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December 14, 2017 | Author: Natural Ron | Category: Flirting, Body Language, Sexual Attraction, Woman, Friendship
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Super Flirt Mastery

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Legal Notice All rights reserved. This publication is protected under US copyright law and no part of this publication can be reproduced, stored (in a retrieval system), transferred (mechanical, photocopied, electronic, scanned, recorded or otherwise), without the prior permission of the author. Note to the readers: Friends, I have tried to be as accurate and relevant as I can, through my extensive research and surveys, online and offline. But still you know how the subject of human psychology can be very tricky and when I say all this stuff, it is always best to take them as advice and NOT any hard-fixed rules. Just understand and feel what I have to say. But your ultimate guide is Real Life! So, take action and gain experience. Perhaps, you can even teach me a thought or two.

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Introduction Hello, Welcome to the Modern Man’s World and I’m your host for today. Well, since you have already downloaded this free blueprint report, I am sure you have the zeal to get what you want. And that’s where we are the same. We both know what we want and we go for it. Back to the topic, let me tell you something. Let’s break a myth here. You will find women say that they don’t like flirts and flirting. But do you know what they actually mean by that? What those women mean is that they don’t like when somebody ‘play’ with them. Yes, that’s right. Normally, the word ‘flirting’ is actually associated with being a player. And here’s the biggie and breakthrough idea. Women don’t like Players. Okay, before you go ahead and think that it might be better to be the ‘nice guy’ then, let me clarify it for you. Different women come with ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


different mindsets. Some come with an insecure setup while others are stable inside and want a stable man. When some are inhibited, others prefer being more open (read ‘social’). So there it is. If you are a player and your being a player works on her, she is basically insecure and seeks your validation. If she is turned off by you, she is assured on her own value and disqualifies you because being a player signals lack of commitment. And lack of commitment is a dent on your social or sexual value. Now, I know you are completely confused and you will probably be thinking that this person is actually preaching NOT TO FLIRT in a Sexual Flirt Mastery eBook. No, it’s all about flirting, not about playing. What I am asking of you is to have an open mind and absorb as much as you can from this book. And I promise you… By the end of the report, you will become a much more Attractive Man who women chase after, a head start you never thought you could get. Best of luck, Ron. Modern Men’s Dating Guide – Attraction, Sex and Relationships

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Table of Contents A.

B. Table of Contents………………………………………………………………………..……… C. What is Flirting……………………………………………………………….…………………… D. Why You Should Flirt………………………………………………………………………….pg.10 E. Prerequisites of Flirting…………………………………………………………………… F. How to Flirt! G. Universal DO’s of Flirting………………………………………………………………….pg.21 H. Universal DON’Ts of Flirting…………………………………………………………….pg.25 I. Final Words on Flirting………………………………………………………………………pg.28

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What is Flirting The funny thing is that while men are being labeled as ‘flirts’, hardly do they ever know how to flirt with women. Sometimes, stupid cheesy lines are considered to be flirting with women. See the examples below: ‘Baby, is your father a terrorist? Sure, you are a BOMB!’ ‘Are you straight out of the oven?’ ‘I have no home…can I spend the night at your house?’ ‘I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?’ Please, men...this is NOT called Flirting. If you think being this cheesy means being a flirt, you could not be more wrong than this. Yes, the very first thing that you need to know is what flirting actually means. Flirting (int. verb)

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- To make playful sexual overtures at a person - To fiddle with something. That’s what the Oxford Dictionary says. In essence, Flirting means conveying your sexual interest in someone. Flirting is all about subcommunication. Note that I used the word ‘conveying’ instead of ‘showing’. And one thing must always be remembered in ‘picking up women’ is how to effectively flirt with women. Flirting signals that you are ready to mate and you find her as a potential mate. Two important aspects of the game here: one, that you increasing your value and you are increasing her value as well. This is called the Mutual Value Escalation. This is SO different to the other pickup methods where you are told to decrease the value of women to pick them up. That’s not what love, dating and relationships is all about. You NEVER suck value from someone but you ADD value to someone’s life. And flirting conveys just that. It is scientifically that almost all animals flirt to attract potential mate when they are sexually ready. This is the rule of the biological world. And likewise in the human world, we also engage in flirting when we are sexually ready and remember, when you are flirting the RIGHT

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way, you are just being NATURAL. In fact, as born in the masculine sex of the species, you are supposed to act like that. An important note here: Some of the men out there get SO socially conditioned that they lose the touch with their innate sexual being. They stop flirting. In simpler words, they stop sending out mating signals even if they are sexually ready and they come across a potential mate. These types of men are called ‘Nice Guys’. And we all know that these people finish last!

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Why You Should Flirt In the game of pickup women, Unless you learn how to create the sexual tension, there is no chance of any chemistry. And unless there’s any chemistry, there’s absolutely nothing inside you. You two are brother-sister at most. So, now you understand the gravity of the situation... I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking what this sexual tension is and how to create sexual tension. Well, sexual tension is a very tricky topic. Either you get it or you don’t. To make it easier for you, let’s say sexual tension is when there is an unsolved sexual vibe in the air. You can say there’s an unsolved and controlled aroused state on both side. She feels it and you feel it, and both of you enjoy it nonetheless. Some advice you to use NLP (credit Ross Jeffries of Speed Seduction) while some espouse the focus of intense sexual state (credit Gunwitch and Vin Di Carlo). Yes, there are many who think teasing or cocky-flirty creates that muchrequired sexual tension. I cannot say that all of them are wrong but ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


they are not totally right. And you know why? It’s because all of them are busy championing their own method and most of them are trying to earn money from their products and services. It’s very unfortunate that they have changed this beautiful Art of Seduction into some business. Well, back to the topic anyway, we know now that sexual tension is that sexual charge in an interaction but without resolution of any sort. But how do you do that? Of course, one of the best ways to create sexual tension is through effective flirting with the woman. Flirting infuses sexual polarity in the air, thus, leading to the ULTIMATE factor in any game, ATTRACTION. Flirting shows her that you are a MAN and that she can be a WOMAN. She feels THAT thing for you. I bet that many a times when you have heard this phrase from a woman, you have been baffled a bit – ‘I want you to make me feel like a woman’. She didn’t mean that you should instantly hump her. She wanted to create that sexual tension, give her that sweet painful pleasure. Yes, flirting creates attraction. And that’s why you should flirt. Remember I told you, flirting essentially signals TWO things, that you are sexually valuable and that you find her sexually valuable. When you are showing that you are sexually valuable, you are

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basically pushing her down (because you are pulling yourself up). When you are conveying about your sexual interest in her, you are pulling her in (because you are pulling her up to your level). Now, this is very subtle and this doesn’t work on her conscious mind but on her subconscious mind where flirting is actually supposed to affect. When you flirt, you are pulling her with your energy, your demeanor but you are pushing her by being playfully challenging her. Challenge is a big part of flirting with women, and when you challenge her, you create that unsolved dissonance in the sexual atmosphere that you have created. This works on the mind of the woman. She feels the sexual vibe, she seeks to solve the confusion in the air and she ends up helplessly chasing you. Isn’t that what you want, huh?

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Prerequisites of Flirting Ah…this is one of the hardest sections of write! Prerequisites of flirting with women! Now what can be the prerequisites of flirting with women? You just go and flirt, right? NO. If you just go and flirt with any woman out there, you would come across as any other chump who tries to express their interest in a woman. If you think you can flirt because you can express your sexual or romantic interest in a woman BOLDLY, think again because you are wrong. Flirting is an art of sexual communication. I am not asking you look upon it as some sort of science but don’t disregard it as some sort of petty technique as well. It’s more than that. And you know why? It’s because flirting is all about HOW YOU COMMUNICATE. Yes, it does regard what you say but it focuses on how you say it. As they say, 93 percent of any communication is nonverbal and ONLY 7 percent is verbal. Anyway, what do you NEED to do before you can successfully flirt? Here are the most important things listed out:

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 Body language – What is body language important? Body language transmits your sexual and social value, conveys your level of confidence, tells her if you are trustworthy and conveys how much of a MAN you are. Isn’t that enough? Have you heard of the phrase before that she knows you even before you open your mouth? This is SO true because she knows you through your body language. Your body language is the vibe that you send out. Make sure it is always POSITIVE. You don’t need to show that you are more valuable than she is. You should rather focus on conveying yourself as someone, who can add VALUE to her life.  Grooming and Fashion – Well, many a times, men want a woman who will like them as they are. What do they actually mean? Do they mean that they should fall in love with them when they are lying on the couch watching football in shorts? Do they mean that they should swoon over them when they find him brushing his teeth once a week and leaving his hair unkempt just like that? Get real, guys! Remember one slogan – Women want men who can ADD VALUE to their life. Take proper grooming sessions and work on your fashion. Just TAKE CARE of yourself. If you value yourself, she will value you.

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 Social Lifestyle – To be honest, friends, I have seen most of the dating gurus, apart from the likes of Cameron Teone, Stephen Nash, Carlos Xuma, etc, are so concerned about different dating techniques and tactics to attract and pickup women. But they NEVER bother to improve upon the quality of the man to change him into that MAN who women are naturally attracted to and fall over to let them pick them up. And you know what, that only happens when you have an attractive social lifestyle that you follow. Your lifestyle conveys to her that you have social value and that attracts her to you. You see, you are not using any NLP tactics or running any negging routine on her. You are rather building an intrinsic permanent value in her eyes, rather than creating some transient superficial attraction. So work on improving your life as a whole. Do what you always wanted to do. Start today. Add value to your life first and proceed to add value to her life after that. These are the most BASIC prerequisites when it comes to flirting with women. Ask me and I would suggest you that even before you think of flirting, start working on these aspects first.

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How to Flirt No, if you are thinking that I will be giving you some ‘Top Five’ list (which will there later on) in this one, you are wrong. In this section, I will teach you how to flirt with women. Now, that’s a bird-view that I am rendering you. You always wanted to get inside the head of women, don’t you? That’s what I am doing in this module. Proffering you with a view on how a woman thinks normally. Here is a survey chat that I had just now with one of my female friends. She is 21 and she is pretty much experienced when it comes to the matter of boys…lol. Me: Do you flirt with men? She: Yes, I do…sometimes. Me: What kind of men do you normally flirt with? She: Intelligent, witty, the ones who are a bit out of control…not the weak, clingy ones, those you can match up with me. Me: What do you mean by flirting? She: according to me flirting is a bit intimated friendship with a pinch of romance and seduction...

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Me: Do you like the boy to initiate the flirting or do you initiate it? And how would you normally like him to flirt with you? She: it actually depends for the first question…it is best when it JUST happens. Normally it will start with some intimate talking, and then wherever it goes…as it normally happens, but NEVER too exposed! Me: thanks mam, for your answers ;-) Now, here’s another girl, of 21 yrs. She is my friend and she can be regarded as a HB7 or HB8. If you don’t know what that means, HB stands for ‘Hot Babe’. By the way, this girl claims that she is ‘different from the other girls. Me: Do you like to flirt with men? She: Never…Have some friends, all of them are same…and one of them just got special…that’s it. Me: Do you like when somebody flirts with you? Even if he does that in a nice graceful way? She: No, it bugs me now that I’m committed but previously it was okay. Me: What do you mean by flirting? She: umm…don’t know Me: thanks for your answers, dear.

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Now, let’s discuss both the conversation. Look at them. The first girl seems quite open about the whole romance thingy. She loves flirting with men and is basically up for an adventure it seems. In the second case, the girl is bit more restrained and she doesn’t seem to support flirting, isn’t it? Well, before I proceed, let me say something. I know these girls very well and they are my very good friends. In each of the conversation, I asked them to be completely honest with themselves and then answer me. If you ask me, I would say that they did. And let me tell you something, the second girl also loves flirting, BECAUSE she texts me naughty messages in the middle of the night and I reply to them. So, what do we learn from the two conversations? Firstly, when you are flirting, there should be some sexual charge in the conversation. Without that charge, it’s no flirting at all. And it normally starts with exchanged words and your flirtatious vibe, that’s it. It cannot be too obvious or you are coming on too strong. She wants to enjoy the whole thing and not be crept out by your uncontrolled sleazy advances. It’s in the anticipation that the fun lies. If you kill the anticipation, you don’t have fun. If there’s no fun, it’s not flirting. It’s plain disturbing or annoying the girl. Flirting equals to sexual tension. So, it should be sexual and it should have tension. ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


Two of the best ways to flirting or sexual tension are:  You convince her to think in a way. And when she does, you suddenly make her feel she is wrong. This confuses her and she is compelled to work to SOLVE YOU. That’s called Active Flirting. Just take this example. The first time when you meet a woman, you use a lot of sexual innuendos, have fun and totally convince her that you are into her. And then, when she feels like you will make a move, you suddenly tell her that she is like your ‘sister’ and tease her on something. It is just playing with her mind. You got it? But in this case, you NEVER overdo it. If you overdo it, she might lose heart. And the trick to this kind of flirting is NOT to try. If you seem like you are trying, you are ‘solved’ to her. And then it’s no flirting at all. So, be CONFUSING but in a more subtle manner.  You bait her to establish rapport with you, but then you reject her moves. You DON’T actively break rapport but you don’t let her build rapport as well. This is actually called Passive Flirting. In this, let’s say, during the conversation, you tell her how you enjoyed the ski riding in Switzerland, and when she asks about that more, you digress to another topic. It just creates more mystery in her mind. That impels her to act! ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


Here’s a very important note though. I have many guys who take this to extreme and they NEVER divulge any information about themselves. Listen, breaking rapport or denying her moves to establish rapport should be in the early phases of the game. If you keep on doing and you NEVER express your real side to her, you two won’t be able to connect. And unless there’s any connection, there can be no game at all. Secondly, not all girls are so clear about what they want. It is like that customer who goes in a showroom but doesn’t know what he wants. He is actually led to the right purchase by the savvy salesperson. Well, he is normally led to the most expensive purchase! In many cases, you will find that she doesn’t consciously comply with flirting but when you have gained comfort and trust, she is complying with that. Well, you see the whole flirting thing is what creates THAT tension. Now, if she is adventurous and confident, she will be up for it. If she is rather shy and diffident, she will most likely refuse that. If she is a horny cougar, she will be open to that but if she is a newlywed bride and satisfied with her husband, she won’t. It all depends on the person and the situation. But remember, you HAVE to flirt if you wish to initiate a sexual relationship with ANY woman. And that’s why we are here, isn’t it?

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Universal DOs of Flirting For the people who like to move in the fast lane and they don’t bother my rambling so much, here’s a list of what to do when flirting with women.  Confidence. It’s no secret. Ask any woman and she will tell that the most important quality in any man is his confidence. If he is confident, that means he is confident in himself as a man. That decreases his perceived value in the eyes of the woman and she instantly rejects him as a potential mate. And when it comes to flirting, o man! You cannot flirt unless you are confident, because flirting is all about challenging the woman. If you are not confident, you are not a challenge.  Smile. I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t know how to smile, you tell her that you are nervous and scared of her, you are not happy with your life or you just have BAD TEETH. A genuine smile is adding value to her day and making her life better. A smile can be the best opener and one single bright smile is enough to send her that POSITIVITY that nothing can.  Personal Hygiene. How many times will I have to tell the men that they need to take care of their daily personal hygiene? If you have big dirty nails, don’t comb your hair or have stains on ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


your trousers, it all shows that you don’t care much about life and that life doesn’t care about you. Lack of personal hygiene (brushing your teeth, taking regular baths, cutting your nails, etc) brings a sense of negativity into the conversation, which if you are that hopeful to get into. It is very likely that you blow you off even before you open your mouth.  Dress Well. Yes, your sense of style is what reveals your personality to her. It shows that you value yourself and you proudly carry yourself through this world. Not only that, a glimpse of your real inside, how you think and what you are made of, all of these come out through your dressing sense. If you are not being able to decide what you should wear and how you should wear, get your female friend to choose for you. Well, if you have any gay friends, they will also suit for the job. It’s a peculiar thing that these gay folks have a marvelous sense of style.  Workout. Well, yes I agree that your attitude and personality is the most important weapon that you have to attract women. But your physique does carry some importance, at least in the eyes of your female counterparts. Here’s why. If you have a well-toned body, your dress fits you well and you certainly have a youthful look and stamina, which makes you more

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attractive as a potential mate. If you work out regularly, you tell her that you value what you are and she should respect you as well. You don’t have to be all bulked up, since here’s the biggie. Women don’t like big muscles. Women want you to look manly. That’s it. Note: You have to look approachable. Tell you what, girls have grown balls and DO approach nowadays.  Approach Women. You flirt with women means you have to convey your interest in women. And it is impossible unless you MEET women. In fact, when you approach somebody, you are in a way expressing your interest in her. That is the essence of flirting. Note: Almost 95 percent of all the interactions will ONLY happen when you approach her. She will most likely NOT make the move. So, be ready to stand up and make the move.  Conversation. See, during the conversation, it’s all about keeping the sexual vibe. I will not tell you any routines or gimmicks because THEY DON’T WORK. The most important thing while you talk to women is to be playful and challenge her as you are messing with her. You don’t mean to annoy her but you are just forcing her to come up to it. Of course, it is ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


not the only thing that you do. You have to build some rapport as well because unless you have the necessary level of rapport, you cannot be playful. To get some rapport, you should ask open-ended questions, but it’s NOT as the conversation is all about her. You lose the sexual tension if you do that. I would suggest you to JUST talk about BOTH you and her, and have fun over the process. One of the most important things here is to listen to her. Remember, it takes consistent work on both rapport and attraction (read flirting) that leads to seduction.  Observe what signals she gives out. Watch her eyes and her facial skin tone. Do her eyes dilate? Is her face blushing? Is she facing you? You might not want to focus TOO MUCH on this but sure getting a cue or two from it helps you in the long way. Note: Pay attention to her. She tells you what she feels inside and wants you to understand her. Remember, flirting is all about making yourself and the other person feel good about themselves. So, keep it light and enjoy it. NEVER put too much pressure on yourself or on the woman.

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Universal DON’Ts of Flirting In the game of attraction, there are TWO aspects that need to be considered. One, that CREATES attraction and two, that KILLS attraction. Let’s see, what the specific things that you should NEVER do when you are out to flirt with a woman, are.  Don’t Seek Approval. If you want to effectively flirt with her, you should always come from a place of power. You cannot kiss her ass while flirting. It only shows that you are there to suck value from her and you are a weak chump, who doesn’t deserve a second glance from her. Women never want insecure or diffident men. So, don’t ever seek validation from her.  Don’t be Obvious. When you are being too obvious, remember you are killing the tension and that you are being straight vulgar. Flirting is not about being vulgar or sleazy. It’s about getting across the vibe in a smooth sophisticated manner. So, try to maintain some mystery instead.  Don’t be FAKE. You know what women hate the most. They HATE fake people. They HATE wannabes. Many a times, I have seen boys who try to act so tough and arrogant, but it completely shows through how insecure and immature they ©MindMedia. All Rights Reserved


are. Don’t be afraid to show your real personality. People fall in love with your weaknesses, not with your strength. Show your vulnerability at times. This applies to approaching as well. Don’t use any cheesy pickup line on her. Just be natural. That’s what shows her that you are a real man and not any fake personality.  Don’t be Self-Doubting. Firstly, if you are self-doubting, you show that you lack confidence. Secondly, if you are selfdoubting, you cannot have fun. You will too self-conscious to be in the moment and enjoy the interaction. So, ultimately she loses interest and goes away. Flirting is all about letting you go and having fun. You cannot be stuck up somewhere and hope to attract your mate.  Respect her Space. Don’t try to obtrude your presence on her. That’s really odd and uncomfortable for the girl. Even when you flirt, she needs to be comfortable and do it on her own choice. So, give her the necessary space to feel like doing it.  Never Lie. I don’t know what other men think. But personally, I don’t like to take anyone for a ride. I flirt with a woman ONLY when you REALLY like them. Don’t lie to them. Playing with someone’s emotions is a sin. Don’t do it.

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Applies even to you… Don’t lie about yourself. Why would you? Just get to know other while having fun all the way. That’s it. If you break her trust, she might NOT be able to trust you again. And it’s a matter of ethics…anyway.

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Final Words on Flirting You are now internationally certified to FLIRT! Go and have fun. Flirting brightens someone’s day. Flirting brings about fun in your life. Flirting makes you new friends. Flirting makes her fall in love with you. How can you NOT flirt then? But you see, you now have a lethal weapon in your collection. Go use it but CAREFULLY! Remember what you have now is meant to beautify the lives of you and others. And here’s what I believe in: Women are to be cherished, to be cared, to be loved and to be celebrated.

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So, FLIRT to surrender to the essence of womanhood, to the charm of femininity and the whole universal nurturing force that lets us alive. PLAY IT HARD! Signing off, Ron C. My dating blog: Men’s Online Dating Guide - Attraction, Sex and Relationships PS: If you want to help your pals in this department, just forward this to them. You got it FREE. You can always share, can’t you? Be a pal now!

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