Fourth Quarter Exam (Arts Grade 8)

March 7, 2019 | Author: Joshua De Leon Tuason | Category: Puppets, Puppetry, Drawing, Color, Paintings
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Metropolitan Bible Baptist Learning Center, Inc. Lucas Subd., San Fermin, Cauayan City FOURTH QUARTER EXAMINATION  ARTS – GRADE 8 S.Y. 2013-2014

Name:___________________________________ Date:_________ Score:_________ I. 1.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the BEST option and Encircle your answer.

It is a means of making an image using a wide variety of tools such as pencil, ink brush, markers and many more.

a. Printing

b. Drawing

c. Writing

d. Painting

2. It is a form of theatre performance that involves the manipulation of figures. a. Drawing 3.

c. Animation

d. Painting

There are two parts in every image the first one is the light source and the second one is __________

a. Shadow 4.

b. Puppetry

b. Light

c. Line

d. Figure

It is an element of art which means a close figure.

a. Line

b. Color

c. Shape

d. Space

5. It is an inanimate object or representational figure animated or manipulated by a person. a. Painter 6.

d. Puppeteer

b. Color

c. Line

d. Space

It is an element of art that is also known as “HUE”

a. Color 8.

c. Drawing Artist

It is an element of art that is composed of points or dots.

a. Shape 7.

b. Sculptor

b. Shape

c. Line

d. Space

The primary color is composed of Red, Yellow, and _____

a. Orange

b. Blue

c. Brown

d. Green

9. It is a form of puppetry where the puppets are operated on a stage lit only with ultraviolet lighting. a. Ultraviolet puppet b. Blacklight puppet c. Shape puppet d. Shadow puppet 10. It is a practice of applying pigment or color to a surface. a. Printing

b. Shadowing

c. Painting

d. Drawing

11. The secondary color is composed of Violet, Orange, and _____ a. Green

b. Pink

c. Brown

d. Yellow

12. It refers to the roughness or smoothness of an object. a. Texture

b. Color

c. Line

d. Form

c. Dreams

d. Talent

13. It is an ingredient to creativity. a. Imagination

b. Drawing

14. It is a type of wood  – carved puppet originally made to stand out through torch illumination and it is developed in Japan. a. Blacklight puppet

b. Shadow puppet

c. Bunraku Puppet d. Shape puppet

15. It is a type of puppet usually designed to be part of a large spectacle. a. Bunraku puppet

b. Shadow puppet

c. Carnival puppet d. Blacklight puppet

16. It is a type of character who is very detailed and the reader is able to visualize all sides of this character. a. Round

b. Flat

c. Stock

d. Dynamic

17. It is a character who is often known as stereotypical and relies on cultural stereotypes, language and manners of speech, and appearances. a. Flat

b. Stock

c. Dynamic

d. Static

18. It is a character that undergoes change during the course of the plot. a. Round

b. Flat

c. Dynamic

d. Static

19. It is a character that doesn’t change through the course of the story. a. Round

b. Flat

c. Dynamic

d. Static

20. It is an essential character to many works of literature and they are the ones who complicate the story. a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

c. Essentialist

d. Loyalist

II. Complete the following figures by providing what is needed. (5 points each)

1. Place a shadow correctly by using the line as the source of your light.

2. Show the value of shadow from light to dark by using the line as you source of light.

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