Gary Kurtz - Ultimate Chair Prediction Plus

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Routine Conceived, Written and Illustrated by Gary Kurtz

© 1997 · GARY KURTZ All Rights Reserved Including perfonnance rights for national or syndicated television, videotape, and firstperson perfonnance rights over conflicting acts • unless through express pennission from Gary Kurtz.



With four chairs ina row across the stage, four spectators are invited onstage. After the spectators are 'seated in the chair oftheir choice, five envelopes are introduced. Four envelopes contain worthless pieces ofpaper, one contains a "Special Prize". After having the envelopes mixed by aone ofthe spectators, they are numbered 1 through 5.

Each spectators is given a free choice of one of the envelopes - One envelope remains for the mentalist The . spectators open their envelopes, each finding aworthless piece of paper. A spectator from the audience opens and removes the Prize from the mentalisrs envelope. The "Special Prize' is a piece of paper YttIich reads: "I, the winner of this piece of paper, agrees, no questions asked, to give Gary Kurtz $5,000.00." To the oil-stage spectators you say: 'You're not feeling sobad about not winning the prize now, are you?" Continuing, you state: 'ButI have tostress that using my psychological influence toensure that nobody won the Prize wasnY the entire point of this exercise... "was to prove that I could control each and every one of their choices, all the way along. • . To prove your statemen~ you point out that each persons worthless piece of paper is a different color. The person who got the blue paper is asked to turn around the chair he sat in - The back of the chair is blue like the paper he chose. The person who got a yellow paper issitting in ayellOW-backed chair; the winner ofthe pink paper is sitting in apink- backed chair, and the winner ofthe orange paper issitting inaorange-backed chair!!!

.~~ ••.• :".'.:

. .: :' : :

:.. ::'::::::.'::..:.. :.:::,::·::::.. ,.. ::::·.;·':·:···:::.···:··::··::H~:·:::···:·"'·· :'::","'.:..'::;' . :., :....•••....:....••.•...,:.. :.:::::••.. •.••••..:.••.

: :. ;. : ;: ; .: .: :.: :.: : : :::: ~;:::::::: ~ ~: ~:: ~::::::. ..-

::.:::: '.!......:.. ........


, : , ;~~.;..:.:: . . . . . ••••· · · :· • ····u.·· ::..i.·

"':: ~ ~::::: ~:::::: U: ~: ~ j:~ jH·U: ::;;.;: :.:~ >:";:::; :':.::~.~ :.:.:.: :~: :.::::::::::::;: :::: ~! ~:: ~ ~.:; ~~;; ;.:.;


gotilliy~~,:the·Wh~Ji~·iW~·st5tn~;·~.~~~·the.~i~~.·•·.ffiW·.>.·.···::..•:,:·.:·. ~·.·.:·.:·:l.: •.•·.··.i:••

2 ¢i'ectits: ••...••

• • /)....... . ••••••••••.• •.•.• ..+:.:Mlh • ihBBoonWritMistofindw,j$of·~·{~the~.ihB.~.-MitingtakeSPIal::8;.VIIhat'soffMldl'ter&I~~.~ waY OftlSirijlhespectatOrs bc:l6i: (shol1dlij > .. .....: tO~your




ABoon Writer, a1d the ability to. use it Reguisites: A Boon Writer, t\W stiff file cards (3" x 5j , one for the performer, one for the assisting spectator and alarge soft-leaded children's pencil. The lower ofthe t\W cards (performer's) has a Boon Writer stuck to the lower right comer ofit (half on the card, hatoff, to make removing iteasier). For the firm phase ofthe routine, you will only Boon-write in one digit ofthe number, so a l'tNO-digit number ispre-written on the your card (leave aspace infront ofthese t\W digits, so you can Boon-'Mite the correct first digit in front ofthem). Boonwrite these t\W nurrbers for consistenq ofprint Additionally, try tomake these numbers ~choIogically unpopular choices.

13 THE ROUTINE Invite a spectator forward. Pick up the file cads and penal from your table with your LH. Upjog the top card momentarily and secretly clip the Boon Writer between the right third fingertip and thumb (FIQ. 17), clipping itbetween your right 2nd and )II fingertips as you hand the top card and pencil to the assisting spectator.

Rrst Phase ([heSpectator Gets One Digit Right)


Transfer the Boon Writer tothe ball ofyour right thumb (The Reverse Boon Roll) , and take your C3"d atyour right fingertips {Rg. 12 - preparation for the One-handed Boon Technique}, holding ithigh and gesturing with it as you talk:

70 start, I'dIkeyou to make your mind a blank... A complete blank... Good. That was fast Now when I snap my fingers, I want you to jotdown afhre&.digt number... The first one that comes into your mind......«doesnY matter if I see what you write, O.K I' wonY be trying to read your mind.... I snap myfingers, you to jotdown a three-digit number... The first one that comes into your mind "

Move closer to the spectator, soyou are standing just behind her left shoulder: "Now! The first three digit-number that pops into your head -jotitdown...."

/4s you S8'f "Now", drop your right hand into Onehanded Boon Writing position {Fig. 5} with the card resting on thespectator's left shoulder, the right hand actually hidden byher shoulder, but the card still invifNJ {FIQ. 18} . Simultaneously set yourself into Gypsy Glimpse position (Fig. 18 again - Your right eye isclosed, and your left fingertips are covering your partially open left eye). You INiIl be secretly glancing down your nose at what the spectator writes, but the i"1lf'8SSion for the aJdience is that your eyes are closed in concentration. The instant you've glmpsed the first digt thespectator has written, legitimately close both eyes, and raise your left hand flNaj from your eyes. Secretly Boon-write the correct first digtt in first position (usingspectator's bodylshoulder to cover the movement).

Fig. 18

Take a step forwad and Sightly toyour left {eyes stiD closed}, passing the card to your left hald. Hold the up card high - acting unsure: "Have you jotted down anumber?"

14 You're now stalding beside the spectator again, unable to see Yttlat is'Mitten on their ca'd (CasuaJy dothe Boon Roll to get the Boon Writer onto your 3d fingertip): "Now that number you jotted down, was aperfectly free choice, yes? IdidnY influence you in any way? No? .. But in an honesty, I was trying to. Iwas trying to project to you the number Ihad written on my card here.., " Go down a1daskaspectator in the audience to verify the number 'Mitten on your cad: "Whafs the number I had written there? 642. 642, yes?"

The on-stage ~ is asked Yttlat number they jotted down. They ~ (for exa'J1)le): "697". Continue talking esyou walk briskly back to the onstage spectator, with your card, COI'll>aring your cads: "/ was trying to project the number 642... You got the number 697... You did the first di(/t afl)W8Y. Give hera hand, she did get the first digtright!..." Lead the applause for the spectator.

5econd Phase [we digits rQlt) "We've gotto fly this again.. We've got to fly this again." f>s you ~ the above, take thepencil from the spectator, cross out your first three-digit number a1d fake scribbling down new nurrber, this time only jotting down thefirst digitofyour eventual3-digit nurrber - ego 4,~ j. Hald thepencil back to the spectator CJ1d secretly get theBoon Writer back onto your thurm.

Exactly repeat theprevious "thought projection" process: "A different number this time. Make your mind ablank... DonY think. NCYN. DoIlY think, justjotdown the ht three-
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