November 3, 2018 | Author: TANBIR RAHAMAN | Category: Tragedy, Justice, Crime & Justice, Prosecution, Prison
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Galsworthy's "Justice” : A Problem Play that Satirizes Crime Law and Diorce Law at !orce in hen #n$land

%o sub&ect o e(ual social im)ortance has receied such thou$htul consideration in recent years as the (uestion o Crime and Punishment* A number o boo+s by able writers, both in #uro)e and this country discuss this to)ic rom the historic, )sycholo$ical, and social stand)oint, the consensus o o)inion bein$ that )resent )enal institutions and our methods o co)in$ with crime hae in eery res)ect )roed inade(uate inade(uate as well as wasteul* his new attitude toward one o the $raest social wron$s has also ound dramatic inter)retation in Galsworthy's "Justice*” -t is a )roblem )lay that satirizes crime law and diorce law at orce in then #n$land*

 he )lay o)ens o)ens in the o.ce o.ce o James /ow 0 Sons, Sons, solicitors* solicitors* he senior senior cler+, 1obert 1obert Co+eson, discoers that a chec+ he had issued or nine )ounds has been or$ed to ninety* 2y elimination, sus)icion alls u)on 3illiam !alder, the &unior o.ce cler+* he latter is in loe with a married woman, the abused and ill4treated wie o a brutal drun+ard* Pressed by his em)loyer, a seere yet not un+indly man, !alder conesses the or$ery, )leadin$ the dire necessity o his sweetheart, 1uth /oneywill, with whom he had )lanned to esca)e to sae her rom the unbearable brutality o her husband*%otwithstandin$ the entreaties o youn$ 3alter /ow, who holds modern ideas, his ather, a moral and law4res)ectin$ citizen, turns !alder oer to the )olice*

 he second act, act, in the court court room, shows shows Justice in in the ery )rocess )rocess o manuacture* manuacture*  he scene e(uals e(uals in dramatic dramatic )ower and )sycholo$ical )sycholo$ical erity the $reat $reat court scene in "1esurrection*" 5oun$ !alder, a nerous and rather wea+ly youth o twenty4three, stands beore the bar* 1uth, his aithul sweetheart, ull o loe and deotion, burns with an6iety to sae the youn$ man, whose a7ection or her has brou$ht about his )resent )redicament* !alder is deended by Lawyer !rome, whose s)eech to the &ury is a master)iece o social )hiloso)hy* /e does not attem)t to dis)ute the mere act that his client had altered the chec+8 and thou$h he )leads tem)orary aberration aberration in his deense*/e )leads with the &ury not to turn the wea+ youn$ man into a criminal by condemnin$ him to )rison*

2ut the chariot o Justice rolls mercilessly on, or44as the learned Jud$e says44  Jud$e: 95our 95our counsel has made an attem)t attem)t to trace your your o7ense bac+ to what he seems to su$$est is a deect in the marria$e law8 he has made an attem)t also to show that to )unish you with urther im)risonment would be un&ust* 5ou will $o to )enal seritude or three years*”  hus the whole whole e)isode o o &ud$ment and )unishment is is hoa6 and inhumane* inhumane* John Galsworthy , not on by its theme , but also deliberately chose the title Justice in order to satirise the contem)orary social and le$al systems o the country, which in the name o ;&ustice< orced the hel)less indiiduals li+e !alder and 1uth to su7er and )erish =nally in the most inhuman way in a ;ciilised< society* -ronically it is in&ustice told in the &ustice drama*

Si$ni=cance o the >ute Scene in John Galsworthy's "Justice"

 John Galsworthyute Scene is an inte$ral )art o the drama, Justice which, not to be read as added material, but to be read as material that comments u)on and deconstructs the core theme Justice* he >ute Scene ?Act ---, scene [email protected] is ery im)ortant rom the theatrical )oint o iew since throu$h this Galsworthy )resents the dee) a$ony o a hel)less man, !alder in the solitary con=nement* he scene arouses not only our )ity and ear, but also our hatred or the system* -t is heart4$ri))in$ heart4$ri))in$ in its silent orce* he whole scene is a )antomime, ta+in$ )lace in !alder's )rison cell*

2y scrutinizin$ John Galsworthyan o Pro)erty ?HN@, -n Chancery ?H[email protected], Awa+enin$ ?H[email protected], o Let ?H[email protected],he !orsyte Sa$a ?H[email protected],he 3hite >on+ey ?HO@,  he Siler S)oon S)oon ?HO@, Swan Swan Son$ ?H[email protected], ?H[email protected], >aid in 3aitin$ 3aitin$ ?H[email protected], ?H[email protected], !lowerin$ 3ilderness ?H[email protected], er the 1ier ?H[email protected], #nd o the Cha)ter ?HM@, Strie ?HN@,  he Pi$eon Pi$eon ?H[email protected], ld #n$lish #n$lish ?HO@, ?HO@, and he 1oo 1oo ?HO@*

Glory: Galsworthy was awarded the HMO %obel Prize in literature*

Characters 1ead >ore Drama

3illiam !alder, a &unior cler+ in a law =rm who raises a com)any chec+ rom nine to ninety )ounds and is sent to )rison or three years* 3hen he is released on )arole, he is a))rehended by the )olice or not re)ortin$ to the )arole authorities* /e brea+s away rom the arrestin$ o.cer and +ills himsel by &um)in$ rom an o.ce window*

1uth /oneywell, the woman or whom !alder altered the chec+* /e had intended to ta+e 1uth and her two children rom her brutish husband, and he needed the money or the e6)enses they would incur when they let London*

1obert Co+eson, a senior cler+ in the =rm* /e su))orts !alder throu$h the trial, while he is in )rison, and ater his release*

 James and 3alter 3alter /ow, )artners )artners in a law =rm and !alder
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