Final Year Proposal on 24 Hours News Portal

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My final year project proposal...


Advanced College of Engineering and Management DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER KUPONDOLE, LALITPUR (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University)

A Final Year Project Proposal On “24 Hours News Portal”

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17 sept, 2009 Kupondole, Lalitpur

Advanced College of Engineering and Management DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER KUPONDOLE, LALITPUR (Affiliated to Tribhuvan University)

A Final Year Project Proposal On “24 Hour News Portal”

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Submitted To: Department of Computer and Electronics

Advanced College of Engineering and Management

17 sept, 2009 Kupondole, Lalitpur

ABSTRACT Today the world totally relay upon the electronic media to its every day adventure. People have no time to be updated through newspaper or watching or listening the news in the television or radios. People today need to be updated on daily basis in this competitive world. Most of the people get the information about the world around through the internet which is fast, accessible, and reliable. The WWW (World Wide Web) is huge, widely distributed, global information service centre for Information services: news, advertisements, consumer information, financial management, education, government, e-commerce etc, hyper-link information, access and usage information. To be able to get everything well managed and updated every second under one roof is a real challenge. A real expert system is needed with much simpler and less sophisticated manner. “24 Hours News Portal” is a service introduced to meet the above requirement and to make the people updated about the news ,views ,reviews, breaking news and latest headlines in different fields also the new inventions around the world. This news portal is targeted towards the growing news agencies and the other organizations which are related to the field of media.



1. Abstract


2. Introduction


3. Objectives


4. Literature Review


5. Feasibility Study


6. Methodology


7. Description of Proposed System


8. Evaluation


9. Conclusion


10. Time Schedule


11. Estimated Cost


1. INTRODUCTION “24 hours News Portal” is a complete software for publishers who wants to drive an online newspaper. All content stored in database and divided into categories. Categories can be easily modified to browse and contains a self-organized interface to promote top-stories. Software can be managed with a role-based system similar like a real newspaper. Page editors, managers and assistance etc, Focus of role-based system to drive applications in secure mode. Content schedule feature helps you to publish articles and news at earlier time. Media News Portal create all articles and publish them within search engine friendly URL. Automatic syndication system imports content from other content sites. Thus makes our news portal rich in content.

2. OBJECTIVE The main objectives of project are  A role based system and can be managed like a real news paper.  To maintain a standard and structured website.  To make a website that is updated 24 hours.  To enhance the quality of news to the users.  To give information about the different firm and companies of the country which are registered using our directory.  To make a search engine for the directory and articles.  To allow users to make comments about the news topics.  To make a voting poll on the present issues.

3. LITERATURE REVIEW In the last few years, with the growth of World Wide Web, most of the companies, institute, organisation etc launch their websites for their specific purposes, to achieve their gaols, flow information etc. So there are millions of websites hosting on their own way. But the company handle this job to the web developers or programmers. Some website needs a daily update in its content such as daily news, the changes in prices, advertisement of new products etc. So for a little change in website, company should go to the programmer, which is tedious job.

4. SYSTEM ANALYSIS 4.1 Understanding the Problem This step is the initiation of the project where the concept was developed along with the identification of the problem. The problem is analyzed thoroughly before proceeding so that no design flaws are later encountered. 4.2 Feasibility Analysis Feasibility study is carried out on the following criteria. It includes four parts which are given below: a)

Technical Feasibility


Operational Feasibility


Economic Feasibility


Schedule Feasibility

a) Technical Feasibility Due to the avaiblity of different tools and knowledge about the tools make the Project technically feasible. Technical knowledge about different tools helps to develop the project quickly. There are different programming tools and editor available for creating the web application and techniques for web mining. Technical guidance is also necessary for completion of project.

b) Operational Feasibility The operational feasibility of this project can be defined as that the project is feasible from the point of operation because for the purpose of its implementation employee having general knowledge of the computer or internet can handle. Since the implementation is very easy. Thus it is operationally feasible. c) Economic Feasibility The proposed system does not cost high because it is just a service with simple software added to the existing system. d) Schedule Feasibility It seems initially that the project needs longer study period but later on the project development goes rapidly as per the schedule. Thus the assigned period of time in developing is sufficient to produce the desired result.

5. METHODOLOGY For our project, we first create a database for storing the informations that is to be updated. We will create a section for the admin who manipulates all the content and who has the authority relating the web site. We use PHP for programming, MySQL for backend database. And we also use Photoshop, flash, Dreamweaver as an editor.

6. DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED SYSTEM Our system provides the following features: 6.1 Polling The viewer can cast their votes on the latest news scenario which will be published in the website on regular basis and the results will be published at the end of the month collectively. This helps to know the views of the people to some extent. 6.2 Search engine The user can easily search to the related articles using the search mechanism in the news portal. Also the user can get information about the firm, companies and organizations easily using the search engine. 6.3 Directory In the directory will keep the information of the client firms and organization who have already registered with us. And user can also easily browse and know the information about the desired companies using the search engine. 6.4 Comments The viewers can also comment the news and articles published in the web site. 6.5 News and reviews The latest news and reviews will be published in the website. Updates are made on the regular basis.

7. EVALUATION Project evaluation is done by performing following tests: 7.1. White Box Testing The purpose of the white box testing is to check whether the program is working according the program structure development or not. The white box testing include the process of providing some known and desired data to the program and to check whether the programs functions according to the logic or not, also known as the Glass-box testing. The white box testing of the software that was developed was also successful. All the logical conditions and the queries that were used for the database programming were tested and they were found to be correct so there was no errors the errors that were discovered were dealt with during the time of the programming stage thus removing any logical and structural errors. 7.2. Black Box Testing This testing is generally performed by a group of people who are not concerned with the software development. It is test where the data that have known output results is used. The testing performed by others personal showed that the program worked and the desired result was obtained. This testing provides the errors associated with the user requirements

8. CONCLUSION Now we can make a system which can enhance the features of a news portal which can be viewed by any person having a little knowledge about the computer and keep themselves updated regarding the news. Here we have created back end which can be accessed only by the authorized person and will have the right to manipulate the news and other tasks regarding the web site.





Purchase of different development tools


Purchase of computer


Training for operation of different tools


Developer Cost










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