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INTRODUCTION The interpretation of each Playing card are merely reminders. As you get to know the Cards and its underlying principles, you will leave those reminders behind and follow a much more intuitive path, rather than slavishly sticking to the interpretations given elsewhere. When reading the cards either for yourself or another person, you need to be aware of a certain responsibility, since your interpretations might have a powerful suggestive influence. In addition, the fears and desires we all have create strong subconscious expectations which could be painfully destroyed by just a few words. The responsible interpreter will practice detachment, for only a detached mind can look at Tarot results without prejudice, from a distant height so to speak, unperturbed by the outcome


What qualities required to read the cards successfully: The good card-reader should not exaggerate and say 'very lucky' when the card only means 'lucky', nor should a reader say 'extremely dangerous' when 'dangerous' is sufficiently enough. The card-reader must be sincere. Starting to read the card the reader should empty the mind of all thoughts, except those required to explain each card correctly and to interpret its message with regard to the cards around it, which will confirm or modify its meaning. To tell fortune successfully the card-reader must be entirely selfless. The self will interrupt correct prediction. The card-reader must be sympathetic. He or she must never claim that a reading is bad, it may frighten the subject unnecessarily. There is no such thing as bad fortune as the future is not set. The card is there to guide the inquirer into the right directions, to change the future for the better. A reader should choose their words carefully, e.g.: 'avoid that person'; do not keep this engagement', 'do not let yourself get entangled with these matters or with those people,' 'take care in that situation.'


Sincerity and sympathy are not incompatible. Cards can only tell what is known, although neither the subject nor the card-reader may actually be aware of it. Things are already sure to happen in the future because of something that has been said, done, or that has happened in the past; or because of something that is now happening though we may have no knowledge of it. Note that the truth and usefulness of divination by cards depends on the intelligence, sincerity, and sympathy of the subject also. The subject who gives concentration, honesty, and love equal to that of the earnest card-reader, will be guided and helped.

The Picture Cards Kings are men of weight – older men. Queens are women and girls. Jacks are young, unmarried men.


The Suits The subject must identify each Picture Card, after choosing 'herself' or 'himself' according to sex and coloring. But these Picture Cards (or Court Cards) have additional meanings in certain combinations and under certain conditions. It is only necessary, for the present, to realize that Spades represent trouble, anxieties, sorrows and changes that cannot be helped or hindered. Clubs mean success which has been earned or deserved. Hearts mean love, affection, company, socializing, and Diamonds stand for money, business and financial affairs in general. Diamonds and Spades are 'chancy' suits; they stand for fated things, whether good or evil. Hearts represent things that can be altered by goodwill and sympathy. Clubs correspond to matters that, with some effort, may well be changed for the better.


The Cards Reversed Some cards have a right way up and a reversed way. However, this is only the case with the Sevens and some odd numbers when you are using other playing cards than we have included here. Many designs are so ornate and intricately patterned that no difference can be seen, whichever way the cards come into your hand. If you are using a playing card that you cannot tell which is upside or down, it is wise to put an 'R' on the top left hand corner of each card after turning the pack the wrong way up, if you can. (You can also purchase printable playing cards, at TAROTPDF.COM: otherwise you devise your own 'reversed' way, excepting the Sevens. If you like the cards at included with the meanings, you can cut them out and stick it onto a hard back. You can than use it for the specific reason of predicting the future with it. The meaning of each playing card is considerably modified if and when it is, 'reversed'. In some cases it is altered entirely (unlike the tarot card, where the meaning will be the same but it's reversed). Some card-readers do not recognize different meanings in the cards when they are 'reversed.' But the seer who wants to tell of subtle shades of meanings will do so from the first.


Reading the Cards Before reading the cards you should get familiar with them, get to know the pictures, shuffle your cards a lot so they absorb your energy and become uniquely yours. You should not allow others to play with them or anyone else to read them. Once the pack of Card is individual to you, you can start to practice reading them. When reading tarot or playing card it is very important to keep in mind the question we want the answer for.

Playing Card and the Tarot Despite of the belief that playing card is different then tarot, they are more closely related then previously thought. To explain the connection of playing card and tarot card, we should investigate the history behind them. The first Tarot cards have been around since the 1370's, used as playing cards in Europe. These earliest decks were hand painted art works which were expensive and could only be afforded by wealthy patrons. But as demand increased, new and cheaper methods of production were discovered so that playing cards became available for everyone, specially with the start of the printing machines. 9

The Earliest card found in Germany and not in Italy as most people believe as the origin of the tarot. This handmade deck found in castle Ambras (Tirol) together with Hofamterspiel reprinted by "Edition Leipzig" in 1971 for Heimeran (Munich). The origin of tarot cards is not exactly determinable, but it seems most likely that the early Tarot pointing to Gypsy origin and was an antecedent to the simpler decks of playing cards. One cannot forget to mention the use of cards for the purpose of divination. The first use of cards to tell the future was in the 1480's in Germany. One shuffled a deck of customary playing cards, drew one, and then consulted the book to determine one's fate. It was only later when Court de Gebelin tried to prove an Egyptian origin to the Tarot that people began viewing them as so magical, and attributed to them the ability to tell the future. Ironically, the first cards extant in Europe, the Tarrochi which become the ancestor to the modern Tarot, was used only for playing games, yet now the modern Tarot is used nearly exclusively for the purpose of meditation and divination.


It was the simplified playing card deck that was first used for divination, yet now it is nearly exclusively used for playing games. Although faced with a few tough tangles in the course of seeking the origin of playing cards and Tarot in all the tapestry of time, every card is a work of art. In seeking the origin of playing cards, one also seeks the origin of an entire art form. This art form seems to be known throughout the world; its widespread appeal due to the fact that it is functional art. Unlike many forms of art contemporary is due to the existence of Gypsy card's appeal and was created for the sole purpose so that it could be enjoyed by anyone. The nobility could have fine decks hand-painted for their use, the commoner folk could only afford less expensive woodblock printed decks, and even faithful clergymen could attach moral significance and endorse the use of cards. Perhaps playing cards and Tarot, with their tangled thread of history, can help unravel the mystery of the future as the Fates weave the tapestry of time. The Rider Waite type of tarot card is based on playing cards, but it is mixed with witchcraft symbolism. This is where Rider Waite and Gypsy Card differ, Gypsy cards and Playing Cards don't have witchcraft symbolism attached or hidden within its images, but it remained faithful to it's original form to predict the future.


In this book we shell reveal the close relationship of playing card, tarot and Gypsy tarot meaning and their close relationship. Where the meaning differ it will be revealed here. Every Card, Tarot Card, Playing card and Gypsy cards are all based on the same meaning, however they will differ according to their image symbolism and the way you will interpret these images, or rather what part of the image stands out for you. This will slightly modify the meaning of each cards. With playing cards tarot reading is more straight forward as the images are universal and there is no image symbolism.





ACE OF SPADES (Ace of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Conquest, triumph, business. Reverse: Disaster, destruction, hate, annoyance.


The Ace of Spades in a reading represents triumph, conquest and forceful emotions. You may well be in a position of having to take action or make a decision under stressful circumstances. It is important for you to try to keep emotions in balance in order to make the correct choice or decision at this time. The Ace of Spades stands for victory by battle. If you made a decision to get something you will get it but it might be under stressful circumstances as this card, spades and swords representing some type of confrontation. If you let your emotions run free this battle will not succeed. You need to clear your head to plan carefully and to take action to execute it, you cannot just sit back and wait for something to happen. The Ace of Spades in reverse position showing disaster, destruction and excessive use of negative forces, hate triumphing over love. The card is warning that the emotional balance is tipped over which is creating disastrous situations. You should try to stop the downward spiral and regain an emotional balance.


TWO OF SPADES (Two of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A friend, friendship, affection, communication, compromise and harmony. Reverse: An enemy, once a friend. The card represents duplicity and disloyalty.


This card signifies a friend who will be moving. If you do not appear in the same 'set-out' in the spread, you will hear of a friend who will be moving and bring him or her closer to you. It does not stand for a rich or very powerful friend. The presence of the two of spades also representing a period of waiting and anticipation of great success in the future. This time you are focused on negotiations. If you were involved in a dispute the presence of this card indicating a solution will be reached. In a reading for example if this Two of Spades coming up against the King of Hearts, a fairish or light-brownhaired-man – who you can identify – shows he is your friend, though you may have been doubting him lately. If the Two of Spades is reversed, it means that this person who is your friend now, will before long, become your enemy, but this meaning of an enemy in the guise of a friend. The Two, if reversed, indicates that this particular friend is failing you in some way.


THREE OF SPADES (Three of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A quarrel, removal, absence, delay, division and separation. Reverse: Confusion, mental alienation, loss, distraction, disorder and confusion..


This card is warning of a quarrel, separations and loss. This card indicates an unhappy time in your life, you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship that could lead to separation. The cause of these difficulties is likely to be jealousy or interference by another party. But if you remain on top of the situation, it is a quarrel in which you have the advantage. You are going to turn what looks like a failure into success at the last minute. If the Three of Spades is near to the Ace of Hearts it foretell quarrels at home; if near the Ace of Spades it tells of business disputes. Near a Picture Card, it signifies anger with someone of that significance. But these are not important or angry quarrels, just disputes, contradictions, and foolish wrangling – irritation rather than passionate anger: In reversed position the card predicts confusion, doubt, and apprehension. The card also showing delay in any important enterprise if this card is in your hand, for the affair will be hindered by distrust and insecurity.


FOUR OF SPADES (Four of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Solitude, retreat, exile. Reverse: Sickness, detachment, cut off.


If this card appears in a reading, be prepared for sickness or trouble in some form. This is not a good card. Even with good cards on both sides of it when it comes out in the set-out, it foretells loneliness and sadness of the heart. The solitude could be chosen by you, due to highly charged situation in the resent past and now you feel the need to regenerate through solitude and to be at peace with yourself. The card in a reading represents vigilance, retreat, solitude, exile. The card in reverse position representing isolation, loneliness, seclusion and even illness. The card also suggesting frustration because of stagnant period and therefore a lack of change in your life. If the card is next to a Court Card other than 'yourself', the sickness will be for a person of that sex and coloring – yet it may be disastrous for you, in some way, that this person should be ill at this particular time.


FIVE OF SPADES (Five of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Destruction, dishonor, loss, devastation. Reverse: Weakness. Humiliation.


The Five of Spades is warning to correct your bad temper! This is emphasized still more if it comes out in your 'fortune'. The card is showing bitterness and frustration. You may have been in a conflict which brought to light the devious side of your character. It is the card of ambition but in a negative sense, which means you are creating enemies. You are jeopardizing your own interest by indulging either in anger, jealousy, spite, or even hatred, unjustifiably. If you do not listen to the warning this card is holding, and question honestly; might find that the anger is undeserved and unwarranted. If this Five of Spades comes out reversed, it represents uncertainty, weakness, humiliation and mortification. This card holds for you a surprise, and not pleasantly so. A rival who have been hurt by you might get you back through gossip and rumors will spread around. You should try to remain strong at this time.


SIX OF SPADES (Six of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A voyage. Reverse: Regrets, disappointments, travel and journey.


If in a reading there are many spades, it indicating great activity in your life. Sixes in a reading also showing that you are able to change in times of difficulty. The card also showing there are obstacles to overcome. This card signifies travel, it says you will take a voyage or a journey towards water sooner than you expect. It will not be a prosperous journey nor one which you can make profit. For Spades, even when they are not bad, stand for fatalistic things. When it comes out near to Picture Cards, the Six of Spades tells of a voyage or of traveling towards the sea relating to some person or persons of the color and sex indicated by the Court Card. If reversed, this card warns you of a surprise in connection with a voyage or a place near water. It will not be a very unpleasant surprise, unless other Spades are on either side of this Six. In reverse position it also represents regrets, disappointments, disillusionment, travel and Journey. You may decide to go away for a break in order to get over disappointments.


SEVEN OF SPADES (Seven of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Change, a plan that may fail, annoyance, quarreling, wishes, attempts.. Reverse: Accident; upset. Near to Diamonds, most disappointing to present hope.


This Seven of Spades showing removal, change or upset, which you should avoid if possible. Spades are not a good suit, and Sevens stand for displacement or some kind of change. You should watch out of fanciful promises and should look carefully at situations before making adjustments. You should remain concentrated at this time and keep distractions to a minimum. If you receive this Seven reversed, it represents bad timing, loss of concentration, defeat, accident. During this time you should be very watchful what you will say and temper. Look closely into the actions of all third parties concerning themselves with you and with your loved ones. For this card threatens the loss of one dear to you, with much trouble, if reversed – not a loss through death, but by estrangement or interference or because of the hate, malice, or jealousy of others. This is never of good omen. If near to the Nine of Diamonds, you will hear of an accident; with the Nine of Spades also near, it is showing that a person who has been seriously injured.


EIGHT OF SPADES (Eight of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Crisis, conflict, feelings of being trapped.. Reverse: Deceit; plots. Reverse between King and Queen, a separation.


This card is emphasizing imprisonment, you might feel trapped by a situation and unable to express your feelings. Between a King and Queen, this Eight is warning of the alienation of a business friend or friends. The Eight of Spades implies to limitation, the limited possibilities, helplessness, ones right been taken away. A hopeless feeling, but it also means the withdrawal from the world, blame and guilt. You may be feeling trapped by a situation in your life, and you are unable to express these emotions and feelings. You may become involved in several unsuccessful ventures in an attempt to gain back your freedom. The Eight of Spades card in a reading representing crisis, conflict, censure and entrapment. In reverse position this card representing difficulty, opposition, treachery and hopelessness. You should be strong and use this time to reflect on how the situation came about and what the future action should be once the crisis is over. The Eight of Spades indicates that you need to free yourself from limiting thought process and from the past.


NINE OF SPADES (Nine of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Misfortune, Failure, loss, despair disappointment. Reverse: Suspicion, imprisonment, fear, guilt shame, depression.


If you receive this card, your Luck is out, because the Nine of Spades is associated with misfortune, accidents, suffering. Do not try any new venture or tread any new ground until a week has passed. If you do, failure and disappointment will follow you. You would be well advised to seek help. It is important not to lose heart as it is possible to rebuild after changes. The other cards in the reading will indicate which area of your life is subject to change and to what extent. If it lies between heart cards, this Nine of Spades tells of failure sweetened by Love. But if other Spades are near the Heart cards, it is illicit love and the end is disappointment. Between Diamonds, this card tells of poverty to be followed by riches. Between Clubs, of disappointment to be followed by success. Next to, or near to, the Nine of Diamonds you will hear bad news; next or near to the Seven of Diamonds an accident, which may result in serious injury of a person. The Nine of Spades in reverse position represents doubt, fear, guilt, suspicion, imprisonment. You may be suffering from depression because feeling guilty about something that has happened. This could affect your physical well-being and you should try to seek help. 31

TEN OF SPADES (Ten of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Pain, sadness, a destructive situation, enemy. Reverse: Advantage, profit, success (for a short -term).


The Ten of Spades is warning of a dangerous enemy who is able to cause great harm! The card does suggest that the your enemies have weapons which could be used to cause destruction in your life. Despite the violent meaning of this card it does not necessarily represent a violent attack. It does suggest, however, that you should stay strong at this time as the destructive situation has reached its climax, and in the near future you will be able to think more clearly. The Ten of Spades in a reading represents pain, tears, sadness and desolation. If it comes in a 'set-out' with the Five of Spades before or after it, you are about to suffer a bereavement. With the Jack of Spades next to or near it, trouble or unrest is indicated. However, if it is held side by side with the other black Ten, a voyage. When this card appears in a reverse position it representing advantage, profit, success, favor, power and authority. However, this will all be of short-term benefits and will not last.


JACK OF SPADES (Page of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Authority, spying, agility. Reverse: Deceit, frauds, deviousness.


This is not a good card, unless you are a very dark unmarried man. When, it stands for 'yourself', the card tells you to press forward with your plans – you are sure to win. The presence of this card indication that the inquirer is involved in a secretive situation that requires skills and observation. The card when it stands for you represents authority, overseeing, vigilance, spying and agility. With another Jack this card predicts deceit. Even if they are the two red Knaves the two Knaves still represent deceit whilst three stands for Business' frauds. The Jack of Spades in reverse position represents deceit, deviousness. The card is warning that a secretive person have become malicious. As a result anger rise and will surface revenge which can result in a violent confrontation.


QUEEN OF SPADES (Queen of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Widow, sadness, mourning, separation, intelligence. Reverse: Plots, scandal, malice. With her Jack, a dangerous woman.


The Queen of Spades in a reading represents widowhood, sadness, embarrassment, absence, mourning, separation and intelligence. You may be involved with a woman who went through a lot, and consequently she become dispassionate but quick-witted. This person can act quickly and severely. Alternatively it can signify a melancholy or bad-tempered person. Be warned against such a person, whatever her harts' complexion, and say as little as possible when you are next in her company. In reverse position the card is showing malice, bigotry, prudery and deceit. You or someone close to you has become embittered as a result of a sorrowful experience. This person has a sharp tongue and can cause distress to others by making stinging comments.


KING OF SPADES (King of Swords in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: An Elderly man, a man handling important affairs. Reverse: An Enemy, cruelty, evil intent.


The King of Spades in a reading representing power, command, authority, militant intelligence, law and enforcement. This card is showing that the inquirer is involved with someone who is detached and determined in thought and action. The King of Spades indicating you will hear of, or from, a public or government man; a man of affairs such as a banker, lawyer, stockbroker, head of a public department, or of a big firm; or perhaps he is a member of Parliament. The King of Spades in Reversed position represents cruelty, evil intent. Indicating that you are involved with a man who is completely detached from human suffering and enjoys imposing his will. Although this man may appear to be calm and confident, his inner feelings are of great unhappiness and cruelty. In reverse he is either troubled, worried, angry, or not so friendly to you as he was or as you believe him to be. In order to know more about this man, look to the cards next or near to him, and his connection with your affairs. If reversed, and between Diamonds, he is bothered about money; between Hearts, about his domestic affairs – or yours, if the card signifying 'you' intervenes. The conjunction of Hearts with Spades stands for sensual pleasures.


ACE OF DIAMONDS (Ace of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: contentment, gold, intelligence, joy. Reverse: Preoccupation with material wealth.


The Ace of Diamonds in a reading representing the realization of ones goal. You might have been working hard on something which now will be realized and the hard work will be paid off. It can be a business venture or personal relationship. The card can also signify a birth of a child. When the Ace of Diamonds is cut, it indicates perfect contentment, happiness, gold, intelligence and joy. If the Ace of Diamonds is with the King and the Nine of Hearts, it promises you the offer of a ring and says that you will make a prosperous marriage; of course that is if you are also held in the hand. If 'you' are absent, the marriage is for the person indicated by the surrounding cards. Or it will be within your reach but you look on the opportunity with indifference. In reverse position the card is showing the evil side of wealth, the preoccupation with material possession and comfort for which the you are willing to do any bad dead to get it and to keep it.


TWO OF DIAMONDS (Two of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Money, Gaiety, recreation, news, obstacles. Reverse: Money that will cause you harm, dispute. It also shows enforced, simulated enjoyment, lack of willpower, disharmony.


The Two of Diamonds is different to the Tarot card meaning, to the Two of Coins. The meaning of the playing card is that you will receive a considerable sum of money, and if it comes in your set-out, the money is as good as in your hands. Whilst the Two of Coins tarot meaning shows a waiting, a period of gestation, and anticipation of great success in the future. There is an emphasis on balancing, and the situation could develop either positively or negatively, depends how well you are able to keep the balance in your life. The card in Rider Waite also pointing to travel, recreation, news, obstacles, agitation, gaiety. If reversed the Two of Diamonds signify: 'Do not keep your present engagement, whether it concerns money or love'. You will certainly be surprised or startled in the matter of this particular engagement, whether you keep it or not! The Reverse meaning in Rider implies to enforced, simulated enjoyment, lack of willpower and disharmony.


THREE OF DIAMONDS (Three of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Trade, skills, renown, recognition. Reverse: Separation, mediocrity, lack of skill.


The Three of Diamonds in a reading suggests that there will be recognition of skills and hard work. The card implies to fulfillment and manifestation of a creative venture, business, or any project. Your inspiration is beginning to be concreted in the material world, and it will bring success in any project. An initial satisfaction is now being enjoyed and the project is well underway. You have all of the skills necessary to accomplish your goals in life, thus you have the ability to succeed in all your ventures. You are keen to improve the quality of your life or your work. You may find that employers or potential employers have taken note of your abilities and quality of work. You may be called on to work on a project that will benefit from greater skills. The card represents trade, skilled labor, renown, glory and recognition. The card in reverse position implies to lack of skills, mediocrity, pettiness, weakness, and inefficiency. You may have made grand plans regarding a work venture but lost interest and enthusiasm, resulting in a sloppy workmanship.


FOUR OF DIAMONDS (Four of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Gift, inheritance and wealth. Reverse: Suspense, obstacles, delay, opposition, loss.


The Four of Diamonds in playing card reading always stands for company, mixing with more people then usual, making new acquaintances. But this company is, as a rule, business or 'duty' company; it does not include socializing or celebration, though many Hearts around this card would modify this last meaning. In this case, business gathering with celebration is indicated. This does happen occasionally. Therefore, the meaning of playing card is that you might come to wealth but through hard work, through this social gathering that your business will succeed. In Tarot Reading this wealth might come without any work, through gift or inheritance, as the Four of Coins stand for gift, inheritance and wealth. It signifies the realization of one's goal and focus on wealth. You may receive a sum of money that will ensure financial security. This may come as an inheritance or a golden handshake from an employer. When reversed both tarot card and playing card pointing to speculation. They do not say 'Cease to speculate', but only 'Be careful'. Three fours together are not a good omen. In Tarot the Reverse meaning of the card is suspense, obstacles, delay, opposition and loss.


FIVE OF DIAMONDS (Five of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Some Money. Tarot Meaning: Poverty, Emotional problems, Loneliness, Financial insecurity. Reverse: Proceedings delays in successful ending. Tarot Reverse: Disorder, chaos, ruin, discord and loss.


The Five of Diamonds card tells of a settlement with regard to some money matter with which you are concerned – not necessarily a large sum of money unless with other Diamond cards, or with that important little money card, the Two of Diamonds, around. The settlement will be unexpected or you will have a surprise in connection with it. In a set-out in which you do not appear, the meaning is the same; but the settlement is not so directly for you, unless the card signifying yourself has been first cut. If reversed this card signifies the law or legal proceedings and the successful ending, but it is delayed. Tarot meaning of the Five of Coins is a time of changes, time of ups and downs. Probably personal difficulties, regarding to financial security, which brings about problems in relationship arising from arguments concerning money. The card is representing poverty, emotional problems, troubles in relationship due to finance, insecurity. The tarot meaning In reverse position this card is showing disorder, chaos, ruin, loss. 49

SIX OF DIAMONDS (Six of Coins in Tarot)

Playing Card Meaning: Hope. Tarot meaning: presents, gift, gratification, prosperity and attention. Reverse: Trouble with subordinates. Reverse Tarot Meaning: Envy, jealousy, desire, illusion, selfishness.


The meaning of playing card in a reading, speaks of hope promises and pleasure. But if it should be reversed, it threatens trouble from people beneath you, if you are in business. If it comes up reversed in your 'fortune' and next to a King or a Queen, it says that the person denoted by the Picture Card will be separated from his/her partner. The single man or woman who cuts it reversed, and finds it next or near to a Picture Card, will surely hear of the separation of a dear friend's wife or husband; this will be an unexpected separation. In Tarot reading this card means gifts, gratification, prosperity. You may have been involved in a business that has proved to be a wise investment as financial rewards will be great. Achieving success through hard work and the success is deserved. In tarot reading the reverse position stands for envy, jealousy, selfishness. You might be jealous of another person's wealth.


SEVEN OF DIAMONDS (Seven of Coins in Tarot)

Playing Card Meaning: Falseness, scandal. Tarot Meaning: Business, limited success, favors returned. Reverse: Disappointing money. Tarot Reverse: Anxiety, concerns about money, impatience, disappointment.


The playing card meaning in divination warning of friends – or some of those whom you look upon as friends – are speaking evil of you. If the Jack of Hearts comes next or near to this card, you are going to hear of a birth. If the Jack and the Queen of Spades are in the same fortune by cards as this Seven, grave scandal is threatened. The seven of Diamonds is not a good card. In reverse this card is showing money which will disappoint you. The Tarot meaning of Seven of Coins is limited success in business, hard work and favors not returned. This card is focused on limited successes, you may be involved in a venture that has limited financial reward but serves to help a friend. You will be satisfied once the favor is concluded as a debt will have been repaid and the job is well done. The tarot meaning in reverse position representing anxiety, impatience, disappointments and concerns regarding money. A friend may ask for loan and you have doubt about the intentions of this friend.


EIGHT OF DIAMONDS (Eight of Coins in Tarot)

Playing Card Meaning: Money. Hope, Success, positive change. Reverse: Small money, a gain that will not last.


The Eight of Diamonds have the same meaning as the tarot card, it signify money. The card also representing casual, haphazard, chancy things. If you have made a deal involving money, this card promises success – but it is not a success you can engineer or influence by any effort on your behalf. It speaks of hope but of blind hope. It gives no place to will or work. The Eight of Diamonds is pointing to a very positive change. The inquirer have high hopes for the future as this card is pointing to a good outlook. The card in a reading representing work, employment, craftsmanship, skill, business and bright future. In reverse this card is showing vanity, a lack of ambition stopping advancement. This card can also mean that your attention to detail is actually getting in the way of innovation and change. The Eight of Diamond is perfection in a selfcontained world, a world that needs nothing but perfection. You may desire stability but lacking the skills and even though you might be working hard it is not leading to the desired destination and ambition because all the energy is wasted for the short term gain instead of focusing on the long term goals. 55

NINE OF DIAMONDS (Nine of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Success, Accomplishment, prudence. Reverse: Deception, danger and threats.


The Nine of Diamonds have the same meaning as the Nine of Coins in tarot card. The card foretells of reward, your hard work will be fruitful. You have learned to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and achieved to rely on your inner strength. The card also suggesting that you have learned to appreciate what is available to you, knowing that the difficulties are over. The card also speaks of inheritance, of which you have recently heard of and it could well turn out to be a greater value than you first thought. The Nine of Diamonds and the Nine of Pentacles or Coins in a reading representing prudence, safety, success and accomplishment. In reverse position this card have the same meaning as the Nine of Coins in tarot card and the card predicts deception, bad faith, danger and threats. The card also showing financial setbacks, unwise decisions and hasty actions. You may be involved in theft of money or the loan of money used for illegal gains.


TEN OF DIAMONDS (Ten of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Money, gain, riches, family matters. Reverse: chance, fatality, loss and robbery.


It is a very promising sign to receive this card. The Ten of Diamonds stands for money, a good round sum of money, although not the largest sum you can receive, in connection with any deal or business venture in which you are interested. The little Two of Diamonds means a larger sum still. This card however, is focusing on positive rewards. The ten of Diamonds in a reading representation of gain, riches, family matters, home and distribution of wealth, improved career path, solid financial reserves, a stable home environment and a possible committed long-term relationship. . Two Red Tens together signify a lucky surprise in connection with money. But if both are reversed, you will be in touch with prosperous and charming people who are over-inclined to look on the wine when it is red. In reverse position the Ten of Diamonds representing change, fatality, loss and robbery. You may experience a temporary setback. Losses however, will be minimal at this time.


JACK OF DIAMONDS (Page of Coins in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: New beginnings, inspiration, a fair youth, application, study, scholarship, reflection, news and messages. Reverse: A selfish relative, man or woman, rebellion, disappointment.


This card showing new beginnings, of inspiration and the initial stages of a creative project or venture. It also symbolizing the beginnings of growing awareness. If you are a bachelor to cut it, your luck is in – you may do big things, and these will undoubtedly turn out well, for this Jack stands for 'yourself'. In tarot reading the Jack of Diamonds or Page of Pentacles in tarot, stand for application, study, scholarship, reflection, news and messages. There is a focus on study and if you have been studying for an examination, it will bring a favorable result. The card also showing that you will receive good news. If next to another Picture Card, the sex and coloring of the sender of the weighty messages may be deduced. The matter of the letter or communication may be read from adjacent cards. Hearts signify things social and of romantic attachment; Spades, sickness or anxiety, Diamonds, money, Clubs, stand for things that have been long desired and fought for. In reverse position the card representing wastefulness, concern, disappointment and rebellion.


QUEEN OF DIAMONDS (Queen of Pentacles in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A fair girl or woman with white hair, opulence, generosity, security, liberty. Reverse: A coquette, or flirt, mistrust, evil, suspicion, mistrust.


This card signifies a woman who is intuitive, who is a good judge of character, able to identify strengths and weaknesses. The Queen of Diamond in a Reading represents opulence, generosity and security. If you are a fair girl, it is you, and it is always exceptionally lucky either to cut 'yourself' or to have the card of your own signification come out. It means that you can control any matters in which you are interested, that you may act this week, without fear. If you are married, the King of Diamonds is your husband, whatever color your husband may actually be. If you are not a fair woman, this represents a good woman of that complexion. In reverse position the Queen of Diamonds represents evil, suspicion, fear and mistrust. You may encounter a woman who causes problems in your social circle and arouses feelings of mistrust.


KING OF DIAMONDS (King of Pentacles in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: representing intelligence, business, aptitude, abundance, security, ambition, power, stability, discipline, trustworthiness and control. Reverse: A treacherous man, corruption, peril, weakness, perversity.


The King of Diamonds representing financial stability, wealth, prosperity, a person who is able to offer guidance and assistance in financial matter. This person is wise in business, but lacking social skills and social graces, in earthy terms he is a nerd. The King of Diamonds representing valor, intelligence, business aptitude, and mathematical gifts. This King of Diamonds showing you that a methodical and well planned approach will lead to success and to the ability to make any business venture successful. If reversed, this card is showing to you that he may be an enemy or a treacherous person who would do anything for money even sell drugs. You may encounter a bitter man who seeks to cause harm and misfortune to others. This card more frequently representing an enemy in business. You see how true it is that Diamonds are 'chancy' things. When they mean good fortunes, there is an element of uncertainty about it. Yet Diamonds stand for the morning and for youth and hope too. But these are uncertain and impermanent.


ACE OF HEARTS (Ace of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Joy, contentment, emotional and spiritual fulfillment, abundance, compassion, fertility. Reverse: Instability.


The Ace of Hearts representing awakenings of new thoughts of inner desires. The presence of this card in a reading suggests that you are at a time period when enjoying life little pleasures and the feeling of contentment. You will feel spiritually enlightened and at peace not only with yourself but with the world at large. The Ace of Hearts representing positive emotions, energy, joy, contentment, abundance and fertility not just metaphorically but it can indicate physical fertility, pregnancy or birth. Whilst in metaphoric sense this card is showing spiritual fulfillment which will be noticed by others, bringing love into your life. The card can apply to romantic love but it can show a peaceful time in your life when you feel peace within yourself and able to make peace with friends. The Ace of Hearts in reverse position showing instability, revolution and mutation. This could indicate that you are feeling anxious, which could result in instability. However the Ace of Heart even in reverse position is a favorable card and this should reassure you.


TWO OF HEARTS (Two of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Love, Marriage, passion, friendship, balance, harmony. Reverse: Means the opposite, disharmony, separation, divorce.


This card represents waiting and anticipation of great success in the future. The card focus on relationship and matters of the heart. The Two of Hearts is representing love and fulfilling. In a reading this card is showing the simple unity of two people in love, romance in which you will experience harmony and deep commitments. If the inquirer is forming a new relationship, this card showing that it will be extremely rewarding and successful. If the inquirer is in a relationship already, this card is reflecting the commitment and strong bond of the union and there will be a renewed passion and communications. In business the card reflecting some type of partnership which will bring success and balance. The Two of Hearts in reverse position means the absolute opposite. The card in reverse stand for disharmony, separation, divorce, unsuccessful relationships. The card also indicating that partnership could falter because too much energy is being put into them, creating an intense suffocating relationship.


THREE OF HEARTS (Three of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Merriment, fulfillment, celebrations, perfection. Reverse: excessive enjoyment.


The Three of Hearts in a reading suggesting a period of celebrations, merriment, friendship, quality time with friends and family. Problems which might have arisen in the past will be resolved. The card promises a time of acceptance both of oneself and of others. The Three of Hearts in a reading represents merriment, victory, fulfillment, solace and healing. You may also receive some good news at this time. The message of the Merriment card in Gypsy tarot reading is to give yourself into the occasion of happiness, and not only let yourself to get into it but to draw others into this joy because shared happiness is the true enjoyment and it will bring back nice memories. Shared happiness and experiences which will bring fulfillment. In reverse position the Three of Hearts is cautioning about over indulgence, the excessive physical enjoyment and you should get a greater balance and a healthier lifestyle before it is too late.


FOUR OF HEARTS (Four of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A messenger, weariness, compromise, anxiety, mistrust and hesitation. Reverse: New beginning, new possibilities, opportunity.


Although this card means a messenger, it stands for stubbornness in connection with a matter on which you will receive a message. In tarot reading has a similar meaning in that this card speaks of feeling and anxiety about an offer has been made and there may be doubt about the repercussions of accepting it. In tarot reading this card stands for weariness, compromise, anxiety, mistrust and hesitation. If next or near to 'yourself' (the Picture Card signifying you) you are being stubborn about some matter on which you are punching to get your own way because it is your own way and not because it is the right way. Ask yourself it it would not be better to put your obstinacy aside and begin again? In reverse position the four of hearts representing novelty, new relations, new instructions and possibilities. This clearly indicates that you will experience new beginnings.


FIVE OF HEARTS (Five of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Bitterness, frustration, inheritance, regret. Reverse: news, alliances, affinity.


The Five of Hearts in a reading representing changes, ups and downs. You may experience the feeling of bitterness that could create real problems in your relationship. This card is often associated with marital problems and even divorce. You may receive inheritance but it will not be a happy occasion and will not bring pleasure. You might be caught up in the past and unable to move on, missing out on new opportunities. Bitterness takes over and it makes no difference how good is the present situation, you will blame the past actions and unhappiness takes over instead of enjoying the happy moments in the present. The Five of Hearts represents bitterness, frustration, inheritance, regret and it even predicts depression if you let the situation escalate. In reverse position the card representing news, alliances, affinity, ancestry, return and hope. Bitterness doesn't take over your life therefore there is hope for the future. The card also showing news that a friend will soon return.


SIX OF HEARTS (Six of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: The past, childhood, nostalgia, memories. Reverse: Stuck in the past, unable to face the future.


The Six of Hearts in a reading represents adaptability, the ability to change during difficult times. The card is showing a focus on new environments and nostalgia. The changes the card speaks of in your life is at its very early stages, therefore it it not manifested themselves yet. This card speaks of the reappearance in your life of an old friend, can also be a lover or of someone who, long ago, paid you attention. The Six of Harts therefore is a representation of childhood, happiness, enjoyment, new environments, new employment and memories of the past. This card also speaks of strength due to what you have endured and overcome them due to positive thinking. In reverse position the card is showing you are stuck in the past. The card is indicating that you find it difficult to face the future because you feel week, lacking emotional strength to break free from past memories, issues, pain or dreams, therefore you cannot go forward.


SEVENOF HEARTS (Seven of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Sentiments, illusion, imagination and little achievement. Reverse: realization of ones real goal, breaking through illusions.


This card speaks of illusions, and whatever you dream of is only a wishful thinking. When opportunity present itself to you will not last – a gain in money matters will be fairly short-lived. It may be a small success in connection with social affairs – something temporary. You are faced with offers, temptations, which seems too good to be true and it is, therefore this card also stand for deception, but because you naivety let it to be so. At this time you will find the truth hard to find. The Seven of Hearts represent fairy favors, images of reflection, dreaming, sentiment, imagination and little achievement. Your senses clouded by emotions and sentimental feelings. If reversed, the Seven of Hearts tells of desire, will, determination which will be fruitful. You have succeeded in breaking through illusions and can focus on reality which will bring success. You may have strong will that help to achieve success. However, should keep in mind that success is not everything as it can lead to spiritual poverty.


EIGHT OF HEARTS (Eight of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Withdrawal, abandonment. Reverse: Joy, happiness, material success.


The divination meaning of the Eight of Hearts indicating positive changes. You may have been involved in a complicated and costly matter and you have decided to move on and leave the past behind. You will cut all ties with the events and will not even give them a second thought once it is in the past. This card in a reading showing the decline of a matter, slight consequences, withdrawal and abandonment. The Eight of Cups representing a period of time when you have arrived to a cross road and seeking deeper meaning to life then chasing material or physical satisfaction only. It is time to focus on deeper meaning what is life all about and to find ones personal truth. You have a deep desire to escape the rat race in favour of something more meaningful. This card in reverse position tells of a mind at ease and of a good, friendly feeling surrounding you. The key-significance of this Eight of Hearts is happiness, great joy, material success and feasting.


NINE OF HEARTS (Nine of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Success, desire fulfillment, love, the wish card. Reverse: mistakes, imperfections, vanity and lack of humility.


This is the best card in the pack. It stands, first and foremost, success, desire fulfilled or triumphant love. The card also focusing on harmony and balance. The Nine of Hearts card reflecting happiness in all areas, such as health, finances, work, luck, and relationship. You are overwhelmed by a feeling of complete happiness in all levels. It could be that a business undertaken has come to a success but the Nine of Hearts also stands for balance in relationship, emotion and health. You will succeed in love, if love is what you are keen on at the moment. Success with money is showing if Diamonds are on either side, when you tell your fortune. Success in your ambitions is indicated if Clubs are near this lucky card. With the Jack of Hearts it denotes an engagement. With a King and Queen of the same suit, a wedding. In reverse position the meaning of the Nine of Hearts is mistakes, imperfections, vanity and lack of humility.


TEN OF HEARTS (Ten of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Great affection, happiness, alignment, marriage, it also corrects bad cards next to it. Reverse: Change, conflict, broken relationship.


The Ten of Hearts promises domestic and family happiness – a good change if there has been recent anxiety in connection with social or financial matters. The card focus is on relationship. You will find that this time relationship is harmonious and pleasurable. The Ten of Hearts neutralizes the effect of bad cards near it, and it strengthens and confirms good omens. This is its general meaning. The Ten of Hearts stand for contentment, perfection, human love, friendship, family and home, an attainment of idyllic state in the moment and the appreciation of everything that you have. The Ten of Hearts also indicating a romantic relationship either the beginning of a new relationship or a renewed one. The card is encouraging you to follow your heart at this time and go with intuition rather than analyzing things. The Ten of Hearts in reverse position showing conflict, broken relationship, a lack of harmony and false promises. You should be strong in the face of adversity and do not look at the card as something negative but a warning so you can change the future.


JACK OF HEARTS (Page of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: News, message, reflection, application. Reverse: seduction, deception, distractions.


The Jack of Hearts is a messenger bringing news from a loved one, of an engagement, marriage or birth. A reflective, poetic, quiet and artistic person, gentle and kind. A person with a wealth of knowledge, giving freely his advice. This card also speaks of love and the thoughts of the loved one which are active about you. The Jack of Hearts also stands for one who is beloved, of either sex. It promises a young man or woman a speedy and happy engagement. You might get a message of a great plan, relationship, travel, a positive message that is unexpected, but it is always a welcomed good news of an emotional matter. If those who are not concerned with love and lovemaking cut this card, or it comes out in their 'fortune', it promises them much joy through the natural affections of the heart, which belong to every age and time of life. In reverse position the Jack of Hearts represent seduction, deception, distractions and attachment. You might find yourself seduced by fanciful ideas and false promises.


QUEEN OF HEARTS (Queen of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Security, intuition, compassion. Reverse: Insecurity, dependency.


This card is very lucky indeed for a woman with warm golden or chestnut hair to cut this card, for it stands for herself and promises her that she may safely embark on any enterprise with sure hopes of success. She may also accept any opportunity that presents itself. When this card comes out as part of the fortune, it stand for emotional security, a representation of a loving mother, healer and counselor. This card also promises fairness and honesty. If the inquirer receive the Queen of Hearts it is reflecting artistic talents, hidden depths, intuition and that you are able to listen to your inner voice, you are a highly intuitive person who sometimes receives psychic sensations and feelings. The King and Queen of any suit for a business man means a partnership or agreement. The Queen of Hearts next to the Ace of Spades stands for an actress, an intriguing, mysterious woman. When the card is reversed, it speaks of instability, moodiness, someone who is getting lost in a dream world. It also shows weakness and insecurity.


KING OF HEARTS (King of Cups in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Balance, control, generosity. A man 'between colors'. Reverse: A fickle, inconstant man, emotional manipulation, moodiness.


This is a great card for anyone to receive. If it should be cut for a married man of this coloring – fairish or light brown – there is scarcely anything he may not dare to do. The King of Hearts with the Nine of Hearts tells of an engagement; with the Ten of Hearts showing a happy marriage. The card is indicating that you are in control and in a well balanced emotional state. It is also showing maturity, stability and calm approach to others. The King of Hearts representing compassion, openness and strength. If you are being challenged personally, the King of Hearts telling you to remain emotionally strong in dealing with the negative energy from others. When the King cards are together in a reading it signify an important business meeting which is being held about this time and which will ultimately increase your financial prosperity. If reversed, this indicates dependency, struggle with self-deception, weakness, confusion, uncertainty. Note that the King of Hearts must always stand for the husband of a married woman who is between colors, when her cards are being read, whatever color her husband may be.


ACE OF CLUBS (Ace of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Creation, invention, enterprise, fortune, family, birth, origin. Reverse: decadence, ruin, false start, blind optimism.


The Ace of Clubs representing achieving your potentials, driven by strong creative force. This card in a reading encourages you to take steps and get the project under way as it will be successful. Start with a plan and then continue to develop ideas through well planned actions later on. The card also showing new opportunities and that you are open minded which will bring you success at work, relationship or business opportunities. You might be energized and inspired at this time and will be inclined to make ambitious plans. However, it might meet resentments from friends or families as others lack the same enthusiasm and venture. The Ace of Club card in a reading representing creation, invention, enterprise, birth, family and fortune. In reverse position the card is showing decadence, ruin, false start and blind optimism. The card is warning that you have a tendency to take things to the extreme which may cause alienation as others will see this as you are being rude and tactless. You should change your ways before it turns into something disastrous.


TWO OF CLUBS (Two of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: progress, decisions, discovery. Reverse: fear, sadness, trouble, loss.


The Two of Club signifying your relationship to others. The card is showing a need for independence and the need of solitude at this time. The Two of Club in a reading representing the need for change to achieve long term goals. You may feel the only way to achieve this is by separation from friends or family, in order to feel in control over your life and destiny. You may be considering travel, further education or major career change in order to expand, develop and grow. You are on the right path to set up for success in the future. In reverse position the Two of Clubs is showing fear despite of the growth potential. You are scared of the unknown and you prefer to stick to what is familiar, closing the door for new opportunities. The card also showing that you did not plan ahead yet moving full steam ahead which created a roadblock due to this lack of planning. You may feel low at this time, change is imminent and hope should not be lost.


THREE OF CLUBS (Three of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Economy, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery, preparation, foresight. Reverse: disappointments, obstacles, treachery.


If you receive this card, your position, with regard to some matter which had threatened it, has been stabilized. But you will do well to practice economy, for you are not yet out of the woods nor quite secure in your holding or position or job. Think big, expend your horizons, study and travel if it is necessary to open doors for yourself and create more opportunities. There will be a period of suspended activity before future successes are realized. The Three of Clubs focuses on business opportunities, indicating a time of moving forward and activity in your life. This card representing established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce. You will feel pleased how things turn out for the better but should always remember those who helped to make this possible. Among reversed cards, this Three of Clubs stands for disappointments, struggle to put plans into actions. You will find others to be uncooperative and you should be wary of mixed loyalties.


FOUR OF CLUBS (Four of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Pleasures, romance, peace, prosperity. Reverse: Lack of communication, transition.


This card promises pleasures, celebration, good times. The card focus is on relationship, showing harmony, stability and firm foundations. Relationships are going well or that problems will soon pass. The Four of Clubs represents harmony, haven, romance, peace, concord and prosperity. It is the perfect time to socialize and to get together with friends and family, to go for holiday or simply inviting your closest friends over for a dinner. The Four of Clubs also pointing to marriage, engagement, birth or birthday, it is showing some type of celebration. This card can also imply for a quiet but intimate time spent with friends and family. Next to a Picture Card in a set-out', this card promises a journey or a business deal. To anyone involved in important business, this card says: 'Be prudent and you will succeed'; but the success you gain will bring you satisfaction rather than a real increase in money. In reverse position the Four of Clubs showing break down in communication in your family home, uncertainty about your relationships, therefore the home situation might become unstable.


FIVE OF CLUBS (Five of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Competition, gain and courage, conflict, tension. Reverse: Clear focus on ones goal.


This card clash of struggling should be from a stagnant.

suggesting inner conflicts and personal ambitions. You are with internal issues which addressed in order to move on situation that has become

The Five of Clubs also representing competition, gain and courage. You need inner strength in order to get through this conflict, but the card is an indication that you are ready to change your situation and have enough inner strength to move thing to positive directions. The card also showing troubles in a sense that you are constantly being challenged with different point of views but no one is listening to your opinion, which slows down progress and create tension. In reverse position the Five of Clubs showing that you are able to avoid conflict, able to focus on ideas and goals. You are able to attend to your priorities by staying open and committed to opportunities.


SIX OF CLUBS (Six of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Victory, triumph, good news, glory, hope, achievements. Reverse: Apprehension, fear, disloyalty, vulnerability.


This card promises gifts, triumphs and glory. It sits well with your ambition, too, but with bad cards near, it is a warning against someone who is soon to give you a valuable present. This card is showing a well deserved victory after a period of struggle. The Six of Clubs representing triumph, victory, good news, hope and achievements. You were able to harness your strength and talent and now success is realised. The difficult time of struggles is over and now you are in a position to relax. The Six of Club is a very positive card and giving you encouragement to believe in who you are and have faith in your abilities. The Six of Clubs however, warning you not to self indulge in selfimportance, arrogance and egoism. In reversed position the card is warning of treachery, disloyalty and vulnerability. The card also showing apprehension and fear. You might feel uneasy and you will need to face up to your opponents in order to clear the air.


SEVEN OF CLUBS (Seven of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Discussion, difficult negotiations, competition in business, success over enemies. Reverse: disappointment, worry, indecision.


This card is showing struggle after satisfaction and fulfillment. The struggle is about maintaining your position at the top, thus you must constantly prove yourself which might bring on solitude and questioning yourself. However, you are able to overcome these challenges. The card focusing on your courage, indicating that you have already displayed strength by standing up to a problem that could easily have been ignored. The card is representing negotiations, competition in business, success over enemies, showing that odds may be against you but that you are standing firm. Clubs are always good in relation to business inquiries, though they do not mean things are easy to come by. This card promises no mere good luck, but victory by your own efforts. If reversed, its meaning signifies embarrassments, anxiety and confusion. Your should be warned against indecision as it can lead to an adversary gaining the upper hand. Note that this is not representing loss or even disappointment, only worry; at worst, it is delay which causes the worry.


EIGHT OF CLUBS (Eight of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Action, travel, movement, Love, Affection, haste, hope. Reverse: Dispute, delays, quarrels, jealousy.


The Eight of Clubs is focusing on fastmoving events and actions. This is a very positive card to get, it represents positive changes. It promises to help of a good friend or ally of the opposite sex to your own. If you are waiting for a reply to a letter, this waiting is over and soon will receive it. The response could contain the promise of new love, or new business opportunity. The Eight of club represents great hope, Cupid's arrow of love, assured felicity. If a situation has been stagnant you will be surprised by a rapid progression towards a conclusion. When Eight of Clubs is near to the King or Kings cards, it means a new partner in business. If it comes near black cards or Hearts, your new friend is a person either of dark or a light-brown complexion; with Diamonds near, he or she will be fair or gray. However, when reversed the card is warning against speculation, a warning which was already given to you by a real friend. The Eight of Clubs card in reverse also representing jealousy, dispute, quarrels, domestic disputes and lack of harmony.


NINE OF CLUBS (Nine of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Courage, strength, suspension, delay. Reverse: Obstacles, adversity, calamity.


This card is an indication that there is a focus on strength in opposition. It is showing delays, suspension of events but you are having the advantage at the present time. You might have to overcome a difficult time, but know that you are faced with another challenge which is yet to come. The card is showing that you have the inner strength and courage to overcome any of these new difficulties and finally achieving success. This card is a sign of hope against challenges a sign that you should stay focused because events will turn out for the better and ultimately bringing success. The presence of the Nine of Clubs in a reading representing boldness, readiness, strength, suspension, delay and adjournment. The card also signify that you may be recovering from an illness or difficult challenges. Nine of Club in a reverse position representing obstacles, adversity, calamity and a lack of initiative. Maybe it is due to the lack of support from those who around you or you don't have the necessary finances or skills at this time to achieve what you set out for.


TEN OF CLUBS (Ten of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: Material gain, oppression, disguise, selfishness, excessive demands.. Reverse: Difficulties, deceit, intrigues.


This is a very good card to cut if business affairs weighing you down. It says: 'Cease to worry.' Things are going better than you fear. It does not promise a dramatically good change, but a sure and certain improvement. 'The slow success is the sure success' – especially in business. You may well receive material rewards due to success in business but spiritually this is a poor time. The card suggests that even with the achieved goals there comes great responsibilities and commitments. Responsibilities which can overburden you and struggle to look after yourself to enjoy life. The Ten of Club represents material gain, oppression, disguise, selfishness in a sense that you weigh yourself down at the expense of your family and yourself with excessive demands. All Clubs signify ambition, success but behind the Ten of Clubs success is a selfish sacrifice. In reverse position the Ten of Club is representing difficulties, intrigues and deceit. You should be aware of others conspiring against you unexpectedly.


JACK OF CLUBS (Page of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A dark eyed young man, free spirit, exploration, discovery. Reverse: Setbacks, lack of direction.


The card is focusing on notions taking place in your mind. The Jack of Club representing new ideas, exploration and enthusiasm. The Jack of Clubs representing free spirit, new beginnings and true passion for life, which sometimes can cause restlessness. The card is encouraging you to express individuality in creative ideas but not to become impulsive, impatient or lose interest quickly. Embrace the opportunity to start out on a new journey or project and see where it takes you. To a dark young bachelor, it says: 'Go on as you are now doing. You are surely working toward success.' An older, married woman who cuts the Jack of Clubs will hear gratifying news of her son's success. The Jack of Club representing setbacks and lack of directions. You may have been impacted by obstacles and opposition which has resulted in a lack of motivation and indecisiveness, thus lacking directions.


QUEEN OF CLUBS (Queen of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A brown eyed woman. Reverse: A disappointed woman, sadness.


If you are a dark-eyed, brown-haired girl or woman, it is very lucky to get this card, for it signifies 'yourself'. You will surely come out on top, whatever tight corner you are in. The Queen of Clubs is associated with warmth, family matters, relationship and strength. The card is showing that you will encounter a friendly and loving woman. This woman may bring you success in business. The Queen of Clubs representing success in business and material gain, a woman who is friendly, chaste, loving, honorable. The Queen of Club card telling you to be bold and to take actions. The card brings creative energy, confidence and new ideas. If you are a man of this coloring, the omen is lucky in regard to love. For whatever the coloring of the woman you love might be, this card stands for her; she is your Queen and she is thinking sweet thoughts of you. However, if reversed, you have offended her or she is unhappy. Ensure that you rectify this situation as soon as possible. Queen of Club in reverse position representing manipulation, deceit, a friend who turned into enemy, false pride, snobbery and stupidity. 115

KING OF CLUBS (King of Wands in Tarot)

Meaning of the card: A brown eyed man, a vision, honour, good friend, unexpected inheritance, friendship. Reverse: Haste, contradictory behavior. unpredictability, bigotry,


It is always lucky to cut this card because the Clubs stand for successful efforts and Kings are powerful helpers. The King of Clubs in a reading showing ambition and success. The card indicating that you will have an encounter with an assertive male who will support you, which may benefit financially. The King of clubs representing honesty, leadership, vision, honour, unexpected inheritance, friendship and loyalty. The card in a reading showing that you are a strong person, a visionary, who enjoys challenges and can solve difficult problems. You are a natural born leader who does not follow the crowd but instead you prefer to follow your own visions and goals. The Club Picture Cards signify good friends rather then lovers, unless you are a dark woman (Queen of Clubs). King of Clubs card in reverse position is warning about unpredictability, bigotry, contradictory behavior. You should watch out of people with characters whose integrity is doubtful and you should be prepared to remain calm in a possible crisis. 117


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