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Gag's International G.S. Slammer A super-strong floating lure that dives on retrieve, produces maximum flash and imitates just about every baitfish that swims in saltwater. Great for casting, trolling or drifting. Welded wire-through construction for extreme durability. Minimal rod resistance and drag. Per each. Size: 6-¾", 3 oz. Colors: (089)Blue/Silver, (009)Olive, (326)Black/Silver, (822)Herring, (048)Black/Purple, (556)Bunker.

Cedar Plugs - 8" Crafted from high-quality red cedar, these 8" plugs are sure to trigger strikes from any gamefish on the prowl. It's touted as a giant tuna killer, but will catch a variety of predators. Plugs come rigged with 8 feet of 130-pound test monofilament on a 10/0 Mustad hook. Size: 8". Colors: (013)Natural, (011)Red Head, (803)Blue Mackerel, (311)Black/Pink/Pearl, (692)Dorado, (048)Black/ Purple.


Tactical Tackle Dancin' Dolphin II Amazing realism and awesome swimming action. It looks just like a small schoolie dolphin - crafted with intricate, hand-painted details and moving eyes - and swims realistically at speeds of up to 10 knots. This 15" bait has a patent-pending design that keeps it running upright just below the surface with a wandering, swimming motion. A cyclinder at the rear of the tail produces side-to-side kicking that predators can't resist. The hook rides low and to the rear of the belly slot, and its lower fin displaces grass and debris, so you can troll uninterrupted. When you hook a fish, the Dancin' Dolphin slides out of the way up the leader. Crafted of durable, UV-resistant materials. Comes prerigged with a 13/0 Mustad Duratin hook and a 15 ft., 400-lb.-test leader. Includes mesh storage bags. Two replacement tail sections are included.

Yo-Zuri Hydro Squirt With its durable molded body and deep-diving lip, this bait is ideal for a wide range of casting and trolling applications. Because it swims like a cross between a fleeing baitfish and a wiggling squid, its versatility has proven deadly on most any aggressive gamefish species. Equipped with stainless steel split rings and sharp, durable saltwater treble hooks for battles with the strongest giants the ocean has to offer. Per each. Sizes:  5-5/8", 5/8" oz.  7-3/5", 1-3/8 oz. Colors: (009)Green, (130)Blue/Pink, (025)Gold/Red, (027)Pink, (686)Yellow Brown, (055)Red Brown.


Bomber A-Salt Bomber Lures Developed with the hardest-hitting stripers in mind, every aspect of the A-Salt Bomber was crafted to take a beating and perform flawlessly on any species. The internal weight system promotes extra-long casting distances for surf fishing and working crystal-clear flats while the molded-in lip adds extra durability for bouncing off rocky outcroppings and oyster beds. Size: 5-3/4", 1 oz. Colors: (806)White/Yellow, (500)Pearl Yellow, (232)Chrome/Black, (570)Silver Flash/Chartreuse, (011)Red Head, (571)Silver Flash/Blue.

Rapala Saltwater Skitter Pop Rapala's world-renowned top-water action is now available in a bait made especially for use in saltwater. A great choice for any in-shore species. Equipped with Perma-steel hooks and hardware. Colors: (496)Blue Chartreuse, (657)Silver Mackerel, (724)Mullet, (805)Red Head,


(816)Green Mackerel, (914)Hot Pink, (996)Fire Chartreuse. Size: 5-1/4", 1-7/16 oz.

Tsunami Talkin' Popper This floating topwater lure generates a popping, splashing, skittering action to draw reactive strikes. Weight transfer balls for long accurate casts. Per each. Size:  5", 1-3/8 oz.  6", 2-1/4 oz. Colors: (005)Red Head White, (101)Electro School Bus, (103)Electro Scale, (326)Black/Sliver, (803)Blue Mackerel, (899)Sardine.


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