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Gandharva - The Celestial Lord of Attraction

Beyond the 3Dimesional world exists the transcendental domain of the Divine Beings,

which is characterized by pure goodness. The esoteric literature expounds cosmos as a hierarchical composition, with a graded series of domain occupied by Supernatural beings with different levels of supremacy and mystical powers. As per this hierarchical structure, one can undoubtedly expect connections between humans and higher beings (Semi Gods). These celestial beings have are always eager to help the once you call them for support. The beings between humans and demigods range from Yaksas,Raksasas and to more attractive beings such as Apsaras, Vidyadharas, Siddhas, Kimpurusas and Gandharvas. In the realm of Tantra “Gandharvas” deserve a special significance. They are exceptionally attractive immortals endowed with celestial powers. There are very few rituals aimed to delight the Gandharvas. The one which we are about to discuss is specifically aimed to attract Females. Since last 3 years we have successfully conducted Gandharva Yajnas and Pujas for our clients and the Feedback have been outstanding. Based on the exceptional success rate we are glad to introduce Gandharva Yantra, so you too can utilize its positive benefits.

Testimonial I would like to comment that by chanting the Gandharva mantra alone, I am seeing results already. Mr. Stephan.C (United States)

My experience has been great. I would like to elaborate on it.. with in the first few days of chanting I was able to feel the Effect. My long time friends from college have got in contact with me on face book. I was thinking about them while chanting the mantras and all of a sudden I get a friend request from them. It was amazing. Another friend The Advantages of Gandharva Yantra? with whom I had a misunderstanding had mailed me, that has to get better. Mr.Dakshawanth.K (United Kingdom)

-Customized Gandharva Yantra bestows the following-

Benefits of Customized Gandharva Kit  Creating Attraction and Magnetism  Attracting girls and women  Gaining the powers of Sammohan.  Boosting intimacy and enhancing relationship  Enhancing social life  Eradicates the delay in Marriage & attracts the desired partner

The Gandharva Kit is formulated with the prime Aim to attract the opposite sex & create an Irresistible appeal in them towards you. The Gandharva ritual is a rare practice. In present age only a handful of Priest posses the capability to accomplish this ritual systematically and precisely to help you attain measurable results.

*Now, is the Time when transformational energies are highly available to the earth plane.

This is the moment when the planet is progressing to the higher dimension, resulting in quicker manifestation of you desires.

How is Gandharva Yantra Energized?

The procedure used learned Priest is as follows –

 The prime phase is invoking the Gandharva by Mantra Chanting and offering Flowers, Fruits and Essence are made to please the deity.

 The next phase beings with complex mantra chanting and invoking the deity.  Infusing the Sakti or Prana in the Yantra. This is most intricate stage where Prana is instilled in the Yantra.

 Soon after that the subtle (invisible) form of the deity is invited to inhabit in the Yantra.

 Fourth stage is customizing the Yantra as per your Full Name & Birth Details.  The final stage is formulating the Yantra as per the specific INTENT you wish to manifest.

Gandharva Yantra Kit contains  Energized Gandharva Raj Amulet (Customized exclusively for you)  Trilok Mohan Gandharva Rosary (Infused with Gandharva Sammohan Mantras)  Customized Guidance eManual with exhaustive information.  Exhaustive Gandharva Mantra Audio (if necessary for your case) We offer you Telephonic Assistance & email Guidance at every step.

As you are ready to allow your life in the most liberating ways, we want you to experience something that will shift your life into an extremely positive and empowering direction. Now, it's time to make you yourself more attractive, more appealing, more magnetic so you too can attract the attention of the desired. Fees for Customized Gandharva Kit – 300 USD (Free Shipping Globally) For more details write to us on - [email protected] OR Call us on - 001-866-699-2469 Regards, Divne Solutions Worldwide email - [email protected] Toll Free - 1866-699-2469

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