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August 26, 2017 | Author: Davide Corona | Category: Playing Cards, Entertainment, Leisure
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Get Sharky by Christoph Borer...


Effect: The magician shows a trick from a famous magician of the last century, who only had one arm. During the demonstration, he places his right hand in his pocket. With his left hand he offers a deck of cards to a spectator. He may look at any card in the deck and even hold it, himself. Without a suspicious move, the magician nonchalantly snaps his fingers. The spectator looks through the deck: the chosen card has vanished! The magician slowly extracts his right hand out of his pocket. lt holds the selected card! Miracle! Gontent:

6 1

regular cards

46 pairs of thin cards glued together card case

Background: Christoph Borer, a Swiss magician, entertainer and lecturer, developed this etfect years ago and used Japanese thin manipulation cards with a Bee-like back design to accomplish this effect. As in German speaking countries the lay audiences are used to thinner card decks with only 32 36 cards (Skat, Schnaps), he only needed to prepare a pack of 30 cards. For the international audience this would be too thin and obvious, so we naised the quantity of cards to 46 (as the deck uses 6 forcing cards that have to be removed from the deck when inspected). The new Phoenix Double Decker decks are perfect for this new version of Get Sharky as they are thinner than any other brand you know and fit exactly the standard Phoenix Decks, available at your magic dealer or Mm,

Preparation: The deck you receive is completely gimmicked. The first 6 cards are of regular card stock and will be the 6 cards that go into your right pocket. As you can see these 6 cards all have different values (their color is not important) and are sorted from their lowest to their highest value. The lowest card represents the number 1, the highest card the number 6. Now look closely at the rest of the deck. Each card consists of two thin cards glued together, the rear card of each pair is trimmed approx. 1 ffiffin

so that it is shorter than the front card. On the fronts, you can see 46 different cards, none of which is one of the six force cards. The back sides are normal.

Carefully open up a pair and you will see a hidden marking on each back of the front card. These markings tell you the value of the rear card that will only be visible when the pair is opened up. lf you look close at the back design of the cards you see "S"-shapes alternated by "H"-shapes around the border. There are five "S"-shapes on the top border. With a marker one "S"-shape is eliminated so that you can easily see a dark spot when the spectator opens up a pair of cards. This is what the markings represent:






The deck is assembled in a way that the sets of six force cards are well mixed. Place a rubber band around the pack, and your preparations are done. Put the six cards you placed aside into your right pocket. You must remember the order of the six cards" (Just arrange the cards in the order of their increasing values and you are ready.)

Presentation: Tell the story of the famous one-armed magician from the last century, and offer to present one of his great mysteries. Place your right hand into your right pocket. Show the deck of cards with your left hand. The rubber band remains around it. This appears to be logical, because it is rather awkward to handle the cards with only one hand. lnstruct a spectator to riffle the cards from the back to the front. He is to stop anywhere, then look at the

card at the place where he has stopped. Then he is to let the packet close and hold onto it. While he is looking at the card, you have enough time to read and remember the value of the card on the inner back of the open pair of cards (let's say he has seen the second force card). (Usually it is unimportant how you hand out the deck to the spectator as he has no idea about the trick deck and what to look for. You can increase the security that the spectator does not accidentaly find the secret preparation by handing out the deck in a way that the open ends will point towards him and the glued ends will point away. While spreading through the cards it is impossible now to open up a pair.) Snap your fingers dramatically" Have the spectator remove the rubber band and look through the packet of cards. Ask him to take out his card. Naturally, he will not be able to do this. ln the meantime, your right hand calrnly removes the correct card from the six cards in your pocket. Slowly take your right hand out of your pocket with the chosen card in it.

A miracle has just taken place!

Additional thoughts We have performed this routine close-up, stand up and on large stages" We know of hardly any other more magical card trick that will fool people without restriction at a great distance. Please respect and protect the secret of this work of art.

@ 2010 Christoph Borer, Switzerland Card-Shark Christian Schenk, Schliepersberg 43, 45257 Essen, Germany

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