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November 29, 2017 | Author: Jaga Nath | Category: Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Physics & Mathematics, Physics, Engineering
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Questions and answers for all the various questions of civil engineering in GATE 2014...


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Civil Engineering

GATE-2014   Evening Session

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ear Students, The Questions of GATE 2014 are based on fundamental and basic concepts of the syllabus. There is no ambiguity

and misprint noticed till now, however, it is an observation based on students feedback. The level and standard of GATE 2014 questions are relatively easier B. Singh (Ex. IES) CMD, MADE EASY Group


than the exam of GATE 2013. There are 3 important observations made by me about GATE 2014 exam.

The GATE 2014 exam is conducted in two seating i.e. morning session and afternoon session. The question papers of both seatings are different. The difficulty level of questions are nearly same and due care has been taken to balance both the papers, however small differences are certainly there. The morning session paper seems to be little easier by 2 to 5%, however, it varies on the perception of person to person also.

The average marks of both the papers should be equated and necessary scaling criteria should be adopted for this purpose.


The GATE 2014 cut-off will be nearly same as that of last year, perhaps it may be little lesser than that of GATE 2013. GATE-2013 cutoff was 33 marks. Though the paper of GATE 2013 was tougher and number of students were less, 6 marks questions were wrongly framed and hence, these 6 marks were awarded to all the candidates, which was certainly a kind of bonus.

Therefore expected cut-off for GATE 2014 may be between 30 to 34 marks (General category). It may be noted that the following formulae is used to evaluate GATE cut-off marks.

  Total Marks obtained by all the candidates GATE Cutoff  = Total number of candidates


GATE cutoff
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