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Unit 1 Test B



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Use of English: Grammar 1 Match the name of the tense or verb form to its typical use. past continuous future in the past past perfect simple past simple present perfect continuous 1 The _________________ is used to speak about actions that began in the past and that have either finished or are incomplete. It gives importance to the duration of the action. 2 The _________________ is used to speak about actions that happened before another action in the past. It gives importance to the completion of an action. 3 The _________________ is used to speak about activities that are in progress at a specific time in the past. 4 The _________________ is used to speak about completed actions and happenings in the past. 5 The _________________ is used to speak about events that were in the future when talking about the past.

/5 2 Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets. A friend once told me an interesting story about a python. My friend’s friend Sebastian found a python at a rubbish site when it was very small and he decided to take it home with him. He (1) _________(want) a pet for a long time, so finally his dream had come true!

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Sebastian kept the python in a cage and let it out in the evenings. He (2) _________(feed) it mice and before he knew it, the snake (3) _________(grow) immensely and was practically the same size as him! One day, the snake inexplicably stopped eating its food and Sebastian, wanting to know the reason, took him to the vet. The vet informed him that his favourite pet python had stopped eating because he (4) _________(prepare) for his next meal … Sebastian! She explained how his companion (5) _________(make) space in its stomach for perhaps its final meal. From that day, Sebastian lived without any pets in his house.

/5 3 Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentences. 1 They will/would always let the parrot out of his cage at night. He loved exploring the house. 2 When she visited the vet in June, he would insist/insisted the snake had an infection. 3 He will/would bark all the time if he is left alone in the house. It drives the neighbours crazy! 4 My sister loves jogging so she usually goes/use to go to the woods for a jog four times a week. 5 My grandfather’s cat has just had some kittens so it’s likely that he will/would give me one if I promise to look after it.

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Use of English: Vocabulary 4 Choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D. 1 _________________ is the scientific study of the behaviour, classification and distribution of animals. A Anthropology B Zoology C Sociology D Geology 2 _________________ is the scientific study of the development, behaviour and structure of humans in society. A Meteorology B Biology C Graphology D Sociology

1 She had no idea why Karen was giving her the cold shoulder/neck, they had always had such a great friendship. 2 It’s often the case that teenagers don’t see eye to nose/eye with their parents. 3 My grandfather is such a funny man. However, it’s often difficult to distinguish when he’s telling the truth and when he’s pulling my leg/arm. 4 What are the chances of Jenny sticking her neck/head out for her? She’s not that kind of person. 5 James was always waiting for her next command. He was totally under the hand/thumb.

/5 6 Read the text and then put the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the gaps.

3 _________________is the study of extinct and fossilised animals and plants. A Palaeontology B Archaeology C Zoology D Psychology 4 _________________ is the study of the history of humans by examining artefacts and other remains. A Graphology B Archaeology C Anthropology D Meteorology 5 _________________ is the scientific study of living organisms. A Palaeontology B Geology C Biology D Zoology

/5 5 Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.

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Although I’m not certain of her age, I’d say that my great grandma Lucy is approximately eighty years old. She’s quite a (1) _____________ (distinguish) character. To describe her, I’d say she’s tallish, about one metre fifty, with incredibly (2) _____________ (silk) long dark hair. I can’t believe that at her age, she hasn’t turned grey! When she was younger, she worked as a (3) _____________(psychology). I believe that’s the primary reason why she’s always so thoughtful and considerate. For our birthdays, she often gives us (4) _____________ (amaze) presents. Last year, for example, she gave me this wonderful silver necklace that I had been secretly wanting for ages but because of the price, had put to the back of my mind. Somehow, my great grandma knew that I loved it

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and she bought it for my birthday. I now wear it nearly every day! Often when she’s on her own at home, she doesn’t just sit around, like most eighty-year-olds; she’s different. She paints or makes clothes. She has a real creative flare. To give you an example of how (5) _____________ (artist) she is, next month it’s my wedding day and guess who’s making my wedding dress? great grandma Lucy!

/5 Reading 7 You are going to read a selection of letters from a magazine. For questions 1-5, choose from people A-C. Letters from readers This month, we are featuring some of your unusual social experiences. A I’d been pregnant for about two months, when one day I found it extremely difficult to get my words out. I didn’t think much of it at first, as I thought it was the pregnancy hormones but after a couple of days things worsened and I also started to experience problems writing. The situation affected my everyday life and I began to feel terrified. The thought of not being able to communicate with my unborn son horrified me. After a frustrating trip to the hospital, they confirmed that they weren’t able to do anything whilst I was pregnant and that my husband and I were to monitor the situation.

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Nevertheless, four weeks later, as the problem came so it went and I spent the rest of my pregnancy devoid of any problems. To this day, the doctor’s do not have an explanation for the occurrence but since this moment, thankfully I am able to communicate not only with my husband but also with our newborn son, Jake. The experience has made me value the power of my words. I now write letters and a diary to my infant son just in case the situation should arise again. Evelyn B Whilst on holiday in California with four friends, we suffered an awfully scary experience. It was a balmy August afternoon and we had decided that in order to cool off we would go for a dip in the sea. The temperature of the water was perfect. We waded into the deep waters and remained afloat talking together there for well over half an hour. Then, suddenly, we noticed a pod of dolphins swimming nearby. As they got closer, so we thought the mammals wanted to play with us. But then, they started circling us. At first, the circle was quite big but it soon got smaller and smaller and the group began to feel a little claustrophobic and anxious. We tried to escape from the circle but just as we went to push the dolphins aside, we noticed an enormous shark lurking in the water next to us. Panic set in and we tried to stay afloat. There was nothing we could do. The dolphins kept circling us and it was at this point that we realised they were there to protect us.

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By circling us, they were communicating to the shark, telling it to leave us alone. Eventually after about forty minutes, the shark left the area and we were able to swim to safety. Mark C My husband and I have always been fond of animals. That was the primary reason why we decided to accept the ownership of a zoo in our home town in Devon. We found the first couple of years extraordinary, especially in the spring months when numerous young were born and Dan and I spent endless nights with little sleep looking after what felt like our own children. A strong connection was always present between ourselves and the gorillas. It could be because we seemed to understand each other. If they wanted something or if someone had happened they were usually able to get the message across. One spring, Blanca, one of the female gorillas had a baby. However, regrettably she didn’t feel she had the ability to look after her young daughter and one day she signalled to us to take her from her. We were unsure what to do but decided it was the best option. From that day, four years ago, Blanca’s daughter Cola has lived with us in our house. We have adopted her and now she is part of our family. She has her own bedroom with her own toys and despite being an animal, she is able to let us know through hand signals all of her desires and needs. Who said that animals couldn’t talk?

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Margaret Which person: 1 was handed a baby? _____ 2 has recently given birth? _____ 3 had a close encounter with a chilling situation? _____ 4 spends a lot of time communicating her thoughts on paper? _____ 5 uses sign language to communicate with animals? _____

/5 Listening 8

You are going to hear an interview with a socialite. Choose the correct alternative, a, b, or c to answer the questions.

1 Why is Nicola Richardson famous? a) She is a writer for the magazine London: night and day. b) She is an adviser to young adults. c) She is the most famous socialite in London. 2 What is the aim of the weekly column? a) To give publicity to restaurants in London. b) To give a full list of all of the exclusive eateries and night spots in London. c) To provide a selection of fashionable restaurants. 3 What advice is implied in the interview for those that eat out every day? a) You should only eat salad or soup.

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b) You should limit carbohydrates, e.g. pasta and bread. c) You should not eat at home. 4 How does Nicola view her caterers? a) Clean, reliable and efficient help. b) Ideal because she doesn’t own her own cutlery or crockery. c) Good value for money. 5 What is Nicola’s view on clothes? a) She has to have a different set of clothes for every evening. b) In her circle, it is not good to be seen wearing something more than twice. c) People should try to shop in boutique shops in London.

/5 Writing

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_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

9 You have decided to enter a short story writing competition. The rules state that you must begin the story with: Sarah was walking along the beach when suddenly she saw something sticking out of the sand.



Write 200-250 words.

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