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general knowlwdge base questions...


What is age of SUN ? a)- 4.6 Billion Years b)- 4.9 billion years c)-4.10 billion years d.4.8 billion years 2-Time Taken by Sunlight to reach earth? a) 5min. and 15.4 sec. b)- 8 min. and 16.6 sec. c)-7 min. and 14 sec. 3-Great white way ? a)-Broadway (New York) b)- New Zealand c)- Kent d)- Korea 4-Tapaimukh Dam issue is between countries ? a. pak and India b.india and Bangladesh c. sirilanka and India c. India and china. 5-clash civilization is written by: a. jane austen. b. leo Tolstoy c. john cerry. d.samuel Huntington. 6-Ringitt is is the currency of ? a.Iraq b. iran c. Malaysia d.kinya . 7-Arab league established in ? a. 20 march 1940 b-13 jan 1947 c.22 march 1945 d.23 march 1947. 8-Mao Movement is connected with ? a. Malaysia b.Naxalites c.Assam d.mongolia. 9-Obama is US “s ----------President ? A.55th b.47th c.39th d.44th . 10-Baitullah mehsud killed on ? a.2 aug 2009 b.4july 2009 c.june 6 2009 d.5 august 2009. 11-Mother in law of obama is ? a.sari nan b.marian Robinson c.sheva sate. d. reni botar 12-fifa president is? a.john stofy b. blatter stami c.joseph sepp blatter. d. poldy vakker. 13-when karry lugar bill was passed ? a.oct 10,2009 b.august 2009 c.july 15 2009 d.sep 24 2009. 14-A Book of 2008” A way of hope and extremism by ? a.sameena jalal b.aysha jalal c.navena saqid d. afia adil. 15-Balck forest is a mountain range in ? a.South korea . b.Russia c.pakistan d.germany. 16-Bill gates belong to ? a.programing b. software . 17-protein absorbed by ? a.neck b.tongue c.stomach d.liver. 18-the Olympic games will be held in 2012 ? a. japan. b. usa c.china 19-continent largest ? a.Afirca b.Australia c.Europe d.Asia. 20-who is 3rd governor genral of Pakistan ? a-Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry b.Iskandar mirza c.Ghulam Muhammad d.Ghulam Ishaq khan. 21-who is Pakistan,s 8 th president ? Muhammad Mian somro b.Muhammad Rafiq tarar c.waseem sajad d.Ghulam Ishaq khan 22-what was the name Quaid,s first wife ? a.pami bai b.manabai c. emibai d.satibai 23-first constitution of Pakistan was made in ? a. 16 feb 1959 b.12 march 1953 c23 March 1956 d.14 june 1950. 24-The renowned another of the spirit of islam and a short history of the Saracens was : a.shiblee b.nawab mohsin c.sayed ameer ali d.sir aga khan. 25-The first issue of moualana abul kalam azads ‘AL hilal’ came out on 13 july ? a.1912 b.1913 c.1914 d.1915 26-which are the aligned year in Pakistan‘s foreign policy ? a.1963-1972 b.1954-1962 c.1947-1953 d.1972-1984

27-the hasni tribe is settled in ? a.southren NWFP b.westren balochistan c.central sindh d.none of these. 28-In conection with land reforms the Punjab tenancy act was passed in? a.1877 b.1887 c.1897 d.none of these 29-kalabag iron deposits are largest in Pakistan with an estimated reserve of ? a.309 million ton b.509 million ton c.709 million ton d.none of these 30-The “millat and menace of indianism” is written by? a.Muhammad Ali Rehmat ali c.shoukat ali d.allama iqbal 31-The lacknow pact was conceived by? a.Lord chemsford b.john simon c.edward cadogan d.none of these. 32-On 7th August ,Muhammad Ali Jinnah left India for the last time and flew to: a.Quetta b.Lahore c.Karachi d.Peshawar 33-Sir sikandar hayat khan was leader of ? a.Muslim league b.unionist party c.congress d.non of these

34-The Pakistan forest institute, a national organization was established in ? a.1947 b.1957

c.1967 d. 1977

35-junagadh was a small maritime sate and had an area of ? a.4500sq km b.9000sq km c.10000sq km d.12000sq km

36-Recent earthquake of October,2005 was result of ? a.Volcanic b.tectonic dislocation c.severe flooding d.None of these

37-Who has written the book entitled “The making of pakistan” a.Qurashi I.H. b.Ch Muhammad Ali c.Waheed-uz-Zaman d.K.K.Aziz

38-pakistan’s ideology is based on the ideals of ? a. Democracy b.Theocracy c.Islam d. None of these

39-The demand of separate electorate for Indian Muslims was first accepted in the act of ? a.1909 b.1919 c.1929 d.1935

40-Ch Rehmat Ali, the architect of the name of Pakistan,died on?

a.feb 2,1951 b.feb 12,1951

c.feb 22,1951 d.None of these

41-Hazrat Ali (R.A) ny Hazrat Abu bakr (R.A) ki bait kab ki ? a.bait khasa waly din b.bait ama waly din c.bait ama sy 6 din bad death kay bad.

d.Hazart Fatima (R.A) ki

42-shaibe abi talab mai Hazarat Mohammad (S.A.W) aor AP (S.A.W) kay sahabi kinty arsa tak mahasra mai rhay? a.1 year b.2 year c.3 year d.4 year

43-Us awaleen sahabi ka name btaen jin ko AP (S.AW.) ka habib kaha jata hai.? a.Hazrat Zaid b.Hazrat umar c.hazrat usman d.Hazrat Abu bakar

44-Haj kay doran kitny Khutby hoty hain? a.2 b.3 c.4 d.5

45-Zakat on Silver ? a.51 ½ tola b.52 ½ c. 54 ½ d. 56 ½

46-Kalima Tayyaiba is mentioned in Quran? A.4 time b.5time c.6 time d.2 time

47-Hazrat Khalid Bin Saeed, the first writer of? a.Quran b.Hadees c.Wahi d. Aqwal

48-City of mentioned in Holy Quran.? a.sham b.makkah c.kufa d. Rome

49- Siparas starts with Bismillah.?

a.5 b.7 c.8


50- Ghazawahs described in Holy Quran? a.5

b.9 c.11


Who is the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran? a. Hazrat Hamza. B.Hazarat abu baker c.Hazrat usman d.Hazrat Ali 52- last surah of Quran ? a.Yaseen b. Al-Nass c. Al- Kausar d. Al-Baqrah 53-Surah Fatiha contains ---------------aayats. a.5



d. 8

54-The major part of Quran is revealed at ? a.morning time time c.evening time

d.night time

56-First complete Madni Surah is ?


c.Baqarah .

57- Jehad was allowed in? a.1st hijrah b. 2nd hijrah

c.3rd hijrah d. 8 hijrah

58-Qibla changed in ? a.10 nabvi b 1st hijrah c. 2nd hijrah

d.9 nabvi

59- Imam Bukhari died In ? a.232


c.252 d.256

60-Shab-e-Barat is celebrated on the -------- night of Shuban?





61-Osama Bin Laden: Date of Death? a.1 may 2011 b.2nd may 2011 c.3rd may 2011 d.4th may 2011 62-Jacob Zuma won elections in? a-South korea b-South America c. South Africa d. Muammar 63-G-20 Summit was held at Pittsburg, USA in Sep ? a.2005 b.2007

c.2009 d.2010

64- India will hold the Common Wealth Games in ? a.2007 b.2008 c.2009 d.2010 65-Timeline of withdrawal of forces from Iraq by Obama...? a.2009 b.2010 c.2011 d.2012 66-urdu mein nazam ka bani? a.wali dakni b.Nazir akbar abadi c.akhar rayaz 67-urdu mein maktoob naveesi ka aghaz kis nay kiya ? a.sir sayed ahmad khan b.shah wali c.ghalib 68-safer dar safer ka writer kon hai? a.Bano qudsya

b.faiz c. ashfaq ahmad

69-baap ka ghuna kis na likhi ? a.hakeem shuja b.ahmad fraz c.qateel shifai 70-indlas main ajnabi,khana badosh ka writer kon hai ?

a.javed ahmad

b.imtiaz ali taj c.mustansar hussain tarar

71-Mirza Qutub ud din Aibak nazm_____ ka juzv hai. a.Israre khudi

b.hali kay khatut

c. Shahnama Islam

72.----------1911 mein Sialkot mein paida hue aur lahore mein wafat payi. a.faiz ahmad faiz

b. ashfaq ahmad

c.qateel shifai

73-Khakim ba'dehan mein khaakon ki tadaad? a.4 b.6



74-chand ham aser mash'hoor adeebon k____hain? a.Misry b.shair

c. khaakay

75-Mushtaq Ahmad yousafi ki tanz o mizaah ki____kutab hain? a.2

b.3 c.5

76-barology ? of gravitation b. study of glands c. study of life. 77-Anemometer records? a. altitudes b. velocity of wind c. humidity. 78-measures viscosity of liquids by? a. Viscometer b.Pyrometer c.Dasymeter 79-1 horse power is equal to ? a.740.7waats b.742.7waats c.745.7 watts 80-Unit of magnetic flux is Weber?

a. Tesla

b. Becquerel c.Farad

81-Unit of electromotive force in ? a. Watts b.unit c. Volt. 82-Sunlight is composed of --------colours? a.five b. six 83-Optical fibers work on polarization of electromagnetic? a. waves b. waves

c. energy

84-Weight of proton = 1.66 x 10 power ? a. -20

b. -27 kg

c. -31 kg

85- One million cycles per second is called? a. carat

b. m/s c. Megahertz.

86-NTP stand for ? a.non time permanent b.not time pick c.normal temperature pressure 87-BTU stand for? a.basic time unit b. base tempal unit c.british thermal unit 88-chose the correct speling ? a.Ingenuous b. Concientiousnes. C. Honearey. 89-Akhtar was broken --------from his old friend? a.with b.of c.away. 90-Cajole ? aynonyms

a.warm b.doubtful c.lure

91-If 12 years are added to 2/3 age of Rani ,she will be 3 years older then today.what is rani,s present age? a.25 b.27 c.29 92-wich number will come next. 1,2,4,8,16,---a.26

b. 28 c.32

93-insert the missing numbers? 5 ? 14 10 9 7 a.18 b.16 c.12 94-The number , whose 7% of is 21 ,is? a.500

b.400 c.300

95-10 men can construct a building in 40 days .how long will it take 20 man to do this work ? a.20days b.30 days c.40 days. 96-what is the capital of the country Barbados ? a.Lisban b.Bridgetown c.Georgetown 97-what is the currency Belgium ? A.dollar b.Ruble c.belgian franc 98-what is the name of sayria’s news agency ? a.BELGA b.SANA c.DPA 99-New Zealand discovered in ? a.1436 b.1645 c.1642

100-There are how many muscles in human body ? a.600 b.580 c.680 Computer Word is taken from the word__________ (a) Compute (b) Calculation (c) Component (d) Compare Q. No.2. A Computer is an _____________ machine. (a) Mechanical (b) Electronic (c) Chemical (d) Biological Q. No.3. Computer Accepts ____________ to performs Calculations. (a) Data (b) Information (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.4. Computer performs Calculation with very High ____________. (a) Speed (b) Velocity (c) Tolerance (d) None Q. No.5. Data is a Collection of raw ____________. (a) Facts and Figures (b) Information (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.6. Computers are available in ____________shapes and sizes. (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) different Q. No.7. Information is the processed or ____________data that is understandable by a person. (a) Meaningful (b) Meaningless (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.8. Process is any action that is performed on ____________to convert it in to information. (a) Data (b) Process Data (c) Information (d) None Q. No.9. Computers have High____________. (a) Power of Remembering (b) Speed (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.10. The Basic input device is ____________. (a) Keyboard (b) Mouse (c) Camera (d) None Q. No.11. The Physical parts of the computer that we can see and touch are known as ____________. (a) Hardware (b) Software (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.12. Software is a set of ____________. (a) Instructions (b) Programs (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.13. Computer after processing produce ____________ result. (a) Accurate (b) Wrong (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.14. Input device are used to enter ____________ into the computer. (a) Data (b) Information (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.15. Keyboard is known as most common ____________ device. (a) Input (b) Output (c) Communication (d) None Q. No.16. Scanner is used as an ____________device to enter printed documents into the computer.

(a) Output (b) Input (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.17. ____________ performs all types of processing on data to produce results. (a) Processor (b) Microphone (c) Keyboard (d) None Q. No.18. Processor is also known as ____________. (a) Main board (b) Keyboard (c) Mouse (d) CPU Q. No.19. Central Processing Unit is the main unit which locate____________. (a) Inside Computer (b) Outside Computer (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.20. The information obtained from the computer after processing is ____________. (a) Result (b) Processed Data (c) Output (d) All of These Q. No.21. The main circuit board inside the system unit is also known as ____________. (a) Motherboard (b) System board (c) Main board (d) All of These Q. No.22. The Brain of the computer is ____________. (a) Motherboard (b) CPU (c) Keyboard (d) Monitor Q. No.23. The Storage devices are used to ____________data and programs permanently. (a) Keep (b) store (c) Keep & store (d) None Q. No.24. USB is stand for ____________. (a) Universal Serial Bus (b) Unique Serial Bus (c) Undefined Serial Bus (d) Unusable Serial Bus Q. No.25. The Soft plastic made storage devices are ____________. (a) CD and Hard Disk (b) CD and USB Flash Memory (c) CD and DVD (d) None Q. No.26. The Most commonly used output device is ____________. (a) Monitor (b) Speaker (c) Printer (d) None Q. No.27. The VDU (Video Display Unit) is a term used for ____________. (a) Monitor (b) Scanner (c) Printer (d) Speaker Q. No.28. Computer fellows the following ____________operations for its working. (a) 3(Three) (b) 2 (Two) (c) 4 (Four) (d) 5 (Five) Q. No.29. Sound is entering by using the ____________ into the computer. (a) Microphone (b) digital Camera (c) Scanner (d) Keyboard Q. No.30. Speaker is a kind of ____________ device which produces sound output. (a) Input (b) Output (c) Communication (d) None Q. No.31. Hard disk is a ____________ storage device. (a) Permanent (b) Temporarily (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.32. Magnetic plates are used to store data in ____________. (a) Floppy Disk (b) Hard Disk (c) Compact Disk (d) Digital Versatile Disk Q. No.33. Storage devices perform ____________. (a) Storage Operation (b) Input Operation (c) Output Operation (d) Processing Operation

Q. No.34. Modem is a ____________device. (a) Storage (b) Communication (c) Output (d) Input Q. No.35. The System unit is called the ____________ of the computer. (a) Main Unit (b) Input Unit (c) Output Unit (d) None Q. No.36. Windows is a ____________. (a) Operating System (b) Utility System (c) Financial System (d) None Q. No.37. User name is a ____________name identifying a user. (a) Common (b) Unique name (c) a & b (d) None Q. No.38. The First screen that appears when the computer is turned on is known as ____________. (a) Desktop (b) Notification Area (c) Taskbar (d) None Q. No.39. The Small pictorial object that represents a program is known as ____________. (a) Desktop (b) Icon (c) Taskbar (d) None Q. No.40. The Icons that located on the desktop are known as ____________. (a) Desktop Icon (b) Quick Access Icon (c) Folder‘s Icon (d) None

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36.Word shows the document information (total pages, words) on the_______bar. a).Drawing b). Status c). Scroll d).Progress 37.Changing the width of the lines in a paragraph is know as________________. a).Formatting b). Spacing c). Indentation d).Alignment 38._________________ is used to positionthe text on a specific location. a).Space b). Backspace c).Aero Keysd).Tab 39.___________is break is a point where current page ends and a new page begins. a). Paragraph b).Page c).Section d).Line 40.A user can separate part of a document by using_______________ break. a). Page b). Paragraph c). Section d).Line 41._____________ is amount of spaces between the text and edges of your paper. a).Margin b).Alignment c). Border d).None of above 42.Soft page break is also known as __________ page break. a).Hard b). Long c).Short d).Automatic

43.____________ are next or pictures that appear behind the document text. a).Page number b).Fonts c).Columns d).Watermarks 44. Always____________ a document before printing. a). Preview b). View c).Write d).Read 45.______________ is the way in which textis placed between the margins of a page. a).Numbering b). Pasting c).Watermark d).Alignment 46. A single page of presentation created in PowerPoint is called _____________. a).Slide b). Media c).Text d).Slide Show 47.There are _______________ elements of multimedia. a).Four b). Three c).Tow d).Five 48. The combination of lettersand numbers is known as___________________. a).Alphabets b).Numbers c). Symbols d).Text 49. Cartoon movies are the example of __________________________. a).Painting b).Animation c). Drawing d).Photograph 50. The digital representation of nontext information is called _______________. a). Sound b).Video c).Graphics d).Animation 51.The movement of anobject is created by using ____________ technique. a). Animation b).Presentation c).Motion d).Execution 52. The nameof the PowerPoint file is seen on the ________________________. a). Menu b).Title c).Scroll d).Status 53.__________ is the keyboard shortcut key to create a new file in the PowerPoint. a).Ctrl+N b).Ctrl+V c).Ctrl+C d).Ctrl+P 54. All slide layouts contain boxes with dotted borders called_____________. a).Titleholder b).Placeholder c).Box holder d).Text holder 55. The presentation of all slides created in PowerPoint is called_______________. a).Slide Design b). Slide view c).Slide Show d).Laser Show 56. Slide _________________ are the effects that determine how a slide moves in and

a).Animation b). Transition c).Layout d).Templates 57. In which Tab a user can find Slide Transition? a).Home Tab b).Animation Tab c).Review Tab d). Design Tab 58. The list of animated effects that a user can apply to selected object onthe slide is a). Smooth Animation b).Long Animation c).Slide Animation d).CustomAnimation 59. An orderly display of information using different media elements is known a). Multimedia Presentation b). Animation c). Transition d).Layout 60. The arrangement of the objects onthe slide is known as slide________________. a).Transition b).Show c). Design d).Layout 61. Sending and Receiving message and files electrically is known as_____________. a). E-mail b).F-mail c).H-mail d).C-mail 62. Storage area or “mailbox” supplied by an e-mail service provider is called_______. a). inbox b).Bank account c). E-mail account d).Commercial account 63.___________ is a unique namechosen by a user while creating an e-mail. a).Login b). Password c). Subject d).Username 64. The name of the e-mail service provider comes after___________________. a).$ b)[email protected] c).* d). # 65.Can two friends have samee-mail address? a). yes b).No c). May be d).No idea 66.A user has to click on the __________ button to create a new e-mail account. a).Sign on b).Sign out c). Sign in d).Sign up 67. Cc: stands for____________________. a). Cat Copy b). Carbon Copy c). Cool Copy d).Can’t Copy 68.Incoming message are stored in a folder known as _______________. a). Outbox b).Inbox c). Post Box d).Mail box 69. E-mail are arranged in inbox with respect to ___________________. a).Names b).Date and timec).Client and Server d).Subject

70.All replied and send e-mail are stored in a___________________folder. a). Drafts b).Inbox c). Sent d).Trash/Deleted 71.____________ folder is used to store the deleted e-mails. a). Drafts b). Trash c). Sent d).Junk 72. All outgoing messages are stored in _____________ folder.. a). Inbox b). Deleted c). Sent d).Drafts 73._________________ means to close an e-mail account. a). Sign up b). Delete c). Sign in d).Sign out 74. To answer a received e-mail is called ___________ an e-mail. a). Read b). Reply c). Write d).Compose 75._____________ is a keyboard short cut key to compose ane-mail. a). Ctrl+P b). Ctrl+C c). Ctrl+N d).Ctrl+X ANSWER KEYS 1 B 26 A 51 A 2 D 27 D 52 B 3 C 28 B 53 A 4 A 29 B 54 B 5 C 30 B 55 C 6 A 31 B 56 B 7 B 32 C 57 D 8 B 33 C 58 D 9 B 34 A 59 A 10 A 35 A 60 D 11 B 36 B 61 A 12 A 37 C 62 C 13 B 38 D 63 D 14 A 39 B 64 B 15 D 40 C 65 B 16 C 41 A 66 D 17 C 42 D 67 B 18 C 43 D 68 B 19 B 44 A 69 B 20 A 45 D 70 C 21 B 46 A 71 B 22 A 47 D 72 C 23 B 48 D 73 D 24 D 49 B 74 B 25 C 50 C 75 C . Which word is wrongly spelt in the following set of words:Sleeve

2. Every wise man should save for… Rainy days

3. Sleeping partner means:One who has invested in business but takes no active part in its management. 4. UN was established to:Settle political disputes. 5. Yellow journalism refers to:Sensationalism 6. Law is never law unless:It is enforced by a sovereign authority 7. A computer derives its basic strength from:Memory

8. If a car drives 25 kilometres on two litres of petrol, how many litres will be needed for trip of 150 kilometres? 7 9. Find 60% of 70:42 10. Vitamin C is essential for:Appetite 11. Sound cannot travel through:Vacuum 12. A good tax should:Encourage growth in all sectors of the economy. 13. A system which results in a rigid one-party dictatorship permitting private ownership but not management of the production is:Marxism 14. The tax levied on the import and export of commodities is named as:Customs duty 15. We see the flash of lightning before we hear the sound of the thunder because:The light rays travel much faster than the sound waves. 16. The Ozone layer plays ________ role for the organic life on earth. Beneficial

17. Bonded Labour is:Forced labour 18. If you write down all the numbers from 1-100, how many times would you write 3? 20

19. Complete the series. 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, _______. 27, 30 20. A seventeen years old is not ________ to vote in elections. Old enough

21. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following set of words:Desperate 22. Promptly means:At once 23. Inflation refers to:Devaluation of money 24. Geographically Kashmir is divided into three major parts:Jammu, Azad Kashmir, Held Kashmir 25. “The System of Dyarchy” was scrapped in the Provinces and introduced in the centre.” This reform was introduced by:Government of India Act, 1935 26. An increase in hoarding results in:Increase in prices 27. A computer cannot do anything without:Input device 28. One of the infectious diseases conveyed from one person to another through air is:Tuberculosis 29. Lunar Eclipse takes place when:The shadow of the earth falls on the moon 30. A man buys a shirt for Rs. 70 after getting a discount of 20%. What was the marked price on the shirt? Rs. 87.50

31. Give the next two numbers in the following series:23, 30, 21, 33, 19, 36, ______ 17, 39 32. What is meant by mopia? Short sightedness 33. The examiner made us ________ our identification in order to be admitted to the test centre. Show 34. Which of these is the most predominant in the composition of atmosphere? Nitrogen 35. Indicate the word which has the correct spellings:Existence 36. Federal revenues are maximum from:Excise and sales taxes 37. Soda water serves as:A primary remedy for upset stomach 38. General Sales Tax is levied on:The sale price of goods which are produced in the country 39. Electricity of 220 volts is normally used for domestic purposes because this is:The average voltage acquired by the domestic circuit 40. Special glasses are recommended to see solar eclipse because:They refract light 41. Calorie is a ____________. Unit of quantity of heat 42. Optical Fiber System is ______. Telecommunication system 43. Prices for bikes can run ______ Rs. 3500. As high as

44. The plural from of loaf is:Loaves 45. Monetary and fiscal policies have as their goal:All of these 46. The tax imposed on the property/owners of houses of plots and motor vehicles is called:Wealth tax

47. Barter system means:Exchange of goods 48. What function is performed by liver in the human body? Acts as a store house of digested sugar 49. A soldier drove east for four miles, then drove north for five miles, then turned to his left and drove for one mile and again turned to his left. Which choice gives the direction in which he was driving now? South

50. Physiotherapy is a curative method for:Immobility of joints 51. If two steel balls having different masses are allowed to fall freely from the roof of a building, they will reach the ground:Simultaneously 52. Dialysis is meant for:Kidneys 53. The people of the Bosnia-Herzegovina voted in favour of independence from:Yugoslavia 54. Slump means:Fall in the prices of stock 55. Addiction means:Craving for certain drugs or food 56. A man sneezes when he has cold:Because he cannot help it 57. Why do you need a doctor’s prescription to buy certain drugs? Because they can do harm if misused 58. A computer consists mainly of electronic:Devices 59. Six students in a class failed in algebra. This represents 16? per cent of the class. How many students passed the course? 30 60. A boy walked for ½ hour and then got a bus for 1/3 of an hour. What part of an hour did the entire trip take? 5/6

61. In a democratic country which of the following is considered the fourth estate? Press 62. A coalition government means:Government formed by two or more political parties 63. Local authorities receive the largest portion of their income from:Urban immovable property tax 64. Municipal tax on articles coming inside a city is called:Octroi

65. The book entitled ‘Empire and Islam: Punjab and The Making of Pakistan’ was written by:D. Gilmartin 66. Research in the work place reveals that many people work for many reasons Besides money 67. Invoice is:A statement which describes full particulars concerning the quality and price of goods 68. Reuters is a word known:News agency 69. Modern computers as compared to earlier computers are:Faster and smaller

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