GANG-STALKING: Summary of Received FOIA Documents

October 15, 2017 | Author: Anthony Forwood | Category: Freedom Of Information Act (United States), Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Stalking, Complaint
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Descripción: This is a summary of the documents I received from the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP pe...


Summary of Received FOIA documents from: Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP Total pages received: 282 Summary of pages: 1 - 27 28 - 29 30 31 - 33 34 35 36 - 38 39 - 56 57 – 76 77 78 79 – 82 83 84 – 85 86 87 88 89 –91 92 93 94

booklet by Eleanor White – ‘Organized Stalking: A Target’s View’ Case Log of emails received by unnamed party. Mentions Nanaimo man, Jerry Rose, in court case, alleging mindcontrol. Copy of email responding to unnamed party re directed energy weapons. Case Log of various correspondences re complaints by group called People’s Advocacy for Police Accountabilty re police abuse in Merrit, BC. Case Log re watch group seeking police intervention in civil matter. Blank page. Newspaper article re case of terrorist suspect Maher Arar. Article by Paul Craig Roberts of Global Research re 9/11 conspiracy, NWO, electronic weapons. Information re stock fraud sting operation involving SEC. (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) Part of something re terrorists and CIA. Newspaper quotes re intelligence community hunting down Al-Qaida terrorists, sharing information with other authorities. Complaint from Mr. Scott Henderson re complaint against North Vancouver RCMP Part of something re student protesters at APEC summit. Excerpt from NOW magazine re list of extremist or activist groups of interest to Dept. of National Defense. Repeat of previous entry. Re panel to investigate matters re APEC summit. Re destruction of documents related to ‘spraying’ at APEC. NOW magazine interview re RCMP spying on APEC activists. Re APEC protests (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST)

95 96 97 98 99 100 - 101 102 103 104 105 – 108 109 – 115 116 – 118 119 120 121 - 125 126 - 127 128 129 130 131 - 138 139 140 - 174 175 176 189 200 210 243 265

– – – – – –

188 199 209 242 264 272

273 274 – 280 281 -282 Comment:

(IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) Newspaper article re issue of reporters name on threat list Unnamed article re RCMP threat assessment lists and police harassment of peaceful citizens who dissent against government actions and policies. A number of newspaper articles re AREC protests. Copy of laws re civil and political rights. Re Green Party leader banned from APEC. Newspaper article re court case of Green Party leader on threat assessment list. Copy of legal information re CSIS. Copy of CSIS mandate. Copy of Article 51 of Charter of United Nations. (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) Copy of something re General Assembly under the Uniting for Peace resolution. (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) ??? Report on RCMP investigation re alleged gang-stalking. Letter to unnamed party explaining RCMP complaint process. (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) Newspaper clippings re Maher Arar terrorist case. Overview of complaint process of Police Complaints Commission. (IRRELEVANT TO FOIA REQUEST) Sampling of files potentially relating to national security. Newspaper clippings re RCMP spying. Newspaper article re RCMP treatment of alleged terrorsts. Inquiry report into actions of officials re Maher Arar case. Cartoons (???) on organized stalking. Photocopied pictures of implantable microchips and insertion tools. Blank page. Copy of article (in French) re microchip implants. Copy of article on microchips.

Apart from the first series of pages, there is virtually nothing among these documents that mentions ANY of the key words and phrases that I was seeking (gang-stalking, cause-stalking, vigilante stalking, organized stalking, multi-stalking, terror stalking, notification list, watch list, watch group). Except for a minimal number of internal documents, ALL of the material received appears to have been taken off the internet or from newspapers, and is freely available through non-government sources. At any rate, what has been received shows that this government agency is at least aware of the fact that gang-stalking and watch lists are a concern to the public, but does not reflect anything at all to suggest that this agency accepts gang-stalking as real.

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