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Name 40



Circle the odd word.

1. article




2. well-known




3. address




4. go hiking


go climbing

go camping

5. reporter





Listen and complete.




years old Elementary School 10

What did Carrie do last summer? Read and complete with the Past Simple of the verbs.

Last summer Carrie and her friends (1) They (2)

(go) camping at Bear Lake.

(go) hiking every morning.

Carrie always (3)

(have) her camera with her.

One day they (4)

(see) a bear in the mountains, but Carrie


(not take) a picture of it, because she was scared.

In the afternoons, they (6) (go) swimming. Carrie (8)

(climb) mountains or (7) (like) swimming in the lake the best.

On the last day of their camping trip, they (9) some souvenirs. Carrie (10)

(stop) in a town to buy (buy) a T-shirt with a bear on it. 10


Read the text above and write T for True or F for False.

1. Carrie went to Bear Lake with her family. Copyright © MM Publications

2. Carrie didn’t have a camera with her. 3. There was a bear in the mountains. 4. In the evenings, they climbed mountains. 5. Carrie didn’t want to swim in the lake. 6. Carrie bought some souvenirs.

6 3


Read and circle.

Brian is an artist. He works / is working for a big newspaper. He usually draws / is drawing cartoons. But today Brian doesn't draw / isn,t drawing cartoons. He paints / is painting a picture of his friend, Molly. It’s her birthday today and he is going to give her the painting as a birthday present. 4


Look at the pictures and write about what you are/aren’t going to do on your vacation.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.




Test 1


Read and complete the words.

1. Pirates hid their treasure in a c . 2. A big mountain of ice is an b . 3. When I was five years old, I couldn’t y on the computer. 4. We didn’t know where Lucy’s house was, so we looked at the m . 5. The p of the ship is Mr. Brown and this is his first voyage. 6. Tom likes swimming and g in the sand on the beach. 7. I’m very tired. I want to go home and x. 8. Kelly is five years old but she can c to thirty.



Listen and circle a, b or c.

1. What was Sam doing last night? Copyright © MM Publications











2. What was Red Beard doing? 3. What could Tommy’s grandpa do when he was young? 4



Read and complete with the Past Simple or the Past Continuous of the verbs in parentheses.

1. Jane a knock on the door.

(look) for her bag when she

2. The boys raining.

(not climb) a palm tree when it

3. When the phone

(ring), Linda

4. Tom and John home. 5.

6. When Fay an e-mail to her friend, Kelly.


(start) (relax) on the couch.

(fight) when their mother Roger (find) some money?




(rollerblade) in the park when

(hear) her dad calling, she

(send) 12

Read the text and write T for True or F for False.

My family has a house in the country and we usually go there on the weekends. There is a forest near the house and a lake, too. My brother, Ted, and I spend a lot of time there. Our parents usually relax at home. We have a good time there but this is what happened last weekend. Ted and I were walking in the forest when we found a cave. We wanted to explore it but it was dark and we were scared. We went back home, found a flashlight and went back to the cave. Ted was holding the flashlight and we were walking in the cave when we heard a noise. We were scared and turned around to leave when we saw it! It was a huge snake! Ted and I started screaming and ran out of the cave. We’ll never go back there again! Nicole 1. The kids like their house in the country. 2. Ted is Nicole’s Dad. 3. The kids found a cave near the lake. 4. They took a flashlight because it was dark in the cave. 5. The kids weren’t scared when they saw the snake. 6. The kids won’t go in the cave again. Write four things that you couldn’t do four years ago but you can do now. Copyright © MM Publications



1. 2. 3. 4.

8 5



Name Total



Read and write. portrait






1. People use this in a city to go from one place to the other easily. 2. This is a very tall building in a city. 3. It’s what you call a painting, a drawing or a picture of a person. 4. A very large area of land like Asia or Europe. 5. Actors get this when they win. 6

6. People light this at Olympia, before the Olympics start.


Read and complete.

1. John is a fast runner. He runs


2. Ben is a good swimmer. He can swim


3. My father’s car is old and slow. So he drives 4. Athletes have to train

(careful). (hard) to win a medal.

5. They didn’t win because they were bad players. They played

(bad). 5


Complete with the correct form of the words in parentheses.

1. This portrait of the young woman is 2. My bag is as 3. Mr. James is the 4. My house isn’t as

(nice) than the one with the old man.

(heavy) as yours. I can’t help you. (careful) driver I know. He drives really carefully. (far) as your house from school.

5. I think parasailing is

(dangerous) than scuba diving.

Copyright © MM Publications

6. Don’t watch the movie. It’s not as 7. The waves are Let’s go surfing there!


(interesting) as the book. (big) on the north side of the island than on the south side. 7

Listen and write K for Kevin or L for Lucy.

1. Who plays basketball well?

3. Who can swim faster?

2. Who can play a musical instrument well? 6

4. Who is better at tennis?



Read and circle the correct picture.

Maria and Sandra are 25 years old and are friends. Maria is taller than Sandra and she has longer hair than Sandra, too. Her hair is dark. Sandra isn’t as thin as Maria. Maria and Sandra live in a small town. Maria’s house is nearer to the forest than Sandra’s, but Sandra’s house is bigger than Maria’s. Maria is Mexican. Her parents, brother and sister live in Mexico City. Sandra is British and her parents live in London. She has an older sister and she lives in London, too.


1. This is Maria. a.




2. This is Sandra’s house.

3. Sandra is from a.


b. Mexico

4. This is Maria’s family. a.

b. 8

Use the words below to write sentences about yourself. Compare yourself with members of your family. tall





1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Name Total





Read and circle.

1. Lions and tigers are mammals / insects. Copyright © MM Publications

2. John is my best friend and he works as a stuntman / director. He does lots of dangerous scenes in movies. 3. My favorite dessert is my mom’s delicious apple pie / pan. 4. The clothes aren’t empty / dry yet. I just took them out of the wax / washing machine. 5. Eat your ice cream now. It’s drowning / melting.

6 7


Complete with who, which or that. Write both options.

1. Woodpeckers are birds

make holes in trees.

2. A pilot is someone

can fly planes.

3. I have a cousin

is an actress.

4. I’m watching a film

is very interesting.

5. I bought a pair of shoes

are red.

6. An inventor is a person

invents things.

7. They have a cat

has blue eyes.

8. Owls are birds

hunt at night.

9. An MP3 player is a thing

plays music.

10. A doctor is a person

works in a hospital.

11. Mike has a car

is very old.

12. I met Linda’s dad

is a cameraman.

13. This is a machine

dries clothes.



Four people are talking about their job. Listen and match the people with the jobs (a-d). 1


a. firefighter



b. window washer



c. cameraman


Roger d. director


Read and write sentences using who, which or that. Write both options. 1. 1. Hummingbirds / birds / can fly backwards


2. A dentist / person / fix people’s teeth


3. Parrots / birds / can talk


4. An actor / person / play in movies

4. 8


Read and write A for Albatrosses, P for Pelicans or B for Both.

Copyright © MM Publications

Albatrosses are seabirds that have a small body and a small beak. Their wings are long, about 6.5 - 11 ft long. When the birds are young, they’re chocolate brown, but their color usually changes to white. They eat fish and other small sea animals. Pelicans are large water birds that usually live near lakes. You won’t find them in the deep ocean. Their body and beak are big, their wings are long, but their legs are short. When pelicans are young, they are gray-brown, but they change color to white. Pelicans eat fish. 1. They have long wings. 2. Their beaks are big. 3. They have short legs. 8

4. When they are young, they are a different color. 5. They live only near the sea.



Name Total



40 Read and circle.

1. Just put the greenhouse / seeds in the soil and the plant will grow. 2. I like honey / wood a lot. I usually put some in my tea, too. 3. Some people try to turn off / save the environment but some others don’t do anything about it. 4. Most plants need a little oxygen / sunlight to grow, so put them near the window. 5. “This is a male / female gorilla. We call him Bruno,” said the zookeeper. 6. Add / Grow some salt to the pasta. It doesn’t have a lot. 7. “Don’t go near the beehives. The bees may sting / build you”.


Read and complete. Choose a or b.

1. A: How do you weigh? B: About 121 lbs I think. a. much b. many 2. How beehives does Adam have? a. much b. many 3. George collects honey from his beehives. He gives honey to everybody in the neighborhood. a. a lot of b. a few 4. There’s only sugar in the cupboard. We need two more packets. a. a few b. a little 5. Wait only for weeks and your plant will grow. a. much b. a few 6. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth. There isn’t water to waste. a. much b. many 7. I love reading books. I have books. More than a hundred. a. a few b. a lot of 8. There aren’t apples for the apple pie. Let’s go and buy some. a. much b. many




Write a sentence using Both of them or Neither of them.

1. John is a director. His brother is a director, too. Copyright © MM Publications

2. Peter doesn’t like Math. Ian doesn’t like Math. 3. Mike is a member of an organization. Jane is a member of an organization, too. 4. Oliver can’t speak Italian. Angela can’t speak Italian.

8 9


Listen and complete.

1. Adam’s

is a farmer, too.

2. Farmers plant the tomato seeds in 3. When the tomatoes are small, they are 4. The farmers pick the tomatoes when they become them at the


. . and sell 4

5 Read and answer the questions. fur

Mountain gorillas are one of the world’s most endangered species. People kill them for their fur and hands. Mountain gorillas live in groups in the forests of the Virunga Mountains. Male gorillas are about 5.4 ft tall and they weigh about 400 lbs, but the females are much smaller. Gorillas eat leaves, fruit and small animals and they sleep high in trees. Gorillas can live for about 35 years in the wild.

1. Why do people kill mountain gorillas? 2. Where do mountain gorillas live? 3. How much does a male gorilla weigh? 4. What do gorillas eat? 5. How many years can gorillas live?

Copyright © MM Publications



Name 60



Read and match.

1. subway

a. A very tall building.

2. inventor

b. A person who tells the actors in a movie what to do.

3. parasailing

c. A funny drawing in a newspaper or magazine.

4. honeycomb

d. A water sport where a boat pulls you and you fly high in the sky.

5. director

e. A person who invents machines and gadgets.

6. root

f. It’s something that bees collect to make honey.

7. scuba diving

g. A fast mode of transportation that travels underground.

8. skyscraper

h. The part of the plant that’s in the soil.

9. nectar

i. You collect honey from this.

10. cartoon

j. A water sport where you can explore the underwater world. 10


Read and circle.

Holly is working / works as a reporter for the school newspaper this year. She usually writes / is writing articles on Fridays and the newspaper is coming / comes out on Mondays. It’s Thursday today and Holly is very excited. Her favorite author, Melanie Sawyer, comes / is going to come to her school today. She is talking / is going to talk about her new book. After that, Melanie is signing / is going to sign her books. Holly is in the bookstore right now. She is buying / buys Melanie’s new book. She wants Melanie’s autograph, too.



Read the text above again and answer the questions.

1. What does Holly do for the school newspaper? 2. When does the school newspaper come out? 3. Why is she excited?

Copyright © MM Publications

4. What is Melanie Sawyer going to do at the school? 5. What is Holly doing now? 5 11


Read and complete with the Past Simple or the Past Continuous of the verbs in parentheses.

On the weekend, Tiffany (1) (2)

(go) to the beach with her friend Amber. Tiffany

(see) a man water-skiing and she wanted to try water-skiing too. Amber

was scared and (3)

(not go) water-skiing. She went for a walk on the beach.

Amber (4)

(walk) down the beach when she (5)

something in the sand. It (6)


(be) a treasure map!

She (7)

(look) at the map when Tiffany (8)

(come) out of

the water and (9)

(ask) Amber what it was.

The two girls (10)

(look for) the treasure chest when Amber’s mom


(call) them for lunch. They (12)

(not find) the

treasure but they decided to look for it again next weekend.



Read and ccircle a, b or c.

1. Luke is 5 ft 3 in tall. Thomas is 5 ft 3 in tall, too. Luke is a. shorter

b. as tall as


c. taller

2. Emily practices playing the guitar four hours a day. Emily practices a. hard

b. harder

c. hardest .

3. Vanessa is a new driver. She drives a. careful

b. more careful

c. carefully subway system in the world.

4. The London Underground is the a. oldest 5. Grace is a a. good

b. old


c. older

swimmer than Donna. b. best

6. My grandmother cooks very a. best


b. well

c. better . c. good

you play the drums when you were 8 years old? a. Could

8. How a. much

b. Can

c. Do

is the body of this snake? b. many

c. long

Copyright © MM Publications

9. Captain James Cook explored Australia. Vespucci explored a part of South America. of them were explorers. a. Both

b. Neither

c. Some

10. Jim is fourteen years old. Mark is fifteen years old. a. Both

b. Neither

of them can drive a car.

c. Some 10


6 Listen and write T for True or F for False. 1. Uncle Hank has a lot of beehives and bees. 2. Bees make honey and wax. 3. Bees keep their eggs and honey on trees. 4. Ed’s honeycomb has a lot of bees and a lot of honey. 5. Both of the kids are hungry. 6. The kids want to eat chocolate pancakes.



Read and join the sentences. Use who, which, or that. Use both options.

1. Bees are insects. They can sting people.

2. Alexander Graham Bell is a famous inventor. He invented the telephone.

3. A stuntman is a person. He does the dangerous scenes in a movie.

4. I’m reading a book. It’s very funny.

8 Write a sentence about:


• what you couldn’t do four years ago • what you did last weekend • what you were doing at 6:00 yesterday afternoon • what you are going to do in the summer

is the singer who • your favorite animal is an animal that 6 13

Copyright © MM Publications

• your favorite singer


Test 1

Name Total

Read and match.


1. TV guide

a. Actors perform on this.

2. remote control

b. The natural ability to do something very well.

3. stage

c. A magazine that gives you information about TV programs.

4. mechanic

d. The activity of dancing, singing or acting in front of an audience.

5. talent

e. This person fixes cars.

6. competition

f. You use this to change the channels on TV.

7. performance

g. People take part in this to win something.



Read and circle.

1. A: Is there anybody / anywhere behind the door?

B: No. There is anyone / nobody there.

2. Let’s go to the supermarket because there isn’t anything / something in the refrigerator. 3. Nobody / Somebody wants to talk to you. I don’t know what he wants. 4. I looked for my bag nowhere / everywhere, but I can’t find it. 5. Everybody / Nobody liked Jane’s performance. It was terrible. 6. Is there anywhere / everywhere else we can go? I don’t want to go to the movies tonight. 7. No one / Someone knows where Bill is. We are all looking for him. 8. There isn’t someone / anyone at school today. It’s Sunday and schools are closed. 9. An author is someone / everybody who writes books. 10. Everyone / No one had a great time at the party. We danced, played games and had fun! 11. Somebody / Everybody is at Jim’s new restaurant. They all went there to help. 12. I want to go anywhere / somewhere on vacation this summer. We went nowhere / everywhere last year because I was sick.



Read the text and write T for True or F for False.

Kevin Baxton is a mechanic. He fixes cars and he is the best. Kevin loves working on cars. He likes listening to music when he works because it relaxes him. In his spare time, he loves reading magazines about cars or he watches his favorite TV program, Car Excitement. It’s on at 8 o’clock every Tuesday. On the weekend, Kevin usually stays at home and relaxes. He doesn’t want to do Copyright © MM Publications

anything because he feels tired. Sometimes his friends visit him and they play computer games with cars. He always wins, of course. 1. Kevin doesn’t like his job very much.

3. Car Excitement is a TV program.

2. In his spare time, he doesn’t do anything.

4. On the weekend, Kevin sometimes plays computer games. 4


Listen and correct the sentences.


1. Tiffany is a director.

4. An actor saw her that night and helped her.

2. She took part in a competition at school.

5. On Fridays, she hangs out with her friends.

3. The people were laughing.


Write a few sentences about your favorite TV program. Write about:


- the channel it’s on

- the type of program it is

- the time it’s on

- why you like it

My favorite TV program is




Match. 1. raise

a. karaoke

2. buy

b. go-carting

3. sing

c. true

4. go

d. raffle tickets

5. come

e. money



Read and write the promises James is making to his parents. Use will or won’t. help with / chores

help / little brother with / homework

play computer games for hours

1. I 2. 3. 6 15

Copyright © MM Publications






Read and write the questions and the answers. Use Will you…?, Of course, I will. / I’m sorry, I can’t.

1. You ask your dad to reach a book for you. He agrees. 2. You ask your friend to help you with your homework. S/He disagrees. 3. You ask your brother to help you carry some boxes. He agrees.



Listen and write T for True or F for False.

1. Dillan thinks that food will change.

3. Britney thinks that clothes will change.

2. Britney wrote that there will be flying cars.

4. Dillan doesn’t like having robots as teachers.



Read and answer the questions.

Hi! I’m Adam and I’m a volunteer for the Make My Wish Come True Organization®. We help people around the globe make their wishes come true. Last year, we raised about $7,000 in three months with the fundraisers we organized. I decided to become a volunteer when my best friend, Diana, got sick and I wanted to make her feel happy. I looked for information on the Internet and that’s how I found this organization and became a volunteer. We organize different events to raise money. For example, at my school we organized a fundraiser and everybody had a great time. They sang karaoke, they went on the ferris wheel, they went go-carting and even bought secondhand books and clothes. It feels great to help people who need you. Why don’t you become volunteers, too? 1. What’s the name of the organization? 2. How much money did they raise last year? 3. What did Adam want to do for Diana? 4. Where did Adam find information about the organization? 5. What did people do at the fundraiser that took place at Adam’s school?

Copyright © MM Publications


Read and write two things that you and Julie will do at these places. Use Maybe.

You are going to the zoo. 1.

Julie is going to the amusement park. 1.




10 16






Look and write.


1. towards






the castle 10


Look at the table below and write sentences about Mike. 1. Mike like


hate 2.

take / drama classes do / arts and crafts go / backpacking


 6

Look at the map and complete the dialogue. go up Post office

Supermarket A

Restaurant B Silver Road

Hospital C

Baker Street


Theater Fire station Mill Road






to your left

A: Excuse me, (1) Mall

please? (3)

Melrose Street, the drugstore and the fire station

and take a (4)

at the theater on

Silver Road. Go one (5)



can I get to the bank,

B: Well, (2) Zoo


up and take a


on Baker Street. The bank is


, next to the supermarket,


the post office.


You are here


Look at the map in activity 3, listen and find where Joe and Molly want to go. Circle A, B or C.

2 17

Copyright © MM Publications

across from

Melrose Street




Read the situations and write sentences. Use the verb May.

1. You want to look for some information on the Internet but your computer isn’t working and you want to use your brother’s. What do you say to your brother?

2. You didn’t understand everything the Math teacher said and you want to ask a question. What do you say to your teacher? 3. You are on the bus and it’s hot. You want to open the window. What do you say to the person who’s sitting next to you?




Test 1



save money





make decisions

1. Terry isn’t old enough to go on the Twist


2. Every Sims character has to

about everyday activities.

3. I’m not interested in that cell phone. It has too many


4. Cory and Fred are both very tall. They are the same

as their dad.

5. Greg decided to

and buy a new computer game. 10

Copyright © MM Publications


Listen and circle.

1. Oliver / Christine doesn’t like rollerblading. 2. Christine thinks that playing computer games is boring / interesting. 3. Zack wants to see a movie about space / thriller. 4. Adam Sandler is Zack's / Oliver's favorite actor. 8 18


Look at the pictures and write. Use too or enough.





1. (old / play / bouncy castle) 2. (tall / reach / book) 3. (hot / drink) 4. (not / fast / win / race)


Write suggestions. Use Let’s…, How about…?, Why don’t…?


1. You’re tired and want to stay at home but your brother wants to go to the movies. What do you suggest to your brother? 2. You and a friend both like playing basketball. It’s a nice day outside. What do you suggest? 3. You want to go to the new amusement park on the weekend. You call your friend to invite him/her. What do you say to your friend?



Read and write T for True or F for False.

Last summer, Courtney, an 18-year-old girl, was sad because all of her friends were going on vacation the following month and she didn’t have enough money to go with them. One day, Courtney’s dad gave her an idea. She could take care of their neighbor’s pets, while he was away on vacation. Courtney thought it would be a great way to make some money so she said yes. Her neighbor, Mr. Jones, had three fish, a dog and a cat. Every day she fed the fish, walked Gorilla, the dog, and played with Muffy, the cat. She had a great time and when Mr. Jones came back he gave her $100. Courtney decided to save the money and go on vacation with her friends.


4. Every day she walked Muffy, fed Gorilla and played with the fish. 5. Courtney decided to save the money Mr. Jones gave her. 5

Complete the sentences with your own ideas.

1. It’s easy to 2. It’s fun to 3. It’s dangerous to

3 19

Copyright © MM Publications

1. Courtney wanted to go on vacation with her friends. 2. Courtney was sad because she didn’t have enough money. 3. She didn’t want to take care of her neighbor’s pets to make some money.



Name Total


Read and write.

1. You have to wear this when you are canoeing. f 2. You play this sport on the grass with a small white ball. 3. We can put these on the roof of a house. t 4. When the earth shakes, we call this an t q 5. A dangerous sport where athletes wear special gloves.



j f



Read and write.

1. “Don’t chew gum.” 2. “Put on your life jackets.”

The teacher told us Mr. Jones told us

. .

3. “Follow my instructions, please.” 4. “Don’t take off your elbow pads.” 5. “Bring some water, please.” 6. “Take off your shoes.”

Mrs. Brown asked us The coach told us Mom asked me The coach told us

. . . . 12


Listen and put the sentences in the correct order (1-5).

a. Mrs. Fields told the students that there was a fire and that they had to follow her instructions. b. The students followed Mrs. Fields outside to the football field. c. Mrs. Fields started giving out the tests. d. Smoke came into the class. e. Mrs. Fields went to see what the noise outside the classroom was. 5

Copyright © MM Publications


Read and write what Ryan’s mother told him and his sister in Direct Speech.

Yesterday morning, I was watching my favorite cartoon in the living room when suddenly the room started shaking. My little sister started screaming. My mom was in the kitchen and she asked Samantha to stop screaming and told us not to panic. She told us to move away from the windows and find a table to go and sit under. After the earthquake Mom asked us to follow her outside.

8 20


Read activity 4 again and write T for True or F for False.

1. Ryan was watching TV in the kitchen. 2. Ryan’s sister is younger than him. 3. Ryan’s mother told them to sit on the table near the window. 4. The kids had breakfast after the earthquake.



Write three things people have asked / told you to do this week.

1. 2. 6

Copyright © MM Publications



Name Total


Read and circle the odd word.


1. engineer



fashion model

2. windmill




3. globe


ferris wheel

roller coaster

4. boxing




5. TV guide

remote control



6. alarm clock

life jacket

elbow pads




Read and circle.

1. I looked for my Math book everywhere / anywhere but it’s anywhere / nowhere. 2. Did you hear that noise? I think there’s nobody / somebody in the bedroom. 3. There’s something / anything in the car. I think it’s your bag. 4. Is there anyone / someone in the store? 5. The performance was fantastic. Anybody / Everybody was clapping. 7

6. The remote control is somewhere / everywhere on the table.


Read and choose a or b.

1. There’s a good movie on at the Rialto theater. a. Let’s

we go?

b. Why don’t

2. Jenny and Craig are going to the movies. a. How about

b. Let’s

3. Sam isn’t old a. too

to go on the roller coaster. b. enough

4. I’m hungry.

Copyright © MM Publications

a. Why don’t

having a hot dog? b. How about

5. The water isn’t warm a. too 6. I’m a. too 22

go with them!

to go swimming. b. enough old to play in the bouncy castle. b. enough



Listen, draw the route and circle HOSPITAL A or HOSPITAL B. MOVIE THEATER















You are here


Read and write what the people said in reported speech.

Open the window, please.

Don’t chew gum in class.


2. He told him

3. She asked him

Go slowly and be careful.


Don’t run down the stairs.



4. He


Don’t sit too close to the fireplace.

Follow my instructions, please.



Help me carry the bags, please.

Put on your life jacket.



He 8 23

Copyright © MM Publications



What would you say in these situations? Read and write sentences. Use the words in parentheses.

1. Tom is going to a fundraiser. What will he do there? (Maybe) 2. You need help with your Science project and your best friend is very good at Science. What do you ask him/her? (Will) 3. You cheated when you were playing a board game with your friend. What do you tell him/her? (cheat) 4. You went to the supermarket but your bags are too heavy to carry. What do you ask your brother? (Will) 5. You made fun of a girl in your class when she fell down. What do you tell her? (make fun) 6. Mary is going to the amusement park. What will she do there? (Maybe) 12


Look and write sentences.

1. I / want / go / party 2. Jim / would like / become / volunteer / hospital 3. Helen / promised / clean / room 4. They / decided / go / parasailing 5. Mom / didn’t / remember / buy / sugar 10


What will your school be like in the future? Use the prompts for ideas and write.

Copyright © MM Publications







6 24

Listening Transcripts Tests 1-10


Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric: Fay: Eric:

Hello, My name’s Fay Miller and I’m doing a survey about sports. Could you answer a few questions for me, please? Sure. First question, what’s your full name? My name’s Eric, Eric Green. I’m sorry, did you say Eric Breen? No, no. Eric Green. G-r-e-e-n. Right, thank you Eric. Next question. What’s your date of birth? January 27th. Was that January 22nd or 27th? I was born on January 27th. OK. How old are you Eric? I’m eleven years old. And what’s the name of your school? I go to Lakeview Elementary school. Is that L-a-k-e-v-i-e-w? Yes, that’s right. Now the last question, what’s your favorite sport Eric? I like a lot of sports. I like basketball, soccer, baseball… but my favorite is swimming. OK Eric, thank you for your time. You’re welcome.

Test 2 1. Ryan: Sam: Ryan: Sam: Ryan:


Ryan: Sam: Ryan:

Hey Sam. Oh, hi Ryan. You look tired, Sam. Oh, I am. I was working on my computer till 1:00. What were you doing until 1:00? Were you working on that Science project we have or were you playing computer games? Oh no, I finished that project on Monday and you know I play computer games only on Sundays. Then why did you stay up so late? I was writing e-mails to my friends. Oh Sam!

I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode of “The Pirates” on TV yesterday, John. What happened with Red Beard, John? Where was he? John: Red Beard was on the beach of course, under a big palm tree! Bill: Was he digging in the sand looking for treasure? John: Oh no, he wasn’t. Red Beard was tired. He was relaxing under the palm tree. Bill: What happened after that, John? John: Well, then Red Beard...

2. Bill:

going? Tommy: Oh hi, Grandpa. I’m going to the park. Grandpa: What do you have there? I can’t see very well. Skiis? Tommy: Oh, do you mean these, Grandpa? They’re my rollerblades. Grandpa: I didn’t know you can rollerblade, Tommy. Tommy: Yes, I love rollerblading. How about you, Grandpa? Could you rollerblade when you were younger? Grandpa: Well, Tommy, we didn’t have rollerblades back then but I could ride my bike really fast.

Test 3 Kevin: Let’s go to the movies on Tuesday, Lucy. Lucy: But your basketball game is on Tuesday. All our friends will come to see you. You’re the best player on the team. Kevin: Yes, but that’s at 5 o’clock. The movie starts at eight. Lucy: At eight? Sorry, I can’t. I have a piano lesson at seven thirty and I don’t want to miss it. You know, my teacher says that I’m really good. Kevin: That’s good, Lucy. OK then. What about tomorrow? Oh… no, not tomorrow. Are you still training for the swimming championship? Lucy: Of course. Every Wednesday. I have to train hard. I want to be able to swim as fast as you. Kevin: I don’t think so! I’m the fastest! Lucy: Yeah, right! Kevin:: Look, on Thursday I have a tennis lesson after school but I’m free in the evening. We can go to the movies then. Lucy: Tennis lesson? Kevin: Yes, I want to learn how to play like you. I know you’re very good at tennis, so we can play together one day. Lucy: Why not?

Test 4 Tim It’s a bit dangerous but I like it. I started working with my father. When we were on the top of a building we sat there and enjoyed the view. My brother didn’t want to come with us because he was afraid of heights and of course he never liked cleaning. His room was always a mess. Ha, ha! Kelly Some people say that it’s not an easy job for a woman. Well, it’s not an easy job for anybody, but I like saving forests or people’s lives. My uncle was one, too and he was very happy when I told him I wanted to do the same job.

3. Grandpa: Well hello there Tommy. Where are you


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Test 1

Sandy When I was a child I loved going to the movies. I really wanted to know how people make a movie. Here I am now, making my own movies. It’s not easy to work with actors but it’s really interesting. At the moment, we are working on a movie that is based on a fantastic book. I just hope people who know the book will love the movie as well. Roger I never wanted to become famous but I loved meeting famous people. Now, I work with them. Last year, I met Brad Pitt when we were working on a movie together. My sister went crazy when I told her. He’s her favorite actor. Well, it’s not an easy job to use a camera but I really love it.

Test 5 Hi, I’m Adam Smith and I’m a farmer like my dad. We grow tomatoes together. I love my job. It’s interesting to know how tomatoes grow. A tomato has a lot of seeds. Farmers take these seeds and plant them in greenhouses. In the beginning the tomatoes are small and green. The tomatoes grow bigger and they become red. When they are ready, the farmers pick them and sell them at the market. That’s what I do, too. People say that I have the best tomatoes and that makes me really happy.

Test 1-5

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It’s beautiful here, Ed. Your uncle, Hank has a very nice house near the forest, and it’s so quiet. Yes, it’s really nice. I can’t wait to see your uncle’s beehives. OK. Let’s go now then! Yes!

Ed: Emma: Ed: Emma: (after a while) Emma: Wow! There are a lot of beehives and bees here! Uncle Hank: Hey kids, come over here and put these uniforms on. The bees may sting you. Ed: We’re coming Uncle Hank. Emma: How many beehives do you have? Uncle Hank: I have 300 beehives. Emma: Wow! That’s a lot. Uncle Hank: Come over here kids. I want to show you something. This is a honeycomb. Bees make honeycombs from wax. They have to eat about 8.4 pounds of honey to make 1 pound of wax. Ed: That’s a lot of honey. Emma: I didn’t know that bees made wax. What do they use the honeycomb for? Uncle Hank: They use it to keep their eggs and honey of course! You can take one out and have a look. Ed: My honeycomb has only a few bees on it


and there’s a little honey on it. Wow! Ed check out mine. It has so many bees on it and look at all that honey! Ed: All this honey is making me hungry. Emma: Me too! Uncle Hank: OK kids. Let’s go home and have some chocolate pancakes then. Ed: Chocolate pancakes... no... How about pancakes with honey, Uncle Hank? Emma: Oh, yes! Pancakes with honey, not chocolate. Uncle Hank: OK then. Let’s go! Emma:

Test 6 Presenter: Good afternoon! Today, fifteen-year-old actress, Tiffany is with us. Welcome Tiffany! Tiffany: Thanks, it’s great to be here. Presenter: Well, Tiffany. We all know that you have a great talent in acting, but how did it all start? Tiffany: At school. There was a performance last year and one of the girls who was taking part got sick, so I took her place. Presenter: Oh, I see. What happened then? Tiffany: The performance was a big success. Everyone liked my performance and they were clapping. It was great! I’ll never forget it! A director saw me that night and… Presenter: And of course we know the rest. You are very famous now and a very good actress, too. Tiffany: Thanks. Presenter: Do you have any spare time or are you busy all the time? Tiffany: No, no! On the weekends, I hang out with my friends and we have a lot of fun. Presenter: I see. Let me ask you…

Test 7 Dillan: Britney: Dillan: Britney: Dillan:

Britney: Dillan: Britney: Dillan: Britney: Dillan: Britney:

Hi, Britney. It’s Dillan. Hi, Dillan. How are you? OK. Did you finish the project on Life in the Future for school tomorrow? Oh, yes. I finished it an hour ago. You? Well... no... I’m still writing it. Let me ask you something. Did you write about how food will change in the future? No. What do you mean? That we will have pills full of vitamins instead of normal food. No, I didn’t write that. And did you mention that we will have flying cars that will travel in space, too? No... What did you write about? Well, I wrote about robots that will do the chores, the special clothes that we will have...


Test 8 Molly: Joe: Molly: Joe: Molly: Joe:


Joe, you told me you knew the way and now we’re lost. We’re not lost. I know the way. Listen, go up Melrose Street and take a right on Mill Road. Take a right? I can’t go right. Cars can only go left. Sorry, sorry, take a left on Mill Road. Now, go a block up and take a right on Baker Street. Are you sure it’s not left? Yes, yes...right on Baker Street, past the hospital and there it is! It’s to our left, across from the restaurant. We can find everything in there. Yes, but we have to find a place to park our car first.

Test 9 Oliver: Christine:




Christine: Oliver: Christine: Oliver:

Christine: Oliver:

Hey, Christine what are you doing tomorrow after school? Oh hi, Oliver. Hmm... let me think, oh yeah, I’m going rollerblading in the park with Mark and Gina. Do you want to come? No thanks rollerblading’s too tiring. I’m actually going to Game Planet after school. There’s this new computer game “Space Explorer” coming out tomorrow and I want to go and buy it. Rollerblading may be tiring but it’s also fun. So what are you going to do after that? Go home and play? Now that sounds really boring. “Space Explorer” isn’t boring. It’s really fun, you can learn all about space and planets and it also has activities that help you study astronomy. And no, I’m not going to go home and play. Zack wants us to go and see that new thriller that’s playing at the Rialto movie theater. Do you want to come? Do you mean, “Bloodthirsty”? No thanks, that’s too scary for me. Well what do you suggest we see instead? What about that new comedy with Adam Sandler? I heard that it’s really funny. Really? Adam Sandler’s my favorite actor! And Zack likes Adam Sandler, too. I’ll ask him. I’m sure he’ll agree. Fantastic, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow then. I’ll call you. Bye.

Test 10 Dana: Kelly: Dana: Kelly: Dana:

Kelly: Dana:

Kelly: Dana: Kelly: Dana:

Kelly: Dana: Kelly: Dana:

Hey, Kelly, how are you? I’m feeling better, thanks. What happened at school today? How was the Math test? We didn’t do it. Really? Why? Was Mrs. Fields sick, too? No, no. Here’s what happened. When we got to class, Mrs. Fields told us to be quiet, sit down and take out a piece of paper. Then she started to give out the Math tests... So why didn’t you do the test? Hold on, I’ll tell you. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise coming from outside the classroom. The students in Mr. Bishop’s class were all in the hall, so Mrs. Fields went to see what was going on. Mr. Bishop’s students always make a lot of noise. Sure they do, but something was different this time. Let me explain. OK. As soon as Mrs. Fields opened the door, smoke came into the classroom. Mr. Bishop was taking the students downstairs. Then Mrs. Fields came back into the classroom and told us that there was a fire in the school and that we had to get in line quickly and follow her instructions. We got in line and followed her downstairs and outside to the football field. So where did the fire start from? The school cafeteria. So, I guess we’re still doing the Math test tomorrow then? Yeah, that’s actually what I called to tell you...

Test 6-10 Woman: Man:


Man: Woman: Man:

Excuse me, can you please tell me how I can get to York Hospital? York Hospital? Hmm... Let me see... Go up Jersey Street and when you get to the bridge go over it. Then take a left... no sorry... take a right on Lawrence Street. Go past the movie theater, the school and at the post office go one... no, not one, two, two blocks to the left on Mills Road. York Hospital is to your right, across from the drugstore. So let me get this straight, I go up Jersey Street, go over the bridge, and take a right on Lawrence Street. Then, I go past the movie theater and the school and go two blocks to the left at the post office on Mills Road. I’ll find it to my right across from the drugstore. Right? Yes, that’s right. Thank you very much. You’re welcome.


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What about the teachers? I wrote that we will have robots as teachers. That would be cool, right? Mmm... I don’t think our teacher, Mrs. Miles, would like that.


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