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Level: B1 to B2

Aptis Practice Test – Online Test This is the online practice test (a past paper), copied from the Aptis website in Oct 2013. It can be used with teachers who are having difficulty accessing the online exam: Grammar 1. He is single. He never ________. married marries marrying 2. I ________ use to swim much, but now I have my own pool, I swim every day. don’t didn’t did 3. In those days, my father ________ never eat dinner after 8 o’clock. used to will would 4. I had a shower, ________ I went to bed. during then until 5. How much ________ the train to Santiago cost? is does do 6. He ________ in Cairo. living lives live 7. ________ you like to go out this evening? Will Would Can 8. He ________ finished cooking when we arrived. has have had 9. The film starts ________ half past four. at on in 10.I wish it ________ the time of year when I could go on holiday. will be is were

11. I don’t think it’s right ________ children to play with toy guns. for that to 12.I ________ to work when I saw Steve. was going went going 13.That man’s so unreliable – you can’t trust him. _________ I wouldn’t frankly work with him. I wouldn’t work frankly with him. Frankly, I wouldn’t work with him. 14.Excuse me, I’m lost. ________ you help me? Could Shall Should 15.William ________ in South America now. is living will live was living 16.We could cook dinner. ________, we could buy some take away food. Therefore On the other hand Although 17.You ________ to do your homework by tomorrow. should must have 18.We ________ have caught the early train, as the football match was delayed. mustn’t didn’t needn’t 19.She reads every day ________ she isn’t serious. and because but 20.A: I enjoy working on challenging projects at work. B: So ________ I! am do can

Contributed by: Jason Anderson © The British Council, 2013 The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and education opportunities. British Council Malaysia is a branch (995232-A) of the British Council, registered as a charity in England and Wales (209131) and Scotland (SC037733)

21.Go to the end of the street and turn ________ right. (-) on to 22.The children ________ playing football for two hours before it started raining. have been has been had been 23.There were ________ than fifty people in the audience last night. fewer few lesser

24.I just heard they are ________ get married in June. going to going go to 25.If you were a better cook, you ________ need to eat out all the time. won’t wouldn’t hadn’t

Vocabulary 1 Select a word from the list that has the most similar meaning to the word on the left. Example: big = large study = ________ receive = ________ start = ________ talk = ________ pick = ________

Vocabulary 2 Complete each definition using a word from the drop down list. To cover with paper or material is to ________ To improve or change is to ________ To state or make public is to ________ To get somewhere is to ________ To put something together is to ________

Vocabulary 3 Complete each sentence using a word from the drop down list. More and more people go ________ for their holidays these days. Drivers need to remain ________ when in charge of a car. The city has many ________ and interesting buildings. She’s a highly ________ person who explains things clearly. He’s a very ________ person – always getting into fights.

Vocabulary 4 Select a word from the list that has the most similar meaning to the word on the left. Example: big = large timetable = ________ reward = ________ queue = ________ phase = ________ error = ________ Vocabulary 5

go begin plan listen read run choose speak end get attend assemble approach arrive admit announce arrange adjust accept wrap awkward ancient ahead adequate articulate alert accurate abroad adult aggressive

line joint command prize mess fright schedule bomb dock audition stage scissors mistake rod classes strings salesman seep minister seat

Select a word from the list that is most often used with the word on the left. Example: big + house aerobics + ________ agriculture + ________ aisle + ________ apron + ________ atom + ________

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