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August 25, 2017 | Author: Azeneth Garcia | Category: Teachers, Educational Technology, Chemical Reactions, Learning, Cognition
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888n nb , m bkikivpMy Teaching Philosophy

To educate is to become a better educated. It is circular process that improves with time; I believe the responsibility of educators is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in academic, business and personal arenas. My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that education is a solution to many social problems. Education provides the tools to make informed decisions, synthesize ideas, and critically evaluate relevant issues and to enjoy life. Therefore pursuing knowledge and working to improve my skills as an educator are among my highest priorities.

As an educator, I will strive to encourage excellence in my students and my self. Course material should be challenging, interactive and relevant to current issues and events. Students learn and retain more information if the material is presented in an environment that is interesting and interactive. For this reason, I believe that using a variety of multimedia including video, slides, and the internet, is an effective way to complement traditional course lectures remains the foundation of the educational experience. I feel that I can encourage students to seek new knowledge and explore their own ideas by an enthusiastic presentation of both what is. And what is not known about subjects. When appropriate, the classroom setting should be expanded to include experience in the field. What better way to make the necessary connections among biological concepts than by observing how organisms interact with their environment?

In my interaction with students, I will strive always to be respectful, especially when dealing with differing opinions that may arise as product of scientific thinking. I want my student to learn to think critically, not merely to accept my ideas and opinions; my drive to pursue higher education was due in part to several teachers who inspired catalyst for other people to pursue their dreams.

Episode 1

The Schools Learning Resource Center

Name of Fs Student:


Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Bachelor Of Secondary Education

Resource Teacher:

Mrs Marites A. Alvarez

Year & Section:


Cooperating School:

Sagay National High School

My Target

At the end of this activity, I will be competent in identifying and classifying resources that facilitate teaching and learning processes. At the end of this activity, I will be competent in identifying and classifying resources that facilitate teaching and learning processes.

An Observation Guide for a LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER

Learning resource center was a facility within a school which was operated by a specialist and containing several information sources. It must be developed and benefitted to educate all people and provide quality education. It must have current resources for it is an avenue for learning.

As I visit and observe the different learning resource center, the learning resources that were available or present were computers, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, television, articles, DVD player, tapes and etc… All materials were properly arranged according to their types and functions. It seems that all materials have a proper maintenance because they were free any dust.

Every learning resource center has its own guidelines or procedures and also rules. Those guidelines or procedure and rules do not involve great exertion or discomfort on the part of the users because they were just easy to adhere or practice.

Name of Center Observed: Math, English, Science Learning Resources and Library

Date of Observation: August 09, 2012

List of Available Learning Resources

Available Learning Resources

Characteristics And Unique Capabilities

Teaching Approaches Where The Resources Is Most Useful



Resources Books Students’ Output

Bulletin Board Display

Generally, all these print

Interactive instruction relies

resources were capable in

heavily on discussion and

providing guidance and idea

sharing among participants. It

to students who were not

allows for a range of groupings

familiar with it and it makes

and interactive methods. This

them aware about the whole concept.

includes total class discussions, small group discussions or projects.



Resources Cassette

All these resources were capable in upgrading the

Letting the student explore

vocabulary and listening Audio Tapes

the elements of an audio

skill of the learners and this

production could be an effective teaching approach because it

Compact Disc

was highly effective for all the auditory learners.

develops listening skills of students.


NonElectronic Visual

Resources Models

There were models and


specimens that were being

learning could be a teaching

preserved, thus the learners

approach where resources were

can have a close-t- reality

most useful.

experience. It brings out

It was inductive, learner

information and reality

centered and activity oriented.

Mock Ups

experience for the learners

The emphasis in experiential


who may not be familiar with what it looks like.

learning was on the process of learning and not on the product.

Direct instruction was highly teacher directed and was Generally, ICT resources 1.


Resources Computers


commonly used. This includes

were used as a means of

methods such as lectures,

learning new concepts and

questioning, explicit teaching

new ideas to the learners. T

and demonstration. It was

also brings convenience to the part of the teachers.

effective for providing information or developing step by step skills.


Learning resources are the materials used by teachers to enhance the skills of students, help to discover the different aptitudes and it provides learning experiences to the students. All learning resources must be contemporary and the person in-charge must know how to efficiently utilize it because learning resources support curriculum.

Name and Signature of Observer: JAY AR B. ASPERO




Were the learning resource/materials arranged properly according to their functions and

characteristics? All learning resources or materials were arranged properly according their functions and characteristics. The books inside the library were properly arranged as to their types and functions. The proper arrangement of learning resources help the teachers and students to locate it and it brings convenience to both teachers and students.



Do the guidelines and procedure facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers? Why?

Why not? The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials in such a way that the guidelines and procedures do not involve great exertion or discomfort on the part of the teachers or any users of it.

1. 3. What are the strengths of this learning resource center? Learning resource center can be developed and benefitted to educate all people and provide quality education. It will become strong when the person in-charge knows how to efficiently utilize it and the resources must be sufficient and must be contemporary that will suit to the latest trends in the society.

1. 4. What are its weaknesses? A learning resource center was only good as the resources they have and the person running it so if a learning resource center has insufficient or outdated resources it will be weak. If they have current resources but no one knows how to efficiently utilize them so it will be also weak.

1. 5. What suggestions can you make? I suggest that learning resource center must be well planned and properly managed so that it can function and give significant contribution to developing learning society and establishing educated society. Learning resource center must be designed according to the interest of students so that their attention will be caught and it must be an information provider to reinforce student’s learning.


1. 1. Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest the most? Why? It was the book that caught my interest because they were properly arranged according to their types and functions. It seems that there was a proper maintenance because most of the books were free from dust.

1. 2. Which gadgets/materials are you already confident to use/operate? The books, computer, projector and other materials that were related to multimedia presentation were the gadgets or materials that give me a strong belief in my own ability to use or operate it.

1. 3. Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about? I need to learn more about the use of computers in presenting topics. It is important for me to be familiar and understand clearly its appropriateness and effectiveness in delivering a topic.

Episode 2

Bulletin Board Display

Name of Fs Student:


Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Bachelor Of Secondary Education

Resource Teacher:

Cooperating School:

Year & Section:


Mrs Marites A. Alvarez

Sagay National High School

My Target

At the end of this activity, I will be competent in appraising the effectiveness of display boards as learning resources.

An Observation Guide for Board Displays

Name of School Observed:

Sagay National High School

Date of Visit:

August 16, 2012

As I look around and examine the board displays, I have found out that every classroom has its own board display. Some classrooms have a bulletin board for birthdays of students, classroom cleaners, classroom officers, classroom activities and announcement and the most common was the board display that contains the topics to be discussed in a certain grading period.

I have seen 3 board displays outside the classroom but it was more than that if I will examine the whole campus. Board displays were located in front of the canteen, near the faculty room and also near the entrance gate. Most of it was announcements, activities or events in school and etc… The announcements were written in a formal way that everyone can quickly and clearly understand , the information were arranged past to latest and the materials used have a high quality that can last for a longer time. Board display near the entrance of the gate was covered by a class, so as to give protection to the content and materials used.

Messages were clear enough as I read it and it can be easily understood because there were no misspelled words or any inconsistencies in grammar.

Topic of the board displays: Buwan ng Wika and Science Month

Location of the board displays in school: Near the entrance gate

Check the column that indicates your rating. Write comments to back up your ratings.

4- Outstanding

3- Very Satisfactory

2- Satisfactory

1- Needs Improvement


Effective communication










The messages were clear and easy to

Conveys the message quickly and clearly.


Attractiveness Colors and Colors and

arrangements were very

arrangements catch and hold interest.

cogent to the eyes of viewers.


Objects are arranged so stability is perceived.

Arrangements of objects were good but it needs an improvement.


Repeated shapes or colors or use of borders holds display together.

There was a perfect selection of colors, shapes and boarders.

Interactivity Students have an The styles and

active involvement in it

approach entice learners to be involved.

because the board display seems to be student made.


Letters and illustrations can be seen from a good distance.

Too much art can damage the legibility of the board display.


Free from grammar

There were no

errors, misspelled words, ambiguity

such wrong grammars or even misspelled words.

Durability The content can Well-constructed, items are securely attached.

last long because it was protected by a glass.

(Option 2)

Location: Near the entrance gate

Brief description of the bulletin board:

The board display contains different activities and events for a certain month and it was located near the entrance gate where teachers, students and parents can see it.




It can last for a longer time; it can


It can be only weak if it is not updated

Board display

easily attract the

was c covered by a glass, it

attention of the viewers

was located near the entrance

because of its location

gate, it was attractive and

where many viewers can see it.

there were no misspelled words or even inconsistencies in grammar.

and if the content not clear enough.


If the person who made the board display is not knowledgeable

The content was easy to understand because it was free

and just took it for granted can also become weak.

from any grammar errors.

Judgments or evaluation of educational content and other aspects:

The contents were relevant to the activities for that month. It will be weak if It will be very

there is no involvement

effective if the viewers

from the students and if

or students perform the task being posted.

the contents are not updated.

Recommendations or

suggestions for improvement:

The legibility of the board display was good but it needs an improvement in terms of the arrangements of its content in order for it to be seen from a good distance and messages must be cogent enough in order for the viewers especially the students to have an involvement.

Signature of Evaluator Over Printed Name: JAY AR B. ASPERO

1. 2.



Did the board display design reflect the likes or interest of its target audience? Why? or Why

not? Definitely yes because of its style, selection of colors and materials, the title and the theme seem to be a student made. Since it is made by certain students, so I can say that everything being posted are being reflected on the likes or interest of its target audience because the main target audience are also the students but it is not the totality because every student has its own style. It simply means that one student is different from another student in terms of their likes or interest.



Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand? Why? Or Why

not? Yes, it was. The font and size of the words were formal enough to be read by the target audience and the words were also bold enough to be clearly seen. The words used were appropriate to the level of the students where in the students who will read it can understand its thought.

1. 3. What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it effective? Why? Or Why not? In my own point of view, the purpose of the boards was to convey information to the students such as information about the content of the subjects, proper hygiene, values information and latest trends in the society. It also serves as motivation tool for the students to do their best and as I look in it, it really works for it s purpose. By it designs it holds attention, the contents were appropriate that provide learning information, and the boards were not merely filled with written words but also pictures that facilitates easy 2understanding.

1. 4. What suggestions can you make? I suggest rearranging some of the words to convey much clear thought of the sentence. The content must have something new that gives opportunity to the student to participate or interact and it is important also to update the content. It would be also nice to add more contents which will invite the participation of the students aside from information that it conveys.





(purpose) To enhance students’ participation in learning by using board display and the ability of students in responding to the questions posted.


The students will be able to provide answers on the posted questions

The students will be able perform the activity being posted

The students will be able have additional information or learning aside from what is discussed in the class

Best features of my propose bulletin enhancement:

It will consist of health information, trivia, and latest educational trends in the society and activities for the students to do.

Content resources (name each needed resource and give each a brief description):

Internet- sites with reliable information

Books- it could be from all types of subjects

Journals- those that are fitted to the level of the students

Magazines- source for cut out letters and pictures

Students output- can be displayed in the board (must be attractive, cogent and legible)

Materials for aesthetic enhancement:


Construction Paper Materials

Cutting Materials

Indigenous Or Recycled

Cut Out Letters

Pasting Materials


Coloring Material


1. 2.



Name at least five skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with effective board

displays. Elaborate on why each skill is needed. Creative- the teacher can create ideas in a limitless way

Informative- the board display must have varied yet appropriate information

Idealistic- the teacher must think of an idea of what his/her board display would look like and how it will work for the learning of the target audience

Artistic- the teacher must have a sense of art in order to make an attractive board display

Resourceful- resourcefulness of a teacher may contribute to the enhancement of the board



Which of the skills do you already have? Recall your past experiences in making board displays.

How do you practice these skills? I have a sense of idealism and resourcefulness, a little of being creative, informative and artistic. It was high school days when I started making a board display. The content was the whole topic that covers our third grading period. I learn how to make boarders and design a letter specifically the Old Text English Style because that was my favorite font text. It was my first time to make a board display, thus I still need to improve and practice those skills for future.

I practice those skills every time I do artworks such as making portfolios and scrapbooks.

1. 3. Which skills do you need to develop? Reflect on how you can improve on or acquire these skills? I think I need to develop my artistic skills because in designing a board display I must know how to combine colors, make designs appropriate to the theme and purposed of the board display, and to make it attractive. To have an artistic skills, I must practice it while still a student, thus I must apply it every time I’m doing an artworks such as portfolios and scrapbooks. There is also a need for me to accept criticism from others towards my work in order for me to develop or improve my work.

I need also to develop my informative skills by reading books and magazines, searching through internet, and most of all to be updated about the events or happenings in this world.

Episode 3

See and Say

Name of Fs Student:


Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Bachelor Of Secondary Education

Resource Teacher:

Cooperating School:

Year & Section:


Mrs. Marites A. Alvarez

Sagay National High School

My Target

At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in determining the appropriateness of teaching aids to learning tasks.

Date of Observation:

August 16, 2012


Sagay National High School



Grade/Year Level:

Third Year

As I observe the class, the topic was about idiomatic expression using participle. Through the use of visual aids, the teacher delivers her lesson effectively. The topics were written in a manila paper and there was legibility in the content because it can be quickly and clearly understood by students sitting at the back. There was experiential learning that happens inside the classroom and one of the reasons was that, students interact on the learning materials that the teacher provides. The teacher let her students read every detail in the visual aids, actually what was written on the visual aid were questions for the students to be answered. Many of them were raising their hands to answer questions and it simply indicates the student’s attentiveness, eagerness and understanding. As I closely observed the student’s simple gestures, it was inevitable for me to conclude that they were interested on the lesson. The focus of their sight was merely on the teacher and the learning resources, and some of them were frowning maybe it’s because they were very doubtful or dissented about the answer of their classmate. Those simple gestures of students were the indication of attentiveness, eagerness and understanding.

Year Level of Class Observed:

Date Of Observed:

Subject Matter:

Third Year

August 16, 2012

Idiomatic Expression Using Participle

Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used By the Teacher:

The inquiry approach was used as a teaching approach. Inquiry is a recursive, ever revolving process driven by the learner’s ideas, questions and purposes for learning begins with personal connection.


Comments on

Aids Used

Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids Used



The teacher knows how to efficiently utilize the materials.

It will be only weak if the teacher do not know how to

delivering her lesson, so it

legibility on the

the material and if

is appropriate to use this

content because

the content is not

material for a large number

students can

clear enough to students.

of students inside the

quickly and clearly understand Visual aids

It assists the teacher in

efficiently utilize

There is

what was written.

classroom and it is necessary for the teacher to

Clerical errors could be also its weakness.

use it because most of the students were visual students.

Comments on Teaching Aids Used



It will be effective if it is


Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids Used

The appropriateness It will only

of this material can

used in a proper

be weak if the

maximize learning inside

way such as;

teacher does

the classroom. It is

writing on the board

not know how

appropriate to use this

must start from left

to efficiently utilize it.

during activities so that

side going to the right side and

students can compare their answers by writing

writings on board

it on the board provided by a teacher’s guidance.

must be legible enough in order for students understand quickly and clearly.

1. 2.



What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that she/ he

used? In my own understanding, the teacher wanted to let her students to be attentive and participative in their lesson, and also let her students utilize their analytical skills. The instructional materials used were the perfect fit because the purpose was accomplished. It really catches the attention of the students and it aids the teacher’ intention. The instructional materials serves as a clear representation that was capable of giving clear information, through this, ht students were actively engaged in the discussion and the teacher was trying to use her creativeness and resourcefulness to facilitate the learning.

1. 2. What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed? As I closely observed, there was no difficulty that the teacher experienced. The class was well managed and the teacher did not find it hard to convince her students to participate in the discussion and activity. There was an interaction between the students and the teacher, and the teacher makes sure that her students stay on task as observed.

1. 3. Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively? Why? Why not? Yes, all students were actively engaged in the discussion by answering the questions written in the visual aid and some of them were able to answer what was asked. The teacher gives appreciation to those students who answer the questions correctly and to those who were not able to give their correct answer; the teacher gives feedback to improve learning. Through the score of students on their quiz that shows a positive result, I can conclude that learning material was used effectively.



Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would you do

differently if you will teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why? If I will be the teacher of that class teaching with the same lesson, I will also provide activities in order for students to have an opportunity to practice and apply their learning after learning a particular knowledge, skills and attitudes. I will also use the same teaching approach which is the inquiry approach.

If it is possible, I will integrate the use of ICT tools because the concept of computer literacy for students has been redefined (creating web pages, digitizing multimedia and the use of social networking sites) thus I have to be aware of this trends, as my own teaching effectiveness will depend on my

understanding of these recent technological trends. With this reason, I will create a game through the use of projector in a way that has relation to the tropic. I will also present a power point presentation that contains my topic for that day. Through this, the students will be attentive and participative in the lesson and it brings convenience to my part. If the resources are not available, I will use the chalkboard and I will provide them an interactive activity by dividing them into groups to be followed by a short discussion, this is to facilitate the visual, auditory and bodily or kinesthetic learners. After I implement the instruction, I will evaluate students by providing an assessment method that is suited to the needs and interest of the students in order for me to measure the retention of students if they have achieved mastery, and to know if I’m going to proceed or revise the instruction.

Episode 4

Tools of the Trade

Name of Fs Student:


Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Bachelor Of Secondary Education

Resource Teacher:

Cooperating School:

Year & Section:


Mrs. Marites A. Alvarez

Sagay National High School

My Target

At the end of this activity, we will gain competence in preparing instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content.

An Observation/Survey Guide

Name of the School Observed: Sagay National High School

Date of Visit: August 16, 2012

Some learning resources in the resource center seem to be useful for my chosen topic which was the parts and functions of microscope. As I parts and functions of microscope as my topic I also choose several learning resources such as chalkboard, books, power point presentation, mock ups, realia, photocopies, pictures and visual aids. I choose those several learning resources because for my topic because I believe that it can help me achieve my lesson objectives and to maximize learning inside the classroom. Since my topic is about parts and functions of microscope, so I can say that available materials are appropriate for my target year level which is the second year.

Aside from power point presentation and visual aid I can also make flash cards, cut out letters, and as much as possible learning resources that are made from indigenous or recyclable materials.

I Use graphic organizer to present the learning resources relevant to the topic chosen. On the line inside the box, I indicate if the resource is already AVAILABLE MAY BE PURCHASED OR WILL BE MADE

Topic: Parts and Functions of Microscope

Grade/Year Level: 2nd year Analysis

Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials your own materials? Explain each



Doing survey of available materials will give me a new idea of what to make and how to make it.

There may be unique learning materials that could be beneficial to the lessons that I will be teaching, and by looking at the other materials can have additional information on what to do. Through survey I can gain competence in preparing instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content, learning objectives and learning styles of my students. 2.


Doing survey can help me realize what other learning materials that I need to make or avail in

order to enhance learning in my class. Doing surveys provide several options as well as bases for me to choose so that I can produce an appropriate and effective materials that should be based on students characteristics or learning styles and to my lesson objectives. It is also necessary that the materials must be applicable to the subject matter. 3.


Doing survey may also help me evaluate the materials I will be making is beneficial or relevant

to my lesson. The information that I have gathered during the survey will serve as my bases or guide on how I am going to evaluate my materials. It is important for me to evaluate the materials that I will be making so that I can produce an improved and developed materials based from the evaluation I have made, with this reason I can gain competence in making instructional materials that are appropriate to the learning content, learning objectives, and learning styles of my students. Reflection

1. Which of the materials did you like making the most? Why? I like making power point presentations because it’s easy for me to put different graphic designs, effects and transitions. I can also insert pictures, video clips and even sounds. My purpose of selecting power point presentation among other instructional materials is to make a clear representation and while presenting a topic, it is necessary for me to monitor and facilitate to make sure that students stay on task. I believe that making power point presentations aids in enhancing creativity.

2. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the materials? How did you overcome them? I do not encounter any problems in making presentation because the power point program has a guide on how to use it. Making a presentation using power point program is just an easy task for me. The only thing which I consider a problem for me is on how I’m going to deliver the content in my presentation.

3. What tips can you give teachers regarding presentation of teaching? The teacher must assess first what are the learning styles of his/her students. She/he must see to it that his/her materials will fit to the learning styles of the students and must be applicable for his/her subject matter for the materials to be effective. The chosen materials must be appropriate and can contribute to the achievement of learning objectives. In today’s generation, it is important for a teacher to meet the changing needs and interest of students, thus several factors must consider such as practicality, availability, cost effectiveness and appropriateness that is based on student’s characteristics or learning styles and lesson objectives. The teacher may also do surveys to the available materials or can search through the internet.


Episode 5


elor Of Secondary Paper Works

Name of Fs Student:

Resource Teacher:

Cooperating School:

Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Education Year & Section:


Mrs. Marites A. Alvarez

Sagay National High School

My Target At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in preparing instructional materials (hand – out) that are appropriate to the learning content.

Subject Matter: Types of Chemical Reactions

Grade/Year Level: 3rd year Outline:

Combination reactions- in this type of reaction two or more substances maybe element


compound react to form a single product.

The combination of iron and sulfur to form iron (II) sulfide is an example of a synthesis reaction: 8 Fe + S8 → 8 FeS Decomposition reactions- this type of reaction occurs when a compound breaks up into its component parts. It can be two or more substances out of a compound

The electrolysis of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas is an example of a decomposition reaction: 2 H2O → 2 H2 + O2 Replacement reactions- this type of reaction occurs when an element is set free from its compound producing a new element and new compound.

An example of a substitution reaction occurs when zinc combines with hydrochloric acid. The zinc replaces the hydrogen: Zn + 2 HCl → ZnCl2 + H2 Double replacement reactions- a type of reaction in which two compounds combined to form two new compounds by exchanging their radicals.

An example of a double displacement reaction occurs between sodium chloride and silver nitrate to form sodium nitrate and silver chloride. NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) → NaNO3(aq) + AgCl(s) Continuation of Hand-out Plan


Macterton and Hurley. Chemistry, Principles, and Reactions.

Saunders College Publishing, N.Y., 1989.

Mapa, Fidelino and Rabago. Science and Technology III.

SD Publication, Inc., 2001.3


1. 1. After working on your handout, answer the following questions: What are the good features of a handout?

A good handout must be concise and can be understood by the readers. There must be subtitles that make it easier to read and the key words must be in bold type in order to have an emphasis. To shorten it, the use of bullet point format may contribute as well as the use of diagrams, flowcharts and etc… Make sure that all the important pints of the presentation are on the hand out and do not include too much information, otherwise it can become cluttered. The content must be easily recognized and it must be sequence properly to avoid confusion. The content must have legibility.

1. 2. Which of these features are present in the hand out I made? Most of these features are present. The handout that I made was concise and comprehensive. The key concepts were emphasized because they are in bold type. I also use bullets, concept map. I contained all the important points of the presentation and I sequenced the details properly to avoid misconceptions.

The use of bullets and concept map helps me to summarize the types of chemical reactions.

1. 3. Which features are not present in the handout I made? Honestly, there was a poor legibility on the handout that I made. My penmanship was not good enough to make my handout very attractive to the eyes of the readers, yet there is a chance to enhance its legibility by using one of the applications of a computer specifically the Microsoft word office.

I did not use any subtitles because in my own point of view it is not necessary to use subtitles for that subject matter.


1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter been making the handouts? How did you overcome them? To make a handout is not totally difficult as long as I have a reliable source or references and assistance from a computer. The only thing that took time and needed brain storming is the conceptualization of the flow of the handout and the concept map that I included. So first I did was to make an outline of the content of my handout then I read several references and searching through the internet just to form my concept map.

I also find difficult in providing examples in every chemical reactions. So what I did was to read and understand the details in every chemical reaction so that I can give correct examples.


What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of handouts?

The teacher must identify first her objectives and the purpose in making the handout. Then he/she must conceptualize the flow and the content of the handout by making an outline. The teacher must also read several references so that the handout will be an informative tool for the students learning.

In terms of the content of the handout the teacher must use subtitles in order for the students to read it easily and the keywords must be in bold type in order to have an emphasis. Bullet point format and concept map must be use to summarize the content. The teacher must put all the important points in the handout and he/she must not include too much information to avoid cluttering. The teacher must know how to sequence the content in order to avoid confusions

Episode 6

Slide Show Biz

Name of Fs Student:


Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Bachelor Of Secondary Education

Resource Teacher:

Cooperating School:

Year & Section:


Mrs. Marites A. Alvarez

Sagay National High School

My Target

At the end of this activity, I will gain competence in developing and utilizing materials (slide presentations) which involve students in meaningful learning.




What are the good features of a slide presentation? A good slide should include transitions or effects to put emphasis on some points of the

lesson, but not too many. It must have also one design or theme for whole slides to avoid confusion or any misconception. The slides must not too long, nor too short to avoid cluttering in the slides. A pictures speaks thousands words, hence photos must be included in the slides to let students know what I am talking about. The contents of the slides are important points of the lesson and must not include the whole words that I have to say for the whole discussion.



Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made? The features that are present in my slide presentation that I have made are the transitions,

effects, only one theme or design for the whole slide and also pictures that help students visualize their thoughts or ideas.

My slide presentation was not too long or too short and I give emphasis on the contents because they are the important points of my lesson.



Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made? All those good features of a slide presentation that I have cited are present in my slide

presentation. I did not mention the sound effects and music, for me it is not essential to use all the time because it brings distraction to my discussion. There are times that music and sound effects are highly needed especially in presenting a video presentation




What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did you

overcome them? Making power point presentation is very interesting to me because I can do most that I wanted to do to make my slides a clear representation and as a tool of information sources. So far, there were no difficulties that I have encountered because the program has guides on how to use its features. If there is a certain feature which I don’t know how to use, then I just simply click help or go to a website specifically the Google to find the answer if there is an internet access.

Episode 7

MY E-world

Name of Fs Student:


Aspero, Jay Ar B.

Bachelor Of Secondary Education

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Mrs. Marites A. Alvarez

Sagay National High School

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At the end of this activity, I will be decisive in terms of using on-line resource materials and interactive programs.

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Crick web-free online education resource and games

Posting Or Revision Date

August 2, 2012

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Science category

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September 18,2012

URL www.crickweb.co.uk/k2sciencehtml#lcycles5b Brief Description Of The Material In The Website

Materials used were appropriate and effective in obtaining the learning outcome. The materials were also attractive and were used for labeling the different kinds of skeleton.

Evaluation of the website



It allows the students to interact with real life situation without danger, expense or difficulty often associated with real situations. The website has an easy access tool for learning.

It will be only weak if there is no internet access and if the content of

It provides the needs and interest of students.

that website cannot provide the needs and interest of the students.

Before I give the topic or activities to be searched by students, I must ensure first that those topic and activities are consistent in my learning objectives. I must also give proper instruction to the students before they search such websites by explaining to them the learning goals to be achieved before searching any websites so that the students will stay focused during the activity. When students get confused, I must provide guidance and directions, guide questions and activities or scenarios. It is also important to have a follow up discussions to make some generalizations for that topic.

Using the internet as an information tool is good and effective. Upon surfing on the internet, I saw many websites that have programs to make learning fun and effective. Some of the websites have games and other has tutorial programs but aside from those benefits, internet access may also be dangerous to the learners. From the websites I visited, some of the learning is incorporated with violence games and pornographic photos and videos which are not good influence to the students. Using internet as an information tool is good and effective but proper supervision of the teacher is highly needed and before giving the topic or any activity to be searched, I must check first the websites and choose those that are safe for the students.

Over All Reflection

As a future teacher someday, I will always bear in my mind that learners are rich in learning capabilities. The process of learning are highly unique and individual, this means that in a classroom there are individual differences that I must consider. I need to assist my future students to define and to make explicit to themselves the approaches they ordinarily use so that they can become more effective in problem solving and learning. I learned that one of the riches resources for learning is the learners himself. Each learner has an accumulation of experiences, ideas, feelings and attitude which comprise a rich vein of material for problem solving and learning. I consider learners as the richest

resources for learning because they have their own aptitude which are their innate talent or gift , interest which express deep feelings for objects or actions and made their stay pleasant and enjoyable, they also have their own ability which pictates the prospect of success in any purposeful activity, attitude which is the learners perspective and disposition and last their family or cultural background which is their socioeconomic background.

I also learn that learning is the discovery of personal meaning and relevance of ideas. As a future teacher, I will only facilitate my learners and they are the one who will give the meaning of a concept. Just like for example, my topic is all about the leaf of a plant. I will let them have field trip outside the classroom to observe the leaf of a plant. I will guide them and I will demonstrate first and give some information about the leaf and its parts after that, they will give their own meaning or understanding about the leaf and its parts. Learning is gradual it’s because it is by stages or levels so as a future teacher someday I must extend my patience.

To be good teacher someday I must have passion to both my work and to my students, I must have also humor in a way that has connection to the topic, also values and attitude, fairness, sincerity and honesty, and professionalism.






Has 80% of the needed content.

Has the 100% of

Has 95% of the

the needed content.

needed content.

Has 90% of the needed content.

Has 85% of the needed content.

Objectives are

Objectives are

Some Objectives

smart but

smart but cover

are not smart and

Most objectives are

cover only a

only less than 80% of the course.

do not cover the whole course.

not smart and

Objectives are smart and cover the whole course.

minimum of 80% of the

cover only a minimum of the




Entries are

Entries are of

Some entries are

Few entries are of

Entries are best

better quality;

acceptable quality,

of acceptable

acceptable quality,

quality, well

many are well

some are well

quality. Limited

not well selected

selected and very substantial.

selected and substantial.

selected and substantial.

selection and substantial.

and very minimal substantial.

and has a very

Creative, neat

Creative, neat and

creativity, neat

No creativity, In

strong impact/appeal.

and has a strong impact.

an average impact/appeal.

with minimal impact/appeal.

disarray and no impact/appeal.

Submitted 2

Submitter 3 weeks

Submitted ahead of the schedule.

Submitted on schedule.

Submitted a week after the schedule.

weeks after the schedule.

or more after the schedule.

Creative, neat


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