GlamourNudes by Dan Hostettler and StudioPrague - 2011 Teaser

January 1, 2018 | Author: Dan Hostettler | Category: Aesthetics
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"glamourNudes" - Glamour Portfolio from Dan Hostettler "Clearly elegant in style, minimalist, though up ...


PDF Edition 2011 (TEASER)

glamour nudes DAN HOSTETTLER portfolio

limited edition PDF Edition 2011 1st Edition: Limited Softcover Edition 2008, 299 pieces 2nd Edition: PDF Edition 2011 © GlamourMarketer, s.r.o. Publishing



“Long live the women!” Preface by Stephan Rubli & Jan Prerovsky

Beauty is endless, especially in a fast-moving world. The eye, attracted by a flood of impressions, gets lost in waves of the ungraspable. It can see everything – and nothing at the same time. Let it indulge itself for a second! Let it rest and refresh itself with an ungraspable unartificial beauty, with a mystical shy, though gracious tenderness, tempting and ensnaring, but never importunate. Deceptive beautiful forms composed by nature and orchestrated by the photographer. Mixed with a game of light and colours in aesthetic harmony, in their original form they accurately produce a perfect symphony. A truly unforgettable concert for the eyes! This is the photographic work by Dan Hostettler. It catches the eye of the observer and keeps it. It calms down the greed and wakes it up again – a game of Satisfaction and Desire. “Long live the women!” This praise is given by glossy magazines in homage to the photographer´s creations. He, in turn, gives this praise to the women, to their beauty and infinity of this beauty.



“Es leben die Frauen!” Vorwort von Stephan Rubli & Jan Prerovsky

Schönheit ist endlich. Zumal in einer schnelllebigen Welt. Das Auge, angezogen von der Flut an Impressionen, verliert sich in den Wogen des kaum mehr Fassbaren. Es sieht alles – und doch nichts. Lasst es uns einfangen und gönnt ihm einen Augenblick der Ruhe! Lasst es rasten und sich laben an unfassbarer, ungekünstelter Schönheit. An mystisch scheuer und doch stilvoller Anmut, die verführt und verfängt, ohne jemals aufdringlich zu sein. Betörend schöne Formen, von der Natur komponiert und vom Künstler orchestriert. Instrumentalisiert durch das Spiel von Licht und Farben verschmilzt die ästhetische Harmonie – in ihrer ursprünglichen Form akribisch präzise inszeniert – zu einer vollendeten Symphonie. Ein unvergessliches Konzert für die Augen! Dies ist das fotografische Werk von Dan Hostettler. Es fängt das Auge des Betrachters ein und hält es fest. Es stillt dessen Begierde und weckt sie von neuem – ein Wechselspiel von Satisfaktion und Lust. “Es leben die Frauen!” Diese Hymne widmen Hochglanzmagazine dem Schaffen des Fotografen. Er aber widmet sich den Frauen. Und ihrer Schönheit. Auf dass sie endlich bleibe, bis dass er sie verewigt.


pure glamour I






photo by Andy Hostettler

Dan Hostettler, Photographer Born 1971 in Bern, Switzerland, Dan soon turned out as visualist and entrepreneur. Growing up near Berne he visited High School in Berne and Zurich. In the age of 11 he started to experiment with the classic S-8 film camera as well as his first SLR- photo camera. In 1991 he applied at the University for Fine Arts and Design in Bern, where he graduated in 1995 as photographer. Since 1998 he is working as a photographer specialized in the field of Beauty and Glamour Photography. Due to his work he traveled around the globe visiting several countries, pan-European as well as Asian. Between 1999 and 2005 he worked as freelance photographer, movie producer & multimedia designer based in Bern and Zurich. In the course of his long years of experience in the field of Fashion, Glamour and Nude Photography, Dan led several workshops and was published in different media. In 2001 Dan founded StudioPrague - a dedicated photo studio for professionals in Prague, Czech Republic. Until now the studio served many international clients and supported a big number of productions. In 2007 he decided to relocate completely from Zurich (Switzerland) to Prague (Czech Republic). Producing a large quantity of shootings since 2001 in Prague, the personal studio team became a grant for high standard quality. As a big networker on the local place and a trend scout & -setter in the international market, he founded together with Jan Prerovsky in 2007 the exciting and prosperous company “GlamourMarketer, s.r.o.”. The company produces and provides worldwide specific imagery for the professional industry in the fields of Fashion, Glamour, and Nude Photography. Dan is ever since a visualist with Swiss precision. News & latest work on 79

Thanks to the team: Dvorakova Mili Hostettler Andy Jarmila Kira Klipatska Ellen Kochurina Diana Kubesova Nina Malina Jaroslav Praguer Monika & Erick Prerovska Dayana Prerovsky Jan Rubli Stephan Tihomirova Natasha

Thanks to all the models working for me. Thanks to everyone’s support over the years.

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ISBN 978-3-033-01600-2

Elegant in style, minimalist, though up to the smallest details perfectly focused and distinctive, without being importunate. With a rare, shy charisma that tempts mystically attracting the sight and uplift the thoughts. Surprisingly aesthetic pieces of work unique in their form, in the very original sense with light composed. Sensual temptation – produced accurately and reserved – inviting to indulging observation and infatuation. This represents the work of Dan Hostettler.

© 2011 by Dan Hostettler - Prague, Czech Republic / PDF Edition

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