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November 6, 2018 | Author: Kristine Agpalza | Category: Childbirth, Maternal Death, Pregnancy, Midwife, Maternal Health
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Our country today faces serious problem specifically on health sector and giving birth at home is one of the problems that should be given importance by the Philippine government since giving birth at home meets several complication and untoward problems that will cause mortality  !ccording  !ccording to the Department Department of "ealth# maternal mortality report# updated updated in $une %&'&# hypertension complicated by pregnancy comprises %( percent of  the causes of maternal deaths# and partum hemorrhage ') percent * the second and third leading causes of maternal death Others are sepsis# obstructed labor  and complications around unsafe abortion and giving births at home * most of  which are preventable with proper diagnosis and intervention  !ccording  !ccording to the National Demographic "ealth +urvey   ,ND"+- of %&&.# only // percent of births in the Philippines occur in health facilities0 )1 percent of  children are still delivered at home Under Philippine law# licensed midwives are authori2ed to carry out the supervision and care of women during pregnancy# labor and management of  normal deliveries# including including the administration administration of an o3ytocin drug to prevent and treat hemorrhage after the delivery of the placenta  !t present# Department of "ealth made a memorandum memorandum that there will no more pregnant mother to deliver children at home due to unsafe and ris4 delivery Thus# Thus# as license licensed d midwives midwives and proponen proponents ts of this feasibility feasibility study aims to establish a birthing center# to be named as 56other Choice 7irthing Center8 to


establish a safe and sustainable birth center and increase woman with access to healthcare provider and health care facility at lower cost and access to Philhealth is available In addition# proponents are encourage to open a birthing center since not all pregnant woman can access to hospital hospital at the same time# hospital hospital addresses different cases of health problems while birthing center only focus on parturient cases at the same time cheaper

Ob9ectives of the +tudy

:enerally# this study will be of great help to achieve the vision of the 6other;s Choice 7irthing Center# which which is to be an effective partner in sustaining sustaining and maintaining 3periences and ualifications of Proponents The e3periences# trainings and seminar attended by the proponents are considered e3cellent factor;s in business success

The course ta4en by the

proponents are in line with birthing management which will be a big factor in the


success of business

Through their e3perience# the proponents believe that

these can give them that much needed self*confidence to enable them to carry their individual tas4

Table ' Unit 6anagement Personnel Unit 6anagement Time to be Personnel devoted to the pro9ect and duties Principal 6idwife *'% hours *6anages and oversees the operation of the business Pediatrician on*call *%/ hour cover of the clinic *6anage the immediate newborn care O7*:yne On*call Consultant *%/ hour cover of the clinic *6anage the maternal care Ultrasound Part*time +onologist * . hours duty * Ultrasound In* charge +4illed 6idwife *'% hours * responsible for maternal and immediate new born care



* 6aster;s Degree holder# 7+6# R6 *Competent Personality

P '&#&&&&& plus fringe benefits

*=icense Pediatric 6edicine Physician *Competent Personality

Php )&& per new born

*=icense O7*:yne 6edicine Physician *Competent Personality *=icense +onologist

Php #)&& per mother or )&& per consultation

=icensed 6idwife

Php.#&&& per month plus fringe benefit

Php %&& per ultrasound


Table % =abor +4ills Remergency Hehicle

%/ hour availability of vehicle to allow prompt transfer to hospital in case of  complications or comple3 care

Thus# collaboration is deemed necessary

Collaboration for transfer# partner with nearby hospitalsA 7P" 6aramag


6oreover# the proponents will provide a %/LJ transportation facilities for  immediate response for those patient who would li4e to be pic4ed*up

Promotional or !dvertising +cheme to be adopted

The promotional or advertising schemes to be adopted by the proponents are the followingA leafleting in the nearby 7arangay for the information about the mother;s choice birthing center# referral fee of Php )&&&& per referral and radio advertisement for the first month of operation

Table J Promotional or !dvertising +cheme to be adopted Particulars =eafleting Radio !dvertisement Referral ?ee per month Total !mount

!mount P '#&&&&& /#&&&&& %#&&&&& P J#&&&&&

Contribution to the Philippine >conomy

The opening of the 6other;s Choice 7irthing Center in Camp '# 6aramag 7u4idnon will provide birthing facility in the +outh of Poblacion# 6aramag# 7u4idnon and will provide more convenience and basic health services needed by pregnant woman who needs more attentive care during the nine months of  pregnancy as well as the immediate care for newborn babies


:overnment will be facilitated by lowering the percentage of pregnant woman and new born child from mortality rate and additional ta3 for the operation of the said birthing center The immediate community will be given full health access for pregnant woman and new born babies at a very affordable price

T>C"NIC!= ?>[email protected]

This aspect determines to what e3tent the pro9ect meets the technical soundness criteria The technical re3pansion During the five years initial operations# partners agreed to focus more on area penetration and long*term profit ma3imi2ation and established good relationship toward the clients to address and respond immediately to their need and demand Provision for e3pansion will be planned as business will grow and become stable

+tructure The structure will be fully concreted and will be build according to government reach container when full will be disposed of in a  meter deep hole# at least %& meters from the nearest water supply and building# as recommended by DO" 7ioha2ardous material including blood and birthing by*products should be


disposed of via incineration# or disposed of by the same method as detailed above ?IN!NCI!= ?>[email protected]

This chapter shows the financial performance and resources of the proposed pro9ect This includesA financial statements and financial ratios that enable the proponents to determine the lilectricity 7ill 6idwife +alary ,)Principal 6idwife Ob*:yne ,ConsultationPediatrician ,consultation+upplies Eatchman Total

Unit Cost per Patient Unit Cost

 Total Cost L Total no of clients  (.#&&&L'  #'1'%(


 %)K

!mount ,in Php%#&&&&& '#1&&&& %#&&&&& )#)&&&& /&#&&&&& '&#&&&&& ')#)&&&& ')#)&&&& '#(&&&& /#&&&&& (.#&&&&&


Unit Price per Patient  .#&&&&&

Table . >
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