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8/22/2015 General Knowledge MCQS Practice Test for Public Service Commission Exams | PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION & OTHER TESTS INFORM…


General Knowledge MCQS Practice Test for Public Service Commission Exams Posted by adeelabbasbk on 8 October 2013, 3:56 am

General Knowledge MCQS Practice Test for Public Service Commission Exams  1  which planet is earth twin? a venus  b   mars     c   uranus      d   naptune 2  if there is no sun colour of sky would be? a   black    b   grey    c   blue      d    white 3   which is second highest peak of pakistan? a k – 2  b   nanaga perbat   c   nanda devi   d   terch mir 4  GATT headquarter is located in? a   Ganeeva    b  Paris     c Washington     d  Hagues 5  changed name FORMOSA is? a  singapur    b   taiwan    c    malaysia     d   hong kong 6  which country is called land of mountains? a  france   b   nepal    c   japan    d   norway 7   Cyprus is ? a  colony    b  an ice land   c   penisulnia    d   city 8   the capital of poland is? a    yangon    b   warsaw    c     bern    d   wellington 9   Dalasi is the currency of? a   france     b   usa    c   gambia       d    chad 10   which one is papulation day? a   11 july    b   12 july   c   13 july    d   14 july 11   the first secertery genral of UNO is? a   Thant    b   Trygre lie    c   Kurat weldone   d Sandome lee 12   which country has largest army? a    usa      b   china     c   france    d   brazil 13   The first country to launch any vehicle in space? a   usa     b   russia    c   france    d   uk 14   The father of homoeopathy  is? a  Hahnemann   b   Honeyman    c   Harvey   d   Harmon 15   The average age of Red Blood Cells is? a   110 days   b   115 days   c   120 days   d   130 days 16   Sharm ul Sheikh is the sea port of? a   red sea   b  arabian sea   c   meditarrian sea    d   black sea 17   To which country president of FIFA belongs? a   France   b Swizarland    c   UK    d  Brazil 18   One BTU is equal to? a  10.45 jole   b  10.55 jole   c 10.65 jole   d   10.75 jole 19 when pakistan launched its first currecy note?­knowledge­mcqs­practice­test­for­public­service­commission­exams/


8/22/2015 General Knowledge MCQS Practice Test for Public Service Commission Exams | PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION & OTHER TESTS INFORM… a   9 july 1948   b   10 july 1948   c   11 july 1948   d  12 july 1948 20   Mycology is the study of ? a  Birds    b   Animals    c   Fungus    d   Bactaria 21  MENA is the news agency of? a   Egypt     b  France   C  Iran    d   Netherland 22   Pakistan shares a border with China? a   805  km   b  585 km   c   625 km   d  505 km 23  Warsak dam is located in? a Punjab     b   Nwfp    c Sindh   d  Baluchistan 24   Blood contains % water? a   80 %  b   90%   c   60%   d 70% 25   First agricultural reforms in pakistan? a  1957   b   1958   c   1959   d   1960 26   How many districts is AJK? a  9      b   10     c  11    d   12 27   Largest Fort of Pakiastan? a  rani kot fort  b   rohtas fort   c  akbar for   d   jahangeer fort 28   blue and white nile meet at? a    cairo    b   atbara    c    khartom    d   wad medani 29   when third battle of panipat fought? a   1761    b   1764    c    1766   d   1769 30   how many total amendmates have been made in constitution till now? a   18    b   19     c   20    d    21 31  who is the youngest player to score a test century? a  salim malik    b   zaheer abbas  d muhamamd ashrufal   d   ricky ponting 32   who is crruent I G of punjab police? a javid malik   b abdul hameed dogar   c   haji habib ullah   d  nadeem verik 33   the largest lake of pakistan is? a  sta patra lake   b  mancher lake   c   kanjeer lake  d  lalu sar lake 34   san and haro are the famous rivers of? a  hindu kash range  b   potwar platue c   hamalaya range   d   baluchistan platue 35   when Hunza became a part of Pakistan? a   1970    b   1971    c   1974    d   1976 36   Lahore to Islamabad moterway is? a   330 km   b   335  km   c   345  km   d   365  km 37   indicate the number pakistan area wise in the world? a  33th    b   34th    c    35th    d    36th 38    an active group lamppost is found in? a   india    b   bangladesh   c   iran   d   brazil 39   the worlds most tea importing country is? a  chaina   b russia  c brazil    d   siri lanka 40   pakistan recognized people republic of china in? a  1949    b   1950    c    1951    d   1952 41    what is per capital income of pakistan? a  1073 dollar    b   1225 dollar   c   1480 dollar   d   1569  dollar 42   when was colombo plane established? a 1950   b  1951  c   1952   d   1955 43  when liaaqat ali khan assessinated? a   16 october 1951   b   17 october 1951  c  18 october  1951  d  19 october 1958 44   the province with largest coastlines? a  punjab   b  baluchistan   c   nwfp   d   sindh 45   ban ki mon is from? a  south africa   b  south korea  c  norway  d  chaina 46  for printing large designs and amges we use? a laser printer   b   plotter    c   dot matrix   d   line printer 47   volatile memory is? a  Rom    b  Ram   c  Prom   d  cache memory 48   the shortest period of time is? a  nanosecond   b   picosecond   c   microsecond  d millisecond 49   which one of the common protocols is used for E- MAIL? a ftp    b   ppp    c   html   d   smtp 50    the unit that control all parts of computer is? a  CU    B   CPU    C   ALU   D  REGISTER 51  What is the synonym of Dynamic? a energetic   b   strong   c   necessary   d   pure 52   what is the synonym of Granish? a    to harvest    b   decorate   c    select   d  pressure 53  what is antonym of allure? a   repulse     b    develop     c    entice      d     decoy 54    what is the antonym of zest? a   restive      b    callous     c     indifference     d     distaste    55    chose the correct spellings?­knowledge­mcqs­practice­test­for­public­service­commission­exams/


8/22/2015 General Knowledge MCQS Practice Test for Public Service Commission Exams | PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION & OTHER TESTS INFORM… a    apilogue      b    apilog      c     apilogui      d    apelogue 56    the woman threw her coat on the chair and kicked    ——-   her  shoes? a   on       b     off       c     of       d    in 57     he was presented ——-   the keys of the city? a   with      b    in     c    for    d    to 58    we are moving ——- to the new examination system? a     to     b    over      c     at     d     in 59    i hope to  be back here a month ——–? a   after     b    hence     c    thence     d    before 60    a tall order? a    a task dificult to perform   b   a big problem    c   a royal summon   d   a big demand 61   allama iqbal nay kis year main p. h . d ki degree hasil ki? a     1906     b    1907     c    1908     d    1909 62    hindi ya hindvi kis zuban ko kaha jata tha? a   urdu   b   farsi     c   sanskrat    d   arbi 63   Urdu nasar main sab say qadeen sanaf kon c hay? a   dastan     b   pahelee     c    keh makrni      d   afsaana 64   Urdu ka pehla naval nagar kon hay? a     parm chand    b   kirishan chand    c   dipty nazir ahmad    d   rajab ali sarwar baig 65   Subhay zindgi kis ki tasneef hay? a    rashad ul khairi    b   sar said   c    hakeem muhammd ali   d   mulana hali 66    allam iqbal ki shairi ka majmoa Zaboray ajam kis san main shaiya hoa? a    1926      b    1927     c    1928      d    1929 67    mirza galib kab paida hoeay? a    1798    b    1805     c    1797    d    1799 68    Shairay mazdor kis ko kaha jata hay? a   ehsan danish    b   josh maleh abadi    c   ilama iqbal    d   akhtar sherani 69   Mian khoji kis nawal ka mashor kirdar hay? a   mirat ul aroos    b   hussan ka dako   c   firdos e barian  d    ajaib nama 70  Naseem hijazi ki waja shuhrat kai hay? a   jasoosi nawal    b   romantis nawal    c   tarikhi nawal    d    afsana nagari 71   pashto zuban k sab say baray shair kon hain? a   ameer karor    b   baba rehman   c   khushhal khan khatak   d   preshan khatk 72   Naval kis zuban ka lafaz hay? a   fransisi    b   germon    c   atalvi    d   arbi 73   Musadas k har band main kitnay misray hotay hain? a   4     b    6     c    8    d   9 74   allama iqbal nay qaiday azam ko jo khat likhay un ki tadad kia hay? a      10       b    15      c    20     d    25 75    mashhoor daram shakantla kis nay likha? a   kali daas     b   parem chan    c   jahan aara begum    d    raam gopal 76   urdu ka pehla sahibay devan shair kon tha? a   meer taqi meer   b   vali dakni   c   quli qutab shah   d   galib 77   khan ki monas batain? a   begam    b   khanam    c   khatoon    d   khain 78    Daira ki jama kia ha? a    dairay      b   darain     d   dairaat    d   dawaear 79    umid bar aana ka kia matlab hay? a ulaad hona    b   aarzoo pori hona   c  bohat ziada dolat milna   d   khushi hasal hona 80    allam ki mashoor nazam saqi nama ki riasat k baray main hay? a    kashmeer     b    punjab     c    gilgat     d    bangal 81   Quraan majeed k kul 56 naam hain kitnay naam sifati hain? a     53      b    54    c     52     d   55  82     madni sorah ki tadaad kia hay? a    27     b    28     c    29     d    32 83     abu al bashar kis nabi ko kehtay hain? a    Hazrat Adam b     Hazrat   Esa   c   Hazrat   Noah    d  Hazrat Mosa 84    Hazrat Jibraeel ka zikar Quraan pak main kitni baar aaya hay? a       4      b    5      c    6    d     7 85     Umal kitab kis sorah ko kehtay hain? a    sorah Fateha     b   sorah   Yaseen    c  sorah  Rehman    d    sorah Ikhlas 86    1/4 quraan kis surah ko kaha jata hay? a    Al kafiroon      b    Al zalzalal   c    Al Ikhlas     d   Al  Naas 87    kon say sahabi ko tarjuman ul quraan kaha jata hay? a       hazrat abdullah bin masood    b  hazrat abdullah bin abaas  c   hazrat abdullah bin umar   d   hazrat abdullah bin abi bakar 88      kitab ul aasar kis ki tasneef hay?  a   imam abu hanifa    b  imam shafi    c   imam tirmazi     d    imam malik 89     kon si qoom 7 din or 8 raatain aandhi ki waja say tabah hoe? a    qumay aad     b   qumay samood    c   qumay loot    d    qumay shoib 90   AAP (PBUH) k nana ka kia name tha? a wahab bin abad munaf   b  asad bin abad munaf   c   wahaab bin abad munaf   d   sohaib bin abad munaf 91   Aalania tableeg say pehlay kitnay log muslman hoeay thay? a    30      b    35     c    40     d     45­knowledge­mcqs­practice­test­for­public­service­commission­exams/


8/22/2015 General Knowledge MCQS Practice Test for Public Service Commission Exams | PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION & OTHER TESTS INFORM… a    30      b    35     c    40     d     45 92    Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) nay kab muslamano ko hijraty habsha awal karnay ka hukam dya? a      4 nabvi     b    5 nabvi    c    6 nabvi    d    7  nabvi 93    Chand k 2 tukray karnay ka waqia kab paish aya? a     2 nabvi    b    3 nabvi    c    4 nabvi   d    5 nabvi 94    Islam k pehlay parcham ka rang kia tha? a    Black     b    White    c    Yellow    d   Blue 95   Aap (PBUH) ka last Gazwa kon sa tha? a   tabook     b   khandaq     c   ahzab     d   moota 96   Namazay Juma main Imam k siwa kitnay log honay chaheay? a    2     b    5      c    10     d    12 97    Gold ka nisab ay zakat grams main kitna hay? a 86.48 gram   b   87.48 gram   c   88.48 gram   d   89.48 gram 98    woman k kafan ki kitni sheets hoti hain? a    2    b   3    c   4    d   5 99    sulah hudabia main jang bandi kitnay arsay k leay thi? a    5 years    b    10 years   c   15 years   d   20 years 100   Shahadat k waqat Hazrat Ali A.S ki age kitni the? a    63 years    b   64 years    c   65 years   d   65 years

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