Flintlock & Steel - Renaissance - Adventures #01 - Clockwork & Cthulhu - The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

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Flintlock & Steel ADVENTURES #1


When your friend William Cartwright unexpectedly comes into an inheritance, you are invited to visit his isolated Lancashire estate. But all is not as it seems at Shirdley Hall. An adventure for Clockwork & Cthulhu.

Introduction The following adventure is set in the world of Clockwork & Cthulhu, the role playing game of alternate Seventeenth Century Lovecraftian horror. Use of the Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition Rulebook, which provides a wealth of background detail for the setting, is recommended but the adventure can be also played with just the free Renaissance ruleset or Renaissance Deluxe published by Cakebread & Walton. For more details, visit www.clockworkandchivalry.co.uk If you are intending to play the game, rather than be the Games Master – stop reading now!

Spoiler Alert! The following information is for the Game Master’s eyes only!

Background Shirdley Hall is in the southern reaches of Lancashire, about 10 miles from Formbye. The land was granted to Sir Edgar Shirdley in 1100 by Henry I, mere weeks after Henry took the throne. As well as the Hall, Edgar was given a grant of £5, and the hereditary rank of Baronet. Sir Edgar had been with the previous king, William Rufus, on the king’s last hunting trip in the New Forest area. While out hunting, the king suffered a fatal


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall wound under mysterious circumstances. Edgar’s Baronetcy was awarded supposedly in honour of his loyalty to the dead king, but at court, darker rumours were uttered about the award. The grant permitted the construction of the new Hall along with several other buildings. In the following year Sir Edgar married Edith de la Poer of Exham. He brought in workers from the de la Poer estate, employing them, rather than the locals, to create a new hamlet. The new hamlet became known as Shirdley Bottoms. Sir Edgar died in 1135 and was succeeded by his son, also called Edgar. From this time it became a tradition of the family to name the first born son Edgar. The Shirdleys prospered, despite various unsavoury suggestions about the family. One such scandal occurred when the 5th Baronet returned from the Crusades and promptly married a peasant called Elizabeth Robey. Elizabeth came from the village of Windel, where people widely believed her to be a witch of some power. After their marriage the Sheriff of Lancaster had cause to visit the Shirdleys. There had been complaints from a neighbouring village that “Unholie rites” had been taking place, at night, near the black monolith, up on a hill called Fuggy Tumpe. These night-time ceremonies were said to have involved Elizabeth, along with unnamed others. No action was taken and, strangely, the County Records for that week went missing. The Shirdleys prosperity changed somewhat in 1435, after the death of King Richard III at Bosworth. The current Baronet of Shirdley had been one of King Richard’s advisors. It was said by some that Richard was awaiting the intervention of a new ally, promised by Shirdley, due to arrive the very night of the king’s death. However, the King was cut down, the ally never appeared,and the Yorkist army disintegrated. Edgar returned to his holdings and was pardoned by Henry VII, but, from that day on, many of the surrounding nobles refused to have any dealings with the Shirdley family and so their influence and wealth waned.

ADVENTURERS’ BACKGROUND In February 1646 William Cartwright, a friend of yours, receives a letter informing him that he, as the last surviving descendant, has inherited the Shirdley family holdings, along with the title of Baronet. Cartwright has been in ill health since the Battle of Naseby. He was a junior Officer in The Kings Lifeguard of Horse and he was wounded and rendered


Before running The Mystery of Shirdley Hall the Games Master should read through the entire adventure, in particular familiarising him or herself with the role of the various NPC’s that can be met through the course of the adventure (see Appendix Five) and the geography of the Hall and its environs. Whenever possible, to make the locations realistic, describe the NPCs as they go about their daily work in the fields or as they relax at the end of the day. unconscious. He had been trapped under his dead horse during the battle, and was found in a delirious condition, still pinned by the mount, three days later. The experience changed him from being a fit and outgoing young Officer, to a withdrawn and quiet person with a very pronounced limp (his right leg was badly damaged). He was pensioned out of the regiment, unfit for duty. He found lodgings at a boarding house, where he rarely received visitors. His small pension paid for his lodgings, but that had all but run out. You saw your friend William just before he left for Shirdley Hall. He joined you at an inn and exchanged some friendly banter before taking his leave to catch a coach to his newly acquired home. He had seemed more like the person he used to be, happier, less careworn. This was the last you heard of him for two months and then you received a letter: “Mye deare fellowes, I woulde like toe requeste your help in thee sortieng of mye house ife your tyme can be sparet. The locales are somewhate warie ofe myeself and tho theye doe that wich is requir’d oft theye advance litle in progresse toe make thys house livable toe me. I have some wealth soe can paye towardes thy needes of sume 20 shillings a weeke to be in mye employe. Pleaseth it toe thee to arrive here as swift as thye can, Your affectionate friende, William.”

GAMESMASTER BACKGROUND Please feel free to change any part of this adventure to suit your group of players. The adventure can be played either 1 on 1 or with a group. If run “as is” it can, and will, be deadly, but such is the danger of facing the might of the Cthulhu Mythos. This should not be presented, at least not at the start, as a Cthulhu Mythos based scenario. Let it dawn upon

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall the players slowly. They should hopefully only fully realise the true nature of the peril a couple of hours into the game. Give them hints of other possibilities: Mention reports of bands of Royalists or Parliamentarians in the area, or maybe a Faction that they have previously fallen foul of. Distract them – red herrings will only enhance the scenario until an inkling of truth is out. Then lay it on. Who can they trust ? It is advised that at least one of the Adventurers can read Latin, to allow the translation of a passage relating to the scenario which can be found in the locked library. The previous Baronet is not dead. He is actually the original Edgar Shirdley who was given the holdings in 1100. He is a Cult Leader of Shub-Niggurath and the estate workers are his followers. As a reward for his devotion to his dark deity he has had bestowed upon him the power to transfer his spirit into a new body, but with the limitation that it must be at the cost of his eldest male relative and that the ritual must be carried out at midnight on the Summer solstice. In his current incarnation he had three sons, but all have unexpectedly been killed during the Civil War. Out of desperation he has coupled with the women from his estate but he has been unable to get them with child. Then he remembered that 25 years ago, a servant, who he had raped, had ended up pregnant and run away. His cultist underlings tracked down the woman. She had moved to Chester. They found out the boy’s name – William Cartwright. Edgar then wrote out his will, naming William as his sole benefactor, before staging his own death (and burial at Lydiate Church). Edgar is now living inside some tunnels, located under Fuggy Tump. The sprawling network of passages connect to the Church Crypt at Lydiate, some 3 miles distant, as well as to Shirdley Hall, and various other undisclosed locations. In the evening, Edgar sometimes heads to a nearby farm for food and relaxation. On a couple of occasions he has been spotted on his travels, leading to local tales of him haunting the area. Initially the plan seemed to be working out well. William took up his position, as expected. But then William went and made friends with a local land owner, Roger Ireland, who encouraged him to hire a housekeeper and her husband from the nearby Lydiate village. Roger visits William now on a regular basis, and William’s two new employees are very loyal to their new employer. Edgar is frustrated that these outsiders might stand in his way. Edgar wants these people gone. He wants to isolate William as much as possible, to cover his actions. In the 5 days prior to the

Solstice (which is on the 21st June), Edgar needs to send dreams of Shub Niggurath to his target, reducing his sanity and weakening his will, in anticipation of the final ceremony. Now, to further confound Edgar, William has some guests arriving...

Scenario Timeline 17TH JUNE 1646 – SUNDAY (CEREMONY DAY -4) The Adventurers arrive at Shirdley Hall and meet their old friend William. William seems to be in good health, though still limping badly. They meet Goodwife May Brindle and her husband John Brindle, who are friendly and welcoming. They also meet a scowling person, Joshua Poer, who tells them he is the groundskeeper for the Estate. In the early afternoon a rider appears - a flamboyant man in his late 20s, who introduces himself as Roger Ireland. Roger comes from the neighbouring Lydiate Hall, a mile or so distant. William shows the Adventurers the disrepaired state of the property, and shows them a door, located on the second floor, which he has been unable to open, due to it being locked. He is too weak to break it down and the key is missing. If anyone offers to break it down William will wave them away, saying that there is “plenty of time for that later.” He suspects it is an extra bedroom. He has asked the servants about the door, but they have just told him that Master Edgar used to keep it locked and they are not sure where the key is. The Adventurers are allocated rooms 10, 11, 12 and 17 on the upper floor. Should the Adventurers show any interest in the grounds at ANY time then Joshua will warn them off the area he calls Shade Wood, as well as the hill to the east, which he calls “Fuggy Tump”. He explains that he has had to lay traps down due to foxes stealing chickens and to deter poachers coming from a village a league distant. Dinner is served by an attractive dark-haired young woman called Lysette. Lysette will smile brightly at the Adventurers and maybe give one a wink if she feels so inclined. During the dinner, William starts choking. He blames Goodwife Brindle for spoiling the food. In actuality Lysette, who is a cultist, is to blame. She added some raw horseradish to his plate, which caused the choking. Should the Adventurers check then they


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall Just after 10am, Joshua will burst in, out of breath, and ask to speak to William, begging his pardon. He will tell William that he has just found both “Master Ireland”, and his horse, dead. He found their bodies about a mile away. Joshua will say that the horse must have taken a tumble on the uneven road, in the darkness. Joshua will offer to take William to where the body is, saying he has already sent Sam to Lydiate Hall to tell Roger’s family what has happened.

will find nothing wrong with William’s food (William has already eaten the offending addition). After dinner Roger asks to speak with William in private. The conversation takes about ten minutes and William reappears afterwards, looking visibly upset. Roger has told William about the sightings of Edgar’s “ghost” by his workers. The conversation is overheard by Lysette, who reports back to Joshua, who in turn informs his master, Edgar. The cultists decide to arrange an accident for the meddlesome Roger. Roger leaves to ride back to Lydiate Hall at about 9pm. That night Lysette will offer herself to one of the Adventurers, for a night of pleasure. Her intent is to gain the the Adventurer’s favour, believing it will provide useful leverage later, should it be needed. Should he (or she, Lysette doesn’t mind) accept, then he will have a very enjoyable time. Lysette will be gone when he awakes (and, unbeknownst to the Adventurer, she will have obtained some of his hair for use in her spells – if she thinks she can get away with it, she will target a different Adventurer each night, or whenever the opportunity presents itself).

18TH JUNE 1646 - MONDAY (CEREMONY DAY -3) Breakfast will be served by a different girl, called Rebecca. If asked about Lysette, Rebecca will say that Lysette is resting as she had a busy night (and she will wink at the person asking).


If the Adventurers don’t offer then William will ask them if they would kindly accompany him and Joshua. The journey takes about 15 minutes and William looks pale and unsettled throughout. If asked, he will explain that he did not sleep well last night and that he has been shaken by the news of his friend’s death. As they travel along, inform the Adventurers that the track is for the most part little more than a dried mud path with overgrowth on either side. The particular part of the path where the corpses are passes through a small wood so trees also line the route. When the Adventurers see the following sight, ask them to make a Sanity Check: -10%/1D4 The horse is lying with its neck at an unnatural angle – its eyes wide open. Roger is several feet away, off to the right. He is clearly dead. His arm is twisted and he has received a massive trauma to his head. The grass and ground in the immediate vicinity are covered in blood and other bodily liquids. Large bulbous flies buzz around the area. William passes out when he sees his friend’s corpse. The sight has sent him further down the road to madness. He will come around in an hour, or if smelling salts are used. What actually happened: Joshua, under orders from Edgar, organised an ambush for the returning Roger. Joshua, along with Gaston and Sam, tied a rope across the trail as Roger approached. Due to the poor light the rope went unseen, causing the horse to fall, breaking its neck and throwing Roger clear. As Roger picked himself up he was clubbed from behind by Sam. The huge brute had brought a rock with him, which he used to bludgeon Roger to death with. Should the Adventurers decide to examine the area then initially call for four Perception rolls. 1.

Some bark is found by the trunk of a tree, close to the track, and a groove seems to have been cut into the trunk, about two feet above the ground. (These are marks from the rope that was tied around the tree and across the path. A similar mark is found on a tree on the other side of the track).

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall 2.

The ground is quite soft and several boot prints can be seen. With a follow up successful Perception check at least two different boot prints can be identified.

About 10 ft from the road a stone the size of a fist will be found. It has some dark stains on it. This is the stone that was used to kill Roger. It was thrown into the undergrowth after it was used. If the body is examined closely, the person carrying out the examination should make a further Sanity Check (-10%/1D4), as a large beetle crawls out of the brain cavity before skittering off into the undergrowth. Ask for a First Aid or Healing related roll. On a success then the player is quite sure the damage to Roger’s skull appears to have been caused by 3, or possibly 4, separate blows, rather than the one that would be expected from a fall. On a successful (Perception/2) roll an Adventurer will notice the lack of other large rocks in the area and that there are none in the immediate vicinity. If Joshua sees the Adventurers taking an interest in anything then he will approach them and ask them about it. He will seem concerned – and he truly is concerned. Concerned that there should be nothing to trace the murder back to him or to the cult. If he is shown what they have found he will attempt to gain the Adventurer’s confidence. He will tell them that he has some suspicions. He will tap the side of his nose, look furtive, and whisper “Poachers… But not yer normal ones. These ones don’t care. Just avoid being out at night, masters, and I will keeps me eyes an’ ears open, an’ will tell thee if I sees owt.” As soon as he gets a chance, he will destroy/dispose of any evidence that has been spotted or obtained. After 10 minutes, a group of riders will come down the path from the direction of Lydiate. These are Roger’s family and hands. They will be shocked by the sight. They will thank those present and tell them that they will deal with this now. William is distraught by the loss of this friend. When he come round he will still look very pale and weak. If he isn’t already there, he will ask to be taken back to the Hall. He will then ask the Adventurers if they could kindly organise the opening of the locked door on the first floor, then he will retire for the day. In the evening William will send word that he is unable to attend dinner and that he wishes everyone a good evening. He will not answer his door and if the Adventurers do get in to check on him, they will find

him in a fitful sleep. If they wake him, he will only briefly rouse himself, wanting to get back to sleep as soon as possible. Rebecca will take William some wine, to which has been added a few drops of a variant of the Elixir of Dreams (See Appendix Three). This makes him even more susceptible to the dream sendings of Edgar Shirdley. Joshua reports back to Edgar, who is generally very pleased with the way things are going – however he is very concerned about the Adventurers: They are “wild cards” that could possibly disrupt his plans. Edgar is, in addition to his other interests, a member of “The Association”, and he lets them store illicit goods and hide out on his lands. The Association are a band of thugs, killers and ne’er do wells, organised into cells throughout England (see Clockwork & Cthulhu, p.26). A small group of Association members meet in an inn called The Royal Oak, near Lydiate, on a Tuesday, and Edgar gives Joshua a message to take to them requesting their assistance in dealing with the Adventurers. Edgar does not want his cultist followers compromised, so has decided that this is the best plan.

19TH JUNE 1646 - TUESDAY (CEREMONY DAY -2) The Adventurers are woken by the sounds of thunder and rain. The storm will last all day and only begin to die out late evening. The intent is to keep the Adventurers in the house and exploring it today. Hopefully they will find some clues as to what is happening, or at least become aware that something is going on. The storm is the result of an extended spell For to Contact Shub-Niggurath cast by Edgar during the early hours. The resulting energies built up and have resulted in what is happening now. Should the Adventurers venture out then the skies are dark and the force of the rain reduces visibility by 50% and travel on foot is likewise reduced. Have a couple of lightning strikes hit close to the party. Describe the heavy feeling in the air of the warmth mixed with the rain, combined with the static electricity of the storm. They will come across nobody else on their travels, unless they enter a building or location. William will rise late at about 10am and will not be fully dressed. He will seem distant and his attention will wander away from anyone talking to him, staring


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall into empty space after a few seconds. If asked how he is, he will reply that he does not feel too well, then drift off, lost in his own thoughts. Any questions or comments will only be briefly addressed by him, and usually with a simple yes or no, almost as if he isn’t listening to the talker. Play this up as he gives strange or illogical replies to any question directed at him by the Adventurers. Goodwife May Brindle will fuss about him, but he mostly ignores her. Due to the drugged part of his mind, he is still in a state of dreaming. Lysette will be tidying close by, and at one stage she will casually lean towards William and say something quietly in his ear. This will be spotted on a successful Perception roll. No-one will be close enough to overhear but should anyone have lip-reading as a skill, and notice the interaction, she simply says “She is trying to steal from you, William.” This is a suggestion that works almost hypnotically because of the tone of voice she uses and due to William’s drugged state. A few minutes later, Lysette will move past the Goodwife, and “accidentally” knock a silver serving ladle out of her hand. Lysette will apologise to the Goodwife. William’s reaction will be very different. He will stand and point at the ladle, shouting at the poor woman and accusing her of attempting to steal it. The Goodwife will be in complete shock and deny the claims, obviously. William will knock his plate across the room and pick up his knife, shouting loudly, his eyes wide with fury. This is a sudden change in temperament. He will go to strike her, unless restrained by theAdventurers. Give them full warning of what he is preparing to do. He will then tell the Goodwife to get out, and along with her thieving husband, to leave the area. He will tell them that he will call the Sheriff if either of them ever set foot on his lands again. The Adventurers can settle William down. Lysette will quietly leave the room, comforting the older woman, but a successful Perception roll will allow an Adventurer to see her glancing back towards the scene with a slight smile on her face.

William will appear in the evening and seem more like his old self (as the drug has worn off and he had got some proper sleep) but will be confused about the absence of Goodwife Brindle and seem to have no recollection of the events. He will ask for Joshua, who will make an appearance. Joshua will tell William that he will send one of the lads out, to try get the Goodwife and her husband back. Of course, he will do no such thing, as their departure was part of the plan. During the meal Lysette, will accidentally give one of the Adventurer’s William’s wine goblet, containing the Plutonian Drug. She will realise only after they have drunk some. Do a random roll to see who actually ends up with it. The drug has a slight bitter taste but is heavily diluted, so allow the player to make a Perception roll at half skill, to notice that the wine tastes different this evening. At the earliest opportunity Lysette will knock the goblet over and apologise most profusely, saying that she will make up for it. She does genuinely appear to be concerned (a successful Insight test will reveal she is beside herself with worry). She will pour the Adventurer another drink and prepare another draught for William. Lysette will offer her company for the night to the Adventurer who drank the drugged wine, stating that the Adventurer’s bed is more comfortable than her own and that she does not wish to journey home in the rain. Should she be refused she will try the other Adventurers. She will settle on William if there are no other offers. The Adventurer who has drunk the wine will have the following nightmare: He will awake in his room with Lysette naked next to him, whether he accepted her offer or not. Moonlight will be streaming in through the window. It seems the storm has now passed. As he looks out he will notice a tree in the middle of the grounds, its branches swaying in the wind. Ask for a Perception roll. Ÿ

On a fail: As he turns back to the room, Lysette moans slightly then wakes, crying in pain, then screaming as a worm-like creature several feet long bursts out of her abdomen. The creature, covered in viscera, looks at the Adventurer, with its glowing horizontal-slitted eyes. Ask for a sanity check: HR -20%/1D6


On a Success: The Adventurer notices none of the other trees are affected by the breeze. He realises that the branches are actually tentacles and what he thought was a tree is something monstrous. He can see eyes, similar to those of a snail, at the end of some of the branches, and at the end of others,

He will excuse himself moments later and retire to his room, claiming exhaustion. Lysette or Rebecca will be seen leaving his room at some stage of the day or evening, adjusting their hat or other clothes. Mid to late afternoon Joshua can be seen leaving the grounds and taking the track to Lydiate. He is going to The Royal Oak to meet with The Association, as Edgar ordered him to yesterday. He will return at about 10pm. If asked he will smile broadly and say he “’ad t’visit a sickenin’ mate in t’next village.” If pushed, he will add that “T’problem will be alls sorted an’ am sures t’sickness will be gone fore too long.”


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall gaping, slavering maws, filled with teeth. Ask for a sanity check: HR -40% / 1D6+1 In both instances – as soon as they have rolled the check the Adventurer will awake, covered in sweat, the morning sun streaming through the window. Should Lysette be with him she will wake, smiling and unharmed. There will be no sign of the events of either dream present. If you are wishing to make the Adventurer’s life especially horrific, then feel free to add this: “As Lysette smiles at you her jaw drops and her eyes grow wide in horror, as a worm thrusts from inside your throat, through your open mouth, to rip her throat out, sending blood spraying over the bed and yourself.” Ask for another sanity check: HR -20%/1D4 Then the Adventurer will awake for real… But how sure can they be sure what reality is now? For the rest of the day all skill rolls will be at -20% due to a lack of concentration.

20TH JUNE 1646 – WEDNESDAY (CEREMONY DAY -1) Mid-morning Joshua will meet up with The Association assassins that have come to pay their respects to the Adventurers. There will be one per Adventurer, plus an extra assassin “to ensure success”. The suggested stats for the Association members are on page 8, but please change them to suit the party. If the party are underpowered, simply reduce the number of opponents accordingly. The encounter should be a threat, but it should not be impossible for the party to survive. The plan is simple: Joshua will lure the party outside. He will use the ruse that they need to help him look for livestock bandits. He will use a dead sheep (killed by himself) and will try to lead the party back to his colleagues. His colleagues are waiting in the area of the ruined church. Joshua has prepared an obvious trail for the party to follow (Location 5 on the Shirdley area map). As the Adventurers approach the church, the Association members will strike. When William appears this morning he looks gaunt, with dark rings around his eyes. Breakfast will be served but William will refuse all but a little bit of bread. He looks ill. His illness will defy any attempt at healing, by magical or herbal means. The spells being used upon him are far older and more potent than

anything than the Adventurers can muster. William will claim weakness and fever before rising to take his leave. As William stands to leave, Joshua will rush in, breathless, and tell William that there are some troublemakers in the grounds. Some livestock is missing and one sheep is dead. He suspects livestock thieves. He will say that a neighbouring holding had a similar robbery some weeks ago and a band of gypsies are the suspected villains – there were three or four ruffians spotted, armed with staves and knives. William will look very unsteady and almost faint. Joshua will catch him. Ideally the Adventurers will take the bait but, if they don’t, have Joshua look at them and tell them that there is a dead sheep near his cottage and he thinks others have also gone missing. If the Adventurers still do not show any interest he will pass on William to either Rebecca or Lysette and pull one of the Adventurers out to show them the trail, hoping the others will follow. If this fails then the assassins will attack the party at the earliest available opportunity – basically as soon as the Adventurers travel a reasonable distance from the Hall. As the Adventurers get close to Joshua’s cottage they will see a sheep in the grass, about 30 yards away, close to the track. If they inspect it then it will become clear that it has had its throat cut with a blade and that the killing happened in this spot. The grass in the area has been trampled and there are several sets of tracks. A tracking roll is not required to obtain the following information: Ÿ

One set of tracks clearly leads south towards the ruined church and another leads towards the Hall. There are other indistinct tracks.

With several successful Track rolls then further information can be provided at the GM’s discretion: Ÿ

The sheep was killed within the last hour


The track towards the house were made by a single person


The track heading south was made by 2 or 3 people and it is quite trampled


Several older tracks criss-cross the area but they are much older

Let the Adventurers make of these findings what they will. The Association members are armed and lying in wait for them, in the vicinity of the ruined church. Permit the Adventurers to make Perception rolls to spot the trap, or maybe to notice the lack of wildlife sounds in the wooded area.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall ASSOCIATION LACKEYS STR 14 CON 14 SIZ 12 INT 10 POW 9 DEX 12 CHA 10 SP 9 DM +1D4 HP 13 MWL 7 MIL 5 AP 0/0

the bait) or 6 of his lads, all armed with cudgels. Should the party realise they have been drugged then Lyssette will scream as a signal and the thugs will enter and attack. They have been ordered to merely subdue the party. Play it through best you can but be aware – they are not trying to kill the Adventurers… Yet!

Faction: The Association (Clockwork & Cthulhu, p.26) RP: 78

The Adventurers will awake sometime the next day.

Skills: Close Combat 55% (Dagger 1D4+1/Rapier 1D8), Dodge 35%, Gun Combat 45% (Flintlock Pistol 1D6+2), Persistence 60%, Resilience 50%, Ride 60%, Unarmed Combat 60% (1D3)


Quote: “Get ‘em lads !” Each one will have a single old gold coin on them, dated from the 14th Century. (Given to them from Edgar, via Joshua). It should become apparent that they do not look like mere livestock thieves. The Association are brutal professional killers. If the Adventurers are victorious (which they should be) then Joshua will arrive looking most upset. He will inform them that nothing like this has happened before and will shake his head ruefully. If asked if he knows the villains, then he will point at one and identify him as a lad from out Formbie way that he has seen about. Joshua will insist that the party heads back to the house, while he will get his lads to clean the mess up. Back at the house dinner will be prepared and William will make an appearance. He will seem shocked at the events, yet somewhat distant. Lyssette will suggest that the Adventurers go and report the events to the authorities in Formbie. Joshua will step in and say that he will send one of the servant lads to inform them. In actuality he won’t, as he doesn’t want any further interference in the cultist’s plans and he certainly doesn’t want anyone else turning up. Have the Adventurers do as they want for the rest of the day. Should they wish to go and report the incident then let them, but point out that it is a good couple of hours trip each way. It will take an hour to report the criminals to the Justice. In any event, no-one will be sent to investigate within the next 48 hours. In the evening William will appear for the meal. Conversation will be light (unless there were any Adventurer fatalities at the church) and the wine will flow. A Sleeping Draught (Clockwork & Chivalry, p.183) will be added to the final rounds of drinks. It will take a Hard (-40%) Perception roll to identify the addition. It has a Potency of 65 and will take effect in 1d20 minutes. Just in case, Joshua is in the house with either the Association men (if the Adventurers did not take


(About 7pm in the evening) The Adventurers will all wake up in the cellar of Shirdley Hall. They have been locked in the Cells (Shirdley Hall Map: Area 21). If they have not been down here already, then they will be unaware of where they actually are. They will also be unaware of the time. The floor of the area they are in is strewn with mouldy straw. Iron rings are set into the wall – obviously to hold chains. A broken cot is in the eastern cell, but that is all there is to see. All their weapons will have been removed, along with any belts. If any of the Adventurers keeps a dagger hidden on them, then make a roll to see if it has been found (50% chance). Looking out of the cells they can see some stairs leading up. Two men are sat on chairs, at a table. They are playing cards and drinking, by the light of a couple of candles. If they ask, then say that they recognise the men as local farmhands. Both are quite powerfully built and each has a pistol in front of him. What appears to be a well stands in the far corner of the main room. Some sacks and boxes lie on the floor. The Adventurers’ weapons are stacked up on one of the boxes, within plain sight but well and truly out of reach. The two guards are not the brightest of individuals. Their orders are to keep their eyes on the prisoners, and not to let them escape. They are both sadistic too and are not above causing some pain to any easy target. If asked about the events they may give the following information (at the GM’s discretion): “Master Edgar has ordered that you are kept locked up till later, when there is to be more fun.” “Master William is a bit tied up at present.” *laughter* “You shouldn’t have come. You will be dealt with after Master Edgar has got what he needs from William. Don’t

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall you go worrying about young William though, as he is going to be put to good use.” *winks* If they really make a pain of themselves then one of the guards will point a gun towards the cell and fire aimlessly (the guards will find this hilarious). There is only a small chance it will hit someone. Roll a D10 and ask the Adventurers to choose a number. If any choose the number rolled then they are the one/s hit. Let them choose the same number if they wish. After a short interlude Joshua will appear, pistol in hand, and sneer at the captives. Give the Adventurers a chance to interact with Joshua. He will act very superior and use every opportunity to belittle the captives. He will answer some questions. If asked about what’s going on, he will tell them that Master Edgar wants William. He will add that it’s a shame the Adventurers arrived when they did, as they are going to be “casualties” later, but first William needs dealing with. If the party ask the right questions, he will say that Master Edgar is a Wizard, old beyond his years, and wise too, but to continue living Edgar needs William’s blood. Joshua will spit on the ground and say “it’s the fittest purpose that the waste could have. And it will be the rest of you later, for a special Solstice feast.” Joshua will then tell one of the men to stay guard while the other comes with him to join the festivities on the Tump. The remaining man will continue to drink heavily before falling into a drunken stupor at around 10.30pm. Let the Adventurers be inventive with how they escape. They may try to force the bars, loose the cement that holds the bars, pick the lock, get their gaoler close enough to the bars to get the keys from him. Let them roleplay it out. If it sounds feasible give them a fair chance. If they just wait then in four hours time Edgar, plus nine armed locals, will come for them, beat them into submission, and sacrifice them on the Tump to a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath. Game over! Should the Adventurers escape they will make their way up into the deserted house with moonlight streaming in through the windows. All should be quiet. Nothing will be stirring – even the local mice. As they look around, the Adventurers will see what seems to be an electrical discharge from the hill to the east, and several figures will be illuminated upon it. The hill appears to be bathed in a pale “St Elmo’s Fire”

effect, that seems to emanate from the very ground itself. The Adventurers have two options: One: head to safety, in which case when they return they will seemingly be met by William who will tell them that he got free and that Edgar vanished off into the surrounding countryside. He will thank them for their work and ask them to leave, as he has work to do. Adventurers will gain 1D6 SP back, knowing their friend is all hale and hearty. They will even notice that his limp has vanished... Two: head up the hill. Joshua told them that he had placed traps around the hill. If the Adventurers seem to have forgotten this, ask for an INT x 2 roll from each of them. On a success give that player a gentle reminder. See the Shirdley Grounds Map for information about the traps. As they approach, due to the moonlight and St Elmo’s fire effect, they will be able to clearly see seven naked figures, dancing around a black stone, in time to a drum, which is being played by Joshua, sat cross legged on the ground. There is also a strange whistling noise, similar to birdsong. A robed figure is gesticulating next to the stone. Tied to the stone is a semi-conscious William. On a successful Perception check OR INT x2, whichever is highest, they will recognise the robed figure (from a portrait in the Hall) as being Edgar.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall The Adventurers will soon recognise the naked dancers as Lyssette, Rebecca, Harry, Tom and the other land workers from the Hall. On a successful Perception Roll, two of them (Samuel and Elizabeth) will be seen to have a strange deformity from their upper thighs down – They actually have “goat’s” legs.. At some stage, when Joshua is clearly visible, he will be seen to have a long prehensile tail too. These three are Changelings (Clockwork & Cthulhu, p.34) HR: 0/1D4 All those involved with the ritual will not notice the Adventurers until they get very close. They are used to the local villagers barricading themselves in their cottages (out of superstition and terror) on nights such as this. Plus, as far as they are concerned, the Adventurers are secured in the cellar of the Hall. Lurking in the trees is a Dark Young of ShubNiggurath (see Appendix Four: New Creatures) who has been summoned by Edgar and has come to oversee the ritual. This is the source of the whistling noise. It is quite well camouflaged, but will come out to attack on the second combat round. Should any Adventurer attempt to locate the source of the whistling, ask for an opposed test (Clockwork & Chivalry, p.146) using the Adventurers’ Perception vs the Dark Young’s Stealth of 60%. Once spotted, Sanity Checks will be needed. Edgar has almost finished the spell, For to Draw the Veritable Essence of Life (Appendix Three: New Spells) and is down to the last 10 minutes of casting. I would suggest using a watch to time the players to see what they do. If they take longer than 10 minutes to decide how to proceed consider the possibility that Edgar is successful. If so, describe the resulting effects. Should the Adventurers attack, then Edgar will attempt to complete the spell, no matter what – his life does depend on it. But, should the Adventurers look like they are posing a serious threat, he will break off the incantation with a view to completing it later. Remember: Edgar is several centuries old and can have access to any spells that the Games Master deems fit. Do remember that the Dark Young is not too happy around a naked flame, but maybe Edgar will forget this. He is, after all, insane. The Cultists will defend Edgar to the last, but should he be killed, any survivors will run off into the night. They know who the Adventurers are and will appear in the future to wreak their revenge. Should Edgar be killed, or flame be used against the Dark Young, then it will withdraw, running into the woods to disappear back to whence it came. It may also just “dissolve” from sight, causing more terror for the Adventurers as it seemingly becomes invisible.


If the Adventurers are victorious then they will see a fire engulfing the Hall. In about an hour’s time this will bring some riders from Lydiate, checking to see what is happening. If William is saved, then his mind will be all but broken. He will be on 1 POW and his SP will be very low (at best). He can recover but it will be slow. He will be thankful for the Adventurers’ intervention and will ask for them to take him to his Great Aunt’s in Lancaster. He will also pay them well for their troubles. William can be used as a starting point for a later scenario, or as benefactor. He is quite rich as he has inherited Edgar’s substantial wealth, and so he may pay for future expeditions or support the party in other ventures.

Shirdley Hall The Hall itself is old, dating back to the early 1100’s. There was a tower added during the 14th Century, the only addition that has been made to it since its construction. It is built of local stone and it was constructed over the site of a well (which can be found in the cellar area). Water is still drawn from this well, but it has a brackish taste to it. Feel free to play this up to the party to instil a sense of disquiet and paranoia. Once the Adventurers have realised that it is a “horror” scenario then play up the descriptions of shadowy corners and unidentified creaks. All of a sudden, let the Hall take on a life of its own. Should they approach at night have the lights in the windows, in the wings, lit in such a way to suggest they’re cavernous eye sockets and the main drawing room a screaming mouth... 1.

Hall: Three steps lead up to a pair of large, heavy, iron studded doors, which open to reveal a hall. The hall has dark stained wood panelling, mosaic flooring and a wide staircase leading up. On the walls are paintings of the previous occupants of the Hall.. A suit of armour, rather tarnished, stands against the left hand wall. Two doors lead off to the right and two to the left.


Disused Study: This was clearly a study but is now disused and dusty. A desk sits in front of a window and an empty bookshelf sits against a wall. The fireplace shows no sign of recent use, dust adorns the grate. There were two pictures on the walls in here but they have been removed and the imprint of the frames can be seen on the wood

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

they had been looked after. A long serving table rests against the northern wall. Heavy hangings that can be used to block the windows are present on the southern wall.

panelling. If asked then the servants will deny any knowledge of them. This is true – the pictures were removed a century ago. 3.


Reception Room: The room is clean, in a fashion, and is furnished with several padded chairs and a table. A long cabinet has goblets and several decanters on it. An ancient tapestry of a hunting scene is hung on the wall. When anyone arrives they will be shown into this room. It is also currently being used as a day room. If searched, an old half-complete tapestry will be found in a drawer. It represents a hunt. If closely examined dark brown stains can be seen on it. Dining Room: This room is dominated by a huge old table surrounded by chairs. A shield, a pair of halberds, and four swords, are secured to the wall. All are serviceable. They are late medieval and have clearly seen use (evidenced by the damage to the blades). That said, although now tarnished,


Servants Room: This is where the servants sleep and reside, when not attending to tasks. The room has two crude beds and a stool with a candlestick. A work list is attached to the wall with a hook. A chest holds various female garments. Hidden underneath the clothes is a pistol, which is loaded, along with a reload and a knife. (The Housekeeper has rooms upstairs).


Store Room (LOCKED): This is a cold room with hooks attached to the beams to hold meats. Shelves hold vegetables. The floor is packed earth and a stone staircase leads down to the cellar. The servant has the key to this room.


Day Room: Small room used as a sitting room. It contains a small desk and a bookcase, with a new


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall copy of King James’ Bible and several ledgers on the shelves. A single candlestick sits on the desk. In the drawer is a pen and ink along with some vellum rolls. Should the bible be examined it will bear the inscription “William Cartwright 1640AD”. A locked and disused door leads to area 6 – The Store Room. The key has been long lost.

14. Housekeeper’s Bedroom: The bedroom. Again this room is clean. A bible and prayer book rest on the bedside table. A cross hangs on the wall and a garland of onions and garlic lies on the window ledge. There is nothing untoward about this. The Goodwife is simply drying them out (and she likes the smell).


Kitchen: A basic kitchen with a large fire and an oven, as well as a table that serves as a preparation area. Cupboards hold pans, pots, cutlery and dishes etc. During meal times this is a hive of activity as the workers food is also served here, at the back door.


Landing: A wide flight of stairs leads down to the Hall (1). A large stained glass window of a seemingly random pattern is at the top of the stairs. From midnight till 2am, strange shadows seemingly flit past the window. The shadows are indistinct, no matter how much anyone concentrates on them. Should anyone witnessing this strangeness press their faces to the glass, to try to see what is causing the strange shadow, then they suffer the following effect: HR -10%/1D4 and they will be found unconscious the next morning at the top of the stairs, with no memory of what happened. On the walls are more paintings of previous owners of Shirdley Hall. In addition there is a circular shield and a pair of crossed spears that are still very serviceable.

15. Library & Study (LOCKED): The door to this room is a heavy and iron-studded. It is securely locked. The only person with the key is Edgar. The door will take 25 points of damage before breaking. If checked, the lock has been oiled (signifying recent use). The first part of the room is lined with book shelves, stacked with volumes. A large dark curtain hangs over the entryway into the study part, making this area almost pitch black initially. It will only be illuminated by whatever light source the Adventurers have, or the light coming in from the landing area. If examined many of the books and scrolls are written in languages unknown to the Adventurers. Those that are readable have titles such as “Customes & Activitys oft ye Pictes”, “Misteries of ye Moundes of ye New Worlde” and “Ye Cultes oft Cathae”. The study area is revealed when the curtain is moved to one side. A desk sits in front of the window. Two books sit on the side: “Conffessiones of Clithaneus frome his owne hande”and “Mysteriis De Vermiis” by Ludvig Prinn. For information on these two tomes see Appendix Two: New Mythos Tomes. The shelves here are filled with jars containing a variety of herbs and other unknown components. One large jar is labelled “Eyes oft Yuggothe.” Inside are several orbs with trailing optical nerves. If examined one will open, with a third eyelid retracting, to look straight at the Adventurer, causing a Sanity check: -20%/1D3. If the check is failed ask the player to roll DEX x2 or under or drop the jar in shock. If this happens the jar will shatter, filling the room with noxious odours causing choking and throat irritation doing 1D3 damage to all who breathe them in per turn. The vapours will last for 1D6 hours before dissipating and by that time the eyes will have all melted away leaving just a stain on the floor where they fell. If searched, three journals will be found, dated 1645, 1590 and 1506. Each will bear the name Edgar Shirdley. On a successful Perception roll the player examining them will notice the similarity of the handwriting in each of them. The journals are all written in what seems to be a code. In actuality they are written in a language related to Ogham, known only to Edgar and maybe no more than two or three others in the

10. Bedroom One: A dusty bedroom with a large fourposter bed. A cracked chamber pot can be found under the bed. There is a wardrobe in here but it is empty 11. Bedroom Two: A bedroom that has seen more use. Sometimes Lysette uses this room when she is staying overnight. The sheets are a bit threadbare but clean. In a wardrobe are a number of old fashioned dresses (they are about 100 years out of date). 12. Bedroom Three: This bedroom is quite musty and smells of camphor. The bed is serviceable. The wardrobe contains some men’s clothing. At the bottom of the wardrobe is an old box. A label says “Smitt 1604”. Inside are the remains of a partly mummified cat. 13. Housekeeper’s Living Room: This is the domain of Goodwife Brindle and her husband. It is clean, neat and tidy. A vase of flowers sits upon a table and the smell of roses is quite heavy in the air.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall world. In any event, due to the complexity of it, it will never be deciphered by the Adventurers during this scenario – It would take many, many years of study. Behind the desk the Adventurers will find a note in English (HANDOUT ONE). Further information can be found in De Vermiis Mysteriis (See HANDOUT TWO). Should none of the characters have the Read Latin skill, permit them to find a translation, written out by Edgar and placed on a loose leaf within the mouldy tome. 16. Master Bedroom: This is William’s bedroom. It is neat and clean. It contains two wardrobes, a desk, and a chest containing spare sheets. 17. Bedroom: This is Edgar’s usual bedroom. The servants encouraged William to use the other room so as to retain this for Edgar’s return. It is also clean and tidy – especially so. The wardrobe contains Edgar’s clothes (or most of them), but all the more personal effects are with Edgar (in the tunnels under the hill). William will assign this room to a visitor, as a guest bedroom, much to the disgust of Joshua, Lysette and Rebecca.

21. Cells: The bars are rusted with age but still serviceable. Should something happen that warrants it, Joshua and the other workers will lock the Adventurers in here for safe keeping, until Edgar can decide their fate (see the final day for more information about this). Do give the players the chance to plot an escape by having one of the bars heavily corroded or the like.

Shirdley Grounds This is a wild part of Northern England, close to several villages but far enough off the beaten track to remain unvisited, except by those seeking out the Hall. Describe the wildness – large trees, long grass, ferns, brambles, nature at its most base. 1.

Shirdley Hall: A 12th Century Hall. A solid construction of dark stone. For further details please see the separate map and key.


Shirdley Hamlet: A collection of two room cottages that have seen better days. Now only six are occupied, and a seventh doubles as a stables where visitors horses are kept. Two of the remaining ones double as barns and the other two are derelict with collapsed roofs.


Chapel: The Chapel has long fallen into ruin. The roof has completely gone and the internal walls are scorched. If investigated, a bunch of dried flowers have been placed on the altar. Some steps in the corner lead down into a crypt. The crypt contains a number of sealed alcoves bearing the names and dates of over a dozen “Edgar Shirdleys” along with some occupied by females, possibly the wives or daughters of the family. The most recent date is 1595. Should any of the female alcoves be opened they will contain a casket with a skeleton (50% chance of deformity due to being a “Child of ShubNiggurath” – randomly roll for vestigial horns, cloven hooves, misshapen spine or tail.). Any bearing the name “Edgar” will hold an empty casket. On a Lore (Occult) roll Adventurers will notice the absence of the markings of a cross and the multitude of gargoyles and other unusual carvings in the crypt. If asked about it, locals will have no idea as to when the chapel was destroyed. Should local records be checked then a fire at the site will be reported as having occurred on 28th June 1501.

18. Tower – First Floor: The first floor of the tower. It contains storage chests and very little else. The chests hold oil, rope, cloth and old broken items. There is nothing of interest here. 19. Tower – Second Floor: The floor has been scrubbed clean, as have the walls. In the corner there is a crude optical device, on a tripod. Engraved on a plate attached to it are the words “Hans Lippershey 1617”. Amazingly, if looked through, it makes distant things appear close, as if by magick. A trapdoor, accessed via the spiral staircase, leads to the turret. The turret provides a good view of the surrounding area. 20. Cellar: There is a distinct chill here. An old well sits in a corner. Bottles of wine and spirits are stacked up here. The water is fresh and drinkable. On a successful Perception roll a draught will be noticed to be coming from the well. If a player climbs down about 15ft then a passageway will be found, leading to a narrow tunnel. After 30ft the tunnel is mostly blocked by a collapsed roof but with a very noticeable breeze coming from the other side. An excavation will result in a further tunnel collapse, but not before a skeleton of undetermined age is partially unearthed. If examined it will have some skeletal deformities to both legs and skull (This was a Child of Shub Niggurath – see Clockwork & Cthulhu, p.34).


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall



Joshua’s Cottage: Joshua has a four room cottage that doubles as a gatehouse. He acts as the groundskeeper and has a variety of nasty looking bear traps, which he sets in the vicinity of the Black Stone (5.) to ensure unwelcome visitors are kept away. Should he ever trap something (or someone) he will take great delight in torturing the poor creature until it finally passes out due to loss of blood. He has 3 blunderbusses in the cottage, as well as a pistol, and always carries at least one gun, in addition to a nasty foot long dagger. His one love is his black cat (“Owd Tom”) which is one of the most vicious and nasty natural creatures ever to appear on this planet. It is the size of a small dog and has been known to attack a full-sized hound. Its body bears the scars of numerous battles. Should it be harmed in any way Joshua will fly into a rage and try to kill the perpetrator at the earliest chance.


The Black Stone: This is sat on the hill known to locals as Fuggy Tump. It is obscured by trees, bushes and overgrowth. The type of stone will be unidentifiable. It has an inky black colour and feels strangely damp to the touch, even in the driest summer. Should anyone fall asleep near it they will experience the weirdest dreams. They will dream of something cloud-like, visiting them in their sleep and settling over them in a mist, followed by the sensation of hundreds of tiny pin pricks. When they awake they will be covered in a rash and will have lost 1D3 CON permanently, along with 1D6 SP (not permanent). If CON drops to zero, the person dies and when found is little more than a mummified husk. In the undergrowth surrounding the hill are numerous traps. Every 3m call for a Perception roll. On a fail there is a 50% chance the Adventurer has stood on a trap – DAM 1D6. On a critical success the Adventurer spots a trap close by and avoids it.

Handout 1

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall both sides of it. If the Adventurers are in the vicinity of the path they will find it by chance (on a POW x 2 roll). Each player has a chance to discover it. (Note: Should the Adventurers head up there before the day of the rite have them find a medium sized animal, such as a deer, that has been caught in a trap. It appears to have been subjected to a frenzied attack of some sort by someone with a blade and the area is covered in blood and entrails. This is Joshua’s handiwork. There is no SAN loss for this but portray it as unnerving to those that see it.) The Tump is an ancient tumulus. The entrance to it is concealed by overgrowth and rocks. Within are a maze of passages. This is outside the concept of the scenario, but should you want to extend the adventure you could have them find and explore the passages. Should they do so then you decide where it leads. It is suggested that it could lead to the Dreamlands themselves, which could make for a very interesting time. The passages are stoneclad and carved with runes and ogham-like script. Encounters could be with Ghouls, Serpent People or just about any other humanoid sized Mythos related entity. 6.

There is a track, as shown on the map, that is trap free and leads all the way up to the Stone. But it is quite difficult to find due to the overgrowth on

Lake & Island: The lake has dark grey-coloured water and is very deep. The island has a decaying structure on it which may have been a tower at one time. Anyone making their way to the isle (an Athletics roll for swimming will be required as there are no boats) will just find desolation. Scorch marks, possibly from a lightning strikes, adorn what is left of the building.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Appendix 1: Handouts Handout 1

Handout 2 (Translated from De Vermis Mysteriis) By casting the Spirit the Warlock one can take and absorb the life of one of the same blood. By this method did the Scorpion King rule for many hundred years. It was only after the Priests of Set killed all of his brood that he was unable to continue his eternity in our world and he grew to be old and passed the way of Man into his afterlife. The ceremony must begin on the Solstice and will last for two hours: one before and one after sundown, to represent the ebb of life. The first hour will strip away what remains of the sacrifice’s humanity, allowing his very essence to be absorbed in a flow and ebb at the end of the second. So the secret words of Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat with the One Thousand Young, can act, leaving naught but some essential salts of that which was.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Appendix 2: New Mythos Tomes DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS By Ludvig Prinn (????-1542) Prinn was a Belgian scholar who was rumoured to be a sorcerer and alchemist. He claimed to have been born in 1249AD and was the only Western European survivor of the Ninth Crusade (1271-1272). Records do exist of a Ludvig Prinn who fought in that ill-fated Crusade, but it is commonly accepted that it was one of his ancestors and not himself that the records refer to, for obvious reasons. What cannot be denied is that Prinn did travel extensively, making trips to Rome, Alexandria, Karnak, Jerusalem and Constantinople. He often ventured into areas regarded as uncivilised. He claimed to have visited lost cities, sites of dubious repute, and to have spoken to, and studied with, obscure mystic groups, including the ancient Priesthood of Nephren-Ka, The Black Pharaoh. His returned to Belgium, living briefly in Bruges before having to flee, following unholy rumours that brought him to the attention of the local clergy. He was seized by the Inquisition during 1540, at the site of an old pre-Roman tomb located in a forest near Brussels. Locals had reported him for consorting with demons, summoning invisible familiars and calling upon monsters that preyed on local children. During his internment, Prinn started writing De Vermis Mysteriis. Despite it being over 700 pages long, he finished it within a few months and somehow arranged for it to be smuggled out and passed to an unknown printer, probably via a corrupt jailer. To his credit, Prinn refused to name his co-conspirator, claiming that he had help from “other sources”. The book saw a very limited printing a month before Prinn was executed in 1542. The original manuscript was written in what appears to be mainly Celtic runes, which are suspected to be

little more than a code. The initial print run was for no more than a dozen copies and was entitled De Vermiis Mysteriis. A Latin version of the book, with the corrected title of De Vermis Mysteriis, was printed in Cologne in 1543. Although it had a supposedly large print run, for the time, of some six hundred copies, most fell into the hands of the Inquisition during a raid on the printers. These copies were subsequently burnt. Only a dozen are believed to have escaped a fiery end due to having been collected from the print shop by an unidentified bookseller, mere hours before its ransacking. In addition, some copies in English have surfaced. These are only 111 pages long, so are heavily edited. They were cheaply printed and have had some lurid woodcut illustrations added for the readers titillation. It appears to be a printing of the “Saracinic Rituals” chapter, but with many parts missing and passages from other parts of the book randomly added. There is no printers mark, but they bear the identification “Lvndon 1622”. The book itself is claimed to include a wealth of occult information including chapters on necromancy, divination, conjuration, vampires and a whole host of supposed gods. The most well known chapter is entitled the “Saracenic Rituals”, and includes spells for calling down invisible demons, incantations to see between realities, and the formulae for several powerful supposed hallucinogenic drugs.

DE VERMIIS MYSTERIIS Ludvig Prinn Private Printing 1542 Rarity: Very Rare Language: Coded Latin – Knowledge of Latin plus INT roll required to crack the code. One attempt permitted each week. Reading Time: 30 weeks to Translate PLUS a further 20 weeks study Spells: For to Call on the Power of Human Sacrifice, For to Call / Control a Shoggoth, For to Call /Control a Dark Young, For to Contact Nyarlathotep, For to Contact Cthulhu, For to Contact Shub-Niggurath, For to Create The Elixir of the Void, For to Draw the Veritable Essence of Life (+ whatever other spells are required) Skill Bonus: +12% Lore (Cthulhu), +10% Lore (Occult) Horror Rating: +15%/3D6


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS Ludvig Prinn Cologne 1543 Rarity: Very Rare Language: Latin Reading Time: 15 Weeks study Spells: For to Call on the Power of Human Sacrifice, For to Call / Control a Shoggoth, For to Contact Nyarlathotep, For to Contact Cthulhu, For to Contact Shub-Niggurath, For to Create The Elixir of the Void (+ whatever other spells are required) Skill Bonus: +8% Lore (Cthulhu), +8% Lore (Occult) Horror Rating: +10%/2D6

MYSTERIES OFT YE WYRM Ludwig Prinne Lvndon 1622 Rarity: Rare Language: English Reading Time: 2 Weeks study Spells: For to Create The Elixir of the Void, Contact Nyarlathotep Skill Bonus: +2% Lore (Cthulhu), +6% Lore (Occult) Horror Rating: +3%/1D6


CONFESSIONUM DE CLITHANUS By Clithanus (335AD – 385AD) The story of Clithanus has long passed into myth. He was reputed to have been a monk attached to the lost Cathedral of Hydestall, which was supposed to have been built on the Eastern English coast, near to where Hunstanton stands now. The Cathedral was said to have been built over a Neolithic site, of some importance to a long extinct tribe, on the orders of St Andrew, and a small township sprung up around it. During the Easter celebrations, in 383 AD, a disaster destroyed the Cathedral and lay waste to the settlement, causing the entire tract of land to fall into the sea. There were only two survivors, a visiting official, one Aurelius Augustus, later to become St Augustus of Hippo in Algeria, and Clithanus. Both left England never to return. Clithanus was taken to Rome by Augustus for safe keeping, as the man’s mind had been broken by the loss of his home. He raved about things coming from below, to destroy the Cathedral, and after an audience Clithanus and Augustus had with the Pope, all records of Hydestall Cathedral were ordered to be destroyed, causing its history to pass into hearsay. Augustus never again talked of his time in England and even went so far as to refute ever stepping foot on English soil. Clithanus however wrote a detailed description of the events leading up to, and including,

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall the destruction of Hydestall, before taking his own life (reputedly by clawing his own throat out when his fellow brothers were at prayer).


The manuscript was presented to the Pope, who ordered its destruction. It seems that either other copies were in existence, or that for some reason the Pope’s wishes were not carried out, because three hand written transcripts of the events were recorded as being in existence in 1085 AD. One was in England, brought over by a Norman baron. Another was in in Constantinople, and the final one was in Rome itself. No record exists of what actually happened to them following this date but in 1612 a privately printed copy, entitled “Ye Thinges frome belowe being a true an acurrate confessione of Monke Clithanuse of Hydestalle”, was found in the possession of Jennet Preston, who was hanged for witchcraft the same year. The Judge presiding over the trial at York, ordered the book to be destroyed. But it went missing from a locked room before the order could be carried out. It is not known who translated the book, where it was printed, in what quantity, or when, but it is estimated that probably no more than 20 or so were made. A Puritan who had sight of the book, one Goodfather James, said the contents were heretical beyond belief and that he could not bring himself to read more than the first page, and even that caused him to fear for his soul as he could feel his very essence begin to wither and die.

Handwritten Transcript

Several scholars have attempted to locate the site of Hydestall but so far these searches have been in vain. Many now think that Cathedral and the settlement never actually existed.

Spells: For to Call on the Power of Human Sacrifice, For to Contact Nyarlathotep, For to Contact Cthulhu, For to Contact Yog Sothoth, (+ whatever other Spells as required)


Rarity: Ultra Rare Language: Latin Reading Time: 25 Weeks study Spells: For to Call on the Power of Human Sacrifice, For to Contact Nyarlathotep, For to Contact Cthulhu, For to Contact Yog Sothoth, For to Contact / Control a Flying Polyp (+ whatever other spells are required) Skill Bonus: +8% Lore (Cthulhu), +4% Lore (Occult) Horror Rating: +15% / 1d10


MONKE CLITHANUSE OF HYDESTALLE Clithanus Private Printing 1612 Rarity: Rare Language: English Reading Time: 3 weeks study

Skill Bonus: +6% Lore (Cthulhu), +3% Lore (Occult) Horror Rating: +10% / 1d10


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Appendix 3: New Spells FOR TO CREATE THE ELIXIR OF THE DREAMS Magnitude 1, Resist (Resilience) The Elixir of the Dreams is a magical drug that allows the imbiber to visit other dimensions in their sleeping state. It also makes them receptive to the dreamsending of messages and thoughts of The Great Old Ones, Elder Gods, their minions and powerful sorcerers. Use of the drug can reveal great secrets but its use can and does result in loss of +0/1D4 sanity. The Elixir is colourless and smells faintly of mint. A single dose consists of three drops. Less than this will result in nightmares, whilst four drops gives access to the Seventy Steps to the Cavern of Flame, from which the Dreamlands themselves may be accessed. Ingredients: It is made by brewing together several common herbs, during the night of a full moon, to which is added opium and raw alcohol. As it cools the creator casts this spell, which adds to the essence creating the drug itself.


FOR TO DRAW THE VERITABLE ESSENCE OF LIFE Magnitude 3, Resist (Resilience) Limit: Can only be cast on the night of the summer solstice This Spell takes 10 minutes per point of POW the target has. The spell transfers the life force of the target into that of the caster at the rate of 1 POW per 10 minutes. This POW loss is temporary and it will regenerate at the rate of 1 POW per day, unless the target is reduced to zero POW. At that point the target withers away at an extraordinary rate, leaving little more than a pile of dust, whilst the caster also changes, adopting most of the physical features of the target, especially their age. Any physical defects present in the target are negated, unless the caster also suffers from the same affliction.

FOR TO ATTACK WITHIN DREAMS Magnitude 1, Resist (Resilience) This spell puts the caster into a trance and allows them to enter the dreams of another with the sole intent of doing harm. The attack does not do physical damage but reduces the targets POW. The target will experience very bad nightmares and wake up drained, as if they had slept very little. Should the target successfully resist (using their Resilience) then the caster is unable to strike at them, so no POW will be lost. Should the roll be failed however, then target will lose 1D2 points of POW.

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Appendix 4: New Creatures DARK YOUNG OF SHUBNIGGURATH STR 5D6+24 (40) CON 2D6+12 (19) DEX 2D6+6 (13) SIZ 6D6+20 (40) INT 3D6 (12)

POW 6D6 (20)


DM +4D6

HP 30

MWL 15

Move 30


Armour: The slime that covers it acts as Armour, reducing all Damage by 3 points, except for fire which will do full damage. Attacks: Trample 40% (Damage: 2D6+DM), Tentacle Swipe 30% (Damage: 1D6+DM), Grapple 30% (Damage: None, but following round the target will suffer 1D3 Bites), Bite 30% (1D6) Skills: Dodge 30%, Perception 50%, Resilience 40%, Sing 40%, Stealth (Woodlands only) 60% HR: -30/2D6 Spells: None, but they can return to where they came from at will. They will do this if they take a Major Wound OR if they feel sufficiently threatened (such as by having taken continual fire damage).

“It came crawling up the hillside… and it was the black thing of my dreams – that black, ropy, slime jelly tree-thing out of the woods. It crawled up and it flowed up on its hoofs and mouths and snaky arms.” —Robert Bloch, Notebook Found in a Deserted House These are the alien offspring of Shub-Niggurath that may occasionally find their way to Earth, sent as an advance guard for their dark deity, or maybe to act as a punisher for transgressors. They take many forms that change as they move, but are essentially huge tree-like creatures with cloven hooves and tentacles in place of branches. Their bodies are covered is a viscous, slimy substance that seems to flow around them, out of which mouths with full lips, sharp teeth and oozing green goo randomly appear. It will sing a litany of sorts, in an unknown language, but with a very haunting melody that is sometimes mistaken for birdsong. They stand about 20 feet in height and have four different attacks: A stomp from their hooves, a tentacle swipe attack, a tentacle grapple attack, and, once grabbed by a tentacle, a bite attack from its many mouths. If they take enough wounds to lower their HPs to zero, they collapse onto the ground and begin to evaporate into a bubbling mass that disappears within an hour, just leaving a dark mark outlining where they fell. They instinctively attack any who do not bear the “Mark” of Shub-Niggurath. (See the “Cult of ShubNiggurath“ Faction, Clockwork &Cthulhu, p.20, & Changelings, Clockwork & Cthulhu, p.34).


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Appendix 5: NPCs



STR 12 CON 12 SIZ 12 INT 16 POW 18 DEX 10 CHA 16 SP 0 DM 0 HP 12 MWL 6 MIL 5 AP 0/0 MAG 38 Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 99

STR 11 CON 12 SIZ 11 INT 12 POW 9 DEX 10 CHA 12 SP 5 DM 0 HP 12 MWL 6 MIL 5 AP 0/0 Faction: Royalist RP: 55 Skills: Close Combat 45% (Rapier 1D8), Dodge 35%, Evaluate 40%, Gun Combat 40% (Flintlock Pistol 1D6+2), Persistence 60%, Resilience 40%, Ride 50%, Unarmed Combat 50% (1D3) Quote: “I am feeling somewhat tired.” William is in his mid to late 20s. He walks with a limp due to a wound taken at Naseby. He dresses in the more up-to-date styles and has a soft cultured accent, despite his lowly upbringing. He is quite charismatic, intelligent and likable, which has helped him rise from the ranks to the position of Cornet, and then to Lieutenant in the Kings Lifeguard of Horse. After being injured at Naseby, he was discharged from the military and spent sometime recovering from the physical and severe mental anguish he suffered, before finding out about his inheritance.


Skills: Close Combat 65% (Dagger 1D4+1), Dodge 35%, Lore (Cthulhu) 55%, Lore (Occult) 80%, Influence 75%, Insight 45%, Stealth 60%, Gun Combat 35% (Flintlock Pistol 1D6+2), Persistence 60%, Resilience 50%, Ride 50%, Unarmed Combat 50% (1D3) Spells: All (GM’s discretion) Quote: “Ia Ia Shub Niggurath !” Edgar was born in about 800 BC, to a wise woman from a northern tribe. He switched his worship from the traditional deities to darker gods before meeting the ancient druid who taught him about Shub-Niggurath. From that moment on, he became a servitor of the Black Goat. The Black Goat sent him orders through his dreams, along with revelations that twisted him totally to the Black Goat’s bidding. One of the first spells imparted to him was the one that gave him the power to sap the life force of another, giving him the potential of eternal life – but only at the expense of one of his own blood. He has used this knowledge to remain on Earth for over 2,000 years, expanding his deities’ worship and furthering his own interests. Due to currently living rough, he is fairly wild looking. He has a scraggly beard and unkempt hair. He looks like he is

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall in his late 60’s, or even 70’s. He is unpredictable yet at the same time cunning and calculated. He can switch from being logical to psychotic at a moment’s notice. Due to his longevity he has access to any and all spells contained in the Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition Core Rulebook as well as all those found in Clockwork & Cthulhu.



STR 17 CON 15 SIZ 12 INT 9 POW 10 DEX 10 CHA 8 SP 0 DM +1D4 HP 16 MWL 8 MIL 5 AP 0/0 MAG 23 Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 76

STR 14 CON 11 SIZ 14 INT 11 POW 10 DEX 11 CHA 14 SP 10

Skills: Close Combat 70% (Dagger 1D4+1+1D4), Dodge 25%, Lore (Cthulhu) 15%, Lore (Occult) 20%, Influence 30%, Stealth 70%, Gun Combat 35% (Matchlock Donderbus 4D6), Persistence 40%, Resilience 70%, Unarmed Combat 60% (1D3+1D4), Play (Drums) 55%

DM +1D4 HP 13 MWL 6 MIL 5 AP 0/0

Spells: For to Give a Withering Look

Faction: Royalist RP: 40

Quote: “Don’t be a-wandering cos of me traps, see? Ye would’n’ be wantin’ to bein’ bit by me traps now, would thee?”

Skills: Close Combat (Rapier 1D8) 60%, Dodge 35%, Persistence 40%, Play Instrument (Lute) 55%, Dance 60%, Gun Combat 45% (Flintlock Pistol 1D6+2) Quote: “Wonderful day for a ride out.” Roger is in his early 20’s and is quite a handsome man. He is the second son of James Ireland, who is currently away defending England from the Roundhead threat. He wears the very latest, and most luxurious, fashions, and always carries a rapier at his side. He has been trained to fight from a young age but his father thought it was prudent to keep him at the family home. He is quite jolly and smiles a lot, always seeing the brighter side of life.

Reasonably well built, but with a thin, almost goatlike face, Joshua has a wispy beard and short curly hair. Joshua is a Changeling and is totally insane. He is very cunning with it too and can usually hide his insanity.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall LYSETTE CARTER

STR 10 CON 10 SIZ 10 INT 12 POW 10 DEX 18 CHA 15 SP 0 DM 0 HP 10 MWL 5 MIL 5 AP 0/0 Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 77 Skills: Close Combat 30% (Dagger 1D4+1), Dodge 65%, Lore (Cthulhu) 05%, Lore (Occult) 20%, Stealth 40%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 40%, Unarmed Combat 40% (1D3), Dance 60%, Sleight 65%, Seduction 60% Quote: “An’ t’would thee be wantin’ tha bed a-warmin mi’lord?” Lysette is in her early 20’s and is very pretty, with long dark hair. She is curvy and likes having an arousing effect on people – male and female. She is as devoted to the Cult as all the others, and particularly revels in sensual pleasures.



STR 10 CON 14 SIZ 9 INT 10 POW 12 DEX 15 CHA 13 SP 0 DM 0 HP 12 MWL 6 MIL 6 AP 0/0 Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 60 Skills: Close Combat 25% (Dagger 1D4+1), Dodge 45%, Lore (Cthulhu) 05%, Lore (Occult) 20%, Stealth 30%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 40%, Unarmed Combat 45% (1D3), Dance 40%, Sleight 45%, Seduction 40%, Play Flute 55% Quote: “Anythin’ more I can get fer thee, milord?” Rebecca is the slightly older sister of Lysette. She has reddish hair and is slightly smaller. She regards her sister with awe and tries to emulate her, but she has not got her sister’s natural ability. She feels safe in the Cult and although she does not like Joshua or Edgar she respects them.

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall ELIZABETH POER (CHANGELING)

STR 6 CON 10 SIZ 9 INT 12 POW 10 DEX 10 CHA 8 SP 0 DM -1D4 HP 10 MWL 5 MIL 5 AP 0/0 MAG 26 Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 86 Spells: For to Give a Withering Look Skills: Close Combat 25% (Dagger 1D4+1-1D4), Dodge 20%, Lore (Cthulhu) 05%, Lore (Occult) 35%, Stealth 30%, Persistence 60%, Resilience 40%, Unarmed Combat 30% (1D3-1D4), Dance 30%, Sleight 60% Quote: “Wat’cha be awantin from ole Lizzy?” Elizabeth is the mother of Lysette and Rebecca. She is in her 50’s and looks old beyond her years. She has a hooked nose and pock marked skin. In her youth she was attractive, but life has taken a real toll upon her. She is psychotic and can switch in a second into a hellcat. She has begotten two other Changeling children but both have died. She herself has cloven hooves instead of feet. Her hearing is poor, but she is quick-witted. She can often be found cooking in her cottage.


STR 10 CON 10 SIZ 10 INT 8 POW 10 DEX 10 CHA 10 SP 0 DM 0 HP 10 MWL 5 MIL 5 AP 0/0 Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 84 Skills: Close Combat 50% (Dagger 1D4+1/Cosh 1D4), Dodge 25%, Lore (Cthulhu) 05%, Lore (Occult) 10%, Stealth 30%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 40%, Unarmed Combat 60% (1D3), Dance 60%, Sleight 65%, Seduction 60% Quote: “Wha’?” Harry is the ex-partner of Elizabeth. He is a nasty, bitter and twisted person, filled with hate towards everyone including himself. He was the local bully for many years, till Joshua gave him a sound kicking and cut his ear off for fun. His hearing is all but gone and he had a broken jaw, so he can’t talk properly either.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall TOM POER


STR 14 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 4 POW 10 DEX 8 CHA 10 SP 0

STR 14 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 10 POW 10 DEX 10 CHA 10 SP 0

DM +1D4 HP 14 MWL 7 MIL 5 AP 0/0

DM +1D4 HP 14 MWL 7 MIL 5 AP 0/0

Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 40

Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 55

Skills: Close Combat 60% (Dagger 1D4+1+1D4/Cosh 1D4+1D4), Dodge 20%, Lore (Cthulhu) 02%, Lore (Occult) 5%, Stealth 40%, Persistence 70%, Resilience 60%, Unarmed Combat 80% (1D3+1D4), Dance 20%, Gun Combat 35% (Flintlock Pistol 1D6+2)

Skills: Close Combat 55% (Dagger 1D4+1+1D4/Cosh 1D4+1D4), Dodge 20%, Lore (Cthulhu) 05%, Lore (Occult) 10%, Stealth 30%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 40%, Unarmed Combat 70% (1D3+1D4), Dance 25%, Sleight 25%, Gun Combat 35% (Flintlock Pistol 1D6+2)

Quote: “I kin does tha’, I fink”

Quote: “Tom. Git ‘ere an move them boards fore I loose me temper, yer weasel.”

Twin of Gaston. A true simpleton who can follow basic instructions at best. He has a huge scar on his head from a fall he had as a toddler. He is used by the others to do whatever menial task they want. Lysette often uses him for carnal pleasure, and uses the opportunity to inflict pain on him, at the same time. Tom doesn’t mind. He will do anything for Lysette.


Twin of Tom and a bully. He looks much like Tom, but without the scar. He is very lazy too, and will do anything to get out of work (unless it involves causing lots of pain.

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall SAMUEL “BIG” CARTER (CHANGELING)


STR 17 CON 14 SIZ 18 INT 7 POW 10 DEX 7 CHA 11 SP 0

STR 10 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 14 POW 12 DEX 10 CHA 13 SP 0

DM +1D6 HP 16 MWL 8 MIL 5 AP 0/0 MAG 21

DM 0 HP 14 MWL 7 MIL 5 AP 0/0

Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 67

Faction: Cult of Shub-Niggurath RP: 69

Spells: For to Give a Withering Look

Skills: Close Combat 40% (Dagger 1D4+1/Cosh 1D4), Dodge 14%, Lore (Cthulhu) 10%, Lore (Occult) 25%, Lore (Local) 60%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 30%, Unarmed Combat 40% (1D3), Dance 32%, Stealth 40%, Sleight 45%, Insight 40%, Influence 25%, Evaluate 40%

Skills: Close Combat 40% (Dagger 1D4+1+1D6/Cosh 1D4+1D6), Dodge 14%, Lore (Cthulhu) 03%, Lore (Occult) 05%, Persistence 60%, Resilience 30%, Unarmed Combat 80% (1D3+1D6), Dance 16% Quote: “Ere wha’ ya wantin’ me to be doin’? I gots me jobs ter do.” Sam, as he is called, is big – well over 6’- and he is none to bright. He has shoulder length dark hair and a scruffy beard, and is totally toothless. He is a bruiser. Simple as. He likes breaking things more than anything, but he is totally in the thrall of Joshua and Edgar. He is in love with Lysette but she has little to do with him. He has a single cloven hoof and a 6” birthmark, in the shape of a hoof, on his chest.

Quote: “Now, I gots a cunnin’ plan, so I has.” Aged about 30 and reasonably good looking, Thomas keeps himself clean and tidy. Thomas is cunning and mentally agile, so he runs rings around most of the others and can get them to do his bidding. He, like most of the others, revels in causing pain and discomfort, but for him it has become a real art.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall GOODWIFE MAY BRINDLE


STR 10 CON 10 SIZ 10 INT 12 POW 12 DEX 10 CHA 13 SP 12

STR 10 CON 12 SIZ 12 INT 12 POW 12 DEX 10 CHA 13 SP 12

DM 0 HP 10 MWL 5 MIL 6 AP 0/0

DM 0 HP 12 MWL 6 MIL 6 AP 0/0

Faction: Catholic RP: 60

Faction: Catholic RP: 50

Skills: Close Combat 20% (Rolling Pin 1D4), Dodge 24%, Lore (Cookery) 70%, Craft (Cookery) 65%, Lore (Local) 30%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 30%, Unarmed Combat 20% (1D3), Insight 40%, Influence 20%, Evaluate 40%

Skills: Close Combat 40% (Cosh 1D4), Dodge 24%, Lore (Husbandry) 50%, Craft (Farming) 60%, Lore (Local) 30%, Persistence 40%, Resilience 30%, Unarmed Combat 30% (1D3), Insight 40%, Influence 10%, Evaluate 30%

Quote: “Now, I will just make thee a nice pie an’ all will be well wi’ the world.”

Quote: “Now if we plant there we will be getting a better yield from the seed.”

May is a stout woman in her 40s. She has been a servant in various households, including those of some notable lords. She takes her new job very seriously. She is a staunch Catholic and supporter of royalty. She loves her new Master, William, and gets very upset if he is unhappy. She has noticed a change in him of late and she is unsure what has caused it.

Husband of May. He is a few years older and is no longer as sprightly as he was. He has a lot of respect for William and is quite perturbed by the strange Hall and the other odd inhabitants. He really dislikes Lysette, who he regards as a “loose woman”, and he harbours a profound hatred of Joshua.


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Appendix 6: Alternate End Game During playtesting I originally made use of ShubNiggurath in Mist form (Clockwork & Cthulhu, p.54) and that was the source of the electric discharge over the hill, as Edgar was casting his spell on William. In addition I had an additional Dark Young present. I found that this combination was very deadly. If the group is larger and has casters/Alchemists, then it may be an option. The plan was to grab William and run – but this never happened. The players liked the idea of staying and trying to fight.

Appendix 7: Afterword The idea for this scenario came from Andy Bennison with whom I used to game many years ago. He ran one scenario that I especially loved for Call of Cthulhu which involved a friend returning to his ancestral home after the Great War only to find himself in a huge family plot with himself as the target of an unholy sacrifice. As a Player you went to help him sort his library and slowly it descended into chaos and wondering who you could trust. I have tried to capture that flavour somewhat in this adventure. Some of the NPCs may inadvertently end up being trusted by the players. Lysette is a possibility, and even Joshua. Some, such as poor Roger or the Goodwife might be distrusted.

Use this version at your players’ peril!

Adapt the adventure as you see fit and let your players experience a very different aspect of Clockwork & Chivalry.


“The Mystery of Shirdley Hall” © 2012 Adrian Gawain Jones

Dedications: To Gwen Jones – Who started me off on the road of writing. My son Gareth Jones and daughter Miriam Jones, who make my life whole. Andy Bennison, a Cthuloid gent. To Tigi Powers for the belief, Nyree for making me smile lots more than I knew possible. To Messers Cakebread & Walton for creating such a fine gaming Renaissance and to my gaming partner in crime Mr Chris Hilton. Thank you all.

Published by Cakebread & Walton Clockwork & Cthulhu, Clockwork & Chivalry and the Renaissance system © 2012 Cakebread & Walton. This adventure contains no Open Gaming License material.

By Adrian Gawain Jones & Chris Hilton Maps by Roger Nicholls Art by Tim Rigby and Adrian Jones Editing by Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton Layout by Ken Walton Page background by Gary Buckland


The Mystery of Shirdley Hall LOOK OUT FOR MORE

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