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Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Test 1

Key to Tests Test 1 (Modules 1 & 2) Vocabulary A. 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. c 5. c 6. a 7. c 8. d 9. b 10. a

Grammar D. 1. c 2. b 3. c 4. d 5. b 6. b 7. c 8. a

B. 1. announcement 2 . reliable 3. relaxation 4. importance 5. hopeful 6. arrangements 7. comfortable 8. trustworthy

E. 1. am used to waking up 2 . do you think of 3. I was going to visit 4. train leaves in an hour 5. are seeing the doctor (at)

C. 1. feet 2 . hit 3. living 4. driving 5. head 6. set

F. 1. was 2. used to go 3. used to be 4. used to think 5. used to tell 6. used to understand 7. am thinking 8. ’m not used to travelling 9. remember 10. used to give

Listen 1. working on 2 . moving companies 3. (slow) cargo ship 4. his possessions 5. bikers 6. for all ages 7. uncomfortable 8. well in advance Read 1. a 2. a 3. c 4. c 5. b 6. d Write open answer

Listening Transcript

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and one way is by working on a yacht. Crewseekers International offers various opportunities on yachts. Cruise ships also hire staff members on a seasonal basis, with many opportunities available. Just log onto their websites. Moving companies always need drivers to move vehicles from one city to another. What better way to see Australia than by driving from Sydney to Perth and getting money for your sightseeing trip once you get there? There are several companies that rely on young people to transfer vehicles to various destinations. If the idea of working your way to your dream holiday destination does not appeal to you, there are other options. For instance, a slow cargo ship to China is much cheaper than other means of transport. Cargo cabins may not be as comfortable as luxury liners, there might be no view, it can take five times as long to get there, but destinations like Shanghai, Singapore, Rio and Alexandria make it worth the effort. These types of trips can be booked through The Cruise People. Others may prefer to pedal their way along miles of shoreline. Bike fans claim it’s the best way to see the world. There are countless bike stories on the Net, as well as a site run by Tim Travis, an ordinary American who quit his job, sold his possessions, left his

home in Arizona and set off to see the world on his bike. His site includes an ongoing travel blog with short videos, a photo journal, a list of possible expenses along the way and any information bikers may need. Those interested in something a little more organised can join in a teen bike tour organised by the Student Hostel Programme. For less sweat, but just as much romance, board a train. Student travel was revolutionised in 1972 when “InterRail” appeared on the European railroad system, offering unlimited railroad trips across 21 countries for people under 21. These days, the railroad links offered by InterRail are across 30 countries with deals for all ages and special prices for anyone under 26. The InterRail pass is rivalled only by the Europass that became available in 2009. For other countries there is Youthrail to cover the needs of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the US, as well as Indrail for travellers to India. Buses are even cheaper but just as much fun. Gone are the days when buses were uncomfortable experiences. These days buses have air conditioning, reclining seats, entertainment systems and toilets. Euroline is probably the best choice with 500 destinations across 43 countries, whereas Busabout brings like-minded backpackers together and includes island hopping passes as well as bus tours.

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People used to assume that you were very rich if you were travelling around the globe. The truth is that if you are young, adventurous and willing to plan ahead, then the whole world is yours even if your wallet is empty.

Air travel should not be ruled out either, even if your wallet is light. Budget airlines allow for cheap connections for visitors who secure last-minute trips or book well in advance. It’s worthwhile seeking budget airlines and keeping an eye out for deals. 

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Test 2

Test 2 (Modules 3 & 4) Vocabulary A. 1. consultants 2 . improvements 3. employees 4. manager 5. impression 6. development 7. discussion 8. interpretation

Grammar D. 1. have heard 2 . have been arguing 3. have joined 4. have come 5. has been correcting 6. have always been 7. have found 8. have been arguing

B. 1. drop 2 . be 3. make 4. let 5. tell 6. keep 7. tell 8. make

E. 1. won’t like 2. have 3. will solve 4. we’ll make 5. won’t he break 6. buy 7. have got 8. will make 9. will build 10. be eating

C. 1. neck 2 . overtime 3. shook 4. unique 5. minds 6. reach 7. day 8. put

Read 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. D 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. C Write open answer

F. 1. c 2. d 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. a 7. c 8. b Listen 1. c 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. d

Listening Transcript Imagine having no e-mail, no cell phone and having to send your handwritten letters with a rider on horseback. It seems impossible to think of how long it would take to send a simple message, but not so long ago, this was the reality. The way we communicate now, on the other hand, is changing almost every day and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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Although humans have been around for a few million years, it took them until approximately 3500 BC to start writing. The most famous, but not the only, example of early written language is hieroglyphics, which were used by the ancient Egyptians and looked like simple drawings. The rest of us were not exactly hot on the ancient Egyptians’ heels - it took us another 5,000 years to start printing newspapers in Europe! The next jump in communication technology came even more quickly than newspapers. It took just another 400 years for the first electrical telegram to be sent. On May 24th, 1844, Samuel Morse (the inventor of Morse code) sent a four-word message forty miles from Baltimore to Washington in the USA. Just 125 years later, in 1969, we saw the birth of the Internet but

it was not until 1994 that the World Wide Web was born and the Internet started finding its way into our homes. Since 1994, we have seen an explosion of communication options. Since computers and the Internet have become widespread, communication has evolved faster than at any point in the past. So what is next? The next steps in communication are unknown to us but someone, somewhere, is thinking of them.

Questions: 1. Why does the speaker give the example of sending handwritten letters with a rider on horseback? 2. What does the speaker say about the ancient Egyptians? 3. At which stage has communication technology developed most quickly? 4. What does the speaker mean when he says: “were not exactly hot on the Ancient Egyptians’ heels”? 5. What does the speaker believe?

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Test 3

Test 3 (Modules 5 & 6) Vocabulary A. 1. b 2. a 3. c 4. b 5. c 6. b 7. d 8. c B. 1. benefit 2. prevent 3. trigger 4. concentrate 5. annoyed 6. addicted 7. learn 8. insist 9. inspire 10. pursue C. 1. b 2. e 3. j 6. f 7. c 8. i

6. full of beans 7. the icing on the cake 8. like two peas in a pod 9. as easy as apple pie 10. know... by heart

F. 1. Maria begged Colin to take her to the concert with him 2 . My father refused to let me go to the cinema on my own 3. He warned her not to tell anyone about it/that 4. My uncle wanted to know where the nearest petrol station from here is 5. Marina promised she wouldn’t be late the following/next day

Grammar D. 1. some 2. any 3. a lot 4. some 5. a little 6. any 7. a few 8. a few 9. a lot of 10. much 4. d 5. a 9. h 10. g

1. learned the ropes 2 . pays peanuts 3. cream of the crop 4. put all your eggs in one basket 5. have your cake and eat it

4. This is the CD which/that I bought on Friday 5. Mr Cash, whose mother owns the bakery we shop at, is our Maths teacher

E. 1. The artist, who I met at my sister’s wedding, invited me to the exhibition 2 . Jonathan went to Oxford University, where he studied law 3. Sarah, whose father is a famous author, published her first book last year

Listen 1. c 2. c 3. c 4. b 5. c Read 1. c 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. b 6. c Write open answer

Listening Transcript

Question: What does the woman eat that vegetarians don’t eat? 2. Woman: I’ll send you the photos by e-mail. Man: Don’t you have a Facebook account? Woman: No, I don’t have time for Facebook. Man: It doesn’t have to take up your time. You can access it from your cell phone. Look, I’ll show you. You can upload your photos directly from your phone to Facebook. Woman: Oh, I didn’t realise that. Question: How does he suggest she should upload her photos? 3. Man: I spoke to Uncle George this morning. Your cousin Lina had a baby girl yesterday. Woman: Wow. How is she? Man: Fine, I think. Why don’t you give her a call? Woman: I don’t have her number. We usually use Skype or occasionally e-mail. Could you give it to me? Man: Sure. I’ll go and find it for you. Question: How does the woman usually communicate with her cousin?

4. Woman: I found this really great recipe for fruit salad, so I want you to pick up a few things from the grocery store on your way home after work. Man: OK. What do you need? You know, we have some raspberries that my sister brought us yesterday. Woman: Yes, they’re delicious, but not in the recipe. I’ll need some grapefruit, a pineapple and some cherries. I have everything else I need. Oh, forget the grapefruit. There are a couple in the refrigerator. Question: What fruit is not in the fruit salad? 5. Woman: I was watching a documentary about ancient Egypt last night. Did you know that a document written on papyrus has recently been discovered in Turin? Man: Imagine finding a document 3,000 years old! Woman: Makes you wonder what will remain from our time in 3,000 years. Man: Well, I can’t imagine an e-mail from today lasting 3,000 years. Woman: They might be stored somewhere on a central database. Man: I seriously doubt it.

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1. Woman: I think I’ll have the salmon. Man: Fish? I thought you were a vegetarian. Woman: No, actually I’m a pescetarian. I just don’t eat meat.

Question: What does the man think will be difficult to find 3,000 years from now?

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Midterm Test

Midterm Test (Modules 1-6) Vocabulary A. 1. b 2. c 3. d 4. a 5. c 6. d 7. b 8. b 9. d 10. b B. 1. interpret 2. physical 3. eyebrows 4. throat 5. telling 6. mood 7. skill 8. security 9. quality 10. counselling C. I. 1. d 2. c 3. e 4. a 5. b 1. time-saving 2 . good natured 3. stress-free

E. 1. b 2. d 3. d 4. a 5. a 6. b 7. c 8. b

4. easy-going 5. long-lasting II. 1. c 2. d 3. a 4. e 5. b

F. 1. has been little improvement in 2 . gets harder and harder/more and more difficult 3. wondered if he would ever 4. who works at a travel 5. we would often go down

1. brought about 2 . sleep in 3. figure out 4. turns into 5. pulled away Grammar D. 1. helped / were helping 2. decided 3. have provided / have been providing 4. had worked / had been working 5. has managed 6. contributed 7. use 8. will keep 9. hope 10. won’t exist

Listen 1. b 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. c 6. c Read 1. a 2. b 3. b 4. d 5. c Write open answer

Listening Transcript 1. You hear a young woman talking. I always wanted to do something more after I finished my BA, but by the time I had made my mind up, I was already working full time, and you know how that goes, you don’t finish till after six. Then the company I have now been working at for three years gave me a promotion and assigned me to a very specific department, adapting classic stories for young children, and I felt I needed some help to get a good grasp on this and do it right. That’s why I chose this subject for my MA. My BA was in Language you see, not storytelling or child psychology. 2. You hear a travel show presenter talking about a journey he’s making with his crew. We’re in one of the most remote places on earth. Our vehicles have gone through a lot to get us this far, through muddy rainforests and rocky mountain paths. Three out of four of them already have engine problems and the fourth one doesn’t sound that healthy either. The other issue we now have to face is crossing the mighty Nu-Kgiang River. There are a few wooden footbridges, but nothing that resembles a stable or wide enough structure to hold a vehicle, so we’re going to have to cross on foot and manage the rest of the way on the backs of elephants. It may be slow, and it’s something I’ve definitely never done before.

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3. You hear someone being interviewed about a soap opera’s next episode. Woman: So, there have been some dramatic events on Palm Street this past week. We found out that Maria doesn’t get the job she applied for in the end, and Casey has a big fight with Michelle over who gets to be their flatmate. Is next week’s episode as exciting? Man: 

Well, I can’t give away the whole story, but I can

tell you that you won’t be disappointed! I’m really excited about the scenes we’ve filmed for next week. They are great! Jason and I have been coming up with some really good stuff, a lot of new ideas and twists are going to be introduced just before the summer break and we’re already casting for a couple of new characters. 4. You hear a woman talking about activities she did while on holiday with her family. As a child most of our holidays were spent in the Highlands, in Scotland, because my father and uncle were really into climbing, and it was always taken for granted that we would go climbing every day. Don’t get me wrong, climbing is ok, but every day? One day though, much to my relief, I managed to persuade them to try paragliding instead. My father complained a bit, he wasn’t used to not being strapped to a rock you see, but I was just content to do something different for a change. You feel very insecure while flying. There’s nothing to protect you from a fall, mind you, but the sense of complete freedom and the view make up for everything. 5. You hear a man talking. My parents could tell I was rather artistic, and I don’t think they would have stood in my way otherwise, but they were desperate to ensure that I would do well in life, you know, financially speaking, since they had always struggled to make ends meet. So they would help me with my science homework every evening. They really pushed me, actually, and if it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have bothered much with it. Now, I feel deep down that I have more of a natural talent for art than anything else. I even won some awards for some of my paintings and I still paint whenever I have time. But I knew that I’d never make enough money as an

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Midterm Test

artist, so I studied Science at college, and then spent a few years in the Middle East working in the oil industry.


6. You overhear a couple talking about keeping fit. Woman: I’ve been thinking. We both ought to try to exercise more, don’t you agree? Man:

Well, you probably have a point, but I bet you got that idea from that programme. I hate being constantly told by the media that we’re not active enough and always have to do more.

OK, so people get the message, immediately join the gym or spend a fortune on fitness videos, then within a few weeks get fed up with it, and you’re left with nothing but money gone down the drain.

Woman: Some people manage to keep it up. Man:

Right, at which point they start obsessing about the way they look and let that take over their life.

Woman: I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case with you.

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Woman: It’s not their opinion. It’s doctors who are concerned about it.

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Test 4

Test 4 (Modules 7 & 8) Vocabulary A. 1. c 2. f 3. e 4. g 5. a 6. d 7. h 8. b 1. behind the scenes 2 . acting up 3. was... a flop 4. stole the show 5. blow his own trumpet 6. face the music 7. break the ice 8. changed her tune B. 1. undercharged 2 . underfed 3. understaffed 4. underpaid 5. undertake 6. underestimated C. 1. up with 2 . up

F. 1. though Roger/he knew it was a very expensive restaurant, he/Roger went ahead and booked a table anyway 2 . the rain/the fact that it was raining, we enjoyed our trip to Rome 3. though he is over sixty, he is a fast runner 4. few people went to see it, it was a great film/it was a great film, few people went to see it 5. of being a famous writer, Richard has not forgotten his friends

3. out 4. away 5. down on 6. for 7. out 8. around to D. 1. outbreak 2 . outlooks 3. outnumbered 4. outdoor 5. outgoing 6. outgrown 7. outlet 8. output

G. 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. a 5. a 6. c 7. c 8. d 9. b 10. b

Grammar E. 1. need to 2 . needn’t 3. can’t 4. touch 5. must 6. needn’t have 7. didn’t need 8. must have been

Listen 1. b 2. c 3. b 4. c 5. b Read 1. f 2. e 3. g 4. b 5. a 6. d Write open answer

Listening Transcript 1. You hear a woman talking to her husband.


I know you really love your little red sports car, but I don’t think you should drive in to work with it today. I heard on the radio that it’s World Car-free Day and I think it might be kind of fun for us to ride in to work on our bikes. Or if you don’t want to arrive at your office all sweaty, then perhaps we can take a bus together, like we used to before we got the car. I heard on the news that public transport is free today. (Pause) Oh, darling. Don’t look at me like that. I know one day won’t make a major difference to the environment, but, hey, who knows? We might enjoy it if we try it.

Woman: It’s not as bad as burning diesel and the cost of diesel keeps going up.

2. You hear a man talking on the radio.

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Having clean, drinkable water is a right. At least that’s what all of us at “Speak Up for the Planet” believe. Unfortunately, most people take this right for granted and just waste water. We take long showers, let the water run while we are brushing our teeth, unnecessarily flush toilets more than we have to and buy bottled water. We don’t realise that what we are doing affects the entire world. Our water supplies are decreasing and that makes it more valuable. Many businesses are trying to make a profit from this. According to scientists, the buying and selling of water would only worsen problems by further shrinking lakes. That’s why we want to stop anyone trying to make a profit from water. 3. You overhear a conversation. Woman: I think we should stop burning diesel and get a wood-burning stove. Man:

Well, I don’t like the idea of chopping down trees.

Woman: We can always buy wood from sustainable forests.


Yes, but burning wood creates pollution, too.

Let’s not rush. We need to think about it.

4. You hear a radio show about a man who made a windmill using junk. William Kambkwamba comes from a large family in Malawi. In 2001, an awful famine destroyed his family’s crops and William was taken out of school to work. This saddened him. He worked on the fields but kept going to the library hoping to find a solution to his family’s poverty. He came across a book called “Using Energy” that showed a windmill that could pump water and generate electricity. He was just 14 years old but he thought he’d try to build it. He went to the scrapyard and began collecting junk and finally made his electricity mill. People started lining up at his house to charge their mobile phones. His dream now is to build a larger windmill to help provide water for his entire village and to go back to school. 5. You hear a man talking about something he built. When my daughter started collecting plastic bottles for a school assignment, we ended up with more bottles than we’d bargained for. That got me thinking. A mud-filled bottle is as strong as any brick, and cheaper, too. So I decided to create a shed. I just piled the bottles up as I do when building a house. The real beauty of my shed is its outside walls. The round bottoms of the bottles have a beautiful design. For windows, I filled a plastic bottle with water, added some bleach and salt. There you have it! Natural lighting without electricity. I’m so excited about my bottle shed that I spend more time in it than I do in my actual house.

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Test 5

Test 5 (Modules 9 & 10) Vocabulary A. 1. jeweller’s, silver 2 . ripped 3. discount, sales 4. saving up, window shopping B. 1. designer label 2 . price tags 3. browse 4. bargain hunting 5. department store 6. dressing room 7. try on C. 1. fall into 2. took off 3. run up 4. stick with 5. go along with 6. get by 7. makes up 8. forked out 9. pay off 10. figure out

Grammar D. 1. if 2. would 3. would 4. If 5. would 6. can’t 7. unless 8. can’t 9. will 10. if

G. 1. isn’t it 2 . doesn’t it 3. hasn’t he 4. will you 5. aren’t I 6. is it 7. doesn’t/hasn’t he 8. wasn’t she

E. 1. b 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. b 6. b 7. b 8. a

Read 1. d 2. a 3. d 4. b 5. c

Listen 1. C 2. A 3. F 4. E 5. D

F. 1. studied hard in order to get accepted to the Camberwell College of Arts 2. isn’t patient enough to teach children 3. liked the painting so much that he spent half an hour looking at it 4. were making such a lot of noise that the tour guide asked them to be quiet 5. stayed open a week longer so that all the students could see it

Write open answer

Listening Transcript Speaker 1:

I hate shopping, especially shopping for gifts, so I do all my shopping online. Whenever I went shopping, it was a battle to find a parking space, then I had to fight my way through crowds of other shoppers. Sometimes it would take me all day, my feet would get tired and, in the end, I’d still not find what I wanted. Online shopping saved my marriage! My wife loves shopping and hated it when I wouldn’t go gift shopping with her. She also hated it when I started complaining or looking fed up when I did go. Now, when we shop online, we know exactly what we’re getting, it’s cheaper and it’s shopping we can do together without one of us being miserable.

so that she could make it herself. What could be better than her building her own castle? It turns out being given a toy is often better than making one. The model castle didn’t even make it out of the box, and I ended up taking it back to the shop. Now I take the kids shopping and let them pick out their own presents. Of course, it destroys any element of surprise, but it saves any disappointment when they unwrap their gifts.

I think people give and receive really boring gifts most of the time. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ended up getting bath salts or beauty products just because I’m a girl and people have no imagination! That’s why I always try and buy something a little different. I bought my friend an indoor herb garden once and another friend an alarm clock you throw against the wall to turn it off. It doesn’t take long to find these things, and it’s worth the effort to see people’s reactions when they realise they have been given something completely original. Speaker 3: Choosing the right gift for someone is not as easy as it might seem. Actually, in my family I’m famous for buying the wrong things. My daughter loved to pretend to be a princess and wanted a toy castle to play with. I thought I would buy her a model castle,

I find shopping for gifts really hard. I always try to decide what I want to buy someone and even go out with a very clear list. But then I go into a shop and see something that I think is better than my original idea. I end up agonising over even the smallest gifts, and I’m never happy with what I buy in the end anyway. To avoid that, I now buy gift certificates. I just have to choose the shop and the amount of the voucher. It’s so quick and easy! Speaker 5: Shopping is the best way to relax and unwind. Even just window shopping is fun. It’s fantastic to just drift along with the flow of people and take your time looking at things. What I especially love, though, is going shopping for gifts. I think if you put in a lot of effort and take some time, you can find something really special. I can spend hours looking for just the right gift for someone. I almost prefer shopping for others than shopping for myself. But I do think that it’s when you’re looking for something for someone else that you find the best things for yourself, so I’m not totally selfless.

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Speaker 2:

Speaker 4:

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Test 6

Test 6 (Modules 11 & 12) Vocabulary A. 1. proof, innocent, acquitted 2 . jury, arson, sentenced 3. arrested, suspects 4. accused, stealing B. 1. the root of the problem 2. doing time 3. fighting a losing battle 4. at the touch of your fingertips 5. let you off the hook 6. turn over a new leaf 7. brush with the law 8. hold out hope 9. take the law into your own hands 10. freeze a moment in time C. 1. b 2. a 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. d 8. b 9. c 10. a

Grammar D. 1. got 2. hadn’t 3. will be given 4. see 5. hadn’t... would have arrived 6. could 7. would have studied... hadn’t 8. had been 9. to be 10. had my car washed 11. are thought 12. didn’t E. 1. I had come to see you 2 . we left now / to leave now 3. is said to be the most inventive scientist of our time. 4. is believed that using microwaves destroys the vitamins in food

5. I hadn’t left my money at home, I could have bought the ticket

. will be chosen by the students 6 7. having/getting her hair cut right now (by the hairdresser) 8. our house cleaned yesterday

Listen 1. a 2. c 3. d 4. d 5. a Read 1. g 2. a 3. f 4. e 5. h 6. c Write open answer

Listening Transcript What’s the strangest case I’ve ever had to deal with? I’m not allowed to give too many details, but there was one unusual case.

driver of the car must have been distracted by the noise, lost concentration and crashed.

I was defending a woman who had been taken to court by her neighbour. I met the lady and she seemed OK, no past convictions or trouble with the police. The more you deal with people, the more you get a sense of what they’re like and I didn’t see her as a troublemaker. However, when I read the long list and the nature of the charges, I was quite shocked and thought I may have misjudged her.

3. He also claimed my client’s singing was so bad that it caused him physical pain and therefore should be considered a weapon. He went on to say that my client knew her singing was terrible and therefore could only have been singing intentionally in order to cause harm.

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When we arrived in court, her neighbour had decided to represent himself. Now, this can be a nightmare. It’s like having someone who doesn’t know how to drive behind the wheel of a fast car on a freeway. You never know what they’ll do next.

Obviously the case was dismissed almost immediately, but it was an entertaining day, nonetheless. My client was asked to sing a bit more quietly and try not to disturb her neighbour. She later told me she would never forget her brush with the law. Questions

When asked to outline the charges, I couldn’t believe my ears. He said my client’s singing was of such poor quality and so loud that it must be against the law. He made the following arguments.

Number 1: What does the lawyer say about himself?

1. He claimed my client’s singing was so bad and so loud it must be considered to be a disturbance of the peace.

Number 3: What does the speaker describe as a nightmare?

2. A car had recently crashed on my client’s road. The neighbour claimed my client’s singing was so poor the

Number 5: What does the speaker mean when he says: “she would never forget her brush with the law”?

Number 2: Why did the lawyer think that he had made a mistake about his client? Number 4: What did the woman’s neighbour accuse her of?

Full Blast Level B1+ Key to Tests / Final Test

Final Test (Modules 1-12)

Vocabulary A. 1. b 2. a 3. b 4. a 5. a 6. d 7. a 8. c 9. b 10. d

B. 1. f 2. a 3. i 4. c 5. j 6. h 7. b 8. d 9. g 10. e 1. cluttering up 2. paid off 3. got away with 4. cover up 5. am fed up 6. hunt out 7. check up 8. stick with 9. go through with 10. saved up

C. 1. eligible 2 . disappointing 3. vandalism 4. compiling 5. motivated 6. publicity 7. underestimate 8. detention

E. 1. will be announced 2 . got her neighbours to keep 3. unless you write it down 4. apologised for being 5. has probably ended/will probably have ended F. 1. c 2. b 3. d 4. c 5. d 6. b 7. b 8. d 9. b 10. a

Grammar D. 1. has 2. prepare 3. are left 4. become 5. must be taken 6. to keep 7. are placed 8. to create 9. thinking 10. to do

Listen 1. a 2. c 3. b 4. b 5. b Read 1. c 2. d 3. a 4. d 5. c 6. b Write open answer

Listening Transcript

The first thing I did was to start organising it so that I could get the most out of the tiny space. That really was a challenge. There’s a lot of stuff that moves around. For instance, my table pulls down from the wall and has a bookshelf behind it. My plasma TV folds down from the ceiling. I don’t have a kitchen, but there’s a small refrigerator with a small cabinet on top and a portable stove that I fill up with paper supplies when I’m not cooking. Bits and pieces come out of and pop into each other so my friends call my place the “lego” apartment. My bed is connected to the ceiling and I climb up with a ladder. It’s so cosy. I had a friend sleep over once and she had a panic attack in the middle of the night. She felt closed in but I like my little shoe box bed. It makes me feel secure. The toilet is a bit of a squeeze, too, even though it seems to be getting bigger since I moved in. It’s the only area that is private and it doubles up as a shower.

The best part is the view! Open the window and you see Central Park! When I want to exercise, I just go for a walk. Everything is within walking distance. I don’t need to travel anywhere by car and I save so much time and money on travel costs. People tell me that I could have spent the same amount of money and bought a bigger house further away, but it would be so wasteful. After all, I don’t really need the extra space. Questions: Number 1: Why did she buy the apartment? Number 2: Why do her friends refer to her home as the “lego” apartment? Number 3: Why did her friend have a panic attack when she slept over?

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I always wanted to live on Park Avenue, one of the most expensive streets in Manhattan, but property is very expensive here. My dream came true when my friend told me about this room which was used as a storage space before I bought it.

Number 4: What does the speaker say about the toilet? Number 5: What does the speaker say about the location of her apartment?

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