Geof Gray-Cobb Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power

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AMAZING SECRETS OF NE W AVATAR POWER by GEOF GRAY-COBB "Yes, you can leave your troubles in the past and change to the luxury, riches and happiness which are your birthright ... cast off everything which is holding you back. .. . I know this method works. Let me prove it to you. What have you got to lose, except your debts, misery and pain? Your personal miracles await your command. Watch New Avatar Power swing into action I" says Geof GrayCobbl


ABOUT THE AUTHOR English-born Canadian GEOF ORA V-COBB has been immersed in researching occult mysteries for decades. He has journeyed through Africa, Europe and North America in search of the amazing secrets of Avatar Power. Currently appearing as resident astrologer for the CBC-TV Bob McLean Show and astrologer panelist for Beyond Reason, an occult TV panel game show, he has also been editor of Starcraft Horoscope since 1975. He has been a psychic lecturer and occult consultant for the Globe Communications Croup and Cinepix, in Montreal, Canada, and frequently lectures on psychic healing. trance mediumship, automatic writing, and clairvoyance. He holds the degrees of Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Humanities, Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Psychology, and is a graduate of the Duval College of Applied Hypnosis, and Archbishop of the Church of Wicca, New Bern, N.C.

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and weaJth are just words until you actually experience them . And you shall. A cascad e of cash and goods will come to 611 your

ewry need," says Ceof Cray-Cobb.

-Commanding the minds of colleagues is no

problem with this power. Cancelling evil conditions as if they had never existed is simple ( "ith A\'alar Power) ."

- I couJd go on and on, quoting case after case of grateful people whose lives have been turned from miser.... to ecstasy and triumph with New :"",alar Po \\·er."

What Is New Avator Power? - It is a sparkling, miracle-working natural energy which everyone has around them," says Ceof Gray·Cobb. "Your mind, body and soul run on !\'ew Avatar Power, and so does the whole l ' niveese ... " Does it work? With New Avatar Power, says Geoff Cray·Cobb, "my bald spot grew hair

again.. . . That was over rour years ago . .. But my hair's growing like t . was 18 again . . .. dyes, no dark, dark bair that keeps sprouting. *1 constantly repeat, anything is possible \\i th New Avatar Power ... it continues to

wo rk ror me ... a five-figure bank b alance ... an e\:pensive sports car ... a luxuriou s home in the mountains . .. Will It Work for You?

"Please don't reel iealous as I tell you what .\ vatar Power has done for me," says Ceof Gray·Cobb. "I know it will wor).; for you , too . . . . Yes, you can use New Avatar Power to be and do what you wish .... thousands of people just like yourself ha" e latched onto New Avatar Power and found freedom from want, new health and glorious happiness. Even the most skeptical and unbelieving have been forced to admit, 'I didn't belic\'e it could hapJ?en to me' as they've seen their lives transfonned." In these thrilling pages, you'll discover the mysterious Avatar Power Wordsl With them , you'll see ...

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How to command instant miracles I How to command instant health! How to command a steady fl ow of cashl How to command perfect love, rOmance and marriage! • How to command permanent good fortune! • How to command your enemies to suffer! • How to command the future of your choice! ... and stiD that's just the beginning! "A car? It's yours. A new home? Avatar Power will bring it to you. A loving partner? Simple (with this method), Wealth"? Add up how much you really need , and you've got it. Enemies hurting you? Smash! They're helpless to bug you .. . . Health not responding to medical help? Avatar Power will tulle your body and mind to bring you back to bubbling wellbeing., . . . "All these things ( and more) are yours for the asking. , . , New Avatar Power will, when directed, do your bidding," says Geof Gray-


Additional Books on Many Other Subjects are Available Frt. "pin of tIIr 1001 N• ." brochurn cantlininl detailed Ustinls .nd descriptians af titles anllabl• • rt Jaurs fir til. Ilkinl. To r,clin th,m, sllIpl, stllct )'our .rll If iRt'rest and write t. tile .ddr."


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Amazing Secrets of NEW AVATAR POWER

Amazing Secrets of NEW AVATAR POWER

Geof Gray-Cobb


INC. West Nyack. NY

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Cray-Cobb, Geof Amazing secrets of new avatar power. .

WHAT THIS BOOK CAN DO FOR YOU You simply have to name It. Llterally1 This whole book could be taken up with telling you about the fantastic things you can achieve with its help. Health. Wealth. Happiness, They're just words until you actually experience them. And you shall. A Cascade of cash and goods to fill your every need. Those, too. Commanding the minds of your colleagues. No problem. Canceling evil conditions as if they had never existed. Simple! Making your loved ones ecstatic with your habits and restored virility. Easy. Gaining raises and promotions. Bringing business to you. Helping your doctor banish sickness so that you glow with youthful vigor and health. All this, and more . . . more . . . more. . . .


Dedication To all my readers, both old and new, without whose encouragement and intelligent questioning I might never have seen the need to improve that which went before. Herewith my latest offering: may it help you to reach all your goals.



Sure, I could go on. I could quote you letter after letter from grateful people who have turned their lives from misery to ecstasy and triumph by applying the suggestions I'm going to give you. Some of these can come later, as examples of what can be done. But let's not waste time here in giving a great many examples-you want these splendid things to happen to you, not to someone else, isn't that right? What I'm offering you is a way to change your life to whatever you wish it to be, without major physical efforts, without long hours of concentrated study-without anything more than applying Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power which are spelled out for you in the following pages. WHAT IS NEW AVATAR POWER? Let's get that behind us early on. New Avatar Power is a name. Nothing more: It's a name for a sparkling, miracle-working natural energy, which everyone has around him. Your mind, body, and soul run on New Avatar Power, and so does the whole Universe: the planets circle on their appointed orbits, the earth revolves, the wind blows, and you exist within an ocean of this natural energy. This energy is not new. The ancients knew it, possibly better than we do today. Many sects, secret societies, cults, and metaphysical teachers are aware of this energy and advise how to make best use of it. What I am offering to you is not an undiscovered power to which I lay claim as the discoverer or inventor, My position in the equation is to offer you a valid way of employing the energy, explaining to you in detail, simply, how you can latch on to the cur- rents in this tide of energy and use it to shape your entire existence. The name New Avatar Power comes from a previous book of mine, The Miracle of New Avatar Power. This book is, if you will, an extension of that first book, earlier readers will recognize some of the techniques I’m going to describe, and if you read the dedication at the beginning of this volume, you’ll see why it had to be written.



But to dispel any misconceptions, although the method is mine, the Power is Universal, and is called Godpower by some, Christ Consciousness by others, Eloptic Energy. Psychic Power, Animal Magnetism .... the list has been almost endless. and lengthens daily. But the energy we're talking about is the Unseen Ocean of LifeForce which blends the Universe into a harmonious whole. With that point established, we can proceed. You may, for instance, be thinking. "New Avatar Power? I've read about it. So I don't need this book." Wait one minute, if you please. This book is truly new. In the past four years I've read a small mountain of mail, accepted suggestions, analyzed the failures (I'll tell you about those soon), and personally worked with this fresh approach to New Avatar Power to refine the method, to make it even simpler, and to make it more efficient. Have I succeeded? Very much so! As I said in my previous book, the following is not intended as an outing for my ego, nor is it intended to make you envious. I merely state what follows to show you that I've used New Avatar Power, made it work for me, and I'm not just mouthing theories while I starve in a garret. On page 12 of The Miracle of New Avatar Power I illustrated New Avatar Power in action. I mentioned a five-figure bank balance, a rare and expensive sports-car, a luxurious penthouse in eastern Canada, and the success pattern which New Avatar Power had enabled me to reach from not very encouraging beginnings. While preparing the basic work for this book, and experimenting with the methods to get maximum effects, New Avatar Power has taken me higher, even more harmoniously and happily. The penthouse is in the past. The racing car is still going strong, with a second car added for convenience. Now Marya, my wife, and l own a ranch in the country. I'm typing this manuscript at a desk looking out over our land, across our creek at a mighty river and snow-capped mountains on the edge of the West Canadian wilderness, yet close enough to civilization to get out and get involved when we feel so inclined. A small continuation of an episode I mentioned in The Miracle of New Avatar Power may interest you. Remember on page 13, I



described how, after getting into New Avatar Power use, my bald spot grew hair again, amazing my barber? That was over four years ago, and I'm no youngster. My beard has grown gray and grizzled (Marya says she likes it that way, so I must not New Avatar Power it any other color). But my hair is growing like I was 18 again: every month I walk out of my barber's looking like a bank clerk of 20 years ago, and within four weeks I go back in looking like a hippie who never knew what scissors were for! And Marya keeps asking when I’m going to grow gray and distinguished. No dyes, no treatment-just dark, dark hair keeps growing. A small point, indeed, but illustrating that, as I constantly repeat, anything is possible with New Avatar Power. Yes, it continues to work for me. Many of you will have seen me enjoying myself on a TV panel game from Canada, called "Beyond Reason" and doing an astrological spot on a talk show. On average, I now spend about ten days each month working-if that’s what you call doing what you enjoy most-and the rest of the month I do anything Marya and I fancy. Please don't feel jealous as I tell you what a ball life is for me. I know that's the glad results of applying New Avatar Power. You can do it, too. In fact, you're the only person who can use New Avatar Power to satisfactorily change your life, so don't you go laying out any of your hard-earned cash to anyone who says they'll change your life/or you. New Avatar Power works differently-and you've got the method right here. You need no other assistance. Yes, you can use New Avatar Power to be and do what you wish. I know: I've got the letters here to prove my case is no fluke. NEW AVATAR POWER HAS HELPED THOUSANDS Four years of reading delighted success letters, four years of mail by the sackful has shown me that I'm not wandering in cloud- cuckoo land when I extol the virtues of New Avatar Power. Literally thousands of people just like yourself have discovered New Avatar Power and found freedom from want, new health, and glorious happiness. Even the most skeptical and unbelieving have been forced to admit, "I didn't believe it could happen to me" as they've seen their lives transformed. Maybe it's time for just one example from the many, sufficing to illustrate what I mean. And this is by no means a special case: I

WHAT THIS BOOK CAN DO FOR YOU 11 have used this pair of letters taken at random from hundreds like them. This Hopeless Life Changed to Progress and Contentment. Let Neil J. of Texas tell his own story, in his own words. Following are actual extracts from two letters he sent me just six months apart, We could almost wonder if they both were written by the same person. I assure you they were. Here is the significant body of Neil's first letter, written shakily on scraps of paper from a notebook. "I have bought your book, and I am writing to you in desperation. My doctor says I am beyond hope. My dear wife died earlier this year. So did my beloved brother. I am alone. After 15 years, I have been told by my employer that they can no longer use me. I am ashamed to say I am on the way to Skid Row. Last night is an alcoholic blank I woke up this morning in a drunk tank. I stink. I am sick. I am not even brave enough to end it all. "I found your book pushed under my door (third floor walk-up rooming house filled with derelicts as I soon shall be). Luckily the roaches had found something more interesting to eat than your book (Smile!). I opened it at a money ritual and called for money. Nothing happened. as I expected it wouldn't. The smells of drains and the filth didn't go away. My blanket and clothes continued to stink of vomit. No one knocked on the door and gave me the bag of gold I asked for. "Your book doesn't work. I knew it wouldn't. I was a fool to buy it when I could have used the money for food, or a bottle of wine. Thought you would like to hear from a loser for a change while I still have the wits and strength to write." I wrote a brief note, suggesting Neil should apply the whole book, not just dip into it, and 1 added thoughts about other points he might attend to. I honestly figured I'd never hear from him again. Surprise! Almost six months to the day from his first hitter and despairing letter, here's what I received from him, written in a firm hand on the expensive business paper of a financial advisory organization.

1 Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power contains many Illustrations of the application of It’s principles to Individual lives. These case histories can be round following headings preceded by a dagger.



Not until I'd read it through did I notice Neil's name printed up top: he had become an executive director. "If you calculate I invested less than 10 dollars in your book, the investment has paid off 10.000-fold in half a year in cold, hard cash, not counting any side benefits or invested assets. That's a yearly gain of onemillion percentum, if you're interested in the figures. "I did as you said: followed your book. It worked, and I'm not fabricating: this business depends totally on truth and accuracy. "Where to begin? So much has happened. I got your letter, and even bemused and sodden as I was at that time (seems centuries ago) I realized you made sense. Picking five lines almost at random out of your book was like trying to bake a loaf without flour. 'Things started happening. Too many to waste your valuable time listing in detail: got a job, was promoted, teamed up with a new friend, started this service organization. It boomed. I own a 12-room split-level, a Cadillac, my own private Lear jet. From a near alcoholic loser I've zoomed up to be a pillar of the community. "Perfect? Well, I'm still working with New Avatar Power to try to cut back on my 30-hour working week to give me more leisure to explore, but meantime I have a wedding to attend. Mine! And she's perfect. I thought my first marriage was tremendous, but this one promises to be 100 times better. My doctor says he doesn't know why I got well: he once gave me 6 months. Now he's given me 60 years. "P.S. Pardon my writing this in longhand. I could have had one of my three secretaries write to you. But I'm afraid if one of them finds out about New Avatar Power. She might take my job'" IT DOESN'T WORK" Face it: as well as letters like Neil's, I get letters from failures, and despite my advice, follow up letters suggested they continued to fail to find the magic within New Avatar Power to make life go better. That worried me. I used to ask myself where I'd gone wrong. New Avatar Power is a universal energy, and everyone should be able to use it. I kept the "Don't 'Work" letters in a separate pile. Not a large pile, but large enough to be a burr under my saddle. About one



person in every 200 insisted they'd seen nothing happen to them at all when they tried to use New Avatar Power. Some were simple to fathom. Like Neil when he started, they'd pulled a few words off a page, ignored how to use those words, and promptly written me a despairing letter. Agreed. you can chant until you're red in the face and nothing will happen, unless you add the necessary extra simple ingredients. And they are simple, but vital. I'll be telling you about them as we go along. Yet a hard core of failures assured me they'd followed my instructions right down the line, and "it still didn't work." That took some research to solve, especially as the clue was staring me in the face. But solve it I did, discovering the Secret of the Mysterious N'T Words which can divert New Avatar Power and sadly slow its ability to help you to happiness. Very powerful words they are, too, and while they have definite use in this world, identifying them was a major step toward turning the dismal failures into glorious succeeders. That Secret is in Chapter 3 of this book and has never, to my knowledge, appeared in print before. With that powerful weapon for preventing the inhibition of New Avatar Power discovered, one other obstacle came to light which was consistently preventing the "Don't Work's" from achieving their promised happiness, harmony, and wealth. Overcoming the obstacle requires nothing absolutely new: it forms part of the original Miracle of New Avatar Power method. But in this book I've exposed it a bit more clearly, emphasized it, because it's the kernel of the nut of using your psychic powers for personal gain and success. Follow through here, and this time the "Don't Work's" will be one in a thousand ... even less. I know this method works. Prove it with me. What have you got to lose, except your debts, misery, and pain? Replace them with wealth, happiness, and well-being, easily, naturally, and automatically with the Secrets of New Avatar Power. +She Hit life's Jackpot with New Avatar Power Dana B. says "she does not write so good" and while perfectly agreeable to sharing her story with us, asked that I would write it for her.



I'll do my best. No mock heroics, no bathos, no big drama (at least at the outset!). Dana is like thousands of others in that she used to live from day to day, never knowing true happiness, never feeling totally well, never finding the spare time or spare money to enjoy herself to the full. Her background may be a little more desperate than some, but her adult life reflected the troubles of this troubled age. A mute multitude like her struggle sadly in a daily rut, hopeless, waiting for the break which never comes. And when they angrily, briefly, turn their faces to the sky and ask. "Is this all there is?" an uncaring destiny nods, slaps them down again, and snarls, "Yes, that's all there is, for you," Dana can never recall a time in her early life when she had it easy. Money was an instant stranger; in one moment, and out the next. Her health was always poor-as a child she almost died from a combination of squalor and malnutrition in the tarpaper shack near the Mississippi town where she first saw the light of day. She never knew her father-"a traveling man," her mother used to call him. Dana and her eleven brothers and sisters virtually raised themselves, and this inevitably left its ugly mark on Dana "'These days, Mom would be called an exceptional person," Dana said. "She's resting in peace now, but while she was alive, she never knew true love, money or good health. When we kids grew up we used to try to help her. But it was a blessed relief when the Good Lord called her to come home." Dana, set in a mold of circumstance, grew to adulthood facing similar hardships. Although bright and moderately intelligent, her educational lacks and her background preventing her from realizing the progress and happiness she yearned for. "I married the first guy who looked sideways at me," she said. "Security was all I wanted. The heck with that mushy love stuff. But it failed. He was a lush, and I was too blind to see it until after he'd given me a child. One day he walked out and I've never seen him from that day to this." Dana and her baby were cast adrift in an uncaring world. She worked at menial jobs to keep their bodies and souls together. "I just never could seem to get ahead." she said. "I used to think I'd been born under an evil star."



Dana saw an ad for my book, bought a copy, read it ... and laughed bitterly. "I envied the people who had been so successful, and I figured you had to be born psychic or something to make New Avatar Power work." she said. "But in the long winter evenings in our tiny one roomer I worked on it. At least it didn't wake the baby, sleeping in her garage-sale crib beside my mattress on the floor... To say Dana's life changed would be the understatement of the century. "I made a plan as directed," she said. "And, to my total disbelief, saw it coming true, step by step, miracle by miracle." ·First she struggled out of debt. People began to recognize her abilities. "I was still the same person, but I was being treated better. A man who hadn't even bothered to interview me when I applied previously hired me on the spot after I started in on New Avatar Power," Dana said. "Money enough to pay the bills trickled in, I was able to put my child into a day nursery, and we moved to a better home." Step two was a good husband. "I met him in the hallway just after I'd done some New Avatar Power work," Dana related. "Long after we were married., he told me he'd been attracted to me by the magnetic joy of living I was radiating... Dana's good fortune rubbed off onto her husband. He branched, out into his own service business. It grew fast. Today it's a multi-million dollar corporation, with Dana's husband holding the reins and taking the profits. ''I'm truly glad I came up the hard way," Dana said. "When my limousine breaks down. or we're unable to book a Miami penthouse because it's full, or all the first-class seats are occupied. on a plane, or any of the stupid frustrations occur which annoy the very rich, I think back to when this life wasn't even a dream. It was an impossibility. "Chauffeur, Swimming pool, Endless leisure and pleasure. Homes in Florida, Hawaii, California, Switzerland, and England, with staff to look after them. A life where I just have to crook a finger for anything I want. Delightful! Do I sound like a spoiled



brat? Perhaps I am, but I think I earned a little spoiling after that bad start." THIS BOOK IS SELF-CONTAINED Lest you've gained the impression that to make New Avatar Power work you need to have read my previous book, I hasten to reassure you. If you've read The Miracle of New Avatar Power, all well and good. Add these tips, modify your working with New Avatar Power for greater simplicity, and thus improve your success score. No need to worry if you've never even heard of The Miracle of New Avatar Power before. This book says it all for you, in careful detail. Step by step I explain just what you need to do to achieve your deepest desires and fondest wishes. Each amazing Secret and its ancillary work is summarized at the end of each chapter, so you can review how far you've come as you finish reading and applying each Secret. All I ask of you is that you read all of this book, accepting the leadings I offer. The chapter summaries are merely to remind you of what you have just read: trying to use the summaries because you're impatient to see and experience your personal miracles will merely slow things down for you. So, no dipping! Follow through on this, one step at a time. Then instead of reading about these incredible miracles, you'll find them happening to you in - sudden bursts of good fortune which will turn your friends green with envy and have your enemies gnashing their teeth in frustration. AMAZING SECRETS ARE BETTER, SIMPLER, AND EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE A car? It's yours. A new home? Secrets of New Avatar Power will bring it to you. A loving partner? Simple, and with the added bonus that he or she can be far more harmonious for you than anyone you think is for you. Wealth? Add up how much you really need, and you've got it. Enemies hurting you? Smash! They're helpless to disturb you. Disappointed in your achievements? Decide what's right for you, what you'd like to do, where you'd like to



go, and destiny bears it to you, on a golden platter. Unrecognized at work or in the community? So aim for status, reputation, position-and up you go. Health not responding to medical help? Amazing Secrets will tune your body and mind to bring you back to bubbling well-being. And it's all so self-generating, easy, and quicker than you'd dared to hope. All those things-and anything else I may have missed, are yours for the taking. To enjoy, to savor, to indulge in. To make you the harmonious, happy person you deserve to be. Never let anyone sell you the false bill of goods that you do not deserve happiness. That's the way the Universe was planned. And you're swimming in a sea of New Avatar Power which will, when directed, do your bidding. The Amazing Secrets merely explain how to make Your Avatar Power work-because if you're not happy, obviously your inner powers need stirring up and aligning. And the way to stir them up is right here. Yes, The Miracle of New Avatar Power was good. Now, developed from my exchanges with readers, the Amazing Secrets are better. Better because they're simpler than almost all other methods of tapping your inner energies. Better because they're more effective than previous techniques. What you now hold in your hands is a refinement of an already excellent method. Gone are many of the special words, which caused some people to stumble, thinking the way you said them was vital to success. That's a fallacy, but it was nevertheless an imagined obstacle. So out they go. Added are the specific 21 Secrets which, applied to your life, bring true harmony with Natural Law, with consequent growth and meaningful progress. And, of all people, I should like to sincerely thank the "Don't Work's." If it hadn't been for your sad letters, I might never have been prompted to refine and expand this method of applying New Avatar Power. +She Found Perfect Love with New Avatar Power. You don't have to be poor, sick, miserable and harassed to use New Avatar Power. If any single aspect of your life is unsatisfactory, apply this method to put it right.



Jane S. did that. Her case of "It Doesn't Work" is an especial eye-opener. New Avatar Power worked a miracle for her - and it was a different miracle to the one she was expecting. Remember that: your inner self can often see a way round a problem, which your conscious, logical mind is missing. Conversely, New Avatar Power may see the snags in a situation you're trying to bring into being. New Avatar Power (as you'll be shown) can see the future, so if a particular circumstance is likely to ultimately bring you turmoil, New Avatar Power will resist your efforts and until you tum in some other direction. Then the miracle, which comes is truly harmonious in both present and future. Thus, at times you ask for one thing. It doesn't come after a reasonable time, so you ask for something similar, but not quite the same, and bingo! Along it comes, and that which you get turns out to be far better than your original choice would have been. Jane S. says she "couldn't complain too much" about her life. She wasn't sick; money was tight but not crippling; she had a fair, though monotonous, job; she had a roof over hear head-"but nothing like the one I have now," she says. What Jane lacked was fulfillment. Romance seemed to pass her by. "At 27, I was a miserable Virgo," she said. ''I'd met a few men I liked, but there were no flashes of love, no stars, just pleasant companionship. I was looking for more than that." Reading The Miracle of New Avatar Power, Jane decided to by to use the method to get the man she wanted. Her ideal, or the best that seemed available at the time, was the rich and successful playboy son of her boss. "He'd never even glanced in my direction," she said. "I chanted until I was hoarse. I worked rituals. I did everything the book said, and the man still didn't know I existed. So I wrote to Mr. Gray-Cobb and told him his New Avatar Power didn't work." My reply suggested she broaden her aim. Was this man really for her? Could he make her happy? Why not open up to other chances and let New Avatar Power bring romance in its own way? "He was right. I tried it the way he suggested, and met my Mr. Right within weeks," Jane reports. "I have no words to express the peace and joy I've found. The man I was setting my cap for turned out to be a pig. I meet him and his present wife at the social



functions, which are now part of my life. New Avatar Power not only brought me perfect love, it threw in riches and prestige as a bonus!" This "broader aim" method is one of the modifications to the original New Avatar Power method, which I've incorporated in this book. It works better, quicker, and much more harmoniously than before, and the reported results are amazing. Why? Simply because New Avatar Power has a broader view of what's best for you, and will automatically select the most harmonious course, if you allow it to. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THESE AMAZING SECRETS Turn these pages, absorb the words. Apply the suggestions and you're on your way to a peak of satisfaction you may have thought was reserved for special people. A peak of freedom: freedom to work if you wish, play when you wish, to laze around, if that's what you want. To be yourself, to come and go as you please with a joy of living, which is beyond the reach of many. In a way that peak is for special people: and you're one of them-once you've awakened your automatic destiny changer: New Avatar Power. +New Avatar Power Secrets Brought Success After Overcoming Superhuman Obstacles One of my favorite New Avatar Power case histories concerns Steve T., now living in luxury in South America. He balanced the process just right: he used New Avatar Power and his own determination to get where he wanted to be. "People should realize that although New Avatar Power can work true miracles for some, instantly, other conditions may need a little cooperation from the person concerned," Steve said. "I wanted a million dollars, but I didn't expect to sit back and see it pour out of the ceiling in the shape of Spanish doubloons! "Likewise, I wanted a beautiful companion, so although I used New Avatar Power to set up the right influences, I went looking. For instance, I knew I'd be unlikely to meet any Miss America Pie's in the local beerhall, so I started moving further afield-and it paid off.



"Now I run a trucking business in a slow-paced country where no-one gets ulcers. I own a delightful hacienda, servants, three boats, plenty of money-and the leisure to indulge it. People work for me now, instead of me working for them. And the girl of my dreams is constantly at my side." That's where Steve has reached after applying New Avatar Power Secrets. What he left out of his joyous narration is the fact that he's left behind forever a miserable existence of deprivation, sickness, prejudice, provocation, and troubles. He specifically asked me "not to make too much" of his earlier life. Suffice to say he came through violent and impeding circumstances to his present delightful position. "My past is behind me, forgotten, except when I want to luxuriate in comparisons," he said. "Let's just say I was born bIack, underprivileged, and physically maimed. ''I'm still black, although that's no longer important. The bodily crippling has been healed by the world's finest surgeons, and the mental scars have healed. Do you mind if we gloss over the squalid details, and say I went from destitution of the worst kind to luxury, with the help of New Avatar Power?" APPLYING NEW AVATAR POWER SECRETS IS SIMPLE When using New Avatar Power Secrets, do you have to fast for a week? Make wild signs and gestures? Moan, groan, wail, chant, roar, and invoke Unknown Words of Power? Give up smoking, drinking, sex, or other normal habits? Collect a closetful of weird trinkets, amulets, wands, and assorted arcane objects? Strip to the buff or wear sackcloth robes? Well, now, if you feel it wi1l help you, you're most welcome to do any of the above. But none are necessary. Most are undesirable. in fact. Yes, I will ask you to wave your arms about gently in the privacy of your room, if convenient. You'll be saying some Words of Power-but there's little mysterious about them. Your Confidential Corporeal Commands and Personal Verbal Seals are part of the Secrets, and you construct them a step at a time, understanding exactly what you're saying. That removes yet another worry for some, who feel when they ca1l on a Mystic Being whose name they don't recognize, they may be calling down Dark Powers or something equally spooky.



Applying New Avatar Power Secrets is truly simple. Most times you work with them without anyone else knowing you're doing it. They might wonder why you get all the luck, but unless you ten, no one will learn that you're changing your life with the awesome energy of New Avatar Power. THE FOUR DOORS TO THE AMAZING SECRETS OF NEW AVATAR POWER Your mind works well with pictures: that's why instruction books often carry many illustrations. When working with New Avatar Power you are channeling it through your mind. So a useful Way of opening up to New Avatar Power is to use your imagination. What I suggest you do is to pretend you're opening doors to treasure chambers. Of course, you're not opening any actual, physical doors-these are names we apply to the states you pass through as you apply the Secrets. Look at it this way. If you're not yet using your New Avatar Power, we can liken you to someone who is locked, outside a castle in a storm. If you think of fate as the storm, you're blown every which way, soaked and chilled by the rain, scared by thunder, hurt by lightning and falling tree branches, perhaps attacked by wolves. Few such things happen to us in this day and age, but if you think of credit collectors as wolves, sudden changes in your working life as lightning, home or industrial accidents as falling tree branches, and similar comparisons, you'll realize how we can com- pare your harassed life to this lone traveler cowering in the downpour outside the castle where he knows safety and warmth exist within. Yes, you can leave your troubles in the past and change to the luxury, riches, and happiness, which are your birthright, and that change in lifestyle can be likened to leaving a stormy, perilous place and taking shelter in a warm and protective environment. How to get inside? To continue our metaphor, you pass first through the Iron Door in the outer wall. This simulates your first step toward using New Avatar Power Secrets. Opening the Iron Door is a step which" also involves what I have named your Mystic Initiation. The very next chapter tells you all about finding the key to the Iron Door, swinging it open, and learning the First New Avatar Power Secret.



Continuing this idea of your being a traveler, you're now sheltered from the storm by the castle walls, but you've only reached the courtyard. The wind is less violent, but you're still unprotected from the rain and thunder. So you move next to the Bronze Door, and as you find out how to open it with a simple mind-technique, you learn your Confidential Corporeal Commands, and acquire the Second and Third New Avatar Power Secrets. Warmer now, but still dripping wet (if you keep the picture .I'm expressing in mind), you're faced with the Silver Door. Special passwords get you inside, and as you learn the Fifth to Seventh Secrets, you also discover the Mysterious N'T Words. You're now facing the fourth and final Golden Door. Inside is food, a crackling fire, dry clothing –everything, which symbolizes the best in life. Once you're inside, you can cast off everything, which is holding you back or making you miserable. Your Personal Verbal Seals will gain you entry through the Golden Door, behind which lies the vital Eighth New Avatar Power Secret. Here you tie together everything you've done so far, and follow by being shown the Ninth through Twenty-First Secrets. Weary traveler, you have arrived. Your personal miracles await your command. Identify your need, and see New Avatar Power swing into action. Read on, and join me on this fascinating journey, to control an energy, which makes anything possible for you. Geof Gray-Cobb

Contents What This Book Can Do for You. 7 1 Entering the Iron Door: Your Mystic Initiation to New Avatar power * 27 New Avatar power is All Around You * How to Believe in the Reality of Cosmic Energy *How to Hear Cosmic Energy * How to See Cosmic Energy * This Skeptic Turned Misery Into Total Delight * Now You Are Convinced It Exists, Cosmic Energy Can Be Directed By Your Own Mind Vitality* Cosmic Energy is the Most Powerful Force in tile Universe* New Avatar power is Holy and Pure *New Avatar power Welcomes an Aiming point * First Secret of New Avatar power * Change is the Key to Using New Avatar*. What Needs Changing in Your Life? * Your Mystic Initiation * Onward, Through the Bronze Door 2 Inside the Bronze Door: Your Confidential Corporeal Avatar Commands *49 Physical Tension May Impede New Avatar power * How to Banish Conditions Which Slow Down Your New Avatar power * Your Confidential Corporeal Commands * When to


24 CONTENTS 2 Inside the Bronze Door: Your Confidential Corporeal Avatar Commands (cont.) Use Your Confidential Corporeal Commands * Important First New Avatar Power Steps * Signs That Your Confidential Corporeal Commands are Working * Start Making Life Easier with Your Confidential Corporeal Commands * Second Secret of New Avatar Power: The Fabulous Fear Eradicator * Third Secret of New Avatar Power: The Extraordinary Happiness Restorer 3 Behind the Silver Door: The Wonders of Mysterious Avatar Power Words *69 Thoughts and Words Can Be Impeding Vibrations * Fourth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Mysterious "N'T" Words* How to Banish the Mysterious N'T Words* Playing the Mysterious N'T Word Game *Fifth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Superb Uncertainty Banisher * Sixth Secret of New Av- alar Power: The Unique Creativity Regenerator * Seventh Secret of New Avatar Power: Defending Yourself with New Avatar Power * He Faced and Overcame All opposition with New Avatar Power * New Avatar Power Leads Unerringly to a New Superlative Way of Life for you * Early Signs That New Avatar Power is Doing Its Marvelous Work 4

Beyond the Golden Door: Your Personal Avatar Verbal Seals *89

What Your Personal Verbal Seals Can Do for you *Decide on Your Admiration Targets * Eighth Secret of New Avatar Power: Creating Your Personal Verbal Seals * How to Use Your Personal Verbal Seals * Everything You've Learned So Far Knits Into a Perfect Life-Changing Package * You'll Be Amazed to Compare Your Future With Your Past 5

Step by Step Miracles for You *103

Let New Avatar Power Do the Work * New Avatar Power Will Attend to the Smallest Detail * Ninth Secret of New Avatar Power: Tile Incredible Disinterest Remover * Tenth Secret of



Step by Step Miracles for You (cont.)

New Avatar Power: The Stupendous Power Enricher * The Seven Negative Traps *The Seven Desirable States * Your Mental Achievement Chalkboard 6

Special Ways to Use the Secrets of New Avatar Power *117

Some Situations Need the Strongest New Avatar Power Techniques *Fate Sets Up Part of Your Future for You to Work Through * Eleventh Secret of New Avatar Power: The Fantastic Loneliness Eliminator * Twelfth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Startling Astral Travel Inducer * Best Times and Conditions for Astral Travel . Get Ahead by Knowing What's Going to Happen * Thirteenth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Magic Future-Knowing Technique * Freewill is of Great Importance 7 Secrets of Total Happiness Through New Avatar Power Techniques *135 Your Total Happiness List * Fourteenth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Miraculous Despair Deflector * Banish Bad and Replace It with Good * Fifteenth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Spontaneous Health Regenerator * Reshaping Your Dreams to Bring Benefits* How to In vade the Sleeping Minds of Others *Sixteenth Secret of New Avatar Power: Charging Your Aura with Cosmic Energy * What a Charged Aura Can Do to Your Colleagues 8 Secrets of Wealth-Incredible New Avatar Money Activators *153 Where All the money is * Why You Probably Have Less Than Your Rightful Share * How to Acquire Money and Property* Seventeenth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Phenomenal Over-Sensitivity Transformer* Eighteenth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Remarkable Money Renewer * Where Will the Money Come From? Coincidence? Luck? Be Happy and Enjoy Without Question * How to Maintain Your Bank Balance Once It's Healthy

26 9

CONTENTS Secrets of Perfect Love, Romance and Marriage: How New Avatar Power Brings You the Love You Deserve *169

You Deserve Love and Romance; New Avatar Power Will Bring It * Aim High with New Avatar Power * Nineteenth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Exceptional Love Elevator * Making the Most Effective Use of the Exceptional Love Elevator * Age or Appearance is Unimportant * An Arcane Truth About Marriage Bonds * The Choice Is Yours 10

Secrets of Good Fortune Through Amazing New Avatar Power *183

What's Your Idea of Good Luck? How Luck Works * How to Help Lady Luck Smile on you * Twentieth Secret of New Avatar Power: The Marvelous Luck Changer* How to Use the Marvelous Luck Changer * Discovering Winning Numbers 11

Secrets of Escaping from Domination Using Avatar Power *191

How to Recognize the Domination Which is Crippling You * Escaping from Domination * Twenty-First Secret of New Avatar Power: The Wonderful Over-concern Protector * Defeating your enemies * Removing Curses, the Evil Eye or Possession 12

Creating Your Perfect Life With New Avatar Power * 209

Best Ways to Apply the Whole New Avatar Power Technique * Details to Watch *Follow the instructions and your Miracles Arrive * Daily New Avatar Power Workout is Best *Total Attunement Using New Avatar Power Epilog: Some Personal Thoughts to You From the Author * 219


Amazing Secrets of NEW AVATAR POWER



Entering the Iron Door: Your Mystic Initiation to New Avatar power

1 ENTERING THE IRON DOOR: YOUR MYSTIC INITIATION TO NEW AVATAR POWER You're on your way, about to take an early step toward "tuning yourself in" to the life-changing and life maintaining energy around you. For the very best results with this book, I suggest you first read through to the end. Try not to skip over any parts, because it's often a feature of instructions such as these that a single line of the most unlikely piece of narrative may contain exactly the piece of information you need to firmly latch onto the method. The case histories, for instance, include valuable examples, which will help you to refine your New Avatar power usage.




Of course, you’ll also find these instructions in the text, but frequently when you see exactly how a particular idea has been applied by someone else, you often can understand it much more clearly than from any amount of explanation. Every line of this narrative has been included with good reason. No padding fills these pages: everything is designed to show you how to put your New Avatar Power into glorious and fulfilling action. Note: As you read, you’ll come across suggestions, which tell you not to proceed to the next chapter until you've mastered the previous one. Those suggestions apply only when you begin to work with and use this method of life-changing with New Avatar Power. The instructions are not intended to prevent your reading this book through to the end to find out what it's about. NEW AVATAR POWER IS ALL AROUND YOU Have you ever watched a plant growing? It grows quietly, without fuss; the seed swells and pushes out a rootlet. A tiny seedling thrusts up through the soil. and as time passes the seedling becomes a leaf on a stem, grows branches, flowers, fruits, or does whatever nature intended that plant to do. That seed is using Cosmic Energy to grow. It's attuned to the Laws of Nature, and it just grows. Allow a bean to sprout, then deliberately plant it upside down, with the root uppermost and the leaf down. Within days the bean will have aligned itself with Cosmic Energy to put things right. The root curls over and grows down, while the leaf twists around and reaches for the light. That, in a very real sense, is what you're going to do with your New Avatar Power Secrets. You're going to use it to put things right in your life, to bring growth and fulfillment. You're immersed in the same ocean of Cosmic Energy as the bean is, and your body, mind, and soul can use it to grow. If you're unhappy, disturbed, un-peaceful, and at odds with the world, you could think of yourself as being like that bean planted upside down. You're not in tune with Cosmic Energy. Circumstances, environment, and not knowing precisely what to do for the best are preventing you from putting your life to rights. Your root is-pointing upward, and your leaf is seeking daylight deeper in the earth-if you don't mind being compared to an upside-down bean!



That's exactly where New Avatar Power Secrets come in. By applying them, you automatically put yourself in phase, in tune, with Cosmic Energy, and your life becomes as carefree, progressive, and ongoing as that little beanplant. HOW TO BELIEVE IN THE REALITY OF COSMIC ENERGY You've read my preceding words, understood the idea of the beanplant growing, perhaps even accepted the concept of your being able to tune yourself to Cosmic Energy and Natural Law by using New Avatar Power Secrets, Yet perhaps a small doubt niggles. Pardon my pun, but you're not an ordinary bean-you're a human bean! Is there really an unseen energy, which can make your life as productive and up- thrusting as a healthy plant? To banish such doubts is simple. What if you could hear this energy, even see it, with your own eyes and ears? Then even the strongest doubt, at he deepest levels of your mind, that this energy is not a reality would be removed. HOW TO HEAR COSMIC ENERGY Somewhere in your daily routines or in the still of the night, you can find a quiet place. Perhaps life is a constant racket of Musak, TV, machines, traffic, trains, kids, and city hubbub. Somehow, somewhere, somewhen, in order to hear Cosmic Energy, you must find an island of quiet. You need only about two minutes of silence. so you're not seeking a total impossibility. If necessary go out to find silence, an empty church, the far hills or deep woods, the basement of an office building ... anywhere remote from the cacophony which forms a background to our routines so much these days. It's worth arranging a special excursion, alone, to seek this silent time. Now, if it's truly hand-on-heart, I-tried-and-failed impossible for you to find a quiet place, disregard this step. But please do not take the easy way out: I urge you to try to make it. You need to do this only once, and the benefits to your mental patterns and sub- sequent success with New Avatar Power are incalculable. This chapter refers to your Mystic Initiation. Hearing Cosmic Energy is a part of it.



I'll assume you've found your quiet place. Read on carefully, because describing sounds is a challenge, words being blunt tools to capture the Cosmic Music you're going to hear. And lest you be misled by my use of the word "music," this is nothing like the sounds the Boston Pops or the Rolling Stones make! I say music because you're listening to the harmony of the Universe. At last it's silent around you. Proceed as follows. Cup both your hands and cover your ears, fingers slightly curved and pointing toward the top of your head, elbows down and to the front. Just a natural relaxed position, and it's unimportant whether you're standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down, provided you can put your hands over your ears. Gently, with only sufficient pressure for you to feel the heels of your hands against your jaw is right. Yes, left hand on left ear, right hand on right ear- I promised the use of New Avatar Power Secrets would not place you in any difficult contortions, and I meant it. Turn your sharpest attention to what you're hearing. The low-pitched throb, rumble, or flutter is your heart pumping blood around your head. Listen to it: the inner workings of your physical body. But do not strain too hard to hear it: you're most certainly listening to something, so memorize that noise, however it sounds to you. Now move your palms a fraction at a time away from your ears. Either move your hands away from your head, very slowly, or use the heels of your hands against your jaw as pivots to swing your fingers away from your ears. Uncover: but dead, dead slow. When your palms are about an inch from your ears, notice how the noise you're hearing has changed. The "dullness" leaves, and a kind of highpitched hiss, almost a whistle, replaces the louder" sounds you heard with your hands close to your head. The nearest I can describe this "hiss" is that it sounds like an auto tire quietly going down, perhaps with almost imperceptible musical undertones-like a military parade several miles away. Experiment with this. Repeat the ears-covered-palms- slowly-removed routine. Compare the sounds you hear. Maybe you get lucky the very first time, and distinctly hear the musical hiss I've battled to describe to you. On the other hand it may take several attempts before you hear what I'm indicating.



That steady hiss is Cosmic Energy being detected by your body and mind. Some people who listen to it say the faint "music" I referred to comes through quite clearly after a while. If you can hear this sound of star-creating Cosmic Energy, you're a step ahead: your logical, conscious mind is being given audible and undeniable evidence that Cosmic Energy is a reality, not wishful thinking or imagination. What if you fail to hear this energy flow? Worry not-some people indeed cannot detect it, most often because they're not sure what they're listening for. It's faint, but definite, but if you do not pick it up, there's no need to go up the wall. Skip this step and go on to the next. But give it a try before you abandon it: leaving out suggested steps in this process of using New Avatar Power is merely inviting slower progress. HOW TO SEE COSMIC ENERGY Seeing is believing, they say. And here we're going to show you Cosmic Energy. Once you've seen it, no logical argument will ever be able to convince you of its non-existence. No special environment needed for this simple technique. Merely reasonable bright lighting conditions. Normal daylight coming through a window is perfect. A desk light, a ceiling fixture, a fluorescent tube-any source of light bright enough to read by is your aim. Warning: Do not use the direct disc of the sun as your light source. That can blind you. Hold up the hand you normally write with. Ambidextrous people have a choice! Put your thumb and forefinger together just as you would to pick up a pencil or similar small object. Touch them lightly together, and move your hand until you see your fingers silhouetted against the light. Within reason, the brighter the light source, the better-but if it's so bright it makes you squint, or your eyes water, it's too bright. ' Look closely where your finger and thumb are touching. Move them apart as slowly as you can. Close one eye, or put your free hand over one eye, and focus clearly on the point where the finger and thumb touch.



Move them together gently, then apart again. Just at the moment you feel them come together or separate, do you see an unexpected phenomenon? It's almost as u your hands are wet, and a thin film of water has collected around the point of contact between your thumb and forefinger. Look for it as you move your fingers, and you'll see it, pro- vided there's enough light shining through your fingers from be- hind and not too much illuminating the front side of them. That alteration of the outline of your fingers is your personal Cosmic Energy field. Some people call it "the aura," others have different names: bioplasmic sheath, orgone field, life envelope, and the like. Call it what you wish: the important thing is that you've seen an energy field, which is normally invisible. THIS SKEPTIC TURNED MISERY INTO TOTAL DELIGHT "Your book doesn't work. I am very skeptical of the existence of New Avatar Power, yet I need help. Why should so many undeserving people be helped, when I'm in such deep trouble? "It is almost useless to tell you my troubles when I don't even know if you will get this letter. My husband B. has left me a year now. One day at the breakfast table be said he wanted his freedom, and he went. I do my best for my two little ones, but he sends no money. I have high blood pressure, the roof leaks and the landlord won't fix it (I owe four months back rent), My car was taken back last week, the buses are terrible, and the foreman says he's going to let me go if I'm late for work again. We need shoes and clothes, and everything is going to pieces. My nerves are shot and I don't know how much longer I can go on." That was the main part of a letter I received from Emily N. In my reply to her, among other suggestions, I said that if she saw New Avatar Power (or Cosmic Energy-they're identical, as you already know) she might be removing a subconscious barrier, which was damming the flow of her New Avatar Power. My words must have chimed some chord in her being. No letter this time; I met Emily face to face-and, until she told me, I never thought for an instant that this happy, well-groomed lady was the same puzzled, frustrated, and beaten person who had written to me scant months before. How did we meet? I was booked to record some TV shows,



and, while I was at the studios I was invited to be interviewed by a person the producer introduced to me as "this city's most loved, respected, and successful radio show hostess," Calm and together, looking 20 years younger than her true age, Emily had changed her life-and changed her name into the bargain! "It all went with my changes in life-style," she said after we recorded an interview. "Do you have time to allow me the pleasure of showing you what's happened for me?" This I had to see. I made time. Emily drove me to her home in her airconditioned luxury car, upholstered in selected fabrics to complement the exclusive French ensembles she always wears. 'There's where it all fell apart," she smiled. We were still close to downtown, in an unsalubrious neighborhood. I glanced at the ramshackle duplex she pointed out, noting the peeling paintwork and the grubby children screaming up and down the steps, playing round the battered garbage pails. "Our new place is a bit better," Emily smiled, as the car purred into the country. We swung onto a private blacktop road running through a fir plantation. As we swung around a bend, through a grove of weeping willows framing a lake, I glimpsed a magnificent white colonial mansion. Emily parked, and a discreet uniformed chauffeur took the wheel to garage the car as we were ushered into the house by a smiling, distinguished man. "Meet Nigel," Emily said, "my husband. He likes to give the servants a day off now and then, and play butler. Keeps him out of mischief. We'll meet the kids later; they'll be in the pool or out riding." Luxury surrounded us. Deep pile carpet led up a curving staircase, framed by Grecian columns. Works of art blended with the expensive decorations and drapes. Briefly, as we took coffee from priceless Ming china cups in a real oldfashioned Victorian withdrawing room looking out over lush grassland to a rolling river, Emily filled in the facts. "I did as you suggested with New Avatar Power," she smiled. "Kind of a last hope. Within a week I'd been evicted for non- payment of rent; I'd been fired from my job; a welfare woman was threatening to take the children away from me because she said I could not support them; and I had an attack of bronchitis which I



should have gone to the hospital with, but couldn't because of the children. I had a promise of a check from welfare to come in two weeks and very little else except the clothes we were wearing. "So much for the miracles of New Avatar Power, I thought. It makes things worse, and I thought that was impossible. Yet being forced to start over was the very best thing which ever happened to me. I guess the negative events were already predestined. "I suddenly reached a realization. In a strange way, despite my troubles, I was free. More free than I'd been for years. For a start, there'd be no more trying to hold down a job-which [had disliked in any case. So I started applying for jobs, which I knew I would like. I had nothing to lose. The radio station hired me as a "gopher"-go fer this, go fer that!, with the promise of script work if I showed promise. Soon I was doing commercials and news-reading, and finally I started this talk show. On the way up I met Nigel-he's a TV network-producer. We married a month ago, and he brought me home to this." She joyously swept her arms around the room, encompassing the mansion, the estate, the cars, servants, and the rest of the marks of high living in one delighted gesture. The chauffeur drove me to the airport. As I sank back in the soft seats I was thinking, as I have many times, that New Avatar Power works in mysterious ways, but always toward the most harmonious results. NOW YOU ARE CONVINCED IT EXISTS, COSMIC ENERGY CAN BE DIRECTED BY YOUR OWN MIND VITALITY The title of this section summarizes what this is all about. You tune yourself to Cosmic Energy, then shape and direct it with your mind. That's precisely what New Avatar Power Secrets do for you: show you the way to manipulate this energy which makes trees grow, birds fly, tides rise and fall, shapes mountains, and creates the world as we know it. What you do is to let the Cosmos continue unfolding as it wishes, while you tap into a lode of Cosmic Energy and use it to shape your life. And the only shaping tool you need is your mind. Does this have to be a well-educated, university professor scientific Einstein style mind? No, it does not. In fact, I've found the less you try to apply science, logic, and intellectual effort to



New Avatar Power, the better the efforts, Not, I hasten to add, because New Avatar Power is unscientific and illogical, but be- cause such analysis is unnecessary to the method, By all means check out New Avatar Power later and find it's pure and simple alignment with Natural Law, but first clear up life's hassles with it. You're capable of reading these words. That's sufficient for you to make use of New Avatar Power Secrets. If I was forced to make a choice, I would suggest a person who bas not had a university education nor even graduated from high school is the one most likely to succeed with New Avatar Power. +Ex-Crook Is Rich and Law-Abiding Today You would recognize the man I'll simply call "Nick" if you met him. He used to be a notorious bank robber. He's reformed now, having paid his debt to society with many years in jail. See him now in the swim of Hollywood society, and you'd never guess his background. "Ashamed of my past? Not any more," he says. "What I do regret is wasting so many years battling against the law. In my first 37 years of life I spent more time in cells than I did outside. Always, I was going to do that one last big job. I'd get caught, and I was back on the same old treadmill again." Just before he turned 40 Nick found himself in the outside world again. Cynically, because his record made employers turn away from him, he began to plan his next bank job. "Rehabilitation? That's a joke," he says. "If you've got a re- cord, it sticks. Hundreds of doors are closed to you. Ten years ago I held a fine job as a courier for over a year. Then the computers caught up with me and I was fired in a flash. Prison soon proves the old adage to you of giving a dog a bad name and hanging him." While Nick was casing a credit union, which looked like a good mark for "knocking over," a friend gave him a copy of The Miracle of New Avatar Power. "Did it change my life?" Nick muses. "Maybe it was just time for me to change. Perhaps New Avatar Power had something to do with it. All I know is, things began to swing my way." Nick abandoned the idea of robbing the credit union-"they were too irregular in their routines to make it safe"-and while



wondering what to do next, Nick ran into an old buddy in a bar. "He told me a movie studio was looking for a stunt man who knew about explosives, could drive, knew karate, could handle a gun, and had some other obscure talents which a guy can only learn in jail," Nick said. "I went along, showed a producer what I could do and was hired, no questions asked. You've often seen me standing in for the big names when the script gets rough. "Now, I'll be honest with you. The main reason why I stuck with illegal work in the past was that it had thrills, which ordinary jobs don't have. And yes, I had worked a New Avatar Power ritual, suggesting I might go straight if I found work which had all the thrills of my life of crime." Nick found his desire. He's one of the highest paid people in Hollywood now, rivalling the top stars in earning power. He luxuriates in all the side benefits of his life of splendor: an air- conditioned home in the hills, cars, boats, a private helicopter, hunting and fishing trips, exploring, every last electronic marvel to amuse him ... and when those pleasures pall, there are always girls, girls, girls who find the glamor of his dangerous work irresistible. Nick is unlikely to ever come right out and say New Avatar Power led him directly from crime to exquisite satisfaction, but neither does he deny it! COSMIC ENERGY IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE You'll have realized by now what a dynamite energy you're getting to control. This Cosmic Energy, which spreads to the furthermost stars, is in control: it shapes the present and the future with its immutable laws. Yet you have this God-given tool to carve the results the way you want them to be: applying your mind as New Avatar Power Secrets suggest, this roaring torrent of Cosmic Power becomes a pussycat of cooperation, bending easily to your bidding. Right at this very moment you're like a swimmer, about to find a swift current going the way you want to go. Trying to swim against the tide is exhausting, even painful. Finding the right channel to move along makes life easy, effortless, and progressive.      



That's where you're going: tuning to New Avatar Power by using the Secrets puts you slapbang in the middle of a future· shaping current - and you decide where you wish to go. So what are we waiting for? Listen: we're not waiting. You're already on your way, even if you have yet to notice. You began the process when you opened this book. Nothings changed, you say? Stay with me: your personal miracles are coming closer by the minute. NEW AVATAR POWER IS HOLY AND PURE Sadly, for reasons best left uninvestigated, some sincerely religious people will tell you that using Cosmic Energy, New Avatar Power, or similar psychic powers is "The Work of the Devil." If that is your firm belief, or even your vague worry, Iʼd be the last to alter your religious convictions (provided you don't ask me to alter mine to line up with yours!). I will make two replies to those who suggest that the use of psychic power is somehow evil or undesirable. I believe these two statements as sincerely as the denigrators of psychic power hold to their beliefs. Then I'll rest my case, and you must reach your own decisions on who is right and who is wrong. 1. If psychic power is the Devil's work, then you believe in a Devil, and by extension, you believe in God. On your ground, then, the greatest Book ever written had God's Son tell mankind (St. John, 14. v. 12): "The works that] do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do." And Jesus is the finest example of using Cosmic Energy (Godpower) to work miracles- whether healing or feeding a multitude with loaves and fishes. Does that sound like the Devil's work, or any kind of ban against working personal miracles? 2. New Avatar Power is an updating of psychic power methods which were drawn from similar sources to the Bible, which is, of course, Judaic in origin. The techniques of New Avatar Power are aligned with old Hebrew religious and mystic teachings. They bear no resemblance to, nor are they drawn from, Black Magic or similar negative and destructive sources.              



POWER WELCOMES AN AIMING POINT If you have a plant growing in a pot and it needs water, do you carefully pour water on the soil around its stem, or do you stand on the other side of the room with a hose set on wide spray and while watering the plant, also water the chairs, table, TV, stereo, and ""'Pet? Sounds like a stupid question with an obvious answer, right? So it may seem-yet both methods get water to the plant, even if the spray technique takes longer and wets things which hardly require it. Apply a similar thought to New Avatar Power Secrets. Yes, you can apply a "spray" aim and ask the energy "I want to be happy." You'll end up happy, but it can take a while, and lots of other things (which you mayor may not agree with) will happen in between. Better to give the energy a point to aim at, without getting too specific. New Avatar Power works best if you request, for example, "I would like enough money to get out of debt and have enough over to indulge in some luxuries. " There's a fine line to observe here. New Avatar Power begins to lose efficiency if you insist: “I want to win this lottery on that day, bringing in exactly $50,000." There's a neat tightrope to walk, by being specific enough to let New Avatar Power know what you want, but allowing it to bring it to you in its own efficient way- which can be unexpectedly different from what you thought was easiest and best. +She Became Rich as Soon a She Learned to Apply New Avatar Power Correctly This unusual case history deserves a star place simply because it so beautifully illustrates what I've just said about providing a target for New Avatar Power, but not insisting on how it achieves the results. Alice C. wrote to me in 1976 to say she'd been trying to use New Avatar Power to win a New York State lottery. Another "It Doesn't Work" letter! I suggested she merely set up the amount she needed and forget about telling New Avatar Power how to bring the money to her.



Her follow-up letter said: ''I'm amazed! I worked as a secretary for a boss who has many interests. "Just ten days after rearranging my New Avatar Power target as you told me to, my whole working life was rearranged. So that he would be able to travel extensively, my boss handed me part of his organization to administer. We signed a contract, which enables me to halve my working hours and draw a salary about double my previous one. And he gave me an ex-gratia payment of $5,000 when we signed. That was precisely the figure I'd set up with New Avatar Power to provide. That's far better than any old one-time lottery win!" FIRST SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER Right up top of your New Avatar Power plans, here is the first important secret to keep in mind: Use New Avatar Power to bring things to you. That's more efficient than trying to send things away. You'll understand the logic of this later in this book. Because of the way New Avatar Power operates, it's far Simpler to create than it is to destroy with this power. Cosmic Energy can do either-read reports on the next hurricane or earthquake! But your control, using your mind, is much surer when you're bringing items into your life, rather than trying to banish something physical. CHANGE IS THE KEY TO USING NEW AVATAR POWER Are you unhappy? In pain? Disturbed? Dissatisfied? Unfulfilled? Distressed? Harassed? I'll ask you, what would cure that? Without going into any specifics, the one-word answer is "Change." To improve your life you need to change present conditions. Ridiculously Simple: if things stay the same, you'll stay frustrated and depressed. Change-the right change, of course, not any old change- will remove the problems, enabling you to blossom like a beautiful flower. WHAT NEEDS CHANGING IN YOUR LIFE? Here is one of your early New Avatar Power decision points. We know you need to change your life. Now I'm going to help you



decide what needs changing, and how to do it. In your present existence, what would you like to change? More importantly, what needs changing first, assuming it cannot all be done in one sweeping step, and what are you aiming for after the change has happened? As you consider those questions, keep the First Secret in mind. It's important, even if it was not the deep and arcane piece of spooky wisdom you might have been expecting! After the following example of constructive change in action, we'll be suggesting how to place your New Avatar Power on a firm aiming foundation. That forms a vital part of your Mystic Initiation. +He Found the Right Way to Clear His Debts Little need to fill you in on the case of Richard H, His final letter to me is sufficient. "1wish I had known about your suggested application of New Avatar Power years ago. I am now free of debts for the first time in 14 years. Words cannot describe the wonderful feeling that gives me. "As I told you last year, I had tried many methods of changing my life, from winning lotteries to beating the odds at the track. My fixed idea was that I must have half-a-million dollars. Some $20,000 of that would payoff my creditors, and the rest I intended to use in a way I only vaguely envisaged to seek happiness by living off the fat of the land-which is exactly the indefinite phrase I was using to describe my desired future life. "You suggested I might have my priorities wrong. First, pay off the debts. Then seek luxury. "Yes, that worked. "Gone are the sleepless nights when I thought every sound was a credit agent. Gone is the razor-sharp bite of my ulcer. My face is peaceful, tension lines gone. We now own our home without being constantly on the verge of foreclosure. This new peacefulness has spread through the family: my children have better school grades; they're no longer running with the wrong companions. My wife is my lover again, instead of the nagging shrew, who was worrying herself toward an early grave. "Now I'm aiming for the luxuries. And they're on their way."



YOUR MYSTIC INITIATION New Avatar Power, as we have seen, works best if it is given the goahead to achieve definite goals. Your Mystic Initiation thus becomes the next exciting step toward total fulfillment and happiness. Keeping the First Secret in mind, what are you going to request New Avatar Power to do for you first? Say, some of you are thinking, what's so mystic about all that? Where are the robes and incense, the meditation, the candles and altar, the calls to Hidden Beings, the Words of Mighty Power, and all the rest of a Mystic Ceremony? You can, if you wish, add any physical symbols to this initiation, but there is no necessity so to do. If you wish to set the stage with such arcane accoutrements, do so by all means, and be happy. But realize they are what they are: stage-dressing. a background to something which is going on at deep levels of your mind, which really needs no outer manifestations to make it work. And the language I invite you to use for this Initiation is twentieth century. Agreed, you can call on Mystic Beings in their own languages of the Middle Ages and earlier, but for the moment we're talking to you and your inner mind which have been formed in this century. So let's set up conditions, and if they look different from what you were expecting, alter any conditions you wish which will make you feel comfortable. But the central objective is to decide on changes. Into your mind we are about to place the idea of change, this being the key to making life more harmonious. And while we're planting the idea, we'll also decide what needs to come to you soon to make the most desirable and pressing changes take place. Relationships with others fouled up? Home life unhealthily sad? Children out of control? Investments failing? Job insecure or objectionable? Marriage out of kilter? Enemies bugging you? Health down? Status shaky? Lonely? Bored with life? Social scene not to your liking? Personality kinks need curing? Suffering from indefinite fears? Those are just a few areas to get you thinking about what's wrong with your life. Quite obviously, we need to clearly identify



what's wrong before we can initiate changes to put things right. Write down everything, which is wrong with your life. This part of your Mystic Initiation brings your problems up front, out in the open. No need to write a whole book: just a few words identifying each separate problem will do fine. Everything, which upsets your current peace of mind goes on this list. And I do mean every- thing, from your biggest problems, right down to the lady at work who annoys you with that twitching eyebrow. Worry, problem, irritation, aggravation, minor annoyance-get them all written down. Now number them in order of priority. And that can be a problem in itself. Many people have so many worries, they're puzzled as to which is biggest. Mark the figure ''1'' against the problem which worries you most, the one which needs to be cured first. The one which gets you steamed up or depressed, and occupies your thoughts more than any of the others. Have you identified it? Now here's the next vital tip: Assume that No.1 has been cured. and look at the remainder of the list. If the one marked No.1 didn't exist, which would be the problem at the top of the list for action? Mark "2" beside that one. Then pretend that one doesn't exist, and proceed to No.3. Go on like that, mentally canceling the pressing items in order until your whole list has been numbered. Maybe your list runs from 1 to 5, maybe it runs from 1 to 365--no matter. You've taken a vast stride toward helping yourself: New Avatar Power now knows what it has to tackle. On a fresh sheet of paper, write down the numbers of your problems, one number to a line. Now indicate how you wish to solve each problem. Remember the First Secret: Solve problems by bringing things to you. Looking at No. 1 on your list, what item brought to you would solve it? Most people will have money worries highest on their list. So alongside No.1 write the amount necessary to make that problem go away. if you had the money right now. Just the right amount, no extra dollars for a tank of gas for the car-presumably keeping the car running would be lower down the list, if that was a problem. Getting the picture? Specifically, you must break your prob-



lems down into bite-size pieces. You may have been tempted to write, "No, 1, Pay all debts," Could be okay, but it would be better to be a little more precise. Some of your debts must be more pressing than others: more accurately, you might have written: "No. 1: Bring rent up to date," while "Pay telephone account" could be much lower down the list. I've purposely chosen money as an example, because it's easy to identify. Emotional problems can he more of a challenge. But, with thought, you can figure what needs to come to you to solve any problem. Take a look at the next case history, showing one lady's "problem list" and how she had New Avatar Power bring her things to make her happy, contented, and fulfilled. +She Disentangled Her Unhappy Love-life Mary K. had a long list of Mystic Initiation problems, but when she thought them through and placed them in priority order, the first five came out as shown below. Her desired New Avatar Power solutions follow. Notice these are her desired solutions. You may have chosen other conditions if you had had the same problems. That's the way Mary saw them at the time, and her personal testimonial follows these lists. PROBLEMS 1. I find my husband cruel and repulsive. 2. I am lonely. 3. I am worried about my security if my husband leaves me, or I leave him. 4. I am frustrated with home obligations. 5. I have frequent migraines. NEW AVATAR POWER SOLUTIONS 1. Bring someone to my husband whom he will find attractive and thus turn his unwelcome attentions elsewhere. 2. Bring a harmonious companion for me (male). 3. Bring $400 each week for me to live on.



4. Bring me a fulfilling but undemanding routine, which enables me to meet people, and not have to do housework. 5. Bring a cure! "To Whom it May Concern: After writing out my Mystic Initiation list of problems and desired New Avatar Power solutions. And working with New Avatar Power Secrets, the following occurred. "My husband announced he was leaving, to set up home with a divorcee he had just met. He was amazingly cooperative, apparently surprised at my lack of negative reaction, and he had a lawyer set up a trust fund to maintain me for the rest of my life or until I remarried. With house repayments guaranteed and other expenses taken care of, my gross income is higher than my suggested solution. "After the legal details had been settled, I met a local chiropractor who is everything my husband was not. I would prefer not to go into details, but our love is growing steadily and strongly. I now work as his receptionist, roughly 28 hours a week, meeting many interesting people. I use some of my salary to pay a lady to clean my home and do all the chores I find so distasteful. "I have had no recurrence of my migraines since." ONWARD, THROUGH THE BRONZE DOOR The Iron Door, often the one most firmly closed to many people is behind you. No matter how rusty the hinges were, you've eased it open, and you're ready to proceed to the next chapter and bring tremendous lifechanging miracles another splendid step closer. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 1 1. Read the whole book before starting your New Avatar Power program. 2. New Avatar Power (Cosmic Energy) is all around you. You're going to use it to put things right in your life. 3. Reinforce your belief in Cosmic Energy by hearing and seeing it. 4. You're tuning yourself to Cosmic Energy, and using New Avatar Power Secrets to shape and direct it to change



your existence. You need no accessories: your mind is your only required tool. 5. You do not need to be well-educated to use New Avatar Power. 6. You decide what you wish to become, where you wish to go, to make you supremely content. 7. New Avatar power has nothing to do with the Devil and His Works. 8. New Avatar Power welcomes an aiming point. 9. First Secret: Use New Avatar Power to bring things to you. 10. Define your problems in your Mystic Initiation list. 11. Establish their priorities and write down desired solutions.

Inside the Bronze Door: ,

Your Confidential Corporeal Avatar Command


2 INSIDE THE BRONZE DOOR: YOUR CONFIDENTIAL CORPOREAL AVATAR COMMANDS New Avatar Power works at many levels, whether visible or invisible, materially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, these Secrets are part of your mind, body and soul. This chapter is concerned with the material plane, the area of life you can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. In keeping with our picture of entering the Four Doors of the Castle, this is where you pause in the courtyard and prepare yourself before approaching the Silver Door. PHYSICAL TENSION MAY IMPEDE NEW AVATAR POWER The foaming, exhilirating tide of Cosmic Energy operates like any other flow of natural energy or fluid. It seeks the line of least




resistance: it would rather flow "downhill" than "uphill," and if it meets an obstruction it will divide and flow past, rather than wasting vitality trying to go through. You're tuning yourself to be a channel for Cosmic Energy, and if you represent an obstruction to the easy flow of the energy. it will tend to bypass you, and you'll have less than you should to work your lifechanging miracles. Several ways exist for you to impede this tide, but the primary cause can be physical. In order for your mind to shape and control Cosmic Energy, your physical body needs to be relaxed. The reason, briefly stated, is that every muscle in your body gives off electric currents when that muscle is tense, and when many muscles are tightly tied in knots, the resulting surge of random electricity somehow interferes with the free flow of Cosmic Energy. So whenever you start out to work with New Avatar Power, your first action is to relax physically. That's the main theme of this chapter, and mastering the simple technique, which uses what I've called your Confidential Corporeal Commands, will automatically and easily open you up as a Cosmic Energy channel. +Instant Miracles Are Perfectly Possible with New Avatar Power Some people take to New Avatar Power like ducks to water. Ed M. is one classic example of a life turned from negative to positive in short order. No-one, least of all Ed, would call him bright. He was born on a tiny farm in Oregon, and "never was much for learning." By the time he was 12, work from first light to darkness was his lot, as he helped his parents scratch a bare living from the soil. "If life has a disadvantage, I've had it," he says. 'T o age 18, hand-medowns were my Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. I had a gimpy leg, from a break, which was never set properly because we couldn't afford a real doctor. My eyes were weak, I didn't hear too good, and when I figured to join the Army to get away from the grinding poverty of the farm, I never made it to first base at the physical." Ed grew to manhood without learning to be anything more than a willing but unskilled and slow general hand. "People snickered when I limped by," he said. '"They called



me Dumb Ed-'dumbhead,' see? Pain and poverty were all I knew, and if I thought about it at all, life looked to be a round of frustrations, setbacks, and failures with an unmarked grave a welcome end to it." During his 40's Ed decided it was time he learned to read properly. "Took me hours to understand one page of what a newspaper had to say, and even the comics weren't too clear to me," Ed said. "So I picked up a few books for a buck at a farm auction. Figured I'd get me a little learning even if it was late in life," Ed's five-book "library" happened to include a well-used copy of The Miracle of New Avatar Power. "Somehow that book kind of rang a bell with me," Ed said. "I spent long hours poring over it, getting it right. Seems as the kids say these days, my head was in the right place to have it work like a charm," Ed set up a New Avatar Power program (just like the one you1l be putting together later with this book). He planned to be healthy, wealthy, and happy. "First results were almost instant," he said. "The health routines brought me surges of energy, making me feel more chip- per than I'd ever felt in my life. Luck? A Canadian hitchhiker I met on the road needed a few bucks, and sold me a lottery ticket. A week later it brought me a cool million dollars. "Even then I guess I might have given the money away, been swindled out of it, or just plain lost it-I was that dumb - if I hadn't happened to meet a childhood friend who'd gone into law and knew his way around. He sat me down, showed me which way was up now I was a millionaire, and agreed to handle my affairs for a reasonable fee." Ed has no worries now. His finances are well cared for, and if he needs anything he just signs a check. Surgery has fixed his leg perfectly. Contact lenses give him 20-20 vision. His hearing responded to treatment by a skilled specialist. His clifftop home on the Oregon coast has an allround vista of tumbling breakers and mighty headlands, shining beaches, and soaring seabirds. "What do I do now?" Ed grinned, as he relaxed with a mint julep after playing with his latest "toy," a $10,000 home entertainment center. "Nothing I dislike. Sit and admire the view. Travel to



high spots around the world. Throw away a few thousand at Reno, Cannes, or Rio. Buy anything new and interesting which comes on the market, like cars, boats, planes, or whatever. "Have myself a ball every hour of the day and night. No, I've not married yet. Who needs it? Plenty of time for that, and there's plenty of action around here when I feel the need. Lots of slim little ladies in bikinis come flitting in when I throw a house party. "I lack nothing. I've worked through my list of things I wanted, and they're all mine. Just mark me down with an "A" for 'Appiness!" HOW TO BANISH CONDITIONS WHICH SLOW DOWN YOUR NEW AVATAR POWER We're opening the Bronze Door for you, remember? Working in the material plane. with your physical body, you're about to discover how to open yourself up to the glittering flow of New Avatar Power. You'll feel it filtering through your body, and know that you're demolishing physical barriers which have so far pre- vented the energy from working its impressive miracles for you. The process is simple and easy to apply, takes up only a few minutes of your time, and is unique to you: you're about to acquire a personal technique which no one else has or uses quite the same as you do. It's a personal key to opening that Bronze Door, and enables you to do what no one else can: transform you into a free-running channel for the miracleworking vitality of New Avatar Power. YOUR CONFIDENTIAL CORPOREAL COMMANDS No need to be scared of that 29-1etter title. You're going to use it, not have to say it. What does it mean? Confidential: secret, personal, for your eyes and ears only. Corporeal: material, physical, bodily Commands: authorize, control, rule. You're about to discover, then, a personal bodily control, which is applied by saying or thinking a few simple words. First we'll create your Confidential Corporeal Commands, then I'll tell you how and when to use them. As I promised, they're unique to YOU: no other reader has the same way of using these words as you do, and very few will even have the same words. This



way, you gain the very maximum benefit, simply because these Commands are matched accurately to your mind and body. What's your first name? Not necessarily the one on your birth certificate. You may have been named Stanley or Elizabeth by your parents. Chances are most people know you as Stan or Betty. \¥hat we're looking for is the name you answer to most readily, or even one you'd like to be called. The important feature is that you must feel comfortable with the name you build your confidential Corporeal Commands from. It's the name your best friend would can you u you were on a relaxed trip, and he or she had found something exciting for you to share. "Hey, Stan: come look at this tremendous view." "Look, Liz, there's a deer under that tree." Those sorts of names, Nicknames are fine: if lots of people call you "Bud," use that. But do not use a name, which disturbs you even a little bit: some people close to you may call you "Fatso" or "Shorty." If you're totally at ease with that name, okay. But if you just go along with such a name, disliking it inside yourself, that is not the one to use. Most people can at once identify the name they feel most comfortable with. If you have any problem deciding, set yourself up a "let's-pretend" scenario. If you had your druthers, what would you like people to call you, on a friendly basis? No need to roll around the floor for three hours, wracking your brain on what name to use, weighing Jim against James or Jimmy; selecting Peggy, then deciding it's Peg, then rejecting both for Delilah! You can change this name usage at any time. In fact, as you alter your life circumstances, it's best if you do change the name to line up with your new image. You've selected your name. Now what's the first letter, the initial, of your family name? Single or married name: your present name -the one you sign on a check or banker's draft. The name you filled in when you ordered this book. The name you write when someone says, "Please sign here." If you think I'm hedging this around more than somewhat, you're right, I am! I know some people will put up unnecessary obstacles to themselves. Why? For deep psychological reasons too



complex to air here, but suffice to say some readers (not you, I trust) will spend days deciding what initial letter I'm talking about here. "I was born Wadlkowski, my father Simplified it to Vaddelkov, but a computer spe1led it Faddelkov so some of my charge cards are in that name. Others are in my married name, which is Smith, but my present common-law husband is called Brown (when he's not calling himself De Haviland for business purposes). What letter should I use?" Maybe you think I'm kidding. I'm not: many similar letters in my filing cabinet show how that kind of turmoil will certainly stop a few of you in your tracks. Handle it this way. If today you were to open a savings account, what would you answer when the teller asked: "What is your name?" If you feel like Mrs. Brown, that's it. If you still consider yourself Mrs. Smith, so be it. If you nurse an inner urge to resurrect the old family name, you're Wadlkowski. It's in your bands (and mind). You now have an initial, plus the first name you fixed on. So you, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, have decided on Betty J. You. Mr. Algernon Witherspoon, have adopted Rick W. (I'm not surprised!). Oh, dear. Yes. I hear you Ms. Van Der Hoof. Is your initial V. D. or H? Open the telephone book. Which letter is your name listed under? That's the one to use. The third part of your Confidential Corporeal Commands is one word. That word is Relax. And the fourth and last part consists of the numbers from 1 to 10. Putting together the whole of your Confidential Corporeal Commands goes: . . Ten – Relax (Name, Initial), Nine-Relax (Name, Initial), EightRelax (Name, Initial) . . . . . and so on down to " ... One-Relax (Name, Initial)." In place of"(Name, Initial)" you will, of course, use your own name and initial letter we've just so lengthily arrived at. Algernon Witherspoon, from the example above, would begin: "Ten-Relax, Rick W, - Nine, .... and so on. That's your complete and individual Confidential Corporeal Commands. Say yours over a couple of times to get the hang or it. Realize that no one in this wide world says those words exactly as you do. A product of your own mind, those Commands are person-



ally custom-built to have maximum effect. After the next case his· tory, I'll be telling you how to use your Confidential Corporeal Commands. +Her Enemies Were Powerless after She Used Her Confidential Corporeal Commands Right at the top of Monique J’s.' Mystic Initation list was: "My enemies make my whole life miserable." Short of having New Avatar Power bring her a large German shepherd to tear them limb from limb, Monique was having trouble deciding how to cure the problem. Rightly, she figured bringing a savage dog into the picture might create more problems than it solved. I suggested while she was considering the best solution, she should practice using her Confidential Corporeal Commands. She did this, exactly as I explain to you in the next section. She was totally amazed to find that problem solved itself, without her having to apply any other elements of New Avatar Power. "Everyone in the neighborhood used to be against me," she said. "From the mayor, who threatened to sue me when I made reasonable requests at public meetings, down to the youngest school child who used to throw apples at my house every day, I found people opposing me. I would fly into towering rages, and threaten, cajole, scream, shout, and jump up and down, but it did no good. "I refuse to reveal the degrading things my family and lawyers were doing to me. Enough to say they were swindling me and keeping what was rightfully mine. Life was one miserable crisis after another." Compare Monique's letter to me a few weeks later. "What's happened? I did a daily few minutes workout with my Confidential Corporeal Commands, and everything's changed. The brats have stopped throwing things at my house. 1spoke to the lawyer this morning, and we had a long friendly discussion, and I have to go and sign some papers which give me much of what I was demanding. I had a man from the mayor's office call at my home, and he says my requests are being attended to now. I would rather not go into details, not wishing publicity.



"You can place on record that those who were my bitterest opponents are now my closest friends and collaborators." Why the change? The pointer is in her first statement. People were reacting to her anger. Use of her Confidential Corporeal Commands changed Monique at inner levels, and as she began to radiate a new image, so people responded positively. A very simple, but ultimately satisfying, example of New Avatar Power in action. WHEN TO USE YOUR CONFIDENTIAL CORPOREAL COMMANDS Chapter Four explains how your Corporeal Commands fit into the whole New Avatar Power method, which is going to change your life to happiness and pleasure. You'll be using the Commands on a daily basis. But that's not their only use. You can employ them to your definite advantage whenever and wherever you're in a pressure situation. You can easily recognize when you're reacting to harassment or danger by the tension, which builds in you, often beginning in the pit of your stomach. Mentally (not aloud) reciting your Confidential Corporeal Command you will release the tensions, and you'll sail cheerfully through many situations, which previously got you literally "uptight." Try it next time you feel anger rising or irritation growing: you could be amazed. Usually, one run through of the complete commands is sufficient, but repeating the process several times will do you no harm at all. Good practice, in fact! +From Obscurity to Fame in Two Short Weeks Grant W., for reasons, which I fully respect, does not want any hint of his true identity revealed. Thus this case history gives you an outline of a fantastic success story with no chance that any outsider will realize, who we're talking about. You may suspect (you may even know) but I promised "Grant" complete anonymity. Grant has always wanted to be a highly paid and respected movie and TV star. Unfortunately, he was impeded by a pronounced stutter, nervous tics, and an inner fear, which tied him in knots every time he needed to make an impression on anyone.



Consequently, at age 24 he was unmarried (as one brief en- counter exgirlfriend said: "Who needs a guy who twitches, and takes ten minutes to say 'I I-I-I-love y-y-y-you.'?") almost friendless, and about as near to being a TV star as the janitor at the Kremlin. No doubt Grant had talent (his subsequent performances prove it), but he was totally unable to do anything right at auditions, assuming he'd screwed up his courage enough to get inside the door. Confidential Corporeal Commands changed all that. Within two days of learning the simple technique, Grant was giving the performance of his career to one of the top TV producers. The same day he was hired at what Grant calls "an unbelievable salary" to play the lead in a long-running cops-and-robbers series. You know his face well if you ever watch those shows in the evenings. Grant's nerves are steel now, and the crew who help make the shows say "he knows what he wants, and gets it. Every time. He's also gotten himself a fabulous wife, a stupendous home in Beverly Hills, and some other things, which I must not mention, otherwise you'd know whom we're talking about. "I still use the Confidential Corporeal Commands when the going gets rough," Grant said. ''They pull me through to success every time." IMPORTANT FIRST NEW AVATAR POWER STEPS Get into the swing of your Confidential Corporeal Commands. They truly are opening you up to New Avatar Power, to allow that vital energy to work properly for you. If convenient, find a few minutes each day to sit or lie down and run your Command through your mind. It should take you almost a full minute to run through from 10 to 1. Slow your breathing, make it a bit deeper than usual, and time your inhales to coincide with the numbers. Thus you will be breathing in as you say "One," and breathing out as you slowly and distinctly think: "Relax (followed by your name and initial)." After reaching the last words, lie or sit relaxed, letting your mind run free for a few seconds or even minutes before you go about your business. Where you do this is unimportant, although it would be nice if you had a regular quiet corner to practice in. Conditions should be



as peaceful as you can make them without upsetting normal routines. It would be an error, for instance, to insist on your children switching off their stereo while you practice. Detach from the racket by using your Commands instead! Best results usually come if you recite your Commands with eyes closed, but again. it's up to you. Do it the way, which feels most comfortable for you. SIGNS THAT YOUR CONFIDENTIAL CORPOREAL COMMANDS ARE WORKING How do you know when your inner self is paying attention to your Confidential Corporeal Commands and opening up to let New Avatar Power come rushing in? You'll feel it, that's how. Different people get different effects: but you must feel some effects every time you recite the Commands before going on with the rest of the New Avatar Power techniques. If your Confidential Corporeal Commands produce none of the following effects, practice regularly until they do. Proceeding from this point to open the Silver Door will be useless until the Confidential Corporeal Commands are drilled into your conscious and subconscious minds. You should detect: 1. Prickling of the hand, feet or limbs. 2. Tickling in your forehead. 3. A feeling that the room has become lighter or darker, even though the lighting remains the same. 4. A faint sweet odor around you. 5. A sensation that someone is standing close to you. 6. Sounds around you becoming distinctly fainter or louder. 7. An extra flow of saliva in your mouth. At least one of the above shows you that your Confidential Corporeal Commands are becoming effective. There's no need to sit or lie like a petrified mummy while you're doing all this. If you itch, scratch it. If you want to cough or



sneeze, go ahead, If your body feels it wants to move to a different position, move it. START MAKING LIFE EASIER WITH YOUR CONFIDENTIAL CORPOREAL COMMANDS We've seen the Commands in action for some people already, hut please do not think that's all there is to mastering New Avatar Power. You may be as lucky as the people in the case histories we've looked at. On the contrary, you are more likely to need the rest of the technique. So refrain from throwing this book in the garbage pail if this is all you've done so far, and your life has yet to turn to magnificent success and brilliance. What you can do most definitely is use the Commands you're mastering to get physically more comfortable. Aches and pains vanish like magic if you flop down on a couch and mentally recite your Commands. Even migraines will fade away for some people. Try your Commands on your insomnia next time you're lying blinking at the dark ceiling. Next thing you'll know, it's daybreak, and the alarm's going off in your earl At the dentist, recite your Commands as the sizzling drill comes closer. Amazing! You hardly felt a thing. Feet ache? Muscles sore from a workout? Elbow throbbing from a blow? Recite your Commands and feel the pain ebb away- although if you've suffered damage, which needs medical aid, you'll also make an appointment with the healer of your choice. Question: If New Avatar Power is so good, why go to a doctor to get well? Answer: New Avatar Power is intended to make you harmonious and happy, but it's an arcane truth that if something can be accomplished physically, it's more efficient to do it that way than to attempt to make psychic power do all the work. Yes, New Avatar Power has some remarkable healings to its credit, but until you master its use completely, you'd do better to rely on normal treatment for life's ailments. And how will you know when New Avatar Power is truly your servant? Simple: you'll have acquired everything you need, and you'll be so neatly into the swing of Natural Law that you won't need a doctor: your body will have healed itself, you'll be bursting with Vitality, and the whole world will be rosy.



SECOND SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE FABULOUS FEAR ERADICATOR The most corrosive and impeding emotion, which stops many people from achieving their full potential is fear. Fear of being broke, fear of the boss, fear of the unknown; the dictionary is filled with phobias, which describe the various fears we are assailed by. Morbid dislike of heights, open spaces, cats, pain, men, women, storms, being alone, crowds, enclosed spaces, dogs, spiders, crossing streets, sex, being touched, blood. water, mice, dirt, new things, the dark, snakes, light, food, being buried alive, death, poison, strangers, and even falling asleep, is only a partial list of our fears. If anything can be imagined, someone fears it. New Avatar Power enables you to clean out that impediment to easy living, in three simple steps. 1. Identify your fears. 2. Apply the Fabulous Fear Eradicator to them. 3. See those fears dissolve and vanish like ghosts at cockcrow. Just like your Mystic Initiation list of problems, make a list of your fears (in fact, it's quite likely, if a fear is strong enough, you may have already included it on your problem list. No matter: a problem attacked from several directions will vanish quicker). This is merely a list of your fears, arranged in descending order of strength, which you're making. Unlike your problem list, there's no need to suggest solutions: the Fabulous Fear Eradicator will take care of that. Ready to use it? So find five or ten spare minutes, sit or lie down in the quiet, and recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Having reached the last "Relax," sit quietly with eyes closed for a full minute. While you're sitting there, pretend someone is setting up a whiteboard, a chalkboard (green or black, whichever you please) just in front of you. If you disliked school, and the idea of a chalkboard is disturbing, imagine a movie screen. And if you don't like movie houses because of the crowds or the dark, imagine instead that a TV is before you. All you're doing, in your mind, is setting up a frame, whether it's the imaginary border of the board, or the edges of the movie or TV screen.



Call Fear No. 1 to mind. If it's a thing you fear, such as spiders or an animal, pretend a clear picture of that thing has appeared on the board or screen. It is unable to touch you, of course, because it's a representation of your mind, and stays where it is. But try your hardest to make believe your most virulent fear is depicted on your chosen screen or board. The mind work should be sufficiently powerful to make you actually feel fearful. even though you know you're quite safe. If your fear is a situation, or something intangible, like fear of the dark, pretend you're looking at a picture of yourself in exactly the situation or circumstance which you fear. Again, set up the thoughts so you sense the situation, and feel the tendrils of terror touching you. Now, when the picture is firmest in your mind, pretend you are reaching out to clear the board, switch off the movie projector, or punch the "Off' button on the television. The fear picture dis- solves, disappears. Now fish around in your memory, and replace the picture in front of you with a playback of a situation, which you truly enjoyed. Could be a ballgame, an outing to the beach, a romp with the kids or your lover: something you vividly recall and enjoyed tremendously at the time. And that's it. Open your eyes when you're ready, and carry on doing whatever needs doing. That simple technique will work. Even practicing it once, you'll find the next time your "fear" situation occurs, you're less scared by it. Daily use of the Fabulous Fear Eradicator will change you tremendously; you'll find to your amazement that things which scared the living daylights out of you no longer have the power to even cause you to suffer a single goose-bump! If you're deathly afraid of spiders right now, after using the Fabulous Fear Eradicator you may never find them attractive, but you will discover the biggest, hairiest, skitteringest, blackest spider can walk over your foot, and all you will feel is a mild distaste, or even interest in the creature. And having tackled and taken the edge off Fear No. 1. proceed to dispel Fear No. 2. It gets easier as you go down the list, and even if you need to return for a refresher treatment for No. I, eventually you find yourself in the delightful position of having nothing left to fear. The feeling of freedom that it brings is indescribable.



+She Used the Fabulous Fear Eradicator and Left Her Misery Firmly in the Past If you'd met Lynn G. a year ago, you'd have been justified in calling her a timid mouse of a woman, and you'd have been understating the case. She was so filled with fear that it oozed from every pore of her being. Going out was a true nightmare for her: she feared she would be mugged, raped, killed, struck by lightning, or even might lose her memory. Staying indoors was as had: she feared enclosed spaces, dust, and houseflies. She was afraid of people, especially foreigners, and she nursed a deep terror that her husband would go out of his mind one night and murder her in some gruesome way. Those were her chief fears. She had many others. As you might expect, Lynn's face was not pretty, permanently wrinkled in a frown; she had a habit of flicking quick glances over her shoulder; her hack was hunched as she crouched under her load of terror, and when she moved, it was with the quick, uncoordinated, scurrying gait of a wounded bird. It took al her courage to go to the supermarket, and the day she reached the front of the line to find an East Indian girl at the check-out, she fainted, and never went to that store again. Such deep-seated fears needed psychiatric help, but Lynn lost out on that, too. She was deathly afraid of doctors of all kinds, so even when her husband made appointments for her to be helped, she stayed home, trembling in terror. Luckily, Lynn was not afraid of books. A friend gave her a copy of The Miracle of New Avatar Power. "It doesn't work," wrote Lynn to me. "What am I doing wrong?" I'd just figured the workings of The Fabulous Fear Eradicator at the time, and reading Lynn's despairing letter, I figured if it would work for her, it would work for anyone. My return letter to her said almost exactly what I've told you on preceding pages. In fact, I used the carbon copy of my letter to Lynn to compose that section, I never heard a further word from Lynn. Not by letter that is. About a year later when I was in an Eastern city researching the occult, as I walked through a hotel lobby, a lady sailed up to me, notebook poised, pencil ready.



''I'm from the (she named a big Eastern daily newspaper). I'm sure you can spare me a few minutes of your time for an exclusive. Now tell me, Mr. Gray-Cobb ..... You guessed it. That was Lynn. Gone was the fearful glance, the wrinkled face, the tics and hangdog look. This woman was superb, radiating an inner glow of confidence, and wearing expensive clothes and jewelry with an air of belonging to the upper crust. "It took a while," Lynn confided after she'd closed her notebook on a sharp analysis of what makes me tick. "Those fears had been with me for years, so they gave in slowly. But the Fabulous Fear Eradicator got them on the retreat. I have to run and file this story, otherwise I'd show you the new life I've carved out." Nylon-clad legs flashed as she dashed out to the road, confidently hailed a cab, and waved gaily as it pulled into the traffic. I read the story. A good one. She even dug deep enough to show me some of my own fears: after all, she'd been that way herself. So I got working on them with the usual fine results. If the Fabulous Fear Eradicator can do that for Lynn, think how your life can be improved with it. THIRD SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE EXTRAORDINARY HAPPINESS RESTORER Feeling down? Not all the time, maybe, but in waves, at intervals, maybe geared to the phases of the Moon, maybe not. Everyone has times when he feels unhappy for no good reason. Well, almost everybody: you may be one of the lucky souls who never feels unhappy, but if so, why did you buy this book? Assuming you get these waves of depression, of varying depths and at varying intervals, here's the New Avatar Power Secret to cure that undesirable condition. The Extraordinary Happiness Restorer needs no explanation: it does exactly what it says, simply, easily, and quickly, turning sadness into happiness as automatically as Switching on a light. The setup is identical to the Fabulous Fear Eradicator. Again, when you have five or ten minutes to spare, sit or lie down in the quietest place you can find and recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. As before, sit with your eyes closed and imagine your board or



screen in front of you. Now do the same as you did after you dissolved the "fear" picture: use your memory to playback on the screen of your mind a situation where you were truly happy. Aw, come on! You must have one happy memory, even if you have to go back years in your mind. You really and truly don't have a single happy memory to put onto your screen? So be it: then pretend (and this is very much second best and will need working several times) that you're watching other people having a happy time and one of them is you. Got the picture this time? Do not wipe the board, turn of the projector or switch off the imaginary TV. Run right through the episode in your mind. If it's a brief one, rerun it a couple of times. Allow yourself to get immersed in it. Smile. Now repeat your Confidential Corporeal Commands one time. Stay relaxed for a minute or so, then go about your business. You'll be amazed at the lift in your spirits. A closing thought. Whenever I mention a specific length of time in my writings, someone writes to say it's not long enough, or it's too short. Twice now in recent pages I've referred to "five or ten minutes"; I've also referred to "a full minute" and "a minute or so." Approximate times only: use as much or as little time as you wish. But don't mentally gabble your way through the processes, trying to squeeze the whole thing into a few seconds. And even though you've been doing a great deal of mental work, the chief effects have been physical. If you've found tangible effects with your Confidential Corporeal Commands, you're ready to turn to the next chapter with me and open the Silver Door to fascinating mental vistas. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 2 1. This chapter has dealt chiefly with physical matters, such as bodily relaxation. 2. New Avatar Power works best when it has a clear channel to flow through. 3. You can impede New Avatar Power if you're tense. 4. Confidential Corporeal Commands, a few personal, simple words, attuned to you alone, will allow you to become a channel for New Avatar Power.



5. Work with your Commands a few minutes each day if convenient. 6. Feel your Commands working before going on to the next chapter. 7. Confidential Corporeal Commands can be used to dispel pain. 8. Use the Fabulous Fear Eradicator until you fear nothing. 9. When you're less happy than you'd like to be, employ the Extraordinary Happiness Restorer.

Behind the Silver Door: The Wonders of Mysterious Avatar Power Words


3 BEHIND THE SILVER DOOR: THE WONDERS OF MYSTERIOUS AVATAR POWER WORDS Welcome, traveler. You've passed the Iron and Bronze Gates, proven to yourself the existence of New Avatar Power, learned a Secret or two, and opened yourself up physically as a smooth and efficient New Avatar Power channel. It will come as no surprise to you to learn that as well as physical impediments, New Avatar Power is also sensitive to mental obstacles. THOUGHTS AND WORDS CAN BE IMPEDING VIBRATIONS New Avatar Power, you're aware, exists at all levels of your being, and it's most concentrated at mind levels, within your men-




tal paths. Just as physical tension can cause the tides of New Avatar Power to flow around, instead of through you, so certain words and thoughts can have an identical effect. FOURTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE MYSTERIOUS "NT' WORDS To all those people who wrote and said "It Doesn't Work," my sincere and abiding thanks. Without your letters we might never have uncovered this Fourth Secret. With your letters beside me, I asked myself, what is the common thread, the identical feature, which may be preventing New Avatar Power from working its stupendous miracles for these few unfortunates? I used my own New Avatar Power techniques to fathom the answer. In a most satisfying revelation, I found out what was wrong, and if you're prepared to come with me into a little numerology, I found out why these people were not achieving success. If, as each writer assured me, he had truly relaxed fully, then New Avatar Power must be blocked at some other level. And it turned out to be at the mental level, in a shape, which had been staring me in the face. For valid metaphysical and occult reasons, if a word which is written with the letters "N" and 'T ' separated by an apostrophe (to indicate a letter omitted from that word) is regularly lying around in your mind paths, New Avatar Power will flow elsewhere because the word puts up a strong blockage to the energy. Thus I discovered the Mysterious N'T Words: mysterious in their effects, not in the least mysterious in their meanings. The NT Words are ones like "can't," "won't," "doesn't," "isn't," "shouldn't"-any word where the three-letter word "not" has been shortened to "n't." As simple as that, once uncovered, by thinking, saying, and writing "It doesn't work" the writers were putting up a very efficient New Avatar Power dam. No wonder it failed to work! Why does such a simple word usage cause such a fantastic energy to flow elsewhere? The simple answer would be to say, ''That's just the way it is," and then set about curing the condition. But for you people, who would like a reason, let me (as previously indicated) cite a little numerology.



The word Not is useful, valuable, and carries a numerological total of 4. That's a fine solid number, and is usually connected with the material plane. Most prohibitions concern our physical con- duct, and you'll find "not" throughout: "Thou shalt not steal," for instance, or "Do not pick the flowers." If they were rendered as "'Thou shan't steal" and "Don't pick the flowers," I think you'll agree they lose some of their original impact. Now the minute you drop the letter "0" from the word "not," as we do when we use the abbreviated "n't," the numerological total becomes. or tries to become 7. Seven is an occult mystic number. well suited to New Avatar Power and all psychic work. And I guess if N'T truly totaled 7 we'd have litlle to fuss about. But it does not total 7: that apostrophe interrupts the totaling, and N'T stays as 5 (for the N) and 2 (for the T), kept at arms-length by the comma-in-the-air between them. Now 5 is the number of uncertainty, while 2 can be a decision number (Two choices, two paths at a fork in the road). Two is also the total of the word "No." Thus, the combined occult effect of N'T words is to put up a sign which says simultaneously: Uncertain, Decision, plus over- tones of a forbidding "No," as in "No Trespassing," "No Entry," "No Loitering," and other such phrases. Recall that New Avatar Power takes the easiest path, and you can begin to understand when it comes to a channel carrying such signs (and because they're thoughts and words makes them no less effective), it turns aside and finds a clearer channel. And if the preceding piece was all Greek to you, disregard it. Accept the 'That's just the way it is," and let's find a simple way to clean up this blocked channel. HOW TO BANISH THE MYSTERIOUS N"T WORDS Consider the Mysterious N'T Words to be heavy transport and tracked vehicles, like bulldozers, traveling the channels of your mind. They'll soon chop the roadway into rough potholes and ruts, and the more of that type of traffic there is, the rougher the going is. If you consider New Avatar Power as a finely tuned sports-car, fast, and light, you can understand that it will find its own hassles in traveling such a route. So, on coming across such plowed up terrain, New Avatar Power will merely take a fork in the road and go to its destination by another, smoother path.



So how are we going to get a crew out to repair the road, to make a channel, which New Avatar Power will slide effortlessly along? Luckily, the task is simple. The channel of your mind is self- repairing. Put up a sign, which says "No Heavy Trucks. Tracked Vehicles Forbidden," and with the reduction in traffic of that kind, the ruts will automatically fill in, the corrugations will disappear, and your mind channel will become smooth and broad. At once, New Avatar Power will use such a route, and you get the benefits of this awesome power, latching onto it with the Secrets and working your life miracles. Preventing this heavy traffic can be fun. It consists of playing the Mysterious N'T Word Game. It's simpler than solitaire; requires the same number of players; can be played anywhere at any time; requires no board, cards, counters, dice, chips, cards, apparatus, balls or space; and bas one rule only. Nothing to buy, either! Pretty neat game, eh? Playing it leads directly to making the smooth mental channel for New Avatar Power, which it needs to bring your dreams to true and startling physical reality. PLAYING THE MYSTERIOUS N'T WORD GAME Number of players: one, That's you, as you may have realized. Played wherever and whenever you're thinking, talking, or writing-and it takes up no extra time. You play it in parallel with your day-to-day activities. And no accessories needed because it all goes on inside your head and mind, Single rule: Whenever you find yourself thinking, saying or writing one of the Mysterious N'T Words, replace that word with a different word, or rephrase the thought to avoid the N'T Word altogether, What was your reaction to that? Did you think, "I don't understand"? There you go: your very first opportunity to play! You thought the N'T word "Don't." Rethink the phrase, "I do not understand" would do as a replacement phrase-no N'T Word in that. But that's the easy way, and although it's not actually cheating to alter the N'T back to its original "Not," you'll get quicker results from the game if you a1so reduce the number of "Not's" in you thoughts and speech-they can so easily get slurred into N'T, can't they?



Oops! See that Mysterious N'T Word which slipped through my typewriter in the previous line? Banish it: I should have writ- ten: 'They can so easily get slurred into N'T, agreed?" A few examples will show you the simple ground-rules. "It doesn't work" can become "I have yet to see it work." or "It's failed to work so far." "Don't touch'" can be phrased as "Do not touch!" or even better, "Keep your fingers off that'" "I don't like him," becomes "I dislike him, to "We haven't got any," becomes ""We have none," Pretty simple, right? Yet the results are fantastic. Now, please notice this is not intended to alter your entire way of talking. Playing the game and sounding like a Victorian poet is hardly the idea. For instance, if you habitually say, "I can't afford it." you're going to get some odd glances if you say instead, "I lack the wherewithal to make such a purchase." Sure, that sticks with the basic rule of the game, but it sounds kind of clumsy. And the other point is that you aim to catch the N'T words before they get out into the open. Inside the privacy of your head you're at liberty to think things like, "I won't do it ... rephrase without the NT Word ... I will not do it," but if you start inserting such changes into your speech or writing patterns, you'll impede communication with others. So if you find you've said, "I haven't any idea," it's inadvisable to promptly bite your tongue and add: "1 mean, I have no idea." Catch the Mysterious N'T Words at their birth, in your mind (which is where the clearing up is going on), and you're playing the game right. How do you know when you've won the game? By the stupendous things which start happening to you, as New Avatar Power sweeps through the new channel you've smoothed and brings your every last need and desire into your life in a rush of good fortune and happiness which can leave you breathless with amazement. +She "Didn't Believe It"-Now She's Wealthy and Content Early reactions to the Mysterious N'T Word Game are invariably ones of disbelief. How can anything that simple have such incredible effects on New Avatar Power and its glorious consequences?



The proof of the pudding being in the eating, a practical example being worth a thousand words, and similar neat stuff, all I can tell you is that this approach to becoming a New Avatar Power channel does work, and follow-up letters bear cogent witness to it. Herewith an example, taken at random from many. Two letters from the same lady. "I don't believe your book. I didn't miss a word, but it didn't work I can't understand why if so many others get such results, this doesn't do the same for me." There you have a classic rutted and potholed mental path. With no less than five, Mysterious N'T Words- occurring in three sentences, the likelihood of New Avatar Power making a wide detour is high. My advice was to continue with the New Avatar Power techniques and exercises. but to concentrate on smoothing out the mind path. Later, the following letter arrived: ". still find it a challenge to believe•• continued to work with New Avatar Power as you suggested, and now have great pleasure in telling you I've joined the happy throng of successful New Avatar Power users. " I know you get much mail so I will try to keep this short. I was getting on in years. Arthritis and high blood pressure were my crosses to bear, I was a widow, and having to rub along on a minute pension made life unbearable. I was lonely, cooped up day after day in a cramped apartment, surrounded by a few old sticks of furniture and a grubby untidiness I had no heart or ability to clear completely. No friends, rarely able to get out because of my disability, lonely, with only my canary, Tweetie-Pie, for company. Month in and month out, the only person, I saw was the mailman, or the clerk at the store when I bought my few supplies. "Your book seemed to be an answer to my dreams of a better life, and you can imagine my disappointment when nothing happened, despite my careful work with all the suggested techniques, "The change came after I began to work on the ANTI-NAP PHRASES. (Note: This was an early name. applied to the Mysterious N'T Words while I was still researching them.-G.G.C.) "You asked me to advise you of any changes. Delighted to comply, and it still seems like some wonderful fairy tale.



"Our family split up many years ago, for reasons which are gone and forgotten. I knew I had a brother who went to Australia, but had heard nothing from him for 30 years. Meanwhile I had married, remained childless, my husband had died, and I bad reached the lowest point in my life. "Shortly after receiving your letter, and beginning the modified New Avatar Power techniques. I was listening to the local news on my little radio. Imagine my amazement when I heard that a man with my family name was coming to our town to talk to the local Elks Club about farming in Australia, Almost afraid to have my hopes dashed, I made enquiries about the speaker. "It was my brother! After all these years, we met again. He had prospered, and being self-supporting and free to travel, goes where he pleases, when he likes. and he's in great demand with all kinds of organizations, talking on how he made millions from almost nothing. "He took me under his wing. First, it was to Geneva to see specialists who treated my ailments and brought me back to life again. Then a leisurely tour of the quieter spots of the world, the Alps, the English Lake District, Ireland (the peaceful parts!), the Canary Islands, the Pacific, a hundred-and-one perfect havens I never thought I'd see. And all the while I had only to ask, and my slightest wish was granted. ''I'll let you know the next installment. He's taking me to a country retreat in the mountains of New Zealand. If I like it, we're going to set up home for a while. Down to the tiniest detail this is exactly what I asked New Avatar Power to bring me. At the time I had no idea how it would happen. But happen it has, and I'm in Heaven on earth." There you go: not a single Mysterious N'T Word in her whole narrative. Certainly there's one life changed in short order. Give the Mysterious N'T Word Game a try yourself and see what it can do for you! FIFTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE SUPERB UNCERTAINTY BANISHER You'll have realized that on the way to a new life, New Avatar Power requires you to make a decision or two. Deciding what's



wrong with your life. Deciding which problem is the most important. Deciding what you wish to have happen to turn misery into delight. Decisions! Decisions! And perhaps you're a person to whom decisionmaking comes hard. You can procrastinate for weeks, trying to fix on one of several alternatives. You're in good company. "Maybe I should do such-and-so, or maybe something else would be better. Or perhaps the best might be to, . ... are trains of thought which haunt many people and can keep them chained to conditions which they desperately want to change. Yet until the decision is made and the wheels put into motion, life is likely to stay much the same. Working with your Mystic Initiation list, for instance, will get much quicker results once you've made the "Bring me this and that" part also. If that portion of your Mystic Initiation is hedged around with alternatives, you're spreading New Avatar Power in all kinds of different directions and diluting the splendid effects, which can come. Here's glad news for you: the Superb Uncertainty Banisher propels you out of vacillating doubt and enables you to reach any decision between any number of alternatives, automatically and infallibly se1ecting the best one and rejecting the others. No more "I wonder what would happen if ..... Instead, you have clear-cut, firm direction, which says: "Do this; forget about that, that and that." You use a New Avatar Power technique to reach this decision point, so the results are always right for you. New Avatar Power unerringly takes you into the most harmonious possible conditions, even if the intervening steps may be totally unexpected. Remember always that when New Avatar Power hands you a decision which you may wonder about, within your present circumstances, you're being propelled toward fulfillment and happiness, just as you set up the techniques of the Secrets to accomplish. Here's how you do it. As before, find a quiet spot and recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands, just as you did to begin using the Extraordinary Happiness Restorer. Now, when it comes time to set up your board or screen, imagine pictures of whatever the various decisions are, from which you have to select one. Pretend you're putting a picture of each one on your screen. Put up the first situation which could be a solution or a course to



take. Then wipe it off (or mentally switch off the projector or tum off the 1V). Replace the first picture with an alternative. Wipe that one. Put up the third. wipe it, and follow with any others until you've reviewed in your mind and on your mental screen all the alternatives which are possible. While you're doing this, remember what order you placed them in front of your mind. Give them numbers: the first is No. 1, the second No.2, and so on. Here's where New Avatar Power makes the selection for you. In fact, it has already made the selection, even if you have yet to realize it. The most desirable solution is the third one you put on your screen, if there were more than two alternatives to review. If there were only two alternatives, the second one is the one to choose. Accept that decision and go along with what New Avatar Power is suggesting. It works every time, and saves a lot of shilly- shallying and wondering what might happen if. Use this simple process anytime you have a decision to make which involves several possible answers. Provided you've got your Confidential Corporeal Commands going well-and you were told not to proceed until you had-you're into a winning swing with the Superb Uncertainty Banisher. +She Found Mr. Right by Using the Superb Uncertainty Banisher Julia L. was lonely. Desperately lonely, in that depressed mental state where nothing you do to dispel the loneliness goes right. People tum off instead of on, and the loneliness feeds on itself. Julia's husband had left her after 32 years of marriage. (Note: All this took place before I'd discovered the Eleventh New Avatar Power Secret which is in this book.-G.G.C.) "Our marriage had been no marriage for years. The children had grown and left home. J. had his own interests which were not mine. We talked it all through like two reasonable adults and decided to move to Connecticut, where J. could continue his work in publishing and we'd try to make a go of it in new surroundings," Julia related. "It was to be a fresh start. J. called it quits within two months. I curled up on my self in a ball of misery. Little money, no skills, no friends, no relatives at hand, nobody." Julia spent hours "watching TV until my eyes went square



Then books, newspapers, magazines by the score. But all the time I yearned for close companionship." Somewhere along the way, Julia read The Miracle of New Avatar Power. She wrote to me to say although she'd found small successes, none of them had done anything for her unfulfilled existence. I suggested she be a guinea pig for the Superb Uncertainty Banisher, which was still in skeleton form in my notebooks. If it worked in her case, taking her obvious uncertainty into account, it could be refined into a useful New Avatar Power process. Must have been just what Julia needed. She'd already gotten the hang of putting her most pressing problem up front, but she was totally floored to decide exactly what to ask New Avatar Power to bring her to solve the problem. She had various options, she wrote: she could find a man she could trust and love; she could locate a job which enabled her to meet people; she could discover a group of compatible friends; she might come in contact with a leisure pursuit to take her mind off her loneliness; or she could be brought the detachment and acceptance to be satisfied with her lot. Five possibilities, and none seemed any more valid than any other. Under the basic rule of the Superb Uncertainty Banisher, New Avatar Power was telling her that a group of new friends would be the best course, that being third on her list of options. "How right that was," she wrote happily. ''The day after the Superb Uncertainty Banisher decision, I read in a weekly news- paper how a local group was looking for people to help them with a project. You've guessed it: their idea was to bring lonely people together, and they wanted to contact anyone 'with firsthand experience of being lonely!' " Julia has never looked back from that day to this. "I'm no longer lonely," she says, "and the strange thing is that my choice also brought the other four choices into being. Yes, among the contacts I made I met a lawyer who was warm, affectionate, and rich into the bargain. I'm secretary and treasurer of our group now, and I meet all manner of fascinating people-and I can relate to them well because I've walked in their mocassins myself. 'I’ve taken up handball and bowling, and the only thing in my

SIXTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE UNIQUE CREATIVITY REGENERATOR Many people hanker after a career as an artist of some kind. Painting, photography, stage work, movie or TV involvements have a glamor which brings a thrill to living which is absent from many other more mundane pursuits. And just as everyone can make use of New Avatar Power when they go about it the right way, so everyone has a streak of creativity within him, if he can only bring it out and make use crit. Have you always figured you'd paint a masterpiece one day? Does writing the world's greatest novel interest you? How would you like to be free of day-to-day 9 to 5 routines, and enjoy the life of being a freelance writer? Or maybe you'd rather be in front of the cameras, winning the applause of the world. Or on stage, soaking up adulation. Yes, you can do it if you use the right area of your natural creativity. That's the challenge: you may battle for years to be a writer when your natural talent is to be a pianist. Or you may beat down the doors to producers' offices trying to be an actor or actress. When your creative streak is really aimed at oil painting. And, of course, you may be like thousands of others who believe show-business people, artists, and writers are special people. ''I'd love to try it, but I don't think I can," is the usual thought of many people. Try it with New Avatar Power. You'll be amazed. All you have to do is go about the project in the right way. And even if the idea of your being creative has never entered your head, give this a try-you never know until you let New Avatar Power dig it up exactly what your potentials are. The Unique Creativity Regenerator simply and accurately uncovers your creative streak, enabling you to pursue it, develop it, and shine. It begins just like the other Secrets. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands and pretend your board or screen is in front of you. (You should be getting well practiced at this by now!).



One of two ways you can go now. If you know for sure what your creative bent is, pretend to be an observer who is watching you doing your creative thing. Dig around in your memory and recreate your finest hour when you used your abilities to the full and earned applause. See yourself painting, acting, writing, producing-whatever. 'That's sufficient. Leave the picture on the screen as you’ll open your eyes and carry on with whatever else you wish to do. Now, what if you think you're as creative as a brick? Never even thought about show-business for yourself? Think you can't even draw a straight line? You need to use the Superb Uncertainty Banisher to focus in on which area of creativity is for you. You know the routine. List the different areas of creative outputs and mentally put them up on your screen. The third one that New Avatar Power prompts you to consider is the one. Pretend to blank your screen and take the final step. Think about how you would look if you were a success in the field you've chosen. Make it humorous if you like: you as an artist, complete with smock and floppy hat, splashing paint all over a giant canvas would be great. Keep your thoughts light and lively: no gritting your teeth, creating deathly serious mind pictures! Leave that thought on your screen as you open your eyes and carry on. Simple? You bet! Natural Law is essentially simple and so is New Avatar Power as it aligns you with Natural Law. You'll be amazed. +She Had No Idea She'd Ever Be a Famous Artist 'Way back in the foothills of the magnificent mountains of the Northwest you can meet Susan E. And when you see this happy, laughing lady, you'd never believe that only a year ago she was a harried, frustrated and miserable wife of a Chicago assembly-line worker. "Ken and I were like thousands of others," Susan said. "Rented apartment, monthly bills larger than income, little time together, Ken doing shift work, every day the same-push, push, push to stay ahead of the game and every month finding the cost of living and inflation pushing us a bit deeper in debt.



"I used to try to see what was ahead for us, I could see no way out, no way off this path or hard work. Then Ken came down with emphysema, the doctor's bills began to come in, compensation wasn't enough. We lost our car, TV, furniture, home. Moved a dozen times to more and more squalid living quarters. We were both at the end of our ropes, and the future looked blacker and blacker," Casting around desperately for some way to help them out of their mess as Ken fought his way back to a semblance of good health, Susan happened on New Avatar Power methods. "I was one of the New Avatar Power experimenters," she said. "When Mr. Gray-Cobb suggested, in a letter, that I try the Unique Creativity Regenerator, I had reached rock bottom, No matter how 'kooky' the method seemed-and I freely admit I figured New Avatar Power was faintly 'spooky'- I was willing to try anything. "Firmly and clearly, New Avatar Power nudged me toward trying my hand at oil painting. Ridiculous, I thought, who'd never even painted a room, let alone a picture. Was it coincidence, which saw a night class begin at a school on the next block? I joined, and was amazed to find I not only got more joy and contentment out of painting than I'd ever found before, but I was also good at it." Before the ten-week course was over, Susan had sold several paintings to fellow students. Her instructor put her efforts on view at a local art exhibition. "Unbelievable! Commissions started to pour in," Susan said. "Our two room walk-up soon smelled of turpentine, and you couldn't find a place to stand for canvases waiting to be delivered and half-finished works." Within three months Susan had sold enough paintings to clear their back debts, buy a luxury car, move them to opulent quarters outside town, obtain specialist help for Ken, and refurnish their home in a style "which I'd only entertained in my wildest imagination ... With no factory needing regular hours, no demands on their time to be in a certain place at a certain time every day, Susan and Ken were free. "We chose the Northwest because we could meet other artists, enjoy the better weather, and move into these breathtaking mountains," Susan said. She gestured at the snow-capped peaks towering above her spacious studio. "And all this from a little seeking to find what my creativity might do."



SEVENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER DEFENDING YOURSELF WITH NEW AVATAR POWER Coming down with a mild thud from the euphoria of Susan's delightful studio retreat, we need to look at one area of life which, no matter where you go, how high you soar, you'll have to contend with. In fact the more progress you make, the more you’ll fall prey to this condition, although it affects everyone at every strata of existence. I'm referring to having enemies. Not necessarily people who actively hate you and will lurk in dark lanes waiting to hit you with an iron pipe. More insidious than that: I'm talking about those objectionable people, who out of malice or jealousy, will chip away at your peace of mind in a thousand sneaky ways, trying to destroy your hard-won peace of mind. Perfectly serviceable legal courses exist to stop people who are obviously attacking you, but what about the emotional and mental tortures, which your foes can inflict on you? That's where you need the Seventh Secret of New Avatar Power. As usual, it's simple, quick-and amazingly effective. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Erect your familiar mental screen or board. Now pretend that from out of the framework are coming big black arrows. Each one represents a disturbance which is being sent at you by people who dislike you, Think of these arrows as being something like a flock of slow-flying crows, winging toward you, Think of a chain-saw, a circular saw, a handsaw-any kind of saw, which you've either handled, seen in a store, or looked at pictured in a catalog. Pretend the saw is fixed up at the edge of your screen, and as each arrow comes through the screen, the saw moves across and chews the arrow into dust. You can see that picture in your mind, right? End of instructions. End of torment. Doing that a number of times on a daily basis will have startling results. The people who were bugging you may seem to be doing the same old things, trying their tired tricks to annoy, hurt or destroy you, but they'll fail.



New Avatar Power comes to your aid, and you find yourself untouchable, happier, more peaceful, and able to make progress which was missing before. HE FACED AND OVERCAME ALL OPPOSITON WITH NEW AVATAR POWER "I could see no way out of the mess I was in. And it was no fault of mine," Arthur O. wrote. "I was pinned down by negative actions and words from every side. Each move I med to make was destroyed by enemies... Arthur wanted to buy a franchise and start a fast food outlet in his Michigan hometown. In two full years of battling, he was no closer to it than he had been when he'd thought of the idea. Further away, perhaps: he'd spent his last few savings in paying architects, planners, advisers, and other people who'd promised aid and had let him down. "I knew I had the ability," he said, "but every way I looked I faced a wall of negativity. My wife was against the idea, my kids were behind her, neighbors said I was out of my tree, my bank manager just scowled, people who lived close to the proposed site organized a petition against it. It seemed like a high wall was holding me back." Arthur's case looked like a ripe chance to see if the Seventh Secret of New Avatar Power could work under most adverse conditions. "More in hope than with any kind of confidence, I tried the New Avatar Defense Secret," Arthur related. ''To be honest, I felt a bit foolish going through that pretense of arrows and bandsaws. And afterwards, nothing seemed to change-everyone was just as dead set against it as before. "Yet within days things began swinging my way. Financial aid came from an unlikely source, and I felt surges of confidence- almost defianceurging me to keep trying." Arthur's persistence paid off. He's now moved his family to a much more salubrious neighborhood, bought them all the things they were missing, and he's on top of his managerial job, making more money than he's ever dreamed about. "I overcame every last obstacle because after I did that bit of



New Avatar Power work, the slights and oppositions just could not get to me. I plowed ahead, did what I knew was right. And the resistance gradually faded. My family now admires me for my faith in myself, and everything's panned out tremendously," NEW AVATAR POWER LEADS UNERRINGLY TO A NEW SUPERLATIVE WAY OF LIFE FOR YOU Carried along joyous1y on this tide of expectations and hopes. this is the moment to slow down and look at where you're heading. What exact1y is this book all about? Can it do what it promises? Sober thought: this book can do nothing but be a couple of hundred paper pages between covers. But the words on these pages, knitting with your thoughts and actions will carry you to heights which are literally only limited by your imagination. If you can think of it, New Avatar Power will create it for you. Health, wealth, and happiness are yours with New Avatar Power Secrets. All this book asks of you is that you flow with its suggestions, follow the directions as they are spelled out. Then come the amazing results, with the added satisfaction of knowing that you did it for yourself. Which raises a point from people who have read my previous book, The Miracle of New Avatar Power. In that book each technique called, by name, on Mystic Beings to aid in the miracles. Why are they not in these pages? Believe me, they are! Calling the Names of Beings is one way of attuning yourself to particular areas of Cosmic Energy to bring changes in your life. The drawback to such "calling" is that, when printed on a page, the pronunciation can be in doubt for people who believe that's ultimately important. So New Avatar Power Secrets use a different method of attuning you to the Mystic areas of Power: instead of calling Names, you use your own "tuning abilities." That's exactly what the Confidential Corporeal Commands and (from the next chapter) Your Personal Verbal Seals are doing: aligning you with Unseen Energies exactly as other methods do, and somewhat more efficiently, because one area of doubt has been removed. You're using your own thoughts and voice, putting your own key into the Doors to Cosmic Energy, instead of asking Other Powers to do it for you.



EARLY SIGNS THAT NEW AVATAR POWER IS DOING ITS MARVELOUS WORK Let's assume you're on your second run through this book. You've read it through once, as suggested, to see what it's all about-and you have not, I sincerely trust, tried to pick little hits out here and there because you thought you'd give it a try. Once again I repeat the important warning: dipping will impede excel- lent results. So you've reached this stage, having carried out the exercises so far. Yes, they are exercises: just as you would physically work with muscles to get them toned up, so the repetition of, for example, your Confidential Corporeal Commands tones up your psychic "muscles," At this stage, some people will have seen instant miracles. That new car, new home, perfect lover, promotion, or desired change will already have flown to you, borne on the wings of New Avatar Power as it courses through your life and environment, obeying your tiniest wish. But maybe you're still waiting for miracles to happen. That's okay: if you've followed through on the directions, your personal miracles are in the Cosmic Machine. You can feel them coming, even if they're not tangible in the material plane yet. Feel them? Yes, I mean that literally. Spend a few moments, right now, reciting your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Compare how you feel before you start them with how you feel when you reach the last "Relax." Notice the new energy flowing through you? The fresh, calm strength? The lessening of uptightness? The peacefulness within your mind? That represents destiny preparing you for the better times to come. These feelings are just the thin edge of the wedge, the tiniest fraction of the joy, overflowing happiness and tota1 satisfaction and peace of mind, which will be yours when New Avatar Power has swung fully into your life to bring you the possessions, relationships, and environment which are your Cosmic Birthright. Inevitably, with the precision and accuracy of fine clockwork, you're turning life's tide to go your way. New Avatar Power knows the smoothest possible path to happiness. Ride the tide, and savor the growing fulfillment of it all.



SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 3 1. This chapter realigns mental paths to open you to the tide of New Avatar Power. 2. Thoughts and words can impede New Avatar Power. 3. Recognize the Mysterious N°T Words and banish them in a simple game. 4. Use the Superb Uncertainty Banisher to reach difficult decisions, automatically. 5. You can amaze yourself with the Unique Creativity Re- generator, even if you've never thought of yourself as creative in the least. 6. Enemies are no longer a problem when you use the Seventh Secret of New Avatar Power. 7. The Mystic Beings of my previous book have not gone. They're even closer, and you need not even learn their names. 8. Practice feeling New Avatar Power flowing through you.

Beyond The Golden Door: Your Personal Avatar Verbal Seals


4 BEYOND THE GOLDEN DOOR: YOUR PERSONAL AVATAR VERBAL SEALS We've worked on physical planes at the Iron and Bronze Doors. Your mental planes have been shaped and smoothed inside the Silver Door. You're now ready to take the next step: working with emotional, spiritual, and true Hidden Planes to tie the three areas of working into a logical and powerful whole. WHAT YOUR PERSONAL VERBAL SEALS CAN DO FOR YOU As you've noticed, I frequently invite you, to "see" yourself doing or being something. Pretend such-and-so is happening. So far it's been simple, but we're coming to a stage where I invite you to pretend you're in situations, which you have never experienced. That could be a challenge, if it were not for your Personal Verbal Seals.




These simple phrases are once again keyed to you, perfectly matched to your thinking patterns, by the logical process of using your mind to create them. We know many powerful phrases, incantations, and prayers exist, which can work miracles. Yet their drawback can be that they fail to quite fit the way your mind operates. For instance, the well-known technique of Transcendental Meditation, which you've no doubt heard of, employs phrases known as mantras to help the student of that technique reach deep meditation. The mantras are phrases matched by experienced instructors to the student. Each student is told his or her mantra, and has to promise never to reveal it to anyone else. That method works-but it does rely on the instructor being right every time with his choice of mantra for the particular student. So here we carry that method a step further. So that the words, pronunciation, and delivery match perfectly to you, with no chance of error, you create the phrases, which I have called your Personal Verbal Seals. There can be no error. I show you, step by step, how to put your phrases together. You select the words from your own experience and vocabulary. The end results are words and phrases, which are more powerful and accurate than any Names of Mystic Beings or Mantras or Spells anyone else can hand you-because you created them yourself. +This Total Loser Now Walks Tall After Using New Avatar Power I used to pass Mark D. on the street about a year ago, and a sorrier, more repulsive sight I've rarely encountered. In the gutters of Gastown, the part of Vancouver, Canada, where the tourists and derelicts used to congregate, Mark was existing in a lane beside a garbage dumpcart. He felt that was the place he should be. Filthy, hopeless, living like a wild, sick dog, grabbing free meals when and where he could when hunger drove him to it, Mark spent the summer days and nights sprawled on the stones and dirt, amid rotting slops from a nearby restaurant. He begged, scrounged or stole to barely stay alive, and not a spark showed behind his blank bloodshot eyes. He had lost the will to do anything ever since the car he was driving left the road in the



Fraser Canyon, killing his wife, three children, and a young hitch-hiker who was riding with them, "It was my fault. I should have died, too," you could hear him muttering, if you were strong enough to pause close to that stinking, matted-hair hulk of human garbage. Winter came, with cold rain. Mark resigned himself to die of exposure, but a prowling squad car had other ideas. After a brief court appearance, Mark was passed to a welfare clinic to try to instill some spark of survival in him. One of the clinic volunteers was a New Avatar Power user who was helping to prove some of the techniques included in this book. By some miracle of her own, she broke through Mark's despairing armor. "I persuaded him to work on the Personal Verbal Seals and associated ideas." she said. 'The changes in him were quick and genuinely miraculous." Mark's personality woke up. Almost overnight, he threw off his hopelessness, and began fighting his way back to health, strength, and normalcy. "Mark is managing a car sales office now," my contact reports. "He is clean and well-groomed. More important, he has developed ambition and a drive to better himself. "He sees his West Vancouver luxury sea-view home, Jaguar car, money in the bank, and influential friends as merely outward signs of his change. He relates that even greater changes have taken place within him. His guilt has been put in perspective, he relates well to people, and feels truly content and at peace with himself and the world. Truly, a miracle of change took place." DECIDE ON YOUR ADMIRATION TARGETS Whom do you admire most in this whole wide world at the moment? Could be a movie star, a president, a historical character. a friend, even the guy who sells you your morning paper. Fame is not necessarily an attribute of this person we're thinking about. What we're looking for is a person who has something, can do something, or exists in an environment, which you'd like to experience. The purpose of using New Avatar Power is to change your life. You need targets to aim at. Now, if the target is so different from your current way of life that you have trouble imagining what it's



like to be at that pinnacle of delight, you need a symbol to pull you up by your bootstraps to reach that pinnacle. The symbol for you is someone who has already done it. Your Admiration Target is that person, or those persons, who have achieved whatever it is you most desire at this time and place. An extremely mundane example is one of desiring a luxurious new car. For some reason, you've never been to a showroom and sat behind the wheel of such a car, You think you have no hope in this life of owning such a magnificent vehicle. You're wrong. All you need to do is plant a mental seed in the fertile soil of New Avatar Power, and that car is in your immediate future, as surely as if you had just given the salesman the cash for it and are now awaiting delivery of it. The way to plant the seed is with your Personal Verbal Seals, and some of them are created directly from your Admiration Targets. To return to our example of obtaining a luxury car. Do you know anyone who owns one? Not necessarily a personal acquaintanceship! Just his or her name is sufficient. You need never have seen the person: a photograph in the newspaper is sufficient, or even a news item saying, "Mr. XYZ is now the proud owner of Italy's latest auto creation: a V-12 de luxe version of the already superior Flamberrari Romano." Mr. XYZ, for the purpose of getting your own car, is your Admiration Target. Or suppose you aspire to an overflowing bank account and all the trimmings, which go with such wealth. You've often seen Lady Q. on television, doing the honors at ship launchings, flower shows, judging horses and the like. You know she's wallowing in the lap of luxury since her fourth husband settled enough money on her to make an oil baron turn green. Lady Q. thus becomes your Admiration Target when you're creating Personal Verbal Seals designed to bring you everything you've ever desired in the way of luxurious living. In less material vein, you may be seeking peace of mind and freedom from confusion and harassment. Up in the hills lives a quiet and peaceful man. He seems to be poor, rarely appears around town, and is never seen whooping it up at parties.



You may have thought: "I wish I bad his calmness and philosophy," So have New Avatar Power bring you his peace of mind. He becomes your Admiration Target: no matter if his name is un· known to you. Give him a name, in your mind. Mr. Peaceful, Mr. Hermit, Fred Bloggs - not important, as long as you know whom you're thinking about. An you want is to emulate his peace of mind. You're not hankering after his life-style: you seek more than a shack in the hills and raw carrots for breakfast. Having acquired Mr. Peaceful's calmness, you can proceed to acquire Mrs. Q’s millions and luxury. New Avatar Power is very happy to mixand-match for you until your life is exactly the way you want it to be. In brief, when you're reaching out with New Avatar Power Secrets to have something brought to you, and you wish to sharpen up the process, you acquire an Admiration Target, using the name (or an invented one) of a person who has what you desire. +Everything Came Neatly Together for Her with New Avatar Power Here are two letters from the same person, the first dated 18 December 1977, the second received three months later. "It seems every time I get close to my goals 1 have had some tragedy in my family. After two disastrous marriages, I lost my home, some apartments 1 had bought, my ex-husband and second wife hounded me. Meantime my daughter ran away and got on drugs, and then got pregnant by a boy who went to jail. I'm tired of being in chronic pain and half alive." That letter from Sylvia B, is too long to quote in full: there were many more sad occurrences in her life. Now try the next letter from her: "I had written you not too long ago saying that nothing was happening after my working with New Avatar Power. But 1 must tell you that the things that happen are so natural that it is easy to overlook what is happening. For instance 1 had always wanted to publish my books, Then too, I was unhappy at the teaching job I'd been doing and wanted a complete change. "I didn't know what to ask for first. So after asking for money, health, and success, 1 decided to do the General Purpose Invoca-



tion. (That, from my previous book, is now modified into The Marvelous Luck Changer-G.G.C.) "Now that one put things in the right order. I am getting my own house, even though the real estate agent did not think my loan would be approved due to a past bankruptcy. The loan was approved 5 days after I sent the papers in signed. "I also received a letter from someone I had talked to six years ago about publishing my stories. She said she is ready and wants me to become her partner in a publishing firm for children's books. A1so a year old loan got paid off-from a relative. Money came to him and he sent it to me. "Then I got a lovely fur coat for only $15. I t Is like every door is beginning to open! "Also-something I hadn't invoked, but silently wished, my daughter is going on the right path after four years of continual problems," A classic example of New Avatar Power, gently and powerfully putting someone into harmony with Natural Law and with herself. EIGHTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, CREATING YOUR PERSONAL VERBAL SEALS Here we go into the process of creating the most powerful personal phrases you've ever used. Truly keyed to your personality and inner self, they represent the faucets, pipes, and nozzles, which will direct the stream of New Avatar Power to work your miracles. The language to be used is your own. If you feel more comfortable talking in Spanish, Italian, French, Serbo-Croat or any language other than American English, create your Personal Verbal Seals from that language. If you talk with a Deep South accent, that's part of your Seals, making them unique to you. Perhaps your grandmother was Scottish and you've retained some of the characteristic accent; then that gets knitted into your Seals. They come from within you, in a form, which you create. You make them in two forms, for two different kinds of purposes. For both, you use the name and initial you're applying to yourself in your Confidential Corporeal Commands. A complete Personal Verbal Seal goes together as simply as this: I (name, initial), wish to emulate(name of Admiration Target) in respect to (announce what you wish to obtain, or what you wish to become)."



Use your words, provided they mean much the same thing. "Wish to emulate" can become "desire to be like" or "aspire to he the same as." But please keep one English word out of your Seal: that word is "want," Do not say: "I, Rick W. want to be like Merv Griffin . . . . . Perhaps because of it's close resemblance to the mysterious N,T Words, "Want" is a forbidden word-I've found it impedes New Avatar Power when used within a Seal. (Why? Frankly, I'm still trying to find out-when I do, I'll publicize it in my next book.) Change "in respect to" if that's not a phrase you would use. Use "acquiring" and adding "like his" (or hers) after you've stated your aim. Another example: "I. Rick W., wish to be like Merv Griffin, acquiring poise and success like his." Get the picture? You tie your personal identity to your Admiration Target, telling New Avatar Power to have a similar asset transferred to you. The second type of Personal Verbal Seal needs no Admiration Target. At least, not a person. This second type is used when you know exactly where you need to aim and are confident you know how it feels to be there. Very simple. This Personal Verbal Seal is short and to the point. Having identified what you desire, you state: "I. (Name, initial), desire to ( mention your desired result)." Once again, use what word you please in place of "desire," "Wish," "aspire," "have set my heart on," "require" ... anything which means the same, except of course the prohibited Almost-N'T Word "want": keep that one out of your Seals at all costs. Of course, the desired result is simple: "Have money to pay this pile of bills"; "Send a perfect lover"; ''bring glowing health to me,"-those are the kinds of things you request. Notice the application of the First New Avatar Power Secret: it's easier to bring things to you than to send things away, so gear your desired result to that thought. And, for you dippers and skippers, please note you can create a Personal Verbal Seal and shout it from the highest mountain or until your larynx goes rusty, and it's unlikely to have any effect. As I'm about to explain, Personal Verbal Seals are used under special conditions to guide and channel your New Avatar Power in the correct directions.



+He Passed His Admiration Target on the Way Up A case history of a famous person becomes a true challenge when. as frequently occurs, he or she says, "Use the facts, by all means, but do not include anything which will allow anyone to recognize it's me you're writing about," Thus, I must tread warily so that no reader can say, "I know who that is," and sell a story to the newspapers announcing that Mr. Stan Dingrumoanly used New Avatar Power to get famous. I can safely say, if you have a television set or go to see the smash-hit movies, this box office draw and highly-paid 1V star is familiar to you. His face is that well known. His parties are legendary (he can afford them!), his investments will keep him in his familiar high-rolling style as long as he lives when he decides to retire from the adulation of the audiences; he owns boats, planes, cars, homes- yes, all in the plural. His love-life is something else, and if I say any more, you'll recognize him for sure, and I'll be in trouble for breaking my word to him. His meteoric rise to fame is the talk of show business. One day he was only on the fringe of the performing arts; next day he was signing a contract in the high five figures-and he has never looked back since. "I was a guinea pig for New Avatar Power," he stated. "I set up an Admiration Target. He's a famous movie and 1V star. Within six months I surpassed my Admiration Target in earnings, drawing power, and fame. He used to be my idol: now we're friendly rivals, and he's chasing me, instead of the other way around!" You can do similar miracles for yourself. No matter who your Admiration Target is, or what he or she has achieved, New Avatar Power will help you to do better. HOW TO USE YOUR PERSONAL VERBAL SEALS This brief section ties much of what has gone before into a neat blueribbon package. It sets up a sequence of events, which ultimately culminates in personal miracles for you. I shall be referring back to this process, telling you to Apply Your Verbal Seal. When you come across that phrase, you'll know it means you carry out the step-by-step process I'm about to describe. Little new to master here. You've already practiced almost every step.



First, recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Next, pretend your board or screen is in front of you. Then, in a neat game of make-believe, which will assuredly become reality, men- tally put a picture on your screen of your Admiration Target, or of you in the situation you desire, if you're using the second type of Personal Verbal Seal. As you do this simple piece of mind work, run your Personal Verbal Seal through your mind. Say it aloud if you wish, but only if you're certain no one will hear you. You've done it. Your desire is impressed on your New Avatar Power stream. Easily and without fuss, your desire is being created for you, ready to envelope you in a cloud of happiness and delight. Open your eyes and carry on with whatever needs doing. EVERYTHING YOU'VE LEARNED SO FAR KNITS INTO A PERFECT LIFE-CHANGING PACKAGE Another quick summary of the progress so far will show you how the Secrets of New Avatar Power go together into a logical and powerful form. One time only (although you can repeat the process any time you wish) you have heard and seen Cosmic Energy around you. You have identified your problems in your Mystic Initiation list. Of course, as they are miraculously solved, you will cross them off your list, and (if necessary) add any new ones. About once a month, you should rearrange your Mystic Initiation list, deleting problems, which have vanished into limbo, and inserting anything new which has shown up (or which you forgot before). Additions or changes to the list are inserted in the appropriate place, renumbering the list as necessary. Use the same priority identifying technique as you used the first time. Desired solutions will change. For example, the Single-car garage may need updating to a three-car service bay, when you decide one luxury car is insufficient for your new life-style. So while you're rearranging the list of problems, change the desired solutions to match. Your Confidential Corporeal Commands are now a regular part of your thinking patterns and the Mysterious N'T Words are appearing less and less in your life as you eradicate them. You're using the Superb Uncertainty Banisher whenever you have a difficult decision to make. Your enemies are becoming less and less



harassing as you put up your Seventh New Avatar Power Secret defenses. You have a collection of Personal Verbal Seals keyed to your various needs you're working on, and you're applying them as and when you wish. A daily New Avatar Power workout is fine, especially if you can do it at the same time and place. But if that's impossible, fit the work between your regular daily tasks as convenient. +Rags to Riches Truly Was Her New Avatar Power Destiny Whenever I persuade anyone to experiment with New Avatar Power I try to find the most unpromising material. Then, when we see success, we know if it worked in a really hard case, it will work for anyone. Robin M. was down. And I do mean down, like in the Pit When I first met her she was working spasmodically for an under- ground newspaper, and when I heard her background, I was surprised she was able to function at all. Pregnant at 15, rejected by a cruel and angry father, Robin nearly died in a charity ward when the child was stillborn. Turning to drugs, she was a regular cocaine user and existed between shots on a pocketful of upper and downer pills. For five years she had no home. no belongings except the tom blue jeans and dirty sweat- shirt she always wore. "I wash 'em when I'm naked," she said, "and to take my mind off of being hungry, which is pretty often-food's expensive these days." Reluctantly, she unfolded a tale of rape, beatings (she showed me her scarred shoulders, but the emotional scars showed only from her trembling fingers), a succession of men. a couple of spells in jail. no hope, no love, a black past and a blank future. Life for Robin was a hopeless battle between the highs of "fixes" and the lows of yet another bare room in the cold gray dawn beside an uncaring foul-breathed stubble-chinned stranger. I asked her if she nursed any dreams of what she would like to be, and how she would wish to change her life. "Who'd have me?" she grinned bitterly. "I'd be very happy to be like the publisher's wife. A house which is a home, a kid on the way, a neat husband, a car, TV, vacations, spare cash to buy a luxury or two now and them."



Robin almost fell on the floor laughing when I outlined New Avatar Power and an Admiration Target and assured her she could make her dream a reality. '''That's for the birds," she said. "But I'll try it. Give me something to think about when I'm not being (deleted)," Where's Robin now? In Washington State, living in a ranch- style home overlooking the Pacific. Her husband is salting away their first half-million dollars. They have all of Robin's dream trimmings, she's off drugs, and their baby is due next April. "Tell it like it is," Robin says. "Forget the details of how it all came together. No one would believe it, anyways. Just call it the Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power. You should write a book called that:' I did, YOU'LL BE AMAZED TO COMPARE YOUR FUTURE WITH YOUR PAST One more thing needs doing before we look at more Secrets of New Avatar Power. Memory is often short and fallible, so you need to make, in the here and now, a brief record of the conditions of your life. Then, in a month, two months, a year, you can look back and compare the startling changes which have taken place and see the path New Avatar Power is taking you along toward total fulfillment and automatic dream satisfaction. You did most of the work when you put together your Mystic Initiation problem list. Take a look at that list and. just as if you were writing a diary, briefly summarize what's wrong with your life, and what you wish to see happen to make things easier and happier. Date the record and put it away for a full month. Before re-reading this stored record, write out another summary of where your life has gone in the ensuing four weeks. Then compare the two records, putting them both away together for a month, when you do it again. Again, there's no need to write a whole book. A few words on each problem and the solution you see as desirable are sufficient. One area to take especial note: when a problem has been solved, note how you figured it might be done, and note how New Avatar Power overcame it.



Thus you can chart the path New Avatar Power: is taking you along -and it can read like an exciting novel! SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 4 1. This chapter ties all planes of experience into a logical and powerful whole. 2. Decide on your Admiration Targets to create your Personal Verbal Seals. 3, The word "Want" is a forbidden word when creating Personal Verbal Seals. 4. Make a brief monthly record of life conditions, and see the way you're going up to happiness. 5. Compare your solutions with the way New Avatar Power solves problems. 6. Just because this chapter has few items in its summary is no reason to believe it's less important than others!

Step by Step Miracles for You


5 STEP BY STEP MIRACLES FOR YOU On we go together, uncovering two more Secrets of New Avatar Power and discovering the Seven Negative Traps and how to convert each one into the Seven Desirable States. Having so far handed you the basic techniques of New Avatar Power Secrets (including eight of the Secrets themselves) we're now intent on sharpening your power to a fine edge, which will slash through undesirable conditions and slay them as they stand, enabling happier conditions to grow. Although we've already covered a vast amount of ground, and your mind has been exercised in ways that you may not previously have known, I think you will agree that nothing we've covered so far is truly difficult. And the path is just as easy as we go on toward your perfect life.




LET NEW AVATAR POWER DO THE WORK A small reminder is in order here. Following reciting your Confidential Corporeal Commands, you're in a physically relaxed and unwound state. Keep it that way when you're setting up any of the Secrets. Some people have the idea that they must force things to happen by setting their jaw, gritting their teeth, clenching their fists, and generally tensing up like a bowstring. That may be the way to win physical races, but all it will do to your New Avatar Power is have it seek a more relaxed channel to flow along. Stay limp and unwound. allowing your mind to drift freely, setting up the pictures and thoughts directed. Willing things to happen, like an old-time hypnotist, glaring, waving and forcing your willpower to operate is not the idea. You're shaping the flow of Cosmic Energy and that awesome force will do the work of shaping life the way you direct. NEW AVATAR POWER WILL ATTEND TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL Often, it's the petty irritations of life, which loom largest in aggravation value, preventing you from being totally at peace. One of my favorite New Avatar Power practitioners, Norman D., uses the technique for both small and large obstacles. Share some of the smaller ones for a change. to see New Avatar Power in unusual action. These are extracts from Norman's letters to me, "I always need money and set up conditions for New Avatar Power to bring me some, "A few days ago I was in the bank, and the girl teller was counting a pile of silver dollars (real silver). I asked her what they were worth and she said "One dollar each." There were 21 of them, "I handed over $21 and took the silver, The girl acted quite correctly: they were legally only worth $1 but a coin dealer appraises them each at between $4 and $5 each-and that's only the dealer's buying price. I am of course hanging onto them," Now that's a neat 4-500% profit. Now try this one. "I thought how nice it would be to have a special desk-lamp with colored bulbs. Even though I was sure no such lamp existed!



I visualized one, pictured it completely in my mind and shelved the idea. ''Two days later in the Salvation Army store I saw a lamp almost exactly as I visualized. I paid $2 for it." That's right: put a mind picture on your screen, and the item appears in the real world. Just like that-and it works with any· thing. Norman also got a job with New Avatar Power routines after being unemployed for three months. "Work was very slow. I was getting worried. I performed a New Avatar Power routine to return to the work of my choice," Norman went out for hiring and found himself with 60 men in a hall and only 12 jobs available. "My chances were slim. But among those 60 men, there was one job left open for me. I started last Wednesday, and next week we go on "SixTens" which are six ten-hour days which means a gross pay of $1,000 a week," And Norman has found the intangibles opening up for him too: "I find my attitudes have changed. 1 am still uptight about a lot of things, but more positive. I worry less, I make use of unemployed time instead of spending it worrying." Hardly earthshaking (although 1,000 dollars a week sounds fair), but prime examples of smoothing life in all areas with New Avatar Power. NINTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER: THE INCREDIBLE DISINTEREST REMOVER Some aspects of this technique may amuse you, simply be- cause you feel the thoughts I suggest are ludicrous. Smile if you wish, but please incorporate this Secret in your New Avatar Power routines. It does as vital things to get your mind-moving as a chiropractor does to your bones when he manipulates your spine or a doctor does to your body when he gives you a medication. As you're no doubt discovering, thinking is easy, but getting started on a mental path can often be a challenge, which is odd when you consider all you're doing is moving electrons along neural paths in your brain. But if you've ever had to push a stalled car, you'll recognize a basic truth: the first shove has to be the biggest one. Scientists call this inertia: if something is at rest, it takes much greater effort to



start it moving than it does to keep it moving once it starts rolling. You may desire to start your mind thinking a10ng a particular path, but find it idles happily, wandering in small circles, and willfully refusing to get started in the direction you want it to go. Defeat this easily with the Incredible Disinterest Remover. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. No need to pretend your screen or board in front of you: this time we're going to go inside your head. You know about the chunk of wrinkled gray matter inside your skull, called your brain. Think about the inside of your bead, and pretend that instead of the gray matter, you have a skull filled with cold water. Your bead is, if you like, a pan or kettle, sitting cold and stationary. on top of your spinal column. Having got that idea firmly in mind, think about the base of your spine, down by your buttocks. For the purpose of this secret pretend your spine is not a series of interlocking vertebrae but a piece of piping with about a half inch bore. You're going to pretend to send natural gas or butane up the tube to boil the kettle, which is your head. (Well, I said this was a ludicrous technique-so it may seem, but you11 he amazed what it will do for your New Avatar Power work). In your mind, pretend the gas is rising up your spine, inch by inch, and as it emerges at the top it pops into a searing hot flame which licks around the base of your skull, starting to warm the water we envisaged. Small bubbles form in the water as the heat penetrates, and soon steam is forming. and the water reaches a full, rolling boil. Consider any pot on a stove you've seen doing this, and you've got the idea. Tell yourself to "turn off' the gas, end this technique, and you're ready to proceed with your mind going a mile a minute. All mental blocks are cleared, and you can project your mind in any direction you desire. A strange one indeed, but anytime you find your head feeling like a ball of cotton, without direction or motion, use the Incredible Disinterest Remover for instant brainpower. +She Got Lucky After Using the Incredible Disinterest Remover I'm delighted to be able to quote you Ethel T.'s letter with-



out editing. A gem of happiness, showing New Avatar Power at its best. Dear Mr. Gray-Cobb: I know you have a busy schedule so no reply from you is necessary, but I had to share my joy with you. I'm the miserable, defeated lady who was having trouble concentrating and was going to be let go because she could never keep her mind on the job. You said to try the Incredible Disinterest Remover. Well, first I must tell you I got the $50 bonus for top production three times out of four last month. I would have gotten all four but I took a day off. My other happy news is I'm sure New Avatar Power helped me win at bingo. 1went last Saturday as usual, and I've never won even though] try to get the lines and things right, but my mind used to wander and I'd miss numbers, even lose interest and go home. This time you'd have been proud to see me. I had three cards going at one time, kept my head down like a 'Nam veteran under fire, picked up on every number called-and walked off with the jackpot. Altogether I walked away from the hall with over $7001 Me and New Avatar Power's unbeatable! Yours in happiness, Ethel TENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE STUPENDOUS POWER ENRICHER This Secret does exactly what it says: gives you bursting, glowing menta1 energy, which puts you ahead of your rivals in the game of life. The boost you get flows from you almost tangibly, enabling you to gain control over other people who previously defied you. I'll be instructing you when to use this Stupendous Power Enricher. For the moment, carry out the technique, so you mow how to do it. Just as simple as all the rest, the preliminary work is identical to the Incredible Disinterest Remover. Go through that technique first until you've mentally got the water boiling furiously and you've turned off the gas.



All that steam can be used! Pretend that nature has given you a small pipe projecting from your brow, between your eyes and just above them. In your imagination allow the steam to rush out of that pipe in a thin white jet, under tremendous pressure, streaming out and forming a cloud, which envelops whatever is in front of you. Keep the stream going like a high-pressure jet for a few seconds, then open your eyes, dissolve the idea, and carry on with whatever you need to do. That's the Stupendous Power Enricher. You'll understand how to make fantastic use of it as we incorporate it into situations described later. +No More Mr. Nice Guy After Using the Stupendous Power Enricher John M. truly is a nice guy. A straight-shooter, he's the sort of person who'll drive back to a store to return the money if he finds he's been given a dime too much in his change. Ask for a loan, and John digs deep in his pocket. Need a favor, and he'll rearrange his schedule to accommodate you. "My wife used to say I was a fool," John said. "Our borne was a constant in-and-out procession of friends and neighbors, borrowing this, getting my help with that. "I aided everyone willingly. Even when 1 was inconvenienced, I had an idea we must always help our fellow creatures and we'd get our reward in Heaven," Moving to a new neighborhood. John's reputation preceded him. Very soon he was finding his household chores were being disrupted, and his hobby of woodworking slowed down. His mower was being borrowed by one guy, his electric drill would be doing yeoman service in someone else's basement, his chain saw was lopping everybody's trees except John's. ''The worm turned when I overheard a couple of kids say "Co and get one from old Mr. M,-he's a real sucker." I sat back and considered that," John said. 'They were right. I was being a sucker, I was doing too much for everyone. I was the good guy who did everything for everyone else for free and never got anything in exchange." Thinking about it, John realized his trouble was he could not say "No" to anyone. Rather than risk offending anyone, he always gave, never refused,



"I decided it was time to change, but I needed a little help to change habits of a lifetime," John said. ''The Stupendous Power Enricher did the trick, in some way I've never been able to figure." Keeping the picture of the high-pressure jet in mind, John mentally covered every hopeful borrower in a cloud of New Avatar Power steam when they came calling. ''They would suddenly change their mind and decide they did not need whatever they'd come to use," John said. "Some of them even recoiled and left on some excuse, just as if I'd turned a cold- water hose on them. Nothing changed in my relationships with friends, but I suddenly had all my tools and stuff back where I could use them." THE SEVEN NEGATIVE TRAPS Why are some people always happy and carefree, while others never seem to get lucky, never find life easy, and experience more sadness than they do happiness? The answer is that the miserable people of this world have fallen into one or more of destiny's Seven Negative Traps. When we've taken a brief glance at these snares of existence, you'll realize that New Avatar Power Secrets have a twofold purpose: first, to pull you out of these Seven Negative Traps, and second. to replace the conditions with the Seven Desirable States . The Seven Negative Traps are; 1. Fear. Whether this is fear of a person or thing or an intangible fear of unknown conditions, we've already looked at how this corrosive emotion can keep happiness at bay. 2. Uncertainty. You're entitled to feel uneasy and upset if you're uncertain of your position. Change that to clear knowledge. and this trap loses its potency. 3. Loneliness. Humans crave companionship, and operate at less than their full potential without it. Eradicate this vicious trap and life begins to brighten at once. 4. Lack of Interest in Making Changes. This is an insidious trap. Many people go through life under the influence of an attitude, which says: "Better the devil I know than the one I do not." We've seen that to make life happier, changes must take place: that's the basic credo of New Avatar Power.



5. Despair. If fate has smitten you with catastrophes, indignities and frustrations, it's all too easy to metaphorically curl into a tight ball of despair and refuse to uncurl. 6. Over-Sensitivity to the Influence of Others. This is one of the most comprehensive traps of all. The dominating husband, the wide-eyed acceptance of false ideas, the concern about "What will the neighbors say?" are just three of the pitfalls which lead to this trap. 7. Too Involved with the Troubles of Others. This trap is all the more dangerous because of its two-edged standard. Agreed, we should be compassionate and helpful to those who are in trouble. But it's going too far to take on other people's troubles as if they were your own, worry about them, and use mental energy on something, which is none of your business. Solve your own problems first, before trying to solve those of others is a fair guideline. Typically, the mother who lets her marriage fall apart because she constantly worries about whether her son's marriage is going to be satisfactory is well enmeshed in the coils of this trap. THE SEVEN DESIRABLE STATES The happy people on this earth have, by choice or chance, entered into one or more of the Seven Desirable States. By eliminating the Seven Negative Traps and picking up on the Desirable States instead, your life becomes smooth and peaceful, ongoing and progressive, fulfilling and perfect. Include in your New Avatar Power aiming points any or all of the following Seven Desirable States: 1. Good Luck 2. Power and Influence 3. Happiness 4. Love 5. Health 6. Use of Creativity 7. Wealth According to Needs To perfect your existence, you do not necessarily have to achieve every one of the Seven Desirable States . In fact, some



people are psychologically inharmonious if they get too much of No.2. Others put No.7 low on their priority lists. Maybe right now you feel that achieving No.3 is all you seek. So be it: but aim for one or more as you eradicate the Seven Negative Traps and you're aligned with the inner purpose of New Avatar Power. +She Escaped the Negative Traps and Found Total Happiness While working with New Avatar Power Josephine S. rep- resented one of the bigger challenges to the method. She epitomized most of the Seven Negative Traps. Timid, afraid of her own shadow, never standing up for her rights, vacillating, finding it impossible to make up her mind, scared to make changes in her life in case she made things worse, she was pushed in all directions by an uncaring fate. She existed on a tiny fixed pension, residing in a one-room basement with few amenities. Her arthritis prevented her from getting out and about as she wished, her family were all thousands of miles away, and her greatest joy was to receive an occasional letter from her son. "I lacked even the spirit to ask the lady who owned the house to fix the leaky window, condensation from pipes and broken bed," Josephine said. "I used to lie, staring at the ceiling, while the people upstairs clumped around in heavy shoes. Quite frankly, I was waiting for the Good Lord to take me home. Even then, I wondered if I'd find release from my torments. "Then through the mails came a copy of the New Avatar Power book. My son had found it helped him, and he'd sent me a copy." Hopelessly, Josephine tried it, and sent me a "It Doesn't Work" letter. I wrote back, with hints now incorporated in these pages. "Truly amazing. I think I've found almost all the Seven Desirable States," she wrote not long after. "Where should I begin? It's all happened so quickly. My son, whom I'd included in my ideas of improvement, was lucky enough to sell his business, and in gratitude he arranged for specialist treatment for my arthritis, which is much better, thank you. Free of pain for the first time in years. One of my fellow patients was a school chum from years ago. She invited me into her social circle, taught me to drive (at my



age!), and lent me a car in exchange for some volunteer work. "I met her brother, a warm and kind man, (rich, tool) and we're marrying next month. Words will not express my contentment, laid like healing salve on me after those sad years of despair. I've simply taken a new lease on life." YOUR MENTAL ACHIEVEMENT CHALKBOARD This easy technique, which keeps your mind in the right framework to use New Avatar Power, requires you to pretend you have a chalkboard in front of you, It's a very simple method, and keeps you and your New Avatar Power up to date on how you're doing. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands under the usual conditions, pretend you have a chalkboard in front of you and a piece of chalk in your hand. Now imagine you're writing up the names of any of the Seven Negative Traps you feel you're in at the time you're going through this exercise. Open your eyes and use this book to remind you of their names, but close your eyes again before you pretend to do the writing on the board. Once you've written them up, by name only, make a mental note of how many apply to you. Only how many-you need neither their names nor their numbers memorized. In your mind, reach out with a duster and wipe them off. Now write the names of any of the Seven Desirable States you can honestly say you're rejoicing in at that moment. Ask yourself which there are most of: Traps or Desirable States? As you work with your New Avatar Power and carry out this Mental Achievement Chalkboard on, say, a monthly basis, you'll see the number of Traps growing less and the number of Desirable States growing greater. Once you have an equal number of Traps and States, you know you're well on the way to happiness, When the States out-number the Traps, life will be smooth. Finally, you find all the Desirable States you could wish for inscribed on your mental chalkboard and the number of Negative Traps you're in adds up to a big fat zero. That's time for congratulations, because you'll then have clear evidence that you've beaten a malignant destiny and used your



New Avatar Power to take you to the promised shining pinnacle of total fulfillment. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 5 1. The path is easy: let New Avatar Power do the work. 2. Stay relaxed when applying any New Avatar Power method. 3. The Incredible Disinterest Remover brings instant concentration and brainpower. 4. The Stupendous Power Enricher works at true magical and invisible levels, but its effects are tremendous. 5. When identified, the Seven Negative Traps are simple to escape from. 6. Aiming for any or all of the Seven Desirable States will bring peace and contentment into harassed lives. 7. Your Mental Achievement Chalkboard clearly identifies your Traps and States and enables you to keep score and move in the right direction for fulfillment.

Special Ways to Use the Secrets of New Avatar Power


6 SPECIAL WAYS TO USE THE SECRETS OF NEW AVATAR POWER Now you've got your basic New Avatar Power work behind you, we can look at some specialized ways of using it. The practice you've done with your Confidential Corporeal Commands and other Secrets, including the imaginary chalkboard or screen pretenses, were not simple gimmicks. You've been shaping your thinking patterns so that you're now ready for what we can call "Inner" Secrets of New Avatar Power: ultra-powerful techniques which, if I had given them to you earner, would have been less efficient because your psychic- " muscles" had not been toned up.




One occult fact you should always keep in mind: The longer a situation has been in existence, the more energy is needed to change it. Thus, if you've been drifting deeper and deeper into debt and misery for 20 years, the situation is firmly "painted" into your environment, and it's going to take powerful applications of New Avatar Power to eradicate this stain on your happiness and peace. Once again, I've seen instantaneous magic of New Avatar Power working-Pierre's case which I tell you next is one example-but I've also watched New Avatar Power chipping away steadily at a situation, preparatory to blasting it away, thus taking a while to get the miracle performed. That depends on a whole load of factors, chief among which is how smooth or rough a channel you represent to New Avatar Power, which, of course, brings the responsibility back to you. Are you physically relaxed? Have you abandoned the Mysterious N'T Words? Are you following these suggestions the best you know how all of the applicable ones, not just those which take your fancy? Because if the answer to any of those last three queries is "No." then the Eleventh through Twenty-First Secrets should re- main in your future until you've gotten the hang of the earlier ideas. +New Avatar Power Took 24 Hours to Get Him a Free Cabin Cruiser Pierre R. used to be the classic example of somebody who never had two dimes to rub together. Now he's a classic example of what New Avatar Power can do, automatically and almost instantly. His story begins a few years back when he was the loser we chose from a group to see if New Avatar Power techniques would work properly. Pierre, a happy-go-lucky, young man, with champagne tastes on a beer income, was permanently short of money. His big ambition, which even he figured was hopeless, was to own a 30foot cabin cruiser. Apart from the wherewithal to buy one, Pierre had no hope of acquiring the necessary cash to maintain and moor his dream. All in all, it looked like a hopeless 6mtasy. So. If New Avatar Power could bring his dream to reality, we knew we had something good.



Late one Wednesday evening, Pierre was instructed in New Avatar Power techniques for bringing his ambitions into tangible being. My phone rang on the Thursday afternoon. "It's Pierre here. I'm calling you by radio-telephone from Puget Sound. I'm at the wheel of a new cruiser. And I'm the captain. I own it! It's all mine'" Frankly, I laughed. I thought Pierre was deep into a visualization of his dream. So I humored him. "Good going, Pierre. When can we take a cruise up the coast? Should I meet you at the harbor?" Not until I saw the sleek white craft, gliding into the marina with Pierre at the wheel, did I start to wonder if what he'd said was true. But I still figured he'd borrowed the beautiful boat. I climbed up the gangplank, and a bubbling Pierre showed me the luxurious furnishings, the bunks for eight, the stereo radio, the depth sounder, fishing gear, the radar, and all the other extras which went with this Cadillac of a craft. "All right, Pierre," I said, as we purred smoothly across a shining sea toward the Gulf Islands. "When should I expect the police launch to tell us to heave to? Where did you steal this?" I was only half-joking. Despite my faith in New Avatar Power, this miracle was out of this world. Pierre set the steering on automatic and broke out a bottle or two from the built-in bar. ''Truly mine, plus all running expenses paid. I even get spending money," he said. ''This morning Mr. X called. I'd met him once at a Boat Show, and he said he'd kept me in mind because I seemed enthusiastic about boats. But he could have picked a hundred guys other than me. He wanted someone to run a show- case craft up and down the coast for him, kind of a floating shop window for his wares. He builds these-or at least, he owns the outfit which does." Pierre had signed a contract to exhibit this sleek craft, and at the end of the year he would acquire legal title to the boat. Mean- time, all he had to do was sail it around, showing it off to anyone who was interested. “Mr. X. says it's cheaper to pay someone a nominal salary plus living expenses and give away a boat than it is to employ a fulltime salesperson," Pierre said. ''I'm not about to argue with his financial



figuring. I'm going to have a ball on this one. And when the con· tract's up, I have the option of another brand-new, next year's model. on the same terms." FATE SETS UP PART OF YOUR FUTURE FOR YOU TO WORK THROUGH The Thirteenth Secret of New Avatar Power shows you how to know the future. With startling accuracy, you're shown what's going to happen next, and you can thus guide your life more harmoniously. But Iʼd like you to consider that concept for a moment. When we're looking at the future, what are we seeking? Obviously, pictures of events which exist someplace, maybe in a great Cosmic Blueprint, which are scheduled to occur. Yet we're using New Avatar Power to change your life. So on the one hand we're looking at events, which we find will happen, we're also setting out to alter your path into the future. Are those two viewpoints contradictory? Not really, but the first does indicate one point which some people fail to recognize. No matter what "magic" you apply, some events will come your way. The script of the Universe has set things up that way, and for reasons which may not be obvious, your being, your soul, you as a person, are destined to live through certain episodes in your life. When one of these inevitable events hits you, no matter how hard you apply New Avatar Power to try to divert it, use your Secrets in a different way. Stop wasting valuable energy in trying to escape: instead, use New Avatar Power to calmly sail through the fated situation instead of getting upset, worried, and harrassed as you normally would by it. You can be sure, as I've said before, New Avatar Power is taking you toward a calm harbor of life where everything you've ever wanted is at your fingertips: but to get to that harbor by the quickest route, New Avatar Power may ask you to sail through a couple of storms to make the landfall! ELEVENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE FANTASTIC LONELINESS ELIMINATOR Now we're moving into the true New Avatar Power blockbusting Secrets. This one, and those which follow may take a little more



effort on your part, but the sparkling, fantastic results are true miracles. If you think you've seen some amazing results so far (and if you have not, you might wonder if your psychic muscles need some more workouts!) hold onto your hat! Loneliness is, as we've noted, the third of the Seven Negative Traps. This corrosive state of mind needs attacking at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, because loneliness feeds on itself and requires powerful magic to unwind the skein and have you looking outward instead of inward. That magic is here, right now, with the Fantastic Loneliness Eliminator. New Avatar Power will handle the inner work: the mental and spiritual areas of curing the condition. As your part of the equation, you have to apply a little physical involvement to complete the picture. Arrange your personal schedule so that immediately following the mental work, you can go out to a place where people are. Anywhere: a community center, a newsstand, a shopping mall, a library, a church. No matter if you know no one there, and if you're in the depths of loneliness that will likely be a fact. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands as usual and mentally set up your screen or board. Now, within the frame of the square in front of you, pretend you're looking at a picture or a movie of people enjoying themselves. Any kind of fantasy you like: the key is that you're pretending to be viewing a happy, animated small crowd of people. Everyone knows everyone else, laughter is in the air, music plays (if you like music), and all the friendly and warm elements of life, which you're missing in your loneliness are in your picture. Now's the time to use a Personal Verbal Seal, put together as previously explained. The person who is part of the Seal has every- thing you hanker after. State your Personal Verbal Seal, either firmly inside your mind, or aloud if no one is around to hear you. Holding the picture in mind, open your eyes and go to the place I suggested. Stay for at least 15 minutes. Chat with anyone who hails you. More importantly, read any notices or leaflets, which announce any event in your community which brings people together. A public meeting, a lecture, anything where people are going to gather. No matter if the subject seems to be of little interest to you, make a note of the date and time, and arrange to attend. Try



to make this an event which occurs within seven days from the present time. On the day you're going on your Fantastic Loneliness Eliminator adventure, again perform the above Confidential Corporeal Commands routine, plus the Personal Verbal Seal and fantasy of observing people having a ball. Open your eyes, and off you go. I'm guiding you no further along this fantastic path to togetherness: so many different things can happen to break your loneliness cycle. Be assured that condition is dissipating like sun-warmed snow under the smashing impact of New Avatar Power. Read what happened to Charlotte A. in the next case history. It gives you some idea of the power of this amazing Secret. +Her Loneliness and Other Troubles Vanished Maybe a novelist could give you some insight into Charlotte A.'s misery and total, complete, and utter loneliness. She had reached depths of sorrow where she retreated from all human contacts, and even when she forced herself to mingle with people, she was one of those people who remains lonely in a crowd. "I existed, that's all. Emotionally, 1 was dead. Yet inside was desperate yearning for companionship, love, and meaningful relationships," she said. "It started a few years before. 1 had a disastrous love affair with a man who turned out to be married. 1 went through torment; his wife harassed me, he turned his back on me, and friends sneered at my desperate attempts to keep the relation- ship going. "I crawled, I cried, I pleaded. I must have been out of my mind. Finally I retired, sick, and beaten. I had a nervous breakdown, developed psychosomatic pains in my legs and abdomen, thought I was dying of cancer, suffered with insomnia, and almost ceased to function as a human being. Finally I reached the slim)' ooze at the dregs of life, and stayed there." Charlotte grew an emotion, at armor as a defense. No one could arouse response from her, and her bitterness drove away the few people who had stood beside her in her troubles. "Even my doctor became distant and disinterested," she related. "He told me straight that if I did not want to help myself, no one else could.



"The whole situation might just have been bearable if I'd been truly frigid and disinterested in people, hut behind my cold mask was a crying frightened soul, longing to reach out to find love and affection ... New Avatar Power was truly a last resort for Charlotte. One of her few remaining acquaintances-she'd long since ceased thinking of having anyone as a friend-lent her the book. "I was at such a pitch, I cried when I received a reply to a letter I wrote about New Avatar Power," she said. "My state was so miserable, I never expected to get any response," Charlotte grew an emotional armor as a defense. No one Loneliness Eliminator, then in its formative stages. "Coincidence, luck, whatever it was, my life clicked into gear," she said. "I felt few changes in myself, yet within a week I was caught up in a fascinating series of lectures on psychic power and ESP. The instructor picked me out to demonstrate various experiments, and we found I had an aptitude for such abilities. "Soon I was the admired star of the group. From those contacts I met Larry, a successful writer. Our friendship grew into love, as my shields dissolved. I married him and moved from my bare apartment to his luxury home in California. Life's sweet now, and my loneliness is a forgotten episode far in the past." TWELFTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE STARTLING ASTRAL TRAVEL INDUCER Many readers will know about Astral Travel, or Astral Projection as it's also called. It's a recognized state of mind and body where your awareness-the thinking, feeling, seeing, and hearing part of you-separates from your physical body and travels where you please. Your body, deeply asleep, breathes, digests food, pumps blood, and does all the automatic things, which it always does. But you have drifted away from it, under full contro1, taking your abilities to see and hear what is going on anywhere in the Universe. The possibilities of accomplishing miracles while Astral Traveling are limitless. You can uncover hidden facts, listen in on conversations, explore the world-explore other planets, if you wish-and zap instantly from one place to another like a wraith. Rather than take up space, which would fill the rest of this



book and several others in explaining what Astral Travel is and what it can be used for, I'm going to give you the method, plus a case history to tum you on to the possibilities. Once you've experienced this fantastic freedom of floating, flying, untouched by storm or circumstance, you'll open up to the astral realms and start to live! Naturally, you need time to Astral Travel. Although you can zip from Los Angeles to New York in no seconds Oat, you'll still spend time exploring while you're in either place. The incidents you view, the things you overhear, will take real time to experience, so applying this Secret requires that you can lie undisturbed for a while. Reckon on being "away" at least 30 minutes, at the minimum. You can Astral Travel while your body is seated, but lying down is better. Your body needs to be comfortable, because physical disturbances will bring you back in a flash. I'll refer to that again in a moment. Darken the room so that no bright lights shine in your eyes, loosen tight clothing, take off footwear. Do not put yourself into the same clothing, which you wear to go to bed. If you do that, you'll merely drift off to sleep, and although you may Astral Travel in the sleep state, you'll probably not retain clear memories of where you've been, and you'll lose the tight control of destination which is a feature of true Astral Travel. Lie down, and pretend your familiar movie screen or chalkboard is on the other side of the room. This time, make it a kingsize screen or board, about the size of an average door, and imagine its lower edge is scant inches from the floor. Now, get up and walk over to where you were pretending the screen was. Really get up, I mean; this piece of the technique is not all in your mind. Actually swing your legs off the bed or couch, stand up and walk across the room until you're standing in front of the space where your imagined screen was. Now walk back to your chair, bed or couch and lie down, arranging yourself comfortably again. In your mind is a clear memory of the short walk you've just taken, across the room. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands, slowly and carefully, attending to the inhaling and exhaling. When you reach the last "Relax," pretend your board or screen is back in place across the room.



In your mind this time, using your memory of having just done it, pretend you are standing up and going across the room to the screen. No problem in doing that: the memory of the actual walk you took is still crystal clear in your mind. As you imagine you're approaching the screen, pretend it has turned into a door, which is open. Inside the door is someone you know and trust: anyone-a friend from long ago, a current lover, a revered parent. Mentally reach out a hand through the door, and think where you would like to be. Hit's a place where you've been before, call up a memory of the place. If it's somewhere new, just name and describe it in your mind, rather like a guidebook. What happens next is a clear guide to what kind of a channel you've carved within yourself for New Avatar Power. Congratulate yourself heartily if zap! you're exactly where you said you desired to be. If you're still in your familiar room, go back to the top of the Confidential Corporeal Commands and give it a second try. Still chained to the material plane? Third time lucky, perhaps. Give it a go one more time. If everything is in tune, you'll make it. If not, either you need more practice with earlier New Avatar Power techniques, or the time is not right. In either case, quiet your disappointment, and get up, going about your business in the normal way. If you persevere with this, you assuredly will be able to Astral Travel and experience the amazing freedom I've described, and gain advantages such as those Bob K. found in the next case history. +He Uncovered His Own Secrets with Astral Travel "Guess I'm just an Astral Traveling fool," writes Bob K. happily. "It's the greatest thing since Adam and Eve. Astral Travel has replaced bowling as my hobby. It's better than the movies and profitable into the bargain!" Bob discovered Astral Travel some three years ago, and is now adept at zipping off to wherever he wants to explore. "First I used it to play games," he said. ''I'd drift outside my house and read auto numbers, then get out there in my physical body to check I was not fooling myself or imagining these trips, Then I started listening in on neighbors, standing unseen in their rooms while they argued, talked or did intimate things which



would have made me blush if I'd been in my physical body. "I called that my Astral Peeping Tom stage, and it was a hit sneaky, I admit. But no harm was done, and I began really using Astral Travel for profit." Bob's trips, carefully recorded for his own use, refer to many incidents of picking up useful inside information. He discovered a local development plan in its early stages by eavesdropping on a meeting, bought a piece of scrubland for a few hundred dollars, and recently sold it to a developer for $43,000. Invisible listening informed him that his employer planned to promote someone who has specialized knowledge, which Bob lacked. He boned up on the data, made sure his boss found out, and was awarded the coveted position at double his previous salary. "If you read science-fiction, you may have seen some of my stories," Bob said. "I sell regularly, bringing in a few thousand a year. And they're all true stories of strange Astral Journeys I take to other planets. Sounds freaky, but my bank manager smiles at the checks which come in." Bob anonymously solved a local crime. In his Astral wanderings he saw two men breaking into a store. He noted the number and description of the car. "When I 'came back' I dropped a note to the police telling them when they received a breaking and entering report, they should check out that vehicle. I saw in the paper that the guys were caught and punished," Bob relates. "Astral Travel gives me tremendous enjoyment, satisfaction and gains. I'm thinking of setting up an Astral Travel Detective Agency, but how would I tell my clients how I solve my cases?" Those are merely a few of the thrills of Astral Travel. The possibilities are limitless. BEST TIMES AND CONDITIONS FOR ASTRAL TRAVEL Sometimes I believe more scary nonsense has been written about Astral Travel than about any other section of psychic or occult work, apart perhaps from possession and exorcism! And even those last two frightening concepts have been grafted onto Astral Travel, which is as natural and carefree as going to sleep, and no more dangerous.



May I dispel a few myths? Nobody has ever died while Astral Traveling because his soul was separated from his body and couldn't get back. That exists only in the pages of fiction and alleged true accounts of witchy goings-on. Firstly, when you Astral Travel you do not ship your soul out of your body. Do that, and] agree you're in danger of being dead: soul-separating seems to be merely another description of death. It's really a matter of definition: Paul Twitchell practiced a discipline he called "Soul Travel," and his disciples maintain it's different from Astral Travel. They're entitled to their opinions: as far as I've been able to establish, Soul Travel is Astral Travel to special, spiritual destinations-an advanced form of the technique, but Astral Travel of a kind, for the body still functions perfectly while the soul is traveling. Okay, no fears of death then. Separate from your body when Astral Traveling? You certainly are, but the early bother is not whether you're going to get cut off from your body, but much more strongly, whether you can stay "out" long enough to do whatever you've planned. Understand, if your recumbent body is disturbed in any major way while you're Astral Traveling, you'll come back, Pawl In a nanosecond or quicker. The telephone rings, someone yens "Fire!", a heavy truck vibrates your room, anyone calls your name, touches you, or if anything out of the ordinary which would wake you from the lightest doze occurs, you're back in your body, looking out of your physical eyes on your couch, and possibly vaguely resenting who- ever or whatever recalled you so sharply from a splendid astral adventure. A second half-truth connected with Astral Travel is that you meet dangerous and frightening demons while you're traveling, and they'll cause you harm. Granted, something like that can happen, I kid you not, but the phantasms you're meeting are not horrible ghosts from the Pit. They're a clear sign you have not been working diligently enough on your Fabulous Fear Eradicator. Those ghoulies you think you're meeting are your own fears, dressed up especially by your own subconscious to prevent you experiencing the manifest joys of Astral Travel.



These self-generated phantoms cannot harm you, and the simplest way to "exorcise" them is to cut short your astral trip, work some more on your Fabulous Fear Eradicator, and then try the astral journey again. How do you come back from an Astral Journey? Simple. You merely say to yourself Return and think about your room where your body is lying. Bingo! You're back. One more myth to destroy. According to some writers who seem to enjoy trying to scare people, when you come back you can find another soul has taken over your body, leaving you to stroll in limbo for eternity. There are immutable Occult Laws, which prevent that kind of malarkey occurring, Enjoy your Astral Journeys. Be peaceful, and consider some very metaphysical words of the late Franklin D. Roosevelt. He might almost have been talking about Astral Travel, when in his First Inaugural Address almost half a century ago, he said: "Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself... GET AHEAD BY KNOWING WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN If you think about it, you'll realize we shape our lives by trying to secondguess the future. We call it planning, and spend long hours figuring the best way out of difficulties, the smoothest path into an unknown future. When we guess right, that's fine. It's the wrong guesses, or our blindspots to unforeseen events, which bring sticky problems. "I wish I'd known then what I know now," is a sad cry you often hear when plans have gone awry or someone has missed a chance of getting some place good. So what if there was a way to know what's coming tomorrow, instead of having to guess and hope you've guessed right? And not just tomorrow, but next week, next month, next year? A clearly unrolling movie of your future, to show you what's coming your way: then you'd streak ahead of the opposition. It's here: The Magic Future Knowing Technique is offered for your assistance toward the brighter future you so richly deserve. +Famous Psychic Is Rich from the Magic Future Knowing Technique Have you ever wondered how those rich and famous psychics



find their precise and accurate predictions which bring clients flocking to them? Have you figured they're all special people, born psychic and talented? Listen: anyone can do it, and many psychics use variations on the Thirteenth Secret of New Avatar Power, which you're about to learn. I'm indebted to the lady we're about to discuss. She's often in the headlines with her predictions, maintains a splendid home, runs an office to handle her clients, and travels all over the world, lecturing on psychic matters. She helped me refine this Secret, and is truly the basic source of this technique. All I've supplied is the name, plus shaping it to New Avatar Power routines. ''I'm a very ordinary person," she says. "No seventh daughter of a seventh son, or anything fey like that. As a matter of fact, I grew up pretty dumb, and the last thing I thought when] was growing up was that I'd achieve fame and fortune as a psychic. "An old lady in my home town told me about the techniques of seeing the future, and as I was pretty aimless at the time. I gave them a try, more for fun than anything else." They worked. She soon acquired a local reputation for being able to warn friends of impending dangers, to advise them on the outcomes of their dates, and to forecast tidbits of useful information about the future. "Before long the world was beating a path to my door," she said. "I began charging for my time. I acquired truly wealthy clients. Television and newspapers featured me. I love the attention, the adulation and respect I've gained. And of course I'm able to avoid the worst of fate's shocks by preparing for them in advance. More people should go in for futureseeing-it's delightful." THIRTEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE MAGIC FUTURE·KNOWING TECHNIQUE You could consider this New Avatar Power method as the most effortless and automatic of all, even though it's one of the most fantastic, powerful, and life-changing of all of them. Effortless because this one goes on automatically while you sleep, and an you have to do is make a note of what's revealed to you, Before you retire for the night, put a pencil and pad beside your bed. If you have heavy drapes, or you habitually wake while



it's still dark, you'll also require a bedside light. The Magic FutureKnowing Technique starts just before you drift off to sleep. Begin as you're beginning to drift into the pre- sleep detached state, where you're warm, comfortable, and tucked down waiting for Morpheus to overtake you. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Then pre- tend your usual screen or board is standing where you could see it if you opened your eyes. Pretend some kind person has pinned a calendar onto your screen. Begin counting up from I, slowly and regularly, in your mind. As you name each number, pretend that the pages of the calendar are drifting off the board, floating down to make a pile on the floor. If you reach 365, stop, and go to sleep. If, as is more likely, you drift off to sleep before you reach 365, that's even better. You've attuned your inner mind and New Avatar Power to have you dream a dream, which is important to your future path. When you wake, grab the first thought, which is in your head. "What was I thinking as I came to consciousness?" is the decisive question. This will bring any dreams to the surface for recall. Do not wait until you've washed and dressed, believing that the clear and vivid dream you've woken with will stay. Nine times out of ten, a few minutes after you wake all you'll be left with is a memory that you dreamed something important. Before you do anything else, write down any dreams you can recall. Notes are enough, -no need to write a novel. But highlights, to keep the memory from slipping; especially, make notes of names, numbers and dates which were in your dream. Keep these notes safely, along with the other New Avatar Power lists and records I've recommended you keep. You can be sure-provided you've also set up your Mystic Initiation list, and gone through the preceding exercises-that your dream shows you how to solve a problem, or brings something to you which you need. The importance of paying attention and acting on the information received is amply illustrated by the next brief case history. +He Ignored a New Avatar Power Revelation and Lost Out This extract from a recent letter points up one important feature: New Avatar Power will gladly give you facts, but you have to



go ahead and act on them. Does that seem obvious? Well, see what Ralph J. lost out on! "I remember slowly waking up. Apparently I had asked someone for the 1st and 2nd place dogs in the fifth race of the afternoon at the 'Big Q' near where I live. "I heard him say, 'The two numbers you need in that race are the 6 and the 8.' "I went to the track Monday night, and they had the results posted on the board from the afternoon race, and the winner of the fifth race was the 6, and the 8 was the place dog." Ralph received the information, but he did nothing with it. He might have changed his life onto a whole new course if he'd acted. He ignored the data, and the last time I wrote to him his letter was returned, box closed. Certainly he's off on a new path, and I know New Avatar Power will eventually make it a smooth one for him. But I feel he could have found it quicker if he'd accepted and used his New Avatar Power inputs. FREEWILL IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE Whoever created this Universe we exist within gave us all a priceless gift, to use or misuse as we wish. That gift is free will: the ability to decide to do something, or not to do it. Free will is part of your life-changing New Avatar Power methods. We've seen in the previous case history how Ralph J. used his free will to do nothing about the track advance news he was given. By ignoring the data, he lost out. Or did he? Maybe New Avatar Power had a better path for him, which led to greater riches than a sizable bet on the dogs. So what's the solution? Act or don't act on information received through New Avatar Power? My advice is to follow up on anything, which New Avatar Power hands you: if it comes from a New Avatar Power technique, then by definition, it's designed to lead you toward happiness. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 6 1. Previous chapters, while extremely useful in their own right, were also getting you ready for the Inner Secrets from this chapter onward,



2. The longer a situation has existed, the more energy is needed to change it. 3. New Avatar Power works instantaneously at times. 4. Some events are pre-ordained. Use New Avatar Power to make the best of the inevitable. 5. The Fantastic Loneliness Eliminator lives up to its name! 6. Astral Travel offers endless opportunities to acquire knowledge and benefits. 7. Many false stories circulate about Astral Travel, alleging it to be dangerous, None of them stand up to investigation. 8. Knowing the future is a simple way to smooth your path and find profit. 9. The Magic Future-Knowing Technique is effortless and automatic. 10. Free will is destiny's gift to you. Use the data New Avatar Power brings you, do not ignore it.

Secrets of Total Happiness Through New Avatar Power Techniques


7 SECRETS OF TOTAL HAPPINESS THROUGH NEW AVATAR POWER TECHNIQUES "All I want is to be truly happy," said Liz S. in a recent letter. A splendid ambition, and one, which New Avatar Power is designed to bring you. But when I asked Liz what she needed to reach that desired state she answered: "I don't know. Like. I've never known what happiness is. I just want to be happy, that's all." Her letter is one of the reasons this book was written. In order to use New Avatar Power to achieve any ambition, it needs the "launching point," the aiming point we discussed in Chapter 1. Liz found happiness coming but slowly because she had only a woolly idea of where she wanted to go and what she required for happiness.




Obviously, happiness means different things to different people. For some, a bag of gold would, they know, bring total happiness. Another person will say "The heck with lots of money: get me out of this monotonous job"; a third person is seeking merely a quiet place to meditate in the hills, with enough supplies to provide basic necessities; a fourth person sees being a play- person, with cars, planes, mansions, parties, and high living as the pinnacle of happiness. The list is as varied as the people we ask. You need to know what kind of happiness you seek. Because when you know for sure, then your New Avatar Power can latch onto-your ideas and create it for you. Worry not about making the wrong choice. You may decide a luxurious penthouse is for you, and having reached it, find you're discontent with the surroundings. or the neighbors' parties keep you awake, or a thousand-and-one things you failed to foresee make you less than transcendentally happy. Never mind. It's a step in the right direction. Modify your plans, and let New Avatar Power take you the next step of the way. You'll end up happy, assuredly, and on the way you'll find out a great deal about your own likes and dislikes which will serve you well in maintaining that happiness. YOUR TOTAL HAPPINESS LIST "Another list? Could we not just make mental notes? I seem to have a dozen lists of varying things lying around. Are they of any use to New Avatar Power?" Without question. They're all part of providing aiming points for New Avatar Power. Writing a list does one very important thing: it forces you to focus your mind on the subject at hand. The very act of writing the words puts the thoughts into order where New Avatar Power can "read" and act on them. When we merely think something, it's hedged around with all manner of sidetracks. Writing things down removes the obscuring mental foliage, and lets us see the facts. Find time, along with your other approximately monthly New Avatar Power reviews of circumstances we've looked at, to fish out your Mystic Initiation list and any other relevant notes you've made.



Spend a delicious few minutes toying with the thought of future total happiness. Then get your pencil working and make Your Total Happiness List. In capsule form, tell yourself what conditions you envisage which will make you finally, totally and utterly content with your life. What will be around you? Who will be beside you? What will you do with your days? What is your utmost, tip-top fantasy of life as you wish it to be? Write the date on your list and put it with the rest of your New Avatar Power records. About once every month scan through it, and make any amendments, which fit your latest state of mind. Of course, when any circumstance you've listed becomes sparkling reality, you can delete it from the list. Yet I'll lay a quiet Astral wager with you that your list will never grow short-new items of delight will be forever popping in to keep it going! +She Joyfully Watched Her Entire Total Happiness List Come True 'Thank you for your advice. As suggested, but without much hope, I have written out my Total Happiness List and started to work with your other instructions. The list is a long one. I am a widow of 63, fighting the cost of living on an inadequate pension, partially blind in one eye, pained by rheumatism and a spinal disorder from childhood. I had little education, find it difficult to organize my thoughts and believe if there is a God, he overlooked me. These things would make me happy: 1. A warm and loving male companion. 2. Enough money to have a spare $10 now and then. 3. A small easy-to-manage home. 4. My daughter, her husband, and children to come to live closer to me and visit once in a while. 5. Perfect sight. 6. A new body (Smile!) 7. An interest to pass the long hours. 8. A color TV (although black-and-white would do).

140 SECRETS OF TOTAL HAPPINESS 9. A vacation away from this city, 10. A win on the lottery. (Not for the money, but to show me fate can be on my side for once because I've never noticed it.)" So wrote Helen S. in a brief exchange of letters with me. Now join Helen as she uses her own words to revel in the changes, which followed her use of New Avatar Power. "Well now you'll be pleased to know I just crossed number 10 off my Happiness List. Added a few more, like you said I would, but those are the important ones behind me, and I must say I'm amazed, delighted, and as my new husband Fred says, "You never know your luck until you tread in it." "Do I have to go into all the story? Why don't you Astral Travel down some day and I'll tell you all about it? I met Fred by accident in a store. I'd knocked over some cans (clumsy me!) and he helped me stack them again. He says I did it on purpose to get his attention. We struck up a friendship right then and there. He'd been a widower 5 years and was ready for a new wife. "That solved number 1, 2, 3, 4, 7. 8 and 9 like magic. Fred provided all those gladly. Oh yes, I should have said his home (now mine also) is a few blocks from my daughter's home, and the grand. children have taken a real shine to their new Gran'pop, so they're often in and around. "Had an operation for cataract and lenses put in and some treatment for the creaks and groans of my old body. Fred's perked me up a lot. so I think I'm justified in crossing number 5 and 6 off the list. "Reason I'm writing is number 10 did it today. A ticket I bought paid $50, which is what I asked for. But then I already knew- fate had decided to help me." FOURTEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE MIRACULOUS DESPAIR DEFLECTOR No matter how fortunate we are, times occur when the world looks less positive than usual. "It's just not my day," say some.. "Got out of the wrong side of the bed," say others. Despite our strongest efforts, destiny is frowning.



To give you the reasons would require a long journey into metaphysics, and along the way we'd need to look at numerology, psychology, karma, reincarnation, astrology-a whole vista of CH;:- cult, psychic, and scientific subjects which are beyond the scope of this book. To make New Avatar Power work, there's no need to take that trip. So accept what you mow to be a fact: some days are better than others. If you can accept that philosophically, fine. But some people interpret these less-than-good times as the end of their world, ultimate catastrophes, and retire into a sad state of despair. Listen carefully; that's undesirable. Enjoy your misery. if that's what you need right then, but notice what you can be doing to your destiny path. New Avatar Power, now pitching for you at all levels, stimulated by your application of preceding Secrets, is busy bringing your desires into reality. If you sit around moping, expecting the worst, visualizing life as a series of insoluble problems, setbacks and frustrations, it's just possible that New Avatar Power can pick up your black thoughts and determine, because you're clinging so firmly to such dire ideas, that's what you're desiring to happen. Unlikely, if you've done the basic work properly and set up happiness targets, yet some people are psychologically set so they drift into deep valleys of despair at times, and those mental images can overcome the positive pictures they've been painting. Thus, instead of happiness coming along, New Avatar Power faithfully picks up on your new concepts and brings them to pass. As I said, this is an unlikely condition, but having seen it occur a few times, I must include this warning, plus-more-importantly-a weapon to prevent such unpleasant results. Your weapon is The Miraculous Despair Deflector, Anytime you're feeling really "down," in a Cosmic Pit of Despair, when (as Dian Fortune so delightfully expressed it) "the skies are of brass," nothing is going right and you think you've been born under an evil star, three applications of this technique will dispel the conditions with a certainty and magic you'll find totally restful, relieving, and beautiful. More importantly, perhaps, you'll be erasing mental concepts, which could have New Avatar Power taking you on an unintended course. This is one of the few Secrets which have a "When" attached



to them. For most potent effects, you need to carry out this technique at specific times-or at least, on particular days. This takes a visit to your library, a call to your local news-paper, planetarium, or a peek at an almanac, because the Miraculous Despair Deflector is keyed to the phases of the Moon. You're going to set up three dates to work this technique, spaced nine days apart. What day is the New Moon, in any month? That's one key date. The other two are 9 days before New Moon, and 9 days after New Moon. Thus, every month, three (occasionally four) days occur when this technique is favorable. IT you're a person who regularly drops into moods of despair, it's worth your while to get an almanac for the year and mark the dates on a calendar, so that when you wake up with one of your black moods coming on, you can glance at the calendar and note the next favorable date for applying the Fourteenth Secret. U you're totally unable to work this technique on a favorable day, the day before or the day after the marked date is almost as effective. On the first favorable day, recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands as usual. On your familiar board or screen, pretend there are pictures of your forebodings, the things, which are causing this mood of despair. If you're merely weighed down under an invisible cloud of negativity, and can't put your finger on the source, imagine a big, black query mark is floating on your screen. Blank the screen, erase the picture, by whatever method you've been using before. Now "see" the same picture you used at the end of the Third Secret: The Extraordinary Happiness Restorer. End this session in the same way. Repeat this on the next two favorable dates. BANISH BAD AND REPLACE IT WITH GOOD Have you recognized the pattern of what we're doing with New Avatar Power? What we’re doing, very simply stated, is to banish what you feel to be "bad," and replacing it with "good." The brief point I'm making is that it's all very fine to b a w the bad, and many occult and psychic methods recommend that. But that creates a kind of vacuum: having banished the bad things.. you must replace them with something else, or they'll come creeping back again.



So having cleaned up the undesirable, we 611 the gaps we've made with desirable things. As simple as that, but vital. +Her Doctor Had Given Up on Her "My doctor told me I was very close to being a manic depressive," Kathy C. relates. "] used to get swings of moods into black misery where nothing mattered, I knew the world hated me, and everything was against me. "About once a month I had these spells, and they were wrecking my life. My husband. at first sympathetic and helpful, became cold, ignoring me when I really needed him most. I was useless to humanity. and often thought of ending it all. I might have done it, but as well as being afraid to, I thought in some twisted way that doing away with myself would please the world I hated so much. "So I hung on, with the depression hovering like a gray cloud in the background, even between the moods when I tried to adjust, tried to enjoy life, tried to mend the breaks I'd caused." Kathy lost a good job because one week in four she was unapproachable, or merely stayed home with her misery. Bills began to pile up, her husband found outside interests, and the vicious spiral of negative emotion threatened everything Kathy held dear. "It got so my doctor said not to bother to come back to him until I was ready to pull myself out of the depression," Kathy said. "At the time I thought he was the cruelest person alive. Now I realize he was trying to shock me out or my self-imposed misery." New Avatar Power came into the picture. One of Kathy's friends was helping to check out some of the techniques. Kathy was custom-built to test the Miraculous Despair Deflector. "If the doctors could not help, what could I do just by thinking about certain things?" was Kathy's reaction, but she nevertheless gave the Secret a spin. "It provided some kind of missing link," she stated. "Maybe it was the Moon phases, perhaps it reinforced what my doctor had said. It certainly stirred up tendrils of hope for the future. The moods were not dispelled overnight-they'd been growing deeper for four long years. But I could feel in myself that they failed to cut so deeply. Life was still black at my deeper depressions, but tinged with silver, if you can understand." Kathy had turned the corner. A few weeks later she bounced in on her doctor.



"I told him he'd have to convince me I still needed him," she smiled. "Of course, I did. But the lifting of spirits I got put me on the road to complete recovery." FIFTEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE SPONTANEOUS HEALTH REGENERATOR Izaak Walton was right when he wrote: "Look to your health; a blessing that money cannot buy," All the perfumes of Arabia, all the most luxurious possessions, the most perfect surroundings are as nothing if you lack blooming health to enjoy life. Herewith a New Avatar Power Secret, which has helped thousands. The technique is as old as the ills of mankind; use of it goes back beyond the limits of written history. The Ancient Healers of the Fertile Crescent made sure their patients used a version of this method to get well. All I've done is to update it, and put it into a familiar framework for you, so that you can incorporate it with your New Avatar Power workings. Using this Secret on a daily basis, whenever convenient, in conjunction with whatever medical treatment you feel inclined to apply, can truly work miracles of healing. Please be advised of a fact, which I have pondered long and hard over before reaching a decision. I am not going to include more than a passing mention of the fantastic cures, which have figured for people who have incorporated this technique into their lives. The reason for this is because I wish you to be able to read this book! That requires some explanation. Currently, here in Canada, and to a lesser extent in the United States, a strong groundswell of official displeasure is breaking over anyone who makes statements, which are opposed to current scientific opinion in the medical field. On Vancouver Island, not far from where I am writing this, John H. Tobe, a dedicated and sincere believer in the benefits of natural foods, is suffering the full pressure of the law because one of his books stated that a certain diet would cure cataract. Such is the official harassment that I am told he recently said he may have to stop publishing his monthly Provoker, a magazine of health and natural diet. Because of his firmly stated ideas, and despite his



producing people who have been helped by him, he is being severely harassed. Now, if I start saying The Spontaneous Health Rejuvenator will cure your ills. I’m laying this book open to official censure. I’m not worried about myself: in this field legal harassment is a bogey which comes to all unorthodox practitioners at one time or another. And New Avatar Power is very efficient at keeping such negativity at bay. But what could happen is that this book could be impounded by authorities and banned. Thus, you'd never see it, which would be a pity. So I've reluctantly decided to avoid all cure case histories, to avoid the inclusion of one particular page making the whole hook abhorrent to those whose sincere path, within the law as it stands, is to protect people from those whom they define as "quacks," 'Nuff said? So if you're currently under the doctor, or taking any kind of treatment from a healer of any kind, use The Spontaneous Health Rejuvenator in conjunction with recommended health care and prescriptions. As always, the technique is simple. On any night when you're not Astral Traveling, recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands as you begin to drift between waking and sleeping. Pretend your board or screen is before you, and on it appears a picture of you. But not the you who is sick or unwell: this picture shows you at a time when you were overflowing with health. Think about your malady. Say you have varicose veins of the leg, lumpy, unsightly, and aching. In your let's-pretend picture, see your body as having smooth and strong limbs without a trace of the bulging and ugly veins. As you drift off to sleep, pretend your legs are as strong and healthy as you desire, smooth and unblemished. Apply that technique to any malady. Put up a mental picture of you, changed to bursting vitality, with the disease completely eradicated, as if it had never been. Allow yourself to drift off to sleep with that picture firmly in mind. I leave you to work with this technique, without laying any claims, which might collect negativity. I merely end this section by printing a few lines from a reader, which you may find illuminating.



+An Unsolicited Testimonial from Clarice C "I know New Avatar Powers have healed my scalp, healed weakness in neck muscles that were injured (a whiplash) in a 1967 accident, are straightening my spine, growing new teeth in my gums, and straightening crooked toes. Am 78 years old this year. The book really works." RESHAPING YOUR DREAMS TO BRING BENEFITS We've looked at seeing the future as you lie dreaming, but there are other splendid benefits you can gain from the sleep state. "It's only a dream," people say, suggesting dreams have no value beyond, perhaps, some slight entertainment. Try poet Percy Bysshe Shelley instead. Now, he had the right idea about dreams: It is our will That thus enchains us to permitted iIlWe might be otherwise-we might be all We dream of happy, high majestical." Yes, you can help New Avatar Power along tremendously with a fascinating technique, which takes up no time you might wish to use otherwise. You do things with your dreams, purposely and under control, to help your life improve. The basic knack is pretty simple to catch. Due to all these New Avatar Power exercises you're practicing. your mind will easily attune to what you're trying to do. Next time you're asleep and realize you're dreaming, you become the "scriptwriter." Often in our dreams we simply watch the drama or events unfold while we observe or take part. A little- known fact is that you can take full control of your dreams and steer them where you wish at times. Not all of the time: dreams are important safety valves for your inner mind, so sometimes a dream will steam ahead on its own course, and there's nothing you can do about it. Also, if you're getting a future picture shown to you, your best efforts to alter the dream will come to naught. But often you can alter the dream. Try it in small ways at first, such as dressing yourself (in your dream) in the finest outfit you can imagine. Then sketch in other desirable details: bring yourself a



perfect lover, if that's what you need. In fact, move the "plot" of your dream around so you're fulfilling anything, which is on your Total Happiness List. Also reinforce your Spontaneous Health Rejuvenator by ensuring that your dream self is healthy and fit. Such sleep games do fantastic back-up work for New Avatar Power by putting the right ideas in exactly the right place: deep in your mind where New Avatar Power is strongest. HOW TO INVADE THE SLEEPING MINDS OF OTHERS While on the subject of dreams, did you know you can influence others by altering their dreams? This technique is a true piece of Magic, used by wizards and occult practitioners for centuries. Having mastered the knack of Astral Travel, you'll find you can easily walk into anyone's bedroom while they're sleeping. Your Astral Self will be able to talk to the person concerned. To influence someone in this manner, Astral Travel to their home at a time when you believe they'll be asleep. If you find them whooping it up at a late-night party, that's too bad-come back some other time. Only if your contact is deeply asleep will this work properly. Walk to the sleeper (and you're doing this in the Astral state, remember, so no one's going to wake up and arrest you as a burglar!). Lay your hands on the sleeper's brow and state your requirements. If it's your bank manager who's snoring peacefully before you, your statement is: "You will grant me the loan I requested yesterday." If it's a desired lover who refuses to recognize you exist, you state: "Next time you see me you will respond to my approaches. I am in your dreams and you see me as a perfect, compatible partner." That kind of long-distance influence, which is a kind of Astral hypnotism, can have fantastic effects for you. +He Invaded Her Dreams and, Enslaved Her Norman J. looks like just an ordinary guy. That's all he is-but his wife, as his friends so graphically put it, is something else. "Call me a male chauvinist pig if you wish," Norman said,



"but I like to have my women fawn over me, fetch and carry for me, be there when I need them, obey my wishes, and be my combined willing servant, gracious hostess, and compliant paramour. "I wasn't prepared to settle for less, and I got just what I wanted." Lest you should imagine Norman keeps an unhappy female slave around the house, dispel that idea. His slim showgirl-like wife is very content and hopelessly in love with him. "I knew such a wife existed somewhere," Norman said, "but I'd never met her. So I went Astral Traveling around the nightspots of Vegas-a great way to see free shows-and saw Mimi. "I set up a New Avatar Power plan to win her heart." First, Norman laid the groundwork at dream levels. "I would Astral Travel to her room, admiring her as she lay sleeping. Then I would implant the idea that I was perfect for her," Norman related, "Next1went to Vegas in the flesh and got my self a table close to the stage," With his Aura charged fully. Norman smiled and nodded at the pretty girl on stage, She frowned at this stranger whom she knew she'd never met, yet who seemed warmly familiar to her. Between shows she came out front to Norman's table, "I think I dreamed about you, or something," said a puzzled Mimi as Norman bought her a drink. "Or have I met you some- where before, a long time ago?" Norman has never revealed his Astral Travel groundwork to Mimi. They fell truly in love with each other, and married. "He's perfect," Mimi said. "Just the man I always dreamed about to take me away from the monotony of show business, I wonder how it all happened so beautifully?" Norman knows. I know. And now you know. But please keep the secret from Mimi. Instead, Astral Travel to your own perfection. SIXTEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, CHARGING YOUR AURA WITH COSMIC ENERGY Just as a car works more efficiently and starts more promptly when its battery is fully charged, so can you find instant effects for yourself by charging your own powerplant. Your central driving force, your soul, or whatever else you



like to call it, radiates a force-field around you, just as an electric motor has a magnetic field around it when it's working. Depending on your state of health and vitality, so your personal forcefield grows larger or smaller. The name, which you may have heard, for your force-field is "aura." Some sensitive people can see it, surrounding your physical body in a shimmering sphere of energy, extending up to three feet or more from your body. Many day-to-day encounters stand or fall, depending on how stronglycharged your aura is. When you stand close to a person, your separate auras intertwine. They may reinforce each other, and you feel a mutual bond of friendship and co-operation; they may fail to mix. in which case little happens between the two of you; or they may repel each other, in which case the pair of you hate each other on sight. Whichever happens, the aura which is most strongly charged belongs to the person who gains most from whatever exchange is going on, whether it's wheeling and dealing for a car, or making someone do you a favor, ranging from lending you ten dollars to eloping with you! Thus, a fully-charged aura helps you in life's battles. Here's how to charge up your Aura to a million psychic volts, and eclipse every aura, which comes near yours for the next 24 hours. Carry this out in private: you need to wave your arms about, and although you might tell the inquisitive that you're practicing calisthenics or Yoga, the better solution is not to attract attention. Stand up where you can stretch your hands and arms out all around you without banging your knuckles on walls or furniture. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands keeping your eyes closed after reaching the final "Relax,” put your arms out level in front of you exactly like a diver who is about to plunge off a diving board. Slowly sweep your arms out to the sides, so you're standing like a letter 'I." Now move your arms up until your palms are together above your head, arms as straight as possible. Move your hands back, lift your chin, inhale and arch your back as much as you can. Begin to breathe out, straighten up, and bring your hands down to the "T' position. Bring your hands slowly down to your sides. Take three deep breaths after your hands reach your sides. You're fully charged with Cosmic Energy.



WHAT A CHARGED AURA CAN DO TO YOUR COLLEAGUES No need to take my word for it when I say your Aura's fully charged. You can watch it in action and be amazed. Anyone within three feet of you, even six feet on a good day, is under the domination of your vitalized Aura. Try it on a friend. Move to within a few feet, and make a polite request, which your friend might normally refuse. Try the guy who's renowned for never lending a dime. Move in, Aura fully charged, and ask, "Could you lend me five dollars until payday, please?" The instant response of digging deep into his pocket and pressing money on you-"maybe ten dollars would be better? Take it, "--can be the story of the month around your working area. Or maybe you want a date. Approach the object of your de- sires and suggest a time, place, and event for you two to have a pleasant time together. Cold and aloof ladies melt and agree. Snooty guys bow down and accept your suggestion with enthusiasm. Amazing, but true-provided you use this in combination with your other New Avatar Power strengthening exercises. Just extracting this bit from the book without attending to the remainder of the exercises is futile: all you'll do is send me an "It Doesn't Work" letter. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 7 1. Define what kind of happiness you seek, thus giving New Avatar Power its vital aiming point. 2. When using New Avatar Power, no such thing as a "wrong" choice exists. You are taken step by glorious step to happiness, regardless of intervening incidents. 3. Your Total Happiness List brings your needs out into the open. Review the list monthly. 4. The Miraculous Despair Deflector prevents New Avatar Power from getting an incorrect slant on your ideas of what you most desire. 5. After banishing "bad" things, replace them with "good," so there's no space for the bad to come back. See also the First Secret of New Avatar Power.



6. Try the Spontaneous Health Regenerator. For reasons explained in the text, making claims for its efficiency is unwise. 7. Reshaping your dreams is a valuable New Avatar Power exercise. 8. You can influence others by invading their dreams. 9. Your central driving force benefits from recharging. 10. A fully-charged Aura can bring startling results.

Secrets of WealthIncredible New Avatar Money Activators


SECRETS OF WEALTHINCREDIBLE NEW AVATAR MONEY ACTIVATORS "Money is the root of all evil." Would you say that's a correct quote? Well, it's not: the actual words, from I Timothy, Chapter 6. Verse 10, are: "For the love of money is the root of all evil." An important difference between the two statements! There's nothing wrong with money itself: but becoming obsessed with it to the exclusion of all else is not desirable. Remember that as we go through these steps to fabulous wealth for you. WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS Unlike New Avatar Power, where everyone has more than they need, money is spread unevenly through the world. A statistician once calculated that 20% of the people control 80% of the




money. Putting that into figures we can understand more easily, it means that if you could select five people at random who had $100 in cash between them, one of those five would be most likely to be carrying $80, while the others would each have about S5 in their pockets-a disparity of 16 to 1. That's a natural financial law, which holds good everywhere: every fourth person you pass in the street is likely, on average. to be carrying 16 times more than you are-unless you've just robbed a bank! So when you're moving from being in debt and permanently short of cash, you're jumping two hurdles: one which takes you from the 8-in-lO group of poorer people to the 2-in-lO group who control most of the available cash and assets; the second leaps you from one income bracket to another 16 times as large: Thus when New Avatar Power takes you up in the world, the first step is a quantum leap: if you saw $6.000 pass through your hands last year, next year you're likely to see 16 times that amount-close to $100.000. You move from a majority to a privileged minority, and you'll find little in between: you'll notice most people are either poor or reasonably well off (but not wealthy) while the others are filthy rich, with so much money they spend their time paying people to figure out tax dodges for them. Keep that 80-20 split in mind while you're working your New Avatar Power miracles: it puts the picture in perspective. Enables you to see where you're aiming. +Despite a Bad Start He's, Filthy Rich Today Lewis S. hoped that coming to the United States from his native country would be the royal road to success. "I found the sidewalks just as hard, the money just as scarce, and the cost of living was higher," he said. "Instead of living comfortably I went steadily downhill. One menial temporary job followed another, until I was doing occasional work at dishwashing in restaurants, sweeping, laboring-anything to bring in a crust." Lewis reached the depths of despair. He would have gone back to his birth land. but lacked the fare. "I tried to get work on ships, but I lacked the necessary papers or union cards." he said. "In a last gesture of hopelessness I invested my remaining bucks in a book about New Avatar Power. It came at the right time."

SECRETS OF WEALTH 157 Lewis is one of the fortunates who have found New Avatar Power instantly in tune with his destiny. The day after he started in on bringing money to him with the techniques, he was accepted for a selling job, going from office to office launching a new line of products. ''They caught on, and I made $500 my first week," he said. 'The same week I found a $50 bill in the street, had a small loan repaid which I'd kissed goodbye, and won a $100 bet with a fellow salesperson that I'd sell more than she did," Up like a rocket is the only way to describe Lewis' progress to riches. "I made area manager the same week my lottery ticket paid off $10.000," he said. "While my luck was running hot, I made some "impossible" wagers on the horses and walked away with just over $3,000. ''Then I branched out with a friend into the automotive accessory field. He had a great idea, and I had the cash. Now we're employing 15 guys and raking in the profits on a business which we're negotiating to sell for a cool half-million each." Lewis now has a penthouse, high above city lights and ocean views. The best furniture sits on plush carpeting while collector's items hang on the wall. "Not bad for a dude from the backwoods," says Lewis. "But there's plenty more where all that came from. And I intend to get it." WHY YOU PROBABLY HAVE LESS THAN YOUR RIGHTFUL SHARE Wealth is not just money in the bank. It's property, assets, valuables, plus intangibles like credit ratings, prospects, and influence, and power. Each of those obey the 80-20 Law we looked at earlier: one person in five wields 16 times more power over his four nearest colleagues; one person can go into the bank and easily borrow $100,000, unsecured, while the next four average people have trouble raising $5,000 on their home as a fully-secured second mortgage. You maybe own one house (or part of one, if you're still paying off the loan); you need to look only a short way before you trip over someone who is on the other pan of the 80-20 balance: he owns



sixteen or more houses and collects rent from 15 of them while he luxuriates in the sixteenth. Two things you can learn from these facts. First is that, with odds stacked up against you like that, it's hardly surprising you've got less than you need. And, much more happily, you'll know you're well on your way up the New Avatar Power path to incredible ease when you find you've got 16 times more than you had previously. You'll then know you're over the hump. and having made that leap, life gets easier by the day. +A Verbatim Testimony on Unbelievable Gains Yolanda S. gave me permission to use this testimony only if I used it all, as she wrote it. Here it is. ''They don't call me trash no more. You think Harlem bad. You should see where I was raised. Rats, roaches, drunks, protection rackets, big guys hurting little guys, bad guys killing good guys, blood in the streets, no money, garbage, bad drains, worse roof. Never knew my folks. Aunt raised me, much as she could. Stay down where we don't see you, pretend you not people at all, that's what the outside said. Got knocked up at 14. Welfare took the kid away. Always hungry, dirty, tired, sick. Ended up in Haight, few years back. Joined a group of hippies, into spooky stuff. Grooved with a dude, happy, cool. Zen priest married us in a park. Found my man had a rich-but rich rich-daddy. We split to say hi! to rich daddy. He was very sick at having a black daughter- in-law. he paid my man mucho wallet for we to get lost. Sends check every month, regular. See our super pad by Shasta. Mountains, rivers, clean, happy. Me, I'm the princess when we go riding in the Caddy or flying his plane. Still working with the spooky stuff and life get better every day." The reason Yolanda sent me her somewhat unusual letter was that the "spooky stuff' she twice mentions is an early version of New Avatar Power. An interesting case! HOW TO ACQUIRE MONEY AND PROPERTY The First Secret of New Avatar Power revealed that it's easier to bring things to you than to send things away. So acquiring money and assets is exactly what the doctor ordered: in the most



material manner, you do need to bring goods and cash to you in a golden stream to become wealthy. New Avatar Power is custom- tailored to accomplish that small thing. and the Eighteenth Secret: The Remarkable Money Renewer hands you the method with plea- sure in this chapter. +He Has More Money than He Can Use! George U.'s case is very clear-cut and simple. He won $1.000,000 on a Canadian lottery and says New Avatar Power helped him to buy the right ticket. "The few people I've mentioned it to say it was coincidence," George says. "Item: I was unemployed. Item: My wife was sick. Item: No money to pay for extra medical care. Item: I worked New Avatar Power to get money. Item: I intended to buy a lottery ticket next day, but everything conspired to stop me. Item: I found my- self across town, looking for work, and I bought the last ticket of the day from a store Iʼd never been in before. Item: The ticket won $1,000,000 a week later. "A string of coincidences like that 1 can use every day. Wife's well now, who needs a job with that money in the bank, more than I can use in a lifetime, and I'm using New Avatar Power to protect me from the crowds of "well-wishers," hangers-on, and suddenly friendly relatives." SEVENTEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER: THE PHENOMENAL OVER-SENSITIVITY TRANSFORMER This Secret is inserted here with a purpose, just before telling you how to get filthy rich if you wish to. Right now you're under the influence of all kinds of people. Your boss tells you what to do and what not to do. Your financial adviser suggests you do this or that. More subtly, advertisers, in the papers and on TV, persuade you to part with money for various reasons. In obvious and less obvious ways, you're responding to the demands and pressures of an army of persuaders. Once you're rich, the pressures become greater, not less. Get-rich-quick merchants present deceptively tempting schemes, swindles disguised as investments. Your relatives will descend on you in a bunch, telling you who deserves what and telling you how



to spend your money. We could go on, but (t would be a waste of valuable time. What I'm suggesting is that before you make yourself wealthy, you totally overcome one of the Seven Negative Traps I told you about in Chapter 5. That Trap is No. 6: Over-Sensitivity to the Influence of Others. Escape from that trap. and you're free to spend your money as you wish and let the crowds yammer outside. If they wish to spend money on such-and-so, tell them to get their own bucks together. You do not need to be rich before you apply this Secret. Its effects and protection give you a masterful feeling of independence and freedom. You become your own person , make your own decisions. Yes, you listen to advice, but you no longer feel obliged to act on every input because you feel the other person may know something you may not know. The Phenomenal Over-Sensitivity Transformer is the Secret I urge you to incorporate in your being today, with booster shots (doing it again) whenever you feel your control over your own life may be slipping and you're starting to take orders you dislike again. Simplicity itself. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands and plant your screen or board in front of you. Having done this so many times before, you should almost feel if you reached out blindly, you'd actually touch it. Mentally, put yourself on your screen. Alone. And naked. Consider who is the most commanding, powerful, in control per· son you've ever heard of or encountered. Male or female, no matter. A king, a queen, a dictator (someone whose policies you agree with), a chief, a boss, a leader of some kind. Now, in your mind, see yourself wearing that leading person's clothes. No matter if you're the wrong sex to wear them, put them on your unclothed image in your picture. Now pretend you, wearing your controlling clothes, climb up onto a stage, up three steps, turn around and sit in a comfortable chair, surveying anything or anyone who passes. Finally pretend a crew of workmen arrive, and at someone else's expense, build a box of clear bulletproof glass around you. The workmen bow, and depart. In your mind, commandingly state the Personal Verbal Seal,



which fits this splendid occasion. The name you aspire to is, of course, the name of the person whose clothes you're pretending to wear. There you sit. Up above interference, protected, and dressed as a commander. Leave the image on your screen as you open your eyes and carry on with whatever else needs doing. +5he Blossomed After Using the Phenomenal Over-Sensitivity Transformer Selina P. has talent and ability. and her recent successes bear witness to that, but she feels she might never have come out of her shell if New Avatar Power had not helped. "Two years ago I ventured into the commercial world," Selina said. "I had a fixed idea that everyone I spoke to knew more than I did about being a success. I was a kind of clay person-anyone could mold me to a new shape with a few words. "One man said I should go into secretarial work. I went, and disliked it. Another guy said I should marry him. I did, and he left me high and dry six months later. "I tried commercial art. Every teacher told me different ways of doing things, I tried to follow them all, and thus failed to develop any kind of personal style. And that's the bottom line: my whole life was a hodgepodge of other people's opinions, because I responded to every whiff of influence which anyone sent my way," Selina reckons one influence she received was worthwhile. A friend told her New Avatar Power could work miracles. "Maybe it worked because she told me it would," Selina said. "I found myself in fashion designing, But 1 still was not making much of myself. Not until 1 tried the Phenomental Over-Sensitivity Transformer ... Perhaps for the first time in her life, Selina began to think for herself, to make her own decisions, instead of rushing hither and you to do what other people told her. "Visit my New York fashion house. It's amazing: my designs are snapped up by a clientele which I keep very select," Selina said. "Money is rolling in, and from a harried 'nave-not," I've become one of the most opulent designers in North America. " She now has everything she lacked before. A Florida home, a Long Island hideaway, a wi1ling team of employees who do all the



hard work, and a new outlook on life which has brought admirers flocking to her side. "Name a luxury and I've got it," Selina said. "Not bad for starting to do my own thing, instead of everyone else's'" EIGHTEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE REMARKABLE MONEY RENEWER Here's the Miracle you've been waiting for, right? One caution, please. Maybe two cautions. First be sure you've been practicing all other necessary New Avatar Power techniques. Second. recall the quote at the beginning of this chapter. Here is where many people go adrift with New Avatar Power, Seeing promises of money, they ignore the rest of the book, hurriedly whip through the instructions here. and then wonder why a truck loaded with gold ingots fails to overturn in their yard. So be it. If that's your trip, it can happen. Yes, I've seen people apply New Avatar Power and become millionaires inside three short days. By all means follow through and also become a millionaire, if that's what you truly desire. But if your main thought at this moment is, "If I had a million, I'd be truly happy" you may have your priorities upside down. More often that not, it happens the other way around: "While I was becoming truly happy, I found I'd accumulated a million dollars." The latter way is closer to how New Avatar Power works for the majority. So you're in debt. How come? What put you in debt? Getting a cool million will solve immediate problems, but you'll still be the same person who got into debt. The original problems, which got you in trouble in the first place may still exist. So getting the money will pay today's bills, but by tomorrow you can easily be back where you started, only in much deeper. Big money can mean even bigger debts! So spread your New Avatar Power efforts around a little. Solve the flaws, which got you in your present unpleasant condition, Simultaneously with bringing in the dollars. It's very hazardous to say, "First, I'll get the money and throw those collectors off my back. Then I'll get to other New Avatar Power work, without so many worries." That might work; but it might not. I've seen people acquire money, then get so involved in spending it and living it up that they postponed New Avatar Power efforts. "Next week I'll get



to it," they said, and kept saying it all the way to the bankruptcy proceedings. Enough warnings? Just so you understand, that's all. Let's concentrate on money then, and good luck with your resulting fortune. You guessed it: recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. But before you do. have a dollar bill (or a five, a ten-any piece of paper currency) within reach. Erect your imaginary screen or board. On your board pretend to write the amount, which is currently on your Mystic Initiation list. Yes, that much, and not a dime extra. That's exactly what your Mystic Initiation list is for: to show precisely what needs doing right now to solve your problems. And here we're solving money problems. Fair enough? Later, when (and only when) you need it. you can write up your million dollars. But it must be money whose absence is truly a major inconvenience. Remember New Avatar Power brings you what you need to make you peaceful and fulfilled. If you're only $7,643 in debt, what's the balance of $992,357 for? That's the line to take. Spell out the total you've already included on your Mystic Initiation list. Yes, I've said it before. I'd say it twenty times if I thought that would drive it home more firmly. It's that important. So you've put the figure on your screen. Clean it off, switch it off, do whatever you've been doing before to erase things from your mental frame in these conditions. Reach out, eyes closed, and pick up the currency I told you to have close to you at the outset. Put it beside your ear and rustle or crackle it with your fingers. Put it under your nose and inhale its odor. Hold it in front of your face, open your eyes and examine every square millimeter of the bill, on both sides. Absorb it into your mind. Put the bill back where you got it from, and close your eyes. Pretend the bill is now pinned to your screen or board. The pin comes loose, and the bill falls to the floor; but you merely pretend it has been replaced with another one, maybe of a higher denomination (but only as large as you've personally handled). Tens and twenties are fine, but if you've never had your hands on a $10,000 bill, leave it out of the picture until one comes your way. Continue to pretend the bills are drifting to the floor, making



a growing pile which smells, sounds, and feels like the single bill you so recently experienced. When your screen is almost hidden by this welcome "money drift" of imaginary currency, mentally state a Personal Verbal Seal, which fits this cash accumulation occasion, open your eyes and do whatever needs to be done next. WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM? You've put New Avatar Power into action with the Remarkable Money Renewer. Your bills, installments, and other debts will he settled more quickly than you thought possible. But where will all that cash come from? If you were anticipating a peal of heavenly bells and a trio of angels to come wafting through the window bearing gold, platinum, and diamonds, you're out of lucid The money will be made available in perfectly natural ways. As I and colleagues of mine have said before, if spooky things started happening with New Avatar Power and similar techniques, you'd not be heading for happiness, you'd merely collect a reputation for being a freak. Genies in bottles may be fine for TV comedies, but in real life they could be more a liability than an asset. Take a look at Jim N. 's case history. All debts settled, and not a single puff of sulfur smoke nor demon with forked tail and cloven hoofs to be seen! +From Vagrancy to Wealth in a Few Simple Steps No need to expand on Jim N.'s case: the notes in my records give the facts more concisely and eloquently than any lengthy ex- position. C.H. #795: Male. 48, married, two teenage boys. Heavy drinker, high blood pressure, liver complaint, migraine, withered wrist (gasoline bum 1971). 5'..6". 123 lb. March '75: Wife walked out after drunken quarrel. Both sons in court for stealing. Drinking accelerated. June '75: Laid off at factory for being drunk on the job. September '75: Car and furnishings repossesed. December '75: Hospitalized, fractured leg. March '76: Arrested for vagrancy.



June '76: Became New Avatar Power student. Confused thinking, lack of concentration improve. Set up target of better future. September 76: Working regularly. Drinking only socially. Clearing back debts. October '76: Family re-united. Insurance company paid $25,000 long-disputed claim resulting from burned wrist. January '77: Launched electronics business. October'77: Sold business and pending patents, bringing $800,000. Half invested to bring $30,000 per annum for life. Bought Southern estate, retired to indulge hobbies. enjoy luxuries, be with family. Blood pressure normal, migraines gone, liver responding to treatment. Children going straight. Calm, happy, content. Still working with New Avatar Power . COINCIDENCE? LUCK? BE HAPPY AND ENJOY WITHOUT QUESTIONS Jim's case, above. shows how New Avatar Power operates. Without strain, without tense battling to make miracles happen, his money came. His luck seemed phenomenal to his friends, but everyone deserves to get lucky now and again. Nothing in the chain of events was in the least spooky. Out of the ordinary, but viewed dispassionately. Jim merely climbed aboard a bandwagon of good fortune at the right time, and now he's on easy street. Could happen to anyone. But it happens as often as you wish if you apply the Secrets of New Avatar Power. +Letitia's Great Reno Caper Yes, you can beat the bank at Reno, Vegas, Cannes or any other casino. Letitia V. has done it, and continues to do it, with five companions to bring a steady $20,000 a month to split six ways. Unfortunately, another writer holds copyright on this story, so all I can tell you is that Letitia is a New Avatar Power student who is doing what thousands merely dream about. . "My New Avatar Power targets included getting away from a poor neighborhood, quitting a monotonous job, making good money, and being with close friends," she says. "I was contacted by a group who were working up a roulette system which works.

166 SECRETS OF WEALTH "We're using it, touring the world 50 we don't take too much from anyone casino and thus get banned, and I firmly believe New Avatar Power brought all this to pass." What is their system? That's their closely guarded secret. Letitia's answer to all enquirers is: "Read the recently published book, Thirteen Against the Bank, and you'll know where we got our idea. But I give New Avatar Power credit for putting this an together for me." HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR BANK BALANCE ONCE IT'S HEALTHY If you feel it's a total necessity to have thousands of dollars lying unused in your bank account, go ahead and include them on your Mystical Initiation list. If such a lack is truly a problem to your happiness, be sure New Avatar Power will bring the necessary credit balance into being for you. Entertain another thought. If each day, or each week, enough money came your way to meet your every need, that would be just as good as having thousands sitting on the ledger sheet of a bank which just might go belly up overnight, leaving you the wailing loser. That's the way many experienced New Avatar Power users operate, and it brings great peace of mind. U you want to bring that close to home, I now operate that way, after years of considering a nest-egg was absolutely necessary. At any given moment I've got enough money in the bank to keep the account open and to meet immediate expenses. Then when I want something big I "tell" New Avatar Power and the money comes. Example? I thought while I was working on this book that it would be nice to give Marya, my wife, something fairly expensive for her birthday. Can't tell you what it is, because it's not her birthday yet, and she'll be reading this manuscript. She's my constant companion and helpmate, which is why she deserves an ex- pensive gift. That kind of money needed a boost from New Avatar Power. No more than four hours after a brief application of the Remarkable Money Renewer, my telephone rang. It was a TV producer from Eastern Canada. "Can you be in Winnipeg next month for a series of programs?" he asked.



That just happened (coincidence?) to fall into a gap in my normally crowded schedule. We horse-traded a while, and to cut the story short, I'm flying to stay at one of Winnipeg's finest hotels for three days next month, all expenses paid, to do about six hours on-screen TV work which is not only fun, it also pays a fee which matches the sum I was thinking I'd need. How much? Not telling, but I used to have to labor a full year to make that kind of money not too long ago. That's the most peaceful way to use New Avatar Power. If you decide you need something, the wherewithal turns up right on the button, without fail, without fuss. Consider that approach: I personally recommend it. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 8 1. Note the 80-20 split when you're looking at money matters. 2. Multiplying your assets by 16 shows you've made the quantum leap over the 80-20 barrier. 3. Remember the First Secret of New Avatar Power when you're accumulating money and property. 4. Armor yourself against manipulators before you get rich. The Phenomenal Over-Sensitivity Transformer can do it for you. 5. The Remarkable Money Renewer works-but please do not use it to the exclusion of all else. 6. Money will come in natural ways, even if coincidence plays a great part. 7. Consider whether you really need surplus cash locked up idle in the bank. A constant flow to keep well ahead of existing requirements is just as good.

Secrets of Perfect Love, Romance and Marriage: How New Avatar Power Brings You the Love You Deserve


9 SECRETS OF PERFECT LOVE, ROMANCE AND MARRIAGE: HOW NEW AVATAR POWER BRINGS YOU THE LOVE YOU DESERVE Sir Francis Bacon puts the theme of this chapter far better than I could hope to: "A crowd is not company, and faces are but a gallery of pictures, and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love," YOU DESERVE LOVE AND ROMANCE, NEW AVATAR POWER WILL BRING IT We humans being made as we are, almost all of us need people. And within our circle of acquaintances and friends, we




need special people. Iʼd call them lovers. If the word had not been so debased by popular literary usage. Yet the new word "cohab," short for cohabitator, still seems alien to me, and "companion" sounds somewhat like a paid retainer to a retired millionairess. So I shall use the term "partner" to cover the multitude of relationships, which love, marriage, companionship, cohabitation, affairs, crushes, passions, flirtation, and dalliance incorporate. You know what love means to you, and that's the purpose of this chapter: to bring a partner to you who will fulfill, whether temporarily or permanently, your needs of this time. Unless you are a most unusual person, you need love to function adequately, to be happy, to be fulfilled and content. Destiny-wise, you deserve love to make you a complete and harmonious being. So seek and ye shall find with the unfailing aid of New Avatar Power. +She Thought She Was Doomed to Be an Old Maid "When you're the wrong side of 40 and still unmarried, you start getting desperate," Gypsy D. said. ''I'd have laid my self at the feet of anything male which looked twice at me. But 1 found no joy with anyone. "No, I'm not pretty, and I'm more than a bit overweight. But you get kind of worried when the wedlock world continues to pass you by." Gypsy had resigned herself to live the rest of her life without the warmth and fulfillment of a partner when she latched onto New Avatar Power. "I had wound myself up into a tight knot of frustration, and any time 1 met a man 1 came on so strong he ran a mile." Gypsy related. "New Avatar Power started off by relaxing me and went on to exactly what 1 was seeking. But not just any man; the ideal 1 bad in mind was secure, mature, and loving." Gypsy found her ideal love. A long chain of coincidences brought her to happiness. "My sister asked me to babysit while she and her husband took a threeday vacation," Gypsy said. "While exploring the city with her children my car broke down. A passing car stopped and the driver helped me get to a garage. He then gave me a ride to my



sister's home, stayed for coffee, we found mutual interests, a pleasant harmony grew between us, and we were married within three months," Gypsy's frustrations and lack of affection are behind her now. Her husband says he got the best end of the bargain-so they're both happy. "Never thought life could be so perfect," Gypsy said. "A warm home, the love I've missed so much, enough money to be content, and a rosecolored future. " AIM HIGH WITH NEW AVATAR POWER Now we're looking at an intangible-love-we can really open up to New Avatar Power's stupendous ability to bring exactly the right conditions. New Avatar Power is in its element when operating at relationship levels: much more goes on when you're with a partner than can be seen and measured by material means. We've briefly touched on the interaction of auras: that forms part of a love relationship, and with the right direction, New Avatar Power gladly manipulates conditions to match up to your highest expectations. +He Found Out What Love Is All About After a brief and disastrous marriage, Alf V. swore off women "for life." "Nag, nag, nag," he said, "always demanding this and that. Never a moment of peace to have a beer, laze around a bit. When we split up, that was it for me. I was going to be a bachelor forever." One of the off-duty recreations Alf settled on was to master New Avatar Power. He admits quite frankly that his prime idea was to accumulate enough money to become playboy of the century and live it up. "It would have made my ex-wife jealous, too," he added. '"I got the money 1 was looking for all right,'" Alf said. '" 'Most everything I touched turned to gold. But I still lacked something, even when I had half a dozen long-stemmed beauties popping in and out of the shack I'd bought in Beverly Hills." Alf’s "shack" has 17 rooms, stereo in all of them, TV in most, a pool, an airstrip, jacuzzi, wetbars, barbeque patios, a breathtaking



view ... everything but deep and meaningful relationships. "I was still very cynical when I started seeing if New Avatar Power would improve my love-life," he said. "I really laid it on the line. She must be so high, this weight, corn-colored hair-natural, of course-have a truly loving nature, understand my needs, never nag me, not be demanding in any way, cook like a French chef, a good conversationalist and hostess, faithful, kind, and intelligent." It took New Avatar Power less than a month to bring Alf’s dream true. "Who would believe I'd find all that, and more, at a gas station in the middle of the Mojave Desert?" Alf said. "Nothing was further from my mind when I picked up this chick who was hitch· hiking. She was no vision of loveliness-hot, sweaty, and tired. Turned out she'd finally called it quits with her husband who, she said, never paid her any attention and didn't appreciate her." Alf invited his chance companion to come back to his place to freshen up, maybe stay a couple of days, get her head straight, and decide where to go next. "She was lost and confused," AU said. "It wasn't until next day, when I saw her in a bikini I realized she matched to the color, shape, and size Iʼd specified in my New Avatar Power work. "Marvel followed marvel. Yes, she could cook like a dream. Even better, she knew when to talk and when to keep quiet. Took us about three days to find we were true soulmates." This couple's happiness is a marvel to behold. Alf’s cynical shell dissolved, and his new partner helped him to learn what trust and love truly is. "Not bad for a guy who had given up on females," Alf concluded. NINETEENTH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE EXCEPTIONAL LOVE ELEVATOR Do you know whom you wish to attract? Is there someone in your circle whom you see as a perfect partner? Perhaps you already have a partner, but your relationship is not as vital and fulfilling as you would wish. Or maybe you're without a specific partner right now, and wish to see Mr. or Ms. Right come drifting into your orbit, to begin a relationship which makes Romeo and Juliet look uninteresting.



Whichever is your condition, the Exceptional Love Elevator changes all that. Bells ring, birds sing, and every last item which you comprehend by the phrase "Perfect Love" comes winging to you. This Secret has greatest and most immediate effects if you perform it at Full Moon, but any other time will suffice. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Erect your screen or board. If it's quiet enough, listen to your heartbeat, the traditional seat of love. On the screen, I'd like you to pretend someone has drawn a large heartshape, in Ted crayon, lipstick or red paint. Pretend the heart-shape is a window. You're looking through it at whoever is on the other side. If you already know who it is you wish to bind as a love partner, search in your memory for a mind picture of the last time you saw that person in the flesh. Replay the memory in your head, pretending the action is going on just to the other side of the heart on your screen. If your partner is yet to be revealed to you, imagine that someone, anyone, is peeping back at you from the other side of the heart. Now stand up and apply the Sixteenth Secret, Charging Your Aura with Cosmic Energy, explained in Chapter 7. No need to repeat the Confidential Corporeal Commands; you just did that a short while before. That's it. The love wheels are in motion. MAKING THE MOST EFFECTIVE USE OF THE EXCEPTIONAL LOVE ELEVATOR As you end the Aura Charging you're radiating love magnetism at every level of your being and will continue to do so for 24 hours at high levels and about 14 days with lesser power. Recharge these love energies whenever you wish. What next? Some action on the physical plane is best. Some while ago I had a letter from a young man who said he was desperately in love with a girl who lived 40 miles away. He'd met her briefly some five years before, she had never been introduced to him and presumably hardly remembered he existed. His request was that New Avatar Power make her call him by telephone and swear undying love to him. It's possible, but if you're beginning



with New Avatar Power, it would be quicker to manipulate conditions somewhat. Understand that working with New Avatar Power is unobtrusive and secret. Things come your way as if by coincidence or chance, always in reasonable ways. Take that girl the young man wanted to influence, for instance. Consider how she would feel if she woke from a dream with an unknown long-distance telephone number in her head, and the image of someone who was her ideal before her. She might call that number and start something big going; but in the framework of her own impulses, she'd possibly dismiss it all as a dream, and if it persisted, go to her shrink and check it with him. Miracles, yes, but reasonable miracles, such that other people do not start looking at you as if you're a latterday Aleister Crowley or Svengali. So give New Avatar Power maximum chances of Arrange your affairs so you meet the object of your desires. Be receptive, but not pushy. You're at deep mind levels, forging delicate bonds. Let the approach come from your potential partner. Your magnetism will do the rest and create the love situation you most desire. And if you have no one possible in mind, and the imaginary person in your Secret heart has yet to appear? Circulate. Indeed, it's true New Avatar Power can bring your ideal love tapping on your door. But you're opening up to quicker and wider opportunities if you get out into the outside world where you meet people. Any people: among them is your unknown love target. Recall Steve T.'s words in the introduction. He said, "I knew I'd be unlikely to meet any Miss America Pie's in the local beerhall" He had the right co-operative ideas to enable New Avatar Power to perform his required miracle more quickly, more easily, and with maximum efficiency. Can you do anything else? Sure you can. If your future partner is unknown to you, go Astral Traveling whenever convenient The people you meet on the Astral Plane frequently appear in the flesh, later, and you've taken a very important bonding step if you've already met your partner astrally, before the partnership becomes a physical reality in the here and now. You have even more powerful weapons of attraction when you clearly know your desired partner. Remember Chapter 7 and



walking into the sleeping minds of others to influence them? You were handed that technique and told precisely what to say and do. Use that method for all you're worth! Simultaneously, refine your own personality and image with the Third and Eleventh Secrets, adding the Fourteenth if necessary. Then, when you're in the physical presence of the object of your desire, Of someone you believe may become your partner soon, use the Tenth Secret: The Stupendous Power Enricher. Recall how you envisaged a powerful jet of steam rushing from between your eyes to form a cloud around whatever is in front of you? When you're in front of your partner target, pretend that is exactly what is happening. The "steam" (which is really a cloud of Cosmic Energy) is enveloping the person. No need to close your eyes or do anything unusual: just recall the exercise you went through in the privacy of your Secret practice; you did all the work before, so Confidential Corporeal Commands are also unneeded at this confrontation time. Just one application of the Energy cloud will suffice, when the two of you are in conversation. Take advantage of the charming results. +She's No Longer Taken for Granted Ellen P. was unhappy with her marriage. "Dan and I had not reached the stage of going our separate ways, but we were drifting apart. As far as I saw it, our union had lost any spark," she said. "Sure, we had sex-regular, but monotonous. I kind of felt used afterwards. Dan expected his meals at the right times, clean shirts always ready when he needed them ... difficult for an ordinary person to put into words. I guess you could say I felt taken for granted. I was a kind of a housekeeper with privileges available, if you understand." Ellen freely admits she thought New Avatar Power was "kind of creepy" when she first got involved with it. "But what the heck, whether things got better, stayed the same or even got worse, our marriage was going no place fast," she said. "So at the next Full Moon I did the Exceptional Love Elevator routine in our bedroom while Dan was watching TV. I went back



into the living room, stood behind him, and carried out the Stupendous Power Enricher. 'This sounds dumb-a small thing-but Dan at once did something he'd never done before. He walked across the room and switched off the television, muttering something about "We won't need that tonight." Then he turned around and looked at me. ''You know they talk about someone undressing you with his eyes? Dan did that, and it was the most delicious sensation. I'm blushing while I think of it." Ellen draws a veil over the rest of the night, but says that was "the start of something big." She's happy and content with their marriage now, and the pair of them are renowned for "being made for each other," No more being taken for granted for Ellen. AGE OR APPEARANCE IS UNIMPORTANT Despite the way advertising and society lay emphasis on youth and beauty these days, New Avatar Power easily enables you to hurdle such imaginary barriers. No matter if you think you're too old, unattractive, underprivileged, or handicapped in the game of love, New Avatar Power immerses you in a powerful aura of attraction, and your partners will see you in a different light. What you may have thought were personal drawbacks to attracting a mate will turn out to be your greatest and unique assets. +New Avatar Power Helped Her Find Her Perfect Partner This brief letter tells far more eloquently than I could hope to how a widow who had almost given up hope found the partner she desired. "My first husband died of cancer in 1969, and by 1976 I was a typical lonely widow. I kept up appearances, involved myself with volunteer work, kept a stiff upper lip, and smiled all the time. I hated it. In the quiet of the dark nights I literally ached for a husband beside me. "Was I too old to marry again? Even some of my younger friends had resigned themselves to a lonely old age. In a kind of hopeless way I'd been trying to get my doctor interested in me. He was due to retire in 1976 and move to his "island in the sun" as he



called It. He said his books and friends he’d made down there would keep him busy and happy. He'd never married: "a crabby old lifelong bachelor" he called himself. 'Then I picked up on New Avatar Power , Astral Travel, and the dream invasion techniques. Three days after I began using the methods, my doctor asked me for a date! It was almost funny the way he hemmed and hawed, and finally came out with it. "Delightful man! Our relationship grew like the proverbial mustard seed. And be could have picked on half a hundred prettier, younger, and richer women. "His friends were amazed. Secretly, so am II Even though I know you will not be able to attend, the enclosed invitation to our wedding next month will show you that it worked!'" AN ARCANE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE BONDS One thing I must soberly advise you. If you try to use New Avatar Power to steal someone else's legal spouse, you're up against a powerful Magical Ritual, unless both parties to the marriage have agreed to end it. The marriage ceremony, whether a full-scale white wedding in a church or performed by a registrar is backed by Unseen Magic predating New Avatar Power and most other psychic and occult methods known today. The knot, which is tied between man and wife is more powerful than almost all other magic. So here we run into the one area where New Avatar Power meets its match. Recall that in your love relationships and you'll suffer less disappointments. +From Loser to Lothario in Two Weeks Flat Colin D. says the guy he sees in his shaving mirror has the same acne problem, same thinning hair, and same overbite as the reflection he used to see a few weeks ago. "The difference has to be something else. How come every day those soft, fragrant bare arms come creeping around my chest, while warm lips nuzzle into my neck now?" he said. "Might be a dream-but it's not: Cindy's very much for real. And so are Jo- Anne, Jane, and Barb." Couple of months back, Colin was "the all-time loser where



females were concerned. I tried toothpastes, underarm sprays, lotions, aftershaves, new clothes-all those things TV says will bring the girls flocking to you. "Not for me. I lacked something. Nothing I did or said was right. The other guys had their steadies: I had my stereo and beat-up car, and that was all." Colin was totally skeptical about New Avatar Power and only grudgingly agreed to try the Exceptional Love Elevator. "Despite my doubts and fears, it worked," he said. "Within a couple of weeks, the gang was calling me Casanova Colin. I was quietly stunned by the amorous attention, which poured over me. Whatever happened to the loser I used to be?" THE CHOICE IS YOURS Magnetism or coercion? Are you going to set yourself up as a radiator of love vibrations or actively manipulate your desired partner by Astral Travel and Dream Manipulation? If you're in a hurry to get a partner and have a suitable compatible person in mind, coercion, invisible and powerful, is your method. Alternatively, if you'd like to savor the surprise of having destiny bring your perfect love to you, maybe someone you've never even thought about, never even met becoming a love mag- net is best. Either way, fulfillment is close. Open up with the Exceptional Love Elevator and find perfect harmony. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 9 1. You deserve the right partner. New Avatar Power will work that miracle for you. 2. New Avatar Power is in its natural element when influencing emotional and romantic conditions. 3. The Exceptional Love Elevator works on bringing a known or unknown partner to you, or will turn an existing relationship into everything you desire. 4. Reinforce New Avatar Power's unseen work with activities intentionally putting you in line for love satisfaction. 5. New Avatar Power turns what you may think are personal disadvantages into unique love assets.



6. You're up against powerful Magic if you try to break up an existing marriage. 7. Choose either or both, magnetism or coercion, to find perfect love

Secrets of Good Fortune Through Amazing New Avatar Power



SECRETS OF GOOD FORTUNE THROUGH AMAZING NEW AVATAR POWER Everyone seeks good luck, and a11 too few find it in regular doses. Here we're looking at New Avatar Power ways of doing just that: bringing bounty to you by wooing Lady Luck, charming Dame Fortune, or manipulating coincidence to put you ahead of less lucky colleagues. WHAT'S YOUR IDEA OF GOOD LUCK? A primary definition will aid you in setting up your Luck Targets. What's your idea of "being lucky"? Regular wins with lottery tickets? Beating the tables at Reno? Gaining respect and kudos by being noticed? Finding perfect living conditions? Solving problems quickly by sparkling hunches?


186 SECRETS OF GOOD FORTUNE Any, all, or none of the above can be your idea of "luck" in the broad sense. But if you see luck merely as being able to win a contest whenever you please, the foregoing may have opened your eyes a trifle. Yes, New Avatar Power will improve your luck, whatever you're involved in. But when it comes down to the crunch, anticipating being the one person whose ticket is drawn from ten million or so, you're doing some very precise focusing, and when I say New Avatar Power automatically chooses the most harmonious path, I mean it, So being a feted and famous millionaire from winning a lottery may not be New Avatar Power's way of bringing you to total happiness, so your dollars laid out on lottery tickets can be money in someone else's pocket. I mention this at the beginning to be totally frankly with you. I know many people who have used New Avatar Power and promptly bought the winning ticket, or beaten the bank at Lake Tahoe. It works, and the Marvelous Luck Changer is certain to change your luck. But improving your luck may be different from your expectations. I have a letter from one disgruntled gambler who said he agreed New Avatar Power improved his luck, but he was still unsatisfied. Previously, most of his selections at the track had run no place, still slogging away long after the winner was past the post. After using New Avatar Power his selections were doing a great deal better. His horses were coming in second, third, sometimes fourth. Occasionally he was finding winners. But overall, although his luck had improved, he was even more frustrated be- cause he was coming closer to the money, but still not winning much. I suggested New Avatar Power was not only working for him, it was also trying to tell him something: try your luck in some other area. He took the hint, and now he's a plutocrat, having used his talents in investment counseling. So the word is, New Avatar Power will change your luck, but you may have to seek out the area, which it's operating in. For reasons spelled out below, winning lotteries, bingo, craps, horses, dogs, numbers, and the like may not be your most harmonious path to contentment.



HOW LUCK WORKS You've come across the expression "lucky streak," meaning a time when no matter what chance you take you win. Some people seem to have their lucky streaks more often than others, while some say they never have a lucky break. Luck undeniably comes in spasms, in regular swings. People who seem to be constantly lucky, are those who, by instinct or deliberate life arrangement, are catching their luck cycles at their peaks and cashing in. The losers of this world do have their lucky times, but some inner drive makes them take chances when their luck tides are at low ebb, so they lose much more often than they win. Astrologers know these cycles well, and many people have used the swings of their horoscopes to win. Sophia Mason, an Ohio astrologer, netted SI5.000 on her first try at using her science to win a lottery. New Jersey astrologer Eugene Moore helped one of his students win $100,000 by choosing the right time for her un- employed husband to buy a ticket. But it takes a great deal of time, effort, and consequently money, because no one's going to teach you astrology for free, nor will they work out your winning times for you for nothing. And any astrologer who guarantees to make you win anything is fooling everyone: the science has some way to go before it's as precise as that. So astrology is out for most of us. However, those swings of good and less-good fortune are what you're attempting to ride, picking up on the flows of luck and backing off when they're at slack tide. What New Avatar Power will do for you is to break your cycle of bad luck, which has you taking chances at the wrong times, and place you in a routine where you take chances at the right times. Then you're aligned for maximum opportunities to win in the battle of life. +He Found the right Kind of Luck and Realized His Dreams "It doesn't work," wrote Bernard O. '" have been trying to win every lottery under the sun for six months to get out of debt,



and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?" Summarizing my advice to him. I suggested he was restricting his New Avatar Power by insisting on lotteries being his only way out of trouble. It transpired that Bernard nursed a dream of moving to the Florida Keys to sail around in a boat, fishing and soaking up the sun. The big lottery win would get him out of his scene of grinding poverty in Detroit, where he lived from hand-to-mouth, working as an elevator operator, trying desperately to keep his wife and five children clothed and fed. I suggested he forget about lotteries for the moment and in- stead carry his big dream into his New Avatar Power routines. plus using the Marvelous Luck Changer. His letter postmarked "Florida" came as no surprise, but it did come quicker than I'd anticipated. "Wowie! I'm writing this on the deck of a boat: can you feel the sun beating down outside the awnings? Smell the ocean breeze? Feel how totally happy I am? "Things started to click within days of using the Marvelous Luck Changer. My job caved in -they were installing automatic elevators. A great start, I thought, looks like my luck has changed ... from bad to worse. But management pushed me the right way. The hotel I worked at is one of a chain, and they asked me if I was interested in being a handyman at (you guessed it) Key West. ''That moved the family and me to the place I'd hankered after. But you've heard nothing yet! this eccentric millionaire guy comes to stay, and he takes a shine to me. He's got this ship, with a full crew and everything, but he wants to write a book. He said be needed someone who'd had a hard time in life to fill in details by just talking to him over a beer. "Fitted me like a glove. So here we all are, living the life of Riley, free accommodation on the ship moored where the kids can go ashore every day and get educated, and my wife can meet people, store hop and do all the things we couldn't afford in Detroit. And I’m getting paid a salary-the boss calls it a retainer- which is just about 10 times my elevator earnings. And seeing his proposed book has taken six months to move from page 1 to page 3. I think I’m set for life. That's what you call changing your luck!'"



HOW TO HELP LADY LUCK SMILE ON YOU The answer to getting lucky is simple. You take chances when the swings of fate are in your favor and swinging away from your opponents. When the reverse happens. and others are getting lucky, you lie low and do nothing. Knowing when to do this is the challenge. That's where the Marvelous Luck Changer comes into its own. +She Nearly Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo You've no doubt heard the song about the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Now meet the lady who did something like that, and who says New Avatar Power helped her to a fortune. This is Mary J.'s unedited letter which she invited me to share "with anyone who may be interested," "My husband had always promised me a world trip when the kids were grown," Mary said. "But inflation made us him the great ideas, and we finally scrimped and saved enough to do part of Europe, "Of course, we had to visit the casino while we were in Monaco, Cash was a bit tight, but we decided to throwaway a few francs, just to say we'd gambled at the high-rolling spots," The morning before their adventure Mary carried out the Marvelous Luck Changer, exactly as described after this case history, "I was quite excited when we reached the casino-so foreign and different from the Reno and Las Vegas places," Mary said, "My husband wanted to get in and plunge at once, but 1 felt we should wait a while, He'd decided we'd play the roulette wheel, and he'd put together some numbers based on our birthdays, He said he'd gamble on those until we'd reached our limit, then we'd go on and explore," Mary says she suddenly "just knew" it was time to place a bet. They found a place at a table, which Mary said "felt right," and placed a bet on 27-"my husband's birthday," The bet lost, And so did the next five stakes. "I said I'd take over for a few bets, and forget about the birthday numbers," Mary said. "I murmured the Number of Luck and put down some chips and shut my eyes as the ball clicked



around. When it stopped I looked, and the croupier was pushing a whole pile of chips towards me," For two hours, Mary could do no wrong: her long odds bets were paying off better than one time in four, and her hunches about black and red soon had several people following her bets, to ride her tide of luck. ''Then, all of a sudden, the bottom seemed to fall out of the hunches," Mary said. "Nothing was coming, and I felt a mite bored. I knew New Avatar Power was telling me I'd ridden my wave of luck and it was time to stop. " Nevertheless, just to prove it to herself, Mary made ten more bets. They all lost- and so did all the people who were still following "the lucky lady." ''That's when we left," Mary said. "My husband cashed in our chips, and I almost fainted. I'd multiplied our small staking reserve by just over 1,000. We'd walked in with the equivalent of $50 to lose, and here we were walking away with about $52,000. I almost felt guilty, taking it from them." Yes, it can be done, given the right time and place. Mary found it, and occasionally she takes a trip to Lake Tahoe and does it again. "Not in such large amounts," she said, "but still enough to make profits on our trips. And 1 always let my New Avatar Power hunches guide me. When I go against them, I lose." TWENTIETH SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE MARVELOUS LUCK CHANGER "I never get lucky. Not once in my whole life have I ever been lucky." If that's your cry, I'd strongly advise you to back off from taking any kinds of chances until you've changed your mind. Everyone has tides of luck. What you're saying is that you've never taken a chance at a time when your luck patterns were running good. That's a different kettle of fish. A colleague of mine who calls herself Undine, and studies numerology, gets many letters from people who say they're in deep money trouble, and they're battling to get out by playing the numbers, so can she give them some numbers which will win for them? Undine almost always tries to get one point across to her correspondent. If he or she is in money trouble his luck must be in

SECRETS OF GOOD FORTUNE 191 a bad swing. So no amount of gambling will locate good luck. Such people should wait until their luck swings positive, and then try. Unfortunately a myth has crept into popular use that, no matter when or where, some magical person can hand out a bunch of numbers, which are unerringly "lucky." It's not so. If you're into a swing of bad" luck you can gamble on every number from one to infinity, and you'll pick the wrong ones, and win nothing more than a cold. Yes, you can change ''bad'' luck to "better" luck (like my frustrated gambler correspondent whose selections finished further up the field but still out of the money), but you have to keep in mind the Shakespearean truth that There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. This Twentieth Secret enables you to catch that tide when it's in full flood and lead yourself to your desired fortune. Build this routine into your New Avatar Power work, about once a month. Recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands and plant your usual board or screen. Imagine you're writing on the board. or someone is writing it for you, the number 3332. That is the Number of Luck. Note: I have not said that's a Lucky Number, so trying to buy tickets with that number on them is leaping off at the wrong tangent. Think about that number. Say it to yourself: 'Three-three- three-two." Familiarize yourself with it, so you can recall it at any time. It's a simple one to recall, but it makes powerful metaphysical connections between you and your world of chance. You now have at your command the most potent key known to connect your conscious thinking patterns with your unseen luck tides. Open your eyes, and go about your business. But recall that number and regularly reconnect your inner being with it. +He Recited the Number of Luck and Riches Flew to Him If you were ever fortunate enough to be invited to one of Lance J.’s fabulous masked balls at his castle in the Lake District of



England, you might notice the surrealistic painting, signed by a worldfamous American artist, hanging above the fireplace. If you looked closely at the painting, you would see the figure "3332" intertwined in the center. "Call it my talisman," Lance said. "Once that number came into my life, everything started swinging my way, after an incredibly bad start to life." Lance may be one of the original discoverers of the Number of Luck, which has changed the lives of so many. Certainly his picture was painted before I incorporated the Number of Luck into New Avatar Power techniques, yet we both reached the same number independently. Only chance led me to investigate Lance's life, after an English friend mentioned the strange "3332" painting. Lance was born in the single bedroom of a miner's cottage near Cardiff. Wales. Early malnutrition brought on rickets, and Lance grew to manhood with a painfully deformed spine. His father was killed in a cave-in before Lance was three years old, and his overburdened mother died of pneumonia before the boy was in his teens. "1 was the second youngest of 12 brothers and sisters," Lance said. "We fought to stay together, but the authorities split us up. I was sent to an orphanage, but 1 hated it so much 1 ran away within six months, after being beaten regularly for failing to work properly because of my deformity and back pains. "Two days later, cold, wet, and starving, I walked into a Romany gypsy encampment in the mountains. I attached myself to them, sleeping under their caravans like a dog, and sharing their food:' While with these people, Lance learned about Numerology from the old Wise Woman of the tribe. "She could hardly add two and two," Lance said, "but she knew the vibes of numbers, and could tell you what date and time to do anything to be lucky. It was she who mentioned the mystic power of 3332." A few months later Lance was led away by police. The gypsies were being harassed and moved on, but a sharp-eyed constable realized Lance was no Romany. "I thought if I went back to the orphanage I would die," Lance said. "I started reciting the Number of Luck to myself. What else could a frightened kid do?"



Lance still wonders what chain of coincidence brought one of his older sisters to the police station as he was being bundled out of the squad car. He wonders even more at the way life suddenly turned positive for him. "I was given into my sister's care and sent back to school," lance said. "I won a scholarship, went on to technical school and mastered electronics. Every time I needed a stroke of luck, I'd get into the habit of reciting the Number of Luck." By the time he reached his majority Lance had opened a small radio and 1V repair store. It thrived, and in a few short years Lance had a chain of stores. "I became one of Britain's youngest millionaires," he said. "And that's in the days when a dollar was worth a dollar, and I had a million pounds sterling-over three million dollars at that time." Treatment by Harley Street's finest surgeons straightened Lance's spine. His investments prospered. "I provided myself with all the things I'd missed during those early, miserable years," Lance said. "If you look in my garage, you'll find a Silver Ghost Rolls Royce car, a Lambourghini, a couple of vintage Jaguars in mint condition, and a Cadillac for getting the groceries. Iʼd use the helicopter, but the manager of the store complained when 1 landed it in the parking lot. The castle is a fairly recent addition, and it's a tax shelter, so 1 can really pour money into it 1 had central heating put in to augment those great baronial fireplaces, and I've installed stereo speakers in the old suits of armor. 1 turned the dungeons into a theater where my stage friends put on private reviews, and the west turret is an observatory with a 40·inch reflecting telescope. Lance has it made now, but he says whenever he has a risky deal to swing. he recites the Number of Luck. "1 have no way of knowing why it works to wake up one's inner mind with that number," he said. "All I know is it works for me, and it's been worth millions." HOW TO USE THE MARVELOUS LUCK CHANGER Like many other aspects of New Avatar Power, you use the Marvelous Luck Changer in combination with other Secrets and techniques. The Marvelous Luck Changer, once you've set the inner



wheels in motion, ensures that any other Secret you use it with directs you toward luck and the consequences of whatever you, personally, see as "being lucky." In effect you "place" the Number of Luck in your mind and being. then "call" on its powers whenever you need them, If any element of luck or chance is involved in your desired outcome of any Secret, as you open your eyes at the end, say the Number o f Luck once to yourself. With the Number of Luck placed into life's situations, you're aligned with whatever "lucky breaks" are around, and if you follow your hunches, you'll be in the right place at the right time, you'll know when to gamble, and when to stay away from lotteries, numbers, or any other games of chance. DISCOVERING WINNING NUMBERS I trust you have read, understood, and considered the earlier part of this chapter. I know the temptation to extract this piece from the rest of the book and try to build a new life on it. I'll say it again: dipping into and taking bits which you fancy from this book is futile: it not only means I've wasted my time in writing 65,000 words, it also means the chances are you'll be disappointed. Yes, you can discover Winning Numbers this way. But please do not make them the sole solution to life's problems: if fate has you in a corner, it's going to take more than lucky numbers to battle your way free, To discover Winning Numbers, first set up the conditions for them to be selected. If it's a horse race, how many numbers are there to select from? If it's a lottery, how many numbers occur on each ticket-is it a five-figure number, Six-figure, or how many? If you're going to Reno to try roulette, your limits of numbers are 1 through 36, of course, but recall zero and double-zero: they're in the chance pattern too. Having set up the picture in your mind, with the sort of numbers you're looking for, perform the Magic Future Knowing Technique as explained in Chapter 6. Before you pretend the calendar pages are drifting off, think ''Threethree-three-two,'' in a kind of loud, mental 'statement. Pretend you're saying it to a crowd of people in a fair-sized room, so



they all hear it. But do not, peak it aloud. Then proceed with the Magic Future Knowing Technique as I explained previously. When you wake, instead of grabbing the story told by your dreams, latch onto any numbers your inner mind showed in the sleep state. You'll find they fit to the proposal you were considering when you began the Secret. Write those numbers down before they slip away. They will win for you, and New Avatar Power builds in a purposeful failsafe mechanism. If you do not dream anything which fits to your Lucky Numbers proposal of the preceding night, that's a clear signal you're into a swing of luck where winning is unlikely. Prompted by the magic Number of Luck, your New Avatar Power will assuredly hand you what you need to win when the time is right. It's simple, foolproof, and automatic, geared to your personal luck patterns by the all-knowing insight of New Avatar Power. +Patience Brought Its Reward in the Shape of 5100,000 This brief letter from my rues shows how the Number of Luck paid off after Cyril R. had almost given up hope. ''I'd been trying to get lottery numbers in my dreams for a fun month. Each morning 1 wracked, my memory to find no numbers. "I was going to give it seven more days, and then forget about the method, thinking it was useless. Three days before the end of my experiment 1 woke with a clear dream of going up to a lady, buying a ticket, the third one in her book, and checking the number before stowing it in my wallet. "The numbers were so clear in my mind they almost seemed to be written on my bedroom ceiling as I awoke. At lunchtime that day I had this tremendous sensation of "this has happened before." Sure enough, there was the ticket seller, and when I asked for the third one in the book in front of her, the number was right! "I knew 1 would win. I was totally confident. The publication of winning numbers felt like an unnecessary formality to me. All 1 lacked was how much I would win. ''The enclosed xerox copy of the check 1 received for $100,000 will convince you I'm not kidding."

196 SECRETS OF GOOD FORTUNE SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 10 1. Yes. New Avatar Power can change your luck. 2, Set up Luck Targets. 3. Improving your luck may bring different results from your expectations. 4. Everyone's luck swings up and down regularly. Astrologers know these cycles, but even after years of study they still have to labor long and hard to get close, and they should never guarantee winnings. 5. New Avatar Power will break your cycle of bad luck. 6. If you're into a "bad luck" cycle, you're very unlikely to win. 7. New Avatar Power will automatically identify the right times when you can gamble with reasonable prospects of success. 8. The Number of Luck stirs your inner mind and puts you in the right place at the right time. 9. Selecting winning numbers in your sleep is Simple, because New Avatar Power will wait until your luck is in a positive swing for you. It's so easy, you literally do it with your eyes closed!

Secrets of Escaping from Domination Using Avatar Power


SECRETS OF ESCAPING FROM DOMINATION USING AVATAR POWER What's holding you back from the epitome of harmony which you deserve? This chapter can give you new insight into unseen obstacles to personal progress and enable you to pull yourself free. HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE DOMINATION, WHICH IS CRIPPLING YOU We're all subject to obeying laws, from Natural Law, which operates throughout the Universe, down to manmade laws, which help society to run as smoothly as possible. Those are inescapable, and if you object to a law, the harmonious thing to do, is to get it changed. Flouting any law is hazardous, although trying to oppose Natural Law is the most dangerous of all.




What do I mean by that last? Again, a material example. A Natural Law, which is usefully employed inside automobile, says that when gasoline is ignited, it burns or explodes. Trying to oppose that Natural Law hurts. If you pour gasoline over your clothing, and apply a lighted match, you'll burn. No amount of insisting "I believe this Natural Law to be unfair, restrictive, and unconstitutional" will keep you out of a hospital bed. That's a very obvious attempt to oppose Natural Law which is so wellknown and evident that we recognize it easily. Other Natural Laws are less obvious. but opposing them can be almost as hurtful. So we're under domination like that, and New Avatar Power aids you in harmonizing with such Laws, instead of fighting them. New Avatar Power will also help you overcome other restrictions, which form the subject of this chapter. These restrictions are domination, which comes from someone or something, backed by neither manmade nor Natural Laws. First you have to recognize such domination, and it can be subtle in the extreme. The wife who becomes sick when her spouse wants to go to the ballgame is dominating her man by emotional means. The mother who says she'll do away with herself if her son marries his choice of girlfriend is another blatant example. Your boss who wields the threat of dismissal over you if you step out of line is also dominating. Even closer to home, your own fears of "What if it failed to work out right" can dominate your freedom to grow toward the happiness you seek. So if life is changing too slowly for your liking, if so far the application of New Avatar Power has resulted in fewer changes than you had anticipated, wonder if the chains of domination are what are holding you back. ESCAPING FROM DOMINATION First identify the source of the domination. Then build a shield against it. Spend a few minutes considering what is frustrating you, what's standing in your way of achieving your goals, who wields power over you which is neither from manmade laws nor from Natural Law.



Your Mystical Initiation list will help you identify the domination. From that list you should be able to clearly see where more work needs to be done to free yourself, If it's a self-generated fear, which is holding you back, you already have the tool to solve that. Apply the Fabulous Fear Eradicator as directed in Chapter Two. Does your domination come from one or more of the Seven Negative Traps? No.6: Over-Sensitivity to the Influence of Others often holds worthy people back from achievement. And No.7: Too Involved with the Troubles of Others is a special obstacle which takes careful solving, simply because we're taught, correctly, that compassion for the unfortunate is desirable. So it is, but reread that section of Chapter 5 to realize when compassion can go too far. Having identified the source of the domination, which is holding you back, be it a person or circumstance, apply the Wonderful Over-Concern Protector. It's purposely and purposefully designed to eliminate such opposition to your right to be happy and free. +She Soared from Misery to Contentment Receiving letters like the following one is a joy. We see New Avatar Power in action, carving away difficulties and opening up a splendid future. "My husband's nursery business was failing, so was his health. Too many bills, not enough money, no time out, late deliveries, unreliable staff, the bad winter -everything was against us. We tried to sell. No takers. I tried to help out where I could, but nothing worked. Bankruptcy loomed. "Two things happened, almost together. I discovered New Avatar Power and had hardly completed the preliminary work when a telephone enquiry came from a man who wanted a rare ornamenta1 tree. We just happened to be growing one, so he came to buy it. "He was a retired financier with plenty of money. He told us he was looking for something "to keep himself out of mischief now that he was tired of his island retreat in the British Columbia Gulf Islands. He said he wanted to get closer to civilization-a thing my husband and I had been yearning to get away from for years. "Perhaps you've guessed what happened. We traded: our business for his island.



"Here we are in paradise now. The strains have gone, our needs are few. My husband's health is fine now, and we're closer than we've been for years. No worries, only the squirrels and deer around us, instead of debt collectors. Sunshine and lazing on the beach replaces slaving from dawn to dusk. "Was it New Avatar Power which made this miraculous change? I think it was, and I'm keeping up the good work!" TWENTY-FIRST SECRET OF NEW AVATAR POWER, THE WONDERFUL OVER-CONCERN PROTECTOR The final Secret herewith, the most useful and powerful of all. HI had to select but one Secret from all twenty-one, this is the one I would master. First, because it's ultimately powerful, and second because it uses several preceding Secrets I Carry out the Sixteenth Secret, then sit or lie down and men- tally position your usual screen or board. Pretend this time you're in front of a mirror. Naturally, you'll see yourself reflected in it. Consider who or what is dominating you, and as you run the thoughts through your mind, sketch in the idea that the "you" in the mirror is tightly bound with chains. By the time you've considered your domination sources fully, your pretend reflection should look like Houdini about to do his famous escape from enough chains to sink a battleship. In your mind, state the Number of Luck. You're going to need luck as well as planning if your domination is as forceful and subtle as most people's. Erase the picture in the mirror in your usual way. Now fish around in your memory for a time when you were freed from some restriction. Put a picture on your screen of your running happily home from school after class; a mental picture of your running away from home, being released from jail, getting away from employment you disliked. It has to be some personal situation which you've experienced and can recall with reasonable clarity. Having acted that little cameo through in your memory, carry out the Incredible Disinterest Remover. No need to include the Confidential Corporeal Commands, nor are they needed for the last step in this Secret: perform the Phenomenal Over-Sensitivity Transformer.



Are you ever charged up to work miracles now! That combination of internal mind work throws New Avatar Power into fast four-wheel drive. Nothing can stand in your way for long now. +"Never Realized How Beautiful Life Could Be" Lack of education, self-doubts, and sickness were Jenny N,'s bio of drawbacks which kept her down. In middle age, divorced, her life had a miserable "sameness" which seemed likely to go on for eternity. "Five days of monotony as the lowliest clerk in the factory, two days of washing, cleaning, watching TV, and dreaming of all the things I was missing," she said. "Week in week out, that had been my existence for years. Nothing I did could break the routine. The only change was when my phlebitis flared up and I spent time in bed," Jenny says she saw vast life changes within' two weeks of starting in on New Avatar Power routines. "'There's no one thing I can put my finger on which worked the miracles," she said, " became more confident, chances dropped lovely things into my lap, and people started to notice me in good ways. "First it was a long-delayed promotion which came. Then a neighbor, a widower, started dropping by for coffee at weekends. I won a car in a local competition and had my name and picture in the paper. My doctor was surprised to see my phlebitis receding until it had gone." Jenny still lives in the same city, but her sad, frustrating life is in the past. She's married her neighbor, moved to his neat work- saving home, and stopped working at the factory. She's head of a local volunteer board, admired for her forthrightness, respected by the community, and more happy than she can ever recall. "Peace and contentment were my goals," she said. "Other people can aim for dollars and luxury. New Avatar Power brought me exactly what I asked for," DEFEATING YOUR ENEMIES Protecting yourself from all manner of negativity is the purpose of the Wonderful Over-Concern Protector. With the addition



of the Stupendous Power Enricher you can almost literally blow away your oppositions. When you know an enemy is working against you, carry out those two Secrets. in the order mentioned, When you come to the "steam projection" device. pretend it's gushing allover your enemy, shriveling him or her (or them), bowling them over and crushing them to the ground. If you happen to meet a known enemy face to face at any time within 14 days of carrying out the Wonderful Over-Concern Protector you can get even deeper into your enemy's being. With your eyes open, so no one thinks you're up to anything strange, pretend you're performing the Stupendous Power Enricher "blowing away" technique. Then listen on the grapevine for results such as Harold H. experienced when he did the same. +They AU Suffered Disasters and Left Him in Peace "My life has gone from bad to terrible," Harold H. wrote. "Sometimes I think the whole world is against me. No one likes me, everything I touch crumbles to nothing, I'm a total failure in life, and I'm frustrated at every tum." Through no fault of his own, Harold was surrounded by negative people. In large and small ways, he constantly was attacked. "At work the foreman of the road crew I work with hates me because he thinks I've been cheating with his wife, but he can't prove it. That's not surprising because I've never even met the woman. The other guys follow his lead and make me a kind of outcast," Harold said. "My neighbors make waves, saying my tree interferes with their view, my TV annoys them, my children steal their apples and break their windows, my wife's rude to them. "A local store has served a summons on me which should have been served on someone else and no way can I correct the error. That's started gossip, of course, and my credit rating's slipping. The power company says I owe them hundreds of dollars, which I've paid. What can I do? I think fate wants to see me go down into the mud and stay there." It took two days for the Wonderful Over-Concern Protector to tum the tide. Harold's life brightened visibly, day by day. "First it was the foreman. He left early one day, having



gashed his arm on a pipe. and found out who really was cheating with his wife. The guy pulled a knife, and ended up in jail. The foreman beat up on his wife, she sued, and he hightailed it for Mexico," Harold wrote. "1 was offered-and took-a far better job across town. We sold our house at a neat profit, and now have a place with wonderful, cooperative neighbor’s who think my wife's charming, love my kids, and have made us feel totally welcome. "Just after we relocated, vandals looted the home of one of my old neighbor's, and another bad a terrible fire which left him penniless. ""The power company admitted their error, and I sued the store for wrongful service of the summons, won, and received a large cash settlement in damages." Those were Harold's first miracles. Later ones saw him and his wife win thousands of dollars of furniture and trips on a TV 'game show and receive a good-sized legacy from a deceased relative. "What a change in a short while," Harold said. "Was I ever such a loser as I said I was?! guess so, but since New Avatar Power came along, the memory's fading fast." REMOVING CURSES, THE EVIL EYE OR POSSESSION Really and truly, powerful curses and the "Evil Eye" are rare commodities in this day and age. The techniques and abilities take much work and energy. Frankly, most of the people who have reputations for doing evil by occult means rely on fear, imagination, myths, and legends to do their unpleasant work for them. Nevertheless, it's just possible you may be under domination from someone who knows the Old Ways and is a practitioner of Black or Gray Magic. If so, you're now protected, if you've followed with me through the Secrets of New Avatar Power. And you now own the ultimate weapon to throw the evil back to its source. New Avatar Power inserts a neat check and balance here: when you apply the following technique, evil magic is hurled back to its source and the sender receives the effects she or he was projecting. Results are almost instantaneous: the evil-sender will suffer harm of some kind or another within hours.



Here's the safety-valve: if the target of the returned evil is either innocent or is merely playing on your fears and emotions, nothing will happen. Yes. New Avatar Power will unerringly reflect evil magic back to its source with devastating efficiency. But if the evil emanation does not exist, you'll see very little happen to the alleged malefactor. So you'll have to seek further to find out why you consider you're bewitched. That's the splendid feature of this Secret: if you happen to be mistaken, you cannot do damage to innocent parties. If you're correct, the malefactor is smashed. So if you really and genuinely feel you're under magical domination, or you're having the Evil Eye cast at you, perform the Twenty-First Secret when the Moon is new. As you end the Secret, add one extra detail. Pretend for about a minute that your box of clear bullet-proof glass is also silvered, so you're looking at the backs of reflecting mirrors surrounding you. Thus any streams of energy directed at you at occult levels are reflected back with shattering force to wherever they're coming from. That's all. Listen for news of your Evil Eye practitioner. If indeed the negative aspect of the occult is being practiced against you, or any other variation of evil Magic, you'll see the devastating results visited upon your attacker within hours. Joan R., in the next case history, amply illustrates my point. +She Sent A Powerful Curse Back. To Source Joan R. 's case is admittedly a rare one, but it shows what New Avatar Power can do in the way of total protection. "I should never have messed with the occult," Joan wrote. "I joined a group of people who were into witchcraft, and came under the spell of their leader, a hypnotic and powerful man who (I found out later) has a long record of disgusting involvements with homosexuals, prostitutes, and innocent people he was able to manipulate with his psychic powers. "Before I was too far in his thrall to back out, I left the group. From then on, the nightmares began.“ The occult leader began by calling Joan, telling her he "had



plans for her" and if she did not rejoin the group he would send demons and bad luck to torment her. "I laughed at him," Joan said. "I should have known better. He really was a powerful occultist. I began waking screaming in the night, enveloped by unseen slimy things. The neighbors called the police one night because they thought I was being murdered. "Lack of sleep and a nameless terror which haunted me lowered my resistance. I developed a raving fever. and at its height I thought my tormentor came and ravished me horribly. I knew nothing about witchcraft, so had no defence against his evil spells." Joan says life turned sour. Everything went wrong, from losing her manfriends to her car catching on fire. "A close friend said I had better read up on the occult and find out how to defend myself," Joan said, "and during my search in the library I came across New Avatar Power, It seemed just what I needed, being a beginner and having little psychic knowledge," Joan wrote to me after she had found some relief from her tormentor. "The protective ritual worked a little," she wrote. "I sleep better, and the voices I was starting to hear, mocking me day and night, have receded. But I'm still fearful and experiencing very evil luck," I suggested she try the Twenty-First Secret, adding the deflecting occult mirrors. "The wizard is dead," Joan wrote a week later. "One of the girls who was there said he had formed a circle to work some healing magic, as he called it. Apparently, although the women involved were not aware of it, he was drawing on their psychic powers to send more trouble to me. "He stood in the circle and sent his powers out, chanting and gesturing, then he suddenly screamed, cowered on the floor, convulsed and expired before anyone could call an ambulance. The coroner said it was death from natural causes." Joan's life went back to normal at once, and she vowed she would never tamper with occult powers again. "Not those kinds of powers," she said. "But I'll keep my hand in with New Avatar Power. That never causes trouble, and it's always there when you need it most."



SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 1l 1. Recognize who or what is dominating you. 2. Harmonize with Natural Law and find happiness and freedom. 3. Use the Wonderful Over-Concern Protector to eliminate domination. 4. "Blow away" your enemies with the Stupendous Power Enricher. 5. True occult curses are fairly rare these days. 6. If you are under a spell, affected by the Evil Eye, cursed or possessed by demons, adding the deflecting mirror technique to the Twenty-First Secret will blast the evil- doer. 7. No harm will come to anyone if you should happen to be mistaken about the source of the evil, which comes your way. The innocent will not be harmed.

Creating Your Perfect Life With New Avatar Power


12 CREATING YOUR PERFECT LIFE WITH NEW AVATAR POWER Twenty-one secrets and a host of tips and wrinkles have been laid before you, enabling you to employ the awesome energy of the Cosmos, which I have called New Avatar Power. The paths of your mind and body are opening up, making a broad superhighway for New Avatar Power to sweep in and obey your smallest wish, clearing away frustrations, fears, and obstacles, leading you to the peace, harmony, and luxury you entertained only as hopeful dreams before. Those dreams are now about to become total and true reality. BEST WAYS TO APPLY THE WHOLE NEW AVATAR POWER TECHNIQUE Sooner or later, someone is going to say to you: "New Avatar Power is false: it pretends it can give you something for nothing.




and everyone knows you can't get something for nothing." That statement is untrue. I lived in a house in Muldersdrift, South Africa, which used solar panels for all heating and hot water. Once the basic work was done, the Sun provided us with copious energy, which didn't cost us a thin dime. You're using New Avatar Power in the same way. Just as solar energy is free, so Cosmic Energy is free, and once you've built yourself into an efficient receiver of the energy by applying the Secrets, so you do get things for nothing: Cosmic Energy does the work. But concerning such negative reactions to your use of New Avatar Power, attracting such attention is undesirable. So in order to avoid the gloom-and-doom brigade who will try to put you down, keep your use of New Avatar Power a personal secret. You'll get results quicker if you're not surrounded by unbelievers. Set up your New Avatar Power program. Identify your problems, decide what you wish to have replace them, and apply the Secrets to work the miracles. +His True Instant Miracles Transformed His Life Chris S. says there are no natural explanations for the miracles, which changed him from despair to secure contentment and freedom in two days. His is an example of New Avatar Power flowing at full bore, sweeping away obstacles and replacing them with happiness. ''I'd reached the end," Chris wrote. "The song "Alone Again'" might have been written about me. My sad, widowed mother had died. I'd been stood up by my fiancee. I was unemployed, wracked by pains from kidney stones, suffering from stomach cramps from a tumor, which the doctors said might be malignant. My brother was horribly mangled in a car smash, ending up a vegetable, and my sister had terminal cancer. "I truly was on the way to throw myself from a high building to end it all when New Avatar Power came on the scene." Chris was counting the minutes in his last hour on earth, moodily trudging the streets, having decided to jump off a local office tower roof at noon precisely. "I blindly blundered into a lady who apologized and hurried on," Chris said. ··She dropped a book, but by the time I had miserably decided to pick it up, she had vanished into the crowds.



"I went into a coffee shop, ordered a Coke, and flicked the book open," Chris's zero hour came and went. He was absorbed in the book. "I was somewhat cynically reading about the Miracles a/New Avatar Power." Chris said. "I suddenly realized I was still alive when I'd planned to be dead and gone. It gave me a jolt that my firm decision should have been cancelled. "I stood up to leave and noticed a scrap of paper beside my foot. A lottery ticket, I scooped it up, expecting it to be an old one. It was for that day, and the restaurant proprietor had just turned on the television to watch the results of the draw. In total befuddlement, I saw the computer select the number of the ticket I had picked up. Half-a-million dollars was suddenly mine." Chris attended the presentation ceremony the next day, was feted on TV, and went home. As he entered, his phone was ringing. "It was an old army buddy who'd seen me and had not known I was in the same city." Chris said. "We met the same evening, and found we had a mutual interest in gadgets and inventing." The two agreed to launch a business with Chris' money and his friend's know-how. "That was only the start," Chris said. "A girl who had seen me on TV called and said she felt she had to meet me. Heaven knows what prompted her to call, but we found each other ideal, and set up home together. "But perhaps the most amazing miracles were going on with· out my knowledge. A medical check showed my kidney stones had dissolved, my tumor had vanished. My brother turned the corner and began to mend visibly, while my sister, while being prepared for another bout of surgery, was found to be free of any trace of cancer." Chris and his friend prospered in their business, and both now have a chain of retail outlets, which they visit, flying around the country in their private jet. Chris has a superb home in the Adirondacks, where his brother, almost completely well now, lives with him and his affectionate and adoring wife. "It all began when I was dreaming hopelessly about what the future might hold, in that coffee shop," Chris said. "Of course, I've not given up on New Avatar Power: if there's ever anything I need, I just perform another small miracle."



I've done my very best to layout this program so that you can tailor it easily to transforming your life. Inevitably, questions will arise. For instance, if you're working more than one Secret at a sitting, is it necessary to start each Secret with the Confidential Corporeal Commands? Answer: No. Once you have recited your Commands, you can follow them with any number of Secrets. Maybe you have trouble deciding if you're lonely, in despair, or merely unhappy. Which Secret should you apply? Answer: apply all three appropriate ones to cancel the condition. No one ever came to harm from an overdose of New Avatar Power: no such thing exists as too much Cosmic Energy usage. The one minor caution I insert is that you balance your use of New Avatar Power with your regular duties, obligations, and responsibilities. New Avatar Power must not interfere with day-to- day routines. For example, it's invalid to tum up late for work saying, "Sorry I'm late, my New Avatar Power work took me longer than I expected." No doubt you'll have your own queries and points of doubt about how, where, and when to apply New Avatar Power. Best course is to solve the questions in your own way. The whole of this course of using New Avatar Power is geared to your way of doing things, your way of thinking, your psychology. The whole program you work out is individual: no one in the whole wide world will apply New Avatar Power in exactly the way you do. I have given you the groundrules: you apply them in any way you think fit, and for you, those ways will be the best ways, be- cause they fit like a glove to your mind, having been produced by your mind. As I said early on, do not get hung up on details. You'll pay attention to the New Avatar Power activities, of course. Rushing a Secret, or getting sloppy with your New Avatar Work will produce sloppy results. But on the other hand, relax~ and peaceful use of Cosmic Energy is your aim at all times. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND YOUR MIRACLES ARRIVE In a book such as this, you need to extract what applies to you and pass over that which is not relevant to your life style and conditions.

CREATING YOUR PERFECT LIFE 215 Secrets 1, 4, and 8, plus the Confidential Corporeal Commands and Mystic Initation are universal to all users of this method. The other Secrets you select as and when you wish to apply them. But I strongly advise you work through this book from cover to cover, practicing the techniques so they come easily to mind as you use them, Even if a Secret does not apply right now, doing a dry run with it is valuable New Avatar Power practice. DAILY NEW AVATAR POWER WORKOUT IS BEST Set up your New Avatar Program to fit into your daily routines. If possible, a few minutes in the quiet each day should be your aim, with a slightly longer session on a monthly basis. to "boost" various Secrets as I've explained. Of course, the Mysterious N'T Word Game can be played whenever you think of it, while your Confidential Corporeal Commands are valuable for detaching from tense situations, as I pointed out earlier. New Avatar Power becomes a part of your life eventually. You live with its in-pouring, knowing that even when you're immersed in the most mundane task, New Avatar Power is helping things along, quietly shaping your future into the glory you aspire to. +Fate Turned from Scowls to Smiles as He Used New Avatar Power Name a negative condition, and chances are Paul I. can quote it back to you from his diary. "Accident prone? No one would insure me. I've suffered agonizing pain from every known fracture or mishap," Paul said. "Misery? Underprivileged start, lack of money. disease, dirt, an alcoholic father, and a mentally sick mother. Two terrible marriages. Lost a son in a car smash. "I had a genius for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was hit by a bullet in a holdup in a bank where I was merely depositing a few bucks. A single rock fell off a cliff in Nevada, missed a crowd of tourists and bounced onto my car, destroying it and breaking my arm. Influenza, bronchitis, cholera---disease used me as a testing ground. And I never got a penny in the expensive malpractice suit I launched after a hospital injected me with the wrong needle and left my leg paralyzed for months." Paul was a perfect person to check if New Avatar Power could



work in the worst of cases. After receiving a letter from him telling me "It Doesn't Work," I advised him on some of the newer techniques incorporated in these pages. "Seemed a load of wishful thinking," Paul states. "Desperately trying to make ends meet, I just could not see how a few minutes a day setting up imaginary aims would make an atom of difference to the way fate scowled at me, and snatched away any hope of happiness. "I guess I was prepared to try anything once. Nothing I did went right, and surely destiny had no more indignities and catastrophes to pile on my bowed and miserable head." Paul was right, even if he doubted it at the time. Within a week of setting up his Mystic Initiation list, he'd brought himself exactly the job he'd been seeking for years. He followed that by turning his indifferent, and often nagging, wife into what he happily describes as his "willing loveslave." Third, he bought into a speculative mining outfit, which struck ore a week later and turned an invested $300 into $10,000. "I just worked through my list in a kind of ecstatic haze," Paul said. "No sooner had 1thought of a desirable event, it came to pass. World trip? Had the time and money to take off. New home? My precise dream came on the market while 1was making enquiries in a real estate office. "You know, it's all come together so incredibly, I'm honestly having a hard time finding things to add to my Total Happiness list. And when that's the most difficult thing in your life, you have to realize you've reached some incredible height of achievement and satisfaction. Come and join me-my delightful life is only a few Secrets away!" TOTAL ATTUNEMENT USING NEW AVATAR POWER Knitting everything, which has gone before into a coherent package, this is a summary of your personal New Avatar Power program. . 1. See and hear Cosmic Energy. Required one time only, but repeat if you feel the need. 2. Understand and remember the First Secret. 3. Decide what needs changing with the help of your Mystic Initiation.



4. List what's wrong with your life, and number the problems in priority order. Also make a list of suitable solutions. These lists should be rearranged monthly. 5. Create your Confidential Corporeal Commands. Recite them in all tension situations. 6. Establish (as feasible) a daily time to recite your Confidential Corporeal Commands. As you learn other Secrets, this time becomes your New Avatar Power working period each day (except for the techniques which are used at bedtime). 7. Clear your New Avatar Power channel by playing the Mysterious NT Word Game whenever you please. 8. Create your Personal Verbal Seals. 9. Make a record of life conditions, create your Mental Achievement Chalkboard, and write your Total Happiness List, revising each of these monthly. 10. Practice Charging Your Aura With Cosmic Energy when required. 11. Escape from domination with the Twenty-First Secret. 12. Apply Secrets 5, 6, 7, and 9 through 20 as and when necessary, using them in the suggested ways, and following up on any revelations which bring any goal closer. Once you've tested out each of the Secrets, you begin to he selective. Each time you sit or lie down to work with New Avatar Power techniques, decide on what miracle, or miracles you'll aim at this day. . For example, you might select a solution from your Mystic Initiation list, and bring it to you as explained. Then proceed to eradicate a fear, improve your health, and polish your luck a bit. These are your selections, depending on what needs doing most and how much time you've allocated for this New Avatar Power routine. But please do not rush and hurry too much: one miracle fully achieved is better than ten miracles only partly accomplished! And of course, if you feel you just have too many goals and have trouble selecting a few for the day, use the Fifth Secret to make your decisions for you. There you have your program. Personally tailored to bring your every desire into glittering, fulfilling reality. Go to it, and may you realize every wish which you've ever wished-plus a few more

218 CREATING YOUR PERFECT LIFE that New Avatar Power has in store for you, better, more stupendous, and more amazing than anything you thought possible.

Epilog: Some Personal Thoughts to You From the Author


EPILOG: SOME PERSONAL THOUGHTS TO YOU FROM THE AUTHOR Four years ago I wrote a book called The Miracle of New Avatar Power. Reader response was fantastic, awesome. Letters flooded in, and even as I read the first of your myriad responses. I realized here was a mother lode of first-hand experience, which could be mined to the benefit of all. Into my mail-box was pouring a golden treasury of data from the very people I had set out to reach. People without whom an author is merely a typist; his readers, bless you all! Within those envelopes sent to me from the far corners of this earth I found questions, comments, constructive criticism and friendly dialogs. From those grew this book. Better and easier to use. Techniques which confused people have been smoothed and




clarified. Emphasis has been placed on factors I previously failed to point up adequately enough. And you will realize I was able to do this only with help. Your help! Many of you out there can feel a glow of pleasure as you realize you aided me in my task of making New Avatar Power more beneficial, more universal in effect. A few of you will be able to show your friends the case histories. ''That's me he's writing about-and it's all true," you'll say. Others will recognize how I've changed parts of the New Avatar Power method to circumvent difficulties they wrote to me about. Yes. I read all incoming mail personally: the fact that your letter does not appear in this book is merely a witness to the sheer volume of mail which arrived-I had to be very selective. Indeed, this has been a two-way street. I put the words together the best I know how, and you told me where I was right, where I went wrong, where I should have expressed myself more plainly, And as an author must if he is to grow, I've used your feedback to provide significant substance in these pages-and I will use more in the pages of other books to come. As you will have realized, my purpose in writing books such as this one is to help you help yourself, And I can best do that if I know your problems, share your successes, am aware of your failures, so that I may by my best to straighten out the way ahead for you with my writings, I know reader response wi1l be as voluminous and gratifying as it was for my first book I just hope you understand that it is virtually impossible for me to reply to each and every letter I receive, But know that I have read your letter, and shared your joys or sorrows. I'm deeply interested in how you're getting along with New Avatar Power, Maybe in a later book, you'll see clear evidence of that, as I respond to your comments, and you'll feel the warm pleasure of recognizing how you have been instrumental in helping others to greater happiness and harmony, A simple "Thank you for your trouble, time and stamps," is the best I can do. Keep those letters flowing in,' my friends: without them I have no way of knowing if I'm hitting the right targets for you,



NEW AVATAR POWER IS WAITING TO SERVE YOU My labor of love is virtually complete. Here you have my latest thoughts and techniques on using New Avatar Power to transform your life. to bring your every last dream into glittering fulfillment. This method has developed directly from the original method, written up in my previous book, The Miracle of New Avatar Power, readers of that book will recognize the streamlining, the logical flow of techniques, to make the process even more automatic, even more powerful and fantastic. "Should I use the original method, or this new one?" is an inevitable closing query for some. My answer is: "If the original method is working well for you and you have your Cosmic Chart clicking into place, stay with it. If you feel you'd like to incorporate this method, your Magic Mentor will show you how." And if that preceding paragraph puzzles you, know that it concerned a part of New Avatar Power, which I included in my previous book. No need to worry: in a different form, it's part of this new book, so you're not being deprived of anything. Only the Names have been changed to protect the confused! Be peaceful, work with the Secrets, and when we meet in the Astral Plane, we shall salute each other. May all your miracles be vouchsafed you.

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