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The firm offers an assortment of opportunities for lawyers with diverse interests. Fulbright is based in Houston. Howeve...



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Fulbright & Jaworski [Adam Silver] One of the biggest firms in Texas, Fulbright & Jaworski has used several recent mergers to develop into one of the biggest firms in the US, as well as a bonafide international player. Fulbright features a wide-array of practice areas, but is particularly known, as is befitting a Texas staple, for its energy practice.

Fulbright & Jaworski is named after two

of the Block Drug Company to SmithKline

of the century’s most prominent attorneys,

Beecham PLC.

R.C. Fulbright and Leon Jaworski. Fulbright co-founded the firm in Houston in 1919 and

Fulbright features excellence across the

Jaworski later became an integral part of the

board. There is an extensive litigation depart-

firm after scoring an impressive victory over

ment, and the firm’s skill in arbitration has

his future co-workers (if you can beat ‘em…

been praised by American Lawyer.

join ‘em?). At one point during his illustrious career, Jaworski was a vital member of the

Given that the firm is headquarted in Houston

JAG Department. However, he will always

and has a thriving energy practice, it doesn’t

be most widely recognized as the special

take long to put two and two together and

prosecutor during Watergate.

come up with the “E” word. Indeed, the firm handled deals involving Enron before

Fulbright is based in Houston. However,

the corporation’s stunning collapse, and

there are also offices in Austin, Dallas, San

Fulbright lawyers have subsequently been

Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Min-

managing bankruptcy cases in the wake of

neapolis, London, Munich and Hong Kong.

the company’s fall.

Whether in Texas or Britain, the firm offers an assortment of opportunities for lawyers

Every state has some obscure laws that may

with diverse interests. Though it is a huge

be classified as odd to say the least. Texas

firm rapidly approaching 1000 attorneys,

has more than its fair share, with bans on

there is a genuine commitment to client

taking in excess of 3 sips of beer (while

service, as documented by the BTI Consulting

standing) and milking a cow that does not


belong to you. While it is unlikely that these matters will ever come up, with four offices

A variety of publications and organizations

located throughout the state, there is no

have recognized Fulbright’s qualities. Cham-

better place to handle the unique aspects

bers USA ranked the energy and health care practices among the country’s elite. The firm assisted in the formation of the internationally renowned Texas Medical Center. IP Today has commended the firm for its work in trademarks and patents. Of course, the firm has a well-documented corporate practice, in particular, a strong mergers and acquisitions reputation. Recent M&A transactions that Fulbright attorneys worked on include the $4.4 billion sale of Union Pacific Reserves to Anadarko Petroleum and the $1.2 billion sale

of Texas law than Fulbright & Jaworski. Of


course, the other seven locations across the US, Europe and Asia, ensure the firm’s global presence. Fulbright has been growing at a fast pace, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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