος/γραφω καλος/γραφω καλος/οψ καλος/οψ

callipygian callipygous callipygously cal(l)isthenic(s) calm calmer calmly calmness calomel calorimeter calorimetric calorimetry calotype calycle calyculus calypso calyx camaraderie camber camcorder camel camelback camelopard Camelopardalus camera cameral cameraman camerlingo campanologist campanology campimeter campodeiform campylospermous campylotropous canape cane canasta canaster canister cannabic cannabis cannon cannonade cannonball

καλος/πυγη καλος/πυγη καλος/πυγη καλος/σθενος καιω καιω καιω καιω καλος/μελας μετρον μετρον μετρον καλος/τυπος καλυξ καλυξ Καλυψο καλυξ καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα καμηλος καμηλος καμηλος/παρδαλις καμηλος/παρδαλις καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα λογος λογος μετρον καμπη καμπη/σπειρω καμπη/τρεπω κωνοψ καννα καννα καννα καννα κανναβις κανναβις καννα καννα καννα

cannon fodder cannonade cannoneer canon canoness canonic canonical canonically canonicity canonist canonization canonize canon law canophilia canopy cant (vb) canvas canvasback canvass canvasser canyon capnomancy caprigenous caprology capsuligenous capsulotomy carabinieri carat caravel caraway carbine carbonigenous carbohexene carbohydrate carbon dioxide carbon monoxide carbon paper carboxyl carboxylic carcinogen carcinogenesis carcinogenic carcinogenetic carcinoid

καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα καννα φιλος κωνοψ κανθος κανναβις κανναβις κανναβις κανναβις καννα καπνος/μαινομαι γενος λογος γενος τεμνω σκαραβος κερας καραβος καρον σκαραβος γενος εξ υδωρ οξυς μονος/οξυς παπυρος οξυς οξυς καρκινος/γενος καρκινος/γενος καρκινος/γενος καρκινος/γενος καρκινος

carcinology carcinolytic carcinoma carcinosis card cardboard card catalog cardiac cardialgia cardialgy cardiogram cardiograph cardiographer cardiographic cardiography cardioid cardiologist cardiology cardiolysis cardiomegaly cardiometer cardiomotor cardiopathy cardiopulmonary cardiovascular cardioversion carditis cardtable carotid carpal carpel carpology carpophagous carpophore carpus carrot carte blanche cartel cartographer cartography cartomancy carton cartoon cartoonist

καρκινος/λογος καρκινος/λυω καρκινος/οιδεω καρκινος χαρτης χαρτης χαρτης/λογος καρδια καρδια/αλγος καρδια/αλγος καρδια/γραφω κατδια/γραφω καρδια/γραφω καρδια/γραφω καρδια/γραφω καρδια καρδια/λογος καρδια/λογος καρδια/λυω καρδια/μεγας καρδια/μετρον καρδια καρδια/παθος καρδια καρδια καρδια καρδια χαρτης καρος


καρπος καρπος/λογος καρπος/φαγειν καρπος/φερω


καρωτον καρτης χαρτης χαρτης/γραφω χαρτης/γραφω χαρτης/μαινομαι χαρτης χαρτης χαρτης

cartophily cartouche cartridge carvel caryatid Cassandra cassia cassiterite castanet castor Castor castoreum castor oil catacatabatic catabolic catabolism catabolite cataclasm cataclastic cataclysm cataclysmal cataclysmally cataclysmic catacomb catadioptric catadromous catagenesis catalectic catalepsy cataleptic catalo catalog(ue) catalogic catalysis catalyst catalytic catalyze catamite cataphoresis cataphoric cataplexy cataphract catapult

χαρτης/φιλος χαρτης χαρτης καραβος Καρναι Κασσανδρα κασια κασσιτερπος καστανον καστωρ καστωρ καστωρ καστωρ κατα βαινω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω κλαω κλαω κλυζω κλυξω κλυζω κλυζω See OED οψις δρομος γενος λεγω λαμβανω λαμβανω βους λογος λογος λυω λυω λυω λυω Γανυμηδης φερω φερω πλησσω φρασσω παλλω

cataract catarrh catarrhal catarrhine catasterism catastrophe catastrophic catastrophism catastrophist catatasis catatonia catatonic catchphrase catechesis catechetic catechetical catechetically catechism catechismal catechist catechize catechizer catechumen categorical categorically category catharsis cathartic cathedral catherize catheter cathexis cathode catholic catholicism catholicity catholicize catholicly cation cationic catoptric catscan caulocarpous caustic

See OED. ρεω ρεω ρις αστηρ στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω τεινω τεινω τεινω φραζω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω αγορα αγορα αγορα καθαροω καθαροω εδρα ιημι ιημι εχω οδος ολος ολος ολος ολος ολος ειμι ειμι οψις αξον/τεμνω καυλος/καρπος καιω

caustically causticity cauterization cauterize cautery CD CD-ROM cedar cedilla ceilometer celandine celeriac celery cellophane cell phone Celt Celtiberian Celtic Celtics cemetery cenobite cenotaph cenozoic centaur Centaurus centaury center centerpiece centigram centimeter centoliter central centralism centralist centrality centralization centralize centralizer centric centrification centrifugal centrifuge centrify centripetal

καιω καιω καιω καιω καιω δισκος δισκος κεδρος ζητα μετρον χελιδων σελινον σελινον φαινω φωνη Κελτοι Κελτοι/Ιβηρια Κελτοι Κελτοι κειμαι κοινος/βιος κενος/θαπτω καινος/ζαω κεντεω/ταυρος κεντεω/ταυρος κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω γραφω μετρον λιτρα κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω

centripetally centrist centrobaric centromere cephalalgia cephalalgic cephalalgy cephalic cephalochordata cephalometry cephalopod cephalotomy cephalous Cepheid Cepheus ceramic ceramics ceratocele ceratoid ceratoplasty ceratosaurus ceratotome ceraunograph ceraunoscope cerography ceroplasty cestus cetacean cetic ceteosaur cetology Cetus chair chairborne chairman chairperson chairmanship chairwoman chaise chalcedomy Chalcidice chalcography chalcolite chalcolithic

κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω/βαρυς κεντεω/μερος κεφαλη/αλγος κεφαλη/αλγος κεφαλη/αλγος κεφαλη κεφαλη/χροδη κεφαλη/μετρον κεφαλη/πους κεφαλη/τεμνω κεφαλη Κηφευς Κηφευς κεραμος κεραμος κερας/κηλη κερας κερας/πλαττω κερας/σαυρος κερας/τεμνω κεραυνος/γραφω κεραυνος/σκοπεω κηρος/γραφω κηρος/πλαττω κεντεω κητος κητος κητος/σαυρος κητος/λογος κητος εδρα εδρα εδρα εδρα εδρα εδρα


χαλκος χαλκος χαλκος/γραφω χαλκος/λιθος χαλχος/λιθος

chalcopyrite chalice chalone chamaecephaly chamber chamberlain chambermaid chamber-pot chameleon chameleonesque chameleonic chaos chaotic chaotically character characteristic characteristically characterization characterize characterless characterology charactonym charactery charism charisma charismatic charismatically chart chartaceous charter charterer charterless chasm chasmogamy chasmophyte chatterbox cheilitis chela chelate cheliferous cheliform cheliped chem chemic

χαλκος/πυρ καλυξ χαλαω χθων/κεφαλη καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα χθων/λεων χθων/λεων χθων/λεων χαος χαος χαος χαρασμω χαρασμω χαρασμω χαρασμω χαρασμω χαρασμω χαρασμω/λογος χαρασμω/ονομα χαρασμω χαρισμα χαρισμα χαρισμα χαρισμα χαρτης χαρτης χαρτης χαρτης χαρτης χαινω χαινω/γαμος χαινω/φυω πυξις χειλος χηλη χηλη χηλη χηλη χηλη χυμος χυμος

chemical chemically chemicalize chemigraphy chemiluminescent chemist chemistry chemitype chemo chemoautotroph chemokinetic chemolysis chemoreceptor chemoreflex chemosphere chemostat chemosynthesis chemotherapy chemotaxis chemotropic chemotropism chemurgy cherry cherry pick cherry picker chest chestnut chi chiasma chiasmus chicory chiliad chiliarch chiliarchy chiliasm chiliast chiliastic chiliasty chiloplasty chilopod chilostome chime chimera chimerical

χυμος χυμος χυμος χυμος/γραφω χυμος χυμος χυμος χυμος/τυπος χυμος χομος/αυτος/τρεφω χυμος/κινεω χυμος/λυω χυμος χυμος χυμος/σφαιρα χυμος/ιστημι χυμος/τιθημι χυμος/θεραπων χυμος/ταττω χυμος/τρεπω χυμος/τρεπω χυμος/εργον κερασος κερασος κερασος κιστη


χι χι χι κιχορα χιλιοι χιλιοι/αρχω χιλιοι/αρχω χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι χειλος/πλαττω χειλος/πους χειλος/στομα κυμος χιμαιρα χιμαιρα

chimerism chimney chimney sweep chiragra chiral chirognomy chirograph chirographer chirographic chirography chirologist chirology chiromancer chiromancy chiromegaly chironomy chiroplasty chiropodist chiropody chiropractic chiropractor chiropter chrirosophist chirosophy chirotomy chi-square chitin chitinous chiton chitosarc chlamydate chlamydeous chlamys Chloe chloral chloranthous chlorate chlorella chloric chloride chlorinate chlorinator chlorine chloriniferous

χιμαιρα καιω καιω χειρ/αγρα χειρ χειρ/γιγνωσκω χειρ/γραφω χειρ/γραφω χειρ/γραφω χειρ/γραφω χειρ/λογος χειρ/λογος χειρ/μαινομαι χειρ/μαινομαι χειρ/μεγας χειρ/νομος χειρ/πλαττω χειρ/πους χειρ/πους χειρ/πραττω χειρ/πραττω χειρ/πτερον χειρ/σοφος χειρ/σοφος χειρ/τεμνω χι χιτων χιτων χιτων χιτων/σαρξ χλαμυς χλαμυς χλαμυς


χλωρος χλωρος/ανθος χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος

chlorite chlorodyne chloroform chloromata chloromelanite chlorometer chlorometry chlorophane chlorophyll chlorophyllous chloroplast chlorosis chlorous choanocyte choanoid choir choirboy cholangitis cholecyst cholecystectomy cholelith choler cholera choleric cholesterin cholesterol cholesterosis choliambic cholic cholochrome chololith cholology chondral chondrin chondritis chondrocyte chondrogenesis chondrule choragic choral chorale chord chorda chordal

χλωρος χλωρος/οδυνη χλωρος χλωρος χλωρος/μελας χλωρος/μετρον χλορος/μετρον χλωπος/φαινω χλωρος/φυλλον χλωρος/φυλλον χλωρος/πλαττω χλωρος χλωρος χοανη/κυω χοανη χορος χορος χολη/αγγιον χηολη/κυω χολη/κυω/τεμνω χολη/λιθος χολη χολη χολη χολη/στερεος χολη/στερεος χολη/στερεος χωλος/ιαμβος χολη χολη/χρωμα χολη/λιθος χολη/λογος χονδρος χονδρος χονδρος χονδρος/κυω χονδρος/γενος χονδρος χορος χορος χορος χορδη χορδη χορδη

chordata chordate choreograph choreograher choreographic choreography choreology choreutic chriamb choric chorine chorist chorister chorograph chorographer chorographic chorography chorological chorology chorometry chorus chorus girl chremastics chrism chrismatory Christ Christe eleison christen Christendom christening Christian Christianity Christianize Christless Christlike Christmas Christmas tree Christocentric Christocratic Christology Christophany Christopher chroma chromascope

χορδη χορδη χορος/γραφω χορος/γραφω χορος/γραφω χορος/γραφω χορος/λογος χορος χορος/ιαμβος χορος χορος χορος χορος χορος/γραφω χορος/γραφω χορος/γραφω χορος/γραφω χορος/λογος χορος/λογος χορος/μετρον χορος χορος χρημα χριω χριω χριω χριω/ελεεω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω/κεντρον χριω/κρατεω χριω/λογος χριω/φαινω χριω/φερω χρωμα χρωμα/σκοπεω

chromate chromatic chromatics chromatin chromatism chromatocyte chromatogen chromatogenous chromatogram chromatograph chromatography chromatology chromatolysis chromatometer chromatophore chromatoplasm chromatoscopy chromatosis chromatosphere chromatopsy chromatosis chrome chromesthesia chromic chromiferous chrominance chromism chromite chromium chromogenic chromolith chromometer chromometry chromophil chromophobe chromophore chromoplast chromosome chromosphere chromotricial chromotrope chromotype chronic chronically

χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα/κυω χρωμα/γενος χρωμα/γενος χρωμα/γραφω χρωμα/γραφω χρωμα/γραφω χρωμα/λογος χρωμα/λυω χρωμα/μετρον χρωμα/φερω χρωμα/πλαττω χρωμα/σκοπεω χρωμα χρωμα/σφαιρα χρωμα/οψις χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα/αεσθανομαι χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα/γενος χρωμα/λιθος χρωμα/μετρον χρωμα/μετρον χρωμα/φιλος χρωμα/φοβος χρωμα/φερω χρωμα/πλαττω χρωμα/σωμα χρωμα/σφαιρα χρωμα/θριξ χρωμα/τρεπω χρωμα/τυπος χρονος χρονος

chronicity chronicle chronicler chronogram chronograph chronographer chronographic chronography chronologer chronological chronologically chronologist chronologize chronology chronometer chronometry chrononomy chronoscope chronotherapy chronothermal chronotopic chrony chrysalid chrysalis chrysanthemum chryselephantine chrysoberyl chrysocarpous chrysochlorous chrysograph chrysography chrysolite chthonian chthonic chthonography chthonophagia chum chumminess chummy church church-goer churchless churchlike churchman

χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος/γραφω χρονος/γραφω χρονος/γραφω χρονος/γραφω χρονος/γραφω χρονος/λογος χρονος/λογος χρονος/λογος χρονος/λογος χρονος/λογος χρονος/λογος χρονος/μετρον χρονος/μετρον χρονος/νομος χρονος/σκοπεω χρονος/θεραπων χρονος/θερομαι χρονος/τοπος


χρυσος χρυσος χρυσος/ανθος χρυσος/ελεφας χρυσος/βηρυλλος χρυσος/καρπος χρυσος/χλορος χρυσος/γραφω χρυσος/γραφω χρυσος/λιθος χθων χθων χθων χθων/φαγειν καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα κυρος κυρος κυρος κυρος κυρος

churchwarden churchyard chyle chyliferous chylific chylification chylocaulous chylomicron chylous chyme chymiferous chymification chymous CIA cinema cinemascope cinematheque cinematic cinematically cinematics cinematize cinemobile cinematograph cinematographer cinemotography cinephile cinerama CIO circumgyrate circumgyration circumpolar cirrholite cirrhosis cirrhotic cissoid cist cistern cithara citharist citrometer clade cladism cladist cladistic(s)

κυρος κυρος χυλος χυλος χυλος χυλος χυλος χυλος/μικρος χυλος χυμος χυμος χυμος χυμος κεντεω κινεω κινεω/σκοπεω κινεω κινεω κινεω κινεω κινεω κινεω κινεω/γραφω κινεω/γραφω κινεω/γραφω κινεω/φιλος κινεω/οραω οργανον γυρος γυρος πελιω κιρρος/λιθος κιρρος κιρρος κισσος κιστη κιστη κιθαρα κιθαρα μετρον κλαω κλαω κλαω κλαω

cladogenesis clastic claustrophilia claustrophobe claustrophobia claustrophobic clavichord clesitocleistocarp cleistogamic clesitogamous cleistogamy clesitogenous cleithral clematis Cleo Cleopatra clepsydra cleptocracy clergy clergyman clergywoman cleric clerical clericalism clericalist clerically clerisy clerk clerkly clerkship cleromancy cleronomy climacteric climactic climactically climate climatic climatography climatological climatologist climatology climatotherapy climax

κλαω/γενος κλαω φιλος φοβος φοβος φοβος χορδη κλειω κλειω/καρπος κλειω/γαμος κλειω/γαμος κλειω/γαμος κλειω/γενος κλειω κλαω κλεω κλεω/πατηρ κλεπτω/υδωρ κλεπτω/κρατεω κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος κληρος/μαινομαι κληρος/νομος κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω/γραφω κλινω/λογος κλινω/λογος κλινω/λογος κλινω/θεραπων κλινω

clime climograph cline clinic clinical clinically clinician clinographic clinoid clinometer clinometric Clio clithral clitic clitoridectomy clitoris clonal clone clubocracy clyster cnidarian cnidoblast cnidocyst cnidocyte cnidogenous coarchitect coccid coccoid coccolith coccule coccus coccygeal coccyx cochineal cochlea cochlear cochleariform cochleate cochleiform cochliocarpous cochlite cockle cocoon codeine

κλινω κλινω/γραφω κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω/γραφω κλινω κλινω/μετρον κλινω/μετρον κλεω κλειω κλινω κλειω/τεμνω


κλυω κλυω κρατεω κλυζω κνεδη κνεδη/βλαστος κνεδη/κυω κνεδη/κυω κνεδη/γενος τεκτων κοκκος κοκκος κοκκος/λιθος κοκκος κοκκος κοκκυξ κοκκυξ κοκκος κοχλος κοχλος κοχλος κοχλος κοχλος κοχλος/καρπος κοχλος κογχος κογχος κωδεια

codicology codonostome coelacanth coelenteron coelia coeliac coiligenous coeliotomy coeloblast coelodont Coelomata coelomate coelome coelon coelosperm coelospermous coelostat coenoblast coenocyte coenogamy coenopodous coenospecies coenure coffer coffin coinonomic Colchian Colchis colchicum colectomy coleopter Coleoptera coleopterous coli colic colicky coliform coliseum colitis collage collagen collagenous collemia collet

λογος στομα κοιλος/ακη κοιλος/ενδον κοιλος κοιλος γενος κοιλος/τεμνω κοιλος/βλαστος κοιλος/οδους κοιλος κοιλος κοιλος κοιλος κοιλος/σπειρω κοιλος/σπειρω ιστημι κοινος/βλαστος κοινος/κυω κοινος/γαμος κοινος/πους κοινος κοινος/ουρα κοφινος κοφινος κοινος/οικος/νομος Κολχις Κολχις Κολχις κολον/τεμνω κολεον/πτερον κολεον/πτερον κολεον/πτερον κολον κολον κολον κολον κολοσσος κολον κολλα κολλα/γενος κολλα/γενος κολλα?αιμα κολλα

colleterial colletic collidine colligative collodion collograph colloid colloidal collophane collophore collotype colobium colog cologarithm cololite colombophile colometric colometry colon (gr.) colon (b.p.) colonic colonoscope colonoscopy colopexy colophon colophony colorimeter colorology colorphobia colorectal colorphoto colortype colossal colossally colosseum colossus colostomy colotomy colpitis colposcope colpotomy colure coma (fuzz) coma

κολλα κολλα κολλα/ειδος κολλα κολλα κολλα/γραφω κολλα κολλα κολλα/φαινω κολλα/φερω κολλα/τυπος κολον λογος/αριθμος λογος/αριθμος κολον/λιθος φιλος κωλον/μετρον κωλον/μετρον κωλον κολον κολον κολον/σκοπεω κολον/σκοπεω κολον/πηγνυμι κολοφων κολοφων μετρον λογος φοβος κολον φως τυπος κολοσσος κολοσσος κολοσσος κολοσσος κολον/τεμνω κολον/τεμνω κολπος κολπος/σκοπεω κολπος/τεμνω κολος/ουρα κομη κειμαι

comal comate comatose comedial comedian comedic comedienne comedist comedy comet cometary cometic cometographer cometography cometoid cometology comic comicality comical comically comic strip comiferous comma commatism commonplace comoid comose comous compathy compatriot compatriotic compatriotism composable composant compose composed composedly composedness composer composing composure Comptometer comrade comradeless

κομη κομη κειμαι κωμος κωμος/αδω κωμος κωμος κωμος κωμος/αδω κομη κομη κομη κομη/γραφω κομη/γραφω κομη κομη/λογος κωμος κωμος κωμος κωμος κωμος κομη κοπτω κοπτω πλατυς κομη κομη κομη παθος πατηρ πατηρ πατηρ παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω μετον καμαρα καμαρα

comradeliness comradely comradery comradeship concamerate concameration concatamer concentrate concentrated concentratedly concentration concentrative concentrator concenter concentric concentrical concentrically concentricity conch concha conche concher conchifer conchifera conchiferous conchiform conchifragous conchite conchitic conchitis conchoid conchoidal conchoidally conchological conchology conchometer conchoscope conchospiral conchotome conchylaceous conchylia concylic conductometer conductometric

καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα καμαρα μερος κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογκος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος κογχος/λογος κογχη/λογος κογχος/μετρον κογχος/σκοπεω κογχος/σπειρα κογχος/τεμνω κογχος κογχος κυκλος μετρον μετρον

cone conenchyma conger conic conical conically conicoid conics conifer coniferin coniferization coniferous coniform conine conium conocarp conocuneus conodont conoid conoidal consistometer Constantinople contour contraharmonical contrapose control tower conure conus co-orthogonal co-orthotomic cope copepod copepodid cophosis copilot copolymer copper coppered copperhead copperize coppernose coppersmith coppery coppice

κωνος κωνος/χυμος γογγρος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνος κωνειον κωνειον κωνος/καρπος κωνος κωνος/οδους κωνος κωνος μετρον πολις τορνος αρμοζω παυω τυρρις κωνος κωνος ορθος/γωνια ορθος/τεμνω κολαφος κωπη/πους κωπη/πους κωφος


πολυς/μερος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος κολαφος

copragogue copremesis copremia co-presbyter coprolalia coprolite coprolith coprolitic coprology copromania copromaniac corpphagan coprophagia coprophagic coprophagist coprophagous coprophagy coprophile coprophilia coprophobia coprosma coprozoic copse Copt Coptic coquina coraciform coracine coracite coracoid coracoidal coracomorphic coracosteon coral coralist coralliferous coralliform corallin coralline corallite corallitic coralloid coralloidal corallum

κοπρος/αγω κοπρος/εμεω κοπρος/αιμα πρεσβος κοπρος/λαλια κοπρος/λιθος κοπρος/λιθος κοπρος/λιθος κοπρος/λογος κοπρος/μαινομαι κοπρος/μαινομαι κοπρος/φαγειν κοπρος/φαγειν κοπρος/φαγειν κοπρος/φαγειν κοπρος/φαγειν κοπρος/φαγειν κοπρος/φιλος κοπρος/φιλος κοπρος/φοβος κοπρος/οσμη κοπρος/ζαω κολσφος Αιγυπτος Αιγυπτος χογχος κοραξ κοραξ κοραξ κοραξ κοραξ κοραξ/μορφη κοραξ/οστεον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον κοραλλιον

corally coral reef cord cordage corder cordialgic cordignostic cordillera cording cordiology cordite cordless cordon cordotomy cordwood core corectomy coreopsis Corinth Corinthian Corinthianize cormogen cormogenous cormogeny cormology cormophyly cormophyte cornice corniculate corolla corollaceous corollar corollarize corollary corolliferous corollifloral corolliform corolline corollist corona Corona Australis Corona Borealis coronagraph coronal

κοραλλιον κοραλλιον χορδη χορδη χορδη καρδια/αλγος καρδια/γιγνοσκω χορδη χορδη καρδια/λογος κορδη κορδη χορδη χορδη/τεμνω χορδη καρδια κορος/τεμνω κορις/οψις Κορινθος Κορινθος Κορινθος κορμος/γενος κορμος/γενος κορμος/γενος κορμος/λογος κορμος/φυλον κορμος/φυω κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη/βορεας κορωνη/γραφω κορωνη

coronally coronary coronate coronation coroner coronership coronet coroniform coronilla coronitis coronoid coronofacial coronule coroplast coroplastic coroplasty corotomy corphology correlogram corundophilite Corybant corybantic corymb corymbiferous corymbiform corymbose corynebacterium coryneform coryphaeus coryphodon coryphodont corythosaurus coryza coscinomancy coseismal coseismic cosmetic(s) cosmetical cosmetician cosmetically cosmetisize cosmetologist cosmetology cosmic

κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορος/πλαττω κορος/πλαττω κορος/πλαττω κορος/τεμνω κορφος/λογος γραφω φιλος κορυβας κορυβας κορυς κορυς κορυς κορυς κορυνη/βακτρον κορυνη κορυς κορυς/οδους κορυς/οδους κορυς/σαυρυς ρεω κοσκινος/μαινομαι σειω σειω κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος/λογος κοσμος/λογος κοσμος

cosmical cosmicality cosmically cosmism cosmist cosmocentric cosmochemistry cosmocrat cosmocritic cosmodrome cosmogenesis cosmogenetic cosmogenic cosmogeny cosmognosis cosmogonal cosmogonic cosmogonical cosmogonist cosmogony cosmographer cosmographic cosmographical cosmography cosmogyral cosmolabe comolatry cosmoline cosmological cosmologically cosmologist cosmology cosmonaut cosmonautical cosmophil cosmophile cosmoplasty cosmopolis cosmopolite cosmopolitan cosmopolitanism cosmopolitanize cosmopolitanly cosmopolitical

κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος κοσμος/κεντρον κοσμος/χυμος κοσμος/κρατεω κοσμος/κρινω κοσμος/δρομος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γιγνωσκω κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γενος κοσμος/γραφω κοσμοσ/γραφω κοσμος/γραφω κοσμος/γραφω κοσμος/γυρος κοσμος/λαμβανω κοσμος/λατρις κοσμος κοσμος/λογος κοσμος/λογος κοσμος/λογος κοσμος/λογος κοσμος/ναυς κοσμος/ναυς κοσμος/φιλος κοσμος/φιλος κοσμος/πλαττω κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/πολις

cosmopolitism cosmorama cosmoramic cosmos cosmosophy cosmosphere cosmotheism cosmothetic cosmothetical cosmotron cosmozoic cosmozoism cothurn cothurnal cothurnate cothurnus cottonocracy cotula cotyle cotyledon cotyledonary cotyledon cotyliform cotyligerous cotylophorous cotyloid cotype coulometer coulometric coulometry counterbuff countercycle counterion counterbrace countermelody counterpenalty counterphobia counterpole counterproposal counterplace countertheory countertype countyocracy coup

κοσμος/πολις κοσμος/οραω κοσμος/οραω κοσμος κοσμος/σοφος κοσμος/σφαιρα κοσμος/θεος κοσμος/τιθημι κοσμος/τιθημι κοσμος κοσμος/ζαω κοσμος/ζαω κοθορνος κοθορνος κοθορνος κοθορνος κρατεω κοτυλη κοτυλη κοτυλη κοτυλη κοτυλη κοτυλη κοτυλη κοτυλη/φερω κοτυλη τυπος μετρον μετρον μετρον βους κυκλος ειμι βραχιων μελος/αδω ποινη φοβος πελω παυω πλατυς θεαομαι τυπος κρατεω κολαφος

coupe coupon coxocerite coxopodite crab -cracy crambo cranial cranially craniate craniectomy cranioclasm cranioclast craniofacial craniognomic craniognomy craniognosy craniograph craniographer craniography cranioid craniological craniologist craniology craniometer craniometric craniometrist craniometry craniopathy craniophore cranioplasty craniopolis cranioscope cranioscopic cranioscopist cranioscopy craniosophic craniospinal craniotome craniotomy cranium crasis -crat crater

κολαφος κολαφος κερας πους καραβος κρατεω κραμβη κρανιον κρανιον κρανιον κρανιον/τεμνω κρανιον/κλαω κρανιον/κλαω κρανιον κρανιον/γιγνωσκω κρανιον/γιγνωσκω κρανιον/γιγνωσκω κρανιον/γραφω κρανιον/γραφω κρανιον/γραφω κρανιον κρανιον/λογος κρανιον/λογος κρανιον/λογος κρανιον/μετρον κρανιον/μετρον κρανιον/μετρον κρανιον/μετρον κρανιον/παθος κρανιον/φερω κρανιον/πλαττω κρανιον/πολις κρανιον/σκοπεω κρανιον/σκοπεω κρανιον/σκοπεω κρανιον/σκοπεω κρανιον/σοφος κρανιον κρανιον/τεμνω κτανιον/τεμνω κρανιον κεραννυμι κρατεω κεραννυμι

crateral cratered crateriform cratometer cream cream cheese creamer creamery creamily creaminess creamometer creamy creatic creatine creation myth creekology cremaster cremasteric creme cremnophobia cremocarp crenic crenitic creophagism creophagist creophagous creophagy creosole creosote crescograph Cressida cretin cretinism cretinize cretinoid cretinous cricoid cricoidean criminologist criminology crinoid criocephalous criocerate criophore

κεραννυμι κεραννυμι κερρανυμι κρατεω/μετρον χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω/μετρον χριω κρεας κρεας μυθος λογος κρεμαω κρεμαω χριω κρεμαω/φοβος κρεμαω/καρπος κρηνη κρηνη κρεας/φαγειν κρεας/φαγειν κρεας/φαγειν κρεας/φαγειν κρεας κρεας/σωζω γραφω κρυσος χριω χριω χριω χριω χριω κρικος κρικος λογος λογος κρινον κριος/κεφαλη κριος/κερας κριος/φερω

criophorous criosphinx crisis criterial criteriological criteriology citerion criterional crithomancy critic critical criticality critically criticalness criticaster criticism criticist criticize criticizer critique croc crocodile crocodile tears crocodilian croceate crocnic crocus Croesus crony cronyism crosspurpose crown crown colony crowner crownless crownlet crown prince crustaceology cryobiological cryobiologist cryobiology cryogen cryogenic cryoglobulin

κριος/φερω κριος/σφιγγειν κρινω κρινω κρινω/λογος κρινω/λογος κρινω κρινω κριθη/μαινομαι κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κρινω κροκοδειλος κροκοδειλος κροκοδειλος κροκοδειλος κροκος κροκος κροκος Κροισος

χρονος χρονος

παυω κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη κορωνη λογος κρυος/βιος/λογος κρυος/βιος/λογος κρυος/βιος/λογος κρυος/γενος κρυος/γενος κρυος

cryohydrate cryohydric cryolite cryology cryometer cryonic cryopedology cryophilic cryophilite cryophorous cryophorous cryophorus cryophyllite cryophyte cryopreservation cryopump cryosar cryoscopy cryostat cryosurgery cryosurgical cryotherapy cryotron cryoturbation crypt cryptal cryptanalysis crytesthesia cryptic cryptical cryptically cryptoanalysis cryptobiosis cryptobiotic cryptobranch cryptobranchiate cryptocephalous cryptocarp cryptocerite cryptocerous cryptoclastic cryptococosis crypto-communist cryptocrystaline

κρυος/υδωρ κρυος/υδωρ κρυος/λιθος κρυος/λογος κρυος/μετρον κρυος κρυος/παις/λογος κρυος/φιλος κρυος/φιλος κρυος/φερω κρυος/φερω κρυος/φερω κρυος/φυλλον κρυος/φυω κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος/σποκεω κρυος/ισημι κρυος/χειρ κρυος/χειρ κρυος/θεραπων κρυος κρυος κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω/λυω κρυπτω/αεθανομαι κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω/λυω κρυπτω/βιος κρυπτω/βιος κρυπτω/βραγχια κρυπτω/βραγξια κρυπτω/κεφαλη κρυπτω/καρπος κρυπτω/κερας κρυπτω/κερας κρυπτω/κλαω κρυπτω/κοκκος κρυπτω κρυπτω/κρυος

-crystalization cryptodirous cryptodynamic cryptodont crypto-fascist cryptogamia cryptogenetic cryptogenic cryptogram cryptograph cryptographer cryptographical cryptographic cryptography cryptolin cryptolite cryptologist cryptology cryptomere cryptomeria cryptomonad cryptomorphite cryptoneurous cryptonym cryptonymous cryptopentamerous cryptophasia cryptophyte cryptorchid cryptorchidism cryptoportico cryptoquote crytosporidium cryptostoma cryptosystem cryptotelephony cryptous cryptovolcanic cryptoxanthin cryptozoa cryptozooic cryptozoon cryptozygous crystal

κρυπτω/κρυος κρυπτω/δειρη κρυπτω/δυναμαι κρυπτω/οδους κρυπτω κρυπτω/γαμος κρυπτω/γενος κρυπτω/γενος κρυπτω/γραφω κρυπτω/γραφω κρυπτω/γραφω κρυος/γραφω κρυπτω/γραφω κρυπτω/γραφω κρυπτω/ελαια κρυπτω/ελαια κρυπτω/λογος κρυπτω/λογος κρυπτω/μερος κρυπτω/μερος κρυπτω/μονος κρυπτω/μορφη κρυπτω/νευρον κρυπτω/ονομα κρυπτω/ονομα κρυπτω/πεντε/μερος κρυπτω/φημι κρυπτω/φυω κρυπτω/ορχις κρυπτω/ορχις κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω/σπειρω κρυπτω/στομα κρυπτω/ισημι κρυπτω/τηλε/φωνη κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω/ξανθος κρυπτω/ζαω κρυπτω/ζαω κρυπτω/ζαω κρυπτω/ζυγον κρυος

crystallic crystalliferous crystalliform crystalligerous crystalline crystallinity crystallite crystallitic crystallizable crystallization crystallize crystallizer crystallogenesis crystallographer crystallographic crystallography crystalloid crystalloidal crystallogy crystallomancy cystallometry crystallurgy crystally crystalworts crystoleum ctenocyst ctenodont ctenoid Ctenophora ctenosphere Cu cubage cubangle cube cubic cubical cubically cubicite cubicubic cubiform cubism cuboid cuboidal cubomancy

κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος κρυος/γενος κρυος/γενος κρυος/γραφω κρυος/γραφω κρυος κρυος κρυος/λογος κρυος/μαινομαι κρυος/μετρον κρυος/εργον κρυος κρυος κρυος/ελαια κτεις/κυω κτεις/οδους κτεις κτεις/φερω κτεις/σφαιρα Κυπρος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος κυβος/μαινομαι

cuckold culicidologist culmigenous Cumae cuprammonia cuprammonium cupreous cuprate cupressineous cupressite cupric cupriferous cuprite cuproid cuprous curiologic currant curvograph curvometer cyan cyanamide cyanate cyanescent cyanic cyanicide cyanidation cyanide cyanin cyanite cyanize cyanogen cyanogenic cyanometer cyanophilous cyanose cyanosis cyanotic cyanotype cyathiform cyathoid cyatholith cyathophylloid cyathozoid cybercamp


λογος γενος κυμα Κυπρος/Αμμον Κυπρος/Αμμον Κυπρος Κυπρος κυπαρισσος κυπαρισσος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος Κυπρος κυρος/λογος Κορινθος γραφω μετρον κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος/γενος κυανος/γενος κυανος/μετρον κυανος/φιλος κυανος κυανος κυανος κυανος/τυπος κυαθος κυαθος κυαθος/λιθος κυαθος/φυλλον κυαθος/ζαω κυβερναω

cybercrime cybernation cyberneticist cybernetics cyberporn cyberpunk cybersecurity cybersex cyberspace cyberterorrism cyberterrorist cyborg cybotaxis cycad cycadaceous cycadeous cycadiform cycadite cyclad Cyclades Cycladic cyclamate cyclamin cycle cycler cyclery cyclette cyclic cyclical cyclically cyclicism cyclide cyclist cyclitis cyclize cycloalkane cyclobranchiate cyclocentric cyclocephalous cycloclinal cyclode cyclodialysis cyclogenesis cyclogeny

κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω/πορνη κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω/οργανον κυβος/ταττω κοιξ κοιξ κοιξ κοιξ κοιξ κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος/βραγχια κυκλος/κεντεω κυκλος/κεφαλη κυκλος/κλινω κυκλος κυκλος/λυω κυκλος/γενος κυκλος/γενος

cyclogram cyclograph cyclographer cyclographic cyclography cyclohexene cycloid cycloidal cyclomatic cyclometer cyclometry cyclomorphosis cyclonal cyclone cycloneurous cyclonic cyclopedia cyclopedic cyclopean cyclopia cyclopic cycloplegia cyclopoid Cyclops cyclopterous cyclorama cycloscope cyclosis cyclospermous cyclospore cyclostomatous cyclostyle cyclothymia cyclotomy cyclotron cyesiology cygneous cygnet Cygnus cylinder cylindric cylindrical cylindrocephalic cylindroform

κυκλος/γραφω κυκλος/γραφω κυκλος/γραφω κυκλος/γραφω κυκλος/γραφω κυκλος/εξ κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος/μετρον κυκλος/μετρον κυκλος/μορφη κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος/νευρον κυκλος κυκλος/παις κυκλος/παις κυκλος/οψις κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος/πλησσω κυκλος κυκλος/οψις κυκλος/πτερον κυκλος/οραω κυκλος/σκοπεω κυκλος κυκλος/σπειρω κυκλος/σπειρω κυκλος/στομα κυκλος/στυλος κυκλος/θυμος κυκλος/τεμνω κυκλος κυω/λογος κυκνος κυκνος κυκνος κυλινδρω κψλινδρω κυλινδρω κυλινδρω/κεφαλη κυλινδρω

cylindometric cyclindraceous cyma cymagraph cymbal cymbalist cymophane cynegetics cynic cynical cynically cynicism Cynocephalae cynocephalic cynocephalous cynoclept cynodont cynodontism cynoid cynologist cynology cynomorphic cynophilia cynophilist cynophobia cynopodous cynosural cynosure cynurenic cypher cyphonism cyphosis cyphotic cypress Cyprian cypriferous cyprin cyprinid cyprinodont cyprinoid Cypriot(e) Cyprus cypseline cypselous

κυλινδρω/μετρον κυλινδρω κυμα κυμα/γραφω κυμβος κυμβος κυμα/φαινω κυων/ηγεμων κυων κυων κυων κυων κυων/κεφαλη κυων/κεφαλη κυων/κεφαλη κυων/κλεπτω κυων/οδους κυων/οδους κυων κυων/λογος κυων/λογος κυων/μορφη κυων/φιλος κυων/φιλος κυων/φοβος κυων/πους κυων/ουρα κυων/ουρα κυων/ουρον κυφος κυφος κυφος κυφος κυπαρισσος Κυπρος Κυπρος κυπρινος κυπρινος κυπρινος κυπρινος Κυπρος Κυπρος κυφελος κυφελος

cyrtoceratid cyrtograph cyrtolite cyrtometer cyst cystalgia cystectomy cystic cystical cysticolous cysticotomy cystid cystiferous cystiform cystigerous cystitis cystitome cystocarp cystocele cystocyte cystogenous cystoid cystolith cystoma cystometer cystoplast cystorrhea cystoscope cystospasm cystotome cystotomy cytase cytoblast cytocentrifuge cytochemistry cytochrome cytococcus cytocidal cytocidally cytodiagnosis cytode cytogamy cytogenesis cytogenetics

χυρτος/κερας χυρτος/γραφω χυρτος/λιθος χυρτος/μετρον κυω κυω/αλγος κυω/τεμνω κυω κυω κυω κυω/τεμνω κυω κυω κυω κυω κυω κυω/τεμνω κυω/καρπος κυω/κηλη κυω κυω/γενος κυω κυω/λιθος κυω κυω/μετρον κυω/πλαττω κυω/ρεω κυω/σκοπεω κυω/σπαω κυω/τεμνω κυω/τεμνω κυω κυω/βλαστος κυω/κεντρον κυω/ξυμος κυω/χρωμα κυω/κοκκος κυω κυω κυω/γιγνωσκω κυω κυω/γαμος κυω/γενος κυω/γενος

cytoid cytokinesis cytokinetic cytokinin cytologist cytology cytolysis cytopathic cytopathology cytoplasm cytosine cyclostomatous cytostome cytotaxic cytotaxonomy cytotropic cytozoa

κυω κυω/κινεω κυω/κινεω κυω/κινεω κυω/λογος κυω/λογος κυω/λυω κυω/παθος κυω/παθος/λογος κυω/πλαττω κυω κυω/στομα κυω/στομα κυω/ταττω κυω/ταττω/ονομα κυω/τρεπω κυω/ζαω

D dacryd dacryrocystitis dacrolith dacryops dactyl dactylic dactylically dactylioglyph dactyliography dactyliomancy dactylion dactylitis dactylogram dactylography dactylology dactylonomy dactylopodite dactylopterous dactyloscopy dactylozooid daedal Daedaleon Daedalion Daedalus daffodil daguerrotype daimonic dais daisy damascend Damascene Damascus damask damson Danae danaid Danaus dandelion Daphne Daphnean Daphnia

δακρυ δακρυ/κυω δακρυ/λιθος δακρυ/οψις δακτυλος δακτυλος δακτυλος δακτυλος/γλυφω δακτυλος/γραφω δακτυλος/μανια δακτυλος δακτυλος δακτυλος/γραφω δακτυλος/γραφω δακτυλος/λογος δακτυλος/νομος δακτυλος/πους δακτυλος/πτερον δακτυλος/σκοπεω δακτυλος/ζαω δαιδαλος δαιδαλος δαιδαλος δαιδαλος ασφωδελος τυπος δαιμων δισκος δισκος Δαμασκος Δαμασκος Δαμασκος Δαμασκος Δαμασκος Δαναος Δαναος Δαναος λεων δαφνη δαφνη δαφνη

Daphnis Dardan Dardanelles Dardanus daredevil daredevilry dasylirion dasymeter dasypeltis dasyphyllous dasypod dasypygal dasyure database date (fruit) date palm datolite dauphin deacon deaconhood deaconness deaconry deaconship dean deanery deaness deanship deanthropomorphize debacle (AHD) debarbarization debarbarize decacarbon decacerous decachord decad decadactylous decadal decade decadarch decadarchy decadation decadery decadic decadist

δαφνη Δαρδανος Δαρδανος Δαρδανος βαλλω βαλλω δασυς/λειρον δασυς/μετρον δασυς/πελτη δασυς/φυλλον δασυς/πους δασυς/πυγη δασυς/ουρα βαινω δακτυλος δακτυλος λιθος δελφις διακονος διακονος διακονος διακονος διακονος δεκα δεκα δεκα δεκα ανθρωπος/μορφη


βαρβαρος βαρβαρος δεκα δεκα/κερας δεκα/χορδη δεκα δεκα/δακτυλος δεκα δεκα δεκα/αρχω δεκα/αρξω δεκα δεκα δεκα δεκα

decadrachm decafid decagon decagonal decagram decagynous decahedral decahedron decahydrate decal decalcomania decaliter decalomania decalobate decalogue Decameron decamerous decameter decan decanal decangular decanate decandrous decane decanonize decant decantation decanter decapartite decaphyllous decaploid decapod decarch decarchy decaspermal decastyle decasyllabic decasyllable decathlon decatholicize decelerometer decenter decentralist decentralization

δεκα/δασσομαι δεκα δεκα/γωνια δεκα/γωνια δεκα/γραφω δεκα/γυνη δεκα/εδρα δεκα/εδρα δεκα/υδωρ δεκα μαινομαι δεκα/λιτρα μαινομαι δεκα/λοβος δεκα/λογος δεκα/ημερα δεκα/μερος δεκα/μετρον δεκα δεκα δεκα δεκα δεκα/ανηρ δεκα καννα κανθος κανθος κανθος δεκα δεκα/φυλλον δεκα/−πλοος δεκα/πους δεκα/αρχω δεκα/αρχω δεκα/σπειρω δεκα/στυλος δεκα/λαμβανω δεκα/λαμβανω δεκα/αθλον ολος μετρον κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω

decentralize decentralizer decephalize dechemicalize dechristianize decigram deciliter decimeter declinometer decomposability decomposable decompose decomposer deconcentrate deconcentration decoupage decremeter decrypt decryption decryptograph decrystallization decubital decubitus decyl Dedaleon Dedalion Dedalus de-electrify deemphasis deemphasize de-ethicize deflectometer deformeter de-hellenize dehydrate dehydration dehydrator dehydrogenate dehydrogenation deictic deipnosophist deixis dekadekatron

κεντεω κεντεω κεφαλη χυμος χριω δεκα/γραφω δεκα/λιτρα μετρον μετρον παυω παυω παυω παυω κεντεω κεντεω κολαφος μετρον κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω/γραφω κρυος κυβος κυβος δεκα/υλη δαιδαλος δαιδαλος δαιδαλος ηλεκτρον φαινω φαινω εθος μετρον μετρον Ηελλας υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ/γενος υδωρ/γενος δεικνυμι δειπνον/σοφος δεικνυμι δεκα δεκα

del deleterious deleteriously deleteriousness Delian Delos Delphi Delphian Delphic delphic delphically delphinestrian delphinic delphinine delphinium delphinoid Delphinus delta deltafication deltaic deltation deltiology deltohedron deltoid deltoidal demagnetize demagogic demagogue demagoguery demagogy deme demegoric demiurge democracy democrat democratic democratically democratism democratize demographer demographic demographics demography demoid

δελτα δηλεομαι δηλεομαι δηλεομαι Δηλος Δηλος δελφος δελφος δελφος δελφος δελφος δελφις δελφις δελφις δελφις δελφις δελφις δελτα δελτα δελτα δελτα δελτα/λογος δελτα/εδρα δελτα δελτα Μαγνητις δημος/αγω δημος/αγω δημος/αγω δημος/αγω δημος δημος/αγορα δημος/εργον δημος/κρατεω δημος/κρατεω δημος/κρατεω δημος/κρατεω δημος/κρατεω δημος/κρατεω δημος/γραφω δημος/γραφω δημος/γραφω δημος/γραφω δημος

demon demoness demoniac demoniacal demonic demonically demonism demonist demonization demonize demonography demonolatry demonology demonomachy demonomania demonopathy demonophobia demonosophy demophil demotic demystification demystify demyth demythicize demythify demythologize denarius dendranatomy dendranthropology dendriform dendrite dendritic dendrobe dendrochronology dendroclastic dendroclimatology dendrocoele dendrography dendrodic dendrodont dendrogram dendrograph dendrography dendroid

δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων/γραφω δαιμων/λατρις δαιμων/λογος δαιμον/μαχη δαιμων/μαινομαι δαιμων/παθος δαιμων/φοβος δαιλμων/σοφος δημος/φιλος δημος μυω μυω μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος/λογος δηναριον δενδρον/τεμνω δενδρον/ανθρωπος/λογος δενδρον δενδρον δενδρον δενδρον/βιος δενδρον/χρονος/λογος δενδρον/κλαω δενδρον/κλινω/λογος δενδρον/κοιλος δενδρον/γραφω δενδρος δενδρον/οδους δενδρον/γραφω δενδρον/γραφω δενδρον/γραφω δενδρον

dendrolatry dendrolite dendrologist dendrology dendrometer dendron dendrophil dendrophilous dendrostyle denitrate denitrification denitrify denitrize Denis Denise Dennis densimeter densitometer densitometry denticete dentiphone dentology deontic deontological deontologist deontology deoxidate deoxidation deoxidator deoxidize deoxygenate deoxygenation deoxygenize deozonize deparochialize depetal dephlegmator dephlogistocate deplethoric depoeticize depoetize depolarizeation depolarize depolticization

δενδρον/λατρις δενδρον/λιθος δενδρον/λογος δενδρον/λογος δενδρον/μετρον δενδρον δενδρον/φιλος δενδρον/φιλος δενδρον/στυλος νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον Διονυσος Διονυσος Διονυσος μετρον μετρον μετρον κητος φωνη λογος δεω δεω/λογος δεω/λογος δεω/λογος οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οζω οικος πεταννυμι φλεγω φλεγω πολυς ποιεω ποιεω πελω πελω πολις

depoliticize depolymerization deposable deposal depose deposer deprogram deprogramer derivometer derm derma dermabrasion dermad dermal dermalgia dermalysis Dermaptera dermatalgia dermatin dermatitis dermatobranchia dermatogen dermatoglyph dermatoglyphics dermatographia dermatoid dermitol dermatologist dermatology dermatolysis dermatome dermatomycosis dermatomyostitis dermatonosis dermatopathology dermatopathy dermatuphone dermatophyte dermatoplasty dermatopsy dermatorrhea dermatoscelerosis dermatoskeleton dermatitis

πολις πολυς/μερος παυω παυω παυω παυω γραφω γραφω μετρον δερω δερω δερω δερω δερω δερω/αλγος δερω/λυω δερω/πτερον δερω/αλγος δερω δερω δερω/βρανχος δερω/γενος δερω/γλυφω δερω/γλυφω δερω/γραφω δερω δερω δερω/λογος δερω/λογος δερω/λυω δερω/τεμνω δερω/μυκης δερω/μυς δερω/νοσος δερω/παθος/λογος δερω/παθος δερω/φωνη δερω/φυω δερω/πλαττω δερω/οψις δερω/ρεω δερω/σκελλω δερω/σκελλω δερω

dermatosis dermatotome Dermatozoa dermic dermis dermobranchiate dermogastric dermographia dermohemia dermoid dermoidal dermomuscular dermonecrotic dermoneural dermo-osseus dermopathy dermophyte dermopterous deschooling desk deskful desktop desma desmid desmodont desmognathous desmography desmoid desmology desmonosology desmopathology desmopathy desmopelmous desmostichous desmotomy desoxalic despot despotic despotical despotically despotism despotist despotize despotocracy

δερω δερω/τεμνω δερω/ζαω δερω δερω δερω/βρανγχια δερω/γαστηρ δερω/γραφω δερω/αιμα δερω δερω δερω δερω/νεκρος δερω/νευρον δερω δερω/παθος δερω/φυω δερω/πτερον σχολη δισκος δισκος δισκος δεω δεω δεω/οδους δεω/γνατος δεω/γραφω δεω δεω/λογος δεω/νοσος/λογος δεω/παθος/λογος δεω/παθος δεω/πελμα δεω/στιχος δεω/τεμνω οξυς δεσποτης δεσποτης δεσποτης δεσποτης δεσποτης δεσποτης δεσποτης δεσποτης/κρατεω

dethrone dethronement detonator detour detox detoxicate detoxication detoxify detune deuteragamist deuteragonist deuteranomalous deuteranope deuteranopia deuterated deuteric deuterium deuteroconid deuterodrome deuterogamist deuterogamy deuterograph deuteranopia deuterogenic deuteromesal deuteron Deuteronomic Deuteronomist Deuteronomy deuteropathy deuteroscopy deuterostoma deuterosystematic deuterotheme deuterotoky deuterotoxin deuterozooid deutomalar deutomerite deutoplasm deutosclerous deutotergite deutovum devil

θρονος θρονος τεινω τορνος τοξον τοξον τοξον τοξον τεινω δευτερος/γαμος δευτερος/αγω δευτερος/ομος δευτερος/οψις δευτερος/οψις δευτερος δευτερος δευτερος δευτερος/κωνος δευτερος/δρομος δευτερος/γαμος δευτερος/γαμος δευτερος/γραφω δευτερος/οψις δευτερος/γενος δευτερος/μεσος δευτερος δευτερος/νομος δευτερος/νομος δευτερος/ονομος δευτερος/παθος δευτερος/σκοπεω δευτερος/στομα δευτερος/ιστημι δευτερος/τιθημι δευτερος/τοκος δευτερος/τοξον δευτερος/ζαω δευτερος δευτερος/μερος δευτερος/πλαττω δευτερος/σκελλω δευτερος δευτερος βαλλω

devildom deviless devilet devilhood devilish devilishly devilment devilishness devilism devilize devilkin deviller devily devilment devilry devil’s advocate devilship dexiocardia dexiotrope dexiotropic dextroglucose dezymotize didiadiabase diabasis diabetes diabetic diabetical diablerie diabolarch diabolarchy diabolepsy diabolic diabolical diabolically diabolicalness diabolicity diabolification diabolifuge diabolify diabolism diabolist diabolize

βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω δεξιος/καρδια δεξιος/τρεπω δεξιος/τρεπω γλυκος ζυμη διδιαβαινω βαινω βαινω βαινω βαινω βαλλω βαλλω/αρχω βαλλω/αρχω βαλλω/λαμβανω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω

diabolo diabolology diabolonian diacalorimeter diacanthous diacaustic diachronic diachronically diachronism diachronous diaclastic diaclinal diaconal diaconate diacoustics diacritic diacritical diacritically diadelphic diadelphous diadem diadromous diaereis diagenesis diageotropic diageotropism diagnosable diagnose diagnosis diagnostic diagnostically diagnosticate diagnostician diagnostics diagometer diagonal diagonally diagram diagrammatic diagrammatically diagrammatize diagrammeter diagraph diagraphic

βαλλω βαλλω/λογος βαλλω μετρον ακη καιω χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος κλαω κλινω διακονος διακονος ακουω κρινω κρινω κρινω αδελφος αδελφος δεω δρομος διαιρεω γενος γη/τρεπω γη/τρεπω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω αγω/μετρον γωνια γωνια γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω/μετρον γραφω γραφω

diaheliotropic diaheliotropism diakinesis dialect dialectic dialectical dialectically dialectician dialecticism dialectology diallage dialog(ue) dialogic dialogical dialogically dialogism dialogist dialogistic dialogistically dialogize dialogous dialogue dialoguist dialoguize dialogram dialplate dialycarpel dialycarpous dialypetallous dialyphyllous dialystaminous dialysis dialytic dialytically dialyze dialyzer diamagnet diagmagnetic diamagnetism diamagnetize diamagnetometer diamantiferous diamantine diamesogamous

ηλιος/τρεπω ηλιος/τρεπω κινεω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω/λογος αλλος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος γραφω πλατυς λυω/καρπος λυω/καρπος λυω/πεταννυμι λυω/φυλλον λυω λυω λυω λυω λυω λυω Μαγνητις Μαγνητις Μαγνητις Μαγνητις Μαγνητις/μετρον δαμαω δαμαω μεσος/γαμος

diameter diametral diametrally diametric diametrical diametrically diamond diamondback diamorphosis diandrous dianoetic dianoia diapason diapause diaped diaper(ed) diapery diaphaneity diaphanometer diaphanoscope diaphanous diphanously diaphone diaphoneme diaphonic diaphony diaphoresis diaphoretic diaphorism diaphototropic diaphragm diaphragmatic diaphyllous diaphysis diaplasis diarch diarchal diarchic diarchy diarthroidal diarthrosis diarrhea diarrhetic diascope

μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον δαμαω δαμαω μορφη ανηρ νους νους πας παυω πους ασπρος ασπρος φαινω φαινω/μετρον φαινω/σκοπεω φαινω φαινω φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φερω φερω φερω φως/τρεπω φρασσω φρασσω φυω φυω πλαττω αρχω αρχω αρχω αρχω αρθρον αρθρον ρεω ρεω σκοπεω

Diaspora diaspore diasporometer diastaltic diastasis diaster diastole diastolic diastrophe diastrophism diastyle diasystem diasystematic diatesseron diathermal diathermancy diathermanous diathermic diathermometer diathermous diathermy diathesis diathetic diatom diatomaceous diatomic diatomiferous diatomist diatonic diatonicism diatonism diatribe diatribist diatropism diazeutic diazotype dibasic diblastula dibranch dibranchiate dicarpelary dicast dicastery dicatalectic

σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω/μετρον στελλω ιστημι αστηρ στελλω στελλω στρεφω στρεφω στυλος ιστημι ιστημι τετταρες θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι τιθημι τιθημι τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τεινω τεινω τεινω τριβω τριβω τρεπω ζυγον ζαω/τυπος βαινω βλαστος βραγχια βραγχια καρπος δικη δικη ληγω

dicentric dicephalus dichastic dichloride dichogamous dichogamy dichondra dichopterous dichoptic dichord dichotomic dichotomist dichotomize dichotomous dichotomously dichotomy dichroic dichromat dichromatic dichromatism dichromic dichromism dichronous dichroscope diclesium diclinic diclinism diclinous dicoccous dicolic dicot dicotyledon dicrotic dicrotism dicrotous dictaphone dictogram dictyogen dictyospore dictyostele Dictys dicyanide dicycle dicynodont

κεντεω κεφαλη διχαζω χλωρος διχαζω/γαμος διχαζω/γαμος χονδρος διχαζω/πτερον διχαζω/οψις χορδη διχαζω/τεμνω διχαζω/τεμνω διχαζω/τεμνω διχαζω/τεμνω διχαζω/τεμνω διχαζω/τεμνω χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρονος χρμα/σκοπεω κλειω κλινω κλινω κλινω κοκκος κωλον κοτυλη κοτυλη κροτος κροτος κροτος φωνη γραφω δικτυον/γενος δικτυον/σπειρω δικτυον/στελλω δικτυον κυανος κυκλος κυων/οδους

Didache didactic didactically didactician didacticism didactive didascalic disascaly didelphian didrachm didymate didymis didymous didynamous didynamy dieidism dielectric diencephalon diene diesis diet dietal dietary dieter dietetic dietician dietetic(s) diethyl diffractometer diffratometry diffusiometer digamist digamma digamous digamy digastric digeneous digenesis digenetic digenous digitoxin diglossia diglot diglyceric

διδασκω διδασκω διδασκω διδασκω διδασκω διδασκω διδασκω διδασκω δελφος δρασσομαι διδυμος διδυμος διδυμος δυναμαι δυναμαι ειδος ηλεκτρον κεφαλη διιημι διαιτα διαιτα διαιτα διαιτα διαιτα διαιτα διαιτα αεθηρ/υλη μετρον μετρον μετρον γαμος γαμμα γαμος γαμος γαστηρ γενος γενος γενος γενος τοξον γλωττα γλωττα γλυκος

diglyph digonal digoneutic digonous digram digraphic digraph dihedral dihedron dihexagonal dihexahedron dihydric dihydrite diiamb di-iodide dikaryon dikaryphase dilambodont dilatometer dilemma dilemmatic dilogical dilogy dimer dimeric dimerism dimerize dimerous dimetallic dimetric dimeter dimity dimorph dimorphemic dimorphic dimorphism dimorphous dimyary dinichthys Dinoceras dinoflagellate dinomic dinornithia Dinornis

γλυφω γωνια νους γωνια γραφω γραφω γραφω εδρα εδρα εξ/γωνια εξ/εδρα υδωρ υδωρ ιαμβος ιον καρυον καρυον/φαινω λαμβδα/οδους μετρον λαμβανω λαμβανω λογος λογος μερος μερος μερος μερος μερος μεταλλον μετρον μετρον μιτος μορφη μορφη/φημι μορφη μορφη μορφη μυς δεινος/ιχθος δεινος/κεραη δεινος νομος δεινος/ορνις δεινος/ορνις

dinosaur dinosaurian dinothere diobely diobol diocesan diocese diode diodont dioecious dionym dionymal Dionysiac Dionysian Dionysus Diophantine Diophantus diopter dioptric dioptrical diorama dioramic diorthosis diorthotic Dioscuri diota dioxide dioxin dipetalous diphasic diphonemic diphosphate diphtheria diphtherial diphthong diphthongal diphthongize dyphid diphyceral diphyllous diophyodont diphysite diphyzooid diplacusis

δεινος/σαυρος δεινος/σαυρος δεινος/θεριον οβολος οβολος οικος οικος οδος οδους οικος ονομα ονομα Διονυσος Διονυσος Διονυσος Διοφαντος Διφαντος οψις οψις οψις οραω οραω ορθος ορθος Ζευς/κορος ους οξυς οξυς πεταννυμι φαινω φωνη φως

δερω δερω

φθογγος φθογγος φθογγος φυω φυω/κερκος φυλλον φυω/οδους φυω φυω/ζαω −πλοος/ακουω

diplanetic diplanetism diplegia diplegic diplodocus diploid diploma diplomacy diplomat diplomatic diplomatically diplomatist diplont diplopia dipneumoneous dipnoous dipodic dipody dipolar dipolarize dipole diprododont dipsas dipsomania dipsomaniac dipsomaniacal dipsopathy diptera dipteral dipterocarp dipterology dipterous diptote diptych dipyre dipyrenous disaccharide disanalogous disanalogy disanchor disangelical disaster disastrous disastrously

πλανη πλανη πλησσω πλησσω -πλοος/δοκος −πλοος −πλοος −πλοος −πλοος −πλοος −πλοος −πλοος ειμι οψις πνεω πνεω πους πους πελω πελω πελω πρωτος/οδους διψα διψα/μαινομαι διψα/μαινομαι διψα/υαινομαι δυψα/παθω πτερον πτερον πτερον/καρπος πτερον/λογος πτερον πιπτω πτυσσω πυρ πυρ σακχαρον λογος λογος ανκυρα αγγελος αστηρ αστηρ αστηρ

disattune disauthenticate disbursable disbursal disburse disbursement disburser disc discanonize discard discarder disciferous discifloral disciform discigerous discless disclimax discoblastic discobole discobolic discobolus discocarp discocephalous discrown discdactyle discogastrula discoglottid discographic discography discoid discoidal discolith discomania discomaniac discophile discophorous discoplacental discompose discomposure discopodium discopodous discostomatous discrown discus

τεινω αυτος βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα δισκος καννα χαρτης χαρτης δισκος δισκος δισκος δισκος δισκος κλινω δισκος/βλαστος δισκος/βαλλω δισκος/βαλλω δισκος/βαλλω δισκος/καρπος δισκος/κεφαλη κορωνη δισκος/δακτυλος δισκος/γαστηρ δισκος/γλωττα δισκος/γραφω δισκος/γραφω δισκος δισκος δισκος/λιθος μαινομαι μαινομαι δισκος/φιλος δισκος/φερω δισκος/πλατυς παυω παυω δισκος/πους δισκος/πους δισκος/στομα κορωνη δισκος

disdiaclast diseconomy diselectrify disemic disenthrone disentomb dish dishcloth disharmonic disharmonious disharmony dishful dishlet dishtowel dishy disintoxicate disk diskette diskinesia disk jockey dislogistic disluite dislysin disodic disomatous disome disorganic disorganization disorganize disorganizer dispermatous dispermous dispermy disphagia disphonia disphoria displace displaceable displacement displacer displasis dispnea dispondee dispope

κλαω οικος/νομος ηλεκτρον σημαινω θρονος τυμβος δισκος δισκος αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω δισκος δισκος δισκος δισκος τοξον δισκος δισκος κινεω δισκος λογος λυω λυω οδος σωμα σωμα οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω φαγειν φωνη φερω πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πνεω σπενδω παππας

disposability disposable disposal dispose disposedness disposer disposingly disproteinemia dispunishable disscepter dissocioscope dissoconch dissogony dissylabic dissylable dissymetric dissymetrical dissymetrically dissymetry disthene disthrone distich distichal distichiasis distichic distichous Distoma distomatosis distomatous distonic distrix distune distyle disuria disuric disury disyllabic disyllabically disyllabification disyllabify disyllabism disyllabize disyllable disyntheme

παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω παυω πρωτος/αιμα ποινη σκηπτρω σκοπεω κογχος γενος λαμβανω λαμβανω μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον σθενος θρονος στιχος στιχος στιχος στιχος στιχος στομα στομα στομα τεινω θριξ τεινω στυλος ουρον ουρον ουρον λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω τιθημι

ditetragonal dithecal dithecous ditheism ditheist ditheistic dithematic dithionic dithyramb dithyrambic dithyrambically dithyrambist dithyrous ditokous ditone ditrematous ditremid ditriglyph ditrochee dittogram dittograph dittography dittology diureide diuresis diuretic dizoic dizygotic DNA Docetae docetic Docetism Docetist docimasy docimology docoglossate docudrama dodecadrachm dodecagon dodecahedral dodecahedron dodecane Dodecanese dodecaphonic

τετταρες/γωνια τιθημι τιθημι θεος θεος θεος τιθημι θειον διθυραμβος διθυραμβος διθυραμβος διθυραμβος θυρα τοκος τεινω τρημα τρημα τρεις/γλυφω τρεχω γραφω γραφω γραφω λογος ουρον ουρον ουρον ζαω ζυγον οξυς δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκιμος δοκιμος/λογος γλωττα δραω δυο/δεκα/δρασσομαι δυο/δεκα/γωνια δυο/δεκα/εδρα δυο/δεκα/εδρα δυο/δεκα δυο/δεκα/νησος δυο/δεκα/φωνη

dodecarch dodecarchy dodecastyle dodecasyllabic dodecasyllable dodecuplet dodecyl Dodona Dodonean dogma dogmatic dogmatical dogmatically dogmaticalness dogmatician dogmaticism dogmatics dogmatism dogmatist dogmatize dogmatizer dogmatology dogmatopoeic dole (arch) dolerin dolerite dolerophanite dolose dolichocephal dolichocephalic doliochocephalism dolichocephaly dolichoid dolichomorphic dolichopodous dolichotis dolichurus dolorimeter dolphin dolphinarium dolphinate domigene doorjamb Dorian

δυο/δεκα/αρχω δυο/δεκα/αρχω δυο/δεκα//στυλος δυο/δεκαλαμβανω δυο/δεκα//λαμβανω δυο/δεκα δυο/δεκα/υλη Δωδωνη Δωδωνη δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω/λογος δοκεω/ποιεω δολος δολος δολος δολος/φαινω δολος δολιχος/κεφαλη δολιχος/κεφαλη δολιχος/κεφαλη δολιχος/κεφαλη δολιχος δολιχος/μορφη δολιχος/πους δολιχος/ους δολιχος/ουρα μετρον δελφις δελφις δελφις γενος καμπη Δωριος

Doric Doris Dorism Dorize Dorothy dorsimeson dorsopleural dorsosternal dosage dose dosimeter dosimetry dosiology doubletone doulocracy doxastic dosographer doxography doxological doxologize doxology doxy (opinion) doyen doyenne drachm drachma Draco dracone Draconian Draconic Draconically draconiform Draconism dracontic Dracula dragon dragonesque dragoness dragonet dragonfly dragonish dragonism dragonism dragonize



Δωριος Δωριος διδωμι/θεος μεσος πλευρον στερνον διδωμι διδωμι διδωμι/μετρον διδωμι/μετρον διδωμι/λογος τεινω δουλος/κρατεω δοκεω δοκεω/γραφω δοκεω/γραφω δοκεω/λογος δοκεω/λογος δοκεω/λογος δοκεω διακονος διακονος δρασσομαι δρασσομαι δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων δρακων

dragonnade dragoon dram drama dramatic dramatically dramaticism dramatics dramaticule dramatis personae dramatism dramatist dramatization dramtize dramaturge dramaturgic dramaturgist dramaturgy drastic drastically drepanid drepaniform driography drome dromedary dromic dromioid dromograph dromomania dromometer dromond Dromornis dromos dromoscope dromotropic dromotropism dropsical dropsy drosometer drosophilia drosophilist drosophyllum Druid Druidism

δρακων δρακων δρασσομαι δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω δραω/εργον δραω/εργον δραω/εργον δραω/εργον δραω δραω δρεπανον δρεπανον γραφω δρομος δρομος δρομος δρομος δρομος/γραφω δρομος/μαινομαι δρομος/μετρον δρομος δρομος/ορνις δρομος δρομος/σκοπεω δρομος/τρεπω δρομος/τρεπω υδωρ


δροσος/μετρον δροσος/φιλος δροσος/φιλος δροσος/φυλλον

δρυς δρυς

dryad duad duarchy dulcimer dulcitone dulia dulocracy dulosis dulotic duocameral duodecagon duodecyl duodenectomy duodrama duoglot duologue duomachy duopoly duopsony duotone duotype dyad dyadic dyarchy dynactinometer dynagraph dynam(e) dynameter dynamic dynamical dynamically dynamicism dynamicist dynamicity dynamics dynamism dynamitard dynamite dynamiter dynamitic dynamitism dynamtitist dynamize dynamo

δρυς δυο δυο/αρχω


τεινω δουλος δουλος/κρατεω δουλος δουλος καμαρα δεκα/γωνια υλη τεμνω δραω γλωττα λογος μαχη πωλεω οψωνω τεινω τυπος δυο δυο δυο/αρχω δυναμαι/ακτις/μετρον δυναμαι/γραφω δυναμαι δυναμαι/μετρον δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυμαμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι

dynamo-electric dynamogen dynamogeny dynamograph dynamometer dynamometry dynamometamorphism

dynamotor dynamopathy dynamoscope dynast dynastic dynastical dynastically dynasticism dynasty dynatron dyne dynein dynode Dyophysite Dyothelite dyphone dysdysangelical dysarthria dysbasia dyschezia dyscholic dyschronous dysclasitic dyscrasia dyscrasic dyscrasite dyscrasy dysenteric dysenteriform dysentery dysergia dysesthesia dysgenesis dysgenic(s) dysgrammatical dysgraphia

δυναμαι/ηλεχτρον δυναμαι/γενος δυναμαι/γενος δυναμαι/γραφω δυναμαι/μετρον δυναμαι/μετρον δυναμαι/μετα/μορφη δυναμαι δυναμαι/παθος δυναμαι/σκοπεω δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι δυναμαι/οδος δυο/φυω δυο/θελω δυο/φωνη δυσαγγελος αρθρον βαινω χειζω χολη χρονος κλαω κεραννυμι κεραννυμι κεραννυμι κεραννυμι ενδον ενδον ενδον εργον αισθανομαι γενος γενος γραφω γραφω

dysidrosis dyskinesia dyslalia dyslexia dyslexiac dyslexic dyslogia dyslogistic dyslogistically dyslogy dysluite dyslysin dysmenorrhea dysnerism dysmetria dysnomy dysodont dysopsia dyspathy dyspareunia dyspepsia dyspeptic dysphagia dysphemia dysphemism dysphonia dysphonic dysphoria dysphotic dysplasia dysplastic dyspnea dysporomorph dysprosium dysprosody dysproteinemia dysrhythmia dysspermatism dysteleology dysthymic dystokia dystomic dystomous dystonia

ιδροω κινεω λαλια λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λυω λυω μην/ρεω μερος μετρον νομος οδους οψις παθος ευνη πεπτω πεπτω φαγειν φημι φημι φωνη φωνη φερω φως πλαττω πλαττω πνεω σπειρω/μορφη ειμι αδω πρωτος/αιμα ρεω σπειρω τελος/λογος θυμος τοκος τεμνω τεμνω τεινω

dystopia dystopian dystrophy dysuria dysuric disury dytisicid dytiscidiform

τοπος τοπος τρεφω ουρον ουρον ουρον δυω δυω

E earphone eboneous ebon ebonist ebonite ebonize ebony ebullioscope ebullioscopic eburnate eburnation eburnean eburneous e-business ecad ecbasis ecbatic ecblastesis ecbole ecbolic eccentric eccentrical eccentrically eccentricity ecchondroma ecchondrosis ecchymosis ecclesia ecclesial ecclesialogy ecclesiarch ecclesiarchy Ecclesiast Ecclesiastes ecclesiastic ecclesiastical eccelsiastically eccelsiasticism ecclesiocentric ecclesiography ecclesiolatry

φωνη εβενος εβενος εβονος εβενος εβενος εβενος σκοπεω σκοπεω εβενος εβενος εβενος εβενος ηλεκτρον οικος βαινω βαινω βλαστος βαλλω βαλλω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω χονδρος χονδρος χυμος καλεω καλεω καλεω/λογος καλεω/αρχω καλεω/αρχω καλεω καλεω καλεω καλεω καλεω καλεω καλεω/κεντεω καλεω/γραφω καλεω/λατρις

ecclesiologic ecclesiological ecclesilogist ecclesiologically ecclesiology eccoprotic eccrinology ecderon ecdysiast ecdysis ecesis ecgonine echard Echidna echicanea echinal echinate echinid echinocactus echinochrome echinococcus echinod echinoderm echinodermata echinoid echinoidea echinology echinulate echinuliform echinus echites echium echiuroid echo echocardiogram echogram echograph echoic echoism echolalia echolation echoless echolocation echometer

καλεω/λογος καλεω/λογος καλεω/λογος καλεω/λογος καλεω/λογος κοπρος κρινω/λογος δερω -δυω -δυω οικος γενος εχω εχις εχινος εχινος εχινος εχινος εχινος/κακτος εχινος/χρωμα εχινος/κοκκος κοκκος/οδους εχινος/δερω εχινος/δερω εχινος εχινος εχινος/λογος εχινος εχινος εχινος εχις εχις εχις ηχω ηχω/καρδια/γραφω ηχω/γραφω ηχω/γραφω ηχω ηχω ηχω/λαλλια ηχω ηχω ηχω ηχω/μετρον

echopraxia echo-sounding ecize eclectic eclectical eclectically eclecticism eclecticize eclectism eclipsable eclipse eclipser eclipsis ecliptic ecliptical ecliptically eclipticity eclogite eclogue ecmnesia eco-activist ecocatastrophe ecocidal ecocide ecoclimate ecofreak eco-friendly ecole ecological ecologically ecologist ecology e commerce econometric econometrician econometrics economic economical economically economics economism economist economization economize

ηχω/πραττω ηξω οικος λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λογος λογος μναομαι οικος οικος/στρεφω οικος οικος οικος/κλινω οικος οικος σχολη οικος/λογος οικος/λογος οικος/λογος οικος/λογος ηλεκτρον οικος/νομος/μετρον οικος/νομος/μετρον οικος/νομος/μετρον οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/νομος

economizer economy ecophene ecosocialism ecospecies ecosphere ecosystem ecotene ecoterror ecoterrorism ecoterrorist ecotone ecotype ecphora ecphore ecphrasis ecstasiate ecstasy ecstatic ecstatical ecstatically ecstasis ecstasize ectasis ectene ectoblast ectochondral ectocranial ectocrine ectocyst ectoderm ectogenesis ectomere ectomorph -ectomy ectoneural ectoparasite ectophagous ectophyte ectopia ectopic ectoplasm ectorhinal ectosarc

οικος/νομος οικος/νομος οικος/φαινω οικος οικος οικος/σφαιρα οικοσ/ιστημι οικος/τεινω οικος οικος οικος οικος/τεινω οικος/τυπος φερω φερω φραζω ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι τεινω τεινω βλαστος χονδρος κρανιον κρινω κυω δερω γενος μερος μορφη τεμνω νευρον σιτος φαγειν φυω τοπος τοπος πλαττω ρις σαρξ

ectostome ectotrophic ectrodactyly ectropion ectypal ectype ectypography ecumaniac ecumene ecumenic ecumenical ecumenicalismοικος ecumenicalist ecumenically ecumenicity ecumenics ecumenism ecumenist ecumenopolis eczema eczematous edaphic edaphodont edaphon edema edriophthalmian educrat egocentric egocentricity egomania egomaniac egomaniacal egotheism Egypt Egyptian Egyptologist Egyptology eidetic eidograph eidolon eisegesis EKD ekistics elaeo-

στομα τρεφω δακτυλος τρεπω τυπος τυπος τυπος/γραφω οικοσ/μαινομαι οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος/πολις ζεω ζεω εδαφος εδαφος/οδους εδαφος οιδεω εδρα/οψις κρατεω κεντεω κεντεω μαινομαι μαινομαι μαινομαι θεος Αιγυπτος Αιγυπτος Αιγυπτος/λογος Αιγυπτος/λογος ειδος ειδος/γραφω ειδος ηγεμον ηλεκτρον/καρδια/γραφω οικος ελαια

elaioplast elaphine elaphure elasmobranch elasmosaurus elasmose elasmotherion elastance elastase elastic elastically elastician elasticin elasticity elastique elastivity elastomer elastoplast elater elaterid e-business e-commerce e-learning electret electric electrical electrically electric chair electric fence electrician electricity electric shock electrifiable electrification electrifier electrify electrization electrize electro electro-acoustics electroanalysis electroballisitics electrobiology electrobioscopy

ελαια/πλαττω ελαφος ελαφος/ουρα ελασμος/βραγχια ελασμος/σαυρος ελασμος ελασμος/θεριον ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω ελαυνω/μερος ελαυνω/πλατω ελαυνω ελαυνω ηλεχτρον ηλεχτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεχτρον/Μαγνητις ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/εδρα ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεχτρον ηλεχτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/ακουω ηλεκτρον/λυω ηλεκτρον/βαλλω ηλεκτρον/βιος/λογος ηλεκτρον/βιος/σκοπεω

electrocardiogram electrocardiograph electrochemical electrochemistry electrocute electrocution electrocycle electrocyte electrode electrodeposit electrodessication electrodynamics -encephalogram -encephalograph electrofocusing electrogenic electrogram electrograph electrography electrojet electrokinetics electrolier electrology electroluminescence electroluminescent electrolysis electrolyte electrolytic electrolyze electromagnet electromagnetic electromagnetism electromechanical electromeric electrometalurgy electrometer electromigration electromotion electromotive electromotor electromyogram electromyograph electron electronarcosis

ηλεκτρον/καρδια/γραφω ηλεχτρον/καρδια/γραφω ηλεκτρον/χυμος ηλεκτρον/χυμος ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/κυκλος νλεκτρον/κυω ηλεκτρον/οδος ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/δυναμαι ηλεκτρον/κεφαλε/γραφω ηλεκτρον/κεφαλη/γραφω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/γενος ηλεκτρον/γραφω ηλεκτρον/γραφω ηλεκτρον/γραφω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/κινεω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/λογος ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/λυω ηλεκτρον/λυω ηλεκτρον/λυω ηλεκτρον/λυω ηλεκτρον/μαγνητις ηλεκτρον/μαγνητις ηλεκτρον/μαγνητις ηλεχτρον/μχηος ηλεκτρον/μερος ηλεκτρον/μεταλλον/εργον ηλεκρον/μετρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/μυς/γραφω ηλεκτρον/μυς/γραφω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/ναρκη

electronarcotic electronegative electroneutral electronically electronics electron microscope electronographic electropathy electrophilic electrophone electrophonic electrophoresis electrophorus electroplant electroplate electroplexy electropositive electroproduction electropuncture electroretinograph electrorate electroscope electrostatic electrostatics electrostimulation electrostriction electrosynthetic electrotechnician electrotherapeutics electrotherapist electrotherapy electrotint electrotonus electrotropism electrotype electroweak electrum eleemosynary elegiac elegiacal elegiambus elegist elegize elegy

ηλεκτρον/ναρκη ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/μικρος/σκοπεω ηλεκτρον/γραφω ηλεκτρον/παθος ηλεκτρον/φιλος ηλεκτρον/φωνη ηλεκρον/φωνη ηλεκτρον/φερω ηλεκτρον/φερω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/πλατυς ηλεκρον/πλησσω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/γραφω ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/σκοπεω ηλεκρον/ιστημι ηλεκτρον/ιστημι ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον/τιθημι ηλεκτρον/τεκτων ηλεκτρον/θεραπων ηλεκτρον/θεραπων ηλεκτρον/θεραπων ηλεκτρον τεινω τεινω/τρεπω ηλεκτρον/τυπος ηλεκτρον ηλεκτρον ελεεω ελεγος ελεγος ελεγος/ιαμβος ελεγος ελεγος ελεγος

eleidin elenchus elenctic elephant elephantiasis elephantic elephantine elephantoid elephantry Eleusinian Eleusis eleutherism eleutheromania eleutheromaniac eleutheropetalous eleutherophyllous elixir ellipse ellipsis ellipsograph ellipsoid ellipsoidal elliptical elliptically ellipticity eloge elogium elydoric Elysee Elysian Elysium elytral elytriform elytrigerous elytrin elytrocele elytroid elytron elytroplasty elytrous elytrum e mail emanometer embalm

ελαια ελεγχω ελεγχω ελεφας ελεφας ελεφας ελεφας ελεφας ελεφας Ελευσις Ελευσις ελευθερος ελευθερος/μαινομαι ελευθερος/μαινομαι ελευθερος/πεταννυμι ελευθερος/φυλλον ξηρος λειπω λειπω λειπω/γραφω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λειπω λογος λογος ελαια/υδρ Ηλυσιον Ηλυσιον Ηλυσιον ελυτρον ελυτρον ελυτρον ελυτρον ελυτρον/κηλη ελυτρον ελυτρον ελυτρον/πλαττω ελυτρον ελυτρον ηλεχτρον μετρον βαλσαμον

embalmer embalmment embasing emblem emblema emblematic emblematical emblematically emblematist emblematize emblematology emblemize embole embolectomy embolic embolism embolismus embolite embolium embolization embolize embolon embolus embox embrace embraceable embracement embracer embracery embracingly embracive embryectomy embryo embryoctony embryoferous embryogenesis embryogenetic emryogenic embryogeny embryogony embryography embryoid embryoism embryologic

βαλσαμον βαλσαμον βαινω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω/λογος βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω/τεμνω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω πυξον βραχιων βραχιων βραχιων βραχιον βραχιον βραχιον βτραχιον βρυω/τεμνω βρυω βρυω/τεινω βρυω βρυω/γενος βρυω/γενος βρυω/γενος βρυω/γενος βρυω/γενος βρυω/γραφω βρυω βρυω βρυω/λογος

embryological embryologist embryology embryoma embryon embryonal embryonary embryonate embryonic embryonically embryoniferous embryoplastic embryoscope embryotic embryotomy embryotoxin eme -eme emerald emeraldine emery emesia emesis e-message emetic emetical emetically emetine emetology -emia emic emmarble emmenagogic emmenagogology emmenagogue emmenological emmenology emmetrope emmetropia emmetropic emmetropy Emmy empathetic empathic

βρυω/λογος βρυω/λογος βρυω/λογος βρυω/οιδεω βρυω βρυω βρυω βρυω βρυω βρυω βρυω βρυω/πλαττω βρυω/σκοπεω βρυω βρυω/τεμνω βρυω/τοξον (φωνη) (φωνη) σμαραγδος σμαραγδος σμυρις εμεω εμεω ηλεκτρον εμεω εμεω εμεω εμεω εμεω/λογος αιμα (φωνη) μαρμαρος μην/αγω μην/αγω/λογος μην/αγω μην/λογος μην/λογος μετρον/οψις μετρον/οψις μετρον/οψις μετρον/οψις ορθος παθος παθος

empathist empathize empathy empetrous emphasis emphasize emphasizer emphatic emphatical emphatically emphractic emphysema empiric empirical empirically empiricism empiricist empirism empiristic emplace emplacement empleomania emporetic emporium emprosthotonic emprosthotonos empurpled empurpling empyema empyreal empyrean empyreuma empyreumatic emydian emydin emydosaurian emys enaliosaur enanthema enantioblastic enantiodromia enantiomorph enantiopathic enantiopathy

παθος παθος παθος πετρα φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φρασσω φυσαω πειρα πειρα πειρα πειρα πειρα πειρα πειρα πλατυς πλατυς μαινομαι περαω περαω τεινω τεινω πορφυρα πορφυρα πυον πυρ πυρ πορ πυρ εμυς εμυς εμυς/σαυρος εμυς εναλιος/σαυρος τιθημι βλαστος δρομος μορφη παθος παθος

enantiosis enantiotropy enarthrodial enarthrosis encanthis encarpous encaustic encaustically encenia encephalic encephalitis encephalitic encephalization encephalitogenic encephalocele encephalogram encephlograph encephaloid encephalolith encephalology encephlomyelitis encephalon encephalopathy encephalous enchiridion enchondroma enchondromatous enchondrosis enchorial enclisis enclitic encoffin encoffinment encomiast encomiastic encomiastically encomium encore encrinal encrinic encrinite encrinitic encrinoid Encrinus

εναμτιος τρεπω αρθρον αρθρον κανθος καρπος καιω καιω καινος κεφαλη κεφαλη κεφαλη κεφαλη κεφαλη/γενος κεφαλη/κηλη κεφαλη/γραφω κεφαλη/γραφω κεφαλη κεφαλη.λιθος κεφαλη/λογος κεφαλη/μυς κεφαλη κεφαλη/παθος κεφαλη χειρ χονδρος χονδρος χονδρος χωρος κλινω κλινω κοφινος κοφινος κωμος κωμος κωμος κωμος


κρινον κρινον κρινομ κρινον κρινον κρινον

encrown encrypt encryption encyclic encyclical encyclopedia encyclopedian encyclopedic encyclopedism encyclopedist encyclopedize encyst encystation encystment endeictic endemial endemic endemical endemically endemicity endenism endermatic endermic endermical endermically enderon endite endoendobiotic endoblast endobronchial endocardial endocarditis endocardium endocarp endocentric endochrome endochondrial endoclinal endocranium endocrine endocrinologist endocrinology endocrinopathy

κορονη κρυπτω κρυπτω κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος/παις κυκλος/παις κυκλος/παις κυκλος/παις κυκλος/παις κυκλος/παις κυω κυω κυω δεικνυμαι δημος δημος δημος δημος δημος δημος δερω δερω δερω δερω δερω ενδον ενδον βιος βλαστος βρογχος καρδια καρδια καρδια καρπος κεντεω χρωμα χονδρος κλινω κρανιον ενδον/κρινω κρινω/λογος κρινω/λογος κρινω/παθος

endocyst endocytosis endoderm endodontia endodontist endogamous endogamy endogastric endogen endogenesis endogenetic endogenic endogenous endogeny endognathic endolaryngeal endolith endolymph endometrial endometry endomixis endomorph endomorphic endomorphin endomorphism endonormative endoparasite endophlebitis endophragm endophyllous endophyte endophytous endoplasm endopod endopodite endopsychic endopterogote endorphin endorrheism endosarc endoscope endoskeleton endosmometer endosmose

κυω κυω δερω οδους οδους γαμος γαμος γαστηρ γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γναθος λαρυγξ λιθος νυμφη μετρον μετρον μιγμα μορφη μορφη μορφη μορφη ενδον σιτος φλεψ φρασσω φυλλον φυω φυω πλαττω πους πους ψυκη πτερον μορφη ρεω σαρξ σκοπεω σκελλω ωθεω/μετρον ωθεω

endosmosis endosmotic endosome endosperm endospore endosteal endosternite endostoma endostyle endotheca endothelial endothelium endotherm endothermal endothermally endothermic endothermy endothorax endotoxin endotracheal endotrophic endotropic enema enepidermic energetic energetically energic energid energism energize energizer energumen energy enfrenzy engastromythic engraft engraftment engram engraph engulf enharmonic enhydrite enhydrous enhypostasis

ωθεω ωθεω σωμα ενδον/σπειρω σπειρω οστεον στερνον στομα στυλος τιθημι θηλος θηλος θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θωραξ τοξον τραχυς τρεφω τρεπω ιημι δερω εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον φρην γαστηρ/μυθος γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω κολπος αρμοζω υδωρ υδωρ ιστημι

enhypostatize enigma enigmatic enigmatical enigmatically enigmatize enigmatographer enigmagraphy enigmatology enjamb enkephalin en masse ennead enneagon enneagonal enneagymous enneahedral ennandrous enneapetalous enneastyle enneatic enneatical enorganic enorthotrope enosis ensilage ensilate ensile ensisternal ensophic ensphere entelechy ententophil enteralgia enterectomy enteric enteritis enteroenterochlorophyll enterococcus enterocoele enterocolitis enterocrinin enterogastrone

ιστημι αινιγμα αινιγμα αινιγμα αινιγμα αιντγμα αινιγμα/γραφω αινιγμα/γραφω αινιγμα/γραφω ιαμβος κεφαλη μασσω εννεα εννεα/γωνια εννεα/γωνια εννεα/γυνη εννεα/εδρα εννεα/ανηρ εννεα/πεταννυμι εννεα/στυλος εννεα εννεα οργανον ορθος/τρεπω εις σιρος σιρος σιρος στερνον σοφος σφαιρα τελος/εχω φιλος ενδον/αλγος ενδον/τεμνω ενδον ενδον ενδον ενδον/χλωρος/φυλλον ενδον/κοκκος ενδον/κοιλος ενδον/κολον ενδον/κρινω ενδον/γαστηρ

enterohepatitis enterohydrocele enteroid enterokinase enterolite enterolith enterology enteron enteronephritic enteropathy enteroplasty enteropneustral enterospasm enterostomy enterotome enterotomy enterotoxin enterovirus enthalpy enthetic enthrone enthronement enthuse enthusiasm enthusiast enthusiastic enthusiastical enthusiastically enthymatic enthymene entoentoblast entochondral entocyst entoderm entogastric entoglossal entomb entombment entomere entomic entomoentomogenous entomoid

ενδον/ηπαρ ενδον/υδωρ/κηλη ενδον ενδον/κινεω ενδον/λιθος ενδον/λιθος ενδον/λογος ενδον ενδον/νεφρος ενδον/παθος ενδον/πλαττω ενδον/πνεω ενδον/σπαω ενδον/στομα ενδον/τεμνω ενδον/τεμνω ενδον/τοξον ενδρον θερομαι τιθημι θρονος θρονος θεος θεος θεος θεος θεος θεος θυμος θυμος ενδρον βλαστος χονδρος κυω δερω γαστηρ γλωττα τυμβος τυμβος μερος τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω/γενος τεμνω

entomolite entomological entomologist entomologize entomology entomometer entomophagous entomophilous entomostracan entonotomist entomotomy entone entonic entoparasite entoperipheral entophyte entoplastral entoproctous entoptic entopterygoid entoscelerite entosternal entosternum entosthoblast entotic entotympanic entozoon entreasure entrochal entrochite entrochus entropic entropion entropy enuresis enzootic enzymatic enzyme enzymology eoan eoanthropos eobiont Eocene eohippic

τεμνω/λιθος τεμνω/λογος τεμνω/λογος τεμνω/λογος τεμνω/λογος τεμνω/μετρον τεμνω/φαγειν τεμνω/φιλος τεμνω/οστρακον τεμνω τεμνω τεινω τεινω σιτος φερω φυω πλαττω πρωκτος οψις πτερον σκελλω στερνον στερνον βλαστος ους τυπος ζαω θησαυρος τρεχω τρεχω τρεχω τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω ουρον ζαω ζυμη ζυμη ζυμη/λογος ηως ηως/ανθρωπος ηως/βιος ηως/καινος ηως/ιππος

eohippus eolienne eolith eolithic eolite eon eophytic Eos eosaurus eosin eosinophil Eozoic eozoon epacrid epacris epact epagogic epagogue epanalepsis epanaphora epanastrophe epanodos epanorthosis epanthous eparch eparchial eparchy epaulet epee epeiric epeirogenesis epeirogeny epencephalic epencephalon ependyma epenthesis epeolatry epeology epexegesis ephebe ephebophilia ephectic ephedra ephedrine

ηως/ιππος αιολος ηως/λιθος ηως/λιθος ηωςλιθος αει ηως/φυω ηως ηως/σαυρος ηως ηως/φιλος ηως/ζαω ηως/ζαω ακρος ακρος αγω αγω αγω λαμβανω φερω σρεφω οδος ορθος ανθος αρχω αρχω απχω σπαθη σπαθη ηπειρος ηπειρος/γενος ηπειρος/γενος κεφαλη κεφαλη -δυω τιθημι επος/λατρις επος/λογος ηγεμον ηβη ηβη/φιλος εχω εδρα εδρα

ephemera ephemeral ephemerality ephemeralization ephemerally ephemerid ephemeris ephemeromorph ephemeron ephemerous Ephesian ephesite Ephesus ephippium ephor epibasal epibiont epibiotic epiblast epiblema epiboly epic epical epically epicalyx epicanthus epicardium epicarp epicede epicedian epicedium epicene epicenter epicentral epicentric epichordal epichorial epicist epiclastic epiclinal epicoelia epicolic epicranium epicritic

ημερα ημερα ημερα ημερα ημερα ημερα ημερα ημερα/μορφη ημερα ημερα Εφεσος Εφεσος Εφεσος ιππος ηφορος βαινω βιος βιος βλαστος βαλλω βαλλω επος επος επος καλυξ κανθος καρδια καρπος κηδος κνδος κηδος κοινος κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω χορδη χωρος επος κλαω κλινω κοιλος κολον κρανιον κρινω

epicure epicurean epicureanism epicurism Epicurus epicycle epicyclic epicyte epideictic epidemic epidemical epidemically epidemiography epidemiologist epidemiology epidendral epidermal epidermic epidermis epidermolysis epididymis epigamic epigastric epigeal epigee epigene epigenesis epigenetic epigenist epiglottis epiglottitis epigon epigonism epigram epigrammatic epigrammatism epigrammatist epigrammist epigrammatize epigraph epigrapher epigraphic epigraphical epigraphy

Επικουρος Επικουρος Επικουρος Επικουρος Επικουρος κυκλος κυκλος κυω δεικνομαι δημος δημος δημος δημος/γραφω δημος/λογος δημος/λογος δενδρον δερω δερω δερω δερω/λυω διδυμος γαμος γαστηρ γη γη γενος γενος γενος γενος γλωττα γλωττα γενος γενος γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω

epigyne epigynous epilepsy epileptic epileptiform epileptigenic epilithic epilobe epilogist epilogize epilogue Epimetheus epimyth epinephrine epineural epinician epiotic epipelagic epiphanic epiphany epiphenomenon epiphora epiphyllous epiphyte epiplasm epipleural epipodite epipteroid episcopacy episcopal episcopally Episcopalian episcopalism episcopate episcopize episcopy episematic episkeletal episode episodic episperm epispore epistatic epistaxis

γυνη γυνη λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω/γενος λιθος λοβος λογος λογος λογος μανθανω μυθος νεφρος νευρον νικη ους πελαγος φαινω φαινω φαινω φερω φυλλον φυω πλαττω πλευρον πους πτερον σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σημαινω σκελλω οδος οδος σπειρω σπειρω ιστημι σταλασσω

epistemic epistemological epistemology epistle epistler epistolary epistolize epistolographic epistolography epistrophe epistyle epitaph epitasis epitaxy epithalamium epithelial epithelium epithet epithymetic epitokous epitome epitomist epitomize epitympanic epizeuxis epizoic epizoon epizootic epoch epochal epode eponym eponymous eponymy epopee epos epoxide epoxy epsilon epyllion eremetical eremic eremite eremology

επισταμαι επισταμαι/λογος επισταμαι/λογος στελλω στελλω στελλω/λατρις στελλω στελλω/λογος/γραφω στελλω/λογος/γραφω σρεφω στυλος θαπτω τεινω ταττω θαλαμος θηλη θηλη τιθημι θυμος τοκος τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω τυπος ζυγον ζαω ζαω ζαω εχω εχω αδω ονομα ονομα ονομα επος/ποιεω επος οξυς οξυς ε/ψιλος επος ερημια ερημια ερημια ερημια/λογος

erg ergastic ergate ergative ergatocracy ergodic ergogram ergograph ergometer ergonomic ergonomical ergonomically ergonomics ergonomist ergophobe ergophobia Eris eristic erogenic erogenous Eros erotic erotically eroticism erotism erotomania erotophilia erysipelas erythremia erythric erythrism erythroerythroblast erythrocyte erythrogen erythroid erythromycin erythrophobia erythrophyll erythroplastid erythropoiesis erythropsia erythroscope erythrose

εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον/κρατεω εργον/οδος εργον/γραφω εργον/γραφω εργον/μετρον εργον/νομος εργον/νομος εργον/νομος εργον/νομος εργον?νομος εργον/φοβος εργον/φοβος ερις ερις ερως/γενος ερως/γενος ερως ερως ερως ερως ερως ερως/μαινομαι ερως/φιλος ερυθρος ερυθρος ερυθρος ερυθρος ερυθρος ερυθρος/βλαστος ερυθρος/κυω ερυθρος/γενος ερυθρος ερυθρος/μυκης ερυθρος/φοβος ερυθρος/φυλλον ερυθρος/πλαττω ερυθρος/ποιεω ερυθρος/οψις ερυθρος/σκοπεω ερυθρος

eschatological eschatology escolar esemplastic esodic esophagal esophagus esophoric esoteric esoterical esoterically esotericism espathate ester esthete esthetic esthetical esthetically esthetics estrogen estrogenic estrous estrus eternal eternally eternity etesiam ethane ethanol ether ethereal ethereality ethereally etherification etheriform etherize etheromania ethical ethically ethicism ethicist ethics Ethiopeia Ethiopian

εσχατος/λογος εσχατος/λογος σχολη πλαττω οδος φαγειν φαγειν φερω εσω εσω εσω εσω σπαθη αιθηρ αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αισθανομαι αισθανομαι οιστρους/γενος οιστρους/γενος οιστρους οιστρους αει αει αει ετος αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ αιθηρ/μαινομαι εθος εθος εθος εθος εθος Αιθιοψ Αιθιοψ

ethmoid ethnarch ethnarchy ethnic ethnical ethnically ethnicity ethnobotany ethnocentric ethnocentricity ethnocentrism ethnocide ethnogenesis ethnogeny ethnograph ethnographer ethnography ethnohistory ethnolinguist ethnological ethnologist ethnology ethnomaniac ethnomethodology ethnomusicology ethnonym ethnophaulism ethnopsychology ethnoscience ethnosemantics ethnozoology ethogram ethography ethological ethologist ethology ethopeia ethos ethyl ethylene etiological etiology Etruscology etymological

ηθμος εθνος/αρκω εθνος/αρκω εθνος εθνος εθνος εθνος εθνος/Βοσκω εθνος/κεντεω εθνος/κεντεω εθνος/κεντεω εθνος εθνος/γενος εθνος/γενος εθνος/γραφω εθνος/γραφω εθνος/γενος εθνος/ιστωρ εθνος εθνος/λογος εθνος/λογος εθνος/λογος εθνος/μαινομαι εθνος/οδος/λογος εθνος/Μουσα/λογος εθνος/ονομα εθνος/φαυλιζω εθνος/ψυκη/λογος εθνος εθνος/σημαινω εθνος/ζαω/λογος εθος/γραφω εθος/γραφω εθος/λογος εθος/λογος εθος/λογος εθος/ποιεω εθος αιθηρ/υλη αιθηρ/υλη αιτια/λογος αιτια/λογος λογος ετυμος/λογος

etymologically etymologicon etymologist etymologize etymology etymon eubacterium eucalyptus eucharist eucharistic eucharistically euchromatic Euclid Euclidean eucomis eucrasia eucyclic eudaemonia eudaemoniac eudaemonic eudaemonics eudaemonism eudiometer Eudora Eugene eugenesis eugenetic eugenic eugenically eugenicist eugenics eugeogenous Euhemerism Euhemerist euhemerize Euhemerus eukaryote eulogism eulogist eulogistic eulogistically eulogium eulogize eulogy

ετυμος/λογος ετυμος/λογος ετυμος/λογος ετυμος/λογος ετυμος/λογος ετυμος βακτρον καλυπτω χαιρω χαιρω χαιρω χρωμα Ευκλειδης Ευκλειδης κομη κεραννυμι κυκλος δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων δαιμων Ζευς/μετρον διδωμι γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γη/γενος ημερα ημερα ημερα ημερα καρυον λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος

Eunice eunomy eunuch euonym eupathy eupatrid eupepsia eupeptic euphemism euphemistic euphemistically euphemize euphenics euphonic euphonious euphoniously euphonium euphonize euphony euphoria euphoric euphotic euphuism euphuistic euplastic eupnea eupraxia Eurasia Eurasian eureka eurhythmic euro euro dollar Europe European Europeanism Europeanize europium eurybathic eurycephalic eurycerous euryene eurygnathous euryphagous

νικη νομος ευνη/εχω ονομα παθος πατηρ πεπτω πεπτω φημι φημι φημι φημι φαινω φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φερω φερω φως φυω φυω πλαττω πνεω πραττω Ευρωπη/Ασια Ευρωπη/Ασια ευρισκω ρεω Ευρωπη Ευρωπη Ευρωπη Ευρωπη Ευρωπη Ευρωπη Ευρωπη ευρυς/βαθος ευρυς/κεφαλη ευρυς/κερας ευρυς ευρυς/γναθος ευρυς/φαγειν

euryphagy eurypterid euryscope eurystomatous eurytherm eurythermal Eusebius eustyle eutaxy eutectic eutectiferous Euterpe Euterpean euthanasia euthanize euthenics eutrophic eutrophication eutrophy evangel evangelary evangelic evangelical Evangeline evangelism evangelist evangelistic evangelize evangelization evaporimeter exanthematic exarch exarchate exegesis exegete exegetics exegetical exergue exhilirate exhiliration exhilirative exobiology exocardial exocarp

ευρυς/φαγειν ευρυς/πτερον ευρυς/σκοπεω ευρυς/στομα ευρυς/θερομαι θερομαι σεβομαι στυλος ταττω τηκτος τηκτος Ευτερπη Ευτερπη θανατος θανατος ευθενος τρεφω τρεφω τρεφω αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος αγγελος μετρον ανθος αρχω αρκω ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων εργον ιλαρος ιλαρος ιλαρος βιος/λογος καρδια καρπος

ex cathedra exocentric exoclinal exocrinal exocrine exocyclic exocytosis exodermis exodic exodontia exodontic exodontist exodus exogamous exogamy exogen exogenesis exogenetic exogenous exogynous exomorphic exoneural exopathic exophagous exophoric exophthalmic exoplasm exopod exopodite exorcism exorcist exorcize exoscopic exoskeleton exosmose exosmosis exosmotic exosperm exosphere exospore exostome exostosis exostrophe exoteric

εδρα κεντεω κλινω κρινω κρινω κυκλος κυω δερω οδος οδους οδους οδους οδος γαμος γαμος γενος γενος γενος γενος γυνη μορφη νευρον παθος φαγειν φερω οψις πλαττω πους πους ορκος ορκος ορκος σκοπεω σκελλω ωθεω ωθεω ωθεω σπειρω σφαιρα σπειρω στομα οστεον στρεφω εξω

exotheca exotherm exothermal exothermally exothermic exotic exotically exoticism exotoxin exotropia expatriot expose exposedness exposer exposure expunitive exstrophy extracanonical extrageneous extrapolate extrapolation extrapunitive extrasomatic

τιθημι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι εξω εξω εξω τοξον τρεπω πατηρ παυω παυω παυω παυω ποινη στρεφω καννα γενος πελιω τελω ποινη σωμα

F faith-based Falange fanciable fancification fancied fancier fanciful fancifully fancifulness fancify fanciless fanciness fancy fancy-free fancywork fantabulous fantasia fantasist fantasize fantasque fantast fantastic fantastical fantasticality fantastically fantasticalness fantasticate fantastication fantasticism fantasy fathogram fathometer faunizone Felipe feretory ferrochromium ferroelectric ferromagnetism ferrotype festilogy fiberscope

βαινω φαλαγξ φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω γραφω μετρον ζωνη φιλος/ιππος φερω χρωμα ηλεκτρον Μαγνητις τυπος λογος σκοπεω

fibrillogenic fibrinogen fibrinolysin fibrinoplastic fibroblast fibrocystic fibroneuroma fibroplastic filicology Filipino filmography fireplace fishplate fissidactyl flashcube floppy disk florigen floriscope fluorometer fluorophore fluoroscope fluoroscopic fluorotype flypaper focimeter folk etymology foolocracy formaldehyde formyl formylate formylation fractography Francomania Francophile Francophobe francophone frantic frantically frenetic frenetically frenzied frenzy frigorimeter frontogenesis

γενος γενος λυω πλαττω βλαστος κυω νευρον πλαττω λογος φιλος/ιππος γραφω πλατυς πλατυς δακτυλος κυβος δισκος γενος σκοπεω μετρον φερω σκοπεω σκοπεω τυπος παπυρος μετρον ετυμος/λογος κρατεω υδωρ υλη υλη υλη γραφω μαινομαι φιλος φοβος φωνη φρην φρην φρην φρην φρην φρην μετρον γενος

fructolysis fungology furyl futurology

λυω λογος υλη λογος

G Gaea Gaia gala galactase galactia galactic galactin galactagogue galactogenic galactometer galactophagous galactophorous galactopoietic galactorrhea galactose galactosemia galacturonic Galanthis Galatea galaxy galliambic galimatias galvanograph galvanology galvanometer galvanometry galvanoplastic galvanoplasty galvanoscope galvanotaxis galvanotropism gambol gametangium gamete gametic gametocyte gametogenesis gametogenetic gametophore gametophyte gamic

γη γη γαλα γαλα γαλα γαλα γαλα γαλα/αγω γαλα/γενος γαλα/μετρον γαλα/φαγειν γαλα/φερω γαλα/ποιεω γαλα/ρεω γαλα γαλα/αιμα γαλα/ουρον γαλη γαλα γαλα ιαμβος μανθανω γραφω λογος μετρον μετρον πλαττω πλαττω σκοπεω ταττω τρεπω καμπη γαμος/αγγειον γαμος γαμος γαμος/κυω γαμος/γενος γαμος/γενος γαμος/φερω γαμος/φυω γαμος

gamma gammadion gamma ray gammon gamogastrous gamogenesis gamomania gamomorphism gamopetalous gamophyllous gamophyte gamut gangial gangliform ganglion ganglionary ganglionic ganglionitis gangrene gangrenous Ganymede garbologist garbology gas gas engine gaseous gasification gasifier gasiform gasify gasless gaslight gas mask gas meter gasohol gasoline gassing gassy gastralgia gastrectomy gastric gastriloquent gastriloquist gastritis

γαμμα γαμμα γαμμα


γαμος/γαστηρ γαμος/γενος γαμος/μαινομαι γαμοσ/μορφη γαμος/πεταννυμι γαμος/φυλλον γαμος/φυω γαμμα γαγγλιον γαγγλιον γαγγλιον γαγγλιον γαγγλιον γαγγλιον γαγγραινα γαγγρατνα Γανυμηδης λογος λογος χαος χαος χαος χαος χαος χαος χαος χαος χαος χοας χαος/μετρον χαος χαος χαος χαος γαστηρ/αλγος γαστηρ/τεμνω γαστηρ γαστηρ γαστηρ γαστηρ

gastrocolic gastrodisc gastrodynia gastroenteric gastroenteritis gastroenterologist gastroenterology gastroid gastrointestinal gastrolatry gastrolith gastrology gastromancy gastronome gastronomic gastronomical gastronomy gastropod gastroscope gastroscopic gastroscopy gastrosophy gastrostomy gastrotomy gastrozoid gastrula gelatigenous gemology gene Gene geneagenesis genealogical genealogist genealogize genealogy genecology gelatigenous genesis genethliacal genethliacon genetic genetical genetically geneticist

γαστηρ/κολον γαστηρ/δισκος γαστηρ/οδυνη γαστηρ/ενδον γαστερ/ενδον γαστηρ/ενδον//λογος γαστηρ/ενδον//λογος γαστηρ γαστηρ γαστηρ/λατρις γαστηρ/λιθος γαστηρ/λογος γαστηρ/μαινομαι γαστηρ/νομος γαστηρ/νομος γαστηρ/νομος γαστηρ/νομος γαστηρ/πους γαστηρ/σκοπεω γαστηρ/σκοπεω γαστηρ/σκοπεω γαστηρ/σοφος γαστηρ/στομα γαστηρ/τεμνω γαστηρ/ζαω γαστηρ γενος λογος γενος γενος γενος γενος/λογος γενος/λογος γενος/λογος γενος/λογος γενος/οικος/λογος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος

genetics genetrix genial genic genioglossal geniohyoid genioplasty genitourinary genocidal genocide genome genotype geogeoblast geoboard geobotany geocentric geocentrism geochemistry geochronic geochronology geochrony geoclinal geocoronal geocratic geocyclic geode geodesic geodesy geodetic geodic geodynamics geoeconomics geogen geogenous geogenic geogeny geoglyphic geognost geognostic geognosy geogony geographer geographic

γενος γενος γενυς γενος γενυς/γλωττα γενυς/υ γενυς/πλαττω γενος/ουρον γενος γενος γενος/σωμα γενος/τυπος γη γη/βλαστοσ γη γη/βοσκω γη/κεντεω γη/κεντεω γη/χυμος γη/χρονος γη/χρονος/λογος γη/χρονος γη/κλινω γη/κορωνη γη/κρατεω γη/κυκλος γη/οδος γη/δαιω γη/δαιω γη/δαιω γη γη/δυναμαι γη/οικος/νομος γη/γενος γη/γενος γη/γενος γη/γενος γη/γλυφω γη/γιγνωσκω γη/γιγνωσκω γη/γιγνωσκω γη/γενος γη/γραφω γη/γραφω

geographical geographically geography geoid geoisotherm geologic geological geologist geologize geologue geology geomagnetic geomagnetism geomalic geomalism geomancer geomancy geomantic geometer geometric geometrical geometrically geometric mean geometric progression

geometrician geometrize geometry geomorphic geomorphism geomorphogeny geomorphology geomorphy geonavigation geonomy geophagous geophagy geophilous geophone geophyllous geophysical geophysicist geophysics geophysiogomy geophyte

γη/γραφω γη/γραφω γη/γραφω γη/ετδος γη/ισος/θερομαι γη/λογος γη/λογος γη/λογος γη/λογος γη/λογος γη/λογος γη/μαγνητις γη/μαγνητις γη/ομος γη/ομος γη/υαινομαι γη/υαινομαι γη/μαινομαι γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μετρον γη/μορφη γη/μορφη γη/μορφη/γενος γη/μορφη/λογος γη/μορφη γη γη/νομος γη/φαγειν γη/φαγειν γη/φιλος γη/φωνη γη/φυλλον γη/φυω γη/φυω γη/φυω γη/φυω/γιγνοσκω γη/φυω

geoplanarian geopolitical geopolitics geoponics geopotential georama George Georgia Georgian georgic Georgics geoscopy geoselenic geosphere geostatics geostationary geostrategical geostrategy geostrophic geosynchronous geosynclinal geosyncline geotactic geotaxis geotechnic geothechnology geotectonic geothermic geothermal geothermometer geotropic geotropism gephyrean gephryococal gephrophobia geranial geranium geratology geriatric geriatrician geriatrics Germanomania Germanophile Germanophobe

γη γη/πολις γη/πολις γη/πονεω γη γη/οραω γη/εργον γη/εργον γη/εργον γη/εργον γη/εργον γη/σκοπεω γη/σελας γη/σφαια γη/ιστημι γη γη/στρατεγος/αγω γη/στρατεγος/αγω γη/στρεφω γη/χρονος γη/κλινω γη/κλινω γη/ταττω γη/ταττω γη/τεκτων γη/τεκτων/λογος γη/τεκτων γη/θερομαι γη/θερομαι γη/θερομαι/μετρον γη/τρεπω γη/τρεπω γεφυρα γεφυρα/κερκος γεφυρα/φοβος γερανος γερανος γερων/λογος γερων/ιαομαι γερων/ιαομαι γερων/ιαομαι μαινομαι φιλος φοβος

germcenter germplasm gerontic gerontine gerontocracy gerontocratic gerontogeous gerontologist gerontology gerontomorphic gerontomorph gerontophil gerusia gesso gestagen giant giantesque giantess giantism giantkiller giantlike giantship GIF gigagigabyte gigahertz gigantean gigantesque gigantic gigantically giganticide gigantify gigantism gigantize gigantoblast gigantolite gigantology gigantomachy gigantopithecus gigas gillion ginglyform ginglymate gigglymoid

κεντεω πλαττω γερων γερων γερων/κρατεω γερων/κρατεω γερων/γη γερων/λογος γερων/λογος γερων/μορφη γερων/μορφη γερων/φιλος γερων/ειμι γυψος γενος γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γραφω γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γιγας γυγας/βλαστος γιγας/λιθος γιγας/λογος γιγας/μαχη γιγας/πιθηκος γιγας γιγας γιγγλυμος γιγγλυμος γιγγλυμος

ginglymus gipsy girandole glaciological glaciologist glaciology glaciometer glairigenous glamor glamorize glamorous glaucescence glaucescent glaucoma glaucomatous glaucophyllous glaucosis glaucous glochidate glochidium gloss gloss (shine) glossal glossalgia glossarial glossarist glossary glossator glossectomy glossematic glosseme glosser glossic glossist glossitis glossless glossocele glossograph glossographer glossography glossolalia glossological glossologist glossology

γιγγλυμος Αιγυπτος γυρος λογος λογος λογος μετρον γενος γραφω γραφω γραφω γλαυκος γλαυκος γλαυκος/οιδεω γλαυκος γλαυκος/φυλλον γλαυκος γλαυκος γλωχις γλωχις γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα/αλγος γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα/τεμνω γλωττα γλοωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα/κηλη γλωττα/γραφω γλωττα/γραφω γλωττα/γραφω γλωττα/λαλια γλωττα/λογος γλωττα/λογος γλωττα/λογος

glossopathy glossophagine glossophorous glossoplegia glossoscopy glossotheca glossotomy glossotype glossy glottal glottal stop glottalic glottalize glottic glottid glottis glottiscope glossitis glottochronology glottogonic glottographer glottology gloze glucagon glucase glucic glucohemoglobin glucolysis gluconeogenesis glucose glucoside glucosome gluteal gluteus glyceride glycerinate glycerine glycerol glycine glycerophosphate glycoceraphyte glycogen glycogenesis glycogenic

γλωττα/παθος γλωττα/φαγειν γλωττα/φερω γλωττα/πλησσω γλωττα/σκοπεω γλωττα/τιθημι γλωττα/τεμνω γλωττα/τυπος γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα γλωττα/σκοπεω γλωττα γλωττα/χρονος/λογος γλωττα/γενος γλωττα/γραφω γλωττα/λογος γλωττα γλυκος/αγω γλυκος γλυκος γλυκος/αιμα γλυκος/λυω γλυκος/νεος/γενος γλυκος γλυκος γλυκος/σωμα γλουτος γλουτος γλυκος γλυκος γλυκος γλυκος γλυκος γλυκος/φως γλυκος/κερας/φυω γλυκος/γενος γλυκος/γενος γλυκος/γενος

glycogenolysis glycohemia glycol glycolysis glycolytic glycophytic glycose glycosuria glycotropic glyph glyphic glyphograph glyphography glyptal glyptic glyptodon glyptograph glyptographic glyptography gnathic gnathobase gnathocephalic gnathonic gnathophorous gnathopod gnathopodite gnathosome gnathostome gnathotheca gnome gnomic gnomically gnomish gnomology gnomometry gnomon gnomonic gnomonically gnosiological gnosiology gnosis gnostic gnostical gnosticism

γλυκος/γενος/λυω γλυκος/αιμα γλυκος γλυκος/λυω γλυκος/λυω γλυκος/φυω γλυκος γλυκος/ουρον γλυκος/τρεπω γλυφω γλυφω γλυφω/γραφε γλυφω/γραφω γλυφω γλυφω γλυφω/οδους γλυφω/γραφω γλυφω/γραφω γλυφω/γραφω γναθος γναθος/βαινω γναθος/κεφαλη γναθος γναθος/φερω γναθος/πους γναθος/πουσ γναθος/σωμα γναθος/στομα γναθος/τιθημι γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω/λογος γιγνωσκω/μετρον γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω/λογος γιγνωσκω/λογος γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω

Gnosticize gnotobiotic gobiform goby goitrogenesis gold medal gomphoasis gomphodont gompholite gomphosis gonad gonadal gonadectomy gonadotrophic gonadotropic gonalgia gonangium gonial gonimic gonimoblast goniodont goniometer goniometry gonion gonioscope goniostat gonitis gonoblast gonocalyx gonocoele gonococcus gonocyte gonoduct gonomere gonophore gonoplasm gonopore gonorrhea gonosome gonosphere gonotheca gonotome gonozooid Googlemania

γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω/βιος κωβιος κωβιος γενος μεταλλον γομφιος γομφιος/οδους γομφιος/λιθος γιομφιος γενος γενος γενος/τεμνω γενος/τρεφω γενος/τρεπω γωνος/αλγος γενος γωνια γενος γενος/βλαστος γωνια/οδους γωνια/μετρον γωνια/μετρον γωνια γωνια/σκοπεω γωνια/ιστημι γενος γενος/βλαστος γενος/καλυξ γενος/κοιλος γενος/κοκκος γενος/κυω γενος γενος/μερος γενος/φερω γενυς/πλαττω γενος/περαω γενος/ρεω γενος/σωμα γενος/σφαιρα γενος/τιθημι γενος/τεμνω γενος/ζαω μαινομαι

gorgon gorgonize gorilla gorillagram govern governance governess government governmental governmentally governor governorate governorship grade school gradiometer gradocol gradometer grad school graffito graft grafter gram graminology grammalogue grammar grammarian grammarless grammatic grammatical grammaticality grammaticalize grammatically grammaticize grammatist grammatolatry grammatopetalous grammatophore grammeter Grammy gramophile gramophone gramophonic gramophony grandomania

γοργος γοργος γοριλλα γοριλλα/γραφω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω σχολη μετρον κολλα μετρον σχολη γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω λογος γραφω/λογος γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω/λατρις γραφω/πεταννυμι γραφω/φερω γραφω/μετρον γραφω/φωνη γραφω/φωνη//φιλος γραφω/φωνη γραφω/φωνη γραφω/φωνη μαινομαι

granolithic granophyre granulocyte granulometric graph graphematic grapheme graphic graphical graphically graphic arts graphite graphitic graphologist graphology graphomania graphometer graphometry graphomotor graphophone graphorrhea graphoscope graphospasm graphotype graphy gravimeter gravimetric gravimetry Grecomania Grecophil greffier griffin grot grotesque grotesquely grotesqueness grotto gubernatorial gudgeon guitar guitarist gulf Gulf States Gulf Stream

λιθος πορφυρα κυω μετρον γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω/λογος γραφω/λογος γραφω/μαινομαι γραφω/μετρον γραφω/μετρον γραφω γραφω/φωνη γραφω/ρεω γραφω/σκοπεω γραφω/σπαω γραφω/τυπος γραφω μετρον μετρον μετρον μαινομαι φιλος γραφω γρυψ κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω κρυπτω κυβερναω κωβιος κιθαρα κιθαρα κολπος κολπος κολπος

gunmetal gym gymnasial gymnasiast gymnasium gymnast gymnastic gymnastics gymnathous gymnoblast gymnocarpous gymnocyte gymnodont gymnogen gymnogenous gymnogynous gymnopterous gymnosophist gymnosperm gymnospore gymnostomous gymnure gynandromorph gynandrous gynarchy gyne gynecocentric gynecocracy gynecolatry gynecologic gynecologist gynecology gynecomorphous gynephobia gyniatrics gyniolatry gynogenic gynophile gynophobe gynophore gyp gypseous gypsiferous gypsophilous

μεταλλον γυμνος γυμνος γυμνος γυμνος γυμνος γυμνος γυμνος γυμνος/ανθος γυμνος/βλαστος γυμνος/καρπος γυμνος/κυω γυμνος/οδους γυμνος/γενος γυμνος/γενος γυμνος/γυνη γυμνος/πτερον γυμνος/σοφος γυμνος/σπειρω γυμνος/σπειρω γυμνος/στομα ψυμνος/ουρα γυνη/ανηρ/μορφη γυνη/ανηρ γυνη/αρχω γυνη γυνη/κεντεω γυνη/κρατεω γυνη/λατρις γυνη/λογος γυνη/λογος γυνη/λογος γυνη/μορφη γυνη/φοβος γυνη/ιαομαι γυνη/λατρις γυνη/γενος γυνη/φιλος γυνη/φοβος γυνη/φερω Αιγυπτος γυψος γυψος γυψος/φιλος

gypsum gypsy gyrate gyration gyrator gyratory gyre gyring gyro gyrocompass gyrodyne gyrograph gyroidal gyromagnetic gyromancy gyroplane gyroscope gyroscopic gyrose gyrostat gyrostatics gyrovague

γυψος Αιγυπτος γυρος γυρος γυρος γυρος γυρος γυρος γυρος γυρος γυρος/οδυνη γυρος/γραφω γυρος γυρος/μαγνητις γυρος/μαινομαι γυρος γυρος/σκοπεω γυρος/σκοπεω γυρος γυρος/ιστημι γυρος/ιστημι γυρος

H Hadean Hades hagiarchy hagiocracy hagiographal hagiographer hagiographical hagiographist hagiography hagiolater hagiolatry hagiolith hagiology hagioscope halcyon halcyon days half hour

Αιδης Αιδης αγιος/αρχω αγιος/κρατεω αγιος/γραφω αγιος/γραφω αγιος/γραφω αδιος/γραφω αγιος/γραφω αγιος/λατρις αγιος/λατρις αγιος/λιθος αγιος/λογος αγιος/σκοπεω αλκυων αλκυων ωρα

halide halieutic halimetry haliogram haliograph halite hallucinant hallucinate hallucination hallucinative hallucinatory hallucinogen hallucinogenic hallucinosis halo halobionic halocarbon halochromism halogen halography haloid halology halomancy halometer halomorphic halophile halophilic halophylous halophyte haloplankton halosaurus haloscope haloxylin hamadryad hapax legemon haplocardiac haplodont haplography haplohedral haploid haplology haplomorphic haplont haplotomy

αλς αλς αλς/μετρον αλς/γραφω αλς/γραφω αλς αλυω αλυω αλυω αλυω αλυω αλυω/γενος αλυω/γενος αλυω αλος αλς/βιος αλς αλς/χρωμα αλς/γενος αλς/γραφω αλς αλς/λογος αλς/μαινιμαι αλς/μετρον αλς/μορφη αλς/φιλος αλς/φιλος αλς/φυλλον αλς/φυω αλς/πλανη αλς/σαυρος αλς/σκοπεω αλς/ξυλον δρυς απαξ/λεγω −πλοος/καρδια −πλοος/οδους −πλοος/γραφω −πλοος/εδρα −πλοος −πλοος/λογος −πλοος/μορφη −πλοος/ειμι −πλοος/τεμνω

happy hour hapten haptic haptoglobin haptophore haptotropism harmonic harmonica harmonical harmonically harmonics harmonious harmoniously harmonist harmonistic harmonization harmonize harmonizer harmonogram harmonograph harmonometer harmony harmost harmotone harpoon harpsichord Harpy haversack headphone health pyramid hebdomad hebdomadal Hebe hebeanthous hebecarpous hebecladous hebegynous hebepetalous hebephrenia hebephrenic hebetic hebetudinous hectare hecatomb

ωρα απτω απτω απτω απτω/φερω απτω/τρεπω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω/γραφω αρμοζω/γραφω αρμοζω/μετρον αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω/τεινω


χορδη αρπαζω σακκος φωνη πυραμις επτα επτα ηβη ηβη/ανθος ηβη/καρπος ηβη/κλαω ηβη/γυνη ηβη/πεταννυμι ηβη/φρην ηβη/φρην ηβη ηβη εκατον εκατον/βους

Hecatoncheires hecatontarchy hecatophyllous hectic hectically hectohectocotyl hectogram hectograph hectoliter hectometer Hector hector hectostere hedonic hedonism hedonist hedonistic -hedron hegemon hegemonic hegemonist hegemony hegumen hegumene hegumeny heliacal heliacally helical heliciform helicitic helicity helicline helicopter helidrome heliocentric heliocentrism heliochrome heliogram heliograph heliographer heliographic heliography heliolatry

εκατον/χειρ εκατον/αρχω εκατον/φυλλον εχω εχω εκατον εκατον/κοτυλη εκατον/γραφω εκατον/γραφω εκατον/λιτρα εκατον/μετρον Εκτωρ Εκτωρ εκατον/στερεος ηδυς ηδυς ηδυς ηδυς εδρα ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων ηγεμων ηλιος ηλιος ελιξ ελιξ ελιξ ελιξ ελις/κλινω ελιξ/πτερον ελιξ/δρομος ηλιος/κεντεω ηλιος/κεντεω ηλιος/χρωμα ηλιος/γραφω ηλιος/γραφω ηλιος/γραφω ηλιος/γραφω ηλιος/γραφω ηλιος/λατρις

heliolithic heliology heliometer heliometric heliopause heliophile heliophilous heliophobe heliophobia heliophobous heliopolar Helios heliosis helioscope heliostat heliotactic heliotaxis heliotherapy heliotrope heliotropic heliotropism heliotype heliozoan helipad heliport helispherical helium helix Helladic Hellas hellebore Hellene Hellenic Hellenism Hellenist Hellenistic Hellenization Hellenize Hellenophile Hellespont helminth helminthic helminthiasis helminthoid

ηλιος/λιθος ηλιος/λογος ηλιος/μετρον ηλιος/μετρον ηλιος/παυω ηλιος/φιλος ηλιος/φιλος ηλιος/φοβος ηλιος/φοβος ηλιος/φοβος ηλιος/πελω ηλιος ηλιος ηλιος/σκοπεω ηλιος/ιστημι ηλιος/ταττω ηλιος/ταττω ηλιος/θεραπων ηλιος/τρεπω ηλιος/τρεπω ηλιος/τρεπω ηλιος/τυπος ηλιος/ζαω ελιξ ελιξ ελιξ/σφαιρα ηλιος ελιξ Ελλας Ελλας ελλεβορος Ελλας Ελλας Ελλας Ελλας Ελλας Ελλας Ελλας Ελλας/φιλος Ελλας/ποντος ελμινθος ελμινθος ελμινθος ελμινθος

helminthology helocerous heloderm helodont helohyte helot helotism helotry hemachate hemachrome hemad hemagglutinate hemagogue hemal hematherm hematic hematite hematascope hematobic hematoblast hematocele hematochrome hematocrit hematocyte hematodynamics hematogenesis hematogenous hematoid hematology hematoma hematometer hematopathology hematophagous hematophilia hematophobia hematophyte hematopoiesis hematoscope hematose hematosis hematothermal hematoxylin hematozoan hematuria

ελμινθος/λογος ηλος/κερας ηλος/δερω ηλος/οδους ελος/φυω Ειλως Ειλως Ειλως αιμα αιμα/χρωμα αιμα αιμα αιμα/αγω αιμα αιμα/θερομαι αιμα αιμα αιμα/σκοπεω αιμα/βιος αιμα/βλαστος αιμα/κηλη αιμα/χρωμος αιμα/κρινω αιμα/κυω αιμα/δυναμαι αιμα/γενος αιμα/γενος αιμα αιμα/λογος αιμα/οιδεω αιμα/μετρον αιμα/παθος/λογος αιμα/παθειν αιμα/φιλος αιμα/φοβος αιμα/φυω αιμα/ποιεω αιμα/σκοπεω αιμα αιμα αιμα/θερομαι αιμα/ξυλον αιμα/ζαω αιμα/ουρον

hemera hemeral hemeralopia hemihemialgia hemibranch hemic hemicarp hemichordata hemicrania hemicycle hemiglyph hemihedral hemihedron hemimetabolous hemimorphic hemin hemiparasite hemiplegia hemiplegic hemipod hemipterous hemispasm hemisphere hemispherical hemistich hemisymmetry hemisystematic hemitropic hemitype hemizygous hemocoele hemocromatosis hemocrome hemocromometer hemocyanin hemodialysis hemodrometer hemodynamics hemogastric hemogenesis hemogenetic hemoglobin hemogram

ημερα ημερα ημερα/οψις ημιαλγος βραγχια αιμα καρπος χορδη κρανιον κυκλος γλυφω εδρα εδρα βαλλω μορφη αιμα σιτος πλησσω πλησσω πους πτερον σπαω ημι−/σφαιρα σφαιρα στιχος μετρον ιστημι τρεπω τυπος ζυγον αιμα/κοιλος αιμα/χρωμα αιμα/χρωμα αιμα/χρωμα/μετρον αιμα/κυανος αιμα/λυω αιμα/δρομος/μετρον αιμα/δυναμαι αιμα/γαστερ αιμα/γενος αιμα/γενος αιμα αιμα/γραφω

hemoid hemoleucocyte hemolymph hemolysis hemometer hemopathology hemophilia hemophiliac hemophilic hemophobia hemopoiesis hemoptysis hemorrhage hemorrhagic hemorrhoid(al) hemoscope hemospastic hemostasis hemostat hemostatic hemotoma hemotrophy hendecagon hendecahedron hendecasyllabic hendiadys henoepia henotheism henotheist henotheistic heparinize hepatalgia heptarchy hepatectomy hepatic hepatitis hepatize hepatectomy hepatohepatobiliary hepatocele hepatocellular hepatocystic hepatogastric

αιμα αιμα/λευκος/κυω αιμα/νυμφη αιμα/λυω αιμα/μετρον αιμα/παθος/λογος αιμα/φιλος αιμα/φιλος αιμα/φιλος αιμα/φοβος αιμα/ποιεω αιμα/πτυω αιμα/ρεω αιμα/ρεω αιμα/ρεω αιμα/σκοπεω αιμα/σπαω αιμα/ισημι αιμα/ιστημι αιμα/ιστημι αιμα/τεμνω αιμα/τρεφω εις/δεκα/γωνια εις/δεκα/εδρα εις/δεκα/λαμβανω εις/δυο εις/ποιεω εις/θεος εις/θεος εις/θεος ηπαρ ηπαρ/αλγος επτα/αρχω ηπαρ/τεμνω ηπαρ ηπαρ ηπαρ ηπαρ/τεμνω ηπαρ ηπαρ ηπαρ/κηλη ηπαρ ηπαρ/κυω ηπαρ/γαστηρ

hepatogenic hepatography hepatolith hepatology hepatomegaly hepatopathy hepatorenal hepatorrhea hepatoscopy hepatotomy hepatotoxin heptacapsular heptacarbon heptachord heptacronous heptad heptangular heptaglot heptagon heptagonal heptahedron heptahydrate heptmerous heptameter heptane heptangular heptaphony heptapodic heptarchy heptastich heptastyle heptasyllabic Heptateuch heptathlon heptatomic heptatonic heptavalent heptode heptose Hera Heracles Heraclid herculean Hercules

ηπαρ/γενος ηπαρ/γραφω ηπαρ/λιθος ηπαρ/λογος ηπαρ/μεγας ηπαρ/παθος ηπαρ ηπαρ/ρεω ηπαρ/σκοπεω ηπαρ/τεμνω ηπαρ/τοξον επτα επτα επτα/χορδη επτα/χρονος επτα επτα επτα/γλωττα επτα/γωνια επτα/γωνια επτα/εδρα επτα/υδωρ επτα/μερος επτα/μετρον επτα επτα επτα/φωνη επτα/πους επτα/αρχω επτα/στιχος επτα/στυλος επτα/λαμβανω επτα/τευχος επτα/αθλον επτα/τεμνω επτα/τεινω επτα επτα/αδω επτα Ηρα Ηρα/κλεω Ηρα/κλεω Ηρα/κλεω Ηρα/κλεω

heresiarch heresimach heresiographer heresiography heresiology heresy heretic heretical heretically herm hermaphrodism hermaphrodite hermaphroditic hermaphroditism hermeneutics Hermes hermetic hermetical hermetically hermetics hermetism hermetist hermit hermitage hermitical hero heroic heroical heroically heroics heroify heroin heroine heroism heroistic heroize hero myth hero-worship herpes herpetic herpetiform herpetism herpetofauna herpetography

αιρεω/αρχω αιρεω/μαχη αιρεω/γραφω αιρεω/γραφω αιρεω/λογος αιρεω αιρεω αιρεω αιπεω ερμηνευς ερυηνευς/αφρος ερυηνευς/αφρος ερυηνευς/αφρος ερυηνευς/αφρος ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερυηνευς ερημια ερημια ερημια ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως ηρως/μυθος ηρως ερπω ερπω ερπω ερπω ερπω ερπω/γραφω

herpetologist herpetology herpetotomy herpicide Hesiod Hesiodic Hesperia hesperian Hesperides hesperidium Hesperus Hestia hesychast hesychastic hetaera hetaira hetairism hetero heteroblastic heterocercal heterochromatic heteroclite heterocyclic heterocyst heterodactyl heterodont heterodox heterodoxy heterodromous heterodynamic heterodyne heterogamete heterogamous heterogenesis heterogeneity heterogeneous heterogenital heterogeny heterograft heterography heterogynous heterokinesy heterologous heterology

ερπω/λογος ερπω/λογος ερπα/τεμνω ερπω Εσιοδος Εσιοδος εσπερα εσπερα εσπερα εσπερα εσπερα εστια ησυχος ησυχος εταιπος εταιρος εταιρος ετερος ετερος/βλαστος ομος/κερκος ετερος/χρωμα ετερος/κλινω ετερος/κυκλος ετερος/κυω ετερος/δακτυλος ετερος/οδους ετερος/δοκεω ετερος/δοκεω ετερος/δρομος ετερος/δυναμαι ετερος/οδυνη ετερος/γαμος ετερος/γαμος ετερος/γενος ετερος/γενος ετερος/γενος ετερος/γενος ετερος/γενος ετερος/γραφω ετερος/γραφω ετερος/γυνη ετερος/κινεω ετερος/λογος ετερος/λογος

heterolysis heteromerous heteromorphic heteronomous heteronomy heteronuclear heteronym heteronymous heterousian heteropathic heterophemy heterophile heterophony heterophoric hetrophyllous heterophyte heteroplasty heteropod heteropolar heteropraxis heteropraxy heteropterous heterosexist heterosexual heterosexuality heterosis heterosporous heterostatic heterostrophic heterostyle heterotaxis heterothallic heterotomous heterotopia heterotransplant heterotrichosis heterotrope heterotrophic heterotypic heterousian heterozygote heuretic heurism heuristic

ετερος/λυω ετερος/μερος ετερος/μορφη ετερος/νομος ετερος/νομος ετερος ετερος/ονομα ετερος/ονομα ετερος/ειμι ετερος/παθος ετερος/φημι ετερος/φιλος ετερος/φωνη ετερος/φερω ετερος/φυλλον ετερος/φυω ετερος/πλαττω ετερος/πους ετερος/πελω ετερος/πραττω ετερος/πραττω ετερος/πτερον ετερος ετερος ετερος ετερος ετερος/σπειρω ετερος/ιστημι ετερος/στρεφω ετερος/στυλος ετερος/ταττω ετερος/θαλλω ετερος/τεμνω ετερος/τοπος ετερος ετερος/θριξ ετερος/τρεπω ετερος/τρεφω ετερος/τυπος ετερος/ειμι ετερος/ζυγον ευρισκω ευρισκω ευρισκω

hex (slang) hexachord hexad hexadecimal hexagon hexagonal hexagram hexahedron hexameral hexamerous hexameter hexane hexangular hexapod hexarchy hexasyllabic hexastich Hexateuch hexatomic hexatone hexavalent hexiology hexiradiate hexite hexoctahedron hexode hexokinase hexose hexuronic hexyl Hg hibiscus hidrosis hierarch hierarchical hierarchism hierarchize hierarchy hieratic hierocracy hierodule hierogamy hieroglyph hieroglyphics

εξ εξ/χορδη εξ εξ εξ/γωνια εξ/γωνια εξ/γραφω εξ/εδρα εξ/μερος εξ/μερος εξ/μετρον εξ εξ εξ/πους εξ/αρχω εξ/λαμβανω εξ/στιχος εξ/τευχω εξ/τεμνω εξ/τεινω εξ εχω/λογος εξ εξ εξ/οκτω/εδρα εξ/οδος εξ/κινεω εξ εξ/ουρον εξ/υλη υδωρ/αργυρος ιβισχος ιδροω ιερος/αρχω ιερος/αρχω ιερος/αρχω ιερος/αρχω ιερος/αρχω ιερος ιερος/κρατεω ιερος/δουλος ιερος/γαμος ιερος/γλυφω ιερος/γλυφω

hieroglyphist hierogram hierograph hierolatry hierology hieromancy hierophant hieroscopy hierurgy high school high-tech hilarious hilariously hilarity Hilary hippic hippoboscid hippocampus hippocaust Hippocrene Hippocratic hippodrome hippogriff hippogriffin hippogryph hippoid hippolith hippology hippomania hippophagy hippophobia hippopotamianι hippopotamus hippotigrine hippotomy hippurite histamine histemic histoclastic histocyte histogen histogenesis histogenic histogeny

ιερος/γλυφω ιερος/γραφω ιερος/γραφω ιερος/λατρις ιερος/λογος ιερος/μαινομαι ιερος/φαινω ιερος/σκοπεω ιερος/εργον σχολη τεκτων ιλαρος ιλαρος ιλαρος ιλαρος ιππος ιππος/βοσκω ιππος/καμπος ιππος/καιω ιππος/κρηνη ιππος/κρατεω ιππος/δρομος ιππος/γρυψ ιππος/γρυψ ιππος/γρυψ ιππος ιππος/λιθος ιππος/λογος ιππος/μαινομαι ιππος/φαγειν ιππος/φοβος ππος/ποταμος ιππος/ποταμος ιππος/τιγρις ιππος/τεμνω ιππος/ουρα ιστος ιστος ιστος/κλαω ιστος/κυω ιστος/γενος ιστος/γενος ιστος/γενος ιστος/γενος

histogram histological histology histolysis histoplasmosis histotomy historian historic historical historically historicism historicize historiographer historiography historiology historiometry history histozyme hobophobia hodograph hodometrical hodoscope hoi polloi holism holistic holistically holoblast holoblastic holocaust holocellulose holocene holocephalic holochrone holocrine holocryptic holodactyl hologamy hologen hologenesis holognathous hologram holograph holographic holography

ιστος/γραφω ιστος/λογος ιστος/λογος ιστος/λογος ιστος/πλαττω ιστος ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ/γραφω ιστωρ/γραφω ιστωρ/λογος ιστωρ/μετρον ιστωρ ιστος/ζυμη φοβος οδος/γραφω οδος/μετρον οδος/σκοπεω ο/πολυς ολος ολος ολος ολος/βλαστος ολος/βλαστος ολος/καιω ολος ολος/καινος ολος/κεφαλη ολος/χρονος ολος/κρινω ολος/κρυπτω ολος/δακτυλος ολος/γαμος ολος/γενος ολος/γενος ολος/γναθος ολος/γραφω ολος/γραφω ολος/γραφω ολος/γραφω

holohedral holometabolous holometer holomorphic holoparasite holophane holophote holophrasis holophrastic holophytic holostomatous holosymmetry holosystematic holotype holozoic homalographic homaloid home economics homeoblastic homeocephalic homeogeneous homeogenesis homeomeral homeomerous homeomorph hoemomorphic homeomorphism homeomorphous homeomorphy homeopath homeopathic homeopathy homeophony homeoplastic homeopolar homeostasis homeostat homeostatic homeoteleutic homeothermic homeotopy homeotype homeozooic Homer

ολος/εδρα ολος/μετα/βαλλω ολος/μετρον ολος/μορφη ολος/σιτος ολος/φαινω ολος/φως ολος/φραδω ολος/φραζω ολος/φυω ολος/στομα ολος/μετρον ολος/ιστημι ολος/τυπος ολος/ζαω ομος/γραφω ομος οικος ομος/βλαστος ομος/κεφαλη ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/μερος ομος/μερος ομος/μορφη ομος/μορφη ομος/μορφη ομος/μορφη ομος/μορφη ομος/παθος ομος/παθος ομος/παθος ομος/φωνη ομος/πλαττω ομος/πελω ομος/ιστημι ομος/ιστημι ομος/ιστημι ομος/τελος ομος/θερομαι ομος/τοπος ομος/τυπος ομος/ζαω Ομηρος

Homeric Homerid Homerology homilete homiletic homiletical homiletics homilist homilize homily homobaric homoblastic homobranchiate homocarpous homocentric homocercal homochromatic homoclime homocline homocyclic homodemic homodermic homodesmic homodont homodromous homodyne homoerotic homoeroticism homogamous homogamy homogen homogeneity homogeneous homogeneously homogenesis homgenetic homogenital homogenize homogeny homoglot homogonic homograft homograph homographic

Ομηρος Ομηρος Ομηρος/λογος ομος/ιλη ομος/ιλη ομος/ιλη ομος/ιλη ομος/ιλη ομος/ιλη ομος/ιλη ομος/βαρυς ομος/βλαστος ομος/βραγχια ομος/καρπος ομος/κεντεω ομος/κερκος ομος/χρωμα ομος/κλινω ομος/κλινω ομος/κυκλος ομος/δημος ομος/δερω ομος/δεω ομος/οδους ομος/δρομος ομος/οδυνη ομος/ερως ομος/ερως ομος/γαμος ομος/γαμος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γενος ομος/γλωττα ομος/γενος ομος/γραφω ομος/γραφω ομος/γραφω

homography homoiousian homokaryotic homolateral homologate homologation homologen homological homologize homologous homologue homology homolysis homomalous homomeral homometrical homomorph homomorphic homomorphism homonomous homonomy homonuclear homonym homonymous homoousian homopathy homoperiodic homopetalous homophene homophile homophobe homophobic homophone homophonic homophonous homophony homophyllous homoplast homoplastic homoplasty homopolar homopterous homorganic homoseismic

ομος/γραφω ομος/ειμι ομος/καρυον ομος ομος/λογος ομος/λογος ομος/λογος/γενος ομος/λογος ομος/λογος ομος/λογος ομος/λογος ομος/λογος ομος/λυω ομος ομος/μερος ομος/μετρον ομος/μορφη ομος/μορφη ομος/μορφη ομος/νομος ομος/νομος ομος ομος/ονομα ομος/ονομα ομος/ειμι ομος/παθος ομος/οδος ομος/πεταννυμι ομος/φαινω ομος/φιλος ομος/φοβος ομος/φοβος ομος/φωνη ομος/φωνη ομος/φωνη ομος/φωνη ομος/φυλλον ομος/πλαττω ομος/πλαττω ομος/πλαττω ομος/πελω ομος/πτερον ομος/οργανον ομος/σειω

homosexual homosexualism homosexuality homosporous homostatic homostyled homosystematic homotaxial homotaxis homothallic homotherm homotony homotopic homotopy homotransplant homotropous homotype homotypic homovital homozygote hoplite Horae horal horary horizon horizontal horizontalize horizontally horme hormonal hormonology hormone horologe horologer horologic horologist horologium horology horometer horometry horopter horoscope horoscopic horoscopy

ομος ομος ομος ομος/σπειρω ομος/ιστημι ομος/δτυλος ομος/ιστημι ομος/ταττω ομος/ταττω ομος/θαλλω ομος/θερομαι ομος/τεινω ομος/τοπος ομος/τοπος ομος ομος/τρεπω ομος/τυπος ομος/τυπος ομος ομος/ζυγον οπλον ωρα ωπα ωρα οριζω οριζω οριζω οριζω ορμη οπμη ορμη/λογος ορμη ωρα/λογος ωπα/λογος ωρα/λογος ωρα/λογος ωρα/λογος ωρα/λογος ωρα/μετρον ωπα/μετρον ωρα/οψις ωρα/σκοπεω ωρα/σκοπεω ωρα/σκοπεω

hour hourage hour circle hour glass hourless hourly hr. HTML HTTP hubris hubristic hubristically hyacinth hyacinthine Hyacinthus hyalescent hyaline hyalite hyaloid hybris hybristic hydra hydragogue hydrangea hydrant hydrargyrum hydrate hydrated hydration hydraulic hydraulics hydrazine hydric hydriform hydriotic hydroacoustic hyrdrobiology hyrdrobiosis hydrobranch hydrocarbon hydrocardia hydrocele hydrocephalic hydrocephalous

ωρα ωρα ωρα ωρα ωρα ωρα ωρα υπερ υπερ/πρωτος/κολλα υβρις υβρις υβις υακινθος υακινθος υακινθος υαλος υαλος υαλος υαλος υβρις υβρις υδωρ υδωρ/αγω υδωρ/αγγειον υδωρ υδωρ/αργυρος υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ/αυλος υδωρ/αυλος υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ/ειμι υδωρ/ακουω υδωρ/βιος/λογος υδωρ/βιος υδωρ/βραγχια υδωρ υδωρ/καρδια υδωρ/κηλη υδωρ/κεφαλη υδωρ/κεφαλη

hydrocephaly hydrochloric hydrochloride hydrocoele hydrocolloid hydrocortisone hydrocrack hydrocranium hydrocycle hydrocyst hydrodermia hydrodynamic hydrodynamics hydroelectric hydrofine hydrofluoric hydrofoil hydroform hydrofuge hydrogaster hydrogen hydrogenate hydrogenation hydrogen bomb hydrogenolysis hydrogenous hydrogeology hydrognosy hydrograph hydrographer hydrographic hydrography hydrohystera hydroid hydrokinetic hydrolab hydrolith hydrologic hydrological hydrology hydrolysis hydrolytic hydromagnetic hydromancy

υδωρ/κεφαλη υδωρ/χλωρος υδωρ/χλωρος υδωρ/κοιλος υδωρ/κολλα υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ/κρανιον υδωρ/κυκλος υδωρ/κυω υδωρ/δερω υδωρ/δυναμαι υδωρ/δυναμαι υδωρ/ηλεκτρον υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ υδωρ/γαστηρ υδωρ/γενος υδωρ/γενος υδωρ/γενος υδωρ/γενος/βομβος υδωρ/γενος/λυω υδωρ/γενος υδωρ/γη/λογος υδωρ/γιγνωσκω υδωρ/γραφω υδωρ/γραφω υδωρ/γραφω υδωρ/γραφω υδωρ/υστερα υδωρ υδωρ/κινεω υδωρ υδωρ/λιθος υδωρ/λογος υδωρ/λογος υδωρ/λογος υδωρ/λυω υδωρ/λυω υδωρ/μαγνητις υδωρ/μαινομαι

hydromania hydromechanics hydrometallurgy hydrometeorologist hydrometer hydrometric hydrometry hydronephros hydropathic hydropathism hydropathy hydroperiod hydrophane hydrophilic hydrophilous hydrophobe hydrophobia hydrophobic hydrophone hydrophore hydrophyte hydroplane hydropneumatic hydroponics hydropower hydropropulsion hydropsy hydrorenal hydroscope hydrosol hydrosome hydrosphere hydrorrhea hydroscope hydrosol hydrosome hydrosphere hydrostat hydrostatics hydrotaxis hydrotherapy hydrothermal hydrothorax hydrotropic

υδωρ/μαινομαι υδωρ/μεχανη υδωρ/μεταλλον/εργον υδωρ/αειρω/λογος υδωρ/μετρον υδωρ/μετρον υδωρ/μετρον υδωρ/νεφρος υδωρ/παθος υδωρ/παθος υδωρ/παθος υδωρ/οδος υδωρ/φαινω υδωρ/φιλος υδωρ/φιλος υδωρ/φοβος υδωρ/φοβος υδωρ/φοβος υδωρ/φωνη υδωρ/φερω υδωρ/φυω υδωρ υδωρ/πνεω υδωρ/πονεω υδωρ υδωρ


υδωρ υδωρ/σκοπεω υδωρ υδωρ/σωμα υδωρ/σφαιρα υδωρ/ρεω υδωρ/σκοπεω υδωρ υδωρ/σωμα υδωρ/σφαια υδωρ/ιστημι υδωρ/ιστημι υδωρ/ταττω υδωρ/θεραπων υδωρ/θερομαι υδωρ/θωραξ υδωρ/τρεπω

hydrotropism hydrotropy hydrous hydroxide hydroxyl hydrozoan hydruria hyena hyetograph hyetology hyetometer Hygeian hygiene hygienic hygienically hygienist hygrodeik hygrograph hygrology hygrometer hygrometric hygrometry hygrophilous hygrophyte hygroscope hygroscopic hygrostat hyla hyle hylean hyleosaurus hylobate hylology hylomorphism hylopathism hylophagous hylophyte hylotheism hylotomous hylozoic hylozoism hylozoist hymen hymeneal

υδωρ/τρεπω υδωρ/τρεπω υδωρ υδωρ/οξυς υδωρ/οξυς/υλη υδωρ/ζαω υδωρ/ουρον υς υετος/γραφω υετος/λογοσ υετος/μετρον υγιης υγιης υγιης υγιης υγιης υδωρ/δεικνομαι υδωρ/γραφω υδωρ/λογος υδωρ/μετρον υδωρ/μετρον υδωρ/μετρον υδωρ/φιλος υδωρ/φυω υδωρ/σκοπεω υδωρ/σκοπεω υδωρ/ισημι υλη υλη υλη υλη/σαυρος υλη/βαινω υλη/λογος υλη/μορφη υλη/παθω υλη/φαγειν υλη/φυω υλη/θεος υλη/τεμνω υλη/ζαω υλη/ζαω υλη/ζαω υμην υμην

hymenectomy hymenogeny hymenography hymenology hymenophore hymenoptera hymenopterous hymenoptomy hymenotomy hymn hymnal hymnary hymnist hymnless hymnodist hymnody hymnographer hymnology hyodont hyoglossal hyoid hyosternal hyostylic hypalgesia hypaxial hype (slang) hyper hyperacidity hyperacusis hyperactive hyperalgia hyperbaric hyperbaton hyperbola hyperbole hyperbolic hyperbolism hypebolize hyperborean hyperbranchial hypercardia hypercharged hyperchromatism hyperconjugation

υμην/τεμνω υμην/γενος υμην/γραπηω υμην/λογος υμην/φερω υμην/πτερον υμην/πτερον υνηϖ/πτερος/τεμνω υμην/τεμνω υμνος υμνος υμνος υμνος υμνος υμνος υμνος/αδω υμνος/γταφω υμνος/λογος υ/οδους υ/γλωττα υ υ/στερνον υ/στυλος αλγος αξων υπερ/(δερω) υπερ υπερ ακουω υπερ αλγος βαρυς βαινω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βορεας βραγχια καρδια υπερ χρωμα υπερ

hypercorrect hypercosmic hypercritical hypercube hypercycle hypercycloid hyperdactyly hyperdeity hyperdrive hyperdulia hyperemia hyperesthesia hypesthesia hyperextend hyperextension hyperfine hyperfocal hyperform hypergamy hypergenetic hyperglycemia hyperimmune hyperinfection hyperinflation hyperkinesis hyperkinetic hypermania hypermeter hypermetric hypermetrope hypermobile hypermodern hypermorph hypernatural hypernomian hyperopia hyperparasite hyperpatriotic hyperphagia hyperphasia hyperphore hyperphoria hyperphysical hyperplastic

υπερ κοσμος κρινω κυβος κυκλος κυκλος δακτυλος υπερ υπερ δουλος αιμα αισθανομαι αισθανομαι υπερ υπερ υπερ υπερ υπερ γαμος γενος γλυκος/αιμα υπερ υπερ υπερ κινεω κινεω μαινομαι μετρον μετρον μετρον/οψις υπερ υπερ μορφη υπερ νομος οψις σιτος πατηρ φαγειν φαινω φερω φερω φυω πλαττω

hyperpnea hyperpower hyperpyrexic hypersensitive hypersomnic hypersonic hyperspace hyperspeed hyperspermatic hypersplenetic hyperstatic hypertension hyperthermia hyperthyroid hypertonic hypertrophic hypertrophy hypertropia hyperurbanism hypervelocity hyperventilate hyphemia hyphen hyphenate hyphenic hyphonic hypnagogic hypnoanalysis hypnocyst hypnogeny hypnoidal hypnology hypnopedia hypnophobia hypnopompic hypnoscope hypnosis hypnosophy hypnotherapy hypnotic hypnotism hypnotist hypnotizable hypnotize

πνεω υπερ πυρ υπερ υπερ υπερ υπερ υπερ σπειρω σπλην ιστημι υπερ θερομαι θυρα τεινω τρεφω τρεφω τρεπω υπερ υπερ υπερ αιμα υπο/εις υπο/εις υπο/εις φωνη υπνος/αγω υπνος/λυω υπνος/κυω υπνος/γενος υπνος υπνος/λογος υπνος/παις υπνος/φοβος υπνος/πεμπω υπνος/σκοπεω υπνος υπνος/σοφος υπνοςθεραπων υπνος υπνος υπνος υπνος υπνος

hypoacidity hypoalgia hypoallogenic hypobaric hypoblast hypobole hypobranchial hypobulia hypocaust hybocaustic hypocenter hypochloric hypochlorite hypochondria hypochondriac hypocotyl hypocrisy hypocrite hypocritical hypochromatic hypodermic hypogamy hypogastric hypogean hypogene hypogenous hypoglossal hypoglycemia hypogynous hypokinetic hypolithic hypomania hypomorphic hyponeuria hyponym hypopharynx hypophonic hypophora hypophyllous hypoplasty hyposcope hypostasis hypostatic hyposternal

υπο αλγος αλλος/γενος βαρυς βλαστος βαλλω βραγχια βουλη καιω καιω κεντεω χλωρος χλωρος χονδρος χονδρος κοτυλη κρινω κρινω κρινω χρωμα δερω γαμος γαστηρ γη γενος γενος γλωττα γλυκος/αιμα γυνη κινεω λιθος μαινομαι μορφη νευρον ονομα φαρυγξ φωνη φερω φυλλον πλαττω σκοπεω ιστημι ιστημι στερνον

hypostome hypostyle hypotactic hypotaxis hypotension hyprotensive hypotenuse hypothalamus hypothectate hypothecary hypothermia hypothesis hypothesize hypothetical hypothetically hypothyroid hypontonia hypotonic hypotrophy hypotypical hypotyposis hypoventilation hypoxemia hypoxia hypoxic hypozeugma hypozoa hypsochromic hypsodont hypsography hypsometer hypsophonous hypsophyll hypural hyssop hystercetomy hysteresis hysteria hysteric hysterical hysterically hysterics hysteriform hysteritis

στομα στυλος ταττω ταττω υπο υπο τεινω θαλαμος τιθημι τιθημι θερομαι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι θυρα τεινω τεινω τρεπω τυπος τυπος υπο οξυς/αιμα οξυς οξυς ζυγον ζαω χρωμα οδους γραφω μετρον φωνη φυλλον ουρα υσσωπος υστερα/τεμνω υστερα υστερα υστερα υστερα υστερα υστερα υστερα υστερα

hysterocele hysterocyst hysterogenic hysterology hysterometer hysteron proteron hysterophore hysterophyte hysterotomy hystricid hystricusm hystricomorph hytherograph

υστερα/κηλη υστερα/κυω υστερα/γενος υστερα/λογος υστερα/μετρον υστερα/πρωτος υστερα/φερω υστερα/φυω υστερα/τεμνω υστριξ υστριξ υστριξ/μορφη υδωρ/θερομαι/γραφω

I iamb iambic iambist ianthine -iasis iatric iatrochemistry iatrogenic iatrogenically iatromechanism iatrophysics Iberia Iberian ibis Icarian Icarus icebox ichneumon ichnite ichnography ichnolite ichnology ichor ichorous ichthyic ichthyism ichthyoid ichthyography ichthyolatry ichthyologist ichthyology ichthyomorphic ichthyophagous ichthyopsid ichthyornis ichthyosaur ichthyosaurus ichthyosis ichthys icon iconic

ιαμβος ιαμβος ιαμβος ιον ιαομαι ιαομαι ιαομαι/χυμος ιαομαι/γενος ιαομαι/γενος ιαομαι/μηχος ιαομαι/φυω Ιβερια Ιβερια ιβις Ικαρος Ικαρος πυξος ιχνος ιχνος ιχνος/γραφω ιχνος/λιθος ιχνος/λογος ιχωρ ιχωρ ιχθος ιχθος ιχθος ιχθος/γραφω ιχθος/λατρις ιχθος/λογος ιχθος/λογος ιχθος/μορφη ιχθος/φαγειν ιχθος/οψις ιχθος/ορνις ιχθος/σαυρος ιχθος/σαυρος ιχθος ιχθος εικων εικων

iconicity iconism iconoclasm iconoclast iconoclastic iconoduly iconographer iconographic iconography iconolater iconolatry iconology iconomachy iconomania iconomatic iconometer iconometry iconophile iconophobe iconoplast iconoscope iconostasis iconotropy icosohedral icosahedron idea ideal idealess idealism idealist idealistic ideality idealization idealize ideally ideaphoria ideate ideation idee fixe (Fr) ideoglyph ideogram ideograph ideographic ideography

εικων εικων εικων/κλαω εικων/κλαω εικων/κλαω εικων/δουλος εικων/γραφω εικων/γραφω εικων/γραφω εικων/λατρις εικων/λατρις εικων/λογος εικων/μαχη εικων/μαινομαι εικων/ονομα εικων/μετρον εικων/μετρον εικων/φιλος εικων/φοβος εικων/πλαττω εικων/σκοπεω εικων/ιστημι εικων/τρεπω εικοσι/εδρα εικοςι/εδρα ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν/φερω ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν/γλυφω ιδειν/γραφω ιδειν/γραφω ιδειν/γραφω ιδειν/γραφω

ideokinetic ideolatry ideological ideologically ideologist ideologue ideology ideo-motion ideo-motor ideophone ideoplasm ideoplastic ideopraxis ideo-sensational idiasm idioblast idiochromosome idiocrasy idiocy idioglossia idioglottis idiogram idiograph idiographic idiographical idiolalia idiolect idiom idiomatic idiomatically idiometer idiomorphic idiomorphism idiomuscular idioneural idiopathic idiopathy idiophanous idiophone idiophrenic idioplasm idiosome idiostatic idiosyncrasy

ιδειν/κινεω ιδειν/λατρις ιδειν/λογος ιδειν/λογος ιδειν/λογος ιδειν/λογος ιδειν/λογος ιδειν ιδειν ιδειν/φωνη ιδειν/πλαττω ιδειν/πλαττω ιδειν/πραττω ιδειν ιδιος ιδιος/βλαστος ιδιος/χρωμα/σωμα ιδιος/κερανυυμι ιδιος ιδιος/γλωττα ιδιος/γλωττα ιδιος/γραφω ιδιος/γραφω ιδιος/γραφω ιδιος/γραφω ιδιος/λαλια ιδιος/λογος ιδιος ιδιος ιδιος ιδιος/μετρον ιδιος/μορφη ιδιος/μορφη ιδιος ιδιος/νευρον ιδιος/παθος ιδιος/παθος ιδιος/φαινω ιδιος/φωνη ιδιος/φρην ιδιος/πλαττω ιδιος/σωμα ιδιος/ιστημι ιδιος/κεραννυμι

idiosyncratic idiosyncratically idiot idiotic idiotically idiotism idiotize idiotropic idiotype idiozome idle idol idolater idolatrize idolatrous idolatrously idolatry idolify idolism idolist idolization idolize idolizer idoloclast idolographical idolomancy idolomania idolothyte idolum idyl idyllic idyllically iguanodon ileostomy Iliad Iliadic Ilium illogical illogicality illogically illogicalness ill-placed illuminometer immelodious

ιδιος/κεραννομι ιδιος/κεραννυμι ιδιος ιδιος ιδιος ιδιος ιδιος ιδιος/τρεπω ιδιος/τυπος ιδιος/ζωνη ειδος ειδος ειδος/λατρις ειδος/λατρις ειδος/λατρις ειδος/λατρις ειδος/λατρις ειδος ειδος ειδος ειδος ειδος ειδος ειδος/κλαω ειδος/γραφω ειδος/μαινομαι ειδος/μαινομαι ειδοσ/θυω ειδος ειδος ειδος ειδος οδους τεμνω Ιλιον Ιλιον Ιλιον λογος λογος λογος λογος πλατυς μετρον μελος/αδω

immetrical immunobiology immunochemistry immunocyte immunogen immunogenesis immunogenetics immunogenic immunological immunologist immunology immunopathology immunotherapy immusical imparisyllabic impastation impaste impasto impenitence impenitency impenitent impenitently implacental impolitic impolitically impose imposer imposing imposingly impractability impracticable impractical impractically impracticed impunitive impunitively impunity inauthentic in camera incenter inclinometer India Indian Indiana

μετρον βιος/λογος χυμος κυω γενος γενος γενος γενος λογος λογος λογος παθος/λογος θεραπων Μουσα λαμβανω πασσω πασσω πασσω ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη πλατυς πολις πολις παυω πυυω παυω παυω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω ποινη ποινη ποινη αυτος καμαρα κεντεω μετρον ινδικον ινδικον ινδικον

Indianapolis Indian Ocean Indic Indies indigo indigoferous indispose indisposed Indo-European indium inelastic informosome infrabranchial infracephalic infrapose infraglottal inharmonic inharmonious inharmoniously inharmony inhomogeneity inhomogeneous ink inkblot inkhorn inkstand inkwell inky inolith inorganic inorganically inorganization inoxidize in-phase insectology inspirometer interchondral intercranial intergalactic Interglossa intergovernmental interkinesis interneural interoceanic

ινδικον/πολις ινδικον/Οκεανος ινδικον ινδικον ινδικον ινδικον παυω παυω ινδικον/Ευρωπη ινδικον ελαυνω σωμα βραγχια κεφαλη παυω γλωττα αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω αρμοζω ομος/γενος ομος/γενος καιω καιω καιω καιω καιω καιω λιθος οργανον οργανον οργανον οξυς φαινω λογος μετρον χονδρος κρανιον γαλα γλωττα κυβερναω κινεω νευρον οκεανος

interphenomenon interphone interplanetary Interpol interpolate interpolation interpose intersemiotic interstadial intertropical intertype intonate intonation intonator intone intoner intoxicant intoxicate intoxicated intoxication intoximeter intrabranchial intracardiac intracephalic intracrystaline intercystic intradermal intragastric intragenic intrahepatic intraorganic intraosteal intrapleural intrasomatic intrathecal intratropical intraxylary intrazonal intropunitive introscope iode iodic iodide iodiferous

φαινω φωνη πλανη πολις πελω πελω παυω σημαινω ιστημι τρεπω τυπος τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τοξον τοξον τοξον τοξον τοξον/μετρον βραγχια καρδια κεφαλη κρυος κυω δερω γαστηρ γενος ηπαρ οργανον οστεον πλευρον σωμα τιθημι τρεπω ξυλον ζωνη ποινη σκοπεω ιον ιον ιον ιον

iodimetery iodinate iodination iodine iodism iodization iodize iodizer iodoform iodopsin iodous ion Ionian Ionic ionic ionically ionicity ionization ionize ionogen ionogenic ionogram ionography ionophone ionophore ionosonde ionosphere ionospheric ionospherist ionotropy iopterous iota iotacism ipsographic irenarch Irene irenic irenical irenically irenicism irenics iridaceous iridectomize iridectomy

ιον/μετρον ιον ιον ιον ιον ιον ιον ιον ιον ιον/οψις ιον ειμι Ιωνιος Ιωνιος ειμι ειμι ειμι ειμι ειμι ειμι/γενος ειμι/γενος ειμι/γραφω ειμι/γραφω ειμι/φωνη ειμι/φερω ειμι ειμι/σφαιρα ειμι/σφαιρα ειμι/σφαιρα ειμι/τρεπω ιον/πτερον ιωτα ιωτα γραφω ειρηνη/αρχη ειρηνη ειρηνη ειπηνη ειρηνη ειπηνη ειρηνη ιρις ιρις/τεμνω ιρις/τεμνω

iridesce iridescence iridescent iridescently iridium iridization iridize iridocyte iridology iridotomy iris iritic iritis ironic ironical ironically ironist irony irreplaceable isagogue isallobar isallotherm isapostolic isarithm ischemia ischialgia ischiocele ischium ischretic ischuria isentropic Isidore Islamiphobia Islamiphobic islandology isobar isobaric isobase isobasic isobathic isocarpous isocenter isocephaly isochemical

ιρις ιρις ιρις ιρις ιρις ιρις ιρις ιρις/κυω ιρις/λογος ιρις/τεμνω ιρις ιρις ιρις ειρων ειρων ειρων ειρων ειρων πλατυς αγω ισος/αλλος/βαρυς ισος/αλλος/θερομαι ισος/στελλω ισος/αριθμος εχω/αιμα ισχιον/αλγος ισχιον/κηλη ισχιον εχω/ουρον εχω/ουρον ισος/τρεπω διδωμι φοβος φοβος λογος ισος/βαρυς ισος/βαρυς ισος/βαινω ισος/βαινω ισος/βαθυς ισος/καρπος ισος/κεντεω ισος/κεφαλη ισος/κυμη

isochromatic isochronal isochronous isoclinal isocline isocracy isodactylous isodiametric isodont isodynamic isoelectric isoelectronic isoenzyme isogamete isogamy isogen isogenous isogeothermal isogloss isognathous isogon isogonal isogonic isograde isograft isogram isograph isohel isohydric isohyetal isoionic isokinetic isologue isolux isomagnetic isomer isomeric isomerize isomerous isometric isometry isomorph isomorphic isomorphism

ισος/χρωμα ισος/χρονος ισος/χρονος ισος/κλινω ισος/κλινω ισος/κρατεω ισος/δαχτυλος ισος/μετρον ισος/οδους ισος/δυναμαι ισος/ηλεκτρον ισος/ηλεκτρον ισος/ζυμη ισος/γαμος ισος/γαμος ισος/γενος ισος/γενος ισος/γη/θερομαι ισος/γλωττα ισος/γναθος ισος/γωνια ισος/γωνια ισος/γωνια ισος ισος/γραφω ισος/γραφω ισος/γραφω ισος/ηλιος ισος/υδωρ ισος/υετος ισος/ειμι ισος/κινεω ισος/λογος ισος ισος/μαγνητις ισος/μερος ισος/μερος ισος/μερος ισος/μερος ισος/μετρον ισος/μετρον ισος/μορφη ισος/μορφη ισος/μορφη

isomorphous isonomic isonomy isonuclear isoooctane isopachyte isoperimeter isophane isophone isophorous isophotal isophote isopleth isopleural isopleuron isopod isopolity isopterous isopycnal isopycnic isopycnosis isopyre isorhythm isorhythmic isosbestic isosceles isoseismal isoseismic isospin isotasy isostatic isostere isosteric isostich isosyllabic isotactic isotheral isothere isotherm isothermal isotome isotone isotonic isotope

ισος/μορφη ισος/νομος ισος/νομος ισος ισος/οκτω ισος/παχυς ισος/μετρον ισος/φαινω ισος/φωνη ισος/φερω ισος/φως ισος/φως ισος/πολυς ισος/πλευρον ισις/πλευρον ισος/πους ισος/πολις ισος/πτερον ισος/πυκνος ισος/πυκνος ισος/πυκνος ισος/πυρ ισος/ρεω ισος/ρεω ισος/σβεννυμι ισος/σκελος ισος/σειω ισος/σειω ισος ισος/ιστημι ισος/ιστημι ισος/στερεος ισος/στερεος ισος/στιχος ισος/λαμβανω ισος/ταττω ισος/θερομαι ισος/θερομαι ισος/θερομαι ισος/θερομαι ισος/τεμνω ισος/ιεινω ισος/τεινω ισος/τοπος

isotopic isotopically isotopy isotron isotropic isotropy isotype isotypic isozoic isozooid isozyme isthmiate isthmic isthmus Italian Italianate Italianize italicize italics Italy ithyphallic ithyphallus ivorine ivory ivory-black ivory-tower ixiolite Ixion Ixionian

ισος/τοπος ισος/τοπος ισος/τοπος ισος ισος/τρεπω ισος/τρεπω ισος/τυπος ισος/τυπος ισος/ζαω ισος/ζαω ισος/ζυμη ισθμος ισθμος ισθμος Ιταλια Ιταλια Ιταλια Ιταλια Ιταλια Ιταλια ιθυς/φαλλος ιθος/φαλλος εβενος εβενος εβενος εβενος/τυρρις Ιξιων/λιθος Ιξιων Ιξιων

J jamb jasper jasperoid Jaycee jealous jealously jealousy Jerome Jerusalem jet (black) jinx jockstrap jot jotter JPEG Judaeophobe jugulocephalic Jupiter jurimetrician jurimetrics

καμπη ιασπις ιασπις καμαρα ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ιερος/ονομα ιερος Γαγαι ιυγξ στρεφω ιωτα ιωτα φως/γραφω φοβος κεφαλη Ζευς/πατηρ μετρον μετρον

K K kairos kakistocracy kakistocrat kakokakotopia kaleidograph kaleidophone kaleidoscope kaleidoscopic kaliograph kaliophilite kalokagathia kalotrope kamagraph kamagraphic kapnography karat karatin karyogamy karyogram karyokinesis karyology karyolymph karyolysis karyomere karyomitosis karyoplasm karyosome karyotheca karyotin karyotype karyotypic katakatabasis katabatic katamorphism katastate katathermometer katharometer katharophore

χιλιοι καιρος κακος/κρατεω κακος/κρατεω κακος κακος/τοπος καλος/ιδειν/γραφω καλος/ιδειν//φωνη καλος/δειν//σκοπεω καλος/δειν//σκοπεω γραφω φιλος καλος/αγαθος καλος/τρεπω γραφω γραφω καπνος/γραφω κερας κερας καρυον/γαμος καρουν/γαμος καρυον/κινεω καρουν/λογος καρυον/νυμφν καρουν/λυω καρουν/μερος καρυον/μιτος καρυον/πλαττω καρυον/σωμα καρυον/τιθημι καρυον καρυον/τυπος καρουν/τυπος κατα βαινω βαινω μορφη ιστημι θερομαι/μετρον καθαροω/μετρον καθαποω/φερω

kathenotheism keneme kenogenesis kenosis kenotic kenotron kenozooid kentrogon kentrolite keracele keralite keraphyllite keraphyllous keratectomy keratic keratin keratinocyte keratinolysis keratinophilic keratitis keratoconus keratoderma keratogenesis keratogenous keratoglobous keratoid keratolysis keratolytic keratoma keratometer keratopathy keratophyre keratoplasty keratoscope keratose keratosis keratome keratomy kerogen kerosene ketogenesis ketolysis ketonemia ketonuria

εις/θεος κενος καινος/γενος κενος κενος κενος κενος/ζαω κεντεω/γενος κεντεω/λιθος κερας/κηλη κερας/λιθος κερας/φυλλον κερας/φυλλον κερας/τεμνω κερας κερας κερας/κυω κερας/λυω κερας/φιλος κερας κερας/χωνος κερας/δερω κερας/γενος κερας/γενος κερας κερας κερας/λυω κερας/λυω κερας/οιδεω κερας/μετρον κερας/παθος κερας/πορφυρα κερας/πλαττω κερας/σκοπεω κερας κερας κερας/τεμνω κερας/τεμνω κερας/γενος κηρος γενυς λυω αιμα ουρον

kilo kilobar kilobit kilobyte kilocalorie kilocurie kilocycle kilodyne kiloelectron kilogauss kilogram kilogrammeter kilohertz kilojoule kiloliter kilometer kilometric kiloparsec kiloton kilovolt kiloware kilowatt kine kinematics kineme kineograph kinesalgia kinesthesia kinescope kinesiatric kinesic kinesics kinesimeter kinesiologist kinesiology kinesiometer kinesipath kinesis kinesiscope kinesitherapy kineticism kinesodic kinetic kinetically

χιλιοι χιλιοι/βαρυς χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι/κυκλος χιλιοι/δυναμαι χιλιοι/ηλεκτρον χιλιοι χιλιοι/γραφω χιλιοι/γραφω/μετρον χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι/λιτρα χιλιοι/μετρον χιλιοι/μετρον χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι χιλιοι κινεω κινεω κινεω κινεω/γραφω κινεω/αλγος κινεω/αισθανομαι κινεω/σκοπεω κινεω/ιαοτρμαι κινεω κινεω κινεω/κεντεω κινεω/λογος κινεω/λογος κινεω/μετρον κινεω/παθος κινεω κινεω/σκοπεω κινεω/θεραπων κινεω κινεω/οδος κινεω κινεω

kineticism kineticist kinetics kinetodesma kinetognesis kinetogram kinetograph kinetonucleus kinetophone kinetoplast kinetoscope kinetosis kinetosome kirk Kit KKK klepht kleptobiosis kleptocracy kleptolagnia kleptomania kleptomaniac klinocephalous klinokinetic klinostat klinotaxis klydonograph klyster klystron koine koinonia konimeter koniscope kore kouros Kr krypton kryptonite kudize kudos KuKluxKlan kurtosis kymogram kymograph

κινεω κινεω κινεω κινεω/δεω κινεω/γενος κινεω/γραφω κινεω/γραφω κινεω κινεω/φωνη κινεω/πλαττω κινεω/σκοπεω κινεω κινεω/σωμα κυρος χριω/φερω κυκλος κλεπτω κλεπτω/βιος κλεπτω/κρατεω κλεπτω/λαγνεια κλεπτω/μαινομαι κλεπτω/μαινομαι κλινω/κεφαλη κλινω/κινεω κλινω/ιστημι κλινω/ταττω κλυζω/γραφω κλυζω κλυζω κοινος κοινος κονις/μετρον κονις/σκοπεω κορος κορος κρυπτω κπυπτω κρυπτω κυδος κυδος κυκλος κυρτος κυμα/γραφω κυμα/γραφω

kymography kyphosis kyrie kyrie eleison

κυμα/γραφω κυφος κυπος κυρος/ελεεω

L labarum labiomancy labyrinth labyrinthiform labyrinthine labyrinthitis labyrinthodon laccolite laccolith laccolithic Laconian laconic laconically laconicism laconicum laconism Laconize lactobacillus lactochrome lactogen lactometer lactoscope lactosuria lactyl laetrile lagomorph lagopode lagopodous lagopthalmus lagopus laic laical laicism laicization laicize laity lambda lambdacism lambdoidal laminagraph laminectomy

λαβαρον μαινομαι λαβυρινθος λαβυπινθος λαβυρινθος λαβυρινθος λαβατινθος/οδους λακκος/λιθος λακκος/λιθος λακκος/λιθος Λακων Λακων Λακων Λακων Λακων Λακων Λακων βακτρον χρωμα γενος μετρον σκοπεω ουρον υλη νιτρον λαγως/μορφη λαγως/πους λαγως/πους λαγως/οψις λαγως λαος λαος λαος λαος λαος λαος λαμβδα λαμβδα λαμβδα γραφω τεμνω

lamp lampadedromy lampadephor lampblack lampistry lamplight lamplighter lanolin lantern laparascope laparascopy laparotomy laryngeal laryngealize laryngectomy laryngitic laryngitis laryngology laryngophone laryngoscope laryngetomize laryngotomy larynx latex laticiferous latria laudanum layman laypeople layperson laywoman lectotype lemma lemmatization lemmatize lemniscate lemniscus Leo Leonard leoncito Leonid leonine leopard leper

λαμπω λαμπω/δρομος λαμπω/φερω λαμπω λαμπω λαμπω λαμπω ελαια λαμπω λαπαρα/σκοπεω λαπαρα/σκοπεω λαπαρα/τεμνω λαρυγξ λαρυγξ λαρυγξ/τεμνω λαρυγξ λαρυγξ λαρυγξ/λογος λαρυγξ/φωνη λαρυγξ/σκοπεω λαρυγξ/τεμνω λαρυγξ/τεμνω λαρυγξ λαταξ λαταξ λατρις ληδον λαος λαος λαος λαος λεγω/τυπος λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανθ λημνισκος λημνισκος λεων λεων λεων λεων λεων λεων/παρδαλις λεπω

lepidate lepidote lepidopterist lepidopterology lepidopteron lepidopterous leprophil leprophobia leprosarium leprosy leprous leptocephalus leptodactylous leptokurtic lepton leptophyllous leptorrine leptosomic leptotene lesbian lesbianism lesbo Lesbos lethargic lethargically lethargy Lethe Lethean leucite leucitite leucocholy leucocrystal leucocyte leucocytosis leucoderm leucodermia leucodermic leucoma leucopathy leucopenia leucopenic leucophane leucoplast leucopoiesis

λεπω λεπω λεπω/πτερον λεπω/πτερον/λογος λεπω/πτερον λεπω/πτερον λεπω/φιλος λεπω/φοβος λεπω λεπω λεπω λεπτος/κεφαλη λεπτος/δακτυλος λεπτος/κυρτος λεπτος λεπτος/πυλλον λεπτος/ρις λεπτος/σωμα λεπτος/τεμνω Λεσβος Λεσβος Λεσβος Λεσβος ληθη ληθη ληθη ληθη ληθη λευκος λευκος λευκος/χολη λευκος/κρυος λευκος/κυω λευκος/κυω λευκος/δερω λευκος/δερω λευκος/δερω λευκος/οιδεω λευκος/παθος λευκος/πενης λευκος/πενης λευκος/φαινω λευκος/πλαττω λευκος/ποιεω

leucorrhea leucoscope leucosis leucotomy leucovorin leukemia leukemic leukemogen leukemogenic leukergy leukodermia leukorrhea leukovirus levoglucose levogyrate lexeme lexemic lexical lexically lexicograph lexicographer lexicography lexicology lexicon lexiconize lexicostatistic lexigram lexigraphy lexis lichen lichenicolous lichenification licheniform lichenivorous lichenographist licheography lichenoid lichenology lichenophagous licorice life cycle liger liliaceous lily

λευκος/ρεω λευκος/σκοπεω λευκος λευκος/τεμνω λευκος λευκος/αιμα λευκος/αιμα λευκος/αιμα/γενος λευκος/αιμα/γενος λευκος/εργον λευκος/δερω λευκος/ρεω λευκος γλυκος γυρος λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω λεγω/γραφω λεγω/γραφω λεγω/γραφω λεγω/λογος λεγω λεγω λεγω/ιστημι λεγω/γραφω λεγω/γραφω λεγω λειχην λειχην λειχην λειχην λειχην λειχην/γραφω λειχην/γραφω λειχην λειχην/λογος λειχην/φαγειν γλυκος κυκλος λεων/τιγρις λειριον λειριον

lilyflower lilylike lily-livered limitrophe limnograph limnology limnometer limnophilous limnoplankton limnoria linograph linoleum linotype linotypist lion lioness lion-hearted lionize lipectomy lipid lipochrome lipogenous lipogram lipography lipoid lipolysic lipolysis lipolytic lipoma lipomatosis lipomorph lipoprotein liposome liposuction liposuctionist lipotomy lipotropic lipotype lipoxenous lip-sync lissenecephalous litany liter lithanode

λειριον λειριον λειριον τρεφω λιμνη/γραφω λιμνη/λογος λιμην/μετρον λιμην/φιλος λιμνη/πλανη λιμην γραφω ελαια τυπος τυπος λεων λεων λεων λεων λιπος/τεμνω λιπος λιπος/χρωμα λιπος/γενος λειπω/γραφω λειπω/γραφω λιπος λιπος/λυω λιπος/λυω λιπος/λυω λιπος/οιδεω λιπος λιπος/μορφη λιπος/πρωτος λιπος/σωμα λιπος λιπος λιπος/τεμνω λιπος/τρεπω λιπος/τυπος λιπος/ξενος χρονος λισσος/κεφαλη λιτη λιτρα λιθος/οδος

lithanthrax lithectasy lithiasis lithic lithifaction lithification lithify lithiophorite lithium lithobiotic lithocarp lithochrome lithochromy lithoclast lithocyst lithodialysis lithogenesis lithogenous lithoglyph lithograph lithographer lithographic lithography lithoid litholabe litholatry lithological lithology litholysis litholytic lithomancy lithomarge lithometer lithophagous lithophane lithophany lithophile lithophilous lithophone lithophosphoric lithophyte lithoprint lithoscope lithosphere

λιθος/ανθραξ λιθος/ιστημι λιθος λιθος λιθος λιθος λιθος λιθος/φερω λιθος λιθος/βιος λιθος/καρπος λιθος/ξρωμα λιθος/χρωμα λιθος/κλαω λιθος/κυω λιθος/λυω λιθος/γενος λιθος/γενος λιθος/γλυφω λιθος/γραφω λιθος/γραφω λιθος/γραφω λιθος/γραφω λιθος λιθος/λαμβανω λιθος/λατρις λιθος/λογος λιθος/λογος λιθος/λυω λιθος/λυω λιθος/μαινομαι λιθος λιθος/μετρον λιθος/φαγειν λιθος/φαινω λιθος/φαινω λιθος/φιλος λιθος/φιλος λιθος/φωνη λιθος/φωσ/φερω λιθος/φυω λιθος λιθος/σκοπεω λιθος/σφαιρα

lithosperm lithospore lithotome lithotomist lithotomy lithotripsy lithotriptor lithotrite lithotritor lithotrity lithotype lithuria lithurorrhrea liturgic liturgical liturgics liturgiologist liturgism liturgist liturgy lizzie lizzy lobar lobate lobation lobe lobectomy lobotomy lobular lobule log (math) logarithm logarithmic logarithmical logic logical logicality logically logician logicism logicist logion logistic logistical

λιθος/σπειρω λιθος/σπειρω λιθος/τεμνω λιθος/τεμνω λιθος/τεμνω λιθος/τριβω λιθος/τριβω λιθος/τριβω λιθος/τριβω λιθος/τριβω λιθος/τυπος λιθος/ουρον λιθος/ρεω λαος/εργον λαος/εργον λαος/εργον λαος/εργον/λογος λαος/εργον λαος/εργον λαος/εργον Λεσβος Λεσβος λοβος λοβος λοβος λοβος λοβος/τεμνω λοβος/τεμνω λοβος λοβος λογος/αριθμος λογος/αριθμος λογος/αριθμος λογος/αριθμος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος

logistically logistician logistics logo logocentric logocentrism logocracy logocyclic logodaedalus logodaedaly logogram logograph logographer logographic logography logogriph logolatry logology logomachy logomania logomaniac logometer logometric logoneurosis logopathy logopedics logophobia logos logorrhea logorrheic logotherapy logotype -logy longitarsal lophiodon lophiodont lophobranchiate lophoderm lophopod lophophore lopolith Los Angeles lotophagi lotus

λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος/κεντεω λογος/κεντεω λογος/κρατεω λογος/κυκλος λογος/δαιδαλος λογος/δαιδαλος λογος/γραφω λογος/γραφω λογος/γραφω λογος/γραφω λογος/γραφω λογος/γριφος λογος/λατρισ λογος λογος/μαχη λογος/μαινομαι λογος/μαινομαι λογος/μετρον λογος/μετρον λογος/νευρον λογος/παθος λογος/παις λογος/φοβος λογος λογος/ρεω λογος/ρεω λογος/θεραπων λογος/τυπος λογος ταρσος λοφος/οδους λοφος/οδους λοφος/βραγχια λοφος/δερω λοφος/πους λοφος/φερω λοπας/λιθος αγγελος λωτος/φαγειν λωτος

lotus eater low-tech lox loxocosm loxoxodon loxodrome loxodromic Lucas lucigen lucimeter Luke luminologist luminophore luminoscope lumpectomy lunabase lunar myth luxmeter lycanthrope lycanthropic lycanthropous lycanthrope lycanthropy lycee lyceum lycodont lycopod Lydia Lydian lymph lymphadenitis lymphadenoma lymphagogue lymphangial lymphangiography lymphangitis lymphatic lymphemia lymph gland lymphitis lymphoblast lymphocyte lymphogenous lymphogranuloma

λωτος τεκτων οξυς λοξος/κοσμος λοξος/οδους λοξος/δρομος λοξος/δρομος Λουκας γενος μετρον Λουκος λογος φερω σκοπεω τεμνω βαινω μυθος μετρον λυκος/ανθρωπος λυκος/ανθρωπος λυκος/ανθρωπος λυκος/ανθρωπος λυκος/ανθρωπος λυκος λυκος λυκος/οδους λυκος/πους Λυδια Λυδια νυμφη νυμφη/αδην νυμφη/αδην/οιδεω νυμφη/αγω νυμφη/αγγειον νυμφη/αγγειον/γραφω νυμφη/αγγειον νυμφη νυμφη/αιμα νυμφη νυμφη νυμφη/βλαστος νυμφη/κυω νυμφη/γενος νυμφη

lymphography lymphoid lymphoma lymphomatosis lymphorragia lymphous lymphy lyncean lyncine lynx lynx-eyed lyochrome lyomerous lyophile lyophilic lyophilize lyophobe lyophobic lyotrope lyotropic lyotropy lypemania Lyra lyrate lyre lyrebird lyric lyrical lyrically lyricism lyricist lyriform lyrism lyrist lyse lysergic lysigenous lysimeter lysin lysine lysis lysogen lysogenesis lysogenic

νυμφη/γραφω νυμφη νυμφη/οιδεω νυμφη νυμφη/ρεω νυμφη νυμφη λυγξ λυγξ λυγξ λυγξ λυω/χρωμα λυω/μερος λυω/φιλος λυω/φιλος λυω/φιλος λυω/φοβος λυω/φοβος λυω/τρεπω λυω/τρεπω λυω/τρεπω λυπη/μαινομαι λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυρα λυω λυω/εργον λυω/γενος λυω/μετρον λυω λυω λυω λυω/γενος λυω/γενος λυω/γενος

lysogenization lysogenize lysol lysosome lysozyme lyssa lyssophobia lytta lytic

λυω/γενος λυω/γενος λυω λυω/σωμα λυω/ζυμη λυσσα λυσσα/φοβος λυσσα λυω

M Macedon Macedonia Macedonian machinability machinable machinate machination machinator machine machine gun machine shop machinery machinist machinize machinofacture machopolyp macro macroalgae macroanalysis macrobian macrobiote macrobiotics macrobrewer macrocarpa macrocephalic macrocosm macrocyclic macrocyst macrocyte macrodactyl macrodont macroeconomics macroeconomy macrogamete macroglobulin macrognathic macrograph macrology macromere macrometer macromolecule

Μακεδον Μακεδον Μακεδον μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μαχη/πολυς/πους μακρος μακρος μακρος/λυω μακρος/βιος μακρος/βιος μακρος/βιος μακρος μακρος/καρπος μακρος/κεφαλη μακρος/κοσμος μακρος/κυκλος μακρος/κυω μακρος/κυω μακος/δακτυλος μακρος/οδους μακρος.οικος/νομος μακρος/οικος/νομος μακρος/γαμος μακρος μακρος/γναθος μακρος/γραφω μακρος/λογος μακρος/μερος μακρος/μετρον μακρος

macromyelon macron macronutrient macroparasite macropedia macrophage macrophagous macrophallic macrophotography macrophyllous macrophysical macrophysics macropicide macropine macropod macropsia macropterous macroscale macrosian macroscopic macrosgment macroseism macrosomatic macrospore macrostructure macrostylous macrotia macrotous macruran macrurous maenad maenadic mage Magi magic magical magically magician magma magmatic magmatism magmatist magnesia magnesium

μακρος/μυελος μακρος μακρος μακρος/σιτος μακρος/παις μακρος/φαγειν μακρος/φαγειν μακρος/φαλλος μακρος/φως/γραφω μακρος/φυλλον μακρος/φυω μακρος/φυω μακρος/πους μακρος/πους μακρος/πους μακρος/οψις μακρος/πτερον μακρος μακρος/ουρα μακρος/σκοπεω μακρος μακρος/σειω μακρος/σωμα μακρος/σπειρω μακρος μακρος/στυλος μακρος μακρος μακρος/ουρα μακρος/ουρα μαινομαι μαινομαι μαγος μαγος μαγος μαγος μαγος μαγος μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μαγνητις μαγνητις

magnet magnetic magnetically magnetic field magnetician magnetism magnetizable magnetization magnetize magnetizer magneto magnetograph magnetogyric magnetology magnetron magnochemistry magnoelectric magnetometer magnetomotive magnetomotor magneton magnetopause magnetophone magnetoscope magnetosphere magnetostriction magnetron magnoelectric magnometer Magus Maia maieutic mainbrace malacoderm malacology malacostracon malacozoic malaria malarial malariologist malariology malarious malaxage mallophagous

μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις/γραφω μαγνητις/γυρος μαγνητις/λογος μαγνητις μαγνητις/χυμος μαγνητις/ηλεκτρον μαγνητις/μετρον μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις/παυω μαγνητις/φωνη μαγνητις/σκοπεω μαγνητις/σφαιρα μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις/νλεκτρον μαγνητις/μετρον μαγος Μαια Μαια βραχιων μαλακος/δερω μαλακος/λογος μαλακος/οστρακον μαλακος/ζαω αηρ αηρ αηρ/λογος αηρ/λογος αηρ μαλακος μαλλος/φαγειν

maloplasty malpractice malpraxis mammalogy mammogenic mammogram mammography mandragora mandrake mandriarch manganese manganic manganiferous manganite manganous mania maniac maniacal maniacally manic manic-depressive manometer manometric manoscope manostat mantic mantically mantis marathon Marathon marathoner Marathonian marble marble cake marbling marbly mareogram Margaret margarine margarita margaritiferous margaritaceous marguerite marigenous

πλαττω πραττω πραττω λογος γενος γραφω γραφω μανδραγορας μανδραγορας μανδρα/αρχω μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαγνητις μαινομαι μαινομαι μαινομαι μαινομαι μαινομαι μαινομαι μανος/μετρον μανος/μετρον μανος/σκοπεω μανος/ιστημι μαινομαι μαινομαι μαινομαι Μαραθων Μαραθων Μαραθων Μαραθων μαρμαρος μαρμαρος μαρμαρος μαρμαρος γραφω μαργαρον μαργαρον μαργαρον μαργαρον μαργαρον μαργαρον γενος

marigraph Mariolater Mariolatry Mariological Mariology marketplace marmalade marmoraceous marmorate mamroration marmoreal marmorean marsupial marsupium martyr martyrdom martyrion martyrization martyrize martyrolatry martyrological martyrologist martyrology martyry mass massage massager massagist massecuite masseur masseuse massif massiform massify massily massiness massive massively masiveness massivity massless mass medium massotherapy mass production

γραφω λατρις λατρις λογος λογος πλατυς μελι/μηλον μαρμαρος μαρμαρος μαρμαρος μαρμαρος μαρμαρος μαρσυπος μαρσυπος μαρτυς μαρτυς μαρτυς μαρτυς μαρτυς μαρτυς/λατρις μαρτυς/λογος μαρτυς/λογος μαρτυς/λογος μαρτυς μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω μασσω/θερομαι μασσω

massy mastectomy mastigophore mastigophorous mastigopod mastigure mastitis mastodon(t) mastodynia mastoid mastoidectomy mastoiditis mastopathy match matchbook matchlock math mathematic mathematical mathematically mathematician mathematicism mathematicize mathematics mathematization mathematize mathesis mathetic matriarch matriarchal matriarchy matroclinal matroclinous matronymic mausoleum May May Day Mayflower maypole meander meandrous meatometer meatoscope meatotome

μασσω μαστος/τεμνω μαστιξ/φερω μαστιξ/φρω μαστιξ/πους μαστιξ/ουρον μαστος μαστος/οδους μαστος/οδουνη μαστος μαστος/τεμνω μαστος μαστος/παθος μυχα μυχα μυχα μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μανθαβω μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω αρχω αρχω αρχω κλινω κιλνω ονομα Μαυσολος Μαια Μαια Μαια Μαια Μαιανδρος Μαιανδρος μετρον σκοπεω τεμνω

mechanic mechanical mechanicalism mechanicality mechanicalization mechanicalize mechanically mechanicalness mechanician mechanics mechanism mechanist mechanistic mechanistically mechanize mechanochemistry mechanograph mechanology mechanomorphic mechanotherapy mecistocephalic mecodont mecography mecometer meconology meconophagism medal medalet medalist medallic medallion medallionist Mede Median Medize medulloblastoma Medusa medusal medusan medusiferous medusiform medusoid megamegabucks

μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηκος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηχος μηκος/χυμος μηχος/γραφω μηχος/λογος μηκος/μορφη μηχος/θεραπων μηκος/κεφαλη μηκος/οδους μηκος/γραφω μηκος/μετρον μηκων/λογος μηκων/φαγιν μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον Μηδος Μηδος Μηδος βλαστος Μεδουσα Μεδουσα Μεδουσα Μεδουσα Μεδουσα Μεδουσα μεγας μεγας

megabyte megacephalic megacerous megachord megachurch megacolon megacomputer megacycle megaderm megadont megafirm megagamete megagnathous megahertz megalacria megalith megalithic megaloblast megalocardia megalocarpous megalocephalic megalocycle megalomania megalomaniac megalomaniacal megalomartyr megalonyx megalopa megalophonic megalopod megalopolis megalopolitan megalosaur megameter Meganthropus meganucleous megaphyllous megaphone megaphonist megaplane megapod megaron megarrhine megascope

μεγας μεγας/κεφαλη μεγας/κερας μεγας/χορδη μεγας/κυρος μεγας/κολον μεγας μεγας/κυκλος μεγας/δερω μεγας/οδους μεγας μεγας/γαμος μεγας/γναθος μεγας μεγας/ακρος μεγας/λιθος μεγας/λιθος μεγας/βλαστος μεγας/καρδια μεγας/καρπος μεγας/κεφαλη μεγας/κυκλος μεγας/μαινομαι μεγας/μαινομαι μεγας/υαινομαι μεγας/μαρτυς μεγας/ονυξ μεγας/οψις μεγς/φωνη μεγας/πους μεγας/πολις μεηας/πολις μεγας/σαυρος μεγας/μετρον μεγας/ανθρωπος μεγας μεγας/φυλλον μεγας/φωνη μεγας/φωνη μεγας μεγας/πους μεγας μεγας/ρεω μεγας/σκοπεω

megascopic megaseism megaseme megaspore megasthene megastructure megathere megatherm megaton megatype megavitamin megazoospore megistotherm megohmeter meiobar meiofauna meiophylous meiosis meiotaxy meiotherm meiotic meizoseismal meizoseismic mekometer mel melaena melalgia melancholia melancholiac melancholic melancholy melanemia melanemic Melanesia Melanesian Melanesoid melanic melanin melanism melanistic melanite melanization melanize melano

μεγας/σκοπεω μεγας/σειω μεγας/σημαινω μεγας/σπειρω μεγας/σθενος μεγας μεγας/θεριον μεγας/θερομαι μεγας μεγας/τυπος μεγας μεγας/ζαω/σπειρω μεγας/θερομαι μεγας/μετρον μειων/βαρυς μειων μειων/φυλλον μειων μειων/ταττω μειων/θερομαι μειων μεγας/σειω μεγας/σειω μηκος/μετρον μελος/αδω μελας/αιμα μελος/αλγος μελας/χολη μαλας/χολη μελας/χολη μελας/χολη μελας/αιμα μελας/αιμα μελας/νησος μελας/νησος μελας/νησος μελας μελας μελας μελας μελας μελας μελας μελας

melanoblast melanochroi melanocomous melanocyte melanoderm melamogen melanogenesis melanoglossia melanoid melanoma melanopathy melanophore melanoscope melanose melanosis melanosome melanosperm melanotektite melanotic melanotype melanous melanuria melanuric melaphyre melasma Melean Melian melibiose melic meliceris melisma Melissa meliot melilite meliphagous melituria mellophone melo melodeon melodial melodic melodics melodious melodiously

μελας/βλαστος μελας/ωχρος μελας/κομη μελας/κυω μελας/δερω μελας/γενος μελας/γενος μελας/γωττα μελας μελας μελας/παθος μελας/φερω μελας/σκοπεω μελας μελας μελας/σωμα μελας/σπειρω μελας/τηκτος μελας μελας/τυπος μελας μελας/ουρον μελας/ουρον μελας/πορφυρα μελας/στομα Μηλος Μηλος μελι/βιος μελος μελι/κηρος μελος μελι μελι μελι/λιθος μελι/φαγειν μελι/ουρον φωνη μελος/δραω μεολος/αδω μελος/αδω μελος/αδω μελος/αδω μελος/αδω μελος/αδω

melodiousness melodist melodize melodrama melodramatic melodramatically melodramatics melodramatist melodramatize melody melograph melographic melologue melomania melon meloniform melonist melophone melophonic meloplasty melopeia melopeic melos Melos melotrope membranogenic menarche meningeal meninges meningioma meningitis meningocele meningococcus meningorrhagia meninguria meniscoid meniscus menobranch menolipsis menologist menology menopausal menopause menophania

μελος/αδω μελος/αδω μελος/αδω μελος/δραω μελος/δραω μελος/δραω μελος/δραω μελος/δραω μελος/δραω μελος/αδω μελος/γραφω μελος/γραφω μελος/λογος μελος/μαινομαι μηλον μηλον μηλον μελος/φωνη μελος/φωνη μηλον/πλαττω μελος/ποιεω μελος/ποιεω μελος Μηλος μελος/τρεπω γενος μην/αρχω μηνιγξ μηνιγξ μηνιγξ/οιδεω μηνιγξ μενιγξ/κνλν μηνιγξ/κοκκος μνιγξ/ρεω μηνιγξ/ουρον μην μην μενω/βραγξια μην/λειπω μην/λογος μην/λογος μην/παυω μην/παυω μην/φαινω

menoplania menorrhagia menorrhea menostasis menthol mentor mentorial menura mer mercurochrome mereology meridarch mericarp merism merismatic merismoid merispore meristele meristem meristic meristogenetic meritocracy meritocratic meroblast merocele merocyte merogenetic merognathous merogony merohedral merology meromorph meropia merorganize meroplankton meropodite merosome merostome merosymmetry merosystematic nerotomize merozoite merycism mesarch

μην/πλανη μην/ρεω μην/ρεω μην/ιστημι μινθα Μεντορ Μεντορ μην/ουρα μερος χρωμα μερος/λογος μερος/αρχω μερος/καρπος μερος μερος μερος μερος/σπειρω μερος/στηλη μερος μερος μερος/γενος κρατεω κρατεω μερος/βλαστος μηρος/κηλη μερος/κυω μερος/γενος μηρος/γναθος μερος/γενος μερος/εδρα μερος/λογος μερος/μορφη μερος/οψις μερος/οργανον μερος/πλανη μηρος/πους μερος/σωμα μερος/στομα μερος/μετρον μερος/ιστημι μερος/τεμνω μερος/ζαω μηρυξ μεσος/αρχω

mesarteritis mesaticephalic mesembrianthemum mesencephalic mesencephalon mesenchyma mesenteric mesenteritis mesentery mesial mesian mesic mesion mesmeromania mesoamerica mesoblast mesocarp mesocoele mesocephalic mesocolon mesocracy mesocranial mesocratic mesocyst mesoderm mesodont mesodorsal mesoform mesogastric mesogenous mesognathous mesohippus mesokurtosis mesolabe mesolabic mesolect mesolithic mesology mesomere mesomerism mesomeromania mesomorph mesomorphic mesomorphism

μεσος/αειρω μεσος/κεφαλη μεσος/ανθος μεσος/κεφαλη μεσος/κεφαλη μεσος/χυμος μεσος/ενδον μεσος/ενδον μεσος/ενδον μεσος μεσος μεσος μεσος μαινομαι μεσος μεσος/βλαστος μεσος/καρπος μεσος/κοιλος μεσος/κεφαλη μεσος/κολον μεσος/κρατεω μεσος/κρανιον μεσος/κρατεω μεσος/κυω μεσος/δερω μεσος/οδους μεσος μεσος μεσος/γαστηρ μεσος/γενος μεσος/γναθος μεσος/ιππος μεσος/κυρος μεσος/λαμβανω μεσος/λαμβανω μεσος/λεγω μεσος/λιθος μεσος/λογος μεσος/μερος μεσος/μερος μεσος/μερος/μαινομαι μεσος/μορφη μεσος/μορφη μεσος/μορφη

mesomorphous meson mesonasal mesonephron mesonic mesonomic mesopause mesopelagic mesophilic mesophragm mesophyll mesophyte mesoplast mesopleural mesopod mesopodium Mesopotamia Mesopotamian mesorchial mesorectal mesorrhine mesoscale mesoscopic mesoseismal mesoseme mesosiderite mesosome mesosperm mesosphere mesospore mesostasis mesosternal mesosternum mesothelial mesothelium mesotherm mesothorax mesothorium mesostome mesotonic mesotrocha mesotron mesoxyalic Mesazoa

μεσος/μορφη μεσος μεσος μεσος/νεφρος μεσος μεσος/νομος μεσος/παυω μεσος/πελαγος μεσος/φιλος μεσος/φρασσω μεσος/φυλλον μεσος/φυω μεσος/πλαττω μεσος/πλευρον μεσος/πους μεσος/πους μεσος/ποταμος μεσος/ποταμος μεσος/ορχις μεσος μεσος/ρις μεσος μεσος/σκοπεω μεσος/σειω μεσος/σημαινω μεσος/σιδηρος μεσος/σωμα μεσος/σπειρω μεσος/σφαιρα μεσος/σπειρω μεσος/ιστημι μεσος/στερνον μεσος/στερνον μεσος/θηλη μεσος/θηλη μεσος/θερομαι μεσος/θωραξ μεσος μεσος/στομα μεσος/τεινω μεσος/τρεχω μεσος μεσος/οξυς μεσος/ζαω

Mesozoic meta metabasis metabatic metabiology metabiosis metabolic metabolism metabolite metabolize metabranchial metacarpal metacarpus metacellulose metacenter metacentric metachemic metachemistry metachromatic metachromatism metachrome metachronism metachronous metachrosis metacoele metacommunication metacone metacontrast metacrasis metacriticism metacritical metacryst metacyclic metadyne metaempirical metaempiricism metaempirics metafacial metagalaxy metagastric metagelatin metagenesis metagenetic metageometry

μεσος/ζαω μετα μετα/βαινω μετα/βαινω μετα/βιος/λογος μετα/βιος μετα/βαλλω μετα/βαλλω μετα/βαλλω μετα/βαλλω μετα/βραγχια μετα/καρπος μετα/καρπος μετα μετα/κεντεω μετα/κεντεω μετα/χυμος μετα/χυμος μετα/χρωμα μετα/χρωμα μετα/χρωμα μετα/χρονος μετα/χρονος μετα/χρωμα μετα/κοιλος μετα μετα/κωνος μετα μετα/κερρανυμι μετα/κρινω μετα/κρινω μετα/κρυος μετα/κυκλος μετα/οδυνη μετα/πειρα μετα/πειρα μετα/πειρα μετα μετα/γαλα μετα/γαστηρ μετα μετα/γενος μετα/γενος μετα/γη/μετρον

metagnathous metagnomy metagon metagram metagranite metagraphy metakinesis metal metalanguage metalation metalaw metalegal metalepsis metaleptic metalhead metaline metalinguistic metalist metalize metaliterary metallic metallically metalliferous metalliform metallochrome metallogenic metallographer metallographic metallogaphy metalloid metallophone metalloplasty metalloscopic metallotherapy metallurgical metallurgist metallurgy metally metalogical metalware metalwork metamathematics metamere metameric

μετα/γναθος μετα/γιγνοσκω μετα/γενος μετα/γραφω μετα μετα/γραφω μετα/κινεω μεταλλον μετα μεταλλον μετα μετα μετα/λαμβανω μετα/λαμβανω μεταλλον μεταλλον μετα μεταλλον μεταλλον μετα μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον μεταλλον/χρωμα μεταλλον/γενος μεταλλον/γραφω μεταλλον/γραφω μεταλλον/γραφω μεταλλον μεταλλον/φωνη μεταλλον/πλαττω μεταλλον/σκοπεω μεταλλον/θεραπων μεταλλον/εργον μεταλλον/εργον μεταλλον/εργον μεταλλον μετα/λογος μεταλλον μεταλλον μετα/μανθανω μετα/μερος μετα/μερος

metamerism metamorphic metamorphine metamorphism metamorphology metamorphose metamorphosis metamorphous metanalysis metanoia metapeptic metaphase metaphone metaphony metaphor metaphorical metaphorically metaphrase metaphrast metaphysic metaphysical metaphysically metaphysician metaphysics metaphyte metaplasm metapneumonic metapode metapolitical metapolitics metapsychics metapsychology metarule metascience metasediment metasomatism metastatic metastasis metastasize metastoma metastrophe metasystem metatarsal metatarsus

μετα/μερος μετα/μορφη μετα/μορφη μετα/μορφη μετα/μορφη/λογος μετα/μορφη μετα/μορφη μετα/μορφη μετα/λυω μετα/νους μετα/πεπτω μετα/φαινω μετα/φωνη μετα/φωνη μετα/φερω μετα/φερω μετα/φερω μετα/φραζω μετα/φραζω μετα/φυω μετα/φυω μετα/φυω μετα/φυω μετα/φυω μετα/φυω μετα/πλαττω μετα/πνεω μετα/πους μετα/πολις μετα/πολις μετα/ψυχη μετα/ψυκη/λογος μετα μετα μετα μετα/σωμα μετα/ιστημι μετα/ιστημι μετα/ιστημι μετα/στομα μετα/σρεφω μετα/ιστημι μετα/ταρσος μετα/ταρσος

metataxis metatheater metatheorem metatheory metathesis metathorax metatony metatrophic metatropy metatype metavolcanic metaxenia metaxylem Metazoa metazoan metempirical metempiricism metempirics metempsychosis metemptosis metencephalon metensomatosis meteor meteoric meteorically meteoritics meteorite meteorogram meteorograph meteorography meteoroid meteroroidal meteorolite meteorological meteorologist meteorology meteoromancy meteorometer meteoroscope meter meterage meterless metermaid meterzone

μετα/ταττω μετα/θεαομαι μετα/θεαομαι μετα/θεαομαι μετα/τιθημι μετα/θωραξ μετα/τεινω μετα/τρεφω μετα/τρεπω μετα/τυπος μετα μετα/ξενος μετα/ξυλον μετα/ζαω μετα/ζαω μετα/πειρα μετα/πειρα μετα/πειρα μετα/ψυχη μετα/πιπτω μετα/κεφαλη μετα/σωμα μετα/αειρω μετα/αειρω μετα/αειρω μετα/αειρω μετα/αειρω μετα/αειπω/γραφω μετα/αειρω/γραφω μετα/αειπω/γραφω μετα/αειρω μετα/αειρω μετα/αειρω/λιθος μετα/αειρω/λογος μετα/αειρω/λογος μετα/αειρω/λογος μετα/αειρω/μαινομαι μετα/αειρω/μετρον μετα/αειπω/σκοπεω μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον/ζωνη

methalene methane methanize methanol method methodical methodically methodist methodization methodize methodological methodology methomania methyl methylate methylene methylosis metic metonym metonymy metope metopic metoposcopy metralgia metric metrical metrically metricate metrication metrician metricize metrics metrification metrify metrist metritis metro metrochrome metrograph metroland metroliner metrology metromania metronome

μεθη/υλη μεθη μεθη μεθη μετα/οδος μετα/οδος μετα/οδος μετα/οδος μετα/οδος μετα/οδος μετα/οδος/λογος μετα/οδος/λογος μεθη/μαινομαι μεθη/υλη μεθη μεθη/υλη μετα/υλη μετα/οικος μετα/ονομα μετα/ονομα μετα/οπη μετα/οπη μετα/οπη//σκοπεω μητηρ/αλγος μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μητηρ μητηρ μετρον/χρωμα μετρον/γραφω μητηρ μητηρ μετρον/λογος μετρον/μαινομαι μετρον/νομος

metronomic metronymic metropole metropolis metropolitan metropolitical metrorrhagia metroscope metroscope metrosexual metrotome -metry mettle mettlesome mezzograph miargyrite miasma miasmal miasmatic miasmic miasmifuge miasmology micracoustic micrander micrencephaly micrergate micrite micro microalgae microanalyser microanalysis microanatomy microangiopathy microangioplasty microarray microbacillus microbalance microbar microbe microbeam microbial microbicide microbiologist microbiology

μετρον/νομος μητηρ/ονομα μητηρ/πολις μητηρ/πολις μητηρ/πολις μητηρ/πολις μητηρ/ρεω μητηρ/σχοπεω μετρον/σκοπεω μητηρ μητηρ/τεμνω μετρον μεταλλον μεταλλον γραφω μειων/αγυρος μιαινω μιαινω μιαινω μιαινω μιαινω μιαινω μικρος/ακουω μικρος/ανηρ μικρος/κεφαλη μικρος/εργον μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/λυω μικρος/λυω μικρος/τεμνω μικρος/αγγειον/παθειν μικρος/αγγειον/πλαττω μικρος μικρος/βακτρον μικρος μικρος/βαρυς μικρος/βιος μικρος μικρος/βιος μικρος/βιος μικρος/βιος/λογος μικρος/βιος/λογος

microbism microblade microblast microbody microbot microbrew microbrewer microburner microburst microbus microcalorie microcamera microcapsule microcard microcarpous microcassette microcellular microcephalic microcephalism microcephalous microcephalus microcephaly microceratous microchemistry microchip microchromosome microcircuit microcircuitry microclastic microclimate microcolony microcomputer microcontinent microcopy microcosm microcosmic microcosmogeology microcosmography microcosmology microcrystal microcyclic microcyst microcyte microdactylous

μικρος/βιος μικρος μικρος/βλαστος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/καμαρα μικρος μικρος/χαρτης μικρος/καρπος μικρος μικρος μικρος/κεφαλη μικρος/κεφαλη μικρος/κεφαλη μικρος/κεφαλη μικρος/κρφαλη μικρος/κερας μικρος/χυμος μικρος μικρος/χρωμα/σωμα μικρος μικρος μικρος/κλαω μικρος/κλινω μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/κοσμος μικρος/κοσμος μικρος/κοσμος/γη/λογος μικρος/κοσμος/γραφω μικρος/κοσμος/λογος μικρος/κρυος μικρος/κυκλος μικρος/κυω μικρος/κυω μικρος/δαχτυλος

microdiffusion microdissect microdont microdot microecology microeconomics microeconomy microelectrode microelectronics microelement microenvironment micro-evolution microfauna microfiber microfiche microfilm microfilter microflora microfoliation microform microfossil microgamete microgenic microgeology microglossia microglossary microgram microgranite micrograph micrography microgroove microhabitat microhmmeter microinch microinstruction microlight microline microlinguistics microliter microlith microlithic microloan micrologic micrology

μικρος μικρος μικρος/οδους μικρος μικρος/οικος/λογος μικρος/οικος/νομος μικρος/οικος/νομος μικρος/ηλεκτρον/οδος μικρος/ηλεκτρον μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/γαμος μικρος/γενος μικρος/γη/λογος μικρος/γλωττα μικρος/γλωττα μικρος/γραφω μικρος μικρος/γραφω μικρος/γραφω μικρος μικρος μικρος/μετρον μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/λιτρα μικρος/λιθος μικρος/λιθος μικρος μικρος/λογος μικρος/λογος

micromachine micromanage micromanager micromanagement micromanipulator micromania micromastia micromechanics micromelus micromere micromesh micrometallurgy micrometeor micrometeorite micrometeorology micrometer micrometrical micriometry microminiature micromodule micromorph micromotion micromutation micron microneedle Micronesia Micronesian micronize micronucleus micronutrient microoperation micro-order microorganism micro-oven microparasite microparticle micropedia micropetalous micropetrology microphage microphagous microphone microphonic microphotograph

μικρος/μηχος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/μαινομαι μικρος/μαστος μικρος/μεχανη μικρος/μελος μικρος/μερος μικρος μικρος/μεταλλον/εργον μικρος/μετα/αειρω μικρος/μετα/αειπω μικρος/αειρω//αειρω μικρος/μετρον μικρος/μετρον μικρος/μετρον μικρος μικρος μικρος/μορφη μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/νησος μικρος/νησος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/οργανον μικρος μικρος/σιτος μικρος μικρος/παις μικρος/πεταννυμι μικρος/πετρα/λογος μικρος/φαγειν μικρος/φαγειν μικρος/φωνη μικρος/φωνη μικρος/φως/γραφω

microphotography microphthalmic microphyll microphyllous microphysics microphyte microplasticity micropod microprint microprism microprobe microprocess microprocessor microprogram microprojectile micropsia micropsy micropterous micropulsation micropyle microradiography microray micro-reader microrelief micro-robot microscale microscan microscientist microscope microscopic microsecond microsegment microseism microseismic microseme microskirt microsleep microsmatic microsocial Microsoft microsome microspecies microspermous microsphere

μικρος/φως/γραφω μικρος/οψις μικρος/φυλλον μικρος/φυλλον μικρος/φυω μικρος/φυω μικρος/πλαττω μικρος/πους μικρος μικρος/πριω μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/γραφω μικρος μικρος/οψις μικρος/οψις μικρος/πτερον μικρος μικρος/πυλη μικρος/γραφω μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/σκοπεω μικρος/σκοπεω μικρος μικρος μικρος/σειω μικρος/σειω μικρος/σημαινω μικρος μικρος μικρος/οσμη μικρος μικρος μικρος/σωμα μικρος μικρος/σπειρω μικρος/σφαιρα

microspore microsthene microstomatous microstrip microstructure microstylar microsurgery microsystem microtelephone microtext microtherm microtheory microtome microtomy microtone microtopography microtrauma microtron microunit microvascular microviewer microwave microweld microzoa microzoan microzooid microzyme micrurgy midair Midas Midas touch middle school mid-ocean migma migmatite migmatization migraine mike milliammeter millibar milligram millilter millimeter millimetric

μικρος/σπειρω μικρος/σθενος μικρος/στομα μικρος μικρος μικρος/στυλος μικρος/χειρ/εργον μικρος/ιστημι μικρος/τηλε/φωνη μικρος μικρος/θερομαι μικρος/θεαομαι μικρος/τεμνω μικρος/τεμνω μικρος/τεινω μικρος/τοπος/γραφω μικρος/τορνος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος μικρος/ζαω μικρος/ζαω μικρος/ζαω μικρος/ζυμη μικρος/εργον αηρ Μιδας Μιδας σχολη οκεανος μιγμα μιγμα μιγμα κρανιον μικρος/φωνη μετρον βαρυς γραφω λιτρα μετρον μετρον

millimicron mime mimeo mimeograph mimer mimesis mimetic mimetically mimic mimical mimicry mimicked mimosa mimotype mina mineralogist mineralogy minibike minicamera Minneapolis Minoan Minos minotaur minster mint Miocene miohippus miolithic miosis miotic misandry misanthrope misanthropic misanthropy mischaracterize misemphasize misgovern misgovernance misgovernment misogamist misogamy misogynist misogynistic misogyny

μικρος μιμος μιμος μιμος/γραφω μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος μιμος/τυπος μνα λογος λογος κυκλος καμαρα πολις Μινως Μινως Μινως/ταυρος μονος μινθα μειων/καινος μειων/ιππος μειων/λιθος μυω μυω μισος/ανηρ μισος/ανθρωπος μισος/ανθρωπος μισος/ανθρωπος χαρασμω φαινω κυβερναω κυβερναω κυβερναω μισος/γαμος μισος/γαμος μισος/γυνη μισος/γυνη μισος/γυνη

misology misomath misoneism misopedist misplace miter mithridate Mithridates Mithridatic mithridatism mithridatize mitochondrial mitochondrion nitogenetic mitogenic mitome mitomycin mitosis mitotic mitral mitriform mixogamous mixogamy mixology mixoploid mixoscope mixotrophic mneme mnemic mnemon mnemonic mnemonical menemonically mnemonics Mnemosyne mnestic mobocratic mobocracy mobolatry mock-heroic mogigraphic mogilalism mogiphonia molasses

μισος/λογος μισος/μανθανω μισος/νεος μισος/παις πλατυς μιτρα Μιθριδατης Μιθριδατης Μιθριδατης Μιθριδατης Μιθριδατης μιτος/χονδρος μιτος/χονδρος μιτος/γενος μιτος/γενος μιτος μιτος/μυκης μιτος μιτος μιτρα μιτρα μιγμα/γαμος μιγμα/γαμος μιγμα/λογος μιγμα/−πλοος μιγμα/σκοπεω μιγμα/τρεφω μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι μναομαι κρατεω κρατεω λατρις ηρως μογος/γραφω μογος/λαλια μογος/φωνη μελι

moly molybdena molybdenite molybdenum molybdoparesis Momus monacal monachism monad monadary monadelphous monadic monadiform monadigerous monadism monadist monadological monadology monandrous monandry monanthous monarch monarchal monarchial monarchical monarchically monarchism monarchist monarchistic monarchize monarchy monarticular monaster monasterial monastery monastic monastically monasticism monasticize monatomic monatomism monaural monaurally monaxial

μωλυ μολυβδος μολψβδος μολυβδος μολψβδος/ιημι μωμος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος/αδελθος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος/λογος μονος/λογος μονος/ανηρ μονος/ανηρ μονος/ανθος μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος/αρχω μονος μονος/αστηρ μονος/ζαω μονος/ζαω μονος/ζαω μονος/ζαω μονος/ζαω μονος/ζαω μονος/τεμνω μονος/τεμνω μονος μονος μονος/αξων

monaxile monaxon moneme monepic monepiscopal monera monenergetic monergism monergistic monerozoa monethyl monic moniker monism monist monistic monk monkdom monkhood monkish monkism monkship mono monoanthropism monoatomic monoaxal monobasic monoblast monobloc monobranchiate monobromide monocable monocalcic monocarbon monocardia monocarp moncausal monocellular monocentric monocephalous monocephalus monoceros monochloride monochord

μονος/αξων μονος/αξων μονος μονος/επος μονος/σκοπεω μονος μονος/εργον μονος/εργον μονος/εργον μονος/ζαω μονος/αιθηρ/υλη μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος/ανθρωπος μονος/τεμνω μονος/αξων μονος/βαινω μονος/βλαστος μονος μονος/βραγχια μονος μονος μονος μονος μονος/καρδια μονος/καρπος μονος μονος μονος/κεντεω μονος/κεφαλη μονος/κεφαλη μονος/κερας μονος/χλωρος μονος/χορδη

monochromatic monochromat monochromatism monochrome monochromator monochronic monochronous monocle monoclinal monocline monoclinic monoclinous monclonal monocoelic monocoque monocot monocotyledon monocracy monocrat monocrystal monocular monoculous monoculture monocycle monocyst monocyte monodactylous monodelph monodentate mondermic monodialectic monodic monodist monodon monodrama monodromic monody monodynamic monodynamism monoecia monoecious monoenergetic monofilament monfunctional

μονος/χρωμα μονος/χρωμα μονος/χρωμα μονος/χρωμα μονος/χρωμα μονος/χρονος μονος/χρονος μονος μονος/κλινω μονος/κλινω μονος/κλινω μονος/κλινω μονος/κλυω μονος/κοιλος μονος μονος/κοτυλη μονος/κοτυλη μονος/κρατεω μονος/κρατεω μονος/κρυος μονος μονος μονος μονος/κυκλος μονος/κυω μονος/κυω μονος/δακτυλος μονος/δελφος μονος μονος/δερω μονος/λεγω μονος/αδω μονος/αδω μονος/οδους μονος/δραω μονος/δρομος μονος/αδω μονος/δυναμαι μονος/δυναμαι μονος/οικος μονος/οικος μονος/εργον μονος μονος

monogamic monogamist monogamous monogamy monogastric monogen monogeneous monogenesis monogenetic monogenic monogenism monogenist monogenous monogeny monoglacial monoglot monogoneutic mongonic monogony monogram monogrammatic monograph monographer monographic monographism monography monogynous monogyny monohull monohybrid monhydic monoid monoideism monokaryon monokini monolater monolatry monolayer monoline monolingual monolith monolithic monolobular monolocular

μονος/γαμος μονος/γαμος μονος/γαμος μονος/γαμος μονος/γαστηρ μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος μονος/γλωττα μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γενος μονος/γραφω μονος/γραφω μονος/γραφω μονος/γραφω μονος/γραφω μονος/γραφω μονος/γραφω μονος/γυνη μονος/γυνη μονος μονος μονος/υδωρ μονος μονος/ιδειν μονος/καρουν μονος μονος/λατρις μονος/λατρις μονος μονος μονος μονος/λιθος μονος/λιθος μονος/λοβος μονος

monological monologist monologue monology monomachy monomania monomaniac monomaniacal monomer monomerous monometer monometallism monomial monomolecular monomorphic monomyth mononuclear mononucleosis mononym monopathic monopathy monoped monopersonal monophagous monophagy monphanous monophase monophobia monophone monophonemic monophonic monophony monophthalmous monophthong monphyletic monophyllous monophylotic monophysite monopitch monoplane monoplast monoplegia monoplegic monopod

μονος/λογος μονος/λογος μονος/λογος μονος/λογος μονος/μαχη μονος/μαινομαι μονος/μαινομαι μονος/μαινομαι μονος/μερος μονος/μερος μονος/μετρον μονος/μεταλλον μονος μονος μονος/μορφη μονος/μυθος μομος μονος μονος/ονομα μονος/παθος μονος/παθος μονος μονος μονος/φαγειν μονος/φαγειν μονος/φαινω μομος/φαινω μονος/φοβος μονος/φωνη μονος/φωνη μονος/φωνη μονος/φωνη μονος/οψις μονος/φθογγος μονος/φυλον μονος/φυλλον μονος/φυω μονος/φυω μονος μονος μονος/πλαττω μονος/πλησσω μονος/πλησσω μονος/πους

monopolar monopole monopolism monopolist monopolistic monopolization monopolize monopolizer monopoly monopolylogue monoprint monopropellant monopsonistic monopsony monoptote monopulse monorail monorchid monorhine monosemantic monosexual monosign monosomatous monosome monospasm monospermous monospore monostable monstatic monostele monostich monostomatous monostrophic monostylous monosyllabic monosyllable monosymmetrical monosymmetry monosystemic monotechnic monothalmic nonothalmous monotheism monotheist

μονος/πελω μονος/πελω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πωλεω μονος/πολεω/λογος μονος μονος μονος/οψωνω μονος/οψωνω μονος/πιπτω μονος μονος μονος/ορχις μονος/ρις μονος/σνμαινω μονος μονος μονος/σωμα μονος/σωμα μονος/σπαω μονος/σπειρω μονος/σπειρω μονος μονος/ιστημι μονος/στηλη μονος/στιχος μονος/στωμα μονος/στρεφω μονος/στυλος μονος/λαμβανω μονος/λαμβανω μομος/μετρον μονος/μετρον μονος/ιστημι μονος/τεκτων μονος/θαλαμος μονος/θαλαμος μονος/θεος μονος/θεος

monotheistic monothelite monthematic monotone monotonic montonist monotonous monotonously monotony monotremata monotremate monotrochal monotrophic monotropic monotropy monotype monotypic monovalent monovular monoxenous monoxide monoxylon monoxylous monozoic monozygotic montmartre Moor Moorish moron moronic moronically morosophist morph morpheme Morpheus morphia morphic morphine morphinism morphogen morphogenesis morphogenic morphogeny morphographer

μονος/θεος μονος/θελω μονος/τιθημι μονος/τεινω μονος/τεινω μονος/τεινω μονος/τεινω μονος/τεινω μονος/τεινω μονος/τρημα μονος/τρημα μονος/τρεχω μονος/τρεφω μονος/τρεπω μονος/τρεπω μονος/τυπος μονος/τυπος μονος μονος μονος/ξενος μονος/οξυς μονος/ξυλον μονος/ξυλον μονος/ζαω μονος/ζυγον μαρτυς Μαυρος Μαυρος μωρος μωρος μωρος μωρος/σοφος μορφη μορφη μορφη μορφη μορφη μορφη μορφη μορφη/γενος μορφη/γενος μορφη/γενος μορφη/γενος μορφη/γραφω

morphography μορφη/γραφω morpholexical μορφη/λεγω morphological μορφη/λογος morphology μορφη/λογος morphometric μορφη/μετρον morphometry μορφη/μετρον morphon μορφη/ειμι morphoneme μορφη/φωνη morphonology μορφη/φωνη/λογος morphophyly μορφη/φυλον morphosis μορφη morphosyntax μορφη/ταττω morphotactics μορφη/ταττω morphotechnics μορφη/τρεκτων morphotic μορφη morphotomy μορφη/τεμνω morphotropism μορφη/τρεπω morphotropy μορφη/τρεπω mosaic Μουσα mosaicism Μουσα mosaicist Μουσα motograph γραφω motometer μετρον motorbike κυκλος motorcycle κυκλος motordrome δρομος mountain lion λεων moustache μυσταξ MRI μαγνητις mu μυ mucigen γενος mucigenous γενος mucinogen γενος mucocele κηλη mucolytic λυω multicentered κεντεω multicyclic κυκλος multigraph γραφω multilobular λοβος multimer μερος multiphase φαινω multipolar πελω multipolarity πελω multiprogram γραφω

multipurpose multispermous multitalented multitask muon muonium muse Muse museless museology musette museum music musical musical chairs musicale musically musician musicogenic musicography musicological musicologist musicology musicophile musing musk musk ox muskrat mustache mustachio mutagen mutagenesis mutagenetic mutagenic mutagenicity mutograph mutoscope myalgia myasthenia mycelium Mycenae Mycenean mycetismus mycetocyte

παυω σπειρω τλαω ταττω μυ μυ

Μουσα Μουσα


Μουσα/λογος Μουσα Μουσα Μουσα Μουσα Μουσα/εδρα Μουσα Μουσα Μουσα Μουσα/γενος Μουσα/γραφω Μουσα/λογος Μουσα/λογος Μουσα/λογος Μουσα/φιλος


μοσχος μοσχος μοσχος μυσταξ μυσταξ γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γραφω σκοπεω μυς/αλγος μυς/σθενος μυκης Μυκηναι Μυκηναι μυκης μυκης/κυω

mycetogenic mycetology mycetophagous mycetoma mycetozoa mycobacterium mycobiont mycoderma mycology mycomysticism mycophagous mycophagy mycophile mycophilic mycophobia mycoplasma mycorrhiza mycosis mycotoxin mycotrophy myelencehalon myelin myelitis myeloblast myelocele myelocoele myelocyte myelogenetic myelogenic myelogram myelography myeloid myeloma myelon myelopathy myelosis myiasis mylodon myloglossus myoatropy myoblast myocardiac myocarditis myocardium

μυκης/γενος μυκης/λογος μυκης/φαγειν μυκης μυκης/ζαω μυκης/βακτρον μυκης/βιος μυκης/δερω μυκης/λογος μυκης/μυω μυκης/φαγειν μυκης/φαγειν μυκης/φιλος μυκης/φιλος μυκης/φοβος μυκης/πλαττω μυκης/ριζα μυκης μυκης/τοξον μυκης/τρεφω μυελος/κεφαλη μυελος μυελος μυελος/βλαστος μυελος/κηλη μυελος/κοιλος μυελος/κυω μυελος/γενος μυελος/γενος μυελος/γραφω μυελος/γραφω μυελος μυελος/οιδεω μυελος μυελος/παθος μυελος μυια μυλος/οδους μυλος/γλωττα μυς/τρεπω μυς/βλαστος μυς/καρδια μυς/καρδια μυς/καρδια

myochemistry myochrome myocoele myocyte myodynamics myoelectric myogen myoglobin myogram myograph myoid myology myoma myomancy myomectomy myomeric myomorph myoneural myonymy myopathy myophone myophore myophysics myopia myopic myopically myopism myoplasm myoscope myosin myospasm myotatic myotomy myotonia myotonic myriacanthous myriad myriagram myrialiter myriameter myriapod myriarch myrmecologist myrmecology

μυς/χυμος μυς/χρωμα μυς/κοιλος μυς/κυω μυς/δυναμαι μυς/ηλεκτρον μυς/γενος μυς μυς/γραφω μυς/γραφω μυς μυς/λογος μυς μυς/μαινομαι μυς/τεμνω μυς/μερος μυς/μορφη μυς/νευρον μυς/ονομα μυς/παθος μυς/φωνη μυς/φερω μυς/φυω μυω/οψις μυω/οψις μυω/οψις μυω/οψις μυς/πλαττω μυς/σκοπεω μυς μυς/σπαω μυς/τεινω μυς/τεμνω μυς/τεινω μυς/τεινω μυριος/ακη μυριος μυριος/γραφω μυριος/λιτρα μυριος/μετρον μυριος/πους μυριος/αρχη μυρμιξ/λογος μυρμιξ/λογος

myrmecophagous myrmecophile myrmecophilous myrmidon myrtle mysophobia mystagogue mystagogy mysterious mysteriously mysteriousness mystery mystic mystical mystically mysticism mysticity mystification mystifier mystify mystique myth mythic mythical mythically mythicism mythicist mythicize mythless mythoclastic mthogenesis mythogenic mythogony mythographer mythographic mythography mythoheroic mythological mythologically mythologist mythologize mythology mythomania mythometer

μυρμιξ/φαγειν μυρμιξ/φιλος μυρμιξ/φιλος μυρμιξ μυρτος μυσος/φοβος μυω/αγω μυω/αγω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυω μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος μυθος/κλαω μυθος/γενος μυθος/γενος μυθος/γενος μυθος/γραφω μυθος/γραφω μυθος/γραφω μυθος/ηρως μυθος/λογος μυθος/λογος μυθος/λογος μυθος/λογος μυθος/λογος μυθος/μαινομαι μυθος/μετρον

mythoplasm mythopoeia mythopoeic mythopoem mythos myxameba myxedemia myxomyxobacterium myxococcus myxoma myxomatosis myxopod myxospore myxovirus myxostoma

μυθος/πλαττω μυθος/ποιεω μυθος/ποιεω μυθος/ποιεω μυθος μυξα/αμειβω μυξα/αιμα μυξα μυξα/βακτρον μυξα/κοκκος μυξα μυξα μυξα/πους μυξα/σπειρω μυξα μυζω/στομα

Ν N naiad nameplate nanism nannofossil nannoplankton nanoampere nanobyte nanocomponent nanoequivalent nanofarad nanogram nanohenry nanoliter nanometer nanomole nanoparticle nanosecond nanosensor nanosub nanotechnology nanovolt nanowatt naological naology naos napalm naphtha naphthene naphthol Naples narc narcissism narcissist narcissistic narcissistically narcissus narcolepsy narcoleptic narcoma narcomania

νιτρον ναω πλατυς νανος νανος νανος/πλανη νανος νανος νανος νανος νανος νανος/γραφω νανος νανος/λιτρα νανος/μετρον νανος νανος νανος νανος νανος νανος/τεκτων/λογος νανος νανος ναιω/λογος ναιω/λογος ναιω ναφθα ναφθα ναφθα ναφθα νεος/πολις ναρκη ναρκη ναρκη ναρκη ναρκη ναρκη ναρκη/λαμβανω ναρκη/λαμβανω ναρκη/κειμαι ναρκη/μαινομαι

narcosis narcosynthesis narcotic narcotism narcotize nard nark narthex NASA nasogastric nasology nasopharynx nastic NATO natriuresis natron natural history naturopathy naumachia naupathia nausea nauseate nausaeation nauseous naseously nautic nautical nautically nautical mile nautiliform nautilus neanic neanthropic Neapolitan necrobiosis necrobiotic necrogenic necrogenous necrographer necrolatry necrological necrologist necrologue necrology

ναρκη ναρκη/τιθημι ναρκη ναρκη ναρκη ναρδος


ναρθηξ αηρ/ναυς γαστηρ λογος φαρυγξ ναστος Ατλας/οργανον νιτρον/ουρον νιτρον ιστωρ παθος ναυς/μαχη ναυς/παθος ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς ναυς νεος νεος/ανθρωπος νεος/πολις νεκρος/βιος νεκρος/βιος νεκρος/γενος νεκρος/γενος νεκρος/γραφω νεκρος/λογος νεκρος/λογος νεκρος/λογος νεκρος/λογος νεκρος/λογος

necromancer necromancy necromania necromantic necromorphous necrophagous necrophilia necrophiliac necrophilic necrophilism necrophobia necrophobic necrophore necropolis necropsy necroscopic necroscopy necrose necrosis necrotic necrotomy necrotype necrotypic nectar nectarean nectareous nectariferous nectarine nectarivorous nectary nectocyst neencephalon negentropy negrolatry negromania negrophile negrophilia negrophilism negrophobe negrophobia nekton nematic nematoblast nematocide

νεκρος/μαινομαι νεκρος/μαινομαι νεκρος/μαινομαι νεκρος/μαινομαι νεκρος/μορφη νεκρος/φαγειν νεκρος/φιλος νεκρος/φιλος νεκρος/φιλος νεκρος/φιλος νεκρος/φοβος νεκρος/φοβος νεκρος/φερω νεκρος/πολις νεκρος/οφις νεκρος/σκοπεω νεκρος/σκοπεω νεκρος νεκρος νεκρος νεκρος/τεμνω νεκρος/τυπος νεκρος/τυπος νεκταρ νεκταρ νεκταρ νεκταρ νεκταρ νεκταρ νεκταρ νεω/κυω κεφαλη τρεπω λατρις μαινομαι φιλος φιλος φιλος φοβος φοβος νεω νημα νημα/βλαστος νημα

nematocyst nematogen nematoid nematology nematophore nematozooid Nemea Nemean nemesis nemesism nemesistic nemocerous neoblast neocapitalist Neocene neocerebellum neoclassical neoclassicist neocolonial neocolonialism neocomian neoconservative neocorate neocortex neocosmic neodoxy neoembryo neoexpressionist neofascist neogam neogean neogene neogenesis neoglacial neogrammarian neograph neographic neography neoimperialist neoimpressionism neoisolationist neo-Latin neoliberal neolinguist

νημα/κυω νημα/γενος νημα νημα/λογος νημα/φερω νημα/ζαω νομος νομος νομος νομος νομος νημα/κερας νεος/βλαστος νεος νεος/καινος νεος νεος νεος νεος νεος νεος/κωμη νεος ναιω/κρατεω νεος νεος/κοσμος νεος/δοκεω νεος/βρυω νεος νεος νεος/γαμος νεος/γη νεος/γενος νεος/γενος νεος νεος/γραφω νεος/γραφω νεος/γραφω νεος/γραφω νεος νεος νεος νεος νεος νεος

neolite neolith neolithic neolocal neologian neological neologism neologist neologize neology neomenia neomorph neomorphism neomorphosis neomycin neon neonatal neonatologist neonatology neoned neonomian neontology neopallium neophilia neophiliac neophobia neophobic neophyte neoplasm neoplasty neoplatonic neoplatonism neopragmatist neoprene neossine neossology neotechnic neoteny neoteric neoterism neothalamus neotocite neotraditionalist neotropical

νεος/λιθος νεος/λιθος νεος/λιθος νεος νεος/λογος νεος/λογος νεος/λογος νεος/λογος νεος/λογος νεος/λογος νεος/μην νεος/μορφη νεος/μορφη νεος/μορφη νεος/μυκης νεος νεος νεος/λογος νεος/λογος νεος νεος/νομος νεος/ειμι/λογος νεος νεος/φιλος νεος/φιλος νεος/φοβος νεος/φοβος νεος/φυω νεος/πλαττω νεος/πλαττω νεος/Πλατων νεος/Πλατων νεος/πραττω νεος/υλη νεος/ορνις νεος/ορνις/λογος νεος/τεκτων νεος/τεινω νεος νεος νεος/θαλαμος νεος/τοκος νεος τρεπω

neotype Neozoic nepenthe nepenthous nephanalysis nephelognosy nepheloid nephelometer nephogram nephograph nephology nephoscope nephralgia nephrectomy nephric nephrism nephrite nephritic nephritis nephroblast nephrocele nephrocyte nephrogastric nephrogenic nephrography nephroid nephrolith nephrolithic nephrolithotomy nephrologist nephrology nephron nephropathic nephropathy nephropexy nephroplegy nephroptosis nephrorrhagia nephrosis nephrotic nephrotomy nephrotoxin nereid Nereus

νεος/τυπος νεος/ζαω πενθος πενθος νεφος/λυω νεφος/γιγνωσκω νεφος νεφος/μετρον νεφος/γραφω νεφος/γραφω νεφος/λογος νεφος/σκοπεω νεφρος/αλγος νεφρος/τεμνω νεφρος νεφρος νεφρος νεφρος νεφρος νεφρος/βλαστος νεφρος/κηλη νεφρος/κυω νεφρος/γαστηρ νεφρος/γενος νεφρος/γραφω νεφρος νεφρος/λιθος νεφρος/λιθος νεφρος/λιθος/τεμνω νεφρος/λογος νεφρος/λογος νεφρος νεφρος/παθος νεφρος/παθος νεφος/πηγνυμι νεφρος/πλησσω νεφρος/πιπτω νεφρος/ρεω νεφρος νεφρος νεφρος/τεμνω νεφρος/τοξον Νηρευς Νηρευς

neritic nesiote Nestor Nestorian neuradynamic neural neuralgia neuralgic neurally neurasthenia neurasthenic neuration neurectomy meurenteric neuergic neurility neurine neurinoma neuritis neuroanalysis neuroanatomy neurobiology neuroblast neurocentral neurochemical neurochemistry neurochitin neurochord neurocoele neurocyte neurodermal neuroelectric neuroembryology neurogenesis neurogenetic neurogenic neuroglandular neurogram neurography neurohistology neurohormone neuroleptic neurolite neurolithic

Νηρευς νησος Νεστωρ Νεστωρ νευρον/δυναμαι νευρον νευρον/αλγος νευρον/αλγος νευρον νευρον/σθενος νευρον/σθενος νευρον νευρον/τεμνω νευρον/ενδον νευρον/εργον νευρον νευρον νευρον/οιδεω νευρον νευρον/λυω νευρον/τεμνω νευρον/βιος/λογος νευρον/βλαστος νευρον/κεντεω νευρον/χυμος νευρον/χυμος νευρον/χιτων νευρον/χορδη νευρον/κοιλος νευρον/κυω νευρον/δερω νευρον/ηλεκτρον νευρον/βρυω/λογος νευρον/γενος νευρον/γενος νευρον/γενος νευρον νευρον/γραφω νευρον/γραφω νευρον/ιστος/λογος νευρον/ορμη νευρον/λειπω νευρον/λιθος νευρον/λιθος

neurolinguist neurological neurologist neurology neurolysis neuroma neuromast neuromere meurometer neuromotor neuromuscular neuron neuronal neuronym neuroparalysis neuropath neuropathic neuropathology neuropathy neuronophagia neuroplasm neuroplasticity neuroplasty neuropod neuropsychic neuropsychologist neuropsychology neuropterous neuroreceptor neurosal neurosis neuroscience neuroscientist neurosis neuroskeleton neurospore neurosurgeon neurosurgery neurotic neuroticism neurotogenic neurotomy neurotonic neurotoxin

νευρον νευρον/λογος νευρον/λογος νευρον/λογος νευρον/λυω νευρον/οιδεω νευρον/μαστος νευρον/μερος νευρον/μετρον νευρον νευρον νευρον νευρον νευρον/ονομα νευρον/λυω νευρον/παθος νευρον/παθος νευρον/λογος/παθος νευρον/παθος νευρον/φαγειν νευρον/πλαττω νευρον/πλαττω νευρον/πλαττω νευρον/πους νευρον/ψυχη νευρον/ψυχη/λογος νευρον/ψυχη/λογος νευρον/πτερον νευρον νευρον νευρον νευρον νευρον νευρον νευρον/σκελλω νευρον/σπειρω νευρον/χειρ νευρον/χειρ νευρον νευρον νευρον/γενος νευρον/τεμνω νευρον/τεινω νευρον/τοξον

neurotransmitter neurotrophic neurotropic neurotropism neurula neurovascular neutrodyne neurovirulence new criticism newsdesk newspaper Nicene Nicholas nickelodeon nidology Nike Nile Nilo-Hamite Nilo-Hamitic nilometer Nilot Nilotic Niobe niobian niobic niobium nital niter nitrate nitration nitric nitridation nitride nitrifiable nitrification nitrifier nitrify nitrile nitritoid nitrite nitro nitrobenzene nitroform nitrogation

νευρον νευρον/τρεφω νευρον/τρεπω νευρον/τρεπω νευρον νευρον οδυνη νευρον κρινω δισκος παπυρος νικη νικη/λαος αδω λογος νικη Νειλος Νειλος Νειλος Νειλος/μετρον Νειλος Νειλος Νιοβη Νιοβη Νιοβη Νιοβη νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον

nitrogen nitrogenase nitrogenate nitrogenous nitroglucose nitroglycerine nitrohydrochloric nitrometer nitron nitronium nitrophilous nitrosate nitrosulfuric nitrosyl nitrous nitroxyl nocturia noegenesis noem noema noematic noemics noesis noetic noise nomad nomadic nomadically nomadism nomadization nomadize nomady nomarch nomarchy nome nomic nomism nomocanon nomocracy nomogeny nomogram nomograph nomographer nomography

νιτρον/γενος νιτρον/γενος νιτρον/γενος νιτρον/γενος νιτρον/γλυκος νιτρον/γλυκος νιτρον/υδωρ/χλωρος νιτρον/μετρον νιτρον νιτρον νιτρον/φιλος νιτρον/υλη νιτρον νιτρον/υλη νιτρον νιτρον/οξυς/υλη ουρον νους/γενος νους νους νους νους νους νους ναυς νομος νομος νομος νομος νομος νομος νομος νομος/αρχω νομος/αρχω νομος νομος νομος νομος/καννα νομος/κρατεω νομος/γενος νομος/γραφω νομος/γραφω νομος/γραφω νομος/γραφω

nomological nomology nomotheism nomothetic -nomy nonagon nonallergic nonathlete nonatomic nonautomatic nonbasic noncatholic noncentral nonchitinous nonchristian nonclerical noncritical noncyclic noneconomic nonelectrocyte nonelectrolyte non-Euclidean non-European nongenetic nongovernmental nongrammatical nonhero nonhistorical nonhomologous nonionic nonlogical nonmagnetic nonmathematical nonmetal nonmetallic nonmusical nonorganic nonparametric nonperiodic nonpolar nonpolitical nonpracticing nonsyllabic nontechnical

νομος/λογος νομος/λογος νομος/θεος νομος/τιθημι νομος γωνια αλλος αθλον τεμνω αυτος βαινω ολος κεντεω χιτων χριω κληρος κρινω κυκλος οικος ηλεχτρον/κυω νλεχτρον/λυω Ευκλειδης Ευρωπη γενος κυβερμαω γραφω ηρως ιστωρ ομος/λογος ειμι λογος μαγνητις μανθανω μεταλλον μεταλλον Μουσα οργανον μετρον οδος πελιω πολις πραττω λαμβανω τεκτων

nonthematic nontonal nontoxic nonyl noological noology noosphere normoblast normochrome normocyte normothermia normothermic Northern Crown North Pole nosecone nosogeography nosography nosology nosometer nosophile nosophobia nosophyte nosopoetic nosotaxis nosotheory nosotrophy nostalgia nostalgic nostalgically nostoi nostology nostomania notacanthous notaphily notepaper nothomorph nothosaur notobranchiate notochord notochordal Notogaea notopodium notornis Notus

τιθημι τεινω τοξον υλη νους/λογος νους/λογος νους/σφαιρα βλαστος χρωμα κυω θερομαι θερομαι κορωνη πελω κωνος νοσος/γη/γραφω νοσος/γραφω νοσος/λογος νοσος/μετρον νοσος/φιλος νοσος/φοβος νοσος/φυω νοσος/ποιεω νοσος/ταττω νοσος/θεαομαι νοσος/τρεφω νοστος/αλγος νοστος/αλγος νοστος/αλγος νοστος νοστος/λογος νοστος/μαινομαι νωτον/ακη φιλος παπυρος νοθος/μορφη νοθος/σαυρος νωτον/βραγχια νωτον/χορδη νωτον/χορδη νοτος/γη νωτον/πους νωτον/ορνις Νοτος

noumenal noumenalism noumenalist noumenally noumenon nous novachord nuclear energy nuclear physics nucleophile nucleophilic nucleoplasm nucleoplast nucleoprotein nucleosynthesis nucoline nudibranch nudibranchiate nullipore nullisome nullisomic numerological numerologist numerology numismatic numismatics numismatologist numismatology nutraceutical nychthemeral nychthermeron nyctnyctalope nyctalopia nyctalopic nyctalopy nyctinastic nyctinasty nyctitropic nyctitropism nyctograph Nyctophilus nyctophobia nyctophonia

νους νους νους νους νους νους χορδη εργον φυω φιλος φιλος πλαττω πλαττω πρωτος τιθημι ελαια βραγχια βραγχια περαω σωμα σωμα λογος λογος λογος νομος νομος νομος/λογος νομος/λογος φαρμακον νυξ/ημερα νυξ/ημερα νυξ νυξ/αλαος/οψις νυξ/αλαος//οψις νυξ/αλαος/οψις νυξ/αλαος/οψις νυξ/ναστος νυξ/ναστος νυξ/τρεπω νυξ/τρεπω νυξ/γραφω νυξ/φιλος νυξ/φοβος νυξ/φωνη

nymph nymphaeum nymphal nymphaean nymphet nymphiparous nymphish nympho nympholepsy nympholept nympholeptic nymphomania nymphomaniac nymphotomy nystagmic nystagmus

νυμφη νυμφη νυμφη νυμφη νυμφη νυμφη ϖυμφη νυμθη νψμφη/λαμβανω νυμφη/λαμβανω νυμφη/λαμβανω νυμφη/μαινομαι νυμφη/μαινομαι νυμφη/τεμνω νυτσαζω νυσταζω

O O oariocele oariopathy oariotomy oaritis OAS oasis obeliscal obelisk obelize obelus obol obole obolus ocean oceanarium oceanaut oceanfront Oceania Oceanian oceanic oceanicity oceanid oceanity oceanization oceanodromous oceanographer oceanographic oceanographical oceanography oceanological oceanologist oceanology ocellicyst ocher ocherous ochlesis ochlocracy ochlocrat ochlocratic ochlocratic

οξυς ωον/κηλη ωον/παθος ωον/τεμνω ωον οργανον οασις οβελος οβελος οβελος οβελος οβολος οβολος οβολος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος/ναυς Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος Οκεανος/δρομος Οκεανος/γραφω Οκεανος/γραφω Οκεανος/γραφω Οκεανος/γραφω Οκεανος/λογος Οκεανος/λογος Οκεανος/λογος κυω ωχρος ωχρος οχλος οχλος/κρατεω οχλος/κρατεω οχλος/κρατεω οχλος/κρατεω

ochlophobia ochlophobist ochlotic ochreous ochroid ochrolite ochronosis ochropyre ochrous ochry octachord octactinal octad octagon octagonal octahedral octahedrite octahedron octameral octamerous octameter octane octaphonic octarch octarchy octastich octastyle octodactylous octogenary octogenetic octomeral octoploid octopod octopodous octopus octospermous octospore octosyllabic octyl oculogyric ocydrome ocypode ode odeon

οχλος/φοβος οχλος/φοβος οχλος ωχρος ωχλος ωχλος/λιθος ωχρος/νοσος ωχρος/πυρ ωχρος ωχρος οκτω/χορδη οκτω/ακτις οκτω οκτω/γωνια οκτω/γωνια οκτω/εδρα οκτω/εδρα οκτω/εδρα οκτω/μερος οκτω/μερος οκτω/μετρον οκτω οκτω/φωνη οκτω/αρχω οκτω/αρχω οκτω/στιχος οκτω/στυλος οκτω/δακτυλος γενος γενος οκτω/μερος οκτω/−πλοος οκτω/πους οκτω/πους οκτω/πους οκτω/σπειρω οκτω/σπειρω οκτω/λαμβανω οκτω/υλη γυρος ωκυς/δρομος ωκυς/πους αδω αδω

odeum odic odograph odometer odontalgia odontalgic odontist odontoblast odontogeny odontograph odontography odontoid odontolith odontology odontome odontophoran odontophore odontophorous odontotomy odorimeter odoriphore odynometer odynophasia odynophobia Odyssean Odysseus Odyssey oedema Oedipal Oedipean oedipodic Oedipus Oedpus complex oedometer oenology oenomania oenomel oenometer oenophile oenophilia oenophilist oenophobe oenophobia oenophobist

αδω αδω οδος/γραφω οδος/μετρον οδους/αλγος οδους/αλγος οδους οδους/βλαστος οδους/γενος οδους/γραφω οδους/γραφω οδους οδους/λιθος οδους/λογος οδους οδους/φερω οδους/φερω οδους/φερω οδους/τεμνω μετρον φερω οδυνη/μετρον οδυνη/φαγειν οδυνη/φοβος Οδυσσευς Οδυσσευς Οδυσσευς οιδεω οιδεω/πους οιδεω/πους οιδεω/πους οιδεω/πους οιδεω/πους οιδεω/μετρον οινος/λογος οινος/μαινομαι οινος/μελι οινος/μετρον οινος/φιλος οινος/φιλος οινος/φιλος οινος/φοβος οινος/φοβος οινος/φοβος

oenotherapy oestrous oestrus off-base off-center ohmmeter oil oilburner oilcake oilcloth oildom oiler oil field oiliness oilless oilman oilmill oilnut oilometer oilring oilskin oil spill oilstone oil well oily olation old school oleaginous oleaster oleate olecranon oleic oleiculture oleiferous olein oleo oleoduct oleograph oleography oleojector oleomargarine oleometer oleone oleophilic

οινος/θεραπων οιστρος οιστρος βαινω κεντεω μετρον ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια/μετρον ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια


σχολη ελαια ελαια ελαια ωλενη/κτανιον ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια/γραφω ελαια/γραφω ελαια ελαια/μαργαρον ελαια/μετρον ελαια ελαια/φιλος

oleophobic oleopneumatic oleoptene oleorefractometer oleoresin oleoresinous oleosaccharum oleothorax oleum oleyl olfactometer olfactometry olfactronics oligacanthous oligandrous oliganthous oligarch oligarchic oligarchical oligarchism oligarchization oligarchize oligarchy oligarticular oligemia oligist oligoblennia oligocarpous Oligocene oligochromenia oligochromometer oligoclase oligocystic oligocythemia oligodendrocyte oligodontous oligodynamic oligogalactia oligoglottism oligohaline oligohydramnios oligolectic oligomania oligomenorrhea

ελαια/φοβος ελαια/πνεω ελαια/πτερον ελαια/μετρον ελαια ελαια ελαια/σακχαρον ελαια/θωραξ ελαια ελαια/υλη μετρον μετρον ηλεκτρον ολιγος/ακη ολιγος/ανηρ ολιγος/ανθος ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος/αρχω ολιγος ολιγος/αιμα ολιγος ολιγος/βλεννος ολιγος/καρπος ολιγος/καινος ολιγος/χρωμα/αιμα ολιγος/χρωμα/μετρον ολιγος/κλαω ολιγος/κυω ολιγος/κυω/αιμα ολιγος/δενδρον/κυω ολιγος/οδους ολιγος/δυναμαι ολιγος/γαλα ολιγος/γλωττα ολιγος/αλς ολιγος/υδωρ/αμνος ολιγος/λεγω ολιγος/μαινομαι ολιγος/μην/ρεω

oligomer oligomerization oligomerous oligomictic oligoneucleotide oligopeptide oligopetalous oligophagous oligophagy oligophrenia oligophrenic oligophyllous oligopod oligopolist oligopolistic oligolopoly oligoprobic oligopsony oligosiderite oligospermia oligospermic oligosporous oligosyllabic oligotokous oligotrophic oligotrophy oligotropic oligozoospermia oliguresia oliguria oliguric olistolith olistostrome oliva olivaceous olivary olive olive branch olive garden olive oil olivesheen olive tree oliviform olivine

ολιγος/μερος ολιγος/μερος ολιγος/μερος ολιγος/μιγμα ολιγος ολιγος/πεπτω ολιγος/πεταννυμι ολιγος/φαγειν ολιγος/φαγειν ολιγος/φρην ολιγος/φρην ολιγος/φυλλον ολιγος/πους ολιγος/πωλω ολιγος/πωλω ολιγος/πωλω ολιγος ολιγος/οφωνω ολιγος/σιδηρος ολιγος/σπειρω ολιγος/σπειρω ολιγος/σπειρω ολιγος/λαμβανω ολιγος/τοκος ολιγος/τρεφω ολιγος/τρεφω ολιγος/τρεπω ολιγος/ζαω/σπειρω ολιγος/ουρον ολιγος/ουρον ολιγος/ουρον ολιστημα/λιθος ολιστημα/στορνυμι ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια ελαια

ology Olympia Olympiad Olympian Olympic Olympus -oma omalgia ombrogenous ombrograph ombrology ombrometer ombrophil ombrophilous ombrophobe ombrophobous omega omegatron omenology omentocele omentopexy omicron omnigenous omniphibious omnipurpose omophagia omophagist omophagous omophorion omoplate omostegite omosternum omothyroid omphalectomy omphalic omphalitis omphalocoele omphalomancy omphalopsychic omphaloscopy omphalotomy omphalos onager onagraceous

λογος Ολυμπος Ολυμπος Ολυμπος Ολυμπος Ολυμπος οιδεω ωμος/αλγος βροντη/γενος βροντη/γραφω βροντη/λογος βροντη/μετρον βροντη/φιλος βροντη/φιλος βροντη/φοβος βροντη/φοβος ω/μεγας ω/μεγας λογος κηλη πηγνυμι ο/μικρος γενος αμφι/νιος παυω ωμος/φαγειν ωμος/φαγειν ωμος/φαγειν ωμος/φερω ωμος/πλατυς ωμος/στεγω ωμος/στερνον ωμος/θυρα ομφαλος/τεμνω ομφαλος ομφαλος ομφαλος/κοιλος ομφαλος/μαινομαι ομφαλος/ψυχη ομφαλος/σκοπεω ομφαλος/τεμνω ομφαλος ονος/αγρος ονος/αγρος

on-camera onchocercal onchocerciasis oncofetal oncograph oncogene oncogenesis oncogenic oncolite oncological oncologist oncology oncolysis oncometer oncosimeter oncosine oncosphere oncotic oncotomy ondogram ondograph ondometer one-idea oneiric oneirocritic oneirocritical oneirocritiism oneirodynia oneirology oneiromancy oneiroscopy oniscoid oniscus onocentaur onolatry onomancy onomasiology onomastic onomasticon onomatologist onomatology onomatomania onomatoplasm onomatopeia

καμαρα ογκος/κερκος ογκος/κερκος ογκος ογκος/γραφω ογκος/γενος ογκος/γενος ογκος/γενος ογκος/λιθος ογκος/λογος ογκος/λογος ογκος/λογος ογκος/λυω ογκος/μετρον ογκος/μετρον ογκος ογκος/σφαιρα ογκος ογκος/τεμνω γραφω γραφω μετρον ιδειν ονειρος ονεριος/κρινω ονειρος/κρινω ονειρος/κρινω ονειρος/οδυνη ονειρος/λογος ονειρος/μαινομαι ονειρος/σκοπεω ονος ονος ονος/ταυρος ονος/λατρις ονομα/μαινομαι ονομα/λογος ονομα ονομα ονομα/λογος ονομα/λογος ονομα/μαινομαι ονομα/πλαττω ονομα/ποιεω

onomatopeic onomatopoesis onomatopoetic onomatous ontal ontic ontogenesis ontogenetic ontogenic ontogenist ontogeny ontography ontological ontologism ontologist ontologize ontology ontonomy ontosophy ontotheology onychia onychogryphosis onychomancy onychomycosis onychophagia onychophagist onychophagy onychophorous onym onymatic onymous onyx ooblast oocyst oocyte oogamous oogenesis oogenetic oogeny oogonium oograph ooid ooidal oolemma

ονομα/ποιεω ονομα/ποιεω ονομα/ποιεω ονομα ειμι ειμι ειμι/γενος ειμι/γενος ειμι/γενος ειμι/γενος ειμι/γενος ειμι/γραφω ειμι/λογος ειμι/λογος ειμι/λογος ειμι/λογος ειμι/λογος ειμι/νομος ειμι/σοφος ειμι/θεος/λογος ονυξ ονυξ/γρυψ ονυξ/μαινομαι ονυξ/μυκης ονυξ/φαγειν ονυξ/φαγειν ονυξ/φαγειν ονυξ/φερω ονομα ονομα ονομα ονυξ ωον/βλαστος ωον/κυω ωον/κυω ωον/γαμος ωον/γενος ωον/γενος ωον/γενος ωον/γενος ωον/γραφω ωον ωον ωον/λαμβανω

oolite oolith oolitic oological oologist oologize oology oometer oometric oometry oomycete oophagous oophore oophorectomy oophoritis oophyte ooplasm ooporphyrin oorhodeine ooscopy oosperm oosphere oospore ootheca ootid ootocoid ootocous ootype oozoa opacimeter opal opalescence opalescent opaline opalite opaloid open-air open mike operameter ophicleide ophidian ophiocephaloid ophiography ophioid

ωον/λιθος ωον/λιθος ωον/λιθος ωον/λογος ωον/λογος ωον/λογος ωον/λογος ωον/μετρον ωον/μετρον ωον/μετρον ωον/μυκης ωον/φαγειν ωον/φερω ωον/φερω/τεμνω ωον/φερω ωον/φυω ωον/πλαττω ωον/πορφυρα ωον/ροδος ωον/σκοπεω ωον/σπαιρω ωον/σφαιρα ωον/σπαιρω ωον/τιθημι ωον ωον/τοκος ωον/τοκος ωον/τυπος ωον/ζαω μετρον οπαλλιος οπαλλιος οπαλλιος οπαλλιος οπαλλιος οπαλλιος αηρ μικρος/φωνη μετρον οφις/κλειω οφις οφις/κεφαλη οφις/γραφω οφις

ophiolater ophiolatry ophiolite ophiolitic ophiology ophiomorphic ophiomorphous ophiophagous ophiophilous ophiosaur ophithrix ophite ophitic Ophiuchus ophiuran ophthalmia ophthalmic ophthalmite ophthalmitis ophthalmocele ophthalmodynia ophthalmography ophthalmolith ophthalmological ophthalmologist ophthalmology ophthalmometer ophthalmophore ophthalmophthitis ophthalmoplasty ophthalmoplegia ophthalmoscope ophthalmoscopy ophthalmospore ophthalmostat ophthalmotomy ophthalmotrope opiate opiatic opiism opiology opiomania opiomaniac opiophagy

οφις/λατρις οφις/λατρις οφις/λοθος οφις/λιθος οφις/λογος οφις/μορφη οφις/μορφη οφις/φαγειν οφις/φιλος οφις/σαυρος οφις/θριξ οφις οφις οφις οφις/ουρα οψις οψις οφις οψις οφις/κηλη οφις/οδυνη οφις/γραφω οφις/λιθος οφις/λογος οψις/λογος οψις/λογος οφις/μετρον οφις/φερω οφις/φθινω οφις/πλαττω οφις/πλησσω οψις/σκοπεω οφις/σκοπεω οφις/σπειρω οφις/ιστημι οφις/τεμνω οφις/τρεπω οπος οπος οπος οπος/λογος οπος/μαινομαι οπος/μαινομαι οπος/φαγειν

opisthobranch opisthocoele opisthodont opisthogastric opisthoglossal opisthoglyph opisthograph opisthotic opisthotonos opisthure opium opium den opium dream opium habit opium plant opium poppy opotherapy opposable oppose opposer opsonic opsonin opsony optacon optic optical optical illusion optically optician opticity opticochemical opticochemistry optics optigraph optoacoustics optoelectronics optogram optokinetic optometer optometrist optometry optomotor optophone optotype

οπισθεν/βραγχια οπισθεν/κοιλος οπισθεν/οδους οπισθεν/γλωττα οπισθεν/γλωττα οπισθεν/γλυφω οπισθεν/γραφω οπισθεν οπισθεν/τεινω οπισθεν/ουρα οπος οπος οπος οπος οπος οπος οπος/θεραπων παυω παυω παυω οψωνω οψωνω οψωνω οψις οψις οψις οψις οψις οψις οψις οψις/κυμος οψις/χυμος οψις οψις/γραφω οψις/ακουω οψις/ηλεκτρον οψις/γραφω οψις/κινεω οψις/μετρον οψις/μετρον οψις/μετρον οψις οψις/φωνη οψις/τυπος

orbitolite orchestic orchestra orchestral orchestralist orchestrate orchestration orchestrator orchestrelle orchestrina orchialgia orchid orchidaceous orchidectomy orchidist orchidocele orchidologist orchidology orchidomania orchidopexy orchidophilist orchidotomy orchiocele orchiopexy orchis orchitis orchotomy oread oreodon org organ organelle organette organetto organic organically organicism organicity organific organification organify organigram organism organismic

λιθος ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχεομαι ορχις/αλγος ορχις ορχις ορχις/τεμνω ορχις ορχις/κηλη ορχις/λογος ορχις/λογος ορχις/μαινομαι ορχις/πνγνυμι ορχις/φιλος ορχις/τεμνω ορχις/κηλη ορχις/πηγνυμι ορχις ορχις ορχις/τεμνω ορος ορος/οδους οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον/γραφω οργανον οργανον

organist organizable organization organizational organize organizer organless organogenesis organogenic organogenous organogeny organograph organography organoid organoleptic organology organomorphic organon organophone organophonic organophosphate organophyly organoplasty organoscopy organosol organotherapy organ-pipe organum organza organzine orgasm orgasmic orgasmically orgastic orgiast orgiastic orgiastically orgone orgonity orgonomy orgy Orion Orion Orionid

οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον/γενος οργανον/γενος οργανον/γενος οργανον/γενος οργανον/γραφω οργανον/γραφω οργανον οργανον/λαμβανω οργανον/λογος οργανον/μορφη οργανον οργανον/φωνη οργανον/φωνη οργανον/φως οργανον/φυλον οργανον/πλαττω οργανον/σκοπεω οργανον οργανον/θεραπων οργανον οργανον οργανον οργανον οργη οργη οργη οργη οργια οργια οργια οργανον/αρμοζω οργανον/αρμοζω οργανον/αρμοζω/νομος οργια


Ωριων Ωριων

ornis ornithic ornithichnite ornithivorous ornithobiography ornithocephalous ornithocoprolite ornithodelphia ornithogalum ornithogea ornithoid ornitholeucism ornitholite ornithological ornithologist ornithology ornithomancy ornithomelanism ornithomorphic ornithomyzous ornithophile ornithophilous ornithophily ornithopod ortnithopter ornithopterous ornithorhynchus ornithosaurian ornithoscelidan ornithoscopy ornithosis ornithotomy ornithuric ornithurous orocentral orocline orocratic orogen orogenesis orogenetic orogenic orogeny orographic orographical

ορνις ορνις ορνις/ιχνος ορνις ορνις/βιος/γραφω ορνις/κεφαλη ορνις/κοπρος/λιθος ορνις/δελφος ορνις/γαλα ορνις/γη ορνις ορνις/λευκος ορνις/λιθος ορνις/λογος ορνις/λογος ορνις/λογος ορνις/υαινομαι ορνις/μελας ορνις/μορφη ορνις/μυζω ορνις/φιλος ορνις/φιλος ορνις/φιλος ορνις/πους ορνις/πτερον ορνις/πτερον ορνις/ρυγκος ορνις/σαυρος ορνις/σκελλω ορνις/σκοπεω ορνις ορνις/τεμνω ορνις/ουρον ορνις/ουρα οπος/κεντεω ορος/κλινω ορος/κρατεω ορος/γενος ορος/γενος ορος/γενος ορος/γενος ορος/γενος ορος/γραφω ορος/γραφω

orography orohippus orohydrography orologist orology orometer orometric orometry oropharyngeal oropharynx orosomucoid orotic orphan orphanage orphan asylum orphancy orphanhood orphanize Orphean Orphic Orphic egg Orphism Orpheus orthaxial orthesis orthian orthic orthicon orthid orthite ortho orthobasic orthocarpous orthocenter orthocephalic orthoceras orthochromatic orthoclase orthocoelic orthocone orthocycle orthodigital orthodontia orthodontics

ορος/γραφω ορος/ιππος ορος/υδωρ/γραφω ορος/λογος ορος/λογος ορος/μετρον ορος/μετρον ορος/μετρον φαρυγξ φαρυγξ ορος ορος ορφανος ορφανος ορφανος/συλαω ορφανος ορφανος ορφανος Ορφευς Ορφευς Ορφευς Ορφευς Ορφευς ορθος/αξων ορθος ορθος ορθος ορθος ορθος ορθος ορθος ορθος/βαινω οεθος/καρπος ορθος/κεντεω ορθος/κεφαλη ορθος/κερας ορθος/χρωμα ορθος/κλαω ορθος/κοιλος ορθος/κωνος ορθος/κυκλος ορθος ορθος/οδους ορθος/οδους

orthodontist orthodox orthodoxism orthodoxly orthodoxy orthodromic orthoepist orthoepy orthoferrite orthoform orthogamy orthogenesis orthogenetic orthognathous orthogonal orthograde orthographer orthographic orthography orthohelium orthohydrogen orthohydrograph orthokinesis orthokinetic orthology orthometric orthometry orthomolecular orhtomorphic orthoneural orthonormal orthopathy orthopedics orthopedist orthophonic orthophony orthophoria orthophoto orthopnea orthopolitiphobia orthopraxis orthopraxy orthoprism orthopsychiatry

ορθος/οδους ορθος/δοκεω ορθος/δοκεω ορθος/δοκεω ορθος/δοκεω ορθος/δρομος ορθος/επος ορθος/επος ορθος ορθος ορθος/γαμος ορθος/γενος ορθος/γενος ορθος/γναθος ορθος/γωνια ορθος ορθος/γραφω ορθος/γραφω ορθος/γραφω ορθος/ηλιος ορθος/υδωρ/γενος ορθος/υδωρ/γραφω ορθος/κινεω ορθος/κινεω ορθος/λογος ορθος/μετρον ορθος/μετρον ορθος ορθος/μορφη ορθος/νευρον ορθος ορθος/παθος ορθος/παις ορθος/παις ορθος/φωνη ορθος/φωνη ορθος/φερω ορθος/φως ορθος/πνεω ορθος/πολις/φοβος ορθος/πραττω ορθος/πραττω ορθος/πριω ορθος/ψυχη/ιαομαι

orthopter orthopteron orthopterous orthoptic orthopyramid orthorhombic orthoscope orthoscopic orthospermous orthostat orthostatic orthosteroscope orthostichy orthostyle orthosymmetric orthotectonic orthotics orthotomic orthotone orthotonic orthotonus orthotopic orthotropic orthotropism orthotropous orthotropy orthovoltage orthoxylene Ortygian oryzenin oryzivorous oscheal oscheocele oscheolith oscheoplasty oscillogram oscillograph oscillographic oscillography oscillometer oscilloscope -osis osmagogue osmate

ορθος/πτερον ορθος/πτερον ορθος/πτερον ορθος/οψις ορθος/πυραμις ορθος/ρομβος ορθος/σκοπεω ορθος/σκοπεω ορθος/σπειρω ορθος/ιστημι ορθος/ιστημι ορθος/στερεος/σκοπεω ορθος/στιξος ορθος/στυλος ορθος/μετρον ορθος/τεκτων ορθος ορθος/τεμνω ορθος/τεινω ορθος/τεινω ορθος/τεινω ορθος/τοπος ορθος/τρεπω ορθος/τρεπω ορθος/τρεπω ορθος/τρεπω ορθος ορθος/ξυλον ορτυξ ορυζα ορυζα οσχεον οσχεον/κηλη οσχεον/λιθος οσχεον/λιθος γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω μετρον σκοπεω -οσις οσμη/αγω οσμη

osmatic osmeterium osmic osmic osmicate osmics osmiophilic osmious osmite osmium osmoceptor osmogene osmolal osmolar osmology osmometer osmometer osmophilic osmophilic osmophore osmoregulation osmoscope osmose osmosis osmotic osmotically osphyalgia osphyocele osphyomyelitis ossein osseous ossiculectomy ostalgia osteal osteitis ostenoid osteoarthritis osteoblast osteocartilaginous osteochondritis osteoclasis osteoclast osteocolla osteocomma

οσμη οσμη οσμη οσμη οσμη οσμη οσμη/φιλος οσμη οσμη οσμη οσμη ωθεω/γενος ωθεω ωθεω οσμη/λογος οσμη/μετρον ωσμος/μετρον οσμη/φιλος ωσμος/φιλος οσμη/φερω ωσμος οσμη/σκοπεω ωσμος ωθεω ωθεω ωθεω οσφυς/αλγος οσφυς/κηλη οσφυς/μυελος οστεον οστεον τεμνω οστεον/αλγος οστεον οστεον οστεον οστεον/αρθρον οστουν/βλαστος οστεον οστεον/χονδρος οστεον/κλαω οστεον/κλαω οστεον/κολλα οστεον/κοπτω

osteocope osteocyte osteoderm osteodynia osteodystrophy osteofibrosis osteogangrene osteogen osteogenesis osteogenous osteography osteoid osteolite osteolith osteological osteologist osteology osteolysis osteolytic osteoma osteomalacia osteomancy osteomere osteometry osteomyelitis osteon osteopath osteopathic osteopathy osteopetrosis osteophage osteophagist osteophagous osteophlebitis osteophone osteophyte osteoplasty osteoporosis osteosarcoma osteosclerosis osteostomous osteotic osteotome osteotomy

οστεον/κοπτω οστεον/κυω οστεον/δερω οστεον/δυναμαι οστεον/τρεφω οστεον οστεον/γαγγραινα οστεον/γενος οστεον/γενος οστεοϖ/γενος οστεον/γραφω οστεον οστεον/λιθος οστεον/λιθος οστεον/λογος οστεον/λογος οστεον/λογος οστεον/λυω οστεον/λυω οστεον οστεον/μαλακος οστεον/μαινομαι οστεον/μερος οστεον/μετρον οστεον/μυελον οστεον οστεον/παθος οστεον/παθος οστεον/παθος οστεον/πετρα οστεον/φαγειν οστεον/φαγειν οστεον/φαγειν οστεον/φλεψ οστεον/φωνη οστεον/φυω οστεον/πλαττω οστεον/περαω οστεον/σαρξ οστεον/σκελλω οστεον/στομα οστεον οστεον/τεμνω οστεον/τεμνω

osteozoon osthexy ostomy Ostpolitik ostraca ostracean ostracism ostracitis ostracize ostracod ostracodent ostracoderm ostracoid ostracology ostracophore ostracopod ostrakon ostreaceous ostreiculture ostreiform ostreophage ostreophagist ostreophagous ostrich otacoustic otalgia otary otiatric otic otitis otocyst otodynia otographical otolaryngologist otolaryngology otolite otolith otologist otology otomorphology otomycosis otopathy otophone otoplasty

οστεον/ζαω οστεον/εχω τεμνω πολις οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον/δερω οστρακον οστρακον/λογος οστρακον/φερω οστρακον/πους οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακον οστρακονν/φαγειν οστρακον/φαγειν οστρακον/φαγειν στρουθος ους/ακουω ους/αλγος ους ους/ιατρις ους ους ους/κυω ους/δυναμαι ους/γραφω ους/λαρυνξ/λογος ους/λαρυνξ/λογος ους/λιθος ους/λιθος ους/λογος ους/λογος ους/μορφη/λογος ους/μυκης ους/παθος ους/φωνη ους/πλαττω

otopyosis otorhinolaryngology otorrhea otosalpinx otoscelerosis otoscope otoscopy otosis otosteal ototomy ototoxic ototoxicity outgas outhector out-turn ovarialgia ovariectomy ovariotomy overcentralization overcentralize overdose overdramatic overemphasis overemphasize overenergetic overenthusiasm overenthusiastic overexpose overexposure overgovern overhydration overtone overturn overtype overzealous ovicyst ovigenic ovigenous ovocyte ovogenesis ovology ovoplasm oxalemia oxalhydrate

ους/πυον ους/ρις/λαρψγξ/λογος ους/ρεω ους/σαλπιγξ ους/σκελλω ους/σκοπεω ους/σκοπεω ους ους/οστεον ους/τεμνω ους/τοξον ους/τοξον χαος Εκτωρ τορνος αλγος τεμνω τεμνω κεντεω κεντεω διδωμι δραω φαινω φαινω εργον θεος θεος παυω παυω κυβερναω υδωρ τεινω τορνος τυπος ζηλος κυω γενος γενος κυω γενος λογος πλαττω οξυς/αιμα οξυς/υδωρ

oxalic oxalosis oxaluria oxyaluric oxalyl oxamic oxamide oxea oxic oxicity oxidability oxidable oxidant oxidase oxidate oxidation oxidative oxidator oxide oxidizable oxidization oxidize oxidizer oxidoreduction oxime oximeter oxine oxisol oxonic oxoniun oxosteroid oxy oxyoxyacetylene oxyacid oxyanion oxyarc oxybromide oxycalcium oxycarbonate oxycarpous oxycellulose oxycephalic oxycyanide

οξος οξυς οξυς/ουρον οξυς/ουρον οξυς/υλη οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς/μετρον οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς/στερεος οξυς οξυς οξυς/υλη οξυς οξυς/ειμι οξυς οξυς/βρωμος οξυς οξυς οξυς/καρπος οξυς οξυς/κεφαλη οξυς/κυανος

oxydactyl oxydase oxyesthesia oxygen oxygenate oxygenation oxygenator oxygenic oxygenize oxygenless oxygenous oxyhemoglobin oxyhydrate oxyhydrogen oxylith oxyluciferin oxymel oxymeter oxymoron oxymoronic oxymyoglobin oxynitrate oxyntic oxyopia oxyphil oxyphilic oxyphilous oxyphony oxyphyllous oxyrrhine oxyrrhinchous oxysaccharum oxysalt oxystome oxytocia oxytocic oxytocin oxytone oxytonic oxytoxic oxytrichine oxytrope oxyuris oyster

οζυς/δακτυλος οξυς οξυς/αισθανομαι οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/γενος οξυς/αιμα οξυς/υδωρ οξυς/υδωρ/γενος οξυς/λιθος οξυς οξυς/μελι οξυς/μετρον οξυς/μωρος οξυς/μωρος οξυς/μυς οξυς/νιτρον οζω οξυς/οψις οξυς/φιλος οξυς/φιλος οξυς/φιλος οξυς/φωνη οξυς/φυλλον οξυς/ρις οξυς/ρις οξυς/σακχαρον οξυς οξυς/στομα οξυς/τοκος οξυς/τοκος οξυς/τοκος οξυς/τεινω οξυς/τεινω οξυς/τοξον οξυς/θριξ οξυς/τρεπω οξυς/ουρα οστρακον

oysterous oyster-shell ozocerite ozonation ozone ozone layer ozoneless ozonesonde ozonic ozonide ozoniferous ozonify ozonization ozonize ozonizer ozonograph ozonographer ozonolysis ozonometer ozonometric ozonoscope ozonosphere ozonous

οστρακον οστρακον οζω/κηρος οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω οζω/γραφω οζω/γραφω οζω/λυω οζω/μετρον οζω/μετρον οζω/σκοπεω οζω/σφαιρα οζω

P pachycardian pachycarpous pachycaul pachycephalic pachycholic pachydactyl pachyderm pachydermatous pachyemia pachyglossal pachygnathous pachyhymenia pachymeter pachyodont pachyostosis pachyote pachyphyllous

παχυς/καρδια παχυς/καρπος παχυς/καυλος παχυς/κεφαλη παχυς/χολη παχυς/δακτυλος παχυς/δερω παχυς/δερω παχυς/αιμα παχυς/γλωττα παχυς/γναθος παχυς/υμην παχυς/μετρον παχυς/οδους παχυς/οστεον παχυς/ους παξυς/φυλλον

pachypod pachypterous pachysandra pachysaurian pachytene Pacific Ocean paean page paideutics paidia pain pained painedly painful painfully painfulness painkiller painless painlessly painstaking painstakingly palatoglossal palatogram palatography palatoplasty palaver paleanthropic paleoanthropology palearctic palencephalon paleobiology paleobotany Paleocene paleochemistry paleoclimatologist paleoclimatology paleocrystic paleocurrent paleoecology paleoethnology paleogean paleogene paleogenetic paleogeology

παχος/πους παχυς/πτερον παχυς/ανηρ παχυς/σαυρος παχυς/τεινω Οκεανος παιω παπυρος παις/οδος παις ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη γλωττα γραφω γραφω πλαττω βαλλω παλαι/ανθρωπος παλαι/ανθρωπος/λογος παλαι/αρκτος παλαι/κεφαλη παλαι/βιος/λογος παλαι/βοσχω παλαι/καινος παλαι/χυμος παλαι/κλινω/λογος παλαι/κλινω/λογος παλαι/κρυος παλαι παλαι/οικος/λογος παλαι/εθνος/λογος παλαι/γη παλαι/γενος παλαι/γενος παλαι/γη/λογος

paleogeomorphic paleogeography paleoglyph paleography paleohydrography paleolatry paleolith paleolithic paleologist paleology paleomagnetism paleontologist paleontology paleopathology paleoplain paleornithology paleosol paleospecies paleotalith paleothere paleotropical paleotype Paleozoic paleozoology palestra palilalia palilogy palimpsest palinal palindrome palindromic palingenesis palingenetic palinode palinodic palinspastic Palladian palladic palladiferous palladious palladium Pallas palm-oil palmoscopy

παλαι/γη/μορφη παλαι/γη/γραφω παλαι/γλυφω παλαι/γραφω παλαι/υδωρ/γραφω παλαι/λατρις παλαι/λιθος παλαι/λιθος παλαι/λογος παλαι/λογος παλαι/μαγνητις παλαι/ειμι/λογος παλαι/ειμι/λογος παλαι/παθος/λογος παλαι παλαι/ορνις/λογος παλαι παλαι παλαι/λιθος παλαι/θεριον παλαι/τρεπω παλαι/τυπος παλαι/ζαω παλαι/ζαω/λογος παλλω παλιν/λαλια παλιν/λογος παλιν/ψαω παλιν παλιν/δρομος παλιν/δρομος παλιν/γενος παλιν/γενος παλιν/αδω παλιν/αδω παλιν/σπαω Παλλας Παλλας Παλλας Παλλας Παλλας Παλλας ελαια σκοπεω

Palmyra Palmyrene palsy palynological palynology Pan panacea Pan-American Pan-Americanism panarthritis Panathenia panathenaic panchromatic panchronic panclastic panclastite pancosmic pancosmism pancratiast pancratic pancration pancratist pancratium pancreas pancreatectomy pancreatic pancreatin pancreatitis pancreatize pancreatography pancreatoid pancreozymin Pandarus Pandean pandemic pandemonium pander panderer panderism pandiagonal Pandora Pandora’s box panegyric panegyrical

Παλμυρα Παλμυρα λυω παλυνω/λογος παλυνω/λογος Παν πας/ακεομαι πας πας πας/αρθρον πας/Αθηνη πας/Αθηνη πας/χρωμα πας/χρονος πας/κλαω πας/κλαω πας/κοσμος πας/κοσμος πας/κρατεω πας/κρατεω πας/κρατεω πας/κρατεω πας/κρατεω πας/κρεας πας/κρεας/τεμνω πας/κρεας πας/κρεας πας/κρεας πας/κρεας πας/κρεας/γραφω πας/κρεας πας/κρεας/ζυμη Πανδαρος Παν πας/δημος πας/δαιμων Πανδαρος Πανδαρος Πανδαρος πας/γωνια πας/διδωμι πας/διδωμι/πυξος πας/αγορα πας/αγορα

panegyrist panegyrize panesthesia panesthetism Pangaea pangenesis pangenetic pangeometry Pangloss Panglossian pangram pangrammatic panharmonic panhellenic panhellenism panic panically panic button panickiness panicky paniconograph panic-stricken panlogism panmixia panographic panophobia panoply panoptic panopticon panorama panoramic panoramist panornithic panotype panpipe panplain panplanation panpot panpsychic panpsychism Panroman pansexual pansophic pansophism

πας/αγορα πας/αγορα πας/αισθανομαι πας/αισθανομαι πας/γη πας/γενος πας/γενος πας/γη/μετρον πας/γλωττα πας/γλωττα πας/γραφω πας/γραφω πας/αρμοζω πας/Ελλας πας/Ελλας Παν Παν Παν Παν Παν πας/εικων/γραφω Παν πας/λογος πας/μιγμα πας/γραφω πας/φοβος πας/οπλον πας/οψις πας/οψις πας/οραω πας/οραω πας/οραω πας/ορνις πας/τυπος Παν πας πας πας πας/ψυχη πας/ψυχη πας πας πας/σοφος πας/σοφος

pansophy panspermia panspermic pantagamy pantagogue pantamorphc pantaphobia pantarchy pantatrophy pantechnicon Panthalassa pantheism pantheist pantheistic pantheology pantheon panther panther pantheress pantherine pantheum pantiscocracy pantiscocrat panto Pantocrator pantogenous pantoglot pantograph pantographer pantographic pantographical pantologic pantology pantometer pantometry pantomime pantomimic pantomimist pantomography pantomorph pantomorphic pantonal pantophagist pantophagous

πας/σοφος πας/σπειρω πας/σπειρω πας/γαμος πας/αγω πας/μορφη πας/φοβος πας/αρχω πας/τρεφω πας/τεκτων πας/θαλασσα πας/θεος πας/θεος πας/θεος πας/θεος/λογος πας/θεος πας θεριον θεριον θεριον πας/θεος πας/ισος/κρατεω πας/ισος/κρατεω πας/μιμος πας/κρατεω πας/γενος πας/γλωττα πας/γραφω πας/γραφω πας/γραφω πας/γραφω πας/λογος πας/λογος πας/μετρον πας/μετρον πας/μιμος πας/μιμος πας/μιμος πας/τεμνω/γραφω πας/μορφη πας/μορφη πας/τεινω πας/φαγειν πας/φαγειν

pantophobia pantopod pantopragmatic pantoscope pantoscopic pantostomate pantothenic pantothermal pantoyl pantozootia pantozooism panurgic panurine panzootic papa papabile papacy papal papalism papalist papalize papally paparchical pape paper paperback paperboy paperclip papercup papercutter paperer paper hanger paperless papermill paper money paper route paper shredder paper tiger paperweight paperwork papery Paphian Paphos papier mache

πας/φοβος πας/πους πας/πραττω πας/σκοπεω πας/σκοπεω πας/στομα πας πας/θερομαι πας/υλη πας/ζαω πας/ζαω πας/εργον πας/ουρον πας/ζαω παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας/αρχω παππας παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος/τιγρις παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος Παφος Παφος παπυρος

papillectomy papilledema papism papist papistic papistical papistry papolatry pappescent pappus pappy paprika paprology papyraceous papyriferous papyrin papyrine papyrograph papyrography papyrologist papyrology papyrotype papyrus para parabaptism parabasal parabiont parabiosis parabiotic parablast parable parablepsis parabola parabole parabolic parabolical parabolically parabolist parabolize paraboloid paracentesis paracentral paracentric parachord

τεμνω οιδεω παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας/λατρις παππος παππος παππας


παπυρος/λογος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος παπυρος/γραφω παπυρος/γραφω παπυρος/λογος παπυρος/λογος παπυρος/τυπος παπυρος παρα βαπτω βαινω βιος βιος βιος βλαστος βαλλω βλεπω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω κεντεω κεντεω κεντεω χορδη

parachronism paraclete paraclinical paracone paraconid paracorolla paracrine paracrostic paracrystal paracyst paradactyl paradiastole paradigm paradigmatic paradiplomatic paradisaical paradisal paradise paradisiacal paradosis paradox paradoxer paradoxical paradoxically paradoxism paradoxist paradoxology paradromic paragamy paragaster paragenesis paragenetic paragnosis paragoge paragon paragrammatism paragraph paragraphia paragraphic paragraphist paraheliotropic parahormone parakinesis paralalia

χρονος καλεω κλινω κωνος κωνος κορωνη κρινω ακρος κρυος κυω δακτυλος στελλω δεικνυμι δεικνυμι −πλους παραδεισος παραδεισος παραδεισος παραδεισος διδωμι δοκεω δοχεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω δοκεω/λογος δρομος γαμος γαστηρ γενος γενος γιγνωσκω αγω γωνια γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω ηλιος/τρεπω ορμη κινεω λαλια

paralipsis parallactic parallax parallel parallelipiped parallelism parallelist parallelize parallelogram parallelopiped paralepsis paralexia paralexic paralipsis paralogia paralogism paralogistic paralogize paralysis paralytic paralyze paramagnetic paramecium parameter parametric paramilitary paramorph paramorphine paramorphism paranoia paranoiac paranoid paranomasia paranthropus paranymph paraphasia paraphernalia paraphilia paraphonia paraphora paraphrase paraphrasia paraphrasis paraphrastic

λειπω αλλος αλλος αλλος αλλος/πους αλλος αλλος αλλος αλλος/γραφω αλλος/πους λειπω λεγω λεγω λειπω λογος λογος λογος λογος λυω λυω λυω μαγνητις μηκος μετρον μετρον παρα μορφη μορφη μορφη νους νους νους ονομα ανθωπος νυμφη φαινω φερω φιλος φωνη φερω φραζω φραζω φραζω φραζω

paraphrenia paraplectic paraplegia paraplegic paraphysical parapodium parapraxia parapraxis paraprotein parapsychic parapsychology parasite parasitic parasitical parasiticide parasitism parasitization parasitize parasitoid parasitology parasitopolis parasymbiosis parasympathic parasynthetic paratactic parataxis paratectonic parathermic parathesis paratomy paratonal paratone paratonic paratrophic paratype paraxial parazonium parchment pard paregoric parembole paremptosis parencephalon parenchyma

φρην πλησσω πλησσω πλησσω φυω πους πραττω πραττω πρωτος ψυχη ψυχη/λογος σιτος σιτος σιτος σιτος σιτος σιτος σιτος σιτος σιτος/λογος σιτος/πολις βιος παθος τιθημι ταττω ταττω τεκτων θερομαι τιθημι τεμνω τεινω τεινω τεινω τρεφω τυπος αξον ζωνη Περγαμος παρδαλις αγορα βαλλω πιπτω κεφαλη χυμος

parenteral parenthesis parenthesize parenthetic parenthetical parenthetically parepithymia parergal parergon pareschatology paresis paretic parheliacal parhelion parhidrosis parhomologous parish parish council parishioner parison paristhmic paristhmion parisyllabic parking meter parlance parle parley parliament parliamentarian parliamentary parlor Panassian Parnassus parochial parochialism parochiality parochialize parochially parode parodic parodist parody paroecious paroemia

ενδον τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι θυμος εργον εργον εσχατος/λογος ιημι ιημι ηλιος ηλιος ιδρος ομος/λογος οικος οικος οικος ισος ισθμος ισθμος λαμβανω μετρον βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω Παρνασσος Παρνασσος οικος οικος οικος οικος οικος οδος αδω αδω αδω οικος οιμος

paroemic parole parolee paromology paronomasia paronychia paronym paronymize paronymous paronymy parorexia parosmia parotic parotid parotidectomy parotis parotitis parotoid parousia paroxysm paroxysmal paroxysmalist parrhesia parsley parthenic parthenocarpy parthenogenesis parthenogenetic parthenolatry Parthenon Parthenope partigeneric partridge paruria parvis pasigraphy pasmo (Sp) passimeter pasta paste pasteboard pastedown paste-in pastel

οιμος βαλλω βαλλω ομος/λογος ονομα ονυξ ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ορυγειν οσμη ους ους ους/τεμνω ους ους ους ομος/ειμι οξυς οξυς οξυς ρεω πετρα/σελινον παρθενος παρθενος/καρπος παρθενος/γενος παρθενος/γενος παρθενος/λατρις παρθενος παρθενος γενος περδιξ ουρον παραδεισος Πας/γραφω σπαω μετρον πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω

pastelist paster paste-up pasticcio pastiche pasticheur pastie pastiglia pastina pastiness pastry pastrycook pasty pataphysics pate (pie) patellectomy -path pathetic pathetical pathetically pathic pathobiology pathogen pathogenesis pathogenetic pathogenic pathogeny pathogerm pathognomonic pathognomy pathography pathological pathologically pathologist pathology patholopolis pathomania pathometer pathometry pathopeia pathophobia pathophoric pathophysiology pathos

πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω πασσω φυω πασσω τεμνω παθος παθος παθος παθος παθος παθος/βιος/λογος παθος/γενος παθος/γενος παθος/γενος παθος/γενος παθος/γενος παθος παθος/γιγνωσκω παθος/γιγνωσκω παθος/γραφω παθος/λογος παθος/λογος παθος/λογος παθος/λογος παθος/πολις παθος/μαινομαι παθος/μετρον παθος/μετρον παθος/ποιεω παθος/φοβος παθος/φερω παθος/φυω/λογος παθος

-pathy patriarch patriarchal patriarchalism patriarchalist patriarchally patriarchate patriarchism patriarchist patriarchy patricentric patriot patriotic patriotically patriotism patristic patristics patroclinous patrology patronymic patty pausal pause pay phone pea pea brain peace economy peaflower peanut peanut butter peapod pearl oyster pease pea shell pea shooter peasoup peastone peatree peavine pectic pectin pectose pectous ped

παθος πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω πατηρ/αρχω κεντεω πατηρ πατηρ πατηρ πατηρ πατηρ πατηρ πατηρ/κλινω πατηρ/λογος πατηρ/ονομα πασσω παυω παυω φωνη πισος πισος οικος πισος πισος πισος/βους/τυρος πισος οστρακον πισος πισος πισος πισος πισος πισος πισος πηγνυμι πηγνυμι πηγνυμι τηγνυμι πους

pedagogic pedagogics pedagogism pedagogist pedagogue pedagogy pedant pedantic pedantically pedanticism pedantize pedantocracy pedantry pederast pederasty pedesis pedialgia pediatric pediatrician pediatrics pediocratic pedobaptism pedocal pedodontist pedogenesis pedogenic pedography pedology pedology pedometer pedomorphic pedomorphy pedon pedophile pedophilia pedoscope pedosphere pedotrophic pedotrophy pedregal pedrero Pegasus pegmatite pegomancy

παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω παις/αγω/κρατεω παις/αγω παις/ερως παις/ερως πηλαω πους/αλγος παις/ιαομαι παις/ιαομαι παις/ιαομαι πους/κρατεω παις/βαπττω πους παις/οδους πους/γενος πους/γενος πους/γραφω πους/λογος παις/λογος μετρον παις/μορφη παις/μορφη πους παις/φιλος παις/φιλος σκοπεω πους/σφαιρα παις/τρεφω παις/τρεφω πετρα πετρα πηγη πηγνυμι πηγη/μαινομαι

peirastic Pekingology pelagial pelagian pelagic pelagically pelagite pelagosaur pelecoid pelecypod pelican Pelican State peliosis peloid pelolithic Peloponnese Peloponnesian Pelops pelotherapy pelta peltast peltate peltogaster pelvimeter pelviscope pelvisternal pelycography pelycosaur pemphigous pemphigus penal penalization penalize penally penalty penalty box penalty clause penalty kick penance pendragon pendulogaph Penelope penetrameter penetrometer

πειρα λογος πελαγος πελαγος πελαγος πελαγος πελαγος πελαγος/σαυρος πελεκαν πελεκαν/πους πελεκαν πελεκαν πελιος πηλος πηλος/λιθος Πελοψ/νησος Πελοψ/νησος Πελοψ πηλος/θεραπων πελτη πελτη πελτη πελτη/γαστηρ μετρον σκοπεω στερνον πελυξ/γραφω πελυξ/σαυρος πεμφιξ πεμφιξ ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη/πυξις ποινη ποινη ποινη δρακων γραφω Πενελοπη μετρον μετρον

penitence penitential pentientially penitentiary penitently penological penologist penology pentabasic pentacarbon pentachord pentachromic pentacle pentacyclic pentad pentadactyl pentadactylous pentafid pentagamist pentaglot pentagon pentagonal pentagram pentagrid pentagynia pentahedral pentahedron pentahydrate pentalemma pentalogue pentalogy pentamer pentamerous pentameter pentane pentangle pentangular pentapeptide pentaphonic pentapody penatapolis pentaprism pentarch pentarchy

ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη/λογος ποινη/λογος ποινη/λογος πεντε/βαινω πεντε πεντε/χορδη πεντε/χρωμα


πεντε/κυκλος πεντε πεντε/δκτυλος πεντε/δακτυλος πεντε πεντε/γαμος πεντε/γλωττα πεντε/γωνια πεντε/γωνια πεντε/γραφω πεντε πεντε/γυνη πεντε/εδρα πεντε/εδρα πεντε/υδωρ πεντε/λαμβανω πεντε/λογος πεντε/λογος πεντε/μερος πεντε/μερος πεντε/μετρον πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε/πεπτω πεντε/φωνη πεντε/πους πεντε/πολις πεντε/πριω πεντε/αρχω πεντε/αρξω

pentastich pentastyle pentasyllabic Pentateuch Pentateuchal pentathionic pentathlete pentathlon pentatomic pentatonic pentatremite pentavalent penteconter Pentecost Pentecostal Pentecostalism Pentecostalist penthemimer pentimento Pentium pentode pentomic pentomino penton pentosan pentose pentoxide pentryl peony peotomy pep peperino peperite peplos peplum pepper peppercorn pepperet pepperish peppermint pepperoni pepperpot peppertree pepperwood

πεντε/στιχος πεντε/στυλος πεντε/λαμβανω πεντε/τευχω πεντε/τευχω πεντε/θειον πεντε/αθλον πεντε/αθλον πεντε/τεμνω πεντε/τεινω πεντε/τρημα πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε/ημερα/μερος ποινη πεντε πεντε/οδος πεντε/τεμνω πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε πεντε/οξυς πεντε/υλη παιω πεος/τεμνω πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι πεπλος πεπλος πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι/μινθα πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι

pepperwort peppery pep-pill peppy Pepsi pepsin pep talk peptic peptide peptize peptogen peptolysis peptone peptonize peptonuria peptotoxin perch (fish) perchloride perchlorinate percine percoid perdicine perennibranch Pergamene pergameneous Pergamum perialgia perianth periapsis periblast peribolus peribranchia pericardial pericarditis pericardium pericarp pericephalic perichordal pericolitis pericolpitis pericope pericranial pericycle periderm

πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι πεπερι


πεπτω πεπερι πεπτω πεπτω πεπτω πεπτω/γενος πεπτω/λυω πεπτω πεπτω πεπτω/ουρον πεπτω/τοξοϖ περκη χλωρος χλωρος περκη περκη περδιξ βραγχια Περγαμος Περγαμος Περγαμος αλγος ανθος απτω βλαστος βαλλω βραγχια καρδια καρδια καρδια καρπος κεφγαλη χορδη κολον κολπος κοπτω κρανιον κυκλος δερω

perienteron perigastric perigee periglottal periglottis perigon perigone perigynous perihelion perikaryon perilymph perilymphatic perimeningitis perimenopause perimeter perimetric perimorph perimysium perineal perinephrium perineum perineural perineuritis perineurium period periodate periodeutic periodic periodical periodically periodicity periodic table periodization periodize periodogram periodograph periodology periodontal periodontia periodontics peridontist periodontology periodontosis periodoscope

ενδον γαστηρ γη γλωττα γλωττα γωνια γενος γυνη ηλιος καρυον νυμφη νυμφη μηνιγξ μην/παυω μετρον μετρον μορφη μυς πηριν νεφρος πηριν νευρον νευρον νευρον οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος/γραφω οδος/γραφω οδος/λογος οδους οδους οδους οδους οδους/λογος οδους οδος/σκοπεω

perionchyia periosteal periosteum periostitis periostracum periotic peripateia peripatetic peripatetically peripeteticism peripeteia peripety peripheral peripherally peripheric periphery periphlebitis periphonic periphony periphractic periphrase periphrasis periphrastic periphrastically periphyton periplasm periplast periproct peripteral periscope periscopic periscopism perisome perisperm perispore perissad perissodactyl perissology perissosyllabic peristalsis peristaltic peristome peristylar peristyle

ονυξ οστεον οστεον οστεον οστρακον ους πατος πατος πατος πατος πατος πατος φερω φερω φερω φερω φλεψ φωνη φωνη φρασσω φραζω φραζω φραζω φραζω φυω πλαττω πλαττω πρωκτος πτερον σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σωμα σπειρω σπετρω περισσος περισσος/δακτυλος περισσος/λογος περισσος/λαμβανω στελλω στελλω στομα στυλος στυλος

perisystole peritectic peritomous peritomy peritoneum peritonitis peritreme peritrophic permanganate peropod perosis perosmate peroxidase peroxidation peroxide peroxisome perron Perseid Persepolis Perseus personality type personologist personology perspectograph perule pesade pessary pestology petapetal petaliferous petaliform petaline petalism petalite petalless petalocerous petalodic petalodont petalody petaloid petalon petalous petasus

στελλω τηκτος τεμνω τεμνω τεινω τεινω τρημα τρεφω μαγνητις πηρος/πους πηρος οσμη οξυς οξυς οξυς οξυς/σωμα πετρα Περσηυς πολις Περσευς τυπος λογος λογος γραφω πηρα παυω πεσσας λογος πεντη πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι/κερας πεταννυμι πεταννυμι/οδους πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι πεταννυμι

Peter peterman Peter Pan Peter penny Petertide petrean petrefact petreity petrel petrichor petricolous petrifaction petrifactive petrifier petrify Petrine Petrinism Petrinist petropetrochemical petrochemistry petro-currency petrodollar petrodrome petrofabrics petrogenesis petrogeny petroglyph petrograph petrographer petrographic petrographical petrography petroil petrol petrolatum petrol bomb petrolene petroleous petroleum petroleum jelly petroleur petrolic petroliferous

πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα


πετρα/ιχωρ πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα πετρα/χυμος πετρα/χυμος πετρα πετρα πετρα.δρομος πετρα πετρα/γενος πετρα/γενος πετρα/γλυφω πετρα/γραφω πετρα/γραφω πετρα/γραφω πετρα/γραφω πετρα/γραφω πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια/βομβος πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια

petrolin petrolization petrolize petrological petrologist petrology petrophilous petrophysics petro-politics petro-power petrosal petroseline petrosilex petrosiliceous petrotectonics petrous peucyl pew pH phacoanaphylaxis phacochere phacocyst phacoidal phacolite phacolith phacometer phacoscope phaeism phaeodarian phaeophyll phaethon phaeton phage phagedena phagocyte phagolysis phagophyte phagosome -phagous -phagy phalange phalangeal phalangian phalangiform

πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/ελαια πετρα/λογος πετρα/λογος πετρα/λογος πετρα/φιλος πετρα/φυω πετρα/πολις πετρα πετρα σελινον πετρα πετρα πετρα/τεκτων πετρα πευκη/υλη πους υδωρ/γενος φακος/φυλαττω φακος/χοιρος φακος/κυω φακος φακος/λιθος φακος/λιθος φακος/μετρον φακος/σκοπεω φαιος φαιος/οδος φαιος/φυλλον φαινω φαινω φαγειν φαγειν φαγειν/κυω φαγειν/λυω φυω/φαγειν φαγειν/σωμα φαγειν φαγειν φαλαγξ φαλαγξ φαλαγξ φαλαγξ

phalangigrade phalangitis phalanx phalarope phallalgia phallic phallically phallicism phallism phallic stage phallic symbol phallitis phallocentric phallocentrism phallocracy phallocrat phalloid phallophoria phallotoxin phallos phallus Phanar phane phanerogamous phaerophyte phaneropterid phanerozoic phanopeia phanotron phantascope phantasiast phantasm phantasma phantasmagoria phantasmal phantasmally phantasmic phantasmically phantasica phantastron phantastry phantasy phantom phantomist

φαλαγξ φαλαγξ φαλαγξ φαλαρος/πους φαλλος/αλγος φαλλος φαλλος φαλλος φαλλος φαλλος φαλλος/βαλλω φαλλος φαλλος/κεντεω φαλλος/κεντεω φαλλος/κρατεω φαλλος/κρατεω φαλλος φαλλος/φερω φαλλος/τοξον φαλλος φαλλος φαινω φαινω φαινω/γαμος φαινω/φυω φαινω/πτερον φαινω/ζαω φαινω/ποιεω φαινω φαινω/σκοπεω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω

-phany pharmaceutic pharmaceutical pharmaceutist pharmacist pharmacodynamics pharmacogenetics pharmacognosy pharmacography pharmacokinetics pharmacolite pharmacologist pharmacological pharmacology pharmacomania pharmacometer pharmacomorphic pharmacopedia pharmacopeia pharmacy pharmakos pharology Pharos pharyngal pharyngalgia pharyngeal pharyngitis pharyngeectomy pharyngocele paryngography pharyngology pharyngoplegy pharyngoscope pharynogospasm pharynogotome pharyngotomy pharynx Phascogale phascolome phase phase angle phase converter phase diagram phase-down

φαινω φαρμακον φαρμακον φαρμακον φαρμακον φαρμακον/δυναμαι φαρμαχον/γενος φαρμακον/γιγνωσκω φαρμακον/γραφω φαρμακον/κινεω φαρμακον/λιθος φαρμακον/λογος φαρμακον/λογος φαρμακον/λογος φαρμακον/μαινομαι φαρμακον/μετρον φαρμακον/μορφη φαρμακον/παις φαρμακον/ποιεω φαρμακον φαρμακον φαρος/λογος Φαρος φαρυγζ φαρυγξ/αλγος φαρυγξ φαρυγξ φαρυγξ/τεμνω φαρυγξ/κηλη φαρυγξ/γραφω φαρυγξ/λογος φαρυγξ/πλησσω φαρυγξ/σκοπεω φαρυγξ/σπαω φαρυγξ/τεμνω φαρυγξ/τεμνω φαρυγξ φασκωλος/γαλη φασκωλος/μυς φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω/γραφω φαινω

phasemeter phase modulation phaseolin phaseolite phaseollin phaseometer phase-out phase sequence phasianic phasic phasis phasitron phasor phatic PhD pheasant Phebe phellem phelloderm phellogenetic phelloplastic pheme phemene phenetic phenocopy phenocyst phenogam phenogenetics phenol phenolic phenological phenology phenom phenomen phenomenal phenomenalism phenomenalist phenominalistic phenomenality phenomenally phenomenism phenominological phenominologically phenomenologist

φαινω/μετρον φαινω φασηλος φασηλος φασηλος φαινω/μετρον φαινω φαινω Φασις φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φημι φιλος Φασις Φοεβος φελλος φελλος/δερω φελλος/γενος φελλος/πλαττω φημι φημι φαινω φαινω φαινω/κυω φαινω/γαμος φαινω/γενος φαινω φαινω φαινω/λογος φαινω/λογος φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω φαινω/λογος φαινω/λογος φαινω/λογος

phenomenology phenomenon phenon phenotype phenozygous phenyl pheromone phi Phi Beta Kappa phial -phil Phil Philadelphia philander philanderer philanthropic philanthropism philanthropist philanthropy philatelist philately -phile philharmonic philhellene philhellenic philhellenism philia Philip Philippic Phillipine phillumenist Philly philobiblic philobiblist philocomal philocynic philodendrist philodendron philogaster philography philogynist philogyny philological philologist

φαινω/λογος φαινω φαινω φαινω/τυπος φαινω/ζυγον φαινω/υλη φερω/ορμη φει φει/βητα/καππα φιαλν φιλος φιλος/ιππος φιλος/αδελφος φιλος/ανηρ φιλος/ανηρ φιλος/ανθρωπος φιλος/ανθρωπος φιλος/ανθρωπος φιλος/ανθρωπος φιλος/τελος φιλος/τελος φιλος φιλος/αρμαζω φιλος/Ελλας φιλος/Ελλας φιλος/Ελλας φιλος φιλος/ιππος φιλος/ιππος φιλος/ιππος φιλος φιλος/αδελφος φιλος/βιβλος φιλος/βιβλος φιλος/κομη φιλος/κυων φιλος/δενδρον φιλος/δενδρον φιλος/γαστηρ φιλος/γραφω φιλος/γυνη φιλος/γυνη φιλος/λογος φιλος/λογος

philology philomath Philomela philopolemic philornithic philo-Semite philosopher philosophic philosophical philosophically philosophism philosophize philosophy philotechnic philoxenist philotheist philozoic philter philtrum phlebitis phlebogram phlebography phlebolith pflebotomy phlegm phlegmatic phloem phlogiston phlogogenetic phlox -phobe phobia phobic phocine Phoebe Phoebus Phoenicia Phoenician phoenicopter phoenix phon phonasthenia phonate phonation

φιλος/λογος φιλος/μαθανω φιλος/μελος φιλος/πολεμος φιλος/ορνις φιλος/Σημ φιλος/σοφος φιλος/σοφος φιλος/σοφος φιλος/σοφος φιλος/σοφος φιλος/σοφος φιλος/σοφος φιλος/τεκτων φιλος/ξενος φιλος/θεος φιλος/ζαω φιλος φιλος φλεψ φλεψ/γραφω φλεψ/γραφω φλεψ/λιθος φλεψ/τεμνω φλεγω φλεγω φλοος φλεγω φλεγω/γενος φλεγω φοβος φοβος φοβος φοξ φοεβυς Φοεβος φοινιξ φοινιξ φοινιξ/πτερον φοινιξ φωνη φωνη/σθενος φωνη φωνη

phone phone-in phonematic phoneme phonemic phonetic phonetically phonetics phonetism phonetist phonic phonics phonocardiogram phonocardiograph phonocardiography phonogenic phonogram phonograph phonographic phonography phonodeik phonolite phonologist phonology phonometer phonometric phonometry phonomimic phonomotor phonon phonophore phonophote phonopore phonoscope phonostylistics phonotactics phonotype -phore phoresy phoria -phorous phosphosgen phosphate

φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη/καρδια/γραφω φωνη/καρδια/γραφω φωνη/καρδια/γραφω φωνη/γενος φωνη/γραφω φωνη/γραφω φωνη/γραφω φωνη/γραφω φωνη φωνη/λιθος φωνη/λογος φωνη/λογος φωνη/μετρον φωνη/μετρον φωνη/μετρον φωνη/μιμος φωνη φωνη φωνη/φερω φωνη/φως φωνη/περαω φωνη/σκοπεω φωνη/στυλος φωνη/ταττω φωνη/τυπος φερω φερω φερω φερω φως φως φως

phosphaturia phosphorsece phosphorescence phosphorescent phosphoric phosphorolysis phosphoroscope phosphorous phosphorus phot phota photic photism photo photoaction photobathic photobiography photobiology photobiologic photocatalysis photocathode photocell photochemistry photochromatic photochromic photochromy photochronograph photocoagulation photocomposing photocomposition photoconduction photoconductive photoconductor photoconvert photocurrent photocopy photodegradable photodetector photodiode photodrama photodynamic photodynamics photoeffect photoelastic

φως/ουρον φως/φερω φως/φερω φως/φερω φως/φερω φως/φερω/λυω φωσ/φερω/σκοπεω φως/φερω φως/φερω φως φως φως φως φως φως φως/βαθος φως/βιος/γραφω φως/βιος/λογος φως/βιος/λογος φως/λυω φως/οδος φως φως/χυμος φως/χυμος φως/χρωμα φως/χρωμα φως/χρωμα φως/χρονος//γραφω φως φως/παυω φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως/οδος φως/δραω φως/δυναμαι φως/δυναμαι φως φως/ελαυνω

photoelectric photoelectron photoemission photoengrave photexcitation photo finish photofission photoflash photoflood photogalvanic photogen photogenic photogeology photoglyph photogram photogrammeter photogrammetry photograph photographer photographic photography photogravure photoheliography photoinduce photoinduction photoinductive photoiode photoionization photojournalism photojournalist photokinesis photolabile photolith photolithograph photolithographic photolithography photoluminescence photoluminescent photolysis photolyze photomacrography photomagnetic photomap photomask

φως/ηλεκτρον φως/ηλεκτρον φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως/γενος φως/γενος φως/γη/λογος φως/γλυφω φως/γραφω φως/γραφω/μτρον φως/γραφω/μετρον φως/γραφω φως/γραφω φως/γραφω φως/γραφω φως φως/νλιος/γραφω φως φως φως φως/ιον φως/ειμι φως φως φως/κινεω φως φως/λιθος φως/λιθος/γραφω φως/λιθος/γραφω φως/λιθος/γραφω φως φως φως/λυω φως/λυω φως/μακρος/γραφω φως/μαγνητις φως φως

photomechanical photometeor photometer photometric photometry photomicrograph photomicrography photomicroscope photomixer photomontage photomorphogenesis photomultiplier photomural photon photonegative photoneutron photonics photonuclear photo-oxidation photopathic photoperiod photoperiodic photoperiodism photophile photophobe photophobia photophobic photophone photophore photophthalmia photophysics photoplate photoplay photopolymer photopositive photoprint photoprotection photoprotective photoprotein photoproton photopsia photoptic photoreaction photoreduction

φως/μεχανη φως/αιρω φως/μετρον φως/μετρον φως/μετρον φως/μικρος/γραφω φως/μικρος/γραφω φως/μικρος/σκοπεω φως φως φως/μορφη/γενος φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως/οξυς φως/παθος φως/οδος φως/οδος φως/οδος φως/φιλος φως/φοβος φωσ/φοβος φως/φοβος φως/φωνη φως/φερω φως/οψις φως/φυω φως/παλτυς φως φως/πολυς/μερος φως φως φως φως φως/πρωτος φως/πρωτος φως/οψις φως/οψις φως φως

photorelief photoregulator photorepair photoreport photoresist photoresistance photorespiration photoresponse photo-scan photoscope photoscopic photosensitive photosensitization photosensitize photosensitizer photosensory photo-shock photospectroscope photosphere photostable photostat photostationary photostimulate photosynthesis photosynthesize photosynthetic photosystem phototactic phototaxis phototherapy photothermic phototonic phototonus photottopography phototoxic phototoxicity phototransistor phototrichromatic phototroph phototrophic phototropic phototropism phototube phototype

φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως φως/σκοπεω φως/σκοπεω φως φως φως φως φως φως φως/σκοπεω φως/σφαιρα φως φως/ιστημι φως φως φως/τιθημι φως/τιθημι φως/τιθημι φως/ιστθμι φως/ταττω φως/ταττω φως/θεραπων φως/θερομαι φως/τεινω φως/τεινω φως/τοπος/γραφω φως/τοξον φως/τοξον φως φως/τρεις/χρωμα φως/τρεφω φως/τρεφω φως/τρεπω φως/τρεπω φως φως/τυπος

phototypography photovisual photovoltaic photozincography photozincotype photuria phragma phragmocone phragmomorphous phragmoplast phragmosome phrasal phrase phraseograph phraeological phraseologist phraseology phraser phratry phreatic phreatophyte phren phrenalgia phrenetic phrenic phrenicectomy phrenicotomy phremism prenitic phrenitis phrenograph phrenography phrenological phrenologist phrenology phrenoscope phthisiogenesis phthisiology phthisiophobia phthisiotherapy phthisis phugoid phycic phycite

φως/τυπος/γραφω φως φως φως/γραφω φως/τυπος φως/ουρον φρασσω φρασσω/κωνος φρασσω/μορφη φραασω/πλαττω φρασσω/σωμα φραζω φραζω φραζω/γραφω φραζω/λογος φραζω/λογος φραζω/λογος φραζω φρατηρ φρεαρ φρεαρ/φυω φρην φρην/αλγος φρην φρην φρην/τεμνω φρην/τεμνω φρην φρην φρην φρην/γραφω φρην/γραφω φρην/λογος φρην/λογος φρην/λογος φρην/σκοπεω φθινω/γενος φθινω/λογος φθινω/φοβος φθινω/θεραπων φθινω φευγω φυκος φυκος

phycobiont phycochrome phycography phycology phycoplast phylactery phyletic phyletism phylic phylliform Phyllis phyllite phyllode phyllogenetic phylloid phyllomancy phyllomania phyllome phylomorph phyllophagan phyllophagous phyllophore phyllopod phyllorrhine phyllosome phyllosphere phyllostome phyllotaxis phylloyaxy phylloxera -phyllous phyloanalysis phylocycle phylogenesis phylogenetic phylogenic phylogeny phylotic phylum phyma physic physical physicalism physicalist

φυκος/βιος φυκος/χρωμα φυκος/γραφω φυκος/λογος φυκος/πλαττω φυλαττω φυλον φυλον φυλον φυλλον φυλλον φυλλον φυλλον φυλλον/γενος φυλλον φυλλον/μαινομαι φυλλον/μαινομαι φυλλον φυλλον/μορφη φυλλον/φαγειν φυλλον/φαγειν φυλλον/φερω φυλλον/πους φυλλον/ρις φυλλον/σωμα φυλλον/σφαιρα φυλλον/στομα φυλλον/ταττω φυλλον/ταττω φυλλον/ξερος φυλλον φυλον/λυω φυλον/κυκλος φυλον/γενος φυλον/γενος φυλον/γενος φυλον/γενος φυλον φυλον φυμα φυω φυω φυω φυω

physicalistic physicality physically physical therapy physician physicism physicist physico-chemistry physico-mathematical

physico-mechanical physico-theology physics physiocracy physiocrat physiocratic physiogeny physiognomic physiognomy physiogony physiographic physiography physiolater physiolatry physiological physiologically physiologist physiology physiopathology physiophilosophy physiophonetics physiotherapeutic physiotherapist physiotherapy physique physisorb physisorption physitheism physocarpous physopod phytal phytobiology phytochemical phytochemistry phytochrome

φυω φυω φυω φυω/θεραπων φυω φυω φυω φυω/χυμος φυω/μανθανω φυω/μηχος φυω/θεος φυω φυω/κρατω φυω/κρατεω φυω/κρατεω φυω/γενος φυω/γιγνωσκω φυω/γιγνωσκω φυω/γενος φυω/γραφω φυω/γραφω φυω/λατρις φυω/λατρις φυω/λογος φυω/λογος φυω/λογος φυω/λογος φυω/παθος/λογος φυω/φιλος/σοπφος φυω/φωνη φυω/θεραπων φυω/θεραπων φυω/θεραπων φυω φυω φυω φυω/θεος φυω/καρπος φυω/πους φυω φυω/βιος/λογος φυω/χυμος φυω/χυμος φυω/χρωμα

phytocidal phytocide phytoclimate phytocoenesis phytogenesis phytogenetic phytogenic phytogeny phytogeography phytograph phytography phytohormone phytolith phytomania phytomer phytometer phyton phytonomy phytopathogen phytopathogenic phytophagan phytophagic phytophagous phytophagy phytophilous phytoplankton phytosanitary phytoscopic phytosociology phytotomist phytotomy phytotoxic phytotoxicant phytotoxin phytotron phytozoon pi piarrhemia piaster piazza picra picral picrate picric

φυω φυω φυω/κλινω φυω/κοινος φυω/γενος φυω/γενος φυω/γενος φυω/γενος φυω/γη/γραφω φυω/γραφω φυω/γραφω φυω/ορμη φυω/λιθος φυω/μαινομαι φυω/μερος φυω/μετρον φυω φυω/νομος φυω/παθος/γενος φυω/παθος/γενος φυω/φαγειν φυω/φαγειν φυω/φαγειν φυω/φαγειν φυω/φιλος φυω/πλανη φυω φυω/σκοπεω φυω/λογος φυω/τεμνω φυω/τεμνω φυω/τοξον φυω/τοξον φυω/τοξον φυω φυω/ζαω πι πιαρ/ρεω πλαττω πλατυς πικρος πικρος πικρος πικρος

picrite picrolite picromel picrotoxin pictogram pictograph picturedrome picturegraph piezo piezoelectric piezoelectricity piezomagnetism piezometer piezoresistance pigmentocracy pig-metal pigmy pilot p-meson pine (vb) pinealectomy pinecone pinnipod pinocytosis pion pionization pipe bomb piperine piracy pirate piratic piratical piratically piroplasm pisiform pisolite pisolith pisolithic pisolitic pistachio pistiology pistolgraph pistonphone pita

πικρος πικρος/λιθος πικρος/μελι πικρος/τοξον γραφω γραφω δρομος γραφω πιεζω πιεζω/ηλεκρον πιεζω/ηλεκτρον πιεζω/μαγνητις πειζω/μετρον πιεζω κρατεω μεταλλον πυξ


πι ποινη τεμνω κωνος πους πινω/κυω πι πτ βομβος πιπερι πειρα πειρα πειρα πειρα πειρα πλαττω πισος πισος/λιθος πισος/λιθος πισος/λιθος πισος/λιθος πιστακη πιστις/λογος γραφω φωνη


pithecanthrope pithecanthropus pithecoid pituicyte pityriasis pizza pizzeria place place holder place kick placeless placemat placement placenta placental placentary placentate placentation placentiferous placentiform placentigerous placentitis placentography placentology placentophagy placer place value placoderm placoid plagal plage plagihedral plagiocephalic plagioclase plagioclastic plagiodont plagiograph plagiosere plagiostome plagiotropic plagiotropous plague plaguey plaister

πιθηκος/ανθρωπος πιθηκος/ανθρωπος πιθηκος κυω πιτυρον

πλατυς πλατυς

πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς/γραφω πλατυς/λογος πλατυς/φαγειν πλατυς πλατυς πλαξ/δερω πλαξ πλαγος


πλαγος/εδρα πλαγος/κεφαλη πλαγος/κλαω πλαγος/κλαω πλαγος/οδους πλαγος/γραφω πλαγος πλαγος/στομα πλαγος/τρεπω πλαγος/τρεπω πλησσω πλησσω πλαττω

planch plancher planchet planchette plancier plane geometry planet planetarian planetarily planetarium planetary planet earth planetesimal planetfall planetless planetocentric planetography planetoid planetokhod planetolatry planetology planet-struck planetule planet-wide planigraph planimeter planimetric planimetrically planimetry planisphere planisipral plank planker plankless planktology plankton planktonic planktonology planktont planktotrophic planned economy planoblast planodia planogamete

πλαξ πλαξ πλαξ πλαξ πλαξ γη/μετρον πλανη πλανη πλανη πλανη πλανη πλανη πλανη πλανη πλανη πλσνη/κεντεω πλανη/γραφω πλανη πλανη πλανη/λατρις πλανη/λογος πλανη πλανη πλανη γραφω μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον σφαιρα σπειρα πλαξ πλαξ πλαξ πλανη/λογος πλανη πλανη πλανη/λογος πλανη πλανη/τρεφω οικος βλαστος οδος γαμος

planographic planography planometer planont planospore plantocracy planuria plasm plasma plasma cell plasmacyte plasmagel plasmagene plasmal plasmasphere plasmatic plasmid plasmoblast plasmocyte plasmodesma plasmodium plasmogamy plasmogen plasmogeny plasmoid plasmology plasmolysis plasmolyte plasmosome plasmotomy plaster plastercast plasterer plastering plasterless plasterwork plastery plastic plastically plasticate plasticator plastician plasticine plasticity

γραφω γραφω μετρον ειμι σπειρω κρατεω πλανη/ουρον πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω/κυω πλαττω πλαττω/γενος πλαττω πλαττω/σφαιρα πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω/βλαστος πλαττω/κυω πλαττω/δεω πλαττω πλαττω/γαμος πλαττω/γενος πλαττω/γενος πλαττω πλαττω/λογος πλαττω/λυω πλαττω/λυω πλαττω/σωμα πλαττω/τεμνω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω

plasticization plasticize plasticware plastid plasigel plastique plastisol plastochron plastocyanin plastogamy plastome plastometer plastral plastron -plasty plate plateau plate glass platelet plate metal plate number plater platform platic platina plating platiniferous platinode platinoid platinotype platinous platinum platitude platitudinal platitudinarian platitudinary platutudinize platitudinous Plato platometer platonic platonically Platonism Platonist

πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω/χρονος πλαττω/κυανος πλαττω/γαμος πλαττω πλαττω/μετρον πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς/μεταλλον πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς/οδος πλατυς πλατυς/τυπος πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς πλατυς Πλατων πλατυς/μετρον Πλατων Πλατων Πλατων Πλατων

Platonistic Platonize platter platybasic platycarpous platycephalic platycrania platydactyl platygastric platyglossal platyhelminth platykurtic platynotal platyodont platypetalous platyphyllous platypod platypodia platypus platypygous platyrrhine platyscopic platysome platystomous platytera platyurous plaza pleasuredrome plecotine plectognath plectron plectrum -plegia Pleiad Pleiades pleiomorphy pleiotropic pleiotypic Pleistocene pleocytosis pleodont pleomorphic pleonasm pleonastic

Πλατων Πλατων πλατυς πλατυς/βαινω παλτυς/καρπος πλατυς/κεφαλη πλατυς/κρανιον πλατυς/δακτυλος πλατυς/γαστηρ πλατυς/γλωττα πλατυς/ελμινθος πλατυς/κυρος πλατυς/νωτον πλατυς/οδους πλατυς/πεταννυμι πλατυς/φυλλον πλατυς/πους πλατυς/πους πλατυς/πους πλατυς/πηγη πλατυς/ρις πλατυς/σκοπεω πλατυς/σωμα πλατυς/στομα πλατυς πλατυς/ουρα πλατυς δρομος πλεκτω/ους πλεκω/γναθος πλεκω πλεκω πληγη Πλειας Πλειας πολυς/μορφη πολυς/τρεπω πολυς/τυπος πολυς/καινος πολυς/κυω πολυς/οδους πολυς/μορφη πολυς πολυς

pleophony pleopod pleoptics plereme plerocephalic pleroma plerome pleromorph plesiomorph plesiosaur plesiosaurus plethora plethoric plethysmograph pleura pleural pleuralgia pleurisy pleuritis pleurocarpous pleurocele pleurocoele pleurodont pleurodynia pleuron pleuropneumonia pleurorrhea pleurotomy pleurum plexiglass pleximeter plexus plinth Pliocene pliosaurus pliothermic pliotron ploce Plotinian Plotinus plum plum pudding plurispiral plurisporous

πολυς/φωνη πολυς/πους πολυς/οψις πληρης πληρης/κεφαλη πληρης πληρης πληρης/μορφη πλησιος/μορφη πλησιος/σαυρος πλησιος/σαυρος πολυς πολυς πολυς/γραφω πλευρον πλευρον πλευρον/αλγος πλευρον πλευρον πλευρον/καρπος πλευρον/κηλη πλευρον/κοιλος πλευρον/οδους πλευρον/οδυνη πλευρον πλευρον/πνεω πλευρον/ρεω πλευρον/τεμνω πλευρον πλησσω πλησσω/μετρον πλησσω πλινθος πολυς/καινος πολυς/σαυρος πολυς/θερομαι πολυς πλεκω Πλωτινος Πλωτινος προυμνον προυμνον σπειρα σπειρω

plurisyllabic Plutarch Plutarchian Pluto plutocracy plutocrat plutocratic plutocratical pluto-democracy plutogogue plutogoguery plutolatry plutology plutomania pluton Plutonian plutonic plutonism plutonist plutonium plutonomy plutonyl pluviograph pluviometer pluvioscope plymetal pneograph pneogastric pneometer pneoscope pneuma pneumatherapy pneumatic pneumatics pneumatization pneumatize pneumatocele pneumatocyst pneumatogram pneumatography pneumatology pneumatolysis pneumatolytic pneumatometer

λαμβανω πλουτος/αρχω πλουτος/αρχω Πλουτον πλουτος/κρατεω πλουτος/κρατεω πλουτος/κρατεω πλουτος/κρατεω πλουτος/δημος/κρατεω πλουτος/αγω πλουτος/αγω πλουτος/λατρις πλουτος/λογος πλουτος/μαινομαι Πλουτον Πλουτον Πλουτον Πλουτον Πλουτον Πλουτον πλουτος/νομος Πλουτον/υλη γραφω μετρον σκοπεω μεταλλον πνεω/γραφω πνεω/γαστηρ πνεω/μετρον πνεω/σκοπεω πνεω πνεω/θεραπων πνεω πνεω πνεω πνεω πνεω/κηλη πνεω/κυω πνεω/γραφω πνεω/γραφω πνεω/λογος πνεω/λυω πνεω/λυω πνεω/μετρον

pneumatophobia pneumatophore pneumatosis pneumectomy pneumocele pneumococcus pneumoderm pneumodynamics pneumogastric pneumogram pneumograph pneumography pneumolith pneumolysis pneumometer pneumonalgia pneumonodynia pneumonectomy pneumonia pneumonic pneumonitis pneumotachograph pneumothorax pneumatotherapy pnigogen podagra podal podalgia podalic podiatrist podiatry podite podium podocarp podology podophthalmate podura poem poesy poet poetaster poetess poetic poetical

πνεω/φοβος πνεω/φερω πνεω πνεω/τεμνω πνεω/κηλη πνεω/κοκκος πνεω/δερω πνεω/δυναμαι πνεω/γαστηρ πνεω/γραφω πνεω/γραφω πνεω/γραφω πνεω/λιθος πνεω/λυω πνεω/μετρον πνεω/αλγος πνεω/δυναμαι πνεω/τεμνω πνεω πνεω πνεω πνεω/ταχος/γραφω πνεω/θωραξ πνεω/θεραπων πνεω/γενος πους/αγρα πους πους/αλγος πους πους/ιαομαι πους/ιαομαι πους πους πους/καρπος πους/λογος πους/οψις πους/ουρα ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω

poetically poeticism poeticize poetic justice poetic license poetics poetize poet laureate poetolatry poetomachia poetry pogoniasis pogoniate pogonic pogonion pogonology poponophore pogonotomy pogonotrophy poiemics poiesis poietic poikilocyte poikiloderma poikilosmotic poikilothermic poimenics poiology polar polar bear polar cap polar coordinates polar orbit polar wandering polarimeter polarimetric Polaris polariscope polariscopic polariton polarity polarizable polarization polarize

ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω/λατρις ποιεω/μαχη ποιεω πωγων πωγων πωγων πωγων πωγων/λογος πωγων/φερω πωγων/τεμνω πωγων/τρεφω ποιεω ποιεω ποιεω ποικιλος/κυω ποικιλος/δερω ποικιλος/ωσμος ποικιλος/θερομαι ποιεω ποιος/λογος πελω πελω πελω πελω πελω πελω πελω/μετρον πελω/μετρον πελω πελω/σκοπεω πελω/σκοπεω πελω πελω πελω πελω πελω

polarizer polarly polarograph Polaroid polaron pole (sky) polemic polemical polemically polemicist polemics polemology polemoscope police policeable police board police captain police court police dispatcher police dog police force policeman police office police officer police record police station policize policlinic policy policy policy holder policymaker policymaking polio polioencephalitis poliomyelitis poliosis poliovirus polis Politbureau politic political politically political asylum

πελω πελω πελω/γραφω πελω πελω πελω πολεμος πολεμος πολεμος πολεμος πολεμος πολεμος/λογος πολεμος/σκοπεω πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις/κλινω πολις δεικνυμι δεικνυμι πολις πολις πολιος πολιος/κεφαλη πολιος/μυελος πολιος πολιος πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις/συλαω

political football political refugee political science politician politicization politicize politick politico politico-economic politico-religious politics politique (Fr) polity polloi Pollux poloid poloidal polology polypolyacanthous polyacoustic polyactinal polyad polyadenous polyadic polyamor polyamorous polyandria polyandrist polyandrous polyandry polyanthus polyarchy polyarthritis polyatomic polyaxial polybasic polyblast polybranch polycarbonate polycarpous polycellular polycentric polycentrism

πολις πολις ποτις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις πολις/οικος πολις πολις πολις πολις πολυς Πολυδευκης πελω πελω λογος πολυς πολυς/ακη πολυς/ακουω πολυς/ακτις πολυς πολυς/αδην πολυς πολυς πολυς πολυς/ανηρ πολυς/ανηρ πολυς/ανηρ πολυς/ανηρ πολυς/ανθος πολυς/αρχω πολυς/αρθρον πολυς/τεμνω πολυς/αξις πολυς/βαινω πολυς/βλαστος πολυς/βργχια πολυς πολυς/καρπος πολυς πολυς/κεντεω πολυς/κεντεω

polychord polychrome polychromatic polyclad polyclimax polyclinic polyclonal polycoccous polyconic polycotyledon polycrystal polyculture polycyclic polycystic polydactyl polydactyly polydemonism polydentate polydigital polydimensional polydipsia polydisperse polydynamic polyeidism polyelectrolyte polyelectronic polyembryonic polyergic polyester polyethylene polyethism polyethnic polyfoil polyfunctional polygala polygamist polygamous polygamy polygastric polygene polygenesis polygenetic polygenic polygenism

πολυς/χορδη πολυς/χρωμα πολυς/χρωμα πολυς/κλαω πολυς/κλινω πολυς/κλινω πολυς/κλυω πολυΝ/κοκκος πολυς/κωνος πολυς/κοτυλη πολυς/κρυος πολυς πολυς/κυκλος πολυς/κυω πολυς/δακτυλος πολυς/δακτυλος πολυς/δαιμων πολυς πολυς πολυς πολυς/διψω πολυς πολυς/δυναμαι πολυς/ειδος πολυς/ηλεκτρον/λυω πολυς/ηλεκτρον πολυς/βρυω πολυς/εργον πολυς/αιθηρ πολυς/αιθηρ/υλη πολυς/εθος πολυς/εθνος πολυς πολυς πολυς/γαλα πολυς/γαμος πολυς/γαμος πολυς/γαμος πολυς/γαστηρ πολυς/γενος πολυς/γενος πολυς/γενος πολυς/γενος πολυς/γενος

polygenist polygenous polygeny polyglacial polyglot polygon polygonal polygonization polygram polygraph polygrapher polygraphic polygraphy polygynist polygynous polygyny polygyral polyhedral polyhedron polyhydramnios polyhydric polyion polyionic polylectal polylemma polylithic polylogue polymania polymastigate polymath polymenorrhea polymer polymerization polymerize polymerose polymetallic polymethyl polymeter polymicrian polymitosis polymodal polymolecular polymorph polymorphic

πολυς/γενος πολυς/γενος πολυς/γενος πολυς πολυς/γλωττα πολυς/γωνια πολυς/γωνια πολυς/γωνια πολυς/γραφω πολυς/γραφω πολυς/γραφω πολυς/γραφω πολυς/γραφω πολυς/γυνη πολυς/γυνη πολυς/γυνη πολυς/γυρος πολυς/εδρα πολυς/εδρα πολυς/υδωρ/αμνος πολυς/υδωρ πολυς/ειμι πολυς/ειμι πολυς/λεγω πολυς/λαμβανω πολυς/λιθος πολυς/λογος πολυς/μαινομαι πολυς/μαστιξ πολυς/μανθανω πολυς/μην/ρεω πολυς/μερος πολυς/μερος πολυς/μερος πολυς/μερος πολυς/μεταλλον πολυς/μεθη/υλη πολυς/μετρον πολυς/μικρος πολυς/μιτος πολυς πολυς πολυς/μορφη πολυς/μορφη

polymorphism polymorphous polymythy polymyxin Polynesia Polynesian polyneuritis polynomial polynuclear polyodont polyonymous polyopia polyp polyparous polyptectomy polyped polypeptide polypetalous polyphagia polyphagism polyphagous polyphase polyphasia Polyphemus polyphobia polyphone polyphonic polyphonous polyphony polyphote polyphyllous polyplastic polypnoea polypod polypody polyprotein polypsychical polyptote polyptch polypus polyrhthym polyrhizal polysaccharide polysemantic

πολυς/μορφη πολυς/μορφη πολυς/μυθος πολυς/μυξα πολυς/νησος πολυς/νησος πολυς/νευρον πολυς πολυς πολυς/οδους πολυς/ονομα πολυς/οψις πολυς/πους πολυς πολυς/πους/τεμνω πολυς πολυς/πεπτω πολυς/πεταννυμι πολυς/φαγειν πολυς/φαγειν πολυς/φαγειν πολυς/φαινω πολυς/φαινω πολυς/φημι πολυς/φοβος πολυς/φωνη πολυς/φωνη πολυς/φωνη πολυς/φωνη πολυς/φως πολυς/φυλλον πολυς/πλαττω πολυς/πνεω πολυς/πους πολυς/πους πολυς/πρωτος πολυς/ψυχη πολυς/πιπτω πολυς/πτυσσω πολυς/πους πολυς/ρεω πολυς/ριζα πολυς/σακχαρον πολυς/σημαινω

polysemous polysemy polysomatic polysomatous polysome polyspermy polystelic polystichous polystome polystylar polysyllabic polysyllable polysymmetrical polysyndeton polysynthesis polysynthetic polysystemic polytechnic polytheism polytheist polytheistic polythelism polythene polytocous polytomous polytomy polytonality polytone polytonic polytrichous polytrope polytrophic polytropic polytype polytypic polytypism polyuresis polyuria polyuric polyvalent polyvinyl polyvoltine polyxenic polyzoan

πολυς/σημαινω πολυς/σημαινω πολυς/σωμα πολυς/σωμα πολυς/σωμα πολυς/σπειρω πολυς/στελλω πολυς/στιχος πολυς/στομα πολυς/στυλος πολυς/λαμβανω πολυς/λαμβανω πολυς/μετρον πολυς/δεω πολυς/τιθημι πολυς/τιθημι πολυς/ιστημι πολυς/τεκτων πολυς/θεος πολυς/θεος πολυς/θεος πολυς/θηλος πολυς/αιθηρ/υλη πολυς/τοκος πολυς/τεμνω πολυς/τεμνω πολυς/τεινω πολυς/τεινω πολυς/τεινω πολυς/θριξ πολυς/τρεπω πολυς/τρεφω πολυς/τρεπω πολυς/τυπος πολυς/τυπος πολυς/τυπος πολυς/ουρον πολυς/ουρον πολυς/ουρον πολυς πολυς/υλη πολυς πολυς/ξενος πολυς/ζαω

pomological pomology pomp pompon pomposity pomposo (It) pompous pompously ponerology pontic Pontus poorbox pope popedom popeless popelike popeling Popemobile popery popish popishly poplin pore (n) poriferan poriferous poriform porn porno pornocracy pornogram pornograph pornographer pornographic pornography pornomania pornophile pornophobia pornotopia porogamic porogamous porogamy porometric porometer poroplastic

λογος λογος πεμπω πεμπω πεμπω πεμπω πεμπω πεμπω πονηρος/λογος ποντος ποντος πυξος παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας παππας περαω περαω περαω περαω πορνη πορνη πορνη/κρατεω πορνη/γραφω πορνη/γραφω πορνη/γραφω πορνη/γραφω πορνη/γραφω πορνη/μαινομαι πορνη/φιλος πορνη/φοβος πορνη/τοπος περαω/γαμος περαω/γαμος περαω/γαμος περαω/μετρον περαω/μετρον περαω/πλαττω

poroscopy porosity porotype porous porously porousness porphyria porphyrinogen porphyrinuria porphyritic porphyroid porphry posada (Sp) pose poser poseur (Fr) positron posological posology postbrachial postcard postcentral postcephalic post-Christian postclitic postcranial postcrown postganglionic postmenarchal postpose postrhinal postsynchroniztion post-traumatic posturepedic posy potamian potamic potamagraphy potamology potamoplankton potentiometer potentiostat pot-metal potomania

περαω/σκοπεω περαω περαω/τυπος περαω περαω περαω πορφυρα πορφυρα/γενος ποφυρα/ουρον πορφυρα πορφυρα πορφυρα παυω παυω παυω παυω ηλεκτρον ποσος/λογος ποσος/λογος βραχιων χαρτης κεντεω κεφαλη χριω κλινω κρανιον κορωνη γαγγλιον μην/αρχω παυω ρις χρονος τορνος ορθος/παις ποιεω ποταμυς ποταμος ποταμος/γραφω ποταμος/λογος ποταμος/πλανη μετρον ιστημι μεταλλον πινω/μαινομαι

potometer pousada (Pg) power base practicability practicable practicableness practicably practical prcticality practically practicalness practician practice practiced practicer practicum practitioner pragmatic pragmatical pragmatically pragmaticalness pragmatism pragmatist pragmatize pragmatizer praxiology praxis prayer card prayer hour praying mantis precritical precystic predispose prehistoric prehistory premenarchal presbyopia presbyter Presbyterian presbytery preschool preschooler pre-Socratic presuppose

πινω/μετρον παυω βαινω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω πραττω/λογος πραττω χαρτης ωρα μαινομαι κρινω κυω παυω ιστωρ ιστωρ μην/αρχω πρεσβυς/οψις πρεσβυς πρεσβυς πρεσβυς σχολη σχολη Σωκρατες παυω

pretzel Priapean priapic priapism Priapus priest priestcraft priestdom priestess priesthood priestism priestlike priestliness priestly primary school primatologist primatology priodont prion prionodont prism prismal prismatic prismatically prismatize prismatoid prismoid prismoidal pro-amphibia problem problematic problematical problematically problemist problemless problem solving proboscidean proboscis proboscidiferous proboscidiform proboscidigerous probouleutic procarcinogen procarp

βραχιων Πριαπος Πριαπος Πριαπος Πριαπος πρεσβυς πρεσβυς πρεσβος πρεσβυς πρεσβυς πρεσβος πρεσβος πρεσβος πρεσβυς σχολη λογος λογος πριω/οδους πριω πριω/οδους πριω πριω πριω πριω πριω πριω πριω πριω αμφι/βιος βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βοσκω βοσκω βοσκω βοσκω βοσκω βουλη καρκινος/γενος καρπος

procatalepsis procathedral procephalic procephalon procerite process theology prochromosome prochronic prochronism proclimax procline proclisis proclitic procoelous Procrustean Procrustes procrypsis procryptic proctalgia proctitis proctocele proctologist proctology proctoparalysis proctorrhagia proctoscope proctotomy Procyon procyonid prodroma prodromal prodromatic prodrome prodromous proem proembryo proemial proemptosis proenzyme pro-ethnic profilograph profilometer progamic progamous

λαμβανω εδρα κεφαλη κεφαλη κερας θεος/λογος χρωμα/σωμα χρονος χρονος κλινω κλινω κλινω κλινω κοιλος κρουω κρουω κρυπω κρυπτω πρωκτος/αλγος πρωκτος πρωκτος/κηλη πρωκτος/λογος πρωκτος/λογος πρωκτος/λυω πρωκτος/ρεω πρωκτοςσκοπεω πρωκτος/τεμνω κυων κυων δρομος δρομος δρομος δρομος δρομος οιμος βρυω οιμος πιπτω ζυμη εθνος γραφω μετρον γαμος γαμος

progeria progestogen proglottid proglottis prognathic prognathism prognathous prognathously prognosis prognostic prognostical prognosticate prognostication prognosticative prognoscitator prognosticatory program programmability programmable programmatic programmatically programmer programmist prohormone prokaryon prokaryote prokaryotic prokinesis prokinetic prolegomenon prolegomenous prolepsis proleptic prologue Promethean Prometheus prometheum promorph promorphology pronaos pronephron pronymph pronymphal prootic

γερων γενος γλωττα γλωττα γναθος γναθος γναθος γναθος γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γιγνωσκω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω ορμη καρυον καρυον καρυον κινεω κινεω λεγω λεγω λαμβανω λαμβανω λογος μανθανω μανθανω μανθανω μορφη μορφη/λογος ναιω νεφρος νυμφη νυμφη ους

propaedeutic propane prophage prophecy prophesy prophet prophetess prophetic prophetically prophylactic prophylactically prophylaxis propolis Propontis proposal propose proptosis propylaeum propylite prosauropod proscenium proselyte proselytism proselytize proselytizer prosembryum prosencephalon prosenchyma prosepilogism prosiopesis prosodeme prosodic prosody prosoma prosopagnosia prosopalgia prosopium prosopography prosopolespsy prosopon prosopopeia prosopyle prosphora prostatalgia



φαγειν φημι φημι φημι φημι φημι φημι φυλαττω φυλαττω φυλαττω πολις ποντος παυω παυω πιπτω πυλη πυλη σαυρος/πους σκηνη ερχομαι ερχομαι ερχομαι ερχομαι βρυω κεφαλη χυμος λογος σιωπη αδω αδω αδω σωμα προσωπον/γιγνωσκω προσωπον/αλγος προσωπον προσωπον/γραφω προσωπον/λαμβανω προσωπον ποιεω πυλη φερω ιστημι/αλγος

prostatectomy prostatitis prostalith prostate prostatic prostatism prostele proseternum prosthesis prosthetic prosthodontics prosthodontist prostomium prostyle prosyllogism protactinium protagon protagonist Protagorean Protagoras protamine protanopia protasis protatic protaxic protean protease proteid proteiform protein proteinoid proteinosis proteinuria protembryo protencephalon protenchyma proteoclastic proteolysis proteolytic proteose proterandrous proterogenesis proteroglyph proterogynous

ιδτημι/τεμνω ιστημι ιστημι/λιθος ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι στηλη στερνον τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι/οδους τιθημι/οδους στομα στυλος λογος ταττω πρωτος/αγω πρωτος/αγω Προταγορος Προταγορας πρωτος/Αμμον πρωτος/οψις τεινω τεινω ταττω πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/ουρον πρωτος/βρυω πρωτος/κεφαλη πρωτος/χυμος πρωτος/κλαω πρωτος/λυω πρωτος/λυω πρωτος πρωτος/ανηρ πρωτος/φγενος πρωτος/γλυφω πρωτος/γυνη

proterosaur proterozoic Proteus Protevangelium prothalamion prothalamium prothesis prothetic prothonatory prothoracic prothorax prothrombin protide protista protistology protium protoamnion protoam(o)eba protoandric protoanthropic protoaxonial protobiont protoblast protocarbide protocell protocercal protocere protochloride protochlorophyll protococcus protocol protocolaire protoconch protocone protoconic protocontinent protodynastic proto-form protogalaxy protogastric protogenes protogenetic protogenic protogeometric

πρωτος/σαυρος πρωτος/ζαω πρωτος πρωτος/αγγελος θαλαμος θαλαμος τιθημι τιθημι πρωτος θωραξ θωραξ θρομβος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/λογος πρωτος πρωτος/αμνος πρωτος/αμειβω πρωτος/ανηρ πρωτος/ανθρωπος πρωτος/αξων πρωτος/βιος πρωτος/βλαστος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/κερκος πρωτος/κερας πρωτος/χλωρος πρωτος/χλωρος/φυλλον πρωτος/κοκκος πρωτος/κολλα πρωτος/κολλα πρωτος/κογχος πρωτος/κωνος πρωτος/κωνος πρωτος πρωτος/συναμαι πρωτος πρωτος/γαλα πρωτος/γαστηρ πρωτος/γενος πρωτος/γενος πρωτος/γενος πρωτος/γη/μετρον

protogynous protohippus protohistoric protohuman proto-language protolife protolinguistic proto-literate protolith protolithic protologue protology protolysis protomartyr protome protomer protomerite protomesal protomorph protomorphic protomyxoid proton protonate protonation protonema pronic protonmotive protonosphere proto-ornithoid protopathic protophilic protophyll protophyta protophyte protoplanet protoplasm protoplasmic protoplast protoplastic protopod protopodium protopope protophyrin proto-scientific

πρωτος/γυνη πρωτος/ιππος πρωτος/ιστωρ πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/λιθος πρωτος/λιθος πρωτος/λογος πρωτος/λιθος πρωτος/λυω πρωτος/μαρτυς πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/μερος πρωτος/μεσος πρωτος/μορφη πρωτος/μορφη πρωτος/μυξα πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/νημα πρωτος πρωτος πρωτος/σφαιρα πρωτος/ορνις πρωτος/παθος πρωτος/φιλος πρωτος/φυλλον πρωτος/φυω πρωτος/φυω πρωτος/πλανη πρωτος/πλαττω πρωτος/πλαττω πρωτος/πλαττω πρωτος/πλαττω πρωτος/πους πρωτος/πους πρωτος/παππας πρωτος/πορφυρα πρωτος

protostar protospore protostele prototaxic prototheria protothetic prototoxoid prototroph prototrophic prototropy prototype prototypic prototypical prototypically protoxide Protozoa Protozoan protozoic protozoology protreptic protyle prow proxemics Prozymite prozymogen prune prunella prunello prunus prytaneum prytanis prytany psalm psalmbook psalmist psalmodist psalmody psalter psalterer psaltery psammic psammite psammolithic psammon

πρωτος πρωτος/σπειρω πρωτος/στηλη πρωτος/ταττω πρωτος/θεριον πρωτος/τιθημι πρωτος/τοξον πρωτος/τρεφω πρωτος/τρεφω πρωτος/τρεπω πρωτος/τυπος πρωτος/τυπος πρωτος/τυπος πρωτος/τυπος πρωτος/οξυς πρωτοV/ζαω πρωτος/ζαω πρωτος/ζαω πρωτος/ζαω/λογος τρεπω πρωτος/υλη πρωα (φωνη) ζυμη ζυμη/γενος προυμνον προυμνον προυμνον προυμνον πρυτανος πρυτανος πρυτανος ψαλλω ψαλλω ψαλλω ψαλλω/αδω ψαλλω/αδω ψαλλω ψαλλω ψαλλω ψαμμος ψαμμος ψαμμος/λιθος ψαμμος

psammona psammophile psammophyte psellism psephism psephite psephology psephomancy pseudandry pseudembryo pseudepigraphia pseudepigraphy pseudesthesia pseudo pseudoaquatic pseudoarchaic pseudoblepsia pseudocarp pseudochromia pseudochronism pseudocide pseudocode pseudocoele pseudoconcept pseudocyesis pseudocyst pseudodominance pseudodominant pseudodox pseudodoxy psudogamy pseudograph pseudography pseudology pseudomancy pseudomartyr psudomonad pseudomorph pseudonym pseudonymity pseudonymus pseudonymously pseudo-operation pseudoptics

ψαμμος ψαμμος/φιλος ψαμμος/φυω ψελλος ψνφος ψηφος ψηφος/λογος θηφος/μαινομαι ψευδω/ανηρ ψευδω/βρυω ψευδω/γραφω ψευδω/γραφω ψευδω/αισθανομαι ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/αρχω ψευδω/βλεπω ψευδω/καρπος ψευδω/χρωμος ψευδω/χρονος ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/κοιλος ψευδω ψευδω/κυω ψευδω/κυω ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/δοκεω ψευδω/δοκεω ψευδω/γαμος ψευδω/γραφω ψευδω/γραφω ψευδω/λογος ψευδω/μαινομαι ψευδω/μαρτυς ψευδω/μονος ψευδω/μορφη ψευδω/ονομα ψευδω/ονομα ψευδω/ονομα ψευδω/ονομα ψευδω ψευδω/οψις

pseudo-order pseudopatient pseudophone pseudoplastic pseudopod pseudopodium pseudopotential pseudopregnancy pseudoproblem pseudoprophet pseudoproposition pseudorandom pseudorational pseudorganic pseudoscience pseudoscope pseudosex pseudosexual pseudosomatic pseudosoph pseudospore pseudostoma pseudostome pseudostratified pseudosuchian pseudosyllogism pseudovalve pseudovary pseudovector pseudovitamin pseudovolcanic psi psilanthropic psilanthropism psilanthropy psilocybin psilodermatous psilopedic psilophyton psilosis psionic psittaceous psittacine psittacism

ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/φωνη ψευδω/πλαττω ψευδω/πους ψευδω/πους ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/βαλλω ψευδω/φημι ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/οργανον ψευδω ψευδω/σκοπεω ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω/σωμα ψευδω/σοφος ψευδω/σπειρω ψευδωστομα ψευδω/στομα ψευδω ψευδω/σοχος ψευδω/λογος ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω ψευδω ψει ψιλος/ανθρωπος ψιλος/ανθρωπος ψιλος/ανθρωπος ψιλος/κυβος ψιλος/δερω ψιλος/παις ψιλος/φυω ψιλος ψει ψιττακος ψιττακος ψιττακος

psittacosis psophometer psophometric psora psoriasiform psoriasis psorophthalmia psoroptic psorosperm psych psychagogic psychagogue psychagogy psychalgia psyche psychedelic psyesthetic psychiatric psychiatrist psychiatry psychic psychical psychics psychism psycho psychoactive psychoanalysis psychoanalyst psychoanalytic psychoanalyze psychobabble psychobiographer psychobiography psychobiology psychocentral psychocentric psychochemical psychochemistry psychocoma psychodrama psychodramatic psychodynamic psychogalvanic psychogenesis

ψιττακος ψοφος/μετρον ψοφος/μετρον ψωρα ψωρα ψωρα ψωρα/οψις ψωρα ψωρα/σπειρα ψυχη ψυχη/αγω ψυχη/αγω ψυχη/αγω ψυχη/αλγος ψυχη ψυχη/δηλος ψυχη/αισθανομαι ψυχη/ιαομαι ψυχη/ιαομαι ψυχη/ιαομαι ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη/λυω ψυχη/λυω ψυχη/λυω ψυχη/λυω ψυχη ψυχη/βιος/γραφω ψυκη/βιος/γραφω ψυχη/βιος/λογος ψυχη/κεντεω ψυχη/κεντεω ψυχη/κυμος ψυχη/κυμος ψυχη/κειμαι ψυχη/δραω ψυχη/δραω ψυχη/δυναμαι ψυχη ψυχη/γενος

psychogenetic psychogenic psychognosis psychogeography psychogeriatrics psychogram psychograph psychography psychohistory psychoid psychokinesia psychkinesis psychokinetic psycholatry psycholinguistic psychologic psychological psychologically psychologism psychologist psychologistic psychologize psychology psychomachia psychomachy psychomancy psychometer psychometric psychometry psychomotor psychon psychoneural psychoneurosis psychoneurotic psychonomy psychopath psychopathic psychopathologist psychopathology psycopathy psychophobia psychophonetics psychophony psychophysical

ψυχη/γενος ψυχη/γενος ψυχη/γιγνωσκω ψυχη/γη/γραφω ψυχη/γερων/ιαομαι ψυχη/γραφω ψυκη/γραφω ψυχη/γραφω ψυκη/ιστωρ ψυχη ψυκη/κινεω ψυχη/κινεω ψυχη/κινεω ψυχη/λατρις ψυχη ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/λογος ψυχη/μαχη ψυχη/μαχη ψυχη/μαινομαι ψυχη/μετρον ψυχη/μετρον ψυχη/μετρον ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη/νευρον ψυχη/νευρον ψυχη/νευρον ψυχη/νομος ψυχη/παθος ψυχη/παθος ψυχη/παθος/λογος ψυχη/παθος/λογος ψυχη/παθος ψυχη/φοβος ψυχη/φωνη ψυχη/φωνη ψυχη/φυω

psychophysics psychophysiology psychoplasm psychopomp psychoprophylaxis psychoptic psycorrhagy psychosexual psychosis psychosocial psychosocially psychosomatic psychostimulant psychosurgery pasychotechnology psychotheism psychotherapeutic psychotherapy psychotic psychotically psychotogenic psychotomimetic psychotropic psychrolute psychroesthesia psycrometer psychrophilic psychrophobia psychrophore psychrosphere psychrotrophic psychurgy psylla psyllid psyllium psyop psy-war pteric pteridology pteridophilist pteridophyte pterodactyl pterodology pteropod

ψυκη/φυω ψυχη/φυω/λογος ψυκη/πλαττω ψυκη/πεμπω ψυχη/φυλαττω ψυχη/οψις ψυχη/ρεω ψυκη ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη ψυχη/σωμα ψυκη ψυχη/χειρ ψυχη/τεκτων/λογος ψυκη/θεος ψυχη/θεραπων ψυχη/θεραπων ψυκη ψυκη ψυχη/γενος ψυχη/μιμος ψυχη/τρεπω ψυχρος/λουω ψυχρος/αισθανομαι ψυχρος/μετρον ψυχρος/φιλος ψυχρος/φοβος ψυχρος/φερω ψυχρος/σφαιρα ψυκρος/τρεφω ψυχη/εργον ψυλλα ψυλλα ψυλλα ψυχη ψυχη πτερον πτερις/λογος πτερις/φιλος πτερις/φυω πτερον/δακτυλος πτερονλογος πτερον/πους

pterosaur pterygoid Ptolemaic Ptolemy ptomaine ptosis ptyalin ptyalism ptygmatic pubarche public school pulley pulmonologist pulmonology pulpectomy pulpotomy pulsimeter pumpkin poumpkinhead pumpkinpie pumpkinseed pumpkinstone punctograph punditocracy Punic punica fides punicin punish punishability punishable punishingly punishment punisher punitive punitively punitory pupilography pupilometer purine purple purplish purpose purposeful purposefully

πτερον/σαυρος πτερον Πτολεμαι Πτολεμαι πιπτω πιπτω πτυω πτυω πτυσσω αρχω σχολη πελω λογος λογος τεμνω τεμνω μετρον πεπτω πεπτω πεπτω πεπτω πεπτω γραφω κρατεω φοινιξ φοινιξ φοινιξ ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη γραφω μετρον ουρον πορφυρα πορφυρα παυω παυω παυω

purposeless purposely purposive purpura purpurate purpuric purpuriferous purprin purpuriparous purpurite purse purseful purseless purser purse-string puzzle pycidium pycnodont pycnomorphic pycnostyle pyelitis pyelogram pyemia pygal pygidium pygmoid pygmy pygopod pyknic pyknolepsy pyknosis pyknotic Pylian pylon pylorectomy pyloric pyloroplasty pylorus Pylos pynx pyococcus pyocyte pyodermia pyogenesis

παυω παυω παυω πορφυρα πορφυρα πορφυρα πορφυρα πορφυρα πορφυρα πορφυρα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα παυω πυκνος πυκνος/οδους πυκνος/μορφη ποκνος/στυλος πυελος πυελος/γραφω πυον/αιμα πυγη πυγη πυξ πυξ πυγη/πους πυκνος πυκνος/λαμβανω πυκνος πυκνος πυλη πυλη πυλη/ουρος/τεμνω πυλη/ουρος πολη/ουρος//πλαττω πυλη/ουρος πυλη


πυον/κοκκος πυον/κυω πυον/δερω πυον/γενος

pyogenetic pyogenic pyoid pyonephrotic pyoptysis pyorrhea pyosis pyralis pyramid pyramidal pyrimidally pyramidical pyramidically pyramidion pyramidoidal pyramidology pyramidon pyran pyranometer pyre pyrectic pyrene Pyrenean Pyrenees pyrenoid pyrethrum pyretic pyretogenesis pyretogenic pyretography pyrex pyrexia pyrgocephalic pyrheliometer pyridine pyridoxic pyridoxine pyrite pyrites pyritic pyritology pyro pyrocellulose pyrochemical

πυον/γενος πυον/γενος πυον πυον/νεφρις πυον/πτυτω πυον/ρεω πυον πυρ πυραμις πυραμις πυραμις πυραμις πυραμις πυραμις πυραμις πυραμις/λογος πυραμις πυρ πυρ/μετρον πυρ πυρ πυρην πυρην πυρην πυρην πυρ πυρ πυρ/γενος πυρ/γενος πυρ/γραφω πυρ πυρ πυργος/κεφαλη πυρ/ηλιος/μετρον πυρ πυρ/οξυς πυρ/οξυς πυρ πυρ πυρ πυρ/λογος πυρ πυρ πυρ/χυμος

pyrochemistry pyrochlore pyroclastic pyro-electric pyrogen pyrogenetic pyrogenic pyrogenous pyrognostics pyrography pyroheliometer pyrolatry pyroligneous pyrolite pyrology pyrolusite pyrolysis pyrolytic pyrolyze pyromagnetic pyromancy pyromania pyromaniac pyrometallurgical pyrometallurgy pyrometer pyromorphite pyrone pyronin pyrope pyrophanous pyrophile pyrophillite pyrophobia pyrophone pyrophore pyrophoric pyrophorus pyrophotometer pyropuncture pyrosclerite pyroscope pyrosis pyrosome

πυρ/χυμος πυρ/χλωρος πυρ/κλαω πυρ/ηλεκτρον πυρ/γενος πυρ/γενος πυργενος πυρ/γενος πυρ/γιγνωσκω πυρ/γραφω πυρ/ηλιος/μετρον πυρ/λατρις πυρ πυρ/λιθος πυρ/λογος πυρ/λυω πυρ/λυω πυρ/λυω πυρ/λυω πυρ/μαγνητις πυρ/μαινομαι πυρ/μαινομαι πυρ/υαινομαι πυρ/μεταλλον/εργον πυρ/μεταλλον/εργον πυρ/μετρον πυρ/μορφη πυρ πυρ πυρ/οψις πυρ/φαινω πυρ/φιλος πυρ/φυλλον πυρ/φοβος πυρ/φωνη πυρ/φερω πυρ/φερω πυρ/φερω πυρ/φως/μετρον πυρ πορ/σκελλω πυρ/σκοπεω πυρ πυρ/σωμα

pyrostat pyrosynthesis pyrotechnical pryrotechnician pyrotechnics pyrotechny pryothonide pyroxanthin pyroxene pyroxylic pyroxylin Pyrrhic Pyrrhus Pyrrho Pyrrhonian Pyrrhonic Pyrrhonism Pyrrhonist pyrrole pyruvate pyruvic Pythagorean Pythagoras Pythic Pythian pythogenic python pythoness pythonic pythonist pythonomorph pyuria pyx pyxidate pyxidium pyxie pyxis

πυρ/ιστημι πυρ/τιθημι πυρ/τεκτων πυρ/τεκτων πυρ/τεκτων πυρ/τεκτων πυρ/οθονη πυρ/ξανθος πυρ/ξενος πυρ/οξυς πυρ/οξυς πυρ πορ Πυρρων Πυρρων Πυρρων Πυρρων Πυρρων πυρ/ελαια πυρ πυρ Πυθαγορας Ποθαγορας Πυθον Πυθον πυθω/γενος Πυθον Πυθον Πυθον Πυθον Πυθον/μορφη πυον/ουρον πυξος πυξος πυξος πυξος πυξος

Q quadrigamist quadrigamy quadraphonic quadraphony quadrigamist quadrigamy quadriplegic quantasome quantimeter quantophrenia quantum mechanics quantum theory queuetopia quinhydrone quinologist quinsy

γαμος γαμος φωνη φωνη γαμος γαμος πλησσω σωμα μετρον φρην μηκος θεαομαι τοπος υδωρ λογος κυων/αγχω

R rachialgia rachis rachitis rachitogenic rachitome radarscope radiesthesia radioastronomy radiocamera radiochemical radiochemistry radio diagnosis radio ecology radio galaxy radiogenetics radiogenic radiogram radiograph radiographer radiographic radiography radioimmunology radioisotope radiolite radiologic radiological radiologist radiology radiolysis radiometal radiometer radiometric radiometry radiophare radiophone radiophonic radiophony radiophoto radiophotography radioscopy radio surgery

ραχις/αλγος ραχις ραχις ραχις/γενος ραχις/τεμνω σκοπεω αισθανομαι αστηρ/νομος καμαρα χυμος χυμος γιγνωσκω οικος/λογος γαλα γενος γενος γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω λογος ισος/τοπος λιθος λογος λογος λογος λογος λυω μεταλλον μετρον μετρον μετρον φαρος φωνη φωνη φωνη φως φως/γραφω σκοπεω χειρ/εργον

radiotelegram radiotelegraph radiotelephone radio telescope radiotherapeutic radiotherapy radiothermy radiotoxic radiotoxicity ramisectomy raphilite raphis ratiometer ratiomorphic reading center Reaganomics realphabetize realpolitik reanalysis rebaptism rebaptize rebound reconcentration reconcentrate recoup recrown rectipetality recyclable recycle recycler red card redox re-echo reemphasize re-energize refractometer regolith rehydrate reimbursable reimburse reimbursement reorganization reorganize repent

τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω τηλε/φωνη τηλε/σκοπεω θεραπων θεραπων θερομαι τοξον τοξον τεμνω ραφις/λιθος ραφις μετρον μορφη κεντεω οικος αλφα/βητα πολις λυω βαπτω βαπτω βομβος κεντεω κεντεω κολαφος κορωνη πεταννυμι κυκλος κυκλος κυκλος χορδη οξυς ηχω φαινω εργον μετρον ρηγος/λιθος υδωρ βυρσα βυρσα βυρσα οργανον οργανον ποινη

repentance repentant rephrase repine replace replacement repose reprogram reprographic reprography reschedule respirometer responaut reticulocyte retronym return rezone rhabdite rhabditis rhabdoid rhabdomancer rhabdomancy Rhadamanthine Rhadamanthus rhapsode rhapsodic rhapsodical rhapsodist rhapsodize rhapsody -rhea rheid rheme rheogram rheology rheometer rheomorphism rheopexy rheophile rheophilic rheophobic rheoscope rheostat rheostatic

ποινη ποινη φραζω ποινη πλατυς πλατυς παυω γραφω γραφω γραφω σχιζω μετρον ναυς κυω ονομα τορνος ζωνη ραβδος ραβδος ραβδος ραβδος/μαινομαι ραβδος/μαινομαι Ραδαμανθος Ραδαμανθος ραπτω/αδω ραπτω/αδω ραπτω/αδω ραπτω/αδω ραπτω/αδω ραπτω/αδω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω/γραφω ρεω/λογος ρεω/μετρον ρεω/μορφη ρεω/πηγνυμι ρεω/φιλος ρεω/φιλος ρεω/φοβος ρεω/σκοπεω ρεω/ιστημι ρεω/ιστημι

rheotaxis rheotropism rhesus rhetor rhetoric rhetorical rhetorically rhetorician rheum rheumatic rheumatic fever rheumatism rheumatoid rhematologist rheumatology rheumy Rh factor rhigolene rhigology rhigosis rhinal rhinarium rhinencephalon rhinitis rhino rhinoceros rhinodont rhinologic rhinologist rhinology rhinophonia rhinophyma rhinoplasty rhinorrhagia rhinoscope rhinoscopy rhinotracheitis rhinovirus rhizobia rhizocarpous rhizocephalous rhizodont rhizogenic rhizoid

ρεω/ταττω ρεω/τρεπω Ρεσος ερω ερω ερω ερω ερω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω/λογος ρεω/λογος ρεω Ρεσος ριγος ριγος/λογος ριγος ρις ρις ρις/κεφαλη ρις ρις ρις/κερας ρις/οδους ρις/λογος ρις/λογος ρις/λογος ρις/φωνη ρις/φυω ρις/πλαττω ρις/ρεω ρις/σκοπεω ρις/σκοπεω ρις/τραχος ρις ριζα/βιος ριζα/καρπος ριζα/κεφαλη ριζα/οδους ριζα/γενος ριζα

rhizoidal rhizomatous rhizome rhizomorphous rhizophagous rhizoplast rhizopod rhizosphere rhizotomy Rh negative rho Rhoda Rhode Island Rhodes Rhodesia Rhodesian Rhodian rhodium rhodochrosite rhododendron rhodologist rhodonite rhodophyte rhodoplast rhodopsin rhombic rhomboclase rhombogen rhombohedron rhomboid rhomboideus rhombus Rh positive rhotacism rhubarb rhyme rhymester rhythm rhythmic rhythmical rhythmically rhythmics rhythmization rice

ριζα ριζα ριζα ριζα/μορφη ριζα/φαγειν ριζα/πλαττω ριζα/πους ριζα/σφαιρα ριζα/τεμνω Ρεσος ρω ροδον ροδον ροδον ροδον ροδον ροδον ροδον ροδον/χρωμα ροδον/δενδρον ροδον/λογος ροδον ροδον/φυω ροδοϖ/πλαττω ροδον/οψις ρομβος ρομβος/κλαω ρομβος/γενος ρομβος/εδρα ρομβος ρομβος ρομβος Ρεσος ρω ρυον/βαρβαρος ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ρεω ορυζα

rime Roman Catholic royal purple -rrhea rurigenous rush hour

ρεω ολος πορφυρα ρεω γενος ωρα

S Sabbatarian Sabbath sabbatical sac saccharate saccharated saccharic saccharide sacchariferous saccharification saccharify saccharimeter saccharin saccharine saccharinity saccharoid saccharolytic saccharose saccule sack sackcloth sackful sacking sackless salamander salamandrine salamandroid salicylic salpingeal salpingitis salpinx saltpeter Samothrace sandal sandpaper Sapphic sapphire sapphiric sapphirine sapphism Sappho

σαββατον σαββατον σαββατον σακκος σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον/μετρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον σακχαρον/λυω σακχαρον σακκος σακκος σακκος σακκος σακκος σακκος σαλαμανδρα σαλαμανδρα σαλαμανδρα υκη σαλπιγξ σαλπιγξ σαλπιγξ πετρα Θρακη σανδαλον παπυρος Σαπφων σαπφειρος σαπφειρος σαπφειρος Σαπφων Σαπφων

sapremia sapric saprobe saprobial saprobic saprobiology saprobiotic saprobity saprogenic saprogenous saprohylic saprolite saprophagous saprophile saprophyte saprophytic sarcasm sarcastic sarcastically sarcoblast sarcocarp sarcocolla sarcocele sarcocyst sarcocyte sarcoderm sarcoid sarcolactic sarcolite sarcology sarcolysis sarcoma sarcophagan sarcophagus sarcophilous sarcoplasm sarcoplasmic sarcosome sarcosporidian sarcotome sarcous sardine Sardinia Sardinian

σηπω σηπω σηπω/βιος σηπω/βιος σηπω/βιος σηπω/βιος/λογος σηπω/βιος σηπω/βιος σηπω/γενος σηπω/γενος σηπω/υλη σηπω/λιθος σηπω/φαγειν σηπω/φιλος σηπω/φυω σηπω/φυω σαρξ σαρξ σαρξ σαρξ/βλαστοσ σαρξ/καρπος σαρξ.κολλα σαρξ/κηλη σαρξ/κυω σαρξ/κυω σαρξ/δερω σαρξ σαρξ σαρξ/λιθος σαρξ/λογος σαρξ/λυω σαρξ/οιδεω σαρξ/φαγειν σαρξ/φαγειν σαρξ/φιλος σαρξ/πλαττω σαρξ/πλαττω σαρξ.σωμα σαρξ.σπειρω σαρξ/τεμνω σαρξ σαρδινη

σαρδινη σαρδινη

sardonic sardonically sarrusophone Satanology Satanophany Satanophobia satchell satrap satrapy satyr satyriasis satyric satryism satyromaniac saurian saurodont saurognathous saurography sauroid saurophagous sauropod saxigenous saxophone Sb scalene scalenohedron scalenotomy scalenus scalogram scandal scandalize scandalmonger scandalous scandalously scaphocephalus scaphoid scaphopod scapulimancy scar scarab scarify scat (dung) scatological scatology

σαρδονιος σαρδονιος φωνη λογος φαινω φοβος σακκος σατραπης σατραπης σατυρος σατυρος σατυρος σατυρος σατυρος/μαινομαι σαυρος σαυρος/οδους σαυρος/γναθος σαυρος/γραφω σαυρος σαυρος/φαγειν σαυρος/πους γενος φωνη στιβι σκαληνος σκαληνος/εδρα σκαληνος/τεμνω σκαληνος γραφω σκανδαλον σκανδαλον σκανδαλον σκανδαλον σκανδαλον σκαφη/κεφαλη σκαφη σκαφν/πους μαινομαι


σκαραβος σκαριφος σκωρ σκωρ/λογος σκωρ/λογος

sclelidosaur scena scenario scenarist scene scenery scenic scenical scenic railway scenobatic scenography scepter sceptered sceptic sceptical scepticism schedule scehma schematic schematically schematism schematist schematizationεχω schematize scheme schemer scheming schemist schism schisma schismatic schimatical schismatically schismatize schismogenesis schist schistose schistosity schistosome schizoaffective schizocarp schizocoele schizogenesis schizognathous

σκελος/σαυρος σκηνη σκηνη σκηνη σκηνη σκηνη σκηνη σκηνη σκηνν σχοινος/βαινω σκηνη/γραφω σκηπτρω σκηπτρω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω σχιζα εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω σχιζω σχιζω σχιζω αχιζω σχιζω σχιζω σχιζω/γενος σχιζω σχιζω σχιζω σχιζω/σωμα σχιζω σχιζω/καρπος σχιζω/κοιλος σχιζω/γενος σχιζω/γναθος

schizogony schizoid schizont schizonticide schizophrene schizophrenia schizophrenic schizophreniform schizophrenogenic schizophyte schizopod schizorhinal schizothymia schizotrichia scholar scholarlike scholarliness scholarly scholarship scholastic scholastically scholasticism scholiast scholium school school board schoolbook schoolboy schoolboyish schoolday school doctor schooldom schooler schoolfellow schoolgirl schoolhouse schooling schoolman schoolmaster schoolmate schoolmistress schoolroom schoolteacher school year

σχιζω/γενος σχιζω σχιζω σχιζω σχιζω/φρην σχιζω/φρην σχιζω/φρην σχιζω/φρην σχιζω/φρην/γενος σχιζω/φυω σχιζω/πους σχιζω/ρις σχιζω/θυμος σχιζω/θριξ σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη σχολη

sciagraph scialytic sciamachy sciapodous sciatic sciatica scientology scintigram scintillogram scintillometer scintilloscope sciomancy sciophilous sciophyte scirrhus sciurine sciuroid scuiromorph sclera scleral sclere scleriasis scleritis scleroblast scleroderm sclerodermatous sclerogen sclerogenetic sclerogenous scleroid sclerometer scleromyxedema sclerophthalmia sclerophyll sclerophyllous sclerosant scleroscope sclerosed sclerosis sceleroskeleton sclerotic sclerotome sclerotomy sclerous

σκια/γραφω σκια/λυω σκια/μαχη σκια/πους ισχιον ισχιον λογος γραφω γραφω μετρον σκοπεω σκια/μαινομαι σκια/φιλος σχια/φυω σκελλω σκια σκια σκια/μορφη σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω/βλαστος σκελλω/δερω σκελλω/δερω σκελλω/γενος σκελλω/γενος σκελλω/γενος σκελλω σκελλω/μετρον σκερλος/μυξος σκερολος/οψις σκλερος/φιλος σκλερος/φιλος σκελλω σκελλω/σκοπεω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω/τεμνω σκελλω/τεμνω σκελλω

scolecid scoleciform scolecite scolecophagous scolex scoliosis scolopaceous scolopale scolopendra scholopendrium scolopidium scolopophore scolopophorous scolops scolytid scolytoid scope scopeless scopophilia Scorpio scorpioid scorpion scotoma scotometer scotomization scotophile scotophobia scotophobin scotopia scotopic scotoscope scripophily scrofuloderma scyphiferous scyphiform scyphiphorous scyphogeny scyphomancy scyphopolyp scyphophore scyphostoma scyphozoan scyphulus scyphus

σκωληξ σκωληξ σκωληξ σκωληξ/φαγειν σκωληξ σκολιος σκολοξ σκολοξ σκολοξ σκολοξ σκολοξ σκολοξ/φερω σκολοξ/φερω σκολοξ σκολοξ σκολοξ σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω/φιλος σκορπιος σκορπιος σκορπιος σκοτος/οιδεω σκοτος/μετρον σκοτος σκοτος/φιλος σκοτος/φοβος σκοτος/φοβος σκοτος σκοτος σκοτος/σκοπεω φιλος δερω σκυφος σκυφος σκυφος/φερω σκυφος/γενος σκυφος/μαινομαι σκυφος/πολυς/πους σκυφος/φερω σκυφος/στομα σκυφος/ζαω σκυφος σκυφος

Scylla Scythia Scythian Scythism Se sea devil seadrome sealily sea lion sea nymph sea pheasant SEATO sebolith seborrhea sebotrophic secodont second base secretagogue sedimentology sedulity sedulous sedulously sedulousness seine seism seismic seismicity seismics seismism seismograph seismological seismologist seismology seismometer seismometric seismometry seismoscope seismotectonic Selene selenian selenic selenide seleniferous selenious

Σκυλλα Σκυθικος Σκυθικος Σκυθικος σελας βαλλω δρομος λειπιον λεων νυφη Φασις οργανον λιθος ρεω τρεφω οδους βαινω αγω λογος δολος δολος δολος δολος σαγηνη σειω σειω σειω σειω σειω σειω/γραφω σειω/λογος σειω/λογος σειω/λογος σειω/μετρον σειω/μετρον σειω/μετρον σειω/σκοπεω σειω/τεκτων σελας σελας σελας σελας σελας σελας

selenite selenitic selenium selenocentric selenodesy selenodont selenograph selenographer selenographic selenography selenologist selenology selenoscope selenotropic self-centered self-govern self-government self-imposed semanteme semantic semanticist semanticize semantics semaphore semasiology sematic sematography sematology seme sememe semiautomatic semicolon seminology seminomadic semiology semiosis semiotic(s) semiotician Semite Semitic Semitism semitone semitropical sensitometer

σελας σελας σελας σελας/κεντεω σελας/δαιω σελας/οδους σελας/γραφω σελας/γραφω σελας/γραφω σελας/γραφω σελας/λογος σελας/λογος σελας/σκοπεω σελας/τρεπω κεντεω κυβερναω κυβερμαω παυω σημαινω σημαινω σημαινω σημαινω σημαινω σημαινω σημαινω/λογος σημαινω σημαινω/γραφω σημαινω/λογος σημαινω σημαινω αυτος κωλον λογος νομος σημαινω/λογος σημαιον σημαινω σημαινω Σημ Σημ Σημ τεινω τρεπω μετρον

sensitometric sepia sepiacean sepiola sepium sepsis septagon septemia septic septicemia septicity septic tank serge sericeous sericitization sericterium sericulture serigraph serigraphy seriocomic serological serologist serology serotonin serotype sesame seston sewing machine sex hormone sexologist sexology sex organ sex orgy sex symbol sex therapy sferics sgraffiato sgraffito shadowgraph shay shift character shock therapy shopocracy sialagogue

μετρον σηπια σηπια σηπια σηπια σηπω γωνια σηπω/αιμα σηπω σηπω/αιμα σηπω σηπω σηριχος σηρικος σηρικος σηρικος σηρικος σηρικος/γραφω σηρικος/γραφω κωμος λογος λογος λογος τεινω τυπος σησαμη σηθω μηχος ορμη λογος λογος οργανον οργια βαλλω θεραπων ατμος/σφαιρα γραφω γραφω γραφω


χαρασμω θεραπων κρατεω σιαλον/αγω

sialectasis sialic sialogogue sialography sialoid sialolith sialorrhea sibyl sibylline sibyllism sibyllist sicklocyte siderite sideroblast siderocyte siderography siderolite siderophil sideroscope siderosis siderostat siderurgy sigillographer sigillography sigma sigmatism sigmatropic sigmodont sigmoid sigmoidal sigmoidally sigmoidoscope signaphora silage silk silkscreen silkstocking silkworm silky silo silver medal silvichemical simosaur simosaurus

σιαλον σιαλον σιαλον/αγω σιαλον/γραφω σιαλον σιαλον/λιθος σιαλον/ρεω Σιβυλλα Σιβυλλα Σιβυλλα Σιβυλλα κυω σιδηρος σιδηρος/βλαστος σιδηρος/κυω σιδηρος/γραφω σιδηρος/λιθος σιδηρος/φιλος σιδηρος/σκοπεω σιδηρος ιστημι ιστημι/εργον γραφω γραφω Σιγμα Σιγμα Σιγμα/τρεπω Σιγμα/τρεπω Σιγμα Σιγμα Σιγμα Σιγμα/σκοπεω φερω σιρος

σηρικος σηρικος σηρικος σηρικος σηρικος

σιρος μεταλλον χυμος σιμος/σαυρος σιμος/σαυρος

simpatico sinanthropoid sinanthropus sinapic sinapine sinapism sindaco (It) sindicato (Sp) Sinesian sinfonia (It) sinfinietta (It) single tax Sinic sinicize sinify Sinosinogram Sinologist Sinology siphon siphonage siphonal siphonapterology siphonate siphoner siphonic siphoniferous siphoniform siphonogamic siphonophore siphuncle siphunculus siriasis siren sirenian sirenoid Sirian Sirius sistrum Sisyphean Sisyphus sitcom sitology sitomania

παθος Σιναι/ανθρωπος Σιναι/ανθρωπος σιναπις σιναπις σιναπις δικη δικη Σιναι φωνη φωνη ταττω Σιναι Σιναι Σιναι Σιναι γραφω Σιναι/λογος Σιναι/λογος σιφων σιφων σιφων σιφων/πτερον/λογος σιφων σιφων σιφων σιφων σιφων σιφων/γαμος σιφων/φερω σιφων σιφων Σειριος Σειρην Σειρην Σειρην Σειριος Σειριος σειω σοφος σοφος κωμος σιτος/λογος σιτος/μαινομαι

sitophobia sitophobic sitosterol skel skeletal skeleton skeletonize skeletonless skeptic skeptical skepticism sketch sketchbook sketcher sketchily sketchiness sketchy skiagram skiagraph skiagraphy skiamachy skiamancy skiametry skiascope slander slanderer slanderous slanderously slavocracy smaragdine Smyrna Smyrnean Smyrniote snapdragon sniperscope snobocracy snooperscope snuffbox soapbox soar social democracy sociobiological sociobiologist sociobiology

σιτος/φοβος σιτος/φοβος σιτος σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκελλω σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω εχω σκια/γραφω σκια/γραφω σκια/γραφω σκια/μαχη σκια/μαινομαι σκια/μετρον σκια/σκοπεω σκανδαλον σκανδαλον σκανδαλον σκανδαλον κρατεω σμαραγδος Σμυρνα Σμυρνα Σμυρνα δρακων σκοπεω κρατεω σκοπεω πυξις πυξις αηρ δημος/κρατεω βιος/λογος βιος/λογος βιος/λογος

sociocentric sociocracy sociocrat sociodrama sociogenesis sociogenic sociogram sociography sociologese sociologic sociological sociiologism sociologist sociologistic sociology sociometric sociometry sociopath sociopathic sociopathy sociostatic Socrates Socratic Socratically Socratism Socratize solarimeter solar myth solar system solecism solecist solecistic solenocyte solenodont solenoglyph solenoid solenoidal solibiblical solid geometry soligenous solion solvolysis solvolyze soma (not drug)

κεντεω κρατεω κρατεω δραω γενος γενος γραφω γραφω λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος μετρον μετρον παθος παθος παθος ιστημι Σωκρατες Σωκρατες Σωκρατες Σωκρατες Σωκρατες μετρον μυθος ιστημι σολοικος σολοικος σολοικος σωλην/κυω σωλην/οδους σωλην/γλυφω σωλην σωλην βιβλος γη/μετρον γενος ειμι λυω λυω σωμα

somal somatic somatically somatism somatist somatization somatogamy somatological somatologist somatology somatome somatomedin somatophore somatophyte somatopleure somatostatin somatotonia somatotonic somatotopic somatotroph somatotrophic somatotrophism somatotype somesthetic somite somnipathy sonogram sonograph sonometer Sophia sophic sophiology sophism sophist sophistic sophistocal sophistocally sophistocate sophistocated sophistocatedly sophistocation sophistry Sophoclean Sophocles

σωμα σωμα σωμα σωμα σωμα σωμα σωμα/γαμος σωμα/λογος σωμα/λογος σωμα/λογος σωμα/τεμνω σωμα σωμα/φερω σωμα/φυω σωμα/πλευρον σωμα/ιστημι σωμα/τεινω σωμα/τεινω σωμα/τοπος σωμα/τρεφω σωμα/τρεφω σωμα/τρεφω σωμα/τυπος σωμα/αισθανομαι σωμα παθος γραφω γραφω μετρον σοφος σοφος σοφος/λογος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος σοφος Σοφοκλης Σοφοκλης

sophomore sophomoric sophomorical sophrosyne sorites sorosilicate sorosis sorus soterial soteriological soteriology sound card sound-symbol soundsystem Southern Crown South Pole source program sousaphone sovietologist space chamber space program spadiceous spadix spanandry spanemia sparagmite sparagmos Sparta Spartacist Spartacus Spartan Spartanize spasm spasmatic spasmodic spasmodically spasmogen spasmogenic spasmolysis spasmolytic spasmoneme spasmophilia spasmus spastic

σοφος/μωρος σοφος/μωρος σοφος/υμρος σοφος σωρος σωρος σωρος σωρος σωζω σωζω/λογος σωζω/λογος χαρτης βαλλω ιστημι κορωνη πελω γραφω φωνη λογος καμαρα γραφω σπαδιξ σπαδιξ σπανος/ανηρ σπανος/αιμα σπαρασσω σπαρασσω Σπαρτα Σπαρτα Σπαρτα Σπαρτα Σπαρτα σπαω σπαω σπαω σπαω σπαω/γενος σπαω/γενος σπαω/λυω σπαω/λυω σπαω/νημα σπαω/φιλος σπαω σπαω

spasticity spastically spasticity spatha spathe spathic spathiform spathose spathulate spatiography spatula spatular spatulate spatulation spatule spatulous spay speakerphone spearmint spectinomycin spectrochemical spectrochemistry spectroheliogram spectrohelioscope spectrogram spectograph spectrological spectrology spectrometer spectrophone spectrophotometer spectroscope spectroscopic spectroscopy spectrotype speedometer spelaean speleologist speleology spelothem spelunker sperm spermaceti spermaduct

σπαω σπαω σπαω σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη γραφω σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη σπαθη φωνη μινθα μυκης χυμος χυμος ηλιος/γραφω ηλιος/σκοπεω γραφω γραφω λογος λογος μετρον φωνη φως/μετρον σκοπεω σκοπεω σκοπεω τυπος μετρον σπηλειον σπηλειον/λογος σπηλειον/λογος σπηλιος/τιθεμι σπηλαιον σπειρω σπειρω/κητος σπειρω

spermary spermatheca spermatic spermaticide spermatid spermatiferous spermatin spermatist spermatize spermatocide spermatocyte spermatogenesis spermatoid spermatophore spermatophyte spermatorrhea spermatospore spermatozoid spermatozoon spermicide spermiogenesis spermoderm spermophile spermophore spermous sperm whale speromagnetic sphene sphenic sphenocephaly sphenochasm sphenogram sphenoid sphenoidal spheenotic spheral sphere sphereless spheric spherical sphericality spherically sphericity spherics

σπειρω σπειρω/τιθημι σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω/κυω σπειρω/γενος σπειρω σπειρω/φερω σπειρω/φυω σπειρω/ρεω σπειρω σπειρω/ζαω σπειρω/ζαω σπειρω σπειρω/γενος σπειρω/δερω σπειρω/φιλος σπειρω/φερω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω/Μαγνητις σφην σφην σφην/κεφαλη σφην/χαος σφην/γραφω σφην σφην σφην σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα

spheriform spheriodactyl spherogram spherograph spheroid spheroidal spheroidize spheromaniac spherometer spheroplast spherosome spherule spherulite spherulitic sphincter sphincterotomy sphingine Sphinx sphygemic sphygmogram sphygmograph sphygmology sphygomanometer sphygometer sphygmophone sphygmoscope spikenard spinal cord spiral spiraliform spiralism spirality spiralization spiralize spirally spire (coil) spirograph spirogyra spiroid spirometer spirometric spiroplasma spirulate spleen

σφαιρα σφαιρα/δακτυλος σφαιρα/γραφω σφαιρα/γραφω σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα σφαιρα/μαινομαι σφαιρα/μετρον σφαιρα/πλαττω σφαιρα/σωμα σφαιρα σφαιρα/λιθος σφαιρα/λιθος σφιγγειν σφιγγειν/τεμνω σφιγγειν σφιγγειν σφυζω σφυζω/γραφω σφυζω/γραφω σφυζω/λογος σφυζω/μανος/μετρον σφυζω/μετρον σφυζω/φωνη σφυζω/σκοπεω ναρδος χορδη σπειρα σπειρα σπειρα σπειρα σπειρα σπειρα σπειρα σπειρα γραφω σπειρα/γυρος σπειρα σπειρα/μετρον σπειρα/μετρον σπειρα/πλαττω σπειρα σπλην

splenectomy splenetic splenial splenic splenetically spleniculus splenitis splenium splenius splenization splenocyte splenography splenomegaly splenosis splenotomy splenunculus spodic spodiosite spodium spodogenic spodomancy spodosol spondaic spondean spondee spondylic spondylitic spondylitis spondylolysis spondylosis spondylus sponge spongecake sponger sponge-like sponger spongicolous spongiform spongin sponginess spongioblast spongioblastoma spongioid spongiole

σπλην/τεμνω σπλην σπληνιον σπλην σπλην σπλην σπλην σπληνιον σπληνιον σπλην σπλην/κυω σπλην/γραφω σπλην/μεγας σπλην σπλην/τεμνω σπλην σποδος σποδος σποδος σποδος/γενος σποδος/μαινομαι σποδος σπενδω σπενδω σπενδω σπονδυλος σπονδυλος σπονδυλος σπονδυλος/λυω σπονδυλος σπονδυλος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος/βλαστος σπογγος/βλαστος σπογγος σπογγος

spongioplasm spongiose spongiosis spongoid spongolite spongolith spongologist spongology spongotype spongy sporadic sporadicity sporadically sporangiferous sporangiolum sporangiophore sporangiospore sprangium spore sporidium sporiferous sporoblast sporocarp sporocyst sporodochium sporogenesis sporogenous sporomorph sporont sporophore sporophyll sporophyte sporoplasm sporosac sporotrichosis sporozoan sporozoite sports desk sporular sporulate sporulation sporule squalodont squalorologist

σπογγος/πλαττω σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος σπογγος/λιθος σπογγος/λιθος σπογγος/λογος σπογγος/λογος σπογγος/τυπος σπογγος σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω/αγγιον σπειρω/αγγιον σπειρω/αγγιο/φερω σπειρω/αγγιον σπειρω/αγγιον σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω/βλαστος σπειρω/καρπος σπειρω/κυω σπειρω/δοχη σπειρω/γενος σπειρω/γενος σπειρω/μορφη σπειρω/ειμι σπειρω/φερω σπειρω/φυλλον σπειρω/φυω σπειρω/πλαττω σπειρω/σακκος σπειρω/θριξ σπειρω/ζαω σπειρω/ζαω δισκος σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω σπειρω οδους λογος

squalorology squandermania squill squilla sequirearch squirearchy squirrel squirrely stabilimeter stade stadial stadiometer stadium Stagira Stagirite stalactite stalactiform stalactitic stalactite stalagma stalagmite stalagmitic stalagmometer staphylococcus staphylolysin staphyloma staphyloplasty staphylorrhaphy star-catalog star-chamber starchart stasimon stasimorphy stasiology stasipatric stasis stathmokinesis static statical statically staticisor static pressure statics staurolatry

λογος μαινομαι σκιλλα σκιλλα αρχω αρχω σκια/ουρα σκια/ουρα μετρον ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι/μετρον ιστημι Σταγειρα Σταγειρα σταλασσω σταλασσω σταλασσω σταλασσω σταλασσω σταλασσω σταλασσω σταλασσω/μετρον σταφυλη/κοκκος σταθυλη/λυω σταφυλη/οιδεω σταφυλη/πλαττω σταφυλη/ραφις λογος καμαρα χαρτης ιστημι ιστημι/μορφη ιστημι/λογος ιστημι/πατηρ ιστημι ιστημι/κινεω ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι σταυρος/λατρις

staurolith stauroscope steapsin stearic acid stearin steatite steatogene steatogenous steatolysis steatoma steatopathy steatopygia steatornis steatorrhhea steatosis steganography steganopod stegocephalous stegodont stegomyia stegosaur stegosaurian stegosaurus stele stem analysis stemma stemmatic stemmatiform stemmatology stenocardia stenocephalic stenocromy stenoderm stenograph stenographer stenographic stenography stenohydric stenometer stenopaeic stenophagous stenophagy stenophlepsia stenophyllous

σταυρος/λιθος σταυρος/σκοπεω στεαρ στεαρ στεαρ στεαρ στεαρ/γενος στεαρ/γενος στεαρ/λυω στεαρ/οιδεω στεαρ/παθος στεαρ/πυγη στεαρ/ορνις στεαρ/ρεω στεαρ στεγω/γραφω στεγω/πους στεγω/κεφαλη στεγω/οδους στεγω/μυια στεγω/σαυρος στεγω/σαυρος στεγω/σαυρος στηλη λυω στεφω στεφω στεφω στεφω/λογος στενος/καρδια στενος/κεφαλη στενος/χρωμα στενος/δερω στενος/γραφω στενος/γραφω στενος/γραφω στενος/γραφω στενος/υδωρ στενος/μετρον στενος/ποιεω στενος/φαγειν στενος/φαγειν στενος/φλεψ στενος/φυλλον

stenopodium stenorhynchous stenosis stenostomatous stenothermal stenotic stenotopic stenotype stenotypy Stentor stentorian stentorophonic Stephen stephanic stephanion stephanome stercolith stere stereo stereobate stereoblock stereocentric stereochemistry stereochrome stereoelectronic stereognosis stereognostic stereogram stereograph stereographic stereography stereology stereome stereometer stereometric stereometry stereomicroscope stereomite stereophonic stereophony stereophotograph stereoplasm stereopsis stereopticon

στενος/πους στενος/ρυγχος στενος στενος/στομα στενος/θερομαι στενος στενος/τοπος στενος/τυπος στενος/τυπος Στεντωρ Στεντωρ Στεντωρ/φωνη στεφω στεφω στεφω στεφω/νομος λιθος στερεος στερεος στερεος/βαινω στερεος στερεος/κεντεω στερεος/χυμος στερεος/χρωμα στερεος/ηλεκτρον στερεος/γιγνωσκω στερεος/γιγνωσκω στερεος/γραφω στερεος/γραφω στερεος/γραφω στερεος/γραφω στερεος/λογος στερεος στερεος/μετρον στερεος/μετρον στερεος/μετρον στερεος/μικρος/σκοπεω στερεος/μιτος στερεος/φωνη στερεος/φωνη στερεος“/φως/γραφω στερος/πλαττω στερεος/οψις στερεος/οψις

stereoregular stereoscope stereoscopic stereoselective sterostatic stereotactic sterotaxic stereotaxis stereotomist stereotomy sterotropism stereotype stereotypical stereotypically stereotypy sterhydraulic steric sternal sternalgia sterniform sternocostal sternovertebral sternum steroid steroidogenesis steroid sterol sterro-metal stethogram stethograph stethometer stethoparalysis stethophone stethoscope stethoscopic stethoscopy stew sthene sthenia sthenic stibine stibium stibocaptate stibophen

στερεος στερεος/σκοπεω στερεος/σκοπεω στερεος στερεος/ιστημι στερεος/ταττω στερεος/ταττω στερεος/ταττω στερεος/τεμνω στερεος/τεμνω στερεος/τρεπω στερεος/τυπος στερεος/τυπος στερεος/τυπος στερεος/τυπος στερεος/υδωρ/αυλος στερεος στερνον στερνον/αλγος στερνον στερνον στερνον στερνον στερεος στερεος/γενος στερεος στερεος στερεος/μεταλλον στηθος/γραφω σηθος/γραφω στηθος/μετρον στηθος/λυω στηθος/φωνη στηθος/σκοπεω στηθος/σκοπεω στηθος/σκοπεω


σθενος σθενος σθενος στιβι στιβι στιβι στιβι/φαινω

stich stichic stichochrome stichometrical stichometry stichomythia stichomythic stichos stiction stifado stigma stigmaria stigmata stigmatic stigmatiferous stigmatiform stigmatism stigmatist stigmatization stigmatize stigmatose stigmatypy stigmergy stilb stilbene stilbite stilbesterol stimulogenous stink bomb stoa stochastic stock character stoic stoicheiology stoicheiometry stoical stoically stoicism stoicize stola stole (n) stoma stomach stomachache

στιχος στιχος στιχος/χρωμα στιχος/μετρον στιχος/μετρον στιχος/μυθος στιχος/μυθος στιχος ιστημι


στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω στιζω/τυπος στιζω/εργον στιλβω στιλβω στιλβω στιλβω/στερεος γενος βομβος στοα στοχος χαρασμω στοα στοχος/λογος στοχος/μετρον στοα στοα στοα στοα στολη στολη στομα στομα στομα

stomachal stomacher stomachful stomachic stomachical stomachless stomach pump stomachy stomapod stomatal stomate stomatic stomatiferous stomatitic stomatitis stomatology stomatomorphous stomatoplasty stomatopod stomatoscope stomatous stomion stomium stomodeum stop (plug) stoppage stopper storied storm petrel storm system stormy petrel story storyless storyline storyteller storytelling strabismic strabismometer strabismus strabotomy strangle strangle hold strangles strangulate

στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα/πους στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα στομα/λογος στομα/μορφη στομα/πλαττω στομα/πους στομα/σκοπεω στομα στομα στομα στομα/οδος στυππη στυππη στυππη ιστωρ




ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ ιστωρ στραβος στραβος/μετρον στραβος στραβος/τεμνω στραγξ στραγξ στραγξ στραγξ

strangulation strangullion strangury strap straphanger stapless strapper strapping strappy strategem strategetic strategic strategical strategically strategist strategize strategus strategy stratigrapher stratigraphic stratigraphical stratigraphy stratocracy stratosphere stratospheric stratotype streptocarpus streptococcus streptocyte streptokinase streptomycete streptomycin streptoneural streptostylic streptothricosis stress diagram stress phoneme string analysis string-tone strippergram strobe strobic strobilia strobilation

στραγξ στραγξ στραγξ στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω στρατος/αγω γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω κρατεω σφαιρα σφαιρα τυπος στρεφω/καρπος σρεφω/κοκκος στρεφω/κυω στρεφω/κινεω στρεφω/μυκης στρεφω/μυκης στρεφω/νευρον στρεφω/στυλος στρεφω/θριξ γραφω φωνη λυω τεινω γραφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω

strobilus stroboscope stroboscopic stroma stromatolite stromatolith Strombolian strombuliferous strombuliform Strombus strongbox strongyle strongyloidiasis strongylosis strophe strophic strophiole struthious strychnine strychinism Strychnos stuff stuffily stuffing stuffy Stygian stylar Stylites stylobate styloglossal stylolite stylometric stylometry Stymphalian Stymphalus styptic stypticity styrax styrene styrofoam Styx subatomic subboreal subcritical

στρεφω στρεφω/σκοπεω στρεφω/σκοπεω στορνυμι στορνυμι/λιθος στορνυμι/λιθος στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω πυξις στρογγυλος στρογγυλος στρογγυλος στρεφω στρεφω στρεφω στρουθος στρυχνος στρυχνος στρυχνος στυππη στυππη στυππη στυππη στυγεω στυλος στυλος στυλος/βαινω συολος/γλωττα στυλος/λιθος μετρον μετρον Στυμφαλος Στυμφαλος στυφω στυφω στυραχ στυραχ στυραχ στυγεω τεμνω βορεας κρινω

subdeacon subdermal submachine submicroscopic suboceanic subphylum subpoena subprogram subthalamic subthalamus subtone subtonic subtopia subtreasurer subtreasury subtropical subtype subzonal subzone sugarplum suicidology summer school sumpter Sunday school suovetaurilia supercolossal supergene supergiant superhelical superhelix superimposable superimpose superorganic superpatriot superpatriotic superphosphate superphysical superplastic superpose supertechnological supertonic supposable suppose supposed

διακονος δερω μηχος μικρος/σκοπεω Οκεανος φυλον ποινη γραφω θαλαμος θαλαμος τεινω τεινω τοπος θησαυρος θησαυρος τρεπω τυπος ζωνη ζωνη προυμνον λογος σχολη σαττω σχολη ταυρος κολοσσος γενος Γιγας ελιξ ελιξ παυω παυω οργανον πατηρ πατηρ φως φυω πλαττω παυω τεκτων/λογος τεινω παυω παυω παυω

supposedly supposer supposing surgeon surgeoncy surgeon fish surgery surgical surgically sweetpea switch mechanism Sybaris sybarite sybaritic sycamore sycoceric sycophancy sycophant sycophantic sycophantically sycosis syllabary syllabation syllabic syllabically syllabification syllabify syllabism syllabize syllable syllabus syllepsis syllogism syllogist syllogistic syllogistically syllogize symbiont symbiosis symbiotic symbiotically symbiotrophic symbol symbolatry

παυω παυω παυω χειρ/εργον χειρ/εργον χειρ/εργον χειρ/εργον χειρ/εργον χειρ/εργον πισος μηκος Συβαρις Συβαρις Συβαρις συκον/μορον συκον/κηρος συκον/φαινω συκον/φαινω συκον/φαινω συκον/φατνω συκον λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμαβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λαμβανω λογος λογος λογος λογος λογος βιος βιος βιος βιος βιος/τρεφω βαλλω βαλλω/λατρις

symbolic symbolical symbolically symbolics symbolism symbolist symbolization symbolize symbolography symbology symbololatry symmachy symmelia symmetallism symmetric symmetrical symmetrically symmetrize symmetrodont symmetrophobia symmetry symmorphic symmorphism sympathectomy sympathetic sympathetical sympathetically sympathicotonia sympathicotropic sympathize sympathizer sympathoblast sympatholytic sympathy sympatric sympatry symphily symphonette symphonic symphonically symphonious symphonism symphonize symphony

βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω βαλλω/γραφω βαλλω/λογος βαλλω/λατρις μαχη μελος μεταλλον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον/οδους μετρον/φοβος μετρον μορφη μορφη παθος/τεμνω παθος παθος παθος παθος/τεινω παθω/τρεπω παθος παθος παθος/βλαστος παθος/λυω παθος πατηρ πατηρ φιλος φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη φωνη

symphysis symplasm symplasma symplast symplectic symploce sympodia sympodial sympodium symposiast symposium symptom symptomatic symptomatically symptomatize symptomatology symptomless synagogue synalgia synallagmatic synangium synanthesis synanthous synanthropic synapse synapsis synaptic synaptogenesis synaptology synaptonemal synaptosome synarchy synarthrosis synastry syncarp syncarpous syncategorem synch synchondrosis synchrocyclotron synchromism synchromist synchromy synchroneity

φυω πλαττω πλαττω πλαττω πλεκτω πλεκτω πους πους πους πινω πινω πιπτω πιπτω πιπτω πιπτω πιπτω/λογος πιπτω αγω αλγος αλλος/αγω αγγειον ανθος ανθος ανθρωπος απτω απτω απτω απτω/γενος απτω/λογος απτω/νημα απτω/σωμα αρχω αρθρον αστηρ καρπος καρπος αγω χρονος χονδρος χρονος/κυκλος χρωμα χρωμα χρωμα χρονος

synchronic synchronicity synchronism synchronistic synchronization synchronize synchronizer synchronograph synchronology synchronous synchronously synchroscope synchrotron synchysis synclastic synclinal syncline synclitic syncopate syncopation syncopator syncope syncracy syncretic syncretically syncretism syncretist syncretistic syncretize syncrisis syncryptic syncytium syndactyl syndesmosis syndetic syndeton syndiagnostic syndic syndicalism syndicate syndication syndicator syndiotactic syndrome

χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος χρονος/γραφω χρονος/λογος χρονος χρονος χρονος/σκοπεω χρονος χεω κλαω κλινω κλινω κλινω κοπτω κοπτω κοπτω κοπτω κρατεω κρητιζειν κρητιζειν κρητιζειν κρητιζειν κρητιζειν κρητιζειν κρινω κρυπτω κυω δακτυλος δεω δεω δεω γιγνωσκω δικη δικη δικη δικη δικη ταττω δρομος

synecdoche synecdochical synecdochism synechia synechism synecology synectic synectics synedrion syneresis synergetic synergic synergism synergist synergistic synergize synergy synesthesia synesthetic synesis synethnic syngameon syngamete syngamy syngas syngen syngeneic syngenesia syngenesis syngenetic syngnathous syngraph synizesis synkinetic synneurosis synnomic synocha synochal synochus synod synodal synodic synodical synodically

δεχομαι δεχομαι δεχομαι εχω εχω οικος/λογος εχω εχω εδρα αειρω εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον εργον αισθανομαι αιστανομαι ιημι εθνος γαμος γαμος γαμος τιθημι/χαος γενος γενος γενος γενος γενος γνθθος γραφω ιζω κινεω νευρον νομος εχω εχω εχω οδος οδος οδος οδος οδος

synodist synodite synodsman synody synoeciosis synonym synonymic synonymical synonymist synonymity synonymize synonymous synonymously synonymy synopsis synoptic synopticon synoptist synoptophore synorchism synorthographic synostosis synsemantic syntactic syntactical syntactician syntagma syntagmatic syntagmene syntax syntaxic syntaxis syntaxy syntechnic syntectonic syntectic syntelic synteresis syntexis synthermal syntheme synthesis synthesist synthesize

οδος οδος οδος οδος οικος ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα ονομα οψις οψις οψις οψις οψις/φερω ορχις ορθος/γραφω οστεον σημαινω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω τεκτων τεκτων τηκος τελος τηρω τηκος θερομαι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι

synthesizer synthetic synthetical synthetically synthetism synthetist synthetistic synthetize synthronous syntone syntonic syntonize syntonous syntony syntoxoid syntrophic syntrophism Syria Syriac Syrian syringa syringe syringeal syringeful syringotome syrinx SyroSyrtis Syrtis Major syssarcosis systaltic systatic system system analysis systematic systematical systematically systematician systematicity systematist systematize system design systemic systemist

τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι θρονος τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τοξον τρεφω τρεφω Συρος Συρος Συρος συριγξ συριγξ συριγξ συριγξ συριγξ/τεμνω συριγξ Συρος συρω συρω σαρξ στελλω ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι/λυω ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι ιστημι

systemize systemless systole systolic systrophe systyle systylous syzygant syzygetic syzygial syzygium syzygy

ιστημι ιστημι στελλω στελλω στρεφω στυλος στυλος ζυγον ζυγον ζυγον ζυγον ζυγον

T tacheometer tachistoscope tachogram tachograph tachography tacholyte tachometer tachyarrhymnia tachycardia tachydrome tachygenesis tachyglossal tachygraph tachygrapher tachygraphic tachygraphy tachylyte tachymeter tachymetry tachyon tachyphrasia tachyphrenia tachypnea tachyscope tachysterol tachythanatous tachytomy tactic

ταχυς/μετρον ταχυς/σκοπεω ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/λυω ταχυς/μετρον ταχυς/ρεω ταχυς/καρδια ταχυς/δρομος ταχυς/γενος ταχυς/γλωττα ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/γραφω ταχυς/λυω ταχυς/μετρον ταχος/μετρον ταχυς ταχυς/φραζω ταχυς/φρην ταχυς/πνεω ταχυς/σκοπεω ταχυς/στερεος ταχυς/θανατος ταχυς/τεμνω ταττω

tactical tactician tacticity tactics taenia taeniate taenicide taeniform taenifuge taeniasis tagma tagmeme tagmemic tagmemicist tagmemeics tagmosis talent talented tangram tantalic tantalization tantalize tantalizer tantalum Tantalus tapestry taphonomy taphrenchyma taphrogenesis tapinocephalic tarantella tarantism tarantula Tarentum target practice tarsal tarsalgia tarsectomy tarsier tarsioid tarsiped tarsitis tarsomalacia tarsonemid

ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω τλαω τλαω


τλαω τλαω τλαω τλαω τλαω τλαω ταπης ταφος/ϖομος ταφρος/χυμος ταφρος/γενος ταπεινος/κεφαλη Ταρας Ταρας Ταρας Ταρας πραττω ταρσος ταρσος/αλγος ταρσος/τεμνω ταρσος ταρσος ταρσος ταρσος ταρσος/μαλακος ταρσος/νημα

tarsoplasty tarsotomy tarsus tartar tartareous tartarology Tartarus τask taskmaster Tatar tau tau cross tau crucifix taurobolium tauroboly taurocholic taurodont taurodontism tauromachy taurylic tautobaryd tautochrone tautographical tautohedral tautological tautologically tautologist tautologize tautologous tautology tautomancy tautomanism tautomerism tautometric tautomorphous tautonym tautophony tautopody tautosyllabic tautozonal taxation taxeme taxeopodous taxi

ταρσος/πλαττω ταρσος/τεμνω ταρσος Ταρταρος Ταρταρος Ταρταρος/λογος Ταρταρος ταττω ταττω


ταυ ταυ ταυ ταυρος/βαλλω ταυρος/βαλλω ταυρος/χολη ταυρος/οδους ταυρυς/οδοψς ταυρος/μαχη ταυρος/υλη αυτος/βαρυς αυτος/χρονος αυτος/γραφω αυτος/εδρα αυτος/λογος αυτος/λογος αυτος/λογος αυτος/λογος αυτος/λογος αυτος/λογος αυτος/μαινομαι αυτος/μαινομαι αυτος/μερος αυτος/μετρον αυτος/μορφη αυτος/ονομα αυτος/φωνη αυτος/πους αυτος/λαμβανω αυτος/ζωνη ταττω ταττω ταττω/πους ταττω

taxicab taxidermal taxidermist taxidermize taxidermy taxidriver taximeter taxiplane taxis taxi squad taxiway taxodont taxogen taxon taxonomic taxonomically taxonomist taxonomy taxophily tea hour tear gas tech technetium technetronic technic technical technicality technically technician technicism technicist tachnicize technicolor technics iechnification technique technocomplex technocracy technocrat technocratic technofreak technograph technographic technography

ταττω ταττω/δερω ταττω/δερω ταττω/δερω ταττω/δερω ταττω ταττω/μετρον ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω ταττω/οδους ταττω/γενος ταττω/ονομα ταττω/ονομα ταττω/ονομα ταττω/ονομα ταττω/ονομα ταττω/φιλος ωρα χαος τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων/ηλεκτρον τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων/κρατεω τεκτων/κρατεω τεκτων/κρατεω τεκτων τεκτων/γραφω τεκτων/γραφω τεκτων/γραφω

technolithic technologist technologize technological technologically technology technomanager technomania technomaniac technonomy technophile technophilia technophobe technophobia tectnophobic technosapiens technosphere technostress technostructure techy tectibranch tectogenesis tectology tectonic tectonician tectonics tectonism tectonist tectonite tectonization tectonophysical tectonothermal tectosphere Teflon teichoic teichopsia teichosocpy tektite tektosphere telacoustic telamon telangiectasis telanthropus telautograph

τεκτων/λιθος τεκτων/λογος τεκτων/λογος τεκτων/λογος τεκτων/λογος τεκτων/λογος τεκτων τεκτων/μαινομαι τεκτων/μαινομαι τεκτων/νομος τεκτων/φιλος τεκτων/φιλος τεκτων/φοβος τεκτων/φοβος τεκτων/φοβος τεκτων τεκτων/σφαιρα τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων βραγχια τεκτων/γενος τεκτων/λογος τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων τεκτων/φυω τεκτων/θερομαι τεκτων/σφαιρα τετταρες τειχος τειχος/οψις τειχος/σκοπεω τητκος τηκτος/σφαιρα τηλε/ακουω Τελαμων τελος/αγγειον τελος/ανθρωπος τηλε/αυτος/γραφω

telebanking telecamera telecast telecentric telechiric telecom telecommand telecomputer telecommunication telecommute telecon teleconference teleconnection teleconverter telecopier telecourse telecryptograph telectric telediagnosis teledrama teledynamic telefacsimile teleferic telegenesis telegenic telegnostic telegony telegram telegrammic telegraph telegrapher telegraphic telegraphist telegraphone telegraphy teleguide telekin telekinesis telekinetic telemark telemarketer telemarketing telematics telemechanics

τηλε τηλε/καμαρα τηλε τηλε/κεντεω τηλε/χειρ τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε/κρυπτω/γραφω τηλε/ηλεκτρον τηλε/γιγνωσκω τηλε/δραω τηλε/δυναμαι τηλε τηλε/φερω τηλε/γενος τηλε/γενος τηλε/γιγνωσκω τηλε/γενος τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω τηλε/γραφω.φωνη τηλε/γραφω τηλε τηλε/κινεω τηλε/κινεω τηλε/κινεω τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε/μηχος

telemedicine telemeter telemetry telemotor telencephalon telenegative teleocephal teleocracy teleodont teleological teleologist teleology teleonomy teleophobia teleophyte teleoptile teleordering teleorganic teleosaur teleostean teleostome teleozoon telepath telepathic telepathically telepathist telepathy telepheme telephone telephonic telephonist telephonograph telephony telephote telephoto telephotogram telephotograph telephotometer teleplasm teleportation telepositive teleprinter teleprocessing teleprompter

τηλε τηλε/μετρον τηλε/μετρον τηλε τηλε/κεφαλη τηλε τελος/κεφαλη τελος/κρατεω τελος/οδους τελος/λογος τελος/λογος τελος/λογος τελος/νομος τελος/φοβος τελος/φυω τελος/πτερον τηλε τελος/οργανον τελος/σαυρος τελος/οστεον τελος/στομα τελος/ζαω τηλη/παθος τηλε/παθος τηλε/παθος τηλε/παθος τηλε/παθος τηλε/φημι τηλε/φωνη τηλε/φωνη τηλε/φωνη τηλε/φωνη/γραφω τηλε/φωνη τηλε/φως τηλε/φως τηλε/φως/γραφω τηλε/φως/γραφε τηλε/φως/μετρον τηλε/πλαττω τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε

telepsychic telerecording telergy telescope telescopic telescopically telescopiform telescopist telescopy teleseism teleseme teleshopping telesia telesis telesoftware telesomatic telespectroscope telestereoscope telesthesia telesthetic telestich Telestrator teletex teletext teletherapy telethermogram telethermograph telethermometer telethon teletransport teletype teletypewriter teleutospore televangelist televiewer televise television televisionary televisor televisual telex telharmonium telic teliospore

τηλε/ψυχη τηλε τηλε/εργον τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/σειω τηλε/σημαινω τηλε τελος τελος τηλε τηλε/σωμα τηλε/σκοπεω τηλε/στερεος/σκοπεω τηλε/αισθανομαι τηλε/αισθανομαι τελος/στιχος τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε/θεραπων τηλε/θερομαι/γραφω τηλε/θερομαι/γραφω τηλε/θεομαι/μετρον τηλε τηλε τηλε/τυπος τηλε/τυπος τελος/σπειρω τηλε/αγγελλος τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε τηλε/αρμοζω τελος τελος/σπειρω

telium tellurometer telly telmatology teloblast telocentric telodendron telodynamic telogen telomer telometer telophase teloptic telos telosmic telotaxis telotroch telotype telson Temperate Zone tenderometer tendon tendonitis tenesmus tenosteosis tenotomy tensimeter tensiometer tensometer tephigram tephra tephrite tephrochronology tephromancy teraterabit terabyte terahertz terasecond teratism teratogen teratogenesis teratogenic teratogeny

τελος μετρον τηλε τελμα/λογος τελος/βλαστος τελος/κεντρον τελος/δενδρον τηλε/δυναμαι τελος/γενος τελος/μερος τηλη/μετρον τελος/φαινω τηλε/οψις τελος τηλη/οσμη τελος/ταττω τελος/τρεξω τηλη/τυππος τελσον ζωνη μετρον τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω/οστεον τεινω/τεμνω μετρον μετρον μετρον φει/γραφω τεφρος τεφρος τεφρος/κρονος/λογος τεφρος/μαινομαι τερας τερας τερας τερας τερας τερας τερας/γενος τερας/γενος τερας/γενος τερας/γενος

teratoid teratolite teratological teratologist teratology teratoma teravolt terawatt terebene terebenthene terebic terebinth terebintinate terebinthine teredo terminology termitologist terotechnology Terpsichore Terpsichorean terrigenous tesselate tesselation tessera tesseract tesseraglot tesseral tesseratomic test card test-type tetanic tetanogenic tetanus Tethyan Tethys tetra tetrabasic tetrablastic tetrachloride tetrachord tetrachoric tetrachotomous tetrachotomy tetrachromic

τερας τερας/λιθος τερας/λογος τερας/λογος τερας/λογος τερας τερας τερας τερεβινθος τερεβινθος τερεβινθος τερεβινθος τερεβινθος τερεβινθος τριβω λογος λογος τερω/τεκτων/λογος τερπω/χορος τερπω/χορος γενος τετταρες τετταρες τετταρες τετταρες/ακτις τετταρες/γλωττα τετταρεσς τετταρες/τεμνω χαρτης τυπος τεινω τεινω/γενος τεινω Τηθυς Τηθυς τετταρες τετταρες/βαινω τετταρες/βλαστος τετταρες/χλωρος τετταρες/χορδη τετταρες/χωρος τετταρες/τεμνω τετταρες/τεμνω τετταρες/χρωμα

tetracolon tetract tetracyclic tetracyline tetrad tetradactyl tetradic tetragamy tetraglot tetragon tetragonal tetragram Tetragrammaton tetrahedral tetrahedron tetralemma tetralogy tetramerous tetrameter tetramorph tetramorphic tetranomial tetrapetalous tetraphonic tetraphony tetrapla tetraplegia tetrapleuron tetraploid tetrapod tetrapodous tetrapteron tetrapterous tetrarch tetrarchy tetraskelion tetrasome tetrasomic tetraspherical tetraspore tetrastich tetrastyle tetrasyllabic tetrasyllable

τετταρες/κωλον τετταρες/ακτις τετταρες/κυκλος τετταρες/κυκλος τετταρες τετταρες/δακτυλος τετταρες τετταρες/γαμος τετταρες/γλωττα τετταρες/γωνια τετταρες/γωνια τετταρες/γραφω τετταρες/γραφω τετταρες/εδρα τετταρες/εδρα τετταρες/λαμβανω τετταρες/λογος τετταρες/μερος τετταρες/μετρον τετταρες/μορφη τετταρες/μορφη τετταρες πεταννυμι/τετταρες τετταρες/φωνη τετταρες/φωνη τετταρες/-λοος τετταρες/πλησσω τετταρες/πλευρον τετταρες/-πλοος τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πτερον τετταρες/πτερον τετταρες/αρχω τετταρες/αρχω τετταρες/σκελος τετταρες/σωμα τετταρες/σωμα τετταρες/σφαιρα τετταρες/σπειρω τετταρες/στιχος τετταρες/στυλος τετταρες/λαμβανο τετταρες/λαμβανω

tetrasymmetry tetrathlon tetratomic tetravalent tetrazolium tetrode tetrodont tetromino tettigoniid tettix Teutomania Teutophile Teutophobe thalamencephalon thalamus thalassanemia thalassian Thalassic thalassocracy thalassocrat thalassocraty thalassography thalassophile thalassophilia thalassotherapy thalattology thalerophagous thallic thalliferous thallium thalloid thallophyte thallus thanatism thanatist thanatoid thanatologist thanatology thanatophilia thanatophobia thanatopsis Thanatos thaumatology thaumatrope

τετταρες/μετρον τετταρες/αθλον τετταρες/τεμνω τετταρες τετταρες/ελαια τετταρες/οδος τετταρες/δους τετταρες τεττιξ τεττιξ μαινομαι φιλος φοβος θαλαμος/κεφαλη θαλαμος θαλασσα/αιμα θαλασσα θαλασσα θαλασσα/κρατεω θαλασσα/κρατεω θαλασσα/κρατεω θαλασσα/γραφω θαλασσα/φιλος θαλασσα/φιλος θαλασσα/θεραπων θαλασσα/λογος θαλλω/φαγειν θαλλω θαλλω θαλλω θαλλω θαλλω/φυω θαλλω θανατος θανατος θανατος θανατος/λογος θανατος/λογος θανατος/φιλος θανατος/φοβος θανατος/οψις θανατος θαυμαζω/λογος θαυμαζω/τρεπω

thaumaturge thaumaturgic thaumaturgics thaumaturgist thaumaturgy theandric theanthropic theanthropism Theanthropos thearchy theater theater seat theatric theatrical theatricalism theatricality theatricalize theatrically theatrics theatrocracy theatromania theatrophil theatrophobia Thebaic Thebaid Theban Thebes theca thecodont theism theist theistic thelemic thelitis thelyblast thelygenous thelykaryotic thelytokous thema thematic thematization thematize theme Themis

θαυμαζω/εργον θαυμαζω/εργον θαυμαζω/εργον θαυμαζω/εργον θαυμαζω/εργον θεος/ανηρ θεος/ανθρωπος θεος/ανθρωπος θεος/ανθρωπος θεος/αρχω θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι/κρατεω θεαομαι/μαινομαι θεαομαι/φιλος θεαομαι/φοβος Θηβη Θηβη Θηβη Θηβη τιθημι τιθημι/οδους θεος θεος θεος θελω θηλυς θηλος/βλαστος θηλος/θηλυς θηλος/καρυον θηλος/τοκος τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι τιθημι


theocentric theocentrism theocracy theocrasy theocrat theocratic theochristic theodemocracy theodicy theodidact theodolite Theodore theody theodrama theogeological theognostic theogonic theogonist theogony theohuman theoktonic theoktony theolatry theolepsy theologaster theologate theologian theologic theological theologically theologism theologist theologize theologoumenon theologue theology theomachy theomania theomaniac theomancy theometamorphism theomicrist theomonism

τιθημι/αντρωπος/μορφη θεος/κεντεω θεος/κεντεω θεος/κρατεω θεος/κεραννυμι θεος/κρατεω θεος/κρατεω θεος/χριω θεος/δημος/κρατεω θεος/δικη θεος/διδασκω θεος θεος/διδωμι θεος/αδω θεος/δραω θεος/γη/λογος θεος/γιγνωσκω θεος/γενος θεος/γενος θεος/γενος θεος θεος/κτονια θεος/κτονια θεος/λατρις θεος/λαμβανω θεος/λογος/γαστηρ θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/λογος θεος/μαχη θεος/μαινομαι θεος/μαινομαι θεος/μαινομαι θεος/μετα/μορφη θεος/μικρος θεος/μονος

theomorphic theomorphism theomythology theonomist theonomy theopathetic theopathy theophagous theophany theophilanthropy theophile theophilist theophilosophy theophobia theophoric theophorous theopneust theopsychism theorem theoretic theoretical theoretically theoretician theoria theorist theorize theory theosoph theosophical theosophism theosophist theosophistic theosophy theotaurine theotechny theoteleolgical theoteleology theotokos therarchy therapeutic therapeutical therapeutics therapist therapy

θεος/μορφη θεος/μορφη θεος/μυθος/λογος θεος/νομος θεος/νομος θεος/παθος θεος/παθος θεος/φαγειν θεος/φαινω θεος/φιλος/ανθρωπος θεος/φιλος θεος/φιλος θεος/φιλος/σοφος θεος/φοβος θεος/φερω θεος/φερω θεος/πνεω θεος/ψυκη θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεαομαι θεος/σοφος θεος/σοφος θεος/σοφος θεος/σοφος θεος/σοφος θεος/σοφος θεος/ταυρος θεος/τεκτων θεος/τελος/λογος θεος/τελος/λογος θεος/τοκος αρχω θεραπων θεραπων θεραπων θεραπων θεραπων

therian therianthropic therioanthopomorphic

theriatrics theriodont theriodynamics therioelectric therioelectricity theriogenesis theriograph therioid theriolatry theriolysis theriomancy theriomaniac theriomorph theriomorphic theriomorphism theriotomy theriozoic therm thermal thermal analysis thermal capacity thermal cycle thermal diffusion thermal efficiency thermal imaging thermalize thermal noise thermal pollution thermal runaway thermal storage thermal unit thermanesthesia thermesthesia thermic Thermidor thermion thermionic thermistor thermite thermoammeter thermoaqueous

θεριον θεριον/ανθρωπος θεριον/ανθρωποςμορφη θεριον θεριον/οδους θεριον/δυναμαι θεριον/ηλεκτρον θεριον/ηλεκτρον θεριον/γενος θεριον/γραφω θεριον θεριον/λατρις θεριον/λυω θεριον/μαινομαι θεριον/μαινομαι θεριον/μορφη θεριον/μορφη θεριον/μορφη θεριον/τεμνω θεριον/ζαω θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/λυω θερομαι θερομαι/κυκλος θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/αισθανομαι θερομαι/ αισθανομαι θερομαι θερομαι/διδωμι θερομαι/ειμι θερομαι/ειμι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/μετρον θερομαι

thermochaotic thermochemical thermochemistry thermochromism thermocline thermocompression thermocouple thermocycler thermode thermodiffusion thermoduric thermodynamic thermoelastic thermoelectric thermoform thermogeography thermogenesis thermogram thermograph thermographic thermography thermogravimetry thermohaline thermoharden thermohydrology thermohydrometer thermokinematics thermolabile thermology thermoluminescence thermoluminescent thermolysis thermomagnetic thermomagnetism thermomechanical thermometamorphism

thermometer thermometric thermometrical thermometry thermomotor thermomotive thermoneutral thermonuclear

θερομαι/χαος θερομαι/χυμος θερομαι/χυμος θερομαι/χρωμα θερομαι/κλινω θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/κυκλος θερομαι/οδος θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/δυναμαι θερομαι/ελαυνω θερομαι/ηλεκτρον θερομαι θερομαι/γη/γραφω θερομαι/γενος θερομαι/γραφω θερομαι/γραφω θερομαι/γραφω θερομαι/γραφω θερομαι/μετρον θερομαι/αλς θερομαι θερομαι/υδωρ/λογος θερομαι/υδωρ/μετρον θερομαι/κινεω θερομαι θερομαι/λογος θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/λυω θερομαι/μαγνητις θερομαι/μαγνητις θερομαι/μηκος θερομαι/μρτα/μορφη θερομαι/μετρον θερομαι/μετρον θερομαι/μετρον θερομαι/μετρον θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι

thermophagy thermophil thermophilic thermophilous thermophone thermophore thermopile thermoplastic thermoplegia thermopower Thermopylae thermoreceptor thermoregulatory thermos thermoscope thermoscopic thermosensitive thermoset thermosphere thermostable thermostat thermostatics thermosynthesis thermotactic thermotaxis thermotensile thermotension thermotherapy thermotic thermotoxin thermotropic thermotropism thermotype therodont theroid therolatry therology theromorous theromorph therophyte theropodous therosaur Thersites Thersitical

θερομαι/φαγειν θερομαι/φιλος θερομαι/φιλος θερομαι/φιλος θερομαι/φωνη θερομαι/φερω θερομαι θερομαι/πλαττω θερομαι/πλησσω θερομαι θερομαι/πυλη θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/σκοπεω θερομαι/σκοπεω θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/σφαιρα θερομαι θερομαι/ιστημι θερομαι/ιστημι θερομαι/τιθημι θερομαι/ταττω θερομαι/ταττω θερομαι θερομαι θεραπων/θερομαι θερομαι θερομαι/τοξον θερομαι/τρεπω θερομαι/τρεπω θερομαι/τυπος θεριον/οδους θεριον θεριον/λατρις θεριον/λογος θεριον/μωρος θεριον/μορφη θεριον/φυω θεριον/πους θεριον/σαυρος Θερσιτης Θερσιτης

theasaurosis thesaurus thesis thesmophoric Thespian Thespianism Thespis Thessalian Thessaloniki Thessaly theta theta-function theurgic theurgical theurgist theurgy thiasos thiasus thiazide thigmokinesis thigmoreceptor thigmotaxis thigmotropism thinocorine thinolite thiobacillus thiocarbonate thiochrome thiocrasy thiocyanogen thiogenic thionic thioindigo thole tholobate tholoid tholos thong thooid thoracic thoraciform thoracipod thoracispinal thoracodynia

θησαυρος θησαυρος τιθημι θεσμος/φερω Θεσπις Θεσπις Θεσπις Θεσσαλια Θεσσαλια/νικη Θεσσαλια θητα θητα θεος/εργον θεος/εργον θεος/εργον θεος/εργον θιασος θιασος θειον/οξυς θιγμα/κινεω θιγμα θιγμα/ταττω θιγμα/τρεπω θις/κορυς θις/λιθος θειον/βακτρον θειον θειον/χρωμα θειον/κερρανυμαι θειον/κυανος/γενος θειον/γενος θειον θειον/ινδικον θολος θολος/βαινω θολος θολος φθονγος θωος θωραξ θωραξ θωραξ/πους θωραξ θωραξ/οδυνη

thoracometer thoracoplasty thoracoscope thoracostomy thorax thorn crown thos thought police thous Thrace Thracian Thrasonic Thrasonical three-center thremmatology threnode threnody threptic thrips thrombectomy thrombin thrombocyte thrombolite thrombolytic thrombophlebitis thromboplastic thrombose thrombosis thrombus throne throneless Thucydidean Thucydides thugocracy Thule Thulean thulium thurible turifer thurification thurify Thyestean Thyestes thylakoid

θωραξ/μετρον θωραξ/πλαττω θωραξ/σκοπεω θωραξ/τεμνω θωραξ κορωνη θωος πολις θωος Θρακη Θρακη Θρασων Θρασων κεντεω θρημμα/λογος θρηνος/αδω θρηνος/αδω τρεφω θριψ θρομβος/τεμνω θρομβος θρομβος/κυω θρομβος/λιθος θρομβος/λυω θρομβος/φλεψ θρομβος/πλαττω θρομβυς θρομβος θρομβος θρονος θρονος Θουκυδιδης Θυοκυδιδης κρατεω Θυλη Θυλη Θυλη θυω θυω θυω θυω Θυεστες Θυεστες θυλακος

thyme thymectomy thymic thymocyte thymol thymoleptic thymonucleic thymosin thymotic thymus thyratron thyristor thyrocele thyrogenic thyroglobulin thyroglossal thyroid thyroidectomy thyroidic throidism thyroiditis thyrolitic thyrotoxic thyrotoxin thyrsiferous thyrsiflorous thyrsiform thyrsoid thyrsus thysanopter thysanuran tiara tiare tiarella Tibetology tidology tiger tigercat tigereye tigerish tigon tigress tigrine Tigris

θυμος θυμος/τεμνω θυμος/θυμον θυμος/κυω θυμος θυμος/λαμβανω θυμος θυμος θυμος θυμος θυρα θυρα θυρα/κηλη θυρα/γενος θυρα θυρα/γλωττα θυρα θυρα/τεμνω θυρα θυρα θυρα θυρα/λυω θυρα/τοξον θυρα/τοξον θυρσος θυρσος θυρσος θυρσος θυρσος θυανος/πτερον θυρανος/ουρα τιαρα τιαρα τιαρα λογος λογος τιγρις τιγρις τιγρις τιγρις τιγρις/λεων τιγρις τιγρις τιγρις

tigroid tigrolysis tillodont timbre timbrel timbrology timbromania timbrophily time base time machine time zone timocracy timocratic Timothy tinderbox tinoceratid Tintometer tintype tissue paper titan titanesque titaness titanian titaniferous titanism titanite titanium titanomachy titanosaurus titanothere titanous Tithonian Tithonus titrimetry tmesis toilet paper tolerogen toll toll booth tollgate tollkeeper tomb tombarolo tombic

τιγρις τιγρις/λυω τιλλω/οδους τυπος τυπος λογος μαινομαι φιλος βαινω μηχος ζωνη τιμαω/κρατεω τιμαω/κρατεω τιμαω/θεος πυξις τεινω/κερας μετρον τυπος παπυρος Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν Τιταν/μαχη Τιταν/σαυρος Τιταν/θεριον Τιταν Τιθωνος Τιθωνος μετρον τεμνω παπυρος γενος τελος τελος τελος τελος τυμβος τυμβος τυμβος

tombless tombstone tome tomography -tomy tonal tonality tone tone-deaf toneless toneme toneless tonetics tonic tonically tonicity tonogram tonograph tonometer tonotaxis tonotropic tonsilolith tonsilotome tonus tony toothpaste toparchy topaz topectomy topia topiaria topiarian topiarist topiarius topiary topic topical topicality topicalize topically topocentric topochemical topochemistry topocline

τυμβος τυμβος τεμνω τεμνω/γραφω τεμνω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω/γραφω τεινω/γραφω τεινω/μετρον τεινω/ταττω τεινω/τρεπω λιθος τεμνω τεινω τεινω πασσω τοπος/αρχω τοπαζος τοπος/τεμνω τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος τοπος/κεντεω τοπος/χυμος τοπος/χυμος τοπος/κλινω

topodeme topogenous topograph topographer topographic topographical topographically topographize topography topoinhibition topological topologize topology topomorph toponomastic toponym toponymic toponymy topophobia topophone topopolitan topos toposcope toposcopy topotaxy topotype tormodont tornus torosaurus torquemeter Torrid Zone torsiograph torsiometer torso touch-tone touchtyping tour tourelle tourism tourist tourist center tourist class touristic touristically

τοπος/δημος τοπος/γενος τοπος/γραφω τοπος/γραφω τοπος/γραφω τοπος/γραφω τοπος/γραφω τοπος/γραφω τοπος/γραφω τοπος τοπος/λογος τοπος/λογος τοπος/λογος τοπος/μορφη τοπος/ονομα τοπος/ονομα τοπος/ονομα τοπος/ονομα τοπος/φοβος τοπος/φωνη τοπος/πολις τοπος τοπος/σκοπεω τοπος/σκοπεω τοπος/ταττω τοπος/τυπος τορμος/οδους τορνος τορος/σαυρος μετρον ζωνη γραφω μετρον θυρσος τεινω τυπος τορνος τυρρις τορνος τορνος τορνος/κεντεω τορνος τορνος τορνος

tourist trap tournament tournedos tournette tourney tourniquet tournure tower towering towerless towerlight towerman towery toxemia toxemic toxic toxicant toxication toxicity toxicodendron toxicoderma toxicogenic toxicologist toxicology toxicomania toxicophagous toxicophilite toxicophobia toxicosis toxicum toxidermic toxifer toxiferous toxin toxiphagus toxiphobia toxiphorous toxodont toxophilite toxophily toxoplasm toxoplasmosis trachea tracheal

τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τοξον/αιμα τοξον/αιμα τοξον τοξον τοξον τοξον τοξος/δενδρον τοξον/δερω τοξον/γενος τοξον/λογος τοξον/λογος τοξον/μαινομαι τοξον/φαγειν τοξον/φιλος τοξον/φοβος τοξον τοξον τοξον/δερω τοξον τοξον τοξον τοξον/φαγειν τοξον/φοβος τοξον/φερω τοξον/οδους τοξον/φιλος τοξον/φιλος τοξον/πλαττω τοξον/πλαττω τραχυς τραχυς

trachean tracheate tracheid tracheitis trachelate tracheloplasty trachelipod tracheocele tracheoma tracheophone tracheoscope tracheostomy tracheotomy trachidermic trachoma trachycarpous trachychromatic trachypteroid trachyspermous trachyte trachytic trade cycle trade school tragedian tragedienne tragedize tragedy tragelaph tragic tragical tragically tragicalness tragicomedy tragicomic tragopan tragule tragus transatlantic transgenic transgenosis transhistorical transisthmian transmissometer transmorphism

τραχυς τραχυς τραχυς τραχυς τραχηλος τραχηλος/πλαττω τραχηλος/πους τραχυς/κηλη τραχυς/οιδεω τραχυς/φωνη τραχυς/σκοπεω τραχυς/στομα τραχυς/τεμνω τραξυς/δερω τραχυς τραχυς/καρπος τραχυς/χρωμα τραχυς/πτερον τραχυς/σπειρω τραχυς τραχυς κυκλος σχολη τραγος/αδω τραγος/αδω τραγος/αδω τραγος/αδω τραγος/ελαφος τραγος τραγος τραγος τραγος τραγος/κωμος/αδω τραγος/κωμος τραγος/Παν τραγος τραγος Ατλας γενος γενος ιστωρ ισθμος μετρον μορφη

transoceanic transphasor transphenomenal transpirometer transpleural transpolar transposable transpose transposer transthoracic transtracheal transuranic trapeze trapezial trapezian trapeziform trapezist trapezium trapezius trapezohedron trapezoid trapezoidal traulism traulismus trauma traumatic traumaticism traumatism traumatize traumatocace traumatol traumatology traumatonesis traumatopnea traumatopyra traumatropism travelog(ue) treacle treasurable treasure treasure chest treasure hunt treasurer treasurership

Οκεανος φαινω φαινω μετρον πλευρον πελω παυω παυω παυω θωραξ τραχος ουρανος τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους/εδρα τετταρες/πους τετταρες/πους τραυλος τραυλος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος/κακος τορνος τορνος/λογος τορνος/νησις τορνος/πνεω τορνος/πυρ τορνος/τρεπω λογος θεριον θησαυρος θησαυρος θησαυρος θησαυρος θησαυρος θησαυρος

treasure trove treasury Treasury Department

treasury note tree nymph tree surgeon tree surgery trematode trepan trepanation tractinal triad triadic triadism triadist triage trialogue trianthous triarch triarchy trias Triassic triaster triathlete triathlon triatomic triatomid triatomy triaxial tribade tribadism tribasic triblastic tribology triboluminescence tribometer tricarpous tricentral tricephalic triceratops trichiasis trichina trichinize trichinosis

θησαυρος θησαυρος θησαυρος θησαυρος νυμφη χειρ/εργον χειρ/εργον τρημα τρυπαω τρυπαω τρεις/ακτις τρεις τρεις τρεις τρεις τρεις τρεις/λογος τρεις/ανθος τρεις/αρχω τρεις/αρχω τρεις τρεις τρεις/αστηρ τρεις/αθλον τρειςαθλον τρεις/τεμνω τρεις/τεμνω τρεις/τεμνω τρεις/αξων τρεβω τρεβω τρεις/βαινω τρεις/βλαστος τριβω/λογος τριβω τριβω/μετρον τρεις/καρπος τρεις/κεντεω τρεις/κεντεω τρεις/κερας/ωψ θριξ θριξ θριξ θριξ

trichinous trichite trichogenous trichoid trichologist trichology trichoma trichophobia trichophyte trichord trichosis trichotillomania trichotomize trichotomous trichotomy trichromat trichromatic trichromatism trichromic trichronous triclad triclinic tricolic tricycle tricyclic tridactyl tridactylous trierarch trierarchy triethyl trig trigamist trigamous trigamy trigastric trigenic triglot triglyceride triglyph trigon trigonal trigoneutic trigonometric trigonometrical

θριξ θριξ θριξ/γενος θριξ θριξ/λογος θριξ/λογος θριξ/οιδεω θριξ/φοβος θριξ/φυω τρεις/χορδη θριξ θριξ/μαινομαι τρεις/τεμνω τρεις/τεμνω τρεις/τεμνω τρεις/χρωμα τρεις/χρωμα τρεις/χρωμα τρεις/χρωμα τρεις/χρονος τρεις/κλαω τρεις/κλινω τρεις/κωλον τρεις/κυκλος τρεις/κυκλος τρεις/δακτυλος τρεις/δακτυλος τρεις/αρχω τρεις/αρχω τρεις/αιθηρ/υλη τρεις/γωνια/μετρον τρεις/γαμος τρεις/γαμος τρεις/γαμος τρεις/γαστηρ τρεις/γενος τρεις/γλωττα τρεις/γλυκος τρεις/γλυφω τρεις/γωνια τρεις/γωνια τρεις/γενος τρεις/γωνια/μετρον τρεις/γωνιa/μετρον

trigonometrically trigonometry trigonous trigram trigraph trigraphy trihedral trihedron trihemeral trihydrate trihydrogen trike trilemma trilith trilobal trilobate trilobite trilogical trilogy trilophodont trilophous trimerous trimeter trimetric trimetrical trimorph trimorphic trimorphism triode trionym triorthogonal trioxide tripetalous triphasic triphibian triphibious triphony triphthong triphyllous triplegia tripod tripodal tripodic tripody

τρεις/γωνια/μετρον τρεις/γωνια/μετρον τρεις/γωνια τρεις/γραφω τρεις/γραφω τρεις/γραφω τρεις/εδρα τρεις/εδρα τρεις/ημερα τρεις/υδωρ τρεις/υδωρ/γενος τρεις/κυκλος τρεις/λαμβανω τρεις/λιθος τρεις/λοβος τρεις/λοβος τρεις/λοβος τρεις/λογος τρεις/λογος τρεις/λοφος/οδους τρεις/λοφος τρεις/μερος τρεις/μετρον τρεις/μετρον τρεις/μετρον τρεις/μορφη τρεις/μορφη τρεις/μορφη τρεις/οδος τρεις/ονομα τρεις/ορθος/γωνια τρεις/οξυς τρεις/πεταννυμι τρεις/φαινω τρεις/αμφι//βιος τρεις/αμφι//βιος τρεις/φωνη τρεις/φθογγος τρεις/θυλλον τρεις/πλησσω τρεις/πους τρεις/πους τρεις/πους τρεις/πους

Tripoli tripterous triptote triptych tripyramidal tris triskaidekaphobia triskele triskelion trismic trismus trisoctahedron trisome trisomic trisomy trispermous trisporous tristich tristichous tristylous trisyllabic trisyllable tritagonist tritanopia tritheism tritheist trithionic tritium Triton tritonality tritone trizonal trochaic trochal trochanter trochee trochiferous trochiform trochilus trochlea trochlear trochophore trochoid trochoidal

τρεις/πολις τρεις/πτερον τρεις/πιπτω τρεις/πτυσσω τρεις/πυραμις τρεις τρεις/δεκα/φοβος τρεις/σκελος τρεις/σκελος τριγμος τριγμος τρεις/οκτω/εδρα τρεις/σωμα τρεις/σωμα τρεις/σωμα τρεις/σπειρω τρεις/σπειρω τρεις/στιχος τρεις/στιχος τρεις/στυλος τρεις/λαμβανω τρεις/λαμβανω τρεις/αγω τρεις/οψις τρεις/θεος τρεις/θεος τρεις/θειον τρεις Τριτων τρεις/τεινω τρεις/τεινω τρεις/ζωνη τρεχω τρεχω τρεχω τρεχω τρεχω τρεχω τρεχω τροχιλια τροχιλια τρεχω/φερω τρεχω τρεχω

trochotron trochus troglobiont troglobite troglodyte troglodytic troglophile trogloxene tronometer trope trophallaxis trophesy trophi trophic trophobiont trophobiosis trophoblast trophocyte trophogenic trophology tropholytic trophoneurotic Trophonian Trophonius trophonucleus trophopathy trophophore trophophorous trophoplasm trophoplast trophosome trophosphere trophotaxis trophotropic trophotropism trophozoite trophozooid trophy tropic tropical tropicalian tropicalize tropically tropicana

τρεχω τρεχω τρωγλη/βιος τρωγλη/βιος τρωγλη/-δυω τρωγλη/-δυω τρωγλη/φιλος τρωγλη/ξενος τρονος/μετρον τρεπω τρεφω/αλλος τρεφω τρεφω τρεφω τρεφω/βιος τρεφω/βιος τρεφω/βλαστος τρεφω/κυω τρεφω/γενος τρεφω/λογος τρεφω/λυω τρεφω/νευρον Τροφωνιος Τροφωνιος τρεφω τρεφω/παθος τρεφω/φερω τρεφω/φερω τρεφω/πλαττω τρεφω/πλαττω τρεφω/σωμα τρεφω/σφαιρα τρεφω/ταττω τρεφω/τρεπω τρεφω/τρεπω τρεφω/ζαω τρεφω/ζαω τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω

tropicopolitan tropism tropistic tropological tropology tropometer tropomyosin tropopause tropophilous tropohyte troposcatter troposphere tropospore tropotaxis troppo troubadour trout truck truckle tubectomy tubipore tuboplasty tubulipore tubulocyst tularemia tumorigenetic tumorigenic tuna tunable tune tuneful tuneless tuner tunester tune-up tunny turbopause turbosphere Turing machine turismo turista turn turnaround turnaway

τρεπω/πολις τρεπω τρεπω τρεπω/λογος τρεπω/λογος τρεπω/μετρον τρεπω/μυς τρεπω/παυω τρεπω/φιλος τρεπω/φυω τρεπω τρεπω/σφαιρα τρεπω/σπειρω τρεπω/ταττω τρεπω



τρεχω τρεχω

τεμνω περαω πλαττω περαω κυω αιμα γενος γενος θυννος τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω τεινω θυννος παυω σφαιρα μηχος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος

turnback turncoat turncock turndown turner turning point turnkey turnoff turnon turnout turnover turnpike turnspit turnstone turntable turophile turpentine turret turreted turricular turriculate turriferous TV tylosaurus tympanic tympaniform tympanitic tympanum tympamy typal type typecast typecopy typeface type fallacy typeset typewrite typewriter typewritng typewritten typhlitis typhlograph typhlology typhlometer

τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τορνος τυρος/φιλος τερεβινθος τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τυρρις τηλε τυλος/σαυρος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυφλος τυφλος/γραφω τυφλος/λογος τυφλος/μετρον

typhlosis typhoid Typhon typhon typhonic typhoon typhous typhus typic typical typically typicalness typify typing typist typo typocrat typograph typographer typographic typographica typographical typographically typographist typography typological typologist typologize typology typomania typonym typophile typophobia typorama typescript typothetae tyranness tyrannic tyrannical tyrannically tyrannicidal tyrannicide tyrannize tyrannophobia

τυφλος τυφω Τυφων Τυφων Τυφων


τυφω τυφω τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος τυπος/γραφω τυπος/κρατεω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/γραφω τυπος/λογος τυπος/λογος τυπος/λογος τυπος/λογος τοπος/μαινομαι τυπος/ονομα τυπος/φιλος τυπος/φοβος τυπος/οραω τυπος τοπος/ψιθημι τψραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυρρανος/φοβος

tyrannosaurus tyrannous tyrannously tyranny tyrant tyroglyphoid tyroleucin tyroma tyrosinemia tyrosine tyrosis tyrotoxicon Tyrrhene Tyrrhenian Tyrtaean Tyrtaeus

τυραννος/σαυρος τυραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυραννος τυρος/γλυφω τυρος/λευκος τυρος/οιδεω τυρος/αιμα τυρος τυρος τυρος/τοξον Τυρρηνοι Τυρρηνοι Τυρταιος Τυρταιος

U udometer ufology ulcer ulcerate ulceration ulcerous ulotrichan ulotrichous Ultima Thule ultrabasic ultracentrifuge ultracritical ultramicroscope ultramicrotome ultrasaurus ultrasonography umbilical cord unanchored unapologetic unapologetically unathletic unathletically unbaptized unblamed uncanonical uncharacteristically uncharted unchristian uncritical uncritically uncrowned uncrystallized undecagon undemocratic undemocratically undertone undiagnosed undisposed undramatic unglossed ungovernable

μετρον λογος ελκος ελκος ελκος ελκος ουλος/θριξ ουλος/θριξ Θυλη βαινω κεντεω κρινω μικρος/σκοπεω μικρος/τεμνω σαυρος γραφω χορδη αγκυρα λογος λογος αθλον αθλον βαπτω φημι καννα χαρασσμω χαρτης χριω κρινω κριμω κορωνη κρυος δεκα/γωνια δημος/κρατεω δημος/κρατεω τεινω γιγνωσκω παυω δραω γλωττα κυβερναω

ungoverned ungovernmental ungrammatical unicameral unicycle unicyclist unidiomatic unimer unimposing unineme unipod unmassed unmechanical unmetered unmusical unopposed unorganized unorthodox unparalleled unpatriotic unpenitent unphilosophical unphonetic unphrased unphysical unpoetic unpoetically unpompous unpracticed unpunishable unpunished unrepentant unrepented unrepenting unscheduled unscholarly unschooled unsophistocated unstigmatized unsymmetrical unsympathetic unsympathetically unsyntactical unsystematic

κυβερναω κυβερναω γραφω καμαρα κυκλος κυκλος ιδιος μερος παυω νημα πους μασσω μηχος μετρον Μουσα παυω οργανον ορθος/δοκεω αλλος πατηρ ποινη φιλος/σοφος φωνη φραζω φυω ποιεω ποιεω πεμπω πραττω ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη ποινη σχιζω σχολη σχολη σοφος στιζω μετρον παθος παθος ταττω ιστημι

untalented untreasured untune untypical unzealous upsilon upturn upturned Urania uranian uranic uraniferous uranite uranitic uranium uranography uranolatry uranology uranomania uranometry uranopathy uranoplasty uranoscopy uranous Uranus uranyl urbanology urea uremia uremic ureter urethra urethritis urethescope urethescopy urinalysis urinologist urinology urinometer urinoscopist urinoscopy urobilin urobilinuria uroboros

τλαω θησαυρος τεινω τυπος ζηλος υ/ψιλος τορνος τορνος ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος/γραφω ουρανος/λατρις ουρανος/λογος ουρανος/μαινομαι ουρανος/μετρον ουρανος/παθος ουρανος/πλαττω ουρανος/σκοπεω ουρανος ουρανος ουρανος/υλη λογος ουρον ουρον/αιμα ουρον/αιμα ουρον ουρον ουρον ουρον/σκοπεω ουρον/σκοπεω λυω λογος λογος μετρον σκοπεω σκοπεω ουρον ουρον ουρα

urochord urochordata urochrome urocystitis urodele uroerythrin urogaster urogastronome urogenital urogenous uroglaucin urography urokinase urolagnia urolith urologist urology uromelanin uronic urophanic urophilia uropod uropoietic uroporphyrin uroscopy urostealith urostyle urotoxic urotoxy uroxanthic uroxanthin urrhodin uterotome utility program utopia utopian utopianism utopianist utopianize utopiate utopism utopist utriculoplasty uvulatome

ουρα/χορδη ουρα/κορδη ουρον/χρωμα ουρον/κυω ουρα/δηλος ουρον/ερυθρος ουρον/γαστηρ ουρον/γαστηρ ουρον ουρον/γενος ουρον/γλαυκος ουρον/γραφω ουρον/κινεω ουρον/λαγνεια ουρον/λιθος ουρον/λογος ουρον/λογος ουρον/μελας ουρον ουρον/φαινω ουρον/φιλος ουρα/πους ουρον/ποιεω ουρον/πορφυρα ουρον/σκοπεω ουρον/στεαρ/λιθος ουρον/στυλος ουρον/τοξον ουρον/τοξον ουρον/ξανθος ουρον/ξανθος ουρον/ροδον τεμνω γραφω ου/τοπος ου/τοπος ου/τοπος ου/τοπος ου/τοπος ου/τοπος/οπος ου/τοπος ου/τοπος πλαττω τεμνω

uvulatomy uvulotome uvulotomy

τεμνω τεμνω τεμνω

V vaccinophobia vacuometer vaginoscope vagotomy vagotonia valvotomy valvulotomy vaporimeter varicocele varicocelectomy variometer vasculotoxic vaseline vasotribe velodrome velodyne velometer venigenous Venn diagram venoclysis venography venospasm venostasis ventriculography ventropodal verbomania vernicle Veronica vesicouretal vestibulotomy vexillology vial vibraphone vibrograph vibrometer vibrophone vibroscope victimology videocam videocamera video card

φοβος μετρον σκοπεω τεμνω τεινω τεμνω τεμνω μετρον κηλη τεμνω μετρον τοξον ελαια τριβω δρομος οδυνη μετρον γενος γραφω κλυζω γραφω σπαω ιστημι γραφω πους μαινομαι

εικων εικων

ουρον τεμνω λογος φιαλη φωνη γραφω μετρον φωνη σκοπεω λογος καμαρα καμαρα χαρτης

videogram videograph videographer videography videophile video piracy video pirate videoporn vidicon vinometer vinyl vinylogous viremia virogene virogenesis viropexis virosome virtucrat viscerotome viscerotonic viscerotropic viscoelasticity viscometer vitaphone vitascope vitelligenous vitellogenic vitellophage vitrectomy vivotoxin VoIP volcaniclastic voltameter voltammetry voltmeter volumeter volumetric vortograph vortoscope vulcanology vulvectomy

γραφω γραφω γραφω γραφω φιλος πειρα πειρα πορνη εικον/σκοπεω μετρον υλη υλη/λογος αιμα γενος γενος πηγνυμι σωμα κρατεω τεμνω τεινω τρεπω ελαυνω μετρον φωνη σκοπεω γενος γενος φαγειν τεμνω τοξον κολλα κλαω μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον μετρον γραφω σκοπεω λογος τεμνω

W wallpaper wallphone wallplate walltower war economy war gas war hero war machine war museum wartower war zone watch oil watchtower water baptism warer barometer water base water bomber water buffalo water cannon water devil water gas water intoxication water lily water mass watermelon water meter waternymph water organ water plate water taxi water telescope water thermometer water toxic wattmeter wave analysis wave base wave disk wave machine wave mechanics wave meter wave period

παπυρος φωνη πλατυς τυρρις οικος χαος ηρος μηχος Μουσα τυρρις ζωνη ελαια τυρρις βαπτω βαρυς/μετρον βαινω βομβος βους καννα βαλλω χαος τοξον λειποιν μασσω μηλον μετρον νυμφη οργανον πλατυς ταττω τηλε/σκοπεω θερομαι/μετρον τοξον μετρον λυω βαινω δισκος μηχος μηχος μετρον οδος

wave systen wave theory wealth pyramid weapon system weather center weather cycle webcam weltpolitik whale oil wheel barometer wheel base white elephant white paper wind machine wirephoto wood nymph wordbase word center word geography word magic word method work card working card working place workpause world government world history wrestlemania writing center

ιστημι θεαομαι πυραμις ιστημι κεντεω κυκλος καμαρα πολις ελαια βαρυς/μετρον βαινω ελεφας παπυρος μηκος φως νυμφη βαινω κεντεω γη/γραφω μαγος μετα/οδος χαρτης χαρτης πλατυς παυω κυβερναω ιστωρ μαινομαι κεντεω

X xanthic xanthide xanthin xanthine Xanthippe xanthism xanthocarpous xanthochroi xanthrochromia xanthocyanopsy xanthoderm xanthodont xanthogen xanthoma xanthomelanous xanthometer xanthopathy xanthophyll xanthopsy xanthorrhea xanthosis xanthospermous xanthous xanthoxylon Xantippe x chromosome Xe xenagogue xenia xenial xenobiosis xenobiotic xenoblast xenocentric xenocyst xenoderm xenodiagnosis xenogamy xenogenesis xenoglossia xenoglossy

ξανθος ξανθος ξανθος ξανθος ξανθος/ιππος ξανθος ξανθος/καρπος ξανθος/χροα ξανθος/χρωμα ξανθος/κυανος/οψις ξανθος/δερω ξανθος/οδους ξανθος/γενος ξανθος/οιδεω ξανθος/μελι ξανθος/μετρον ξανθος/παθος ξανθος/φυλλον ξανθος/οψις ξανθος/ρεω ξανθος ξανθος/σπειρω ξανθος ξανθος/ζυλον ξανθος/ιππος χρωμα/σωμα ξενος ξενος/αγω ξενος ξενος ξενος/βιος ξενος/βιος ξενος/βλαστος ξενος/κεντεω ξενος/κυω ξενος/δερω ξενος/γιγνωσκω ξενος/γαμος ξενοV/γενος ξενος/γλωττα ξενος/γλωττα

xenograft xenolalia xenolith xenomania xenomorphic xenon xenoparasite xenophile xenophilia xenophobe xenophobia xenophobic xenophoran xenopterygian xenothermal xenotransplant xenotropic xenurine xerarch xeric xerocolous xerocopy xeroderma xeroform xerography xeroma xeromorph xerophagy xerophile xerophilous xerophobous xerophthalmia xerophyte xeroplastic xeroradiography xerosis xerostoma Xerox xiphoid xiphophyllous xiphosauran xylanthrax xylary xylem

ξενος/γραφω ξενος/λαλια ξενος/λιθος ξενος/μαινομαι ξενος/μορφη ξενος ξενος/σιτος ξενος/φιλος ξενος/φιλος ξενος/φοβος ξενος/φοβος ξενος/φοβος ξενος/φερω ξενος/πτερον ξενος/θερομαι ξενος ξενος/τρεπω ξενος/ουρα ξηρος/αρχω ξηρος ξηρος ξηρος ξηρος/δερω ξηρος ξηρος/γραφω ξηρος/οιδεω ξηρος/μορφη ξηρος/φαγειν ξηρος/φιλος ξηρος/φιλος ξηρος/φοβος ξηρος/οψις ξηρος/φυω ζηρος/πλαττω ξηρος/γραφω ξηρος ξηρος/στομα ξηρος ξιθος ξιφος/φυλλον ξιθος/σαυρος ξυλον/ανθραξ ξυλον ξυλον

xylite xylitol xyloid xylochrome xyloglyphy xylograph xylographer xylography xyloid xylology xylophage xylophagous xylophilous xylophone xylotherapy xylotomous xylotomy xyst xyster xystus

ξυλον ζυγον ξυλον ξυλον/χρωμα ξυλον/γλυφω ξυλον/γραφω ξυλον/γραφω ξυλον/γραφω ξυλον ξυλον/λογος ξυλον/φαγειν ξυλον/φαγειν ξυλον/φιλος ξυλον/φωνη ξυλον/θεραπων ξυλον/τεμνω ξυλον/τεμνω ξυω ξυω ξυω

Y yawmeter y chromosome yellow card yellow metal youth center

μετρον χρωμα/σωμα χορδη μεταλλον κεντεω

Z zeal zealless zealot zealotry zealous zealously zealousness zelotic zelotism zelotry Zenia zenocentric zenographic zenography zeolite zeolithic zeolitize zeoscope zephyr zephyrean zephrous zero-based zerography zero hour zeta zetacism zeta-function zeta potential zetetic zeuglodon zeugma zeugmatic zeugmatography Zeus zeuxite zinc chrome zincography zinc oxide ziphioid zither zoantharian

ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος ζηλος


Ζευς/κεντεω Ζευς/γραφω Ζευς/γραφω ζεω/λιθος ζεω/λιθος ζεω/λιθος ζεω/σκοπεω Ζεφυρος Ζεφυρος Ζεφυρος βαινω γραφω ωρα ζητα ζητα ζητα ζητα ζητω ζυγον/οδους ζυγον ζυγον ζυγον/γραφω Ζευς ζυγον χρωμα γραφω οξυς ξιφος κιθαρα ζαω/ανθος

zoanthropy zoarium zodiac zodiacal Zoe zoetic zoic zoid zoism zona zonal zonar zonary zonate zonation zone zone center zone defense zoneless zone level zone refinery zoning zonular zonule zoo zoocentric zoochemistry zoodynamic zooecium zoogen zoogenic zoogeography zoographer zoographic zoography zooid zoolatry zoological zoologist zoology zoomania zoometry zoomorph zoomorphic

ζαω/ανθρωπος ζαω ζαω ζαω ζαω ζαω ζαω ζαω ζαω ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζονη/κεντεω ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζωνη ζαω ζαω/κεντεω ζαω/χυμος ζαω/δυναμαι ζαω/οικος ζαω/γενος ζαω/γενος ζαω/γη/γραφω ζαω/γραφω ζαω/γραφω ζαω/γραφω ζαω ζαω/λατρις ζαω/λογος ζαω/λογος ζαω/λογος ζαω/μαινομαι ζαω/μετρον ζαω/μορφη ζαω/μορφη

zoomorphism zoomythic zoon zoonosis zoopathology zoophagous zoophile zoophilia zoophilous zoophobia zoophobic zoophysics zoophyte zooplankter zooplankton zooplasty zoopsychology zooscopic zoosemiotics zoosperm zoospore zootaxy zootechny zootheism zootokon zootomy zootrope zootype zooxanthin zoozygosphere zygodactyl zygodactylous zygodont zygogenesis zygology zygoma zygomatic zygome zygomorphic zygon zygoneure zygophore zygophyte zygosis

ζαω/μορφη ζαω/μυθος ζαω ζαω/νοσος ζαω/παθος/λογος ζαω/φαγειν ζαω/φιλος ζαω/φιλος ζαω/φιλος ζαω/φοβος ζαω/φοβος ζαω/φυω ζαω/φυω ζαω/πλανη ζαω/πλανη ζαω/πλαττω ζαω/ψυχη/λογος ζαω/σκοπεω ζαω/σημαινω ζαω/σπειρω ζαω/σπειρω ζαω/ταττω ζαω/τεκτων ζαω/θεος ζαω/τοκος ζαω/τεμνω ζαω/τρεπω ζαω/τυπος ζαω/ξανθος ζαω/ζυγον/σφαιρα ζυγον/δακτυλος ζυγον/δακτυλος ζυγον/οδους ζυγον/γενος ζυγον/λογος ζυγον ζυγον ζυγον ζυγον/μορφη ζυγον ζυγον/νευρον ζυγον/φερω ζυγον/φυω ζυγον

zygosity zygosome zygosperm zygospore zygote zyme zymocyte zymogen zymogenesis zymogenic zymogram zymoid zymology zymolysis zymometer zymophore zymophyte zymoplastic zymosan zymoscope zymosis zymotechny zymotic zymotoxic zymurgy

ζυγον ζυγον/σωμα ζυγον/σπειρω ζυγον/σπειρω ζυγον ζυμη ζυμη/κυω ζυμη/γενος ζυμη/γενος ζυμη/γενος ζυμη/γραφω ζυμη ζυμη/λογος ζυμη/λυω ζυμη/μετρον ζυμη/φερω ζυμη/φυω ζυμη/πλαττω ζυμη ζυμη/σκοπεω ζυμη ζυμη/τεκτων ζυμη ζυμη/τοξον ζυμη/εργον

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