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July 11, 2017 | Author: Girish | Category: Clearing (Finance), Business Process, Banks, Supply Chain, Automation
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Table of contents The Evolving World of Payments.......................................................3 Delivering Value – Solutions for the Entire Financial Supply Chain...........................................................4 Payments Solutions for Banks – Global PAYplus.............................6 Fundtech Services.......................................................................... 12 Fundtech Technology...................................................................... 14 Fundtech Partner Program............................................................. 15


THE EVOLVING WORLD OF PAYMENTS In the wake of the economic crisis, financial institutions have taken a new interest in payments, seeing it as one of the few areas for stable and predictable revenue and product growth. Even here, however, recent developments are posing technological, operational and competitive challenges. Increased customer demand has driven the development of new payment channels, including online and mobile, as well as a move toward real-time or immediate payments. Pressure to grow revenue and increase margins has driven transformation programs to reduce operational and transaction costs through streamlined, automated and consolidated systems. New national and international regulations such as Basel III, DoddFrank and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) have demanded better liquidity and risk management through increased visibility, control and better reporting. And finally, the emergence of new competition in the form of non-traditional service providers has added another interesting dimension to a complex landscape.


DELIVERING VALUE – SOLUTIONS FOR THE ENTIRE FINANCIAL SUPPLY CHAIN Fundtech offers financial institutions a suite of solutions to help them to manage payments, provide cash management services, achieve financial messaging, automate payables and receivables, and provide channel distribution in a cost-effective, secure, operationally efficient and reliable way.

Fundtech’s solutions enable financial institutions to manage all types of payments, within and across national borders, from and to any channel, with the highest degree of automation and straight-through-processing (STP). It offers banks and its customers full transparency and real time visibility at any stage of the payment lifecycle.

Fundtech: The only fully supported supply chain solution


Fundtech’s software solutions can help financial institutions to:

• Improve business decision making through increased transparency and visibility;

• Modernize systems and improve operations to increase profits, control costs and drive efficiency; • Realize competitive advantage through innovative offerings and improved customer service; • Improve risk management and compliance through operational improvements and compliance tools;

• Manage liquidity through improved processes and systems, and consolidation of all payments transactions and liquidity events in one place automatically; • …and ultimately support the entire supply chain across payments, cash, financial messaging, payables and receivables automation, and channel distribution.

Why Fundtech? End-to-end supply chain automation Corporate Environment

Banking Environment

C Clearing H House





Customers & Accounts

General Ledger

Liquidity & Risk

Loans & Deposits




Mutual Funds

Regulatory & Compliance



Treasury FX










Document & Workflow

Operational Data Store


Channel Capture and Automation

Corporate and Consumer Value-Add Solutions

Core-Banking Automation: Global Clearing Regulatory Reporting and Executive Decision Support

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The Challenges

The Solution

The payments business today is not without its challenges. Financial institutions face a number of significant hurdles, including navigating new payment channels; conducting multi-currency and multi-product payment operations in many different countries; and offering superior customer services in highly competitive and increasingly regulated environments. All of this while facing pressure from management and shareholders alike to increase revenues, reduce risk and lower overall operating costs.

Fundtech has more payments customers around the world than any other payments software solution provider. It offers payments solutions to enable financial institutions and their business customers to manage and process payments, and transfer funds in local and international environments in a cost-effective, secure and reliable way. Global PAYplus, Fundtech’s payments solution, helps financial institutions of every size to manage all types of payments, within and across national borders.

Global PAYplus combines an extensive set of payment services including high value payments, mass payments and immediate payments, in a single payments hub. The solution is based on a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Its strict adherence to industry standards makes integration with the financial institution’s existing technology infrastructure fast, easy and predictable. The use of SOA technology also leads to reductions in the complexity and cost of the firm’s hardware and software.

High Value:

Mass Payments:

Immediate/Faster Payments:

Enables banks to receive, process, and send wires, both incoming and outgoing, as well as clearing specific messages, processes and practices. Supports RTGS payments in Americas, EMEA, APAC as well as multicurrency cross-border payments via SWIFT.

Enables banks to receive, process, and send files that contain multiple payment, collection, and related transactions as well as individual transactions.  Supports ACH payments in Americas, EMEA, APAC as well as bilateral and multi-lateral clearing arrangements. 

Payment Solutions for Banks

Accommodates individual and bulk payments schemes whose turn-around time, from issuance of a customer’s original instruction, to the bank’s final response must happen in near real-time. Supports immediate payments in UK, Singapore, Sweden and soon Australia. 


PAYMENT SOLUTIONS FOR BANKS Global PAYplus Using this solution, financial institutions are able to consolidate silos of legacy payment operations in a common shared payments hub that can be deployed globally, and yet controlled locally, simplifying operations and reducing operating expenses. By connecting and orchestrating channels, legacy payments systems, and their supporting back-office functions, payment services are coordinated and new products can be deployed quickly. A rules engine provides the flexibility to add new functionality in response to

changing industry and customer requirements, without the need to change code. Two Fundtech payments customers recently won Celent Model Bank awards for their transformative payments projects; likewise, two Fundtech payments customers also received technology awards from the Asian Banker.

A rules engine provides the flexibility to add new functionality in response to changing industry and customer requirements, without the need to change code.


Global PAYplus BUSINESS BENEFITS • Saves Time, Reduces Costs & Improves Operational Efficiency. The solution brings together payments details for many different payment types and from multiple systems to a central payment hub. Information is consolidated into a single view, saving staff time and ensuring that the number of interfaces and systems requiring management and maintenance can be reduced significantly. This means that in addition to payments processing being simplified, IT costs can also be dramatically reduced. Likewise, interfaces and tasks can be customized, helping users to prioritize tasks and focus on only those things that require their attention. In so doing, tasks can be streamlined and payments will move more quickly. • Reduces Risk. By reducing the number of interfaces, systems and stages in the process requiring manual intervention, operational risk will be reduced dramatically, throughout the payments process. The solution can additionally be

easily extended to incorporate more advanced liquidity and risk management capabilities. • Improves Customer Service. The solution brings a customer’s backoffice payments functionality to their online experience through [email protected] that allows banks to increase straight-through-processing rates by engaging their customers as early as possible in the process. This means that financial institutions can immediately validate payment information at the source and thus require less downstream customer interaction, resulting in faster and more responsive service to their customers. The solution also allows banks to give their customers the flexibility they need to quickly and easily make and receive payments in real-time at any time, 24 x 7. This allows them to offer unique services – like Sweden’s Swish and UK’s PingIT – and to increase the velocity of commerce. Special features also allow banks to meet customers’ demands for real-time access to liquidity, as

well as enabling them to carry out transactions closer to clearing deadlines, and have credits posted as quickly as possible. • Enhances Decision Support. The solution’s dashboard provides mission-critical payments information in one consolidated view, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis of all aspects of the operation. The dashboard accumulates data over time and uses a baseline for normal behavior, issuing real-time alerts when abnormal trends are detected. This ‘birds eye’ view – both in real-time and over time – allows financial institutions to quickly and easily identify trends, avoid trouble spots and make informed decisions. Likewise, by readily providing only the most necessary information, users are able to quickly assess the information they need to do their job and make decisions without being burdened by unneccesary information.


PAYMENT SOLUTIONS FOR BANKS Global PAYplus Global PAYplus offers a broad range of business capabilities as follows. Payments Management and   Execution – Fundtech’s payments solutions are designed to bring institutions into the 21st century and make them fully compliant with current demands in as simple and cost effective a way as possible. In fact, Fundtech can help drive real savings in a very short time. For financial institutions looking to organize or transform their payments operations, Global PAYplus will save time, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. It achieves this by bringing together different payment types, currencies and systems into a single, centralized payments hub, increasing STP automation, and consolidating information into a single view thus reducing the need for multiple interfaces and systems. By increasing STP and reducing the number of interfaces, systems and stages in the payment process that require manual intervention, operational risk is dramatically reduced.

Fundtech’s payments solutions are designed to bring institutions into the 21st century and make them fully compliant with current demands in as simple and cost effective a way as possible. This gives financial institutions one consolidated view of mission-critical payments information, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis. This is crucial as businesses experience business growth due to their ability to offer customized and differentiated capabilities faster than they ever could before – in weeks rather than in months.

Wholesale and Retail – Global PAYplus offers solutions for wire and Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing and origination, cross border correspondent banking and all other payment instruments for both retail and wholesale customers. By automating payment validation and enrichment, checks on customer history, exposure management and the preauthorization of transactions, financial institutions can increase their transactions business while effectively managing risk. Billing and analysis functionality, automated returns processing, sophisticated foreign exchange (FX) processing and automated debit blocking allow financial institutions to improve and extend their relationships with customers, keeping them informed through proactive information delivery and enabling them to reward customers where appropriate through improved pricing. Using the solution, financial institutions can process account transactions faster and more dependably, and offer industryleading business capabilities to a wide range of business customers – from small and medium sized enterprises to global multinational corporations.

This gives financial institutions one consolidated view of mission-critical payments information, allowing for easy monitoring and analysis.


Liquidity and Risk Management – Demand for intraday liquidity continues to accelerate as banks and their corporate customers continue to expand their operations into foreign markets, boosting the volumes of cross-border and domestic transactions. As a module of Global PAYplus, Fundtech’s liquidity and risk solution provides banks with the tools they need to address new intraday liquidity monitoring and measurements standards, to meet the demands of new regulation but also to benefit from significant competitive advantage through improved processes, systems and ‘best practices’ for liquidity management. All payment transactions and liquidity events are consolidated in one place automatically, so that limit monitoring of inputs and settlements can be performed consistently and in real-time. Sophisticated forecasting and planning tools enable financial institutions to meet their payment obligations throughout the day as well as at end-of-day.

Global PAYplus KEY FEATURES • Process Any Payment Type – automated processing of ACH, RTGS, SWIFT and real-time payments with high levels of STP. • Channel Agnostic – works with any channel for payment capture and management. • Extensive Global Reach – supports widely used clearing and customer formats with tools to rapidly add additional formats as needed. • Centralized Liquidity & Risk Management – provides a global view of liquidity using an automated system to manage counterparty liquidity risk. • Comprehensive Workflows & Business Capabilities – mature and business feature rich set of workflows, with multi-currency and multilingual support for any geography, and multi-entity organizational structure that align with any operating model. • SOA Based Patform – pure, vendor-neutral SOA based architecture designed to continually benefit from the infrastructure improvements without the need to change the business logic. Modular and layered design allows users to easily run major projects in parallel, without impacting one another or the core system. • User Interface – users can control, simplify and streamline the experience and content to identify risks and prioritize tasks. • End-To-End Business Process – a suite of services to create end-2-end business processes and enable end user self-service capabilities. • Open, Extensible Data & Processing Models – allows for rapid implementation and rollout of new products and features. • Proven in the Most Demanding Production Environments – designed to highest standards of performance (low latency, high capacity, linear scalability) and reliability (high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery).


FUNDTECH SERVICES When it comes to implementing mission critical systems–particularly in today’s highly competitive and unpredictable economic environment– banks will do whatever they can to maximize IT investment. Taking a shortcut or a wrong turn at any stage in the implementation process can delay time-to-market, disrupt ongoing operations and lower overall efficiency in both the short- and long-term. This holds true right across the transaction banking spectrum–for payments, cash management, financial messaging and merchant services. Fundtech can help customers avoid these pitfalls. Since 1993, our global services group has helped more than 1,000 of the world’s leading financial institutions and corporations maximize the benefits of Fundtech products and achieve their transaction banking goals. Indeed, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire engagement is at the heart of Fundtech’s business philosophy. The goal of each Fundtech services team (implementation services, customer support and training) is to ensure that our customers can implement their new solutions successfully and bring their staff and their customers up to speed effectively. This high level of support is maintained beyond implementation, to ensure that customers continue to get the most out of their software investment throughout the entire lifecycle.


Fundtech’s services team helps customers to maximize their investment in the software by: l Ensuring

the best use of Fundtech’s products.

l Building

best-practice into the implementation process to minimize risk.

l Ensuring

the most effective and efficient transfer of knowledge through training.

l Delivering

excellence in all aspects of customer service throughout ongoing operations.

Fundtech’s Services Include:


Implementation Services

Fundtech offers a comprehensive set of focused user training services, that can be tailored for all types of end users (project team, super users and regular users) during and beyond implementation. Courses are offered as either off-the-shelf courses focused on a particular product or business area, or specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of a customer.

A quick and efficient implementation helps customers realize the best value from their investment in the shortest possible time. Bringing with them industryleading best practice and a field-proven methodology, Fundtech’s implementation services team is responsible for project managing every stage of the implementation process including analysis, on-site implementation support, and static data and set-up; infrastructure design, sizing, installation, configuration and environment maintenance; testing and user acceptance. The project is driven by a leader, who must ensure the effective coordination of resources and transparency of communications, as well as taking responsibility for overall project management to ensure that risks are mitigated and that the implementation comes in on time and within budget.

Users can participate in a range of functional and technical courses, as well as certification programs at varying levels, ranging from standard ‘beginner’ courses through to training programs for the experienced user. Training programs may be taken at Fundtech training centers, at a customer location or via webinar. More information about courses and course locations can be found in the services section of our website (

Customer Support With more than 20 years of delivering transaction banking solutions, Fundtech’s experienced team of application support experts are available 24/7 to respond to technical and functional queries. This team has a solid track record of diagnosing and resolving issues quickly and helping customers ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. Equally important, the team gives the information and advice customers need to make informed, proactive and timely business decisions when managing their transaction banking operations.




Fundtech uses industry standard technology and best-practice procedures to provide flexible, reliable and costeffective transaction banking solutions that help firms operate more efficiently, and respond to market developments, customer demands and evolving regulations in a more timely, betterinformed way

Fundtech’s open technology framework allows for easy integration within a customer’s technology ecosystem as well as with solutions from other technology vendors. This simplifies the process of implementation, reducing the time and costs associated with onboarding.


Many of Fundtech’s products can be delivered as in-house implementations or as a hosted, SaaS solution that requires no local software or hardware installation, greatly reducing the time and cost of implementation and infrastructure maintenance.

In today’s competitive environment, time is money. Fundtech’s solutions use state-of-the art technology to enable our customers (and, in turn, their customers to set-up, execute and monitor their transaction banking needs in real-time. This means they can make proactive, informed and timely business decisions that will ultimately help them grow their business.



Capable of processing anywhere from dozens to millions of transactions per day, Fundtech’s solutions can easily be extended to incorporate new entities, geographies, languages, time zones, currencies and products.

Years of experience in delivering solutions to banks mean that we have accumulated a huge amount of expertise in managing day-to-day transaction banking on a regional, national or global scale. Leveraging this knowledge, we are able to help customers to address their challenges and capitalize on opportunities in a practical and effective way.

Hosted or In-House

Secure Our software has been tested and reviewed extensively in our production environments, as well as by our customers. Our hosted solutions, security, disaster recovery and business continuity processes meet or exceed industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Fundtech’s solutions are capable of processing anywhere from dozens to millions of transactions per day.


FUNDTECH PARTNER PROGRAM Partners are essential to help Fundtech provide its customers with comprehensive solutions that meet changing market requirements in an efficient and cost-effective way. Together, we help customers differentiate themselves and compete more effectively through innovative solutions. Fundtech has built a network of partners to provide the scalability and expertise necessary to expand our coverage, extend our scale and develop deeper relationships with our customers. The breadth and depth of this network ensures that the solutions we provide are aligned with our customers’ demands for endto-end transaction banking solutions. Our partner network includes global and regional partners in technology and systems integration, and provides products and services that enhance or complement Fundtech’s offerings across all business lines and market segments. At a global level, Fundtech works with leading consulting firms and system integrators. Their industry knowledge, focus and international presence helps us

to provide customers with full, end-to-end business solutions. At a local level we have developed business partnerships to ensure we provide our customers with the requisite support, language and cultural expertise necessary to ensure the optimal delivery of our solutions. Fundtech offers a variety of flexible partnership options that allow firms to enter into a relationship that best reflects their business strategies and strengths. The network includes three categories of partners–Consultant and System Integrators, Solution Providers and Technology Providers–across three levels of partnership including Platinum, Gold and Silver, depending on the degree of commitment of each partner. The program is designed to meet our customers’ and partners’ needs, to ensure mutual success.


Regional Headquarters Americas (Global Headquarters)  Fundtech Corporation Corporate Headquarters 140 Broadway, 40th Floor New York, NY 10005
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