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August 5, 2017 | Author: Pooja Magia | Category: Jewellery, Retail, Diamond, Brand, Equity (Finance)
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INDUSTRY OVERVIEW • Worldwide, the gems and jewellery industry is estimated at over US$ 130 billion. • The Indian gems and jewellery industry grows at the rate of 15 % annually. • Domestic market is estimated to be around US$ 16.1 billion. • India is the largest diamond processor . • India’s gems and jewellery industry has been allowed 51 per cent foreign direct investments. 

Indian Retail Jewellery Overview





Silver & Gold jewellery

Gold & Diamond jewellery


Investment + Fashion

Traditional design

Fashionable & innovative design

Marriage & festival is peak season

Wearability and gifts

Jewellery sold on commodity basis with labor charges

Jewellery being sold on a per piece basis

GITANJALI GEMS Established presence § The company is one of India’s largest integrated diamond and jewellery companies Established in 1966. Sight holder status with DTC through a promoter group company § Sophisticated and scalable diamond and jewellery manufacturing facilities § Approximately 1,246 retail outlets in India and 143 outlets in the U.S. Leading brands 

VISION • To be globally diversified in infrastructure and integrated operations efficiently linking diamonds from rough to retail. • To create a single value chain that spans the distance from mines to the market stand in doing so transform the Indian jewellery market into one dominated by brands offering certified and trustworthy jewellery through a contemporary shopping experience.

• •


To develop, produce and sell high quality jewellery and accessories worldwide and help our customers to get the maximum value for money. To create incremental enterprise and brand value to increase the net worth of the group.

BUSINESS MAP Gitanjali Gems

Diamond and Jewellery


Manufacturing and whole selling Diamond Processing Retail




LINE OF BUSINESSES The Diamond and Jewellery arm of Gitanjali Gems is divided further:  Diamond processing  Jewellery manufacturing  Jewellery retailing in India and Aboard  Branded jewellery  Gems & jewellery SEZs


• The company has various exhibitions all throughout the world. • Leading Jewellers of the World (LJW) • The company has taken various famous personalities to endorse and promote their brands eg. Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu and so on. • The company sponsors various Fashion Weeks for the promotion and visibility of their brand. • The company partners with Force India for “Speed Nights VIP Access.”



KEY FACTS • Has won many awards from the Ministry of Commerce. • • Today its a $900 million multinational group. • • Integrated multi-location operations. • • Product range and innovation.

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Gitanjali Gems acquires Samuels Jewellers Inc, USA.

• • Gitanjali USA Inc acquires 70% equity stakes in Tri-Star worldwide LLC. • Gitanjali Gems acquires 100% stakes in Rogers Limited,Inc. • Gitanjali Group Acquires "LUCERA" - Flagship Jewellery Brand of Renaissance Retail - Buys over the Retail business of Renaissance for Rs. 25 Crores. • The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Gitanjali USA Inc., has acquired 51% stake in Diamlink Inc. Diamlink, a US based Company is engaged in the business of diamond and diamond studded jewellery. • GGL has acquired 100% shares of Decent Securities & Finance Pvt. Ltd. and Eureka Finstock Pvt. Ltd. • The company has acquired the balance stake in its Gili brand to make it a wholly owned subsidiary. • The company has acquired the balance stake in Modali Gems to make it a wholly owned subsidiary.



VALUE CHAIN Shopping Experience

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Distribution

Rough Distribution

Jewellery Manufacturing

Jewellery Retailing

Direct From Mines

Jewellery Whole Selling

Jewellery Branding


CURRENT HAPPENINGS • The company divested its stake in Ivida technologies with a view to concentrate on its core business. • The government approved 180 cores of investment proposal of damas LLC for setting up a retail joint venture with gitanjali lifestyles for opening jewellery and lifestyle store. • Launch of luxury lifestyle brand Giantti • The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Gitanjali Lifestyle Limited has entered into an agreement for

FUTURE Expansions


Expanding stores in India

Gitanjali Lifestyles to focus on

Manufacture and distribution

Acquisitions including Samuels, Rogers

Of luxury and lifestyle products

and Tri-Star Developing 200 acres gems & Jewellery Plans to make further inorganic growth in the U.S. & Far-east. Expanding manufacturing capabilities to address increasing demand

SEZ in Hyderabad Plans to develop more SEZs at Panvel, Nanden, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Calcutta.

FUTURE • • • • • • • • • 

Gitanjali plans to open 60 stores Gitanjali to open 150 stores in Tier-II cities Gitanjali to foray into apparel biz Gitanjali Gems to add 150 stores in US Gitanjali Group to invest $30 m to expand retail presence in China Moralleto, Gitanjali Group to set up assembly plant in Himachal Training institute to be set up at the Mani Kanchan SEZ Gitanjali Group Plans Tie-up With Japanese Designer Gitanjali Lifestyle to hold stake in ‘MobileNXT’ Targets 70% stake in MobileNXT

CHALLENGES • Increase in the price of Gold & Diamonds.

• Other local competitors. According to the data 94% jewellery sales are by family jewelers.

• Emergence of Low-Cost upcoming market.




• International Competition:China, Sri Lanka Thailand's entry in small diamond jewellery.


• •

• Threat from producing nation like S.A. & Russia.

RECOMENDATIONS • • • • • • • • •

New markets in Europe & Latin America. Growing demand in South Asian & Far East countries. Industry moving from a phase of consolidation. Expansion possibilities in lifestyle and luxury products in India. Increase exports.


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