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Golden Gate to Oneness & White Fire Initiation II Transcripts. Channelled through Michelle Eloff©...


Golden Gate to Oneness &

White Fire Initiation II Transcripts. Channelled through Michelle Eloff© To find out more about Michelle Eloff & The Lightweaver, please visit


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Master Kuthumi Golden Gate to Oneness Channelling Channelled through Michelle Eloff© Channelled in Cape Town, South Africa on 17 May 2008

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of freedom, transparency, re-anchoring of your divine truth and the healing power of sacred and most divine love. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones you have walked through many valleys of darkness. The density of the fears of your past have come up for you to embrace, befriend and in certain instances be over powered with your light and your truth. You are the ones who have chosen the true walk to freedom. You have chosen to rise in love, to rise above the limitation, insecurities and densities of the old paradigm. You have worked on many levels, ceaselessly in creating your truth from the perspective of a clear, pure and open heart. All of this has been the initiation preparing you to step through the Golden Gate to Oneness. The Golden Ray of Oneness, which you also know as the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, within its core embodies the White Fire Element. This element is one that tolerates no illusion, it ensures that any density that hides the truth from the conscious self is revealed and you have no other choice but to look at it. By looking at the deepest, darkest and densest aspects of yourself and you allow yourself to get to understand it’s core essence, it’s motivation in other words you become empowered, your journey extends beyond your wildest imaginings and not even your greatest dream, hope or wish will come close to the truth of what it is you will come to experience. The only requirement is that you have the courage to look your greatest fear in the eye, to feel the fear and do it anyway; that my precious ones I suggest you make your new motto in life. Feel the fear but do it anyway, don’t let it stop you, paralyse you or inhibit your deservability, your light and your love in any way whatsoever. Now the Golden Temple Teachings are currently one of the highest frequency teachings available to Lightworkers on earth. We, the Masters of Light, are now able to bring in these very high frequency teachings and all our key initiates are ready to receive them. I, Kuthumi, accompanied by many of the other Masters have alerted our channels to what it is that must now be anchored and all of the Golden Ones who are ready to embrace a world that exists beyond the old will be richly rewarded in many ways. We have always said that for the effort you have put into healing your body, your mind and your spirit the time will come where you will receive your just reward. The most important time for you is now in front of you and your greatest challenge, your greatest challenge is your fear, your fear of what might be, your fear of what is not and your fear of the unknown. Feel your fear but do it anyway - that is the greatest lesson of stepping through the Golden Gate to Oneness. Do you know what it truly entails to embrace your power? Do you know what it truly means to live as an empowered human being? If you do then you will feel your fear but do it anyway. An empowered being does not let fear paralyse the self. You are now able to tame the mind, to tame Michelle Eloff©


the emotions, to tame the demons of your past and climb upon the back of the Golden Steed of Oneness and gallop into your new world with nothing and no one from your past holding you back the only thing, the only one holding you back now is you and the power you give to your fear. The Golden Temple Teachings are made up of many bodies of light; within this light are many bodies of love and wisdom. The Golden Temple Teachings are the teachings of love and wisdom as experienced and taught through the power of the White Fire Element. The White Fire Element is the most powerful embodiment of the fire element in existence in accordance with the energy of earth and what it can currently withstand. There are twelve bodies of the highest frequencies of teachings ever been presented to earth currently being presented through different Masters to different groups across your globe. You have chosen to work with these teachings for a purpose. You will come across other teachings and modalities of the same frequency and intensity. You are free to work with whomever and whatever it is that takes you into the full light and power of divine love and divine wisdom. Every single molecule of love that makes up the collective body of the Golden Temple Teachings will guide you and motivate you. So now I, Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, the Sacred Guardian and creator of the Golden Temple Teachings and the Sacred Guardian of the White Fire element present this opportunity to you, the opportunity to embrace life from a completely new dimension. By stepping through this gateway you are leaving a world behind that you have become accustomed to as the life you have known until this point. Stepping into the Golden Temple, and the Golden Age of love and wisdom you are saying yes to whole new world, a new life, new people, new experiences, new circumstances; nothing will remain the same. Are you ready for this? Some months ago Goddess Jezebel asked you a similar question, I have asked you these questions before; are you ready for the new you? This Jezebel asked last year in the month of October at an activation - the first Androgyny Template Activation at the Hill of Tara in Ireland. That my precious ones is when the new spiral began entering your energy field and it is the time when that new spiral penetrated the DNA within your molecules, and the cells in your body opened to receive the message that the time is now to allow the journey, in other words the true walk to freedom to unfold. Mary Magdalene delivered her message a few days after that telling humanity that the time has come for the Return to Inner Sense, which is also the journey of the Return to Innocence. Where does one find innocence? Within the purity of love. All of the work that has been done with the Androgyny Grids and Templates have prepared your for this. The Androgyny Energy is a neutral energy to a great degree. It is masculine and feminine as one, not separate, working together however you as a physical human being living in the third dimension still experience life as either a male or a female, which is why it is important that those of you who have chosen to work with these energies specifically be united with the greatest aspect of your divine light. I have been speaking for months now of your divine compliment, some of you call it your divine flame, your twin flame, your divine counterpart in fact it doesn’t matter what name you give it, what matters is that you recognise this being the reflection and physical manifestation of your most empowered self, the light and the love that exists within you and the potential for it to grow beyond that. White Fire as I have said does not tolerate illusion in any from whatsoever, it pushes you into the very core of light, into the very core of the flame where the flame burns at it’s brightest, it’s most powerful and when you stand within the core of that essence that is when you come to realise, to truly recognise and own who you are, what you are made of, what you deserve and where you are going. No longer does that energy hang around in the ethers. No longer is it a fantasy that you entertain within your mind. This is something that becomes real for if it is not real you are not Michelle Eloff©


really living in your body. The alchemist manifests that which is of it’s greatest power on earth as it is in heaven, and if you claim to be a Master Alchemist then by God and Goddess if you do not have in your physical reality your greatest dreams then I am sorry to say you have missed the boat this time round. If that is the case I suggest you pick yourself up right now, pull yourself together and affirm that when the boat comes again you will be the first one on it. Do not give your fears the power to deprive you any more. Do not give doubt and past pattern and programming the power to manipulate and control you. To walk as an agent of White Fire means you are a galactic butt-kicker, you mean business and you will not accept anything less than absolute truth and the absolute best for you and those who you take care of, those who you are guardian to. Goddess Jezebel, Mary Magdalene and Guinevierre, I, Kuthumi, and many of the other Masters who are working with their channels have now brought to you the opportunity of lifetimes and I emphasise that, not this one, of lifetimes. The Golden Temple Teachings push you. The White Flame will kick your butt from the Kingdom of Heaven back down to earth and all the way back there if it has to, to make sure that you open your heart and your spirit to see what your just reward is. You came to earth as a warrior, you came to earth as a rescuer, a teacher, a wayshower in other words a leader. You came to earth as a shaman, an alchemist, a healer and as an alchemist a powerful manifestor. You have been beaten, you have been bashed, pummelled and lambasted, you have been lied to, deceived, you have had your emotions torn to shreds, your trust has been broken many times but the essence of love inside of you is still there. Your power is still there because the White Fire element exists within you and when you allow that you will find that you will remember the role that you play on earth reminding others of their walk to freedom. Do not let other people’s judgement and fear stop you. Their perception of life is theirs unique unto their experience, unique unto their journey. Be compassionate, listen to their story but do not make it your own, the same as no other can make your story theirs. There are instances where you can relate to one another’s story but it will never be identical, therefore focus on your creation and most important close the door on past patterning, do not associate the here and now and the potential of the future with what you have experienced in the past, that will be the downfall of your dreams. So now beloved ones I ask you to come with me, to walk with me into the White Flame and through the Golden Gate to Oneness. Stepping into this White Flame secures your energy within the heart of the Golden Temple and it’s teachings. It secures your energy within the golden blueprint of your future. By agreeing to travel with me now you agree to never look back. You are saying yes to a completely different life as if you are dropping your physical body, dying to the life you are in now and reincarnating in a completely different experience. This is a life/death decision beloved ones. It is vital that you know this for your life will not be the same again. I emphasise this and if you are not willing to take that chance, if you are not prepared to never look back lest you be turned into a pillar of salt then come. If not you are free to wait without judgement, is there any one here who chooses not to walk with me? Then let us proceed. Take a deep breath in through your nose exhaling through your mouth. Now call out to the Golden Core of your most empowered, most authentic self. Call to the part of you that is fearless, the part of you that has fully embraced the new life you are about to step into. Call to the future self that has embraced every dream, taken full advantage of all the opportunities that this new life is presenting you. Call that future self to you now. Look at this part of you. Look at how he or she looks. See the power, the strength, the confidence, and the utter peace that shines through the eyes and through the entire being as this person stands in their full power fully cognisant of their truth. When you look at this part of yourself you see someone who has faced their fears, someone who has faced the greatest and most vile of their demons and overcome. Serenity and the peace is that of one who has come, who has conquered and who has received their just reward. Michelle Eloff©


I want you to look deeply into the eyes of this part of you. This part extends its hands to you, take their hands and as you do this a powerful White Flame ignites around the both of you. Hold tight as you feel the intense power of the force of this flame surging up between the both of you, the force of it’s light penetrating your base chakra, shooting up your spine, exploding through your crown chakra and as it does so it obliterates the old paradigm fear patterns that have inhibited you up until this point. As this shattering and explosion takes place it appears like windows blowing out and all the shards of glass spraying in every direction. Hold onto this part of you (future self) for the windows of illusion that have encased your chakras are now being completely destroyed. Breathe in deeply exhaling fully, preparing yourself for the next wave. Breath as this next wave of powerful light rushes up your spine and another massive explosion, this time blasting through the densest walls of your defences that have encased your heart and inhibited your power to love, to receive it and to give it. Hold onto this part of you, inside all the cells of your body begin to tremor. The White Fire Element is now penetrating your core density; a part of you that has not ever been penetrated until this point and an inner earth calling begins. The inner earth inside of you is all the elements that are connected to Mother Earth. Those elements inside of you have contributed to the governance of your perceptions, your opinions, your beliefs, your attitudes and expectations and I ask you now to surrender, to let it all go. Allow the incinerating power of this White Flame to take you to places you have never been before and let go. If you are feeling intense fear now it doesn’t matter, it is not the matter that makes up the matter of your new life just let go, say no and surrender. Hold onto the hands of your future self. Do not under any circumstance let go. Hold on for dear life as the power of this flame intensifies as it burns between the both of you. Its power is now going to reach the speed of a tornado therefore I ask you hold your ground, root yourself firmly now in the truth of what your future self is reflecting for you. Breathe in now, deeply, exhale and allow this force to move through you. This force is bringing you not only the power of the White Fire Element but the power of the Wind Element as it blasts through you clearing all of the debris in the cells, the molecules and the DNA of your body, penetrating all the way to your atomic structure down to the minutest element of light inside of you. Just let go. Now as you hold there beloved ones you and this future part of you begin to spin. You are rotating in an anti-clockwise direction like you are in the eye of a tornado. Hold on as this spin unravels all the old paradigm patterns that have bound you to your old way of thinking and believing specifically in relation to the fears that have governed you, those fears that have tied you up in knots and chained you to the cages of your old ways. Now it is important that you manage your breathing, breathing in deeply holding it to the count of four and exhaling deeply. As this breathing takes place beloved ones we will increase the spin, you are now fully in the eye of this very powerful tornado. This tornado is the core of the White Flame; the element of complete and utter destruction, the one that leaves nothing intact. It destroys everything in its wake and only that which is strong enough to withstand that power will remain intact. Breathe. Just feel it, go with it, it is this tornado now that takes you. You are now being pulled beloved ones through the Golden Gate to Oneness by this tornado of light, and like a massive suction you are now sucked through this Golden Gate into a birth canal, a golden birth canal, the tornado still sucking you through it. Let go, breathe, breathe, breathe. Hold on. I will count you down and when I reach the final number you will land within the heart of the Golden Temple. Five. Breathe Michelle Eloff©


Four. Your old world is disappearing. Three. Everything has been destroyed that no longer is a part of your truth. Two. Everything that is of your truth is still with you travelling through this time gate with you. One. You are home. Everything begins to calm down. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale you find yourself in complete and utter stillness, calm, peace, tranquillity. You have passed through a timeline into a parallel world, you, my beloved ones have left the old life behind. That life will continue in a parallel reality. It is not the one you who is experiencing this will ever experience again. The people linked to that old life will continue theirs in that parallel reality, you may still encounter them in your new life but what you bring them is completely different to what you brought them previously. You now embody the White Fire. Having stepped through the Golden Gate into Oneness you are one with your most powerful element to date; the White Fire Element. You stand within the core of the Golden Temple and it’s teachings. This is the place where you receive your very first initiation into the Golden Ray. Where you are now is where you were told for the first time that when you return to this place it is your confirmation that you are ready to live your greatest most empowering life on earth, your greatest most empowering life on earth, and that journey of empowerment gives you license to bring completely new opportunities of illumination, doorways to freedom and tools of healing to humanity. With this first stage of the Golden Temple Teachings you are being introduced to the symbols of the Abundance Chakras - one hundred and forty-four initiations into being the Master Alchemist and mastering the power of the White Fire Element. It is through this that you will come to see what it means to live in another paradigm yet still interact with a world containing limited consciousness. You are of another world interacting with another just like we the Masters are of another world interacting with you. We understand your pain, your trauma, the challenges that you face. We observe what it is that you must go through in order to master the material world but never do we take it on for we have done it, we have mastered it, we know the rewards that come as a result of completing those initiations, which is why we will not deprive you of the experience of that pain, of the challenge or of the suffering, for if you do not experience that and experience the insights that come with it you will not have what you have now allowed yourself to receive, so I trust all of you understand now why it is there are times we will not answer certain questions, we will not deliver certain aspects of your requests of us or of others. Your journey to oneness is for the purpose of becoming one with the divine plan of love and wisdom. Our love is wise which is whys we don’t interfere with what we know is best for you. Now it is upon you to embrace this next level of love and wisdom and to use it to materialise this new life. Feel the fear and do it anyway with no other person’s fear inhibiting you in anyway whatsoever. Another’s fear is theirs projected onto you, you can send it back or you can take it on, the choice is yours. I, Kuthumi, now stand between you and this future self, which you have entered into the Golden Temple with. I now place the Sacred Symbols of Love and Wisdom within your energy field, the Sacred Symbols that release you from the imprints of the past paradigm of pain and suffering. It is now that we bring you every opportunity to live your best life, to know that the dimension from which you now live your life is one you have never lived from before in human form, therefore your only way to live it is by being in the moment. If you project yourself into the future and the motivation or the energy behind that projection contains fear stop it immediately, place it in the eye of that storm and let the tornado completely demolish it, or hold that fear wherever it is you are feeling it be it your heart, your solar plexus or anywhere else in your body, and feel that rush of the powerful White Flame shooting up your spine and exploding from the core of that fear obliterating it. There is no reason for you to hold onto those fears any longer, absolutely no reason and the White Fire accelerates your ability to work through those issues. It does not have to be a long drawn out process with continuous endless processes of therapy or counselling or whatever it Michelle Eloff©


is. This is a short cut to freedom beloved ones in terms of breaking old cellular patterning and memory. This is also clearing away (out) your entire DNA field. It takes all the ancestral imprints and obliterates it and do you know that if any one of you here conceives of a child or fathers a child, that child born holds the complete sacred blueprint of the White Fire Element and will not ever be challenged by the ancestral lineage that you have had to challenge, you have ended that. By you challenging your ancestral history you have mastered many aspects of this and the end is now, you have shut the door. Armageddon has come and gone. The children that will come through those of you who have walked through the Golden Gate of Oneness are the White Fire Children, the Diamond Children, the ones who will emanate the clearest purest facets of light, their presence will incinerate all density and all deception, no thing or no one will be able to hold deceit in their presence. These are the ones who will ensure that truth remains within the hearts of the pure ones. These beings will ensure that those who have been clouded by the fears of their past are set free and that their truth emerges. From the time they are conceived within their mother’s womb they will already have the power to shatter deception in people’s bodies, in their energy fields and in their lives, they do not have to be physically born to do this. So it is through the Golden Temple embodying the White Fire Element that these ones come, and it is through the Golden Gate to Oneness that the Diamond Children will pass in order to be born, and it is only through those who carry the Sacred Flame of the White Fire Element who will be able to physically carry these children in gestation and of course seed those children. It is only those who embody the White Flame that will be able to raise these children because you as a parent will be the only ones that will be able to withstand, understand and integrate the power of that light as much as it will come through them, by this I mean in the amount in it’s volume through which it will come through these children, and this powerful light is pure love and wisdom. They are the wisest of souls to ever incarnate on earth. I have now completed placing the symbols in your energy field. I ask you now to put your palms against the palms of your future self, to stand right up close to this part of you so that your heart chakras are touching, your lips, your nose and your forehead touching one another. Close your eyes and both of you take a deep breath in, open your mouth and exhale into one another’s mouths receiving one another’s breath of life. Open your third eye chakra to one another, look into one another’s third eye. Open your throat chakras to one another doing the same. Open your heart, your solar plexus and your sacral chakras to one another. Feel all the minor chakras in your hands opening to one another. Now feel the vibration of that powerful White Fire Element starting to vibrate underneath your feet. Feel as the minor chakras in your feet begin to open and respond to receive it. This White Fire Element moves up your legs and into both of your base chakras simultaneously. Take three deep breaths in and out and on the third one this White Flame will shoot up your spine and simultaneously explode through both your crown chakras. This shower of the White Fire Element merges you 100% on any and every level in every way with the Sacred Golden Blueprint of the new life you have chosen. Feel you and your future self now merging and becoming one. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale sigh, and this sigh is the knowing that you are now one with the Golden Temple, it’s teachings, you are now one with the sacred White Fire Element and you are now one with that Sacred Golden Blueprint of your new life. No fear has the power to stop you. You are more powerful than any of the fears that have ever plagued you from your old world. Work with this beloved ones because I promise you with everything that I am that you are now in the thick of it, in the new energy print, the new grid, your new life, never to be the same again. Energetically it is already, it is done. In your earth life be patient as the days and the next few weeks unfold bringing it into reality, materialising it. Remember what happens energetically and what materialises physically is not always the same timing-wise but it will certainly not take any

Michelle Eloff©


longer than three months if you completely surrender to this. If your fear gets the better of you it will be delayed indefinitely according to your actions. So by springtime beloved ones, springtime in the Southern Hemisphere, you will be in a very different world experiencing a completely different reality. Many parts of it you will see will appear to have been your greatest wish and then you will see that in fact it supersedes your greatest wish, that it was impossible for you to ever even imagined being able to experience and live the life that you are about to live. That is the gift that the Golden Temple brings, the gift of the White Fire Element. It’s lesson, its initiation is very brutal, it appears brutal but in truth it is your biggest blessing in disguise. Take a deep breath in now bringing yourself back into your body, feeling the presence of your physicality. Try and connect with the peace that has been instilled within you, be calm and accept what you have chosen. Now beloved ones I am going to open this space for you to ask a question if you like relating specifically to what we have been working with today. If there is no question and you would prefer to sit in silence then so be it. Is there anyone who wishes to ask a question? Q: Lord Kuthumi, how is it that we can use the White Flame to assist others to clear things out of cellular memory? K: The White Flame is inside you and all around you. The way you would use it to assist others to clear on a cellular level is very simple, just being in their presence will activate a need for release inside of them. Do you understand that? So the minute your energy field connects with theirs they will either accept the opportunity or they will reject it. You will see within seventy-two hours what their choice has been. Do you understand? I do. You are welcome, peace and blessings be with you.

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Master Kuthumi White Fire Initiation II Channelled through Michelle Eloff© Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 07 June 2008

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of transmutation, peace, trust and insight. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones the journey that you are currently experiencing on a day-to-day basis is one the reveals to you the very essence of what it is that you are becoming, this is not a journey of what you are yet to become it is what you are already becoming and that is important. Everything you have experienced, everything you are experiencing and will come to experience is making up the greater picture of the direction in which the collective consciousness is heading. All of you are being challenged on a number of levels, some of you may feel that every level of your life is currently under siege and that might be so in fact to a degree but know this: that which is not part of your greater picture must either be removed or brought into balance so that you can stand fully empowered within the power of the authentic self. Today’s transmission is another level of the White Fire Element Initiation. It is the second one following the Golden Gate to Oneness. All of you present and everyone who comes to work with this teaching in the future, you are the ones who are going before all others. You are the ones who have taken it upon your selves to get your hands and your feet dirty, to get down into that which has paralysed you, restricted you and separated you from the authenticity of that which resides within you. Today we activate the White Fire Element within all the base chakra points of Mother Earth’s body. The same activation takes place within your base chakra and what this will do is help you better understand how exactly you fit into your life, how you fit into the scenario you have created for yourself. Some of you may be rather surprised to realise that in fact you do not fit into the life you perceive as being the life you should be living, and in truth your authentic self has been trying to move your attention to a completely different avenue simply because your truth exists in it’s great expression and greater potential along another path. Joy is your birthright as is happiness and peace of mind. Having your needs met is your birthright and the birthright of the base chakra. You are all aware of the fact that the energies have been manipulated in practically every sphere of life. All of you have been led down a number of paths, paths that have convinced you that you are insufficient, undeserving, unlovable and the list goes on, you all know the story, however the time has already come and is already active where all of that will be proven as a being a manipulation, as being a scheme to keep you in victim consciousness. For some of you this might be new news but for most of you you’ve heard this before, I am repeating it however for the purpose of putting it into a perspective so that you grasp physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and that the levels of yourself that are currently being challenged can understand why this is so challenging. Look at all the avenues of life that Michelle Eloff©


lead you away from feeling good about yourself. This happens on a day-to-day basis and most people put it down to simple bad luck or bad karma, or God punishing you for whatever it is that you did or did not do, or perhaps your intention wasn’t clear enough, doubt crept in, and all the other justifications that come with it. The only thing that has happened is that you have bought into something that has successfully convinced you that you do not have the power to direct your life in the direction that you believe you deserve, and the place to begin with this beloved ones is the base chakra. The White Flames of Passion exist within everything. There are one thousand, four hundred and forty-four white flames of passion within every chakra. With the base chakras across your planet being activated at this time, one thousand four hundred and forty-four white flames of passion will be ignited within it, within each of them and within you. That fire, the white fire, the most intensive of all flames will continue to incinerate absolutely everything on its path that separates you and humanity from the authentic self. You will be astounded by what you come to realise is your authentic self. Maybe most of you have not realised the fact that in fact some of your darkest aspects are in fact your authentic self, the parts of you, you feel most are the shadow, the dangerous part of you, the part of you, you run from most is in fact your most powerful aspect. You have reached the point where you are ready and able to look into the authentic self within the base chakra and reclaim the empowered part of yourself that you were falsely lead to believe would disempower you, or disempowered others whom rejected those parts of you resulting in you mistakenly believing that that was bad. Humanity is emotionally, mentally and spiritually dysfunctional to put it politely. There has been so much miscommunication and misinterpretation around your greatest powers. Brace yourself for extraordinary change and it is going to be up to each and every one of you to stand strong within that authentic power, and not allow all the old paradigm programming and projections and fear based attitudes to throw you off the pathway of the authentic self. This is a process of you being able to recognise what is your so called dark self; the parts of you that are severely wounded that need love that can then be transmuted into Golden Consciousness, which is where the alchemy comes into play and, which parts of your dark self are in fact your greatest strengths that do not need any healing but simply need to be embraced, simply need to be allowed to be grounded within you. The base chakra is the home of your roots, not your roots alone as a human being where you were born or where you were raised, but the roots of your authentic self, who you truly are, the essence that ignites all those flames of passion and keeps them alive. The average human being has perhaps, if they are lucky, three white flames in total active and they are burning on a very low flame, bearing in mind that I said every chakra has one thousand, four hundred and forty-four flames and the average human only has three in totality active. It is the same as the percentage of the brain that is being used, and the percentage of the DNA that is being used. Do the mathematics beloved ones, how much of your power are you using right now? Even if you have been on this pathway for twenty-five years it doesn’t matter, you are still not using all of the light that you have access to. Don’t lose any sleep over that, all you need to do is actively continue drawing in more and more of that power, accepting more of who you are and spending less time giving your power away to the external forces that either reject or challenge what you feel is authentic about yourself and life in general. The very first step of awakening for this initiation once you have embraced your roots, is acknowledging the fact that you are an authentic being living in a world that contains an immense amount of authenticity that has been perhaps, let us put it this way, a world that has had many lenses placed over it. Realising that all of that is part of the authentic you will allow you to take that next step, the step of stepping out of the shadow, coming out of the closet and presenting the authentic self to the world fearlessly, without guilt and without shame. The base chakra holds Michelle Eloff©


shame, guilt, fear, rejection of self and victim consciousness. In order to uproot all the false belief systems around that you absolutely have to acknowledge who you are beneath all the projections of who you are supposed to be, and what everyone else thinks you are, and you might be shocked at who and what you discover there. I assure you however that having discovered that part of you, you will feel an incredible rush of power coursing through your body, as the flames of passion are re-ignited. When you deny your truth, in other words when you deny the authentic self, your light diminishes, the passion fades, the flame dies. I have presented many teachings, thousands of transmissions regarding your journey, and those of you who are here now, and those of you who will work with this in the future you are the ones that have walked the journey motivated and inspired by the core essence of the authentic self. It has not been a concept floating out in the etheric that you have wanted to grasp and integrate into your life and try and live, if that was the case you would not be here now. This is the pathway of authenticity. It is a pathway that requires “balls” if I can put it like that, no offence ladies. It is vital that you all understand what I am saying here. Let me also say I am in no way saying that what I am teaching you today is the only pathway to the authentic self. There are many pathways. What is important is that you have chosen to embrace the authentic self, to get out of all of the nonsense of what others have projected onto you, what society has said is acceptable and unacceptable. Now the next part comes and perhaps I will be as forward as to say this, hopefully I am doing this channel a favour in saying that this has been perhaps one of the greatest challenges that she has now had to face, but it has prepared her for what we are going to do with the rest of you if it is your choice, this will come in it’s natural flow, it’s natural cycle. Humanity when completely willing to embrace their authentic self, to get back into the roots of the base chakra, to firmly ground themselves on earth, to recognise the authenticity of the physical world and that the third dimensional world is not a place to reject, not a place you want to run away from, but in fact an oasis of incredible light, of incredible power then you are ready to be fully initiated into your own sexual power, into the energy that embodies the greatest tools of alchemy and manifestation. I have said before that unless you are grounded in your body you absolutely cannot manifest your needs as met. What is the best way to keep someone disempowered? Lead them to believe they do not have the power to manifest their needs as met. Anybody who has had an orgasm knows the intensity of energy that exists within that moment, if you haven’t had one well then you are missing out, best you find a way to have one and I say this again for a very specific purpose because if you are going to manifest this vital life-force and all one thousand four hundred and forty-four white flames of passion in the base chakra you need to be at peace and completely comfortable with your own sexuality, your own sexual power and your sensuality as a woman and as a man, with the sensual self of the divine feminine within the physical male and the sensual self of the divine masculine within the physical female. Believe it or not there are sufficient of you ready to experience this, this is a pathway to a level of ascension that moves you beyond the paradigms of limitation, beyond the paradigms of guilt, of fear, of shame and deprivation. Sexual energy has been manipulated, abused and mis-communicated. Some of you cringe when the word sex is said, never mind asking you to go and have an orgasm if you have not already had one. All of those uncomfortable feelings inside of you are simple programs, things that you were told by an external force that led you to believe that what you were experiencing was bad. The conflict arose within the intensity it did because what you were experiencing was pleasurable and you were told it was wrong. What your flames of passion were driving you to experience you were led to believe was going to have the wrath of God befall you, and some men were led to believe something would fall off never mind God’s wrath befalling you! Some girls were led to believe God help them if they touched a man because then they would get pregnant. Men and women have had their genitalia removed to ensure that the power is not discovered, and that is just the tip of Michelle Eloff©


the iceberg in relation to the victimisation that has gone on. Humanity has been led to believe that sexual power is a tool that you use to destroy one another, to destroy the lives of others. Beloved ones it is one of your greatest tools of power, of healing and manifestation. These flames will help show humanity that the power of love, which is expressed through the act of lovemaking is there to heal, not to manipulate or to destroy. This is one of the greatest gifts that the Goddess is bringing to humanity. It is not a gift bestowed upon you by God, it is one bestowed upon you by the Goddess because she is the receptacle of that light and of that power. To be receptive means you allow external light to enter you. Being receptive means you call upon that which can feed you, nurture you and strengthen you into the self. In that moment you are in a position to reciprocate and give back, and that is just an iota of the teachings of the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra that the Goddesses will be teaching in the not too distant future, where people will come together and see each other as vessels of incredible unconditional love, pure intention, light and Golden Consciousness. As the flames of passion merge with one another those flames expand in their power and in their capacity to make creative energy physical, and that is how you work together within group consciousness to materialise that, which is needed. Remaining a victim within the base chakra keeps you paralysed, disempowered and un-rooted. Going back to your roots now beloved ones as I said earlier on is about rooting yourself within the authentic self. When you are in that space you realise no one has abandoned you, no one has deprived you of anything, for the simple reason it all exists inside of you and when a harmonious flow of energy if flowing between two people or more a bonding is established. That bond creates a sacred space where everyone experiences the powerful force of fluid love that comes from an infinite source of unconditional light, unconditional love and an infinite source of creative power that allows you to manifest every single one of your true needs as met, which means you can have wealth and power beyond your wildest imaginings. That is very possible. You can have the experiences of love and joy and bliss beyond your wildest imaginings. That is your birthright. All that is asked of you is that you use that energy, that power, the wisdom and the resources at your disposal wisely, that you use it to keep the flow of empowerment flowing, that you never dam the resources and deprive any aspect of your life and life in general from that flow, that infinite flow that comes from Source, and that precious ones is where a great problem arose. Suddenly people realised that this energy is so powerful that perhaps it was going to run out on them, limitation was set in place and the moment the belief that that source was limited sunk in then the manipulation, control and victimisation took place because it was to be kept with just an elite few, and those elite few who were afraid of their own power not understanding the infinite source of it were part of bringing the Dark Age to light so to speak. The Dark Ages are gone. Your consciousness resides within it to a degree. Mass consciousness is trapped within it to a great extent but each of you have the power to change that, and the way it is done is by allowing yourself to be true to yourself, allowing yourself to harness the energies of your base chakra and work with it constructively, creatively and for the sake of healing your own wounds. This will transform humanity at an accelerated rate and we are now actively putting in place what we need to, to make this happen, this is the next phase of our work and a key area of the Golden Temple Teachings; the teachings of the Goddess that come through the Golden Temple. The Goddess is a force of love that very, very few people have experienced. Not even women understand the power of the Goddess, and when a woman fully anchors the power of her own goddess, oh my goodness there will be no stopping her light. No one will ever be able to deny that light and as much as they will want to criticise, reject, judge or ridicule that light they will not be able to because the essence of it will reveal the truth from the inside out, and that is a gift that each and every one of you can embrace.

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Merging with the divine counterpart within the self is what is allowing this to happen. Your divine counterparts externally are merging with you. Facets of them are coming and they are being integrated. What is important now is that humanity recognise that survival is not the only way to live and that there is a power, a force, that every single person has access to that can open many new worlds to them, but the wounds must be healed first so that the understanding of this power can be reclaimed and it can be utilised in it’s truth. The Temple Priestesses are awakening. Some have awoken to a larger extent than others. The Gods and Goddesses of Alchemy are fully active in their role of connecting with those who are ready. Alchemy Consciousness empowers you. The consciousness that resides within alchemy empowers you. It is your role however to integrate it in a way that you understand and use it accordingly. It is a unique experience, one that you need to understand, and one that you need to be able to relate to. So many of the prudes on your planet are going to be challenged. Hmm, yes and those aspects of yourself, because unless that is disassembled and recreated within it’s truth you will never ever truly be free of the old paradigm projections of your ability to manifest all your needs as met, and again I tell you the key lies within your own sexuality. If it didn’t why are people so drawn to it, fascinated by it, addicted to it, obsessed with it? Why for so long then were people punished for indulging in it, led to believe that it is disease? Why would people crush their spirit out of guilt if it did not mean something really powerful to them? You did not know what it really means but a part of you knew, otherwise that shame, that guilt, that pain and fear would not be as deep as it is, it’s the same feeling you have when you are deprived of love, when an animal or a child or a human being is deprived of love not only does the spirit die but the body dies as well, it is the same with your sexual power. Sex and love are the same thing, you just need to remember how those two work together, they have been completely polarised in the human world, completely. Love is considered light, sex is considered dark, man is considered good, woman is considered bad. Adam was powerful, Eve was evil, white is good, black is bad. You are now creating a bridge across that almighty canyon of misinformation. You are now going in there, you are now going to rescue the victim and you are going to show him or her the truth. All the veils will be removed, and the white flames will burn through it. I am telling you, warning you that there will be times where you will perhaps not be comfortable with your own realisations and revelations of self but do not give it up, explore it, understand what lies there. I repeat there are keys to your freedom inside of it and unless you are willing to get into it, to get your hands and feet dirty then it is going to continue eluding you, and if you want to heal the collective body of sexuality then you need to heal yourself, you need to address your own beliefs and disbeliefs around it. In order to heal the base chakra and all the base centres around your planet you need to do this, you need to come together and help one another, we will provide the means for this all you need to do is come to the party. Your base chakra roots you to Mother Earth as much as it roots you to the heavens. It is a foundation in which all the codes to freedom, to complete and utter enlightenment, to liberation of soul and spirit reside. We are giving you information now that you have called for. There have been many, many secret sects that have been active underground for hundreds and hundreds of years that have known this. Now we are taking that and we are giving it to you and some might say: “oh my goodness but they used to always say that these secret cults used to have grand orgies and sex ceremonies! It just goes to show they were right, it is bad!” Oh for goodness sake, get yourself a life and wake up to the power that exists! And I am telling you again that it is a power of light not one of darkness. You can come into it with all sorts of negative and very base motivations that will not give you the key that you seek. You will only access the keys that I speak of when you come from a point of humility, unconditional love and spirituality. That is the only way you will be granted access to the sacred oasis of the Goddess. She will not reveal any of her power to any person who comes with the wrong intention. Michelle Eloff©


So here, beloved ones, is an opportunity to transcend the low form of the base chakra, the base of the base, all of the negatives and abuse that has gone on with it, and by doing this that energy pulls all of the base energy into the Golden Consciousness. If you can’t beat them join them, but you come from a completely different perspective and this beloved ones is information I have given in detail in the activations that are to take place with the Grand Canyon, and we have asked this channel to release that information as soon as possible because you are all ready to work with it and you need to work with it. The Goddesses are going to work more frequently with those of you who are willing to walk this journey, but I assure you what you discover about yourself, the healing that takes place and the revelations you have will set not only those victimised and caged aspects of your authentic self free but many others as well, because then you are in a position to carry the light of the White Flames of Passion of the base chakra to other levels to bring that greater understanding. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Show yourself, you will not be disappointed. And so it is beloved ones I leave you with this now to digest it, to integrate it and to begin getting a feel of what this could mean for you. Write down what insights come. You may find memories of wounds and wounding coming to you – write it down. Do not suppress anything. Do not turn a blind eye to whatever comes your way. Entertain everything no matter how ashamed it makes you feel, no matter how guilty or dirty you feel. Look at it because when you deny it you are a victim to it, it has power over you because it can make you feel guilty or ashamed or afraid, and that fear was falsely projected upon you, never forget that. I, Kuthumi, embrace each and every one of you within the receptive power of the Goddess. I, as a masculine energy so to speak will also be taking a bit of a backseat over the next little while as the Goddesses present this light, for it is the Goddesses that lead this work, not the Gods. The Goddesses are the leaders in the sexual power because they are the receptacles. They are the only ones that have the power to allow it in and to share it. Why do you think rape happens? Because inside the god knows that the power of the goddess can only be experienced when she willing gives it, and when she receives from the god and when the god is so damaged, so wounded then there is a force driving him to take that power from the goddess in order to try and heal his own pain, his own wounds, and this is why the goddess is such a powerful healer, which is why the sexual act is such a powerful tool of healing when it is done within the right space, facilitated in a way that allows that source to be experienced. I want you to understand the difference between old paradigm sex and what we are presenting all of you with. Your healing has already begun just by what I have said today. It will continue because now these flames of passion are going to trigger questions inside of you, new ideas, new perspectives and before you know it you will be walking around, walking down a more empowered pathway to embracing your own light. It will bring you freedom, it will most certainly bring you joy and I guarantee it will bring you the realisation of how powerful you are and how that can be used to manifest all your needs as met. In this way the young ones who are moving into their own sexual maturity will be able to be taught the sacred authentic art of sex, not the destructive, I don’t even know what to call it act, that it is now. You will empower future generations, which will bring an end to the way sex is experienced and expressed in your modern world. This will bring a new level of respect between men and women, a new level of respect between same gender relationships where the masculine and the feminine are still expressed amongst both, for the one who is receptive will be in a position to receive and give and the one who is giving will be in a position to truly give and receive Michelle Eloff©


and realise why both fit together. Do you all understand this? Does anyone have a question relating to my transmission today? Q: I am trying to understand why HIV is linked in society today so closely to sex and I don’t understand how that connection was made in relation to the disease K: Beloved sister HIV and AIDS is a disease linked to the act of sex because of the diseased thoughts and intentions behind it. Think of it. For instance it is not just limited to gay relationships, anyone can get the disease now. Think of the energy behind it, the energy that humanity lives with – it is bad, it is unacceptable, it is dirty. Everything about it is negative. Do you understand? All the emotions that come with it is very dark, very deep, very intensive emotions not so? All of them diseased, yes? That is why such a dark disease, if I can call it that, has manifested. It is simply the manifestation of all those debilitating, soul crushing, paralysing associations that come with it. The only time it is considered acceptable is if you are married or in a committed relationship and even then it has all of it’s problems. Do you understand? Is it correct for me to deduce that if we use this power in the energy of unconditional love that we change how people view sex, which could in essence eradicate the disease? Absolutely yes, and this is the body of work that we are now presenting to humanity through the teachings of the Goddess, which in fact was given to this channel not to long ago - the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra, which the Goddesses mentioned they would be bringing forth, this is just the beginning. There are many others who have already tapped into this, but there are billions of people on the planet we cannot leave it up to one goddess to do, you understand? I do thank you. You are most welcome, peace and blessings be with you. Any other question? Q: Lord Kuthumi I would like to clarify as to the timeframe of what you are teaching today as to all the work we have done on the base chakra and the chakric system in the past and now today we are manifesting a different aspect, bringing up what we have been suppressing all this time. What is so important about the timeframe today in particular with what we are working with? K: This particular time is how can we put it is cosmically perfectly aligned for this great gateway to stay open. There have been a number of new gateways that have been activated as a result of humanity’s choice to experience profound healing to truly understand what debilitates humanity as a whole. The Golden Heart Chakra activations and all the work that Lightworkers have been doing collectively have contributed to the breaking open of the world in which Golden Consciousness resides, opening the Golden Heart Chakra within individuals which has enabled the White Fire Element to root itself in a way on Earth. As each and every one of these clearings have taken place the cosmology has been able to align itself with many aspect of the greater plan, and in fact accelerated the journey. So today is an important day specifically because it brings in the Merlin energy of the number seven, which is the number of magic, of miracles and manifesting the magic and miracles. June is the month of bringing harmony into being. It is sacred marriage, sacred union, joy and divinity. 2008 is the year of new beginnings and of new light so to speak. You understand? So all of these energies are formulated and have resulted in a very specific configuration of energies, very supportive in other words. Does that answer your questions? Yes it does, thank you. You are welcome, peace and blessing be with you. Beloved ones I have said this is a time of understanding what this means for you. Be aware of what you feel, of what you sense, the thoughts that come to mind and just make a note of it. Rather write it down than deny it all together, as I have said even if it makes you feel really ashamed or guilty or whatever it is. By allowing that feeling to arise you are giving it a voice, and when you do not give the authentic self a voice you end up doing so called “bad” things, which you interpret as being unacceptable. So give it a voice so that you do not resort to what is considered bad or negative behaviour. Listen to these words again. My message contains many layers. Michelle Eloff©


May the light of your white flames of passion of your base chakra reveal to you the pathway to freedom that lies within you through that power. May the light of your authentic self reveal to you where your strengths lie, and may that power empower you to overcome and to move beyond the wounding that lies within your base chakra, the wounding that has led to you believing that you have been abandoned by God, by Spirit, by family, by friends, whomever it is, and that you have been left out in the cold and that no one cares about you. May this healing take you to the next level of your own evolution emotionally, mentally and spiritually and may all come to be well in your world beyond that which you can currently see. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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