Gang-stalking - Where This is Taking Us

October 15, 2017 | Author: Anthony Forwood | Category: Surveillance, Radio Frequency Identification, Deception, Society, Social Institutions
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GANG-STALKING: Where This is Taking Us By Anthony Forwood Copyright 2012 © All rights reserved The network of gang-stalkers is being run by the government. It is based on the idea that citizens will feel safer if they are aware of dangerous individuals, and it uses notification lists to alert citizens of the presence of individuals they want targeted. However, since notification lists were first introduced, they have become much broader in scope, and are no longer restricted to just listing murderers, sex offenders, and other truly dangerous people. These lists are now so broad in scope that anybody can end up on one. Also, these lists encourage whole communities to ostracize those people who get listed, and to make their lives miserable and leave them unable to function normally in society. It doesn’t matter that a person got listed for some minor triviality, since there is no distinction between them and the worst sex offender. All persons listed are equally treated as dangerous threats to society. As this network has grown and different groups and organizations have been brought into the fold, more and more segments of society have become involved, not realizing the implications of where this will ultimately lead. By joining up with this governmentcreated network, a person signs away their rights and freedoms, and are held to strict secrecy oaths for life. This means that they can never talk about this network, its members, its targets, or its activities. Think about this for a minute. Members are provided with information about people in their community who the authorities have singled out for whatever reason. They can’t talk openly about the information they are given about a listed individual, and they have little chance of ever knowing how accurate that information is unless they know the target personally enough, which few ever will. They must trust those authorities that manage the network, and unfortunately, they will tend to see these listed individuals in whatever light these authorities cast them. The information issued on a listed individual will always be negative, and so will any further information that’s ever gathered about the individual and passed through the network. There is no attention given to anything positive about the person, and so a very unbalanced characterization quickly develops that only feeds the whole system further, and assures the destruction of the person’s life. Also, members can never discuss the network itself, and may not even be allowed to acknowledge its existence. Members are largely anonymous to each other, and have no idea of the extent of the network’s membership. This effectively makes the network invisible to the public and hides the extent of its reach. As the network expands its membership to include more and more of the population through the many different organizations, groups, and individuals that sign on with it, it will eventually comprise the greater portion of the population. At present, it already recruits heavily from the business and professional sectors, schools and universities, immigration centers, community groups, and the criminal sector. This covers a very large portion of the population. Since members are in for life, the membership only

grows as the years go by. Even if at some point a member decides to not take part in network activities any further, if they are needed they can be forced to take part, either by threats and intimidation or through more subtle forms of coercive manipulation. They know that they can become a target, too, so they cooperate out of fear. This is the whole problem. This system gives the government the ability to not only have a self-policing/self-punishing society, but also allows them to control the situations and events in individual people’s lives to an incredible degree, and the perception of other individuals that they come in contact with. What happens when this network encompasses the greater part of the population, as seems to be the intention? What happens when the population is divided into just gang-stalkers and listed targets? Most importantly, what happens when a member of this network becomes a listed target themselves? Little consideration has been given to these questions by those who join this network, although it’s very unlikely that the government overlooked the eventualities of this system that they created. Let’s consider each of these questions separately. 1) What happens when this network encompasses the greater part of the population? Although we’re already largely dependent on the voice of authority for most of the information we get in our daily lives, we can be more or less assured that it’s accurate when it can be verified through direct experience. However, when a person is put in a position of blind trust with little means to verify what they are told, as members of this network are, they are in a position to be deceived. Most of us know that the government lies and misleads, and often without any concern or conscience, as long as it achieves the desired end. This network gives the government the ability to affect the beliefs and perceptions of its members regarding other individuals, and always in a negative way and to its own advantage. It uses fear to motivate them to act out in negative ways when they come in contact with a person who has been listed as a threat. When the greater part of the population is reliant on this negatively slanted source of information, they begin to see society as more threatening than it really is, and this will only lead to them being more easily manipulated into accepting and going along with certain actions that the government might take, as we’ve already seen with the largely contrived ‘terrorist threat’ being used to remove more of our rights and freedoms, never to be enjoyed again. This network draws in those people who are most likely to not question authority, who believe that authorities would not lie or mislead, and who are therefore the easiest to manipulate. Signing up with this network assures that they will be separated from the truth – in this case, the truth about the individuals that end up being targeted and the reasons for their being listed. More than just this, however, is the fact that the members of this network, by joining up, unwittingly allow themselves to be closely monitored, so that the government has the ability to always know what they are doing, what they are saying, who they are talking to, etc., and they can control this, and thereby control that person’s

perceptions and reality. This control becomes easier and easier as more and more people are dawn into the network, which is used to monitor them and to have them monitor each other, and the control of information flow that might pass between members is broadened that much further. 2) What happens when the population is composed of just gang-stalkers and listed targets? At some point, if this network is allowed to continue to grow, it will come to a point where a person will either be a member or a target. When this happens, there will be two distinct camps in opposition to each other. Network members will be ever more easily misled, due to their reliance on the system to guide and inform them, while targets will be better informed about what is going on but will have no voice to speak out, or if they do, they will be automatically disbelieved. Network members will be used to drive non-member targets out of existence, one by one. All that will remain in the end is a society that is totally trusting in the dictates of authority, and whose members have signed away the rights and freedoms that make life worth living. They will be caught within a system of control where information can be tailored to suit the needs of the government, and therefore each person’s entire perception of reality will be able to be tailored and controlled in whatever way the authorities see fit. For the government, this makes for some interestingly new ways to govern a population. It gives them the ability to create different realities for different people by manipulating what those people know and believe, and to play them against each other for desired outcomes. We can already see an early example of this as gang-stalkers are pitted against their targets, who they have a largely distorted image of and have no choice but to go along with it. 3) What happens when a member of this network becomes a listed target themselves? This is an important question to consider, because when you do, you come to realize how well this system works at keeping its members in line, even if they learn how evil the system really is and where it’s ultimately leading society. Once a person signs up, it’s already too late to get out, because they’ve signed legally binding secrecy oaths that they must adhere to for the rest of their lives. This includes both information about targets, as well as what they know about the network. As members become aware of what sort of life a target must live, they are not likely to make the mistake of becoming targets themselves, and so they will not dare to step out of line. However, people sometimes let slip things they’re not supposed to talk about, or they might be reported (rightly or wrongly) for something that gets them listed, so some members might suddenly find themselves being targeted. As the number of members of this network increases, there will be more and more of a likelihood that members will be turned on by other members. If there is a reward system built into the system, and members are forced to become ever more reliant on that reward system for those privileges in life that make it pleasurable, then there will be a stronger impetus for them police each other. Of course, members who step out of line and become targets will still be bound by the secrecy oath they signed, so their monitoring will be that much more intense to ensure they remain silent, and they will be treated much more

harshly than targets who are not members. They might just be eliminated altogether, and the circumstances surrounding their demise will be confabulated through the ability to control information. The reliance of members who might otherwise question the facts will have no other choice but to rely on this controlled system for its knowledge. With this networked system operating through high-powered computers, the ability to automate checks and balances reduces the manpower needed to oversee its management and operations, and by extension, the governance of a population. With covert surveillance being more easily applied through the widespread use of computers and cell phones, all tied into the global communications structure, few people remain outside of its grip, and fewer will in the future as these technologies become more and more necessary for functioning in society. Even knowledge in general can now be tightly controlled, so that what the authorities don’t want you to know can be kept from you by making it unavailable in search engines and databanks unless you have privileged access based on your agreement to keep it private and not share it. This agreement will be maintained because you will be monitored to assure you comply with the agreement, and any attempts to do so will be automatically subverted. The Echelon surveillance system catches every communication, every typed or spoken word, every recorded image, every piece of information, so that nothing is private any more. The computer in your home and the cell phone you carry on the street is an ear and an eye that listens and watches, even when you think that turning them off will provide some privacy. As long as ignorance of this fact is maintained, the sense that the authorities in charge are omniscient and omnipresent will only increase. The fear that your every thought, word, and action is known about as soon as it’s made will force you to stay in line and follow the dictates of those who control the system. Added to this is the extremely invasive application of electronic mind-control technologies, which can be directed at an individual to force their submission, either through the covert manipulation of their thoughts, feelings, and actions, or by the intimidation of more overt manipulation, such as with ‘voice to skull’ bombardment to drive them into abject compliance. With the ability to immediately locate and track individuals through the use of RFID implants, such implants are bound to be taken advantage of as part of this system. It appears that they are already being widely and systematically applied for this very purpose, unbeknownst to most people. It is not unlikely that the majority of the population is already implanted, and in the near future (if not already) there will not be a single person born that doesn’t receive a mandatory RFID chip. At the moment, these chips are being surreptitiously inserted, but soon this will become the norm, openly done for the sake of ‘national security’. This is where gang-stalking is taking us.

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