Get The Guy - Matthew Hussey

January 14, 2018 | Author: condesa.vzla | Category: Happiness & Self-Help
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Summary: A leading relationship expert, corporate coach, and rising media personality-- the star of NBC's new prime time reality show "Ready for Love"-- offers women a guide book that reveals the secrets of the male mind and the fundamentals of dating.
Language: English
Contents: Find the guy. Put the odds in your favor ; Being a woman of high value ; Get a social life that serves your love life ; The mindset of the chooser ; The traits of desirable women ; The white handkerchief approach ; From great conversation to first date ; The joy of text ; A word about online dating -- Get the guy. The ultimate formula for attraction ; A word about insecurity ; The art of creating the great date ; The sex talk (part I) ; Stuck in the friend trap ; Why hasn't he called? ; Premature obligation -- Keep the guy. How to be the woman of his dreams ; Is he Mr. Right? ; What guys really think about the c-word ; The sex talk (part II) ; If you want him to commit ; Love for life.
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