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Four to Go Tom Martins, John Givens, and Mike Malone grew up in an orphanage and developed emotional and, later, sexual ties to each other. They loved women and sharing them sexually. When Tom met and married Kate, he feared losing her and never revealed his sexual past with them. The sex stopped, but not their emotional bonds. Married two years, a hit-and-run madman put Tom temporarily in a wheelchair. Mike and John, still lovers, moved into the mansion to provide security. The madman leaves a threatening letter listing the four of them as his targets. Tom finally tells Kate he wants to watch Mike and John pleasure her with sex toys, their bodies, mouths, and hands. Initially hesitant, she agrees because she has grown to love them, too. The explosive, loving, and varied sex between the four of them builds rapidly, even as they must deal with the threats against them. Genre: Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre Length: 63,818 words


Sandy Smyth


Siren Publishing, Inc.

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The sound of the waterfall from the huge combined atrium and pool room mixed with the scent of rich soil and green growing plants and flowers had Kate quickening her steps down the darkened hallway. This was one of her favorite places in the whole mansion. The pool itself was irregularly shaped and had a tiny, cleverly contrived island near the middle that was filled with plants, flowers, and small potted trees, which created a secluded area that could be used for private assignations. The far end had a hot tub situated on a platform overlooking the waterfall. A sliding glass panel connected the inside and outside swimming areas. A small alcove behind the waterfall had an underwater bench for seating and another shelf, covered by only an inch or two of water, where one, or two, could stretch out comfortably and do whatever. And she and her husband, Tom, had done a lot of “whatever” on that shelf. As Kate reached the open doorway, she noticed absently that the lighting was set to a muted blue glow from the bottom of the pool and waterfall. A soft golden light illuminated two lounge chairs that sat side by side at the edge of the water. Suddenly, two sleek male heads broke through the surface of the water. Kate let out a muffled sound of surprise and stepped back into the shadows. There was a soft

comment as the men broke into laughter tinged with anticipation. They swam toward the doorway where Kate stood in the shadows and pulled themselves out of the water with a practiced lunge. As they stood under the golden light, Kate could see that it was John Givens and Mike Malone, not only her husband’s best friends, but his security team as well. She could also see that they were…naked! And judging from the thick, erect cocks jutting out from their bodies, they were thinking about sex. John turned away from her to murmur something to Mike and presented her with a view of one of the tightest, sexiest asses she had ever seen. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod,” she whispered to herself. She could not take her eyes from the beauty of the naked bodies in front of her. The overhead light caressed the golden tones of their wet skin and emphasized their sleekly muscled bodies. Transfixed, Kate watched in fascination as a drop of water slid from John’s shoulder, down his back, and over his tight, muscled ass. Cringing with guilt, Kate imagined her tongue following the same path over that classic ass. She had to get out of here, now. Before she could take the first step, John grasped Mike by the back of his neck and pulled him into a fiercely hot, open-mouthed kiss. And, somehow, now she could see both of them instead of just John’s back. She could see John’s hand slide between their bodies and grasp Mike’s cock, working it until she heard Mike groan into his mouth. He released Mike’s cock and pushed on Mike’s shoulder until he sank to his knees. John took his cock in his hand and stroked it slowly, rubbing it against Mike’s lips and tongue. He suddenly slid his thick cock into Mike’s mouth and began slowly pumping it in and out. His hand curved around the back of Mike’s neck, holding him firmly in place while he fucked his mouth. Kate could clearly see each movement of Mike’s mouth, and could also see the thick stalk of John’s cock disappearing and reappearing, and Mike’s hand grasping his own cock and milking it, rubbing his thumb over the engorged, purple head. She could see the drop of pre-cum glisten on the tip of Mike’s cock before his thumb spread the liquid around the smooth crest. Mike’s hand moved faster and faster. With his other hand, Mike reached up and began stroking John’s testicles. It was the most fascinating and erotic sight she had ever seen. There was an unexpected beauty to their movements, and Kate couldn’t tear her eyes away from them. It had been so long since she’d felt a thick, meaty cock pumping in and out of her cunt. So long since she had licked the drops of pre-cum off of the tip of Tom’s cock. So long since she had sucked his cock until he shot his cum down her throat. Hungrily, she watched the beauty of the action before her. She could feel the dampness between her thighs increase as her clit began to throb. Kate’s hand slid between her legs, and she stroked her swollen clit as she fantasized about being a part of the scene as it played out in front of her. Mike suddenly pulled his mouth from John’s cock and gave a moan as his cum erupted from his large, straining cock. “Don’t move, John. I’m not through with you yet, so spread those ass cheeks for me. I’m just preparing you for taking me when we get back to our room.” She heard John moan loudly as Mike picked up a tube of lubricant and covered three of his fingers generously. Mike, still on his knees in front of John, reached between John’s legs and

inserted two of his lubricated fingers slowly into John’s tightly puckered ass. His wrist began a twisting motion as he pushed his fingers deeper and then pulled them almost out and pushed them back in, over and over again. “It’s your turn, John. When I get you upstairs, I’m going to make you bend over and spread your ass cheeks the way you’re doing now. Maybe I’ll use the inflatable plug on you so that you’re completely filled while you’re on your knees, sucking my cock. Then, I’m going to stretch you out on the bed, on your back. I’m going to suck and lick your cock until you can’t take it anymore. But you already know that I’m not going to let you come then, don’t you? You agreed, right? You’ll take whatever I decide to give you, won’t you, John?” “Yesss, damn it. But just remember, Mike, payback is a bitch.” John groaned. John threw back his head and groaned again when Mike inserted his third finger into him and began finger-fucking his ass more rapidly. John still kept his ass cheeks spread wide apart, giving Kate an incredible view as Mike’s fingers scissored and twisted in and out of John’s ass. Mike had been watching John intently, a half-smile on his face at each flash of emotion and pleasure that appeared. Suddenly, Mike took John’s cock back into his mouth, his cheeks hollowing at the strength of his suction. John began pumping his cock forward into Mike’s mouth and then pulling back and impaling his ass on Mike’s fingers. His thrusts became faster and deeper into Mike’s mouth, and Kate’s fingers on her clit kept pace, rubbing vigorously. Kate was on the brink of coming when John gave a shout, and Kate watched his face spasm in pleasure as his climax hit him and he filled Mike’s mouth with his cum. That seemed to awaken Kate from the trance she’d been in. Stunned at her own actions, she withdrew her hand from between her legs, whirled around, and quickly ran back down the corridor. **** Mike slowly pulled his fingers from John’s ass and wiped his hands on one of the moistened antiseptic towelettes from the dispenser next to them. After taking a few moments to get their heart rates back to normal, Mike said, “Well, do you think our Katie got enough of an eyeful, John?” “I sure hope so, Mike, or we may have to put on another ‘show’ for her.” “Oh, horrors! Do you think we can stand to do it again?” asked Mike with a heavy dose of sarcasm. “Oh, yes, I think we can. It’ll be hard, but we can take it,” John said with a grin. They laughed together with the easy familiarity of longtime friends and lovers.

Chapter 1

Three weeks later. Kate Martins walked into the conference room in the home she shared with her husband, Tom. She’d chosen to wear a smart cream-colored pantsuit instead of her usual jeans and sweatshirt. Her light brown hair was even worn down, framing her oval face and green eyes. She took the empty seat at the conference table and looked at those around her. Her husband sat in his high-tech, motorized wheelchair in the back of the room, talking quietly with the heads of his security team, John Givens and Mike Malone. While not stereotypical muscle-bound bodyguards, they exuded an aura of dangerous, lethal ability. They were each a few inches over six feet tall, and except for hair and eye color, they could almost be twins. John’s hair was midnight black, which set off his arctic blue eyes, and Mike had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Each provided a foil for her husband’s curly blond hair and hazel eyes. There was no way around the fact that they were three very appealing and attractive men. Wild sex on a stick, she thought with a guilty blush as she remembered the night in the pool room three weeks ago. She could recall the expressions of love, affection, and lust on their faces as John and Mike made love to each other. She could still see their beautifully naked bodies pressed together. To say she had been stunned was a gross understatement. She had met several of the beautiful and charming women Mike and John had dated over the past few years and had never seen any indications that they were gay. In fact, if she was absolutely honest with herself, she had sometimes felt a surprising sense of jealousy toward those women. Before she and Tom were married, she had thought of them as the three musketeers, partly because when you found one, you normally found all three. Since Tom’s accident, John and Mike had become not only her best friends as well as Tom’s, but her only friends. Kate had come to depend on them more and more. Most of her friends had married and moved away while she was getting her business started. When she and Tom had married and moved to the mountains, Kate had become tied up in the legal problems associated with the sale of her business and had little time for socializing. Kate had become more and more isolated, first while Tom was in the hospital, and then even more so when he finally returned home. If it hadn’t been for Mike and John, she didn’t know what she would have done. Tom was scheduled for multiple surgeries on his arm and leg in about six weeks, and she knew he wanted to get some urgent business matters settled before then. Carter Jamison, president of the local bank, and Scott Thomasson, her husband’s financial manager, sat on either side of her. Across from her was Anna James, Tom’s attorney, and Walker Newland, president of her husband’s company, Martins Enterprises, Inc. “What’s up? Do you know?” whispered Scott as he scooted his chair closer to her. “Not an inkling,” she replied, moving her chair away from his. He reeked of

liquor. From the smell, he probably drank his lunch today. He must have tied one on last night. The smell of stale liquor seemed to ooze from his pores. His face had mottled red blotches, sagging jowls, and was framed by thinning, dirty blond hair. At one time he had been attractive and still thought he was. “Bitch!” he mumbled beneath his breath as he caught her expression of disgust. “Did you just call me a bitch?” Kate asked, her voice tight with anger. “No, of course not. I was just clearing my throat,” he replied with a smirk. Kate looked up to see John and Mike angrily glaring at Scott. She smiled and shook her head when they glanced at her. They seemed to have an uncanny awareness of when she was upset or in difficulties, and had literally saved her life shortly after Tom’s car accident. **** She and Tom had only been married for two years when a car thief ran a red light and smashed into the driver’s side of Tom’s car as he was returning home from a meeting. The seat belt kept Tom from being thrown out of the car. However, in the last few seconds before impact, as he saw the car hurtling toward him and realized he couldn’t escape the impact, Tom frantically tried to release the seat belt and twist his body away from the tons of metal bearing relentlessly down on him. He failed. His left leg and arm had multiple fractures and his spinal cord had been injured. The car that hit him had been stolen, and the driver had disappeared before the police arrived. Kate virtually slept at the hospital next to his bed after the emergency surgery. He was in a coma for nearly two weeks, and no one could predict his future, or if he even had a future. When he awoke, he was in terrible pain and adamant that she be banned from his room. Tom told her it wasn’t personal, just that he couldn’t bear to have anyone around watching him suffer. He preferred to be alone to deal with it. Additionally, he said his pain medication was so strong that he was unconscious more than he was awake and the thought of someone watching him as he lay unconscious creeped him out. Kate spent several days pacing the hallway in front of his room. Finally, the doctors advised her to stay home and wait for them to call her with updates on his condition because Tom would fly into a rage, machines flashing and beeping ominously, whenever he heard her voice outside his room or spotted her peeking into his room. When Tom finally regained consciousness, he called Mike and John to his hospital room. He told them that it was no accident that put him in the hospital. He said he was conscious after the crash and saw a man exit the car that hit his. The man grinned at Tom and pumped his fist in the air before running down a side street. Mike and John had already moved into the mansion to support Kate while Tom was in the hospital. They swore to Tom that they would stay until they found the asshole who caused the car crash. **** The months dragged by with monotonous regularity for Kate, except for the daily

phone call from Tom. She would sometimes sit for hours in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking out over the lake below and the surrounding mountains in the distance. One day, Kate found herself drifting from room to room in the huge old mansion Tom had bought just before their marriage. Each room in the mansion held vivid memories for her. On their wedding day, Tom had told her that one of his gifts to her, and also his first goal as a married man, was to make love to his wife in every room in the house, closets included. Kate smiled at the memories. Two or three times a month Tom would choose a “special” room with a specific theme in mind. The theme of each room was a different sexual position, a different sex toy, or a different sexual fantasy. And Tom allowed his imagination to work overtime when it came to pleasuring her. The wine cellar, basement, garage, pool room, library, office, conference room, dining room, bedrooms, hallways, staircases, and of course, closets galore all became their sexual playground. Kate smiled to herself as she recalled some of her favorite rooms. They would go from rollicking, staggering laughter at some of Tom’s more outrageous sexual scenarios to an intense, overwhelming, emotional, and physical need for each other in the blink of an eye. Tom had stripped her naked in the conference room and tied her to the table. He’d placed her butt on a pillow at the very edge of the table and tied her widely spread legs securely, so that when he sat in his chair she was spread out in front of him. He used a rope to tie her arms to the other end of the table, stretching and restraining her. He tormented and teased her unmercifully as she lay like an abundant feast in front of him. That day he made use of several of his favorite toys for her, including a vibrating rabbit and an anal probe. He brought her to four screaming orgasms during her time stretched out on the conference room table. When she had asked him why he hadn’t come himself, he said something that surprised her. Tom claimed that, for him, sex was not only a physical release, which he admittedly loved, but the mental thrill of planning her pleasure in excruciating detail, then executing his plan and watching her experience the pleasure he created for her. He said it was listening to her moans, listening to her begging for more, and watching her body’s frantic stretching and bucking in release that gave him the greatest pleasure. But, she remembered with satisfaction, while he may not have climaxed in the conference room that particular day, she made sure that he climaxed several times once they left it. This house was filled with some spectacular memories. They had almost made it. Tom had been in the process of renovating the attic for what he called his grand finale. He wouldn’t allow her anywhere near the attic while construction was in progress. But at night he’d whisper wildly salacious hints of the sensual pleasures awaiting her when his “palace of sexual wonders” was completed. The incredible, inventive sex was only one part of their relationship. She missed having his warm, strong arms holding her at night, his body curled around her. She missed the devilish twinkle in his hazel eyes and the way they could communicate with just a glance. She missed the simple warmth of his hand holding hers, and the way his smile could gently warm her soul or light the fires of ravenous sexual desire. They complemented each other, particularly in their extremely high sex drives. Sex for them wasn’t a once-in-a-while thing, or even once a day, and it certainly wasn’t

only the missionary position. They were both open to expressing their love for each other in many, many ways, including using sex toys and fantasies, role-playing and words. Particularly words! Tom had several times made her come without touching her at all, just by his inventive and erotic sex talk. As she stood looking out of the window, those happier memories flooded her mind, emphasizing the emptiness of her life without Tom. Kate doubled over in pain, one hand over her midsection and the other hand over her mouth to keep herself from screaming aloud her rage and pain at his absence, and at the abrupt and devastating change in their lives. “Oh, Katie, luv. How can we help you?” Mike asked softly as he and John entered the living room. Kate quickly turned away from them, placing her forehead against the cold glass of the window. Struggling to regain her composure, she could only stutter, “S–sorry, s– sorry. I…” Then, like a burst dam, the wracking sobs erupted and she slid to the floor, her head still against the cold glass. Her sobbing became so violent she was almost gagging. She curled into a tight ball on the floor, her body shuddering in spasms as her sobs increased. Kate was so lost in her misery and pain that she never felt the arms that lifted her from the floor and surrounded her with strength and warmth while she cried. She was barely aware of the cool washcloth wiping her tears away or the tissue wiping her nose. When the hiccupping shudders began, the warm arms around her held her tighter and rocked her gently. She swore she felt a kiss on her temple and one on her cheek at the same time. Kate vaguely recalled being undressed and having her nightgown pulled over her head before she was put in her bed. And, on some level, she was aware that she was watched over throughout the night. The next morning she opened her eyes and, through the pounding in her head, saw that a light snow was falling. She could hear the clinking of dishes and the muted sound of male voices. There was a quick knock, and then her bedroom door was opened. “Good morning, sunshine. We brought breakfast, as well as a few aspirin.” John smiled as he pushed the tea cart into the room. “Shouldn’t it be Ms. Rain Storm or maybe Ms. Crybaby?” Kate replied with a wry lift of one eyebrow as she gratefully swallowed the aspirin John held out to her. The emotional overload of last night had left its mark in the dull, throbbing headache this morning. “Nah,” Mike said as he walked into the room and moved the chair by the window closer to the bed. “You were holding too much inside for too long, and it had to come out. That’s all.” “Thanks, guys. I appreciate all the help you gave me last night. I’m so sorry…” “See, John, I told you she was going to be all apologetic and embarrassed this morning.” “Okay, okay. But at least let me say thanks. I owe you both,” she continued seriously. “Fine, put it on our tab and let’s eat while it’s hot.” John smiled at her as they set

out the breakfast. Later, finding herself alone and wandering from room to room again, Kate decided to get some fresh air and clear the cobwebs from her head. She dressed warmly in her down-filled coat, boots, woolen scarf, mittens, and a heavy knit cap and stepped out into the frosty air, breathing deeply. She quickly slipped her sunglasses on for protection against the glare of the snow. The snow continued to lightly fall as she made her way down the twisting path through woods to her favorite spot overlooking the lake and sat on the trunk of a fallen tree. A few minutes later the lightly falling snow quickly changed into heavy, blowing snow mixed with stinging ice crystals as the wind suddenly began whipping around her. She looked back but couldn’t see even a vague outline of their huge house through the trees. Everything was a white blur. Kate knew she was in serious trouble. She’d lived in the mountains long enough to know that the weather could change in a matter of seconds. It could also get worse, much worse, and stay that way for hours or even days. She noticed that the increasingly heavy snow and ice had almost obliterated her footprints. There was only a slight indentation to show she’d been through there just minutes before, and even that was filling up quickly. Kate pulled her scarf up over her nose and lower face, leaving only her sunglasses visible. Indecision had her hesitating. If she tried to get back to the house, she could, and probably would, lose her way and never get back. Her sense of direction sucked! If she stayed here and tried to construct some cover for herself, she might be able to wait out the storm, at least until Mike and John could find her. Riiiight. Ms. Mountain Girl would have no problem finding some sort of “cover,” or maybe she could make an igloo. Sure she could. Kate’s mind was going a mile a minute. Then a thought hit her. Hadn’t she read that snow itself could be an insulator? If she could push up mounds of snow around a small tree or bush, she could get into the center under the foliage and have the brush and snow mounds provide, at the least, a bare minimum of protection from the stinging ice pellets and wind. What the heck. It was worth a try. She managed three steps before she hit a patch of ice and her feet went out from under her. She didn’t even have a chance to say “oh, shit” before her head impacted a rock hidden by the snow and everything went black. Kate woke once while Mike and John were carrying her between them back to the house. She awoke a second time when the doctor began his poking and prodding of the painful bump on the back of her head. Kate awoke the third time to the sound of loud voices. “Again? What do you mean she passed out, again?” Tom’s agitated voice came through the speakerphone. “Have you called the doctor?” “It’s a damned lucky thing that we saw her leaving the house and followed her. We saw her feet go out from under her and saw her head bounce off of a rock. Between us, we managed to get her home and call the doctor. We also lucked out when the storm passed through as quickly as it did, or the doctor would never have made it up here. He said her head is fine. The thick cap she was wearing helped to protect her.” John’s voice was rough with emotion. “As a precaution, Mike and I will check her every few hours tonight to make sure

she’s not concussed. But the doc doesn’t think so. He did say that Kate’s emotional meltdown last night could cause her body to require more sleep than normal to restore itself.” “Emotional meltdown? Last night? Damn it, John! What the hell is going on out there?” Tom shouted. “Why don’t you come home and find out for yourself what’s going on? Kate needs you here. You know damned well that you can have your physical therapy here. You don’t need to be in the hospital for that,” John shouted back. “You’re overstepping your bounds, John,” came a deadly quiet voice from the speakerphone. “Bullshit! We’ve been friends since the three of us were ten years old in the orphanage. We know how your mind works, Tom. You want everything to be perfect, you want to be perfect before you come home. Well, if Kate wanted perfect, she wouldn’t have married you, now would she? Get your ass in gear and get home. She really needs you. Come home.” Kate heard the phone slam down. “Well,” said Mike. “That went over pretty well, didn’t it?” Three weeks later Tom was home and a completely equipped physical therapy room had been constructed next to the pool room, with a therapist who came on a regular basis. The old, creaking elevator had also been updated and could now accommodate Tom’s wheelchair without a problem. That was almost two years ago. **** “Kate? Are you with us?” Tom asked with a smile. “Oops, sorry. I was…er…woolgathering, I guess.” She blushed as she looked into his teasing eyes. Tom’s eyebrows lifted just a fraction as he noted her blush, then he gave her a quick wink and smile, and turned back to the group assembled in front of him. Mike and John stood just behind him. The three musketeers were on the prowl, again. God, they looked good enough to eat, she thought and felt the heat of another blush rise up into her cheeks. “I’ve called you here because I’m going to be away for at least a month, or possibly longer, and want to make sure you understand that you will be unable to contact me at all during that time. If any of you have anything that needs to be discussed with me before I leave, it had better be done now. I am going to assign one individual to make all decisions on my behalf during the time I am away. That includes all legal issues.” He nodded at Anna. “It also includes complete banking authority for any and all transactions, to my financial portfolio, and to any decisions regarding Martins Enterprises.” Tom listened to the murmurs of those in front of him, noting the varying reactions to his news. Tom continued, “I discussed this matter with Kate—” “Oh, please,” Scott interrupted, “no disrespect intended, but surely you need someone with more experience in the business and financial world.” His naturally florid

face darkened with anger. “Certainly, your wife is a lovely person and can handle the day-to-day household problems that can arise, but she’s not qualified to handle the responsibilities you’ve outlined.” Scott glared at each person at the table in unspoken challenge as he continued. “With my degree in finance and my experience in running my own business, surely I am the most qualified person to handle the intricate financial and business decisions that will have to be made during your absence.” “Well, Scott,” Tom said in a cool voice. “Actually, Kate declined my offer for her to run my operations in my absence. She is in the process of finalizing the sale of the business she created years ago. You have heard of IntriKATE Design, Inc. haven’t you?” Kate watched with satisfaction as the blood drained from Scott’s face and his jaw dropped in shock. “That’s the business Kate started with just an idea and her own hard work. By herself, she built the company up, step by step, into the multimillion dollar business it is today. So, I’d say Kate is more than qualified for anything she chooses to do,” he finished coldly and turned back to the rest of the group. “Deciding who would be acting on my behalf was a ‘no-brainer’ for me. But, because I value Kate’s opinion, I asked her who she thought it should be. It didn’t surprise me in the least that Kate came up with the name of the same individual. We do think alike, don’t we, Kate? In more ways than one,” Tom said with satisfaction. “Therefore, effective the twenty-fifth of next month, all financial and corporate problems should be referred to and decisions will be made by John Givens. Mike Malone will be handling all finances related to the household and the various lake and ranch properties. Tom carefully watched the varying expressions at his announcement. Only Walker and Anna seemed to assimilate the news and responded with very little outward show of surprise. “Tom, I can have the necessary papers ready for your signature by the end of this week,” said Anna. “John, Mike, the power of attorney forms you will need will be ready at the same time. You can all come in together, and we’ll finalize and sign everything then. I think I have what I need, so if there is nothing more, I’m going home to George before the storm gets any worse. Tom, anything else I need to know?” she asked as she gathered her notes together and stood. “No, Anna, you’re free to leave. Give my regards to George when you get home.” Before Anna could leave the room, Scott Thomasson erupted from his chair with such violence that his chair tipped over behind him. “You can’t seriously be giving all of that financial authority to your bodyguards? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Even your wife would be better than those nobodies. What experience does either one have in dealing with major financial decisions or running a business, or anything else for that matter? They’re just hired muscle, dime-a-dozen bodyguards, for Christ’s sake.” Tom’s body stiffened, and his eyes narrowed in anger as he watched Scott. Anna reached into her purse and took out her hand-held recorder. She placed the recorder on the table in plain sight and then switched it on. She opened her notebook, sat down, and started taking notes. “Walker,” snarled Scott. “You can’t tell me that you want a bodyguard coming

into your office, telling you how to run the company. He’d run the business into the ground within a week.” Walker looked at Tom, who nodded. “Well, Scott,” Walker drawled coldly, “The fact is, John Givens has been in attendance, with Tom, at virtually all corporate board meetings, strategy meetings, and any other company meetings we’ve held in the last three years. He handled things when Tom was hospitalized and knows exactly what Tom would do in any given situation with regard to the corporation. John and Mike are also the owners of M-G Security, not just employees. “And,” Walker continued, “John has also made several suggestions over the last few years that have resulted in Martins Enterprises saving tens of thousands of dollars a year. I admit I would hire him in a minute as my vice president, if I wasn’t sure he’d have my job within a month, or less.” Comfortable laughter swelled around the room as John made a slight bow to Walker and turned up the corner of his mouth in a wry smile of acknowledgement. Tom grinned and said, “Walker, I haven’t had a chance to discuss with you the problems you unearthed on the ranches owned by Martins Enterprises. That was a great investigative job you did. I’d like to leave the resolution of that in your hands and let John handle the day-to-day problems and paperwork at the corporation while I’m gone. You know what’s needed, and I trust that you know exactly how to handle it. Let Mike or John know whatever you need, and they’ll make sure you have it.” Walker gave a satisfied nod of agreement. “Furthermore, I can assure you that your job is safe from John.” Walker smiled. Scott looked wildly around the room. “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever—” “Enough!” Kate shouted as she surged to her feet and glared at Scott. “You have no right to question any decisions we make. Tom and I have the utmost confidence and trust in John, Mike, and Walker, and that’s all that matters. Had we wanted your input, we would have asked for it. Now, either sit down and shut up, or get out of here.” Tom’s chest expanded with pride as he watched his wife. Mike and John exchanged a quick glance before they turned their attention back to Scott. “I’ll get out of here, you stupid bitch,” Scott mumbled beneath his breath. He started to leave and then turned back to Kate again. Scott’s face was contorted in rage, and spittle sprayed from his mouth as he screamed, “I know what it is. You’re fucking your bodyguards! That’s what it is. Hubby can’t get it up any more, so you’re screwing the hired help. I heard the three of them used to share their women all the time. Everybody knew it, too. Looks like they’re still sharing! Get out of my way, bitch.” He roughly tried to force Kate to back up as he pushed by her, deliberately hitting her in the stomach with the corner of his briefcase Kate gasped and grabbed her stomach. Then her arm shot out and her fist clipped Scott’s chin, hard. Scott staggered back, tripping on the overturned chair. He dropped his briefcase and his arms windmilled frantically as he lunged forward, trying to keep his balance. One arm hit Kate and knocked her onto the floor, and he fell awkwardly on top of her. Tom’s scream of rage filled the room. Mike vaulted the conference table and grabbed Scott by the waist, carefully lifting him off of Kate’s body. John was already at Kate’s side, assessing the damage, with

Tom’s wheelchair beside him. Setting Scott on his feet, Mike then plowed his fist powerfully into Scott’s midsection. The blow knocked Scott into the wall. He slid down to the floor, vomiting all over himself and holding his stomach. Kate moaned softly and tried to get up, but John gently held her down. “Take it easy, Kate. You’ve got a lump the size of Texas on the back of your head and you weren’t wearing a heavy knitted cap this time.” Kate laughed weakly but didn’t try to get up again. “Mike!” said John. “Tom is calling for an ambulance, but it will be at least thirty minutes, or more, before it can get here. I need some ice and some packing. Thank goodness it doesn’t feel as though anything is broken. But these head wounds can be tricky. They can bleed like the devil with minimal actual damage, or there could be a concussion or other problems. She needs to be in the hospital where they can check her out thoroughly.” Tom looked coldly at Scott then raised his eyes to the stunned gazes of those left standing at the conference table. “Meeting over! Someone get that asshole out of my sight and my home. As far as I’m concerned, he can stink up his own car until a tow truck can move it out of here. Anna, I’ll call you tomorrow. I want legal steps taken to shut that filthy mouth of his.” “I know just what you need, Tom. Am I correct in assuming you are also going to pull your financial portfolio from his firm?” “Immediately, thanks for reminding me.” “Tom,” said Anna softly as Mike and John put pillows beneath Kate’s head and then wrapped her warmly in blankets. “You know it really was an accident. Scott didn’t deliberately try to physically hurt Kate.” “I don’t know, Anna. I don’t know. It looked like he deliberately tried to knock Kate aside as roughly as he could, and he has a nasty reputation for physically abusing the women he’s been associated with in the past. I don’t think he’s changed any.” Anna nodded and shrugged. “You could be right. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Tom, unless I can help with anything now?” “No, but thanks. Go on home to George. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” Tom watched as Walker grabbed Scott roughly by the back of his collar and literally dragged him out of the house on the seat of his pants.

Chapter 2

“So,” Kate said the next day. “You three were in the habit of sharing your women. And what am I? Chopped liver?” Kate worked very hard at keeping a straight face, but the look of stunned surprise on the faces of the three men surrounding her hospital bed destroyed her control. She began laughing so hard she could barely catch her breath. “Oh,” she cried helplessly through her laughter. “I’m glad that pain pill finally kicked in or I’d be in agony right now. Whew! If you could only see the expression on your faces.” And off she went into another peal of infectious laughter. Finally, wiping her streaming eyes with a tissue, Kate looked up and caught a strange look pass between the three men. Oh, boy, I could be in some trouble here. Or not. “Sorry, guys, I honestly couldn’t resist. Have you come to take me home?” Kate looked from face to face with all of the contrived innocence she could muster. But from the predatory expressions on their faces, she didn’t think they bought it. “Uh, Dr. Sorensen said I could go home today. You’ve come to take me, haven’t you?” Damn that didn’t come out quite right. “Home. I mean, you’ve come to take me home, right?” Kate could feel her face heating up as her three musketeers stared silently at her. “Come on, guys!” she said with exasperation. Oh, for pity’s sake, suddenly every word out of her mouth seemed to have a double meaning. “Okay, never mind. Just leave and I’ll get dressed and call a cab. Go on, get out of here. Out!” she shouted. They left silently, but their faces had an odd, pinched tightness that puzzled her. She rang for a nurse to help her dress. It was a few minutes before one appeared, and she was laughing as she came into Kate’s room. “What on earth did you say to those three men?” the nurse asked with a grin. “Why? What do you mean?” The nurse helped Kate to the window and opened it as far as it would go. Kate could hear the sounds of laughter. Masculine laughter. She looked out onto the park-like setting in the front of the hospital. There were two of her musketeers, staggering, holding their sides and roaring with laughter. Tom, in his wheelchair, was laughing so hard he nearly tipped his wheelchair over. Mike caught the chair before it could fall, and they erupted into fresh gales of laughter. Kate smiled, thrilled to see them so lighthearted. Ever since Tom’s accident, they had all seemed so sober, so filled with responsibilities and problems. In fact, she couldn’t recall ever seeing the three of them laugh like that. It was a sight to behold. One she wanted to see again and again. With the nurse’s help, Kate dressed in the clothes Tom had brought to the hospital. The doctors had given her a clean bill of health after the extensive round of tests

which Tom had insisted on. No concussion, no internal problems, just a monumental headache and a very sore lump on her head. The nurse insisted Kate get into the wheelchair to be wheeled to the hospital doors. Since she’d had a rather strong pain pill earlier and was feeling very dizzy and light-headed, Kate didn’t fight it. But she did get a kick out of the big, bold, masculine, motorized wheelchair that began flirting with her dainty, feminine, push-mobile of a wheelchair as the nurse pushed her into the hallway. “Forgive me?” Tom asked as he maneuvered his electric wheelchair beside hers. “Always,” she responded with a smile. “You look tired,” he said. “Are you in pain?” “No pain, but I’m suddenly exhausted and more than a bit light-headed. I don’t even know if I can stay awake until we get home. A hospital is not a restful place, especially when they’re waking you up every hour or so and asking questions.” “Don’t worry about it. We have the back seat in the van reclined and plenty of pillows and blankets. You can sleep until we get home.” “Will you hold my hand?” “Kate, you do take my breath away at times. Of course I’ll hold your hand. Forever, Kate. Forever.” Tom reached across the wheelchairs which were riding side by side and grasped her hand. And they rode down the long hospital corridor with their hands clasped tightly together. “Good grief. Would you look at the two of them coming down the hallway together? It’s enough to make you cry, or gag, or just smile,” Mike commented to John as they waited at the hospital’s front doors. “Try the smile. It’s the most appealing of the alternatives, and you do it so well,” John responded with a grin. Outside the hospital doors, John carefully scooped Kate out of her wheelchair, and before he could turn around, Kate looked at Tom’s wheelchair and the wheelchair she’d just left. “She’s really going to miss you.” “What the devil are you talking about, Kate?” Tom’s brow wrinkled in concern. “My delicate little push-mobile really liked your big, beautiful electric monster there.” “Kate, you’re beginning to scare me,” Tom said. “Sorry, love. Must be the medication.” Kate smiled faintly and snuggled into John’s arms as he carried her to the van. By the time they got Kate and Tom settled in the van, Kate was almost asleep. She looked up to see all three faces looking at her worriedly. “I’m okay, musketeers. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine when I wake up. But I can’t remember, is it one for all, or is it all for one? I can’t rememb...” “What the hell is she talking about?” Mike said, looking at Tom and John. “Musketeers? Push-mobiles and electric monsters? Let’s get our girl home where we can take care of her.” ****

Kate awoke with a feeling of déjà vu. She had a vague recollection of being undressed and put to bed by John and Mike sometime in the distant past. “Screw trying to put a nightgown on her. She can sleep in the buff, can’t she?” Mike asked close to her ear. “Damn straight! We’ll just cover her up warmly. What do you say, Tom?” “Before my accident, Kate slept in the nude all the time. It’s no problem.” “Hey…guys. Can you help me sit up?” Kate struggled to pull the sheet over her naked breasts while Mike and John piled pillows against the headboard and eased her up into a sitting position. “Kate! How’re you doing, babe? You had us so worried. Are you in pain? Do you need another pain pill?” Tom maneuvered his wheelchair next to the bed, anxiously looking into her eyes, while Mike and John hovered nearby. “Not right now. That last one really knocked me out. But I do have to go to the bathroom. And suddenly I’m starving. However, the bathroom ranks highest in priority. So, if you guys will give me some privacy, I’d appreciate it.” Kate got as far as swinging her legs to the side of the bed before John swooped in, tossed the sheet aside, picked her up stark-naked, and walked into the bathroom with her and placed her on the toilet seat. Her sputters of outrage fell on deaf ears. “Here’s how it’s going to be for the next twenty-four hours. You will not get up by yourself, especially if you are feeling light-headed, and no bathing or showering by yourself.” “Get out of here,” Kate growled. “Now.” “Okay, here’s a washcloth and towel. Your toothbrush and toothpaste are next to the sink. Call when you’re ready to come out.” John left the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. John turned back to the bathroom door. “And, no locks on the doors, Kate. Until we know if that blow to the head is going to affect you, we need to be able to get to you in an emergency. Do you understand?” Her only response was the flushing of the toilet. “Well, I guess that told you, John,” said Tom with a smile. “You really don’t have to worry about Kate, she’s got a lot of common sense and isn’t going to do anything to jeopardize her health.” “Right! What he said,” shouted Kate from the bathroom. “Okay, okay, point taken.” “Why don’t we find Kate something to wear to bed besides the sheet?” Tom steered his wheelchair to Kate’s dresser and opened a drawer. “She used to have an old nightshirt that was stretched so far out of shape that it could slide over her head without even touching that bump. Yes, this is the one.” “I think you’d better take it in to her. I’ve pushed her as far as I’m going to at this point. Tell her that Mike should be en route with food very shortly. Damn, it’s good to have her home. It doesn’t matter what we have to do to keep her here. It’s worth it.” John watched as Tom steered his wheelchair into the bathroom and shut the door. John stared pensively at the closed door for a moment, then shook his head and went to find Mike.

**** “Come on, Kate. You know you don’t have to be embarrassed about Mike and John seeing you naked.” Tom followed her out of the bathroom to the bed. She sat down near the foot of the bed, her nightshirt slipping off of one shoulder, her back to the doorway. “Oh, I know that, Tom. They aren’t interested in me that way.” “Uh, Kate, are you sure about that? That was a pretty good-sized erection John was sporting while he carried your hot, naked body into the bathroom,” said Tom with an impish smile. “Tom, I can assure you that his erection was definitely not for me. Honestly, Tom! Please believe me, neither man has ever made the slightest improper move toward me, nor have they uttered even the mildest sexual innuendo in my presence.” “I believe you, Kate. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Certainly, they don’t love you the way I do, but they do love you. I’ve seen it myself.” “Well, I’m sure they love me as a friend, as your wife, but it’s definitely not sexual in nature.” “I’d be interested to know how you can be that positive.” “Tom, these men are our friends, and they were your friends for many years before we even met. They would never betray you, in any way. I’m not going to discuss them behind their backs, nor am I going to discuss their sexual preferences.” “Perhaps I can throw some light on the matter, Tom,” John said as he and Mike came into the bedroom. “I believe Kate saw Mike and me in the pool several weeks ago. Didn’t you, Kate?” Bright red suffused her face. “You saw me?” “Katie, luv,” said Mike. “We would never knowingly have embarrassed you that night. It’s just that by the time we realized you were there, we couldn’t seem to stop. No, that’s not really true. I think we wanted you to see us. Wanted you to know us as we really are.” “We didn’t mean to shock or disgust you, Kate,” said John. “Shock or disgust me? My God, I couldn’t tear my eyes from the two of you. It was truly the most breathtakingly beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I stood, rooted to that spot, and couldn’t move. I felt like one lucky…I guess the proper term would be voyeur. Tom, did you know?” She turned and looked at Tom. Tom smiled and placed a kiss in the palm of her hand. “You did know!” Sudden realization slammed into her then. “You’re gay, too? The three of you are lovers? No, I don’t believe you’re gay, Tom. You couldn’t be.” Kate couldn’t understand her immediate feeling of rejection, of being left out, of being separate. Apart. “No, Kate. Please, love, don’t look at me that way. The three of us have not been lovers since I met and fell in love with you. And we certainly can’t be classified as gay. I suppose bisexual would be the most appropriate term. “Basically, we love you, we love sex, and we love each other. Male, female, separate, or together, it doesn’t matter. I can’t deny though that we have always enjoyed

the sexual connection the three of us have had with a woman. That’s why we used to, as Scott so indelicately put it, share our women. But, Kate, you’re different. You are not just a sexual connector, you are so much more. You are love, desire, emotion, and you are everything to me,” he finished simply. “Ah, Katie,” said Mike with a smile as he stood behind Tom’s wheelchair. “When Tom met you, he turned into a snarky, selfish bastard. If John and I had looked crosseyed at you, he’d have had a hissy fit. And never doubt, Katie, that John and I wanted you, from the day we met you. And Tom knew it, too, the greedy bastard!” Tom laughed ruefully. “Yes, I knew it, but I was so terrified that I’d lose you, Kate, I just couldn’t take the chance. Not many women would understand that, for us, the ‘sharing’ is the ultimate gift of love and pleasure. It’s a gift we give and a gift we also receive. My greatest regret is that I didn’t ask you before my accident if you’d consider accepting this gift.” John walked to Tom’s wheelchair, standing just behind it, next to Mike. “Tom’s possessiveness kept Mike and me away most of the first few years of your marriage, Kate. Not to mention his damned ‘goal’ of making love to you in every room of this house.” Tom grinned provocatively. “We almost made it, didn’t we, Kate? And guess what! I still have the keys to the attic. You haven’t tried to go up there since the renovation was completed, have you?” Kate looked at him in surprise. “No, I haven’t been up there at all. What would be the sense in going up there alone?” “I definitely don’t want you going up there by yourself, and actually you wouldn’t have been able to gain access on your own. But maybe before I have to leave for the hospital, we can all take a tour of our ‘pleasure palace.’ I’d really like to do that,” Tom said wistfully. “All?” Kate said hesitantly. “Well, John and Mike have been constantly after me to show them the attic. But I don’t want anyone seeing it before you do. What I’d like to do is take you on a private tour of our ‘pleasure palace,’ and then we could invite Mike and John up and watch their reactions to the wonders available.” John spoke up quietly. “As much as I’d like to see your palace of pleasure, Tom, I don’t want to do anything that would upset Kate or cause her to be uncomfortable.” John looked directly at Kate. “You don’t ever have to worry about us putting any pressure on you for anything you don’t want. We haven’t done anything in the last few years to make you uncomfortable with us, have we, Kate?” Kate shook her head. “And we won’t, I can assure you. But right now we need to be here.” “He’s right, Katie,” said Mike. “We need to be here while Tom is in the hospital and also for a while during his recovery. We also need to be able to take care of you while your head heals. Will it be okay with you, Katie? Will you let us stay and take care of you, and Tom when he gets out of the hospital?” Kate nodded her head mutely. “It’s a lot to deal with on your first day home from the hospital, isn’t it, Kate?” Tom said softly. “Why not have a bite to eat and get some sleep. Anything you want to

discuss in more detail can wait until tomorrow, can’t it?” Mike walked over to the tray he’d put down on the nightstand beside her bed. “Mrs. Mallory made some homemade soup last night, and I’ve added some crackers. I thought you’d like something light before going to bed. I put it in a thermos to keep it warm. I thought if you woke up hungry in the middle of the night…okay, Katie, luv?” he asked anxiously. “Either nod or say something. Anything to keep him from going on and on all night, Kate,” said John with a wry twist of his lips and a wink at Mike. Kate looked up from her soup at the three concerned faces around her in wonderment. They really were hers. Now what the devil was she going to do with them? Well, just like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow. She smiled at them and finished her soup, noting the varying signs of relief on their faces. “I think, if you don’t mind, I’ll take an aspirin now. I don’t need a pain pill because I’m not really in awful pain, just a heavy throbbing in my head that I’m afraid will keep me awake tonight. And I have a feeling I’m going to need to have the use of all my faculties tomorrow.” “Okay, musketeers,” she said as she snuggled down under the covers after taking the aspirin. “Come give me a kiss good night and then turn out the lights when you leave.” The three men exchanged startled glances. At Tom’s nod, Mike and John approached the bed. Mike reached her first. “Ah, Katie, luv,” he said as he cupped her face with his hands. He leaned forward, kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose, and finally placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Dream of the four of us together, Katie, and the wealth of love and pleasure awaiting us. And if that isn’t enough, I give great massages, everywhere.” As John leaned down, he looked into her eyes. “If you’re a good girl, Kate, we’ll let you play voyeur again.” He kissed her lips thoroughly, winked and whispered, “And again and again. But if you’re not a good girl we will have to think of something else, won’t we?” He smiled and kissed her lingeringly once more, his tongue licking inside her mouth. Sensation blossomed in her clit at his words, almost causing an orgasm as she twined her tongue with his. Kate laughed breathlessly as they left the room, and couldn’t deny that she was feeling very aroused by their comments and their kisses. Her eyes met Tom’s, and she was stunned at the emotion she could read there. There was so much love, pride, and, oddly enough, she saw gratitude, too. His voice was gravelly as he said, “I never dreamed that the love I feel for you could keep growing to such immense, overwhelming proportions. Whatever you decide about the four of us will be okay with me. If you agree to let Mike and John into our life and our bed, I will rejoice in that. If you decide that it’s not a lifestyle you can be comfortable with, I will accept that, too, and it will not affect my love for you. Whatever you decide, I will always love you.” Tom cradled her face in his hands and kissed her with a passionate abandon that had been missing in the two and a half years since his accident. Kate wrapped her arms around his neck and sank into the remembered pleasure of his kisses. She loved the way his tongue slid erotically between her lips and relearned the inside of her mouth. She loved the way he sucked her tongue into his mouth and refused to let it go. The way his

tongue licked her lips with feather-light strokes, stirring her senses as only he could. “I love you, too, Tom. Always.” “You know, Kate, it’s a known fact that a release of endorphins in the body can help to control and mask pain. Did you also know, my love, that when you climax you are releasing endorphins into your system? I believe it will be necessary for me to make sure you climax several times a day to help control your pain. You may consider it your physical therapy.” “Oh, Tom!” Kate laughed out loud at his outrageous words, while her heart began pounding in her chest. He was almost back to being her Tom, the Tom she knew and loved before his accident. The Tom she had missed so terribly for the last two and a half years. He grinned at her, his eyes alight with mischief. His hand slid beneath the bed cover and slid down over her slightly rounded belly to the soft curls between her thighs. She gasped as he slid two fingers into her swollen, drenched pussy. “Kate! Your pussy is so wet I could lap it up like the finest cream. It was John and Mike, wasn’t it? They turned you on with their kisses and their words. Didn’t they? You could see them again, the way they were in the pool room, the way their huge cocks stood straight up. The way they stroked and touched each other. Tell me, Kate. Tell me how much they turned you on. How your juices start flowing when you remember the size and shape of their cocks and their expressions of extreme pleasure.” His fingers closed on her clit, tugging gently on the sensitive knot of nerve endings. Then two fingers plunged deep into her cunt, finger-fucking her slowly, drawing out her pleasure. “Oh, God, Tom! It’s too much!” She shrieked her pleasure. “Talk to me, Kate! Tell me how hot they are. Come on, Kate. I really need to hear you say it. Tell me!” He withdrew his fingers from her dripping cunt and moved back away from the bed. “Tom! Don’t stop. Please! Don’t stop.” Kate moaned and started thrusting her hips up, fucking the air. “Come on, Kate. You know what I want. You know what I need to hear.” He moved back to the bed. One of his fingers slowly penetrated the drenched slit of her cunt, barely gliding across the top of her clit. “Yes! Okay. Okay. Yes, they are hot. I nearly came when John was fucking Mike’s mouth. And when Mike finger-fucked John’s ass, I nearly passed out, it was so hot. My juices were running down my leg. I barely made it back to my room and tore my clothes off.” Kate paused, breathing heavily as the memory of watching Mike and John make love swamped her. Each movement, each flex of muscle, each moan and groan came alive in her mind and sent her juices flowing heavily. “All of it. Tell me all of it, everything you did, every detail,” Tom grated roughly. “I grabbed two vibrators and stretched out on the bed, naked, my legs spread wide apart. I slid one rotating vibrator up my cunt and teased my clit with the other one until I came. And I thought about…” Kate groaned as his fingers pinched and tugged at her swollen and throbbing clit. “You thought about what? Tell me, Kate. Tell me everything. Tell me! I want to hear it—I need to hear it.” He cupped his hand firmly over her sensitized cunt, rotating and pressing lightly on her clit with the heel of his hand. Kate gave a moan and lifted against his hand. “I thought about all three of you in

bed with me, fucking me. Oh, my God, I thought about being filled with all three cocks at one time. All three of you fucking me, playing with me, and letting me play with all three of you.” Her voice hoarse with emotion, she begged, “Now let me come, Tom. Please, let me come. It’s been so long, too long.” “Kate!” Tom said roughly. “That was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever heard you say. Good girl, you know what I like to hear and how I like to hear it. Very nicely done. Now you can come, sweetheart, but later you’re going to have to explain exactly how the three of us fucked you…in detail. A lot of detail.” He threw back the covers, exposing her from the waist down and lifted her nightshirt above her breasts. He began stroking her clit with his talented fingers, while his mouth claimed an erect nipple. Kate’s body stiffened as she approached her climax and Tom began suckling hard on her nipple, just the way she liked it, while his fingers flew across her clit. Her moans and gasps of pleasure filled the room. “Suck me harder, Tom. Harder!” Kate came with a loud shriek, the sensations culminating in an incredibly violent orgasm. As the contractions and pulsations of her clit and pussy began to abate, she tipped her head back, staring at the mirror finish on the teak headboard as her body came down from the erotic high. Framed in the reflected doorway, she could see John and Mike, staring at her exposed body, their cocks bulging against their tight jeans.

Chapter 3

The next few days were awkward for Kate. After the first day or so the headaches had gone, leaving only a slight tenderness where the lump had been. All three men hovered. It was driving her crazy. She barely had any privacy. To top it off, the sexual tension was ratcheting up to unbelievable heights. Every day it grew worse. She could see the desire and need for her in John’s and Mike’s eyes, and if she was honest, she could feel it in herself. Yet not one inappropriate touch, gesture, or comment was made. At least not by John or Mike. Tom was another matter. In the almost two and a half years since the accident, Tom had slept alone, initially due to the severity of his injuries and then due to his own pride and his inability to achieve an erection. In all that time, Kate could count on two hands the number of times they’d had any sexual contact, and that was only in the last week. She’d noticed several times in the past week that Tom appeared to have an erection, but penile penetration had not occurred since before the accident. With the sexual side of him shut down, there had been a change in Tom’s personality and in their relationship. Oh, the love was still there, but changed, different. Once he returned home from the hospital, Tom seemed to turn inward, and she felt he was shutting her out, avoiding her. Kate missed the way they used to laugh together, sometimes over sex and sometimes over silly, inconsequential things. If it hadn’t been for Mike and John, she didn’t know what would have happened to their marriage. But during that awful time they had been there for her. They gave her their support, affection, and companionship when Tom could not or would not. She had her drawer full of sex toys which she used regularly to take care of her sexual needs. And she had her fantasies, which at times had included Mike and John. For several months before his accident, Tom had been bringing Mike and John up in his sex talk to her. “Can you imagine John and Mike watching me make love to you?” he had said frequently to her. “Can you imagine all three of us pleasuring your naked body? Can’t you imagine us licking you, playing with you, and fucking you?” But it had been only talk. Erotic sex talk. Kate had no idea what, if anything, would have eventually happened between the four of them. Then Tom’s accident had changed everything. After the past several days, and the way Tom was acting now, Kate had hopes that things were on the way back to normal, or at least to what had been normal for them. The laughter was returning, and Tom was taking control again. And perhaps that control was even more important than the actual sex to Tom. And, wow, was he taking control. Kate had experienced more over-the-top, fantastic orgasms than she had ever been able to achieve alone with her wide array of vibrators and sex toys. Kate realized that Tom was deliberately sensitizing her body and mind for sex, the need for sex, the desire for sex, and the desire for Mike and John. Erotic words had always been an important part of their sex lives and affected each of them very strongly. Now Tom wouldn’t let her come until she’d tell him how sexy Mike’s and John’s bodies had looked when she’d watched them in the pool room, he made her describe in detail how they had made her feel as she watched them making love. He also made her create

hot, detailed sexual fantasies that included John and Mike. If Kate responded in sexy, lewd terms, Tom would reward her by positioning her on her back on the bed with her widely spread legs hanging down the foot of the bed. He would then pleasure her with his mouth, licking and sucking her clit to a mind-bending climax while he finger-fucked her cunt. At least once a day he would use a vibrator on her, stroking it in and out of her pussy while he sucked and licked her clit, or he’d use more than one vibrator, one for her cunt and holding the other one against her swollen clit or her nipples. Two, sometimes three times a day he’d seek her out for her “therapy” session. She loved it, even though she was aware that they always had an audience. A couple of times only one was there watching Tom pleasure her, but the rest of the time both were there. They always stood just out of her line of sight, but she knew. She could feel them there. She could feel their eyes on her, and she could occasionally hear a moan escape one or both of them as Tom had her create and describe a particularly erotic fantasy about all four of them. The rasp of a zipper being lowered and the sound of clothing rustling would send her orgasms into new realms of sensual pleasure. Kate soon realized that she was actually playing to her “audience” as well as to Tom. There was something outrageously exciting to her about knowing they were there watching, that they could see her behaving in shockingly erotic ways, that they could hear her talking about an erotic fantasy she had created that involved all four of them, that they could see her expose not only her body but her interest in some of the more unconventional sexual acts which consenting adults could enjoy together. She finally admitted to herself that she was more than willing to go along with Tom’s plans for the four of them. Damn, but she loved all three of her musketeers and physically wanted them, too. Knowing how words turned both Tom and herself on, she became more vocal in her desires, more demanding, using more sexually explicit words, dirty words, particularly when she could hear the increased breathing and gasping moans from her unseen audience. Apparently, the words turned them on, too. It didn’t take Tom long to realize just what Kate was doing and why. And he would egg her on, his eyes sparkling and a knowing grin on his face. Kate hadn’t seen Tom this happy since before his accident. One night, before the end of the week, Tom put a blindfold over Kate’s eyes and arranged her naked body splayed out at the foot of the bed. It quickly became obvious to Kate that the three men were crowded closely around the bed, gazing at her exposed body. She could feel the heat of their bodies and hear the sound of clothing rustling around her. “Kate,” said Tom as his fingers spread her pussy lips wide open. “You look so beautiful, sweetheart. This little clit is like a gorgeous, delicate flower.” He blew gently on her engorged clit as his finger lightly stroked back and forth over it. “Please, Tom. Please don’t torture me. Suck me, now. Let me come.” “Just a few more minutes, sweetheart. You know you can take it. You know you want it.” Tom pulled on her swollen clit as he reached up and gently pinched and twisted her nipple. At that moment, Kate felt a large, vibrating dildo being inserted into her vagina at the same time a vibrating probe was inserted into her anus. Kate shrieked and bucked her body upward, crying incoherently, overwhelmed by the erotic sensations. Tom quickly held her down firmly with both hands.

“Take it, sweetheart. Take it all, and tell me you love it. You know you do. Tell me! And tell them. Tell them how much you love having them fuck you with your vibrators. Beg them to suck and squeeze your tits while they fuck you with your toys. Use their names and tell them how much you love having them play with you and how much you want them to do it to you. Tell them, Kate.” Kate’s head whipped back and forth on the pillow as she lifted her hips and moaned as waves of increasing pleasure spread throughout her body. Suddenly, the vibrations stopped, and she could feel the vibrators slowly being pulled from her body. “No! Please don’t stop. Don’t stop, please.” “Then tell them, Kate. If not, we can all leave until your next therapy session tomorrow morning. Use their names, Kate. Keep the blindfold on, but tell them what you want them to do to you and don’t forget the details. Start now, babe, one at a time.” At his words, Kate could feel the vibrators being very slowly inserted back into her body. She shuddered with pleasure. Her heart began beating so hard she thought it would come right out of her chest. Emotion threatened to overcome her, but she beat it back. She realized with devastating certainty that she and Tom had been heading for this even before his accident. And, as erotic sex talk, it was arousing and exciting to talk about John and Mike touching and fucking her, impaling her on their cocks and filling her with her sex toys. The reality, however, far exceeded even her wildest fantasies. Knowing they were watching and listening as Tom pleasured her was incredible, but had not been truly real to her. But now it was real. The feel of the vibrators had had her clawing the sheets, squirming and lifting as Mike and John fucked her with them. But when they, again, turned the vibrators off and began slowly pulling them from her body, she realized that she could no longer pretend that she didn’t know they were there watching her. It was time for the truth. “John,” she cried brokenly. “Don’t take it out, please. Stick the vibrator back inside me and turn it on again. Please, John, do it to me. Fuck me with it!” Kate felt the vibration begin in her ass as the vibrating probe pushed its way slowly inside her once again. “Yes, oh, yes, John. That feels so good. So good. I love it. Please, keep fucking my ass with it. Please!” Kate’s breathing became harsh and fast as her hips lifted and thrust to meet the vibrator which was now slowly and gently fucking her ass. “Mike, stick that thick dildo up in my pussy and fuck me with it. Do it, Mike. Turn that vibrator on full force and fuck me with it. I need you to fuck me. I need you both to fuck me because I’m going to come. Yessss. Just like that. Do it. Fuck me.” Tom quickly covered her clit with his mouth and sucked strongly, and Kate came wildly in his mouth, her hips still pumping against the buzzing vibrators. After her earthshattering climax, she felt the vibrators being carefully removed from her body and swore that she felt several very intimate, gentle, licking kisses between her legs as she came back down from the orgasmic heights. Finally, exhausted and limp with completion, Kate’s eyes closed and she slept. The next night Kate deliberately ramped up the erotic sexuality of her “therapy” sessions by really getting down and dirty. She loudly told Tom that her poor clit was so abused and needy. She spread her legs and lifted her hips, her fingers spreading her pussy lips wide open as she detailed how her cunt and ass and mouth needed to be fucked, filled to the limit with their hard cocks, and her clit needed to be licked, sucked, stroked, spanked, and played with.

She described how she fantasized about having the three of them fill every fuckable orifice on her body, separately and together. Kate grabbed the vibrating dildo that Tom had put on the bed next to her. She raised it to her lips, running her tongue around it seductively, and then she rubbed the dildo along her dripping, creaming slit down to her cunt and pushed it inside, stroking it in and out. There were three separate, deep, masculine gasps and groans of need and appreciation as they watched her fuck herself with the vibrator and listened to her moans of pleasure. Kate made sure every move was visible to her audience. After her explosive orgasm, Kate slowly pulled the vibrator from her cunt and slid it down to the puckered rosette of her ass. She pushed the tip of the vibrator into her ass and moaned loudly as her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. “I need to be filled, my mouth, my cunt, and my ass. All of you at the same time.” “Kate!” Tom said with a hot, predatory look. He made a quick movement with his hand. A few seconds later she could hear the quiet snick as the door closed, and they were alone. She sat up on the side of the bed, and Tom maneuvered his wheelchair next to her. “Are you sure, Kate? Absolutely sure? Because once it starts, it’s forever, Kate. It has to be what you want. What you are comfortable with. I know I’ve been pushing for it, but only because I…” Tom stopped, closed his eyes, and shook his head. “I want to say it’s because I want your pleasure so much, and it’s true, I do, but I also want it for me. I can’t explain it, I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I have a deep, imperative need to see you with them. I need to watch you take them into your body and your mouth. I need to see the pleasure they can bring you. I need to know that you will allow them to take care of you in every way, and I mean physically and emotionally. You have to understand, Kate, that this need applies only to Mike and John because we are so much a part of each other. I’m very much afraid that I’d destroy anyone else who tried to touch you.” “Tom, I—” “No, Kate. Listen to me, please! I know you’re aware of the connection Mike and John and I share. They tried calling it The Children’s Home, but we’ve always called it what it was for us, an orphanage, plain and simple. It wasn’t until our midteens that our relationship added sex to the mix. I suppose it was an expression of the love we couldn’t verbalize to each other.” He looked away from her briefly. “How sad is that? It was easier to fuck and suck than to say a simple ‘I love you.’ When I met you, I pulled away from the physical bond with them, but the emotional bond couldn’t be cut off as easily.” Tom shook his head slowly. “I would have asked you to join and become one with the three of us the day I met you if I hadn’t been so terrified of losing you. Now that you’ve come to know us as we are, I hope you will join with us, to share the ultimate connection and the love, to become part of what we were and still are to each other and—” “Tom, it’s okay. I understand what you’re saying, and it’s okay with me. Actually, the four of us have become a true family unit over the last three years, even before your accident. John and Mike have been there for us, and for me, in so many ways, and have become such an integral part of our lives that I can’t imagine life without them. I developed a strong emotional bond with them while you were in the hospital, and that bond has continued to grow and deepen since you’ve been home. Of course, it

doesn’t hurt that they are two incredibly attractive, sexy, hot, desirable, eminently fuckable men,” she said with a grin. “Yet, those are not the only reasons I feel a physical desire for them,” she continued in a more serious tone. “It wasn’t even seeing them make love at the pool, or the things you make me say in my ‘therapy’ sessions, although those things helped me come to terms with what I feel for them. Mostly, it was the realization that they complete us in so many ways. They make our relationship stronger, deeper. Sorry, Tom, I don’t think I’m making any sense.” “Oh, Kate! I’ve never heard anything that made more sense.” “During two of our ‘therapy’ sessions, I felt as though something, or someone, was missing, and while you know how much I love the sex, something felt slightly off. Later, I learned that Mike wasn’t there on one occasion and John was missing on the other. Not only that, but I’ve never had any interest in exhibitionism until you started inviting Mike and John to watch our so-called ‘therapy sessions.’ Now, I’m comfortable knowing they are watching us. No, to be honest, I love knowing they are watching us. It turns me on and makes me hot, makes my juices drip from my pussy. It was an eyeopener for me, and I’ve decided that I want my three musketeers in my bed as well as in my heart.” “Musketeers? What is that, another fantasy? You’ve mentioned musketeers several times, now.” “Not a bad idea, but not quite what I meant. The very first day you introduced me to John and Mike, the neighbor had a kitten, Queenie, who was stuck up high in a very tall tree, remember? Well, for over an hour the three of you plotted and planned how you were going to rescue that kitten. And the three of you managed that task very well, torn shirts and all. You reminded me of the three musketeers rushing to save their ‘queen.’ From that time on, I thought of you three as my own personal musketeers whenever I saw you together.” Tom smiled wryly. “I vaguely recall something about a kitten, but would certainly never have considered us to be musketeers. And I’ll bet Mike and John didn’t either. Interesting, though, isn’t it? The motto of the musketeers is one for all and all for one. You are the one for all of us, and we are all for you.” “I have to be sure, Tom, that having John and Mike in our bed will not hurt us. That means if you truly want this to happen you will have to take the necessary steps to see it through. Quickly, because this teasing is also affecting me. If you’re going to do it, Tom, then don’t fool around anymore. Just do it.” “Soon, love. I’ll have everything in place soon. I promise. And you have my word that letting the two of them into our lives will only be a benefit to us all. It can never hurt us, Kate. Never. Trust me on that.” “I believe you, Tom, and I do trust you, completely. Now come to bed with me. It’s been a long, long time, and I need you now. You won’t have to do anything but lay down. I’ll take care of everything, you won’t even need to move, I promise. But I need to feel you inside me again before we go on to any more complex relationships. And that erection you’ve been sporting all week has had my mouth watering and my pussy aching to be filled. By you, Tom, by you. I’ve missed you so much.” “God, Kate, I’ve missed you, too,” said Tom roughly as he quickly began unbuttoning his shirt.

Kate knelt down in front of Tom’s wheelchair, she lifted the foot rests and moved between his legs. She carefully undid his zipper. Her hands trembled as she removed his thick, meaty cock from his pants and grasped it with both hands. The clear drop of precum glistened brightly on the firm crest of his cock before her tongue licked the tiny drop into her mouth with a moan of pleasure. With a firm movement of her head, she took his cock deep into her mouth, sucking strongly as her tongue lashed his penis. “Kate!” Tom cried. “Kate, I can feel every move of your lips and tongue. I can feel you, Kate. Oh, God, it’s really true. I can feel you. I can feel every lick and suck. I can even feel the vibration of the moans in the back of your throat.” Tom fisted his hands in her hair and held her to him as he moved her head on his cock, fucking her mouth as he chanted, “I can feel you, Kate. I can feel you. Suck me, babe. Let me feel you sucking me, Kate. Let me feel it.” His agonized words unleashed emotions Kate desperately tried to suppress. She could feel tears brimming in her eyes as she gazed into his eyes, which were overflowing with love, lust, and incredible joy as he watched his cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. Suddenly, he stopped and pulled his cock from her mouth. “No, Kate. Not like this. I need to come in that hot cunt. I need to be inside of you, part of you. I want to see you riding me, taking my cock deep inside your slick heat. Now.” “Oh, God, yes. Yes, Tom. I need you, too.” Tom levered himself up out of his wheelchair. He held on to the side of the bed while Kate, still on her knees, stripped his trousers and briefs off and removed his shoes and socks. Kate looked up at the naked body she hadn’t seen for almost three years, amazed at the muscular definition in his arms and shoulders and the firmness of his stomach and abs. Yes, his legs were a lot thinner than she remembered, but not excessively so. He looked wonderful! “Damn it Kate, stop eating me up with your eyes.” Tom reached down and pulled Kate to her feet and into his arms, holding her tightly. His voice, savagely aroused, grated, “I’ve dreamed about seeing that hungry look in your eyes and being able to do something about it. This past week has been heaven for me, just to touch and stroke you, to suck your pussy and clit and to play with you and pleasure you the way I used to. The way I’ve dreamed. Now, I’m going to fuck you. Just the thought of actually being able to feel my dick inside your tight cunt almost makes me come. Just knowing the feelings in my cock are not those insubstantial, fleeting, phantom sensations that I felt for so long is incredible. This is really real. Now, Kate, now.” His mouth descended on hers with a ravenous hunger, his tongue tangling erotically with hers as they eased back onto the bed. There were a few awkward moments as they situated themselves on her huge bed and then Kate straddled his body. She took his violently aroused cock, which was red and glistening from her suckling, and began rubbing it between her slippery cunt lips and over her swollen clit. “Take me, Kate. Take me now. Balls-deep, babe,” Tom cried as his hips jerked upward, thrusting against her slick pussy. Taking just the bulbous head of his cock inside her vagina, and feeling the stretching of the sensitive tissues there, had Kate crying out in pleasure. Tom then grasped her hips and pulled her down while he thrust up, filling her cunt with his thick,

meaty dick. Kate threw her head back with a keening wail and ground her pussy hard against Tom in a circular motion as he held himself still inside her. “Now, ride me, Kate. Hard and fast. Do it now!” He reached to the side and swatted her ass cheek firmly. “Ride me, I said. Now,” he demanded hoarsely with another swat on her other ass cheek. “Oh, Tom. Welcome home, love. Welcome home,” she cried brokenly as she began the remembered choreography of moves on Tom’s cock, her pussy caressing and contracting as she glided up and down on his shaft with increasing speed. Their eyes locked together in a communication stronger than words could express. But when Tom lifted one hand to her breast, squeezing and palpating her soft flesh, and his other hand slid between her legs, rubbing and stroking her dripping slit as she fucked him, her eyes closed in pleasure and a sobbing groan of carnal rapture escaped her lips. Suddenly, Tom grabbed her hips and forced her to stop her movement on his cock. “Stop, babe. Just sit for a minute with my cock inside you. I don’t want this to end too soon. I want to feel your pussy gloving my meat, squeezing it tight. Don’t come yet, babe. Not until I tell you to come.” “Please! Tom, don’t make me stop. Please, Tom, I need to fuck. I need to come.” Tom brought his right leg up behind her, placing his foot flat on the bed. “Lean back, Kate, against my leg. Let me look at you. Let me touch and play with you for a few minutes before I let you come. First, let me spread those pussy lips so that you can sink even farther down on me. I need you to take me all the way to the root of my cock. Now! Take it all. Yes! Just like that.” Kate groaned as she squirmed down as far as possible on his cock. She sat up and started rotating herself on his meat until his hands grasped her hips, stopping her from moving. “You’re being very bad, Kate. I seem to be having a problem controlling you. Maybe I should call in Mike and John. They’ll make sure you don’t move or come until I say so. Besides, they’ve watched me suck and play with your pussy. They’ve seen you naked and spread out on the bed. They’ve watched me fuck you with various vibrators and dildos, too. They also helped the other night, fucking your ass and cunt with your toys. So why don’t we invite them back to watch you fucking me? Wouldn’t you like that? “Tom. Oh, God, that sounds so hot!” “Wow, babe. Your juices are dripping and flowing around my dick like crazy. You like the idea, don’t you? They can’t fuck you tonight because that’s for you and me, but I just might let them touch you while you’re impaled on my cock. Think about it, Kate. Perhaps they can suck your tits while fingering and stroking other parts of your body. It would be kind of a prelude to the next time you get fucked, because after tonight the next cock stretching that pussy will be Mike’s or John’s, with me watching them fuck you. And maybe, just maybe, if you ask them nicely, they’ll let us watch them make love to each other! Would you like to see that, Kate? Would you like to watch with me while they make love to each other, while they fuck and suck?” Tom held Kate firmly down on his cock. With each word he flexed his cock inside her, making her jerk and moan with pleasure. “Yes. Or. No?” At the eroticism of his words and the pictures they created in her mind, Kate felt

the contractions in her vagina that signaled the start of her orgasm. She stiffened, her cunt contracting strongly around his cock as her hips began the frantic cadence leading to completion. Kate leaned forward and framed Tom’s face with her hands, her mouth touching his, her teeth nipping his bottom lip sharply as she rode his cock. “Yes! I want all of that. All of it, Tom. I’ll admit that I want to see their naked bodies again and I want to feel them touching me. I want them to watch as we fuck and feel their hands, mouths, and cocks stroking me. I want to get down on my knees and suck their dicks and then swallow their cum. I want to spread my legs and let them fuck me with my toys again. I really loved having all three of you touching me at the same time. But tonight, I want all of you, just you. Just you and me together again, the way we used to be. Tomorrow and all of the tomorrows after that are for all four of us, but not tonight. Tonight is ours alone.” His voice hoarse with overwhelming emotion, Tom cried, “Fuck me, Kate. Fuck me now! Come for me, Kate. Come now.” Tom pulled Kate to him as his hips lifted to meet her downward thrust. His balls drew up tight to his body just before they began the jolting release deep into Kate’s body, triggering her violent orgasm. Kate could feel his arms banding around her as she felt her release bathing his erupting cock. Then the darkness descended and blotted out the vivid bursts of color behind her closed eyelids, and she slipped into an exhausted, boneless sleep. **** Tom managed to roll Kate off of him and onto her back beside him without waking her. He reached over to the bedside stand and grabbed a handful of tissues and did a rough, preliminary cleaning of their body fluids from both of them. He snuggled down beside Kate and pulled the coverlet over them, and then he, too, succumbed to sleep.

Chapter 4

Breakfast the next morning was an edgy affair. Everyone except Tom seemed to be on pins and needles. “Kate, I explained to John and Mike where you came up with the three musketeers. Their only question was ‘do we have to dress the part?’ They seemed very relieved when I assured them that clothing was optional.” Loud groans and laughter met his bad joke. But it did break the tension at the table. “I’ve decided that, since it’s supposed to rain this morning, we’re going to spend some time at home…in the attic.” Tom looked into the faces around him and saw the fiery heat in John’s eyes, while Mike grinned in anticipation. And, in Kate, well, there was excitement, but tinged with a little apprehension. “There is something that should be taken care of first. Kate really needs a nice, relaxing bubble bath because she’s much too tense and nervous. Sweetheart, I’ve asked Mike and John to assist you in your bath. They will scrub your back and front and wash you from head to toe and everywhere in between. But before we go there, let’s go back to my office.” He looked at Mike and John. “I have something I think you’ll want to use to prepare her for the attic, but only after Kate has been properly bathed.” Before anyone could ask questions or make a comment, Tom wheeled his wheelchair from the breakfast room and they followed closely behind him. Tom’s desk was at one end of his office and a small round table and four chairs were at the opposite end. He had spread out a large fluffy towel in the center of the table. On the towel was a large, carved wooden box. He looked at Kate and smiled. “Before my accident, I promised you a treasure chest of baubles, didn’t I, Kate?” He opened the box and tipped it over, spilling strings of beads of every color, shape, and size onto the towel. The beads were made of solid glass, wood, metal, and porcelain. Some were made of semiprecious stones and many other materials, and ranged from a large pea-sized diameter, to Ping-Pong ball size. Some were smooth, some were carved, and all were beautiful. The length of the strings varied also, from six inches to a foot, to two feet and everything in between. Each string of beads had a firmly attached “T” handle at one end. “Tom,” Kate gasped. “These are…” At Kate’s gasp, Tom reached over and pinched her suddenly erect nipple, pulling gently on it. Her face flamed in embarrassment as a bolt of heat arrowed from her nipple to her clit, setting it on fire with desire. He leaned forward and placed his lips on hers. “Mike and John know exactly what these are, and exactly how to use them. Don’t you?” “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, we know exactly how to use these, uh, baubles, Kate.” John’s face was taut with hunger and his eyes hot with desire. “Katie, we’re going to have such fun. This is going to be a wonderful day!” Mike said as he quickly scooped up the beads and dropped them back into the box.

“They’re going to take very good care of you, Kate. Aren’t you?” He released her nipple and looked at John and Mike as they stood up and walked to Kate’s chair. “We will take very, very good care of you, Katie. We’re going to decorate you like a queen,” said Mike with a grin as he tucked the wooden box beneath his arm. “You don’t have a thing to worry about, Kate. We’ll handle everything. And I do mean, handle everything.” John winked and smiled wickedly as he tugged her to her feet. “Come upstairs with us, Kate. Let us take care of you and make you feel good. Then, after you’re properly bathed, inside and out, we’ll make sure you’re wearing a couple of strings of your prettiest baubles so that when Tom gets there, he can give a couple of tugs and check out what you’re wearing. I promise you’ll love it, Kate, and so will we! Oh, yeah, so will we,” John said fervently. “Go on, Kate. I’ll be up shortly. Go ahead, and enjoy, love. Mike and John know how to use these baubles, so follow their instructions. Will you do that, Kate? Will you do exactly what they tell you to do?” “But, Tom, those beads are for…I mean they would have to…uh, I’d have to—” “Yes, love, they would, and yes, you would have to.” Tom drew her down to him and kissed her mouth, licking inside, teasing her and finally, sucking on her tongue as his hands kneaded her breasts. “Tell me you will, Kate. Tell me you’ll bend over and let them push one bead at a time up into your tight ass until the full string is inside you with only the handle hanging down between your legs and then you’ll let them do the same thing to your cunt. Tell me you will, Kate. And you never know, I might be up there in time to watch you take everything. You know you want it, Kate. You’ve fantasized about it, I remember. You also know it’s one of my ultimate fantasies. To have them prepare you, touch you, and pleasure you is another of my favorite fantasies. To know you are submitting to them sexually as you have submitted to me makes me so hot. It pleasures me down to my very soul. Even when I thought I’d never be able to have sex again, this fantasy stayed in my mind. Let them, Kate. Submit to the pleasure, sweetheart, and to them.” Tom grasped her nipples and tugged and twisted lightly until she moaned erotically. “Tom!” She writhed at his pleasurable assault on her sensitive nipples. “You want it, don’t you, Kate?” “Tom,” said John breathlessly as his fingers slid down and rubbed in a circular motion between Kate’s legs. “Her panties are sopping wet. Oh, yes, she wants it. Don’t you, Kate? You’re going to submit to us today and let us pleasure you, aren’t you, Kate?” John rubbed between her legs harder. “And you know that Mike and I are going to have to do a few tests on the beads, to make sure they are properly inserted and that they can be extracted with the maximum of pleasurable sensation. And we have to make sure we have the right beads. Right, Kate? That’s what you want us to do to you, isn’t it?” “Yes,” Kate cried as she undulated into his rubbing strokes. “Yes, I want it.” She closed her eyes and hesitated for a moment. “Yes, I want you to do it to me. Do it all to me. I’ll do whatever you say. Whatever you want. Anything.” Kate moaned as John increased his rubbing on her clit and pushed his erection against her leg. Mike moved to her other side and began squeezing and palpating her breast while he placed a string of kisses along her neck and jaw. She stood between the two of them, submitting to their touch, her eyes closed for a moment in carnal pleasure before opening slowly. She watched as Tom’s eyes greedily followed each caress of their hands on her body. Mike’s

hand joined John’s between her legs, and they began rubbing her harder, faster. The feel of hands other than Tom’s rubbing her cunt generated a sense of unreality. But it was pleasurable unreality. She squirmed and rotated her hips as her cunt began throbbing sensuously. Her orgasm tore a wail of pleasure from her. “That’s it, sweetheart,” Tom rasped, his eyes alight with pleasure. “That was beautiful! Just beautiful to watch. Go ahead. Give yourself over to them, and enjoy it all.” “Before we go, Tom, we have to remove these wet panties. She’s been a bad girl and has come all over them.” John knelt in front of Kate and removed her panties. He tucked her hem into the waistband of her skirt, exposing her sex completely. “Just look, Tom, at what she did.” He stroked two fingers through her pussy, scooping up the slippery essence of her pleasure. He held his slick fingers up for Tom to see before putting them into his mouth, sucking the cum from them with a moan. “Let me see. Let me see, too.” Mike got down on his knees and spread Kate’s pussy lips apart. “Oh, yes! She’s really been a bad girl, and we have to clean this cum up before we can go anywhere,” Mike said, before gluing his mouth to her pussy and licking furiously. “Oh, God, I can’t take any more,” Kate cried piteously. “I’m too sensitive. Please. I can’t take any more. It’s too much pleasure. Too much.” Her hands went to Mike’s head, holding him firmly to her instead of pushing him away. John moved behind Kate, his hands squeezing her breasts as Mike licked and sucked her clit. “You can take it all, Kate. You know you can. You can take everything we want to give you, and you know it. Right now Tom wants to watch you come again. He wants to watch Mike suck you off. Right, Tom?” “Yes! God, sweetheart, I love watching you come alive with pleasure. I love watching their hands and mouths on you. Come for me again, Kate. Remember, before the accident, we’d have almost weekly sexual marathons. I’d make you come three or four times in a row, sometimes even more. Your clit would be so sensitive for days afterward that one stroke from my finger between your pussy lips could make you come. Hell, if I recall correctly, even walking could make you come then. Remember how you loved it, how you begged for more? Now there are three of us, so you’d better get used to it. You’re aware that you’re not going to be coming just once a day from now on, right?” “Tom, I can’t. Not any more. Oooh. So good, Mike. Keep sucking me, Mike, harder. Suck me harder, Mike! Do it.” Her hands held him firmly as she arched her pussy toward his sucking mouth and exploded with a shriek. Mike wrapped his arms around her hips and gently sucked her clit through her orgasm. “Bring her here,” said Tom as her shuddering breaths evened out. John picked her up and carried her over to Tom. He gently deposited her on her feet next to the wheelchair. Kate’s skirt was still tucked up in front, exposing the brown curls covering her cunt. “Let me just do a preliminary cleaning before you leave the room,” Tom said as he picked up a tissue from the table. He gently spread her pussy lips open and wiped the still-oozing cum from her cunt. Mike got up from the floor and joined John in holding Kate while Tom tenderly cleaned between her legs. “You’re okay, Kate?” he asked softly. “I’m fine, Tom. Just fine.” “Are you ready to go upstairs with Mike and John now?”

Kate exhaled roughly and then nodded her head. “I’m ready, Tom.” “You’re sure? You’re going to submit to them and follow their instructions, no matter what?” “Yes, Tom. I’ll submit to them and follow their instructions, at least for today.” She smiled at the raised eyebrow and grin he gave her. **** Tom watched them exit the room. There were no regrets about what would happen between them sexually today. He wanted and needed it to happen, and would have been there with them every step of the way, watching and participating. But, suddenly, there were other things going on that needed to be dealt with, too. He needed to have a meeting with John and Mike and tomorrow might not be soon enough. Things were happening that he had never anticipated. Very dangerous things. Frightening things. And he needed a few minutes alone to consider what needed to be done and how it should be handled. Tom locked the wheels of his wheelchair and picked up the footrests. He carefully levered himself upright and walked unsteadily to the cabinet where his brandy was kept. Tom was only a light social drinker, but this morning he needed a restorative shot, badly. He poured some into the bottom of a glass and drank it down in one swallow as if it were medicine. There was still a lot of pain as well as a decided limp when he walked. For over two years his physical therapy had been primarily to keep the muscle tone and flexibility of his injured leg and arm while his spinal cord slowly healed. In the last few weeks his therapist had insisted he had progressed so far that he could, and should, walk with his crutches or his cane, which he had been using only in the therapy room or in his own room when he was alone. He couldn’t bear to have anyone watching as he stumbled and staggered. Pride was a stone-cold bitch, he acknowledged to himself. The surgeries scheduled in six weeks would be, hopefully, the last needed to correct some additional nerve and bone fragment problems which had arisen recently with both his arm and his leg. But even the thought of the surgeries couldn’t compare to the shock he’d had this morning. Tom poured more brandy into his glass. “Not going to offer your best buddies a drink of your special stock of brandy, Tom?” John lounged against the doorjamb, deep slashes of color highlighting his cheekbones and anger flashing from his eyes. “Tom! What’s going on? You can walk?” Mike looked stunned. Tom stared down at the brandy swirling in his glass, briefly shut his eyes in pain and frustration, and then downed the brandy in one gulp. “Help yourselves. My special stock of brandy has always been available for my ‘best buddies.’ Always will be.” “That’s it? Help ourselves?” John shook his head in disgust. “Damn it, man, we don’t deserve to be treated this way. We’ve been there for you, whenever you needed us. Yet you don’t trust us with the fact that you’re not wheelchair-bound? That you can walk? Well, maybe Mike and I should walk, too. You apparently don’t need us anymore.”

“I hope you won’t walk away,” said Tom quietly as he slowly and painfully limped over to the table, removed some papers from his pocket, and threw them on the table. “There was an envelope on my pillow when I got back to my room this morning. I thought it was from Kate. I was wrong. I think you’d better read the messages.” “What about me, Tom, do I get to read them, too?” Her face was paper white as she stood in the doorway, tears shimmering in her eyes. “Oh, Kate, love! What happened? I thought you were safely gone. I wanted to keep all of this from you, I wanted to protect you and keep you safe.” Tom paused for a moment. “But maybe there is more safety in knowledge than in ignorance. Will you trust me and let me explain about the papers and this?” Tom swept his arm down toward his legs and then limped haltingly toward her, his eyes beseeching as he held out his hand to her. “Always, Tom. I trust you. I have always trusted you.” Kate bypassed his hand and walked into his arms. “The only problem was I decided to detour into the powder room for just a minute or two. When I came out, I could hear you all in here. What’s going on, Tom?” “Goddamn fucking son of a bitch! You found this on the pillow of your bed this morning?” The absolute horror in John’s voice was chilling. “Damn it, Tom, you sleep so lightly, I can’t believe anyone could get within five feet of your bed without you being aware of it.” John suddenly stopped. “When you got back to your room this—” He looked at Tom, then at Kate, and his eyebrows rose almost comically. Then he looked back at the paper in his hand and said angrily, “Damn it, man, I checked the security system last night before I went to bed. No one could have bypassed that system.” John paced back and forth, dragging the fingers of one hand through his black hair in frustration, as Mike pulled the papers from his other hand and started reading. Moments later Mike shook his head in disbelief and threw the papers back on the table. “Hold on,” Mike said as he pulled a small, black instrument from his shirt pocket and punched in a series of numbers. “Let me run a diagnostic on the system and see what we come up with. No, nothing. All clear. The system has not been tampered with, nor has it been bypassed or shut down. Nobody could have gotten in here last night, or this morning. Give me some time to get the video replays from the security cameras outside, and we’ll see what they show.” “What about the pool?” Kate asked as she turned in Tom’s arms to face John and Mike. “Is that sliding glass panel part of the security system? You know, the one that lets you swim from the inside pool to the outside pool in the summer. I know it’s usually locked into place in the cold weather. But, maybe someone could have cut a hole in the glass, couldn’t they?” Dead silence met her words. For a moment no one moved, and then Mike looked at John, nodded, and took off for the pool at a run. John was already on his cell phone, calling in some of the investigators from their base office. Kate walked to the table and picked up the papers which Mike had thrown down. At her horrified gasp, Tom limped heavily to her side, rivulets of sweat now running down his face. He’d been on his feet way, way too long, especially without a cane or his crutches. “Kate! Sweetheart, don’t worry. John and Mike are here and won’t let anything

happen to you, I promise.” Tom’s voice was strained. He started to put his hand on her shoulder and noted that his fingers were trembling. He fisted his hand and fought against the tremors. “Oh, for God’s sake, Tom, sit down. You’ve overdone things, as usual,” said John, his voice both distracted and worried. He scooted a chair behind Tom and grabbed his good arm to help him into the chair. “Tom, I’m not worried about myself. It’s you! It’s you and Mike and John,” Kate cried as she knelt beside his chair. “This madman said he deliberately ran the car into you. He tried to kill you. And he’s been watching you. Here in the house. He’s been watching you when you take therapy! Tom, there are no windows or even doors with windows in that room. He says he’ll take out your bodyguards one by one before he gets to you and me. Tom, let’s leave! I’ll go anywhere with you. The four of us can go to Europe, South America. Anywhere. Let’s leave everything and just go. You’ll go, won’t you, John? And I’m sure Mike will go, too. Yes. That’s the answer. I should go pack.” She looked up into Tom’s face and then John’s face. “You won’t go. None of you will go, will you?” she said dully as she placed her forehead on Tom’s thigh. “Kate! Oh, Kate, love,” said Tom as he stroked her hair. “We’d never be able to do anything without constantly watching our backs. It looks like we’re not even safe here at home. Even if we did leave, we’d never really be free. We’d never be able to come back home without having that threat hanging over our heads. We’ve got to face this now and find out what the devil is going on so that we can put an end to it. If we don’t, I have a feeling things will escalate to a very dangerous level.” “He’s right, Kate. We couldn’t come up with anything at the time of the accident. Stolen car, no driver, no prints, no motive we could see. But there has to be something we’re missing, some connection somewhere.” “You mean you knew it wasn’t an accident from the beginning?” “Tom just had a feeling, Kate. There was nothing concrete. Nothing we could even investigate. But, this time, we’ll find all of the answers, I promise.” There were several minutes of silence. “Is anyone going to call the police?” “I think we need to let John and Mike do their preliminary investigation before we get the police in on this. Confirmation that the automobile crash was deliberate and the threats in those notes will certainly have to be put on record. But only after the M-G team has done their initial investigative work-up.” “Okay. We’ll stay,” Kate said with deadly calm. “But you’re going to have to get me a gun and teach me how to use it properly. That is non-negotiable! If I never have to use it, fine. But if it comes down to me having to shoot some asshole who’s trying to kill the men I love, well, don’t think I won’t use it because, trust me, I will. Now, what’s our next step?” “Excuse me, Tom,” said John as he pulled Kate to her feet and into his arms. “The next step is that I have to kiss our fierce warrior princess.” His lips claimed hers with a blazing passion that sent waves of shocking desire throughout her body. As his tongue plunged into her mouth, he rubbed his huge erection against her belly. John’s hands moved to Kate’s breasts, squeezing and kneading them. Kate could literally feel her knees become weak with unexpected desire. She reached up and ran her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, then nipped at his full bottom lip. His loud moan

reverberated in her mouth, and their kiss took on a whole new dimension of eroticism. “Can’t tell you how sorry I am to interrupt, but we’ve got real problems we need to discuss,” said Mike as he walked into the room. “Sorry, Kate,” John said with regret. “But we will finish this later, trust me on that. Fill us in, Mike.” “Well, I can tell you that there is no hole cut into the glass panel in the pool. However, I couldn’t get to the bottom to see if someone had removed part of the bottom and could slip underneath the panel. But by visual examination, it looks as though the panel goes completely to the bottom of the channel and there was no water on the pool room floor. So, I’d say that area is okay. However, the team is on the way as we speak, and we can have them check it out more thoroughly. Mark and Carolanne expect to be here shortly. Trey and Connor stopped to pick up some equipment from headquarters, so as soon as they load up, they’ll be on their way, too.” “But, Mike, what about the therapy room. This guy seemed to be able to watch Tom as he worked out. Did you find anything there?” Kate grabbed Tom’s hand as she waited for Mike’s reply. “No, Katie, I didn’t. But when the rest of the teams get here we’ll be able to check out all light fixtures and switches, heating and air-conditioning ducts, or any other place that might conceal a camera. I thought it best to wait until we had some backup before showing too much interest in anything down there. I don’t know if there are cameras or other electrical devices remoted to an off-site location, or if there is a receiver here in this house.” “Here! What do you mean here?” Tom cried in alarm. John jumped in. “He’s right, Tom. You must have three or four rooms in our wing alone that are unused, as well as quite a few in your own wing. If the cameras are remoted to a recorder in one of the empty rooms, all this guy would have to do is wait until we’re out of the house, pop in and extract the recorded disc, and replace it with a blank one and leave. Somehow this asshole has managed to gain access to the house without being picked up by our security sensors.” John began pacing back and forth. “The first thing we have to do is an electronics sweep of Tom’s bedroom and the bedrooms on either side of his. Since he obviously managed to get into Tom’s room, it’s likely that he left some type of camera or voice recorder there. Not only that, but I want that physical therapy room checked out thoroughly. We should be able to contact the contractor who built the room and get a list of the employees he used as well as the blueprint.” “We’ll need a list of all personnel who have, or have had, access to this house,” Mike said as he rubbed the back of his neck distractedly and then rolled his shoulders. “We know most of them, having lived here for so long, but maybe there is someone else, someone we’re not familiar with. We’re going to need a list of past employees, too. And even the ones who did the attic renovation, we’ll need to know their names, as well.” John came up behind Mike and put his hands on Mike’s shoulders, his thumbs digging, seeking out the knots of tension. Mike groaned in pleasure. “Relax, Mike,” said John. “Mark and Carolanne should be here in just a few minutes, but we still have to wait for Trey and Connor, since they have the equipment we’ll need. Why don’t you sit across from Tom, and we’ll see if he will tell us why he’s kept his physical progress such a secret from us.” John followed Mike to the desk and

stood behind his chair, his hands kneading the tight muscles of Mike’s shoulders and neck, his eyes coldly locked on Tom’s. Kate moved to the back of Tom’s chair and, mimicking John’s position, put her hands on Tom’s shoulders, lightly massaging. “No double-teaming permitted here,” she said coolly but firmly. “Tom will tell us what he needs to tell us whenever he’s ready.” Mike and John regarded Kate with stunned surprise. Then Kate smiled with almost feral anticipation. “But, after Tom’s surgeries are completed and he is through his recovery stages, I think we should take him to bed where we can triple-team him sexually. We can make him pay for his secrecy, but not with anger. We outnumber him and can make sure he takes whatever sexual punishment we determine he is due for his deception. And we can all enjoy making him take his punishment like a big boy.” “Katie! You’re incredible.” Mike gasped, his jaw dropping in shock. John’s eyes flared with hot, flaming desire. “You missed being here earlier, Mike, when Kate said she’d stay if we got her a gun and trained her to use it. She claimed she’d have no problem shooting any ‘asshole’ who tried to kill the men she loved. I believe she meant every word. I also believe she meant you and me and Tom when she said the men she loved. If I’m wrong, you can just shoot me now.” “You don’t have to worry because you’re right. I definitely meant you and Mike and Tom were the men I love. But just because I love all three of you doesn’t mean any of you can play bully or make judgments without listening to the facts. Tom will tell us what’s going on, just give him a chance.” Obviously overwhelmed with emotion and with physical exhaustion, Tom’s hands reached back and covered Kate’s hands on his shoulders, gripping them tightly. He tried several times to speak, but finally gave it up. John looked at Tom with unexpected understanding. “Kate’s right, Tom. We know you’ll tell us when you’re ready. But it was such a shock. There was no preparation. No crutches, no cane, not even a fucking walking stick. You just went flat out from wheelchair to walking tall, apparently prematurely, based on your physical reaction a few minutes ago. But what really fries my ass is that I should have expected it. You always did manage to do the impossible, didn’t you?” He put his hands on his hips and smiled at Tom with affectionate amusement. Mike got up and walked around the table. He stroked Kate’s face with one hand and looked deeply into her eyes. “It’s been a long time, Katie. They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had, but that’s not true. We’ve loved you, right along with Tom, and we missed making love to you, we missed holding you, and we missed kissing you, but you’ve had a place in our hearts since the first day we met you.” Mike leaned forward and his mouth claimed hers urgently. His hands cupped her face while his mouth ravaged hers. His tongue swept into her mouth, dueling with hers as passion exploded between them. When he stepped back, they both looked down at Tom, who was watching them with satisfaction, unmistakable pride, and hunger. “It’s been a long time, Katie,” Mike said again, his voice ragged, as he looked down at Tom with unconcealed desire. This was it. Kate didn’t know what her reaction would be to seeing Tom, her

husband, being kissed by a man, by Mike. And she knew it was coming now. She nodded at Mike and Tom with a small smile and watched as Mike knelt beside Tom’s chair. “We’ve missed you, Tommy. I’ve missed you. It’s so good to have you back with us,” Mike said, raw emotion in his voice. And then they were kissing. There was so much love, so much tenderness, and so much beauty in their embrace that Kate’s eyes burned with unshed tears. Warm, strong arms enfolded her from behind. “Thank you, Kate, for sharing him with us. We love him, too,” John said quietly. “I can see that you do,” Kate replied shakily. The ringing of John’s cell phone interrupted the heavily charged, emotional atmosphere. “You’re here already? No, as far as I know Mike’s cell phone is working fine. Okay, I’ll be right down to let you in.” John shut his cell phone off and tapped Mike on the shoulder. “Mark and Carolanne are at the door. I’m going down to let them in.” “No, I’ll go. I need to…um. No. I’ll go.” He stood, just a little unsteady on his feet, and turned to Kate. Mike started to say something, stopped, then held up his hand, turned, and quickly left the room. “I’m going after him. You two need some time together, too.” Crossing to Tom, John leaned down and took Tom’s chin between his thumb and forefinger. “I missed you, too, dickhead.” Then John leaned forward and kissed Tom, hard. “Later,” he said roughly and left the room. There was a long, awkward silence after John left the room. Finally, Kate got up and brought Tom’s wheelchair to him. “I figure you’ll need to be mobile when the teams arrive, won’t you?” Kate said. She hoped that the process involved in moving into his wheelchair would give Tom a chance to get his emotions under control, and in fact, it did. “Kate,” he began once he was settled. “I can’t begin to tell you…” “Tom, it’s been a long, long time, and they love you very much, as much as you love them. Let’s just leave it at that for now, shall we?” “Well, we can do that, if you want. But later I think we’re going to have to discuss it in more detail, a lot more detail. Right now, I want to get more information on the ‘triple-teaming.’ Did you really say that? My heart stopped at your words and then started beating so fast I thought it would pound right out of my chest. And did you hear those gasps from Mike and John? They can’t wait, and neither can I. It’s the best incentive you could have given me to get well quickly. Triple-teaming! You and Mike and John and me together, sexually. It is the culmination of every dream I’ve had since I met and fell in love with you. I swear, Kate, I feel like a kid at Christmas.” “Tom, I’ve never seen you like this,” Kate said with a grin. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were high on something.” “I’m high on loving you,” Tom said softly. “Oh, Tom, I love you, too.” “You remember, Kate, how I loved to take charge and plot and plan our, um, more outrageous sexual encounters before my accident. Well, if you think I was controlling, wait until you see what John is capable of. Mike and I have both called John a control freak to his face more than once.”

When Kate looked at him in concern, Tom continued quickly. “No, Kate, not in a bad way. He’s not into pain or humiliation or anything at all negative, but he does like to take control of people, situations, problems, and anything else, including sex, especially sex! But you stood up to him today, for me, and he backed down. I was stunned. I’ll warn you now, John thrives on challenge, and you challenged him.” “I don’t know Tom. I think he just realized that his reaction was a shocked response to seeing you on your feet for the first time. Not only that, he was man enough to admit it, which says a lot for his strength of character.” “Okay, I’ll give you that.” Tom looked closely at Kate. “Tell me honestly, Kate. Are you okay with the way things are working out? Do you have any misgivings, anything that’s bothering you about the situation? Are you really all right watching me with them? I mean—” “I know just what you mean, Tom,” she interrupted. “I’ll admit to a slight uneasiness before I saw you and Mike kiss. I wasn’t sure how I would react. I wasn’t sure how I would feel watching my husband kiss a man. But, I thought it was beautiful, just like when John and Mike made love at the pool. There was so much love and emotion that gender didn’t figure into it at all.” “Kate, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I honestly thought it would be enough to watch them love you, and to watch you make love to them. I thought I could pull myself back from needing and wanting them physically and just…I don’t know, love them through you maybe.” “Tom, I can’t make any promises. I don’t know how I’ll feel at the sight of you sucking their cocks, or whoa, maybe I do. Wow. Just saying those words made my clit throb and made me hot! Picturing you sucking Mike’s or John’s cock has the juices gushing from my pussy. Damn, I must be perverted as hell because I can’t wait to see that, or to see one of them sucking your cock. Oh, damn. Let’s change the subject. I can hear someone coming down the hall.” “One thing before they get here. You are not perverted in any way, shape, or form. We are four consenting adults, and the love we express to each other sexually is not wrong, in any way. Do you understand? No one is involved but the four of us, and we’re not hurting anyone at all, not even ourselves.” “Got it,” she said as the door opened. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I can see by the size of your erection that the thought of sucking, or being sucked, turned you on, too.” Kate winked at him as she turned to greet the new arrivals. “Payback’s a bitch, babe,” he retorted, laughing, his voice just loud enough for Kate to hear.

Chapter 5

The van with Connor and Trey drove up only a few minutes after Carolanne and Mark arrived. As the crew unloaded the necessary items from the van, John pulled Tom aside. “Tom, I’ve advised the teams that we’ll need them overnight, at least. Maybe longer. They’ll patrol in twos and rotate during the night. I want every single room checked out for listening devices or cameras, and that’s going to take some time. Right now they’re bringing the equipment in, and we’ll need a room to use as a command center.” “That’s fine, John. You can use the library as your command center after you check it out. Also, I want you and Mike to move into the bedroom next to Kate and me. Your people can each choose a room in the wing where you and Mike were staying. There are plenty of rooms to choose from. I’ll have Kate call Mrs. Mallory to fix lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast in the morning for the next few days. Please let your teams know that they are more than welcome to use the pool. They can do double duty and check out all possible hiding places for a person or cameras or other devices in and around the pool, the waterfall, and the island while enjoying themselves. We have plenty of bathing suits and robes and towels down there, as you know. Can you think of anything else you’ll need?” “Well, seeing as we’re going to investigate this place from the top to the bottom, I’ll need a key to the attic,” John said wryly. “Not on a bet! I’d work from bottom to top if I were you. You do want your teams able to think of something besides sex, don’t you? But I would like you and Mike to come up to the attic this evening with Kate and me. The four of us should be able to check out everything up there without any problem. You and Mike were up there when construction was in progress, so you know the basic layout of the place. In fact, I’ve already had keys made up for you and Mike as well as for Kate.” John’s eyebrows shot upward in surprise. “I thought that was a special place for you and Kate.” “It was always my hope that the four of us would one day be able to use the attic together. And, as Kate pointed out to me last night, the four of us are already a family. After tonight, the room will also be yours and Mike’s to use whenever you want. I ask that no one outside of the four of us be invited into the attic room, ever. And, until I leave for the hospital, I’d like to be present if you or Mike ask Kate up to the attic for fun and games. I know the three of you enjoy being watched, and I admit I would be building up a store of memories to keep my mind occupied while I’m recovering from the surgeries.” Tom looked up at John seriously. “While I’m in the hospital, the attic belongs to the three of you, and when I come home it will belong to the four of us. Just once in a while though, you might throw me a few salacious tidbits to tide me over until I come home from the hospital.” Tom looked at John expectantly, his eyes alive with excitement. “I agree to all of the above. I do have one condition of my own though, and I’ll

tell you what it is tonight in the attic. Agreed?” John smiled with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Knowing you, John, I almost hesitate to agree.” At John’s raised eyebrow, Tom relented with a knowing smile. “Okay, okay, I agree. Now go get your teams organized. I’ll talk to you later.” Tom shook his head as he headed out to find Kate. He had a feeling tonight was going to be very interesting. **** Kate sat with the M-G crew during lunch, and could literally feel the excitement bubbling from them as they talked about their successes earlier this morning. The four members of the M-G crew had gone over every inch of Tom’s bedroom and the physical therapy room. Heating and air-conditioning vents and ductwork, as well as every electrical switch, outlet, and light fixture had been minutely examined. One listening device had been found stuck to the back of the nightstand next to Tom’s bed. Two cameras and three listening devices, none of which were high tech pieces, had been found in the physical therapy room. Kate shook her head and nearly grinned as she recalled the high fives and backslapping when a hidden passageway on the back outside wall of the physical therapy room was found. Carolanne had been tapping on the walls and noticed a slightly hollow sound. When she looked more closely, she noticed a very slight protrusion in the center of a knot in the paneling. When she pushed on it, a door opened, revealing the space behind the wall. The passage was just over three feet deep, but ran the length of the outside back wall of the physical therapy room as well as along part of the pool room wall, with cleverly concealed openings for viewing. The passage exited near some boulders at the back of the building. Sheriff Benjamin Whittaker was called immediately after the secret passage had been found and was given the threatening notes as well as the spyware on his arrival. Kate could hear the loud argument taking place in the office as they finished their lunch. It was obvious that Sheriff Whittaker was not a happy man at being called in after the MG crew had gone over everything first. **** “Come on, Ben,” John said angrily. “We found the entrance this guy was using to get inside the house. Christ, it looks as though he was almost living back there. He could come and go through the back without setting off any of our security alarms. You can’t even see that there is a door there from the outside.” “You know you should have called me before your people touched anything.” “Damn it, man, we’re not trying to step on your toes in this matter. We have the technical equipment that your office doesn’t have, as well as the training and experience to use it properly. Our people are aware of the importance of fingerprinting and the need to preserve evidence. None of the spyware was physically touched by our teams unless they were wearing exam gloves. Besides that, Ben, you don’t have enough men to cover

this place. To check every room in this mansion for surveillance equipment is going to take time and personnel, not to mention the specialized detection equipment.” “I know, I know,” Ben said wearily. He ran his hands through his short, light blond hair in frustration. He was almost an inch short of six feet tall and his body was muscular, tapering from a broad chest and shoulders to narrow hips, but the cowboy boots he wore pushed him over the six foot mark. “Well, will you at least keep me informed of anything new?” Ben asked. “I can tell you something new, right now,” said Mike as he hung up the phone. “Tom, I just spoke with the contractor who put up the physical therapy room. He claims none of his guys could have done anything as extensive as a secret passage without his knowledge and that of his co-workers. He said it had to be the worker you hired to come in at night to expedite the construction. He claims the guy always came in right before his crew’s quitting time. At the end of the first week he said he was told by Mr. Martins that he was supposed to finish the back wall. When they came in the next day, the wallboard was up. A few days later the paneling was finished, and a week later he was gone.” “But I never hired anyone to work at night,” Tom exclaimed. “John and I both saw him almost every night. He’d talk to the foreman and the other guys before they’d leave, and then he’d get busy. We could hear the hammers, nail gun, and electric saws long into the night. We had no reason to suspect that he was anything but a member of the construction crew on the night shift.” Mike shook his head in disgust. “Give me a description of this guy. I’ll run it through our computer, and I’ll talk to some of my men and see if they can identify him. I’ll also need the name of the foreman and the construction company. They may have additional information on this guy. Maybe some of the crew members have seen him on a previous job.” Ben took his notebook out of his back pocket and began writing busily as Mike and John began describing the person they saw. **** Kate bent down to Tom and whispered in his ear. “Why don’t we go upstairs and rest for a little while? We’re not needed here. Mike and John have everything under control, and it’s been a very busy and emotion-filled morning. I think we need some downtime. I know I do. Join me?” He smiled at her playfully, but with obvious weariness, “I thought you’d never ask. Why don’t we check with Mrs. Mallory and see if she can prepare a picnic lunch for the two of us? We can take it with us to my room and have a snack and rest and talk, if you want. Or, we can just nap. Okay?” “It sounds wonderful, Tom, just wonderful.” He picked up the house phone and called the kitchen. While Tom was on the phone, John turned and looked at Kate. She nodded at Tom and then indicated herself and pointed upstairs and closed her eyes. John’s eyes softened with warmth as he looked at her and then at Tom. He nodded, a smile tipping up the corner of his mouth before he turned back to Ben and Mike. Before Kate could take a step, Mike caught her eye, winked, and gave her a quick smile. Boy, she thought, these guys didn’t miss a thing.

**** “They’ve done it again, haven’t they, John?” said Mike softly as they stood in the doorway to Tom’s room, looking at the two people stretched out on the bed, fully clothed, with the fingers of their hands entwined. “Done what?” John asked as they backed away from the room and gently shut the door. “Holding hands and looking more in love than they did the day of their wedding, and they’re not even awake this time!” John chuckled and put his hand on Mike’s shoulder as they walked next door and entered their room. “You’ve really missed him, haven’t you, Mike?” John said, suddenly very serious. “Yes, yes I have. Very much. It’s been hard to hide that emotion, that love, for so long, even if it was what he needed and wanted. But we were able to manage, weren’t we, John?” Mike could tell by John’s tenseness that he was disturbed, and Mike wasn’t sure how to ease that tenseness. “That’s the key here, John, to manage. We managed. Had Katie not been…Katie, we would have ‘managed’ for the rest of our lives to love him without the physical or verbal expression of that love. We would always have missed the sexual and verbal connections to him, but we would have been able to ‘manage.’ Right?” At John’s tight nod, Mike continued. “Then let me make one thing very clear. I could never, and I mean never, ‘manage’ to live without loving you. You are the bedrock foundation of all that I am. Without being able to express my love for you, I would shrivel up and die inside and probably outside as well. I’m not just talking about sex, either. I—” John’s voice shook with emotion as he framed Mike’s face with his hands. “I feel exactly the same, but haven’t the eloquence to express it as beautifully as you did. Without you…” John fisted his hands and stepped away. “I can’t even go there. When I saw you with Tom today, I felt twinges of jealousy and fear for the first time. Fear that maybe you wanted Tom more than you wanted me, jealous of the stark emotion I saw in your eyes, and yet, yet I was happy for you. Just know that it doesn’t matter what happens between the four of us, as long as we, you and I, love each other the way we do. We can also accept the very real love and desire we have for Kate and Tom. We can make love with them, and cherish them, and it cannot harm what we have together. As long as we love each other, everything else will fall into place.” “Speaking of a place. There is this place called a shower that has both our names on it. Care to join me? Maybe I can get you to scrub my back while I scrub yours. Interested, John?” “Lead on, I’ll be right behind you, literally as well as figuratively.” John laughed. ****

The sound of shared laughter slid through the partially open connecting door to the two rooms, and then stopped. “Well, that was pretty intense,” Kate said in a low whisper. “I’ll say it was. I’ve always known that they loved each other, and that they loved me. But I had no idea of the depth of their passion for each other, or for me. I should have known. Maybe on some level I did know. It sounds like I rejected them when I met you, and I probably did. You came into my life like a whirlwind and turned everything I thought or felt upside down. But I have not one shred of regret for anything I did to keep you in my life.” Kate leaned over and kissed him soundly. “Perhaps I’d better shut that connecting door before they get out of the shower, or before we start any intense conversations ourselves.” She quickly moved to the door, shut it quietly, and returned to bed, snuggling up next to him for the next twenty minutes, resting quietly. “I’ve missed this, Tom. Just being together, talking, a little cuddling, falling asleep knowing you’re beside me.” Suddenly, Kate sat up in bed and her voice hardened. “I won’t let you take this away from me. I won’t let you shut me out again. I know you’re going to have a period of recovery to get through after the surgeries, and I won’t interfere with that. But I’m your wife, and damn it, I expect you to treat me that way, not like some guest who has to be avoided or who has to be pawned off onto someone else.” “Kate! That’s not true! My God, how can you think such a thing? I love you,” Tom protested. “How can I think such a thing? What about the last two years you’ve been out of the hospital, Tom? How many times did you ever seek me out, just to talk, to discuss a movie or TV program or a book, or to watch the sunset? Try never, zip, zilch, zero, nada and, not one damn time. But Mike and John did, often. You guarded your privacy with such zeal that I felt like an outsider. Mike and John welcomed me whenever I needed to talk, or just needed company or a shoulder to cry on.” Kate took a deep, shuddering breath. “You couldn’t have wild monkey sex…hell, I knew that, Tom. But you could have held my hand, kissed me once in a while, or just put your arm around me occasionally. Mike and John were always touching my arm or hand, hugging me or throwing an arm around my shoulders, kissing my forehead or cheek. They gave me their warmth and showed their caring in a hundred different ways. Whenever I asked you how you were doing with your physical therapy, you shut me down and changed the subject. You even buried yourself in your office at mealtimes. Ninety-five percent of my meals were eaten with Mike or John, or both. Maybe one percent of the meals, when we had guests, you would join us. The other four percent I ate alone. You fucking left me!” she said angrily. “Kate, no! No, no, no. It was to protect you! I was only half a man. I didn’t know whether I’d ever walk again or if I’d be able to make love to you like a normal man. I didn’t want you to have to deal with the pain-ridden mess I’d become, or the rage and frustration that would overcome me at the knowledge of the things I couldn’t do anymore. Christ, for almost three months I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself,” he shouted. “Protect me, my ass,” she snarled at him. “Half a man? Give me a break. Even wheelchair-bound, you’re more man than any five thousand men off the street.

“And please, tell me I did not actually hear you say you were afraid you’d be unable to make love to me like a ‘normal man.’ Since when did you have this sudden urge to make love like a normal man? I seem to remember the conference room, now that certainly was not normal, or perhaps the library. Nope, I don’t think that qualifies either. Oh, wait, let’s not forget the pantry! On second thought, forget the pantry. Mrs. Mallory would be appalled and would never do any cooking here again. Definitely not normal. Come on, Tom, I could go on and on. Room after room to be exact. Maybe you’d better define your concept of ‘normal’ for me.” Kate got on her knees and got right in Tom’s stunned face. “And, as your wife, it’s my right to deal with your rage and frustrations and to even wipe your ass, if required. Don’t hand me any more garbage, Tom. I’m giving you fair warning that I won’t allow you to push me aside this time. So don’t even try.” Kate swiped at the tears running down her face until Tom handed her a tissue and pulled her into his arms. He held her tightly, his hand pressing her head against his chest. “You’re something else. You know that, don’t you, Kate? And, you’re right. I did that to you, to us. But it was such a fearful time for me. My whole world had changed, and I had no control over my life at all. For a long time there was only a sea of pain and fear. The doctors couldn’t even tell me if my spinal cord would, or could, heal. I believed that for the rest of my life I was going to be contained in that damned wheelchair, that I would never be able to feel anything ever again. There were many times I wished that I had died in that car crash. It wasn’t until two or three months ago that I started having definite sensations in my legs and…er…other areas. That was when I knew I would walk again. That was when my world changed once again, this time for the better.” Tom pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I was wrong to handle things the way I did, I know that now, and I think I even knew it at the time. I was wallowing in fear and despair and didn’t want you, or anyone else, to try to pull me out of it. And, no, I won’t try to push you aside this time, I promise. “On another note, I would prefer to have a bidet installed rather than have you wipe my ass, if you don’t mind,” he said with a grin. She shook her head with a watery chuckle. “You won’t get an argument out of me on that one, Tom.” “You won’t get an argument from us either, Tom. A bidet sounds like a fine idea,” said Mike as he and John walked in through the open connecting door between the two rooms. “Hi, guys,” said Kate, sitting up. “Didn’t mean to intrude, but the door was open.” “No problem,” said Tom. “That door latch is sprung. I’ll have it fixed one of these days.” “Wow, don’t the two of you look great!” Kate said. “Nice clothes. Very nice. Kind of the mature preppy look, huh?” “Mature preppy look? Damn, John, I think we’ve just been dissed by our sweet Katie.” “No, no. You guys look great. Don’t laugh. I’m serious. John! You’re wearing loafers!” Kate scrambled awkwardly from the bed and stood at John’s side. She reached out and lifted the leg of his trouser to see his shoe better. “Oh, my God, they are, they really are penny loafers.” She looked up at him in awe.

“And that’s bad?” John asked, his lips twitching and his blue eyes filled with laughter. “John! Penny loafers are hot! I kid you not. They are soooo sexy. They’re right up there with boots. I mean, all you see men wearing today are those ugly running shoes, trainers, or whatever they’re called or sandals and baggy-assed pants. You hardly ever see eye candy wearing penny loafers or boots with pants like these, pants that let you know there is some seriously awesome rear action there. Wow, John, what a combination! I’m seriously impressed.” She patted his butt as she moved to Mike. She looked down at Mike’s feet. “Oh, please. Don’t tell me you’re wearing boots! I can’t stand it.” Kate sat down cross-legged on the floor in front of Mike and slowly lifted the hem of his jeans, up, up, up. “Mike,” she breathed. “These are full boots, real leather boots. I love real, full, leather boots!” Tom and John were snorting with laughter at the stunned look on Mike’s face as she kept lifting his pant leg higher and higher. “Mike, these boots have just created a full-blown fantasy in my mind. You, naked, except for these boots. Hot, hot, hot. One of these days, Mike, one of these days. Or nights.” Mike grinned and reached down to help her to her feet. “Minx,” he said affectionately. “You’re deliberately trying to get us all hot and bothered. And you succeeded,” he said as he tried to adjust the growing erection in his tight jeans. John was by the bed listening intently to what Tom was saying. He nodded and then grinned in surprise. John nodded again, then threw his head back and laughed in pure pleasure. Tom laughed with him, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Do you have any idea how much I love listening to them laugh, Katie? For a long time we had nothing to laugh about, but now, with you, everything has changed. You have lightened our load, and we love you very much. Now give me a kiss so I can meet the crew for a briefing before dinner.” Kate slid her arms up around Mike’s neck and looked up into his warm, brown eyes. “Never forget that I love you, too, Mike.” She lifted herself on her tiptoes and captured his groan with her mouth. Mike’s tongue licked into her mouth, tasting her, before he resolutely stepped back from her. “You’re dangerous, Katie, very dangerous and very sweet.” John came up behind Mike and put his hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Kate, stop fantasizing about Mike and his boots and giving him sexy kisses. It’s my turn for a sexy kiss.” “The sexy kiss is right here, waiting for you, John. But I can’t fantasize about you naked, wearing only your penny loafers, it’s just not the same as naked with boots. But what does get me hot is the thought of you fully dressed with your penny loafers on but with one very important part of you exposed. Now that’s sexy with penny loafers.” Kate smiled at the stupefied expression on John’s face. “You have three choices, Kate,” John said in a low rasp. “One, you can come over here and give me that kiss so that Mike and I can make the briefing. Two, I can nail you against that wall and fuck you until we’re both screaming in orgasm, or three, we can turn this into an all-out orgy right now and screw the briefing and dinner. Take your pick.” “Well, since I’m starving, number three is out, and I don’t think I’m quite up to being nailed against the wall, so two is out. That leaves one sexy kiss coming up.”

Kate took one step forward, lifted her hand, and placed it against John’s cheek and looked into the incredible blue of his eyes. “I love you, too, John. Never doubt it.” John slipped his hand behind her neck and gently drew her toward him. He lowered his forehead to hers and exhaled roughly. “You’re one hell of a lady, Kate. Are you sure we can’t order in?” Kate laughed softly and lifted her lips to his, expecting a hard, wildly passionate kiss. Instead, he sipped gently at her lips and poured so much love and affection into his kiss that Kate was stunned. “What about me? Don’t I get any kisses?” said Tom, grinning and leaning lightly on his cane. “Absolutely, Tom,” said Mike as he carefully slid his arm under Tom’s, lending his unobtrusive support. “And I get to go first!” He angled his head and covered Tom’s mouth with his own in a steamy, ardent kiss. “Damn, that looked hot,” said John as he moved to Tom’s other side and slid his arm around Tom’s waist. Tom’s cane clattered to the floor as John’s mouth took his demandingly. “Welcome back, Tom,” said John with a smile. Kate looked at her three musketeers, standing with their arms around each other, through a film of tears. Their love for each other and for her was so overwhelmingly obvious that she could hardly speak. Finally, she managed one word. “Slippers?” That single word was met with an instant of stunned silence as they checked out Tom’s slippers, followed by a thunderous roar of laughter. They barely managed to stagger backward to the bed, gasping for air. Mike and John were shouting with laughter, while Tom was howling and doubled over, holding his sides. They would almost get themselves settled down when one of them would say, “Slippers?” And they’d start laughing all over again. Mike staggered over to Kate and hugged her close. “Katie, you have a wicked, wicked sense of humor. How did you keep it hidden from us for so long?” Before Kate could answer, Mike’s cell phone started vibrating. He gave her a quick smile, stepped back, and answered his phone. “This is Mike, go ahead. What?” His voice and face reflected his shock. “Where? Call the others. But don’t touch anything. We’re on our way.” All amusement wiped from his face, John was already on his feet heading for the door. “Where, Mike?” “The pool. Apparently a message was left there. We’ll let you know what’s going on when we know, Tom.” And they were gone. “Damn it! I feel so useless, Kate.” Tom raked his fingers through his blond curls. “Come on, Tom. Didn’t you once tell me that your success in the business world was based on hiring people who were experts in their field and letting them have the freedom to do their jobs without interference? Well, unless you’re a security expert, too, you have the best men for the job in Mike and John. Not only that, their employees are well-trained professionals.” “You’re right. I’d only be in the way. But, damn it, it’s my problem. And I cannot figure out why I’ve been targeted. There has to be a reason! There has to be a reason that two years have gone by without any problems and suddenly it’s starting up again with a

vengeance.” “I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. Why don’t you come with me to see Mrs. Mallory?” We might be able to delay dinner for a while, or else take food down to the pool room for the teams. We might even want to order in pizzas and maybe buckets of chicken for later tonight for the M-G crew. What do you think?” “I think I’m the luckiest man in the world to have you, Kate. I love you very much, and I’m so sorry today turned out to be such a disaster. I had everything planned out you know, right down to the tiniest detail,” Tom said wryly. “It’s my firm belief that everything works out for the best, most of the time. Let’s go, Tom. I’m starving.”

Chapter 6

“Tell us how you found this, Connor,” said Mike. “I’d like to get as much information as we can before Sheriff Whittaker arrives. He said he was only a few minutes away from here.” He looked at the thin, gangly twenty-five-year-old youth with his freckled face, intense concentration, and the stubborn cowlick standing straight up from his sandy hair, wondering if he’d ever been that young. Connor gestured around him. “We had cleared this area just fifteen minutes previously. We wanted to get the peripheral area of the room checked out before we did the inside of the pool later tonight. I thought I’d take another quick look at the place. You know, the waterfall, the island, everything. It’s the most unique place I’ve ever seen, and frankly, I was anticipating checking it out later tonight. As my eyes swept the pool for the last time I noticed a trail of water leading from the side of the pool to the plants in back. It looked like someone tried to wipe the water up, but was interrupted before he finished. I didn’t recall seeing any water earlier, so I followed the tracks, and this is what I found.” “Good work, Connor. John, can you turn the pool lights full on? We need to find out how this guy entered.” Mike squatted down next to the window where the inside and outside pools were kept separate by the sliding glass panel. “It looks as if the glass goes all the way to the bottom, Mike, at least from this angle. We’ll have to go down,” said John, and began unbuttoning his shirt. “I’ll go. I’ll go!” said Connor as he whipped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He suddenly stopped and looked around in consternation, his face flushed and red. “I mean, if you want me to, I’ll be happy to go down and check it out.” “Go ahead, but be careful. If that glass has been cut, it will have sharp edges,” said John, trying to hide his amusement. He’d hardly gotten the words out of his mouth when Connor dove into the water with barely a splash, his trousers tossed on top of his shoes and shirt. They watched as he swam to the bottom of the channel, looked around, and then swam under the partition to the outside pool and looked around the sides of the panel. He swam back under the panel and straight up to where Mike and John were waiting and started talking as soon as his head broke water. “Don’t believe the panel is glass, but some type of polymer. The bottom of the panel was approximately a foot and a half above the concrete bottom of the pool. And since the edges of the panel were beveled, it wasn’t cut. There were some large, heavy scratches where the panel met the wall of the pool. It could indicate that someone had a problem installing it, since it would have to have been done underwater. I believe the plastic panel was switched with the original glass one not long ago because the scratches look relatively new.” Connor finally took a deep breath and continued. “I’ll be happy to check for anything else down there if you want me to.” As Connor pulled himself from the water, John tossed him a towel. “Not right now, Connor. I think we’ll wait for the sheriff to arrive first.” ****

Sheriff Ben Whittaker was not a happy man. He had missed lunch earlier today when he came out here, and it looked as if he was going to miss his dinner, too. He followed Tom and Kate down to the pool, marveling again at the incredible things that money could provide. Yet, he was here because there were problems, problems that had put Tom in a wheelchair and were continuing to threaten him. As they entered the pool room Mike waved them over to the back wall of the pool area. There, amidst a lushly fragrant group of flowers, was a large envelope with Tom’s name printed in capital letters. Next to the envelope was a gun. The hand grip of the gun was wedged into the earth with the barrel pointed out at anyone approaching the envelope. “No one has touched the envelope or the gun. We called you immediately. Our instruments have not detected any wiring anywhere in the area that could be attached to an explosive. The gun itself, while appearing threatening, is obviously missing a trigger. Apparently this guy entered from the outside pool. We did find that the glass panel that separated the pools was replaced with a shorter plastic panel that doesn’t go to the bottom of the pool. That’s all we can tell you at this point.” After examining the scene, Sheriff Whittaker joined Tom and Kate. “Ma’am.” He nodded to Kate as he removed his hat and placed it on the table. “Tom, as soon as the area is photographed and the evidence bagged, we can slit the envelope and find out if there is a message inside and maybe learn what this is all about.” “Ben, would you like to see the photos Connor took while waiting for Mike and me to get down here? We can make copies for you if that will save any time, or you’re welcome to use our digital camera and take your own photos.” John made a motion to Connor, imitating taking a picture. Connor picked up a folder and the camera and brought them to the Sheriff. Ben took the folder and opened it, scanning the photo on top. “Carolanne just finished printing up the photographs I took. Before she left to take some sandwiches to Trey and Mark upstairs, she said a couple of the photos were very interesting and needed to be looked at more closely. She said she put them on top. I haven’t had a chance to go over them yet. There! That shadow. Look at that! He’s just going under the panel to the outside pool. Look! Look at that! This next picture just shows his feet. Oh, my God, thirty seconds earlier and I would have caught him. Just thirty lousy seconds. Oh, well, at least we know how he got in and out of here” he said dejectedly. “One piece of advice,” Ben said as the photos were passed around. “Lose the coulda, shoulda, woulda crap, and all of the ‘if onlys.’ They keep your mind on what you did or didn’t do in the past, not what you need to do in the present and in the future. You did one hell of a job with these photos, Connor. And so did Carol—?” “Carolanne,” said Connor. “Right, Carolanne. The focal point of the photo was the watery track in the background, yet she was thorough enough that she examined the whole picture and was able to pick out a suspicious shadow in the water on the far edge of the picture. It could have been an easy miss for any of us. Okay, let’s get the evidence bagged and see if we can find out what’s going on.” It was a work of just moments to get the gun lifted, bagged, and labeled. They

picked the large envelope up using the tweezers and slipped it into a large plastic evidence bag. Connor held the envelope through the evidence bag while Ben used his knife to slit open the top and the tweezers to remove the two sheets of paper inside. There were copies of two photographs on each page. The photographs were taken with the zoom lens of a camera which was jury-rigged to the barrel of a rifle. It appeared that a crude bulls-eye target had been hand painted on the lens of the camera, with the center circle an outline, showing the photographed face of the intended target perfectly lined up with the sight on the barrel of the rifle. Kate and Tom were on one sheet, and Mike and John on the other. The words hand printed on each sheet were, You will never know when. “Motherfucking goddamned son of a bitch!” raged John as he reached for the photos, only to have his wrist clamped firmly by Ben. “He’s playing you, John! Get control of yourself. Connor,” said Ben. “Do you have any clear plastic sheet protectors? If so, I need two, now! The rest of you can try to figure out where the photos were taken by what little background is showing. It looks as though all four head shots were taken at roughly the same time and place.” “Here you go, Sheriff.” Connor handed the sheet protectors to Ben, and then turned to John and to Mike, who was trying to pull John away. “I need to talk to you both about personnel. I don’t think we have enough coverage in a place this big. I’ve already called Don Phelps and Ryan Underwood, and they’re available and on the way. If you don’t think we need them, let me know now so I can get back to them right away. I’d also like to call Sophie and Gina, if that’s okay.” “Good, call them. The quicker they all get here, the better. But everyone has to be aware of the threat this asshole has made,” said Mike. “We can’t guarantee that he won’t target any of our employees, and they have to know that up front. What do you think, John?” “Mike’s right, Connor. Get back to those guys before they get too far and make damn sure they understand the threat and that it could extend to our people, too. There will be no blame for anyone wanting to leave. Hell, I want to leave. Did you bring any weapons, vests, night vision equipment?” At Connor’s emphatic nod and his barely concealed excitement, John smiled wryly and continued. “Okay then, all employees have completed our weapons training program and should have their licenses with them, so those who stay are to be fully armed and ready for anything.” “Tom,” John called out. “The privacy shades on these windows should be lowered. I know the windows are already coated so that we can see out, and that it’s difficult, though not impossible, for anyone to see in, but I want to make sure we’re not sitting ducks for anyone with a high-powered rifle.” “Got it,” said Tom. He used the remote to lower the blinds and to close the blackout curtains on all windows in the pool room. “Connor,” Mike said. “I want you to pull the van into the garage before you finish unloading it. Get Trey and Mark to go with you. You will need to tell both of them exactly what is going on and ask if they want to leave. You may tell them that any employee who wishes to leave will be paid for the entire week. Those who are staying are to be sent down here to view these pictures. If they look at the pictures and still want to stay, they’ll be getting a ‘high risk’ bonus when this is over.”

“One other thing, Connor,” said John. “We need to transfer our command center down here. The library is just too far away. We’ve had our jamming equipment running down here so that we can discuss our plans of operation without fear of being overheard, but the inside pool, island, hot tub, and waterfall still need to be checked out for hidden cameras and listening devices. Let your teams know where the extra swimsuits, robes, and towels are located. Maybe they can get some enjoyment out of this mess. “The secret entrance and exit from the physical therapy room was sealed earlier, but we haven’t yet come up with a way to seal that water channel to the outside pool, so we need an armed guard here all night to prevent access through that channel. We should have the channel blocked soon. You and your teams can come up with a rotation schedule to provide everyone a chance at guarding as well as a swimming check and doing an electronics sweep. I want at least two armed people in this area at all times. In fact, everybody is to work in pairs. No exceptions, Connor, even you are not to run around alone, and that’s an order.” “Got it, boss,” Connor said and lifted his cell phone and began talking. He nodded to Carolanne as she entered the room. “Did I just hear you right?” Sheriff Whittaker loudly demanded of Mike and John. “You’re arming these kids with guns and live ammo? What the hell is the matter with you? They’ll end up shooting each other or shooting at shadows all night long. You can’t just hand out guns to your employees on a whim. They need extensive training.” “Calm down, Ben. They’re all licensed by the state to carry. And they’ve all been through extensive training, not only our own training program, but also the state’s program.” Ben stiffened as he felt someone walk up behind him, invading his space. He could tell it was a female by the delicate scent that accompanied her. He froze as she moved to within an inch from his back and leaned slightly forward and spoke directly in his ear. “I’ve got my license, Sheriff,” she whispered in his ear, then paused. “Would you like to check me out?” The smooth rasp of her velvety voice conjured up erotic images that had Ben fighting to control an escalating erection. She was so close that he could feel the heat from her body and her breath warming his shoulder. Slowly he turned his head. He looked over his shoulder directly into a pair of wide, whiskey-colored eyes framed by short, dark eyelashes. Heat shot straight to his groin, igniting a throbbing flash of desire as his cock went to full alert, ready for action. He could see an answering flare of awareness and instant desire in her eyes as she held his gaze. Her lips were eminently kissable, not too full and not too thin. Her hair was a deep chestnut, with threads of russet, dark brown and burgundy scattered throughout. She wore it tied back at the nape of her neck. Her age had to be mid to late thirties. Ben had to take two steps forward before he could turn around and see all of her. She was tall, maybe an inch or two shorter than he was, and wouldn’t she fit perfectly in his arms. His eyes leisurely followed a downward path, past breasts that were buxom and enticing. Her hips were solid and her denim-covered legs seemed to go on forever, ending in well-worn cowboy boots that just about matched his own. Hoo-boy! Yee-hah! Damn, but she was his kind of woman. “Hi, there, Sheriff, I’m Carolanne Higgins,” she said, holding out her hand. Ben captured her hand in his and raised it to his lips as he stared into her whiskey-

colored eyes. “Is that Mrs. Higgins or Miss Higgins?” Ben asked directly, still holding on to her hand. “You can just call me Carolanne,” she said with a sultry smile, then relented as she held his gaze. “I’m divorced and not involved with anyone at the present time.” “I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that, Carolanne.” Ben gave an exaggerated sigh of relief and smiled at her chuckle. “Hey, Carolanne, come on over here,” Connor called from across the room. “You need to look at these photos we took out of the envelope that was left here. The bosses want every employee to look at these photos and decide if they want to stay or not.” “Be right there, Connor,” she said, still looking into Ben’s eyes as she slowly tugged her hand from his. “A pleasure meeting you, Sheriff.” “Ben. You can call me Ben. And I’m divorced and not involved with anyone either.” “That’s good to know, Ben.” Carolanne smiled warmly, then turned and walked across the room to Connor. Ben continued to watch as Carolanne bent over the table to examine the photographs. As he shook his head and started to turn back to Tom and Kate, he grabbed his hat off of the table, holding it in front of himself. “Before I leave,” Ben said. “I’m going to check the outside pool and the area just beyond. Even though it’s too dark tonight to find much of a trail, maybe we’ll get lucky and find that he dropped his wallet,” he said with wry sarcasm. Mike and John stood. “We’ll go with you, Ben. We should be able to cover a wider area with the three of us looking,” said John. “Wait here until I get our jackets and some night vision equipment for when we get beyond the yard lights. Ben, I’ll bring your coat and a pair of goggles for you, too.” Kate walked up to Mike and Ben. “Make sure the three of you come back down here when you’re through with your inspection. That includes you, Sheriff. Mrs. Mallory made enough food for an army. So don’t let her food go to waste. It’s too good.” “I surely would hate to have good food go to waste, and I appreciate your hospitality. Much obliged, ma’am.” “Sheriff, I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other in the future. Please, call me Kate. Ma’am makes me feel like a grandmother.” Ben smiled. “Believe me, Kate, no one would ever mistake you for a grandmother.”

Chapter 7

A frigid wind whipped the wet leaves into a frenzy and then swirled around his hiding place, seeking every cold, wet surface on his body. On his belly, he slowly backed away from the suddenly darkened windows throughout the pool area and moved into the sheltering darkness. Fury began displacing the euphoric high he’d been on since his success earlier today. He should have just waited and killed Tom Martins this morning instead of leaving those notes on his bed. He didn’t like making mistakes. And that was a big, big mistake. But damn it, he’d had to do something to get that relieved, no, that happy…that satisfied expression off of his face. He had needed to see the fear back, the desperation, the knowledge that his life was effectively over. Now they’d found and cut off his access to the warm, dry, hidden passage behind the physical therapy room. For almost two years that space had been his secret refuge, his secret joy. Hour after hour he had spent in comfort, watching his enemy. Sometimes he’d even sleep back there. Now he would no longer have the pleasure of watching his hated enemy suffer through the excruciatingly painful exercises, nor would he now be able to wander freely around the house whenever they were gone. They had even found two of his cameras and his listening devices in that room. He’d had to use the outside pool to access the house this evening. Rage twisted in his gut as he realized the chances were great that they’d already found his other message in the back of the pool room. That wasn’t supposed to be found until he was ready for the next step. And, damn it, he wasn’t ready yet. The worst was when he’d come within inches of being caught. The adrenaline that had drop-loaded into his system at that time was just starting to abate. He was coming down, hard. He would still have access to the house through the outside pool if that damned nosy kid had been where he was supposed to be, and where did all of those people suddenly come from? He inched backward on his stomach until he reached the woods, his body now almost violently reacting to the bitterly cold winds. Shivering and shaking, he had just gotten to his feet behind a large fir tree when the outside door to the pool room opened and three men emerged. The outdoor lights were on, flooding the yard with bright light. Quickly, he ducked down into the low ravine behind him, carefully and quietly following the twists and turns deeper into the heavily forested undergrowth until he was out of sight of the manor. He could hear the three men searching the area he’d just left, making his near escape the second one today. His antiquated night vision goggles lightened the stygian blackness around him as he made his way through the dark forest to where he’d hidden his old, white van. Twenty minutes later, he slid under the camouflage tarp covering his van and opened the door just wide enough for him to slide inside. Quickly, he removed the damp flannel shirt and the sweat pants covering his ancient wetsuit. Twenty-five years ago the damn thing had actually fit him. Now there were rips at most of the seams, but it had still served the purpose tonight. Tomorrow it would end up in the city dump, cut into tiny pieces.

Once he had located his dry clothing, he removed the night vision goggles. Despite his attempts to rip the wetsuit off at the torn seams, it clung to his body like a second skin. It was a real fight to finally get out of it and into a heavy sweater and dry sweatpants. The biggest problem was that he couldn’t seem to stop shaking and shivering. He put on his heavy jacket and wrapped the blanket he kept in the back of the van around himself as he curled up in a fetal position on the floor of the van. Just before he fell into an exhausted sleep, he saw Rosie’s face again. The image of her vivid, sparkling green eyes, long black curls, and her sweet smile burned into his mind as he drifted off. “You’ve come back to me, Rosie girl, haven’t you? It’s been so long since you’ve visited me, Rosie. I’ve missed you so much. So pretty. You’re so pretty, sweetheart. But you’re mine, don’t forget that, Rosie. You’re mine! Sweet baby. My Rosie, just mine.” His words slurred as sleep claimed him. **** Dawn’s early morning light filtering in through the camouflage tarp awakened him quickly. He couldn’t afford to get caught sleeping here. Quickly, he rolled the front windows down, listening intently for any signs of human activity. Hearing none, he slid open the side door and ducked under the tarp. Looking around and listening carefully, he finally decided it was safe. First, he relieved himself behind a tree and then removed the tarp from over the van, folding it carefully. The magnets on the edges of the tarp clattered as he placed it on the blanket in the back of the van. After another careful check, he started the ignition and turned the heater on full blast. Just before he pulled onto the main road, he caught a glimpse of his face in the rearview mirror. He looked closely, ignoring the white hair cut in military style and the white stubble on his unshaven face. His eyes passed over the compressed line of his thin lips and his broken nose and back to his pale, washed-out blue eyes. He relaxed. Nothing would give him away in his face or his expression. Everything looked normal. Satisfied, he pulled out onto the main road and continued driving.

Chapter 8

It was only early evening and the chaos had increased tenfold, two new teams had arrived and were being outfitted with protective gear and weapons while gawking in awe at the pool and its environs. Kate and Tom sat at a table back in the corner, out of the way, watching the confusion as one team swam around the inside perimeter of the pool and another armed team stood near the water channel to the outside pool. Mike and John were sitting with Ben and Carolanne at a table while they finished eating, and Connor was beginning to get the tasks, and the people milling about, organized. Linking her fingers with Tom’s on top of the tablecloth, she looked ruefully at him. “I don’t think this night is working out the way we thought it would. Do you?” “Not even close,” he said with regret. “That’s all right. Whenever it happens will be fine with me, but this threat to you has to be taken care of first.” His mind’s eye projected the photograph of Kate’s face at the end of the rifle barrel, the sight lined up perfectly for a head shot, and he shuddered and gripped her hand tightly. Somehow, some way, something he’d done, or maybe failed to do, had put his Kate in danger. He had to believe that Mike and John would find the answer and could protect her, keep her safe. **** Kate returned the pressure on Tom’s hand as her mind retreated from the hustle and bustle going on around them to thoughts of what should have been happening tonight. It was apparent that the four of them would not be visiting the attic “pleasure palace” this evening. Regret washed over her, as well as a slight feeling of unreality. Even a week ago she could not have imagined the depth of love and desire she felt today for John and Mike. Kate couldn’t deny that she had always found them attractive and sexy, but if there had been any physical attraction or sexual desire on her part for Mike or John, she had managed to bury it beneath the overwhelming love she felt for Tom. Even when their relationship had become strained, when she felt Tom had shut her out, she stubbornly held on to the hope that things would improve between them. She took a deep, shuddering breath as her body began reacting to her sexual thoughts. She remembered some of the more outrageous fantasies she had concocted and verbalized in front of John and Mike and Tom this past week. Fantasies she didn’t even know she had in her head. But some of those fantasies she now wanted to act out. And John’s words kept replaying in her mind. “If you’re a good girl we’ll let you play voyeur again, and again. And if you’re not a good girl, we’ll have to think of something else, won’t we?” Oh, God. That did it. Kate could feel the gush of liquid into her panties as her clit began throbbing. She shifted in her chair uncomfortably.

“Kate, are you all right?” Tom asked in concern. Kate’s face was flushed as she nodded. “I’m fine, Tom, really.” Tom looked intently at her face before his eyes lowered and he saw her erect nipples pushing against the thin T-shirt she was wearing. He looked back into her eyes with a smile on his face. “You’re horny, aren’t you, babe? I know what it is. Even though you came twice earlier today, we haven’t had a chance to do your ‘therapy’ yet, have we? Maybe we should go back to our room and take care of your little problem. Yes?” “Tom! Not here.” Kate crossed her arms over her breasts to hide her erect nipples. “Too late, babe. Guess who else saw those perky nipples from almost across the room? He’s on his way.” Kate looked up quickly and saw John striding toward their table with Mike not far behind. She buried her face in her hands and groaned softly. “I think our Kate needs our help, Mike,” said John in a voice tight and strained. “Why don’t you advise Ben and Carolanne that Kate and Tom need to rest for a little while away from all the commotion and that we’re going to make sure that she and Tom are safely settled in before we return. Come on up to the room as quickly as you can.” Kate looked up and saw hot desire on Mike’s face as he looked first at her, then at Tom. He nodded and walked quickly back to Ben and Carolanne. “Come on Kate,” said John roughly, his eyes pools of need and desire. “Put your sweater over your shoulders and let’s go. You, too, Tom. We’ve all waited long enough.” The ride up the elevator was slow torture. Kate’s panties were soaked now, and she could see Tom’s erection tenting his trousers. John’s cock was nearly splitting his jeans, and the bulge increased as she watched it with hungry eyes. Mike was waiting for them at the door to the room. The stairs had been a lot quicker than the elevator. Once they all entered the room, Mike locked the door and began stripping. John’s hands were removing Kate’s clothing with as much speed as possible, considering the fact that he couldn’t seem to stop running his hands over each inch of flesh he uncovered. John stripped off his shoes and socks and his pants and briefs, leaving only his shirt on as he lifted Kate into his arms, his cock nudging her pussy. Kate’s legs wrapped around John’s hips as she ground her mound against his thick cock and her mouth ravaged his. Finally, John pulled away from Kate and held her at a distance. “No! John, no. Please don’t stop. I need you to fuck me now.” “Oh, baby, how I love to hear you beg me to fuck you. It makes me so hot! I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight. But, right now, turn around and watch something spectacular. Watch Mike and Tom. You’ll want to see this,” John said as he pulled her legs from around his waist and set her on her feet. He backed up and sat down on the straight-backed chair behind him, took his shirt off and settled Kate onto his lap, her back to his chest. He positioned her legs on either side of his, splaying her cunt wide open. One hand went to her breast, pinching and twisting the nipple lightly as his other hand slid between her legs, his fingers plucking and tugging at her swollen clit. Kate groaned in pleasure at his touch. Kate saw Mike standing naked beside Tom’s wheelchair. Tom was fondling Mike’s thick cock with one hand and his ass with the other, while Mike bent over and unzipped Tom’s pants and gently freed Tom’s straining penis, stroking it and squeezing

it. Tom’s face showed his incredible pleasure at Mike’s touch. “Tommy,” Mike crooned. “It’s time, Tommy.” Mike removed his hands from Tom’s cock and stroked Tom’s face, his thumbs rubbing against Tom’s lips. “Take me in, Tommy. Take me into your mouth. Let me fuck your mouth and watch my cock disappear over and over again down your throat. Suck my dick, Tommy. Just like you used to. Just like I remember. It’s been so long. Suck me now, Tommy.” Tom grabbed Mike’s hips and pulled him violently toward his waiting mouth. His cheeks hollowed inward as he sucked Mike’s penis into his mouth with desperate need. As Mike pulled back, Tom fought to keep sucking his cock. And when Mike surged forward, burying three quarters of his cock in Tom’s mouth and throat, Tom wrapped his arms around Mike’s hips, holding him firmly in place while he sucked frantically. “Tommy, no! I can’t stop. Tommy, I can’t stop. Ah, God.” Mike grabbed Tom’s head, holding it steady, as his hips began an involuntary pumping action, pistoning his cock in and out of Tom’s mouth. His body stiffened and his face contorted into an expression of agonized pleasure as his cum jetted out in spurt after spurt and filled Tom’s mouth. Finally spent, Mike pulled out of Tom’s mouth and leaned down and covered Tom’s lips with his own in a soft and gentle kiss before falling to his knees in front of Tom and taking his throbbing erection into his mouth and sucking him. The look on Tom’s face brought Kate to the edge of tears. “It’s almost like a homecoming,” John said in Kate’s ear, his hands stilling on her breast and her mound. “What do you mean?” Kate asked. Her breathing became faster as her eyes devoured the sight of Mike on his knees, sucking her husband’s cock. Her heart swelled with an unnamed emotion at the sight of the intense pleasure on Tom’s face as he stroked Mike’s head with slightly shaking hands. Tom’s eyes never left Mike’s mouth as it greedily sucked his cock. “They were both in the orphanage for a year or more before I was put there. They had developed a bond together, looking out for each other against some of the bigger boys, and even looking after some of the smaller children. It was not an easy time for any of us. We were older and remembered our lives before the orphanage. Some memories were okay, and other memories were incredibly awful. “When I got there, they let me in. They took me in and made me a part of that intimate bond. We became family to each other, the right kind of family. Though our machismo at the time wouldn’t allow us to verbalize it, we loved each other. It was five or six years down the road before sex became a part of our relationship. It seemed a natural progression to the emotional connection we had to each other, to the love we felt for each other.” John kissed the lobe of her ear, biting it gently. “We have had many discussions on why not one of the three of us was ever interested in another man sexually. Women, yes, but not men…except for each other. We adore female bodies, their wonderful breasts”—his hand tightened on her breast, squeezing, stroking, and pinching her nipple—“the infinitely mysterious wonder of their beautiful cunts, and the flowering perfection of their clits.” The fingers of his other hand dipped firmly into her drenched slit, finding her swollen clit and pinching and rubbing it between his fingers. Kate moaned and pushed her hips toward his hand. John’s voice roughened with emotion as he continued whispering in her ear. “I have absolutely no regrets about our relationship, the sex, or any other part. I would do it

all over again and count myself blessed. You, Kate, are another blessing for the three of us. After your frantic scurrying down the hallway from the pool room that night, we feared your reaction, your rejection. Yet you never expressed horror, distaste, or condemnation at seeing Mike and me making love. You accepted us without qualification. And we love you for that, and for just being you.” Kate started to shift and turn around, but he held her tightly. “No, keep your eyes on your husband and the way Mike is sucking his cock and making him come, making love to him. Look at the expression on his face, and on Mike’s face. That’s love. And when they look at us, it’s the same thing.” “Oh, John. You’re right. It’s not just lust or desire or even just fabulous sex. It’s love, with a little bit of everything else thrown in the mix to keep us all happy.” She watched Tom’s face as his orgasm erupted in Mike’s mouth. The pleasure and love on Tom’s face as he stroked Mike’s hair and bent down to place a kiss on his mouth was almost painful to see. Mike stood up, wiping his mouth. He looked down at Tom and smiled. “You taste just as good as I remember, Tom.” Mike looked at John and Kate, his eyes shining with happiness. “I’m going next door and getting a very quick shower and change of clothes. We’ve got our teams and the sheriff downstairs waiting for us. I’ll stall them for half an hour, forty-five minutes max. Then I expect you downstairs, John. And you, Katie, naked, with your legs spread wide open like that, are a treat I don’t intend to rush. I want to spend a lot of time, a lot of time, playing with that body. Damn, but we’re all going to have one hell of a lot of fun as soon as we get this asshole taken care of and out of our lives.” “Hey, Mike,” called John. “You could give our Kate a kiss good-bye, couldn’t you? It’s rude to just rush away.” He chuckled as Mike turned and gave him the raised eyebrow. “For Katie, I’ll make time for a good-bye kiss.” Mike walked to the chair where John was holding Kate. He bent over and pressed his hands over her breasts, her nipples in the palm of his hands, as he squeezed and palpated her abundant flesh. His mouth covered hers warmly, his tongue sliding inside her mouth. Kate moaned in pleasure and fiercely returned his kiss. She could taste Tom’s cum on Mike’s lips. Mike suddenly dropped to his knees, and his thumbs opened her pussy as his mouth covered her swollen, exposed clit in the most intimate of kisses. His talented tongue jabbed and licked as he drew her clit into his mouth and began sucking. Kate cried out and lifted her hips to his mouth, her body thrumming with erotic need and desire. She could see Tom watching, his eyes alive with love and excitement as he encouraged Mike and John. “Mike,” called Tom. “Suck hard. She goes wild when you suck her tits or her clit really hard. Suck her harder. Do it, Mike, suck that clit harder. John, squeeze her tits. Pinch and pull on those straining nipples.” Kate wailed as Mike’s mouth began a rhythmic pattern of a long, hard suck and release followed by a long lick over her clit while John’s fingers pulled and squeezed her breasts. “Don’t stop, Mike. Oh, God, please don’t stop.” She thrust her hips and her pussy up into Mike’s face as her body exploded in a violent orgasm. He continued sucking strongly on her clit through her orgasm, reached up, putting his hands just below where

John was tugging on her erect nipples, squeezed her breasts hard and stood up. “Really nice,” he said, wiping his face again as he walked to the connecting door. As Mike walked out of the room after collecting his clothes, Kate said, “If that’s the way he says good-bye, I can’t wait to find out how he says hello.” He threw back his head and laughed out loud before shutting the door behind him. Kate tried to slide off of John’s lap, but he held her tightly to him, spreading his legs a bit wider, which also spread Kate’s legs wider and allowed his stiff erection to rise up between her legs, tapping against her sensitized clit. “Tom,” said John conversationally. “Did you ever find out what got our Kate so hot and horny? What could have affected her to the point that her nipples would get hard and visible in public? I could see these hard nips from across the room.” “Kate never did say what turned her on, John. But something sure did. I’d like to find out myself. What do you think we should do to find out?” Tom moved his wheelchair close to Kate. “Let’s try asking her. What turned you on like that Kate? What made you so horny?” “Never mind. It’s not important now, is it?” She, again, tried to slip off of John’s lap but was prevented when Tom grabbed one of her legs, holding her still. John slid his hands down and began rubbing and playing with Kate’s clit. “John! Please, don’t, I’m too sensitive there now. I just came and it’s too much, I’m still sensitive from this morning. Oh God, please.” “But, Kate, we just asked a simple question. Both Tom and I want to know what caused those nipples to snap to attention. I can keep stroking this beautiful little clit for another forty minutes or so.” “All right, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you.” Kate took a deep breath as he removed his fingers from her clit. “It’s your own fault. You’re the one who said it.” “What did I say?” asked John very quietly. His fingers again slipped back between her pussy lips, hovering just a breath from her overly sensitized clit. “Okay, okay.” She took a deep sobbing breath. “You said if I was a good girl you’d let me play voyeur again and again, and you have.” “And…?” His finger now rested motionless directly on her clit. “And you said if I wasn’t a good girl you’d have to think of something else.” “That’s the truth, Tom. Her pussy is creaming all over my hand and her nipples are sticking straight out. But how can she think she’s a good girl when she came without permission?” “John, you’ve really got a problem here. A good girl would have told us she was horny and asked for help, wouldn’t she? And good girls certainly don’t come without permission. I think you have a bit of a discipline problem here. I’m offering my assistance in helping you with this discipline problem in any way you wish.” “Thank you, Tom. I’m grateful for your help. Are you our bad girl, Kate? Do you require a little discipline to help keep you in line? That was one of your fantasies, wasn’t it? I remember it, don’t you, Tom?” “I sure do remember that fantasy. I nearly came in my pants. I also remember when she listed the things her clit needed, and if I recall correctly, it needed a ‘spank.’ Remember that one?” “Oh, yeah. I remember that one all right. Mike and I didn’t even make it back to

our rooms. We screwed on the floor right outside her door.” John tipped her chin up and turned her face toward him so that he could look into her eyes. “Do you trust us, Kate? Do you trust us to help you act out some of your wilder sexual fantasies? Do you trust us to take very good care of you and not hurt you or push you too far? Do you, Kate? We love you and would never do anything to cause you pain or to cause you to distrust us. We might push your limits just a little, but only as far as you’re comfortable with. Do you believe me?” “Yes,” she cried. “I do trust you, all three of you. I’m just a little embarrassed at some of the things I’ve fantasized about. And I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of nutcase or weirdo. Some of my fantasies I’m not even sure I’d want to experience, in fact, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t want to try some of them. But imagining them, thinking about them, and talking about them can be very sexually arousing, even when you don’t want to physically experience them.” “None of us will think any less of you, Kate, no matter how outlandish your sex fantasies are. We love you, we love sex, and we absolutely love increasing our sensual pleasures with a wide variety of sex toys. And, damn, Kate, your fantasies are hot, hot, hot. Mike and I nearly went crazy this past week listening to the incredibly wild sexual scenarios. We found just hearing you say our names as part of them was excruciatingly arousing. We loved it,” said John. John kissed the top of Kate’s head. “All we could talk about this past week was how much we wanted to be able to touch you intimately with our hands, our mouths, and our cocks, how much we wanted to just hold you in our arms, cuddle with you. How much we want to fuck you with your toys again. Damn, you were so responsive, you begged so sweetly for us to keep fucking you with them.” John reached up and gently brushed her hair back behind her ears, while looking deeply into her eyes. “The sex will be incredible, I know, but you are more than just a sexual vessel for us to use. We love you very much, Kate.” “I love you, too,” Kate replied with a kiss. “But I think that now I need to feel your cock filling me, fucking me, and making love to me. Please, John. Will you fuck me now, please?” “Oh, baby, I told you, I love it when you beg me to fuck you. You drive me crazy. But before I fill that creaming pussy, I think Tom had better hold open your legs while I administer a little discipline. I know you can take it, Kate, and I know you want to try it. Just three little spanks on your exposed clit and pussy. Just three light, but slightly stinging spanks. Because you’ve been a very bad girl, and you know you need a little corrective discipline. Do you agree, Tom?” “Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. She was very naughty, showing off her rigid nips to everyone in the pool room. That was very bad, and she deserves to be punished. Don’t you, Kate?” Tom moved his wheelchair closer and used his thumbs to open her labia, blowing cool air over the still-swollen and throbbing tissues. “I don’t know,” Kate began nervously. She looked at Tom. Anticipation warred with a natural fear of the unknown. “We’ve never done that.” she swallowed nervously. “Tom, you know I’m not into real pain. I’m really a terrible coward.” Before she could say anything else, John’s hand came down quickly with a stinging blow between her legs, and she yelped in surprise. “That’s number one. Only

two more to go, babe. And you took it so well. Now, we need to hear you tell us what a bad girl you were and that you want and need the next two spanks. We’d love to hear you beg to be properly spanked, but since this is the first time for a discipline session, we’ll let the begging part go. Tell us, Kate. Tell us now, or we’ll have to add a few more spanks. Tell us!” “Oh, God,” she cried as waves of heat engulfed her, desire and need fought for dominance within her. “Y–yes, I was very bad. I should have come to one of the three of you when I needed relief. When I wanted you. Oh, please.” Kate saw John’s hand move and lifted her hips to meet his hand as it descended quickly in the remaining two sharp blows. Her explosive orgasm came out of nowhere, surprising her as well as John and Tom. Her body arched and convulsed in total sexual abandon and pleasure. John quickly wrapped his arms around Kate, cradling her against his body, holding her tightly through the spasms of her climax. “Kate, you are incredible.” His arms formed a tight band around her as he looked at Tom in stunned surprise. “Absolutely incredible. Mike was sure right when he said we’re going to have one hell of a lot of fun when we get this asshole off of our backs. Damned if we’re not having a lot of fun right now.” He placed a series of kisses along the top of her shoulder and up her neck. “Kate, you were so sexy, I swear I almost came with you. You are so very easy to love. But now, now I need you. I need to fuck you before my cock explodes.” John quickly set her on her feet. “Now crawl up on the bed, stretch out on your back, and spread your legs wide for me. My cock is so hard it feels like it’s going to fall off if I don’t get inside you right this minute.” Tom maneuvered his wheelchair next to the bed, watching avidly as John levered himself on top of Kate and stroked his cock up and down the slit of her drenched pussy, slip-sliding around her throbbing clit until Kate was writhing with desire and need once again. “Take him, Kate. Take his cock deep, sweetheart. Fuck him and enjoy him. God, it seems as if I’ve waited forever to see this. Fuck her, John, give her a hard and fast ride on your huge dick.” “Tom,” said John, his breathing harsh. “Take hold of my cock and guide it to her cunt. Put it in her. Do it, Tom. Let her know how much you’re going to enjoy watching her get fucked. How much we’re all going to enjoy it.” Kate’s breath caught as Tom reached out and lovingly wrapped his hand around John’s erection, squeezing it, caressing it, and pulling John’s cock toward Kate’s dripping slit. Tom rubbed the bulbous head of John’s thick cock along the sides of her slippery, swollen clit and, finally, to the mouth of her hungry cunt. John let out a tortured moan of pleasure. “Open your legs wider, sweetheart,” Tom said hoarsely. “Let me watch you as John fucks you for the first time. The first of many, many times.” Tom reached out and put his hand on John’s rear, pushing him forward into Kate. She cried out in shocked pleasure when John powered his cock balls-deep into her in one lunge, and she took him, all of him. She felt her body stretching to accommodate his large girth as she lifted to meet each powerful thrust. Her hands sifted through his black hair as she pulled his mouth to hers, where his tongue mimicked each thrust his cock made into her body.

Tom’s cries of encouragement added to the eroticism of the moment. Hearing Tom urge John on and hearing him expressing his joy at finally being able to see his Kate being loved and fucked by John drove them both to incredible heights of desire. There was no question regarding the pleasure Tom was receiving in watching them. John made sure his body rasped against her most sensitive places with every movement, every thrust of his cock. His chest hair abraded her breasts and his pubic hair scraped against her swollen clit as he ground his body against hers each time he slid his cock deep into her. She had never experienced anything quite like that before. Each thrust became a stepping stone to the ultimate pleasure. Kate could feel another orgasm building and building, sending shards of pleasure throughout her body. She put her feet flat on the mattress and lifted her cunt, grinding it against John’s body until, with a keening wail, her body convulsed in orgasmic spasms that seemed to go on and on and on. John followed closely behind her. She could feel the hot spurts of come shooting from his cock then seeping slowly from her pussy before he collapsed against her side. “God help me, I don’t want to move for a week. In fact, I’m seriously questioning whether I can actually get up and get a shower and get my ass downstairs at all. Lady, you just tore me up.” “Well, you did a number on me, too, John. I’ve never even heard of a rolling orgasm, but I swear that’s what you gave me. It just seemed to roll on and on. I can still feel it. Where’s Tom? Do you see him in here? My eyes are still crossed from the pleasure, so I can’t see anything.” “You’ve got a hell of a way with a compliment, Kate. At least I think it was a compliment.” John groaned as he rolled onto his side facing her. “Indeed it was. You were spectacular, but if you need more superlatives, you’ll have to wait until I come back down to earth. And I still don’t see Tom.” “Here I am, sweetheart. I thought you might need something to refresh you after your vigorous workout, so I brought some wet cloths and a couple of towels.” He maneuvered his wheelchair next to the bed and pressed a cool washcloth firmly against Kate’s pussy, absorbing John’s cum as it seeped out of her body. “And for you, John, in spite of giving me the most incredibly beautiful memory to take with me to the hospital, I have a glass of ice cold water that might give you some incentive to get out of bed and into the shower. You have fifteen minutes before Mike sends out the cavalry to find you. It’s almost six o’clock.” “Damn, that’s harsh, man. I’m officially one of the walking wounded now. A little compassion is in order.” “Well, then start walking, or limping, to the shower right now, Mr. Wounded Warrior. I think I gave you something infinitely more valuable than compassion tonight.” “You did, Tom, you certainly did,” he said softly as he stroked Kate’s cheek with the back of his fingers. “But then, you have always given gifts of incredible value, haven’t you?” Tom looked at him quizzically for a moment, and then smiled as John kissed Kate chastely on the forehead before rolling to the edge of the bed and standing without any noticeable problem. John gave Tom a lopsided smile and a mock salute before he walked naked into the next room. Kate quickly showered, too, and came out to find Tom still puzzled over John’s

remark. She started to dress as he finally erupted. “I swear, Kate, there are times I just don’t understand some of John’s comments at all. We’ve never exchanged gifts, let alone gifts of incredible value. At the orphanage we didn’t have the money for any gifts, and later, we’d pretty much gone our separate ways for a little while, and when we met back up, we were all somewhat financially set and could buy what we needed for ourselves. Some of his comments just don’t make any sense.” “Tom, I think the gifts he was referring to were intangible. He told me tonight how you and Mike had been in the orphanage for over a year and had formed a strong bond with each other before he was put there. He told how you both took him in and let him into that bond and created a family, the good kind of family he said. And he also said there was love, even though three young boys couldn’t speak about it. Just listening to the emotion in his voice told how deeply he values the gifts of acceptance and family you and Mike gave him.” “But, Kate, we loved him! There was no ‘letting him into our bond.’ His place was already there. We were just waiting for him to arrive and claim it. His first day, when he came into the cafeteria, Mike turned to me and said, ‘He’s here.’ I looked up and said, ‘Yep, right over there. The one with the shitty green jacket.’ We knew him immediately. He completed us and made us whole the minute he walked in. And he sure wasn’t the handsome dude he is today either. He was a rough, scruffy-looking kid with a black eye and a cut lip, but we knew him and we wanted him, no, we needed him. He was ours, and we knew it. We loved him. He was the gift to Mike and me.” At a slight movement in the doorway, Kate and Tom looked up to see John standing there, his face ravaged by stark emotion. “My place was already there,” he said, stunned. “I never knew. My place was already there.” With incredible strength of will, John managed to pull himself together emotionally. After several deep breaths, he looked directly at Tom. “I hated that shitty green jacket, too.” He laughed brokenly as Tom levered himself up out of his wheelchair and limped into John’s open arms. “Promise me, John, that you’ll talk this over with Mike. He has absolutely no inkling of how you’ve been feeling. Tell him what you told Kate tonight and ask him about the day you arrived at the orphanage. But talk to Mike.” “Talk to me about what? What’s going on here? John, what’s the matter? What the hell is going on?” Mike looked at Tom and Kate with anger and suspicion as he came into the room. John grabbed Mike with one arm and held onto him tightly. “Mike, no. Tom just gave me an unexpected gift. The gift of knowledge. Please, let me try to explain.” “While you’re talking, Kate and I will go downstairs and stall for as long as we can. Remember, you’ll have all night to do in-depth explanations.” Tom looked intently at Mike and John, then turned and limped back to his wheelchair.

Chapter 9

Mike and John returned to the pool room fifteen minutes later. John looked fine. No one would ever know he had experienced an emotional revelation. Mike, however, was another story. He looked as if he’d had a bad shock. And he couldn’t seem to drag his worried eyes away from John. Finally, Mike came over to Tom and Kate. “I know he’s going to explain everything later, when we don’t have all of this confusion, but all he keeps saying is ‘My place was already there.’ And when I try to get him to explain, he gets all emotional. Help me. It’s killing me not to know how to help him.” Kate quickly explained the basics of what had happened, how John had overheard Tom telling her that he and Mike didn’t “let” John into their bond, but that his place was already there and they were just waiting for him to arrive and claim it. Mike’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened in stunned comprehension. “Never, ever would I have thought to express it that way, but it’s exactly what we both felt. That’s why he keeps saying—” “Mike, can I make a suggestion?” Mike nodded, still trying to compose himself. Kate smiled and said, “If you can, back off a little, lighten up, and give him the time to come to terms with the change in his perception of his past. You can’t do it for him, Mike. He has to do it for himself. You have to be there for him to talk to whenever he’s ready.” Tom suddenly sat up with a grin and a devilish gleam in his eyes. “You know, Mike, we both remember that shitty green jacket he wore, right? Well, I’d like to find someone to make a duplicate one up for John, adult-sized. Think he’d appreciate that?” Mike snickered and then chuckled. “Oh, yeah, I’m sure he’d appreciate that one. He really hated that jacket.” Mike suddenly sobered. “Thanks, guys. I’ll wait until he’s ready to talk about it, but at least now I have some idea of what’s going on in his head. It helps.” The next hour things started to calm down. Tom and Kate went back to their table in the corner where they were out of the way, but able to see what was going on in the room. They saw Mike answer his cell phone and make a comment to John. Mike and John both stood and walked out of the room. When they returned a few minutes later, they had two men with them. Tom sat up straighter, blew out a rough breath, and then sat back with a smile. “Mike and John have called in some of our old friends, if I’m not mistaken.” Kate looked with interest at the two men. They were older than the rest of the MG crews, well, maybe not older than all of them, but in their late thirties or early forties at a minimum. Oddly enough, they were rather unremarkable. If she’d had to describe them, it would have been difficult. There was a slight difference in height and hair color, but both had average features, and their hair had the same modified military cut. Mike led them over to the table where Sheriff Whittaker and Carolanne were still talking together. Even though the men seemed to be responding in a friendly and sociable manner,

there was an edge to them, a hard edge. They had positioned themselves almost facing each other and their eyes began a casual quartering of the part of the room they were facing, assessing and absorbing the details. During the handshaking and introductions at the table, they had each moved unobtrusively into the opposite position where they each repeated the room scan. It was done so smoothly that if Kate hadn’t been looking intently at them, she would never have noticed. From the set of his shoulders, she had an idea that Sheriff Whittaker knew exactly what they’d done and why. She also noted the almost infinitesimal nod of their heads at Tom as they caught sight of him when they scanned the room. Before they got to Kate and Tom, Mike took them through to the therapy room where they examined the hidden passage in detail. It was a few minutes after they left the therapy room before they got around to where Tom and Kate were sitting. Mike had made sure that the guests were introduced to each and every member of the crew, while John seemed to be speaking very seriously with Ben. Finally, Ben stood and nodded in agreement and they walked toward Tom and Kate at the same time the others did. The handshakes were effusive as Tom greeted his old friends. “Kate, I want you to meet Ian Davies and Trent Palmer, two old friends I haven’t seen in almost ten years. Ian, Trent, this is my wife, Kate,” he said proudly. “It’s a pleasure to meet both of you,” said Kate quietly. “And thank you for coming.” “I think,” said Mike, “that we should find a place where we can sit and talk privately.” “Absolutely, Mike, why don’t we adjourn to the library?” Tom steered his chair toward the door, and the others followed. **** Kate sat at the table in the library, listening apprehensively as the men discussed the situation. “From the games this asshole is playing, he’s clever, he’s dangerous, and he’s sick.” Ian stated. “That’s a bad combination. Not only that, but he’s a long-range planner willing to risk exposure. He’s already proved that when he learned Tom was coming home from the hospital and was having a special physical therapy room constructed. He walked in bold as brass and conned the whole construction crew and bosses until he was able to construct his secret spy room right under their noses. Let me make one other point. This guy was not only able to mix with the contractor’s crew without a problem, he was able to do high quality work and do it quickly and by himself. That gives us another, higher category of construction workers to check.” Ian turned to Trent. “Any thoughts, Trent?” “That’s a good point, Ian. I also think we need to start at the beginning. We need to find out what precipitated the attack on Tom. We have the date of the car accident, and we’re going to have to work backward from that date to see if we can find anything that connects to Tom in any way, no matter how tenuous. Don’t you agree, Ben?” “Let me make note of the date of the accident, and I’ll check our office records

for any local reports or calls that happened within a month or two of the accident,” Ben said slowly. “My only problem is that with one deputy in the hospital I can’t promise an early answer. I’m really stretched thin. I can only promise that I’ll do my best.” Mike made a notation in a small spiral notebook. “I may be able to help you, Ben. But I’ll have to get back to you on that.” “Hey, I’m sure you’re better with computers than I am, so any help you can give will be appreciated. I’ll even let you use my office, Mike.” Ben sighed deeply. “Well, since I’ve got my assignment, it’s time for me to get back to the office and file my reports. If anything else comes up, be sure to call me. Ian, Trent, it’s been a pleasure. Tom, I can see myself out. Oh, before I go, Kate, would you please pass along my compliments and thanks to Mrs. Mallory? Dinner was fantastic.” “Will do, Ben. Good night.” Kate sat quietly while the men discussed possible avenues of action and investigation. Finally, she couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Tom,” she said hesitantly. “When did you start walking with crutches or a cane? Do you remember?” The room suddenly went silent as they all looked at Tom. “I guess,” he said hesitantly, “maybe a month, or a month and a half ago. But I wasn’t really walking. It was more lurching and stumbling and frequent falls, even with the crutch or the cane. Why?” “Because this maniac had to have a reason to attack you again after almost three years. And those letters on your bed were an attack, or at least the threat of an attack. I believe he was satisfied as long as he could see you were suffering and confined to your wheelchair. But once you began showing a marked improvement, once it looked to him as if you were going to walk again, he had to act.” “She’s right! Damn it, she hit it on the button. There is no other reason for the renewed threat that makes sense.” John paced back and forth in frustration. “But why? Why did he attack me in the first place? I can’t think of any possible reason.” Tom’s fist came down on the table with heavy force. “We’ll find the reason, Tom. Just give us a chance. Since Ian’s now working out of Los Angeles and I’m out of San Francisco, we can check for information from counties surrounding yours that Ben wouldn’t have access to. Ben will handle the local area reports just fine, with some help of course, since he’s shorthanded. Now Ian and I have to get going. We’ll decide how we’re going to split up the information search en route to the airport. For now, hang in there, Tom. We’ll be in contact with you soon. It was a pleasure meeting you, Kate.” Trent shook her hand with a slightly distracted smile on his face. “Tom, we’ll be in touch. Congratulations on your marriage. Your wife’s not only beautiful, but extremely intelligent. But then, you always did have the devil’s own luck.” Suddenly serious he said, “It’s been a real pleasure, Kate. I’m so happy for you and Tom.” Within thirty seconds they were gone, and a pensive silence settled throughout the room. Finally, Mike picked up his cell phone and called Connor, requesting that he and Carolanne come to the library for a meeting. As soon as Connor and Carolanne were seated, John and Mike outlined the facts, as they knew them, of the initial attack on Tom and as much background as they could. “The biggest problem we have is that Tom can recall nothing in his past that

would incur a cold, murderous rage of this magnitude. This is no simple case of feuding neighbors, or road rage, or anything that mundane. We believe this is a case of the perpetrator’s mindset, his perception of something he believes Tom was involved in. As you know, what we thought was a car accident was, in fact, an attempt at murder. We believe that something occurred within a month or two of Tom’s accident and that the perp is punishing Tom for a perceived wrong.” John sat down, and Mike continued. “Ian and Trent are going to pull information from the surrounding counties and townships on any incident that has any relation to Tom, whether it relates to a car of his, a cat of his, or anything else of his that could be twisted into a reason for murder.” “May I say something?” Carolanne asked. “Go right ahead. At this point we welcome any suggestions or viewpoints.” “I think it might be a mistake to concentrate only on any files that refer to Mr. Martins by name, or to a possession of his. I think any file regarding serious injury, accident, or death should be brought to Mr. Martin’s attention. For example, it could be that he might recognize a person involved in an open case of battery, murder, or accident. Even a cold case could have a perp acting to prevent any further inquiry. I’m sorry, Mr. Martins. I know it wouldn’t be pleasant to have to look at many of the files, but I think it could be important.” Carolanne shrugged and sat back in her chair. “I don’t care if I have to look through thousands of files, as long as I can get this maniac off of our backs. Whatever it takes, I’ll do. You can bring the damn files by the truckload if you want, and I’ll search through every single one,” Tom said forcefully. “I agree with Carolanne and Tom,” said Kate as she grabbed Tom’s hand in support. “Actually, so do I,” Mike said slowly as he leaned against the desk. “But that’s another problem we have. We need to get this information as soon as possible. Ben has promised to try to get his files together, but with one deputy in the hospital, he’s hamstrung. There is no way he’ll be able to spread himself that thin. I’ve offered to help him out with the computer and paperwork, but I’m on the target list, too. I was hoping…” He looked at Carolanne with raised eyebrows. “That I’d volunteer?” Carolanne asked with a grin. “Yep. That’s exactly what I was hoping. Are you?” “Yeah. I’m definitely volunteering. As long as I’m not officially working for the sheriff’s office, it’s fine.” “No, you would still be on our payroll, with a hefty bonus thrown in. You’d be there only as an outside consultant. Would that be okay?” “Perfect. I’ll be at his office first thing in the morning.” “That honestly helps, Carolanne, because you actually have an understanding of the type of files we need,” said Mike with relief. “But, just for my own information, why do you have a problem working for the sheriff’s office?” “It’s a well-known fact that Sheriff Ben Whittaker has a very rigid ‘no fraternization’ policy with his employees. Now, Connor will tell you that on company time I don’t fool around, at all, ever. But on my own time, after working hours, well, that sheriff had better turn in his cowboy boots for a pair of fast running shoes.” The room erupted into chuckles and into outright guffaws. Except for Connor, who looked slightly scandalized. “Carolanne,” Mike said through his laughter, “my money is on you!”

“As it should be,” she said with a wink. “Now, if there is nothing further you need me for, I’m going home to get my beauty rest.” “We’re through,” said John, still smiling. “Go get him, Carolanne. But make sure someone walks you to your car.” She nodded and walked out of the room with a quick wave of her hand. “As much as I hate to say it,” John began slowly, exhaustion heavy in his voice. “I agree. We need to be available for Connor and the teams tonight,” finished Mike. “In fact, I think one of us ought to grab a cot and sleep down there.” “No need to grab a cot,” Tom said. “There is a mattress in the closet in the therapy room along with sheets and pillowcases. When I first started therapy, the pain would be so severe it would sometimes cause me to black out for a few seconds. Or I would be so exhausted by the end of a session that I’d have to stretch out on my back for a short period of time. No comments, please. I know I was overdoing it, and I knew it then. John stood up and yawned and stretched. “I’ll head on down there now, find out the status of the teams and what’s going on before I turn in.” “That’s a good idea, John. But I don’t think our perp is going to do anything more tonight. There are too many people here now. And he was busy as hell this morning and again early this evening. I’m sure he’s aware now that his secret hiding place has been found or he wouldn’t have had to use the pool this afternoon. This isn’t going to be over for a while, at least until we find out who this madman is, but I think tonight, with our teams all over the place, he won’t attempt another break-in.” “I agree, Mike. Although we’ve still got to have the rooms all checked and make sure he doesn’t have a third or fourth way to access the interior of the house. That’ll take at least twenty-four hours, or more, depending on what we find. We still don’t know if those cameras were remoted outside the mansion or if there’s a recorder inside.” “We’ll get him, but as you said, until we’re sure he can’t get into the mansion, one of us is going to have to stick to Tom and Katie like glue,” Mike remarked. “Why don’t I stay with them tonight, and we’ll switch off and you can take tomorrow night?” “Thanks, Mike, I appreciate it. Maybe I can get my brain squared around in time for breakfast tomorrow. Care to join me?” “You bet. Mrs. Mallory has made fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow. I’ll even brew your favorite coffee.” Mike smiled warmly at John. “I’ll look forward to it. Good night, all,” he said as he nodded and left the room. “He’ll be fine, Mike,” said Tom. “I know. I know. He’s already done a hell of a job in pulling himself together. It’s just that after all this time—I never dreamed he felt that way.” “Face it, Mike, it’s been that kind of a day. We’ve all been on a string of emotional roller coaster rides which started at breakfast and took us up and down over and over again for the rest of the day and into the evening.” Kate rubbed her face with both hands. “At least we’re ending the day on a positive note. I’m done for the night. I’m almost falling asleep just sitting here.” “You’re right, Kate. It’s time for us to turn in for the night …together. No more separate bedrooms,” said Tom with a yawn. “Never did like roller coasters,” he mumbled as he turned his wheelchair toward the door. “Come on, Mike. You’re with us tonight.”

Chapter 10

The bar was on the edge, sliding inelegantly toward the seedier side of the business. Located on the outer perimeter of upscale lounges and sports bars, The Bird of Paradise had failed miserably to attract the high-end clientele it had aimed for. The only “birds” currently in the bar were those “soiled doves” who sold their services to the highest bidder, and they were watching the sloppy drunk at the bar with wary caution. Each of them had been with him at one time or another in the past few weeks and had the bruises and scars from his fists to prove it. The only reason the bartender didn’t throw him out was the size of his bar bill. That kind of money was scarce in this neighborhood. Barney had warned him to clean up his act and keep his hands off of the girls or he’d call the cops. If he had only wanted sex, it would have been no problem. They didn’t call him “the dickless dude” for nothing. Once the pattern of his drinking had become common knowledge, the girls had formulated a plan of escape. At the first obscenity leaving his lips, the girls who had no customer on the line would exit, one at a time, until only one was left. The bartender would then distract him so that she, too, could escape. By the time he reached the out-ofcontrol stage, the women would be gone. Some of the women would find another bar or just call it a night, and a few would go around to the back of the bar to the storage room and wait until “dickless” left. **** But tonight Marylou was still talking to an older man in the far booth. She’d had high hopes that he’d come through as a paying customer. So far though, all he wanted to do was talk about another woman, which actually wasn’t all that unusual. He was starting to creep her out though, calling her Rosie, even though she’d told him several times that her name was Marylou. He had also scolded her for cutting her hair and for wearing makeup, for God’s sake. For the last three years she’d worn her black hair cut in a short mop of curls. Her large hazel eyes were her best feature, and she used eyeliner and shadow to accent them. Tonight she was wearing green contacts, but she also had blue and brown contacts just for a change. Maybe she’d give it up for tonight and take the loss. “Mister, I gotta go to the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back.” “All right, Rosie, but hurry up. I’m getting tired.” She made it into the restroom and stared at her reflection wearily. Her eyes were bloodshot and her makeup beginning to streak. She had just turned twenty-one last month and looked every bit of thirty-one, at least. And the customers seemed to be getting weirder and scarier. The fun and excitement was gone. Definitely time to get out of the business, before she ended up in the hospital, or was drugged out of her mind and roped into Salazar’s stable of girls, or worse. And

Salazar had been eyeing her lately. He had been making it obvious that her time as an independent was running out. Suddenly, the neighborhood was becoming very dangerous, if not deadly. Tonight was no exception. “Dickless” had been glaring at her as she walked by. “Well, Marylou,” she said to her reflection in the mirror. “There’s no time like the present, is there?” She popped her contacts out, grabbed a paper towel, took the small tube of makeup remover from her purse, and began scrubbing her face. After discarding the third paper towel and patting her face dry with another one, Marylou looked into the mirror with a start of surprise. It was no longer her working face looking back at her with tired eyes, naked without the necessary heavy makeup. It was definitely the old Marylou, looking much younger and looking hopeful. Anticipation, determination, and hope stared back at her from the face in the mirror. She could make a new life work. She would make a new life work. Frantically, she searched her purse until she found the card with the phone number on it. Consuela, the woman who ran the area safe house just down the street, had told her she could call day or night and someone would either come and get her or make arrangements for her to be admitted to the safe house. Marylou grabbed her cell phone and dialed the number immediately. She couldn’t understand where the sudden uneasiness and fear had come from. She’d been walking and working these streets at all hours for several years, but now, with the hope of a new future and the new possibilities in front of her, she was afraid. Afraid something would take away her chance to change her life, to get out of the downward spiral she could see sucking her deeper and deeper into nothingness. The arrangements took barely sixty seconds to make by phone. Consuela advised her that she would be at the bar within ten minutes. When Marylou told her about “dickless” and how he’d used his fists on her and others, Consuela said that she’d bring Reuben with her and for Marylou to lock the door and wait in the ladies’ room. Quickly, Marylou shot the flimsy bolt on the door. While she waited, she began cleaning out her purse. She hummed a light melody as she threw away the dark, heavy cosmetics she’d been using and resolved to buy lighter, more natural-looking makeup as soon as she could. The sudden rattling as the doorknob was turned, followed by a fist pounding on the door, startled her, and she let out a small, frightened gasp. Her heart began thudding with fear. “I know you’re in there. Get out here!” The words were slurred, but she didn’t have any trouble understanding them or who was now ramming his shoulder against the door. “Dickless” was on a rampage. “Go away,” she cried. “I quit. I’m no longer working. Just leave me alone.” Her hands shaking, she quickly scooped everything back into her purse and secured it. She only needed enough time for Consuela and Reuben to arrive. But Marylou doubted that the flimsy lock would hold. She could see the nails holding the bolt mechanism to the doorjamb pulling farther away from the wood with each impact of his shoulder. “You’ll pay, bitch,” he screamed each time his shoulder hit the door. “You’ll pay! Nobody quits on Scott Thomasson. Nobody!” With that, the bolt finally gave way and the door slammed back against the wall,

and Scott’s drunken momentum carried him past her and into the door of one of the stalls. Filled with panic, Marylou quickly whipped out of the door and ran into the main bar area looking for the bartender, Consuela, or anyone who could help hide her. As she looked behind the bar, she saw Barney stretched out, unconscious. One of the customers was behind the bar at Barney’s side, trying to revive him. Yet another customer was on his cell phone, and Marylou could hear him giving directions to the bar. Terrified, she started to run toward the door, even though she knew it was the worst thing she could do. If he caught her outside, away from witnesses, well, it wouldn’t be pretty. At that point a hand painfully grabbed her shoulder and violently spun her around to the sight of a fist coming directly at her face. “Fucking whore,” she heard him roar. She managed to lean back and turn her head, and the blow glanced off of her jaw, sending bright, colorful shooting stars exploding behind her closed eyes. “Nooo! Rosie!” That enraged scream was the last thing she heard before the shooting stars faded into black and she passed out.

Chapter 11

Mike was taking his first sip of the strong coffee he’d just brewed when his cell phone rang. The last two days and nights had been busy and chaotic. He and John had had several long discussions regarding their past, and everything seemed to be going along smoothly. Almost back to normal. The teams had not been able to find any other hidden access to the house, but they had located the recording device in one of the storage rooms and had found several other listening devices. But at last, the house seemed to be clean and secure. Even the locks had been changed in case the intruder had made a set of keys. Mike and John had decided to send home at least one of the teams after breakfast and maybe another team after lunch. “Get your ass out of bed and turn your computer on,” snarled Ben. “What?” “I’ve already had three phone calls, and it’s not even 6:30 a.m. yet. But apparently the guy you’re looking for is on YouTube, Twitter, and every other online news source and bulletin board on the Internet. It seems like every damn construction worker I talked to who worked on your addition is calling me this morning. Damn, there’s another call coming in. I’ll talk to you as soon as I can get there.” While he put his cell phone on speaker and keyed in John’s speed dial, Mike opened the kitchen computer desk and started pulling up YouTube. “What’s up, Mike?” “I think we’ve got him!” “Mike? Where are you?” John’s demanded impatiently. “In the kitchen on the computer. Get here as soon as you can. Ben’s already on his way. He should be here in a few minutes. Just got a call from him saying that he’s been getting calls this morning from the construction workers he had talked to that our perp is on YouTube. Almost got it. Yep, this must be it. And there he is, big as life. Oh, my God, and that son of a bitch Scott Thomasson is involved in this, too. Everyone in that bar last night must have taken pictures with their cell phones.” “Show me,” said John as he quickly walked into the kitchen, slipping his cell phone into the pocket of his unbuttoned shirt. Mike hit a key, and the screen filled with the frightened face of what looked to be a very young woman and then the fist that clipped her chin, followed by Scott Thomasson’s hate-filled face as he pulled his fist back for another blow. Before the second blow could land, his fist was grabbed and violently wrenched behind his back. Although they couldn’t see the brutal twist his wrist received, they could see Scott’s face contorted in sudden, surprised agony, his mouth opened in a silent scream before his eyes rolled up into his head and he obviously passed out. Filling the screen then was the enraged face of the man they’d been looking for. The one they never thought they’d find so easily. Mike paused the play and hit the print button. Seconds later his image emerged from the printer. His hair was white now instead of the salt-and-pepper it had been when the therapy room had been constructed, but otherwise it was the same face.

They resumed play and watched their man kneel beside the woman on the floor and gently stroke her face. There was an odd, puzzled look on his face as he stared intently at her. Seconds later he was pushed aside as a thin, scrawny woman and a giant bear of a man rushed into the bar, followed almost immediately by the paramedics and police. In the ensuing commotion, they could see their man edge toward the door. They watched him step back and grasp the doorframe near his head as a stretcher was rushed into the bar, nearly colliding with him. He looked back once, shook his head as if to clear it, and then disappeared into the night. As they drank their coffee, they watched three other versions, each from a different perspective, but still the same basic action. One version they played several times, grinning at each other. This shot was from the side and had a perfect view as Scott’s arm was jerked behind his back. The deliberate and vicious twist of his wrist was so graphic they could almost see and hear the bones being crushed, twisted, and broken. “Damn, I could almost like that guy for taking out Thomasson’s wrist with as much pain as possible. I don’t think Scott’s going to be using that fist on any more women. In fact, I’d lay odds that he’ll never use that hand with any semblance of normalcy ever again,” said John with satisfaction. “I’m sure not going to take any odds on that one, John. But look at this photo. Look at his eyes and the expression on his face. He’s really scary. Spooky as hell. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more vivid example of madness. I’d better get this photo and the online websites faxed to Trent and Ian.” His fingers raced over the keyboard. “They can access databases that might be able to put a name to this face. And I’m making an extra copy for Ben. He should be here at any minute.” “Who should be here at any minute?” asked Tom as he and Kate entered the kitchen. He guided his wheelchair over to the computer desk and peered at the computer screen. “We’ve got him! Mike and I both remember seeing him and talking to him during construction. Look at this picture and see if you recognize him from the car crash. Ben’s on his way. He’s the one who called us with the information.” John handed the photograph to Tom and stepped back, watching his reaction. “Oh, my God! That’s him! That’s him! I could never forget that face,” Tom said, shaken. “But why? Why has he targeted me? I don’t remember ever seeing him before the car crash or having any type of business dealings with him. Nothing!” “Tom,” said Kate softly. “Look at his face. He’s not sane. There’s true madness in his face and eyes, and unfortunately, madness has its own logic.” “There’s a lot worse to see, or better, depending on your viewpoint.” Mike quickly queued up the computer to the first of the four videos as Kate and Tom sat in front of the computer screen, intently watching the action unfold. “That son of a bitch, Thomasson!” exclaimed Tom heatedly as he watched him strike the young woman. Not another word was spoken as they watched all four videos, until they watched the one which showed his wrist being crushed and broken. “I don’t have the least bit of sympathy for that miserable asshole,” said Tom coldly. “I hope they dump him in jail and throw away the key.” He looked back at John and Mike. “What’s the next step?” “Well,” said Mike. “We’ve forwarded the picture and the YouTube and other

websites to Ian and Trent. They may be able to make an I.D. on this guy. Ben is also on his way and should be here any moment. And it looks like Mrs. Mallory has arrived to start breakfast. Why don’t we wait until after we have breakfast and talk to Ben? We may have more information to work with then.” “Sounds like a winner, Mike.” John commented as he opened the kitchen door for Mrs. Mallory. “What a welcoming committee,” said Mrs. Mallory as she entered the kitchen. “Good morning, everyone.” “Mrs. Mallory, we’ll be out of your way in just a few minutes,” said John after the round of “good mornings” ceased. “Take your time. I have a few things to set up before I start breakfast. It’s no problem.” “By the way, Mrs. Mallory, Sheriff Whittaker was here two nights ago for dinner and wanted me to extend his thanks and appreciation for a wonderful meal. And I’m sure he’ll be here for breakfast, too. We’re expecting him any minute,” said Kate with a smile. “What a nice thing for him to say. I’m so glad he enjoyed his meal. Now, I’d better get busy. Are you expecting twelve people for breakfast, then? “Actually,” said Mike. We may have one or two more, but we don’t yet know whether all of them will be down at the same time since they worked in shifts last night.” “Not a problem. But I warn you, if thirteen people show up for breakfast, I’ll have to join you and make it fourteen. It’s not that I’m superstitious, you understand, but there’s no sense in taking chances, right?” “As you said, Mrs. Mallory, not a problem,” Tom replied with a smile. “We’ll be in the library until breakfast is ready.” **** “First things, first,” said Tom as they settled with their coffee in the library. “I want to find out what happened to that young woman Thomasson knocked out. Ben might have more information, but if not, I’d like to have the hospitals checked and find out how she is and if she needs anything. And from the way that the ‘perp’ acted with her, maybe she knows something about him. At least it would give us a place to start.” John took out his cell phone and keyed in a number. “Let’s get Connor up here and fill him in on what’s going on. Connor, this is John. We need you here in the library for an update on some new information we’ve received. Right. Okay, see you in a few.” John closed his phone and looked around with a serious expression on his face. “We don’t know if our perp is aware that his face is being spread across the Internet or not. If he is aware, it could push forward his plans to eliminate us, one by one. That’s why I’d like to use Connor to do some checking, find that girl, and if she agrees, bring her here so that we can talk to her. What do you think?” He looked at Mike, then at Tom and Kate, waiting. “Perfect, John. That way we can stay here with Tom and Katie. At this point I don’t feel comfortable leaving them alone in the house, even with some of our teams here.” “Thank you, Mike.” Tom’s voice shook with emotion as he said to John, “I hate

to admit it, but I agree with Mike. As far as Kate’s safety is concerned I trust the two of you implicitly. I know your teams are first rate, but it’s Kate’s safety, and I would prefer to keep both of you here.” John nodded and turned to open the door at Connor’s knock. It didn’t take long to brief Connor on what had happened in the bar last night and to pass him the photo Mike had printed. His eyes lit up as they gave him the Internet websites and explained what they wanted him to investigate. “As soon as Ben gets here, we’ll know more and can plan in depth what our next step should be, said John. **** “The Sheriff’s here.” “Okay, Mike, I’ll go let him in.” John quickly left the library and returned a few minutes later with Ben and Carolanne. Carolanne entered the library first, followed closely by Ben. He kept one hand on Carolanne’s waist as he steered her toward a chair in front of the desk. He stood behind her chair, one hand resting on her shoulder. “I’ve already briefed Carolanne on what happened last night. The girl”—Ben referred to a small notebook—“Marylou Kasden, was taken to Metropolitan hospital and kept overnight. As far as we have been able to learn, she is going to be released today. Once we have the name of the white-haired man, we can pull him in for questioning. Unfortunately, given Marylou’s profession, she may not have been given a name by the man. If he’s a regular, we may be able to get some information from her. But, if not, I’m sure as I’m standing here that we’re going to hear from someone who can put a name to that face. The Internet exposure is pretty much worldwide and someone, somewhere, is going to recognize him.” “You’re right, Ben,” said Mike. “Connor is meeting Consuela at the hospital this morning and will be bringing Ms. Kasden here if she agrees to answer a few questions. Apparently, a local pimp has decided all of the free advertising would work to his benefit if she was one of his girls. According to Consuela, the word is out that this Salazar is going to make a grab for Ms. Kasden sometime today or tomorrow. We don’t intend to let that happen.” “I’m glad to hear it,” said Ben. “Just let me know if I can help. Salazar has a very bad rep, and I’d love to bust him. And, speaking of being busted, the bartender is filing assault and battery charges against Scott Thomasson. Maybe Ms. Kasden will, too, although it’s not strictly necessary.” “We can only hope,” muttered Mike. “After Ben filled me in this morning, I called the hospital. Thomasson is in surgery as we speak. They wouldn’t give me any more information than that.” Carolanne looked up at Ben with a small smile before continuing. “I do have several friends, I mean, sources at the hospital, and I understand there is another prostitute in the hospital that Thomasson nearly killed. She hasn’t named him to the police, but apparently he is wellknown among the girls at The Bird of Paradise and has a bad habit of going into violent rages and taking it out physically on the girls. It’ll be quite a while before she will be

released from the hospital.” “Connor, check with Ms. Kasden at the hospital. Bring her here if she’s willing. We can help if she wants to make a change in her life, and if not, well, we can give her a small break before she returns to her old life.” Kate stood up and addressed the rest of the group. “I’m sure Mrs. Mallory has breakfast ready by this time, so why don’t we adjourn to the dining room? Unless you have something urgent scheduled for this morning, Sheriff, please join us. That way Connor can get something to eat before he has to leave.” As the group began leaving the library, Mike pulled Ben and Connor aside and nodded to John, who shut the door again and joined them. “I think we need to take precautions about this Salazar possibly following Ms. Kasden here from the hospital. We don’t need any more problems. And we don’t know if this asshole is still watching us here. Anyone have any suggestions?” “Why not use a decoy vehicle?” said John as he sat back down. “Or, better yet, they don’t even have to come back here at all. Why not have Kate and Tom come with us to the hospital. We can arrange for a conference room there. That way Consuela can see and talk to Ms. Kasden, as well as Kate and Tom, in safety. A second vehicle can be used to transport Ms. Kasden if she decides to accept the offer of relocation and assistance.” “Damn quick thinking, John. I think it covers all of the bases.” Ben shook his head in admiration and grabbed his hat. “Why don’t we get some breakfast and let Tom and Kate in on your plans. In fact, I think it might be wise for Carolanne and me to visit the hospital, too. I know the city police have already talked to Ms. Kasden, but I’d still like to sit in on the meeting to see if she can provide any information on your mysterious white-haired man. We can also watch the exit for any cars trying to follow, and damn sure find some way to stop them, even if it’s just long enough for your car to disappear. I’d love a chance at that creep Salazar!” “I think you’re right, Sheriff. The more cars, the less they’d know which one to follow,” said Connor, excitement filling his expressive face before he stopped, then continued more thoughtfully. “But, now that I think about it, I doubt if Salazar or his men expect Ms. Kasden to be picked up at all. Certainly not in an expensive car or limo. They’d more likely be looking for her to take a cab or the bus. Either way, it’s best not to take anything for granted. If we plan for the worst, we won’t be taken by surprise. I’ll just grab a quick bite to eat and then contact the hospital and arrange for a conference room before I leave, if that meets with your approval?” He looked at Mike and John. “It’s your investigation, Connor. You do what you think is best. If we have any suggestions later, we’ll discuss them with you.” John nodded at Mike. “Go for it, Connor!” Mike grinned and got up, signaling the end of the meeting.

Chapter 12

The faint odor of disinfectant seemed to follow them into the conference room of the hospital. There was a flurry of introductions before they settled into their chairs. Marylou looked slightly uncomfortable and chose a chair next to Consuela. Marylou listened warily as Connor explained that her hospital expenses had been paid and that she would be offered a one-week vacation with the opportunity to train for a vocation of her choice, along with relocation to a new city for a fresh start, if she so desired. Her mouth dropped open and tears flooded her eyes as a spark of hope began growing inside. Consuela patted Marylou’s shoulder, “I believe you can trust these people to help you. Give yourself a chance. But if you are afraid or uneasy, I will gladly stay with you until all of the arrangements have been completed to your satisfaction.” “Thank you, but I’m not afraid at all. In fact, I can’t wait to start my new life.” Marylou looked at the assembled group, and said, “I’m only sorry I couldn’t give you more information on the white-haired man. It was really creepy the way he kept calling me “Rosie” and yelling at me for cutting my hair.” “Marylou,” said Consuela. “I don’t think it’s safe for you to return to your apartment. The word on the street is that Salazar has some of his men waiting for you there.” Marylou’s face turned white with fear. “Don’t worry, Marylou,” said Mike. “If you’ll go with Connor, he’ll make arrangements to have two of our agents, Sophie and Gina, drive you to Los Angeles. We’ll set up a hotel suite for the three of you under Gina’s name for a few nights. At least until we can set up an apartment and have you talk to a counselor to determine what you’d like to study. It may take a few days to set up everything. Is that okay with you?” “Sure. But why would they do all of this for someone they don’t even know?” “A lot of reasons,” Mike said as he shepherded everyone out of the conference room. “First, they can afford it. Second, you somehow got involved with the man who has been making serious threats against Mr. and Mrs. Martins. In fact, this man caused the accident that put Mr. Martins in that wheelchair. Third, they offered just because they like making a positive difference in someone’s life.” A short time later, they followed Connor through a maze of hospital corridors until finally reaching a service elevator to the loading dock. Connor hurried Marylou and Consuela into the back of a waiting limousine with heavily tinted windows. He jumped into the front passenger seat and the limo took off down the service roadway. A few minutes later a second limousine pulled up to the loading dock and picked up the remaining group.

Chapter 13

The limousine slowly made its way up the winding mountain road, frequently swerving to avoid the gaping pot holes that littered its surface. John and Mike had put up the black-out and sound-proofing screens, giving the four of them privacy. “Yeah, Ben, what’s up?” John said and put his cell phone on speaker mode. “Just heard that three of Salazar’s men have been arrested for breaking and entering Marylou’s apartment and for possession of a number of drugs, including a syringe they believe to contain a knock-out drug. Marylou would never have stood a snowball’s chance in hell of getting away from them.” “Great news, Ben. Have you heard anything more on the identity of our guy?” “No, nothing yet, but I expect to hear something soon. Carolanne is going to check out the name ‘Rosie’ to see if anything comes up in that connection. We’ll let you know. We also managed to get a good print from the doorframe of the Bird of Paradise. That’s being sent to Ian and Trent.” “Okay,” John said after Ben had disconnected. “I guess Marylou is taken care of. It’s up to her from now on. And, Mike, you took care of texting Ian and Trent regarding the name ‘Rosie,’ earlier, didn’t you?” At Mike’s nod, John got up from his chair and moved next to Kate on the long bench seat. “Now, how have you been doing, Kate?” John stroked her face gently before reaching down and grasping her hand in his. “I’ve been doing just fine, John. Why?” “Well, I guess I just wanted to make sure you had no regrets about what happened two nights ago between the four of us.” He squeezed her fingers gently before bringing them to his lips for a kiss. “We haven’t had a chance to let you know how much that evening meant to us, or to tell you how absolutely fantastic you are. God, I can’t tell you how much I wish this mess was completely behind us so that we can concentrate on the four of us.” “Oh, John! I have no regrets at all about that evening, only eagerness and anticipation for the next time we can all be together. I loved it, all of it.” John’s eyebrow lifted quizzically and a smile tipped up one corner of his mouth. “Even your spanking, when you came like a wild woman?” “Spanking? Spanking? What spanking?” said Mike. Color rushed to Kate’s face at Mike’s startled exclamation of surprise. “You spanked our Katie? And she came? Where was I? How come no one told me about spanking Katie? I would have loved to have seen that! Can we spank you again, Katie, so that I can watch and spank you, too? Can we?” Mike looked so hopeful and excited that Kate laughed out loud. “Well, overstimulation of my—” “She means,” Tom continued slyly, “she means her clit was so overstimulated from being sucked and played with that when John spanked her pussy, she came like crazy, bucking and rising up to meet each stroke of his hand as it came down between her legs. Didn’t you, babe? And I even held her pussy lips open so that she could feel

everything. And she loved it. She loved each stroke, didn’t you, sweetheart?” Mike’s eyes grew larger as Tom spoke. He turned to John. “You spanked her pussy? She came when you spanked her clit? John, why didn’t you tell me you actually spanked our Katie between her legs? Oh, the picture that creates in my mind is so hot!” Mike stiffened suddenly, holding himself absolutely still for a few seconds before relaxing again. “Shit, that was close. Just hearing about John spanking our Katie’s pussy nearly made me come in my pants. It was that hot.” His cock had swollen to epic proportions, and he tried to rearrange it within his trousers. Mike looked out of the window and said, “Damn it, we’ve got at least another half hour before we get home, and that’s being generous considering the gaping pot holes on this road. I don’t know if I can wait that long.” He roughly ran his fingers through his hair, let out a deep breath, and tried again to adjust the erection tenting his trousers. **** Torn between amusement and rampant sexual arousal at Mike’s excited and enthusiastic reaction, Kate shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She was aware of the liquid heat now soaking her panties. Talking about her erotic spanking and watching Mike’s very visible erection was arousing enough, but the idea of watching Mike “take care” of his problem increased the flow of juices from her pussy. “So, Mike,” Kate said, breathlessly, “Why wait until we get home to take care of your problem? Remember, you’re among friends here. Besides, I want to watch you masturbate. I want to watch you stroke that cock until it’s shooting your cum.” Kate’s voice deepened with desire. “Come on, Mike. Take it out and let me watch. You guys promised me I could watch. Do it, Mike. Do it for me.” Mike groaned loudly, and his fingers shook as he unbuttoned the top of his trousers, eased his zipper down over his tumescent cock, and carefully released it from its tight confinement. Immediately, he gripped his cock just below its bulbous head, squeezing tightly until the threat of coming receded. “God, Mike, that’s beautiful. Just absolutely fantastic.” Kate smiled, glanced at Tom’s rapt expression, and then with a mischievous grin she said, “Mike, if you play with your cock and give me a nice show, maybe I’ll spread my legs and let you watch John spank my pussy. But if you can stroke that meat and tell me a down and dirty sexual fantasy while doing it, I’ll spread my legs for you and let you spank my pussy.” This time there were groans from each of the men. John and Tom both took out their cocks and began pumping and stroking them while Mike still struggled to keep from coming. “Katie!” Mike rasped. “I need you on your knees in front of me. I’m going to fuck your mouth until I come, and you’re going to take every drop. Now, Katie! Now. Suck it like a good girl, Katie. Take it all! Then I’ll tell you my favorite fantasy.” Kate was already on her knees, sucking wildly, her tongue probing and stroking before his first sentence was finished. Mike threaded his fingers through her hair as he held her to his cock. Had the limousine not hit a deep pot hole which thrust his cock deeper into her throat, Mike might have been able to hold off coming for a little while

longer. But the sensation as his cock hit the back of her throat pushed him over the edge, and the cum began spurting into her sucking mouth. Kate finally lifted her head, wiped her mouth and looked up at Mike, and winked before moving back to the bench next to John. “That was incredible, Kate,” said John as he slid one hand between Kate’s legs, moving it in a circular motion. “Whoa, Kate. You have panties on beneath your skirt. How do you expect us to be able to pleasure you when you’re wearing underwear?” John looked over at Tom with pretended concern. “Tom, underwear should be a real no-no for Kate. And, what’s more, her panties aren’t merely damp, they’re soaking wet. Talk about a turn-on.” Slipping his fingers inside her panties, John began fingering her pussy. “Stand up, Kate. Let me take your panties off so that we can all see your pussy. You’ve been looking at our cocks and sucking Mike’s dick, so we should be able to look at your pussy and watch you masturbate for us. Right, Tom?” “Right. Let John take ’em off of you, Kate. Then you can spread your legs and play with your hot pussy, and we can watch you. That’s right, Kate, you look so fantastic with your panties gone. Sit down and masturbate with us, Kate. Let your talented fingers strum across that sensitive clit. Rub it, play with it, and make yourself come while we watch and jerk off with you. That way when we get home, you’ll be primed and hot for anything and everything we want to do with you. And we want to do a lot to you and for you and with you. You’ll get anything and everything we’ve got, babe. I can promise you, Kate, you’ll love it all.” “Katie,” Mike said with a sigh, “you are the sexiest thing, sitting there with your legs spread so wide and that pretty pussy drenched with your liquid fire. You’ve already got me hard again.” He gripped his cock with one hand while the other hand rubbed in a circular motion across its hard crest. “Now as to that fantasy you mentioned,” said Mike as he continued stroking his cock with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. “Well, it goes back to the first time we met you. You were wearing white short shorts and a blue-striped blouse which were sexy as hell, but covered you perfectly. Except I was sitting on the floor when you sat down in the chair across from me. I could see up the pant leg of your shorts where your dark pubic hair was clearly visible, peeking out from the leg of your panties. I was grateful I was wearing sunglasses because I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Then you changed your position, and I noticed that your shorts rode up quite high, separating and outlining your pussy lips, and pressing the seam of the shorts against your clit. I was in a sexual haze almost all of the rest of that afternoon, my mind creating one sex-filled scenario after another, with you as the star.” Mike looked up as Kate murmured in surprise. “In my fantasy you were tied spread-eagle to my bed, naked. I placed a pillow beneath your hips, lifting your pretty pussy up in the air.” “I never knew you were sexually attracted to Kate,” interrupted Tom. “I mean, I knew you both really liked Kate, and that the four of us got along great that first summer, but you and John were either off screwing each other blind, or you were screwing your girlfriends until they could hardly walk. I sure had no idea you had any sexual fantasies involving Kate.” “Neither did I,” John remarked softly. “But I do remember those short shorts. They were hot and created more than a few sexual fantasies of Kate in my mind, too.”

His eyes raked Kate with naked desire, watching one hand stroking her sex while the fingers of her other hand spread open her pussy lips. “Next time, I get to describe my sex fantasy starring Kate.” “Well, let me continue mine,” said Mike. “I created a scenario in my mind where Katie would make an appointment with me every week to get her pussy shaved. I’d lather it so gently and then stroke the safety razor over her creamy, smooth skin, carefully removing every crinkly hair from her pussy. When she was completely bare, I’d take some soothing cream and gently rub it into the naked folds of her pussy.” Mike looked at Kate with a definite twinkle in his eyes. “I did allow Tom and John to play with your tits and to suck on them but only while I rubbed the cream into your pussy. I even let them fuck your mouth, as long as I didn’t have to stop what I was doing. Of course, you always needed several applications of the soothing cream, and I had to spend a long, long time rubbing and stroking the cream onto your naked pussy lips, sometimes rubbing up and down and sometimes rubbing across your folds. There were also many times that you required a firmer touch, a deeper rubbing. We both enjoyed that.” “Mike,” Kate breathed. “That is so erotic, so hot.” “But, Katie,” he said, looking hotly at her. “There were many times that summer when you and Tom were busy and that interfered with your appointments with me. You were late many times and missed quite a few appointments entirely. That was bad. Very bad. I couldn’t let you get away with that, now could I? You can understand that I had to do something about that, right? You needed to be punished for ruining my schedule, didn’t you? You would always consent to a full evening of discipline because you knew you were bad and you knew that the three of us would be participating in your punishment.” His eyes grew darker and his expression became more intense as the sound of heavy breathing increased in the car. Suddenly, Mike looked hesitant. “Uh, maybe I’d better skip this first part. It gets a little far out here.” “No!” Kate cried out. “I want to hear it, all of it. Don’t you dare stop, Mike. Don’t you dare. Besides, even though we might not want to act out a particular fantasy, just listening to an over-the-top fantasy can be incredibly arousing. Pretty much any playacting between consenting adults goes. Besides, I can always say ‘No.’ So, come on, Mike, tell us.” Mike gulped, then continued. “You always appear before the three of us naked for your evening of discipline. Your arms are tied and raised above your head and attached to an eyebolt in the ceiling rafter. Your legs are spread wide and tied to the hidden restraint rings in the floor. We look to see if your clit is peeping out from your exposed pussy, but it’s not. Each of us tries to tug and pull on it to see if we can get it to come out to play, but it keeps hiding from us or doesn’t come out as far as we want it to. Since you missed your ‘hair’ appointment, we are unable to suck on your clit to make it bigger.” Kate looked at him in surprise. “Why not?” “Stubble,” he said with a straight face. Chuckles and outright hoots of laughter greeted his absurd statement. “So then, we have no alternative but to bring out the ‘clit-finder,’ attach it, and turn it on.” “What the hell is a clit-finder?” demanded John.

“It’s, um, I don’t know if I should—” “Tell us, Mike. How can I find my clit if I don’t know what a clit-finder is?” Kate demanded with a smile. “Well, it’s this plastic thing with a long slit that was specially modified to fit between your pussy lips, right over your clit. Then this plastic thingy, is attached to the end of a large hose and the hose is attached to this machine. And when you turn this machine on, it creates suction and—” “Ohmygod, Mike.” Kate shrieked with laughter. “Ohmygod, how did you know? How could you possibly have known? That’s been a secret fantasy I’ve never even told Tom about.” And she doubled over laughing and holding her sides. Mike relaxed and grinned at Kate’s reaction. “Well, where the hell can you buy this clit-finder machine? I’ve never heard of one,” Tom said, and at that statement, Kate collapsed onto the bench seat, wailing and pounding the seat with her fists. “Don’t feel alone, Tom, because I’ve never heard of these machines either.” John looked at Mike and Kate in surprise. By this time both Kate and Mike were howling with laughter, while Tom and John looked at each other in complete mystification. A few moments later, Kate sat up and looked intently at Mike, all amusement gone. “Tell me, Mike. Set up the scenario for me. I want all of the details of this fantasy. Do it, Mike. Pull me into this fantasy with you. Pull us all into your fantasy.” Once again her fingers dipped into her pussy, pulling, rubbing, and tugging on her distended clit. Now that he was assured Katie wanted to hear more of this off-the-wall part of his fantasy he settled back, began stroking his cock again, and began talking, his eyes never leaving hers. “I tell Tom and John that you must receive your initial punishment in full. After that they would be allowed to join me in whatever else I desired to add to your evening of discipline. I tell you that you must accept being hooked up to the clit-finder machine for at least thirty seconds the first time. Then the three of us would release the machine and check to see if your clit was sufficiently elongated. And, sadly, we always had to advise you that one session would not be enough and you would need to be hooked up for another session on the machine.” Kate moaned loudly and began rubbing the heel of her hand in a circular motion between her legs. Still, her eyes never left Mike’s face. “Go on, start at the beginning,” she demanded. “Once you are restrained, your husband spreads your pussy lips so that John can hold the plastic thingy over your clit. They both check to make sure that the plastic thingy is firmly attached to the large hose.” He shook his head and shivered. “I swear, Katie, the image in my mind of that large hose hanging down between your spread legs, held up only by the force of the suction on your clit, has driven me fucking crazy for years.” He blew out another deep breath before continuing. “When everything is in order, and we are all ready, I turn on the…vacuum cleaner.” “Oh, my God, of course,” Tom said with a laugh. “You son of a bitch, you really got me with that one,” said John. “Oh, I’ll get you for that. You’ll pay, Mike, oh, how you’ll pay.” “Looking forward to it,” Mike murmured, grinning widely.

“Kate! You never told me about that fantasy. Why not?” asked Tom. “Well, I started to tell you about this old movie, a comedy from the sixties or seventies, where this couple was under the covers in bed with the sound of a vacuum obviously under the covers with them. Well, at least I assume it was the hose that was under the covers with them. I can’t even remember the name of the movie, but the implied sexual use of the vacuum’s suction invaded my dreams for quite a while. But let’s face it. It’s one of those fantasies that is way over-the-top. Erotic as hell to think about, but questionable as to comfort. Then you were injured in the car crash. All of a sudden everything changed in our lives and that fantasy was pushed to the back of my mind. Tom nodded. “Yes, we have both missed a lot in the last two and a half years. It’s time we made up some of that loss. I think I’ll have Mike go online and order five or six different brands of vacuum cleaners, or maybe I should say clit-finders. You’ll let us test them on you to find the one you like best, won’t you, Kate? We’ll be very careful with you, sweetheart, and if you don’t like it, well, then we’ll have just about the cleanest place in the state with a vacuum on each floor of each wing of the house.” “Tom”—Kate laughed—“five or six vacuum cleaners? You do tend to go overboard, don’t you? It’s called letting your fantasy take on a life of its own.” “Can’t help it, love. Mike created such a fantastic mental image of you hooked up to that machine that I don’t think it will ever leave me. It’s burned into my brain like a fiery brand.” “Tom,” said John, hotly looking at Kate. “I can see where three machines might be useful for Kate. Two vacuums, one for each of her tits, and another vacuum to suck on her clit. Now doesn’t that make one hell of a visual statement?” “Yessssss. What a perfect picture! Yes, yes, yes.” Tom drew in a gasping breath. “Mike, stop jacking off and get on the phone and order our vacuums, now. Next day delivery.” Kate looked at John with a glimmer of heat. “Just be careful what you ask for, John. You know those machines can be turned into ‘cock-finders,’ too.” Everyone, even John, laughed. Tom quickly said, “I’m not kidding. I want those machines as soon as possible.” “Well, Tom, if you can wait another ten minutes until we get home, I can probably have two or three delivered this afternoon.” “That—that will be great.” Tom looked slightly embarrassed. “Guys, guys, I’m coming! Oh, Mike, that fantasy was hot. Soooo hot. You can spank my pussy when we get home, if you want.” Kate’s fingers flew across her clit, and she suddenly stiffened and shrieked out loud as cum oozed from her slit and dripped down to her anus. She looked around at the incredible sight of her three men, who were now pumping their cocks almost violently, their faces contorted as their climaxes neared. The sound of moans and groans surrounded her as her musketeers came, one after the other. The scent of sex was almost overpowering until Tom lowered one of the windows and the fresh, cool mountain air swept through the area. The men quickly cleaned themselves and adjusted their trousers, and Mike picked up a napkin and began gently wiping Kate’s cum from her pussy. The rough road had made that exercise interesting and arousing in the extreme. Kate tried to put her panties back on as they approached the house, but John

confiscated them and put them in his pocket. Kate had a very strong feeling that, at some time in the near future, she would open her lingerie drawer and find it empty. She was sure of it. Things were escalating rapidly between the four of them, and Kate was looking forward to the next chapter and to their next sexual encounter. She looked at Tom and smiled contentedly. He nodded his head, and his eyes became pools of intense heat as his gaze rested on each of them in turn. Whatever he saw apparently pleased him enormously, and he settled back in his chair with a deep, satisfied sigh. A few minutes later the limo pulled into the garage. Just before they exited the limo, Kate turned to Mike. “Tell me, Mike, got any weekly appointments open?” “Any time, any place, Katie.” They were still chuckling as they entered the large entrance hall of the mansion. John and Mike nodded at Trey Andrews as he appeared at the top of the stairs and to Ryan Underwood as he stood in the hallway leading to the pool room. Ryan approached Mike and John. “The water channel to the outside has been sealed. The men left just half an hour ago. They installed a heavy steel panel inside the plastic one and bolted it to the channel walls. We verified their identities before letting them in and checked their photo I.D.’s against the picture you left to make sure the perp hadn’t managed to slip in using someone else’s name. “Good work, Ry. That takes a load off our minds. If you and Trey haven’t eaten lunch yet, go ahead now. We’ll discuss the afternoon and evening schedules when you’ve eaten,” said John. “Well, uh, Connor set up Trey and me for the afternoon shift and said he and either Carolanne or Mark would cover this evening, subject, of course, to your approval. He didn’t know if you’d need any of us overnight, but told us to keep it open just in case.” “That’s great.” John said. “Keep the schedule Connor set up. As for needing you overnight, I think we’ll need you for at least tonight. Right, Mike?” “Yes, definitely tonight, and tomorrow is a possibility, too.” “Oh, great. Do you think it would be all right if we—” “Yeah, Ry, I’m sure it will be okay for you guys to use the pool tonight. But just make sure that the blinds and blackout curtains are completely drawn. That means during the day and at night, too. Until this guy is caught, we don’t want to let him know who is where. We need to keep him guessing as much as we can.” “Right, boss, got it.” Ryan turned and walked back down the hallway to the pool room, but they could hear him on his cell phone talking to Trey about lunch and using the pool tonight. His last fading comment, “if I could afford it, I’d be willing to pay them to let me work here,” caused another round of smiles. “I’m glad they can find some enjoyment in this mess,” said Tom seriously. “I’m not kidding. They all know that this guy is dangerous and that they might be in danger themselves, but they are still staying. That means a lot to me.” “Tom, I don’t think it’s going to be long before we hear something definitive about this guy. I’m sure that Internet exposure is already bringing in calls from all over. Something should be happening soon.” John led the way into the library, closing the door firmly. He had stowed a large, hard-sided suitcase there before they left this morning for

the hospital. “In fact, we’re so sure that things are going to start heating up here that Mike and I have decided you both should be armed, at least for the next few days. Tom, I know you’re familiar with firearms so you shouldn’t have any problems refreshing and familiarizing yourself with this Beretta. Kate, we’ve got a small derringer for you. It’s already loaded and has the safety on. You can carry it in your jacket pocket. Basically, all you need to do is flip the safety here, and cock it this way, then pull the trigger. Mike and I will set up a practice range and teach you how to use it.” “Katie, John and I would normally never, ever, arm a client. It’s just not smart. But, in this case, we know both of you. We know you’re level-headed. And, damn it, John and I have a strong gut feeling that you both should be armed. This guy is certifiably crazy.” “That’s fine. Just let me know whenever someone is available. But right now I need a shower and a change of clothes. After that, I think lunch is a priority.” “If you need any assistance, someone to wash your back, or anything else, just let me know,” John said with an exaggerated leer. “I’ll certainly keep that offer in mind for the next time, John.” “Don’t forget, Kate, we already missed one chance to assist you with your bathing, remember? Everything seemed to go to hell in a hand basket that day. But don’t think Mike and I have forgotten all of the ways we had planned to assist you as you bathed that day. We had really looked forward to soaping your beautiful body with our hands, rubbing and squeezing, dipping our fingers into each crease and crevice we could find. We were going to make sure you were clean, inside and out. We even had a large number of rubber and gel toys to help us with our task. And that’s only a small part of what we’d planned for you, the pulsating shower head being another part. Then, of course, your husband came up with his treasure chest.” “Stop! Damn, you’re getting me all hot and bothered. Again. Don’t tell me any more of your plans, at least until later tonight. Then you can show me.” “Did you forget, Katie? You promised that when we got home you’d let me spank your pussy. I’m going to hold you to that, Katie. And I want John and Tom to watch and help, too. So let’s get to the elevator and get upstairs. You’re going to take your spanking now, Katie. Let’s go.” “You did promise, Kate,” said Tom as he took her hand and guided his wheelchair to the elevator. Mike smiled as they waited for the elevator doors to open and said, “This has a strong element of déjà vu. Didn’t we just do this a few days ago? I’ll take the stairs, again, since I don’t think the elevator will take all of us as well as the wheelchair. First, I’ll make sure that Trey and Ryan are downstairs having lunch.” He looked at John with a crooked smile. “Prep her for me John. Get her ready. You should have plenty of time before the elevator gets upstairs.” John’s face was drawn tight with desire and lust. He nodded to Mike as they entered the elevator. It was a very tight squeeze. John stood behind Kate and pulled her skirt up to her waist. His fingers slid down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy in a circular motion while Tom began stroking and probing her naked ass. “Damnation, Tom, she’s soakin’. She’s so fucking hot that her cum is sliding

down her legs. Oh, baby, you are so ready, so excited that I bet you’re going to come before we even get to the bedroom. And then you’re going to come again when we get you there, and that’s a promise.” As the elevator finally shuddered to a stop on the second floor and the door opened, John quickly pushed the “close door” button and then the button for the third floor. He lifted the arm panels from the wheelchair while rasping, “Tom, get your cock out, and hurry. Kate, take him. Face him and impale yourself on his meat. Now!” Kate slid down on Tom’s erect cock with a groan, her knees on either side of Tom’s hips. She took Tom’s face between her hands and kissed him wildly as her cunt rotated on his shaft. Just then the elevator doors opened on the third floor. As Tom’s fingers gripped her hips firmly, she looked up questioningly at John, who had just pressed the button for the second floor. John turned to them, his thick, straining cock jutting out of his pants. With one swift movement, he had his dick pushing between their lips, his hands on their heads, pushing them toward each other and his rampant cock. “Suck on me, both of you at the same time. Suck my meat. Use your tongues. Do it,” he rasped as the elevator began making its slow descent down to the second floor. “Ahhhh, yesss. Eat me! Suck and lick my cock, don’t stop.” Kate and Tom began licking and sucking as John pumped his dick between their lips. When John pulled his cock back far enough, their lips met and they kissed deeply, their tongues entwined, until John thrust forward again and they frantically pleasured him with their mouths. Tom reached up, his fingers probing and pushing, following the rear seam of John’s trousers to his tightly puckered ass while Kate reached between John’s legs and lightly stroked his balls as they used their tongues, lips, and teeth on his thrusting dick. “Unbelievably good. Yess! Keep sucking, keep licking, keep touching me. And keep fucking each other, yes! Oh, that’s so good, so good. I can’t stop watching both of you sucking and licking my penis while screwing each other. Fantastic. One of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. The only thing missing is Mike. If he were here, I’d have him—” John’s hoarse voice grated roughly as he swallowed a deep groan. “You’d have me do what?” asked Mike from the open elevator door. At the sound of Mike’s voice, John’s cock flexed strongly. “Mike! Look at them, Mike. Look at them sucking and licking my dick and, oh yes! Scraping my meat with their teeth.” “What would you have me do to you, John?” Mike asked softly. John’s head fell back and his eyes closed in an agony of ecstasy. “I’d have you on your knees behind me, licking and sucking my balls and fucking my ass with one of our favorite vibrating dildos.” “Well, until we get to the bedroom and some privacy, you’re going to have to wait. Let’s go or the team will be back from lunch before we make it to the bedroom,” said Mike firmly. “No. Mike, I’m almost there. Just let me come first. Watch them take every drop. Come on, Mike, just a few seconds longer.” Mike reached out with his thumb and forefinger and pinched the area just below the head of John’s cock and stopped him from coming. John grimaced wryly at Mike. “Spoilsport!” He started to carefully return his still swollen cock to his pants, but was stopped by Mike.

“Sorry, John. Leave it out. Katie’s fantasy was to see you fully dressed, with your penny loafers on, but your cock sticking out of your pants, remember? Though, I have to admit that it’s one helluva sexy look. I can see why Katie would love it. I love it myself.” Mike looked heatedly at John, his attention centered on the growing erection displayed so prominently. Finally, he pulled the wheelchair out of the elevator and turned down the corridor to Tom’s bedroom, his face a mask of urgent need and desire. “Let’s just hope we don’t run into any of our crews on our way to the bedroom. I don’t think either Katie or Tom would appreciate putting on a show for them. Would you, Katie?” Mike reached forward and gently squeezed one of Kate’s breasts as she continued to grind herself down on Tom’s cock. **** “N–no,” Kate cried distractedly. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes from John as he walked beside the wheelchair, his cock bobbing up and down with each step he took. And, suddenly, her whole body began to tighten as Tom’s hands firmed on her hips, pulling her down as he thrust up, his cock slamming into her. “Look at John’s cock, Kate. Look at it,” Tom cried. “That cock is going to fuck your mouth while I watch, it’s going to fuck your cunt while I watch and it’s going to fuck your ass while I watch. The same with Mike’s cock. You’re going to take them both, Kate. And, I’m going to watch you do it. Then you’re going to watch me take them into my mouth and my ass. Tell me, Kate. Tell me you want it all.” His thrusts became frantic, his hands pulling her down on his cock with stunning force. “Yes, Tom. Oh, yes. I want it all. I want you to watch me, and I want to watch you, too. I want all three of you, every way possible. All of it, Tom.” She ground her cunt against him one more time before John and Mike separated them. “Damn it, Tom, you’re going to have to wait until we get the door of the bedroom open.” John smiled in anticipation as the four of them disappeared together into the bedroom.

Chapter 14

The fabric of his reality began shredding before his own eyes. Rosie had been taken to the hospital last night, but he hadn’t been able to get to her with all of the police hovering around her room. Now, her room was empty and they said she had checked out. But he had been watching the entrance and hadn’t seen her leave. Damn it! Rosie was gone again. Once again, she’d left him all alone. His hands clenched into large fists as he stood at the hospital’s information desk. Impotent rage swept through him at the loss of her. She’d been gone for so long, and he still missed her so terribly. And she had just slipped by him, again. Damn it to hell and back! He’d make her pay. She wouldn’t get away with leaving him. Never again! She was his, and he would make sure she could never escape again. He’d made the isolated cabin beautiful on the inside. The living room and bedroom almost looked like the pictures Rosie had kept on her bedroom wall for years. Once she realized that she was his, she’d be happy there, he knew. Once he found her, he was certain that no one would ever be able to take his Rosie away from him again. They would die first. “Excuse me, sir. Is there a problem?” The young security guard was very polite and glanced at the nervous information clerk reassuringly. “What?” “I’m sorry, sir, but other people are waiting in line behind you for information. If there is a problem, we’d appreciate it if you would—” “No. No problem at all,” he snapped gutturally as he turned and stalked to the entrance doors. He stood outside on the sidewalk briefly, shading his eyes from the sun and muttering to himself. People made a wide detour around him, gazing apprehensively at his menacing expression and stance. Moments later, he blindly walked toward his van in the parking lot. He had to find her. He had to find her, but where was she this time? Who had taken her from him this time? With each step he took, his rage escalated, until he was shaking with fury by the time he opened the van door. He sat in his van for several long minutes. The air inside was stifling, but he didn’t even notice it. He’d had a dream last night. He’d seen Rosie last night and talked to her. It had made him angry that she had cut her beautiful long black hair and that she was wearing all of that heavy makeup. But he had been so grateful that he’d found her once more that he wasn’t as firm with her as he should have been. In addition, there were other puzzling changes in Rosie that he’d noticed, at least until that man had hit her. He would have killed that miserable son of a bitch if the police hadn’t come in when they did. At least the dream last night hadn’t turned into the nightmare that had been plaguing him for so many years. The nightmare that kept coming back over and over again. The nightmare he knew was driving him mad. Suddenly, the answer was clear to him. He had taken her, again. That miserable son of a bitch, Tom Martins, had taken his Rosie away from him, again. It was all

Martins’ fault. Those friends of Tom Martins had hidden Rosie somewhere. That knowledge calmed him, banking his rage and anger and filling him with steely resolve. First, he’d have to find out where Martins was keeping her, and then he had to rescue his Rosie! He had to bring her home. Bring her home to him. And then he’d make sure that Martins could never take his Rosie away again. He’d kill the son of a bitch and everyone around him. He smiled grimly. Once he had his Rosie back, then the nightmares would end for good. He would never again have to see her dead face looking at him with empty surprise. He would never again have to hear the loud cracking sound as his fist hit the side of her head. He would never again have to see the blood that pooled beneath her. No, once Tom Martins was dead, and his Rosie was back with him, then the nightmare would be gone. He needed a plan. He needed to get back inside that mansion and find out where Martins had hidden his Rosie. And once he had rescued his Rosie and had her safe, then he’d go back and take them all out, permanently. But, first, he needed a plan.

Chapter 15

Sheriff Benjamin Whittaker paged through the reports left on his desk. It was the same old thing. Small problems, but nothing he couldn’t handle in an hour or two. But the Martins case had all of his professional instincts primed to the max. This was a nasty one. He picked up the picture Mike had printed from the YouTube video. He shook his head at the madness that seemed to be radiating in waves from the photograph. He felt the familiar tingle of unease at the back of his neck. This case was far from over. Ben looked up as Carolanne walked into his office, stopping just inside the door. That instant snap of desire and attraction was growing stronger every day. His eyes settled first on her wide, whiskey-colored eyes and glistening lips before moving down to her abundant breasts. He could almost physically feel her breasts in his hands and her nipple in his mouth. Carolanne placed her hands on her firm hips and whispered sternly, “Ben, stop it. For God’s sake, we’re in your office. Let’s have a little professionalism here. Unless, of course, you want me to jump your bones here and now with your entire staff watching and listening.” Incendiary heat flared in his eyes as they stared into hers. A guttural “where and when” ripped from his throat. “Ben!” Her eyes widened as Ben slowly got up from his chair and walked intently toward her, his cock straining against his tight jeans. He reached behind her and shut the door firmly before pulling her roughly into his arms. Instead of kissing her, Ben moved two steps to the side and moved her so that her back was to the wall. He took a step forward, pinning her to the wall with his body and freeing his hands to stroke slowly from her waist to her breasts. He groaned as she lifted her hips to press against his growing arousal, but still did not kiss her. “I want you so damn badly that I can hardly think, Carolanne. From the first time I heard your voice, the first time I saw your face, your body. I knew. I knew you were mine.” His teeth gripped her earlobe and nipped lightly. “Ben! Oh, my God, Ben.” She tipped her pelvis up and began grinding her pussy against him. “Since I met you, Carolanne, I haven’t been able to do anything but fantasize about fucking you, sucking on your tits, and eating you and playing with you until you scream with pleasure. I want to fuck you every way possible and—” “Ben! Shut the fuck up and kiss me, damn it.” She grabbed his head and pulled his smiling lips down to hers. It was instant combustion. A fiery conflagration of intense emotional and physical need. Their tongues dueled in a dance of naked desire as their hips rotated and ground together. Carolanne’s hands covered Ben’s on her breasts. He moaned into her mouth, his tongue searching for hers, and then he sucked it into his mouth. It took a few moments for the sound of the intercom to register. “Sheriff? There’s a call from San Francisco, a Mr. Trent Palmer. Something about the Martins case. Sheriff? Do you want me to tell him to call back later?”

Ben covered the few steps to his desk quickly. “I’m here, Tobey. Tell Mr. Palmer I’ll be right with him.” “Will do, Sheriff.” Ben took a deep breath and exhaled roughly. He looked at Carolanne still leaning against the wall, her lips swollen from his kisses and her hair slightly mussed. “Carolanne,” he said roughly. “Tonight. My place or yours?” She hesitated for a moment then nodded. “Tonight. My place.” Ben picked up the phone. “What have you got, Trent? Wait. Hold on for a second. Carolanne, get a notebook and pen. Okay, Trent, I’ve put you on speaker. Carolanne will be taking notes. She’s one of M-G Security’s best people.” He shot her a wink and smile. “Well, we think we’ve found your guy. The only name we could come up with is T. J. Samuels, and we’re quite sure it’s not his real name. According to a former employee, he owned his own construction company for just under a year. Apparently he couldn’t keep any personnel because he’d either fire them or they’d quit. No one could put up with his ranting and raving.” Ben could hear papers shuffling as Trent paused and then continued. “When his wife disappeared, he left what little remained of his business and took his eleven-year-old stepdaughter, Rosemary, to the Pacific Northwest. They lived in Seattle for about four years before moving to a small cabin in the mountains near you. The stepdaughter graduated from high school three years ago and since then she has disappeared, too. The home address listed at the high school is for a house that was torn down two years ago. No one knows where his cabin is located, but we’re still checking out things from our end.” “That doesn’t sound good, Trent. Not good at all.” Ben was seriously disturbed by this tale. “I’m with you there, Ben. I’m faxing you a copy of the stepdaughter’s high school yearbook picture. She’s a dead ringer for that girl on the video, so I’m sure this fits with the Martins case. Ian is still checking on possible locations for the cabin. It would have to be close enough to the high school for her to have attended regularly, unless they rented a place in town. Maybe the house that was torn down. So we’re checking on that end of things, as well as trying to get information on Rosemary from her classmates. But that’s all we’ve got at the present time. When we get more, you can be sure we’ll be in contact immediately.” “Thanks, Trent, you guys have dug up an incredible amount of information. If we learn anything at this end, we’ll be in contact. Have you notified Mike and John of this new info?” “No, we can’t seem to get through to them. If you can, let them know what we found and that we’re working on the other things. Take care. Will talk to you soon.” “Right, Trent.” Ben hung up his receiver and looked at Carolanne solemnly. “I don’t like the sound of this, not at all.” “Do you think he killed them both, Ben?” “I don’t know. It’s guesswork at this point, but looking at that face, I believe it’s a valid possibility.” Ben watched as Carolanne walked over to the fax machine which was laboriously giving birth to a slightly dark picture of a young girl. She picked up the fax and brought it over to Ben.

“She is beautiful, Ben. So full of hope and promise. And Trent was right, she looks a lot like Marylou. They could almost be twins.” She put the fax picture next to that of the hate-filled face of the man in the video. “How could she have made it living with that madman?” Ben studied the two faces for long minutes. “All we can do is hope that Rosemary is a survivor. Some people have the ability to look adversity in the eye and spit on it. Let’s hope she is one of them.” “Ben, you do have the most weirdly cockeyed way of looking at things. But I like it. I like it a lot.” Carolanne smiled. “Seven o’clock, and you have my address. I’ll cook dinner.” “This time, forget the dinner. It’ll either burn or get cold by the time we get to it. Maybe we can order pizza, as long as you’ll let us eat it in bed. I swear to God, Carolanne, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you. I don’t know how this happened, or why, but you’ve hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve never felt this way before, even when I was a testosterone-ridden teen. Not even during my marriage.” “Ben!” she said as she took a step toward him. “Come one step closer, Carolanne, and we start here. Now. On top of my desk. I’m serious!” She stepped back quickly and looked at him with amusement. “I believe you, Ben. I believe you.” She held her hands out in front of her, palms out as she took another two steps back. “I’d better get back to work.” She paused, her face thoughtful for a moment. Then she said, “But my job here is done, isn’t it, Ben? There’s no need for me to go through any more files, is there?” “No, there’s no need for you to go through the files, but I’m sure going to miss seeing you here, Carolanne. You’ve played havoc with my concentration while you’ve been here and nearly driven me crazy with desire. But now I have a feeling that every time I walk out of my office my mind is going to see you sitting at that desk, taunting and teasing me just by being there. Or I’ll lift my head and see you standing with your back to that wall, your lips swollen from my kisses and your hair just slightly mussed. I don’t believe I’ll ever be free from you, Carolanne. Not ever. And to tell you the truth, I don’t want to be free of you. Not ever.” “Ben, what are you saying?” she asked in a shocked voice. “Great. Just fucking great. Now I’ve scared you into thinking I’m some kind of fucking stalker.” He roughly scrubbed his hands up and down his face before facing her again. “I’m sorry, Carolanne. My timing really sucks. I hadn’t meant to lay this on you so soon.” She walked up to him, cupped his face in her hands, and looked deeply into his eyes. “You’re no stalker, and I’m not the least bit afraid of you. And one other thing, Ben. I don’t want to be free of you, either. Not ever. So go ahead. Lay it on me, big boy.” He pulled her to him and held onto her with arms of steel for long, long minutes. Suddenly, he stiffened, and pulled back enough to look into her eyes. “You said, ‘Lay it on me, big boy’? Is that what you said? Lay it on me, big boy?” he asked incredulously. She looked up at him, her eyes dancing with amusement. “Yup. I did. That’s what I said.” He started with a chuckle, then let it all out. He laughed so hard that the deputy and office staff quickly crowded into the doorway to see what was so funny. Ben ignored

their audience and pulled Carolanne into his arms and kissed her. When he finally pulled his mouth away from hers, there were loud cheers and applause before they hurried back to their desks. When they were alone, Ben rested his forehead against Carolanne’s. “Do you think we can finish this later tonight, or do we want to put on another public display in here? I’m up for either one.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead, the bridge of her nose, and to her chin. “I don’t dare kiss your lips again, or it will definitely be public display.” Carolanne smiled at him and said, “Tonight. Don’t forget, six o’clock. And pizza’s fine with me.” “I thought you said to be at your place at seven o’clock tonight.” “I did, but I changed my mind. I want you just as soon as I can get you. I was afraid that five or five thirty might be a little too early for you.” “Hell, I’d go with you right now if I didn’t have to make a stop back at the Martins’ place. I want to pass along the information Trent provided, and I also have to talk to John and Mike about security plans.” “I’m driving out there, too. Connor wanted me to work tonight, but he’s going to have to find someone else because I’ve got very important plans for tonight.” “Is that right? Important plans, huh?” “You bet.” “You could ride out to the Martins’ with me. Of course, there would be a few stops I’d have to make on the way. You know, we lawmen have to check out places hidden from the road, make sure they’re safe for people needing some privacy.” “Tonight, five thirty, my place. Don’t forget.” She winked and left his office quickly. He chuckled briefly and then realized exactly what she had said. Five thirty! God, she was a real piece of work. Incredibly sexy, funny, smart, gorgeous, and she was going to be his. He was going to do everything in his power to make sure of it. He grabbed his hat and keys and started out of the door when the intercom came on again. “Sheriff, it’s a call from Los Angeles for you, a Mr. Ian Davies.” Ben quickly turned around and leaned over his desk for the phone. “Ian, this is Ben. Any more news?” “Yes, as a matter of fact there is more news. I just finished talking to Trent, and he said he’d just spoken with you, but hadn’t been able to reach Tom or Mike or John. I haven’t been able to contact them either. Maybe you can relay this new information. We’ve found Rosemary Samuels, although her married name is Langston. Once the police officers we sent to her home were able to assure her that I was not working for Samuels, and would never reveal her location to him, she agreed to talk to me. Once she started to talk, she didn’t stop for over an hour.” “Thank God. Then he didn’t kill her.” “No, not his stepdaughter, but she believes that he killed her mother, RosemarieJanine Samuels. She said he always called her mother Rosie, and although she was only eleven years old at the time, she was aware that he controlled her mother with fear and even with his fists. Their life became a living hell. According to Rosemary, her mother had made arrangements for the two of them to leave Samuels, to escape his obsessive and abusive behavior. But something went wrong and he found out about her plans. Rosemary was in bed but remembers hearing a terrible fight. Samuels was screaming and

shouting obscenities, and she could hear the familiar sounds of fists hitting flesh. She says she heard a loud thud and Samuels crying out to Rosie, begging and crying for her not to leave him.” “Son of a bitch,” exclaimed Ben. “That sounds like a familiar story. One I’ve heard too many times.” “You and me, both,” said Ian. “The next morning the daughter was told that her mother had left to visit some friends in Seattle and that they were going to meet her there in a week or so. She said she knew her mother was dead because her mother would never, ever have left her with Samuels. And, also, she said that after Samuels had loaded the van with their things, he left her in the van and walked into the nearby woods just a few feet. She could see him from the van and watched him kneel down and place his hands on a mound of freshly dug soil and bow his head. Rosemary knew then that that was where he had buried her mother.” “Christ, the poor kid had to have been terrified out of her mind.” “Oh, she was, but do you know what that terrified little girl did? On the way to Seattle, when she had a few moments of privacy, she wrote down on a scrap of paper the address of that house, along with a tiny child’s map of a square house and the woods close by with an X showing the approximate location of her mother’s grave. She folded it into a small square and hid it in a large flowered locket that had belonged to her mother. We have a team at that address now, searching that location for the body.” “Oh, my God! It’s almost unbelievable that a child, a terrified child at that, would think and act so logically.” “Not so unbelievable, Ben. She said she did it so that someday, in the future, she could go back and visit her mother’s grave to say good-bye. She’s still afraid that he’ll find her and is willing to do anything to put him in jail for the rest of his miserable life. She drew a map for the police officers showing the location of the cabin in your area that we’ve been looking for. I’m sending a fax to you right now. We know you’ve got limited men available so we’ve got a team en route to the cabin, as long as you have no problems with that. If you have any problems with it tell me now. I can still call them off.” “No, Ian, I welcome the help. Just give them my cell number and have them let me know when they’ll be here. This sick fuck is extremely dangerous.” Ben paused for a second. “Was he—was he abusing her, too?” “No, she claims he never physically touched her. Apparently, they left Seattle because she had made too many friends among her classmates and teachers in the four years they lived there. Teachers were beginning to question why she wasn’t allowed to join her classmates on field trips or attend school social functions. So he pulled her out of school and took her back to the mountains. Rosemary said that experience taught her that she had to keep any friendships, female or male, secret. Especially male friends. During her senior year she fell in love with a young man in her class, and she was terrified that Samuels would find out. She explained to her boyfriend what had happened in the past and convinced him to keep their relationship secret, even from their friends. It wasn’t until a few days before her high school graduation ceremony that she became absolutely terrified. All of a sudden, Samuels started calling her Rosie and looking at her ‘funny,’ she said.” “Oh, shit,” Ben said. “Oh, shit, no.” “You said it! Rosemary said it was a few days before the graduation ceremony

when he tried hugging her, calling her his Rosie. She said she doubled over, crossing her arms in front of her stomach and told him she had just started her period and was cramping. She ran into the bathroom, locked the door, and stuck her fingers down her throat. She knew he could hear her heaving and vomiting and hoped that he would leave her alone for at least a few days. The following day at school she and her boyfriend made plans to escape at their graduation ceremony the next night. As soon as they received their diplomas they walked off the stage and slipped through the milling crowds to her boyfriend’s car. They managed to escape before Samuels even knew they were gone. They got married and moved to the east coast where they each got a job and started college part-time. They’re doing fine now and expect a baby soon.” “Damned gutsy kids. Did she have any idea why Samuels would have targeted Tom Martins?” “She didn’t even know who Tom Martins was. But she finally remembered an odd occurrence. It was just seeing three guys in a convertible when she and Samuels were returning from shopping. There were several girls gathered around the car talking to the men. It was the week before her graduation, and she had weightier things on her mind than a car full of ‘older men.’ Samuels had gone into a rage about ‘rich’ young punks like Martins and his friends who thought they could buy anything and any one, especially young girls. He’d warned her against even talking to them.” “That’s it? Christ, Ian, that’s no reason for his attack on Tom.” “I think she unwittingly stoked the fires of his rage when she replied that she wasn’t interested in those guys because they were way, way too old for her. She said Samuels got very quiet, his face became red, and the veins stood out on his forehead and his neck. He never said another word to her until they got home. But she remembered that for the next few days he’d mumble about rich young punks and how he’d make him pay. How he’d never let Martins steal her away from him. But that was all she could remember.” “It sounds as if he was on the edge of full-blown madness, doesn’t it, Ian? It could be that when she disappeared he lost his sanity completely. He didn’t even know she had a boyfriend, so, in his madness, that meant Martins was the logical scapegoat.” “It fits, Ben. Better than any other explanation we’ve been able to come up with. Listen, get the word to Tom and Mike and John. I’ve got my phone lines lighting up. I’ll let you know when we have more info.” Ben looked at the dead receiver in his hand for a brief moment before hanging it up. He tried calling Mike’s and John’s cell phones and the landline for the house with no results. Now he was getting concerned. Ben took the map to the cabin from the fax machine and grabbed his hat, checked to make sure his cell phone was charged, and headed for his cruiser.

Chapter 16

The four of them quickly entered the bedroom and securely locked the door. Kate was still on Tom’s lap in the wheelchair, his erect cock still inside her and her arms around his neck. “Come on, Katie girl, it’s time for you to get your spanking. Tom wants to watch you take it, Katie. He really wants to watch you get your pussy spanked. Come on.” Kate tightened her arms around Tom’s neck and mumbled, “Just give me a couple of minutes here.” She wiggled her bottom, and Tom moaned loudly. Tom squeezed her, pulling her chest firmly against his, which elevated her ass slightly as she leaned into him. “She’s being very bad, Mike,” Tom said roughly. “I think she needs to have her ass paddled as well as her clit.” His cock stiffened and seemed to expand as he spoke. Kate looked at him in shock. “Tom!” “Spank her ass, Mike, while she’s impaled on my dick. Do it.” Mike’s hand came down sharply on one of Kate’s buttocks, pushing her down on Tom’s cock. Tom lifted her partly off of his cock, and as John’s hand came down sharply on her other cheek, Tom thrust up into her wet pussy. Finally, Tom’s arms banded around her waist, pulling her tightly against him. “Spread your pussy lips, babe. They’re going to spank that ass, and I’m going to feel every clench of your body as you take it. That’s it. Yes. Grind that clit into me while they give you the erotic spanking you want, Kate. Now! Spank her ass, now.” Mike and John arranged themselves on each side of the wheelchair, one hand squeezing a tit while the other hand landed sharp blows on her ass. They worked in tandem, Mike’s hand landing sharply on one cheek while John stroked the blushing flesh of her other cheek, and then John’s hand would impact her ass smartly while Mike soothed her other reddened cheek. “Look, look how pretty and pink her ass is getting. How beautiful! Tell us you love being spanked, Katie. Tell us how much you love being our bad girl.” Mike moved to the front of the wheelchair and began licking and kissing one reddened ass cheek as she ground herself against Tom. “We didn’t really hurt you, did we, Katie?” he asked between kisses and long licks of her abused flesh. “N–no, you didn’t hurt me. I mean, it did sting, but—” John joined Mike, licking and kissing her other ass cheek. “Good grief,” John said hoarsely, “her juices are dripping down onto Tom’s balls. You really loved it, didn’t you, Kate? Your body can’t lie to us. Oh, baby, we’re going to have a great time making love to you. But, first, Mike gets to spank your pussy. And you know how much you loved having your pussy spanked. Remember how you came? How you lifted your hips and reached for each stroke of my hand, each stinging slap between your legs? And now you want Mike to spank that pussy for you, don’t you, Kate. Tell him. Tell him you’re ready for your pussy to be spanked.” “Mike, please.” Kate shuddered in pleasure at John’s words. “Mike, I want you to spank my pussy, I need you to spank my pussy. I need to come, now!” Kate tried to

continue rubbing her cunt against Tom, but Mike and John lifted her off of his cock and took her over to the bed. After stripping her, they pulled her butt down to the foot of the bed and put a pillow beneath her, and spread her legs. “John, you hold one leg, and Tom, you hold her other leg. Don’t let go. Keep her open, wide open for me. It’s time, Katie, time for your spanking.” He took her hands and placed them between her legs. “Spread those pussy lips for me, Katie. Hold them wide open so that we can all watch you take it. Oh, yes, just like that. Just like that. It pushes your clit up and out when you do that. You have to watch, sweetheart, and lift up to meet each stroke, just like you did with John. Remember?” Once again, her juices flowed from her pussy, almost in a stream. Mike rubbed his hand up and down her wet slit until his hand was coated with her slick liquid. Then he looked deeply into her eyes and smiled. His hand descended quickly in a stinging blow. Kate groaned and writhed on the bed. “You disappointed me, Katie. You didn’t lift up as you were instructed, so that means you get another spank added. Now, lift.” She placed her feet on the edge of the bed and lifted her pelvis up as Mike’s hand delivered two quick, stinging blows. She held herself up for the third, but it didn’t come. “Mike, please. I need to come. Spank me, Mike, harder, please, do it.” Her voice sounded strangled and rough as she begged. With a smile, he leaned down and sucked her clit hard into his mouth, jabbing at it with his tongue and then ending with a long, hard lick through her creaming slit. He stood back up, and his hand descended once again, landing on her open pussy with a firm crack. “Don’t you dare come, Katie. We’re not finished with you, are we, John?” “Not even maybe, Mike.” Kate moaned softly as John’s mouth covered hers in a kiss of carnal need and desire. She threw her arms around him, holding him tightly to her, straining for the completion she knew was just a few strokes away. Between nipping kisses wherever he could reach on Kate’s lips, neck, and breasts, John instructed Mike to help Tom onto the bed and to strip him naked and lube his cock. **** Kate watched, fascinated, as Mike prepared Tom’s cock for her, stroking it and then bending down and sucking the tip into his mouth. She watched as his tongue lovingly licked at the crest of Tom’s cock and as Mike tried to insert the tip of his tongue into the small slit on the tip. As Tom’s cock grew thicker and harder, Mike began slathering it with lots of lubricant. “Okay, Mike, now let’s slide our Kate’s hot ass down on his cock. We can watch her take him all the way to his root. But slowly, Mike. Let’s spread her ass cheeks so that we can see every inch as it fills her, as she takes it all.” John piled thick pillows at Tom’s back, lifting him to a half-seated position with his thick cock standing rigidly at attention. Kate was placed facing away from Tom, with her knees on either side of Tom’s thighs. John stroked Tom’s cock several times before inserting the thick bulbous head of his lubricated cock into the tightly pouting rosette of Kate’s ass. She moaned loudly as

Tom’s cock forced its way past the tight sphincter muscles protecting the depths of her ass. When she tried to sink down on his meat, John and Mike prevented her, only letting her sink half way down his thick stalk. “Oh, Tom! It’s been so long, so long since I’ve felt you in my ass. You feel so good, so very good!” Kate sat up and began lifting slightly and then powering down, taking a little more of Tom’s cock with every stroke. Mike nodded at John. “It’s time. Let’s have Katie spread those ass cheeks of hers and watch as she takes him all the way. I want to watch this, badly. But, Katie, do it very slow so that we can see everything.” “Yes, yes, please. I want all of Tom inside me, every inch. And I want you to watch, please.” They watched with rapt attention as Kate sat up and reached behind her with both hands and spread her ass cheeks so that they could watch as her husband’s cock plowed deep into her ass. Kate would rise up a few inches, and Tom’s hands on her hips would pull her down as he lifted his hips, fucking into her ass with rapid strokes. John’s cock, still sticking out of his trousers, began flexing and expanding. Finally, he took off his shoes, socks, and shirt. He stripped off his trousers and briefs and got up onto the bed and stood, leaning forward, arms stretched out against the headboard, straddling both Kate and Tom. Kate looked at his bobbing cock and hungrily licked her lips before rapidly moving forward and sucking his dick into her mouth with greedy hunger. She licked and sucked John’s cock as she moved her ass up and down on Tom’s dick, moaning with increasing pleasure. Tom, unable to thrust up, grasped her hips, using his upper body strength to pull her firmly down on his meat whenever she moved her ass upward. Kate leaned her head back onto Tom’s shoulder as John kept fucking her mouth. Tom had a perfect and close-up view of John’s dick fucking his Kate’s mouth. At that point, Mike leaned forward and began sucking her tits as he positioned himself in front of her. It became slightly tricky to maneuver himself into position to fuck her pussy, but he managed it. John was straddling Tom and Kate, his ass moving back and forth rhythmically as he pumped his meat into her sucking mouth. All Mike had to do was lean forward slightly and gently suck John’s balls into his mouth as he forged into Kate’s cunt with a deep lunge and began stroking his cock in and out of her cunt, fucking her as he continued licking and sucking on John’s balls. Kate could feel Tom’s cock in her ass, and Mike’s cock in her cunt, rubbing against each other through the thin layer of skin. Kate’s climax began with small pulsing contractions as John moaned and thrust his dick faster and faster in and out of her avidly sucking mouth. Suddenly, John stiffened and shouted her name as his cum spurted in waves into her greedy mouth. Kate was watching John’s face as he climaxed, while Tom grabbed Kate’s hips and held her down while he tried to keep from coming, too. But it was impossible, and he reached around Kate, grabbed her breasts in his hands, and squeezed while his cum shot in fierce spurts into her ass. At her last, shuddering contraction, Mike began fucking her in earnest, powering his meat into her until, with a groan, he shot his cum deep inside her and triggered another mini climax in Kate. They collapsed on the bed in an exhausted pile of cocks, balls, tits, and cunt. Finally, they managed to get Kate into the shower, but she turned and pushed them out. “No more until later tonight,” she said firmly.

“Tonight?” John sputtered. “You’ve already come at least three or four times this morning and you can come again, later tonight? Thank heavens there are three of us or you’d wear us out. But, baby, if you can do it, you’d better believe I can, too. I’ll look forward to later. Damn, I can’t believe you are so fucking perfect for us, but you certainly are. Abso-fucking-lutely perfect! Come on, Mike. We both need a shower, too.” And they left quickly for their shower next door. “Kate, sweetheart, are you really okay? It wasn’t too much for you? Please, sweetheart, talk to me.” “Tom, it was wonderful. All of it. What a fantastic day this has turned out to be, and I’m hoping tonight will be as good, for all of us.” Tension drained from Tom’s face. He smiled in relief, obviously thrilled at her response. “You’re not sore, are you, babe?” “Not, sore, but there is a strong tingling throb between my legs. The last time, John’s spanking had me throbbing for two days. I have a feeling this one will, too. You caused another throbbing, Tom, in a slightly different area. But, again, it was a very welcome throbbing, and I look forward to much more. Come on, love, we both need a shower now.” She reached out her hand toward him and smiled when he stood up from his wheelchair, grabbed her hand, and joined her. They quickly slipped under the heated pelting of the water. **** They did not finish dressing as quickly as Mike and John did, but finally they got down to the dining room for a very late lunch, or very early dinner. Kate made sure that they had their guns on them before they left their room. “If Mike and John have a strong gut feeling that we need to carry these things, then carry them we will.” Mike and John had already finished eating, but sat with them over coffee and pastries Tom leaned over to Mike. “When will the vacuum cleaners arrive?” Mike looked stunned and reached for his cell phone. “Sorry, I forgot. I got majorly distracted when we got back here.” He patted his pockets and came up empty-handed. So did John when he reached for his cell phone. Mike snapped his fingers and said, “The limo. They’re in the limo.” He started to get up when Tom motioned him back. “No rush on the cell phones. You can use the landline.” Mrs. Mallory had come back into the room with a fresh pot of coffee and heard Tom’s comment. “Sorry, Mr. Martins, but the landline isn’t working. No one can figure out why.” Mike stood up. “I’ll get both of our cell phones from the limousine. Be right back.” He came rushing back into the dining room and thrust John’s cell phone at him. “Something major must be coming down. We each have about fifteen messages.” He had no more than gotten the words out when his cell began ringing. “Hello, Ben. What’s up? Yes, John is here and Tom and Katie, too. Okay, I’ll put you on speaker.

“I don’t know where the hell you’ve all been, but I’m on my way back there. I should only be another five minutes, if that. I’ve already called Connor and set up a meeting with him. Carolanne and I think all of you should be there, too. Ian and Trent have learned the name of our man, as well as located his stepdaughter. We think we’ve figured out what’s going on, but I’m not going to get into it while I’m on the road. So, as soon as I get there, we’ll meet and go over it with everyone. Later.” The dial tone buzzed loudly as they looked at each other. Finally, Mike turned his phone off and looked around seriously. “It feels like there is going to be a mountain of shit coming down.” He looked at Tom. “Maybe the order for vacuums can wait a day. I have a feeling we’re going to need to concentrate on the problems in front of us instead of the pleasures to come.” “You’re right, Mike. Tomorrow or the next day is soon enough. Why don’t you contact Connor and Carolanne and have them meet us in the conference room. We’ll have Mrs. Mallory set up some coffee and pastries in there.” **** Ben was admitted to the mansion by Trey a few minutes after everyone was seated. Ben didn’t delay, but described in detail his phone conversations with Trent and Ian, along with their theory as to Samuels’s motivation. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes, absorbing the information Ben had provided. “Well,” Tom said. “At least I know it’s not something I did, or didn’t do, that brought this mess down on us.” Kate reached over and squeezed his hand. Ben walked over to Carolanne and said quietly, “Ian said a team is on the way to check out the cabin Samuels has been using. They’re going to call me and let me know when they’re arriving. I’m really sorry, but I’ll have to have a meeting with them before we check the place out. I haven’t heard from them yet, but I expect to at any minute. So, I don’t know what time I’ll be—” “Don’t worry about it, Ben. I’ll be home all night, with the pizza. If things wind up earlier or later than expected, come on over. It doesn’t matter what time. Just take good care of yourself. Remember, I have plans for you.” “Plans, huh?” “Oh, yeah, plans!” Ben leaned down to kiss her when, suddenly, his cell phone started ringing and buzzing insistently. Ben’s face registered his frustration as he straightened back up and put the phone to his ear. “This is Sheriff Whittaker!” he answered roughly. “Ian? You’re kidding. Both you and Trent are here? Wait! Before you go any farther, let me put this call on speaker. I’m here with Mike, John, Kate, and Tom, as well as two of M-G’s staff, okay?” He nodded, and put the call on speaker. “Okay, here’s how it’s going down,” Ian said coldly. “Those fingerprints you took off of the doorframe of the bar when ‘Samuels’ grabbed the doorframe to avoid the EMTs with the stretcher, well, smart move, cowboy. We owe you for that one. Those fingerprints have upped the ante considerably. They belong to a former Ranger sniper

named Samuelson who went rogue nearly twenty years ago.” There was a long pause before Ian continued. “He killed two of his commanding officers. One with his bare hands in a fit of rage. The other was shot from a distance when Samuelson sprayed his car with bullets. We don’t know if Samuelson was aware that the victim’s wife and kids were in the car, but all five of them died either from bullets or in the ensuing crash. He’s thought to be responsible for several more deaths that we’re aware of, and God only knows how many deaths and injuries we know nothing about. He also shot three other Rangers, inflicting wounds which shattered a kneecap, an elbow, and a hand. All three of the injured had to be retired on disability. Apparently, the men had angered him in some way. We compared the YouTube photo with his military I.D. photo, and that’s a match, too. This has now become a federal case with the highest priority. This guy is not only a badass, but he’s a psycho badass.” “What can I do to help?” asked Ben. “Stay out of our way. If you see this guy, do not, I repeat, do not engage. Let us know where he is and stay out of it. If you are in a position to take him out without exposing yourself, well, I guess, maybe, as long as you shoot to kill. This guy has instincts that you wouldn’t believe. They’ve kept him free for nearly twenty years. And I want this bastard. Bad. But this is ours, Ben. Don’t fuck with us on this. Stay out of it. Understand?” “Understood, Ian, I’m not stupid. This is all yours. But if you need anything, anything at all, you’ve got my number.” “Thanks, Ben. We’ll let you know the outcome. Oh, by the way, they found Samuelson’s wife’s body. Right where her daughter, Rosemary, placed the X on her map. Later.” When the dial tone sounded, Ben turned off his cell phone and looked at the group around the table. “Well,” he said, “we’ve been given our orders. And believe me, I’m not anxious to go up against a crazy man.” He looked at Mike and John. “Do you have Ian’s and Trent’s cell numbers on speed dial?” At their emphatic nods, he gave a wry twist of his lips. “This whole thing is giving me a really bad feeling. I feel like I’m walking under a big, black cloud of apprehension. Until this guy is caught or neutralized—” From the corner of his eye, he saw Tom and Mike stiffen and a look of shock cross their faces. John had been looking down at his cell phone in his hand when he suddenly stiffened, too. Ben turned slowly to see Mrs. Mallory held in front of Samuelson, with a gun pointed at her head. He was standing in the doorway, his back to the foyer. John looked up then. “Samuelson,” he said loudly. “How did you get in here?” Mrs. Mallory gave a terrified moan, and Samuelson tightened his arm around her neck, his attention on Ben, who was standing. Samuelson gestured to Ben. “Drop your weapon to the floor. Now! Unbuckle that belt very slowly with your left hand and let it drop to the floor. The rest of you, put your hands on the table and don’t move an inch,” he said, and he returned the gun to Mrs. Mallory’s temple. Ben, standing in front of Carolanne, did exactly as directed while everyone else placed their hands on the table. Samuelson gestured to Ben again with his gun. “Put both hands behind your head.


Ben did as Samuelson directed. “Samuelson, let Mrs. Mallory go,” Mike shouted. A look of extreme shock crossed his face as the use of his name finally registered. “How did you know my name?” Samuelson roared. “We know all about you, Samuelson. We know you murdered your wife, Rosie.” Tom stood up slowly, sighing with obvious relief when the gun left Mrs. Mallory’s temple and pointed directly at him “Nooooo. No. You stole my Rosie away from me. You did. It’s your fault that my Rosie is gone.” Samuelson’s face was contorted with insane rage and hatred. Kate slowly rose to her feet beside Tom, her voice raised in anger. “Mr. Samuelson, my husband had nothing to do with your Rosie’s disappearance. And what’s more, you know it. Now let Mrs. Mallory go, and we can sit down and discuss this like rational human beings.” “Kate, please don’t,” Tom cried softly. “I said sit down and put your hands on the table where I can see them, unless you want to see her dead.” Samuelson shouted as he pointed his gun at Mrs. Mallory again. “Except you, Sheriff. You stay right where you are, and keep your hands behind your head.” Tom and Kate sat back down and put their hands on the table. Carolanne reached up very slowly, her body half hidden by Ben. Ben hissed in a breath and fear twisted his insides, until he felt her slip a gun into the back waistband of his jeans. “Mr. Samuelson,” Carolanne said softly, soothingly as she leaned forward to look at him. “The police notified us that your Rosie’s body has been found. It was buried a few steps into the woods. You remember the house, don’t you? I think they said it was number twenty-four Canyon Road.” Everyone in the room could see the moment when his mind remembered. They could see the horror and the pain. And they could see his instant rejection of the reality he couldn’t face. “Noooooooo. You lie! I would never hurt my Rosie. You lie! It’s not true!” Ben reached back and pushed Carolanne fully behind him. “Sit back,” he hissed and quickly put his hand back behind his head. Mrs. Mallory suddenly slumped unconscious in Samuelson’s hold, her face blue. He adjusted his hold across her chest instead of around her neck, and the blue began to disappear. “Let her go,” Kate cried. “You’ve nearly killed her. Just let her go!” A cold, calculating look appeared on Samuelson’s face. “Fine, I’ll let her go when you come up here and take her place.” “Deal,” she said shortly. Kate stood and slowly edged by the chairs in front of her. “Kate, no. Oh God, Kate, please don’t do this,” Tom whispered helplessly. Kate continued to move slowly forward. “You lost Rosie’s little girl, didn’t you, Samuelson. She must have looked a lot like her mama. You killed Rosie first, and then you wanted to turn her little girl into a copy of her mother for you to use. For you to hit with your fist, like you did to her mama.” “Damn it, Katie, shut the fuck up,” whispered Mike urgently as she passed his


As she slowly walked forward, Kate looked around the room and saw Ben across the table and slightly ahead of her with his hands behind his head and a revolver in the back waistband of his trousers. She saw Connor, who was seated with his back to Samuelson, and noted one hand on the gun tucked in the front of his trousers. She also knew that her guys were armed to the teeth. She just had to give them a chance to take Samuelson down. “Did you know that she’s married now? Rosemary’s going to have a baby. Another man’s baby, Samuelson. She’s happy with another man. A man who didn’t murder her mama. A boy she fell in love with in her class at school, not an old man like you. That’s who stole her away from you, a boy from school. Not my husband.” Kate gripped the derringer in her jacket pocket as she angled her body so that he could not see what she was doing. “You lie. It’s a lie, a lie. She’s mine!” he shrieked. His screams covered up the sound of Kate flicking off the safety on her derringer and cocking it. She was almost close enough for him to grab her. Before she took the last step, she looked back at her three men, her three loves, but the terrified look she saw on their faces nearly stopped her in her tracks. Enraged, Samuelson shoved Mrs. Mallory to the side and grabbed Kate by her arm, yanking her toward his body. She lurched into his side and jammed her derringer into the elbow of his gun arm, pulled the trigger, and dropped to the floor. “Nooooo!” he screamed in shock as the gun hung limply from his useless hand. He made a frantic attempt to grab the gun, but it dropped out of his hand. As Kate fell to the floor, Connor turned low in his chair and snapped a shot up at Samuelson, hitting him in the throat. Ben’s shot was a bare fraction of a second later, hitting Samuelson between his eyes. But before his body fell to the floor, Mike, John, and Tom got off one body shot each in a rolling volley of sound, punching his already dead body back through the doorway into the foyer. **** John picked up his cell phone and said two words, “He’s dead.” His cell phone came alive with shouted instructions and questions. “Get here as soon as you can, and we’ll fill you in on everything.” He turned off his cell phone and slipped it into his pocket. Mike and John split up and began searching for Trey and Ryan. John found them conscious, but tied up and gagged in the pool room. They had moved back-to-back and were frantically trying to untie the ropes that bound them, but hadn’t quite made it. Seeing the blood on both of their faces, John quickly called for another ambulance as Mike arrived and helped cut them free. They absolutely refused to stay in the pool room, wanting to be a part of the whole takedown, even if it was after the fact. John nodded to Mike, and they assisted the men to their feet and explained what had happened during the shooting. Trey nodded morosely as they walked down the hallway. “He said he’d be back to put a bullet in our brains, but he wanted us to listen to the others get it first. Then he

laughed and walked away. He was one sick son of a bitch.” “The worst thing was,” said Ryan, “he meant every word, literally. He was going to come back and kill us. It certainly gives you a new perspective on life and on living.” They stopped in the foyer where Samuelson’s body had ended up. They looked at the bullet-ridden body dispassionately. “I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Mike said as they turned away. “But because he stopped to tie you both up, he missed hearing the phone conversation where his identity was revealed and the fact that his wife’s body had been found. We were able to keep him surprised and just a little off balance, which gave us a small edge.” They looked slightly mollified at that thought. Ryan and Trey headed for Connor, who was in deep discussion with Sheriff Whittaker, but Carolanne headed them off and pulled them to a couple of chairs near the table and started asking them what had happened to them. **** Kate watched, fascinated. After the shooting had stopped and he’d verified that Samuelson was dead, she watched Ben stride toward Carolanne and haul her into his arms and kiss her senseless. Then they both looked at Connor. Carolanne said something to Ben, and he nodded, kissed her lingeringly again, and then went to talk to Connor. Whatever Ben had said to Connor seemed to help. Color was finally returning to his face, and he looked almost normal as he walked over to where Trey and Ryan were sitting and joined their conversation. One ambulance had already come and taken Mrs. Mallory to the hospital for observation. She was obviously distraught and had undergone quite a terrifying ordeal. Forty-five minutes later, the sirens screaming outside announced the arrival of Ian and Trent and their teams, as well as the second ambulance Mike had called for Trey and Ryan. Chaotic confusion reigned as Ian and Trent, with their headsets bleating instructions from headquarters, took over. Their men were milling about in the hall, taking pictures of Samuelson’s body from every possible angle. They even appropriated the ambulance for transportation of Samuelson’s body, although the EMTs did patch up Trey and Ryan before they left. Finally, hours later, the body and most of the men were gone. Ian and Trent videotaped and audio taped interviews with each person present. Then, just before they left, they played the taped cell phone coverage they obtained from John’s call. “I can’t even begin to tell you how we felt listening to that and not being able to be here, or able to do anything to help. Especially, when we knew exactly how dangerous this guy was,” Ian stated solemnly. “I don’t ever want to go through anything like that again, and I’m sure you don’t either. But, having said that, I can’t help but acknowledge the incredible job you all did. Each and every one of you contributed to getting a veritable monster off of the streets. Well done. Well done.” He turned and left the room without another word. Trent smiled grimly before following Ian out of the room and said, “What he said, and thanks.”

Ben stood and held his hand out to Carolanne. “Is our date still on? It’s way past seven o’clock.” “Most definitely. Let’s go home, Ben. I’ve got beer cooling and I’ll call for the pizza on the way.” Carolanne stood and took his hand, pulling him to the door. “Boy,” said Ryan after they left. “Pizza and a cold beer. Sounds like heaven to me.” Connor and Trey nodded enthusiastically. “Tell you what,” said Tom. “I have an account at the Pizza Palace and can have three or four pizzas delivered, and maybe some hot wings, salad, and pasta, too. There’s plenty of beer and soft drinks in the refrigerator in the pool room. Unless you’d rather escape from here for a while. I could understand that, too.” “Not me,” said Ryan forcefully. “Staying here sounds great.” “Me, too,” said Connor and Trey. “Well, go on. Enjoy yourselves. We’ll let you know when the food gets here. You’re off for the rest of the night.” John smiled and added, “Don’t worry about getting up early tomorrow, either. Take the day off and have a good time.” “My God, the resiliency of youth.” Mike grimaced. “Were we ever that young?” Tom put down his cell phone after placing the food order. “No, actually, I don’t think we were ever that young. But I like seeing them happy. How is Connor doing? I’m sure it was traumatic for him to actually shoot a man. But I’ll be eternally grateful that he never hesitated. I saw both you and Mike talking to him for a short time. Is he okay?” “Well, Connor said Ben talked to him and told him that, yes, his shot to the throat could have been lethal, if we’d had the time to wait for him to bleed out. Or Kate’s shot could have hit an artery or vein in his arm, and eventually killed him, with enough time. But Ben told him that what his shot and Kate’s shot did was to shock and stun Samuelson just long enough for Ben to be able to take aim and deliver the killing shot. So I think he’s going to be able to deal with what happened. But what about you, Kate?” John looked anxiously at her. “How are you dealing with this?” “Actually, I’m dealing with it just fine, at least for now. I keep expecting to have a reaction, but so far, nothing. I was so angry at that man for all he put Tom through and what he did to that poor child’s life that shooting him in the arm didn’t seem so bad. I just had to do it, you know?” Her voice started wobbling. “I’m glad it’s over. No more worries, but I’m so tired. I know it’s probably shock and adrenaline overload, but all I want to do now is sleep. Just stretch out and sleep.” “Then let’s go upstairs, sweetheart,” Tom said quickly. “We’ll stretch out together because I’m suddenly feeling exhausted, too. And I’m not willing to let you out of my sight, or my arms. We’ll wait until tomorrow to give you hell for taking ten years off of our lives.” Tom looked at Mike and John. “Will you see that the food is taken back to the pool room for me? You’re both welcome to join us, you know.” “We do know,” said John as he leaned down to kiss Kate good night. “You take care of our girl tonight, Tom. We’ll see you both in the morning.” “Good night,” said Mike as he kissed Kate, too. “I sure hope Tom ordered enough food,” John said after they’d gone, “because suddenly I’m starving.” “Me, too, but I’ve got to run upstairs for a few minutes. Will you call me when the food arrives?”

“You know I will.” Mike nodded and went upstairs. John stood in the empty foyer, noting the bullet holes in the walls and the occasional smear of blood that Ian’s and Trent’s men missed. They’d have to call in a professional cleaning crew as well as have the bullet holes patched. But that was for another day.

Chapter 17

The next morning Mrs. Mallory was preparing breakfast, the aroma of fresh coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls filling the kitchen. “Mrs. Mallory,” cried Kate. “I never expected to see you today. How are you feeling?” “Oh, I’m just fine. Charlie came to get me at the hospital last night and took me home, thank goodness. I just hate hospitals.” She smiled and returned the hugs she was getting from everyone. “Charlie’s taking me on a trip to Florida to see our daughter and grandkids. I’ve never been there, and I’m so excited. But I told Charlie that I had to come back here before we left. I wanted to tell you how much it meant to me that you were willing to trade places with me, just to save me from that crazy man. Charlie said it was the bravest thing he’d ever heard of, too, especially after he talked to those two men who came to the hospital to get my statement.” “I’ll bet,” murmured Mike. Kate smiled. “When are you supposed to leave, Mrs. Mallory?” “Well, Charlie is waiting outside for me now. We’re going to leave as soon as I finish breakfast here.” Mike walked over and gently removed the wooden spoon from Mrs. Mallory’s hand. “Then you’re off right now. I’ll take over the scrambled eggs, and John can take the cinnamon rolls out of the oven when the timer rings. The coffee is already made, and we want you to have a wonderful vacation.” He gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and turned her toward the door. “Hold on a minute, Mrs. Mallory,” Tom said. “I’ve got your pay along with a substantial bonus. Consider it your hazardous duty pay. Use it on your vacation and have a great time.” Using his cane, Tom walked toward Mrs. Mallory and handed her a rather thick envelope. He held up his hand, cutting off her protests and shooed her toward the door. **** Ben and Carolanne stopped by later that morning, and they did a final wrap up with the M-G teams who had been involved. Sophie and Gina reported that Marylou Kasden was thrilled with the apartment they’d found and was seriously considering several different career paths. Salazar, the small town hood, was also in jail. His three men, arrested at Marylou’s apartment, rolled on him, spilling everything they knew about his various illegal activities, many of which crossed state lines. According to Ben, the Feds were digging into his activities and looking for his contacts and suppliers. Scott Thomasson was still in the hospital and faced a long period of therapy and additional surgeries due to his crushed wrist. The bartender, Barney, didn’t end up

pressing charges against him, but Captain Richards had told Thomasson that they had the video of him assaulting Marylou and she didn’t have to file charges for him to be charged with battery. That situation was still up in the air. Trey and Ryan explained how Samuelson cut the phone lines and ambushed them separately. Ian called as the meeting was winding down. He had just talked to Rosemary Langston to advise her that her mother’s body had been found and that Samuels, also known as Samuelson, was dead. He said it was a very emotional phone call, but that Rosemary had asked him to thank those who removed the dark and terrifying threat of Samuelson from her life. When the meeting finally finished and everyone had gone, the four of them sat over coffee, the house oddly quiet now. **** Kate had hardly said one word during the whole meeting, but now she couldn’t hold in her concern about John and Mike. “You aren’t planning on leaving us now that the threat against Tom has been taken care of, are you?” She looked from Mike to John and finally to Tom. “You won’t let them leave us, will you, Tom?” “You want us here, Katie? Permanently?” “Yes,” she replied immediately. “We both want you here, don’t we, Tom?” “We do,” Tom said quietly. “I’ve always wanted both of you to become a part of our lives. A truly intimate part of our lives. These past few weeks have been a dream come true for me. But there is something that should be discussed seriously.” He stopped and looked at Kate questioningly. Kate took a deep breath. “Tom means children. I am unable to conceive due to a medical condition I had as a child, and you already know that Tom had mumps that left him sterile. We have seriously discussed adoption, but put it off after Tom’s accident. One day, in the future, we intend to take up that option. So we would understand if either of you wanted to have a family, children of your own.” “Well, actually, neither Mike nor I will be getting married and having children. We both decided several years ago that our particular gene pools had some rather long histories of abuse and other serious problems. And a year or so after your wedding, we realized that we wanted to make a commitment to each other, which we did very privately. To us, it is as binding as your wedding vows are to you. That does not mean that we don’t love the two of you because you know that we do.” John looked at Mike and smiled warmly as Mike moved closer to him and grasped his hand. “But you’ll need uncles for your children, won’t you? Mike and I would be fantastic uncles,” John said. “That we will. With a house this big, we can fill it with kids who need a home and make our own family.” Mike’s face was solemn as he continued. “We can make a safe place for kids to grow up, not like what we—” “Whew,” Kate interrupted as Mike’s voice cracked with emotion. “That’s a real load off of my mind. I was so afraid we’d lose you both, and that would break my heart.” “And mine, too,” Tom said. “I couldn’t be happier now that we’ve settled the fact

that you’re both going to make your home here, with us.” “I think we should celebrate this fantastic news.” “I agree, Kate,” said John with a smile. “And where do you want to go to celebrate? Anywhere you say, that’s where we’ll go. Right, Tom? London, Paris, Rome, the Caribbean, the Orient, you name it.” “Well, guys, there is one destination I’ve been dying to visit, but I don’t want to go without all of you.” “Name it, sweetheart, and we’ll pack and leave tonight.” Tom grasped her hand, squeezing gently. “Yes, Katie. Anywhere you say.” “Well, I really, really want to visit the attic. Now! I need you and want you, all three of you, touching me, filling me, and fucking me. I love you all, so very much.” The stunned expressions on their faces excited her, particularly when those expressions changed to hot, intense, predatory sexual desire. She could feel her juices surging between her pussy lips and collecting on her panties. John stood, his erection tenting his trousers, and strode toward her. He gently lifted her from her chair and pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly. Kate began squirming against him, tilting her pelvis up to increase the friction he was creating against her pussy. “Attic,” she whimpered. “Let’s get up to the attic. I need to see what kind of playground Tom has created for us.” Tom and Mike were already on their way to the elevator, large grins on their faces. John pushed back reluctantly from Kate, turned her, and with his hands on her shoulders, steered her out of the room. They all crowded into the elevator, excitement and anticipation radiating from each of them as the elevator made its way slowly up to the third floor. They passed several storage rooms before Tom stopped in front of a blank wall. He turned what looked like a thermostat and a panel slid open, revealing a door. The door to the room was made of metal and had what looked to be a fingerprint recognition mechanism, in addition to the keyed lock. “Right now,” Tom said, “the keys and my thumbprint will unlock the room. Later we’ll initiate the fingerprint mechanism for all three of you. This may seem like overkill, but I don’t ever want anyone else to even know about this place, let alone be able to access it. Especially any children we might adopt. No one else will even know what’s here except the four of us.” Tom leaned against the doorjamb and unlocked the door, pushing it slowly open. The first thing Kate noticed was the amount of natural light in the room. There were four large skylights with sunlight streaming through. They were placed on opposite sides of a thick beam that spanned the length of the room. One skylight was directly over a huge four-poster bed containing four pillows against a padded headboard. The bed looked as if it were two king-size beds put together. John and Mike were busy taking the dust cover off of the bed as dust motes danced in the rays of the sunlight. They folded the scarlet coverlet back, revealing black satin sheets and pillow cases. Quickly, they removed other dust covers from chairs, tables, glass cabinets, benches, and assorted other items in the huge room, while gasps of laughter and moans of heated desire followed them. “Tom, this is incredible,” Kate said as she looked around in stunned surprise. On the other side of the room from the massive bed with its four thick, carved posts was a

huge half-glass wall containing a shower with numerous showerheads at various levels. The ceiling of the shower contained four rain showerheads. All four of them could shower at the same time with plenty of room, thought Kate with a smile. Through an open door next to the shower Kate could see part of a lavish bathroom. “There’s a lot more to see, Kate.” Tom put his hand under her elbow and directed her toward a glass counter. Stacked inside on one shelf were unopened boxes of electric and battery operated vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and probes of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Another glass shelf held boxes of cock rings, penis pumps, and male masturbators, along with blindfolds, handcuffs, several different bondage kits, and strapons, and a quantity of feather ticklers. There were also creams, lubricants, and emollients of every kind and scent. “And look up there, Kate,” Tom said with a smile. “Remember how we talked of getting a sex swing? Well, there they are, two of them, suspended from the ceiling. I can’t wait to see you swinging naked in one, totally open to whatever toys we want to use on you, or however we want to fuck you or play with you and pleasure you.” “Damn it, Tom, I can’t wait either. It’s like being in an extremely luxurious and high-end sex shop or bordello. Tom smiled and nodded in acknowledgement as he unbuttoned Kate’s slacks and began pushing them and her panties down her legs with one hand while he slid his other hand between her legs and began stroking her already distended clit. While Kate slipped her T-shirt over her head, Tom, with a quick movement of his fingers, disposed of her bra, leaving her naked. Mike and John had started taking off their shirts when John whispered something in Mike’s ear. Mike laughed and nodded his head. When they approached Kate and Tom, both men had their cocks and balls hanging outside their trousers. “You two sure know how to show a girl a really good time,” Kate said as her eyes feasted on the sight before her. She smiled and looked at Tom. He winked and nodded and watched as Kate sank to her knees, grasping a cock in each hand and pressing the two cock heads together. Then she began licking and sucking the two cocks at the same time, her tongue curling as far as possible around the tips of their cocks as she rubbed them together. Tom moved to the opposite side from Kate and reached between their legs, grasping their balls in his hands, massaging and rolling them to the agonized moans and groans from Mike and John. Tom grabbed John’s arm for support as he awkwardly knelt and turned John’s hips to face him. He pulled John’s cock into his mouth and sucked hard as Kate took Mike’s meat in her mouth, sucking and tonguing him wildly. Mike and John groaned loudly as they turned their upper bodies to face each other and kissed frantically. Kate and Tom were on their knees, almost facing each other as they sucked, their eyes never leaving each other. Finally, Tom reached up and undid the button holding John’s trousers up and pushed them and his briefs down to his ankles. He reached around to John’s ass and slowly inserted his finger. Kate’s eyes widened, and then she quickly mimicked his moves, unbuttoning and pushing down Mike’s trousers and briefs, then inserting her finger into Mike’s tight ass. “Katie! Tom! I can’t hold on any longer. I’m going to come.” “Me, too!” groaned John.

At the anal penetrations, John and Mike howled and began shooting jets of cum into Kate’s and Tom’s sucking mouths. After licking her lips to catch the drop of Mike’s cum that had escaped, Kate leaned forward and kissed Tom sensuously while Mike and John untangled their feet from their trousers and finished undressing. “That was wonderful,” Kate said as she slumped to the floor next to Tom. Mike and John slowly sank to the floor next to them with large grins on their faces. The four of them sat on the floor in companionable silence, taking in the many details of the room. “Oh, Katie, luv, just look at those restraints attached to the massive posts and headboard of the bed. You know what’s going to happen with those, don’t you?” “Yes, I do,” she replied with a smile. “And I can’t wait to see you naked and tied up for my pleasure.” The look of surprise on Mike’s face caused several chuckles. Especially when Mike responded, “I can’t wait for that, either.” “Well, if I have anything to say about it, and I do, each one of us is going to spend some quality time tied to that wonderful bed. Right?” Kate looked at each one of the men with a very determined glint in her eyes. Tom and Mike grinned and nodded enthusiastically. John looked slightly uncomfortable, but nodded his head, too. “Don’t worry, John. We’ll be gentle, I promise,” Kate said with a smile and a soft kiss to his lips. John kissed her back with a bit of tongue play and then grinned wryly. “I’ll just bet you will. But I’m up for any games you want to play. Just make sure I get my turn to be in charge.” “I don’t see why we can’t all have a chance to be in charge,” Kate remarked pensively. “As a matter of fact, that was one of my fantasies I haven’t had a chance to talk about yet.” “Since we love your fantasies, please continue, Katie. We’re listening avidly for the details.” “Well, there really aren’t many details. Just that I get hot thinking about both having control and also being controlled. My fantasy actually is pretty generic and not fully formed yet. Basically, it was the idea of having a different one of us in complete sexual control of the others every other weekend or even for a single day every other weekend. The other three would be virtual sex slaves to the ‘Master’ for that day or weekend. That way, we’d each get a chance to really be in charge.” John groaned loudly. “That’s more than okay with me. In fact, it’s one of my fantasies, too. Only in my fantasies it was me in charge. But for the chance to sexually control all of you for a whole weekend, and I’m pushing for the weekend over a single day, I’m all for it. Let’s do it, soon.” “I’m in,” said Tom hoarsely. “It sounds like a helluva great idea, and I’m going to start making plans now for when I’m Master of all of you slaves. I’m all for the weekend, too. Oh, this will be fantastic fun.” “I’m in for the weekend, too, but what I’d like to know now,” said Mike slyly, “is why we’re all naked, except Tom.” Everyone turned to Tom, their faces reflecting their intent as they moved toward

him. Tom laughed. “Come on, it’s not my fault. You got distracted and abandoned me. I’m the one who should be outraged,” he said laughingly as they closed in on him. In short order, his clothing was gone and he was naked as a jaybird. Their hands were all over him, his cock, his balls, and his ass. He was writhing on the floor under their caresses, moaning and begging for more. “Get the lube from the cabinet, Mike.” John’s voice was tight and strained. “It’s time, Tom. We’ll do it slowly, and if you can’t take it, just let us know. We can try a little bit more or a little bit deeper each day if you need to. But we’ll start now.” Mike put the bottle of lubricant on the bed and helped John pick Tom up and position him bent over at the foot of the bed, his feet on the floor and his ass exposed. “Kate, stand beside Tom and after my cock has been lubed, you will spread his ass cheeks apart and watch each inch of my dick that disappears into him.” Mike opened the bottle of lube and poured it into his hands, then stroked John’s cock liberally. Then he squirted some of the lube between Tom’s ass cheeks, rubbing it in and then adding more. “He’s ready, John,” said Mike breathlessly. “Are you ready, Tom? Are you ready to feel my cock in your ass? Do you like knowing that Kate is going to watch you get fucked? Come on, Tom. Let us hear you say it. We can all see your cock pushing into the bed. You’re hot and horny, aren’t you, Tom.” “Yessss,” Tom grated roughly. “Stick it in me, John. Fuck my ass like you used to. I need to feel you inside me, deep inside. Put your cock in my ass, John, please.” “Tell Kate to spread your ass cheeks and watch as you get fucked. Now.” John gave several slaps to Tom’s ass until Tom groaned agonizingly. “Kate, do it. Spread my ass cheeks and watch John fuck me. Do it, Kate, now. I can’t wait any longer. Please, Kate.” Tom was pushing his ass back toward John when Kate put her hands on his ass, separating his cheeks and exposing the brown puckered hole. As John moved to the bed, he gestured to Mike. “Help her keep him open for me, Mike. This first time, I need her to put it in him. Come on, Kate, grab my dick and position it at his hole. Oh, yes. Perfect. Now push just the head in. Slowly, Kate.” Fascinated, Kate watched as the large crown of John’s cock penetrated slightly, forcing its way in. She grabbed his cock again, and pulled John forward, pushing his cock deeper into Tom’s ass. Tom groaned loudly, begging for more. He wiggled his butt until he almost dislodged John’s cock. John gave him several sharp smacks on his ass and told Kate to give Tom what he wanted, more cock in his ass. “How much more can you take, Tom?” John asked quietly. “We don’t have to do any more than just this far if it’s too much.” “Oh, God, John, I want it all. It’s not too much, I swear. I need you to fill me with your meaty dick. Kate, tell him, tell him to put it all in me. It’s been so long, so damned long.” “Give it to him, John. Give him what he wants and what he needs. I love seeing him get fucked and craving more.” She pushed on John’s ass, and he slowly sank deeper into Tom. Tom’s moans and cries suddenly increased as she saw Mike push beneath Tom’s legs and begin sucking his cock as John pushed in to the base of his stalk.

“You’ve got it all, Tommy. Every inch of my dick is in your ass. You took it beautifully, and now I’m going to move. Just short little strokes for now. Later, after your surgeries have healed, I’ll plow your ass the way I used to, the way you always loved to be taken. But, now, you’ll take what I say you can have.” Kate climbed up on the bed to where Tom’s head was thrashing back and forth and his cries of pleasure erupted over and over as his hands fisted tightly into the bed cover. He looked up into her eyes, and she could sense the question in his expression. She leaned down and kissed him passionately, reveling in his immediate response. “I love seeing you being pleasured, Tom, seeing the rapture on your face. I don’t care which one of us is doing it, but the sounds of your moans and groans make me so hot.” Tom lifted his head and looked into her love-filled eyes. “Get over here and let me suck that pussy before I come. Hurry because I don’t think I can keep from coming for long. God, I love you, Kate. None of this would have been possible without you.” Strangled groans cut off his thought process, and Kate lifted his head into her lap. She could hear Mike as he sucked and licked Tom’s cock and could watch as John’s cock slowly tunneled in and out of Tom’s ass. And then, suddenly, Tom’s tongue was right where she wanted it to be. She cried out in pleasure as he sucked her clit into his mouth hard, his tongue attacking the sensitive knot of nerve endings with jabs and strong licks. Just before her orgasm overcame her totally, she watched John suddenly stiffen and groan, his face etched with orgasmic pleasure. Tom’s shout filled the room as he filled Mike’s mouth with his cum. And, finally, Mike stood with a smile on his face as he jacked off in front of them. After spending an inordinate amount of time in the shower laughing and playing, they returned to the bed where the four of them snuggled down together. “Now, about these long weekends. How is it going to work? Who is going to start, and what are the rules?” John said enthusiastically. “Long weekend? How did we suddenly go from one day to a weekend to a long weekend?” Kate asked with amusement. “If you’re going to do something, then take the time to do it right,” John said with a smirk. “I think we might be better off to try just one day at first,” Tom said softly. “We can always expand to the weekend or even the long weekend. But let’s see how we each deal with the one day first. My suggestion is to put all four of our names in a hat and draw one to see who goes first. The next name pulled goes second, and so forth. As far as rules are concerned, we can add or subtract as time goes by, but as long as we respect each others’ limits, which we are already familiar with, we shouldn’t have any problems. Agreed?” “I don’t have a problem with that, at least to start with,” John said. “Sounds good to me, too. How about you, Katie?” “I’m okay with it, Mike. I agree that starting with one day for each of us sounds fine. That way we’ll be able to judge how everything is working out.” “In that case, let the fantasies begin.” They all laughed and applauded Tom’s declaration as they gathered their thoughts and plans for their future pleasures.


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